How To Handle The Downward Movement In The Market

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, June 23rd
A lot of down movement in the markets this week, Online Trading Academy will help you make money when the markets fall.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk in you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed adamant Cisco's sit back and relax and enjoy it a great day weekend and fired up excited so many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be here. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is higher res independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to sell direct your own portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 888. 7508723. As always in studio cohosts of the bulls the bears senior coach of online trading academy. A friend of mine and undermines the coach Steve champ was going on Jim yeah it's the weekend man lost to talk about lot of big movement in the markets. But a tout movement this week in the markets those lot of opportunities we've discussed more importantly. The talk about how to make money when the market falls as we as some great opportunities to profit from the market's movement down this week. And a lot of people didn't take advantage because they don't understand if they're how to make money when the market falls to discuss odor about shorting. Create gates had to be short selling great week people understand how to make money when market falls for sure absolutely don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is said Bulls and Bears radio champ one of the things that we have to address is we have to understand that the market goes up in the market goes down. And a lot of opportunity says just a moment ago there was a lot of opportunity in the market this week. For people to make money and a downward move the market in the you know we talk about every week here shorting the market Paramount is making money in a downward move let's take a moment let's talk to the listener was a look like for someone is short the market. I got a perfect example General Motors. Stock within five days fell from 4441 dollars. Just recently. And what I love about this is that a lot of people solve this coming the mark was selling off does all this. Wary about the China US trade tariffs battle war what cook whatever you wanna call it. So is a lot of unstable medicine or instability and uncertainty in the market so there's opportunity take advantage of price move when it falls. If you take in General Motors. Five days ago. When it was at 44 bucks a share. And you thought I was gonna fall to 41 you could have actually sold that stock without owning it and that's called shorting the short selling. What does it opens the door for people to profit regardless of direction of the market what's. Import understand focus at the market goes up marvel is doubt it shouldn't matter to you which direction it goes in. You should be able to make money regardless of direction the conditions because. Wall Street's able do that we can do that it is not hard prost is not difficult is different so. If we decided that we believe GM was gonna go from 44 bucks a 41 box which he did. Let's go back five days in time and we decide we think is gonna fall we wanna take advantage of that move down in price that. Move lower. And in order to do that we won we can do this a short sell the stock know what that means Adam and you know this well a lot of Alicia don't understand is that we're selling something we don't own. The problem a lot of people have an understanding how to make money when price falls in the financial markets is they don't understand it we are able to sell something we don't know Wimbledon. Sure itself that's what it means we're selling some that we don't own. Our broker owns shares of GM. We don't we wanna sell it why because winning is gonna fall price now we've never bought it necessarily we wanna sell it. Our broker allows us to sell shares of their inventory on our behalf of those that we wanted to sell 200 shares of the stock when it was at 44 earlier in the week. We could do that simply by sitting in a short sell button and our trading platform though shares get sold into the market at forty foot all the share. We now have that money come into our count because we sold those shares short. The beautiful thing about the markets is that now we need price to fall with price falls. We're gonna buy the shares back at a lower price that's what shorting is we're selling to enter the two position or the trade if you will. And abide back at a lower price we utilizing our brokers inventory to sell into the market at a higher price 44 this example. One falls to 41 we buy it back the moment we buy the shares back it goes right back and our brokers inventory. But they let us keep the profit and it was we just sold 44. We bought it back at 41 they call that covering our short we bought back 41. And in doing so we just made three goals or shared five days on GM. I mean in which are about a blue collar of large cap big company everybody knows the company global multinational. It was great about that you made three calls a shared a stock fell three bucks you never own the stock. That's shorting and so on a hundred shares you just made three in a box on a thousand usually three grand think of that. That's taken advantage of doubt move in price and it's have been a great week to do yet. And the problem is the masses don't get it they don't understand that it is too difficult and it's not it's a learned skill once they get it out of. It's a game changer well that's the key thing is for them to get it for them to understand. That people can make money in a downward move