Hornets, President Trump, and Big Weekend

John Hancock
Friday, April 13th
Erik Spanberg of "The Charlotte Business Journal",  joins Hancock to discuss the Knights, Hornets and Jerry Richardson. Hancock talks about the president and "Big Weekend"

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This is John Hancock. Other hours Friday as they get may have dug that about Friday don't anybody tell me. Don't ruin my day in New Delhi after the show's over news. Via wind comes from. I was gonna say it's a little breezy outside but it's actually had not received Wendy. No analogies to the year association for the 1970s everybody knows when do you all are much too young for that. I know. So rusty clever gets fired and already he's. At the top of the list of potential coaches are some of the other teams soil. I hope he gets out of giggle gets one quick. In las of course he needs a year to pull herself together and no but anyway seems organized guy. We he came and spoke. At a meeting. That the staffs of all these radio stations had earlier this year enough. To hear him analyze talent and talk about young players and has said the other gave you a whole different insight into. And coach Clifford do and none and always respected by it is a players although apparently not their respective enough two or play defense for the last two years. So why say this one's on the team. But sometimes you need new scenery and sometimes players need to. On a different voice. Still listen to. So. Would do wish to Clifford all the best Toby gets they're digger so fast is he wants one enough. And the beams into C want to what happens with TO hornet's that we don't. And make a check and all the other things that good does that do go along with them. Objects the new president and general manager came from the lakers were you get a a ceremony is parting after seventeen years. And Orlando looking for a coach the next shall convert coach Phoenix Milwaukee Memphis I think are all looking for coaches. Probably more to come. So well love osu were all that goes through and where Steve coverage after six years old so he probably still needs to have. Although these guys they pretty good money I hear all of you are retired 56 after you've been in the league for all you probably can't. So that's on that see our cowboys released a wide receiver Dez Bryant today. Want to go to big surprise. And we're gonna last night. It's hacked off because they bar up in Morrisville wouldn't serve him more alcohol also went out got his car and drove through the walls. Now I don't know anything I don't think they've announced the guy's name yet have they and I'm not gonna I don't really is anyway. Driver rammed and a hot shots sports bar and grill. About 7:30 PM last night on east plaza drive. It was dollar beer night there the place was packed. Driver after ERA he comes into the after he drives is carved into the restaurant. I mean literally. They say he came out of the car swing and. That's drunk. Now for all I know of disguised just a drunk loser. NBA NBA may always be drunk I don't know. Or. He's waking up this morning in a jail someplace and you say and do himself. Oh million. I did what. But I would assume this is probably more of his character than it is. Drug at 730 area. On a school night. There's they have major storm that is that coming across the country. It will bring us rain on Sundays Saturday tomorrow should be beautiful. A but the storm that's coming across the country cash that people up in the north especially have to just rethink and what did what did we do. And you write you lose track of I mean there's snow involved here. Not here. But in parts of the rest of the country. Heavy snow falling from Washington down to the yes Sierra Nevada mountains in California. You guys are suffering from allergies I am curious and extend. Pollen on voting your car. Trees in bloom McRae hurdles are finally starting to bloom. Adds a bit like the last ones on they've. So I mean you've got to get spoiled that in this part of the country because we've been full fledged. Spring mowed now for weeks. And then all the sudden you realize that other parts of the country are spring mode at all. Go up to Dayton Ohio NC every trees are in bloom out there. So. A major storm is expected to hit many parts of the country it is so weekend. It's a moving east dozens of states are under winter storm watch is going into this weekend. Tomorrow sir severe storms possible tornadoes are expected from the Gulf Coast. Up along much of the Mississippi River area. Severe weather continues on Saturday snow will continue to fall in the northern plains in the Great Lakes with possible blizzard conditions. And on Sunday the storm rolling at the southeast from a Florida up through the Carolinas and that's what's bringing us our rain but norte I'm Greg and he snow. But I don't know I just always surprises me when. Went down here word so. Scratchy throats and irritated eyes and no reason to wash your car because so the ball just gonna show back up on it anyway. And then you pick up an article in DC. Heavy amounts of snow in parts of the country in large swaths of the country to. So this is always a good time I think to take a picture of that blooming crew Merlin your house editor yarder you know a dogwood or something like that in. And send an old are your friends and Colorado and Washington State. Michigan. Especially when you know the target just pump partnered with us with heavier amounts snow. Now appreciated people like it when you stay in touch. Yeah they love that that's exactly right. All look we got an email from judge. He's complaining about his allergies. You send us a picture of Tony Snow shovel. Or its fire our coach Clifford life in the intro plane in just a laundry list to drama going on right now we'll touch on that in just a couple of seconds how would you feel if Alexa would always be listening. They say now that she's not you know that to you after. You have just say Alexa before heard actually. You don't know. But apparently. So it could Alexis soon could be listening always. You comfortable with that right. You know and hide. What kind of adds would you like to see. When you could do you know Droid if you knew she was listening you could fraud keywords. Condom condom condom condom. At a that's what she'd be listened forest yeah I mean they they say that's what she be listen in for a little touch on that it makes me uncomfortable. I don't know they died. My Alexa would probably pass away from boredom. And now they're talking about west g.s again play. I have. You have president gave a full pardon to the former Cheney aide Scooter Libby today and I was trying to think what was that they've Garth Brooks songs I've got friends in high places the building and thinking wait a minute that's not it. Actually he had friends in low places. So that wouldn't apply here at all. Via president issued a full pardon for I Lewis Scooter Libby. Former atop they'd do the Vice President Dick Cheney. I and I don't remember all the details of all of this he was a cheneys former chief of staff he was convicted of lying to investigators and obstruction of justice following me a 2003. Leak of the identity of the CIA operative Valerie play am. And W commuted his thirty month prison sentence but didn't issue a pardon. Which was. We should make Dick Cheney very happy because that Cheney was so pressuring George W pretty hard attitude to give him a pardon but he never did. No one was ever charged with the leak. And trump said in a statement that he does not know Libby but quote for years I have heard that he has been treated unfairly hopefully this full pardon will help rectify a very said portion of his life. So I guess it. I guess you've ever end up in that same position you just. I don't hope that you got difference in my closest attention but he but he says I don't. This is another one of those about reverend trump I've heard well a lot of what trump has heard it. Spent and doesn't proved to be all that. But anyway that was speculated and and so that was done. Also speculation now that these special counsel Robert Mueller's office and president trumps legal team. Com are now going forward Bruce strategist at presume they are trump interview with the Miller's office is part of the Russian probe likely will not take place. And rumor has always been to the exact opposite that in game impact the president is set I you know I IL ESL or talk to him off talked room under oath. But the two sides well I think it just been talking for months. Two I try to get process. Along that has