Holy Week, March Maddness and Tont Bennett.

David Chadwick
Sunday, March 25th

David discusses Holy Week, March Madness and Cavaliers Head Caoch Tony Bennett


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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this news talk 1110993. WBT welcome to show. In case you don't know this is a weekly program that tries to intersect faith and values with different issues going on in our world locally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing the show thank you listeners for joining me on a weekly basis now over seventeen. Years doing this showed. And I really appreciate all of your feedback at a great win last week with coach Ron Rivera from the Carolina Panthers who. Openly and honestly shared his deep faith. And his willingness to help lead players into an understanding of who god is in his life and in the world. I'd this is holy week a today is called home Sunday it is a day celebrated in Christian history over 2000 years. Where Jesus marched in Jerusalem after three and a half years of his earthly ministry teaching. Healing proclaiming. And so finally the last. Week of his life takes place and it begins by going into Jerusalem with his disciples. The people hearing about it thinking this miracle worker who has divine power who could be the messiah is now going to usher in the kingdom of god. And Paul Sunday means they placed homes in front of his. COLT that was carrying him those palms symbolizing. A keen entering a city. And as he came into the city they cried out hosts and around the term means save us because they really did feel like Jesus was the messiah. And god had come to earth now to eradicate. Israel from any Roman oppression and to allow the nation now to have. A perfect. Earthly kingdom where god ruled and everything worked the way it's supposed to work so that's what was happening in the anticipation of who. Jesus was now of course Jesus in his mind knew he was not an earthly king he did not come to eradicate Roman oppression or any other kind of earthly oppression at this time. He entered Jerusalem for the sake up. Going to the crossed. Which is what happened on Friday on this week and will go through that in a bit as we walk through every day of holy week but before we do so I wanted to just take a moment and talk about the maniacal precedents are NC a a basketball all around us it has been like nothing I've ever seen before with a all of the upsets and the huge. Margins of defeat that some teams. Are undergoing and and my producer Ed Billick a dear friend has opened up his Mike I've asked him to do so and we were talking before the show started about how. If you think you'd control anything just marched through March Madness it shows you how little you control. Any thing in your life and I ultimately you have to depend upon god. In every possible way and I know you're brackets have been busted and you said something amazingly interest in you said your wife who doesn't know hardly anything about sports did her bracket and she's been more successful than you have. And a good 8% on Donna and a 32%. Say and is just you know you get your Ph.D. even like you David that no basketball very well. And if it does at the end of it just relies that you're not in control and whatever can happen on any given day can and what was that last Sunday you were down there when the. Or Nadal lost it or are those losses taxes and not only lost they lost by a huge margin. You know I know Roy Williams he was a year behind me in North Carolina and you know he has to depend upon eighteen to 22 year olds to perform well for. Him to feel successful. Who'd wanna be in that situation and they just didn't play well and you never now than another friend to yours Tony Bennett that coach of Virginia will hear a little from him later on in the show and how he would handle defeat so a lot of lessons similar to the kinda season were in the house or get ready for Easter Sunday you know and I had the privilege of playing North Carolina under legendary coach dean Smith and I've played on the 1969. Final fourteen he hit three straight teams that really turned his career around. 19671968. In 1969. Those are the only three teams in the history of the Atlantic Coast Conference to win the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament. Plus go to the final four and again I was privileged to be a part of that 69. Team and we went holy bull and there we played. A great. Purdue team that beat us they had a kid by the name of Rick mount who got 36 against dust and was a terrific player and the other several teams in there were draped. Andy Purdue of course would Rick mount. And UCLA and us and you silly had a fairly good player by the name of who else and her later Dana Kareem Abdul Jabbar I walked by him and I thought that's the biggest human being. I've ever seen in my life and he moved like a point nor don't want is what made him so remarkable 72 or 73 however tall he putts it was really. One incredible basketball player but now in here we are you know fifty plus years later and in. Basketball as I knew at the end was maniacal it's on steroids now it's like nothing I've ever seen before