How Do We Stop The Mass Shootings

John Hancock
Thursday, February 15th
Hancock reviews what we know about the school shooting yesterday, and discussion with callers about what are the solutions.

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This is John Hancock. Rather rather or as others did we convened. That's a much heat it's the humidity. They are audio roller coaster temperatures right now that's we were collected 75 today we were what sixties. Yesterday. Forties the day before that. Seventies tomorrow. Upper forties on Saturday. Just bizarre. But it's. I die I put on my customary. Mock turtle and fleece vest on today walked outside and got burned hundreds of him went back inside those maybe you don't but maybe maybe this is that Tommy bahama shirt day. So I had big Michael workers could take two flowers soil and stuck with a mock. We've done the show I went. But seventeen times now. That number is. We. We weren't quite sure what we're doing after a column by and well I wouldn't hear the call by and actually now that I think about it left I quit here. Two days before called month. Mike Graham was. Doing media. Afternoon drive shift at that time. He was the he is essentially trying now to two or take my place I could do gotten federal no quit. And coal mine happened and know Graham got on the air and said some things and and that was into his audition. But I. I sat at home and watched all of it. I had done career. Seminars. At Columbine High School in Jefferson County. Back when I was with KB CEO of eclectic rock station on before ever gonna have to talk. And so as I set their Coleman watched the video and a helicopter shots and it was a campus and I was somewhat familiar with not. Not totally familiar with but I mean I have been on that campus couple of times so it was and I know that area of town and so it was surreal to watch that happen. And I did in Columbine was not the first time but Columbine was. The most defined school massacre of its time. Always the most victims and the most. Premeditated. I'm Tony I can still remember the name of one of those kids and I don't even want to. In fact we won't see Bennett today's. Shooters name. If we do it will be by mistake or by necessity but there's no reason to publicize these guys. When I got here at the S studio about a 1245. I had done driven down Wilkinson boulevard on my way here to do our weekly podcast. And by the time I got here I was all fired up. Because. Islanders showed today. I don't mean that the way that sounds I don't mean that I don't wanna be here today I don't wanna do this show today. I've done the show. We did this show after sandy hook we did the show we've done the show there are many many many times. I watched the press cover citadel is one of the things he got me all fired up today were the press conference today from a Florida. Parkland Florida. And in and is I watched it. It's the same press conference I've seen a number of times before the sheriff was different. And the people surrounding him were different. But the story wasn't different. It it was still a American city. Devastated. By an act of cowardice. With no true definition as to. Why. Or how to make sure it never happens again. And I watched they authorities in Parkland Florida. And they said. Today. We have to start the discussion. Today that discussion has to begin. We have to begin the discussion today. What was last time we heard that. I don't know when was the last school massacre. Now when now when the last community went for instance Kentucky recently. Got before TV cameras instead we have to start the discussion today of course had been in Kentucky they had just undergone. A situation they wanted to discussion bit error Burton they want this they want the discussion to stop start. But when when it happened in Kentucky Parkland Florida to know hold a press conference and say we have to start the discussion today. And all the other areas of via a country that have ever suffered a devastating. Senseless murder mass murder like this. They didn't all in the at the same time hold. Press congresses and say you know we have to start the discussion today. On the so it here I am today. On and news talk 1110993. WB Tate. Ready to start the discussion for the seventeenth time rather up fourteenth tyra water how many ever times it is that we've done this show. Gotti Gotti out of anywhere Wang got the audio out a land where there we go. Discussions started. But there's never any resolve to it there's and there's probably because there is no singular answer to it. Evil. How do you stop evil. All we're gonna take the guns away okay. Is that gonna work. Or is that a knee jerk reaction. I understand guns are devastating. Guns in the wrong hands are really devastating. Armed. I you know I mean you could you could come up with a million different. Scenarios. All of which probably have something to do with the state of mind of America today. Palm. We don't enforce the same discipline on our kids that say our grandparents did on our parents that our parents did on us but not to the same degree that they had been raised. And then my generation didn't enforced the same amount of discipline. On our kids and our kids aren't enforcing the same amount of discipline on their kids. And nobody's making anybody get up in the morning and go to church on Sundays and of faith this falling way behind on you know people are not. As did the the faith meter is way down people aren't as a religious is they used to be and I'm not saying you have to be a Christian but. Yet to believe in something I think you have to believe in something you have to have some higher. Authority note to report to or some higher moral or ethical code or somebody like that I'm technology has changed the way that we live. I and they've proven without a shadow of a doubt that if you played video games a lot and you continue to kill people that you're not really dead. But does that desensitize you to that. If you're a sick mind or you're living in some sort of self pity. Or are maybe like this kid who seems like he had not a good. They adopted kid. Dad dies when he's early mom just died of I think pneumonia but. In November but I think she had the flu and then got pneumonia and so she would be one of the flu victims that but I you know I mean. So that there's all sorts of things that are going on. And you know we can go all the way back to the big valley when the three boys route they're shooting people every episode which led done. Well war movies which led to. More blood and guts which led do they gave beaming combined even Forrest Gump know I'm saving tiger Ryan. Pretty tame movie. Step for the first seventeen minutes. I mean all of that stuff has just kind of I don't know it and it all fall into the same category. If we don't have the same moral and ethical boundaries that we do then know nobody's. Bounded. Be held those I don't know accountable for that. We don't seem to have the same empathy that we use do. What role do parents who have kids that are bullies. Play into any kind of I mean maybe you don't know but. I don't know if your kids a good athlete and good looking kid dirty is our chance and he's the boy. And you know should you know. I know I'm just saying I got a number on my my mind was racing coming down Wilkinson boulevard today because I'm thinking about all these things. Bullies. All third week people's. Lives make them feel inferior make them feel like they have to the other part of that fabulous fame. Pat we are a society that is so preoccupied. With being famous. Ricardo ash eons give me a break there is not an ounce of talent in that entire family. What are they famous war. They're famous for being. Payments. And naked. I don't know you just add it all together. Decline and fall. I'm not so sure that great societies can reach their pinnacle. And not start to decline. And I'm not sure that once the decline has begun. That there's any way to re claim of that ground again. So if you're not as moral and ethical if you don't have a higher power if death. And and and and and and if you raise. Generation on no porn and sex and drugs and rock and roll and so I don't know what is any of it all play into it. This kid. This year yesterday. Yeah I don't believe me your you'd be fine with me it took him out macro today and shot. But it doesn't work that way. And as somebody pointed out to me earlier. Hum. Paul when he was Saul wasn't a real good person either and if he can be saved against anybody could be saved. But anyway here we are again. Don't control. I can be feeling Hendry and and and manufacturer the phone calls all get if we all the sudden going to dart gun control. I don't happen to believe that gun control is your answer. On the other hand I don't believe there's anybody that needs an assault weapon. Even your government at its all