How To Be A Leader

David Chadwick
Sunday, December 3rd

Doug Lebda, CEO of Lending Tree joins David to discuss his faith, and what Lending Tree is doing to make things better.


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I'm David Chadwick is. News 11109893. WP team welcome to show in case you don't know this is a faith and values shows that tries to intersect. Different issues and people that you may know op through the lenses of faith and values it's always a pleasure doing the show thank you folks for listening now for over seventeen at. Years that seems almost impossible when I began this program years ago but it's been funded duke thank you for supporting me. And today I have a special guest in studio with me someone who's become a friend and that makes this even more special people to be with him today. His name is Doug lab and he is the CEO of Lending Tree. An organization that has grown exponentially. In our city and around the world. He has great influence in a lot of different ways of going to talk about. In the show but the most profound thing that's happening him over the last years is a deep abiding faith that has grown him internally. Externally and internally in some magnificent ways and I'm just privileged to have dug on the program today thanks for being here. Thank you so much for having me I apologize my voices got a little bit laryngitis but. It's it's wonderful to be well I'm glad you could be is going to be a fun show to date as to talk about. Your life your failures your successes and your faith which is really influenced your life and some dramatic I don't know yet what let's get to know you just a bit your from Pennsylvania is that I'm. I grew up in a central Pennsylvania. In farm country. Very small town my parents my dad was a corporate salesman English teacher. My mom was an English teacher and homemaker and we just a wonderful. Fantastic. Life middle class like councilman and you went to Bucknell. Did. Actually are and I did I wanted to go to school in the south applied to Carolina and Virginia and a bunch of other schools and ended up. Gomes moment and and so Pennsylvania is deeply rooted in you're echo system if you will it is the kind of values. Growing up on a farmer was just talking my daughter yesterday about getting Indian arrow heads every time. My grandmother used to till the soil. Scarlett Meyer arm from being caught on a meat hook when it's a jump off. Couch on my grandmother's farm. It's the memories are score one Amish country is that kind of here are pretty it is very it is very narrow Amish country it's a James Carville said. In politically you have Philadelphia. Pittsburgh in the middle U Alabama and at Niagara and Alabama to conservative family kind of values. Conservative my dad was Democrat my mom as a Republican. We grew up going to church. My dad was very faithful. The hand I would say my feet deep and later in life. Which we which cultural talk about it but I remember accepting Christ early on. At a and a youth conference. And I would also say that it took it took many years until my fear through it. Boy you know people don't realize fully especially parents with young children that windy. They exposed them to church regularly or allow their kids to go to camps they're planting seeds and sometimes they don't you germinate until decades later even which is your case my case in some ways but. On their need to be planted that's the point pair she need to plant those faith seeds early on and you will see them Germany if they're done and love and grace and compassion. You're right I can remember I would have to go to church. While in college or go to church of my parents. And sometimes I would miss church because I was in college. And sometimes my parents would tell me UK you know. Yeah I guess stay on the guidelines and stay in the guard the guard rails. And and those seeds it's funny you say that proceeds were definitely plan it and they grew they definitely grew later they were there earlier sometimes I might have presented. Because I was doing things in college that my friends weren't doing go to church and I'm temporarily enrolled in Peru and and you hear your mother's voice and here are going. You should be doing exactly exactly but you know one. There were right now besieged do lie dormant for a while but they're they're never going to do not germinate if they're placed their faithfully by. Loving parents to model their faith it sounds like your parents were those kind of people in your life. They definitely did my dad is now Guam one of my best friends. A great. Example faith. And somebody that I love talking to. I'm my mom the same way she's well we skeptical gives me a hard time. But it's it's it's a wonderful and it and it's a wonderful camera relationship from watching their marriage to my eyes beneath the sea to. Well some on mom and dad married in 63 years until mom passed away in my dad live for another five years. And he just said to me over and over again I can never remarried she's gullible in my life and I'll never. People to care for some might like your year and there's a great great great story well dug Lebanon is my guest today Doug is the CEO. Of Lending Tree one of the most successful. Companies in America right now growing exponentially large. They've just become the sponsor of the Charlotte hornets were gonna talk about that too and the now you're Lending Tree labeled Doug is on the Charlotte hornets Jersey and when we get back we wanna talk about that a multitude of other factors especially looking at Charlotte and hope we have for the future. Of this city I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110993. WP BT will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news eleventh in 