How Often Are Guns Brought To Schools and Smart Speakers

John Hancock
Tuesday, March 6th

Hancock didcusses North Korea, smart speakers, guns in school an more.


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Yeah. This is John Hancock. There are other artist Tuesday's big and they're ready gotten. Yucky weather doesn't matter who's been plus where you get Tuesdays off which case it's Doug do you. There was such a BA baseball game ads deviancy ballpark tonight that's been canceled because of the weather South Carolina had to have stayed. So baseball is not quite back in uptown. But will be soon. Chicago White Sox coming into my town in two weeks from Monday. Quick name one member of the Chicago White Sox. You deal. It did Tony from Libya had onto the big boss guy over there at if Lindsay walking past. Name 01 no player that plays the Chicago White Sox you on money title. Use her last year but the nights he will be on the Hollywood hotshot yet yeah. Well I named to. Ha a cubs fan because they yell god because they don't they don't have it's not marketable guys know they don't wanna. So I and I'm going to that game but I think. They can they can put app states team and I thought our I know there are those Chicago White Sox. They did rock Bob when it comes to name value. But they do have a lot of former Mets and he now so. There's reason to go because it back down. Well I'm going because it's just just OC a Major League Baseball team and they do have run out of broad out. The pitcher lefty in you as a knife through eerie former NC state pitcher nick they have one guy who's supposed to be a hot shot his injured out for the year yep. So. A great point Johnny what may have made about a cup and maybe they'll they Rhode Biden does it becomes a Cavuto a cardinals are cub karma game in ninety. EDT ballpark. Dad be cool play out with a about a thousand people like me and you don't forget that baseball gloves I guess I short porch and it lasts very long no what it. India and in the majors know what it all right so McDonnell that's a that's the guy that's he was here yes last year played for about half season and they called him OpenId supposed to be the future. So but no baseball tonight at night stadium Charlotte knights dot com if you want to keep up to. To date on what's going on O'Meara ACC tournament has a started today. I know George will be pulling me up some results. 'cause I didn't remember to do it. The George tech Boston College game I should be over and Pittsburgh Notre Dame are playing as we speak and and later on this evening about 7 o'clock gun will be Wake Forest in Syracuse. And apply my not mistaken and the winner of the Wake Forest Syracuse game will be playing North Carolina tomorrow in a game that starts at 7 o'clock to chillier here on news talk eleven to WB Tate who won the Georgia Tech Boston College game. BCA. So George tech is done in a BC moves on so there you go their Pittsburgh Notre Dame Q bras on that one as the time goes on you just heard bill with Mike Doyle news that their grim you know signed a four year deal. So they wanted to use the franchise tag on him. And that's probably a good deal for your deal worth about seventeen million dollars is the rumor. So that's. Four points on the new year average I don't know how much of that's guaranteed but. Interviewed him. Five years ago or something like that how much. Nine million guaranteed. By the time he pays his agent and all that stuff off he probably goes on with what four and a half million of it. So as early you know you'd you can now. Buy yourself a house look all that terrestrial life you may not live as well as. As Cahill. But you're geared you're doing better than. Oh just a big of an example. Me. And I'm not doing all that bad so congratulations to agree good no no that. Problem. There are some ethics. Charges against Kellyanne Conway. After that as the afternoon goes on. The Kim John owners in the news because he had South Korea apparently are. Which kind of brings you to the where is this Levi Donald Trump in the United States if they're holding hands they know want to deal but there's been some indication that Kim Jong and is so willing to. Table his nuclear. We'll see for all that geragos. Lady walking on a beach. C.s they have. The states is piece trash. And she goes picking up this is don't have the story written for me but it sort of open it. It was not here it was over season more. And mesh Texas birthing of terms such beer bottles. And and and it's kind of a neat old bottle so she decides all ticked at home. She takes the ball home and her daughter or sister or somebody you know looks in the bottle and things are like a cigarette Biden. Then they determine wait a minute that's not a cigarette but that's a rolled up piece of paper. With a piece of twine around it. So they take they take it out of the bottle. And based in its kind of damp. So they stick it in the oven for a few seconds to Kevin dried out. And then they roll it out. And it turns out to be a note. That was thrown from a ship. In 1886. So this says some sort of a record for a message in a bottle. Date wise apparently they were able to go. Back on maritime records or somebody like that and find. Win this particular bottle and was what it was thrown overboard and it. They used to do that and to our get a big guy kind of get a reading of ocean. Waves and. Sort and so forth. So