From the Highway Patrol to Christmas Jazz

Carolina Focus
Thursday, November 16th

Sgt. Mike Baker talks about the NCHP efforts this holiday season. Airport travel has some new twists this year. Giving blood to help your neighbors. All that Christmas Jazz!


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I'm mark Thomas. And this is Carolina focused on who's 1110993. WBP. 1079 the length. What a 2.5 six and the fan that's where we look at issues events and happenings that affect the Carolinas and the Charlotte region. Welcome. So glad you could join us here once again this morning. And as we head and. The holiday season we're talking about a lot of really great holiday traditions. You probably have some individually or maybe your family does. You're town 90 was WDT were in our fifteenth year now of the holiday on ice in uptown Charlotte. Outdoor ice skating rink at the NASCAR hall of fame plaza. And that's really become a tradition and people going out and with the music in the steadying in the in the hot chocolate. And all the beautiful lights and everything it's really it's really a lot of fun it's a great tradition. And there are some other traditions as well that the probably predate the holiday allies. That also involves some festive lights. But it's not the kind of thing you want to be involved with joining us now is is Michael baker. Or should I say sergeant Michael baker with the North Carolina Highway Patrol compact the Carolina focus Mike. It more corporate it. Now you've got you know everybody talks about the blue light special and that sort of thing in the the whites are so charming in the middle of the night. As they clash along the side of the interstate or wherever. So long as they're not in your own review here it's not if it's not that bad of a deal. I live patrols got another project this this holiday season stepped up enforcement what do you guys doing this year. Or more. As we do every year during the Thanksgiving holiday period will be increasing our. Number of troopers that are going to be shall in the roadway this is one of the busiest. Two motors to be on the good way traveling to and from their says this nation city. Enjoyed Thanksgiving weather they bring and we understand that ought to NC DOT. Are stabilizing the unity in that rather state and local agencies to make sure we do everything we can and city. Probing at motor vehicle collision from happening also curbing. Good idea stickers. I don't think it would doling this year as we did last year apartment with eight different states allow the country without forty core two World Cup throughout the country that we have Tony 500 miles. About forty we're monitoring this year. Public it would be attending to put a trooper is between now all of or recorder or. To respond to an operation called out forty challenge. Basically this is something that we do yearly with our state partners and and also our national orders all of four record or. To basically Caribbean collision from occurring in doing everything we can't combat number saudis that occur across our state. Throughout the Thanksgiving holiday period. And of course a lot of times you know a lot of people are familiar with 540. But if you never if you never really stopped and looked at it it goes from Wilmington was a bar style California right. It really. Actually I traveled to the end of worry in the North Carolina down airports fissures in in Africa on the ticket pitchers than there and amazing outlook restrictive it was that he is how many people travel on the court where every day you know top forty is not only going to be rude. On our side who have been looking at every major industry also a lot of top forty just ordered the major power player of the coaxing them this year. And as far as you know you're gonna have to eat your saying the pay highway patrolman from every state every twenty miles of torture is torture looking for. We are talking about 2500 miles that's. That's a lot of troopers. That is a lot of troopers and like they were partners with a different stage in an attempt to make it happen you know last year unfortunately we all seventeen people. On the road late in North Carolina did fatal collision and that's something we're trying to create this year. We have a program that were Portland with Marcus said in the the public's safety. NC DOT. Undergo personality program entitled visions zeros and what we're trying to accomplish is a Europe without it rates. On top forty as well as every other major or are rightly call smoke and a lot of to warn that the worst parts about our job is basically during the holiday period. It sent to go to so what happened to him in the view of what is his no longer you're due to a collision. And we're speaking with the sergeant Michael baker with North Carolina Highway Patrol about their off. Holiday he enforcement's. Efforts dish 12017. And this is an artist say this is a tradition this is something that that a Highway Patrol has really been focusing on for quite a few years as an. It really years they were gonna continue to raise their efforts united state of vocal supporters crowding state. You know little light that added in the event that someone is attending local will be traveling. This holiday period in racially planet hated I give themselves time to to their intended destination there's going to be a lot more motors ultimately. And also they can assist us in the and he sees somebody got careless or. Potentially driving impaired making contact Howard controlled by dialing story HP Europe now when worn. I and it's can't figure that motor stopped roadway. Well you know you bring up an interesting point because this past weekend I had the dubious honor of calling 911 myself. Along I 485. And it was about 6:30 in the morning and because there was a driver that seemed to have a re. She. He'll challenge keeping his car with in the lane and on the roadway. What you know we we tell people and in first I guess my first question is what are the laws about making phone calls while you're driving. How will that go all the handle a lot of the that you cannot your mobile device to make that call. It is gorgeous they produce in in it whatever you do call the old war stories believe we like to encourage people to stay on the line. And try to you know a siesta communicators and giving as much information on the difficulty recalling about possible. The current location of where Europe by your make in the call. And and made you instilled all of and a the culture to get to their location stop that perspective