House Will Vote on Democratic Bill to Dismantle US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, July 13th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real life. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. And Good Friday morning and it is Friday the thirteenth. So be extra careful not to walk under letters. Were open up umbrellas inside what are the other stupid things you're not supposed to view on Friday the thirteenth. Black cats yeah what's up for black cats. They need to come out the new Friday the thirteenth movie. And it's about time for one of those. I'm halfway serious year. Good morning hope you're day starting off well. We have some fun today fans. We're gonna have some fun while speaking truth. We just give you a disclaimer at getting this broadcast if you are allergic to truth. Then you're not going to enjoyed today's broadcast the magistrate that. We have some fun. But the same time. I'm just give you it I trigger awarding. Some of you may be triggered today. Because we're gonna speak the truth. The fact I was talking with someone before. Coming into the studio. And I just have to say this too graphic just cracking up laughing with some of the things that was preparing for the show. But we will see let's start first with the journey to the ridiculous. The Democrats. Ever really completely lost there mines. As you know we've been watching the not so subtle campaign for the past few weeks to attempt to delegitimize. Bikes. Immigration and customs enforcement they. Are determined. To get rid of this particular. Agency. Now the truth of the matter is Democrats would probably love to see this agency gun. The other truth is they probably don't have the courage of their convictions. To take a vote on this in the affirmative to abolish the agency. Unless their really extremist and they think that's how they're gonna win votes. But we actually did have three Democrats. Who introduced legislation to abolish race. We announced in a statement late Thursday they would vote no on their own bill for its blood brought to the floor. They're accusing Republicans of planning to bring it up for a vote as a political stunt. I love this is hilarious so we get this straight. You introduce a bill. And you say Republican plans to bring it to the floor for a vote. Is a political stuff. Can anybody explain this to me. These people really have lost their minds. Anyway they said they're gonna use this as an opportunity to debate immigration. We know speaker Ryan's not serious about passing are establishing. A humane immigration enforcement system act. Here's my question humane to whom. You may to whom the American people. Puerto lawbreakers. That's my question. So members of congress this person says. Advocacy groups and impacting communities will not engage in this political stunt. Speaker Ryan puts out our bill on the floor we plan to vote no. And instead use the opportunity to force an urgently needed in long overdue conversation on the house floor. So my question is why they held the Jewish news this bill in the first place if you don't wanna vote on it. What is wrong with these people. They've really lost there mines. You know I'm just can say that as some what you're gonna here on today's show is going to be a journey into the bizarre. Where truth. We're principles where values they really don't matter anymore. It's all about spin. And it's all about positioning and posturing. And in some cases lying. We go on here in the story reported by the filled the bill would convened a commission of experts are wide leftists. We're always. Isn't going down a bad road. We want to convene a commission of experts. To provide a roadmap for congress to implement our humane immigration enforcement system that upholds the dignity of all individuals. Which includes terminating the US. Immigration and customs enforcement agency within one year of enactment. Abolishing ice became a larger issue among Democrats this past month after Democrats are shall list. Alexandria go across you Cortez is stunning primary victory. Over Democratic Caucus chair Joseph Crowley. The casino Cortez is calling to abolish ice is part of her campaign platform. Yeah I'd love this I averaged let's just. They have all of these morons who run over the cliff. You know what do you order reminds me of are you familiar with the biblical story. Where the Jesus disciples and he came across a demon possessed me and and he cast the demon out into a bunch of pigs and they jumped off a cliff. That's the Democrat party. And also arguments the Republican Party to. But that's a story for another day where actually another segment. So all these pigs I mean think about this not just one pig they all go off a cliff. If you get nothing else from this program today. And I have been talking about this for quite some time. Kim we have a nation of leaders rise up instead of a bunch of sick of friends and followers. People think they've got a fed going here. This woman wins her race. And now they think this is a brilliant idea to go following after I had. By the way. A recent poll shows the majority of voters. Oppose abolishing ice. Majority of voters oppose it. Steve scoreless the just released the majority whip. So Democrats have been trying to make July 4 about abolishing ice which is a radical. Extreme position that would lead to open borders and undermine America's national security. He said he makes the wrong approach I think everyone ought to be on record about where they stand on that issue which is why it's a brilliant idea. Arenas darned thing up for approach. Go ahead. Because it's. Exactly what people need to see. They need to see people take a vote and say they know who they need to run away from. I hope the Republican Party Republican leadership fellows there on this. Pull the vote. And every great to have this. In advance of the November elections. So people understand what the stakes are here I have a feeling. A lot of these folks are gonna vote ago. Even though their heart they really want a vote yes. Now if this were after the election. They might vote yes because they know there'll be a long period of time. But for the next election and the average voting moron and will forgotten by it and nick you don't won't move on to something else. Coming up. We'll talk about the futile effort by Democrat party the Democrats in congress. Specifically. Senators. Who. They're doing a lot of tough talk about these Supreme Court battle coming up. They're not going to do. Crap they really walks still. Exists is fiscal clean radio program 90 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program. Just