well sure though the other two it's fascinating story. How many kids get caught with guns at school. Cross country. In the year. Already knows. Because the record keeping is although it is supposed to be. Although some sort of regulation it doesn't. So we don't really know how many kids get caught with guns at schools. So all share that with UN general interesting article that I saw today about should schools be required to tell parents about bullying. In your first reaction to that is what. Yes. But then you have people like. LG BT group's. That are saying no. Because you might be outing that cared. That kid could be getting bullied because of his sexual orientation or something along those lines. Something that he may or may not have shared with his parents. So they're saying no you shouldn't share whether or not. Now a kid's being bullied at school with their parents are not because you might be outing him. We're such a complex world anymore weight. Now I understand on the one point it's got dated days ago in Illinois you know you you get your knee jerk reactions on the one point and sometimes those turn out to be wrong. And then you get your knee jerk reactions on the other did just make common sense to me. And then it gets ended this. Level of complexities. That we basically you are managed to wrap everything up in these days. It meant just makes navigating almost any thing impossible. Saw I had I don't wanna that they would be the old guy that alarms for a simpler time but. I remember a simpler time. Schools do I speak to the press some point he's proper on the I've been an unknown when he actually finally comes out. And does his thing. The tariffs thing is that is really big Kellyanne Conway a man has been no from the office of special counsel's been determined that she. Twice violated the hatch act moderate social he'll address that or not. Tom. I don't know if you'll address north cure. On the table. Maybe he'll talk about to Sam Nunn Bert. Who basically made the media around yesterday and made a total fool of himself. Or maybe yes just a total fools. But it no number. No no activity of it all in all regards Dave said there are no CNN last night. And the anchor who's made our Barnett errand. Erin. Erin. Asked him you know I've reduces uncomfortable question no polio on Bedard are you drunk. And even drinking. And and he said no which is a lie you know I I I can think I smell alcohol and broke the news and on have been Dedrick. Oh my and I anti depressants. But. So he runs around yesterday shoots his mouth off talks about to is not gonna cooperate with Mueller and is that the other and then when he gets to the end of via a day after he's been on just about every media outlet you can take on video basically your says well okay we'll all find a way to cooperate. Why don't I don't I don't know all that much about him but I mean. From an appearance standpoint and a watch him. While last night. He was angry over Mueller's request to have him appear in front of grand jury in turn over thousands of emails and other communications with other ex officials. And and apparently his mentor is the along time trump advise are Roger Stone and he was fearful that Mueller was try to get into. Corner Roger Stone and even wanna do that he's also a friend of us Steve Bannon and and that's always the you know there and yummy you wanna leveler head in the room and Steve abandons that that your man right there. So while. So anyway I don't know fear they fear of addresses that are not but it may be will member of the Nashville mayor who had the affair with a bodyguard. And no she was gonna keep her job because. Well she's resigned. She apparently. Broke some laws along the way owes the city 111000 dollars over the affair the ex bodyguard who logo kind of got out of the deal along before whatever he retired when the scandal first broke. He owes the city 45000. Bucks because. Wall she was traveling around the country and no stuff he was going along there's the bodyguard. The bodyguards it. And apparently the best way to you know guard a body is. I don't know who will be on top of him. The president's gonna take some questions. Amid dead tariff plan backlash and all that kind of stuff but there's two podiums set up there and Netanyahu is in town and not correct. So this is gonna be another one of those press conferences where one guy takes questioned him and another guy takes a question and these are always really uncomfortable. But tell us see what the president has to say was his opening remark. United States. And unsolicited. Treaty of friendship. Date treaty signed believe it or not and 1783. That's a long time ago. My daughter rock had a wonderful time watching American and Swedish athletes compete. Indy resent men's curling final at the Olympics. That was some things has so little upset with. There wasn't expected but that's okay we'll take it. All of the athletes should be immensely proud of the great. Job they did the prime minister I've just concluded a series of very productive meetings in relationships is obviously prime minister of Sweden not a Netanyahu is originally met president. Including respect for individual rights the rule of law and human dignity. These common principles are the foundation of our part. He shut will bailout and and maybe come back a little bit later a messy if they don't think I always hate these. Because it's