time worst. You more than assault weapons still got no shot. They got laser. Missiles and I mean to you in a fight against the US government. It says so I mean and its worst the militia hero. That it didn't if you hunt with an assault rifle than your allows the frigate on her. There's no reason why anybody needs an assault rifle but if you took them if you quit selling them ten days. There's still thousands of them out there. All you've done is increase their value. Somebody that wants to. Perpetrate evil will find a way to perpetrate evil. Big gun is just the mechanism OK so weak somehow or another get rid of every gun and a that's ever been made. And then what star get rid of all the cars that have been made because they start mowing people down on no sidewalks in New York City. Or what about knives. Or what about the Internet which can show you in about fifteen minutes how to build an effective bomb. Using household products. Evil will find away to perpetrate evil. Now. You can argue with me that an assault weapon like a set I don't know why anybody needs an assault weapon. An assault weapon can take down seventeen kids faster than you can say what you mean he got out when all the other kids who were fleeing the school. I I get that part of but somebody that wants to perpetrate evil is gonna perpetrate evil. So. There we've done this year. I wanna do that show. Guess I can get a bill Hendry did his cell phone calls yeah. Revealed. Todd David's Oakland at WBT and David L got about a minute and a half you waited a long time for bed if I need to carry over or will hi. Pay. I would say it is time take guns. It's time to take. Away government those registrations. They know Oregon all our it is time to go red. Pull back let the government could hold album. And then you you have. And what have you ever heard and what have you accomplished. Are you are you gonna are you gonna eliminate all the evil or you gonna eliminate all violence are you gonna eliminate all murderers. Able to knock apart what I'm saying news hit the eighties Al boat. The people that wanna do more if you get the guns away from people and locate the U. You can itemize all which killed by gunfire. I think the government now only step there and this sort confiscating it. Says that this word is going legalized. Even from good law abiding citizens. Here and take your gonna take the Second Amendment away from good people say you're gonna eliminate a few sick people. Hard yeah I know that's what I thought of wacky or just you. Yeah yeah. HIV have a had tragedy like happen enough Parkland Florida yesterday you wind up with heroic stories the football coaches being prominently are remembered to today who officially jumped in front of both students to protect them during. Via mass shooting he died at a Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. The assistant coach errant thieves. Who also worked as a security guard at DO Parkland Florida high school was among. Seventeen killed in the shooting. Football team treated earlier today he selflessly shield of students from the shooter when he was shot he died a hero he will forever be in our hearts and memories. The seventeen dead sixteen wounded. Some students are shared updates on is Graham and snapped chat while being sheltered from the air shooter. There's that one piece of video from the classroom where the your shots are so loud you think they're in that room. Pretty dramatic. Andy get ready get over that. And you well walk go watch all the kids be reunited with their appearance. And walking down the sidewalk and not knowing what a neat kid experienced saw didn't see. Authorities believe that the shooter up pulled a fire alarm to get students out of classrooms. There had already been a fire drill earlier that day and students were told in a recent assembly on emergency procedures. That there might be an active shooter drill hole with police firing blank shots. And after the code red alarm. This student Ryan Gutierrez good Gutierrez. Said when we were hiding in the room people were saying they heard gunshots and and we didn't know if it was real. Fueled a school assembly and you say there could be a. Active shooter drill and police firing blank shots. Do you know I have to do that within like a couple hours. So you don't run into the possibility of setting these kids out for. Wondering whether and although they go at such fig drill they talk to some. Broward county public school superintendent Robert Ramsay. Says that on a daily basis there were usually at least two police cars on neo sprawling campus. We thought they had about 2900 students yesterday I'm seeing more 3200 students today. School board member Donna Korn told the USA today that the air sheriff's office provided active shooter training she says all schools in the district have a law enforcement officer assigned to them. And they are controlled through a single entry point. Investigators said that they've uncovered disturbing social media's from cruise. Media posts from cruise. The shooter. Who's classmates said he was obsessed with weapons in night and shrimp boats CO poses with their guns and knives enough. On an ass on for advice on worry can get to know more. Weapons. The his social it is digital profile. I'm pretty disturbing. Able to investigators able to identify him from a school security videos sentiment in nearby neighborhood yesterday Coral Springs, Florida. Concealed himself with the hundreds of students fleeing the school we TJ united I don't know if that was on air off air talking about. What's to now you wore maroon shirt if you. Eight you know I've been ordered an old dog needed to give you gonna do that you probably should dress more like. But Redmond but nonetheless that's. That's how I got out of this goal was to walk out with the rest of the Euro the students. Officers arrested him he had talked to investigators will talk about that the second he. As that the details were emerging last night about his disturbing social media presence and is a family life is a digital profile contained so what were called very disturbing content according to Broward County sheriff. He had a variety of god and violence related postings on a social media sites. He posted under the name Nicholas cruise which was his name including threatening comments under videos on YouTube and other sites. Including I wanna shoot people with my AAR fifteen. I wanna die fighting and killing and. The password ton of people. And I'm going to kill law enforcement one day they go after the good people. Answer Graham page she posted dale photo over shotgun and another photo he has shown brandishing a a pistol that appears to be a type of BB gun. He bought the firearm in the past year and passed a background check to make the purchase according to a US official briefed on the and on the investigation. Didn't seem to have a lot of friends stuck to himself that tells so Millard and I'm. Or do a bit and now involved in the high school's junior reserve officers training program junior ROTC program. As his name was listed under several awards into horny sixteen including academic achievement for maintaining an eighth grade in Ned JR OTC. And a B and remaining academic subjects consistently presenting an outstanding appearance and outstanding conduct throughout school but then he got. Expelled. Was adopted by a lender cruise she died battling the flu and then pneumonia on November the first his father. Adopted father had he was adopted I think righted births they was born he went to the doctor failed. Father had dead died more than a decade ago of a heart attack. And just recently the shooter had been living with a friend's family. Since his mother died last to November. I Fort Lauderdale attorney who represents family heard divulge that he was on TV this morning said don't that the shooter was friends with the family son who willow went to two of that high school. They offered him home and try to do I help the kid doubt because he really didn't have any other place to stay. Family is cooperating with the investigators in no voluntary led authorities search their residents answering no questions they gave authorities the keys to the house they. Turned in their cell phones allowed them to access their gun safe. And they obtained a search warrant just wrote other shooters room. And they are heartbroken says the attorney that kid did a bit lives Sera goes to that school and knows many of those kids he's just as heartbroken and shaken up another shocked as everybody else they cared for this kid and they are really wanted to help him. He said on May. YouTube video that he wanted to be a professional school shooter. And apparently the FBI could not tracked down. Who he wants. But it says. Nicholas crews. I don't think it's spelled the way. Well I don't know maybe it has. Tom. There was a YouTube