How To Get Ready For Golf and What Are thes Bicycles Around Town

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, February 17th

The #outdoorguys talk to an Australian walking across the U.S. for a good cause. They’ll also make sure you’re ready to hit the golf course, and find out what’s going on with the different colored bicycles you’ve probably seen all around town.


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Carolina outdoor show he's brought to you by the outdoors guys from Jesse breakfast. Look at marvel over the Carolina outdoors billboard see how about that spring weather at least momentarily with. I think every day but today has tried tomorrow to going to be a warmer again not to worry. Confusion reigns in the weather department a WB to B. Amanda drama all around and that's why we preach it Jesse browns dressing in layers for whatever your outdoor pursued may be might rain might not might be hot might be cold we don't know what it's going to be so just. Take two or three layers Wear tear and stay happy but it sounds like a plan for me to retire it'll take you all the way through the whole week in week in and then some. But at tell you what Don did build weather has popped up different subject matters for us here on the Carolina outdoors stuff like golf. We're gonna talk a little bit about golf because as. As a springtime weather springs its head around this is standard. Get ready to go out there and hit that little white ball absolutely it's beautiful outside when it's nasty we can watch it on television ha ha ha and funny Al our work this week and walked. It that's the best napping step that there is that it is why although it socially cool man. Golf has a good sleep in sports as in SLI that would open to the sleepers will help you sometimes welcome everyone to the Carolina outdoors he's Don Jaeger on bill Barr teak. Were the out door gat team here and we commend to talk about the things to do in our Carolina outdoors. And beyond some of which we're gonna talk about today is not just golf Don we're gonna. We're gonna talk a little bit about Melbourne Australia. Comes to the United States for a walk about. Aren't. In it also lets them down under tour of the down under under a Clinton manners and thunder from down under or straining. And I don't know. None of the order wrong way how none of the none of that is only Australia and I knows Clinton Anderson the eighty LOC we have Crocodile Dundee. I'm not matter how well it that you always can have that your pocket. Okay and can make maybe just maybe. Paul Hogan no none of that is going to be K let's and sees from Melbourne Australia. But she had a tragedy that happened in her life it was her son. To fittingly enough with these days being the Winter Olympics going on bomb was a snow boarder and he had a horrific snowboarding accident. But it ended up helping. Inspire him and hurt his mother to do things that they never thought they would be able to do a he has since recovered as well as say. Quadriplegic. Can do and he is what they call a walking quadriplegic in chi is a walking mom. She goes under the social media tag warrior mom and she is started in California has gone across Arizona and Texas comes through the deep south of Alabama Mississippi Alabama Georgia and is in now in Charlotte the Charlotte area. On her way to a march 12 arrival. In Washington DC. So we're gonna invite K let's and on with the outdoor gas to find out and what the biggest challenges. Of this walk have been thus far she still got 500 roused again but also may be will give low bid inside on her favorite. State to walking and in our. In our United States whether it be neat way to say the country wouldn't it not just from an airline not just from car window and but walking. A vote for motorcycles. They gave. A whole lot easier come. The organ also long walk you walk from California. California c.s now in Charlotte maids. I would say c.s get there in debit whipped because. Produce companies he liked Appalachian trail and it should be the senate passed a that's a good or at least and that means it asked that with the is in. Why not take a bicycle that would've been a good opportunity to aid well are these newfangled things called all the real news and that's well. I am glad you brought a bicycle on. Because have you noticed Ali's bicycles lane all over the streets of Charlotte us via ports are sidewalks of Charlotte and clutter we're gonna take the opportunity would get jet discount who's gonna join the Carolina outdoor gas later on in the program now know those aren't his bicycles. He is. The creator founder of weekly rides which started out as a web site that she could find. Whether it be a group or ride or may be an individual route for you to do. Things happening in the bicycle community. I'm we're gonna find out about these commuter bicycles Charlotte has bin Al Manges. Over encumbered with a bunch of different bicycle that's not the right word as. As it transitions into. The urban commuter who is trying to find their way to work maybe. He's in a bicycle mature everybody's happy about eight maybe Jeff can give us inside he knows he knows about bicycles okay. So we have all of that under our bill to Don speaking at spring cleaning we're inviting everybody is they get ready for they hear spring season of fly fishing. If you had any flowery ills they need a little bit of servicing as in dots checked your byline cleaned up. And your reels moved in cleaned and ready for the spring season of fly fishing bring in my over to Jesse browns. We are taking in those things to get them serviced it may take a day may