How To Market

Kandas and Larry talk about the various ways to market especially in today's market.


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Welcome to brag radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Kansas and bestselling realistic investing definitely going to show you how to be rich and generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the right radio network from the flagship station WBT and beautiful uptown Charlotte. Here are your host the rock stars of a state. Kansas. Larry. What happened. How are you doing Candice. And do an excellent do an excellent value in my has folds of justice here right quick. So are you in May and a sentencing in a while. To get there off the that is that the earth but that keeping you down and look at that. Right that's crazy we actually just I'm really excited thank you guessed for listening and brag radio were all about being rich angeles' Chad mentioned. And so we teach young invest in tools Stacy can go out and Bragg be rich in generous and donate your time donate money that's writhing and help others in the right. So tell him about the we actually did a FaceBook while awhile but I tell them about the veterans path than we did. So we are invited CU go out to a dedication ceremony ribbon cutting ceremony Ford better it's packed up. And it was the Butler family was. Receiving a home. All of us who who could. It was in this guy's great this guy blew me away because he's a marine. He's won all he'd gotten all kind of honors and and badges and medals and things like that I mean he was just phenomenal guy. And to see humanist I wish them up there and tears. Of joy. And gratitude. About that bad just blew me anyway. It was amazing. This they'll love that the community was challenged you there are plenty of people there that helped found sponsor veterans packed up that had worked on the house that had been part of the actual. Three -- on the house or rehab on the house right and staging company as well there are tons of people there armed. That had just been part of it and Sissy like he said just to cede their gratitude that the Finley had about handling and when they got the house kindling is he's doing amazing things. With better and at. He really is and you know what blew me away was that staging organization. I think it's like an association that all the staging companies are members and yet he says at 31 emerged and and they they went to Q and leave you with the founder of veterans path to a veterans path or. And they went to candidates that he won a stage when your houses. But he said I'm really appreciate that but you know all of our which cypriots are our pre select right so we don't really need stage. And they said no you don't understand we will stage and then donate. Blame the drainage area the enough or not and that angrily it was it was great it was and it was a beautiful alma Johnson blew me away. They go right at all. But also that or late and already eaten today. It was huge huge and huge. GAO's huge. I loved I loved it it was great lot of good people they're. We we saw a lot of people we know and and we've we've been working with them for a while and and helped him in different ways and we're gonna do volunteer day. On their next project. Alan do embargo with Aaron Allen added that Monday that you're listening enough that they outline that's what our group organized and that's cozy world of terror well out. The executive Alan you know they would. I mean. So but it's still been able to demo I think it is right at the Alley for the group fitness at that we have. The new this is the you mean this we have a bunch and they're going to dig your leader. All of us. So I think adding that would be adding now beat them is demanding. Down but again apple up a thousand and something within an aunt that you and I get to do a lot in on warm one on one level and we've sponsors vendors pack. In. A lot of different ways and have lower about you now we've been about the and it seemed like. A year at least. If I didn't show before. Twice actually I don't really blessed that we have a platform where weak in and be generous. Like that the organizations with with people like in them tree that's right and thanks to be BT 40 Austin. So. Allowing my pleasure. Thanks to. Demand allegedly paying them. Not opening that old it's an island he disappeared at an order when. That's in Portland now back at old aren't them the Mike's green in meaningful the government people investigating. Look at it checked and maybe we world. In an area there around a little it was bring your old. Anyway this show about investing in real estate and how'd you begin there with your blessings and on the money that that real estate allows you to have. What we wanted to do this week is to start and a two part series this would obviously be part one. We'll go in next week to you apart duke but we've gotten a lot of questions and one of the big topics that we talked about our three day events as marketing. Marketing to buy in the marketing itself so this week we wanna get into marketing to buy. And united to part two with next week would be marketing itself. And that is campus a lot of that come up with that I'm at the end. He Ollie it's much ever nation. Edie. Or. At least that don't use that need that to that way you know my ego you know. He went and so let's talk about marketing. Okay. If you're if you're does that Julian or or if you listen to those