vehicle a lot of times motors tango. Before we can get to the area we can't be everywhere award so we just encourage motors please be patient in the event they're calling him. I'm aware that things that we do do terrorists into the terrorists having motor's speed or break a log in sales while trying to follows other motors they're calling out. If fortunately in my particular case said the traffic was very very light. But still it was a little disconcerting. Also as far as if you if you encounter someone who you think. Is intoxicated or impaired. It's really best to kind of stay behind the news and it. There early years we never ask people to pay the loans ago in an attempt to stop somebody. Are potentially could be driving impaired and Allen also like you know and aggressive driving it something that is becoming more common across the state we also incurred motors in the opinion that they are becoming big and too aggressive driving. Where they're being until Gator football because they can deliver in the opposite way and let that first of or I could pull off into the sort of rude. And and not plate and sales and then and in the end it there is Capone too and sales where there beat being the saudis know we just had its sister Ali. I would in the last few days where our road rage incident occurred and and shots were fired so we we never warning courage anybody to take a lull though in the bill they are and they're motors or they're being hit them to an aggressive driving situation. And again we're talking with sergeant Michael baker with the North Carolina Highway Patrol about the seasonal. Tradition of stepped up enforcement in North Carolina. Are you mention a somewhat still getting you to move over I know there was all a proposed law in the past year or so about us staying out of the left plain English or passing somebody. Oh what do little what are the rules on that this year. Have they changed. I'd worry I'm not I'm not sure that all guys would go through a year I don't know what bode well don't I don't bridge actually as a calm all of the yet. You know and basically just if you're selling in the left in her enormously in the roadway that is it that way. If you're traveling the speed limit of course united we would talk for a student or Austria all. I've someone he's not speaking Whitaker under the speed limit telling under the bus speed limit. It's basically just commenting to the reverend took them lightly in Lal. The traffic at a slow and. And I appreciate you being here on Carolina focus once again. And in and in the interest of full disclosure. I gotta say that it was nice meeting you this past weekend we we found we have something in common. In Concord which is the brakes program which show you've been instructing at its Doug Herbert teen driving school. That he's been operating for some years now that you've been an instructor and I just started with. It's a great program is and it. It actually you Alec patrol is important what don't we do in order with brakes or 2008. And just recently must sail between an intricate wood breaks cartoon that I. Basically just working with them grow old level. Are spreading the message through the Highway Patrol and it is a phenomenal program that with a bit programs in my opinion. That focuses don't mean driving keeping being safe. When it comes to vehicle operation so upload doesn't just saying. I applaud you for everything that you do in the cities in the brings program enough that we continue to work together to make it changed. In ensuring that you know if you could change not become involved in motor vehicle collision that isn't that what you're saying across the country. It neatly escalation. And I think it's one of those things that I've been over the past few years I've been instructing it in other teen driving schools. Around the southeast. And I think it's one of those things that a lot of times I know the the students that you encounter they think I got my license I know how to drive why are you bothering me. And I think a lot of parents can share that same attitude initially that well they got their license you know. Go often off on your merry way and have fun. But really is the the level of instructions that we're seeing. In the proficiency that needs to be demonstrated actually get a licensed. Connell well. And there's a lot of areas and a lot of weaknesses that need to be addressed and I think programs like this. The brakes program. Do that and I'm I'm sure you would probably agree with that. We'll assemble and I think in my opinion that it Indy canyon about proper education territory's border beat two truck drivers theater. Any other educational programs that we have a lot in the caucus state in the education. I would attempt at dropping upping the state does everything clean and about that indication. In the town in the debate but I you know breaks provides additional training. A lot of lot of driving forces both in the educational purposes would have been classroom. Or that in in and the actual motor vehicle. Procedure courses that idea saying. That extra. Cruised towards driving straight and not even if it's amazing program. I don't see any reason why anybody would not incur crew really go. And I will say that it is a there is no cost to the parents or the students to actually attend class. And if you do want more information on that there website is put on the breaks dot ORG. And if people are interested in checking that out but. Sergeant Michael bigger with North Carolina Highway Patrol again if someone's encountering problems on the roadways this year and they need your assistance. It's star HP or 911 and you guys will be on your way. Absolutely just encourage everybody to have a good Thanksgiving obviously. Thanksgiving holiday and with the festivities and I'm not being too much Turkey. And it and don't and don't get your own personal. Flashing light display that you need to contend with as well how her fate. Etc. okay. Sergeant Michael bigger thanks for being egged on Carolina focus once again. I think apparently pretty. You are listening to Carolina focus on news elevenths and 993 WBT. 1079 the link. 102 point 56 and the fan. Also available as a podcast the WBT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas and glad you could join us here once again this morning. And the holiday season it is upon us it is ready you're not here it comes. And a lot of people are getting ready a lot of people making preparations of one of the most. I guess K out of places that gets hit every year at this time. Is