blogger who I noticed that comment. Bail Bondsman in Mississippi. Goes by the name of bill and the Bondsman. Said he received a terrifying comment from a user called Nicholas cruise Andrea video in September in the comments said. I'm going to be a professional school shooter. And the bail bonds guys say that I knew like I couldn't just ignore that. So he said he flag the comment to YouTube. Any also set a screen shot to the FBI who visited him briefly in September and asked him whether he knew the poster. The blogger said that he was contacted again by agents from both the no Mississippi in Miami field offices. After this kid took that they are fifteen and do Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in no Parkland Florida yesterday. And apparently the FBI just never could figure out a way to attract this kid down. So. Figure out what their official wording on who's gonna get to some a couple of different to a story is the FBI did confirm on Thursday morning at a press coverage that they were unable to determine the commoners identity at the time. No other information was included in the comet which would indicate date time location or true identity of the person who made the comment. The FBI conducted database reviews checks and was unable to further identify the person who made the comment. The comment of course being on YouTube wanted to be a professional school shooter. More just to check. Also and we'll come back in the second you know that trump signed a bill lone nut Tuesday. Revoking some Obama Eragon checks for people with mental illnesses. You know editor. Then neither until about a good ten minutes ago I Shane is up on nine WBT Haitian. Played god don't do that you do with that may. They earn it show. Are talking about you know so schools should mean. What are dying in bay won't come out what we got all and then after. You know there's there's like this. And the want to think about is. How they have air marshals. You know people were kind of undercover. Who are long. And then there are just. Go along with their hearing out. Al I'll. Sit there or help with teachers in the school. That or pay a bit do that. And that pattern I just try to remember if there are not some school districts are jurisdictions or maybe the feds won't let them get away with that states should pretty much be able to I think come up with their own. Ideas but are there not some areas of the country were a teacher can now be concealed carry. I don't and I don't know the answer to that I questioned quite frankly but I wonder if that's already in existence and if it is. I guess it would be hard to gauge whether it works or not analysts you Bure an active situation that happened. Life exactly exactly and and as you know ethnic bomb goes. Some market but mode all it won't say it was it's a must have a gun and then there's all the arguments about. Well and more guns. But. Yeah put the weapon this kid had he could it taken down seventeen people pretty fast and he pulled a fire alarm. And that brought people out in the hall also lie you know like. I get the feeling that these that the shootings don't relive last hole long time they just create a lot of carnage in a very short period of time. I I I think you're right I think you're right but you know this. Bhopal group. There was involved you know this sounds like it's not that black guy who group probably beauty. I've cornered though in my you know soccer fields Kerry. And perhaps you're careless here but pared it. Are you out there now leg immediate area. Now what president across does it whether or not he'd want better not to they were have to be up to the teacher are very you can't. You you did you're get dictate that they want to so why you made out of thought that was a good idea at all. I don't know it obviously that's appreciate call that's one of the first arguments that comes up is. Other ought to be other people in these free of weapons zones because all of these. Shooters know that they're walking into an area where there's not going to be any opposition. And and and that's one of the arguments and always comes up and whether or not that's a valid point of view why I don't know because I don't know that the experimenters ever taken place to prove it true or not true Spencer's up on WB TA's Spencer. Hey John Tom. If you look at they are fifteen and you look at today hugging my collect. And here Remington. 400 letter massacre. We've failed at pain. They could barrel up 3500. Feet per second delivers 12118 and thought I won't. Believe. What are you met her body and just answered Spencer you might as well be discovered but tell me about the systematic Obama radio works I have no idea where you're talking about. What do I don't know guns. Bottom line and bottom line is. Oh Bunning apple is far more deadly and are full and as matter of fact. Are they are fifteen style weapons are becoming more and more begun to 408. When can you take your hunting rifle. And converted into something that can shoot 45 rounds a minute. Well a mile a minute 400 wrote a master will do to help semiautomatic. OK then there's no reason why you need that rifle. They've gone Marco had a you do you have dude if you got a fire 45 shots and us in a minute do I take down a dear your lousy on. If you want to take out. Thought crime. Who are gearing up the national are unique company middle far that perhaps talents aren't buying it. The truth. Okay. Then you you you will get on their Rambo. Time will come back and I do the same show we've done seventeen times let's see we've covered the arm the teachers. We covered the let's. Dissect this dramatic number one rifle vs the other for a whole bunch of people and have no idea what he's actually talking about. I'm sure we'll get to. And in short order. Or maybe we can go get the tapes from the last time we had a school shooting in though we could just go home DJ. It's not about what happened yesterday in no Florida. And all the it. Details that we can come up with TJ just came up Avaya a story out of 2015 we're talking about guns on campus is that this returns it is true friend. The celery re. Donna talks about college campuses this was after the year's shootings of the four students at Northern Arizona University Beck about three years ago. And there are our campuses that allow concealed weapons. Nine states at that time Idaho Utah Colorado Oregon Kansas Arkansas Wisconsin Mississippi. Texas. Allowed for a campus Kerry. And more than allowed their concealed guns in no parking lots of locked cars like but I don't think it's ever been done on non college before. Our Chris wacker is CEO of former assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and. Got a law practice here in Mecklenburg I think was appointed by mayor McCrory is the chairman of the governor's crime commission and a 2013 and a I probably thinks we don't love him anymore because so we haven't talked to him in a long long time how are you mistress worker thorough job overdrawn it's good. I hear you all over you are you left us in dated everybody in town so Europe I have a hard time and now there. I understand that. I'm not humility and also one thing I heard out of the press conference down in Florida today and I keep on hearing and that is if you see something or you think something's wrong. Are reported or tell someone and then then there at the elementary question that kind of comes out of that to me is no. Booty call what's the what's the phone number I mean we we I guy here although you know deck tells somebody that I'm not so sure we ever define. If just Joshi lowers down there or a you know Jim student is at a school and he has reasonable leave that there is somebody that Dell may be. I dangerous or up to something who do we call. That's the great question John and and they can try to do the crux of this because that I'd I'd do some security school's security assessments from time to time. And one of the things that it always pops up is do do people know how to report things that are suspicious. And let's just say a bullying situation where someone's getting in increasingly isolated and then. Yeah any type of incidents worsened where someone's hackles are up with a hair on the back then Mac is up. Where do you go to reported that they can in any context that they're using it on on these news shows right now to talk about calling 911 of the police. But in the every day school setting I think there should be a mechanism within a school for someone either anonymously or or or overtly. Pass information needed to the school resource officer to an 800 line or on mine. There may be a way to report this type of thing. Do all schools. Have resource officers now. Most schools do. Some schools have a private security officers some have off duty police officers. Mecklenburg County schools have a steady dedicated school resource