take it to a is 25 dollars per real. Will make a clean and ready to catch fish will also inspect them enough to. Tell you if you needed me fly line or not but that ought to help as the march stocking season. Is about to begin on our delayed harvest strained so this is sort of a mud Dahmer removal from. You know what we talk about that with shotguns. You know how you hit me. Mr. right at the box them up numbers all the Merle before negotiations. It can stay Canas beat the same way with the flyer you know they're sitting in the corner of your garage. You hadn't finish since October because that's the last time 2000 and nothing he got. I was. And that's the truth that is how does that happen. Life happens and if you're go there but plot line and ended does not last forever. Says like tires you can dry ironic and Wear out his term being abused them have a flat. Saturday fee if you are in doubt and need trusted advisor to council use. Through that box in the corner with our real and that is our specialty insofar real says. Spin and rails not so much that sneak on over to Jesse Brown were located in the sharing corners shopping center here in the heart of the South Park shopping district. Free elevator ride straight to the balcony and we'll look after that far real especially for eve. Don speaking of the weather and speaking of spring come and about it is made a weird. Miert we are confluence of seasons it Jesse browns because we are saying goodbye to a bunch of fleas. And cooler winner staffed as we say hello to shorts sun protection. In sandals those have all arrived at Jesse Brown said the to sit side by side. I'm not to mention the Colombia or shirts that are really cool income problems on protection as well around quite stylish look pat. And Phat fashion meets function fashion forward that to us. Well. Whether that means that we talked about it often times. When you can have the best of both worlds and sun protection in. The fabric technologies and fabric engineering into places like NC state and other universities like that. That are. Inventing. Really new fibers new fabrics and how to utilize them. To perform to our needs and with all left their comparable in net today in you know in a word comfortable with that but anyway. Don any thing to report from the Carolina Al gores are beyond the randomly it's time to get fission most Fisher happy don't wait till march oh now tell us about that with the water there with the water temperatures matching the arm air temperature of their warm and have met helps instead. They're not matching but they're certainly warm enough proposed range we have on most warmer day which brought the war capture of got to him sex ms. Gupta Trout happy. A snuck up to the Mitchell river on Wednesday last week. Was supposed to rain it didn't you drizzle little in the morning little in the evening and the fish were really happy in between them we have to revert to ourselves. Any top border activity when they'll start and some blue and knowledge as well as catalysts is starting to hatch right now so it is a good opportunity deficient garage and drop worse don't you like that and it's fish come up to the top and true. Hit it we take all the doubt Obama doesn't. That he put it in anymore guessing they'd just played my apply what shall I do. Even if you don't land affairs she'd give you that visual stimulation of happiness that you saw him on motorized clear it up aluminum for a moment and went. Well listen whether you're waking up early lessons it's on there's 1110993. WBT. Or maybe you're joining us via the worldwide web. You can listen to assist Jesse Brown dot com just click on podcast we have all four segments. Broken down for your listening pleasure also had Everett. CL today and you can listen to different postings that we have. Including a whole bunch of other things that we have. In artistic grounds universe where they outdoor gas he's on Nader I'm bill Bart teeth. Will be back with more of the Carolinas outdoors. Well. Done the those yeah. Guardrail mark you're back on the Carolina outdoors and we in my begun to talk about golf here. The Africa cup is the great around the middle but he hit it fast and every hit that shot have you. I know that. Why as it's important it's been important because it winter verses spring vs spring vs winter. John Glenn and man look at those clubs out and go in that it who was it will Rogers who said that golf was a was the final walk spoiled that would have been mark planes are all day he would otherwise known as Samuel Clemens has golf analyst and they're 35000. Combinations. Fittings for golf clubs and one of our neighbors across the way it club champion across from Jesse Brown is gonna join us to talk about those 35000. Dating Wear him and I thought there were only two. It's an either fit certain don't. You're not gonna give any argument from me I'm not at all and that's my excuse and I'm sticking. Awesome we need to talk about the health of golf in the Charlotte area in the health of golf across the United States we've. We've had increases in golfers with with Tiger Woods and he is a career as a professional but. Now a lot of younger golfers are on the upswing cock so to speak here go and what does that mean for us as golfers in the United States a booming economy in Charlotte with. Thousands of people moving into Bay Area what does that mean for around. Private golf courses or public golf courses we're gonna bring rob Gallagher Roth from club champion to talk about all of these things and Don may be will just. Figure out had to add 21 yards to your drive as well. Rob welcome to the Carolina out