How To Do The First Or The Next Deal In Sixty Days

Kandas and Larry discuss the steps required to do your first deal or you next deal in 60 days.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. Welcome to brag radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Kansas and best selling author Larry go and we'll show you how to be rich and generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the rank radio network from the flagship station WBT and T. The full uptown Charlotte here are your host the rock stars of real estate. Kansas and Larry what's happening and how are you doing Candice get married I'm doing excellent good to see I'm really excited about this show you. I'm excited about it every show up in Canada are planning that went. Oh I don't know what makes it different. Is critical patients. In. An. The human and political indicate DT for the. When ever a week and conclude. In your email early and you are. What's gonna start petting him what you have conflict in that my wife says leave me a Little League you'll. Leave her alone leave her alone. Well my wife has read below to. And and. I've right. That's funny so. Today show I'm really excited about our topic by the way if you're just now joining us brag radio be rich in generous it's all about invested in in real state. We teach how to be an active investor or passive investor will local coaches mentors. And we flip a lot of houses we've actually done deals and twelve different states right and the right. That's exactly right and now we can teach you how to do it too and we're in lake wildly South Carolina. Appearing in the if you're gonna. Gotta be good list and I. In action bigger that's truly tell ya David I that is the key so on today's show. Has ordered a talk about what they don't step by step how to do you first deal in sixty days analysts urged and it's your first or next. Yes yes yes and yes. Any and all of the above right here first or next deal in the next. Sixty days or 660 days. Has some students that have done their first doom three weeks right. We really have we had students and we and it feels like I'm not thinking you're the and and forced to act with the people that couldn't recoup people I have personally in RT I am a student news. It was two months ago and he went to lay down you went to regroup and she came in our program. With and immaterial and lower. Before we can't even turn back from Hungary. With like a final total Cuban's request and her tuition reimbursement from doing efforts. Oh that's awesome. You know this religion and I need to stop offering that we give people their money back for their home study course when they do their first deal and to see one of the two in ways they could get. Not only that she had temporary. Problem he had been sneaking every. Great talent pollen found however. Not only got him now. Pretty cool that it was awesome our. Solar wanna do this week is talk about. Specifically step by step exactly what you need to do to do you first deal now. Step number one. We're gonna jump right in okay Candice I'm reading step number one is right or pick a market. Right and there's a lot of different things you need to do to pick a market now if you're already at a decent market like in the Carolinas were in the Carolinas but there's people out there that are in markets like. Las Vegas. Or San Diego or Los Angeles. Meaning worse Phoenix is another hard Southport where DFW area Houston all those are markets that are called growth markets when the markets. Are hot they go up really fast super super fast movement and then whenever they whenever the market turns and gets solved. They go down really fast and so when you wanna dues you wanna state and in in areas that have. Lol too flat appreciation right in the go up grads leave and they go down gradually are always it was stay right below market when you're buying. Right that makes sense to me good. So. Couple of things I will share with you about picking a market number one. You can look up home prices at home values. That. At city decimated dot com you'll look for areas or MS a.s MSAs are metropolitan statistical areas you wanna look for those. The have a million plus population. Right. It does not two. I think in this matter well for so we'll look. Here I beat her do one thing and so you say and then what happens and is now hung up and just happened to be in your backyard if you're in being answered here ND at W appear in even in Charlotte imminent say. You don't have to be right there in mean Allen that instantly and at that rate in the it's been about four years since I bought a house in Charlotte we don't hassle over the Carolinas right however that and that's saying. The I'm. Not the most important. Of that intimate thing is gonna trick and confidence sleepy towns. That we do invest and ran outside and I think the sleepy towns and another word for bedroom community. You're down thirty. I've heard of my term is the correct terminology about right Chad. You are correct sir. This may. Chad sleepy to be the same thing sweetie tan. I think they understood my term and they leave and it is people that leave an essay to go to sleep and in a match. And hour a day ago. So. So yet don't don't get hung up on the MSAs we'd buy a lot else of of the big cities. But you wanna look for areas that have low prices. For fix of flips and also that have with with. With areas or cities or MSAs that have lower prices and I mean about that is. You know you're in the area elect LA. Or San Diego you can have. Median price home is you know 1500000. Dollars right so if you're in an area where the median price house. It is a 10250. Your hundred to 200. There's going to be lamb little more landlords there right I Nielsen wanna look in areas that are older vs New York okay. Older vs new that's important as well and and just just a few re not well how old married in your thing I'll rumors that I'm told in Phoenix purses Pittsburgh writes in intimate act