it's remarkable big to big Tom business and the excitement is is we marched towards the championship. Notably university there and rustic Willits and nineteen billion dollar industry now and I think that's why they're so much pressure on it. So when we come back I wanna talks about my friendship with Tony Bennett who's the head coach at the University of Virginia and they had. What's been called may be the greatest upset in college basketball history and I wanna hear Tony's words after that defeat and what a remarkable man he has. And he can speak to all of us on the purpose of life is define our identity and god in not in what we do I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110993. WBT will be right back. I want to David Chadwick in this. Talk eleventh 1993 WBZ. Welcome back show. We're going to cover holy week in the next segment we're going to walk through the entire. Home Sunday which is today's Christian celebration. And go to the cross on Friday in anticipate the resurrection which will cover next Sunday with a special. Resurrection show but I wanted to do something during. This segment that's. A little bit personal but I think all of view. Will enjoy it as well. I'm back in the early ninety's on the Charlotte hornets had just started here in the city of Charlotte and make captivated. The city they had a perfect sold out attendance record for. Many many years. And since they weren't very good in their inception they were able to get the early draft picks in a particular draft. And I had a camera it was 91 or 92 but they had on the second pick in the draft and that was Alonzo Mourning. And they when they went into the second round they got the first pick of the second round. By the Orlando Magic took a guy by the name of Shaquille O'Neal with the very first picks so they flipped it in the second round and loud. The Charlotte hornets to take the first pick of the second round. And I was watching wind. The announcement was made of who that pick wash and it was a point guard out of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay by the name of Tony Bennett. And in people that know a whole lot about Tony except he had led. The NCAA in three point percentages. That he was and is still today the all time best three point shooter in NCAA college basketball. History and the warn it shows him the calls with morning they were looking for an outside shooter. And a backup point guard to bugs he pokes. So Tony came to Charlotte and chips Sigmund was the strength and conditioning coach for the Charlotte hornets at that time. Chip is a dear friend who was attending the church I've pastor forced till in town and chips that we need to get to know this Tony Bennett. And I said why I'd love to so chipset up a lines at Harper's restaurant in self pork with meat chip and Tony. And we spent a couple of few hours together just talking and getting to know one another. A Tony then came over to my house for dinner. And at that point Maryland I had two children now our son David in Bethany our daughter our other son Michael had not yet been born. And Tony became literally. Like a third member of our family he would come over regularly for dinner. We would sit on my couch and talk about spiritual things. I would try to help his faith grow he'd already made a commitment to the award. To follow him but he didn't have a real deep faith at that point so I tried to help him grow in his faith I can remember vividly sitting on. The couch in our DN and opening up the gospel of John in trying to help Tony understand who Jesus wants. Who he meant in his life and mostly to find his identity. Not in Basque. It ball but in the lord it's so easy when you're an athlete especially at that level which I never reached to find your identity in how you perform and how successful you or. But I also knew how fleeting that kind of thing can be even at the collegiate level were I've played it has to end one day in manually in for Tony as well so he needed to find his identity in the lord. It's a Tony went on vacations with my family and we had wonderful enter actions together. Great conversations. And indeed he became a really dear friend. Well as happens with professional sports his time with the hornets ended because of a foot injury. He then went to New Zealand and play professional basketball there and also coached after awhile he came back to the states. A work with his dad at the University of Wisconsin went to a final four in the early two thousands with his dad as an assistant coach. And and ultimately his dad became the head coach at Washington State University. And Tony became his assistant his dad been retired and Tony became the head coach at Washington State and took that program. To the final onto the NCAA tournament now what's so amazing there is. No team in Washington State's history quite had that kind of success and it's not easy to recruit at Washington State the reason I know that is because. Tony signed my son David out of high school to play for him at Washington state university and when we Witten visited. To Pullman Washington Post there's no easy way to get the Pullman Washington. You go through Phoenix then fly in the Spokane for