How To Invest Virtually

Kandas and Larry talk about how to invest virtually in real estate.


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Welcome to brag radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Kansas and best selling author Larry going to show you how to be rich and generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the right radio network from the flagship station WBZ in beautiful uptown Charlotte. Here are your host the rock stars real estate Candice and Larry what's what's happened then. Beautiful women out it's beautiful night but really get it paid in here. There are no windows in this very I don't write no end a round in the middle of nowhere like a casino like you never know what time it is no like outside you have no idea the only thing is that got a little I'm gonna tell us how long leaking out. Yeah that's we have the little countdown from Chad. Braylon feel so welcome to brag radio investing in real state to be rich in generous. And we teach people how to invest in rules state because that's what we do. We're in Lake Wylie South Carolina although I know we have blisters from all over the country and around the world and as you get calls from those listeners and emails from those listed right. And it all comes and today. You're a good night. I couldn't look pretty yes that's not sons of the today in the 24 hour period be in today and I'll. Yet that's true that's true we've worked with a lot of people fact just yesterday we had somebody come on tour the office and you know they left with some education in their hand and in or fired up already to go out and get started. That's just they really think that that's why do you come to us for so. And promised him in a disservice if he'd only it was something. Even if you bank or through and I think from tying the investors it. From the opposite you're close enough that take a tour and you know that's that's three. But down. Sierra real deals on the board yeah a little boards who we are going to own a thankful I'm making money. It that's right good we wholesale most of our properties we also do seller financing lease option properties we show you how to do deals in your IRA. He retirement account you're agency yesterday. For a one today. If your 401K has become 101 K we can show you how to turn it around right. Sure sure as I. So love. You're 24 so. We're talking about today I know you mentioned something about we've had a lot of people that live and Colin you asking questions. And can you get people to Colleen and from the show. And the first thing that they have is a question right about rules right. Well I would say at first thing in there on the metric which read about screw it pretty quickly so what does it out and Jessica. In the investors kid there's a copy of the real estate day trader book there's a copy of the hut homes cap off book there are some other just deeper education. On CDs dvds there's information on asset protection is information on and like just what you said earlier borrowing k.s and all that stuff. On being able to in any searcher in everything there's there's a ton of information in there. Then after we go through and get in and set up with a hit. Whether they're gonna come to the opposite take a tour or they're gonna get it digitally. They usually ask people you know what's your biggest challenge right now and he started with real thing yet are you just getting started. One thing that I talked to a student about this past week. Was he is in Arizona and he's running to invest. In South Carolina so he's haven't a little bit of a hard time understanding. Pound the virtual investing remote investing he's an Arizona in the woods the list in South Carolina right. Now he has a sunnier than ethnic notably easier for him to come out he was just in the state. Looking at properties and things like that it told him we've invested in twelve different states and we we don't go out and look we have some money to. Look but we don't go out and now well first of all first. He was that mr. sock on and stay out of my neighbor. Talked about it. In my neighborhood. South Carolina wrapped up. No rule I can finally got down in from the West Coast. South Carolina North Carolina and Georgia and our own line. Just and it is kid there's plenty to go around with you know. It's kind of funny a lot of people ask me you know anywhere you know if if I go out here and I'm I'm in South Carolina your by an instructor on all these other people you know what about all the competition. You know the competition this year beat is planning clinic when it deals to go around. For everybody. These in different criteria his buying criteria is comfortable on culpability what is that word that propelled. Pagan comfort zone with his level of risk in things and things like that are different from. I mean if you are news is going to be different from some money this season. If you haven't officer Ron with overhead and things like as any different here one man shop so we ought to make more money than the average person out there. And a lot of my helmet feed yeah that's right yes so we had a bye and a deeper discount like to be able to pay for them. It just is gonna go the extra mile who's gonna put in the extra ounce. Bomb effort to to get the deal to structure the deal negotiated deal or what have you sent. Sciences and as well. The about a town in my what you think that is good stroke back to the original what. Yes without. Was the best way to get started with investing remotely or virtually well first of all is to learn from Larry it's a learn. It's a layer Hitler. But I am. But anyway. You know what that's one of the things that we do and we teach people how to do his best virtually in fact I was virtual investing for the term virtually. I. And we've done deals in twelve different states right from