or Las Vegas verses say I mean you can tale which one is right now. You don't have a lot of older inventory these read a line again with people. Good but there's. While we're here. Q do you would never. So. There's also you can get a lot of good data that List source dot com to find out the amount of transactions the amount of investor transactions vs occupy. He can get employment information could be analyst Doug. And another really really good site it is zillow dot com. Forward slash local dash info. Local bash and so right so that's step number one pick up market a guy that number two is going to be setting up your business right. Now and what were primarily talking about here to do your first deal in sixty days or less. We're gonna talk wholesale and we'll stay date trading wrote the book about it right. Getting started rules that day trading you can get in touch with Candice do you copy here the second yeah but. But I've had a lot of people that have done their first deal in their own personal thing I'm not recommending that not necessarily know now not with a lot of people have. But that's the second step is you've got to do. If you got to have some mass protection right so you need to set up an entity does it need to be in LLC does it need to be seacor. Now would you say that this has to be done before somebody does get started. And although this need to be in place to forge some money just as like you know what common in China south and I'm an idiot and you. We you know left that's kind of what I just said a minute ago in the city itself I've seen many people do their first deal. To make sure they like it is something they wanna do before they ever set up and I'll see that you. I needed you're getting hit pretty hard on taxes when you do it that way. Well it depends that that that now you think that's not necessarily true that it's a two year period does not really matter as far as taxes depend on what you do. Right but you know you can set up a corporation that can be Asik corporate as corporate can be an LLC taxed as an escort or taxed as a as they disregarded it to do there's many different things polish can do deals in your retirement account so if you wanna get more information on that as well as the book. Contact Candace right. Right we got two books that are in the investors can actually how how to become known out with him becoming a relief they date fair right. Getting started getting started storing anything on how how worried Dooling is. I believe that he's saying no but the match against and any amounts. Anyway. He started announced that they training and pumped up for both both in the investors it eking emea 877 Larry 877 mango linking east and with that. To brag radio I'm gonna the world would be really have you had any. Through world beaters laughing and DBP is doing nice to us that it was candy they give us cupcakes they give us water with. Show me mold. As well watch what. Part waters. They have so we're talking on this show about investment in general stay home do your first deal in sixty days and lastly candles. First earnings per store next deal in sixty days or last you know. Don't lose the people that have already done a deal now like well I don't need any of that stuff I guarantee you that there are some things. The T forgotten. That's exactly right and the cooking. There's that he forgets. I. So the first step was picking a market you've got to understand what market you're going to be right. Second step is setting up real business. Setting up your business with the news analyses. Or corporation and corporation can be taxes as the corporate as corporate LLC to be taxes the partnership or an escort or disregarded institute whose many different ways to do it that when you get ready. We are here to have. Right we know what we're doing we've helped me any meaning meaning people and we can have peace. As well right. So step number three in doing their first or next deal in sixty days or less is marketing marketing marketing. Today. Marketing. Equipment. It is someone is very important and I mean I know we've we do a bunch of different types. A market hearing have a bunch of different avenues for marketing. And sun sometimes. Just having one so one. Is a good way to get started so that you can make sure the Q optimize that. Ridiculous avenue highland town that don't don't leave yourself that being your only avenue and but her I am saying. All right so let's talk about you know ways to market to generate some leads okay first of well as opposed to marketing their resources out there that you can give properties like Claude. Right are we still violent and houses. We do and are you eating a armor and the. It's. It's 8 o'clock and I'll let god and pack an antique unique in el maestro who aspires to put them. It would be me as a look really think about this RBO last show we used the. Anyway let's from Lebanon and the the world so let's talk about Hud Ari I don't. Cut out of the twelve or thirteen deals we have only on on the board right now we've got to deal board. And if you you guys will come into the office of your close by you've come to the office ticket office to receive the deals we have on the board mean all of our team. But. A six or seven of those two over thirteen deals are hard entering houses right and so. I'll be the first one to tell you I love Hud. I mean I wrote a book about it asking your free copy by reaching out to Candace pothole asphalt. But there are few were Hud houses now than there used to be a remember a time when there was 150 club houses. Available in any given time in North Carolina now what's popular fifty or 68. Bring in immediate drop below that a drop downs and a Harley nothing there for awhile but has come back. And we are able to get deal still. Right exactly the next this MLS there MLS deals out there available. And you know I would also be the first won't tell you that does not as many analysts deals as it used to be right. We've