House Oversight Committee Investigating White House's Handling of Rob Porter's Employment

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, February 14th

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That's what I do like fix things what the straight day. I got a good. Empowerment self governance and strong. Character you've. You radio program. Good morning welcome the broadcasts. I can just see the movie on the face. Of Paul begala. It's really funny because I think rush refers to him is for Ed. Here's what's going on we have new developments in this matter. Involving. The Porter scandal. And. A boon. Our idea of excuse me if I don't get excited about these things I just don't. But there are new developments we need to tell you about just in the past few minutes. We've learned a house oversight committee. Is investigating the White House handling of rob Porter. Interestingly enough we've learned about this from our very own portrait gallery. Create groups here in the upstate of South Carolina. He told CNN. The house oversight committees investigating the White House's handling of rob porter's employment. Here are the exact words you were directing inquiries to people we think have access to information we don't have. You can call them official you can call it artificial sounds like Trey does net. Those words don't mean anything to me what means something to me is I'm going to direct questions to the FBI. That I expect them to answer. These are comments. To Alison camera around. On CNN's new gave program. Mr. Gary goes on. Saying he was troubled by almost every aspect of porter's employment at the White House. Do you have any job if you have credible allegations of domestic abuse. Again I'm biased toward the victim. Mr. riady said. As you know reporter resigned last week from his role as staff secretary. Amid domestic abuse allegations which he denies. No we mentioned yesterday the testimony. From Christopher Wray. On Capitol Hill that the FBI briefed the White House multiple times on its investigation and deported last year contradicting. The White House is accounting of what it learned when it learned of the allegations against a former staff secretary. And the status the FBI's background check investigation determine whether Porter could be granite a permanent security clearance. Some senior aides. Including chief of staff John Kelly and White House counsel Don again. Were aware of both the allegations against Porter before they became public. And this troubles obtaining a security clearance to reporters ex wives. Had details the allegations to the FBI during a routine background check into Porter. And finally mister Gatti said this by the way we've reached out to trade Gatti this morning. He was unavailable to speak of this last week. We are trying akin to chief he might be available to come on this program it's been a but his final final comments about this matter and CNN. I would want to know from Don again in general Kelley anyone else what did you know. From whom did you hear it to what extent did you hear it's and then what actions if any did you take. Indians it was this ominous line. The chronology is not favorable. From the White House in it really isn't much talked about this plenty of times. Don't we this thing has been dealt with. Is. It it was really amateurish. From day one the entire situation. Hiring. And the way. The dismissal was carried out the explanations afterwards. Let's see what if you wanna serve up I was listening to. An unnamed program this morning. And this particular media outlet was tried to play up another opportunity for another big. Year of the woman and you numbered years ago I remember which year was. They had all these women candidates running this is going to be done a year the woman. Remember all that stuff and you had all the protests last year after. Donald Trump was inaugurated. Then you can probably tell the esteem. Can these esteem that I hold for all of this foolishness which. It really is a lot of foolishness. But I will tell you this if you wanna serve up on a silver platter. You wanna serve up an opportunity. For the left. Keep doing ham handed stuff like this. Just really sloppy work. You know in the and I don't wanna hear it don't come to BM blaming the media movies. Google after blowing him. I don't wanna hear it I really dealt. This guy was supposed to be most competent person in the world. And it's just sloppy. Completely sloppy. And I feel sorry frankly one of the news agencies was talking about how these women are trotted out there Kellyanne Conway. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You know they're put out there. To. You know put up the message about how Donald Trump tears for women just stuff that I don't wanna hear that crap anymore. I feel bad for them to go out there and have to to trot out this garbage this tripe. Has the most important messenger for what Donald Trump thinks of women. Needs to be Donald Trump. It's just like these these Charlotte's and religious leaders going out there telling me what a fine Christian man Donald Trump is I don't wanna hear it from them. I wanna hear profession of faith out of this man's mouth. If indeed he has some Christian. Let him say that. I don't wanna see some charlatan come out and speak that if the guy can't see him and seeing himself I know it's not worth listening to. Q do you get when I'm getting at here. It's goes back to that message the buck stops here. If you're running York competent administration or you're not. Edu loved women that have respect for women or you'd tell too. And you can send a million surrogates out there to tell me this or that I don't wanna hear it I really don't. And frankly I'm not the audience which audience that you have to play to. You've got half the country out there. And each. If you want them to be confident of your chair in appreciation and concern for women. And their safety their security you'd darn well better show it. This has not been one of those situations. Where that's been evident there really isn't being. At least publicly expressing more concern for your friend and his reputation. Then for women who apparently have been abused in some way. Especially when you have pictures. And there are two of them two ex wives claiming to be abused. Folks this. This is not rocket science. And please can I appeal to you before the trolls get started. Adults start this same victimization. Crap I don't even wanna hear it. Can we just focus sign. Something bigger than that like humanity. And concern for human beings. And forget about politics. Because if we don't get the decent human being part right. None of the politics stuff is gonna matter anyway. