How To Close A Deal in 45 Days

Kandas & Larry discuss five steps to help you close your first deal in 45 days.


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Welcome to brag radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Kansas and bestselling author Larry Jones we'll show you how to be rich and generous plan investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the rise radio network from the flagship station WB CN beautiful uptown Charlotte. Here are your host the rock stars every other state Kansas and Larry. What's happening there. That night and why that's lovely it was like to repeatedly from the Atlantic immigrants. What's happening. Perry's candidacy is this the like you don't think in the area. Not only not only that but we call each other talked to the full holy here meet the wouldn't try to figure I'd know what I'm going to tell you I'm just letting you know. You know people that in ninth in they note that it out and buy that they have been around any period and then. In part that's funny. That's too funny that there. So. Yeah welcome to brag radio. Invest in and to be rich and generous we use real they only teach that's right that's right we're talking about rules they've invested and you could be an active investor are you can be a passive investor. We're like you never heard them or. Austin is does it pisses me out guard is still. I am here in Allentown but is still. That's funny that's too funny do. So yeah we're gonna talk about. Would've known about rules state today. You don't. Why do you think free home. Them opening up my notes that I have been working on feverishly. All day beavers to prepare for this right femur so I've had a lot of people ask. I know because you get the emails and calls. And and you tell me so we have had a lot of people ask. What quickest electrical work when you do close my first as need to do it the need to do a deal of them to seminars. Gotten books watch YouTube videos. Listen to podcast of and now cover stuff that I just need to do a deal so. We wanna do it is. Whole wanna do is we wanna share. File simple steps you need to do to close a deal in the next 45 day atlas okay. Doesn't mean our Arctic that Gloria. And now when I'm given to Ian. But and you had to step them. I. Yeah big action and they did that's the Clinton should do this you've got to have them so first I'll grab a pin. Okay now if you Gavin you get instant in the islands in the back radio dot com and continue to show and it's and today so don't. Don't risk your lives to think about that okay. Right right but we're gonna go over five steps but if you want us to help you implement rules. Then call Candice. But I sure 877 with little. We have in the blood get there they found out I had a nine dais. And on and then call Kansas right now. 877 Larry go and you can also follow us on FaceBook FaceBook dot com force last leery H. Goings geo eye and that's because we do a lot of a lot of updates a lot of information and training and education and announcements all the FaceBook as we have. Like twenty some thousand people filed muscle cars. We're not only that but those blue analyst itself like you did worry trade talk about with the Bragg Russert today did a webinar to our our people. On this week. I did I did and you know had a lot of people not only have a bright show book other people write email list and people come to me. At random events and places. And essentially do a deal next thirty days or 45 days so a Ditka to stretch it out to 45 days because of some people were slow starters. But he gave an exhibit cleaning. The guy. So. So what we wanna do is we wanna go over that this week. Filed steps so. We're gonna have some show notes that to be able to see. But about listened to the replay Nicholas the replay of brag radio dot com right retention canvas in the email. Right info at Bragg radio dot com. And she sent in which can this would be at ten years so awful and. Here that have been. An. The view that as an. Anomaly now. And with her. OK so the very first thing you need to do to be able to do would deal in the next 45 days or less you got to know how to analyze the urge I think firstly I don't know how to analyze the deal what is the deal. Until you know value nothing else matters you've got to know value got to understand it. And you gotta be able to analyze the deal. For example let's say you're gonna buy a house and you're going to hole sell date trade the deal and out towards you wanna buy it sell at the same day. Right he went by the 10 o'clock and so it did thirty. And make. A quick 101000 dollars in action right. Out of fifteen or something somewhere in between right adding Manny would be so bad and yeah that would be a good first deal right Indian guy. So Percy need to know is how to analyze that deal seek a hole so that deal. So really it's very very simple a moment take exactly what you do and how you do it okay. But before we do that or make sure that you understand. It's very very important. That your first deal be a home run OK it's very important that your first deal be home run a lot of people. I hear a lot of people cite a kind of get a deal and got to get a deal I gotta give you know you gotta get a good the book and you've got to hit a good deal. Forget about just getting a deal it's got to be a good deal because what happens to a lot of people they get too anxious that you're going to be hurried. You know offered too much or that you sold your house remember you buy