another almost two hour drive. East to the Idaho border and there is Pullman. But Tony had built a strong program there well after David's side he had the opportunity become the head coach at the university Virginia. And Tony actually called me and said I have this opportunity and David has signed with me what should I do it. I counseled him and we talked about that I was in a very awkward situation loving my son warning my son to play for him at knowing. Tony had extraordinary opportunity in Charlotte stole a new arena a great academic institution. Kind of the Stanford the East Coast and other duped high academic situation with all the facilities and all the ability to recruit the best players in the country. So I finally realized the lord was calling him Bayern and my son David was released from his scholarship and played. And another place but Tony has remained a good friend through the years we've texted regularly we've talked on the phone. And he's just one special individual wealth for those of you or NCAA basketball fans. You know that Tony Bennett's Virginia team won the ACC championship this year the ACC tournament championship. They won 31 games they were the top seed and all of the tournament. All leave then in the first round to face a sixteenth seed the University of Maryland Baltimore County. And they lost it in one hobby if not the most horrific upset in the history of the NCAA. University Virginia lost to the university Maryland Baltimore County. What Tony was vilified by some after the game was over that Virginia's style of play just won't work in the NCAA and maybe he's not that get a coach and all of that. Many people question him. And he responded in one of the classy as ways I've ever heard in all my life. In the interview after that game Tony Bennett stood at the plate. And accepted what was offered him bowl responded in a way that reflected to need that depth of his faith that has grown. Exponentially since those days we settled my couch in my DN and talked through the gospel of John. Listen to Tony Bennett's response after losing one of the most heartbreaking. Upsets in all of the history of the NCAA. Hats off to. To coach Odom and his staff and you MBC's today. They played a terrific game they thoroughly outplayed us and down. Exactly job very hard to guard offensively. And they defended us well I was concerned. With a four guard aura for. Perimeter offense had named in this. And we didn't do the job and I told these guys in the locker room. You know a week ago we were cut down the nets at the ACC tournament and how good that felt. Calm and had a historic season. They really did. Said that Tracy yeah on the CBS after the game. And terms ACC wins and and ACC conference tournament championship. And then we had a historic loss being in the first one seed to lose so. Home that's life we talk about it all the time now with the adulation the praise. It comes in we've got a lot of that this year and then on the other side they'll be blame in and people point that out but that can't. In the end you know define these guys and our team or us because it was a remarkable season but. But we got thoroughly outplayed and that's reality. And down I hate for. This team the way they've played two to lose like this but for DeVon. And I Zeta glow like that and Nigel being a fifth year for us so. Would that. If you play this game and you step into the arena. This stuff can happen and those who haven't been in the arena are in the competition. They don't understand that but there's chances for wonderful things happen but when your in the arena. Stuff like this can happen and all those who compete take that on and and so. We'll accept that and again I wanna congratulate the job that Ryan and his staff did it they they played well in and we did not. That voice is head basketball coach at the University of Virginia Tony Bennett former Charlotte hornet a lived here in Charlotte several years and when a lot of people may not know is his. Depth of faith goes way he now he really does love god with all of his heart soul mind and might. I was a friend of Tony's when he played here in the early ninety's and we stayed in touch all of these years. If Billick my producer on the you have the videos that you were able to see as the audio was being played his facial expressions are remarkable art thing. It was not look look let's compare him to other coaches that take a terrific loss was our blame under rafts or start. Even dissing on their own players are just emotionally. Distraught. Very home very. Kinda quiet face very smiling he is smiling throughout. Because these. But also that he can handle it and it looks like his spiritual wellness of tough soldier or Davis coming through because he knows it should not defined by. These kind of things in life and he's. Is remarkable if you watch the video go and you can find it anywhere. On his vote on his what's wrong like how far discussion on why they lost. Interestingly after the game was over and again I've stayed in touch with Tony we remained good friends. I wrote him this text Tony you war. A remarkable man thank you for always honoring. The one you love and serve in good and bad my heart