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock I'm Vince Coakley radio program let's listen in on this out. House leadership. The message the house leaders are speaking now there's Paul Ryan or Steve's release and right now Kevin McCarthy behind the Mike. And there addressing a number of issues let's listen in the future. And this is the strongest reading in the 45 year history of the survey. This is the beginning of the Americans come back and we have more work to do but when we see what's happening across the country this is much different. And what the leader on the other side Nancy Pelosi said this is not Armageddon and these are not crimes. These are ability for families to change their way of life and improve for the next generation as well we will continue to work. As we talked to the small business. What we see on the floor this week. He got Patrick McHenry protecting consumers access to credit on the big challenges for small businesses and others that they go forward. We will continue to work on areas that we can enhance. Job creation in America and just because. Klitschko least talked about we need to solve the doctor issue. That's something we've been working on quite diligently it's something I've been working in my office with the other leaders. From the senate and the house in the White House. And I'm hopeful at the end of the day we will find a solution and a compromise. At all sites that come to an agreement. To make this country stronger safer and not have to deal with this problem again. That's Kevin McCarthy who is speaking right now house leadership talking about some issues that they're dealing with. And started this I understand that they were speaking on this Porter issue. Just a few minutes ago I don't know what was said exactly and when we get a sense of what daddy is and what direction the leadership scoring on this that'll be interesting. I don't we will certainly let you know it's peaking of dock us since we for already gone there. I want to share a story with huge remind you how important ideas. That we secure our borders. And that we enforce the law. Because I'm sure you'll continue to hear a multitude of sob stories. About this spore immigrant and that poor immigrants and it is just never ending. What the media fails to do. Discontinued show in the carnage. That is a result of illegal immigrants who are breaking our laws and killing our citizens. Here's a heartbreaking example. This one happens. I believe on Sunday. The North Carolina toddler killed while riding in an ambulance. My repeat that again killed while riding in an ambulance. After an illegal alien allegedly smashed his car into the emergency vehicle. Guy's name is Jose Martin Duran Romero 27 year old guy. Crashed his car into the side of an ambulance this happened in Winston-Salem. Early on Sunday. Inside that ambulance. In three year old boy and his mother. They're being transported to a local hospital for an undisclosed medical emergency. The child killed. Fortunately the mother's injuries are not life threatening. She was later treated in the hospital driver in the ambulance paramedic also suffered minor injuries from the crash. Winston-Salem police reported administer your breath Fleischer test Rivera two hours after the crash. And listen to this. The suspect registered more than two times the legal limit for driving under the influence folks this is two hours after the accident. Twice the legal limit. Police also say Romero and his passenger. 33 year old Andreas Leon tried to flee the scene after the accident so Natalie. They killed this little boy. Kills this little boy running into an ambulance driving drunk. And then tries to run away. A witness at the scene held one of the allegedly drunken men while the other was quickly tracked down by police. According to court documents a witness said Romero had blood shot glassy eyes slurred speech and looked. Grossly impaired. The police are Romero was so drunk he couldn't even sign his name on court documents. We're that dumb Democrats you're gonna defends this nonsense where our day. This is what you want on our streets. This is torture defending. I wonder if this person would qualify as a dreamer. Just curious. He's being held on an immigration container. As a court appearance scheduled for April 17 wonder what's gonna happen there. Cash I cannot imagine. Imagine. This poor. Woman. And the F all the places you would think you're safe in an ambulance. I don't know the underlying issue was just why they were going to hospital in the first place and ambulance. And here they are. He can't find a strong driver. Who should not have been in the country in the first place. Kicks. By the way. Preferred about the house. By the way Paul Ryan has made some comments on this order issue. Saying the White House needs to condemn domestic violence welled up you know I'm not really a fan of the statements. You know. We have to did you have to condemn murder. You know condemn violence can dip I I I'm not really a fan of these people saying you need to condemn this show that's. I mean Eveready communicated what I think they're about this circumstance and this entire reporter matter was really screwed up from the beginning there's no question about that. But that's that's really the least of the administration's problems right now. Nonetheless I that I would let you know what's these so called house leaders are saying right now. Got helpless. Mitch McConnell on the other side. He promised. A free for all immigration debate that's been going on for several days now. And the story in the hill is kind of interesting because it says he's keeping a stand firmly on the wheel. They're tackling immigration a McConnell on Tuesday indicated the debate will concluded into the week. So unless there's a bipartisan breakthrough in the next 4872 hours on an issue congress is trying to resolve for more than a decade. Immigration reforms gonna fall short yet again. No I you know I'm kind of curious he resist the whole per purpose from the beginning. It was basically to allow this stunt for the Democrats to grandstand run off their mouths. And then ultimately nothing is done there was this Mitch McConnell plan all