How Dirty is an Airplane, "I Read The News" and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, August 8th

John talks the PGA, how much oney does it take to be wealthy, what would be your email alias, "I Read The News" and more


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This is John Hancock. Think it felt as oppressive out there today as did yesterday temperatures lower it's like 79 degrees out there. Hey there other are there or as a Tuesdays we can be. Justin Bieber spotted at the PGA. Clearly he couldn't get tickets for the final Ford is either. Didn't just cancel a tour. But the tail end of two. So anyway would that have been bigger news four years ago that it does today TJ and I were talking about tough. Anyway beavers out there if you go to if you noted Dave long ball contest himself like that Iran and doing Justin Bieber that would be our. It be a decent day one and get out cellphone picture. Then go in and have your picture taken with. Rory McIlroy at in India. Merchandise tent. I've seen several people use those on FaceBook over the last couple of days. Including Bo. Including Dave Scott my former morning show partner he was out there appear course yesterday first time he'd been to quail hollow since he was a kid cat being out there. And I imagine there's been a few changes in the in there in the course incidentally was a third David Letterman stormed back Stevie issued just heard during media newscast Netflix. Is. Gonna do a serious six. He'll do some in depth interviews. I don't know that they are really decided on the format of the show yet. And at least some of the interviews expected to be conducted in front of a live audience so but he seven years old he was at the Cincinnati Reds game this last weekend. I thought they were playing the cardinals. So why flipped and under receive the cardinals and all the sudden here's this guy sitting in the stands interviewing a Letterman who's now become recognizable with his beard. And and the thing I guess that surprised me more than anything else was. It Letterman didn't don't get the hell out of there. Arm and NB. It says cern and and talk to him during the game heard of a pretty good long while. And then he says hey I've got to take a break and go make some money you understand that. But only come back can I ask you a couple of more questions. Waterman was up four. So I I were I don't know maybe Letterman didn't wanna be a jerk on TV bent. Or maybe Letterman decided maybe this would be a good time for me to be a nice guys since I've got a show coming on Netflix but took. Now that they had about life after. After the networks. And it used to be were hoping that some other network would pick you up. But signed shelves gut comedians and cars get coffee that's an online thing. Is it. I and then it Letterman. Must be way past all of his no competes with CBS and all that kind of stuff. So now he's going to Netflix. Which means it's really a time I start spirited ten bucks a month on Netflix. A went into my head TV the other day because every time I turn on my TV there's a river and it shows up at the bottom. And it says Netflix and Amazon and also stuff under there and just general paid too much attention doing as far as I'm sort of is clogging up the screen waiting for the Euro pressured to come on. So I got out the remote control no win over not clicked on Netflix and is said to start your thirty day free trial now. And I didn't know him through the register but I mean apparently act and I can sign and all of that Lou and never get off my butt. So why am I not done that yet and every all these documentaries I wanna see music documentaries that I Odyssey and. I don't know I don't know what told me up when you get awarded this is holding me up. It's a saving the accused me from cut the cable other than the fact of my son works for spectrum so I kind of feel like I've got to. Not support that the mother ship. But. It's the same thing that keeps. All of us geezer is from cutting the cord. And that's only way we've ever gotten TV. I mean other than rabbit ears when you were you all but I mean and then I in the modern era cents. You you've had cable. And and so the idea of being restricted in any way shape or form not being able to get so and so channel or not being able to have access to so and so up. I don't I you know I canceled HBO about four or five years ago because. Just what worked time or the money. But. It set cabinet security court. It into you know already did just. So I I I just need to go do it. Otherwise I won't continue to be either. Hippest almost 65 year old on the blood. That becomes impossible by the way after your 25 it. Into. It becomes impossible when you're start reading. The papers or. Sites. Web sites I go into it's got celebrity news imminent and all the celebrity user interest that are listed in there had no idea who they are. So and so and so once or get divorced they just had four kids you courses the star of big hit TV show. I don't know who he is better or she is I don't know opening of the show I don't understand don't know the show is. If I don't know it's just where is. Wrote in Martin's laugh in that's still on right. Yeah PGA championship can move to may not this year. But there one golf's four majors is being played this week. Officially starting on a Thursday what's officially started but Pia determined glee starts on Thursday. And by the way Johnny Harris is interview with the blow Thomson know from this morning news. On the WBT website and no Bos broadcast the vote Thompson page WBT dot com. Anyway the PGA championships gonna move to May's starting in 2019 this is all part of a long term. Plan that involves say a major shift India in the golf calendar. And that's driven by gulls returned to the Olympics in the PGA tour wanting to wrap up the FedEx Cup before the NFL begins so the PGA championship has been known in August since 1969. With a couple of exceptions they changed and in 71 when it was in February and then they changed last year when it was in July ahead of the real Olympics. But they'll move it to may. But this year it's it's in August and it's at quail hollow and it's a big week for us and our hope. I hope. That the weather somehow or another. Cooperates. And doesn't become the big story as we head into the weekend. So well we'll see how all that works. Retired about Letterman it's coming back to Netflix to do a six episode thing and how are cut McCord is a is tough on some of us old people. I'm. I just I just I just want access to everything. And right now I can afford it. And and maybe don't cut the cord when. When the paychecks we're coming in. Which will probably within the next five years. But today in the meantime. And it's while work. That is stupid. Because I've as a starter Jorge Jorge cut record. And and and he's exactly right that I rolled it there's probably about fifteen channels and I watch but there's nothing that I religiously have to see every week. We just had gotten out of that point. So if there's anybody that could cut the court I could. But just as soon as I do that got elected dated IA cut very back canceled HBO. Ben you know become over the fight that I wanna see here nor someone like that so you just get over it but. On the other thing is sports. I don't wanna see delayed sports. And so I want access to. But I I bet you if