office. But every school should they don't have one. And if her resource officer even if they weren't anonymous tip if if enough students contacted him and said the dinner Joe Schmo is kind of weird Greece seems to be preoccupied with guns or. But in this kids say say you could say you know go look at his social media site I mean if enough people or cattle leery of him that would send up our red flag to at least conduct. Maybe do a little bit of investigation enough figure this thing out although as soon as I say that. Com the kid yesterday was detected by a blogger on YouTube and are reported to the FBI and that just hit a dead end that really he was reported in apparently that that went nowhere. Well they can't answer the question it should one instance should. Sit back get sent something in motion at least preliminary threat assessment every school should have a threat assessment team. And it's you know they can triage staying in the sigh okay there's nothing here. Or big deeper now you mentioned and an act on that information like get a restraining order for example. You mentioned the FBI had I thought it was pretty fairly. Incomplete explanation provided by the special agent in charge. Date you know that they are believed that complaint are that information probably went into the guardian system had FBI headquarters. And most checked out by an analyst. There's a thing called a 2703. Order which is an order that goes to communications carriers in the another. Companies that have can be different types of computer records in this case against Graham that could have been used that they would have needed a full investigation or at least preliminary investigation to do that. So. Is Alan and has some more information about that particularly. If I Joseph citizen called 911 and say hey there's a kid at school in my son's worried about or if I say listen I got a neighbor that I'm not quite so sure about a how does 911 treat me indeed with that phone call. Well. That and to be honest it probably different different jurisdictions. Some would have made aggressively follow up on it and you get a visit from a police officer in other cases they may they will get back you know. Behind the scenes do some criminal checks are decent record checks received does that stop any bells and whistles. Unforced I don't think that these types of complaints. Get the type of attention that they deserve as often as they deserve that so I would like to say it is followed up progressively every time but I don't think that's case. And when did you know I've ended some extent you can understand that because of workload and so on and so forth and I would assume that anytime you have a situation like you had yesterday. Law enforcement now today. And this is a big assumption but I would assume they're getting. Throughout the country get all sorts of calls about weird kids at schools and stuff like that because everybody's kind of got their antenna up. That's true and into the FBI does not have the primary jurisdiction and and let's say at school threat now they've they've. They would have checked that information out because they came in and they didn't know where would go with who they would contact as intimidated no where this this Nicholas cruise was located. So they wouldn't have had a you know I can't be. Jurisdiction to call for that to them sure they get their check in honor of but it there there has to be much more aggressive follow up on these types of if complaints I think there needs to be a system within the school itself. So that they bacon. Spend more attention I and they know the kids to these schools. The school resource officers did administrators do the counselors do so they can very quickly assessed the situation and decide whether these be escalated. The other thing John is that I think a lot of schools were afraid of being sued. And I think they need it safe harbor which is that is that if they report something to the police. That they don't ever get sued for that information that they passed on banks get it when they report suspicious activity. And school you get that suits. Do you buy into the theory and all of bug guns on campus concealed carry for administrators or teachers. Not necessarily. I'm afraid that it when the police respond. They're not gonna do the back guy is and we've got people in plainclothes RD there's weapon now weapons and trying to confront this shooter a police officer coming up on that is not gonna have any idea who the shooter is who the bad guy is. Only if that that is coordinated very carefully with the police department. Then drilled with a police department. Almost to the pointy you'd have to put on I mean as soon as you drew your weapon you'd almost have to put on a fluorescent baseball had to identify that your that your licensed security or. Or something Miller readily identify UN that. In that setting is not being the enemy. It can very calm very much complicate things and that's what school both private and public schools. Should be coordinating very closely with their local police department. Com if we we take calls on all sorts ideas. Got a gun no control this that the other you have an opinion on knows this and I'm why this is happening now people had guns for 200 some odd years what we really haven't had this were. Until the last thirty is that a societal. Our problem yard doing what's your what's your view on now. Well let me preface sort of an essay by then a very conservative that I think you find most most law enforcement personnel are very either conservative or very conservative. But it. On this issue the international association of chief police the largest police organization in the country in the world. Has come out against these assault weapons. And frankly I agree with them I think that we need to have much stricter. Access the air fifteen to any type of assault weapon. That's assuming I don't think law enforcement wants to go up against someone with an air fifteen you can kill too many people with and they are fifteen with extended magazines. He'll probably get kinda calls from them. But that is the position. Most law enforcement officers out there. The you can you can make you can modify them so easily. And I got a guy just told him and and started preacher no guns to me in and talking about rifle on this that the other and and I asked him as a hunter why would you need to be able to shoot 45 rounds they amended and he does have some bit about spending their herds or something along those lines but. If you got to shoot 45 rounds a minute and I figure allows behind her that's not game anymore that's that's massacre. Did those weapons are made for war and made to kill a lot of people men put extended magazines and certain types of ammunition. And it just it's of volatile. Toxic combination. And in a civilian setting. Now Chris Wecker former assistant director of the FBI. And on the governor's crime commission back when McCrory was the governor I appreciate it ala try not to wait another few years before I talk to you again have dual talks and this could be talking again thanks up. We will have a nice topic to talk about next time you know we never call you with nice topics doing. It oh yeah it's unfortunately not thanks Chris appreciate I have figured out. Inevitably. Can control it varies started bill last night I am bolo be subject matter for the next to a few days as it always is after these incidents. There's couple stories that the left might be a little bit to final little more ammunition on them one would be trumps budget. Which cuts. A quite a bit of good dollars millions. From my gun background check systems. Vetoed the budget would cut two. Dollars from the national instant crime background check system where it should gun dealers use to verify if somebody is banned from buying a gun no before selling them in fact. According to NBC news story that was so they handed me in the last 45 minutes. Trump are quietly signed a bill into law on Tuesday. Which are rolled back the Obama aero regulations that made it harder for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun and a lot of this is gonna come down to an argument of middle health again and and I think that's kind of direction the conversation should go. The and had the full. The rule fully taken effect the Obama administration predicted it would have added about 75000 names to that database the measures sought to block some people with severe middle it'll also problems mental health problems from buying guns. The original rule was obviously contested by gun rights advocates. On who said that it infringed on American Second Amendment Rights gun control advocates. Praised the rule for curbing the availability of firearms to those whom may not be. Who may not use them with the right intentions. Both the house and the senate last week passed