got a couple IR deals rumor about last but. The rest doubled. There's other types of marketing that you need to do to make the phone ring you've got to make the phone ring that's very very important. But if you made the phone ring answered a phone. Well we're gonna get the others that. Some of that market and himself well and that came up with this. Why this week last week and that the so is the French sore spot for me. So with marketing. Was marketing there's a lot of different ways that you can generate what we call motivated seller leaves the first whale wanna talk about is direct mail now there's postcards vs letters okay. You could do letters you can do post or prefer postcards. Because number one it's cheaper. And number two they don't have to open up the envelope. Right they don't have to open up the problem. Today many people's feet. Aren't elementary. And at their nose needling a liar and take a look at it sees the elders right. Or use our postal employees and those are you another thing and there are not. I don't know I don't know. I would continue to. I'm saying that the iron pretty easy to view. All they have to do this without the phone that the pitcher and Diana in a I don't think that would you know I would be I would be. Good. Naked and you know that and if I'm them. So there there are allotted for parents a postcard you some people like generic post cards as some people like what's called branded. Branded would have your company like our company investors rehab or. Investors rehab. For. Or neighborhood housing group which which are a couple of our company's. You can have a branded postcard and have generic of generic would just say simply I bought houses or Reba houses or something like that right. We also use the brands. Leery about house is dot com as well as happy. With one beat Gabby does houses dot com as well and we just recently setup Candace house right. Lately only Canada but it not only were again. Yeah we can use that but so direct mail is really good next I want about is is paper clip pay per click. Advertising but I okay. A lot of people think you said paper clip or what paper clip how much use a paper clip that's why go deeper. The and see so. So you see a lot of ads on Google you go to web sites and also FaceBook FaceBook marketing and FaceBook. Advertising is really hot right now. Right it ring he has you right there so there's FaceBook. You know you can hire somebody to do it. For you where you can do yourself there's other sources out there we can help you with those sources. You know you just gotta know what kind of apology you have to work with because there's some sources out there they don't want to mess with you unless you're gonna spend 5000 dollars well right. Just pray in the mean there are niche that they've got they've got a niche market and that's the caliber of investor that they are comfortable hiring that's not the only caliber. Then other companies can hire those CO BO let sponsor money if you want money do for you. Right right where you could just learn how to do it yourself there's classes and training up their own doing that. As well yeah the next source for generating leads is this what we call cold calling the I'm not talking about just pick it up the phone and randomly dial in numbers are down and everybody on the street cutting busy holiday favorite you can take well you can take your direct mail list. And you can upload it and have it. Tended there's a pending services that they'll take an address and the name and they'll look couple phone number in the new upload that to a source or outsource a predictive dialing machines like mode Joseph or something like that enabled dial the numbers for you in and whenever somebody gets on the phone that will let you know in the and you start talking to right. You have to dollar anything it's just dialing for you. I think mapping is it is still quote I would rather somebody else take the initiative and omni. And meet Alan out well and that's a really good point that's different marketing or process. Prospecting. Yeah marketing vs prospect. Of not the thing. Slow your in England and the. Can you write. A big. I'll rappers over there let me let me knock these last two out. Before we go to break and you've got you've got door knocking you can her service to do that they'll put post course for yet you can also put up and this everybody sees societal overpass on the sizzle we've got houses or I'll buy houses. In the end you can also do your own website we have really really good web sites we can make those recommendations. For you as well and and these marketing. Tips these marketing strategies as well as about 63 more. Or in the book getting started and rules that de tray right about fifty thing there are 63 more because of 67. And you. I knew I knew unity guy number that was just too coincidental. Prefer that than not being accurate. But yes they are in the they day trading book and include it with the investors can eat asking that along with some of bio links for our deeper training material. A copy it comes app op schedule an op with tour with me talk about an entertainment. Aiding and everything give me 87 heavenly airing at 877 mango or you can text the word. The RAG to aid 386063. That's BR AG. 838 cents at sixty wrote that theory. Come back to brag radio. Colin cook investing in real thing could be your attendance. It's all about will stay invested and that's what we're here for how say it's not enough data faster than half the town. What what to do it how to do it again today we're talking about how to do your first or next and assess. Deal and the next sixty days. Or less we've actually had many students that have done that for stealing this quickest three weeks right on down but tell me you can go out there and do it cause I don't know how Smart you are. Or how dedicated or how dedicated or how much you work right acerbic and about my apartment on the settlement how Smart you. I mean