I found out how much you can get with. So called rabbit ears still. But I'm not a Mecca accord. But I but I probably am gonna sign on a Netflix now maybe sign in on a Netflix will help me cut the cord because all the side did there's so much as the stuff that I can see that I want to see. And then all in some ways I almost got to court years ago because they're I was having such trouble here and everything I couldn't. But in a miracle her thing came along and so now I can hear on the TV was that'll struggle so I'm back to enjoy and stuff like that again I don't. It's hard for old people to change. You old people know that and I'm getting there are so it'll be hard for me changed you. Forcefully on them bouts of fortunately I'm still youthful. And blunt. Ahmed cheer on WBT hi. Are they gonna join me on the X. Met below elected they made and guided it to being the contention in our household about. Why would still paint or I mortar cable flat out spectrum. But we're just you know basically having been streaming service that I had gone to root. Like immediate spreadsheet and every single shift you'd like. What she actually watches what you like and sugar I can get you all these things and we can say about a 150 bucks a month. It's good that you have to basically go online to hit like collect what did it click that. And my wife. She can't go to work for me to be able to mark you worked so hard it would seek them so he worked at Google old fashioned like all support what the kids are. What you just said the key thing goes I wife would be the same thing. If you you just come home and then you hit this and do that and do this and then you got it and she doesn't wanna hit that and do this and do that because she can already get it and she doesn't have to go to the computer to do it. Yeah you want with her channel sort of like like yelled like buying the magazine. And flipping pages at that how you liked it even good garbage she won the garbage that. Her mental directory I understand her completely. Or. Do you just hit just we admit she just need to go get so for younger wife. No no. Doubt about dynamic here that at no I didn't say anything about that that's that that are at the I know listen I I I I I know exactly where she's coming from I guess the surprising part of that is a 150 bucks a month you see when you say that. No woman no there isn't. What we have like four CDs. And chilling what is one of them but we got bot could drop four and I get no recall but spectrum if you try to cancel the rebound empty before. It's still like. You know people don't like change NTELOS forced upon them. And then they wonder why they were so resistant to it in the first place but by and large people personnel but most people don't like to volunteer. For change. Well. My plan is I'm gonna wait the next hurricane Andrew or Hugo. To knock out power for two weeks and then I'm gonna cancel cable yeah thank you whenever noted. Well good luck on the good luck on that alive how long was it how long was it between now they Hugo's. Like a hundred some odd years. I had time believe me you when you read in a hundred years you are gonna need to younger wife. Yeah right manager I appreciate you all and thanks they got on the goes I you know I get it. Kinda. And I love I and I understand the stupidity of an all too. But. I think yeah also I also have assessed on a land line. I I think it'll. I there's really no reason for it. And now people say well what's your landline and and that causes confusion these days because people say you call like a like had a caller credit card company Goosen last week. So I gave myself a number national rail. So then I had to go find my home phone because the home phone we moved into the new house that couldn't take the number that we had the last 43 years. So why so wide aisle won't have to go into my office I have it written down I have to look at it to tell somebody what it is his. So I give that number she said no that's not good as it all than you know the person on the other line is saying well. Who's this hacker. You know and so that I so law. Oh I don't. On and then I get the phone number that we had the last 43 years and she says yes that's it. So I say well what address are you working off she gets my old address so I mean you go through all that kind of so you people don't like to volunteer for change just it's just it just what we are. They yesterday I promised that we were gonna talk about the survey. About how much money Americans think it makes you wealthy. And JJ took the initiative yesterday to to put it up on the FaceBook page in many of you answered. But you didn't answer. Looking for a hardcore number. And we told you what the number was that came out of the survey period in order burden for someone to do and I don't watch your philosophical BS answer the and L ledger line is you have your family. And you're rich out now looking for. Cinnamon on me. I won a number. It used to be if you had a million box. If you retire with a million bucks you were sent. Now that might not be true for if you're eleven and seven Eagles right next to the quail hollow country club but I mean for them for the most of us you know mr. and mrs. Middle. Income of America. But a million bucks now to the man you better be eighty when you're retired as it's not gonna go as long as you think so good does that do do. How much money does someone need to head to be considered quote unquote Welty. And I'm not looking for your family answer. Have a video of a challenge for awhile should know who re analysis. He's boot. And he's just a heck of a nice guy and he's. I Filipino. Elvis impersonator. And he's got a book out he just is that it's available on Amazon I've been in touch with him back and forth spent some time with the book last night's called follow that dream. A German I they are journey. From being a seminarian in the Philippines to a celebrated musician and Charlotte, North Carolina a musical memoir Rian Elvis sings. And got lots of photos and and and loss or references to us stuff that's happened in and around or Charlotte and he's just a hoot and use. I just one of the nicer people would you ever want to run into in your entire life and he's made quite well. Quite a name for himself. As a Charlotte's renowned Filipino Elvis impersonator. I he's got mad he's got the customs he's got he's got the look he's got the Ares got the whole nine yards and he's got a book. So it says now having accumulated at least three dozen Elvis had made jumpsuits and having performed and over 500 shows in North Carolina and a few other states. The enthusiastic real Elvis still sees himself more as a songwriter than a singer which he hopes his audience wolf finally see the last two chapters of this memoir showcase the songs. Of Maria and Elvis is a released. Albums. It's available on net Amazon. Follow that dream. They were checking out. Is is a good dude and he's really it is really worth those supporting. And any as he's done telling us. Shows and benefits and stuff around Charlie is he's a big part of Charlotte. So while all entry by Rian Elvis or remind you about that I ought to get past this money fingers. It. How much money to someone need to be considered wealthy and this Charles Schwab survey. A 2000 Americans found that the average figured I wonder he had as Marta trouble getting a