you got it than depressed just ask a question of whoever's at the other podium and it goes back to the president and never related. And I don't understand quite why they do it this way. I mean they're gonna ask him about tariffs and I don't know if they ask him about. Sam Nunn Berg's. I'm strolling down minstrel active through all the news organizations yesterday or not there's a number of things North Carolina or north carry North Korea. South go to Korea and there are meetings Kim Jong noon meets at the South Korean envoys yesterday and and they come out holding hands and stores have put America in all it also audited all those questions may very well come open this thing but and then on the other hand therapy blow us the Swedish prime minister. I feel I have DeVon your butt kicked and curling. But a guy who looks like Mario. And so this so I don't know. Com the president by the way I'd I don't see this on his face but the Forbes Tony eighteen ranking of the world's richest people came out and now. Trump's only worth three point one billion dollars. Loser. How much you are George. Report ones Tom. Ridge and I think that it. 400 million dollars less for the president and into any seventeen. New York's struggling real estate market problem played a big role in this system sore magazine than. And they also talk about his job polarizing personality may be costing him some business as well that. He also is main focus right now can't be on his business is main focus right now is on the United States of America seems like a between now. I'm his second job as a professional Tweeter and being the president he's kind of got his hands full. So bomb. But it three point one billion. Some of the big changes and this year there are more billionaires than ever 2208. Of them. With a record nine point one trillion dollars in wealth that they are up 18% from my 2017. A whopping one point two trillion of that sum is held by the twenty richest people. And yes it is not the richest man in the world anymore. Bill Gates is no longer in the tops spot. Bill Gates is now number two. He's only worth. Ninety billion dollars. Loser. Bay's dose Amazon. 112. Billion dollars. Warren Buffett 84 billion. Bernard. 72 billion Zuckerberg from face Burt 71 billion. Carlos Slim you know. Telecom guy that has been up there in the past 67 billion dollars the Coke Brothers Charles and David Coke. Both worth about sixty billion apiece. So if you add their wealth together you got a 120 billion dollars. Which would be more than Jeff Bezos. And that's why they can throw such a ridiculous amount of money into politics because they have a ridiculous amount of money. I'm Larry Ellison software guy of 58 point five billion rounds out the top ten. So. I didn't go through the entire list. A billionaire's. 700 and a 66 of them my guests. No trump fell to 766. I don't know how many are actually on the billionaire list. And I don't know if and I don't think he did. But I don't know if Bruton Smith is back on the billionaire list or not he was for awhile. Only billionaire that we ever used to just be able to pick up the phone and call. Or he would pick up foreign policy has done that a few years. But like us anymore against. Well. But Dario three point 1000000004. For the president. Something tells me he'll be okay. I think if you get. I think Graham you know what I decided deal for seventeen billion. A real loser. We don't listen to ya I'm just do you know I'm just giving the government did and we don't even make the loser list. And are you know world media Amman. We don't even make the we don't even we don't and don't believe Israel us. Kellyanne Conway. The Office of Special Counsel is determined that she twice violated the hatch act. The. AP explained that that bars government officials from my using their position to try to impact political campaigns this is kind of high pollute my I haven't. And try to read the details of this still this actually applies in November and December. With interviews on CNN and fox. Which were given in her record on quote official capacity as a White House aide. The federal watchdog. That's the US Office of Special Counsel the OC. DO SC. Determined that Con-way. Quote impermissibly. Mixed official government business with political views about candidates. In the Alabama special election close quote. So the USC's special counsel guy by the name Henry Kerr. I'll place the onus on what to do next on the president. But the White House was Arctic amounts have been overly finder and any violation. Kerner also alerted to go to the violations for consideration of appropriate disciplinary action. The hill. Has push back from the White House Conway did not advocate. For. Or against the election of any particular candidate in fact Kellyanne statements actually show her intention and desire to comply with the hatch act. As she twice declined to respond to the host specific invitation to encourage Alabama ends to vote for the Republican. That was that statement from the White House CNN also has some offending lines in question which were the subject of the Roy Moore and Doug Jones Alabama race. A democratic senate candidate Doug Jones. Apparently she said folks don't be fooled he'll be a vote against tax cuts he's weak on crime weak on borders. He's a strong on raising your taxes he's terrible for property owners she talking about Doug Jones there. So technically