office and only one. Now. Just because you live we're just say you lived here is on the perils though. Does because they live in Arizona and maybe your mind South Carolina or North Carolina or Georgia war. And wherever wherever doesn't matter. But that doesn't mean. If there are going to look at property doesn't mean somebody's. Property there's gonna send somebody up to look at property to take pitchers. The right for repair list in the fine now. What are the human repairs that need to be done what does house actually looked like what's the neighborhood look like does it look like malaria. Does it look like a fix it flip area there are there a lot of boarded up houses on the street there a lot of a vacant houses. And houses for sale. In one well well this guy note. Or German Nazi is very platinum on. And very complementary to mania like a lot but anyway. What I can notice and things that we've done in the past I mean we we do have so many go out a month at the property. You could. You can run an ad on Craigslist is emanating a do it for you and and panther PayPal you can get a realtor to go out. And Aaron takes and pictures ready for the property. Are pigs and victor's story of the property UP did a contractor got likely area with sand way to get in a repair estimate and what does the house actually really need. From the standpoint of the N able to hold zealot vs being able to retell it whatever it is you're gonna do it right. On the AP photo flow is another company that we use a lot to go out and take pictures or properties for us. Like that of us can go out the CEO sort these audio photo photo essay via be PO photo flap as Landis and we go look Darko and we go look back on as a as well. Let him know you can panic hit if you got a contractor to go out any had a real to give any information. They're real through should be able to and should really want to give you information on the demographics of the area. On. What is it gonna Tate for this house to sell with the neighborhood that it's in with again tapered to so quick. For the neighborhood that it's in what industries are around different things he read it until the market to whether it's a college town on whether it's. What is that like planner factory or something near bow or whether there hospitals nearby. Crowd anything like that policy again ala against app. Did you go to Trulia dot com to search decry him. Then look for the heat map that should be green if there's a lot of red yellow and orange then forget about the calls that means a lot of crime in the area. Now all of this stuff and just like I tell him because he said he had some entertainment here again a couple years ago asking if he had been through it. And I know his listen that it shows here meaning it kind again. But on I added it's on the phone you know will have you been through because we talk about this and the material is not the news. And down that I'm telling you right now it's in the books right it's in the is in the courts have you written that the have you gone through. So our encourage you if you don't have higher education material crop on Larry guns that comment check out some of the products and services that we have available to help you. If you are listening to us and you do have it go through it again. It's kind of one of those get a reference sources if you have a question just go to the chapter within the next minute after the talks about it and it's. It's right there you go. Excellent evening the sorry up and dominated its whole segment. With that would the scholar at some element or that that's the problem. Really is a little bit of break could actually keep out Polycom. Ullman does get as a college novice 877 Larry again. And it's ocular and it deeper about the education and it got available you can check out all the other brag arc ads on and brag radio dot com it. Set up with the investor's kit an office tour three day event mentoring coaching when every need to get a 877 Larry you know we'll be right back. Welcome back brag radio investing in real estate here in in dinner at them in this. And later area again a typical of with afternoon think affair guitar playing. It's about loosens them and they were. So literally go from here from the last segment we were talking about how to trying to start it was virtually investing investing remotely talked about a prank caller that I had. Earlier this week on me as Guinea calling any time 877 Mary go. It is harder obviously for me an answer while we are doing a show on Saturday but nom I'll get back to you need to squared away with whatever it is they called out. Can be sure Nestor questions to pose that's what it's all about Willis answers your questions disliked and this has a hole. Rash of questions here I am that we can go through and rashes of questions yeah. And I'll announce the bank in the paper from her. Of her hand at that right makes it an important that the yeah. So what a Shia what a Shia. Well with virtually investing let's say how would you how do you then your contractors if if you are Landis victim clippers want to know you're not. But if you were one of those people that lie. Earn more glad for punishment and wanted to fix and Clinton on the scanning and then as many as for foot and a Sony doesn't really enjoy it which is great because the world needs people like Q the opposite people like wearing. Anyway how do you how would you that you're contractors. Well or remote job. First of all what you wanna do. Is you want to find the contractor that comes highly recommended by someone else in the industry like like a realtor. Absolutely that's the very first place a realtor. Number two a property manager. Right. Number three home inspector. Left and right and there's also services out there that services that. Contractors consent for. To do to rate leads for the business