before we talk a lot of a lot of different things about rules state. We wanna teach you go out there and invest general state I mean we've literally hand. People that it listen to this show just mean Europe that listening right now the atlas of the show that after three investors did that come to our office. And have gotten involved with dust and now you're doing rules that fall right we've heard a lot of people so we teach you a lot of on the show. But there's only so much you can do and they radio titan media right pretzel like 30000 foot view. Right it really gets down into the filler contracts in due diligence and all that stuff. But what we'll talk about on this show is marketing marketing of plan deals but calls right now would you say were in a buyer or seller market right now. In. No way and the Mac if you on the I can do you would you. All the people see the video you have to be given you an answer yes and we're not seller's market in Atlanta. Yes we are here to begin. The job you have been listened well. This is not a script that is not. It means. That's right we are recording this'll all the videos well and you concede the video if you like comb brag radio dot com right now thanks in line if you care to. So anyway so yes we are in a seller's market which means that. There are more buyers than sellers sellers can and can pretty much dictate that a price. I mean I know people that are doing tricks and flipped right which I hate many of you know. If you listen to me and I you know that I he fix simply because he rehab thing he'd do what contractors dollar stuff a lot about sell about sell about sell a world at thirty minutes not thirty days or three Matsuoka. So to fix it flip. Many of you know that I usually fix it flip but I won't buy and sell it really quick right so when you do that. You know you make money with current rehab house but there's a lot of sellers out there. But there's more buyers than their arsenal hours so I know some sellers doing tricks and flips. That there actually get multiple bids on every property they get multiple bids are never property and people bidding up the house. To higher and higher above that and what. And buying. Iron iron it is a mean that he billion well you know like and and to make good money but. What that means is it's harder to find good deals right again it's everything they can pretty much at apps and not. So. Haven't said that you have to do more than just go out and ride around with an agent look for a house and make an offer on it. Because a lot of houses are goalie and close to retail and retail sometimes about retail that a given role that doesn't mean you can't get a good deal else. I mean we're still buying and home houses a deep discount price some in my left houses the deep discount but. There are fewer and farther between calls or in this market right right so we're gonna do we're gonna go through many many many different ways that you can market goes marketing is basically anything that makes the full range okay I'm gonna show you how to make the phone ringing off the hook. Right when we come back from the right. Give us the 877 Larry go we can be a copy of the investors it out. Digital if you can't come to the office but to give it up the physical if you could swing mat tick off this tour. 877 Larry go or brag radio dot com. With his dad. Is that. Would mean who is that I'm asking you then halo above. The album we. But he's even got a little bit. Cookbook American rag areas in blaring. Aberdeen it. And Larry and you music. Can chat with remembering my guitar in here. Into the intro music itself anytime anyone really sure we're gonna clean this month here do I need to bring a rodeo and the Kerry ma am yes because it's like home you know you'd need like hand trucks and stuff that couple road these Lebanese overflowed with smoke machine in. In the light. Those nude it's good you know it's not it's beating him here and there wouldn't let embarrassingly played OK I of the also love it. In a radio. Maryland and thank our language. We need to do that aren't as though I. That the also I'd love it we can be the entertainment the next three day event today. It's not like we haven't done that before we have done we used to have an event called investor poor lose. Of that you like that they don't that's awesome that he do that that I had to ban outplayed lives. Saturday night we have a minute we have about twelve speakers come in over three days. And teach different forms of rules state investment in new the most cool it was a lot of fun. So are you look we gotta get back to rules that right. Right so them before into the break we're talking about you said the Syrian diver in many many many many many ways ferry people to. But it like we're marketing to buy. That's right that is right. So first of all alone tell you a lot of people ask me you know we have deals like we have some deals right now that we're selling for life. 49. Thirty in and fifteen and we have one for like 17 and then I believe and that there it a deep discount right. And the first thing people always say is how did you get this deal where did you find this deal. Well the standard answer is when I found that it wasn't the right. Write the British true I mean we don't just. But there's only been a few house is Nellie ball close to or above let's price rooting us has been negotiated way down. Well that's because when you know value I could pay list price for more