real comedians on the tech side today. Dude you're black cat but I have no plans on petting you your pal Fred Sanford. And also this on legislation to abolish the agency ice. Could the will be a political stunt. Rules for radicals blame others. For that of which you are guilty yet. Rory does that have played out in so many venues. Don't know if you got this Vince so sad. I said and put that French Poodle back in the storm sewer. Apparently did not have the proper documentation. My agent this. We made reference earlier to going off the cliff this section says let New York run off the clip see if they didn't take California with them. Already. Another person adding Vince these zombie apocalypse has begun. Isn't that wonderful. That a person saying you just have winners into. A couple of but yet that's what it is. And this woman. Well their friend but all these trials going on I've come to realize the Democrats. The Democrat left. When idiots. In FBI agents really remember how else could you put your foot in your mouth and you're hitting your rear ended the same time at a a a a a a yeah that was quite a spectacle yesterday by the way to figure spectacles. You see this. Outpouring of venom on the streets of London. Protests in London. And a truck the president's meeting with the queen. Will be talking abouts. What's happening in the United Kingdom a little bit later rise. Again I want to encourage you. You better bring your courage with you. Because this is. Immense. Pride in us we'll get into that a bit first. Let's talk about another. Wonderful. Brilliant. Utterance. From a Democrat on Capitol Hill. Chuck Schumer. Claims he still going to fight Brent Cavanaugh is nomination to the Supreme Court but everything I've got. Part of what he needs is to get centrist Democrats to hold the line promise. Those Democrats are telling him he can't tell them what to do. While they're pushing back. Joseph mansion West Virginia and this is not a surprise west Virginia's very much conservative states. Even the Democrats there. They're not it's your LA or New York kinda Democrats. Joseph mansion. Here's what he said I'll be 71 years old in August you're going to Whitney. You can kiss my you know what's. That's actually we Joseph mentioned said. I'm going to be 71 years old in August. You're gonna Whitney I don't know how old Chuckie Schumer is. But he's pretty much telling chart to choke off. This is already a big headache for the Senate Minority Leader he's under pressure from the left to take the nominee. Schumer also has a half dozen vulnerable members. From red and purple states up for reelection this fall so defeat Cavanaugh. Jimmer has to keep all 49 of his members in tow and convince at least one moderate Republican to break ranks. This is tall order it really years. He's going to be and just about impossible for Schumer to persuade senators like mansion. How you tied Tampa North Dakota Joseph Donnelly of Indiana to vote against Cavanaugh. All three infects supported Supreme Court justice you corsets last year and all three say. They're decision won't be swayed by Schumer no matter what he does this year. Donnelly. He says hilarious. My decision won't have anything to do with Chuck Schumer and if you don't this is where wannabe. I mean what is the whole let's just follow the leader Stephan and I CT before. There are times you follow the leader when the leader is right if the leaders wrong you don't follow the leader. This is very important highly important. Chris I don't know how many times I've watched this in my life. Where people follow unprincipled deceitful. People and they follow them right off the cliff. Don't tour. Year old person. This is great. I can't say this I'm going to vote the way I'm going to vote regardless of what the leader cents. This is good. So this is going to be a real difficult time for mr. Schumer poor guy. Minority whip Dick Durbin said the reason. No this is reason enough for Schumer are tread carefully with the Democrats most likely to back. Trump's nominee. Said chuck knows better than to twist arms and I do too. These are men and women who will make historic important legal and personal decision weld job. Schumer declined to comment for the story but for now Democrats say it looks like Schumer agrees and German. I hands offer perch. Some in the party think this is an ineffective strategy. Adam gentle cinder served as deputy chief of staff to former democratic leader Harry Reid's calling for sure to take a hard line with the entire caucus. On the Cavanaugh a nomination you don't lie. There one take a hard line because they know these people are gonna listen to them any way. That's why you don't do it. And anyway. This consultant says giving red staters have passed on every tough vote is neither strategy ignored leadership. But this wouldn't be the first time if you care about standing for something sometimes you have to. To ask members to do hard things. Really knew what to do. This is one of those moments a while this is kind of trolling. Chuck Schumer here say Kerry Reid knew how to handle this got a situation what's wrong with you Chuck Schumer. Stand up and be a man be a man of courage and your convictions. And this is hilarious. However David Crowe who's a former chief of staff to read who now works in venture capital. Said Schumer can't simply wave a magic wand and make his caucus vote no. On such challenging vote right before the mid terms. This is your three practical stuff. Very practical. There's no blanket approach anybody who thinks there is doesn't know what they're talking about it. There's only so much a leader can do to influence a final vote. It's not like church humorous and going to try. Liberal activists bird dogging Schumer to try harder. But Roger a cadre largely affiliated with the anti trump group indivisible. Is cajoling the democratic leader to reschedule and in person town hall in Brooklyn after having to bow wowed the eleventh hour last week. And do you think he wants to have this kind of media of course not. Protesters in fact we're demonstrating outside his local office with a chance of whip the vote chuck oats. This is hilarious watching these people. Yeah they think that somehow. They're going to be able to stop they can't. I've already told you. I'm not a big supporter of this Kevin guy you know I'm gonna have to take a wait and see approach. Because. There are indications. There's some serious questions and this isn't just meant Coakley is opinion here. Effect somewhere in here. If I shouldn't get to its. There's comment from someone I have agreed to your respect for in this realm. Very strong libertarian. True. Does not think this is a good choice. I'm disappointed the president because this is not type person. But he said he would pick this person is the heart and soul of the DC establishment. Judge Napolitano. I mean that's pretty credible voice nonetheless the left is gonna try to turn him into a right wing extremist. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Do you believe the truth. And to. Do what's necessary. With the truth when she realize it. Quite an interest in watching the events the last 24 hours or so in the United Kingdom here's some of the headlines Drudge has up on. New developments there I mentioned a few minutes ago. Thousands of people hit the streets of London in protest but Donald Trump. The mayor of London no Shaq here. Saying we'd think you're wrong well of course she does. There is every indication the mayor of London is agent Heidi sympathizer. So of course he's gonna think that. Also. Another headline Labour Party rips. What did his mother teach him referring to Donald Trump. And the interview which we are going to reference here in just a bit. And this the UK pound falls you keep politicians Rio after trump broadside. What broadside. Are you speaking out of well. It was an interview with the sudden. Where the president was clearly critical of Teresa may. Honestly I hate. Was quite disturbed when I saw others. So but surely not. Well I knew yes it surely did happen. Because it's very unfortunate. Again I want to ask you. How would you feel. If Teresa may. Or any other leader came to the United States of America and before even meeting. With our president. Just basically. Throws out a bunch of criticism. I'm the president before the meeting. I'm gonna tell you what I think what happened. Right now under the presidency of Donald Trump I think the president would dis invite that person. Don't Q. This didn't scan does this guy is do you think he would can you would go ahead and have a meeting I mean let's just give an example let's say Teresa may came over and she. Said harsh things about. Donald Trump in the media. Before the meeting. Aides say there's really no reason to meet. And embarrass this person send this person acting. It takes. So after this interview. There's a joint news conference in order to do this a little back courts in you'll understand why and a bit. Now keep in mind. What the president criticized was threesome a.'s handling of wrecks it. Now again. You may Aaron you may agree or you may disagree with that. But it is also an appropriate question to ask is it appropriate. For the president to have had this interview. In advance of the conversation with her. To talk about her before he talks with her. That's the question it's very appropriate to ask. Here are the president's comments once they had a joint news conference. I felt transit criticized you in the way he did you not intend. Well maybe I'll go first because I didn't criticize. To prime minister have a lot of respect for the prime minister. And unfortunately there was a story that was done. Which was you know generally fine but it didn't put in what I said about the prime minister and I said tremendous things. And fortunately we tend to record. Stories now so we have a pure enjoyment I did like it quickly record when we deal with reporters caught fake news. Can we solve a lot of problems. With that the good old recording instrument but what happens is that look the prime minister's they've really just said. She's gonna make a decision as to what she's going to do the only thing I ask. Above. So they go. I mean criticized the prime minister. I app I I don't know how to say this there's really no other way to say this father and this is a bold face lie. It's a life. He's criticizing the story in calling it fake news. And supposedly and this is how this was understood in dredges headline seems to suggest this. You can solve a lot of problems with the recording instruments well guess what. This was recorded an after these comments. This sudden has released the actual audio. Now following on these comments. A junior minister in prime minister threesome Mae's government asked Donald Trump where are your manners Mr. President. Where are your manners. Trump told the sun newspaper based plan for breaks it'd probably killed off the chance of US British trade deal. Citi dot Mays rival Boris Johnson would make a great prime minister. This was. Dominic in the news. Where are your manners. Can we be brave Americans and raised the very same question about the man representing us where the hell are your manners. Where the people with the courage to ask this question. Because it needs to be asked. Here's the president saying he didn't criticize let's listen to the audio for ourselves here is the audio released by the sun. We're done much differently. I actually told tourists and had to do it but she didn't do you grew she didn't listen to me what she's doing. She didn't listen like I told her. How did I definitely want her to say but I told her to do achieve this issue when you go to your program. Seemed incredible the way. Its. What soon is very unfortunate. I didn't get to resell like. I didn't give her my views are right she should do an action should negotiate. Oh. And she didn't follow their shoes I would I would actually say she probably went the opposite way I think they did that she's trying to get this now with the people voted. So much different you. It was not a video that was in the referendum know that a lot of resignations. So a lot of people don't like him nobody who could definitely effect that trade with the United States unfortunately in a negative way. Okay good deal like that they were most likely because of relief healing was easy. European Union instead of doing what. You can. So will probably kill the deal would they do that did you do in the US is probably not get me. No they do that. I would save that would probably yeah. Please make your trade relationship with the this. So that's pretty bold in trade relationship over this. Over how the engagement except. But the most important thing here is the sons released this audio. And with this comes down to Donald Trump gave her advice and she dared to go against it. Certainly would comes down to you. And then he denies in front ever. You know what I call this it's called to cowardice. If you're gonna say something like this about somebody. Have that free to encourage to say it to the person's race. Am I wrong about this. And then to lie about it. Now if you think I'm wrong I love to hear your perspective. Please bring an odd. If it's the usual troll stuff the orange Kool Aid drinking crap save it is not gonna fly here in this program. I'm very sad yeah this is not. What this country needs right now when I pray that this man. Yeah it's a conscience that works. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock and so this is so predictable I'm serious. I could just give you a sampling I knew this was coming on the text line. None Kool Aid drinker but I believe your perspective is wrong mr. trump has done nothing different than leaders who say Germany Canada France and said drug. Concerning him. I don't care about leaders in those countries. Those people are representing meet. So in other words because they behave that way it's okay is that what you're telling me. Thanks Vince we can always depend on you to disparage our president. You never drop people can't stand these right now 80% of the time. Sick of child telling politicians I think he does have guts OK show me his guts that he has the courage to say what he said to the newspaper to Teresa may in front of her face in front of the media. You show that to me I would agree with you. Come on people. You're saying crap about trump all the time. You're one of the biggest anti truck people out there are no wonder you didn't get voted into office. Us orange drinking. Kool Aid drinking. Bunch happily witnessing our president far outperform any prison the past sixty years. So yes you remain far off. Oh I I'd love this what I'm I'm gonna share this this see this I want you to know. What kind of people some of you walk. I love this I guess that I am gonna go and read this. Just curious do you have a vagina. Stop being so weak 000 so now lying. Is equality of may at you know this you are making arguments for leftist you knit wits. This is part of what the left. And the fibonacci stink about it mirror until heiress. So now this is our. Our role model to hold up before the world. Eight deceitful person who will lie in front of our faces and some of you are so stupid and I don't mind saying it some of you are so stupid. Don't even know. And of Indy I here's what's scary to meet. Some New York consciences are so seared you don't hear that you were having this president lied in front of the that's sad. If that's where you are and you think this country's gonna be great. If you're in for a rude awakening. We just said this there's not a single text among these. Did it not a single person defended what happened on the merits. Not on a single darn one of view. That's why read these texts because not a single one of you said. You know what he didn't really lie. Because you can't say that. And then if you text here that lying is justified. Can't talk about the merits. Pete good morning welcome. Here are all. I just ordered that tell you what you just accused via text people not torture I'm sure your right. OK and so what we'll start here. With Osama released the tape public all conversations. Note to do main needs do you let me ask you this question or. Or by peat goodbye. What they've shared. And and lied. That's what that's what we can't get around here. You light. Let's try this again tough lake Norman good morning. Good morning in depth chart group funeral for an up a bit lowering limits summit saying this. You know. I think it's time we all realize that all politicians. Lie. And give president trump or you or anyone else. Would lie. In the best interest of our country I'm all for. And another thing I would like to point out is too good to to be young people throughout the world. We are a great country. And when president trump went to Europe we. Say our. Bad our grandfathers. We've saved England France and I lived in Canada. I lived in Calgary I lived in Colorado battle have been more prepared for nine years. And the Canadian people under Trudeau the mom the dad. The Canadian people could not defend themselves against the boy scout troop if they tried to take the country to more without. And word defending the entire world. And help quickly. Good Europeans. And the people around the world per yet. That we paid that ultimate sacrifice to breed them. And how quickly we forget that the German people the German people all of the German leader that led them down. That simply path she's. It and the German people need to now realize that you have a former leader who is being paid millions of dollars by the Russians. And he is sold you out. And I'm not ensure that the present leader of Germany is not in the same campus Hillary Clinton. And by the way Hillary Clinton lied Bill Clinton logged. Barack Obama lied. Think it has bought her for all law. And and what this does is it blows up the myth time I do appreciate your call that somehow there's something special or different he's not a politician come on. Let's get real here Jeff. You got about a minute you're Jeff. Well I would if Tearrius. Since the comments that he made prior to. Big evening where he may yet we had dinner Kurt I mean you don't know what happened at that point. If say. Yes if I had argued that but but yet you don't know if he didn't great get out with her over dinner last night I mean you don't know. Well they had news conference today that's that's something about it they at a news conference where he. Publicly made that you know basically told by the way I need to add this this is really important. And and I wanna make sure I give these words right because this is a really important. I want to apologize. For the report of my criticism. That has since come out from the president's. So oh we're we're up against our break here Jeff but here's what blows my mind you and apologize for his comments he apologized. For what the news media did with his comments so. I just it's just crazy. A lot of you still wanting to talk about this and we will I am wolf have some other. Comments from the president himself about how he's been treated in London coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing to DC fans into focus with the lands of liberty this system fits Coakley radio program. Our number two we still have. But number of people eager to talk about our last segment still to come limits are but this straw madness. Do it amazes me that things that liberals can get worked up about straws. And we have a new twist to this story. Your concern about plastic can waste. Which seems like. This. Plastic band is now what it's cracked up to be in regard to straws which we'll we'll address this coming up in just a bit first. Let's go out to lower ends in a call from David good morning David. Good morning grant you they're virtually Serb brash loud and operation