reportedly collapsed. And then when the FBI raided the home of trumps longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen yesterday that was probably vote. That was probably the final card so what trumps attorneys. Already been kind of wary of him not. Do in an interview. And after and I can't imagine why because the president never just speaks off the coffees. He's always so disciplined and so I knew what could possibly go wrong. And apparently trump himself has soured on the diet idea but he's pretty angry right now but what they've done with his personal attorney and enough probably has a right to be. On the trunk bugs are also has put off a final decision on the a military strikes against Bolivia and no love. Which you know ways soon the last weekend suspected chemical attack on the citizens. But president says he will love consult further with the allies. Including the French president and the British prime minister and I think Saudi Arabia's and your someplace. Is maybe being one of them. Allies that would help in this regard to tweets that trumps an earlier this week indicated that today he was set on bombing Syria. But then later when suggested that he hadn't that hadn't been decided including a tweet yesterday morning in which you said that the an attack could happen quote. Very soon are not so soon at all. The Defense Secretary John Madison yesterday that although the United States has no hard proof he believes that the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical attack and are Russia. Who was allied with Syria has warned that day would do view an air strike as a war crime and that could lead to way of a direct US Russian military clash. So low. So we'll see were all of that goes. Going back to Dave president's lawyer's office. Personal lawyer and a fixer Michael collins' office being. Rated by the FBI earlier this week. Carl and I guess is no undo it taped conversations with the associates and trap bowel trouble allies are worried that he probably. It FBI's probably have those recordings now. That they seized those. Audio files in their graves of his home and office and hotel room. My understanding is that his home is being remodeled or something along those lines so that's why he has a hotel room was key in all of this and all the stuff may have been their. Joined net debt no formal role and Trump's presidential campaign. Buddy secretly recorded people in order to have leverage one person told the post noting that under a new York law just one party had to consent to the taping it's on. Unclear whether or Cohen ever recorded conversations with trump but 1 person no central new. They do Cohen taped people because he'd done. He don't play the recordings were so. That's part of the B soap opera that we got to come up their soap opera for these are the days of trump lives or this is. My own life and the trump line. Don't get me Eagles who have more in a moment. Okay. Back to America's favorite game show. Trump card. 'cause it's just dead destruct trump trump trump trump trump trump pits and as it is today you're got to pardon for a Cheney aide Scooter Libby today trump gave that out. A trump in Syria. Trumpet and their Robert Mueller investigation an interview between the two probably Nagano. Take place. Trump allies fear FBI seized conversations taped by Michael Cohen. X doorman. This sounds a little sketchy. At trump world tower said that he was paid 30000 dollars by The National Enquirer earned a Tony fifteen to keep quiet about a rumor that could Donald Trump. As. Okay. I was written that account. Today and I just got to thinking to myself I mean. Brother. And then what. A philandering politician. Well philandering businessman. I thought we decided character didn't count on the Clinton time. If they get the job done what you get more money back on your taxes. And we may equal the turf war everything's cool at all everything's fine right. Jury is style Sox. Jerry is character sucks. Does that matter. I don't know it matters when the other guys in office have fairly doesn't matter when your guys an office. If it doesn't matter when your guys an office but it does matter when the other guy's office in character doesn't count. You're not showing much either. Maybe that's why Paul Ryan decided to. Resigned this week. Maybe he's just at wit's end trying to bend himself into a pretzel trying to appear to be enough favour of us some things cities just not. But on the other hand. For love from a pure. Policy standpoint. Well at some of the stuff returns done. Well I know I doubt very seriously that I would probably like any politician prolonged period of time. Different motivations I don't know the same motivations they do. So you got Gregg Conrad. The judge of one. On what they accomplish our policies because if you start to get into all the minutia of a character and know stuff like that then. I mean you know devil we kind of figured out that don't JFK's. Of philandering character wasn't all that good grade either. Then we got to figure out that Ted Ted Kennedy's their character was bad enough to label woman and a car without enough air to breathe for a long period of time. I mean you know all of the all of everything just seems and have we seen a whole bunch of politicians that. So I I don't know. That you don't added to a house and affect my life. I'm not at not totally selfish in that way I cattle wanted to be good for the country to vote on the other hand. You know. A dog like didn't I don't like pay less taxes if I I'm I'm sorry I do. Would like to see the the playing field leveled unknown terrorists and stuff like that yeah I. Because I think it would probably be a beneficial to me in the long run. And the country or up scares me and that I think could be beneficial to the country I'm in the long run. And to me amid to do that that's so. Or I was. That's what it meant. Trumpets that created a task force on the a post office. He has signed an executive order yesterday creating a task force to study the US Postal Service. This came after he was blasting Amazon.com a couple of weeks ago for their up. I shipping deals with the Postal Service so now he says the postal services. On an unsustainable financial path and has to be a restructured to prevent a bail out. Paid for by a taxpayers would talk about this before then we say eliminate Saturday delivery would save you so much money you're. Maybe we've got to the point now where you are really just need postal delivery what Monday Wednesday Friday. And I don't. Order office via video issued yesterday doesn't mention Amazon among the things that the task force will look at is the post office the postal services package delivery pricing. That seems very your market Amazon. A trump tweeted earlier this month only fools our worst are saying that our money losing post office makes money with Amazon may lose a fortune this will be changed. This is a scary part of the trump administration and at this seems to be a real personal attack on newbies those and as soon Washington Post ownership and and all of that stuff and when the wouldn't wind of the office of president even hints that maybe something is being done for personal. On donut that's a scary proposition. But I don't know that that's served for effect. So I I guy can't prove that saw maybe I'm completely you know wrong and in India and even not hinting that that might do I have some motivation near the Postal Service. Has had a double digit revenue increase from my delivering up packages. And federal regulators are reviewed Amazon's contract with the post office each year and found it to be profitable. Because Amazon uses the Postal Service and a different way. They don't ship the thing now from our Washington State and North Carolina or are working as maybe they get the item to one of their fulfillment centers and then they used the Postal Service to get it. To the closing in on edited into the closest mailbox from there. So actually it's pretty efficient way that Amazon doesn't. Follow. I ordered a couple of shirts. From my Tommy bahama. And I didn't get. I didn't pay extra for you know. But the shipping. In the North Dakota had them the next day. Or could ahead amend four days or I could just use the it'll be there sometime between April 10 and April 15 three or something like that. So they send the shirts and they'll label they Levi I think it was Washington State. And then they goat. Just some place in California. And then they leave California. And they go through Idaho. Then they leave Idaho and they end up in New Mexico. And then they leave New