along. Just let them talk we wanna talk he wanted to share your feelings. I didn't sit right. Or if you wanna call and you are share your feelings. You should feel bureau. Eddie Easter com and share your thoughts a mower to do a dock on immigration reform. We just wanna get something done for the American people. That's what we're all about. I give the vick's biggest kick out of free impulse something you posted on Twitter. This once great now we know I want you to consider the context of this here this deal was made in this one of the reasons supposedly. That. The so called budget deal was worked out a couple of weeks ago in new government shut down the Republicans promised they won't let you talk about immigration. We'll have a discussion. So Rand Paul placed this on Twitter yesterday in case she didn't think congress Simpson was absurd before. Senate Democrats are now filibustering. The open immigration debate they asked for. Him and the refusing to put their bill on the floor. Folks this is a circus it really is yeah. Don't take the bait. And stick caught up in the entertainment of it. Hold these people's feet to the fire. Number one and number two number three they need to enforce the law enforced the law enforce the law. Doesn't get any more complicated than that. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036. Vince Coakley radio program. Maybe he's just going on. Pretty rapidly this morning all kinds of developments but I don't believe would make more Raney said. Is she serious. Supposedly making the comment he would not vote for. The budget plan. That trump budget plan if you were in congress. I'm so used. Angles and better stock play number 809 to 1110 cabins since retirement planning takes line it's 71307. On that takes line. Nobody wants to close liquor stores or keep the illegals outs. Because it's inhumane it's all about money people stand up Christians and fight. While this person trying to fight battles on two fronts. When an innocent child is killed by gun everybody wants to ban guns when the nearest. When the nearest. What does this is scheduled. By a drunk illegal immigrant nobody cares. I assume the person saying innocent child. How spell check strikes again yet it is pretty unfortunate incident where is the wall to wall media coverage on this it's not fair. Probably 22 video on a local television station and we move on to the next thing. Vince immigration is not the problem illegal immigrants are the problem I wish they would make that distinction of course they won't make that distinction. Because they want you to lump everybody together legal and illegal. Folks who come to Ellis Island and the people would just jump over the fence or swim across the river it doesn't matter. What matters is they aspire to be Americans. That's all that matters. Since I don't wanna hold the democrats' feet to the fire I gotta warn you this is a trigger warning. This one's pretty gruesome. I don't wanna hold Democrats feeds the fire I'd much rather stick their heads in the oven and turn on the gas. I hope you're joking. Shari. Very appreciative of my Mitch McConnell impersonation thanks for the laugh I love your Mitch McConnell will thank you very much. Waller tried to do this as much as possible just for your Sherry. And will continue to try to get things done. For you the American people. Speaking of up up Chuck Schumer is speaking right now on the senate as they continued their running off the mouth about immigration and kind of wonder here. Whether they really wanna get something accomplished or whether they want to. Have the issue to run on in the mid terms. You know we let you we put several links you together yet trump as a person to run against. You got the women element of things. And now I can Droid immigration didn't. You know this is eight whole group for Republicans who want a shot out all of the immigrants and they just want white people. That's what this is about. This is this is a here's the goal. We want to. Counter act. The efforts to promote a white America. Or that's a great campaign slogan. Simpson this avoid these people think. It really is. The Democrats defense on the illegal to kill the kid would be well Americans killed more people than immigrants. Exactly and conveniently leave out the word. Illegal of course this is the way it works isn't it. Let's let's legitimize. Lets legalize more drugs because they're harmless. And we have the right to do them sarcasm and yes alcohol is one of the worst drugs. All right. Also the text line was talking about these kind of nations that people always put out that are really worthless. This Dexter says I can dim earthquakes. You're welcome California. Don't know why you all haven't thought of this that's from injury it's brilliant injury you've solved the problem just by condemning yet they will never happen again. California is safe. Vince can we not say illegal immigrant anymore and call them what they are it's illegal immigrant Democrat voter Kirk Kirk and a half a that is the desperation of many no question about this. Another text to say I believe you're holding trump to a much higher standard that is achievable for more mere mortal really. You say you were fair. For Freije praise you offer you point 254 walk clips really. That's kind of interesting. I just trying to hold anybody I don't care who it is to a standard of competence. I'd be saying the same thing under the Bush Administration under the Obama administration. Under the Clinton administration. Bet you're free Ginn people before they get into a position of power work. Please. It's not that complicated and you had FBI import on this. This isn't complicated isn't rocket science folks. When you have somebody who's accused of abusing somebody and there are picture Ers. Put out some defense of that person. All you have to do. Is shut up don't even talk about it. If you express more concern about your friend. And the people who are perceived as being the victims. Don't go blaming the media for that. You did that yourself. Top to bottom. The entire thing and that's the point I'm making. Vince you are a suck car. All things a silly distraction a silent coup perpetrated. This and that by lefties. OK. A presidential candidates. Tell you about some cat nobody knew a week ago no one cares about now sucker born every minute buddy. Welcome to earth. Third rock from the sun. With a a a a a a did she use the term house leadership. Please give me a break they