993. WPP welcome back to the show. I hope all of you are enjoying my guest today for he is a very interesting individual. Doug lab that is his name he's the CE oh. Of Lending Tree on growing company here in the Charlotte area now it's gone national international and and look I'm in Washington DC. Late at night with my wife and it's meetings beer and watching TV and all the sudden this face comes on them on television screen it's I'm going. I know him and he's making this plug. Four people. To go on line and compare lending rates so that they can get the least possible rate and keep the most money in their lives and go into Maryland. That's don't like and she goes doggone thing in DC I've got to watch you on national television guide group Doug let the great to have you on the show. Thank you very much in the commercials are interest and because I've never done commercials where I've been on the before. And we tested him. Mark team internally we try to spend as little monies we can and they produce an internally we test them and they worked. And there's no better way to say. How banks compete you win today and having founder Tallet we got to puppets element to. I don't recall any but it did for some reason it's working better of me what you are gonna you don't. You must have some kind of desire in your heart to communicate your message certainly but there must be something in your persona that makes people feel like your trustworthy or they wouldn't have you out the year like during the commercial our hopes are the only negative thing we got from one thing which are as we went from one person was very happy about they said wolf this guy's obviously an actor. When we sell my wife who worked at it and she was the war I when. A so but we're doing another one actually need to rehearse this amount and took about a twenty cakes and you know I was. Nerves of steel and pray and earn in by sitting there and stressed amount. But we got through that voices Doug led the CEO of Lending Tree my guest today and and Doug Quinn you know in the first segment we talked about your being in Pennsylvania going to but now. And then what happened after that you've. Graduated from college where you go from there. I was an accountant in Pittsburg for price Waterhouse for four years. And during that time I tried to get a mortgage and 55000 dollar condominium in now Washington. And got basically the run around from the backs in the newspaper went to the banks around the corner from tar and a for mercy on. And they told me the rate wasn't for me it was Condo you have to get flood insurance. From around noon and it just didn't make sense from. Thankfully. A year later. I was doing some consulting work believe it or not in the natural gas industry is watching markets. Developed in in very. Eccentric and sort of weird. Areas where you can action and he says the breach could trade almost anything and I said why can't consumers actually get full transparency on their loans. Be able to save money and Nate banks compete like can we turn the whole process so that was. After that tried to tell a couple banks in 1995. There early 1996. They had no technology I went to the University of Virginia. For a year. And during that here develop the business plan for Lending Tree and then that the in the year decide do leave and move to shore. 09 UV eighty G duke graduate level work or were you just working there in Charlotte fold to I had to figure out journalism school and up earlier to business school day and laughed at the end of the year. It was. Probably. Oh god what made me go to this one class it was a second your class and I was first year student. News Jim Collins. Teaching entrepreneurship. And good to great guy and yes this is enduring yet and he basically all I could. Recited here on air if you wanted to but I'll save you time. He basically walk through why you should. Go create your own power and not go work for a company and I went down. Went home and I literally wrote out a decision tree. The other hand from her to business school. And said you know what. Let's give it one year and gave a one year and moved to Charlotte and setup an entry in mr. in my spare bedroom. Casey this is really an entrepreneurial startup you're you're not. Using somebody else's genius. This is your baby from the very beginning correct. It is and it isn't because our entire company is built around empowerment it's built around. And in Jim Collins lot of those principles and I think all those principles in the Bible that. Our our company is not about me it has to be about everybody else and it has to be about. My ideas coming from bomb. He is coming from everywhere and are you actually make them. I was had a great conversation a week ago with a good renter and professor reminders also honorable work. And she said the day the goal of the leaders to make yourself obsolete. And I've struggled with that. Because news. Who wants to be obsolete but at the same time if you've got a company with principles and values that you wanna. Cary Allen. It's my job to that and and power other people to make it there. That's an interesting idea of leadership but I can remember back in the eighties when I began my ministry of forced Phil. Church here in Charlotte that I was taught to lead. From upfront with the kind of an autocratic style on top down people follow like get the vision. And I've learned over the last couple decades actually going back Thomas when you. Our teaching these very principles that it just doesn't work wryly you've got to get good people on board you've got to get their ideas to be. A part of the overall plan in the vision and when you deuce it's everybody together making the whole organization the whole church whatever stronger than