travel and specifically airline travel. And Charlotte Douglas obviously is node in his no exception to this and joining us now is the airport director Jack Christine. Good morning Jack. Good morning Arian it's it's a wonderful time of the year. Yes absolutely definitely wonderful and busy. Now you've got nothing going on over at the airport this time of year where hidden into Thanksgiving which is. The highest travel week for airline travel. By far isn't it. That absolutely is simply one of our peak weeks for sure. And now you've got some things going on out at the airport we wanna make people you know get this word out as much as possible because a lot of people go to the airport may be only once a year and it's a Thanksgiving. And there's a lot of changes going on particularly in the areas of parking and cell phone lots and that sort of thing initially what what sort of changed or are we seeing in those areas. Well we have adjusted the location of ourselves a lot two. Near where was before but it does it actually. Part of long term one parking lot now. How we'd come onto the airport property owner interest rate it would be the first exit to your right major coming around. Two US head towards the terminal. It is very much more. It's easier a lot of to work through it because it's just a single lane with parking spots on the other side. Similar to what our old sofa mart used to be. We have we done based on feedback from our customers about. Be termed a lot and it. It's. Ability to maneuver through his is a little more difficult. So we're responding to that are providing a new lot actually has about. Thirty extra spaces does about a 150 basis total mail. And it's very easy to navigate there's over workspace to bring that online right before Thanksgiving. Hey we know little get a lot of useless and so it's the guitar and bring it on line. And as far is some of the other stuff I used to fly a tremendous amount out of Charlotte Douglas. In in a previous life shall we say. But I haven't done so much recently and I'm going out there you know with all the construction and all the changes one of the things that I noticed. Was the rental car road which you know that was always kind of like my home away from home a lot of times you want and you bring a backer car and that sort of thing. That's that's closing. You can call you can't close that that's like the rental car road memorial highway I mean if it. As it has been ever quite awhile but in the name of progress we we are clipping that part of it red because it really. Now just terrorists deliveries for the terminal itself and also. Construction traffic incidents where building via the new nine gates four concourse a expansion that'll open up that may. But as far as general public traffic yes we will close that it would actually help ocelot with traffic flow. Especially during this peak times for Thanksgiving where traffic will back up quite a ways down interest rates as that it tried to approach the terminal. One of the choke points is trial was trying to get public traffic. Off of rental car rode on to beat we broke for the terminal. Two this should help streamline. Quite a bit. We can close it out because the last thing that that we had repeating that rated. Was the old so a lot so now that that's closed. We can eliminate the general purpose access to rent incorporated. And when that that just to airport vehicles and so we're actually look at the order that I now that is change for folks and it's up it's Woody's that is kind of a cut he did closer to the terminal. But. Please follow the signs is that they'll direct you as to where you need to be in order to get to the terminal. As well courtroom not the available to you when we get to Thanksgiving next week. Yeah used to be a little cut through if you got off from Little Rock Rhoden went in kind of the back way. That you could that you could jump right in their bit with all the changes. Along Wilkinson boulevard and the entries and so forth. It really kind of eliminated that as a way to actually kind of get around everybody else that bad yet and that's been how many years is that in change stuff that's been was are we in the third year now from that. We are we opened up did did you aligned entrance road back in. I think it was may 2015 to work coming up on and on but even if yours similar. That where where their place now where some of those last vestiges of the old great system. Are seen a change that world where. World in the name of progress and that's where they'll. Well another terminal renovations. March on correct. I mean so in tune. For some people up north they might be able to relate to the West Virginia turnpike permanent we're project. I have is are we approaching that level right now I mean how is this ever gonna be done. Well it will be done. But it is a work in progress and end because all of that work is done in the middle of the night when customers spot in the building. It's slower so what do customers will seat during the holiday season. If segments of the building specifically on the B concourse and the eight connector built up the dispute of course. Some of the feelings are out were replaced and all the late. Public address system. A lot of the cabling that had run through the building for 35 years that has been abandoned that's all been taken out and queen and all that happened tried it. Finished re finished a lot of the section does that concourses. Over the next three years that we start it would be concourse. We got work don't know with eight to marry at two to the concourse a expansion project. Some folks will see some of that work where the as some of the things that are open as part of that work but we won't have active contractors in the building during the regular operations at all happened in my time. So that's also see segments that used to be carpet earn up to wrap up. Which is our reports surfaced that we're we're moving towards the all the circulation areas of the of the terminal. So work it work do that in bits and pieces as we meet through the building. And that's what you'll see that for the next couple years but so we're asking folks to please be patient with a and I understand it's it is a work in progress that is not a finished product by any stretch. And I didn't realize you're putting into Reza was opposed to carpeting I would imagine from a cost standpoint long term. That's probably going to be a pretty good movers and. It helps us a lot wheat Weaver plays carpet here every three years. Simply because is that this type all right the