Hispanics/Latinos in Charlotte

David Chadwick
Sunday, April 15th
Jonathan Matos joins David to discuss the Hispanic/Latino population in Charlotte.

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Hi everyone I'm David jets. News 1110993. Double BT it's great to be with you today thank you for listening in case you don't know. This is a weekly program that tries to intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture locally. And globally it's a pleasure doing the show now almost eighteen years we've been doing this together and I've enjoyed every second of it so. Thanks again for listening and I think you're going to really enjoyed today's show because it's going to give you insights into a part. On the this Charlotte community but also our nation. That just can't be hidden anymore it continues to bubble up as a subject and get talked about. But then it gets squelched down again and we don't really want to understand what's going on we need to what know what's going on in this area. What is that area is the continued. In flocks of the Latino population into Charlotte and into our nation. And the impact it's having on us but what I wanna do even more than that is I want you the listeners to begin to understand it. With empathy what's going on in the lives of those Latinos coming to the Charlotte area there really good and oftentimes godly people. Who just want a second chance for their lives. In studio with me to talk about this is my dear friend Jonathan Mott toes I at forced to church we have six campuses. Strewn throughout the city. One of those is on the south boulevard cord or. Jonathan is Latino and background he is the campus pastor obvious Latino community. And he understands it well like few people I notice or Jonathan thank you for being with me today thank you David on its promise to be here. What you all are Latino and background us this year is with us a little bit about who you are from Puerto Rico's. Absolutely yes so I'm the only person my family that was born in the United States all my family was born in Miami where Puerto Rico. And I was born in Brooklyn New York but then that should back an early age back to my with Puerto Rico. And live there always sits with fifth grade but a kind of bounce back and with the United States and Puerto Rico and. And so you really do you call the United States and Puerto Rico your heritage absolutely actually consider myself almost a hybrid you know there's a first generation poor Puerto Ricans second generation. Or commercial hybrid just because I got bounced back and forth. And when I speak your language are definitely an accident and so obviously fluent in both languages. And you came to the states and educated but. Fell in love with this game called basketball that you and I shared together ended up going to Erskine. A university where you played basketball there yes sir yes sir best quarter introduced me early age from my stepfather he actually played college basketball. And he put the ball my hand and where I live in Puerto Rico Nixon to the university of Porter command whereas there was a court knows a lot because guys that it was played. So I just over the game is a great game you'll learn so much about life by playing sports and Anchorage. Every parent he had acute you can play sports teach them about life through sports absolutely only 2% will get a college scholarship and only point 003%. Will play professionally just keep that in mind but it's still teaches. You a lot about how to live life and here in the states she then. A married and you have how many children. Yes godless from the beautiful Brian Stephanie and we actually matters in college freshman when a senior. And god blessed me with four amazing daughters no we said that he definitely has a sense of humor. It is. Part of the much she's Mo and Hispanic coaches who was one assign. Would god bless them for amazing doors and they are beautiful beyond words there's no question about that and he came to Charlotte actually working in the banking industry correct yes officials compromise. Relief so called to lead Florida who have living here for a time and a wife is from Atlanta Georgia. It was his show was compromised and we prayed and we came to Charlotte and yes it was a ten years in the banking industry waffled cults of full time ministry and in the war grant told your part. Yes he did. I was part of electric for still and I liked group leader really poured into me. And he he encouraged me to be like those of the greatest fears my life to say that god can use me 2.0 couples but he did so in stirred my heart and really open my heart in my eyes to full time ministry. And you go on and a seminary and you've come to forest hill and now our the pastor of the self boulevard campus which again is a Latino outreach for that. Quarter to world where. There are literally thousands upon thousands of Latinos living there absolutely I think there's a new from twenty to 25000. The first and second generation Hispanics. Representing wall which when nations who while twenty nations it's hardly just in that stripped of Charlotte and you have been doing this for how long is the pastor are what. We've been there for mark two years now. And we've steadily grown and healthy and unhealthy way and like is that were present creations and that's when things are very proud about. Is within Hispanic cultures. Yes we speak the same language but the culture's so different and they have these different nuances but yet guys bring them together as one body of Christ and do a lot together. And it is quite an amazing draw for the community. Well when we come back and wanna do is to give some insight to our listeners on what those folks like from all of those