High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Ask Dr. Ernst
Monday, January 22nd

Dr. Ernst discusses common and uncommon causes of high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.


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The asked doctor Cilic preset up like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment he could qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. And it's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total hell. Over the next hour learn from experts on how to revolutionized that opens knows you love most. This past doctor there. Future hosts. Doctor here and there it's. About. Good afternoon let's. Happy Sunday to you hate gas doctor ourselves Idaho's doctor Eric Harris then yes this isn't it time for us. We had such an awesome opportunity you know hop on on our Sunday listeners. So when a first of all say thank you for lateness in your home your car near your house wherever you are. And now am I have a favor to ask Ian Nat it was the first ever official. You know airing of the asked that earned fail on a Sunday. We're normally Saturday at 3 o'clock but of course yesterday there was. Gained a printed S and at a studio said man this is such a hot topic we gotta find time tubular broadcasters that they gave me. Today Sunday this time. And so if you are new to our show because Hugo I don't listen on Saturdays this on Sundays hey welcome thanks for joining us and I favor to ask to be absolutely love which here today. If you say you know that's fascinating this is sounds like a great so he asked doctor and show is a I helped our where I doctor Aaron Ernst take questions of people ask in my practice or penis through our FaceBook page or web site. And that's sort of blended into a natural. Perspective on how you can become your doctor if show exist to help you to be set free from your health problems. And do it naturally. And now I am a chiropractor and a functional medicine doctor I'm certified in clinical detoxification nutrition eccentric so my. Nine to five if you will is treating patients throughout the week and on the weekends I hop on the aaron's say. They've given health issue and you're looking for a way out like use of the natural. Have you thought of this have you looked into that. And today's topic is a massive one it's in regards Q how do you fix. High blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Naturally it's a big deal. Instead you think about it there are millions of people that are suffering from having high blood pressure it's estimated I think we're talking in the neighborhood. About 75%. Of Americans though three out of four of us once we hit a certain age are dealing with this. Mostly by the time hit the age forty or fifty you've either got diabetes have heart disease hypertension high cholesterol ex actress so. These are conditions that show up because we get older. They are conditions that developed because nobody status down and said hey listen here's what causes this. And therefore. Knowing the cause we'll help you to figure out how to get out of it and sell. I know a lot of people to come see me say stuff like that I argument blood pressure and control it like to get my cholesterol. Backed normally my doctors when you take medications Biggio just recently listen to this. There was a switch craft store which is the Staten drug for cholesterol. Used to be one of the number one most prescribed medications in the United States. 21 point 4000021. Point four million prescriptions written. Last year it only just recently got superseded by sent right. The for the longest time. I have an elevated cholesterol drug used to be numero uno in the US now ours the end there's a shift towards Bayreuth so there's there's something going on their health is declining. We're looking to medications to help with it but you guys know hopefully you notice that a drug never fixes anything it just makes your laps the epitome to test wicked. To today we're gonna just really digest down. If you're someone who is hypertensive if you have high blood pressure how what's your outs what's the natural way in order to do that I need to really spent some time. Breaking apart the myths there are known causes of hypertension. High blood pressure. That aren't salt you know or your genetics or things like that Elena help you know what is high blood pressure. What does that not caused by what does it actually caused by and therefore here's the thing that they exit but because they go hand in hand blood pressure cholesterol etc. We're gonna just really keep digesting that Mitt. A pay is elevated cholesterol is because the problem that your doctor says. I'd patient last week he said by test came back at 200 and by now the normal 200. And they said I was getting hammered. Nice to be taken is that drug because those five points over the normal so gonna talk about this is it okay to have cholesterol. Under 200 whatever that your over 200 is there's sort of an acceptable allowable I'll look to a 52 tenure still okay is the number even real. And you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol. What are the natural ways to fix that right because it's the health hour. Again since it's new for you on Sunday listening to me hop on over to my FaceBook page. We broadcast the streamlined you can physically block says you can share this if you somebody. That you're going him and you got to listen to this get a check this out simply like the link and then hit the share button and share it with