more insight you think that makes you. Half an assault president cup violation to let you sit on the on the radio I did not hear all too easily and didn't watch it not been refusing to watch and occasionally don't you. Just gather some things here and there. Well I really didn't hear him like putting her down in the sense. You know he was through recruit and plus we remember he already talked to her watching the attached. And I am a retired veteran so I understand that. The mother wrote a letter to general Patton said I'm glad election earnest and wore under you and not in four under someone else. I wanna good leader right now that's. Little their Q Wheeling deal was all these people. We have been getting undercut for show all. This Stearns itself I put the brakes on that's what he's doing catering to Clinton I'll take it gets he gets the job done. Thank them. Here's my question though at at some point do you risk undermining. The relationship and our allies here's what I'm concerned about. I'm concerned you know it's it's it's kind of odd I wonder whether. And history is is you know down the road is going to reflect something one way or the other. But I wonder whether this could be a different form of damage to our relationship and our allies before we have Barack Obama this Pallet apology tour. Cannot depend on him. And now do we have a risk of building another rift with our allies. By having these kind of antics go on. Well wake it quickly go long term probability it's an item. What could happen but here's what what does happen and all these nations fishing business. It's distant object comes down to this. Money shales. Keeping your population going your your country personal. Showed this just business. It's a business shirt you're gonna pass Lugar battery between you gonna be neutral. They didn't carry out boredom like you're making. What what are you gonna do that. So it's all business. Well I appreciate your call your perspective their David thanks a lot for calling yen. It's got to whack saw with Joan good morning Joseph. Are you there Joseph. Burris calling June coming in. Going once going twice. I believe she is not there are limits go over too jacked in Charlotte good morning Jack. An odd are yes you are surge taken away. Like you know like an honest question have you thought about just leave and the Republican Party. What's been going on for another six years and get alerts. Cody premium we mean leaving the Republican party of the two Republican Party already left to meet the go ahead. Pretty clear and I didn't like I I don't feel it's gonna come back so. We give every thought about fine and a new home and I'm certainly not suggesting you become a democratic that's never gonna happen. But Greg is famous for not for me anymore it's not gonna get better. So let me ask you heard what have you done Jack I'm kind of curious where where you now. I mean I I don't doubt I would either major party there. Com I don't ought to be pigeon holed IE a vote libertarian ever want the Lyle. I I I strongly feel our country needs motherboard that there we need another representation we need my other ideas. Yet it's out there that's a reason I ask this question Jack because. I believe at some point there will have to be. Some other kind of leadership that emerges from somewhere. Between that the toxicity. And the lack of principles of both parties ultimately. There there's got to be something that rice's. Then I am extremely. Liberal. And I'd agree with you on that a 1000%. And I think most Americans agree with you a 1000% on net. And open outlook would just say hey this is not for a yelled oh record I'm not. Maybe that kind of leader would emerge. And in north what's interesting about this subject is I think. There's a number of things that we can actually. I think there are a number of things that we can find some consensus on. Even though we we're we're probably poles apart politically. There are some things that we can agree upon that we don't want and we can come together and and have some sort of are of are of agreements. On what we need to do for the future. We we do and enough need to stand up on both side then they this party did not represent my values as an American. Net other boys that will have the bravery to come for. Yeah a rapper then what are human values could that Vienna today we just all these neighborhoods and good school and there's different ways to get that. But that's what we all at the end of the day and so much to speak for that and just stop. Stop what's going on. I am curious because I'm sure everybody's gonna wanna note did you vote for Hillary. Now. Absolutely I I've I've noted third party guy I thought Hillary was a terrible terrible candidate do you marvel. Yet they have that program the biggest mistake the Democratic Party is made and a generational. Getting behind area that both sides are always the vote on election cycle. They well I I appreciate your honesty their Jack in CIA my respect for you has skyrocketed. Thanks a lot you're called Jack let's talk again some time. You know right it's one thing somebody calls and says you're volume annoyed by what's happening to these parties and really you're right along with program is guys that can vote for that moment. She's horrible. That's great that's good stuff there Tom good morning. Earth calling Tom common tub. Do we have alien abductions Korea on this morning. Oh let's skip over it to Rodney in Charlotte good morning. Hey man yeah. Yes sir. Who are we tell them. System didn't I don't understand. We were no object Kuwait. He got a whole country that they had loved everything day and yet. And Jim our knowledge we have never got anything it. Another big thing that I will have a big time estate whenever bridge could. I'm actually from an envelope then. I'll remember any ally that we didn't. They're total here again now malevolent and help us what is right. Orwell wishes. If but I I understand what you're saying that dead in a lot of ways where the person you know in command I've experienced this in life thanks for your call Rodney. We you're the person who's always reaching out always loving always caring for people always doing things. And so you know it works it's a one way relationship it gets old after awhile. And I know this has been the American experience. All of the twentieth and 21 century. This is what we've seen and I Dennett there's there's a and I lot of you have a deep resentment about this and this is why some of you don't mind. You know slapping around these European leaders. You know in some ways there's a sense in which they need to be slapped