amid leaders for over twenty years. Oxymoron smoked it out of Virginia. Each. It's pretty sad isn't it. You know and I would love to you love to see this I like to see more of me. Bare knuckle sort of reproach out of Paul Ryan. You know basically say we into we've done our jobs with some of these pieces of legislation. Mitch McConnell you need to get on the stick. Just your job done. But I need to stop fantasizing because that's not gonna happen. Another techsters so tray Gatti announced the house oversight committee they've started an investigation rob Porter situation. It has been nearly two years. And I've yet to hear them announce an investigation the Democrats. Well don't hold your breath. Why is that everyone who defends opposing view is either a troll or are Kool Aid drinker and why orange flavor to. Really have to explain that. No it's not an opposing view. That I characterizes a troll it's people who cannot argue on the merits of some thing. And everything has to be defended based on personality. That's what I'm talking about that's when I'm referencing when I'm talking about trolls. If your explanation for everything. Is a defense of a personality. You are incapable. Of having a discussion an argument or debate that's all I'm saying. You wanna call and hey you call and defend the way this Porter situation was dealt with I'd love to hear it please tell me. Please tell me give me a sensible explanation. As to why it was dealt with the way it was from beginning to end I would love to hear it. 809 to 1110. 7130744. Minutes after ten. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on Vince Coakley reaffirmed. Probably heard the story in the news. One person injured in the shooting outside the national security interest here NSA campus in Fort Meade Maryland. This was around 7:30 this morning. It was kind of interest in the scene here. The chopper image. Beamed to who knows how many homes. Where authorities surrounded a handcuffed man was sitting on the ground nearby a black issue V with a bullet holes through its windshield appeared to have crashed. Into a concrete barrier one facility secure vehicle entry gates. One person minge injured as we mentioned. And taken the hospital. Who knows what this was abouts. An NSA spokesman said the instant under control no ongoing security or safety threats. Here's us something that goes against the liberal narrative you know there are always concerned about. The deficits. Especially when we make reference to the possibility of giving people more of their money back. Nearly it just blows their minds the idea. That you can have tax cuts and more revenue would just what it. That's exactly what's going on. They criticized for the called trickle down economics. Trickle down economics. We have some new numbers. For the first four months under the new GOP tax cuts. You know could theoretically what's supposed to have been here is a wish we should be in poverty O Luc we don't have to put me to pay the rules this. Oh. Just what folks. 361. Billion. 38 million dollars in tax revenue last month a record for the month of January. So what happened. How did that happen. How do you take it more money with tax cuts. I just think this is absolutely hilarious. This is the way it works folks. Should never believe this nonsense when they tell you those gore promoted to lived over the period goal broke it grow make clothes more broke. Now spending. Is what cars issued be broke. And text tax cuts beat tax cuts will produce more revenue. The challenge then is to follow this up with spending cuts. Which I'm not holding my breath for you. So we're already seeing indications this thing is working the way it's supposed to. Some news that not see it's not so good consumer prices jumping. Much more than forecast. Point 5% in January above market expectations. Markets not excited about this. Stock futures sliding. And there's concern by the Fed. They're watching inflation closely. And you know what they mean to you. They may actually re used interest rates. If there's some concern about the possibility of inflation. Whatever 52 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock when we take this opportunity to take a look at the date in history. This is February 14 2018. And we're joined by our good buddy Alonso in our upstate studio in Greenville good morning men Howard. I am president your. That's a good answer it's better in the alternative being absent. 1840 eight's is our first question. Then James Paul. Had this distinct honor. And let's just say it kinda ties in a little bit whiff. What we saw the other day with the presidents. And the First Lady it's close but not the same. I know it's sounds like convoluted question doesn't. Had his first photograph taken and that is really awesome you have scored your first answer correctly mr. ray. So welcome. My second into would have been had a solid with the pick him up Obama's portrait of James Paul Kuhn did did did look like one. James spoke photographed by Matthew Brady was the first US president to be photographed in office. 1859. This became the 33. State in the union how in the world do I describe this particular state. It's in the Pacific northwest. And frankly it's kind of boring I don't know what to say about it. On the next. She and guess who worth its. Northwest. Washington. Sorry about it's not Washington sexually origin. And other states the so it's something about the trail from the strewn then that might have worked again. Here's another state not Sox this one becomes the 48 states. Could be forty years later before we add Alaska and Hawaii to boost it to fifty. This was number 48. And that led to see me this morning Canada baseball team a few years ago. He. Me and what else can we see it's hot there. Probably one of the hottest places the country. Desert. Ridge say Arizona your rights 1912. For a 1929. Chicago rocked by violence as this person's gay and killed several members of rifle bugs. Moran's gain in the street in the saint Valentine's Day massacre who's gang was it. Home man. It's on the tip your tongue I guarantee you it's not Robert De Niro. And not whoever did the we know it's that Robert come on today's guest is threatened to appeared telling me and anybody in here giant. Spanky McFarland all know coach Carlos. Was it whose game. Had killed several member or members of rival game. Tall man it's not it's Howell cup poems yeah who did Nero playing he did it yes it's a bulls is now you knew if you I didn't I dodged you're gonna get there once she said the bureau of the anyway 20031 last one and quickly. The first successful cloned animal was euthanized. What was the name of this animal golly yes I didn't realize she had incurable lung cancer whose cheap now pretty said. For darling. Good ride dollars. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. I'll order two of the broadcast good to have you. Witness welcoming your thoughts your perspectives on the news of the day we're covering here. And square it happens. We also bring you breaking news taking advantage talk play number. 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning takes line is 71307. We mentioned that the house oversight committee is going to be investigating the White House handling handling. Of the rob Porter scandal. That was announced this morning. So don't be surprised to see more developments in this particular story it is not over speaking of scandal. By now you've probably heard. After a yearlong. Investigation. We now have police saying Brady would like to charge Benjamin Netanyahu. On charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust. They're saying they have evidence he's accepted nearly 300000. Dollars in gifts in exchange for official actions benefiting his patrons. And had backroom dealing with a publisher of the leading newspaper to ensure more favorable coverage. Mr. Netanyahu is striking back today. Against these allegations of corruption from the Israeli police. And calls for his resignation. He's attacked these allegations the investigators' findings as biased and full of holes like Swiss cheese. And he says he ain't going no where Christie didn't put it that way. He's trying to serve until the end of his term which is in late 2019. Just suggest something to you. Because this is an era of tribalism. And this is tough for me because on the one hand I really like Benjamin Netanyahu there's a lot to like about him. He comes across as a great leader but here is that horrible she word. Possibly coming to bite them on the rear and again. Character. And I think our visceral reaction can be there's somebody we'd like somebody we really like. And our visceral reaction is to do what to. The strike back and defend the first hole well this is just his liberal enemy's coming after the media. We have to consider the possibility. That's. Whatever we like of this guy from abroad and keep that in mind from abroad. This is not our president this is not our prime minister. This guy could be absolutely corrupt. Both can be true. This is one of the things I think. People struggle with his blood times before very upset because of things ice I've said from time to surround time about Donald Trump. That people can do some great things and they can have horrible character problems at the same time. The challenges for us in the midst of that to have. The ability to expressed nuance and recognize and praised the good things that people accomplished and yet the same time. Have the dessert meant the discernment to be able to say you know what this could be true. And have a genuine concern not to end in the here's the key thing it's not condemning the person. But have a genuine concern for that person. That's how we characterize what's going on with Benjamin Netanyahu. I believe he's been good for Israel. And yet. If these allegations are true to me needs to be prosecuted. I think a lot of times we have this idea well because this person's done all these good things. Well it negates the bad things whales sometimes it doesn't work that way just to. Let's say for instance. You have somebody's a really good employee you know oddly just picked. A fast food restaurant. Here you've got a great employee of the fast food restaurant you know and cages customers well. Just. In eight plus employee 100%. And you find out that employee is also. Embezzling money under the cash register. Does this take away from that person's competence. In the job no. But can't trust that person can you. These kinds of issues we do and we've got to be able to experience and walked through the nuance of the use. And again you have to demonize people. But you've got an issue of trust. A frank out of Greer this is a great text a good man and great man sell them the same man. That is really clever. I'd light hit. Are good man and great man. Seldom the same man I think take its text of the day there's not really price for that frank but I love it. Someone being sarcastic you're convinced someone broke wind in the west wing I demanded an investigation. A lot of gas. Oh my goodness. Vince lets not having a great leaders anymore because no one's perfect. Keep looking for the perfect leader you won't find anyone guide uses flawed men yes we know that. Can can I just this drives me at the Walt this really bothers me. I get it were all flawed people and I'm more conscious of that than anybody. Can we stop those celebrating and making excuses for the flaws. That's what I'm talking about. The scripture does not ignore the flaws. For men like David for instance is like constantly hear people talk about Hulu to woody did would they visit. Did you also buddy. And that man had a great deal of sorrow in his cartoon did me. Here's a man after God's own heart. There were consequences for what he did it wasn't just something that was brushed off either was it. There were. Deadly consequences. For his behavior so don't bring up this David being as an excuse to just brush off sin. And unacceptable behavior. Because that's not the way to approach it. Then she said keywords if the allegations are true it's not tribalism to doubt the accusations coming from leftists. Our yes it is. If you are doubting them just because they are from leftists and in this case we don't even know where the allegations are coming for a do you do you think the police. In Israel are left this. I mean IC I don't know this is the kind of that is tribalism. They're assisting called facts there assisting called. A police. Criminal investigation. And if we don't have the rule of law that is detached from politics. We're all doomed anyway let's just shut the whole thing down and give up. Really you should you trust anything. We can't go there folks we really can't. Vince don't worry if any of your past ever surfaces. There'll be no. No way. Yeah I'd say throw the book gets you okay Florida. Look at me. So folks who can sit here people. Let's get ear buds