traffic we haven't made partners and output and trap deploring it has definitely over the long August Davis is quite a bit of money. Yeah you're not yeah I don't think you're gonna have to replace that. Know that that should that should hold up. And it also helps from a customer perspective everyone pulled several boards. It's bloody simple as onto rather than that on carpets so it's to their customer benefit of that too. And again we're talking with Jack Christine is a director of Charlotte Douglas airport. About some of the upcoming holiday travel adventures that you might be getting into. You know we're obviously supposed to gonna get to the airport early you know get there a couple hours earlier a day or two and all fat and I doubt it it's it's one of those things but I'm you know I'm looking at this it is the the material that that you had sent out. The security checkpoints will be open as follows text points a and AM text points checkpoint be at 430. AM checkpoint see at 5:30 AM and so on. So in other words if you get there before 4 o'clock in the morning you're not getting back to the planes. Then that's true eat we do have to wait until the end of the checkpoints open our first flights normally about 6 AM. Is calling it the operation is normal so far for folks that are leading up on this first plate in the morning it would be good for you to get there you know. Click the take two hours at a time from a domestic perspective. Better early in the morning we don't have any international traffic that comes in the afternoon and so. For those folks travel and early in the morning that two hours is going to be helpful we'd much rather eat. I get here early and be able to get through the checkpoint in and not have a good experience. Through that process rather than. Adding to the stresses your travels by eight you know pushing it to get through the checkpoint to get here click on time. We have plenty of things that that would have available the as far as concessions and and I think stood to keep you busy until I preflight the leave. But that coming early is definitely one of the biggest things that somebody can do in order to make sure that their travel as it is a pleasant experience. And I would I guess I would the one thing I would ask is it always seems like there are changes in the TSA requirements. And I know you're not technically with the TSA about are there any thing is there anything new that people need to be on the lookout for this year as opposed the last that they haven't flown many years so. Ensures the TSA is is constantly evaluating their processes and procedures. They have. And made some changes in the number of things that they'll be in the screening process. Including a requirement for. Travelers who are going to their standard lanes to take out any electronics that are larger than himself. Put business separate bins for that to be screened at that process will slow things down a little bit but they've been trading on on that helped her. The last step I two months end date yet they're working very hard to keep the process moving as quickly as they can and so. The keys for our travelers as did to make sure you understand the rules heading to the checkpoint it to you would think you can can bring. What thing you need to have package it is specifically lake the liquids and the quart sized bags and an electronics pieces it. How we will have folks from the airport at the beginning of the checkpoint lines. Helping direct folks to where they best can get data security checkpoint. How lines. Provide any guidance that we can for what you need to be getting ready because he's screening process. But just followed the directions that that you're given and then things should work fine. And as far is accommodating the passengers as you say the use the airport shuttle bus and parking up operations are gonna have more personnel. As is the upper lower levels for ticketing and baggage baggage and so forth. As well as other ticket counters themselves so your misses this is kind of like your big big week of the year now isn't it. Yeah pretty much is that the press this is an all hands on deck operations for for Thanksgiving now leading up to the holiday in the in the return is just as busy for a Sunday and Monday as can be very very busy. And that we need need make sure we have all our step here from not just airports step that. The airlines and PSA Ian and all this sense of helplessness passengers. To our facility and then. Yet be here to help them do that so for us this is not a vacation mrs. this is the work week. Jack Christine director of operations over there at the Charlotte Douglas airport we appreciate you being here in Carolina focus so I hope you have an uneventful. Holiday season we appreciate it thank you for having me. The airport was also in the news this week but that wasn't great news. Former assistant director of the FBI Chris Rucker park the vote comes. Strained his stand. Most concerning headlines that come from our area. Air traffic controller at Charlotte Douglas international airport. Charged with having a weapon of mass destruction. Bring on the WBT hotline right now former F. BI assistant director Chris slacker Christy Martin. They're more about appreciate you being here so yeah this story and it's still developing in fact Paul vanden is the and guy US's first court appearance today charged after police say he received a homemade pipe bomb from his roommate Derek Bell's. Both of these Charlotte residents charged with manufacturing and possessing a weapon of mass destruction. And again that the that Brandon is an air traffic controller at the airport here a lot of things to. The process here but I'm curious your your initial reaction to hearing this. Well you know it's sound that's sound very serious when you first hear it and it is a serious charge but when you look at the underlying facts. I mean this really isn't a terrorism case it's is sick case of a neighbor. Telling a vendetta against another neighbor make a fairly simple. Destructive devices which falls under the federal statute of weapon of mass destruction with which if you look at the statute. Includes pipe bomb which was doing it with which way is which is exactly what happened in this case. And you would I know you're talking now off the air with their producer Charles and embed do you would say that this type of thing is. More prevalent than people may think. Pipe bombs are very prevalent. I'm not gonna talk about how you make them but it's fairly simple. You find that you find in the western