Mexico and they end up in Michigan. Then they leave Michigan and they end up in Concord. And then they end up in Concord and they go to Charlotte. And then they go from Charlotte to Rock Hill and then Rock Hill to whatever the place was that delivered to me in Belmont. I don't like eleven days but I couldn't figure out. How is it something in his small packages nobilo thrilling. But. How does that debt being handled that many times that being sorted that many times that being. Even promote weight standpoint which is a and it is almost nothing but if you take almost nothing times a hundred then you got something. So I got powers that economically. I don't know the answer my question. It just one of my brilliant observations and there's return to try to score on this side knew our tradition of our Charlotte business journal is out solo talk. And about tonight's via. Hornet's. Just concluded there a season of fired their coaches Steve Clifford today. Com. The new Jerry headquarters. That building that has been rumored around South Park to be you know being built former bank location. Though many have thought that. That might be the new Jerry Richardson. Hang out and indeed it is so low won't get to know the particulars on that and now. And other stuff that to mr. Stenberg there was a Paul Ryan lookalike. And I don't know pebble effect is a second job of being a stand in for mr. Ryan are not. Told TJ a lot of or to get a fake camera crew together. And a bunch of fake reporters. Until now another game on one of the concourses Charlotte Douglas airport and have fur of spam Byrd walked down the quarter with a whole bunch of people peppered him with questions. Just to see if people think it's him. And then at the end of it I mean we can do that for about. 35 yards. And then having just turn around and say I'm not all right and and then everybody go up dirt around awkward. Another great idea to have an hour blowing off either. I can't divulge that when we may do it. While ago lawyers hill and Allen on that don't we BTA Alan. Hey I'm John Lott's leadership. You were discussing on trot and care turn. I'm somebody who I voted for calm I think character really matters. And he leaves a lot of room for improvement. A lot of people who are bashing him forget that Detroit was between trump and Hillary Clinton who was probably equally if not. Greater than the deficit of character. Intent of that was the story the election is you had two of the biggest negatives of all time running against each other why haven't they or aren't bad grammar. Are you agree with a more patient. Well we kind of got into that argument during reelection in its London comes up ever the election do you. Vote for one of the two people and have a chance or do you exercise your ability to vote for area third party and and and do that does someplace else. You know and I know there are other options just between the Republican and a Democrat. Other than the other option in the past. Until my theory is Hillary trying not felt like I meet again where. Your boat probably got overridden no buyers some buy it and had been that that matters but it probably got overridden by somebody who was equally terrified of trump and more prone do. Until lean towards Hillary haven't it was that kind of little action. He hasn't got up parties have. Failed us recently in terms early the last election and getting the best candidate out there. Well and and end in the past you would lean towards the party that best represented juror ideological views. But I'm not so sure that they do anymore. Among that that that winning a that that politics is have become more of a a profession of of winning or getting your way that it is to actually you know represented people that they are sent to represent. I don't really buy into this public service trip anymore. Our writers are not either where a lot and are now. I Allan appreciate all thanks them out of Fredricka I YouTube offer goes it should be a great weekend. And there have been good until you get to Sunday. Tomorrow is going to be killer. A knights had a big home opener last night. And lost eleven to one. But it matters that would have been a great and I'd be at the ballpark. On and no play the Scranton wilkes-barre Yankee affiliate team again tonight game time 704 this is there one there knew little nuances that they've become over the sure they're pretty creative. In times always been a 705 but. They play and a 744 area code so now the game times are seminal four. Can you say you're watching what we don't know problem. They call me thing will be full force this weekend. And we'll probably touch on this again for a wander out into a 6 o'clock but. Trump slammed James Komi assail weak and untruthful slime ball he'll be on no George Stephanopoulos show on he'll be all over the place Sunday and into next week with his a new memoir that comes out on a Tuesday. They are higher loyalty truth lies and leadership. I'm Newt Gingrich came out today and said the two essentially been abusing my own words are not his that took commie setting itself up to be a dis proven no multiple accounts. But we'll see. President tweeted today it was my great honor to fire James coney. Who is a proven leaker and liar. And should be prosecuted. He was the president was referring to Comesa handling of the cricket Hillary. Clinton case and Andy calls at one of the worst botched jobs in history. That attack comes as the major media outlets are just falling all over themselves over this new memoir they are higher loyalty truth lies in leadership let me look over here NC went to heresy and talking about right now Trump's lawyer. Michael Cohen under criminal investigation now so they still haven't gotten past. Foxman the ways in a commercial. The. So we'll see where all of that goes for that's that's gonna be the dominant news starting on Sunday night and into next week as he does know he'll be. Call me will be everywhere next week former FBI director James told me not holding back. About what he says about to trump in the new book. He compares him to a mob boss demanding loyalty from those around him. Describes him as unethical and untethered to the truth. Called his administration a forest fire. And that can't be contained by ethical leaders in government. Are there ethical leaders in government. Can you name them. If you inning and he gave me he named three. I he repeats. What he said in public testimony after trump fired amend notorious seventeenth. May have Torre seventy and including via president asking him for his loyalty. While revealing new information about their interactions including the trump repeatedly asked him to investigate this salacious rumor. A salacious rumor about from the steel dossier involving trump on the Russian prostitutes and media are urinating on the bed and they are. He was apparently according to. Call me is. Worried that it can upset them all on him. Komi rights. Extensively about the the first post election meeting with the trump which was a briefing and Tony 17 January 47 during. By the way that conversation that he had about the Russian prostitutes. Apparently the president talked about hey I'm a German on the journal folks I wouldn't ever allow people to be doing that on each other in my presence. Any of the German voted me. So exonerated himself. Head WPP. Exactly this after a couple of weeks following is the world to her is to room Louisiana or. Eventually just wanna be on the show for a couple weeks I'm not sure which removes sort of falls and probably a deep depression over. Losing his second job as Zale Paul Ryan body doubles. Pat pat pat pat pat Eric strand Byrd senior staff writer of the Charlotte business journal does that to cost you money on not being able to make a personal appearances in order. Absolutely plus I won't get the good tables at restaurants anymore so yeah this through assistance directly helps that my wife Symantec didn't tell me. Daschle letter no I was retiring and I said look I can't afford media leaks we have a. I get out now know and wives did just the worst. Yeah so now Bob guarantee judge told DJs and I'd buy it wanna get a fake film crew and a bunch of people with microphones and follow you down a concourse at the airport just kept up just peppering you with thousands of questions is is the how many people we can do. And do I think and then at some Boyd have you turn around and say I say that's that I'm not answer any questions and then we leave and see how many people approach you. So that's that's how I like it has (%expletive) I just brought demagogue or saying you know