on any of the matters we have discussed thus far Eagles have been struggling number 809 to 1110. Cummins since retirement planning text line 713 or seven coming up we will talk about what make more Vinny had to say. About his own budgets. They were this. Illini team have been stroked the radio program over the text line although I don't agree with you political views. To have to say your honesty is reach. You're not just a guy with the magenta thank you appreciate that earlier we were talking about the record income for January. For the federal government. Should. Tax income surplus. Be very -- there we quiet and I say that ray. And we barely quiet kind of rights when my favorite guy crew Geico commercials where the line with the Elmer fud. I'm coming wet it's. It's rap it's black X. I'd look at that spot that's that really is one if it went. And here I distract myself again. Be very we've there we quiet. You and your politicians. Dreaming up new agenda is yes they'll figure out away. To spend even more. We may TV is even more will spit and you've been more or. On this Porter matter since the FBI did background check in March July 8. November of Tony sixteen to anyone know what they report to the White House no. It well could have been another set up for the president who knows what was in the follow up in January that is from day. Yes I guess there are some questions there which I'm sure the committee will get you. By the way you this story about Trump's lawyers saying I paid porn star 130000. Dollars of my own money. This is a follow up to that stormy Daniels story. I use my own personal funds to facilitate a payment of a 130000 dollars to ms. Stephanie Clifford ignited the Trump Organization. Nor the trump. Campaign was a party to the transaction with him is Clifford and neither reimbursed me for the payment either directly or indirectly. This story being reporter right now but try employer paying porn star 130000. Dollars. Import. Ex campaign in transitional fish transition officials say the staffers are completely unaware of this payment. Of future. What else do we have here. This is one of those things you just scratch your head. You just don't know by the way. You've already convicted Netanyahu reminds me why rarely listen to you can. Do some money. In this studio. Did you hear me convict Netanyahu. Now. It just blows my mind it really does. People here within one year you really do. It is it just blows my mind. Absolutely blows my mind. Another text you're saying here was you who they are encouraged me to read operation bloody own creature from tropical island. Now you're trump tell me to trust law authorities wait what's. Eight just. Who. What blows my mind so here's what here's my question I'd love you're calling don't send me a text call it. And tell me what the takeaways are from reading. Jeb creature from Jekyll island and operation audio. I love to hear them. I'll tell you my take you know I shouldn't tell you my takeaways are because I wanna hear yours. I really do wanna hear your am honestly saying that I'm not gonna give you mine. Although I'm dying to say and repeat what I've said plenty of times before on this program. No matter the president government agencies sharing info with other agencies has led to numerous mistakes even under Obama. Who sold as perfectionist. Am sure. These things happen all the time you ever and how many years do we have those. There is such cleaning lady situations. We're made situations. You know people hired. Illegal immigrants into. Danger of being out of contention for positions because of that you know these kinds of things gone on for years. Let's talk about make more baby I've told you and I and I still stand by this he's one of the people I admire most in this administration. He actually told lawmakers at a senate budget hearing yesterday if you were still in congress. He would not vote for the four point four trillion dollar proposal he was presenting. Prove. Police are former Marie the house. Which course oversees the administration's budget priorities. He faced a grilling. From senators over the White House is 2019 budget proposal. In this they're seeking to increase military spending fund a new border wall and slash entitlement spending. Patty Murray is the one who asked the question Patty Murray of Washington State if you were in congress. Would you have voted for this budget pitcher presenting. As a member of congress representing the fifth district of South Carolina I probably would have founded have shortcomings in this to vote against it. But I'm the director of the Office of Management and Budget my job is to fund the president's priorities which is exactly what we did. Already. She goes on says it's so you would say this is a narrow as a member of congress. Yeah I think I've said that before moving and he said I don't think they were flex on my opinion of it is a member of the administration. She was quite amused as I'm sure plenty. Are amused by you know the thing about it is this one of these have always respected about. We are moving he's pretty much a straight shooter you may not always agree with him. But he's not gonna. Feel you with a bunch of BS. It's good guys. So while it'll be interesting to see. You know how this particular situation plays out this budget the past few years by the way aid there really we've never really seen a pattern of congress affirming budgets. They just don't do it in general. Most of these things in the being toilet paper that's the truth of the matter anyway. Tony 6 minutes after 11 o'clock did you see this story and and Alonso have got to bring you in on this one. Is if I need to this is the last thing I need to do because I'm trying to get this guy opened an airplane. Any absolutely refuses to fry. And unfortunately has yet another excuse. Not to fly do you see this story. About this plane. That United Airlines plane flying from San Francisco and Honolulu you see the story mr. Rachel. I have not seen the story Scoble. Well here's what happened here in your couple on this plane and you hear this tremendous bang and there's a sudden vibration. And that's the reason for the shaking is the engine mount was shaking. United Airlines flight 1175. From San Francisco Honolulu. Lost the cover of its right engines to carriages came off. 373. People on this plane. A lot of noise. When tourists says you knew something was wrong you think. Instant shock and panic pieces of metal rattled mildly. And it looks bad there's actually pictures and video effect. I will send this to UC you can take a look for yourself. You know and you can express which you'll probably be thinking that you would look out the window. Thank you so others that I do other question was John lift go on the line ha ha ha. Lucy in the window seat I'm just your cup did he warn the passengers whose this sounds a lot like that. You're talking about twilight so we resist discussing that earlier. I assume he played the role played by William Shatner in the original version of that one rate I believe so. Very interest and I think what this this is really creepy when you see the pictures and the video. And and you should know everything turned out OK the plane landed safely. And right now there invest in you figure out what happened here and why you may give me on no plane vents. Come on man Portia Simpson did didn't shirt. And 809 to 1110. 