doors would Don and bill. Garrett thanks for me. I talked to us about golf these days did I get it right with the Tiger Woods. Woods' career and more golfers getting out there but then with tigers. You know age and issues and all of that when he went on the wane. How we look him in the United States was golf. Yeah I mean you know the did the cool thing this year tiger back so. So far there is so good I mean the last few times he's come back it meant for one nurtured tournaments and then you know at the back problems again but down. Seems like this year might be a little bit different might be able to watch him a little bit further on throughout the year but Tom yeah I mean whenever he kind of disappeared for a little while let's say you know he had a bunch of new younger golfers that they came about men's side Merom are. Remember whatever I was drawn out vote like in tiger and then. You know you get these young kids that are 1415 years old that. You know Beatty he's there they're Champions Tour guy you know they had they didn't really get to watch him too much but they were watching Jordan speed and just been Thomason. You know does the job done all those big names and so far there's there's big game being really good scores keep getting lower people keeping the ball further choke keep driving people wanna get better keep quiet. Well we're gonna talk a little bit about that cause Don and I'd definitely wanna. Get better and keep play and but what about Charlotte and we read the paper every day and we see the apartments being built in the people come in and and it's not suggest. South stand in downtown in South Park. It's also a united the suburbs are building up with apartments and that sort of thing places that used to be. Our golf courses what's the health of golf in our local community as far as places to play and then add the demographics of the people that are playing. Yeah I mean. Say this just firm from my own history have had the benefit of being able of all across the country and and see different places and Charlie it is extremely lucky in the fact that there are some. Incredible. Private clubs. But also does does this semi private and the public courses that are around her in great shape. There are some really good track surrounding areas then people are able to take advantage of it's not a not a very difficult task to be able to go out and play around the gulf are pretty good golf course so. Charl it's very lucky in that regard and and you know as far as demographic goes to. I know at least in our store here we've seen. Massive range of players that sat in on 94 year old they came in here to get fit for a full bag and we said you know 1012 year old could have come in here to get that purple bags so. You know they kind of goes all across the board as far as the ages ago and and skill level still. Well it's really interesting to see the young people come in on because they have access to such good coaching early on don't play. Absolutely absolutely that's become you know there's there's the PGA of America has done an incredible job. Lately with the PGA junior league and and getting kids more involved and and playing it not just as an individual game but more as a team game as well and that he you seem to really spur that spur that competitive drive on with with our young kids today. Our guest here on the Carolina outdoors as rob Gallagher he's from club champion with the location average share in corners right here. In South Park their master sitters and master builders. Of golf clubs in and rob talked to us about the biggest challenge for golfers no matter what stage are demographic they are. What is the most common and occurring challenge for golfer. You know. I think a lot of times and and you know. There are often hear when people player when players comment is it not be here with the Indian you know that a common thing it's been dead for years but. I think what we've been able to see any here with all the data that we use. It's vote you know. He is. If you got a good fitting golf club then taking those lessons in being able to improve your game. There's a lot quicker and easier. And so he keeps getting players out of that mindset of oh well it's it's not the club to meet. Sometimes that is the club sometimes it is the player it just really depends and that's where we're going to be able to kind of figure that all out for the individual. They talk to us about the menu because you cannot cover the entire bag in fact. You will take on the entire bag with a and you also have menu of services that may just involve a putter herb may be a wedge talked to us about that. Absolutely. Whenever we go through fullback fit that covers all of the different fitting processes that we can do so that's six different things. Driver that fairway would fit hybrid fitting. Irons wedges and putter. And any of those items can actually be fit just for that players should your comment through a new good you know what I thought irons last year I really love woman everything to work at. I really just need to get that driver fine tuned to come on and we didn't we can get it done it'll take much less time to just do one called the duffel bag and at the end of the day people get will get that one club Dublin forty for sure. How near manipulator a golf course there are golf club to make it fit. Well there's a few different parts of it and and that's a great question but. The biggest thing we're looking have from a city ten point is we're going to be looking at what's the right head what's the right shaft and then how do we need to build it and that's where a lot of