I've given up on to our politics forever I'd I don't like Democrats I don't like purpose and I don't like anybody. For a bird T shirt that says something like you know trumps sucks. But if you go low profile yeah settled boots look. Yeah overall major at the airport just couple hours when you're done. And by the way for our prime listeners I didn't mean that trump sucks and I just means that. Comedic value over the he would Wear that teacher I mean do insinuated everything in your ear you're purple. Here or under it and all that I don't know I don't need people with. Well placards outside my house back. Back back back com. You wrote an article last week good edited and you have one stories so you must've done something when you got back into town talking about the end nights are building momentum at the BB NT ballpark. This is an instinct another season for them. Did they they didn't do real well last night but that's that think they got a good team and I and end and everything but. Your article basically talks about how the atmosphere how Al demographics and population and apartments and everything has changed since they moved in it really appears to be a brilliant timing. Move for them to move where they moved because all the sudden now all uptown Charlotte is coming to them. Yeah exactly and you know why there have been putting of people around uptown who have credited the ballpark in part with spurring some of their crew that's. Over the air but it but now as you say they are really reaping the benefits because it is says one person. Tell me it's built in audience and it's a growing built in audience. That they're looking for things to do and they're looking to things nearby and the nights check all those boxes and so. I would. Venture to say they're going to be able to hang on to strong attendance and ticket sales for many years to come. Because of that factor alone assuming that they do visit the basic right which is you know from make don't cut the beer cold and all those kind of things and so far they're doing now. Well then they seem to be doing that well and and you don't really care who's playing you don't really care what the records are if it's a nice night. That's a great place to have a seat bring to bear need a hot dog and the prices of getting in of the gay. I certainly wouldn't deter you from my doing that and in fact you can stick around for a three or four or five innings and in a no go into clubs if you want. What I think that those are really important point show on turf for several reasons we won it. And they are in the same neighborhood. Physically geographically speaking whip and NBA NFL teams so that makes their prices looking. Even more attractive. And as you say. When you pay less then three or four innings you don't feel like you have to stay to the whole thing and so. You're less likely to get bored or when you do give org you just get up and go and and the final point here without that pressure and scrutiny over or win loss records. Doesn't that make things easier you know did all the other factors are once it's a team can control. Although as we you are you and are having this conversation I can envision Dan Murkowski sit in his office right now just cringing because to him the records do matter and in fact I ran into him in the halls yesterday. Well and wished him well on opening night and we got to talking about. Their team this year and former nights that are with the White Sox Davidson. Opened up the season with three home runs and is that they are pretty good run so far and my in Colorado was a guy who was started with tonight's last year but she knew we weren't gonna be here by the time the year ended. I'm there's a kid named him and as that sit down and double play and we'll probably see him appear this year bit. He was talking about how he likes the makeup of this team well the team that they're playing right now the world's very Scranton Yankee affiliate. They've also got great prospects so if you go to the ballpark tonight. Between the White Sox prospects and Yankee prospects you're gonna be walked into the future major leaguers I think he. I think Murkowski look legitimately and obviously he's gonna tell you the southerly anyway but I think he's legitimately excited about this team and how well they may be this year. I want and I think that's an important point because it does help all minor league teams. The fact that. The first scenario I just went through the win loss record to many many fans doesn't matter so that helps you sell tickets but then. Toward the people that are they're really need to focus on based on who were hurt corporate golf fans that you say. They concede players to may be in the big leagues this certainly is the next day or the next season. And that is different things for baseball fans because just say hey I saw that guy when he displayed in front and 8000 people and now he's fighting Yankee Stadium I think people. Civic chicken that. Sorry about the hornets for a couple of seconds a couple of days ago we had a press conference announcing a mic but subject here's the new GM and the emphasized on several occasions they have only been her two days. Now he's been here two more days in the coach is gone. He hit up Tom. And I are really important that's that's kind of flippant oh I think go from what I've read. Steve good probably thought he was gonna get fired as well and and then the proof is in the record and and and maybe they do need a new voice. And I and I I'm I'm optimistic that Clifford May walk right into another job Bo almost immediately. Yeah I think that's right he is very well respected well liked. But players. Hello approaches the me in no one is currently I don't think anyone coming out this saying that you know it's all secret first salt or. You know they he can't coach in the NBA I think it's one of those situations where. He's been here five years. Maybe for whatever reason the message got a little tire her little garbled you heard several players referring to. That this kind of our lack at the same passion that they've had the past few years has not to blame it all on the coach butch. You gotta think toward camera that when you're not going to the playoffs as a sports franchise. The coaches generally one of the first people to go without the GM in this case both the GM and the coach go and pretty quick succession until now Woolsey. Mitch Kupchak begin to shape this organization. Not the way he wants officiated and then the last thing I would mention is play off or not. It is pretty common for a new general manager Dave ward his own. Guy in there when he takes over teams so all those factors are added up to a pretty obvious dismissal for he quarter. Subject told my it's a story about Mario Michael Jordan the other day and I think most people have probably heard by now because it's it's been aired on the morning show no I and otherwise but he obviously has known Michael Jordan for awhile. He spent seventeen years with the Los Angeles Lakers. But getting people to come to Los Angeles and play for the lakers is a little bit different than now getting people to come to Charlotte and play for the hornets he has his challenges ahead of him. He really does and he face several questions which she eagerly expected about. Orders being so close to the luxury tax cut which Michael Jordan then. Pretty much every other NBA owner NBA owner does not want to pay and less. Team is really in contention for championship type run so. He's got that deal with obviously he needs a new coach and one of the things that he mentioned that you can't my pitching wise that. That they need to determine the dial the horse took place so that's good. Sort of job one that that's interesting things choke. You know or will they have sort of that that Warner's pass game and now obviously when you have to step Currie in Kevin Durant it's bloody geared to that but. It will be itching for fantasy. What direction. Cup Jack wants to go ahead and then what players he puts in those positions. Of course birdie hearing the questions about Kemba Walker because he is in the final year of his contract. This next season so what happens with them all kinds of story lines when it comes to the hornets. So and that so the question would be do you start to dismantle and rebuild now and deal kimbo and and get some of value for him or do you kind of going to next season. Strapped like you are. Contractually with pretty much what you've had this year and and a new draft pick and or maybe not a new draft pick maybe that's how you look I give yourself some leverage