part of the State's. People use them to go fishing from time to time off melts off the pipe bomb in the lake or or pretty case. Because off the fish its stand position they float up to tap and have fish for dinner. And I'll tell you with the part of it that struck me and I and I'm curious how you feel about this. Sentiment but when I heard that an air traffic controller will be at Charlotte or anywhere else. Was the you know it has arrested in connection with something like this are thought to myself you know that's a scenario. There you don't hear that I'm surprised with all this in the in this ages. On the war on terror that we live van and and the digital age and hacking and whatnot. I'm surprised that you haven't heard a story yet where. You know an air traffic controller has tried to compromise. The dual landing in and take off system may at an airport and in India in the country would seem to me like that would be a scenario. That we would have heard of I'm glad we haven't but that's the first thing I thought enough. Yeah I think that's the the most. Serious part of this case. Is being the fact that this person was an FAA air traffic controller. You would think that they do and enhance background check. But in this case but check this person. Background let the record at least is that a record and he has none that I can say. That that would put would have prevented him from. Getting employed by the FAA. I'm not sure how you screen out people like this where they just have terrible terrible judgment. In this case he was holding me up pipe bomb for his neighbor and there's neighbors probably more trouble and he is a vote in a lot of trouble. And we I should say the these statement. From the airport officials in and in a news release over the weekend quote the FAA employee. Only had access to the off site air traffic control tower and had no access to be restricted areas. Of the terminal or ramp he did not have access to any court aircraft at the airport unquote. And that's good but again as I said in this day and age you don't have to be on site to compromise that the system that's that's Ron. By eBay and buy an advanced digital set up these days. That's correct that air traffic control tower is not and if not on the in the main airport it's it's set off from the main airport you can see when you go near the airport. And nick obviously could cause some damage if you if you. Disrupted the FAA system that that I also think there's some redundancy in the system right. System like that and if something were to happen at the main power it would get picked up the air traffic control we get picked up elsewhere. Well it's a developing story and today again that this man will be in court. And we'll find out what's next but not not the headline heads it's just had an odd headline and a concerning headline at same time. And that will keep in touch with you throughout this but I appreciate you joining me this morning. My daughter Brooke absolutely it's Chris wacker former FBI assistant director. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on news 11101993. WPP. 107911102. Point 56 and the fan. Also available to podcast WGT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas. You are listening to Carolina focus on news 1110993. WGK. 1079 the link. One of 2.5 six and the fans also available to podcast WPP. Outcome I'm your host mark Thomas and so glad you could join us here this morning making us part of your day and were coming up on the holiday is yes ready or not here they come. It's in the offing and it's not too far off in part of the problems that people have during the holidays particularly one segment of our community is the blood community people in. Surgeries and injuries and the need for blood in that never takes a holiday. And coming up on this time a year there's always a shortage. And it's one of these things that we like to make people aware of on a regular basis because it's something really that does give life to others. And it cost you so little and joining us now with the community blood center of the Carolinas. Is Kelly Singleton good morning Kelly. Good morning how are you guys today. How were greatly blessed I hope you are this is now the community blood bank is a little bit different than some of the other organizations that collect blood because. All the blood that you do collect stays right here in the community. Yep that is correct or your local community about an hour and as such unique feeling because you know when you gunning but let us it could be helping a family member and neighbor or friend coworker. Even among the talking my aggression stirred you know you never know who he might impact need to think but that there really nice feeling that it is look all. And that might say that's the one thing that really distinguishes you from other organizations. That do blood drives and so forth and coming up on the holidays well. Why is it such a problem I know people are busy and it's you know he'll whoop some time ago about you know donate some blood even though we can have Thanksgiving dinner a few hours. I know the holidays get in the way a lot but is that the only reason that you see a problem at this time a year or are there other factors. Actually Eric the other actors as you mentioned my people as fairly busy at kind of not on the top of mind and you and like not. I'm Patrick and that they think about it to wake up and getting blood. But often the weather and I'm curious Geithner to you never know there's going to be some type that now that coming up for. And even the rain people that's not on again their houses. And then even went the other people's and it gets thicker on holidays and I mean if you if you know anybody going to be healthy and well for the evidence that he would factors that kind of put it altogether pan expression and kept her off on break and amp M is there to China and our time together it kind of went and I think that falls through. And we had like remind people that it's still really important because there are kids in local Haitians that are spending their holidays in the hospital and it's set it such important thing to do. Just because. Every day that stationed there I think it's not just about the disasters and it's not just about you know at certain times of the year it's a constant need. And you mentioned the fact that your school's out at certain times of the year. I guess that what that brings to my mind is. How young can you be instilled donate blood when he when he when you start doing this I mean it is this