around I get it. Fully understand what you're talking about. More conversation coming up including. What the president thinks about how he's been received over in the United Kingdom coming up. This is still this Coakley radio program. Before you take more of your calls. We have a very moving story to share a few of. Cue the music. It is stunning interview. Just hours before his arrival of the United Kingdom. President Donald Trump said large scale protests in London make him feel. Unwelcome. And his first visited the country. He appeared to undercut prime minister to we submit she faces a political crisis of negotiations to exit the European Union. While the White House had previously denied the president's schedule and Lundqvist intend to keep them away from the protests. Trump admitted as much in an interview. With the British owned tabloid the sun. I guess when they put up blimps to make me feel unwelcomed. No reason for me to go to London. The president said referring to a twenty foot trump baby blend. Protesters. Are flying over parliament square as we speak. I used to love London is a city. I've been in their long time for when they make you feel unwelcome. Why would I stay there. Let's go to more of your calls and William in Matthews. What here. Good morning William. Good or bad for your answer. Good I just had a quick comment about our find that. Interesting and in Broadway report. Of that conference speaking with corn. Belt how he felt that and you know as it is you sort of look colorful language I don't know what earlier Google or appreciate. But I find it interesting that the media is so focused on. You are what should be politically correct. I know I always say William who's talking about that I'm not talking about that which programmer you listening to. Group Bert Bert normal. Road guy I don't care about general meeting we know what the general media does and and I don't care about that here. That's for other people they want to talk about stats. Not so germane to our discussion here I mean we were talking about the truth fullness or lack thereof. Of the presidency and his forthrightness in his comments with the prime minister. Tell us that's what we were just guessing. Look autocratic I think he is speaking recruit. At which time which time William career which time William. Aware of it and not talk about Germany no I'm talking about we are we talking about. Excuse me William we're talking about the president's comments he did an interview with the sun where he criticized. The British prime minister Teresa may many at a news conference where he said he did not criticize her so my question is. Which truth do you believe he is speaking which time. I would say the formal. But misperception of what he says I don't agree will. But the former. It may is not it is not honoring what. People. Portable you're you're agreeing with what his comments were but she did not answer the question as to where he was telling the truth about his criticism so well. We just had a couple of times but it couldn't quite get paired shown a good morning Joseph on welcome. I've been put. I'm in the process the decorated cake right now yeah. How wonderful and let me give you the address to deliver that's an odd way I need to ask you what kind of take first. Actually at the lemon cake. Homemade lemon cake with the red raspberry filling up for a baby shower for friends of earth kick tomorrow. Don't know why assume. I'm calling because I'm on your side or maybe I don't know. I'll leave it is I'd like to be the first one in line to tell the president. All I guess it does but the only lies all the time and I'm embarrassed and outraged at the lack of moral and characters. I didn't vote for him and I'm glad I didn't that they just can't. Excuse that the couple behavior he does that show the world are carrying parts of America I'm all about that. And caller than email I had to keep defending him blew his obvious lies. Tolerant do you that the and I am appalled at how fellow Christian defend him and his lack of character and witnessed and felt that the. And I'll Jeanne. You have let out quite a bit there. Yeah I know because the men inside mean for a long long time ever since they got elected and I know people think he's a believer but I really need are more witnessed the bat and I really don't not the way he treats people going to talk to people talked down to people. I don't know I'm. Appalled I don't really care for him might but anyway I didn't what you get the get. Why do I OMM REIT I just got a book a new book by. Man so many evenings running through my head here frank viral it's written a brand new book called insurgents that I just got yesterday. And I'm very eager to it Q he hasn't but I don't think he even additional section on politics. But I'm very eager to read as well but. Part of what he's expressed concern about just in the writings I've seen in other things in that other people or getting this to. Joan. I don't know about you I'm so grieved as I watched so many Christians. Defendants that are you seeing the same thing. I'm only now by our daughter who believe particularly she's just think until the election night. The witness the christianity has gone backwards instead of forward and you can't seem to world baton that any. People equate Republican Party with Christians unfortunately I mean maybe that's the generalization but it seemed like it and I I don't know I just. IA I'm caring more about the witness for the lord and I do. Most anything and yet of any way I did. Wish he would just different at all the pieces if he had the believer then show me and I'm not trying to judge him understand. We are known by our actions and things like that and. You know on how we treat people and. An EU it's what's permit sends me the most Joan is the enablers. Is that rather then people just calling out bad behavior we continue to have people. They just bow down at this guy's feet repeatedly and and it saddens me so. Joan the I'm glad to have somebody else in the trenches here there are praying that some eyes would be opens and she we would see some sort of reconsider tear across the board Dodd thanks for your call. Let's I think we have time for one more quick call here from rich out of rebuild good morning Rick. I event thanks for taking my call you know primetime again I hear. Here you and others and me discussing things what people like all William where. Use state. A opposition work crop has. Clearly contradicted himself. And he. He makes a statement that is that is a bold faced lie and he began to prevent gas light and -- again and again and again. And