your friends. You did edit FaceBook dot com slash ask doctor and in the studio to gain and let the physically. Here for music note that comments on the comments section ever faced the page. And that can head richer web site it's ask doctor Ernst dot com now Ellie do I have a ton of information it's free not only recipes for your health and for your diet. But we have a lot of protocols and ebooks and downloads and just a plethora of stuff if you're if you're looking for sort of a natural resource for your health it's free information. Health it success trip. And the nice thing about it is on the top right hand corner. Little tiny but it's his contact guys. And that goes directly to meet guys it's confidential through secure server. I've had people ask me everything from this is going off my health can you help my daughter has this canyon now my friend was just diagnosed with this can you help. And that's what I do for a living and I love doing you know I wasn't the healthiest person my whole life and it was until somebody sat me down instead. Here's what's going on here's what's needed do that sort of a pay it forward concept for me to help. And again. It's all free for you asked doctors dot com. Throughout the show today just to get his nose and again it's Sunday and maybe don't listen to me as often as my Saturday listeners do. I always brings some free stuff and though February is just around the corner craziest and it's like query type the second month of the new year but it's heart health month. And so I have a dinner seminar I'd like to take not to eat would you like to join me for a free meal and learn more about how to take control of your health. That is on Tuesday the sixth of February it's at 6:30 PM lot Natalie French cafe. And in my big events or February is my heart health summit. It's on Saturday. February 24 I'm renting out the Holiday Inn express in Charlotte. I invite you and I guess to come and literally let's go deep McNamee teach you everything you need to know not just cholesterol. And blood sugars and triglycerides that everything about your health how to know what kind of test yet except trip. Normally it's point five dollars to come to either of these that you'd like to join me for dinner at no cost. Reject an event no cost my call line all throughout the show today 704. 9062094. That's 7049062094. If you have high blood pressure high cholesterol a new one back on fast. Call the number I'll take yet eats. And I teach everything he needed to do that 704. 9062094. Yes doctors till we come back more about how to fix high blood pressure high cholesterol and do it naturally. We'll be right back. Welcome back happy Sunday you're listening to gas stocks turned show host doctor Turner's tape to show our tauzin said diseases dead. We can be set free market health problems. They were discussing the concept of Europe blood pressure. Any cholesterol and if you're like most Americans. And you're dealing with some sort of blood pressure cholesterol issue how to go about fixing this naturally the were not having to continuously swallow a medication that's designed to. Make our oppressors the gutter design and our numbers that good. Listen I'm all for that okay like you know there's nothing wrong with taking medication and having your lab workload good but did you know that let's just focused for a second on cholesterol could construct high blood pressure to cut intimately related. Because of the F elevated cholesterol as he tend to have elevated triglycerides which tends to sort of picking your blood test to elevate your blood pressure so. We know it's not just one thing. What are the biggest study ever done was that that Framingham heart study and they showed that listen this. You can have low or normal cholesterol. Is still about 40% risk of having a heart attack. They showed of people that abnormal blood pressure and even. Normal cholesterol without taking medications. Still have risks for heart disease and we know that if you have been taking cholesterol or blood pressure medication that doesn't necessarily instantly make you heart attack. Proof researchers now selling that you may actually have to lol. A cholesterol were too low blood pressure so much so that a recent study found out that your cholesterol is under a 180 milligrams per death of leader. Which your doctor would probably say my god you're the best patient happy and only one who's got less than 200. You're actually more likely three times more likely to have a stroke. And the reason for this is cholesterol not your enemy. Eight inflammation. Your lifestyles technically the enemy what happens is this your blood pressure responds directly in relationship to how much. Inflammation you have. And your cholesterol is naturally produced by your liver again in response to a cellular damage inflammation. Acidity. The relationship of your carbohydrate intake and something new that you guys really need to start paying attention to especially listen if you have high blood pressure. In high cholesterol and it doesn't seem to be shaken. By changing your diet you do everything right. There's a new her analysis saying it might be actually a subtle sign of heavy metal toxicity. In things like lead and Mercury so we have this big sorted candidate that no one talks about. You know instead it's like well it runs near family and I your cholesterol high blood pressure high. No worries we have a medication that'll bring it back to normal so you know I I'm always a big fan of sorted BM. The greatest