different nations that things they experienced. And if you don't mind when we come back what I'd love to do is askew what's the condition of Puerto Rico right now having come from there that's still very much a part of your heart I know. Are you still have loved ones who live there. And I think sometimes we have out of sight out of mind when a tragedy like this happens but the people in port Rico are still dealing with the consequences of that hurricane I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 11109 and three WBT will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WBT welcome back to show. I think you're going to enjoy this one because I'm learning a lot just by. Interviewing my friend Jonathan my toes site if you missed the first segment a Jonathan is from Puerto Rico. He was in the business community here in Charlotte felt the call of god upon his life. And as a bilingual. Latino Hispanic. He was called in the ministry and now. Pastors and overseas one of Forest Hills six campuses on the south boulevard Cora or. Where there are twin the nations. Exhibited there. In at that particular area of Charlotte he does a wonderful job with a wonderful ministry and I wanted him to give us insight today in what goes on. In the lives of Latino people jump than before as Cuba Puerto Rico I that the last segment by teasing folks to know the I was going to ask you about the present condition of Puerto Rico. A great question came to mine and sometimes refer to your community as Hispanic sometimes I refer to you as Latino and it came to me which one do you prefer and what's the difference between the two well. Before sure don't share the reality is 9% of Hispanics and Latinos don't know the difference. But if you're Hispanic you're primarily Spanish descent Spanish speaking language and central and south and South America. When if you're Latino you speak Portuguese. Primarily Brazilian dissent and and Portuguese dissent. So for the most of Spanish speaking. Hispanic Hispanics. Difficulties with so it doesn't make any difference if I use Latino and Hispanic interchangeably I'm not going to offend. Most people out there are right you definitely will not offend anybody again most folks don't recognize or know the difference OK that's good and let me ask you this Puerto Rico. Where is it today I mean it's been. Months since the massive hurricane blew through that island and the destruction was huge for. Many weeks there was no elect Kristi whatsoever it's slowly but surely been restored share with listeners what's going on in Puerto Rico right now well. Appoint an important and understand about Puerto Rico this Puerto Rico is a massive mountain there there's a massive liquidity and DiMaggio he may note which runs all of the essential Puerto Rico. So the outskirts of the island have been easier. To bring aid and support and restore. Some of the water and some electricity but the grid in itself of electricity was in bad condition long before the hurricane hit. And stole officially they've been repairing it and trying to get water and and that that mountainous area. And right now the projecting by Maine the I animal finally have completely power again it's almost a year without any power whatsoever for a good numbers of people. Yes that's correct out power and water that's where things that they often don't mention. But it is well on the way and other book you Puerto Rican people have been resilient and just. You know hoping to get things instantly will Puerto Rico ever become. The United States state in your opinion I don't think so I don't thinks. I've always viewed Puerto Rico being used as a strategic point. And of course the military. A bit now because of technology that's not a necessity it's a small island it's only a hundred miles. Personally I think your remaining US territory and probably come a vacation this nation. Mean with a more that they can develop that the more popular it would become in the economy could be restored. So you're past during. A church in a community here in Charlotte along the self boulevard court or for folks who may have missed the first segment. Shear the make up of that south boulevard core adore. Yes sellable or quarter were literally it's that it is a core door and it is probably the sick it largest. A Dem population first and second. Generation Hispanics and Charlotte the primary one being an. In the release every nation's it's Alton central and South America. Brazilians as well as an influx of resumes as well. And I'd I'd say to give you an idea. Between south boulevard and park road. Did that the median income of some boulevard neighborhood is around 30000 dollars and as a dramatic shift indifference. Form on the South Park area. And you get families that come in every day that can even be in right in their own heart language in a move in and and something I mean you talked about. Before we were recording. Was what's what's going through the minds and hearts of these people I was an eight X. Ain't us what it would be like for an immigrant from one of these nations on yours Guatemala. Costa Rica oh or Everett might be. What did they try to escape from and what drew them to come here. Well it's different persecution can be a persecution reversed their government received a persecution from the government. There could be solvable was the more the murder capital of the world it's the murder capital the world capital of the world yes gangs are taking over with the government is probably established. The one lady I talked to recently from Guatemala there's a huge salaam area beer. That's the large Jerusalem area in all of Latin America. And she said something to meet I'll never forget 80% of all the children and that's one