today. And web sites like. Yeah tonight and over Michael. Leave me alone. So. Web site like home advisor contractors pay. To be one of the contractors. Old home advisor when somebody residences in the kitchen remodel about remote. So. Home advisor dot com is good contractor dot com is need. Contractor. Dot com is reliable remodel or dot com. Handyman dot com. Kind of in and around his brain and so full of all of this to you with useful dot com and and don't use is useless in situations like this that walks around and can randomly ramble off. 90%. Of the web sites on the Internet and to be able. Finer allow it on that 90% it's the top five in his I'm adamant that an attack at the top spot for. So it's just because I've done so often and well also know mentally into it help but you know it could mean that's got to come out. Though but yeah those are some good sources to find good contractors. And you can find among Craig's list but you're better off if you have somebody wrecked. A contract to like a realtor or home inspector. Or a property manager shall. So realtors can give you a lot of differ are making Guinea referrals for contractors for. In Mena attorney. Attorney your title company to closure of the auto companies that they need an investor friendly title right that is the key. Masterfully. So they give you referrals for a bunch of different things. Who can give you the best referral for our realtor. The best referral for real for like an investor friendly real Taylor and. Here's the thing about 50 okay. I think that the it's like finding a good barber okay fat in your hand and a lack of lunch look like you're plotting them and I'm not plugging it he would do. Problem I have Leo. So here's the way you finally get real for okay. When it's kind of like fine and good barber all right. It's. You'd you don't find the good realtor. By calling in and talking to them and interview. You call about a house that is listed. Every listed house has an agent tied to right. Here with me yeah that's got so you're looking when you call about a house let's listen only MLS. You're looking for two things number one can about this house number two can work with this right. So you find the good agent buy a call and about a house and she and if you can work with that they don't want to try and about Kyle's right. And that's a reason reflect the barber because you've got to get one haircut to determine if you'd. Right you don't you don't know it and we'll be back from right. So not off the bag in and call about it every listed house that you did meet your criteria that you won't make offers old. And then you determine number one can about the cells number two can work with this. Learning. There are enough that. Why of our. And ask a question. You did during the show yeah so obviously you find out the remote contractor and as a job how do you check the work how do you check that we're screwed us. Begin to tape it. We will you'll half before pitchers right from the house. We had people what. It went SA to get pictures of before when nine year look in Ambon house are right when you about a house. We've got gas and have gone in and taken to hunter pictures of the house while. And that's what they like I mean if there on the outlook that was cricket he took a picture of it yet there was a stain on the wall that wasn't liable even if those curry on he took a picture addicts of their house speaker and a so deep snow pictures like that are always gonna help you with everything before and after contractor doesn't. Then we've also had a guy that Ted video. And he would walk in and just take a video floor to ceiling of all the walls of all the doors into the closet since the pantry. Com under the counter tops everything and down that also can give you a really good idea of where the property is before you start. In after doors with complete did the contractor to to see any pictures. Of everything that he does Thurston you know some money back out there to do an after video or some them in that school. But Qaeda elements in the real way that I like I. Kind of visual person. I'm like yeah and this does given your heart the mind that is that you jumped him and kind of took over that Alan let your right that is a whole lot though is supposed to do enough to do a good job. Don't ask him questions and well glad he's doing you know. So he tennis is absolutely right you won't get that we have Arab courted you have a column. That to a certain extent you'll have. You wanna get before and after pitchers. But also when you deal with the contract or let's say the duel and 20000 of the war guy. So if you don't want a thousand dollar of world were you won't break you know maybe maybe it kitchen bath. And carpet. Reported that 5101520. You know they're gonna do the kitchen to release the do carpet you released the bath you released do the paying you at least about right. And her. Area money. No no absolutely. Because most of the missed a question of if we and they had a view that the walked off the and they'll do that they've done that they've done that to me even a good friend among them from growing up in the but anyway so. You were breaking up into brawls and make sure they do work in the withdrawal. In addition of that what you can do is you can. You can have somebody likened Egypt real estate agent or home inspector or appraiser go out there and inspect the work. And based on the scope of work what was supposed to be done it's if it's advocates and you cabinets and counter top news Florian in new appliances. Then you have somebody out there and inspect it and look at it. And Shia an awful and sale of work was done didn't release right that makes cents. So that's what you do what you does he take pictures and you have someone inspect the work for you if you inspect what you expect. And when you do that you should look and. That's more that's true also just in business in general if you have a real accompanying our investing company now. We're fine and that was with our office if I don't inspected. Then on people don't respect the measurable and not to use to actually follow through with them. But on a right before we go to a break here he does are interested in the investor's kit if you're close not to the opposite come on take a tour leaking the physical tip for you have it ready Korea. And get that scheduled 877 Larry go also give me caller talked about talked me in our upcoming three day events. Coaching mentoring opportunities other educational. Material opportunities anything and everything questions that you have for the show. Anything is like for us to answer. 