as well. But good try to do the best you can with the players you've got now because after next season then you do start to us sees some light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah he really talking you know and some way to step it like every wind of Wingate government. Became the Panthers general manager because Kupchak talked a lot about. You have to have that discipline to have done. Salary cap room. You go out and get players when you're getting. To the cost could be the contenders so I think that's certainly something he's going to try to get the other thing that comes to mind John is remember. Not last summer Dwight Howard come here you get the draft pick if my my only months from Kentucky and in many respects the court is thought that they were. And it for the playoffs this seat and so. As Mitch Kupchak and evaluate any errors and encouraged due date I think. That this team is close enough to keep those pieces together. And it's not how hard is that to you start to dissembled someone like indyk bitumen that's a really large contrary to think twice twice have made are here. Can you get enough value for him so that that there will be very busy summer over despair considers. Yeah I give the tomb would be good on a team like Cleveland. I assume that I I you know I'll get a lawyer they don't give up animal league Mancha mean. Here we were surprised to have him still available in the draft I don't know enough about basketball there really know what I'm talking about but I mean he seems like a he had a couple of nights this year where you could do see some potential I'd hate for them to bail on something that might be you know pretty good three or four years dumb blonde. Yeah I have I can't say you know obviously Mitch Kupchak and around the NBA a lot of abandoned our life and you know he was with the lakers at the at the top personnel guy and before that he was under Jerry West so he noticeably inside now and I think. The question beyond those are published earlier our amber Barr in terms of did he still have kind of the magic touch remember the last 34 years that he was with the lakers they really really struggled so. I can't can he met. Make it competitive team here in the modern day MBA will start to get some of the answers here in the next few months. Real quickly they do financially this year because it has a lot to I'm gonna wins and losses are one thing but how to do from a financial standpoint. Then they remain healthy financially you know the attendance was down about five and a half percent but. They still have a pretty solid season ticket base and in other areas such as merchandise. And sponsorship revenue went up and next seat and they start a new. I'm more lucrative television deal so that they're pretty good shape business wise it is several people told me. This is this past week what they have to do is start to win two they can happily does larger rewards that are out here but only out there once you get those. Bigelow winning seasons you've become a consistent play off team. As you well know I Jerry's old crib is up for sale all Jerry's new credible talking or expand her from the Charlotte business journal about that next. And Eric's better from the Charlotte business journal new addition is out today show business journal dot com. Kind of been rumored I think you started the rumor but tech had a rumored that there was an old bank of North Carolina branch in no South Park could that Dell might be Jerry Richardson's new book. New cribs under construction looks like a house turns out that that's of what it is that totally confirmed it is third Jerry's new office. Yes that is confirmed that not by him but others with knowledge of the situation confirmed it took this week's joke. Looks like that's where he will be. Maintaining his business interest once he gets them with this whole transaction involving NFL team. And that would be what Johnny's money. That's an important a long time. Apple app or were were over two billion dollars so yeah that's typical are now he may do the deal is what 49% of the team that was the dealers would have it would Cambodia so see he's I mean he's doing he's just give a billion of it or something like yeah I mean intellectually and fact I don't know what GM made maybe you could brought on. No I'm Micah Felix a modest of amount I'm not I'm I'm battling out at this point I don't get I don't feel it's unbelievable for you I don't feel it's a really good. Yeah well I did like you guys I don't have enough time to recouped the appreciation and the fact that there and they go well put out got you got a record on the deal he up. That I don't have the money. Now of course not that brought him a question to me yeah no way you did you feel it's been twenty years W BT and now kennel club every I don't accept that. You don't have to culprit maybe get that where is this in South Park it's a lecture road but I for the life of me can't figure out wrecks for road. Yeah I don't know that I can explain it very well other than media director wrote kind of backed air behind the mall. Which is not much of an explanation so he's not my strong suit. It's instinct is this is rumored for a long long time and this limited liability company Iraq's her office LLC buys the property. And there are LLC address is 800 south meant street. The idea and it took mainstream media to figure this out but we finally. The court finally got it that's a test herself yet so. It will be ashamed Zito we know what what he does do in. If there will be any kind of public profile as you know woods all of us know he he has always been you know. Pretty media shy. But who knows what they've bought the second act and might entail. Well and I I have diamond and I doubt anybody else does say he I'm sure he has other dentists that business interest that we have no idea about I always sold his he had you sold their mistaken elbow jingles and all that kind of stuff but I mean he can. He can doughnut taco restaurant that we don't even know about. Right exactly and then you have philanthropy and you know this as someone that's got this much money is and dabbling in all kind of things in all likelihood didn't you say we just don't know maybe we'll hear a little more about that once he he gets done telling the football team. Lance therapy is different enough philandering right. The. But but people can't get this that they get one of those situations where I just like you speak and I just less than. Bob just try to make sure I had the story correct America's but it wasn't philanthropy that got him into trouble that'll pick up at. I don't know I'm so confused I'm Hancock on record their forget that and it's that you just have to understand English language sometimes I would know they have good to have you back all. Assume I'm talking to you next Friday and tell you email me until we are not and I have some great we can enjoy tomorrow it's going to be beautiful. Count right John thank you are tired spared Berg's senior staff writer from the Charlotte business journal I'm sure is on the line to mr. ridge knows they yell I said. Or. Or maybe he's. Moderate that is available is coming up next we'll get off the big weekend until 5 o'clock and know we'll turn you over to Mark Garrison in Charlotte six Santo. Are we do that it does X. That would be good we'll do that at six. That's that's what's just state can no we may get into. The economy but also again before we wander out here so us cigarette left every. Friday. The thirteenth. Regular because over. There's fired into Friday the thirteenth and they were good Friday's. The religious right. I don't think governor you're fired today I haven't seen a suit in the building all they long. But maybe they'll tweak. Check my garage to check my vote at 559. 103 days in the year 260 days to Fargo 62 days ago 1902 on the stage James C Penney opened its first store in camera Wyoming. We did the deal a couple of months ago or a couple of weeks ago about oh some state one state only has two escalators. And it was Wyoming. And I'm really wondered to myself I wonder if that's an old JC Penney store. 1997. Aged 21 Tiger Woods becomes the first the youngest person to win the masters and the first African American declare a major golf title 1990. Seven. 41 years ago. 2005. Eric Rudolph you know I will go now I don't Jim pleaded guilty to carrying out a a deadly bombing of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics three other attacks in back to back court appearances in Birmingham Alabama. And Atlanta. And if you really wanna feel old. Tony Dowell the beavers brother. 