the market is not difficult it's different a lot of people want to understand how to short so they don't take the time to do so. And Jim think about you say it is all time what if you had the opportunity to short 2008 the S&P in 2008. That would change your portfolio change your family changer history. And a lot of individuals don't realize that there's so much opportunity in the chaos is just a matter of learning how to do it well the program everybody's pro everything that up is good in doubt as bad you've been true. Trained that way. And that came from them the movement from the markets from 1982 to 2000 when the market went up. Eighteen years and buy and hold became the mindset in this country by the holes gone. And yet a lot of people still have that mentality. And so if you understand how to make money regardless of direction of the market. Market's gonna go up half the time down at the time it always goes what is called fair value you can amidst tremendous opportunities gonna fall short of those goals. Special retirement councils forward cases libraries you know what this things you can do to take advantage of Dow would move at a price and profit from that. It's not a matter of understand this highly technical system it's a matter of utilizing a boom based process of making good decisions and when you do debt. It opens the door and what it does that allows you to not care about direction which puts you in that elite air of traders and investors. Indeed to that next level long term which is what many people looking for. Exactly that's exactly what they're looking for the trying to figure out what does is look like long term was a look like short term. If someone realizes that they can make money in a downward move that's step one chip and you talk about in 2008 imagine if people had taken advantage of that moved out of price. You'll get the chance again in the markets overnight word record highs are not not record highs in NASDAQ hit a record high this week. Many of the major indices are at highs well above our collapse price of 2008 when the market collapse the last time. So we've got great opportunity come and Ford is just a matter of being prepared if it comes union not prepared you miss it. But you're ready for the movie do you take advantage of it that opportunities gonna come because it's not a matter of if it's a matter away in the market will fall. Passed it was just a matter of math absolutely an online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears Anderson a lot of people out there. Have money in the market them money in 401 k.s ire raise their exposed they don't understand how to capitalize and a downward move the market how to actually move that money position itself to take advantage of shorting. And that's why they have a class specifically on shorting the market what I love about this class. So unique opportunity for the general public to realize that they can make money in a downward move the markets there's a 500 dollar value that she dreaded the campus she did not want to miss out on this we only have ten seats available we're gonna take callers right now from ten to twenty. Feel the phone right now call 84451. Trade that they 44. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 our class specifically on shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. That 8445187823384451878233. For callers ten to twenty. Do you this 500. The other phone 84451. To trade is that a champ fumbles in bears. And and welcome back the bulls the bears a look at this effort heads. Stuck to its people often tell. Life sentence that silly don't forget to head over to FaceBook like assembles a Bear's radio. That champ you know we talk about a variety different digs here Bulls and Bears understated the market goes up the mark goes down obviously. Whole Lotta times right now in a market like this people are not thinking about you know when this thing all the sudden crash is they're not trying to think of 2008 and I'm trying to remember 200123. They're thinking their portfolios up things are good. A lot of people the average person is not thinking about preserving the profits they have in the 401 k.s and diaries right now we call it capital preservation champ how Paramount is that right now. It's essential to me in the markets. Overvalued. We got a lot of global instability. He with the China US thing going on the trade war with stocks that have gone up and we've had you know tax reform which is caused some companies have better profits he got a good earnings. And so we've seen a market go higher I'm more concerned that are overvalued and ultimately we're gonna have a correction we've been talking about for awhile. And when that happens if you're not prepared in a real leader of basically protect against loss you gonna give it back in eternal winner in Toulouse who said. Literally straight up market movement in the S&P in the Dow since 2009. Mean recently this year we're kind of flat for the year to date put in if you look historically at a trend we've got a nine year trend. Close up would movement and it's been the time to make money in that 41 K with the problem with the four gays you know we talk about costly is that. You didn't feed. Another way to beat you paying fees. The problem with the forward k.s that you're paying fees regardless of performance and direction on the market. And so when the markets flat for six must like it has been year to date you charging fees in other words you getting your losing money. And so the Marlins have a dramatically feed a profit long term NA fee based environment. And the problem is is that a lot of people aren't in a position where the march collapse is where the going to be safe to