houses you don't get sold house's okay. So they get in a big hurry in the and a pay and two months and then they lose money in the get out of the business okay. So you've got to get yourself some education OK get educated guess that okay that's that might sound a little harsh. But you're gonna have to get educated unity can help. Right now things like this live radio shows like this podcast YouTube videos are great. But it's going to be the surface there's only so much we can teach you an hour long radio show like this room right right. We can't hold your hand walk through analyzing that deal reached its initial deal. And we can look at it help you analyze that one deal OK so we've got to keep that kind of general. In this kind of medium does that make sense Candace. And the I don't. So first thing and rules of property analysis I mentioned OK and of that got to get a deal sent him. Make sure that it's extremely important that your first deal as a whole LeBron. And here's the first. If you're not embarrassed by your own efforts to. If you're not embarrassed though we did a webinar like you said to our list this week. And somebody even asked the question you know one only half of X amount of dollars. That was like 2030 miles only have 30000 dollars. What happens if I make a lot of offers them for probably get accepted. Well my response was that you offered too much because if you get that many offers accepted. And the problem it is. Is you are paying too much right you're gonna pay too much so I would've happened to get account. And you even real when it happened right you've grown expecting it to get a counteroffer was network that would be you know a new element again. Right right. So number one you gotta learn how to analyze the deal here is it's very very simple you take a RV what is that after repaired value times point seven. Okay 70%. And then you have to subtract out everything like close calls. Attorney fees taxes and insurance your pro rated share of taxes. And in the insurance to hammering in funding you have to subtract out the repairs. And you have to subtract what you want him. If you wanna make ten grand total or about to grant had somebody actually told me it was a while ago and then when I won't make the if you added in. It or you're gonna make you him right. So they are the after repaired by let's say it's a hundred. Times point seven. My mr. players okay. Now you're down to 60000. Minus taxes insurers are turning close cautiously down to fifty. If you wanna make tea and he can offer fortify. You can pay 454. I'm going to be your first offer. But you're gonna pay your best now forty that your best if I was gonna pay 45 personal in my first opera will be and how thirty's or low forties. So that's the very first thing gotta do to be able to do you deal. In the next 45 days a list we go for more problem coming up right. Or more in three segments. Hitter and the very in the eight then and Larry again. I'm thinking it's your call right now they ain't been and Larry again and I'll get back EU and investors it. Give it a theory and I think I'll keep it. More than thirty day and it Eminem at the end of the month. We'll be right. Back rag radios and in this. Please look at you right now what happened there and how you doing it if our. You know it gets in the break. What. Favor if it doesn't really mounting the phone really matters or or the band and a matters be. Play air guitar and keyboard. That involvement they're dying off. Guy in his late isn't it I did he does all night ethical. They're being seen anybody so passionate about planning a triangle born in the later this is a player that's. So we got him a wind down you've got you've got a little bit of time to do for him. So if you just and in. You know five steps to do you first deal in 45 days of last number one was analyzing deals to be analyzed deal they are vetoes was seven. Miners repairs and close calls last what you wanna make. Boom that's how much you compare. That is the mostly comprised doctor first operable but that's the Mo you. Number two is going to be latter not you money. Okay. Yes you can do deals with no money down in real state. But you'd need money but it does have to be warm. Way. There are ways to do deals without money you can do number one assignments. When you're dealing with a cell model or an individual. What you can do is you can make your offer to an individual and whatever name here by Hannity analysts say you know X was the investments LLC. And in the words. And for us. Oh and or assigns. So that way you can sign the contract in if you put up a hundred dollar deposit. Those that your body for fifty and you won't sell for sixty holes so that they trade it. If you call canvas or or even though her should give you a copy of RD trading book. Available wherever books Russell a free copy include Ian. Yet included in the investors can reach our. It's absolutely you know. But. You can do assignments and not have put up. Anymore except 400 dollar deposit. 