73 years old. Touted ally of his live this week the former Saturday Night Live writer and comedian John Molly need. Makes is hosting debut and the musical guest is Jack White and was in new album. Which is pretty extreme now. Former Indiana mail carrier has been charged with failing delivers 171000. Pieces of mail. The Connecticut bank robber with a crush on Taylor Swift drove to her house and tossed his stolen cash over the gate as a token of his love. Dude. I don't think she needs the money. According to a new us study people who stay up late at night diet before others. CN yardage. And the California schoolteacher who accidentally shot his gun while instructing your class and gun safety. Has resigned. Why. You fire off one done in a classroom it's an all world this goes nuts you know. Still boomers shoot stuff off the walls and the and in the air traffic general there aren't. I get home tonight. So long mom looking forward to spend some time without a party heard summer's end already downloaded and in fact which is a kind of up. The song about mortality. And he's got a song called though when I get to heaven with. A zoo and bar room piano tinkling in. And that addresses his afterlife agenda. Which is. Typical John Prine humor. When he's gonna do when he gets to have once paired as are the ones there. So anyway I'm looking forward them he does a song go on this album apparently called Aegon daughter night. Lincoln Nebraska in 1967. Which is singing about that phase of life. You know old age. And what in my favor John prime songs is a song called hello in our. Which talks about old people and loneliness and if you run across an old person stopped long enough to look him straight guy and say. Hello there. But anyway 71 years old has a ban on stage number of times it's awesome video the other day because they knew they had open he had opened for David Brothers to red rocks and some other venues. And I saw video the other day that has him playing with the David Brothers and Jim David the David brother's dead has played with a joke. And I don't know if I talked to Jim David about that are not so I mean bill called Jim this week in and say I know you're on stage were John problem. So maybe maybe I can meet John Bryant summed it through them all right. AF three some California. And a break up. The story there is voters in California could get the chance to decide whether the state of California should be split into three parts. There's a venture capitalist by the name of Tim Draper. Who all. Who authored an initiative. To break up the Golden State says it is received enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot. He says the initiative which he calls cal three. Has more than 600000 signatures and will be submitted to election office officials next week. They would split California into three states that would of course require congressional approval the initiative proposes a Central State that would consist of Los Angeles Ventura Santa Barbara said loaded bespoke moderate. And no San Benito counties. Which in essence from mirrors I can tell on this drawing would be pretty close to a highway number one going from my northern California I don't know if it goes all the way up to San Cisco or not. But dead down to LA. But it essentially would take all that coastline in the senator oh vote the state and then. They would have. A southern state. Made up of Orange County Riverside San Bernardino San Diego imperial Kern kings Fresno. Two layer in neo Madeira mono counties for those of you know California. So the southern steady state would go all the way would encompassed all that the rules state that little strip club for California is a very narrow little place. That is cattle like the coastline. And then they nor in southern cal encompass the rest of those the states so pretty big blocks. And and and then you would have Nortel. Which obviously would be all the way up and down the northern. Now part of this so. About forty remaining counties that would be grouped into via Northern State. And that would include wine country and and all of that stuff. The new states would be named by its residents according to the initiative. Draper said day he conceived the initiative out of a belief that the citizens of the whole state would be better served by three smaller state governments Walt. I'm preserving the historical boundaries of the various counties and cities and towns and so Woolsey were all that goes probably know where I'm thinking. But California so massive and so big. And philosophically. From from a political standpoint. Fairly diverse although blow more left than right. But pretty wrenching concept to have to take a California and break it into three states. While we talk about a little better earlier is night elves have a 10% higher mortality risk in the early day if gay if you're you know the early bird catches the worm builds for a according to a new study. That new word that that that weren't you may catch by staying up late is or edited diabetes psychological problems and an increased risk of dying the study. Tracked almost half a million adults in the United Kingdom over the over an average of six and a half years. And the researchers found that those people who identified themselves as evening types. At the beginning of the study had a 10% increased risk of death compared to definite morning types night owls were also more likely to have diabetes. And neurological disorders. And psychological disorders. Don't don't look toward wellness. And gastrointestinal. Disorders. It occurs to me that I got a couple of things on the slowest a couple of a bomb and respiratory disorders. But if you're a night person might not be good for your health. I'm I used to be neighbors now a morning person. Now my right now I kind of wake up on my own at 5 o'clock I gotta go be good morning to hear him just because it'll wake you up anyway. So there you go now and come millennial Clark keeping handwriting alive we'll talk about though we come back the rapture is coming April 23. So maybe this is a good time to. Sell your house hallmarks favors it. But first we'll kick off a big week and that's coming up mr. around the corner notorious over the of the things are available to you why this weekend including a home stand by the Charlotte knights again tonight and through the weekend in fact all the way fell into next week it's. Radio program I had. Basic Charlotte tonight Charlotte jazz mib so weekend. Now one of the bands that dead Dave Childress turned his son duo numbered years ago amid so. His it's a visual light. So. Tonight. So that's worth your time two with the neighborhood theater programs but. A good bit of the drivers at a Raleigh. So far away Kyle Petty is going to be with us on Wednesday speaking today Childers he's please dates around the country with the Dave Childress so love. Hell's gonna drop by no I get free equated with us after all these years more talking about. The motorcycle run and all the other stuff that's very doesn't NASCAR season to get ready to start for him because. The good NBC. He'll be a part of those broadcasts again this year. Now boom Shaka line. Don't. Tomorrow night. At the neighborhood theater speaking of. I have two locations for the sabres tonight and tomorrow night. But I believe it's tomorrow night. But call ahead that they Revere are gonna conflict Indies Courtney divorce writes that it's tonight. And the other source ahead. Says this tomorrow but it is Carl denizens universe presents eat a bunch of peaches. And this is the sax player who tour through The Rolling Stones. And he has recruited Stanton Moore of Galactica. And a keyboardist by the name of Kenneth crouch who plays with Lenny Kravitz Lauryn Hill and others. And they are paying homage to the Allman Brothers. So why neighborhood theater neighborhood theater dot com and I apologize I didn't notice has told us no one says the fourteenth go to neighborhood theater dot com George and CEO which ninety have this listed this Friday tonight at 8 o'clock her tomorrow. And we'll. Are all Legos that can be Anderson Joseph treasure if you're at all and Brothers have found. Of whom are new program director. Whose I just don't know two doors from us is. Tomorrow night tomorrow night neighborhood theater in node. 8 o'clock. And I don't know we'll be any good or not but this is the sex player for the the tour for The Rolling Stones. And Steven Stanton Moore from Galactica and keyboardist the depletion of Lenny Kravitz Lauryn Hill and their due Monday a deal of further out homage to the