talking in favor of Roy Jones but talking to own more. Technically against Doug Jones just. Tom and then Doug Jones is out of step for Alabama voters according to the president who doesn't want a liberal Democrat representing Alabama in the United States senate. So bomb. Anyway this issue ran into ethics trouble you remember last year when she would emerge from supporters to a by Vargas. Drove products. So I'm sure she'll get officially reprimanded. Them. So like Ron Tolbert got officially tell reprimanded when I went over budget on the light rail line. Pendant ended up with a cushy job after that. I can't wait till my reference. Do you wanna be reprimanded. Send suspended if the losses listen they got ten days' suspensions. I think that lie and I said earlier about other governor of Nashville Tennessee and the bodyguards. Well primarily I thought I would too far. I would get rid of me so festive maker has. The president is talking right Alice Stewart he's had saves got this a press conference going on. Have drug companies and not. Most importantly for our workers. So when I can let it happen. Please. It's obviously targeting error Tina TT. News agencies. So Mr. President thank you for hosting us. Tonight is always a back door to Sweden so all about again unknown ordered what's I will probably not join us again. Because everything you know. NTELOS NTELOS Swedish guy says what about doing up there resistance orange colored theatre guy. And I don't think he's gonna say that. Not North Korea said day yesterday that leader Kim Jong-un has met with a envoys of us South Korea that today yesterday. No Pyongyang. And they had an open hearted talk. And Kim spoke about wanting to quote write a new history of national reunification. With the south. So the meeting which was. First time South Korean officials have met with the Kim since he took power after his father's death in 2011 shows that the crew Rios at least are trying to improve relations. Not after up. A year of the north's nuclear and ballistic missile tests and exchanges and threats and and all that kind of stuff and Leo war of the words between now and Kim and no trump. The talks seek to have. Work to ease nuclear tensions improved ties between the two nations help establish of a restart of talks between the north and the United States. They come after those two nations feel that a joint team at the Olympics in a South Korea. And the north had sent senior officials to the games and there were some analysts who believe the north is so trying to. Use improved ties with the south to weaken US led international sanctions and pressures and no Zoloft. Now we'll have to wait and see how those goes depending on the source that you get your news from more it is the case and so many things these days. South Korea's president says the north is willing to get rid of its nuclear weapons under certain conditions. North Korea has clearly expressed its intention to dean nuclear us. On the Korean Peninsula and if there is no military threat in North Korea's regime security has promised that they have clarified that there is no reason to hold nuclear weapons. That was a statement from the office of the South Korean president moon. Moon in North Korean no leader Kim Jong Hoon also agreed to meet for talks in April. Mean north has not yet provided its own statement or at least hadn't what I don't believe they still have. But can't reportedly told South Korean envoys who just wrapped up by two day visit that he is willing to start negotiations with the United States on scrapping. His nuclear program. Well that's about as optimistic as you can possibly opened at considering that it did kind of look like the north was. Positioning themselves. In not Ka hoots with the south to all the sudden have the United States being in a bully on the outside. So I don't know obviously we haven't gotten good to where we need to get to it yet and want to see were all that goes to so that would. All of this would mark the first time that Kim has said that he's willing to discuss denuclearization. And exchange radio security guarantee from the United States. And that's got allows wonder what the president was gonna say here or whether this would come up but if you standing with the prime minister of Sweden I doubt that they get into too many details about what's going on what North Korea. I'm so wondering if they're being clarification there. And maybe there is no clarification. At this point to be had solo will will see were all of that goes. That the president was obviously at the end of the tail end of vote they were when we just joined few seconds ago I have been talking about tariffs and what he actually said. Mom came earlier than what we just a tuned in for the house speaker Paul Ryan this weakened from other Republicans are members of congress have for have been urging trumped up. Not go forward with the terrorists that were announced last week on imported steel and aluminum. And they they've that they've. Made a pretty public break with the president over fears of tariffs getting out. Here set off a trade war. Prompt and he'd be all that swayed yesterday said we're not backing down I think he was talking directly to a poll Ron have. Or about Paul Ryan when he made that the statement yesterday GOP congressional leaders suggested maybe they read. I try to prevent the terraces that if the president moves