this new bill HJ resolution forty. Revoking the regulation. National Rifle Association applauded the action said the move marks a new era forgo a law abiding gun owners says we are now have a president who respects and supports our arms. So why those are a couple of stories the budget to back there in. Our earlier February and then the legislation that was assigned yesterday and I would assume that we'll probably come to the forefront of the debate that we're up in the process of having none now. Well over a rusty we go on WBT here rusty. I thought our. Q. Right I am and then the auto industry. I'm outlook combat veteran had a gun collector I. Acting air some actual. Legitimate reason why they are that they are. Our body Kobe ever first down. It there and talk about ballistic all the stuff out there that's not even part of our. They're young collector there are so common that they that we get better topic than the one thing we should there. Hit due late in the legal page took off and they are fifteen to 21. This kid was nineteen so he would have fallen under the and he would not have been able to purchase. Are legally brought. There aren't there are particularly. Especially at our local area. That didn't bat out of emotionally. I know a couple of dealers back. You know they don't sell. Some moderate sporting Mike port they are an AK 47. To the high school yet. So they get their Internet robotic let go up and. 11 of the arguments against the AR fifteen especially is that it's so customizable. And adaptable. Is there any way to keep it from being customizable and adaptable to the point tended to it doesn't take on. 45 to fifty rounds a minute but. There are column. Took that thing go is customizable. And adaptable apple negative. The customizable he has for sure that they didn't expect a bit ergonomically to being more accurate. Ottawa got the idea. Met mandate that values those terms because you also can modify them to become more military weapons that really aren't needed. Derrick Derrick outlook. There that are legal now that were years that a lot baker says honestly most. Legitimate goggle don't you. You have a big bad bad bad day and I got to go to the got to get Indonesia continue hold on. The elevate when John oldham will come back and continue this conversation and a second. We were talking arrested for Leo let him know what to news. Talking guys firearms instructor and area collector gun owner obviously and we were talking about common sense things that Dick you know be done know with the current argument that obviously is taking place right now always takes place. After days of mass shooting solo bit welcome back to a WBT to a rusty. We couldn't even get legislation on both stocks so how much common sense do you think is going on out there. While Paris sometime. This year that are worth following orders sort of person on the caught. Thought I think it's something that should be. More regulated. A wall where. We thank all of primary tracker back binary trigger probably via. Well regulated by as well because it doesn't that they've got that John the government should go but it does that rate of fire. Com. And I really a stock fund just point out I haven't met the editor and enjoying should absolutely not legitimately and about diet and I'll. Yes reverend guy like this yeah outlook regulate those or get better than what they. There are gonna make you eat or into this conversation but it you know that the it is orderly. My litmus test looked at a local politician there and expect them. Because the Second Amendment not what they're for doc are more. Dear I thought it looked up I won't you'd get a spot where they steal back the outlook but Burke is currently the Turkey colony. They don't quit quit and shot the declaration that it until like men and there. This Second Amendment protects the individual from the government. That's what they're. Geared so that we do not yet all are true and government that's. If you read the local paper that portable but then. Our armed and dug it out there let me let me ask you okay and I and I knew -- let me ask you this how realistic is that rusty. If you've got AA if you got an automatic weapon the most powerful fast firing you buddy you've been able to somehow or another make this fast firing as you can. He's still got no shot against the government today with laser powered this that the other if the government goes up against his people. Oscar. I don't know him that. But when it here at who we are so lucky. Dude that they are right that same note because really our freedom and fidelity Sino. Well and I understand that Joba the issue also is that people are using the liberties of the Second Amendment to massively kill people. Oh yeah. Because you're so you're willing to trade one offer the other. What I believe it might not gun control but. People control. Well I great big guns don't kill people people do I know that sounds elementary and it is but but but I I agree with that channel I don't think it's big gun it's killing people like it's the person with a gun that's killing people but. On the other hand if you give them a mechanism. That can kill seventeen students in a matter of four minutes five minutes. Well I'm not so sure that that's necessary and I I get August that this summer's I hear myself say that I'm say in almost you'd be more comfortable John if you can only kill for students in four minutes you know so I'm still argument. Medicare but I hit it up but I'll let that guy did a pretty big body ATF and the FBI. And it talked about the number of net or not want to check that the un checked that didn't aren't just black year. There is no way to do anti gun I MSCONFIG. Hit it won't happen. A poor doctor if they weren't built or. Knowing now the other part of that is that you could ban all sales of guns from from today on you wouldn't solve the problem there's already guns out there that we have never sold more guns than during the Obama administration. Enduring all the shootings that have taken place because every time the shooting takes place. Gun bans are mentioned and every time gun bans are mentioned it's like an instant marketing tool for everybody to run up to hide it and now cabello and places like that and buy more guns. You're absolutely right I like as Ahmed met those. But what the content. That may happen is one. Eight at least need to talk to each other. And I need to pay more open lines of communication. You know someone. Like that skit that didn't Pete expelled from the old. Because he had Anchorage that anger issues that the metal don't. Well and I do have to go but he also. Put a billboard on social media essentially and said hey I'm a nut case I'm not I'm Ahmad ticking time bomb I wanna take down students I wanna kill law enforcement I mean he. That he is Ian body gave us a post Carty gave us an invitation to come say what the hell are you all about. Depth is it the Serbs who were quite novel like that could be it changed apart just say. Four of our sport like alternate into what they want. Second government agency aides talked to other better. And they yea it is important. Once somebody has a legitimate. We metal well this year. All right I gotta I gotta go but we're weakening our mental health abilities and we just talked about legislation that was signed by by trump. So good to some extent every you know we're we're we're weakening some of the defenses that we pad and in some cases I think since it was an Obama air time. A well then that it has to be evil. Maybe we got to get past the evil of always deciding whoever wanted it originally. That decides whether it's merited or not. In other awards. Take the damn politics out of this and let's get some common sense stuff going on here we'll see if we can't save some lives. All right take them territory the fifth changed payday for many 46 days into the year. 319. Days to show. About 300 days till we start talking about kids first. Brandon. I do or their. 