100 dollar deposit. So. That's assignments and next thing new was used options and options gives you the right. But not the obligation. Abbas we have a contract human obligation. Well muscled stipulations are men and Contra. But an option use the right and Stuart let's say if I got an option about property for 4400. Dollar option that he. I would have the right to buy for 40000 dollars for next number of days but I wouldn't have to buy. If I did not buy options simply expires and lost 100 dollars. The deposit. At the body back. There at. The makes it okay did you could use there's several other other. It's a little more sophisticated ways to do it. But you can use frost. And you can assign the beneficial interest of trust. And it's really only one closing weird you get a property and contract in the name of trust. And you are the beneficiary and you find a buyer for and they use cell. The beneficial interest at one rules state closing one personal property sale you can do the same thing with creating. An LLC. Corporation or LLC. And and you could sell the shares created the corporation or LLC you get that property and contracts percent 40000 fund a buyer for fifty. Now you have to do sell your shares in the LLC for 101000 dollars Perry. And you can also do what's called a simultaneous closing usual buyers money to pay for yourself okay usual bars money to pay yourself. Now. Those are ways you can do deals with no money pocketbook. With no money out of pocket now if you need money. There's. You can use private money where his private private money or individuals who have money. This wall so long live now and make a good return on their money. There's a lot of people out there money sit on the sidelines maybe their 401 k.s turn into 11 okay. Maybe they're tired of getting beat up in the stock market okay. And and that just won't earn good return secure about rules state you can do that as prize money lender. Go to your local media group rules state investors' association group has won here in Charlotte. Metal miner Rio RE EA dot org award G. I believe it is yet and now. And you can you know you can come to the meeting and you can just have little cards are flyers made up. This you know loan out money that we could return if you'll amount money you can anywhere from eight man team and maybe eleven or 12% return money. Short term funding these deals guy. Comeback cash Parker's. You find summit will put cash in the news with the deal. You know you say they have got a house in the country for forty I've got a buyer lined up for fifty a unit to make two engram if you put the money I gave you half the profits. Or 25% profits or 10% profits. You know whatever you negotiate and work everything is negotiable right and and our intelligence and so. What about credit partners. You coupons delighted to partner with you when they used their credit maybe they'll have the money that they have credit maybe they have a lot of credit. Maybe they have a home equity line maybe they have credit cards that they could put an old. Doesn't matter. What about your IRA mean people who know this campus unless they're really in the states are locals but you can actually use. Rate to invest in rules whether it's active or passive shore long term right. He can't and there's what's called self directed. Our race custodians now Schwab is not gonna do this fidelity. Wells Fargo. None of the mainstream banks or financial institutions that do this. You can use what's called self directed custodian. And they allow you. To make its called alternative. Investments where you can invest it. Real state you can list. Collectibles. As well as notes you could fund Dili Kabila Linder. And you about rules that you could even about rules stadium bar all the money or partner with other people as well. So you could future retiree or you could use someone else's. There's other people out there money. That they were earned her own money does that make sense. And d'antoni didn't mention I'm transactional funding. I'm not there yeah that's next on my list ahead. So then you have what's called transactional and that. The so transactional funding is mostly got a Bahr lined up to buy your house from it for the same day or the next couple of days then what you can do is. You can you can. Use transactional funding to help put up the money to four under 40000. Seek to turn around and sell for 50000 doesn't make sense. Yes very short span. Short as well and without that money is like for a day here for a weaker soft so we've got analyzed. And we've got. Funding your deal land and then next thing you have to do it that's two of the five steps the third step is marketing okay. Marketing among a jump in here and share a few things with your marketing before we have to take a break. But. Marketing is basically everything to make the full rate. You got to be able to make the phone ring and get people. Two. To respond to your marketing and advertising one of the things we use or what's called bandit side and we you know hours and science dot com. You can have signed up this say I'll buy houses littered about houses in fact that's one of our plan is silently about houses dot com. We also owned Gabby about houses dot com. I think you'll Candace house dot com and yet. So. When I suggested it was available when you get it. You'll. Anyway. So he need to have assigned owner vehicle. Okay. You can get the final letters in the place on line and and there's just so many different ways. And you can you can do direct mail and a business card you can sign up for FaceBook hopes to so many different ways. You can market and advertise you receive asylum side of the road that say investors seeks apprentice will stay investor six programs. All they're doing is looking for somebody else to open up the science form again until they don't look for somebody just gonna do for. OK so you can do that is another good way to get started heck you can do it for us okay we'll work with to do