challenge is the question that we never ask right. It's almost if you never ask why. Is your health the way it is they need to sort it just blindly follow this path of again doing whatever your doctor recommends or whatever they talk about a mine. But you know the neat thing about to date gain to sort of this news or return within healthcare which is most of us know that now working. We don't like to take medications were looking for an alternative method. But it sounds becomes eagle on line in flight. One site says do this the other says keep that. So my job to sort of bring Q what's the research seeing what happens in the clinical setting how can you take this information and apply it yourself and get great results. A case though when we talk about blood pressure cholesterol I want to understand not always the enemy to have high blood pressure. There are times in your life for high blood pressure is great. But if it's chronic and it's you know continuous. If your pet rats that your precious time and then then that is eight problem but it's not the problem it's it's we got to figure out what's causing. Same thing with cholesterol if your cholesterol is elevated even though you're doing all the right stuff and there's an underlying root cause. And for most of us to have to do a lot with. What we eat how we live our life. And the relationship of abstracts you know just to give you an idea here's what happens there is a hormone called cortisol and again the challenge I have is most people who. Come to me and they can help me with high blood pressure outlast and stuff like what you had your hormones tested no but he had your medals tested know. Do you know the acidity of your body state is your urine in an acidic state. Are you toxic you know what what what are you what's going on in your life and most the time it's no it's that the cop says it's too high. Now what that fix the got to understand. The symptoms your body has high blood pressure high cholesterol high triglycerides. That's because of an underlying root cause and what I'm gonna share with you today is for most of us. It is the level of sort of I'll call it physical chemical or emotional stress that's going on. Inside of her body. Your body reacts to stress spicy create a hormone called cortisol. And elevated cortisol can elevate your blood pressure so if you're never getting your hormones checked confirmed that you don't you're nodding cortisol access. And you're just pop in that blood pressure pill. Again it might make the levels come down but it's not addressing the cause. We also know by the way that elevated cortisol tends to increase our likelihood. Of not be able to lose weight. And again a lot of our medical professionals say well your blood pressure elevated because you have. And obesity state need need to lose weight we try to lose weight we can't because again the weight is the reflection of your underline how. So cortisol and elevated cortisol is a big deal for a lot of people. So my first question if you got elevated blood pressure nobody cholesterol as you know your hormones are in now. Second question is even though you might think let's figure has to deal with diabetes. As do everything. Okay elevated levels of blood sugar will spike your blood pressure and can spike their cholesterol in directly. First it's I think it's obvious to think that that more sugar that in my blood sort of the thicker my blood becomes think it like it's like at Sara OK honey if you will. A case of yet elevated blood sugars chronically because you have diabetes you tend also see. High blood pressure high cholesterol and the unique thing behind mrs. Sugar actually creates inflammation. And the inflammation. Is a swelling within the vascular systems that store closes down the arteries thus increasing blood pressure. And the inflammation itself is a key to it's sort of the key that says. Hey were inflamed were damaged and unique being as your liver says no worries I'll send the cholesterol to help. And I know this might sound counter intuitive as everybody thinks cholesterol as this nasty enemies can clog your arteries and give your heart attack. But in fact we're now learning that it's the inflammation that leads to the lacking of the cholesterol in the first place. And they're actually there the class of molecules that there'd try to calm down the inflammation. So do we see cholesterol in areas of information in your arteries yes is that a version of Apple's growth as eye black. You know heart disease yes does that necessarily mean you're gonna have a heart attack now Davidson studies by famous cardiologist point out the fact that you don't always have. A heart attack in the areas where the blockage is president often it's in other parts of the vascular system or other parts of the heart. Just because your cholesterol high doesn't mean you're gonna have risk of heart disease. So what I want you understand here is. The carbohydrate consumption we have spikes are inflammation which can spike our blood pressure. Chronic inflammation can lead to damage of the vessels. This sugar if you will is very sharp it's like shards of glass thinking go through it sort of make microscopic cuts to the vascular tissue. Then you leak a little bit of liquids and bloody and everything is so your body says I got to plug those holes so cholesterol has this unique ability to get in there and clean out. You know what's what's fascinating about cholesterol is it's actually something really good for you. And what happens is most