when I'm no value when I know that they misplaced it. And and I can pick it up like we picked up what a while back we played 44. Four it was listed for 44 but we sold for eighty then and it didn't touch. Right we knew it was a discount a threat already. Already so. Anyway. Lot of people site. Where did you find that deal when we found that there wasn't a deal okay. And remember gassed when you're marketing when your generating leads the older they get. The colder they yet that's very very important. The older they get the cold and our very own very important and and the thing about it is you can't steal in slow motion so when you start marketing. And you make the phone range you have got to be in the position as of that form because if somebody needs to sell their house. And they need to sell it fast. Now you mainly what that sounded good. I snapped a throw to. So when they need to sell their house and they need to sell it fast. Then. You know there are gonna wait around if you don't answer the phone. They're gonna call somebody else the Google landed in defiance of my ideals are at it now exactly exactly the other thing got to remember it is. With. With with generating leads there's basically two different types of property there's oil market and sophomore OK old market. It is like listed on the MLS that could be on him no hassle Rupert dot com owns a little dot com was solo home or. But older properties. And listed property in the last you know rule from dot com zillow dot com and Hud home storage listed properties it has an agent. As well as. Hobbs who some of the other sites like that as well right so. It and that's the listed property did you have all of market properties. Those are the properties that you can really get that this council. Because most people who need to sell the house last. They don't lose their property with an agent. Because typically an agent is gonna rule 61 list brokered the little six month listing at least okay. So. So that's the reason they don't listen with an agent so there's a lot of different ways that you can do this the very first what you can do it is. On Craigslist poster old and right now some people will post that sport their properties. Oh Craig stoker they'll post their their property Craig's list and you can get some good deals crisis but. If you put your man out. That says we bought houses like you'll see Aaron if you go to Craig's list in Utah about houses about houses whatever you'll see it come. Our ads will come up cause we run as we re museum every single week that's the thing about Craig's list. You wanna renewal every single week. And if you if you put them under real state. It's under rules state awarded. Residential rules today the poster and always got to put some kind of pitcher. Put a picture of arms and right this is about. Due to his both his book. So okay now that you mute says daddy so. I was gonna say that a lot of people here in that mills yours and habeas. But we are Gabby about houses that we are leery about. And so we run those ads for Gabby and about as well who do you think it's more calls. The calls currently used. But they know. Rather sell the house to Gabby. Mentally I could trust yet again be more than that could trust later she apart she. That is to work with us. So that kind of leads us into the next thing. It is is bandits and the band cents though the week about houses and Reba houses about houses. About houses or despised houses visual Candace. I mean to about it. So don't wanna edit. That is my alma. So no one else get it right. So. Anyway I think we all. Donald and wheeled from. Wednesday but anyway somebody goes. But. Anyway bandit silence you get these sirens and we get ours and decides the outcome. That's were re you know. And you can order Roman they'll drop ship them to you that drops of the stadiums now here's the thing about stamped. You can pay a company that bad cents dot com or any of the local southern company. Now locals and company if you still. Some rumor are great for when you need to open and real hurry. Rush job but if you don't order quantity like hundred or 250 or 500000. Silence. You know you're gonna need to go to some island in this country that this case that I'll lady otherwise you're gonna pay. 67. Costing as much as twelve dollars percent. That's crazy. That's crazy so. You need to or from some elements. Though I'm in the commission about how to use them because of that we should have really really showed. That's absolutely me peoples which and that there out of taxes and a new owner very well and he to actually care of our students. So if you tell him later referred you take really good care. Anyway you order your silence from there to give you a full number from organizations like freedom voice. Gore from call eight K a LE album number eight dot com or call rail CAA LO RE IL. Or call flyer CH LO FIRE dot com. On any one of those we'll give you a number that you can have forwarded to the voicemail right in the system or or CRE number what do you have released due in two. Ours ago and Odeo and we used for him and we use freedom force freedom voice dot com. And you that your numbers you can have local numbers you can pull free numbers. If I ever order a toll free number like a vanity number like he's stopped leery about us or 855 Gabby bows which we own both of those. I'm Bob those numbers that whole free numbers dot com and there's a lot more about these marketing techniques