7130729. After eleven. It's. Cool little. Soon. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock for this to the radio program on the sex lives. What is that by the way John. Major laser. Major laser yeah. Maybe. Texture here says these suspicions are that it may have been a US intelligence is the enemy compact of this. But it's going on this morning. They US intelligence agency CIA hit to kill those. Russert Tom executives prevent him from testifying. For being available to give testimony or bright. When they're being uninteresting story in reference to the Russian plane crashed the other day we were discussing. Another person saying you're not meaning to be a drive by text or try to hide text your limit. Where. Rick and I called by creature from Jekyll island an operation Claudia. Sorry dude you need to apologize. At all. I would encourage you to check these books other very interest in just give you synopsis. Creature from Jack were Jekyll island is about the founding of the Federal Reserve. And congress get and well I'll leave that alone. The if running of the Federal Reserve it's very interesting story. In fact we've had the author of that book on this program at least once we sham back again some time to talk about that. Also operation glad you of that book is about its. If I remember correctly. The fact that we were. Using drugs. The sale of drugs to fund a clandestine operations and other countries our own CIA was apparently doing this. In cooperation with other. Foreign entities which I won't go into because it's. Just mentioning in his inflammatory. If you look at the cover you can see who else was involved. But it's great reading. And it's. Pretty crazy stuff in previous. So I don't put anything past the so called deep state. I get to. Laird C. FF FF but again this is the person. Troops trying to have fun with the allegation saying. Several years ago I pulled up the grocery store my Lamborghini. This crazy looking one with him Vince Coakley for congress T shared attacked me and my Lamborghini was damaged. I wanna know when you're going to pay for damages. True to that it. Like in this way too funny. We need to find Vince and mussina paintings from Barack Obama's portrait artist depicting he'd be heading a white woman by black woman. He said it was say take on the Kuwaiti idea. I've I've not seen this but I I've heard about it. Did it in it in the fact that it's politicians. Are connected to despicable people like this it doesn't surprise me in all it really doesn't budge you have to remember. Did this is art rates and this is what they say it's art. So you wanna censor arch. Yeah I just absolutely blows my mind. The way have a little fun here. I came across this. And the Federalist papers project web site. Who wins the award for the stupidest member of congress. Boy. You have so many to choose from here where he possibly go. Here are some examples. And he's a real classics. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee remember her. She thought our astronauts planted a flag on Mars. Representative Hank Johnson believes they Guam may tip over and capsize. And it's really brilliance for him. Representative Maxine Waters but prudent invaded North Korea. And this little mild senator Bernie Sanders believes the socialism can actually work. Out. Those are definite nominee used for the price. You know and I've said this before you already know this. That. When it comes to intelligence. I would necessarily look to congress. I mean really I'm not just saying this to be a Smart Alec could you know because it's a bash congress sting. These are really not the smartest the best and brightest I think we ought to know that by now. Speaking of humor. Now if you wanna have lots of fun and I'd think these people need to put me on the payroll because I'm always promoting this. On my social media and on this program the website Babylon peak which by the way they are coming out with a new book. They're actually putting out a book. Told her in the name of the sport to Henrik note of this I was quite surprised to see this the other day. You'll be very interest in I would love in fact I think I am I wanna tell on the guy but a friend of mine with conservative review. Sinise missed his calling he needs to go right for Babylon beef because you're not familiar battle and be. Is a website. That is a parity website you don't use a lot of spiritual issues political issues and it's. They are so spot on and so many issues. Here's one they put out a few days ago. Roman two shell belief that gender is social construct for a few minutes while boyfriend changes flat tire on side of the road. Hey. Here's the story. In Los Angeles, California low Mormon and self described feminist ruby and Alexis decided to temporarily shelve her firmly held belief. That gender is nothing but a social construct. While her boyfriend changed her car's flat tire in the side of the roads. The automotive mishap occurred during her morning commute in pulling off the highway she immediately called her boyfriend and asked him. To leave this place of employment to come and change the tire out. For her vehicles spare. I don't know how to do this stuff come on you're the boy. The staunch progressive reportedly reason during a phone call. This creates. A Lexus is a boyfriend agreed to come to rescue. Enabling her brief bout with patriarch coal socially regressive sexism and at that. Publishing time sources said further confirm the woman also betrays her feminist ideas have been. Asus traditional