that. And we know what we're doing and we can close the deal and teach and show you what to do and how do it so. Call and get your free investor Kip Wells in that thing Candace. There is the real estate de trained a hard book. There is some information on wholesaling and informational links option seller financing. There's some more information on how led there's 36 minutes success there's all kinds of stuff about IRAs and using self directed diaries and things like that it does is give you call eight and seven Larry yes 877. Larry yeah. You've registered for everything that we've got common three day event office goers. We'll work it out it was a call will be right back. Back again brag radio this is in this invest in real thing to be rich in dinner instantly at the beginning of the eight and then suddenly. He has seen that show notes and an email here in brag radios that com you have to check out other. Bragg are taxes on brag radioed back. Oh well the message about hey are we gonna talk about the three day event are now. That you disputed. Don't unlock those so we get treated in coming out of into the month he has here registered for in addition to his office to worsening in the investors can't when you call but. The three day event is kind of an in a month and more Ramon. Seats so if you are willing to go we need them candidacies register at Leary guns labs dot com and we have events all over the country. In fact we have people even though this radio show is live in Charlotte, North Carolina we have a whole you know US presence that we travel around and and pants that are troubled speak at and T two different events and won't that Dallas taxes the war in Orlando ward here. In fact we just haven't been in Dallas Texas and we had some people from the brag radio from right here as well as other state that flew in. Just to come to our three days so we'll. This three day coming up happens to be in Charlotte. Are home town right break up uptown Charlotte we're prone right. Not down there and I'll learn my lesson about that. Uptown Charlotte has looked around as much better shall. There and and and I don't mean and I say whatever pops and and it sometimes that is at Charlotte and nobody really ask what part. So at the three day it's going to be three full days tall bind myself. And we're gonna go over wholesaler wouldn't go over seller financing lease options hot houses. We're gonna go over negotiating every way to fund to deal it way to fund the deal. Every way to close over a deal we're gonna go through marketing. Automating. Passive income active income we're gonna go over Ashley a protection entity structuring tax planning estate planning. And Google over higher how to recruit train motivate and manage virtual assistance. That I mentioned that there is doing all the ultimate. Argument realtors. I. Yeah yeah marketing every way to find a deal closes deal by deal sell a deal. All right good stuff so they ego call Candace. 877. Literary you know 877 league ocean you register for that. Or shooter an email to info at Bragg radio dot com. And we're talking about. What does that we're talking about. Back they've some of that today your first 45 days five steps to convert our next deal. William Vince and first even in church but it's somebody ousting him some money has taken a lot longer. Two. To get a deal done. We do it we do it quickly we do it and about thirty days so we down. Can shorten the process for people. Imus who was sent with this is sort of almost Malia. You got to town here and eat there any future. They are at the time now. You follow. Anyway. And here are the latter's proposed no knobs that turn right the. I'd say you're urged or your next Spielberg Stan humid and shorten her. Right right so we're talking about the final steps to do but your next deal first or next deal 45 days the last. Analyzing a deal funding your deal and then. Marketing. And we talked about several ways to market before the break. And you can also. But you can also. Go to listed properties. Like list of properties only ML SU got hot home store dot com. You've got Rupert dot com and you also have zillow dot com you wanna go to zillow. Okay you wanna go to zillow annual two. Shut up and care all right you can go to zoo Williams set up an account and then you want to create a search. Like for example our searches are like anything 100000 a week. And marketing. Yeah and it. Okay marketing to try to deal. Learning to funded Al I guess they've done just a picture of all market properties in there's listed let it ride right so really it's marketing but it's finding a deal okay. So low. Anyway so back room was sorry that so. Go to zillow set up an account is free create a search like I like to look for everything a 100000 less at least three bedrooms right. And at least a thousand square feet that's well but I actually search the entire state of north and the South Carolina Georgia. Where were buying. All three of those states so that's what you're gonna look for and then when abrupt pull that search result. I'd like to see it in order. For like sort them. I liked either number one sorted by cheapest. So look for a house that looks like the did develop our house that is listed for 25 or thirty miles an inch and a group. And also some. You mean because I've been on there the once she does finances though and you start kicking around you'll see the filter by Anson and how they get these filters but in you my and to refer back to the show for