players. You know sometimes don't necessarily. Put as much important on this the build process of that golf club. There's a ton of different things that go into it Chester different weights we've got chaps are all anywhere from 29 grams all the way up to eighty grams in the driver. And then heads. They actually have slightly differ await his well now I'm not talking quite as much as the shaft but. Making sure that we get the right head weight and then shaft weight balance in profile of shaft whether it be I launching a low launching Shaq. Those are all incredibly important things for each player. And for us once we hit that club to that individual we wanna build it exactly the same way it's how we were how we were hitting it and how we were sitting in the bay. And so whatever we're able to build the product for a player and that's where we can guarantee that performance. Wow I think I've figured out the problem Don I've admits in a Mac caddie Everton club champion. I haven't been the one that's gone however I thought I was Kmart that you got just club's Harold. It's different. To bring that out then and Don Don always wears his helmet when we play golf together I don't know what that's about it that's our whole nother story. Talk to us about the exclusivity. Of coming over to club champion do we have to be our clubs and pro or are amateur champion that you mentioned 94 -- aids nine or ten. I'm do you have some fair weathered golfers who will invest in themselves and their golf game. Absolutely absolutely I mean. You know we. For every player we're going to be able to kind of figure out what's going on and and we used to track manned launch monitor in our short track man is the only launch monitor that they use on tour and they're not only is he going to tell us exactly. What is going on with the golf ball. But it'll tell us what's going on with your swing from wayside a waste site through the impact on so. The one thing I've I've really seen it regardless of skill level is golfers are much more consistent than they give themselves credit for. Consistent doesn't always mean perfect but we're able to release Q what's gonna go on on there. And in the last year. We had over 12100 golfers they came and actually get that. And I would say probably there might have been three year for. That we had to look at and say you know what maybe not the best time to come and get that we need to kind of go back go back to the basics to just make sure we swing a golf club. And those were players that really had never played before. And so. Yeah getting getting the basics of it not a problem but yet fair weather golfer we're going to be able to doubt them and easy. We're gonna come everyday and see if you're right across the parking lot from the fly rods stored Jesse Brown so we definitely wanna say rob Gallagher club champion tell us the web site before we show. Championed golf dot com easy enough rob Gallagher thanks atone for being on with us the outdoor gas here on WDT. Hi bill marching from the land down under let's go walkabout let's do it yet now they're playing that song because it was me and it works. I'll let that go this that's silence is deafening here on the Carolina outdoors a Don Yeager of their bill Marty ever hear tactical what you say Don the land down under or Don Ollie says may yet they continue their conversations here. Each segment and then I'd go left turn every time. Because I got to get in my punch lines about a minute or you watch too much of NASCAR's test that hospital fast turn left and we are gonna talk a little bit all about Australia but we're also gonna talk a little bit about what inspired you and what you would do with that inspiration. Many people in the Charlotte area. Our meeting. A person and persons are the very first time. An Australian of all people from Melbourne Australia a land down under but she is in the United States. Walking across America. It she's doing this because she was inspired we're gonna find out who she was inspired back. And what her route his DN OK let's and for Melbourne Australia welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Think he's so much and thank you applying my American song go along. A lot of pride in America America. Abbott you have at your earbuds for every step of the way you are the warrior mom and you are doing the warrior mom so Walt walking for SE our recovery. Tell us how this all happened for years in what SE I mean. I can't carry 2000 and it struck him on son suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury while not avoiding. In any trend on field. And I think we've been you know financed and up it's probably not expected to get out of the big game TPD. The best option for us that he would ease appellate case we've map controls that you navigate Ukraine Perry comes back. Mark how are you there or are you didn't say it loud bang up side triple of the sort of not a morning and riding it and things like that. And I don't buy and then made me help in any new age. Not gonna down. Because I'm incredibly like that and why. Decided that it would affect given up we have on an otherwise. And I'm not panic based on their car practice structure used before the accident with another. Injury. And I. Wimpy in the next morning and table what happened on what we do and he's that we change can be adding she. And for all caught up. To the hospital I actually people take to the hospital. I thought what they'll do not that. And we it reflects solid punch. I am playing golf what direction of the chi energy was flowing through his body. He was talking to my action and made attention. And book it's