still gonna give all those gains back. And so this things that we can do to preserve capital this things that we can do in a form gain an IRA to protect against loss we can insurer. Our wealth. And the problem is many people don't understand is they don't think they can do is aiding Wall Street can do as an investment opportunity you and I can do. And so a lot of people think they you have to be this. Wizard yet to be this analytical person it has nothing to do with that what I love about the market if you understand the basic concepts of supply and Amanda how price moves. You can protect against loss you can preserve capital regardless what the market does. Not only can you grow the market falls we you can these hedge or protect against lost. And we stuck to understand that a lot of people sought to realize that they'd have to become more responsible for taken advantage of that because of I don't. I'm gonna give back all those gains as a member 2008 folks. He got crushed that forward K position that's gonna happen again move and every one that tape and when that happens if you're not prepared for that to happen. The time to ensure your houses and after burst into the ground because you can't afford the premium the premium cost would increase were costs or replace the house essentially. You have to protect and in advance both prior to the commit the move down you have to have a position place. To protect against loss regardless of what the market does and you have to be ready because we don't know what's gonna come just a matter of time and what happens if you're not ready it's gonna be too late. Too late exactly that champ a lot of individuals don't realize they can protect their capital before this correction they don't understand how to do it they think it requires lot of time. You know most people have jobs and everybody is famously gotta ask yourself what is the look like to actually preserve your capital and you know this Jeff a lot of people might spend 345 hours a month focusing on their capital protecting that than growing it. Therefore they don't take a major hit and when you think about it if you really have a. Little broader understanding of the markets as a whole this so many products out there that allow us to protect ensure our wealth. I mean we can use options to protect against loss in the stock market so many of the listeners you money for one K which major link to the stock market most of those holdings. Our mutual funds which track the stock market. If you could protect that bucket in other words protect that investment is so if the market collapse. You can say virtually unscathed maybe take a small loss but be relatively unhurt in a collapse. That's what we're talking about and see when you start to understand that it's available. And then you realize that it really doesn't take a lot on us as individuals. To take the responsibility of learning the skills of protecting and and growing now welcome more portly. Capital preservation what it does it allows the door open up for you to protect yourself and preserve wealthy family. Because of we have another collapse like we did know it and we will most of the 41 K people they gonna get hurt again they got to get crushed again. And the market's gonna transition. And there are going to be older. And they might never hit their goals because now they've gotten 1015 years older there where they were fifteen years ago because they just took a major loss. Can't afford that capital preservation is Paramount. And all week bang the drum here Bulls and Bears about it's not because we want you just get tired to listen to his because you have to be ready. The market will correct and when it does there's going to be people that's gonna have blood in the streets is it going to be a profit is gonna be good at protecting hedge against loss. You wanna be one of those last two for sure because it's gonna happen whether Europe prepared or not. We gotta ask yourself why would you not want to protect your money why why should this be a big deal why should someone have to convince you to protect your money in a lot of times you don't realize they can't. A lot of times you'll realize how to do it. And you know what it's it's it's going to be you say blood in the streets champ the average person's gonna lose money in the next correction they don't. Start paying attention to the that's the Lyle Wall Street Wall Street has the masses convinced that they are not sophisticated enough to man is their own money. And that's just a blatant flagrant lie and I seen dumber people and people that elicited a show that have created tremendous success in the markets at the by learning a skill. And what I love about Bulls and Bears what I love about our sponsor a watch indicating it's all about. Skill building that's about realizing they you know what does not some mutual fund guy out there is gonna fix your problem is not some. Certified financial planner registered best advise gonna take your money in our management. Sell you some product what they're newly they you don't need profit from that. And help you reach your financial goals. You have to financial success requires you to pay attention. What that means is that if you wanna protect against logic got to learn the skills of preserve capital. If you're relying on some big institution some Goldman Sachs UBS ATA crib for Ed Wood Joseph loser courts Morgan Stanley to manage your money. You better because is is something. They care about their profits as much as you. And understand that if they make money regardless whether they protect you or not that is not a good scenario to be and that's the problem with most people scenarios in this country. In the forward. That's