gender roles every garbage day winner yard needs to be road. And whatever in the vicinity of a crime or possible physical altercation. This grades. This. These folks are great they are brilliant. Harvard does this website. The babble on beat seriously. You want a little. Time to disconnect decompress get a few laughs just go to the web site. Okay I'm not telling you to do this at work so I don't wanna get anybody in trouble. The seriously spend some time and they've got a lot of different categories and news Christian living. Celebs politics church lifestyle sports. And entertainment I tell you the stuff on the church. It is biting. And some of the stuff is just funny. Collectively accuse what they did on the un Christian living. Long time church member. Asked to park 400 miles away. Yeah they do this you know the object of the churches are always trying to get you to park. To leave their visitors basis. The closer spacious for the visitors to the idea is. You know if you're long time member you need to park way out in Timbuktu. I mean that's the way this thing works. This is cool stuff great reading. Yes you're welcome. 1149 Vince Coakley radio program called for an attack sly and the kids. Since you say these terrific paintings are cards. I'm not advocating their arch I'm saying this with a left says is art. What do you think will be the response if trump had an artist depicting the beheading of a black woman. By a white woman run you know what that record didn't have to do have anything do with trump. At all it would just threw just continue the narrative. Of white hostility toward minorities. And it would be dismissed it's no longer arch. You how this works. There are things. That time unfortunately this is where society years. Urged that they are just not. Not equal you know that. Means you're wrong the martians dumped Sheila Jackson Lee. In the United States. It. Those awards for stupidity actually should go to the people elected people like Maxine Waters and Bernie Sanders and pretty much. If we vetted our politicians there would be no one in DC. Another person saying screw Valentine's Day bring on Saint Patrick's Day cheers. Patrick out of alignment. That's why. I knew there had to be reason behind this by the way. You are and have your Valentine's Day plans in fact a good friend of mine who remain nameless. Lauren. That's. What I. I. Lives in another city so I get away with doing that dangers posed that he forgot he's at the store right now. Getting what he needs to get in order to redeem himself. What are you special plans for Valentine's Day be doing these special. Now for you guys you really wanna have you know played up big there's actually a list of recommended movies. The seven most romantic movies to get through the day. You know I I I am almost filled with nausea going through this list myself I was skimming over this a little bit ago but only for a forget. I had to share this after the Britain we went to break. I was sharing this headline from Babylon be with John. KJV only pastor test positive for in ivy. There's you don't know KJV stands for king James version. Test positive for new international version. I'm serious these folks are brilliant. Really brilliant. Anyway let's talk about some movies in case she really what do you know. Try to look like your romantic or something with your life. These are Valentine's date movies. Seven most romantic movies to get through the day. The shape of water that you guys can tell me where the you've seen lines are you you can feel free to chime in on whether you seen any of these movies to your. If you want to admit it. The shape. Of water no. I love actually. Going to be a no permitting the. This movie about a has a Christmas themed romantic comedy now. It's a classic has Hugh grant's. The Nielsen and Lian Li Neeson and Laura Linney and Ellen and her name Ron you will find you I don't know yet exactly particular set of skills you know that's. 500 days of summer. Oh goodness Joseph Gordon-Levitt that Ari says no. Begin. Again. A musical comedy drama crash in the run up your Alley right you gotta gotta barf bags. I'm serious like some of these movies I haven't even heard of before. No we re where. There's a classic. No I'm Charles I'm sure you have seen that movie haven't you yes he kind of story. It's. Nicholas. Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford a much younger right. Picture here of our stride Streisand broke slow from here for that matter I'm Kerr seeing you right now does not Osama stuck in my hand and threw me onto it we rumor. That sounded nobody. Oh and all. Don't everywhere. Or not the norm. Let's quickly moved behind. The notebooks. This. Filmed in South Carolina thing yes it was 1940s South Carolina and this romantic drama. Her I don't know podcasts and more in mill worker and rich girl fall in love in the 1940s. But her family prevents them from being together all this is so deeply grooved to let me get to the bathroom. But number six foot. Number seven is Casablanca. Oh I'm sure you've seen that Charles okay. Did you enjoy that movie the way it Charles enjoyed that movie cut but where where's nodding hill on that list. I it yeah right Hugh Grant Julia Roberts off. Really you enjoy that move melt your heart absolute grit and likes Al and how a single and by myself and a hostile crowd looked. Did you really cry we only tolerated southbound I know he's an. Emmy. Or her IRA tell tell us the truth Alonso patent and are there any movies any of these says that sappy movies that you enjoy. I don't believe us I may have seen Casablanca when I was a kid in my mom made me want to it but that's about it. That's about it really. I'll. Cruel Grady I don't know what else have quite the way. Jay Bruce superheroes are no superhero yeah I know he came into the outer space more Hardaway restaurants do you know a lot of restaurants. Really do not enjoy especially small restaurants Valentine's Day you know why. Really good reasons for it but there's less table turn over. It will be out longer tables. Virtue. They normally see the poor people at some of these tables. Labor costs. There higher because they have to have more people there. It's kind of interesting. And you know the decorations. This a lot of extra work so keep that in mind. And I don't forget to your wagers tonight. Many cases happy Valentine's Day coach really handgun bush in particular. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.