figure answer out of them as if that. Is to that is 2.4 million dollars. It TJ entire hard talking to each other men TJ say and because I was saying you know I used to be a million bucks and and anti this and well. I can do familiar you give me a million men. But I'm telling you what. You're thirty right. By the time your 62 million be gone. And the other part is it's and to some extent. Then there's the question leaves a little bit to be open. How much is how they ask it how much money Americans think it makes you wealthy. Well part of that would have to do with the age. If you got 2.4 million in your 65 your probably. I got a pretty nice retirement. If you got 2.4 million in your eighteen. If you're not you're not broke by any way Armenians but you'll have to manage your money smartly. Arm and a with inflation and everything else that's gonna go on in the next thirty and forty and fifty years 2.4 million will be 2.4 million. So. And that's all a lot of people answered dog though. In the second. At about. Thirty times more than the approximately 80000 dollars net worth of an average US household according to the most recent Census Bureau sort of adapt. Beyond specific dollar amounts respondents described being wealthy in other ways to and that's what we get with almost half saying it's about. Enjoying life's experiences in being able to afford what you want. But doable when you were asked about third row own priorities in life more said that they prefer having good health. And gratitude to having a lot of money. But that's not really want to question asks. It really is a monetary question. And that's why I say did you know we we asked the same thing no I'm TJ put it up on the FaceBook page yesterday. And it says. When you can adequately provide for your family. Tied to your place of worship and travel quarterly to experience life and our world. All the true wealth comes from giving. Someone said would you learn to be content with what you have no dollar amount. Worry about the next world than this one well in it and I agree with that but. To some extent the recession should atop all of us are real big lesson. Some and that is limit your means. Quit trying to compete with people that she shouldn't be trying to compete against if you can't afford. Alexis then don't buy Alexis. If you're right if you're a centro then bias interrupt. If you if you can afford that 226000. Dollar house. Or if you can afford a 150000. Dollar house then by the 150000. Dollar house. Don't by the 300000 dollar house. Because that's where that's were I think a lot of people got killed by the recession. We were livid that our means. I I improbable because I was too lazy to move. But we would've gone in over our head another recession would hit and we have been we have been in trouble. But we were eleven at army and so the recession to some extent whereas it affected. Our retirement savings which I had already started because I've gets her. My colleges to have him on on on a weekly basis I've had him on a number of times I've got to know him well he handles my finances Carol financial. A Getty Fontana. I was and you know I was around him and new Danny you well enough that. When they finally offered for a one k.'s here. Twenty years ago. I went and talked to Danny. Danny help me. Put money in a 401K and and and put it in the right places. So that'd deserted grew accordingly and then I go back to Danny every year and say. You know they just changed from vanguard or fidelity now auto I and he'd help Meehan. So you know I haven't heard of it but live it your means and think about future. An awful lot of people art and got some carry stuff around in my show prep notebook about our retirement saving some its dismal. It's never too late. But limit your means and that's what a lot of people these said Franklin gives road tour and our own world and RW BT page contentment. To the question of how much money American six make you wealthy well he says contend that make you wealthy and well yeah that's does not overlook or. We when you when you can live the lifestyle you want on part of the interest of your investments. Now when you have the lifestyle you desire. Not as much as you pick. Derrick said fifteen million Donny said one billion. Patrick said one dollar. Somebody said a dollar more than is taxable. But I don't know that that makes you wealthy. Being wealthy I think beans. And having boomer is a traffic guy that's that being asked that you've you've. Reached. The room and a bill that go ahead. Copyright it's. A good cook who has that fit right there. It's. Yeah. And. I'll try missile launches on that team via network online via FaceBook and talk about that when we come back. These federal climate report. Contradicting. Administration claims that's an ongoing battle between two sides Russia and inching discovery you know the at times just today you basically you know broke this and said this was a not available and so on and so forth and Nolan bug as his crew found out that it's actually been available online now for months. So we kind of copy of the New York Times and on and that doesn't surprise anybody do you know Elizabeth Carlisle is. Well it was actually the alias used by a Loretta lynch to talk about the Clinton tarmac meeting and we'll talk about that and need Google engineer who wrote an anti diversity memo has been fired. But Julian Assange. Supports him. And that in two bucks a game yet to bucks. So while we were darkened admiral concluded dove and Baltic chris' phone call about this question that was. Ventured forth by. Charles Schwab. How much money Americans. Thinks makes you wealthy be answer. For those who actually answered the question was 2.4 million. Chris is up on WBT hey Chris. How are you doing Jan I'm great I'm always great. I yeah I think that this is a question that has me really really penetrating. Consequences. Because it's it's debate and so a lot of political or. Import five million dollars isn't gonna buy you McDonald and needs. You and I are old enough that we remember. I went corporate Torii 500 dollar for India. And you're head bit you know years old and I am but I remember my mother buying into it should be. 72 Chevy nova. Or road led 200 hours now and Demi ending it it certainly makes 40000 while you're going to make some 25 years to make the million dollars. Supplies they need to believe you're not spending anything. Yeah well and that that's the thing I mean the cost of living is so are there we are very. Double digit inflation and older elation. But you'll also would take your 2.4 million and probably make interest off of that so I mean that's part of the equation too. Well understand if you graduate from college you can pay your college and they get into a million dollar in cash paid attack sect or withdraw right. And you've got married and our house and our greatness family you'd be out of money in Kenya. Yeah in less in in less you had a job that allowed you to sustain your lifestyle without touching your million. Big exactly part of our being well he is concerned are being rich if you could run out of money. In Europe in life you're not rich feed your pet ever not great it is to sustain you and that certainly five years. No matter what the inflation rate worse and goes through divorces. Being sued. Well let's go talk about earlier this this question to some