gonna solve your problems and the reality is is is not it's gonna make a profit for them. And you have to understand is things that you and I can do that basically replicate exactly what they're trying to sell that product. For a lot less money without paying those exorbitant fees and ultimately. Learn the skills the capital preservation when she learned that skill. You don't care about the Margaret as you can proverb goes that direction your protected no matter what it does that's the game changer for people absolutely. Online trading get his sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand a lot of people out there are in the market they have 401 k.s have IRAs that don't understand how to protect their capital. That's why online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears as a class specifically on capital preservation now this is a great opportunity. You before one K and hiring regardless of account size and you wanna protect that money before the next correction. This is the opportunity for you this is a 500 dollar class that they teach at the campus relive a few sees the giveaway of we're gonna take callers ten to 25 you don't want to miss out on this pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers ten to 25 to get a five under our class. On capitol preservation from our sponsor. Online trading gimmick that date for 451878233. 84451878233. For callers ten to 25 Q this 500. If you have money in the market for one k.'s IRAs may be bought just some random stocks or mutual funds and you don't know how to protect them. This is the opportunity for you is a 500 dollar value from our sponsor online trading academy via the phone call. 84451. Trade that 844. 51. Of trade Champloo get a lot more to talk about your Bulls and Bears I'm excited you're excited caller right now 844. 501. Trick. Diana the. Welcome back the bulls the bears have imposed out of it just go sit around and the blast they would the fellows. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook alike assembles a Bear's radio. Talk about a variety of things understanding there's so many different ways to attack the financial markets Jim one of the things we love to talk about Durham Bulls and Bears. Is somebody actually managing their own money there's a lot of people out there they give money away on a monthly basis to 41 k.'s higher res. They're allowed someone else the manager you know it I know that let's talk about it self directed what does that look like how does someone go about it. Mazen had a conversation just the other day someone asked me about this which I do my money is at first of all to control it direct yourself. Learn the skills at handling your own money it's not a complex process listen folks. Wall Street the alive Wall Street we talked about the last session is that you're not Smart enough for sophisticated enough to self direct your money in other words. You need somebody smarter than news pass the test is licensed. To manage your money and that's not the reality it's a lie it's the life of Wall Street and so the masses that they're not Smart enough not to ski enough so. You have your money sit in a forward K you know what the problem is you make money one direction. Mark goes up you probably mart goes on you lose and you lose regardless of well the market doesn't move or not because you pay fees anywhere from one to 5% some scenarios. And those fees are management fees and the paid to a Wall Street institution. The trustee of your phone case the Wall Street for Herman who realize that your 401K is not a pension. It's an a fixed amount of money it's a finite amount of money as a full market risk and think about that who do that. Who put themselves in a scenario they could lose everything in a collapse of the market. Somebody who doesn't understand how to protect against lost somebody who doesn't understand their money. And so we have Bulls and Bears bang the drum telling you you're Smart enough to learn how to sell direct your money you don't need to go to some certified financial planner some wretched mess advisor. And put your money and amends with them and have them tell you. What product you need to put your money into and selling it from there warehouse that is not a good scenario I'm banging the drum here because I get so tired of people tell me. I got money in a management I'm looking and I'm looking at my statement seems like I'm not making any money. Well because your broker the person is measurement is getting paid regardless of direction and results. You get paid in one direction if it goes higher. And if it doesn't look dramatically higher the fees eat up any profitability have I mean industry expert source valued at about 50%. Of any profitability you have in those accounts will be eaten up by fees over time 45 years or thirty years investing time. Those fees will churn and you and so the steals of self directing and from many baby boomers it's time you take responsibility. And learn the skills of managing your own money and we're big proposal that here. And at night doesn't take a higher IQ doesn't take a mathematician take some news law and follow a set of rules. And learn a skill and if you do that. It can take you the next open seat regional financial goals that many you've given up on. And I love that about the financial Mars I love that bubbles of business we're trying to inspire you that you need to take control that money can if you don't some meals there amended for you know what. If you run out of money they gonna pay your bills probably not. You've got to learn a better plan in the system is. Learn how to self direct you know champ Ivan of the financial march for a long time one of the things