877 Larry go or info at Bragg radio dot com. Welcome back frag radio. What's up. I him. So are you around the last thing you don't. I'm good on the mini camera and Oregon a break and hang in there. How do you choose which air instrument you play. Is that the song is it if it's heavy on keyboard that's when units at a your keyboard. Or instrument I'll always play is always sixteen and stress. Is not a keyboard well and leftist keyboard player that. It is set up play what are here how hurt play whatever right here he has not yet has an ear road eat at hands of errors six and that that. How has the huge decide then wind to break out there trying though it I don't ever hear a triangle solo. It's all it's all of five it's of yes. That's funny this show is about our real statement this hump then. I promise real state and rock and roll. Indian generous and being generous to her. So that we have been before we even talking about aren't investing virtually remotely. And things like that and in Aaron. When we were on this break we can ask Chad you know what is it that down what is it that he would one announce. When it came to look and it virtually investing our our remotely investing in he brought up a really good point. Which is how do you do the house first Judy do you at the house first you look at the count first and so it kind of leads NC you know howdy select the best market. So the question is how do you select more rights yes OK good so will basically I tell people. Here's here's my whole theory. Especially if you're just starting out you'll to have the highest. Percentage. Of probability. Of being able to do a deal as possible right. You won't have the highest probability. Of doing a deal as possible a good deal. Right of homeland that goes without actually. So you would think that there's some people. They get apple got a good idea got to get a deal thing in the and they get all messed up minutes. Well that's true but but but my whole point is. You know if if you dole if you don't live in a market where you can. Where you can plan deals you can create deals make deals. And or where it's very very difficult. Then you should go to an area where it's going to be easier for you deals. Like until people stay out of the hot markets hot markets hot markets are like. Just about anywhere in California. It took in Florida and again holes is that during California. Just don't find. Out from right. Well here's the problem cheat people out in California getting started and will stay. It's so scary because in California the prices are electoral voters like foreign phone. Room. So it's scary to them. To start investing and I mean think about it if you're if you're an area where the median price home. Is 7800000. Dollars right yeah. The median price is almost two million dollars from being put in the Carolinas we bought houses all the for. 30000 shall for 4040. Hours for forty sells for fear of your fifty we do that adult. See that's good pop about it it's like playing poker right. Pot odds right in and play in poker night and by announcing cholera at a competitor I. Nobody that I have maybe examine it and gotten hammered them and where Angela very glad it's. Is that all of you have been taken. Vote. You out of the men and recreational pharmaceuticals in all about union on the not the the pharmaceutical. Directory and no no don't call. That'll play anyway. Any. My slow. It's not a product we're gonna make 101000 dollars but it's a forty or 50000 dollar house you know. If you're if you're looking at a property that 700000 dollars you better be making a 100000 dollars on it. If you're gonna turn it very fast right. Because you've got a lot of money at risk. Right but the way we teach them do you have any money at risk because we showed you all the risk freeways to do this. You know without jeopardizing anything that's one of the big fears that a lot of people have it's Stewart I'm gonna lose money we talked about that a few episodes ago. Right right a few weeks ago about all the different fears that people have. And that is a big fear of people. So they have that didn't answer the question during the question. The market I'll vote. No sir I had big fat no denying it there aren't that. Let's activists stay away from the hot markets okay. And stay away from the depressed markets right. Now even I used to tell people stay away from Cleveland Akron. Youngstown. Ohio. Gary Indiana. Detroit Michigan. And all those areas surrounding it but you know it is quite frankly now. I mean Cleveland is is most of Cleveland is hot right dale scary except for years with it and you know it's so even though there's that one. You know mark is that used to be depressed that aren't anymore so elect Hartley and dislike like the southern states that the you know the Carolinas Tennessee Kentucky Arkansas Georgia. You know Texas is hot right now Taliban stone pretty Alabama's. They used to be the east peace home in the house. I am slow and we bought and sold a lot of miles an album in Birmingham and I announced gummery. We will have been recommended this