of us don't realize that we need cholesterol. For normal function you know your hormones to mail out a cholesterol your cell membranes are made out of cholesterol. Your body basically uses cholesterol four. An entire process of metabolic you know functions though. If we lower our cholesterol we tend to Steve big issues with side effects because we shut down various pathways in the body. So we have this sort of precursor which is the amount of carbohydrates weakens him creates inflammatory stressed. We're stressed out physically chemically or emotionally which spikes are cortisol. And then our pressure starts to elevate and if it's happening too often what happens is it diagnosed. Another common cause and this may sound again silly but it's massive is the under periods of stress case that like this can be stressed because our work we're stressed because of finances were chemically stressed because of her diet. Were physically stressed as were working out or doing something. Our bodies tend to revert to short shallow breathing if you wanna know if you're stressed out all you have to do is to take a peek at how you breathe. If when you inhale your shoulders elevate your rib cage expands you're doing with noticed a drastic or rib cage breeding which is a short shallow breath. And what we've learned is this it actually decreases the amount of oxygen your body and increases your carbon dioxide. Because of course we exhale carbon dioxide now. Carbon dioxide is an acidic gas and so if you dulled exhale out enough carbon dioxide you start to solidify your body. Thus another cause of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. But you also. Typically when they're breathing under stress period takes between twelve and eighteen breaths in minutes they'll go like this you know. And you'll see their rib cage XP and is either shoulders elevate. That would be what's known as sort of fighter flight breeding and you might say why not rest of that time breathing so it's an indication your body and her chronic level of stress. Now the optimum idea would be only breed about six times per minute and their much longer. Deeper and hail and excels and it comes more through the abdomen. And again what I'm sharing with you today. Aren't the not so common causes of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The that you can sort of do an assessment day while I wonder if I've got this stuff going. So if you wanna start meditating and breathing properly and sort of focusing on abdominal Branson's and slowing down your breeding. What you do is actually increase your oxygen. You decrease your Carmen docs site creates Alcoa limits he gets rid of the acid and what you'll fine because they've done this study did I mean. It's incredible your pulse rate drop your pressure drops within just minutes. A focusing on counting your breath listen their sixty seconds to a minute. So violent briefed six times per minute I need to figure out a 102. Process five to inhale five to exhale. And I could focus on that you'll automatically start the things changed tank. Now another common cause again a high blood pressure is elevated cholesterol and again they go hand in hand. But I don't want to think that it means that you know you're eating foods that are in appropriate. You're eating too much cholesterol your eating all these bats because that's again mainstream media tries to teach you. Let's go low fat. Let's go both salt that's in a fixer cholesterol well that that's the case again why it's crest or. The number two prescribed medication in the world well definitely in the United States. But why is it's still so high. If it's so easy to just pictured diet because your diet has very little to do overall with a total cholesterol because your liver makes it in response to your health. Yes some of the cholesterol you eat candy in your blood but alternately where the majority of your blood cholesterol or content from from your liver. Is that we need to make sure that whoever's working. Which is what we're gonna talk about in our next segment to make you stick around again via high blood pressure via high cholesterol. This show's gonna set you free because it's gonna reveal few that. Not so common causes that nobody's really addressing it he start with and then I've seen pressures dropped back. And if you can chronically taking medications for high blood pressure cholesterol and your meeting in little more coaching your need some advice the year gone and I wanna go all out this. I'm hosting two events for you in the upcoming weeks Tuesday February 6 at the dinner seminar on battling French cafe I would love to take you lot teach you can meet me directly. Foods included we're gonna go through the top three things you can do you to turn your health around fast. And I seen high blood pressure and cholesterol normalize within weeks. I'm also doing an immense heart event on Saturday the 24. And again these are free for you. As my gift 7049062094. That's seven afford 9062094. Its gas charter so we'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to gas doctorate so I'm your host doctor Aaron Ernst and thanks for candidates this Sunday afternoon. I do realize that this Phillies knew where Sunday listeners because them myself typically airs on Saturday 3 o'clock. And so we're here today to step partly because I was preempted with that a game and because the topic and a half feuds so vitally important. That we asked the station hey users of its time slot we've got it now you know how do you