area. Have been sexually abused yes it's a lot of people trying to escape that as well aren't they to get children a new hope and a new life. That is correct. So and in all it takes is one family member wanted to make the jump and and there's different ways it's a USC someone on a vacation visa and to believe because for six months in a lot that's expired they overstayed there welcome. Or sometimes if they can't four or get to a point where things get a B so what they do is they go to Mexico and they get was a I got you to occur UD. And essentially they grew. Not only of the XX gaping trauma that they've experienced in their home country but also experiencing trauma just to give to United States and they would. Pay an import or if you would correct to hide them in a truck for example correct and try to cross the border that way perhaps someone actually try to swim the real Graf to correct some would. Try to. Just climbed the wall if they write and they'll do anything anything they can that they can do. They'll try to do anything and everything to get into this nation. That is correct that's correct and and that in itself is an unbelievable trauma that they experience. So they've seen have to a balloon Tom of that ever experienced and they get to the US and then messed there's that alteration. Where they're coming into a completely foreign country. Where they can't speak the heart language the that she did she really can't speak the English language we can't read Bryant. And they can't even read write their own all language either. So he has some of them or at literate in their own language when they come to the united that is correct that's correct against some of the some of these countries. Don't have the stability and rigorous educational system governmental system. And they're there they're really they're really behind the eight ball I guess to say when they get here. So when you hear some people say that. The United States is just attracting gang members from. Other nations and they're coming here and continuing their lawlessness. In the in the United States had he responded that. What I think that is a small percentage I think to a small some truth but certainly not a large truths and I think too that as when they do get here when they do get here and they start having children second generation. What tends to happen is this mom and dad or mom or just that. Are really not a culture. The son grows up here in the United States they get the education they star speak a language allot quicker. And their parent is highly dependent on the child. Eventually get to the point with a child feels like they are raising their parent and their parent loses authority in value as a parent figure. So what happens is the second generation is easily influenced. By crime or if they don't have a mansion they don't have a coach or maybe the body of Christ has not. God into them yet. Then that is where that gang comes into place because now they become the family that they feel that the only house so. Mom and dad are becoming dependent on down they can't really have that family on which they depend they seek a new identity and that new identity is in a gang family. They joined debt in order to sustain only themselves but their mom and their dad it's a vicious cycle that just continues over and over again. And has actually Kirk that's why one of our major objectives. At south boulevard. Is really trying to educate. The parents educate the families now with the intercourse English language also treating them and what that means is. Not allowing them to lose their culture is that's valuable there there there's that this great blessing that ask us you know United States and get my culture. But also them learning the American culture so that way. They can live outside of that quarter orcas medieval feel trapped they full trap with an Hispanic community in they feel they can go out because. They don't know they don't know the language you know we can speak to they don't know who they can trust and that's part of the the other thing that they go to useful and trapped within that quarter when trapped in that community. Well let's help our listeners who are generally not living in that situation empathize with the kind of daily experience these folks feel now we're admitting. That some number of them are illegal yet they live every day in fear that there'll be a knock on the door it's ice the immigration agency. And they're going to be exported talk about it. Yes so that there's this. Number of very bulls there so that they're definitely within a two you know different with an attorney did they are undocumented. And some of the fears that the deal with is just be able to live so for instance let's say if they they want to stay healthy. One game in Manhattan that have education and they won't go to the hospital they won't go to the doctor. Because they don't know what that processes flight and nobody taught them that it's that we would they do is. The there healthy and continues to to depreciate or even get worse and male ego when they have to an emergency room that they get to a point where. I've been doing well. And if they have a contagious disease that means it just continues to spread among all their family members in via our. Correct correct. And then the other if you're your parent is undocumented and you're an American citizen as a child that you were born here US school and you're going through fear every day because when you go home mom dad and may not be there and two you're not really arguing that the whole document adverse is undocumented thing at this point you're just saying hey could we all just for a moment. Step inside the skin of people who are living daily in this kind