lot of people. Question is that they don't have enough money done to pay attention do they don't have enough money to focus on and you know other night got five grand your name or fifty grand or half a million dollars. It sure money you earned that you worked hard forward. You should be paying attention to it and if you do so I would bet my left arm they knew you would do a better job than somebody else is nobody cares more about your money that you. In the skill sets not too deep speed understand. It's a process and what I love is that what I love about the academies we simplified the process that we'll people can make good decisions. With basic information in those decisions July at a profit regardless of direction they ought to have to pay those fees it got to crushing long term. If the market falls you can make money the market doesn't move you make Myanmar was up to make money he just adjust your strategy based on conditions of the market. And I see people do it six to ten dollars a month they men is their own nest day in the take control of it. And you know what once they learn the skill they can master the process. They don't care what wade Amare goes dribbled a profit and ultimately they're protected against loss because they got very small risk profiles. And they're able to generate a profit regardless of direction and the best thing is. They need to in retirement thing continue to grow their wealth in retirement what a concept. And many people are gonna deplete that bucket of money for retirement when you continue to grow with the basic skill set. And they keep the best part about it is it does nothing doing your IQ doesn't do you bid to be teachable and learn a skill. One you know what I've seen people actually get to retirement a lot quicker by themselves directive rather than count on someone else to do it. And online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on self directing others a 500 dollar value classes start right at the campus. Every time we give it away your Bulls and Bears the phones light up and I'm sure it's gonna happen now really in a few c.s to give away we're gonna take callers ten to twenty pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 art class on self directing your portfolio. Regardless of account size you before one K I rated yet some cash you wanna managing you wanna generate some income within. Self directing the way to go 84451878233. At 84451878233. For callers tenets when he. Get this 500. Again if you're in the markets. 41 k.'s ire is nobody cares more about your money than you do that's wildlife trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears as a class specifically on self correcting. Pick up the phone 84451. Trade that the 84 board. 51. Trade is adamant champ fumbles and banners. Welcome back the bulls the bears have roused out of its Cisco have a good timing with the fellows don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio. And excited because right now we got of the new year on Bulls and Bears and he's segment for the listeners out there. We are checking in with our sponsor online trading academy Wii and education coach Chris shelled out of the campus right now we're checking in Chris what's going on. Manner and yet on the campuses by the others are. There's certainly two trying to bonds are featured in a market in the money here how do you keep the money in the markets say you've got a class right now happening also learned how to manage their money. They don't they're out enough of that they're trying to take control their assets and earn your learning how to do that. Let other trying to bubble much on the marketing money we're excited about that a lot on the street which is using a leveraged products. And once you learn how probability humorous works you can use lever to take it to the next level there and you're learning at a street current amount. That's awesome Chris now you've been a part of the school for awhile and education coach. There was one year old that you do with the students what you do with them down at the campus. What is a Trojan Adam I'm only one of the resource at the school provides but as a coach we're gonna work deceased when no more than. Try to figure out what they need to order known to achieve their goals and want to know what that looks like now to our put together planned start moving toward that does not. That's awesome Chris now I understand the and others for what campuses around the world one of a local right here in town. That that idea now when you're working with somebody knew what an average suit of what is what is the tune of online trading academy looked like. You know out of it looks like I mean you brother I mean. There's a lot of different students in this school from. Senior at Georgia southern to fortune 500 executives that are retired or try to take control of their article as well though and certainly to average you know I don't know either one it's mean you. Why I like that is they that I mean obviously Emmy people obviously want the idea that desire to handle their own money I mean. Do most you'll come in and they know what's already gone on a marketer you really seem warm and not the individual that walked into the academy. And folks that are coming here just really explored that a lot for the first are they know there's an opportunity in the market they just never learned how to take advantage of it. And what they're looking to turn the market in the money archery training comer learning how to actually and the money long term. And we got folks was funded experience and a lot of not at all what about the school. That's awesome Chris that's not why appreciate you taking the time to check it with a senior