deal with high blood pressure how do you deal with high cholesterol naturally. That it found missed this at this hour from me. To come on the air and share with you. How you can conquer your health naturally and down if you're new to our show. You never listened to us before we're at the asked doctor Ernst you know and I'm doctor Aaron arts tonight I'm a clinical practitioner here in the Charlotte area. Could do accommodation natural therapies including functional medicine chiropractic care so detoxification. Elation heavy metal that work with patients who basically say. I've gone the traditional medical route. And I'm not getting the results that I'd like or I'm looking for an alternative method in what I do is basically take people through an entire health journey. I'm not the kind of doctor that says here's what I want to take instead handle the row say for example a prescription act because that's what most people party doing. I don't even stable here at the supplements to take instead of that because. While that's helpful it's still. Addressing the sentiment apology it's not going after the cause we do a full thorough health history including everything from your diet your life now. Various dressers that have taken place was their car accident to divorce with there's something going on here like this sort of triggered this. And we do an entire assessment blood urine everything to determine where are the interference is. In your ability to heal. And in ten years of doing this to patients I realize that there's a plethora of this information available. Around you know the Internet and instant circles that natural healing you know just look at this if you go Google how to fix high blood pressure naturally I mean there's. Thousands of people say no you're supposed to do this and take this indeed that and again if I was to survey it almost all of them are trying to show you. Don't take your pill used this Berry used this you know nutrient down take this supplement and that's fine but again. Why is the problem why do you high blood pressure on the kind of person where I believed that the way our bodies are designed to take care of themselves. If we can figure out the cause the source the reason for the elevation. And correct that which by the way re here only needs supplemental care or what I'll call sort of say. Dietary response is it just needs to have a a full assessment of your life to say here's the Strasser here's what's going on we fix those underlying causes of what happens that your body starts to crack by itself. The warmer talking about things like blood pressure I think I mentioned and and again this is really worth taking note to. Almost 95%. The ball high blood pressures are because of a stress stay with in the body. That the key is he got to figure out what is stressing you out. It could be a neurological Strasser you can have nerves that are Pinter irritated around vascular tissues. So your heart your lungs all of everything that controls the rates in rhythm. Is a area that's controlled by the base of the neck in the upper part of your upper back so people who often had chronic neck pain. It's in a disk disease some sort of spinal condition. Tend to have high blood pressure as so you'll often find people say stuff like I started under a chiropractor in my blood pressure normalized. How's that possible okay because you cleared and interference he cleared Strasser. We out of state there's chemical stresses in the body it can be your diet can be toxicity can be a whole host of things. And one of the most recent if you're looking at the studies I mean I'm I'm reading on. An article here that says the role of Mercury and cat union heavy metal in vascular disease and hypertension. This is published in the alternative therapies health but I'm medicine journal in 2007. And this is the quote direct heavy metal toxicity especially Mercury had BM. Have been found to be elevated in patients with hypertension cardiovascular disease or just vascular disease. Specific testing. For toxicity of metals should be an evaluation performed in patients with hypertension so it's a study done by. A bunch of medical doctors say hey listen we should start paying attention to the cause. I've another one here. Says heavy metals risk factor for cardiovascular disease and analysis of blood lead and urine markers for Mercury. And the conclusion was our study suggests that Mercury can induce an elevation of cholesterol and blood pressure. And as they risk factor from my cartilage parks and heart attacks so much so that what is in your urine. Correlate directly to the effect you're having your body. Elevated levels of Mercury news urine indicate elevated levels of heart health issues with your body cholesterol blood pressure out caught in parks and cardiovascular disease. As it is relatively new stuff 200520072013. If you go back ten or fifteen years ago and say hey is it possible that I have something toxic man body elevate in my blood pressure now. I you just need to take this beta blocker or this you know water pillow whatever. And again I have nothing against taking a medication to control symptom but I have everything against not educating and asking the question of why is this happening. What could I do in the temporary banks or government pressure come double what can I do to actually go after this and fix it. That we mentioned that some of the common. What I'll call causes that nobody's talking about is a hormone imbalance with elevated cholesterol. And elevated