of fear. Knowing that they could have their lives separated from their children or their parents. In a snap in just a moment. Well absolutely Wear an end and who I would like to take a moment and look at this from a biblical world view. Did the reality is you know were called to make disciples of all nations David you know this I've I've learned is very very well from you. And what I feel that god is doing is bringing in nations here's United States he's bringing in nations here just in Charlotte partisan witch when nations. And then our call for us is deficit that sympathize and empathize. And and really try to love them where they are here from where they are. When Jonathan and when we come back let's look at some biblical passages regarding that commands from. The scripture regarding the alien and sojourner. For those who are struggling with people who were undocumented here. I think there's a reason to question the whole idea. Why aren't you legal I think that's a good question but we also need to realize their human beings who are suffering and the and we have the opportunity to care for them. As our neighbors let's talk about that when we come back I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110993. WBT will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is news at 1110. 993 WB ET welcome back to show if you'd like you're the program in its entirety go to WBT dot com scroll down to the weekend shows that David Chadwick show. You can download the podcast from beginning to end and here this program which is absolutely fascinating. Shaking a bit of all of our paradigms as we understand more deeply what's going on. In the Latino Hispanic community here in Charlotte and around the world my guest is down and ought to boost Jonathan is from Puerto Rico. A Jonathan is up bilingual he's also the campus pastor of the south boulevard. Forest hill. Ozzie campus and he is able to oversee a lot of what's going on there in that area a jump them before we get into the Bible verses which talk about. Hearing for the way fair and the sojourner. Let me ask you this I'll a lot of listeners might be saying right now they just need. To have the pathway to citizenship. You know all these illegals who were coming in here. They needed just become citizens and it's a great statement and and really I think many of us wish they could but it's not quite so simple is. Now it says it's it's very complex and you know the citizenship currently the way that it is I think first and foremost the government's undermanned and an area. And I think you know some of the policies are different to be reformed and deceive and not even get into the whole political arena that's gonna take time in itself. But right now the whiz does that is designs. Is it that the US currently you know you have to deal licensed profession you have to you have to have financial means. It's approved you know tubular coming from the in the United States. So a lot of these folks that are from central South America literally trying to escape you know burst of persecution. Or or better life or or excuse of evil Lackey said. It's it's there's not a clear path from the command it's impossible for them to become a US citizen there's no way of Ambien and do it. You know really really want the few ways and it's hard to do that is to get married an American citizen but even that process to get your spouse if you were you married. Takes a long long time I've known Franzen has taken over five to ten years he didn't get that done. If you don't have the means by which to pay lawyers in order to get the citizenship then you're kind of stuck here correct and you want to in your working in your paying taxes correct and so it is just so it's sticky because to hear someone say. Well they just need to become a citizen and if they're here illegally get him out. Well especially if you've been here awhile and you working in your paying taxes and you have a child here who is now he's correct and the families separated like that I don't know about people out there listening in the program I have some empathy. My heart breaks for that if I was in that situation. I wouldn't want to worry about a knock on the door being. It's an out of this country immediately Emmy bag that would call my heart pain and so Jesus tells me to do and others as I would want done to me in and so I live in that tension of yes there need to be lost. But yet on the other hand. I'm a person of compassion and I would wanna family torn apart. Absolutely I want my DK and she's from Salvador and medicine and we love this family Tommy Johnson one point at a decide he'll life of my wife my kids. Or. Knowing that I would become an undocumented immigrant in the United States and in things like you know what they're from right or wrong attitude. I chose their life that a notice to do and you have like you said did you have no choice but to have empathy and a love somewhere they ought. It's such a hard winning and you think about past immigrants who came here you know in watching the Winston Churchill movie a couple of weeks ago on when it hit were. Swept across Western Europe he displaced seven million people want those folks came to America but interestingly they didn't immediately. Become citizens they had to go through a pathway to citizenship and they oftentimes took. The lower paying jobs in order just to come into the United States the same thing that's kinda having now with the Hispanic Latino population is and that's correct. So what's the answer man I'm wolf first of all the church needs to be the church how social let's let's look at some Bible verses that. Are commanded off the people of god toward the way freer and the sojourner what are some of job. And