coaching got a question for commercials you have great great movement down on the market this past week. Did to anybody able to take advantage of making money on the short side we talked about short selling a little bit earlier Chris and obviously we've had some good opportunities in this in the broad market with the Dow falling in you know for the first part of a week essentially dropping dramatically. Anybody take advantage of that movement I mean I know there's a lot of active trading going on in the campus. It through the process of training and educating and skill building was an eBay it'll take advantage of those dollar moves make a little profit on the on the way down. Champion others but you know unfortunate for the masses that now removal the last few days has wiped out almost an entire year's gain. And until we actually learn how to profit growth and direction but just gonna be distorted over and over for those that never learn how to handle our money. And this downward move in the market's been exciting because you can't profit strike school what are the market alls actually gonna go out and becomes a great. It's amazing Crist as we always talk about that. There's two sides to every opportunity and for everyone it is a loser and a few not a proper regardless of direction it really is a game change and we love the academy love the sponsorship of the academy. We really love the fact that you check enable us is kinda given us a little bit what's going on down there. We knows a lot of people learn in the gills are trading and invest in the most importantly. They just average people and we love that about the academy because it's a place for people to come a community culture if you will will people can learn how to. Take control their money learned their money better. And can do better ultimately hopefully get those long term goals so. We appreciate it Chris big time being out there helping us out in ninety muscle instead of what's going on with the sponsor yeah thank you got to chip. Chris sells education coach and allied treaty get any we came there was a student I mean you know he was somebody who was a student first and you know had a career that was really not work and we needed to work in he wanted to learn how to treat invest and just learned the Dylan now through the years is really. Become a great ask it to the academy because not only is he able look trade investment is able to help and influence other people on the path because he's walked it. Which is one of the great things about our sponsors that. Average people want they learn the skill set of handling their own money. We can take that next level and Chris is shining example that as well exactly Chris we appreciate you checking in with us appreciate your time today. Absolutely bank credit. Nick and excellence and you know one thing he said a few moments ago I don't know if you heard about. Know some people are trying to cherry for income they're trying to generate some income on a regular basis. Let's take a moment talk about that was a look like for somebody trade on a monthly bases or on a weekly they generate cash flow. And then additionally country we'll just this past week and then we saw the Dow fall you know dramatically earlier in the week and you could treated if Dow futures. Mean you could've used the product with a ticker symbol YAM. Which is a mini feature that allows you take advantage of movement down that doubt you could literally made a great return with a very low capital because. Futures are leveraged product they allow us to make a big return or less apple investments so this so many things that we can do this. Digital currency some in the crypt Dorian is a starter really pop and there's been some some issues regarding you know stability in that industry but. I don't think it's gonna go away at it blocked Jane technology's there and so this opportunity and did your courage in Indian bitcoin theory amid some of these other new cards that are coming out. And so when you begin to understand the market is provide opportunities to people. And it gives you the ability with a small amount of resource you don't have atomic apple would be able to make some extra money. Without having a punch a clock that's a real game changer so short term income which refractive income. Is what many people looking for when they find that Gil said they find their system they start to get that consistency because that's what the market do nth Maine and it really can get them that next little finance and take their filming the next level that's what our whole focus is here Bulls and Bears. And when response from what you academy as well. Exactly and author online trading academy their big component multiple streams income trading for additional income. That's ought to have a class specifically on trading for short term income this is a great opportunity. The class that allows them raising the brand new to trader may be the mystery for awhile they don't have that consistency of bringing irregular money. There's opportunity it's a 500 dollar value in the few giveaway we're gonna take caller fifteen to 25 you don't want to miss out on this. If you're trying to figure out how to treat for short term in company of the phone right now call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers fifteen to 25 to get a 500 dollar class on trading for short term income from our sponsor online trading academy that date for fourth. 