something that I know kids coming off from college we call them kids young adults. What people who went can they get started. I'm you have to be at least sixteen years and Ainge and lay out 120 pounds to donate a lot. And read that we have a great opportunity for kids a PR 16171819. In school we offer that I'm Heidi you're a scholarship program. But if he had sold a blood drive. Between November 15 and get your thinking they have an opportunity to earn a thousand dollar scholarship. So you actually are trying to promote. The younger younger people younger adults. To get in the habit to get started do business. Yeah because I know that it actually articulate our donor base that it aging population and I think that don't currently get a lot of high school prayer is that an abandoned little high school that's. And I love out of class and they get an acting chief certificate thing again in high school that there we get some hecklers there but and you think typically see declines. And when they go to college and their busy and and you see now are going to be and it comes up again. When you have and late thirties and that's when people tend to be impacted by blood donation. You know cancer patient and numbers dipping a by product. And when people understand they need and they he had intended Downey and that's going to be kind of back on people's minds so we really want to. To think actually latter. The kid young adults now that it just that's important they can turn make a difference. And what better way to get accurate community and to think it is too good at bat during this critical time because like I've been offering scholarship opportunity. And we're speaking with Kelly single clue who's with the community blood center of the Carolinas. Here in Carolina focus this morning. Now we talk about the lower and what about the upper and for donating blood. People who are people who may have gone to their entire adult life and never done this. But they're thinking you know maybe it's not a bad idea but. How do what advice to qualify. Yet there aren't you arms restrictions in my content like this I'm medical that's girls under a lot of that you can find out on her website are aching about the call in the gap and AM any medical question we have app and on that they can into the question. But typically is on your feeling healthy and well. And you unaccountable to donate that we encourage. All black eyed alien. It's not just about a specific type however. I nag is universal the camera always looking for type. But it just really important I think in like it and there's no age limit and you can started sixteenth and there's there's a lot of opportunity for a lot of that to them. To donate specially around holiday time. Now you say O negative is the universal donor. But other blood types which are more rare. If someone has some of those what whoa what are we looking yet. As far as Sutton the ones that really count it's like well we don't have York we were out of stock on yours today sorry. Didn't. Well aren't Agha typically an amount strain he would find it an emergency situations that happen. As medically they haven't timed it past tense summit on negative amount strings he used. And testing of it on the situation but if you and you have to type AB or AB pop turning it and that's actually really rare less than 3% of the population has that's what type. And that they're really good and I am like paper lately but a lot of people know about player donation but Panthers. Are extremely important to those cancer patient. Platelet and plasma they how was the clotting. I'm and they help with cancer patients after their chemotherapy treatment. Now. Yeah and MS cars that are. Dennis RE you do and you get and he you know needle in your arm which you know that's scares off a lot of people I know. And it does him no total pin prick that's for sure. But you know what they take out of you. Rick it's not like they take it out of view enemies is kind of poured in to somebody else there's a lot that goes on in between. In between those two points between Doumit donor and recipient. That really mean you know a lot of people may not be aware of how much is actually done to someone's blood once a comes out of you before it actually gets donated to someone. Yeah and it accurate to appealing to you because you're one hole underneath and act can help you have to three localized and we think that because. Here hold on you know that you Downey romantic get operated industry efforts are. Elevate separating you platelets plasma. And red blood cells and those become three product and your line Indonesian that's kind of cool because you have the opportunity to impact that the three lives here. In our community it just by donating to one donation. That your right thing that they're casting and then. And obviously it's based on demand and bill but there's a lot that goes through and start with and it. And that's my that's abundant that that's something else today that and how that they need expire tomorrow so that I Raleigh and that there's a constant need to. Anthony's really need to make sure that we have the one available at is being needed. I'm for any type and speculation heart patients here locally. And one of the things that if people have never donated blood remembered never needed a blood donation. It's one of those things if you ask me what's your blood type. I would be willing to bet the people who have not donated blood probably 95% of them have no idea what to play practice. Yes and actually cooking because they've outplayed that you guys don't know her but had anchored to the coming to their name because I'm not only send you an email on their lead pipe but you'll get a blog and here on profile and a lot of I'm confirmation what is your cluster bomb. And that you were not in any cynically figured it and I admire blood pressure on your hemoglobin level and and Jessica late Q to make sure you know we have some people on that the commended Danny and they get checked regularly. And it just thanked and now. That you know blood pressure and cholesterol levels and your bucks I'd that's kind of cool. And so you're you're getting like you say a mini physical. And it doesn't cost you anything which you know when you stop and think about it all medical costs of people incur today and deductibles and co pays and various medical plans a seder. On and on and on and on and on. Here you can walk in and no questions asked you get for free that's chemical. And I'm cool. But nothing but time. And now there are some things if