what he does. Right right absolutely. So then what you do is another way to sort them is by square footage. The highest square footage to the lowest elected do this because occupying large houses. That are for sale at a lower price okay. Large houses that are that are for sale at a lower price. And it tends to be more bicycles a lot of times that price houses. You know or people say how much per square footage if it's a larger house you can get more square footage for your money. Do you Anderson when government. Mort grip but it. This interplay with that unseat apple and animal fat after hearing and a patent pocket now apparently. Even on weekends. And never stop never. The so. So anyway. So you know you can fend off market properties and owned and listed properties hub home store zillow dot com And even Craig's list to one local crisis as well you have to put us in. Just island. When the dunes there's something wrong now look at. All right so really it is. Apparently what. So anyway. Craig's list is another good way and not only can you look for adult Craigslist with certain keywords keywords like handyman special. Fixer upper. She. You used to stop right angle up. And let's go around for it he has to gore as remote reduced ban foreclosure or you know these solar in the required. That's if you can you every night you know aren't. They will be there will be in the show notes. Kendrick and this will back and listen. I'm not in no way to honor in Benton. It's funny so. The other certain keywords but also you need to run your own hands as well I'll buy houses in the condition anywhere cash. Right. It's a very short had just you know put a picture in there you know about houses in the condition anywhere. Harsh. Astaro. Absolutely. So. There's five quick ways okay analyzing funding. And in marketing future deals. That story and we have two more left for the next segment. And those two. Are going to be coming up right here is the minimum when you're the fourth the fourth what is may call for guys. Making offers is absolutely the most important thing people say the three most important things in real estate are location location location. And wrong. And the flow. No we you know India and I that the on the pace Ebola and but we certainly don't need to make Batman. Had already said that I couldn't sound effects in the studio they ought to play and ability to upgrade. Oh anyway it's make offers make offers make offers that is three most important things in rules that. Makeovers. Make offers makeovers and when we come back from the break I'm gonna tell you all the different ways you can't make offers and do deals. But during the break alleged call Candace Candace. Yes you can call it's and suddenly again. In town right now you're happily message an anonymous. And all the while we're on it Joba. Eighty colony and not to that it should be able to answer end. We will get to squarely with the investors kits. An office tour to come mines cius. Check out the office that three day event coming up at in the month. Com if you have any questions on anything Nellie talks about obviously the tennis that they're averaging just asking questions on the phones well. It does that India.Arie. We'll be right back 877 Larry again 877 please yes. That's OK I gotta get this you go ahead. They think I'm Ronnie get caught up on the record. I got it. Are you can't write it down and in this special effects she I didn't I'm reminded me here because I'm sure that you're gonna Spellman. With the last segment and you were telling them about Megan offers. You have the furry and it goes along with that and it is the warrant and you had zero chance of getting a deal if you don't Lincoln on her right right Ira Allen and then that renowned and then had to get. On up coaching you don't. See your enemy and a and well sometimes good to be a little bit and he's. That counts here at feet by and you switch directions like half a mile back in the fruit. And that that the problem slices squirrel running it. That. Or what you what your original pilots opens Dreamweaver Dreamweaver and world. So. Make it offers that is number four the fourth that you gotta gotta gotta make offers. You got to learn that analysts first you need the money first to determine if you're gonna. Make offers on the types of properties were you don't need money and don't forget number two funding. Number three is marketing and make the phone ring and you gotta make offers limitless properties. So the hand. He's got to make offers makeovers makeovers make off with the three most important things. So Sorenstam and learned that three metal emporium Kim number four which is number. So. I have a lot. Students called me analyst well. And this is rules and stuff disposal war got to book Greg archer investors is north. You know I got home study course or whatever and justice done more you know the very first question. How many offers to human. Initially supple willow what does zillow and I started look at how this old streets and I'd like to live. And and and and I won't realtors. And. Not a serious not a serious student. For a million there here. So and I plan ran on a so set to open the can remember it's a she's doing rules that right now via after he. Ordered. You become a three day we have one coming up and show. Call Candace go on line. So anyway. I have a lot of people say that hey this stuff doesn't work the very first question last meal for. While called realtor look for some houses. In OK the