Allman Brothers. I don't know. Nobody could sing like Greg. So nobody can have that. So pleased you're out of railroad tunnel. Great. Voice that there are very Poland has. That's a long homestand and hi opened up the go home season last night loss to the Wilkes-Barre Scranton a team the Yankees AAA affiliate will play again tonight. So our Friday night fireworks tonight game starts at seven all for tomorrow a Lago let's play two or weekend. A game starts at 70 for the two or offers of fans interactive building experiences perfect for families to enjoy together and agree ballpark experience as well would be be empty ballparks though low. I'll be playing Charlotte the editor Wilkes-Barre Scranton team. I tomorrow and then on Sunday which is a tool five game that hopefully the weather will cooperate with some place Harmer the dragons birthday celebration. So. You know the gyms oak he's got a birthday today. They may just Tony Dow I think he just turned 73. Says they've I'm not David David there's two ways that within it. A year through them. So I looks okay for surgery. We don't pump him up you just get a big fat bill. They've been around since the Panthers have started when was that 1920. And always have it was eventually Vijay. A lot of cast around Charlottesville or Charlotte jazz festival kicks off yesterday. And there'll be jazz in the around uptown known throughout the weekend the that Brito Martinez group. Is it to Romero bearden park. I had tough 530 cents to minister now and 930 respectively and and he had a baseball game going on now with a B and DB made doll ballpark where across the street so that should do be good and that's going to be book ended. By Wynton Marsalis who's in town this weekend. And his return to a night theater tonight with the music of Thelonious Monk it to 730 that should be excellent then tomorrow. Beginning at 11 AM in the jazz Tenet Romero bearden with the Aussie Davis quintet. They'll be followed by the young jazz artists competition. And the enjoy a. Which builds up to Marcellus leading the Leonard Bernstein now 100 at the night theater tomorrow so that should all be good dough when Marsalis is in town. I'm pretty much all weekend long for the Jazz Fest full and you you can't get much better than net. Festival ends on Sunday with a student performances that 915 to 92 bucks knows what it'll set you back Blumenthal arts dot org or. If you wanna get information and all of that. On the Charlotte legends club a celebrity mascot Olympics is going on tomorrow local celebrities and TV and radio personalities. Join the former and current carrier Carolina Panthers and team mascots. Like a serve per in homer of the dragon and Hugo the hornet and they'll load competed no Olympic style sporting events during this a knock year old. Charlotte legends club celebrity mascot Olympics it is a fund raiser for the Thomas Davis defending dreams foundation. And the march 4 with hope foundation now which is hopes doubt who were very familiar with obviously over her one Julian price placed. I noon to 4 o'clock tomorrow at Olympic community high school and know that all such back fifteen to Tony five bucks. And then on Sunday. Tribute band showdown. When Eddie eroded. Faces satisfaction. Public tribute band Beatles and stones. Accompanied by the northwest school of the arts a string quartet. On a number of songs long held rivalry will be decided on the stage of a glow in theater at just 7 PM tomorrow 35 to 65 dollars us on. Add I think for that the other day and it was say in long has been a debate Beatles or stones. I'm sorry I don't think that's a competition. I think the answers Beatles. All day long ascent to take away from the stones but I must assure the stones wooden before and hadn't been for The Beatles. They both had some pretty good success. But as my dad told me neither one of them are gonna last very long. I mean how long can Mick Jagger actually be you know strut around a stage in a tight pants and. No more than seventy years is right TJ. Exactly right. Tractors and trains festival. April 13 for school groups April 14 tomorrow for the general public. Activities include tractors train rides cider press master gardeners' black Smith's kitty tractor pull. Corn shelling. Hay ride and a tractor parade and live music on Saturday. And this all takes place up there and Spencer North Carolina. North Carolina transportation museum. Just around the corner from Jim closures. Recording studio a bitch he'll be there. Probably doing the corn shuck and think. When I don't think. I'm like we said the Charlotte nights are in town all weekend long seven afford and I've 704 tomorrow 2050 on no Sunday. And then Rochester comes into town. On no Monday. And they'll be here Monday Tuesday Wednesday all 7040 appearances for that solo home opener was last night and the home team I didn't do all that well. Better luck tonight the NASCAR boy is Lester a monster energy NASCAR cup food city 500 debts in Bristol. And you go to Bristol I was forget about this it's of the dead that track holds more people I think than any others it's like a hundred some odd thousand people you keep on thinking it because it's like a serial bull. That's my favorite track anyway there in Bristol this weekend 2 o'clock on a fox on a Sunday in BA playoffs Stanley Cup Playoffs. If the NBA player also start tomorrow Major League Baseball. Now cardinals and reds are one of the featured teams are throughout the weekend which makes me happy and I'm sure there's lot of Cincinnati Reds in this. I'm part of the there are countries were also an NBA playoff start tomorrow spurs at the warriors. The wizards and raptors. He did the 76ers. Pelicans that the trailblazers. In your Sunday games bucks at the Celtics. Pacers and the cavs. Jazz at the thunder. And 9 o'clock on Sunday night to wrap up the first though a weekend of NBA playoffs so Minnesota Timberwolves. I have to Houston Rockets so there you go your big weekend. And what you can do that. On news talk 1110993. WBZ. It's. You. I've just join everything. Okay. PGAs of their players are. George shall sleep provide 515 senators endured. Jarred. Hard and they're your. Gmail is getting update. New version Gmail is on the way fresh clean look for a Gmail for all you people that are hiding under some alias this'll be a welcome news. The easier access to wraps like a boo calendar. From within Gmail Smart reply on the web just like the mobile the ability to snoozing emails and Jews when they appear in your inbox and offline support all that stuff so would you mail's gonna get a a little bit of an update. IPhone. Chick filet. Net flicks. Nike. Amazon. We need a group represents. Now the companies that your teenager likes the most. According to an annual taking the stock with teens surveyed. Researchers asked more than 6000 US team's average age sixteen point four years old what they spend money on in which brands they hold near and dear to their hearts. They performed preferred Smartphone of teenagers as the iPhone. 82% of teens surveyed assume that they owned an iPhone 84%. Said that their necks on would be an iPhone. Spray is a Samsung to do better about. Given a camera and all that stuff. I'm teens say a snap she debt. Is thereof preferred social media an up. Snapped jet I don't think it has thrown pronounce that right first I've been a domestic snap she at or something. Followed by in eastern Graham Twitter and and FaceBook and fourth place. After chick filet. Teams like. Starbucks. To poll today. And McDonald's. McDonald's is still well it's still you know it's still what does this say it. When I was growing up. It's when they've the golden arches ahead in the rotating the number you know that over so many serve and then they've got to be so many that they just had to keep doing it but I mean for awhile there it was over. I don't know where I started over four million served over twelve million sir have you got there and discovered certain. But in those days over warmer hamburgers. Thirteen cents or something like that. I remember saying to my mom and this is typical of a kid driver sand in my mom I'll like McDonald's hamburgers more than Alex you're worse. And I played at a different when you remember saying. And now look back on that's David and think to myself gosh you moron. Good mom made a great hamburger I mean you know with the Chara on the outside in the pink on the inside and but he was just a matter of by I think it was because. Because it was a novelty because it was a white. He didn't go out to eat as much back in those days as you learn is you who is this we