hurts for you my friend I pray. His grace will be sufficient for you as you are weak you'll discover even deeper streams of his strength. I'm honored to know you and he texted me back this kid that I wanted to read to our listeners today that will show what Tony Bennett truly like. I he said I needed a little down time but thank you for caring. I'm I will learn from the good of this year and from the struggle of Friday night for sure our god. Is great and I know that for sure this will make me trust in the lord even more. He is lasting joy and hope. Everything else is cotton candy. In that powerful book calls remember again those types on my couch. Staying the gospel of John with Tony the thing I kept trying to get across to him and I know other mentors with him as well through the years of said the same thing. Tony you can't find your identity and basketball. It just can change on a dime and that's what email when I think he said. Everything in disliked his cotton candy Tammy does a really give the depth of nourishment of our soul. In listeners if you can learn anything from Tony's lost today or this year identity can't be found. In anything on this side of eternity can't be found in any thing off success. In this world because it all comes and goes so quickly it is a vapor it's a missed. It's like cotton candy it has knows spiritual nourishment whatsoever your life can only be rooted in the lord and when he says I love you no matter what. That's where your identity is found I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110993. WBT will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is news talk Levinson 993 WPP's. Welcome back to show. Well this is holy week and army if you'd like to hear this program in its entirety go to WB dot com and scroll down to. The weekend shows that David Chadwick shown you can hear the program from the beginning to the and on and we that a special holy week show already with an allusion to. Basketball NCAA team maniacal behavior and Tony Bennett's incredible interview after his historical loss of the University of Virginia and how he finds his. Identity in Jesus and not in the things of this world. But but this holy week now that we wanna emphasize during this segment on the program is quite remarkable of the word holy means different. It means set apart so this week in Christian faith is different than any other week throughout the entire year. And it's different it's holy because of what happened in the life of Jesus so what I'd love to do during this segment and my dear friend at Billick with his. Producer's ear and open Mike will give some input into some of the faults I'll give right now and we can talk about it this final week. In the life of Jesus which was prophesied in the old testament. And brought to bear. From Sunday until the next Sunday which is Easter Sunday next week and we'll celebrate her special resurrection program next week we'll thank you David you know. Most all those Christians know what capital pulled Sunday. But what happened Monday Tuesday and Wednesday leading up through the last supper I mean there's there's quite a bit there's there's the current year. Ellis interestingly on Sunday he had heard the cities we've talked about in palm branches were laid his feet as he was on the cold prophecy from Zach crime 99 Jesus fulfilled that. He would into the city. On the back of a COLT. Paul Brent is late being a symbol on the keen. Who had conquered this city coming in expectation from the Jewish people want that he would be a conquering king and eliminate wrong from their presence for ever. I'd he cried out hose nano which is a term that means save us and they were. Completely overwhelmed by Roman occupation they wanted to be saved from that. And Jesus entered the city with those accolades people crying out or the king host and a save us. And then he went to Bethany. On that Sunday right after entering the city. Bethany is a little city about three miles outside of Jerusalem it's the place where Jesus three close friends Mary. More power and Lazarus lived. He had again a very special friendship with them and would often go in dine and stay at their house in Bethany so he went there. And interestingly the next day on Monday coming back into Jerusalem. He and his disciples saw a fig tree and Jesus Hearst the fig tree. Our people have fought for years was was Jesus anti nature and of course not he's trying to make a point the fig tree was a symbol of Israel. And he Kirsten because Israel was no longer fruitful. For God's purposes it was not obeying god. The way they got planned for Israel to be fruitful for his glory so he curse the fig tree as an image as an example to his disciples. And they went into Jerusalem on that Monday and he spent some time teaching in the temple. About God's intention for the temple it would be a place for all people from all over the world to come gather and worship god. But interestingly the money changer is on the outer court of the temple were selling the animals and trying to make a profit. For those sacrifices. And it in raged Jesus because they had turned the temple and to a place of profiteering. And actually were keeping. The gentiles. Who