level of blood sugar not to appoint a stand like all of you must have diabetes but most of us are pre diabetic without knowing it. Within blood pressure is asymptomatic can't feel your blood pressure sugars are asymptomatic he can't feel them. The reason they call heart disease the silent killer is you go your whole life thinking your fine. And yet or markers are all off. It's in my opinion. You know if you're over the age of thirty if you're definitely between forty and fifty or over the age of sixty. I don't care of diabetes or not you should be checking your sugars and a regular basis to make sure that your monitoring them. You know if you're sugars are chronically in the low 50010115. You'll be labeled diabetic. But you won't be labeled anything you don't realize that things happening. Normal blood I sugars are to be under a hundred. So if you're in the 110 range it's time to wake up and say gosh this might be a cause of nine elevated blood pressure. Or man elevated blood sugars we discussed how you have decreased oxygen your blood because you know breathing properly short shallow breath under periods of stress. Makes it's that you become the oxygenated and you store your carbon dioxide too high the level. Which is the next big cause which is the acidity of our body. With no more city you are the more inflamed you are the more inflamed you are the more your vascular tissues become swollen it's harder to put your blood through. And it actually found out that the more acidic you're polite is the harder it is for carbon dioxide the bond here red blood cells for the exit. So the acidity creates further acidity and it's this nasty cycle. And so again chances are if you have high blood pressure and if yet I cholesterol no one's ever said hey. Have you looked in your city. Have you discovered if your oxygen Asem process is correct are you looking into your blood security monitoring your hormones are you going after causes and that's the reason why I'm trying to wake you up and say. It's a lot bigger than just swallowing a pill. And again and need this so it's flying by. You have such great resource is in front of you in my next merit I would come back and will be discussing the exact things what do you actually do to fix all of this. And again I'm throwing an offer for you to join me for free dinner coming up on Tuesday February 6. And in my heart health summit which is on Saturday February 24 normally 25 dollars to ten both right now yet. I blood pressure high cholesterol and you wanna get rid of it seven afford 9062094. That's 704906. User 94 will be right back. Good afternoon happy Sunday to you know you're sitting enthusiast doctors tell me host doctor Eric Eric thanks so much for joining us this. Amazing Sunday afternoon you know I do realize that for a lot of us down by citizen to be clear on Sunday the first had to say thanks for letting me come in your life today. And it speaks of treatment you about. How you can conquer and control your cholesterol blood pressure is naturally. And a couple people message me over the last breaks in case great information taken Staten drugs for a long period time deal with some side effects on the I'd get in Gainesville which I like. Makes you had on over to FaceBook. Nine handy at the site FaceBook dot com sliced asked doctor Ernst. I am also Natalee on the air with these guys that broadcasters as it lives in Simi physically in the studio. You can like that you know that link you can share this with your friends and family. The more importantly you can contact me and talk directly. While we're here in studio and now my web site asked doctors dot com. I have a ton of health information at all freak type of high blood pressure all the articles come up that high cholesterol. All the articles come up we even have you know free raspy guides in. My philosophy is that if you can do which you needed to do take control of your health. And you did it's you can become here and doctor I mean there's so much information available today that all we need do is have somebody help it is sort of put it together. It's early that it works I'm coming from ten years of clinical experience beat protects a practitioner taking care patients here locally in the Charlotte area. Atom also coming at you from to my personal life not been able to turn my health around. My entire family my wife very very sick for a period time. You know we started implementing all the stuff I'm teaching you. And massive threat Mason took place in her life and I've seen it happen thousands thousands times and has thought about weight loss meant to deal medications and talk about. Does read bakery and you might be coming back to the regional you in the essence of your bodies designed to heal by itself. So if that's the case why can't the high blood pressure go away liking at the height. Cholesterol go away and it's because you don't have a deficiency. In the medications you're taking. You know your body didn't state is one they have run out craft store. So that's why my cholesterol I mean please go to your doctor and get more crest orcas we can't make anymore doesn't work that way same thing with high blood pressure medications. There is always a cause always. If that's the case there's always a cure by fixing the cause or getting rid of whatever the interference is if you just in and we talked about some of them. Uncommon causes these the ones no ones gonna talk to you about. Because have you addressed that need probably fix your issue. Hormonal imbalance including