so long open so the students kind of took over just well. So but anyway. Yet you will you woman number one number one did you get away from our number twos that way from the depressed markets right. Then I birdied or I don't that has just plagued area of the Ford just like Cleveland Ohio there are on big investors can come an intern like a whole block. And and you know dude major things in the city and then it it makes it easier. City may be just keep an eye on a mansi like on the renovations are going on and happening around. That'd just be in the first bench in the front and. Exactly but you also wore a liked older cities as well. Older areas and immature ways metropolitan statistical area like Charlotte immense but Charlotte against Sonia rock Keogh and all rules surrounding area. Yeah exactly so I like the older MSAs for example. You know like Philadelphia or the Pittsburgh which would. Pia right. That's old city you know in order emissaries that go a lot of inventory. Older inventory there's going to be rental properties it is going to be landlord. In another area say Las Vegas. It's not as old vicinity right hasn't been around as long as the other ones so. You're not gonna have as much inventory. And older houses that need remotely and whether landlords and that's the election. At all. Hello there and. You are you any hand him this question. What about urban vs the world the rural Earl rural. Urban vs rural. So. What here's here's the whale okay. You can go deeper you can go wide Rico wide we cover the whole state I don't care the thing with with urban or in the CD. You know maybe I'll expand moments that it does urban disliked the whole city right. You're gonna find more competition and you're gonna have more competition in this big cities than you are in the smaller. A lot of the smaller towns. The vast majority of the properties we Byron smaller towns. Because there's less competition and there is you know. That we can just pick up deals cheaper because there's less competition down the downside is there's fewer buyers. But guess what to me as Aronson we only need one. Do we need one buyer for. Right and usually they're more silent because they've already looked at the area they're actually looking at the area. For the house instead of the house that's in the area. So that there bear Morse. Stable right maybe they have posited a community or something like that so Wednesday sun contract they're usually more solid because they're not still shopping news they made a decision they committed to the house. They like and that's been announced and. Some of our most successful students live on the West Coast where the prices look like phone numbers and by and other areas that we've helped them determine those markets. Based on what there won't do we can help you do that to call Candace right now. 877 Larry go leaking eSATA for an office tour pick up the physical investor's kit awards give me your email and I'll be glad to send a virtual on out he. We can talk about the three day event that we have coming up we just set our calendar for a 28 scenes we can let you know cities for an Ambien for that as well. And you can always go to brag radio dot com and check out pat show archives. Given he melons in both Bragg radio with any questions or like Ed just said give me a call 877 Larry go. Welcome back to Gregor AM. And then your keyboard with a foot pump in this time hiring doesn't ever. I'll answer I think again it's so funny and you all have a hair faces like you actually have interesting. The truth that it makes it even better with the but it went right into that room and it the American in the end it's fun. I know I want to thank. So through those and he does have that have been with us throw off. Amen even if you join us for the first time for a segment is not favorite Signet and our whole show I know we have a lot of fund through the rest of the saying listening teach a lot by the for a segment. Is where we're really able to highlight students. That on have been able to get started in end on their first deal done their fiftieth deal. On and impede the letter make a difference in their communities in the lives of the people that are around them. Guy or list their time and or blessings other reels thing it's kind of grand of them are given and so today we've got Carly. Are you there. And she's a big curly Howard you do it. Ali. We're just doing all summer dual shall we really really appreciate you take in the time out yes man this afternoon to. To be able to come on and share a little bit about yourself federal state investing in how your being a blessing to others we really appreciate it has Carly is one of our students. She's out there doing deals did you get just get started but she's she's worked at it and that should be in a blessing to other people right Carly. And that's all of that how we all do right on the that is that is Carly why don't you tell our listeners a little bit about yourself and about bureau new rules that business. I'm and then he and I and I and I have two boys. My youngest just turned nineteen has injected in real estate and he'd then. Work in me that did. Get them. Under the property I don't. Get paid it. But he and great deal but I actually look at it may not buy it you up and that he can't let these threats and I get that he knows the model. And as I look at port that he's great source every. To be able to find them some properties that help me save time and I am looking at myself I can look for other property. And what model is that I earmarking last. We thank you then that he'll be rich not nothing. That is great as grace of the filthy rich is model is. Where you're buying cheap houses you're currently selling them for about three to six times what you paid with a down payment over financing. In the near collecting the monthly payments. Or