51872338445187233. For callers fifteen to 25 to get this 500. Trading for short term income from our sponsor. Jim a lot of people out there trying to to get into the financial marks people have been in the mark evidence that that's you know as wells cited as a great opportunity 844. I want to trade is adamant champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears a gross Adam it's just go have a good time always always having fun here drop kick Murphy ad right out it is it from Boston needs out right they're TM just you give it up. Diverted and over to FaceBook like is a bulls the bears radio. Chip talk about right things here Bulls and Bears in 01 of the things we always like to talk about his opportunity. For the market gives anybody to be a business and a lot of individuals out there that are still the looks like. You're one of the best in the world explain oh let's talk about that chip. While getting a lot of business in most people's the American dream right the land of opportunity and people start a business because they. Have a plan in place they wanna increase profitability they want lower cost basis they wanna build wealth I'm assuming that's what I start a business and wanna make an impact socially but. Most businesses unless there if there are for profit company their goal is to make money. And so there's a lot of opportunities out there you know franchises in the you know direct marketing needs a lot of ways to get your foot in the door being a business somewhere but. The problem most traditional businesses is that. Client acquisition costs. Overhead inventory liability insurance workers' comp becomes very very. Taxing on the bottom line so to speak you're really doesn't make it efficient so that capital intensive this of a lot of businesses porcelain of people out of business. And so people stopped trying to what I love about the financial markets is that I can approach trading and investing like a business. And I can do with a very low Oman capital and in have Apollo money I can have a small model money. And I can learn a basic skill set just like I wouldn't any business left that some that separates me from the masses what I love about trading and investing. Is it if I can learn how to separate myself from the masses financially with a some sort of steel that they don't have I can take the money that's we're talking about here. Having these skill set that the masses don't get seek Goldman Sachs understands that the masses don't that's why they take their money. If we can function as if we're Goldman Sachs on our level that was we can do what Wall Street does know what they say we can take the money consistently as well. The key thing is is is that we do as a business we can take a lot of relief but business is yet. We you don't have to Wear body inventory workers' comp we literally have a store that we can sell product out of a byproduct into. By a wholesale seller retail like any good business do in the financial markets and do it on a shoestring. In a final little more than the masses about how price is gonna change and it's not a hard process is just a skill set and I can consistently. But I had good prices and Celek could prices can build a business that generates tremendous income I never delete my house think of that. That's the dream this somebody right now drive another road you get latter's on the top via truck and I empathize because I was that guy. And you're going from one job to the next you try to get people to pay your workers that are showed up beating of people that are. You know stealing from the back of the truck and me I I get it. That's a small business owner and this is a vehicle the financial markets were you when I can start a business on a shoestring. Have a skill set that's a little bit more on the masses know which is at a high about a get over. And we can get Sicily take the money that's the dream and that's trading and investing when you understand as the business you treat like a business and you function as a business. It's a game changer. Exactly and online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears Anderson a lot of people out there. Have that desire for business they understand a lot of people out there are looking for something different they wanna have you know their own opportunity rather meet employee somewhere else and that's why. Online trading academies teaches a class specifically on trade as a business or what I love about this opportunity is if someone's never owned a business or they've been in business. For themselves for years this opens up the opportunity to treat the market like a business and that's when all the sudden a lot of people have their success. Now they teach a class read at the campus is a 500 dollar value will have a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers tenets one you do no want to miss out on this. If you are looking at trading as a business and take it to the next level financially this is the opportunity for you we're gonna take callers to 120 there's a 500 dollar class. Via the phone call 84451. Trade at 8445. Point Draper colors tend to twenty. The get a 500 iCloud Centrino as a business from our sponsor. Online trading academy that date for 4518723384451878233. For callers ten to twenty get this 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading as a business once again 844. 51 trade champ you've been news for awhile you know what it it's like when you take it to the next level. Lot of people treat the market as a hobby you know it's a business this is huge it is huge and you know it agreed to do is get your foot adored each in the process of starting that business and ultimately. Can hopefully get to that next level we shall take you that profit you're looking for absolutely do on this out of this because tend to twentieth this 500 dollar class. From online trading academy of trade as a business 84451. Trade that 844. 51. Trade is adamant champ a Bulls and Bears.