cortisol. Blood sugar imbalance is not again diabetic but a lot of diabetics have high blood pressure but it's possible you might have an elevated circuit you're not aware of which is creating inflammation which is leading to that possibility of high blood pressure. We talked about the fact that your oxygen can be depleted because you know breathing properly there's a natural cycle six breaths per minute is what you should shoot for the next day. Ten seconds cycle five inhale. Five to exhale on ten times per minute and they've even been studies on this retake the late hypertensive. You have them read that way for a couple minutes. And you can physically watch their pressure drop. And that's because they exhaled carbon dioxide which creates acidity which creates high blood pressure. And they helped him re oxygenate. Which brings nutrition to their cells that become more efficient. We discussed how cholesterol being elevated comes hand in hand. With high blood pressure and just because you're taking a drug to lower your cholesterol doesn't actually mean you have now become some heart protected individual. We mentioned that even. Up to 40% of heart attacks occur in people that have less than 200 cholesterol. So most of that is people taking medications to achieve that we mentioned that your cholesterol is low like if you're less than a 180. On your scores Europe three more times likely to have heart health effects like a stroke eccentric. The cholesterol is not the enemy we've all been taught that it it's actually something your body uses to repair. So when your body is under a lot of stress think of this you have to somehow fix the cell damage and cholesterol will rise naturally. When there's a lot of cellular inflammation in cellular damage cell. When summer comes to my office and they say you know I have elevated cholesterol I wanna get rid of politics at my first thought is common it's a massive problem because it tells me. There's a significant amount of inflammation of oxidation. There's potentially acidity because. Cholesterol responds to the state of your health of your health your cholesterol the good. When your unhealthy. Cholesterol climbs so instead of just bringing a class or back down we go up to all avenues of your health. We mention that the acidity of your body is directly connected. To things like the elevation of your blood pressure and even your cholesterol off till we find is people that have chronic high blood pressure of chronic acidity. They're gearing is slightly acidic. Their bodies slightly acidic. And what happens is the Morse take your body becomes the harder it is for carbon dioxide that waste product of buying the red blood cell. The harder it is for oxygen to bind the red blood cell so what happens is you sort of get this. What I'll call sort of you get this acidic solution that has to be offered in your body must stay in specific. So you start to rob nutrients from your joints in your bones your muscles and your ligaments. So long term this acidity can lead to. You know weakness in your bone structures muscle weakness and BK ligament instability. Which is why a lot of people who are stress for a long period Tamils say stuff like that back hurts him nine Eckerd and headaches in my bones ache. Well it's because you're just compensating for the acids. So what do we do we got its start fixing this now writes though if I'm gonna go through sort of how do you reset all of this let's talk quickly first of course it would be. If we're try to bring our cortisol levels down got to figure out where your stresses are coming from maybe you need some physical help maybe needs them. Detoxification consistency need to speak with a mental coach or something to help you emotionally but I tell you outright. One of the greatest studied methods of it can actually decrease your cortisol varies significantly with in the matter of say 12 hours. So these are grounding yourself regularly you'll often third senior your your cortisol levels decreased. Which helps to reset your metabolism. Hormones and it stops this cascade it leads to hypertension high blood pressure. Ground is actually still powerful they've actually done studies on grounding and decreasing cortisol. And all it requires to ground is one of two things take your shoes and socks off go stand on the earth. Not the concrete not gas ball but the grass the ground that dirt to accurate. And that in connection between your feet aground creates the discharge. Of energy in your body basically. Absorbs all of the electrons from the earth and helped to stabilize. Because it's so powerful there even. If sheets and blankets pillows you can purchase. He can do your house K you can sleep that night on grounding seats and grounding has been shown scientifically. And actually help to lower your blood pressure. Also help to decrease your cortisol which helps you to be less stressed. Most people who start grounding also starts and I'm sleeping better than it's beautiful. Those simple start grounding in L starts decreased recorders they'll. Obviously if it was third decrease in a Pulitzer Christmas to really start assessing her diet. The sad thing today's most Americans are consuming ten to fifteen times did not sugars they should be. What the most dangerous figures in the mall it's for him. Fruit dose of course that not only found in naturally occurring food products like state for example. You know them. Apples and pears connector and things like this but for a test is something that we are squirting