I salute. Absolutely one of Mario mentors or is very lucky to get to work Jack Welch for two and a half years and what he used to always say is that the people. At the level below you that build you up. That gives you the chance to get to the next level as opposed to Europe and genius. And doing it for yourself. Now you can carry that with the always in the other side of the Dilbert cartoon that's as well everybody Harry Smart people the dumbest guys CO. But a lot of what. What you have to do it's all about people get the right people making sure you the right principles making and then making sure the principles. Track right down through. Every level whether it's compensation. Today how you act we hire who you would go. You motivate and. And that's culture in it and organization and someone once said that. You've got bad cultural trump a great vision every single day of the week so we got a great vision and a great culture than you've got success ruling. We oh yes absolutely and and you have to have and the leadership. But I've learned. Is you just try to lead by example in two you act was as opposed to setting up. Yet to set up systems but it if you act the way human nature people act we all act as a team and. And that's interesting too because. That's very biblical there's a verse in First Corinthians 111 work. Paul who wrote the letter sent to people imitate me is I imitate Jesus and I think that's a powerful verse about. The invitational style of leadership but you're also talking about a Serb leader who says my job is to serve my people not use my people for my own glory. And when you do get that makes all the difference in the world. It's funny what did I totally agree and it's the more. Ironically that you let ago. And you can't be lazy Latin ago in which is another struggle mine but the more you let go and you let people. Who are the right people do what they're doing. A bill do the right things. And then it frees me up somebody of one point. Said to me Jewish you can uniquely do and if you in if it's not uniquely to you. Let's let somebody else do it ballots are accompany its scale were earned a hundred people every quarter. And and so we're growing our. So are you bring people into that culture is interest and and and that's a big challenge but that's that's what triggered it and. That voice is Doug Lebanese the CEO of Lending Tree when the fastest growing companies in all of the world and and Doug were quickly how fast are you growing I think recently heard what number five four midsize companies in America believe it or not worthy a third fastest growing company announced awhile okay. Well let me ask issue came to Charlotte he started Lending Tree out of your basement and on EU had immediate success is that true no gosh now. Proof. Raised capital from. I didn't have any money so I got a 5000 dollar and while on investment from the father friend of mine. I then got a 101000 dollar investment from a wonderful wonderful ours passed away from Bucknell. Guy named Leah Edelman. Who taught me a real key thing about entrepreneurship. Which we've talked about and then and I raised and I moved to Charlotte and raise capital and raised two million dollars we almost went bankrupt about three times. We were probably about fifteen years are ahead of the market. Because Bankston had the technology that they needed to actually return. On line live offers and and now it's in now it's taking. And we you've learned a key lesson though don't you talk about it natural briefly here before we go to break and that is failure is not the end of the game is it. Absolutely. I mean what is failure so. 11 of the things I learned early on it's when you start and entrepreneurial journey. That's your. And you're gonna have moments where you're starting and stopping. And the good news is is that if you look back. God's rate they're making him and he's bringing people in your life the right times in the right places. You need. My feeling is yet to keep knocking on the doors. You can't be lazy about it in just now it's just gonna happen. And because I think for me at least until god tells me to knock on the doors and you knock on the doors and you know life. The right ones are gonna open and the right people are gonna can commandeer time there can be your life the right time. We're gonna help your company or. Sometimes things are gonna goat. There are gonna go south and when they goes off sometimes that's when you've learned the most and that's when you see the most about two people and it's it's it's been the up's and down's been interest. Until wonderful truth to learn all those who are CEOs altar for new hours out there right now that failure is simply learning how not to do something. And that's a great truth to learn that Glenn as my guest today he's the CEO of Lending Tree duck when we come back let's talk about entrepreneurial ship. And what happened with you when faith became really real to you I'm David Chadwick will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is news 11109893. WB ET welcome back to feel hope you're enjoying it I am with Doug eleven of the CEO of Lending Tree in studio with me talking about his. Life his success. Lending Tree now number three on the NASDAQ gut trading. Chart it's just amazing the success you guys have had dug over the last couple years but. We talked just a moment before we took a break about. That there was a point we stepped away from Lending Tree and Munich kinda didn't do real well and you stepped back into the picture talk about that party your story. Sure. We sold Lending Tree in 2003 to a company called interactive core and then in 2006. Barry Diller who's a sort of a famous medium oval asked me to come be president of IDC which had Ticketmaster