walls some one point 69 as one of the first ones that come in my head where the lord says he watches over the Warner so we need to understand that you know god curious with Warner that are created in his image. And he watches. Over them and of course Matthew 25 31 to 46 where which he speaks of at least these two way that you love and care for the least of these. Yes you do and and onto me you do you do it like you're caring and and loving me. And also of course mark 1231 were love your neighbor as yourself who your neighbor. The person and a person right next to you. So when you look at guys intent when he's trying to do even a back when. Backward Israel he puts Israel around all these pagan nations and he says hey I want them to get to know why am by the way you love each other. Something here in the United States like I said earlier. We have a great opportunity. To really minister to the nation's care for the nation's you know we we we we investors that your so much money missionary work which I think is very very point's important sending people out to southern Sampson now but now we have all these nations here and won't happen if we bring somebody who do there that the citizen Honduran. That doesn't know god he wants to know god and we disciple and we care for that we miss and they become a disciple and followed Jesus Christ. And do the transmission clock a confirmation to become just like crisis say you know what. I feel like guys call me back to go back to my home country. And preach life and preach the gospel regardless of the Charles into solutions SE around that will be a powerful and amazing thing. So the church is becoming the church in welcoming these way fares and you alluded to Israel. What Christians call the old testament pain and interestingly as god brought. His people into the promised land he had in his directive law await for them to become citizens of Israel and that they would. Live amidst the Israel lights. They would be lobbed by the is relies they would often times be employed by the is realized and then after a season if they wanted to leave and go someplace else they could do that. But if they wanted to become a part of that family and become Jewish if you will. There was a clear pathway for them to be able to do so but it was all rooted in the idea. That we are the people of god. But we're going to care for the way fare of the poor the needy strangers arrive who is in our midst and going to love our neighbor which by the way Watson the Jesus concept that's politicos 1918 a command from god love your neighbor. As we love our neighbors who were different than we are they're gonna start loving and god that we love so much by the way we love our neighbor and I think that's what you're doing. That that is exactly get in one thing I love about the Hispanic population definitely an to a compilations this there's no doubt that this. There's no doubt that there is a god out there and all powerful and almighty. They're just wanted to figure out how can I get to own. How can I get to know them and their hungry for the work and they love family to build that all US families very essential to Latino community absolutely one of things you know even grown up and Puerto Rico a U expansion sellable far that. There's a woman a mark congregation as she were she rents a two a two bedroom apartment. And it's just her by ourself but the reason why she does that is she wants that room available she prays intensely. If there's a displaced family that she can say hey I can provide temporary how temporary housing for them. During that season. And grown up myself united we did a group of a lot of money but are we walking down the street if my hair was too long a neighbor sage on the kimono and his files will get America. Or hey have you he had today and it's it's it's it's a community that takes care of itself and they know each other's neighbors and that's something that I think. Within the American culture we've kind of lost I mean we're now with with technology. You know we we live and with our own four walls and we really don't do a good job of doing what I put it to the so busy. Yeah I really love our neighbor when we don't even know our neighbor correct what you're experiencing on the south boulevard or AdAware that though person they come from Honduras or Puerto Rico or Cuba. Or were ever. Those national walls or broken down and they just care for one another because they know they need each other in order to live. Have solicited our cost of services that Arlen fifteen on Sundays. And his amazing thing that happens to be 345 o'clock. And carving its are still junior you know in the atrium doing life having coffee talking to each other a lot and bring food so that they can have lunch afterwards to that is exactly it in the worships not just an hour get out of your go home it's an event absolutely it's like a massive public of the nation's. And this is truly a great experience. And it reminds them of how the home that they came from the that was an hour wind during worship one god in the years the vibrancy. Of the worship overwhelms me. Mean sometimes I sit and watch you know. People in America worship and it looks like a let's get this over with so I can get home and get something to eat but not they're they they really engaged and there is a salt sort of feel in how to worship that is engaging it's overwhelming yes yes you know we definitely love art music and it was an Hispanic culture. And one thing that we've been reduced infuse that with you know worship to see him you know worship. And that's the most powerful thing and Anna and I told the congregation at all times that the biggest draw that I want to but I have to south boulevard. Is the body