he. Could. I put. A there you go so the first step was pic of a market. Right 'cause I don't know where you live in this room we have list of all over the country and around the world. So I don't know you've got to pick a market that's step number two was setting up your business. You know you gotta have some asset protection and construction step number three is marketing we went over six. She's and we were over 644. We went over four of the 67 ways to be able to more you're. Yeah deals right the rest of them were found in the book and started rules that day trading. And step number four is what you've got to marketing man all the fall's gonna start raining here right. And it's time. To answer the fold now Percy got to do is make a decision to award a lot of answered through two I wanted to Google Voice mails are called. Right. Now I have an opinion about that cannot announce a freak out on screen and yet dependent on how much you market your formally re off the right independent Hamlet two run millions. Right so or having company and general and all that stuff but so are you gonna do alive answer or voicemail and you could set up a voicemail system would be good script we've got scripts which could help you with. But. But you can set the script. To where it goes straight divorced now it's an automated 24/7. Message setter and some people actually prefer that vs haven't speak to a lot person until late. You know find that little bit more information. But I prefer the live answer. You also walked to set up different numbers for you different marketing. So that way you can tell. You can tell your lead source we have a different number for each league source I number for right now number for FaceBook as the number for and cents. And a number for Craigslist ads so we can tell when the phone rings well number there caller. Our whole system will let us show the caller ID of the numbers that call not necessarily number other cult fraud right. So we can put that number in a folder and we know you know I mean this is a FaceBook these this is a direct no right. So. When you're determined to change. This all up so you know a tournament. Yeah based on what they're calling from. You know collar call it whatever in the script we'll change from allotments are horses Leah. What right. So. Here here's what. Let out awards talk about now as far as taking calls the absolute best persons take the calls bar non issue. Right you were the owner you're the one that that was about the property. You're the one is gonna go look at how secure election doing virtually investing so you were going to be able to do this yourself. So it if you can't answer it. You can have that positions them to somebody who's going to go look at the house was gonna make the offer. If you have an acquisition manager have an in house lead manager that's what we have and we have an in house lead manager. That takes all the incoming calls both buyers and sellers and then he'd stole them well. To the acquisition managers. And to ourselves Ghana which is called an asset manager. And if you don't have a lead manager you don't have an acquisition manager and you can't answer that you can have a virtual lead managers somebody that is. I mean there's companies out there that will. Will take those calls for you like there's a company called cell or snipers. And that's what they do is they take all in coming Lee calls for motivated sellers in the and you could also Harris service like live does a lot of service that you can give it their very familiar with rules state that rules the team. Or you can use you know a virtual assistant maybe in the Philippines or support that but that is the next step. Is is being able to take the calls highly suggest having them taken one first is they. Voicemail message if possible that makes it and that's it does. And there's that's on that too. Yeah all we I know a lot of different people are students as well as other fellow mastermind members and stuff like that. That has. And that have shares that you know if you're going to to generate a lead. Your best possible outcome would be and it's an awful lot and I will tell you this if you're generating the lead. On FaceBook coral paper click in other words if it's an old line lead right. If you don't call them back if you don't answer lab and you don't call back within five minutes. Your likelihood of ever getting a deal is cut and 50%. Right. Right right on the spot. And if you don't get a more on the fall within 24 hours. It cuts down to 90% so you have a 10% chance of doing anything dispersant. If you can't get more in the fall and in 24. Right and that's that's from all the people who were in the business. Share instead spring right. So it's very very important especially in all lined lead if you're generating elite while FaceBook. It's all or paper click it's very reimport so now once we've taken the call what you get willful let's talk a little bit about negotiate. It's very important that you that you understand a little bit about sales and negotiating. That's very very important. There's some feeling of books out there if there are negotiating an out there are some books the one that you and I both just read this never split the difference right right. That's a good finish in Iowa you know where you listen to a couple of cubs plan right. So that you listen to a 11 and half cups or twice. But anyway there's a lot of good books out there were negotiating on sales. And in our training and in our books and in our training we have. Complete chapters. All negotiating. But. What you wanna try to do if you can't negotiate the deal over the follow right because remember we're gonna date trade this steal would've wholesale this property were gonna buy and hold it and fix in flip it. We wanna get it on a contract find a buyer turn around and sell it and put ten to 20000 dollars in our park. Raikkonen goes up that's the key right there so yeah. So first of all you