as Rush Limbaugh had called the trump brands when crews got out. These brain dead try out best. They bait bait bait don't they don't. Follow the logical trap objects. Look into what he said yesterday listen to what he said today how could you not read the contradictory. Opposition. So rush actually said this matter rush said this. Yeah that's right right after clues. About how well because. Because all the big got Kirk McCray and then he would not real support about com. And he got he got frustrated that they have there. And I use the term coined the term brain dead carcasses. That the Democrats then picked up by an up and of course shortly after that caloric figure out what side he was playing as. Up base and he then never sent that again. But you look at that guy that was a caller just now. All William and you married sister simply ask them. About what eloquent but yesterday at what about what crimes but today and heaped up what the proper that that well I believe what truck bed. God yes it's kind of threw it three edit completely. Now prove it it's set yeah I hear you're a kid. That's what concerns you the most it's not even trump it's how we react to him. Allowing one person this. Character issue to become ours. This is still is Coakley radio program. New. And and. And 36 minutes after 11 o'clock instantly radio program. Are touched an avenue uninteresting. Conversation here now a word. And you're reluctant to go into this now because this. For me being the person I am can turn into another rabbit trail very easily. So I'm not gonna go into this but I'll tell you about this conversation I share a quote from this. This kid I've yesterday or day before. And the largest and a message to arms I was curious you know what is how would you characterize yourself politically and he answered my question in use toward I've never heard before. It's kind of crazy. Any case by the way I've just learned. There's going to be a news conference from deputy attorney general rob rose and Stein. At 1145. To make a law enforcement announcement. It would that's going to be. Now I wanna give a heads appeared to leaf lets see here. How we can now possibly handle this thing because I definitely do not want to miss it. Let's. Go quickly to call from Ernest and we gonna figure out how we're going to analyst just. This could be rather interest in earnest out of river gates' good morning welcome. Am morning and then you know I I listened to all that site here I'm an independent who I have voted Republican out bird for. Democrat I voted for Obama to place and I go through trumpet less last election frankly I would let up. But how this country was going to. You know we have a resurgent Russia which I don't think. Compass had anything to do with commercial and we have a resurgent China. We have. As politicians that can only bring us. Or owls need. Negotiations. And trees like the Iran deal that they didn't even sign off on. The coarseness of American society can only be seen what can easily be seen if you look at the Internet look at comments people make. All of these blogs and news stories we gotta be controlled by Democrats. It has. What forty to fifty shootings are weak and well I'm going to go back in history. Look what Abraham Lincoln was up against Blake couldn't find the general. Split could successfully beat Robert J. League. And gay. Someone pointed to these two Ulysses S. Grant. All the military had no you don't want that guy he's on glued he's not he was at the bottom of his class soon. West Point in an alcohol. And Lincoln said. Well I you know one thing. He seems to be a winner. And I'd like my other generals to start drinking some of what. Now we're not going to know it's figures probably. What the end result of this. But I believe. Despite all the unconvinced. The rudeness. For lack of christianity. Maybe. Perhaps. Drop at this point in time for America. Maybe any perceived by a large majority are certainly majority of the electorate and not the one Electoral College as a winner. Miller saw I'm going to say. That I think a lot and probably perceive that you know. I just think sometimes. What people feel. But it doesn't go with the is not articulated properly yeah I think you're in my mind field that is what a lot of Americans yeah. I'm where he is a man that maybe we need at this point in time and they're willing to ignore. All of this window dressing. What may in front. You now let me I got to ask you though is he's lying window dressing. Cologne. I think we've lost earnest I don't know what happened there. And where we stand here do we need to break here John and what can in order to. Let's century take this or rod Russa stay news conference coming up we are going to take a break and come back and listen in on what he has to say coming up. It is 45 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program let me tell you what is going on now I notice the cable networks. Old that is what's happening. One network is reporting additional Moeller indictment is expected. So odd that ought to be interesting. Here's what we have this is reported by ABC news. US deputy attorney general rob rose inside expected to hold a news conference at the Justice Department's make a law enforcement announcement. This news conference is supposed to start at around 1145. We don't have a hard time for this. And as you know with government functions so often they are late. So with our luck they'll probably start at 1158. Right after the show goes off. We you're going to attempt to carry this live as soon as happens now insisting leaned up to cable networks are glued to. The coverage of the president's meeting with the queen. Queen Elizabeth. All the pomp and circumstance or issue with that. That is going on as well so again one network CNN reporting an additional Moeller indictment is expected. That's what this announcement is supposedly about right now we have the opportunity. Let's take a look at the date in history as we traveled down toward Greenville studio and Lorenzo. Who may be interrupted. If we have an appearance by the deputy attorney general good morning. I hope amid erupted during a hard question from doing that well you better be the first question then so no actually it's the second question is the wrote the worst run in this. Starting 18633. Days of rioting. Began in New York City. Americans were resisting being constrict can scripted to fight. This particular war what was it in 1863. What war with the trying to stay out of so warped you are correct it's. You got the first one. Is the tricky one. This particular person who had a circus. The American Museum with Tom thumb in the same ease twins to change anything or not. Wow I'm impressed. This museum burned to the ground. Back in 1865. And months or so sharp that he jumped right in into had the answer before I finish the question. Pretty impressive. Are they just setting up a microphone in their John or is he actually at the podium I believe they're just setting up a microphone so. You know you're not gonna get to those thinking on a sore today yeah the year they are notoriously late in these things all the time. A 1939. This famous crooner. Recorded his very first record from the bottom of my heart. Who was this crooner. The singer. To be a blue lines and truck hooked up but. Boy this guy is on the right track keys not today. You can say so yes. Frank Sinatra you are correct. Well that's pretty impressive. And we have to writing. Items on our list today which is kind of weird. 