199. DH. February the fifteenth Baylor and our won his first Daytona 503 years later died. But doesn't earn our fan I was certain red sea of Miley when no. The Daytona YouTube launched on this date 2005 Jane Seymour who's been in this studio 67 years old and Matt draining. The Simpsons 64 years old today nutrition experts warning young athletes that some of the food choices shared on social media. By Olympic athletes probably should be ignored. First place they've heard a lot of calories and second place no you can't live on ice craven VA gold medal. Snowboarders. Well trump budget director wants our admits that the government would do I have to come up with a way to cover the cost of Charles military parade which which cost as much as thirty million dollars. Ice can make Mexico paid for that's what I've. And eight million Americans admit that they sent themselves Valentine's Day gifts. And that's I think that's set in the eighteen the Olympics tonight territory eighteen no Winter Olympics tonight NBC 8 o'clock primetime coverage will include men's short program figure skating the women's snowboard cross gold medal by the final. The men's gold medal final runs and Skelton. What to do that. DL women's aerials and freeze guys fell skiing and the women's tend kill no kilometer. Gold medal final in cross country skiing I don't wanna do that either and his read too much work. They like a hundred yards is my limit. And I need like three segments of that peak. SpaceX well launched 12100 Internet satellites. Well Elon Musk SpaceX on Saturday will launch the first of 111925. Internet satellite that's more satellites that all spacecraft orbiting earth today. SpaceX is falcon nine rocket. We'll launch a Spanish satellite as well as to experimental communications satellite into satellites will test aspects of Skoda starlink. Which is a a space based Internet project. That would bay isn't earth. In high speed Internet access these starlink plan calls for nearly 121000. To interleague satellites. Do we get up and overall we're talking about punitive but we're talking about at some point or another they're gonna have to come up with some sort of space probe apple. Where word technologies you know hundred villiers from now or whatever it would be better could be next year for assesses technology moves. But they just don't you know go up there with a giant. Net. And catch all this crap we've been thrown open to space all these years so you just don't get all that crap out of the sky and oh and by that time what you'll need like. Do things floating around out there are two could provide everything that you need to get. If it did what about the people that come here from another plan another world another. That now man we went to this plays they I think the people that live there call it earth. You should see that traffic in orbit it is just terrible. Here's your do your heard about the time traveler who claims to be from 2030. A mysterious man called Noah. Says he's traveled back from the year 2030. And he's even passed a lie detector test although it doesn't really show you the tested just. You'll say something that it says. Confirmed or so I didn't. Think it. Anyway he appears in a video on apex TVA YouTube channel which specializes in the paranormal. You'll be guest on the are not overnight show I would think it's a violent ownership of in the video nor are claims that Donald Trump does get reelected humans arrival on Mars in 20/20 eight and time travel something he knows about. Has become common by the year 20/20 eight in the future again 2030 technology has developed to be a point or it will be able to independently. I'll run home. And bitcoin won't be increasingly popular but pennies and sense rule us still be in years and Tori thirty the US president is. By 2030 the US president will be a mysterious figure. Called. Alana. Rim a key RPM. IAK we. Have 2030 is what. Twelve years from now. So who is this a lot or rim McKee. Because he or she would have to be at least what I want me. So let's chased down every a lot of really keyed that there is that looks. But see. Who shares are there it is or who they are. In someone's death cause because they had death BS a Super Bowl letdown or there's a Pittsburgh man as a family believes that's the case. At least according to his obituary Richard timbers are read the news today oh boy died on February the first at the age of 64 and in his online obituary. His family wrote that they believe he passed away to avoid seeing the patriots play in another Super Bowl rather than his beloved Steelers is obituary on the a funeral home website even has the Steelers logo. On on the background. He didn't wanna see a and wanna see him in the Super Bowl against solely so we judge. It's. They don't. Picture on the Internet yesterday Julia Louise Dreyfus. Ready to our rock been bred cancer breast cancer she looks great she said Barack. Great day doctors great results feeling happy ready to rock after surgery hate cancer. And I feel. And that's probably the attitude you need do a Q did contribute. Sign felled another beef actress announced in September that she had been diagnosed with cancer she's been given updates on her helplessly over your social media for the past six months but. This was her first post op photo on answer Graham and apparently she's feeling much. Better and that's great. There's talk eleven did that in every WTO to America. It was cruise got to cheering today no bundles prize there. Was. On. This morning formally charged into the interviewed him blow all all night against. And I'll formally charged today seventeen counts of premeditated murder and no booked into Broward County main jail. Nineteen. Was arraigned earlier today. Denied don't bond based on the air chargers. Was questioned for hours by state and federal authorities knew her cut times notes that two of the ten deadliest shootings in modern US history three of them. The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. Massacre in Parkland Florida yesterday. The Las Vegas massacre and a November's Texas church shooting. Have all occurred in the last five months. Out of the top ten. The last five months of three of that surprises me I guess to those to the extent that we're not. More appalled and we are but I would have it we've we're not as shocked by this is what we always has to be either. Marshals appalled by it or does not. Lost horsemen test sources told ABC that the suspected shooter slip away from the scene by blending in with the fleeing students we talked about that yesterday while earlier shooter was still large what would keep. Other than being identified by fellow students went if every student so I mean at some point you hide yourself away. You shouldn't change shirts. But he walked out with the arrest of the students. Finally taken into custody about an hour later off campus. They had identified him from surveillance footage she was expelled from the school last year teacher says he was flagged as a threat. He used in May ar fifteen rifle with a callous magazines. Legally bought that gun sometime in the past year and now passed a background check. And then they are predictable love. Paragraph that seems to show up family members and neighbors tell the sun sentinel that cruise had seemed quote on quote troubled and depressed in recent months. Relatives say that his mother Linda crews who adopted cruised the day he was born died of pneumonia on no November the first if I have that story right she got the flu and then got pneumonia so she's one of the flu deaths. But I think he had had problems before that and he had been staying with a friends family since around Thanksgiving. And then he's got a brother who was with another family friend. His adoptive father died when know both the boys were young. A lawyer for the family that he'd been staying with said that they have made him keep the AR fifteen locked up in a cabinet. Which she had the keys to. But apparently one he went to their house the gun game with him. So that's that's a trio are on that one. To Iran we go on WBT Iran. Then I don't don't go. So long way to go back to be inevitable Ben Franklin quote that goes and so those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety. Lou neither liberty nor safety. We have to recognize that there are evil people in this world once we accept that and we have to start caught that and how we're gonna stop them. Responded to our way there's only one school security also pro school Max. From my kids and he could blow the nurse there's actually several that are. I'm glad I know exactly where heading we talked with the Chris record of the affectionate to FBI guy about that very thing he says his concern is is that we know people get on campus. They don't know who the good guys are for the bad guys if you have a people armed in schools. So serve your that we do it like he can do Carrick course here in Charlotte I teach all of my students. As soon as you a year the police sirens or rather it's time to get just churned safe area. Result your weapon with one hand that's why would quarrel must do have a weekly global. I'm good hole every hole. And get your hands up your driver's license in your left hander you're off on me and then get down a hole in the custom they don't have to give you warning. But here's the deal if the cops know there are armed teachers in there. We're going to respond accordingly I'm a former Louisiana State trooper I've been trained on this. We have to the schools that are armed right now Arkansas Texas Utah all they do not have these issues. That would be a copy those those would be colleges right. But I know art and started it all grades are technically ball great so they do they do have concealed