could script right you need to sit down and take a little bit of talent put together a group strip. He also need to learn to handle objections mean what what if you're trying to make them offer on the phone and they say. While I don't wanna talk on the follow or to come outlook in my house like and you make an offer feel calmer look at how she got a house. Right so you got to know how to handle those subjects and you don't know what to say it hopelessly confidently right exactly. And then the other key is follow follow follow cause you're not gonna buy it on the first phone call right. And then that's exactly right in the Bible and forceful so step number six. Is that analyzed the deal right gotta analyze the deal if I'm gonna buy and sell at the same day. AKA rules state date trading really. Liked the book Howell to rule as the book. Getting started rules they date. You started is delicate domestic enemies in. You know now I didn't have to do it but the book is getting started in rules victory how to buy and sell houses the same day using the Internet. Available wherever books whistled for calling in oracle. So. The next step number six is analyzed the deal he's got to be able to analyze the and to do this today trade rules that it's very reasonable. He take a RV which is after repaired you know the reporters as property going to be worth what it's fixed up. Times point 77%. In the U minus seller payers. You minus closing cost. And you minus out what you want you wanna make him Ingraham right for example. And that equals the most you can play. For property play it it's as simple as that. You realistically. We used to have an analyst that we used. Relieving uses anymore you can do these numbers in your hand into that the only key on Munich and that's exactly right that's exactly. It's step number seven is the Contra so OK you've got to have really really good paperwork. And included in the book it's the contracts as well right and assessed right. So the time book getting started or else they day trading the book on homes half off. Some links to some women are training for a little bit deeper education are all available if you can you call 877 Larry 877 mango. You send me an email to info at Bragg radio dot com or text the word bragged BR AG. 280389760638038976063. The word brag PR agency will be right back. Welcome back to brag radio leave the world to be rich engine. You have most can't. It's all about invested in in real stay right. To be rich and generous and today we're talking about how to do your first or next deal. In sixty days or less we've gone through. Mean these steps already. First step pick a market right. Now assembled late seen and read what are some steps that we can help you with that second step is setting up your business you need an LCD News Corp. how does it need to be taxed we can make recommendations with that is well put you touch with the right people next step number three is marketing marketing marketing. The phone ringing right meg Iran and the right and then nexus and it's in the poll what do you go say the deficit. You don't freaked out when you make they're worrying. That's right. Next step is negotiating. Negotiate over the phone right got to be able to sell sell. He got it right he got a future offer up there a way to get to collect them like you would trust you then leaves the door open for the Cologne about it without having to go out two and a half. Exactly because we teach virtual investment bright virtual invest. And it's really important if you're among those some markets that we are are about earlier the Latinos are able to listen to the earlier segments of the showed just go to brag radio dot com and the whole show will be put to their. That's right. And the next step we talked about was analyzing a deal you gotta be able to analyze the deals you can buy and sell it put two in grand in your pocket. It's it's a dealing weed out there you go don't even need Cutler step number seven. Contracts. Just before the crime attracts. He did good contract by. The good contract to sell if you can knock signed the deal. And you also need good assignment. Agreement right yes and we can help you with all that stuff as well you need that and now what you get the deal under contract step number eight is due diligence right. Due diligence with some of the things you wanna do for your due diligence. It is. Wanted to drop the street line and right you want to see if he cares it's close by that we can see right in this but it that far away you can drop the street alone and right. Graham anyway Google Maps. And in the new report colts that's comparable sales were other civil or houses selling for in that neighborhood. He can pull those holes that little dot com. You can also pull them all the site called real quest. Dot com as well right actually gonna do is pool cops. You wanna know what the property will root for because it might be it rural town property that you can sell to a landlord panicked scene need to know what what kind of money it will bring them. So you know exactly how much. You can sell that property for right. Then you wanna get pitchers whether it's you going out to him otters take a lot of pitches were using it about a hundred pitchers for a of the pitchers. The other thing about that is. We wanna take pitchers every room. In mechanical items. In repair areas all four sides house in the Al buildings street view both ways. If anything if there's a hole in the wall behind the door knob. We will have a picture right. Right move them out and you also want to take pictures sons if there's nothing wrong with that it was going to be one and that you could easily. Com either sign or. It well actually whatever you're gonna do to it you could also take sales figures to mired in there to sell not just to buy it and show to. Prospective buyers for holes selling better benefits of up and let them but you want those pretty pictures to and in Dan's really good about