1863. That was 'cause for people not wanting to participate in civil war this one. Took place in this city. In 1977. Because of a 25. Our power black out. 1977. What city was hit by a. Raiding and looting. Because of Asian power blackouts. I would say it's the worst possible place in this country to have a black outs. I was gonna say Chicago. You know I really shouldn't has said. That's a terrible it's. Because that's that yet that's that's where we hear about all the murders right out tonight I present day now would be the worst what's your second guess. Bjork. You're absolutely right New York City. 25 our power blackouts. Boy that would be a mess can you imagine what that would do you just think of everything just being shut down. And dark. All of the wounds of the dispute like going outside. Without a yen networks networks. So they ego. Pretty good three for four any big weekend plans by the way. Not really. There's really no new movies out through anything like that. Well you know skyscrapers now but I I'd. The rockets in like ten or fifteen movies a year I've tried to make it like one per year summer skipped us went. We realize movie about anyway. It's kind of like. Die hard reboot in a little one of those PS and extending our ended in yeah it's a combination between at a towering inferno. And you know fire. That's constant care and Iraq is as a prosthetic like. I already. Point going to be ingesting. When I watch it on dvd when it comes out I'm sure it will do well on display until next week for Mission Impossible. That's gonna be. That'll get a lot more attention I'm sure as those who since Tom Cruise does his own stunts. She's pretty wild. Either way. Speak your Mission Impossible and in movies I saw the most intriguing thing I've been going through. Them. I've been going through olds Alfred Hitchcock episodes. And I saw the most intriguing character I noticed them by your social media I know recurring guest. Who Roger Moore was actually in an Alfred Hitchcock. It was really yeah it was weird I I had no idea he was in the Hitchcock one of the thirty minute show us. Do you play it straighter was he comedic because I don't think you can do is show where is playing it straight. You know that's a good question. I kind of fell asleep on this one I need to look at this one again I'll answer your question later. Phnom lobby waiting for yeah alliger breath right. They have a great weekend man great to talk to you as always you to do look on a press conference yes good luck on this which we're still waiting for by the way. I believe the president has actually. Arrives and is making his appearance at Windsor Castle. And end all the pomp and circumstance that is. Associated with that I want to quickly get to the story about a plastic straws recent. The reason magazine has a great story about this Starbucks bans plastic straws and winds up using guess what it. More plastic. Any reason investigation reveals that the coffee giant's new cold drink lids. Use more plastic than the old straw lib combo. I imagine that how did that happen. They start up the story talking about expected this year is can be remembered as the year heating plastic straws with mainstream. Once the lonely cause him environmental cranks know every one wants to eliminate these suckers from daily life. In July Seattle imposed America's first ban on plastic straws. Vancouver British Columbia passed a similar ban a few months earlier. They're active attempts to prohibits straws in New York City Washington DC Portland Oregon and San Francisco. They list senator celebrities from Calvin Harris to Tom Brady lecturing us on giving up straws. You know think of this for a moment this is pretty amazing that we live. In times. Where. We have the luxury of complaining about. Plastic straws. Just think about that a moment. Any case National Geographic the Atlantic run long profiles in the history environmental it effects of the straw. Vice is now treating their consumption as a dirty hedonistic excess. Well guess what it now. Starbucks wants to eliminate them by 82020. All single use plastic straws at 28000 stores nationwide. Now it's Korea top cold drinks for fancy new straw lists lives the company currently serves with its cold. Cold brew. Nitro coffees. To trap a Q goes we'll still be served with the. A paper straw. This is got a lot of worship and adulation. But this is not the whole story. The weight of the plastic can not for a number of plastic out to each user whether the subjects are recycled or not is what we should really be concerned about. You know we've seen the turtles with straws at their noses and that sort of thing. Or here's what they found. This is going to you for wasn't hurt disabled people elect a motor skills necessary to pull off a flawless. Compton live motion didn't think about that did you. Also these eco friendly disposal straws. They're terrible. Paper straws are known to collapse halfway through drink. And post a bowl straws. Class six to seven times more than their plastic alternatives. They don't keep for a long may fall apart when exposed to high heat. Straws although not essential for most people most of the time our wonderful convenience that our people enjoyed drink on the go. It's a good thing. But guess what she. Straws account for about 2000 tons the nine million tons of plastic estimated in the ocean each year. Point 02% of all plastic waste. Point 02. This is pretty amazing unit. And so by the way this plastic. There's going to be more plastic on these cubs. As a result of eliminating the strong. That's the point of this particular story and yes we don't have a news coverage yet or wait for it to have a great weekend folks. This is this Coakley radio program.