carry in schools and Arkansas. They do yeah we're. What the teachers and the parents absolutely. The teachers are required to be trained in this it is cheaper to train the teachers and that put the resource are certain school. And end them more diligent in their and in this speaking all police officers out there. We have been trained teachers are more diligent in thereof marksmanship efforts. Simply saw because the police aren't charging them more enjoyable for. Simon takes more calls you you say we need delve more defense and our schools that your point of view we'll go to Matt just a second. Arkansas generally prohibits the possession of a firearm conceal her and concealed. Upon the developed property of public. K through twelve schools. In or upon any school bus. Or add a designated bus stop as identified on the route lists published by these school districts each year Arkansas generally prohibits the possession of a firearm. Concealed or on concealed however. Arkansas allows person's license to carry concealed handguns to possess or store a firearm. In his or her car on K through twelve premises. In addition a school that operates a private K through twelve school and private K through twelve school or preschool. May allow a person licensed to carry a concealed handgun to possess a firearm on school property. Under a law passed in 2017. Arkansas now generally compels public colleges and universities to allow. Sees CW holders should concealed carry. Holders to. Carry handgun concealed handguns on campus so that's college campuses which we asked him about it we were aware of but don't generally Arkansas. But generally prohibits the possession of a firearm concealed orca and concealed on upon the developed a property of republic K through twelve school. On Indian school bus already designated bus stop they do allow persons to our carry concealed handguns. Two store them in their cars. Or in addition a church that operates a K through twelve school or a private K through stroll school or preschool may allow person to carry a concealed handgun. Two business a firearm on school property but that would be a private school not a public. So. You're right. But not in the way you staved. Not the Olympics in me next half hour men and won't dirt divulge anything that you don't already know. Material shift from one million gold in the us all last night that was that was good I didn't see it that we're told us morning. People are performing the way past my bedtime. There's a sports reporter who says a figure skating isn't a sport frivolity isn't sued. And and what you need to know about men's Olympic hockey this year because that's being done little bit different to we'll talk a little bit over Olympics. For your prime time viewing tonight figure skating snowboarding Skelton. Freestyle skiing and cross country. On the most oversold Robert on WB TJ Robert. Figured you know are there. You how ongoing I ate I've looked into the show and I want to weigh in on the you know the gun control issue is it's obviously a hot topic with. That tragic. Event that happened yesterday and I you know it just burns me inside you know I guess I cannot fathom. The need for. An assault rifle why why that have to be and that's available in the public I I understand. The right to bear arms constitutional right and that and that guaranteed. To all US citizens and and I support that. But it's inherent in the name salt like oh there's no purpose threat gone out and part alt. Are you look at these two most most tragic shooting the one and they get them and the one yesterday. Impart when both both of those people came their gun legally be automatic rifle. Com and their prayer for the sole purpose of killing. And I can't help but think that. You know where they are not able to get guns legally. That. EPA could order to try off. Unfortunate. And as a parent then you know you send your kids to school to learn to enter it into our social norms and values then. Gosh now I gotta worry about you know are they gonna they gonna make cold in the day yeah. Which is on evaluated again jury everybody last night to some extent thought about those watch and TV last night and I mean late 9:30 issue 9 o'clock 930 years should know apparently there were still parents that had not really been confirmed. Now they're kids had not come on yet they had and they had no idea where their kids were about. They didn't have a confirmation as to their actual fate as a vote late last evening I just find that to death that is gonna be some kind of a living hell to work. And then you know what the news is gonna be I assume and then you get the news and then you've got some closure but. I did it too early for closure. I agree with you to some extent. I don't understand that's where we've had to several conversations with the people today. About a ar fifteens and automatic weapons enough. And I don't understand why they're whether necessarily needed to either and I'm not a gun ban type person but there's somebody is better explain to me why these have to be on the market now you can. You can ban them today and you're still gonna have thousands of them out there in that probably makes Soria. For a black market to go where they would become more valuable than know what they are but I about a ma am with you I don't. There's somebody that tells me they need these were hiding I don't believe you've got to fire 45 rounds. Very and an Alter your allow Lee Carter. I would not agree with that and entered just as and an outside at night I saw that you'd like everybody L yesterday right in and it's it's tragic men. I realized that my niece is Bob. At a middle school app on the campus. Don't Douglas and ship sent a screen shot and heard from a text messaging during the hearing. I'll and it really quickly in in that moment. And that fear that these kids not being going through and the sacrifice that somebody you Jeter may affect children. Armed I guess he got credit for their families that help everybody out of momentum and look at same time and god. Got talent at hit bottom and and I hope never if you put all my heart just goes up all of. Yeah appreciate it Carl thank you very much. Sure our egos. Do we go I can get an email saying these so weapons are automatic they are not automatic but they are customizable they are adaptable. And they are made to the point that they. Are all but automatic that they can fire multiple shots 45 shots in a minute. So you're your your bids in words as far as I'm concerned. They've they may not fall under the classification being automatic. Thumb but they've become just as deadly and their own sole purpose is to take down. And kill bomb many people in a very short people of time. So loved good. You need to know mentor to somebody else and not judged and without him. Com back on the other side will probably get into other subject matter because quite frankly I'm exhausted and like I said at the beginning of the day at 3 o'clock. We've already done this stamp show about seventeen times. So I agree to some extent we can't just. Keep on like the press coverage today saying no no the conversation has to start today and this that the other and that congress. It can stand there with their heels dug into the ground and you know we've got to figure out something new because this is really getting old. But gosh and started doing the show because it always ends up the same and it did never ends with the result and then it usually ends up with people like the guy who called. And gave us the false information about Arkansas. You know all these experts have called talk radio stations. BS artists I. Tide toward Israel before 6 o'clock news talk 1110 WBT. Now on to Google phone calls although I don't want to. Here regards at least two and hang on for a long time my can't just to tell them I'm not taking calls and more runs up on WBT Tehran. Hey Al Gore and aerial. Under America and I'm I don't want to throw a new kind aspect on blow hole on the personal side of the guy who did the shooting in that strong description that you made of him being depressed there's a possibility because it's contracted a nurse psychiatric illness like lime disease. I'm you don't want to lead this fairly serious shouldn't get a permit kick. And it starts to tutor your nervous system if it gets to your buying akin literally drive you crazy. Now well on that I had not heard that prognosis. And yeah maybe so but apparently this guy's been kind of way loose would not for some time so I don't I don't know if that's pertinent or not. Mean you're on W VT. I got this chocolate in where. We're we're looking at it or not or maybe you can't comment that was yesterday that someone from UK. Made that you know we are seeing it uniquely American you don't have handgun but the deal or in in violent violent violent and in many countries we're not