would come to that outer court first. And then move toward the inner court to be able to worship god from being able to do so so that was his second cleansing. Of the temple on that Monday. He had done won earlier three and a half years at the beginning op his ministry he did it again at the end up his ministry interestingly the first. High priest was named anise when he clinched the temple three and a half years earlier at the second losses on K atlas. Who was again high priest weakland the temple the second time. And debt in raged. All of the Jewish leaders they had already begun the prof the ways of trying to eliminate Jesus and win he cleans the temple the second time that sealed the deal they made the decision that he was going to die. So after he had clinched the temple on that Monday he went back to Bethany. And the years stayed the night on Tuesday he came back in tune with the temple and all the way there they noticed the fig tree. That had died. In Jesus used that as again an example of them that Israel. Was now not producing fruit for god in they would be under God's judgment he went back in to the temple on Tuesday and taught again. And gave some of those really in depth teachings we know like hate tear down this temple and on the third day. God will raise it up again of course he wasn't talking about the literal temple vote. Of some forty years later it would be overturned by the Romans and be completely raced to the ground he was talking about the earthly body. That would be destroyed been in three days he would be raced up. So that conversation took place on Tuesday and then he went back to Bethany at the end of Tuesday and stayed near Tuesday. And wins the and in came back into Jerusalem on Thursday. Which is the place where the upper room celebration of the lord's table occurred. If you read closely the biblical text you'll see. At that opera was probably John Marks family's home they probably had some wealth. And there was a large upper room in their house that they gave to Jesus with his disciples in all of that Thursday they celebrate the passover together. Now the passover was on a meal. That took four hours to go through it's not like what we celebrate with communion today in the Catholic or Protestant tradition we go get. A piece of Britain and some wine or grape juice and in drink it within thirty seconds we've moved on after receiving forgiveness from our says this was a four hour meal. That they went through and and during this time together Jesus washed the disciples feet. To try to tell them hey what life's about is serving. Not giving during this time period he predicted that someone would betray him the disciples argued among themselves who that might be. I Jesus finally turned to Judas who was on his left. Which interestingly it was the place of the highest privilege for the special guest of the evening and any meal Jesus gave it to Judas. Saying until the last moment how much he loved him and wanted to have a relationship with him on the right interestingly was John. The one who John calls and his gospel his closest friend. And finally Jesus turns to Judas and says you must go do. What you must do. And in Judas left and he went to the Jewish authorities and for thirty pieces of silver told them where Jesus was going to go next so that they can meet him and arrest him Judas betrayed him for anyone who's gone through betrayal. From someone know that Jesus knows exactly what you feel he's walking through that pain with the use. So after the lord's table had been completed the passover celebration of what brought you town I was gonna say late late evening garlic and clockers they walk crossed the kid drawn valley. And go to the amount of dollars. And there is a huge olive grove here and I think purposely chosen by Jesus because that's the price were his soul was pressed. Just like. Olives are pressed against though pressed to get wine and olive oil and all of that so Jesus soul was pressed got they're probably around 11 o'clock or so. He went for an hour's worth of prayer he took Peter James and John with him they fell asleep while Jesus agonized. Over whether. The the cross really was the plan of god he knew that watching predicted on several occasions that the sun amendments go to Jerusalem. Die be crucified buried in the race from the debt but I think he wrestled with god who is this really your plane hurrying should be temporary and it'd remember what his last words were finally after he wrestled with god he finally said. I want your will. To be done and so he yielded his will to the father's will. Got up awaken Peter James and John because they are all sleeping similar to what we'd sleep so much and are engaged in for a bit prayer to. Go with our lord and of those deep dark places of the soul in the little feedback that he he he was none too pleased I don't think he can't you stay awake for even an hour that would and it twelve midnight after that hour's worth the prayer. On here came the Jewish authorities and they had a role in liege in with them which means around 600 Roman soldiers. To a rest on its range Galilee and carpenter. One man having all of this. Soldiers. Power being brought