and and and more work. In our in my latest edition of the boasted a tree right. Rain you can give that it's that there's a copy edit that's included with the investor's kit if you are close that the opposite can come back and pick up the investor's kit and physical version take a tour. Mean everybody if you're not you can request the digital version and I consider that out here he now. We've also got a couple three days schedule we'd just reset our three day calendar fourth when he eighteen. So if you wanna know what cities are going to give the office call 877 Larry go 877 Larry GAAP. That's. If you can go ahead. Mac the sorry. Business never cleaned. I found announcing on a mountain. That's ahead about having that is our student and hands and they news the bra rock and roll show. Love it love it that's great do you know. We even know like a lot of planning. And now that you're you just did hold a news Van Halen music you've got four and we are redoing our inner circle programs. And we're giving new names and NATO are taken out that this day iron like rocky now. Our inner circle programs or programs were we work well more on hand in hand with our with that are. Close students right. And and and help them do their first deal we get up and run in and closed deals that we we take them by the hand and and hopefully deals right right that's right so we've got different levels right. They've leveled some felons out though that top level the master mind level is a hall of fame. Right like that I do then you've got the legend levels. There is a three month well a six month level on a twelve month level a legend. Then there's headliner. And then there's a weekend warrior and I day. And then niacin is very out thinning it fits Matsui is definitely into who we are as a company and we've added a lot to these programs out there said beefed up and so excited. Though I'm fired up about it yet rated loan to release them. We haven't done that yet. We have at my customary leased and yet on. Yes and I'm really excited there there a lot more beefed up than they used to be. So it's in the interest thing. And fired up about it excited we diet like the names now I'd like Milan the value and. The weekend warrior headliner led in all of a legend wait for it. Gary. At that. Point me your mother and it's. A it dubbed its truth. The Al in. Let's go to an eagle. And an idea that you. Google TB. The team geared. So that I. We're and we were just talking about different ways a marketing and biases part one of the two part series on marketing. So where did you leave off we're talking about bandits science. We're talking about menace as those little yellow signed with the black letters which by the way yellow with black letters signifies budget in people's mind subconsciously. It's like a good deal right I'm. Considered. A serious you don't vary. I have done I clean I am. Do a lot of I don't plan. A to a lot of research about mark so band is signed just don't put them up where there illegal okay. Like in the city of Charlotte right. They're they're not legal in the city of Charlotte you have to go out in the county outside of the city limits all right. Besides there's a ton of competition. In the city anyway right. There's atomic competition in the cities and you've got to get outside of the city limits into the smaller bedroom communities. And you know to to do your marketing so. You need to band has silenced it Craigslist as he needs business card you gotta have business hours okay. And you can get them Vistaprint you can. Here's here's a great card you need to be unique OK you've got to be unique unique IP on the NB I'll then be unique. And and hand them out to everybody UC at gas stations everywhere. And one of the business cards and used about all the time when Al's first started was a million dollar deal. That is that there. And it could have on the big mud on the debt has puppets are on the front but I with a lot of back and on the back Obama contacted by them. Well their tire. And had to use a little run. We don't have only now are no no we didn't have you don't have some breaks problem do they come and breaks. They can't pack rat. A recent. You make it's an easy. Appreciate. So I hate so. That they appreciate that it's like looking at Yankee hitting the other day on the product done anything it. That's another term for whatever I appreciate it good. So business cards to two million dollar gift cards at million dollars source dot com million. Dollar source doc. Now myself. I don't hand out business cards anymore cause. I got people in the U. I've got. A bad way. A big thing they can't even the you want people may. Not look. You know that she found out about at that. Critics. Can upload a one that you go through. So I went and Gardner and now we have a equipment. And I think. The thing that did on the green. That is funny so obviously yeah I don't have business card for that anymore but I did give some business cards recently. And to just hand out to select. Apple right. And they still different they are not say why get higher in evening like out of the match what. The mental part they look like a black Amex scored right big thick metal caller but when you drop that equates to put the and a look at them back here exactly looked has admitted show us his black Amex card. Look at that hey you can't get on edge. It's got to eight. It's got a song burst rattled incidents on them that I have a advance Stratocaster. That