that that your way pictures. Ignorance seem really large and things like that. Right right and we also take a video we we start at the front door he starts turns on his his phone. And starts video recording. And he walks to the front door and walks you through the entire house describing everything right away so that really helps too to show houses and to give buyers. Two you know we've we've sold many houses cast. That person every level that. I never meaningless to see. Right because we have so many pitchers we have a video we have street view we comps we have all stoked by right. And then the other part of the due diligence to wanna do is call other realtors or property managers in the area and get their opinion is to them by house and I'll step number eight. Step number nine. Is now that you've got to do diligence we've got to start building our buyer's list so this property. Now now I know step number nine but I always tell people work as hard children to bars list. As you do have fun and properties to recover. Because it's much easier to talk about how short by a buyer for a you've heard this before. Hat and you weren't candy than you know us now. I'm out I'm out you're out and I let the candidate who uses. You know you already traded. You've already traded it what you like for what you do. So. Well so. So anyway you blocking it now you know and bottomless depths that the that little wood and a video Flint and now that academy Allen the end he. So step number nine is building a motivated buyers list you do that is to local re a group there's mental Koreans Charlotte there's rules state investors associations or groups all over the country. Just go to national party need to come to fund warned but he can also go to veto them ET UP dot com. And to search for role stay in your area right. Beat up doc. And you can also run blind Craigslist ads were probably about that you run an ad with the property you even have to have a property of but you found a pitcher of a property you put an atom crisis to Cecil the light and special fixer upper cheap cash. Right in the when they call saw this property is not available properties Gilbert fast. You know let me adjustable bars list UX and flip investor. Or you landlord. Are you looking for property to live man and most important part is arguing cash. Right. Yeah that is very very important. Because we don't have time for people go it alone right are if we do have time they're gonna pay marched right. What exactly your time is valuable exactly that's why all of our marketing says cash price backs right and didn't wanna finance that. It's getting real prices going up baby. Right. If we've got a hold of because this like you said earlier. A lot of our properties we're trying to day trade so if we've got to finish contractor if we end up having the clothes on and we're gonna have holding calls those are going to be passed them. That's and you a year an investor should be passed on as well. That's exactly right. You can also if if you're selling a property that is the road but property. You can also send postcards to absentee owners in the neighborhood where house's. And have other landlords. Credo. House right and you'll do so now. The next step is after building your viruses we gotta get this property sold better remember you've been building a buyer's list all along anyway right. So what you gonna do is you're gonna email here bars list you need to have some kind of you know service provider. Like Milch four Constant Contact personal bullet that you can also text you're list there's services out there that you can text on. You know like. Like this is the bottom up I can think of any one specific one but there's a lot of about. But we do have a list on the command. There's also RV you know or reading lists voice mail you can have a go right to voice mail. You can go right to voicemail. Now some of these some some of these low like the ring must voicemail. You've got to depend on the state you just need to kind of follow up with your steak I'm on the regulations to some of these things they're in front of protective of the consumers about. That is true that is true but. There's also some some attorneys will tell you that our via marine was forced bill does not fall into that category because of foam excellent ratings. It mind but also if there interpret the law right but also if there'll near buyers' list. And they've said and meteor buyers' list the danger permission. And then dissent we put out a lot of and decide to sell his properties and last but not least step number eleven is close of the deal he would on the money right. Close the deal and get the money you're gonna have a tourney title company W closing for you you wanna make sure it's an investor friendly. Turning your title company that's very very important right. In unison under contract generics assignment. I haven't personally attended the closing in the years right we give them what's called limited PO later. Horrible putter out of Gary and his tendency and then a little bit since we've had signed. That's on a closing. So there's your skeptical market. Set up your business analyst deals marketing taking calls negotiating contracts due diligence bars Acela. Close it here Saturday. So guys you can do this you can do your own deal. In less than sixty days if you want to or if you'll read I hope you. I'll be glad to help that's what we do. Just go to later go on stock com. Force last applies to work with me in my team we will personally mentor you and coach you and help. Well for everybody right. For that it's for those that moral broad wanna do a deal really quick and it's their business ultimately going. Come forward slash apply thank you Larry Candace if you like more information about what Larry Candice talked about. Like a free investors get or to schedule a tour the office call 877. Larry go. That's 8775277946877. Larry go. You can also text the word brag BR AG to 8038976063. It.