against him to be arrested so he wants arrested in and he was taken immediately to interestingly. I'm and it's his house and this was that member of the high priest when he clinched the temple the first time it held a grudge against Jesus and wanted him dead. That was the first mock trial it was illegal you could not have a trial at that hour in the morning. On and there were no witnesses really against Jesus but and it should wanted to chance to rough Jesus hops on which he did. And he was immediately taken to K offices how's the present high priest and as his son. And there there was a real mock trial that was held with faults witnesses who said he had made all kinds of claims that he really didn't do. And the death sentence was pronounced by K at this and his mock trial upon Jesus. Probably around 2 to 3 o'clock in the morning. When we go when we come back in the next segment cause of posters putt just Pollack. Was he had the ability let them off the hook I want no understand that what happened next week when we continue well the Jewish authorities had gone apologist pollen already arranged everything. So we we know in the biblical text that when Jesus was brought out of K if this is courtyard. His eyes met Peter and that's when he recognized that Peter had denied him three times as he had predicted it would happen. Peter overcome with grief ran away Jesus is taken to a prison it's somewhere around full 3:4 o'clock in the morning. And there he stays for a couple of hours and I'd like to suggested it may be in that prison cell with him was a criminal. By the name of beret hapless who had been arrested because he was an insurrection just and they wanted him crucified and will pick up the story in just a mall and I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WB ET welcome back ago. This holy week. That we're looking at now if you are just joining us I've taken people root the last hours and days in the life of Jesus. On wheat left. Right before the last segment with Jesus walking into. On a prison cell I think may be rabbits could have been there in the prison cell with him where he had a chance to share who he was with Paramus. All we know is that. The Jewish guards and Jewish officials came forward Jesus somewhere probably around 5 to 6 o'clock in the morning four they went to pilot at that moment. It was daybreak and pilot was their awaiting Jesus so surely the Jewish official that already arranged with pilot. To have Jesus arrested and crucified. They did not have the power to do that only the Roman authorities could do that. And pilots they're waiting for him even though his wife had said to him don't have anything to do with this man. That he is not someone you should deal wit. But pilot didn't listen to his wife and continued to move forward with the arrest and the potential crucifixion of Jesus he interviewed him. And he could find no wrong in him though he tried to find a reason to pronounced him guilty but he couldn't find anything wrong in him. So finally pilot went into the courtyard and Jewish people were gathering in the courtyard and they had the annual. Opportunity to release one prisoner because pilot want to keep things. In a positive note with the Jews because of they began to objecting him too loudly Cesar could take him out of his position and he loved his position of power and influence as the governor. Judy up. And so we went out there's not find a fault with this man and he said let let me give you an opportunity to choose to released Jesus and the people cried out of course. Give us Paramus. Give us rappers give us Paramus and and finally he had Jesus school or urged with a 39 lashes which work. Hideous ways of hurting someone a leather songs filled with class and balloon. And they were ripped a person's flash apart and they tried and pilot tried to lip. That be a way of say shading the people's appetites to. Have Jesus crucified with that in working that they kept yelling out crucify him Crusoe. I'm so pilot partly washed his hands on any guilt that he felt. And pronounced the crucifixion death sentence upon Jesus that happened somewhere around 8 o'clock in the morning. He then took the cross upon his shoulders Jesus did marched through Jerusalem. Odd the way of sadness that the adult roast so I'll marched to gall to thaw which is a hill outside of Jerusalem. I'll probably a part of the garbage heap where the most. I difficult people were crucified and killed as a way to remind Jewish people to Obey Roman law. I'm Jesus had nails put into his wrists and into his ankles. He was planted on a cross like we would put a tree in the ground. And they are at 9 o'clock in the morning is when his crucifixion began for six hours he was upon that cross. On his death was not by the cross itself for not by the nails his death was caused by asphyxiation. By suffocation. All the cross. He had to keep breathing. But as his body wearied out he ultimately could not raise up on his toes and read another breath. On he had seven last words that he spoke on the crossed the final ones being it is finished the it there is taking all of the sins of us upon himself. And granting us the gift of eternal life by grace through