same color. Are they know. Out here in Iowa and the right on your blog about marquee properties. Aren't you gotta get tired. He's got to get business cards I have got my eye on it metal cards. Metal carts with a K dot com and they're very very expensive conflict to an interest deals like. 500 dollars bullies that accounting and yet. And I am now able to get an adult and not let any adding but anyway I'm not gonna Google I got keep like two in my pocket a the regular layout and immediately. You. Have people. When you started in your line there are many you know you are you yeah. Everywhere. That hire somebody to fliers on cars where human part of the deep. When it's called street team Lowe's now that you mention that is called a street down there yet team on the Internet no but that part of the band is signed. Have a streak to eleven put tremendous sense Al in his use an apt to track that called simple crude dot com. Simple crew dot com. Now a simple crew it's an app and you're gonna have those two minutes left us to comment on. In this segment. There's an app called simple group and you've got to pay for the gap but you can hire somebody who put your arms and pay him a dollar so purse on. People but that's not much money. But if they can put out 1520 cents an hour let's 1520 dollars an hour right. Right they've put up two or three intersections and whatnot anyway simple crew apple keep track of four. I didn't well they do is they they download the app it's free use on what mr. street team member. That put the slur now they take a picture of it geotag your toes and who put it out and win that put out. In the and you can pay him based on Hermes sons that put. So it's a great way to do that. And there's so many more ways we're gonna talk about direct mail and some other online marketing sources as well. When we come back from the break in a minute broadcast duties and then this isn't Craigslist ads go in and of vehicles silent too. Vehicle sign on to now it's one minute. Now it's one. So. We're not. We were oh were talking about were we. A brighter right. We got a bright man of tickets and here's here's a little right quick. I got less than a minute left. Vehicles in the name tag as play thing went into the flyers. Attorney. EPA's. I heard or read it and it. That's right call on the run your own server at three inning of the investors in our. I mean any of these. 877 Larry you know visit brag radio dot com to check out this show our privacy it is it's an op after our ads. Brag radio dot com get a in. 877 lingo you nominee. At info at bribery and dot com I guess and linking it to the digital and that's if it's enough you're in now the physical kid keeping somebody office. Sunup for a three day event talk about mentoring coaching opportunities. Anything and everything like that eighth seventh heavenly again. Welcome back to brag radio that this in this. Here with Larry who is all right now has gotten new music. And finally come back from everything. It than and it works a donor platelets amateurs very hard. I know you can tell them I love it he's got it to where it keeps going for a little while to. Along that if enemies in the past but. A lot of alone that it's exciting so this is your favorite segment brag. All right meantime fourth segment. I'm. That's right I love the segment we talk about our students that are doing good in the world in this week we have seen in and she's doing great in the world not just did in the oil. You agree Wilson and I've. Got to deliver by one Italian and Greek closure from Hickory where I'm thrilled. First Lama met you said immediately reached this went on from agreed to do so starting goalie who grew ever since right. It right out here and I'd go out and not bad but not the jury's. You know when it really changed that night. Limited some three is the most messed up 3:0. Am I right. Favourite aren't talking about earlier. Money. You go first avenue drops out when the first avenue street northeast. I mean it's messed up. Well you know air created a lot of a little bit. That guy was just so you know Suzanne is one of our inner circle apprentice students she just came off as just literally a couple of weeks ago. And she actually brought her mum one day and historical her mom hatred I. I. Did. Now element forward. On the loved the sincerity and that would fund. Also that also. So Suzanne I know. Ever since we've we've known each other mean you've been talking about a charity that's near and dear to you that we awarded to have you know you're just gonna get back started in rules state and and and we're helping you with that but we really wanted to bring you won't. Just mainly to talk about your charity so you can plug that and push people out to it slow you know we got a little bit of time here so while coaching first. Before you do that tell us a little bit about yourself and about you know what you're doing in real state and then jump right into the charity. Strip saying pack and I appreciate the opting EDT here at clearing in the like them and expect that. Well. North Carolina late. That it's about five. Ears and do it commercial and best being. Multi family and self storage and a yeah obviously the green and and I like it volunteer work well in the late in the you don't make that way. I met. Lady about it yet the human right grant and I think terrorists is that everything eight. Anyway he and her daughter Africa yes or RX or any ultimately all she