you can also sell that noting cash out or shall partial note. In your money back and then have them back in cash flow coming in Cadillac building your own annuity right. Yeah exactly and that's what I did did which is a wonderful. Paul great to tell us about your most recent deal. And there I did my third the other side but them up property and ended December that the foot and a theory they're anxious that quote. And without without for the bank that went bad. I'm actually had a hundred people respond to that house the one to buy it. Click it and I thought it paired. At like seven. I've known so you pay 111000 for the house. That's great and how would you market. I'm I didn't keeping that FaceBook was really the big thing because armed state but there's been many. Rent. By and now. Pages that I went to the canny and I found the county site on FaceBook and I went back. And I posted at there and it had a hundred odd points or. While now when you say the count it let let's teach a little slow me when you say the county web site. In other words teach me. And we know was what county website was an old FaceBook how to network. I'm this particular. Property went down near Wilmington, North Carolina. So just outside their that and academy. That I let. It prior three or four. Search for those found them and let it take it to happen locally or Galen and the price then than mortgage and everything that Donnie let and the local brand. So they're like the marketplace groups on FaceBook. Yeah that's awesome. Don't know if you get by until actually get a grip on the story even though I mention. Wow so you need another house Malia. I mean. You know. Minimum joke did son house floor. Or to see about every Sani sold for 47 now did you have to do like a total rehab and all that stuff to this house or what. Net and I did very little to do it and let about the condition I did need. Campaign and you learn but I that would let them 5000 dollars and I'm reduced the price that out by that and let them now. Iannetta to let need to be done but I left edit content and because it figured they would typically they wanted to end this. Did not really have a house correct. You won't livable house for 7000 dollars I'm just trying to point this out here because people are like. Q my house for 7000 dollars at the blower upper not a fixer upper. But it does or doesn't it. It has been an important and I see little girl born. And getting married couple area say they love it. So he's sort of for 47 how much did you get down. Grant is still at great that's great and how much are they paying you per month. And almost 500 a month so you got 2000 now and have filed thousand in this house. Plus closing calls of course yeah which is now march may be grant fifteen and there wasn't even though guys we have six and all win. You get the a hundred dollars a month. So if if my math is correct okay. If you have 6500. A month. 500 times twelve to 6000. Now I'm no genius then but that sounds like a 100% return on your money the first year to me. It is but I actually Harry told apart on the net and I made much more than. Show show tell tell us about that how does that were how many years was the no foreign how many years did you actually sell for cash. The marketed fifteen years but I felt I feared that it and I got 70000. Or that by the first. So okay. I loved Shannon DSL like magic but this is text book talking this is exactly what we teach in this book. It Generale and put it. So so you sold five years were for the fifteenth so somebody wrote you a check out power. I wrote you were checked. For 171000. Dollars. And and now their gonna collect those 500 dollars a month for the next five years but after those five years. Didn't get to collect the 500 dollars again right. Such huge a lot of Allah we gotta we gotta talk about the bragging park oh okay so it was really a couple minutes left but. First of all congratulations. I'm so excited fortieth you've got one down in mini mini mini mini mini aborted due OK you know my. There you go so tell us a little bit about how you are being generous with what whether it be your time or your resources. Well with my time my big thing that I do is I teach first grade at and they school. Can I get about 26 year old every and the morning. When it 26 year old student. In Sunday school to any six year old on hollowed out and. You can hand. That's slow. That's. I can't take that time and then that adamant he then things that they wouldn't they don't know yet before I get to them that indication. They're big prayer and you know the pan across from the him Marion our father that they don't know they're left handed to me and I can't thank you consider that. That's right it's not these that and in about ethnic. I think it will be my seventh here. Now I've been doing that for some time. That is also what you know I'm really really really proud you do you worry textbooks students could. You've got the education you needed you went out there and you did it and you make money and now you gonna have your building and then you would be where you have some cash flow. And you get a blessing to others Carly thank you so much for being an old and we really appreciate. Who think he enjoyed it won't have a great day. Thinks he. For more information about what Larry in Kansas discussed on today's brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous got to brag radio dot com. You can also call 877 Larry gopher for investors get. Or to schedule a tour of the office or get more information on upcoming events that's 8775277946. Tune in again next Saturday as best selling real estate investing author Larry going to co host Candace teach you the latest strategies and techniques the pros used to make money and real estate. It's brag radio leaving the world to be rich and generous on news 1110993. WTC.