extent. Deals with the age of you've got 2.4 million in retirement account in your retiring at age 66. You're you're probably in pretty good shape. If you got 2.4 million in your eighteen. And you don't plan to work for the rest your life you're a moron. There ramadi. In early or your aren't. But you maturity you may have been boy you're gonna have elements in years. And that's are gonna have a good time for a while asking ask half a dozen NFL in the NBA players who both thought that the not that the money you I would do it never could come and in none none. We read a stat the other day and I it seems of preposterous to me but 80% of all players in the NFL. What was it TJ within five years or something like that are either broke or or most of their money's gone. Same thing we have got people win the lottery most of them are proper retro. Yeah. And and anatomy is because that's usually do I mean the people that are one in the big money that's that's a ton of money. So now did your scenario about if you're if bureau folks give you a million dollars when you got out of school you know there was one guy that it took that million dollars intern and the president of the United States in Nevada and has a pretty and has a pretty big empire so some of it has to do a little bit with your guts in your brain. Yes so are. Who would have and I appreciate the call I did that's an NC Dario we talked about what we brought this up yesterday just briefly. We know there was an argument there about how much how rich is rich in other words from an annual basis the amount of money you make. And they were talking about you know taxes. And we're over the taxes can start. Getting fairly high for people that made and they determine what was that it was 250000. Dollars a year fewer Macon to fifth gear that you were considered to be. Call us and I think make it to fifty year is. Is pretty healthy. But I don't know that I think it's rich. Because of all the things that we just mentioned it a lot of it depends on your lifestyle. But to 58 year is. Great you can do a lot of things be pretty comfortable. That's not over the top oh my god rich. Civilian oversight panel is looking into the misconduct against those CM PD in the heck he almost got thing so will be tootsie were that goes. You further citizens review board Dover to determine that. That the officer was not justified that would be. Be the first time that a liberal against the police right. Round about twenty years. But anyway that's a guy that's going on today. Donald Trump has launched they are real. News serious to promote government achievement. He launched his own. News channel via his FaceBook page elaborating government achievements that he says get ignored by the fake news media. He hired a. Conservative commentator. From a CNN RX of CNN Caylee Mac and many. And so she anchors the thing. And he himself tweeted it's big news or refused report is government's successes in now it'll. It appears cities should take it upon himself to ensure that the message gets out so well. It's called the weekly update. And like I said it's got this Caylee. Mac and Amy. Who recently less CNN head to become an official spokesperson for the Republican Party. And other clip which was filmed in trump tower outlines. What mr. trump is achieved throughout the week including new policies that were introduced. Such as the rays act. Americans deserve a raise and president trumpets finally putting the American worker first she said. It also detailed a number of jobs that to trump is created in veterans who had to have been honored. Quote more great economic news on Friday. And that's it thank you for joining us everybody I'm Caylee Mac Canadian that is the real news and that was her sign off and apparently should come back next weakened. And do it all over again this will stun you by two she's a TV anchor that is now working for a bit trump. FaceBook TV thing and she's good looking and and she's blond. You know one of the network should think of that. Just put a bunch are really good looking blond women on and have them. Put out like conservative. Let's use the traditions of our trump on Monday attacked or Richard Blumenthal. You don't wanna get on the wrong side here amount. When he starts tweeting in the morning. Blumenthal lied about his service and so what trump referred to him yesterday as a phony Vietnam con artist. Because Blumenthal had expressed some support for the investigation under Russia's 2016 election meddling and no concern over the Justice Department's hunt for people leaking information. I damaging the president trump said Blumenthal lied and defrauded voters by saying years ago that he had served in Vietnam. And he served in the National Guard during the Vietnam era but he never went overseas and he has apologized for misstating his service record seven years ago. So he responded on Twitter saying Mr. President your bullying hasn't worked before and won't work now no one is above the law. But on the other thing and senator Blumenthal. A liar liar. And actually that's probably could be spread to. A number of people. And depending on which. Side of the parade that your watching from. The president could fall into that. I toilet paper featuring Donald Trump's tweets reportedly has sold out on Amazon twelve dollars parole. They still have the toilet paper available with his face on it. And there's other toilet paper's there are available. Of Barack Obama GP for instance. That apparently you get three packet that for five dollars. So I gave you're going by actual. Monetary value. The toilet tweets. Toilet paper. Is. Twelve bucks role and a sold out. So why that was so that was in the news yesterday. We talked about the federal climate report contradicting the administration claims. A New York Times say yesterday came out and. So recent. Said Briggs beckons have been the hottest of the past 15100 years due to the sharp rise in temperature since 1980 and scientists from thirteen federal agencies contributed to the report which. Has been approved by the National Academy of Sciences but not released to the public said the New York Times. One government scientist told the times that he and others who worked on the report feared that it might be suppressed says the New York Times. Because it contradicts claims by president trump and members of his cabinet that scientists still aren't sure about the extent and causes of climate change and that's true enough. But asked for the suppression. And as for. This being approved by the National Academy of Sciences which it was but not released to the public. Our Rush Limbaugh and his crew are apparently I guess it was them that uncovered this and it's actually been online for three months. So the hyperbole of the the New York Times reported this with last night I was crap. Not being suppressed. It's been readily available. And it may not be in agreement with the EPA. Under the trump administration. But the fact of the matter is is that the fears that were broadcast. By the New York Times so last night in their presentation. Seem to be. Just another example of the New York Times blown things out of proportion. These Charlotte Observer today had aid. Opinion piece. The editorial board. In which they are not real complimentary of the current Charlotte mayor. In fact. It's all has to do with Jennifer Roberts. Making