you do have certain medical conditions that are going to eliminate you from donating blood. If I'm there are regulations and the FDA and and we have a list of bad yankees into the lab center Colin and I think that. This anger and hate the time difference and that if you're unsure I don't think I ever Anaconda can never 19:18. Am on a regular basis. We think heard everyone that you can capture you know to get but the caller are you can and plan or your around the area you can pass by and Simon can definitely help them if they come up and tapped as well. And we're gonna be giving your website and your phone number out here in just a few minutes so's you know stick around if you if you want that information will be getting to that shortly. But I also wanna mention the fact that you got a special. Program going on this holiday season. And it involves pop yes so what's not to love holidays and puppies. Are. At Kelly's Kelly Singleton with the community blood center of the Carolinas tell us about the the poppy program. Our tribute program at their thirteen year I'm hearing that poppies are patient program. And it runs into December 31 it's an honor the American Russian that we gear and and what we do we offer our donors that -- Hank. And there's a little out of attended and and now any tag attached at cap city that copies and then we'll go to liberties act poppies to children. And in local hospitals are being children have to hospital to have organs Children's Hospital in Fairmont has been linked Welker pediatric but we also got a lot. I'm down in South Carolina Pete not. And everywhere and that and I'll have to have nothing Greensboro about I think is that I there's not for health and well we'll drop that happy dot and we re back. I'm not start dropping him off and digging in December in and on the hospital palmary felt happy that at such a great time to send a message. I'm directly accused them on an as being in hospital during the holidays. And that's available as you say through December 31 of this year. And it's also interesting because it is you mentioned. And a lot of times in a 400 blood products that they are required locally. And when you start to think about that all of a sudden in a matter of a few days you're running into the thousands of blood donations that are required. So it's an ongoing issue that people need to be aware of and people need to be addressed and so if possible austere go to your website that would be. CB. BC about Iraq. And that's for the community blood center of the Carolinas. Dot US and phone number of people have more questions. It is 1888. I've nine black. 88859. Blood. Okay well I really appreciate this because this is something that you know world we've all had people who have had been in the hospital. No friends relatives. That. Based medical crises over the years and this is a way that if you ever wondered you know what can I do give back a little bit. This is a good way to do it in a good way to start Kelly Singleton give us those webs that website and phone number one more time before we let you go here. And you can bet at at CB BC that you wrapped. Our get a call at 1888. Iron nine black. It was Singleton we appreciate you being here at Carolina focus. Think he's semi. Carolina panther Greg Olsen made an announcement about something is going to affect pediatric care here in the Charlotte region. He joins WBP's goat Thompson and Jim is okay. The one and only died and Carolina Panthers Greg Olsen is with this Greg good morning. We're here are doing well we appreciate you being here before we go any further I do believe this is the first time I've ever had a chance to talk to somebody that my kids. My son has been for Halloween before I think. Yes it because that is as critical number eighty Hague on around collecting candy. Hey I'd really appreciate you being here and a lot of things a wanna talk about that first and foremost. And yesterday the Greg Olsen foundation in partnership with Carolinas healthcare systems. Levine Children's Hospital announced. The hardest yard line has pledged to support a cardiac new world a neuro developmental program to be the most comprehensive program of its kind in the southeast. This has been a cause for you for many years this is a big announcement yesterday talking about death. Five years ago start archer program. To bring a lot of care and indeed to see him in her home following dish dirt out so it goes above that what the future held. As we continue to elevate our ability or courage we. There really good deal what's the future our program where what's the best use of our money and in this spurring the hospital. Brought it and try to pitch this concept that there's an incredible need for. Our development program McCarty XP. On the statistics and data suggests are pretty overwhelmingly that there's. A really significant. Core relations between early cardiac surgery in air. And cognitive. The ladies and those cognitive abilities can be. Seen him be a girl. Social settings. School. It's it's a pretty wide encompassing. Problem on and then this program there tackle that directly you'd be able to bring your child. Into this utility and get one stop shop. Old multitude multi disciplinary approach to to its cardiac care and there's only a handful of these corrupt countries were pretty pretty it's occurred here sure. That's great it's hard to believe it's been five years Greg has so give us an update how is TJ doing what kind of things is he into these days. He's doing great he's oh aren't school. Click on people all seen it all yeah it is we're very fortunate he's doing really well and note from the beginning they've been told that. This you know possibilities of the light speed he lives pretty it we'd be pretty wide you know Kyra stroke it gives you room well some kids. Struggle a little bit more so cute couple aren't are being overcome so. It there's a wide array of possibilities in outlook could be shorter is always unclear. That it degrees artists this program so important that we did you wonder if it's on order. Talking to Greg Olsen Carolina Panthers tied in here on W BT and for more details about this new program you can go to Levine Children's Hospital dot org. Slash hardest yard. Greg obviously much talk about what's ahead for the Carolina Panthers I was watching that game the other night on Monday night. And I gotta tell you one of the things I can't think and as well as they were doing. And think and 45 points and we don't even have a number 88 on the field what is this team gonna be like when he's