of Christ himself not the facilities not a pastor not the worst for the itself. And this is an amazing drug that worship definitely helps you surrender. But you've also seen a fair number of whites who've come join your congregation as well as they wanna be apart of this multicultural mix would have been kind of cool absolutely so we're very close a south sellable or quarters Rickles the south and in south and has many you know many millenniums and they hate that term but. And that. Then this is up accomplishments as a week we just don't wanna butchers to whom I minister's lap I just wanna go charts which hurts us all white all black all Hispanic. I really wanna be part of our multi cultural body experience because they're real has had a commitment is going to be like that. And we've had that influx and it really has been impressive. And you wanted to speak about the style of style services let's do that in the next section Oracle's out. We're going to Waltz from time to unpack that. Because what you have interestingly in the south boulevard campus and actually told old pine borrowed but it's in that same court to war. I'm you have people who walk toward English. Who wanna go to a an English speaking message we have others who want to be spoken to in Spanish because it's the only thing they understand. And one of the unique things you're doing that is so fascinating is offering both of those possibilities to all of those who worship. Yet they still can come together as a worshipping body and still learn in their particular language again this is absolutely fascinating for me to think through with few. Jonathan Marcus is my guess we're talking about the Latino Hispanic. Involvement here in the city of Charlotte will continue this discussion in just a moment I'm David Chad with this news talk eleventh in in 993 WBT. I want to David Chadwick is this as you talk wasn't 93 WDT welcome back to show. What do take an opportunity to thank my friends that very fine jewelry for their sponsorship of the show. And also moments of hope which is a new organization is trying to take. Much of what I put together through the years the book books and Radio One of the things. Out into the world they are sponsoring the show. As well thank you again my sponsors I really do appreciate it and my guest today thank you jump on my toes for being with me Jonathan is the campus pastor. On the south boulevard core campus of the forced to church. He is ministering daily to a unique part of Charlotte the Latino community. Twenty nations represented on the south boulevard core door and he's caring intimately and purposefully. For them I'd jump there when the things you do that I think's absolutely fascinating is you take my message is that I preach and a week afterwards. Preached them in you work context. To help them understand it in the fairway. In Latin in not an op Spanish. That sermon being preached to them and it goes over well and. Yes it goes to great you know one of the things that we first tried to figure out is where were planning to camp will play campus that is in a different language in but how we keep them still part. Of the larger body of price have been forced to one church six campuses. So we consulted many people and everybody told us what not to be on the articles what to reduce our thoughts myself. You know Charlotte is a recent muted enough how to make sure I don't segregate the body here and still become one body so when ideas that we thought about of course forced though it's video is video venue if you're one location everybody gets pretty accessible what happened. If you have that you bring you asks I'll boulevard. And then of course I'm I'm able to preach you know the same message sent same scriptures say and theme of course contextualize yeah I UK he's my basketball illustrations quite so well unfortunately not soccer slash football illustrate absolutely they're gonna losers but I did you Wear their baseball would be another when they were absolutely so you know we wanted to have a full fledged bilingual service will be one of people of course whether they hear me or you debuted at the same routine same scriptures that continue to do I would each other. But only that the court Trisha mass that you have folks are really wanna learn the English language though David going listened to you too child earnings in this language on through here in the word of god. And then you'll have folks who don't speak Spanish that'll stay and listen to me and say hey I want a really wanna learn Spanish language. But allows the body you know different cultures different languages too early still be together and we desegregated just for thirty minutes of that time on Sunday to here's. What happened to 1:15 on Sunday morning people congregate at the lithium campus on. Or pine the road and sellable or court war. And they worshipped together and on the screen they have the words in Spanish. And English so you'll have. Part of that a congregation singing in Spanish part of the congregation singing in English yes full fledged bilingual worship and again it's also worship it is excitable. And really engaging. And it after the add new announcements are made which are made in both languages. There's a group that goes into another room listens to me on a video that has been that same message the week before her or you stay in a major room and you preach in Spanish that same message again contextualize the culture rated for the people they are. And at the end of the messages they all come back together for time on the final worship time in English and in Spanish and the announcements at the end before people depart in and around for another 45 hours and it's a Susan that's how it works out and