into our entire food products. When they're processed and that's in the forms of high fructose corn syrup or even corn syrup to corn solid because the fruit that is what the uses sweetener. In my opinion. If you have high blood pressure cholesterol. I'm gonna ask you start assessing your fructose consumption predate the tricky duke if you get to do some research at the asked Google how much for tennis is in the incident that. When I often find is most of us are consuming in the range of a hundred plus grams of for tennis now the human body as sort of a litany. About 25 grams of prepares per day in here don't you understand fruit dose is only metabolize in the liver. When you exceed your liver metabolism but for those that almost instantly turns in the facts triglycerides cholesterol except for a and then as those markers rise. And you start to see the tree and into the idea of now were inflamed now have high blood pressure on net suggest that you highly start decreasing now he just. The raw sugar consumption. Of sugar directly linked to turn into sugar corn wheat rice solely that your. Greens but also watch out for the healthy Sanders. The challenge is this okay again in the and this is mine. Teaching someone that's got a current health issue you might say well I thought you know like I am apples are good or thought you know. Berries are are are healthy or you know honey isn't that a good alternatives leader in might be if you don't have a current health issue but. Honey I got they all that maple syrup they are all almost basically pure fructose so again. The intent behind my show today it's a try to help you uncover the hidden things that you might be dealing figured doing them for the right aspect. But it could be what's actually causing your current health issue in relation to high blood pressure cholesterol. Who would bring our sugars down. The easiest way to do that is to start assessing your diet are cutting out all the things that beat into those sugars. And then of course replacing them with some of the things that are healthy now listen to this that can't. But I don't normally share stuff that's direct that acts here sort of mine high blood pressure diet but I want to understand that nitrous oxide. Is a molecule with your body can produce to increase the blood flow to a vessel it relaxes vessels nitrous oxide does. And again this is one more thing that most people never got checked or assessed is the level of nitrous oxide with the body. Now if you can elevate your nitrous oxide what happens is your vessels start to dilate they get bigger. And if you know anything about fluid dynamics if by dilate that's all I can decrease the pressure with inside of that vessel. Of course I'm trying to decrease my blood pressure and nitrous oxide would be something to evaluate. And again the classic pace that work with when I say I am. Have you heard Patrick ox tiger habitats through your levels are most them like I'd know no clue again I was just told in numbers high with take this deal. Patrick oxide. Is naturally produced in your body but what we're learning is that the more inflamed you are the more acidic Q are the harder it is for your body to produce and Patrick Cox. Of viewers start consuming certain foods that are high in actor oxide actually in your body would hate yet. And actually turn into more of an electric oxide that is in the blood vessels to allow for the valley take place and you're gonna love these foods because not only do they taste great. But on the pretty easy to get. One of the highest sources of naturally occurring night oxide is dark chocolate. Now before you run off to the grocery store and buy Hershey bars by the case. We're talking about organic raw orchid house style dark chocolate they're loaded with nitric oxide. Which is why often times when you eat dark chocolate rehab tot the par because it does feel good afterwards that it pays annihilation. Garlic yet again another food high inaccurate dockside. Wal mart's stated arugula beets. And even pomegranate these are all fantastic food you can add your diet. And actually increase your nitric oxide helped your vessels that spread apart. Dark chocolate garlic pomegranate walnut stated watermelon a route to a beats all fantastic. And it was and I hope I sort of stirred the concept feel hope you can now so to get the idea of it. A death sentence is not what you have when you've been diagnosed with high blood pressure high cholesterol you can take control of this and he can do it quickly by average client. Most blood pressure put out within two to four weeks but with cholesterol is back to normal within about ninety days but it's because we go after the cause if you want to. Learn more apply more and I'm really take control of your health this year. Then here's your last chance I'm giving tickets away Tuesday December ansari Tuesday February 6 right around the corner just a couple weeks. Is a dinner seminar and I'm not having French cafe food is free all you need to know is would you like to join me for that. And then again on Saturday February 24 and hosting. The heart health summiteers are going after everything we're gonna really dive deep into things like heavy metals the hormones how to balance that and more importantly. How to get tested the right way. And how to read the test the correctly you are not be prescribed medication that could afford 9062094. Fraught with free tickets. Thanks for joining us in the next week Saturday at 3 PM for gas doctorate so we'll see guys that.