our situation is that we're being asked by we're not seeing it at night trap. Strap a bomb on. And they are not something that they are not. Again not trying to ban meal. And we try to you know what I'm saying that this it is eight it may seem like a very odd way of looking at it but in the United States violence is violence period. And I don't think that banning guns and god knows the answer that bottom line is that we've got to get to Beirut car that it and that actually do with mental ailment. And in relationship to think along that lines someone made a comment about. Thousand and heavier we talked about this earlier can be a thousand Elvis to Vatican BIA can be that we don't discipline our kids to the degree that we used to could be video games it can be the world if right there can be all of the evolved. You're never you're never probably going to pinpoint and answer. No I agree with you and I think at that we've got to be a lot more or not. To get I think that exciting met. We've got to be able to ban guns and the occidental that's not the ultimate and that's not where it starts it's not what it's all about. No I think it's I think it's an eject her jerk reaction did the bidding of against and I understand listen I was nor newscasts and stuff to our standard by us all that. Congress want to go ban the guns but and I don't understand the need for assault weapons although it right now but. How big video salted the you can ban guns tomorrow. I meant it that's not gonna stop. The guns that are already out there it's not gonna stop the guy from driving down the sidewalk in New York City and moan people don't car. And it's not gonna stop people from Indian. A knife to its not gonna stop the guy from going on the Internet and learning how to build a bomb on a household products you know ten minutes so there's a lot of things it's not gonna stop. Hi to Donna go WV GA done. This job you do it you do John. They're doing well like your comment sub I'm Wanamaker comment I was born and 38 regime. Look at Atlanta. We went. How school with cataracts in the back when the truck certainly always a web remembered Karr. And we are running out dumbing me about nothing big let the you know. All the time squirrel whether. But I really feel that ticker way to prepare them immediately so important. Which you can punish we collector comment that so many of these weapons out there you're never gonna stop that. That kind of that talent just a weapon I don't think it's gonna happen but now base. Our punishment is so light their back all that and edged almost like a medal to go to version. And at least you got rid of one better person I have in the death penalty when you kill people and we have no killing sit well at all though Charlie any crime that. Or at all now visit is a different world what we did ask the question of older we've had guns for 200 years we've only had these mass killings now for about thirty of them so what's changed to Noah and I think that's the that's the whole no question that needs to be answered. Yeah our lap brink who you talk about summer games so. You know people. Get involved with that and they kill people. Panic but come security end and it had actually. In my opinion it takes away. Any failing to whatsoever he says it McCain McDermott cerberus. You understand that this that the game may be the EUR Baird are greater debt. You don't kill just to kill. Now it did DC emphasizes. Which bit but I don't think that's the whole answer either I am and quite frankly I think all these little things. Our lack of discipline no our grandparents were more disciplined oriented on our parents and we were on our kids that dark you have parents today of their kids I think there's a million different things. I don't think any of it is the answer I think all of it is among the da da da answers. Thus synopsis. All right take them torture part of the other day Vincent result. Third member of the men's US figure skating a team. Said that. Figure skating is in the sport. Edward H gross a reporter for the fox affiliate in Dallas tweeted I have the utmost respect for a figure skaters only area a few people in the universe committed do it and deserve more praise although he's the one her Edward ergo sale fox affiliate in Dallas but it's not a sport. And this of Vincent so who's the third member of the men's US figure skating team replied your job is to be a sports reporter figure skating is not a sport to use stick to reporting on real sports do your job and we'll do ours. Same argument NASCAR right golf. And I mean. Shaun White success at the winner Olympic Games shows one community of kids and their parents that anything is possible. People living with Ted trawler G of Fallon. A congenital heart defects that. Shaun White was born with a you know this. As a baby he was diagnosed with a what they called TOF rare heart condition comprised of four congenital cardiac defects. It's the same thing Jimmy Kimmel young son has. And while white represents the US at the Olympics he also represents the hopes and dreams of every parent of a child who's battling that hard condition and like eighteen year old Jared Sylvia. Who was born with TOF Jared says though white is his role model and credits why it's example and his parents refusal to limit him. But with his athletic achievements he's now running track for the university you know Saint Louis so there's a story about a Shaun White to you may not have a known about Germany you know won the pairs figure skating gold last night. Last time I looked as of last night's competition none Norway was in first place with sixteen medals overall five gold seven silver four bronze on the Alpine events have been run so. Then may be where some of the USO metals or. But will be coming from Germany had thirteen Netherlands and Canada eleven each gold medal count Germany is in first place with eight Netherlands USA in Norway. Second with five but that count is probably changed us today. Has gone on speaking of Shaun White. He apparently is considering skateboarding in the Summer Olympics. He won his third Olympic gold in the in his fourth Olympics but do you snore more personal border could be looking to offer a more he is so long so that he not only wants to compete in another winter games but he also said that he be adjusted. In another summer games as well he's a five time X games medalist in skateboarding. Says he considered skateboarding. And the debut in net Tokyo and at 20/20 said after taking a break following nip young Chung games Hilo probably starts skateboarding and night Anderson competitions and then now. Thus he where it's gone now from there and have you heard of snow volleyball. Snow volleyball non Olympic sport probably never will be. But it has had its finest moment on a Wednesday when no prince Albert of Monaco and International Olympic Committee may under showed up birdie or chilly outdoor exhibition of snow volleyball. At two. And there with hundreds cheering Albert Albert Albert you Monaco royal May Day a 32 cameo appearance on an icy course snowball abolishes widget negatives it's not on standards on snow. Exhibition match featured three former Olympic gold medalists. So there you go there and Lindsey Vonn. Who well most of us know as a skier but some of you know is. They don't former date of Tiger Woods. Single ready to mingle on the L most romantic day of the year Valentine's Day yesterday wasn't shy about turning to Twitter to help find a Valentine you know execution is right. Very attractive. Unbelievable skier. 33 year old world champion gearing up to maker. Tony eighteen Winter Olympics in Byung Chang as South Korea memorable and she admitted in a tweet on Wednesday that in the midst of all of the Olympic fund. I she forgot it was Valentine's Day so she tweeted. So apparently it's Valentine's Day I forgot all about it because I met the Olympics and I'm single. Anyone else out there are single wanna be my Valentine I. Well there are a 1101000 kind of float around in the Olympic village so are being you know. The a tweet came from the Olympian. It's been a non Twitter and it if they're created quite a frenzy. Admirers coming out of the woodwork to reply to Vaughn and a attempt to win her heart. On no Valentine still don't have a a final of prognosis on that as to whether or not to issue a good day or a bad day and if you can't afford it makes. Roddick car. Like your Corvette or Ferrari. And by erect one. As long as you don't have a problem with that wrecked exotic say is a niche web site. That specializes in photos of high performance luxury cars that have been wrecked you can search for wreckage exotic cars by type of a driver like celebrity your female model of car location. So you can afford the car you just can't afford one that actually isn't really good shape when network Marca garrison charles' six mesh.