no committee assignments for the council. And taking Ed dregs off. Of the economic development committee. Just what a week and a half for a little bit more than that. After he had proposed using eighteen and a half million dollars from the hotel motel tax revenue to pay for radio building. That would link boat jingles and ovens. And would free up by the AT net point five million for something else. Like affordable housing. Which is kind of what they had promised people well. You'll remember that a few days later Roberts called on the council to make affordable housing a priority but she seemed. A little off guard when. When. When Ned dregs made his original proposal. So she dropped him off the economic. And and the observer was saying you know there's a fine line between being hard knuckled and petty. And the impact the view our view is titled on the opinion pace today a vindictive Charlotte mayor. And apparently she has because she's done this before. And assignments you know on committees are one of the real few powers that are Charlotte mayor hasn't because of the this is what the observer wrote today. Because much of the work that gets done in city government goes through council committees the mayor indicated Friday that her motivation for digs groove dregs move. Was quote unquote. Spreading opportunity to every corner of the city. So while three other council members indicated to the editorial board that they've got a little doubt that the move was retaliatory and and these observer in their opinion piece today wraps up by saying such lashing out isn't leadership. It's vindictiveness. And it's not good for Charlotte well one thing the Barry has never been accused of is leadership. She was dumped by the county commission because she had no leadership. She proved during the riots in September that she had no leadership. Not said. I'm sure she's fine person. But leadership. Is not whatever strong suits. You're gonna use an alias what alias would you. Bad news John Hancock. I had to use an alias from my alias I guess I use I don't know. Roger Maris. Leon Russell. Prescott. I don't know you're you know Dolly Madison. Loretta alleged used the alias Elizabeth Carlisle for official emails as attorney general including those are related to her infamous tarmac meeting last summer with the former President Clinton. Those emails were included in no 400 in thirteen pages of a Justice Department documents that were provided to our conservative watchdog groups. A judicial watch an American Center for Law and Justice. This is not illegal. Using an alias top federal officials are or new. Eric Holder. Which his predecessor used. Lou Al sender. Critics. As they say you know such aliases can result in in some requested emails to and from official maybe going undetected but. Lois Lerner former IRS official at the center of the agency's targeting of conservative groups. Seeking tax exempt status. She used an alias Toby miles. Now Elizabeth Carlisle is the name of Lynch's maternal grandmother. Although Fox News always points out that it's also. The name of an actress. Who has had some roles including that of a prostitute and Gypsy. You lynch documents were provided to via groups that asked for them freedom of information. In connection with the lawsuits that are seeking information about what happened on that plane on June 27 2016 at Phoenix airport. While the FBI was investigating whether Hillary. Had revealed classified information when using private email servers so while she was secretary of state. And the FBI director of the time James told me it concluded. It was extremely careless careless his words. But. Is it recommended the Justice Department not pursue criminal charges. And but that he told the senate in testimony that the meeting was a deciding factor in his decision to act alone to update the public go on the investigation any also said dilution directed him to call the investigation. All matter. Not an investigation. And he said that kind of confused him. And lynch is said breeder that she regrets having allowed the meeting. And so there you go but anyway the an analyst Elizabeth Carlisle. Eric Holder Lou Al center there's there's. Now how are out if you were Lou well cinder how would you feel about that somebody's using your name to send out emails. Would that be fraud. I mean junior alias beat completely. Like Johnny midnight. Or you know somebody that big it's not you're not assuming the identity of somebody else I would think there would be ramifications of that. You somebody's name is not known was not. Consequential. Did you get back I did my it was a region of Iraq. Maybe that would do. Willie is up on nine WBT AL LE. Editor and very sharp they're almost got you can't really say that you got rabbit Latino named gray areas and you're not what they'll be out. You know John as Juan and then nick I will be. Motto forehand and then guy you'll so model that guy you'll. Mono and on Ohio money I feel London among the big guy out there at Detroit had a almost made it Aussie economy. Juan. Model big guy you know I. I like that. My brother Dario wrote you brother all right I'll write that down thanks for the tip man topic you spoke look at they're gonna sit. Part of CA. 200 in twenty days into the year. 47 team there are 145. Days ago. It's not worth a Glen Campbell died eighty years old. Long story of alzheimer's and and we've gone on for a long long time. Well one of the really great amount Romo later driver on Glen Campbell. Everybody was hokey when he first came out. And in the same thing when John Denver I came to a whole new appreciation album and I found out a little bit more became a little bit more educated as to. On the talent that they really had been. Saw ai I hate the way that Glen Campbell's life ended and and and then I'm sorry that he's fast eighty years old. 1974. On the state and Leo fallout from the Washington scandal Richard Nixon announces resignation effective the next day. You would have thought then that the world was gonna do an end. I 1988 the lights were turned daughter Wrigley Field for the first time some people thought that meant that the world was coming to an end. I made at the last Major League Baseball stadium to host the night games and Dustin Hoffman is eighty years old today. Rolling Stone member Ronnie wood recent cure cancer survivors said at no time did he ever consider chemotherapy is an option because. Meanwhile loses hair. Donald Trump now broadcasting his own edition of the news on news of FaceBook page and a new study finds that being lonely when they talk about this little bit later. I can be is detrimental to your health as smoking. Sixteen years after two hijacked. Jetliners fly into the World Trade Center and the Twin Towers. The New York City medical examiner on Monday announced. It identified the remains of a 9/11 victim. The office said that it now knows the name of the 1641. Victim to be identified of the 2753. Killed in those towers. It's been two years since the last victim was identified and a man's name was being withheld upon request from his family. The medical I find this fascinating the medical Examiner's office identified the remains through DNA testing. About 1112. People 40% of the people who died in the September 11 attacks 2001. Remain unidentified. There are more than 41900. Pieces of remains yet I