home shopping network Lending Tree and a bunch of other companies whose about 161000 employees. So my family moved to New York City we span too two years up there. And financial crisis it they decided to. Spin off Lending Tree and a couple other companies and decided to come back to show our own my family and and restart it again and literally it was it was a restart we had. About a thousand employees at the time. We have to go down to about 150. I'm network growing to about 700. Those were those were those were interest in tough times and I'm in New York was. With an interest and experienced it. For anyone going through a difficult business time right now your advice to them would be what it. Pray her faith. Work hard. Knock on all the doors. And don't stress because it's going to work out were not based upon. What is his. What is already going to happen and when you're going through a tough time. Know that that's making you stronger and it's making you learn more and that there's a reason for it. I remember when our CTO. Passed away Rick Steagall or fifteen years ago who's one of my early partners and I literally. Could not get over and as I looked back at his funeral a look back and ultimately what can I came into my life at the exact. Right times and that this was all going to be and it made me stronger through there. It's so. You would say there is of playing it seems like in your life is gone and holds different things let's move into the faith arena now because this is a faith and values program is most everyone knows. And I wanted to have you on the program because I've seen how much your faith has impacted your life. You had the seeds a face plant in early on by your mom and dad you kind of ran away from it for a while I could identify with that because that's exactly what I did as well. But fate became increasingly real free use and share your journey police. Probably the the gosh there. Not quite where to start the journey. I'm mug divorced dad of three kids. And and my very painful time in very very painful time in my life and the left a church and pastor really. I would say didn't pastor me when I needed when he needs to be pestered. When I need to be back deep bastard and left different left the faith for a number of years and really questioned its. And then. A friend of mine one of my earliest. Lenders. Looked to me in Las Vegas and the guys cancer and he says. How's your relationship with Jesus and that's about a new church and go to church it's that's past -- I said how's your relationship with Jesus. And it made me really think. And and after. Two Summers ago. I went to. Not you and pastor dammit down the beach. And said you know I don't know the star for Israel. And if it's real and in. And if I'm just you know going to church like you know go to church. I used to think about it sort of the insurance policy version of christianity. Any internal life exactly our idea and and I didn't and I are so did my research. And once you know a bit you know Jesus was. Boren of virgin birth. Died on the cross and was resurrected their reactors bumps and a mega probably stir crime and my wife gave me a tissues before I came here. Then you can then you got to deal and the beauty of the beauty that is you he would deal that you get on your knees and you accept Christ and you. You move off and and and it changes your life. One of the most profound studies anyone could ever do is to look at the facts behind the resurrection and they are astounding overwhelming and I think. Proves without doubt that Jesus really want to leave city wise but you've you're mentioning Doug something that I talk about all the time on the show. And that is that it's not rules and regulations is it's not what you do it's what's been done for use it is a personal living relationship with a god this universe through Jesus Christ who lives in side if you walks with you talked with you leave you guide you. And that's what you've experiences and it. It is and I remember a conversation that actually you and I had very early on were. You told me I was viewing the Bible wrong and that I was viewing has rules and regulations and I need to view it as. God forgiving. And people's grown up. God forgiving people are not as articulate as you know it's it's a story and a story that you and the united yet and that is what it is and and that changed my perspective. Realized I can forgive myself for give other people. The wonder of forgiveness. Even when somebody does you wrong. The wonder of loving your neighbor. You know god is is is working and playing in people's lives and it's it's interesting when you. When you do with the right way ability how he blesses. And you've talked to me about how at different points in your life when you needed someone to step in and it was like got hit range that person to be there. Before you even knew the person was going to be there. It's are true it's whether it's been my wife. You. Some other. My. Friend Tim who I can't do it still has cancer. Rick's Diebler and his funeral. I I can. I can now Trace the path. And sometimes it's a little freaky because you look back and you know. Omar good story this is all my this has been a path. Part of the plan salt mortal enemy sometimes ago I can't believe ABC and won the support of the plan but yeah I think it's it's really it's a miracle it. It's a miracle every single there. And and you enjoy life to the fool like you've never enjoyed before and you have a a great marriage now through the pain and difficulty of your divorce that you now have moved into an intimate relationship with your present wife and you've seen god redeem that as well. Our I did I believe we have we have a wonderful marriage. We you know not applaud your books but you