back with. With the Panthers this is talk about momentum this is a great time to be a fan. It is it's been fun couple weeks you know. Or will not come back to you enjoy in the offense that they score 45. We're again it's a larger ball to his 65. Well I agree. Very. I'm excited to restore everybody in trying to get back out there are you could be less what we this are we might start. Just bought me one more week of conditioning kind of preparation and that the current earnings Monday we come back get ready go a New York. I'm excited that long but all eight weeks and just cited you know get back and placing me in. Well that the good news you personally Greg is at Dixon did not have a 175 yards as part of that record setting performance that bodes well for. If it. A great job he's he's really played well at. I think yeah I think he's shown a lot of dignity do book. And you've got a big TV broadcast come up with the vikings and and rammed into the start delving into Europe bureau football color commentary stuff this week yet. I have started prepping a little bit last week you know just studying up against the mayor teams in. You know personality. Some of the fortune that it it's pretty unique get a pretty exciting opportunity. To call our game. I've been done many times so. It's. Came under a little more urging him ever imagined that everybody likes to complain about. It. I'm looking forward do it. Well I you talk about few people have done it before you Matt Hasselbeck in 2014 and Marcus Allen 1994 the only other players. Who have worked as analysts at while still being active players this will be on fox with Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis for the rams vikings games coming up this weekend and then. We can't wait to hear some some on field action for Greg Olsen died shortly after that. Thank you so much again Levine Children's Hospital dot org slash hardest yard good luck with everything Greg thanks for being on with this. Good. You're listening to Carolina focus on news 1110993. WDT. 1079 the link. One of 2.5 610 the fan. It's also available to podcast WBT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas and so glad to be join us here this morning. And it's the holiday season and were were trying to take a look at some of the things that are going on that you may not be aware of just to keep you informed because there's a lot of great events and happenings this time of year in and around the Charlotte area. And the jazz arts initiative doesn't wanna be left out of the festivities. They've got a great thing going on in December 5 there holiday celebration. Joining us now from the jazz arts initiative Lonnie Davis good morning Lonnie. Good morning mark thanks for having me caucuses it's a great time of the year and how many how many assists an annual thing that you are doing your holiday celebration how long have you been is it's been going on. I jab your holiday celebrations this'll be out this year. And every year's been a sell out there were really looking forward to making that claim bigger and better and after. And of course it's at the Booth play house. How what in jazz is one of those musical musical genres that has stood the test of time if you will. And you've got to you've got some great people some great local people that are going to be performing in this. What does tell us a little bit about what what people can look forward to. Think it's really special about this. Evening we're gonna be featuring five of the top jazz pianist from that region. And I as well as one of from the war violence it's sort congress suggest to him. Holiday celebration piano night and showed the east side pianist will be playing with age as. Residents action and along with the mother agreed. Vocalist court players they're going to be playing the music of the holiday season. And putting their own and on holiday classics stat that everyone knows that loud so going to be a great evening. Which lot of great music. Our call start jet Vuitton samples from back to this report also be part of program and no we're gonna also opened up the evening with a preview reception. It at the at the Berkeley now it's well it's going to be a lot of great things. Happening with the silent auction on my and it's well. And you know I think one of the things in a lot of people cling to a caroling during the holidays and various songs in styles. You know it's one of these things with jazz people may not necessarily recognize how much influence that it it has had in their lives because who hasn't wants Charlie Brown's Christmas and have to move hasn't heard Victor Raleigh. And his compositions. For that holiday tradition. It really brought jazz not that there weren't other jazz players to a holiday things but it really kind of are to a different level especially when it comes of the piano. Absolutely and that we have certainly done have been around the Christmas separate this particular show and asked. This year we will we will not focus specifically on that girls age Christmas music however. I'm sure one of our five pianist will certainly played. Skating or you know Christmas time is is here are some of those other. Corral these favorites I'm on the on the Christmas album so. We we have the you know very seasoned. Jazz pianist that will be part of this program from. Younger you know. I'm a little bit more seasoned and just to name and we cancel on me and who's actually in the alumni alumni and from BJ at program and noble was. We're now piano player and he gazes. Coming up from South Carolina. Victory an active music Grammy winning a pianist and he's coming up from New Orleans as well as. Ernest turner he's coming down from Curome Cox. So these guys are you know the top of their game is at an all have something really ought to contribute to this year. And that's on December 5 at the Booth Playhouse how can people get tickets. Anyone can get a ticket online baking go to Carolina at six gut work. Bark called Blumenthal. It's it's 7043721. Out and. And it sounds like it's going to be a really really funny evening. And exposing a lot of hopefully of exposing some people have not heard some of the jazz are renditions of their holiday classics. Lonnie Davis with the jazz arts initiative here in Charlotte we've refused to be in on Carolina focus I think it's hard. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on these 1110993. WPP. 1079 a link 102 point 56 and the fan also available as a podcast that WBB dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas until next time. He well.