don't unidentified investigators started using new more. Successful DNA technology. Earlier this year to identify them. Fact that they can do that. Tom I just want to be. I is that would that be a consolation to the family we do it all due respect when you start talking about pieces. I don't know I still find it fascinating. Department of Defense. Has approved a policy that allows military bases to shoot down unauthorized drones and their airspace of the Pentagon releasing guidelines for shooting down civilian drones pentagon spokesman has confirmed the policies existence. But though wouldn't give any further comment because it's all classified policy had been coordinated with the FAA and other agencies that what measures would be taken to stop drones and restricted airspace. And they just say that will depend on the specific circumstances. Well if they're I would assume if they if these are the guidelines for shooting them down. On don't just obliterate them or maybe you wanna save solely for evidence I don't know AIG a look at for an opportunity. And of that are. Around motel is for sale. You don't think that sounds just not read the story last night and then I guess I saw. Our promo for president new movie that's coming out having to do with clowns third yeah. What is it yet be. We're a little kid walks around the corner and there's a clowns that narrowed also McLeod got a gives and that evil smile the kid knows he's. Up that creek. Clown theme motel. For sale in rural Nevada. Andy 600 clown figurines. They should buy this for. Rows back. Then at the end terrified clowns. When I when that lottery tonight. Clown team motel up for sale rural or Nevada 600 clown figurines mannequins paintings come with a 22 years ago I also wounded dozens. Sometimes find somebody else to look after things. Hi it's about 250 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Don't make your reservations for me I'm busy that weekend table or. Yes sir are you ought to run do us a note over five Glen Campbell ever meet him. No I never have had that was one you're one earlier observed across as with the not. I judges said no late respect for Glen Campbell when you when you read about his audio work and and back and that is when he was a studio musician and the work that he did with the beach boys and not a TJ said the ventures and knows a lot of sort of never saw Brad tequila by the champs he was the guitar that is instrumental and you can scream two -- -- at the end yeah he's the guitarist the math if you have any idea it's you you run across Leon Russell was I mean Molly piano for a Sinatra songs and stuff like that you know you learn about these guys and you think oh my gosh. But I just curious I you know I I can take a rhinestone cowboy or leave it and I and has some of those his songs that he had but when you really. The delve into Hui was a musician know much respect. He's from what I've read and heard heard he was and not a ton of recording session gym time to have indicates you're registered to an end Glen Campbell passed away today 81 years old. City Margo in his career best way about 81 years ago it's. Well we still like it's all there are all about the song it's one of those stupid. You're listed as well as its sixteen. She knew a. All I kept on Reid know about them then man they got and emails they got a description they got and everything. Every demo I read about something like this I think did we did we'll launch computers may be. Before we should have should we have maybe done a little bit more work on this. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. AOL dial up. Oral. That was the sound cues to get an armed. Has computers we're gonna do a couple of things they were going to make your life easier. And they were going to make us paperless. Well I contend that more trees have died because of computers than they Roydell without them. Every copy stuff off. Packers on Monday posted stolen HBO files online for the second data dumps since that cyber attack. And they included five Scripps from game of drones. As well as emails from the company's vice president of a film programming Wesley Cohen. And they're going by the name of mr. Smith. So that should be easy to track. Just check any motel in America. And they threaten her release more material unless HBO pays a ransom estimated at six million dollars or more in bitcoin. Now we were it will ranch somewhere here. Year ago. So it's if it's just bizarre. From the data dump included what appears to be description five game thrown just episodes. Including one coming episode. Months worth of email from the accountable Wesley Cohen you vice president Joseph for film programming. Internal documents including a report of legal claims against the network and job offer letters to top executives. Bob this is probably not going to reach. The chaos that was inflicted on Sony Bakken 2014. But. We'll see. And those behind the HBO theft claimed to have more data including Scripps coming episodes of HBO shows and movies and information damaging to HBO. India in day in a video directed to the HBO chief executive Robert plot blur. Mr. Smith. Used white text on a black background to threaten further disclosures of HBO doesn't pay the rent them to stop the leaks. Hackers demanded. Our six month salary and bitcoin. Which they implied is at least six million dollars. Now I don't know HBO's books I would assume that. Six million bucks is probably so make good. But the deal about ransom ware is is that you don't know if they're gonna give you back your computer or not. So. Anyway if you're wondered what the what's up for games thrown sort of go (%expletive) go find the data dump and and and reads scripts. A male Google software engineer who wrote a controversial international our internal memo that argued against promoting diversity at the company fired. Claimed women aren't suited protect jobs for quote unquote biological reasons. The memo whose author has been identified. As a guy by the name or James was posted internally and had circulated widely at the company before it would got a published in the media over the weekend. And that that drew. Condemnation. The engine Google CEO announced via memo and company wide email yesterday said it advanced carved my harmful gender stereotypes and said today he was cutting his vacation short to hold a town hall. With staff on Thursday he wrote to suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited. To that work as a. Some of the contentions made by this James do it in the memo were that men have a quote higher drive for status than women and that the company's diversity programs. Are highly politicized. And alienate non progressives. And then hiring more women stands to make Google less competitive and that the gender wage gap is a myth. Anyway he's out of a gig but he is getting some support Julian Assange gave you his aide today. So there you go. Life on line and it's 505. These. I. And okay. AP. Okay. Yeah. And it. Oh OK okay. Fine. Mom and he's. Okay. And okay. Oh man. And man. And okay. I. Drug users get out of the office guess who was spotted out and quell all loaded it. Justin Bieber. The during a practice round not a thorough today learn a black hoodie and donning thick rimmed black eye glasses. Posing with fans and staff and and stuff like that so the beam. Don't think all of and