national. How many offers to do. What you know or my business cards and cauldron of dirty about it and LLC said. And you know my answer the couple Craigslist. And surgical Craigslist and I would really be looked. Okay national question. Approximately. How many offers did you. So the answer is always done I guarantee. You. I guarantee you if you made no offers you have zero chance of Samie. Guarantee you can make it into you gotta make offers you have to there is no other way to do it because. People say. Youkilis checked the. Know that. And I thank them. I'm a little nervous about it for a at the liquor that's me you know and that. He's got them on the. Now he's got. On here. You are now we can't give up I. All. Wrapped around nineteen and neat. I. Wonder when that BT is someone who. Think that's in the near future probably fifth. Letting down like Maggie it is us. And it is the new chairs in you know. After Candace oh. Just kidding. Just hitting me and the powers that be we love our show please don't take us. We love it that people love it I've violent and mean it. That the leaders so you gotta make offers the bottom half half. Off first and number of filed. Of the five most importantly did do a deal. In the next 45 days last week no personal property fast you gotta be able to sell fast here's where it reseller properties bodily. We hold Chanel. Vast majority. He still things. Done. Okay now located at. So. The way we seller properties that are fast we put up bandits and essentially for closure. And they have a full number and we can't write the price in ample cash we put out. We're near twenty more and that's it on the news. Around the house. Around the neighborhood in front Wal-Mart Walgreens CVS convenience stores that sort of thing and put those signs now. In the people called and Euro says foreclosure and that there in the price. Analysts say the prices audience and that than about it than what they don't really a man that is fuel frustrated. It Ambien and then and. Thank. You. So it works in. And so. Well yeah. And it. And I don't think in street corner and global sport ignored them or city. Where is this. And comfort to our. So. They've got a well they ended commitment but in the front yard in this program by the thing that we don't even know yet. It's on in the especially if it's on the analysts actually it is legal adult who. That that may prove. I'm a bit. And on and. Exactly so. You've got to to put out about twenty to thirty of these things that foreclosure Merrill we get him and his sense dot com. And you gotta do is go to bed dot com column. And say hey well the league owns foreclosures don't know exactly which of talked it just make street column the number that you won't. Or other illicit use my number I. That's a rocket fuel as the house to a for profit. I sure. It exactly so you got to sell how slow. The one thing you can do. It is is but the man is now the next thing you can do is put an ad on Craigslist just don't put the address I put pictures of the house of its on the MLS. Not gonna use the same pitchers from the Internet. The real trick is I take different pitchers from a different angle toward agent calling it well. Giving you a hard time about trying to sell house you don't yet today. So you won't to be sure. You'd take different pitchers from differently okay. And and and the next thing you do. It is. As a Craigslist. And you. The signs that Al. And if it's not listed on him LSU put hurdles zillow zillow dot com you can run girl had. There's more people go to zillow dot com and almost in rule for current Pezzullo advertises a lot more. To get traffic to their website. You put Arnold zillow you can put Arnold Trulia you can put Craig's list. He's a political little dot com component known all the different web sites out there for properties you can even political heat that we've sold. Even many of them a lot of people look at all day to try to find rules state that you know that. And so there's a ton of places that you ago to to market and advertise your properties. And but I am telling you the bad science work the best. They knew there and parents were the best comic so that has different ways that you can do deals if you want my team and how to work with you personally. Asked Candace about it she can tell you all about that does give her call and eight supposedly go in future for investors to have an honest pandas. You schedule an office to work and I think of the physical version of the investors kid. If you why can't come out of the office you're gonna get the did you market then we've got the three day coming up that I've got it at three at the end of this month. I was Chad who Chad the agreement. Mike is this segment three we are a little bit and a toilet. Lima and the huge microphone there. That period ended in Oman and Yemen attitude and a few scenes let me see your answer that. It's in an email to info at Bragg radio dot com or get a call 2877. Leery go with CN. Thank you can't ask for more information about Larry Candace discussed on today's break radio leading the world to be rich and generous put a brag radio dot com. You can also call 877 Larry go for free investors get to schedule a tour of the office or get more information on upcoming events. That's 8775277946. Tune in again next Saturday as Larry and Candice teach you the latest strategies and techniques the pros used to make money real estate. Greg radio. Leading the world to be rich and generous and news 1110993. W. Beats me.