faith. Not of our works and when he cried out it is finished the work of salvation is finished he took his last breath and he says father into your hands. I commit my spirit folks please remember this day this week. That we are spirits with the body not bodies with a spear that who we are is any carnal person and god wants to develop that he turtle person within us. To Jesus died on the cross tickle vs upon himself that he's taken down from that cross. Then interestingly Joseph of karma thing a very wealthy Jude green anti Jesus his own tune. And he was placed in that tomb. His body was in rapt with cloth interestingly. They're often called squabbling clothes the same kind of term that was used with him in the Manger as a baby. Are there worse certain women who were embalming the body and anointing the body with oil he was placed on a cold slap in that tomb. On huge boulder was placed in front of the opening of that too it was sealed with a Roman Siegel. That said with the guards guarding that too if that seal is broken the guards to let anyone get into that too will face the penalty the prisoner in side which means the Roman guards they let anybody get inside. Would be crucified themselves and that all happened on Friday at 6 o'clock the Sabbath begins for the Jews. And you have the and from 6 o'clock until that next morning the silence of Jesus in that dark. Dark too and that's on Friday at 6 o'clock through Saturday. In Ed Billick my producer on this is where we are this week that's what happening Jesus holy week that's what we're remembering this week and I would encourage all of our listeners. To spend some time this week contemplating. The cross. To be in some form of darkness themselves to let god speak to the places in their lives were. There's still not a whole legally got walks and to be where they're still living in the sand because Jesus went to that cross to take that's in a way so that people can live free from those. On discipline areas of simple list that's why he came in knowing your Catholic tradition you have lent and that's one of the purposes of land isn't it. What's your spiritual growth and you know it's also time to do your yearly confession but you should go. Confession more often. But you know hall I encourage people this weakest you know attend the services that your specific. Church lose or or places of worship whether B zero though the lord's supper celebration owner of the Good Friday the stations of the cross. And they got national self talk and you use this time to get closer to the lord to you know continue your spiritual journey. And to reflect on what what has occurred David it's it's it's pressure issue taken us through the week like this. We have us a service of darkness that we do at our church on Thursday and on Friday. And it allows people come in to a place of darkness. And really contemplate. Their stands. A lot we asked people to write out on a little red sheet of paper their sins and they actually come forward and we have a wooden cross there where they take a nail. Punch it through that red piece of paper where their sins are written. And they nailed to the cross staffers symbolic center volatile what happened on the cross did that they've got took all of arsons upon himself. And forgave us of everything we've ever done wrong so that we can be forgiven. And now in that purity come into a relationship with the holy perfect father and be in a union life with him. Finding our identity in him and not in the tawdry. Cotton candy things of this were remember back to Tony Bennett who we had. On his interview she played on the program during the second set when he said that. Losing to the UN BC in the first round the first a number sixteen seed that beat the number one CD set you know it hurt and I heard from a player's. But I realize everything in this world is cotton candy it's a vapor that goes away so quickly we must find our identity in the ward in the lord alone. As we get ready for the last minute here as we begin holy week do final final words final thoughts for all of us. I would encourage all of you to two really contemplate what happens holy week that. From Sunday like today Palm Sunday the crowds were crying out Jose analysts say this they were all on Jesus side. But within five days on Friday they're crying out. Crucify him the very crowds that cried out Jose and a you're the king were crying out your nothing crucify him don't follow the physical crowds of this world don't know followed the tawdry ball balls of this world they're all lies they can't give you lasting value spent some time this week. Thinking about the love of Jesus. How it's exemplified all that crossed you see what god would do in order to win you back to himself the extent to which he would go to show you how much he loves you and if you can contemplate the cross and realize that. You'll have the love of god come within you'd like never before and you realize her identity is found in him. In not in anything in this world. Have a great Palm Sunday today folks will have a wonderful Easter program next week the next Sunday what happened after Palm Sunday I'm David Chadwick island Puerto talking with you all next week.