a long story that. Well that it. He walked at a hospital or on trying to awhile so so part of the warrior moms walk it involves the cloud foundation dot oh our GM. And they're kind of the quad foundation it is in this march richer and Australian lady and in this accident happened. Eighteen years ago or so yeah. How did this 100 back in 2018. I can't tell what happened was I had actually worked in America in 2012. Fair game for. They plan. Specialized in helping people with spinal cord injury recovery but lies there you read it actually cult activity back there at feet below injury level. And I had gone by means if president Ford saying and I readable called why am home which is just allowing him and I was coming to America to launch a book and I was contacted by all American families wanting to make me well there because my son not done a lot of made soaring out of India. And I just looked at any Google gonna happen and I think god you know what do you want me to do he'd need to get out I can't help big table and got probably walk across. America will not go bad night and it. He'll look up in the key regular I kept it well lately today you didn't know how to get it done well I'm. Well thank you out of here and yeah I'm here in outside United Media. Well and he started in California and you had a whole bunch people helping along the way. Tom talked to us about to walk and Susan has helped support you along the way we know. I'm a tutor Rotary Club meeting ended in Dow ended the Rotary Club of Belmont has been another one that's been a strong supporter tell us about walking from California. At this time Charlotte, North Carolina. Well there adversary because I am at a moment we and give the other thing you don't get a hot in my life and I don't like the bullish side had a root lightning in a sense. You guys you know walking in the desert and walking in. The High Chaparral the Californian. Gifted skater. And that's so we really well before we that we formed a massage actually the question and I can because unaided eye on them once they train that was Americans die. Neither any money that we've right along the way. Not to get a text production people and the quad foundation is giving scholarships for activities like therapy. Think with spinal cord injury so all the money we ballet. Guys cage activity that therapy programs and what happened being. In North Carolina is very good friend of mine Ken Robinson is a man say rhetoric confidence. Thank comment is that in non that you believe is. In challenge. Keep on the year and she. I dazzled my kept it pretty writers have a Belmont and I haven't actually off to the pontiff had he she can get I'm gonna do a hundred mall walking on gamble the grateful we have Carolina didn't want. What do. And I was just an ally and a hundred miles and that it Ryder Cup I mean until they get put it won't for the war. You know all the money that can rises. Will be used for activity bank therapy scholarships in the Charlotte area. Hey it very clear unmet need money psychologically. They get there and luckily. Well good for good for the murder club Belmont participating in that and and good luck on her 100000. K let's and is our guests she is. The warrior moms and you can follow her on FaceBook warrior moms. Is part of that are required a foundation dot org the issue started in California she's working her way to Washington DC. We found her right now. In Charlotte but hey Ken what's been your favorite part of the United States because I daresay you've seen many more of it then a lot of this because you're walking it. Well yeah an iPod because I haven't seen HD at a novel Haley penetrated in North Carolina. Everyone's respect him nineteen and size kind and wished I had the congress and I hit a beautiful. Waterfront property. In Belmont that wanted to write chair and has given up. You tell president and a nickel he died and that's exactly where we're actually traveling and very. And there's like an apartment paid for the third time in five months it's just phenomenal. Very very good actually had a lot of love and support yeah I have decide what I've been stagnant with the fact that nearly killed me why. Live Arizona five and it really QB because I hate. Adult side because. Of the LPGA because you know you're in negated any galloping to really caught quite high altitude days. And it was challenging that it was a beautiful Skype to walk through just because it was. I picturesque and it was tried different. But you know I'm. Gone of them hiding places little towns. What we do that we packed the 87 guys and we walked. Injured deputies and then added beauty. Obviously on the right yeah Washington and add up to pay about 400 page and roll hall Stonewall. That entitled these big straight out and I thought laws. And it's crucial last 400 popped model which is pretty exciting. Well one thing that we find is Australians and Americans seem to have on common bond or if if we were gonna go to Australia just for a week in take a few day hike where would you recommend we go in Australia. Well obviously you should get according trying to got the great barrier as you said adding I. But I come from a very beautiful city cult Melba and we have some beautiful fonts. Trials that you can got a question would it be that you can he enjoys an intense and fabulous Wal-Mart. Fees and probably one of the best. Coffee fade once see it's definitely an extract additional the world. In fact Melvin is one of them is eczema for the city in the world I'm very fortunate that I leave it. And has terrible severely was walking city strengths and what he didn't. Yeah and I