it's. And it is such attack charities. And I don't know they describe it this way al-Qaeda describe. Make a list. I'm more of a regional game now. They plan their activities in the off immediately hammered out with a life or ill. Being an important part you know that is a life threatening don't again. You know what chance for me I am pleased to get together and does have basically long islanders here. It is really keep this thing at least is C. As much thinking and doing fun activities. Are all kinds of exporting it and com or. You know picnic. They do three or four huge fund raisers at it every year. I got to take. Played in the wall carpet price of four. They get it may raise as Monday. So I'll answer completely free to the entire family. Have a problem my church ill. Orders lately started 2000 war in Arizona and currently have five chapters. Larry you know that. Four in the Michael and try to help them facilitate. A chapter me kind of currently at five chapters are in the next. Like rock ballad right. Came from the lithium and they out they have a captain in Phoenix. Minneapolis. Damper. And it went up in Kansas City. Every. Two years their goal to open up a new chapter. Yeah guys is great but they say it's such as many lives in the audience. The next one that they have coming up will be in 2019. And I don't know whether any will be that we can get them. And he can trap as possible to conduct a great organization. We you know what we were on the bus tour. If I'm not mistaken I mentioned to use that you should probably open up the chapter on the East Coast. You'd get tell me Sherrie via Adam has cancer and when you kick the ball to Matt enough. You know I appreciate you guys even mentioning that because that's been in the very heavy on the line and I prayed a lot about. It currently they're serving at 3000 Amelie. That's. At the daily touch as many lives as possible would be wonderful. That is that's incredible that that's really really good if there's anything although we can do. To help with that or to help you with that because as passionate as you are about it. I really believe that you would be a great. A great facilitator of the chapter on the East Coast and that does anything at all that we can do or any of our listeners can do to help you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for that. Absolutely. And I think saying is that maybe knowing that there answers in the an outreach. Here on the east can't there web size is is. Lord. And anyone can get that eight you know you read about the emissions about their work. He could obviously make a donation. But just you know that much of its spread the word among investors that it sorry because it's it's just. You know I mean. To have never. Has a tablet life threatening illness but I can only imagine what he did me. When you guys out or that when I'm at in this charity cheese and I made an announcement on stage. Right after that actually that they can that you were there at died. And the top at that point well she did and it now relation twenty years so. She came in the partners. And you know that never believe tribe. You know they're their Stanley is Ali and clean everything that and even after the opt out of the way and change. Now. You know just at the impact. Without region to have the support we need to do something like that as a credible. It really is it really is and it's it's very what they're going through but you know. People are out there live in their lives everyday and don't really think about the practice until they hear about select this on the radio. And how it touches certain people's lives in a lot going on in this world right now. In the country in the world but you know. I said this for a long time nobody can help everybody. But everybody. Can help somebody. And hope kids is you were somebody in their help of a lot of people what was that website again. Marion has Kia dot award. It flee via I just think skirt all your listeners to go there. You know just say it is it. Nothing else just find out about the organization and inspect the word meek you're not able to help financially unique and he can talk about the charity. To your friends and family and nine co workers. Could put the word out there. I think it's about winning secure. Absolutely absolutely no matter where you live or where you listen to this from you know you can help hope kids and even even inquire about opening up but chapter in your local area where it is that you. You know Leo. Maybe you could open up a chapter and if there's anything we can do to help you with that Suzanne please please let us know and thank you so much for being you know today. Well thank you areas that you can't Manson. Front bar yet and it would you want my time in my mind giving many choose that and you know I am. So for the quite good deal of support and the whale like seeing him. I really appreciate the opportunity in this. So much. Thank you very much and that is gonna wrap up today's brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous. For more information about what Larry Candice talked about on today show or to get a free investors get. Call 877 Larry go that's 8775277946. You can also go to Brett radio dot com. Make sure to tune in every Saturday for brag radio leaving the world to be rich and generous. Larry in Kansas we'll show you how to invest in real estate and in many ways real estate creates the ideal investment. Here on news 1110993. WBZ.