do now. Offer entertainment teams turned and Netflix. YouTube. Cable TV. Hulu. Top skin care brands. Newt Regina. Top shopping web site Amazon. At 44%. In the next one is 96%. Top handbag brands. What do you think TJ. And but at Michael scorers. He's paid was second coach Gucci and no Louis but time. I'm always so that part terrorism as a sitting here this pleasure to see it in the I don't continues are we had a report city casinos fell wandering all sensor and I figured it was an investigative report this evening could find anybody in management actually here this late on Friday after. And I know all the doors are closed I mean there is no money and authorities here have funny about 78 degrees. Lola Lola we'll do. Because they boy they'll stay late on no authority to remind me. I'm sure it's just meetings to shore Richard Hampshire probably has a you know around. There's failed website if your pet owner. That tells you where you can you we're here every place you can take your pet. Yeah it's pretty amazing and air travel segment coming up at 645. Charles. And then the web site is based out of Raleigh Durham but it's there it's kind of exploded in popularity at. Pretty cool I never understood reptiles meager narrative for pets and or or hamsters my older brother used to be and a lizards but I think he's finally outgrown it but I mean he would catch them and bring an amendment. All kinda creepy. Mammals are around he hit that. It's still little lizards they could get a job in radio (%expletive) up. Catch you Erica donate to be known a few of us just thinking out loud here senator herb garlic and there was a good example of it is it is it is an area that. Well by the time we get around on a Monday. Yeah and found and the big story all next week because he's gonna be on this book tour is a former FBI director known after trump this new book has already gotten an awful lot of ink and and no mr. trump is already a let it be known no worries figs and James combing about it. The stories big now the story's gonna be unbelievably big by Sunday night Monday. Oh yeah and that people are really lining up from what I'm told and a few spots to buy the book will hear an extended interview with sick combing at 605. And miss some pretty sleazy stuff. The way he talks about everything from Russia and hookers to booze and and of course he is no fan of the president because president fired himself. Be done about the president's hands US and the fact that his ties were too long I mean come on now combing a fashion expert. Well under it and that kind of gets nitpicking here shall mean and that did to me kind of takes away from his credibility. And I don't know whose assignment I bet on. The fact that he was the FBI director of funneling information to his lawyer friend to leak information out that he wanted to get out. That seems like Elvira mobile offense to me. It absolutely does I mean I think there's still plenty of blame to go around with Komi and and I think this book in some ways makes him look sort of Smart Keyon petty as well. Speaking of pity help ready to be with us next on Wednesday at oh cool so there you go there all right I'll see you in studio and I in just a few Lamar garrison Charlotte have six and unable to carry you all the way up to a 7 o'clock. You wouldn't have a problem of blacks are just ruthless and enjoy your full time widget. You know given all the stuff that we've just been through with FaceBook and all of that privacy and. We've talked before about why can't you often does this stuff instead opt out of it and Cheryl sandbar rubio second and demanded FaceBook is said well. There could be our. That they could be a pay for. An ad free FaceBook but you'd have to pay for it. So I understand the business model that they have to adhere to an era thereby trying to or prevent our bird providing a service to. Advertisers and trying to help those advertisers hit a willing. Audience. Recipient of bad bad that would say yes I am looking for shoes or yes I am looking for stereo speakers or. But the idea we talked yesterday about all the information they can glean from eight picture. And the fact that there's technology now that if you had a crowd shot if you were standing on the corner we used this example yesterday. If you were standing on a corner at two on sixteenth street in the united downtown Denver Colorado. Corridor. And somebody took a picture of a building in downtown Denver. And a crime took place at bat to video timer you are playing did you work in Colorado at that time. Technology can identify your face if you're on FaceBook because they've got all of that. I mean and that's won't go so all the sudden news comes out today the Alexa could soon be listening full time do you. Online shopping giant working on sniffer. Algo rhythms. In an effort to further customize advertising targeting. By having their echo devices listened full time rather than just use after using the wake word. Well if you're a skeptic you're not quite sure there's not listen and all the time anyway. In fact there has been some speculation. And they don't Zuckerberg denied this on FaceBook that the microphone on your computer. Actually listens 'cause people say there's been too many coincidences that they would be sitting in a room talking about. No Listerine mouthwash or something like better and all the sudden they go online and also derby an ad for Listerine. Well there was no reason for that to be there rather than. Amazon insist that they do not use customer voices for advertising. But they say then there's the biggest word of a continent if and but. But. Life quote like many companies we file a number of forward looking patent applications that explore the full possibilities of new technology close quote. So. They are currently chasing a patent. That will allow them to bank the things you say even when you're not speaking directly to your device. Sniffer algo rhythms is what they call it. Could learn all of your likes and dislikes and use them to target. Advertising. With products that amended Amazon. Thinks that you would like. It was launched already pretty darn good at. Figuring out. Targeting ads to you. Well not five found out that. I'm sick about this today. If all the sudden and I assumed they would have to announce those but I mean that's part of the problem with FaceBook is that there was stuff going on that nobody knew about or they know ways that they would disclose it. It was so convoluted to find out about it that that's what some of a I'm members of congress were saying to Zuckerberg this week is a year year and you say you're open but. Finding that open information is a challenge into its own right for a novice verso Obama's you need to be more open and open. If I found out that Alexa. Was listening full time. I'd probably get credible. Aaron everything to hide we're uploaded new drug deals on on terror plotting to overturn the government I mean auditors are there's no that you would not learn anything from a listening in on my house. But on the other hand I don't want you listening in on my house I cuss. Yeah I think I don't want I don't want that to become common knowledge. Not. Where I cuss on a radio. But not until I do on home. Now tribes big videos they've added this is something creepy about some illicit nude under conversations. What are your heaven that a talk with your fourteen year old son I don't want elect solicitor under that. So and leaves the room Alexis says. Well you're really didn't handle that all that well. No I mean come on the birds in the. So there you go there. For years we've you know we've had these controversies of cops. Need to unlock iphones and to get information out of home. And now they say cops and FBI agents who have long tradition apple to create a backdoor to encrypted throws but they may not need that anymore because there's a four inch by four inch device called gray. A key that's making things a lot easier for law enforcement to get into a person's iPhone and according to fashionable. The device can crack open a passcode in his littlest two hours and then once opened great he will download the phone's data. And already Maryland state police and Indiana State Police have bought gray key. And the Miami Dade county police and the Secret Service are planning to purchase it as well. So this idea that they can't get into your they can unlock your iPhone when you can kiss that that the Dubai as well. I'm Mark Garrison Charlotte Texas coming up next I'll see you Monday at 3 o'clock A appreciate being here John Hancock Charles most beloved shouting. Here.