I would opposition orbit united on any kind of think these. And got the Blackberry arrange you probably they don't have a month. Can really say it's kinda. Probably they really fear of flying because a lot different sides on this little America. Now we only have a population of 26 may have played well good. And that's kind of yeah a bit of talent and kept him exactly what are you walk in the trying to I don't civil offense that was dated on a walk in his strategy wouldn't without support without much more support than I have land we have come a lady would be telling. Not my call sheet from any parent China. And she's a paraplegic and sheet on the other main street. My chart I can't laugh and you actually spent ninety. In a strategy didn't coddle our wonderful to have the papal at all. Antibodies in Australia we had a twenty trillion dollars that is the fact matched by. You know I had and as nicely. Content you know population is guitar player and you cap quietly concede you know and then into the country. United would probably get we've got twelve lead paint will be between Albany easy. But what do you think he's thankful that that's coming out of order immediately and that's. Where there ought to want to pay her name is K let's and sees the war your momma that's the name of her book her son Josh would his book relentless walking against all odds he is walking how's his health right now as we run out of time today. I'm where I'm iPad a month on an in my darkest times would not have some real challenges are looked at my son he's giving guys up. Well tell tank itself. We stay tuned to your march 12 arrival in Washington DC. Jake continued success and happy walking down barriers are not good to join me where the Carolina outdoor guys here on WBZ. We're back on the here on out doors Bill Maher could you explain to me. Why there marks everywhere in this style there's a revolution. That's a revolution Don. These law. My 605. And and get ready it is a revelation is deterred friends what over a I know this much let me get my statistics out they're nimble reset here point 3%. Point 3%. Of commuters in Charlotte rely on bicycles so let's tenor twelve. I think that's the exacting demands like that I do know seven point 2%. Of commuters in Portland organ all the way across the country. Utilized bicycles and relating how they drink star bucks while there riding a bicycle well we're gonna get to that they have lol holders and more what they do more important thing is how you get a helmet before you get on a bicycle anyway. We're gonna discuss all of that he's done Jaeger on bill Bart he would outdoor gas here on the Carolina outdoors in what we are talking about is. In our those bicycles that if you're in the Charlotte area anywhere in the Charlotte area that you may see agreeing by you may see a blue by K yellow by. Lomb bike spin mode by these cycle. Charlotte wheels of the bikes. What are you talking about what I'm talking about bike share and two we gonna talk about bikes here win at these are buys it goes to keep and pick up. Pitcher run better against him with a Q are code or maybe swipe a credit card and just take off Friday. I put you could just pick my open Rodham do you get a pay a little bit of money but anyway we're gonna find out why that's important and could we talk to when we need some bicycle help. We get a weekly rides founder Jeff discount he's gonna join us here on the Carolina outdoors to to give us the lowdown of this Jeff welcome home. Good morning thank you. They ingesting it during this introduction let me do this. Appropriately I hope but as the founder of weekly rides as. Weekly rides dot com was a website that she started. In it was mainly a place that we can go find out about a group ride going on or maybe a route that we can do as an individual and it has grown from that we'll talk about its growth that part of it includes. Commute her breakfast. In it that is commuter breakfast the commuter groups get together around in different areas of town. And I know one of the topics this disgusted breakfast has to be the new bikes here programs that have infiltrated Charlotte. Tell us about all these bicycles everywhere. So now we have a rainbow bicycle. Mostly in 7277. And it's certain new type of by sheer called topless like share. We've had since. 2012. We had the Charlotte these cycle. Bike share program which is a bike share program based on talks so the bikes were located at it in a specific spot. And they had to be left at a specific spot. So about so from well back in August of last year we saw the first company come to Charlotte. And drop off what we called doc put spikes in the news or bikes that can be written anywhere there's no adopted take them back to. So. The companies. All have apps that you can download to your own. And when you you can use the apt to locate a bite that's closest to. Probably you is that apt to open up the lock on the bike. They cost a dollar for every half hour. And you can ride the bike anywhere and when you're done you just leave it where you wanna leave it. What do you have that oh well I introduced it Don and I introduced the segment by at saint it's our. Revolution. Is this is this a revolution of the bicycle here in Charlotte. Well it's funny that you mention Portland earlier out in Seattle. We were seeing dock us in cities across the country and it really has spent an answer to the slow growth of stock based byte share. On the commuter numbers are very low and you mentioned in and we're trying to engage people to get them back out on bikes in and make it part of their commute. Sort of what we call first