spotted the fourth hole and and and probably you know elsewhere. Would you have thought him a golf fan. Surely you didn't just come out to get some attention. And he's Canadian. Is Canadian. But anyway welcome to our Charlotte bibs says there's no load heavier don't bother drop my. We're kind of busy. My member I'm totally vote for no interviews for the rest of the hour. I've gone gaveled I had 81 years old rhinestone cowboy singer. Unbelievable history. Was no one of those guys who. Was part of the what did you televisions days ago the wrecking crew configured the names similar. The wrecking crew. It is one of those. It was just a collection of unbelievable musicians that played on everything ventures and I mean and that's just scratching the surface. But. Glen Campbell's on record that you would never even. Even imagine. Ed Emmett arrogant. And they're going to Baghdad that I've got a dvd at home talks about two. A group of musicians that he had to play don't everything Leon Russell low old employer remind thousand years ago. Who also just passed recently. Has played on all sorts of you know Sinatra albums and and count bases stuff and in addition to his own career in addition to her you know. Beatles and sorrows over on Campbell was panel like an honorary member of the Beach Boys he. Alzheimer's disease. A.s so far along and courageous battle with all alzheimer's no passed away today at the age of 81 night. And a Letterman it's coming back to TV's signed a six a series deal with with Netflix. That'll probably come up sometime next year so that's kind of the news has bubbled over. Nope can't noon tomorrow night. But. Anderson a good start Derek Anderson so. You know a lot of pre season game. And there'll be some new uniforms to hit no I'm sure they're looking forward to that end and I can't wait. I think it's going to be fun no I'm not only that they've got there's big article in the paper this morning. About although. Young. Wide receivers. Eight album by and Verizon six album buying for two spots that are probably left. Austin duke is one of them Charlotte product UN CC. But does he waited to watch these young quick kids tomorrow night's going to be fun too long and that's where us. Coach said last night on a path to talk that's for don't start to separate themselves sister who makes the team who doesn't make it to him. But backing away and I'm I'm anxious to see receive the team tomorrow on and get that first football game under the season and Bank of America Stadium and Oscar Gregory. Our coverage starts here at 430 tomorrow afternoon 730. Is so when the kickoff is a scheduled to announce. And soaking in Eugene Robinson and picnics and excited about that too we've federal Mon the last couple weeks on panther talk. But there's just nothing like those three guys called a game. You always you always learn something from Eugene Robinson he brings a player's perspective into that and Mick mix a news not earlier had done a damn good play by play guy but just funny as a crutch when he wants to be. And knows Oki nowhere is got a better sense of humor that is Oki. And so he's got some greater insight into the game as well. And so he's been a guy that's been on that broadcast team of since the first game on he's never. Never missed a pampered him that I know off. He may have missed one for Summers and other but I'm not even sure that's I have to ask you about that. But anyway I got a great broadcaster crew I was used to love the three guys that were broadcast in Washington Redskins game Sam Huff and Jurcina no soar into orbit I'm not so sure we don't have those guys being. So I can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait. That's such a nice deal to be working for the radio station to broadcast the games. On and get to know all those guys and you John tell ya listening Eugene Robinson and also no I don't teach you something about how a safety plays the game morale and defensive back banks on a certain player. Well listen to Eugene. Are now. Our friend it's work in news out in a Denver and he's covered the Taylor Swift things so he was out there yesterday while jury selection was being. Was being started and she's sitting right there. And people are coming up talking to orange order and so forth so. I don't know the radio announcer in no question David mode Mueller. Blood. She claims he groped her and he claims now that's not true you cost me a job all three million bucks she's asking for damages for a dollar addition and ask them. So we'll see were all that goes. All the silliest areas of an airplane. Why your flight attendants Tate serving you Diet Coke and the TSA reminding people Tom. Don't bring your loaded gun to the airport. We'll talk about that and sleeve yeah coming up next around. I. From the common sense department. He had TSA is reminding you not to bring your loaded gun to the airport. Think about this earlier today not hard. But. But I suppose to some extent if you're so comfortable. With a firearm. Then that's probably good that. But don't get so comfortable that you don't. Forget your responsibility with a firearm. Like you know don't leave it on a coffee table and there's kids in the house don't take it to about your report. A lot of people have been trying to bring guns on planes lately loaded. Chamber guns. TSA confiscated a record 96. Firearms from carry on bags in airports around the country last week. Of the guns confiscated 85 were loaded. 26. Had a around it chamber. The last previous record was 89 firearms sounded a week that was set just last month. Flyers who bring guns to security. Can again defined as. Much is 111000 dollars you'd think that that might have an impact. And and guns are only allowed in checked baggage if they are in locked hard sided containers and are of course. Unloaded. Really we've got to tell you this. Now did you know that flight attendants don't like serving Diet Coke. If you ever had once winds when you see on that a good Diet Coke. We've never had Rondo. If you if you hear a flight attendant maybe give a little sigh when you order Diet Coke you're about to learn why because according to a flight attendant. On the flight blog at these golden wings. Diet Coke takes the longest amount of time to pour. The author explains that high altitude makes carbonated drinks phone mutt more. I guess I didn't know that either. Wouldn't be oil would be from a more in Colorado and they wouldn't Key West. And apparently Diet Coke is the worst. The blog entry reads quote pouring Diet Coke. Is one of the biggest slowdowns in bar service and on shorter flights those precious seconds count. A study by Illinois State University confirmed the Diet Coke has higher levels of carbon dioxide than regular Coca making a more fears even on the ground. If you know I give in on a flight the last like 45 minutes is opened a new beverage service and I think you know guys they got a pretty short windows so I can see how that would be frustrated. That you're going to be going to LA to New York. They've probably got time to wait for the disease. All right so there's two things now. The wealthiest areas of an airplane. As you don't want to know Richard going do in a minute. Greenville Spartanburg and that's a brain on CN. As some some doppler radar clouds that are going no. South southeast. More south and east. Com just to the western