know we read him. I'll never as amazing within itself I got somebody read a and we try to honor each other we have. You know we've set aside time for each other yesterday at the gates you know for us it's. Wednesdays. From nine to wanton. Is the is that time that we can actually. Set aside for ourselves your time it's our time phones go off we. We make sure nurture and checked. We make sure that our relationship is good. Sometimes go for a walk sometimes we'll sleep and sometimes wolf. And have breakfast together at the Waffle House. Two it's. It's our time to make sure that we can that we can announce who checked in and I'll never forget when first time you. And you said marriage is closed door that was literally about the third. Sentence on your morale like hey David nice to meet you I'm Doug. And I use them by an hour's engaged you sit down low just know when you go in news closes the door behind your. And worse block from the outside of my exactly sociology. Exactly and a when it when you believe that though and indeed take. For sure that the bag were plucked from the outside and you don't hear rock and get out you made that commitment it's a covenant that marriages and a contract based on feelings and circumstances it's a Covington based on my word and I'm not gonna leave. When you were the problems out here if you know you're not gonna go anywhere and the other person knows that you go okay we've got a lot more work this problem yeah we've got to forgive we've got to be gracious toward one another whatever. And and you forgive. You do work it out. Ian he's still fight like cats and dogs sometimes and the other forty years almost in a mine and Merrill regularly have some tips but they're just sparks that fly because two people or trying to draw close right exactly my daddy used to say the closer to people get more they bulk. The key exactly in the key thing is once you actually say to each other that it's two people who were over that of course of their marriage can become one person. And you're trying to actually come closer together and you've got up that entire commitment and it's not just day. No I got married and it's better. 26 years old and it's like. Your dating at the time and you get net and you literally sit down you think about it you pray about it you go into it. And it's going to be bumpy. Any parent. It's gonna work and you're gonna. That your do you view once you start viewing things on a scale of infinity as opposed to the scale of year. 75 or eighty year and our new years or hundred years real lucky. On this earth and then than you think about things differently. Well my dad used to say the phrase we just use that of the cultures eat two people get the more they bomb them but the also than what followed that up with. And the truth is when you realize there is an obstacle in your marriage is keeping you from getting closer and closer the bumping allows you to identify what it is and get rid of it so that you can then move closer and closer together and naturally. What marriage is all about. Absolutely and our would also say the same thing our business because walking in somebody's shoes and understanding another person's perspective. Is the key to not only business probably to marriage. And it's a way of having empathy and understanding somebody else for respect. Doug leaden as my guest will continue this conversation about how to. Operate business successfully in just a moment I'm David Chad book will be right back. I'm David Chadwick and this is used 1110993. WB ET welcome back to the program hope you've enjoyed it. With my guest Doug Levitt the CEO of Lending Tree and he'd like to hear the program in its entirety go to the WBT dot com website. Scroll down to the week in shows the David Chadwick shows there and you can. Downloaded onto your podcasting for the program from beginning to end. I Douglas has been absolutely fascinating am learning even as I talk with you about. The things that have driven you and Lending Tree now is eminently successful and in fact you've done something here in the city as. A leader in the NBA the National Basketball Association industry by recently with in the last several weeks having. Lending Tree now attached to. The jurors jerseys of the Charlotte hornets. We have it was a great it was a great deal. It's a great partnership. We're gonna work together in business. And the values line up and we really got to know the people. You know Michael Jordan I got to know his team. Got to understand that that are organizations to work well together and they did a great job brawling and out. I'm going to be great for the community we're doing a lot with the basketball scholarships were there and allow the Lending Tree foundation where. Which we will aligned with them. It's it's it's a lot of fun. And on for a Nouriel ship. MBA programs. If you had to give anyone listening who is thinking about starting up something what would you say to them. So. The advice that I got from Jim Collins is first off here to just do it you to commit to the factor being entrepreneur. And then from there. You after practice. What's in the literature being known as a fluctuation. Which is walking somebody else's shoes. Thinking about who you know what do you know not necessarily like going out and creating a website aid and saying I'm gonna do something that's outside of your sphere of influence that start close to what chino and who you are. And think of yourself like a -- the best entrepreneurs. Can basically take any ingredients and I'm sitting here looking edit. At this table and I can go all right I gotta coffee cup in your notebook like caddie and had a week. Mix that together and as something that's interest and and that's what doctors do it and know