mile last mile where someone might ride the bike to the no blue line and how on the train ride and a talent and grab a bike and ride into the office from there. It's certainly it's hot topics. Mainly because com we're seeing so many of them. This Charlotte C dot. Created a permit program that has allowed these companies to bring in as many as 500 bikes each. So when you multiply that times of four companies. If they all bring the maximum number of fights and we could have as many as 2000 bikes all of a sudden show up on the sidewalks of Charlotte. Louse NB cycle was part of it Charlotte center. City. It ink continues that way Charlotte wheels is UNC Charlotte's campus for the most part but as bright light rail opens up. That company will see more time. Our our all the companies going to flourish or any of that company's. I guess there are hitting the ground do you have a prediction. Daresay of how this all end up. Well I am I mean you know this is a sort of thing that the market will bear out one of the things that we're certainly seeing. You know that Charlotte beat cycle program has been very slow to grow and despite years in fact they've only added fourteen bicycles over five years. And so for a lot of us the question what is he gonna demand for my share. Are we see a lot of these companies. Installing private systems for the college campuses across North Carolina queen's speech in queens university has some private lecture system. But they're answering the question about demand. You know are these spikes will they be used to if they're more free flowing like the dock us models. If you're not pushed her bid to pick a bike up in a certain spot or drop them by cost them a certain spot will be more people use them and right now those numbers are proving. Yes there is a demand. But one company lime bike. Posted almost 141000. Rides on their bicycles and the first seventy days that they were in Charlotte. So I think that by the end of the pilot program that the Department of Transportation has put in place. Which last won here. I think by the end of that will start to see the companies that have done well in Charlotte and the ones that haven't and you know the once inevitable move out the ones that have wall continue to work shall put the time for stupid question. Those are staying back door at the people's alone. Yeah so narrow so. Again that might have a lock on it and it's you have to open up an account what each company when you download the app. So you have to you unlock the bite. Using a Q are or keypad on them by scanning which is home. And when you unlock the bite that begin your ride. So you're paying a dollar for every thirty minutes until you lock the bike back again. So hopefully responsible users will. You know lock the bike when they're done with it which will turn the clock profit as well as turn their. The cash register also speak. Com and hopefully they'll park them and leave them in a responsible place is not the middle sidewalks are laying down on the treatment and some of the problems that we have seen with them. You mitigated by get a straight down I told you did not let up until one in the back of my trust this fight and ensure good domino to chop that thing rather. If they're just sitting down because some of the bikes if you do we'll do you know we obviously some of the folks that are open and ask these programs flourish. When we see you buy in and and a place where it shouldn't be your left and away it shouldn't be laughed. Tom if you pick them up and go to move from new you pick them back we will look at that's the Willits locked. In Jerusalem. Some of them if you roll them too far without unlocking some you'll get out you are verbal warning from the bite. I'm glad they're gonna probably fifty million. I. If it weren't you warning well robbers after it. Don is that I hate technology. And Donna it's another way that they know right where my truck kills now that in the black in my truck I don't think. That's in all of these bikes and GPS enabled so the companies know exactly where they're. As the one of the nice things about these models as we're starting to see my picture move outside of Center City. And in to areas where they can be real transportation options for folks that may not. I'm on the car. And and I'm so they know where the bikes or act and when they get too far out or they haven't been used when they've been moved out further. They can go and retrieve them and bring them back. They also can do things I'm a technology called geo fencing. Which you anticipate they can allow the bite to be locked or unlocked only in specific areas based on GPS data. We never have enough time but it is it's explains a lot of wide. Don was having trouble rat that articles I could go to Atlanta is generally. Very actually encourage people to get out triumph however that voice was coming from. That the yeah again and child are everywhere in the very inexpensive they're fun to ride. And it's it's good to try them all out because they're taller a little bit different from each other so. Are we encourage people just to go out time and can use him to just enjoy your run around the city or make a party or. Commute to did you are too good to join as we need to head ever to weekly rides because you've got educational conferences commuter breakfast. Conservation and sustainability mating and by grads are let weekly brides dot com thanks for joining. The Carolina outdoor program. Also thanks the K let's and Melbourne Australia lady walking across America rob Gallagher club keeping goth get outdoors we'll see you next week. On the Carolina outdoors.