rock kill leg fact rock kill looks like it's getting ready you're good to a little bit of a shot. So let's solar weather SE right now buddy sinks in crop up out of any where we expect discount all weeklong and is now look to doppler radar and almost got him by surprise. There's say a system. That looks like it's. Now let's move itself to but it would be a little bit to the east of Monroe. So what are some other cropping up out there with the molesting near him be careful of and and be where. I if you're traveling by airplane where a paper mask after you clear security. Getting on airplanes like a drive died and into assuming full full germs they say. It's gross. But when you gotta get across country flying is often the only way to go and know what are you do. Good try to clean these services before touching them. The dirty as places an airplane. Number one tray table. Tray table that comes down from the a seat in front of you has eight times the amount of bacteria per square inch. That the airplane bathroom flush buttons do. We go here's Hillary Johnson wouldn't stay on hold forever. So why they're at our amen there's a solution to the Coke problem. There are true real easy solutions. First off just give it all Don cam and stop pouring rain down Duval at a time that would work. Our the second one is saying by never you know during -- can we get real that they just put your finger and it and it goes right down yeah that's our own up you what you're. There's Italy Japan and that's probably frowned upon by the airlines you know missile there once a year. Flight attendants finger in your drink. What's already know dirtier than that pat Ed and the tray table down the posters during thanks better appreciated. Sara. Bentsen's seat buckles who again more bacteria on air vent dials. Then on the plane toilet flush buttons that's because sitar player knows and people reach out there and turn those things all the time. Mora to second. Challengers aren't garrison right around the corner. All the other 6 o'clock news for back here tomorrow at 3 o'clock let out here for thirty because every game for the Panthers and the Texans first. Exhibition game a video season on a dole UB TI tomorrow so looking forward to Wear that. Now we were talking about the feel he is serious of an airplane. Tray tables were the role on air vents and seat buckles remember to restrooms at the obvious one number three seat back pockets. Any place people's hands of bin Laden and you got a fair weather played a down the plane they're not touch and any of that stuff to tray tables you think they might but they don't. They don't go through the whole plane between flights and one in all those things down on white but all that until you got it sweaty hands and whatever else is on him. Seat back pockets people treat these pockets like trash cans cruised Oakley in the well after every flight and germs can live in those seat targets for up to seven days. Space you know or fly an alternate. And six. The aisle seat. Because it's pretty common for anybody going in and and out of their seat. To touch the top of the first seed in the dial. And that's to some extent true with people that are walking up and down the aisles going back and forth to the restroom or something sometimes you would. Put your hand on those seats to balance yourself. So there you go. I don't know what do you do now you're just. Cover yourself and sanitize her and oh. Yeah and hope for the best gave plastic. Americans have the highest credit card debt in history report out yesterday. Federal Reserve shows that Americans have the highest total credit card debt in history I would have thought that we would of learned our lesson of the recession. Course I sort of thought that I would learn my lesson when I first got my first Bank of America card beckon seventy something carruthers that was the per worker programs that are breeze visa. And I had a thousand dollar limit on it and in six and a half for seven days I'm not only blew the limit I went 200 bucks best and on now. Unbelievable. Weakened Phoenix. I was an atlas and 12100 bucks on a long long way in 97. I was buying drinks for everybody. Well she was cute. At that that's who lowered down to see. And was played big shot then I got back Coleman and I had to pay that off. Thousand box. 12100 dollar for the debt 200 which is due immediately that was pretty tough to come by to back in those days. Our embedded learn my lesson that I went acting governor sovereign credit card trouble all over again and apparently so has America because we now have the highest credit card debt in history. A little over a trillion dollars as of June 2017 which is higher than the previous record. Of also about the same amount it's one point 021. Trillion is what we have now. And the previous record was one point 02 trillion. But you know your take. Point 001. Trillion and. And sooner or later you got real money. That's ahead of the financial crisis and following the Great Recession and one reason for the growing debt the credit card debt. Is that more Americans are getting access to credit cards in recent months which is run the things that got us in trouble in the first place. And I think one of those almost amazing parts were your parents are your grandparents I guess in your case many of your cases. Before they really even had credit cards. Diners club was the first credit card. But before they even had credit cards you had do you went to Sears are you into Montgomery wards and you bought a washing machine or you bought us some then. And you started to build a credit rating. But we don't do that anymore now you check into colleges freshmen and give you an application and take Al bell here have a credit card. So credit reporting agency Trans Union said that the for the first time since the Great Recession lenders have given more people with below average credit. Scores. Access to credit cards but third that they're given a lower spending limits. But if you put now more cards even with lower spending limits. So we have the highest credit card debt in history. What could possibly go wrong. Like I said you would think that we would. We would learn our lesson. Finally the man who came up with the guidelines that have us putting numbers and characters and upper and lower case letters and and more special characters into our passwords and also changing them often is now saying that. He was wrong. So we're trying to attract this guy down so we just take you betrayed trial on his feet to go pokey out of him. The Wall Street Journal on Monday yesterday's sided 72 year old bill Burris saying quote. Much of what I did I now regret. Seeing it turns out that Burres guidelines. Which were first published in 2003. Don't really work. Burr said that most people make predictable password changes. Which are easy to guess. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is now saying that password should be long and easy to remember. Like I'll phrase. Like you know four words. And only need to be changed if there's been a breach. So you need to come up with them they used an example on TV last night but it would be some stupid and Torii you can your password could be a report out Monday. Something you could remember but isn't necessarily predictable. I've predictable. Charlotte at six with a guard garrison next will be excellent back.