it yes and it really does create a body opt. People from different backgrounds to speak all different kinds of. Language absolutely and and and people love it it's it's if these unique concept and it's really worked really work really well couple hundred people show up absolutely absolutely and then in the carriers from where you're an English and that that that body continues to grow and were more more people are showing that they may not speak our language. The deathly still wanna be a part of what's going on what got us in there and community but again some of those folks are from other nations and they don't speak English that well but they want ago. To hear English because their desire is to learn English and you'll have others who speak English to stay in with you because they wanna learn how to speak span absolutely absolutely I liked the concept and sure is working. It's a unique thing but let's talk more about the church here yes your ministering to people's needs so look let's talk about their practical. Needs what are some of the things you're doing not just to pray with people and to love them and help them grow their spiritual life which is very ports but there's some physical things you're doing talk about that yeah well. That the primary thing that really focus on is education. You know we have English as a second language that that we do there. In the morning and in the evening time and again it's not just English is hoping the help and can you get a cold treated. To the American culture so Americans cited so they can do life outside of so well that dishonorable or cork dork. And and an end through that outlet of course to get the gospel of course but also we we we had cover many states. Of course you know that this few that are going fu district than clothing to provide that we we we've we've partnered with many people fishes and loaves. And Susan. And but but education is part of the primary one when we did focus groups universal what the community needed. On they said hey education was the biggest thing that they needed so that way you don't they're not a stranger to work. And this is a committee that really focus on their needs and out there wants. And keep among where they're coming from come into the US is serious upgrade for Carlos of the condition that they're here but education by far. Is the greatest thing that they're looking for and that they need so they can do life. And you wonderful ministry called urban promise that exists on campus and it is odd when kids going to be. Like its sixth grade and they have excellent high school movement towards. Yet yet the idea that is is really trying to raise indigenous leaders within the community so we tape Serb promise led by Jim quote can. It takes high school students from the community and they points in the mentioned and they coached them. And they use these hos was supposed to points Amaechi age schoolchildren all the way from first sixth grade. So urban council isn't within two to six my two Friday and they have over a hundred students there. During this time period and out of the highest listeners that they've mentored and coached. Don't quote me on these numbers nothing. Wool over twenty high school students are. The first to go to college in their family and also negate college scholarships and hoping is that as you breezy isn't it as we just it will come back and continued support and to the community to transform the community. And of course this ministry or the promise is gospel center. Well what's so neat to me is that. The elementary kids who grow up being meant toward by the middle school high school kids their whole dream is to become a mental war. Two elementary school kids later on and I just think that's a wonderful model where they're life's goal is to mentor the next generation that comes along she's created a cycle a wave if you will. If people being cared for loved. Who will not just drink from the American cultural give back to the American culture and it's not decades to come as a slew current suits and Jonathan if you had a final word for our listeners today regarding the whole Latino presence in the Charlotte community. As a pastor who want one who loves your people. As one who has come from Puerto Rico yourself or be your worst our listeners. The biggest thing is forcible B will in the first and foremost pray. Parade that guy out move your heart and be willing to do life with this community. That is the greatest and biggest things that they need be willing to do life. And the vast majority are gang members know their investment journal and family like you and me absolutely and and David I would not be here today if individual entered into a coma spiritual father. Who's Caucasian. Was willing to pour into this pouring kit from missing from the home. And view images to life with me and point to me and transformed my life I mean before you today because of what that several Christ did in my life. And and you would encourage all Charlotte T eons to find ways to help the Latino community. Become a culture rated movie in a pathway towards citizenship because the most vast majority want to become citizens and also productive members of our site. Absolutely that the that is definitely their heartbeats. They differ one individual life and and and be a citizen of possible. And go about things are way. Johnson thanks for being with me today really a pleasure to see your growth and thank you are hearing for a very fragile part of this community but one needs to be cared for if we really do love our neighbor as Jesus commanded us to do. Folks thanks for listening I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110993. WBP. I looked for talking with you all. Next week.