that it's going to be a completely bumpy ride from here to wherever it goes. But you honestly need to let it go because the more he stressed about it. The the more. You hold on tight. The lesser work. My son has started up a business and you counseled him. I you have said to him and to me that starting up something from scratch is the toughest. Business endeavors you can ever do I didn't do that exactly at the church but pretty close to it. And it is hard and you have to start from the beginning you never know what's exactly headed view. But with perseverance you can keep moving forward talk about the value of perseverance. So perseverance absolutely matters and you need to stick with it. I'm up until what's called your affordable lost. Which are to talk about but it really important thing which targets say about your son and I could talk about the early days of Lending Tree particularly in the early days is integrity because when your. Doing a deal with somebody else what ever it is. They're relying on your trucks. And earliest lenders on Lending Tree had to rely on the fact. That we weren't going to give them a bad deal that we were gonna deliver them customers and they're gonna actually make money and we said week. Are we say we. We wanted to do well. When our customers to when lenders do well. And when we do well in the intersection of that is when you can actually do it but there were twenty companies like Lending Tree who. Fell away many of them because. They were distrustful of their carts. So you'd have to be a person of integrity in network integrity so often over used but what it really means that your life is totally integrated. That you are the same person publicly and privately you're missing person with your words and your deeds. On you aren't the same person that anybody would Wharton no matter whenever they would meet you yet. And so that's so now I've learned something today which is great and I called out authenticity. And I've always said like whoever you are. Be authentic and if you're an authentic wing nut being an offending Winger editor at clinically intelligently authentically intelligent but don't fake it. I'm don't fake whatever you are whoever you are. Because you are you are and you can own it and you can acknowledges. Acknowledge your weaknesses move on get better. And forgive people have people forgive you forgive yourself. And you know keep walking through this life and doing the best you can't. You keep talking about forgiveness. That it keeps being a theme that I hear from you as we talk and get to know one another more and more and you talk about forgiving yourself. Receiving God's forgiveness for you and and continuing to move forward couple bit more dug about forgiveness because. That seems to be at the heart of your face it certainly is mine as well. I think even if you're not talking to somebody. I have I drug this. This two by two matrix. If you could think about it and on the and it basically is performance. And how much they fit in your culture Y axis being culture accent is being performed. And sometimes in the lower left for example you have people. Who don't care about you and our good friends are Stiles as the temple is it's untrue etc. And you have to be able to forgive. And then you of people on the upper right that are still going to. And sometimes you know not be right here. And you have to forgive them to the power forgiveness for me is it's. It's not only for the person your forgiving I think it's more important for yourself to be able to let that bitterness ago. And move on because what is the purpose. Of going tomorrow to be bitter if you did something to me right now. That you know made me angry and I forgave you com. How's it gonna benefit me or drive out here and you know I'm bitter David Chadwick I want to. I would want to forgive you and move on with my life is to make us it would bring us closer. It should and that's what happens when forgiveness is practiced lightly at least for reconciliation. Which is what god would win out on but you know one. Bitterness is like drinking arsenic and expecting the other person to die. It's it's crazy it is why did it eat your own heart I did right and and true forgiveness I think. Is giving up my right to retaliate yes and it's very very very difficult and whether it's not our human nature we we want to retaliate we wanna get even we want justice to happened other people we will mercy for ourselves but we want justice that happened. Let me yes it's the you know I've learned last week it's the chemicals in your brain that are causing a certain reactions and whether it's the chemicals for the double its. It doesn't you can't you have to give up the ability to retaliate and you basically need to think about. Jesus and when you think about the forgiveness that he gave and that he went on the court but that he hung on the cross and when I think. When times are tough and I think. This is what that guy did for me my friend Jesus. How how the heck can I be mad. How can sign for. How are not forgive or a bad deal or something happen tomorrow. The love that you extend others is greatly attached to the law you know from him and Doug thank you for being in on the show today it sounds like that your life is moving forward I pray for the best for you for. Megan your children enough for Lending Tree to contain have a great impact on our community and help make Charlotte all that it can be. Thank you very much been great to be here and everywhere let me close the program the way act close at every single week hate love god. And love your neighbor if you'll just do those two things you have a lifetime's worth of work to do I'm David Chadwick this is news 11100993. WBT I'll talk with you all. Next week.