forward trump did however hold out the possibility that Canada and Mexico. Could be exempt from the terrorist if they agreed to better terms for the United States and ongoing talks aimed at revising the North American Free Trade Agreement itself. All of those things we were kind of hoping that the president would address today and now maybe he has but today in between questions for the Swedish prime minister and everything else words and able to. Where the entire thing so what you Breyer on the news and see if anything's been stated or resolved. Thought about the Sam none berg a guy yesterday. And and now there's a big media ethical debate. As to whether or not he was just a vulnerable guessed that got played by every news media source that allowed him on yesterday. But it was I mean I wouldn't. We were we were on the air for most of bizarre tirade don't know different news and heard and I wasn't watch and Erin Burnett last night which you estimate you've been drinking. But even even CNN that's not a question you get to every day. So we'll talk about that just Salem in order and say hello to John who are his are cold and it's 7045711. Jen hey John. Parity you're not gonna talk about Derrick can jump on air. But give up particular war and I'd. Yeah I mean what I mean art book might help it position. We pick out the lack etc. but if you're a small country. Undergo or edit you know all the equalizer. Let me read true if you're any part of a small country he wanted to put around by a much bigger. Much bigger countries. Mean here are a lot that arsenal if that is the ultimate equalizer. Saw it you know counter right in all. Forgive me get there won't hit it right country but as but I ran her -- act if there though our stop. And Obama Bill Burton lobbied white all the cash. And yet and they stopped there out there are still. Now it's a drop the answered your question is all of the above but I think you're referring to Iran but either one of whom have proven to be very trustworthy enough. He's come this far and I don't really know the ins and outs of all of this either but I'm gonna like you I can't imagine him giving up to leverage that he has right now. I can see him being less aggressive with that. I can see him. He seems to have paved a pretty nice way with his neighbor studio south so I think that gives him a little bit of a position. You know the prod the president of the United States president has pretty much said I get rid of the nukes or no deal it you know no conversation. I'm I'm kinda like with you and as long as he does he use them as long as he quits testing. That I suppose. Read go away we're not gonna go and there are no and Terry and up. Yeah I've had got doubt that the step in the right direction by bill. Yeah I would be surprised to find out you know three years later bad. Bit Ebix side makes ship in. You know reported in the Pacific Ocean it was underwater got bigger yeah again I'd if you dropped guy Archie could bomb I do give credit. To trot on the Internet bank. If a panic show you to some degree I noble you know after party made big jump got out not tonight. Can't that degree yet I don't think yeah at the moment. But what began I think he'd know what it started so with Cadillac go in. Better act could be just as crazy if you can't add to that can be checked the other thing here. Art Pollard said that carried it big or all the guys got doubt the lose. To leave it gets on the loose sometimes act like in a year ready don't lose it all about couple people on to their senses. Well we've talked about this was several issues with the trump that that's trump that Judy that's an Internet that's his art of negotiation meant Jack you do trump up plays his hand. Well like he's holding four aces every time we he puts his hand out you a plays like he's got four races. And he may just have twos and threes but. He placed a full hand and then. Many settles for basically what he probably wanted in the first place or maybe even more than he expected but that that's. That that's what he does and that's what I don't think people quite understand and the other thing that's sounds simplistic we talked about it before but. He's got that New York attitude and I don't think people outside the new York and Boston really understand that that attitude but. And I think that's one of the things are rubs people the wrong way is he's got that new York state of mind that people kind of find. Rubs immoral war. Stop diarrhea. Oh only in Iraq the US that there rub the wrong way up in New York can it bought then that's that's small. All right yeah no I didn't press I've told the story before but the first time I ever went to New York I was probably too early twenties. And I saw a taxicab driver and a garment worker with a rack of clothes get a new way off argument though as one is trying to cross this treatment in the tax again was trying to turn and I mean. They had some of the most honest communication for about two and a half minutes I'd ever heard my life and then when it was over. The garment worker walked down the sidewalk the tax give driver drove down the straight and that was that and I can remember standing there on the street corner of Colorado boy that I was looking at that they can. Man that's great that's his daughter straight ahead communication each got their point across analogy about on what their lives. Well and I've told people I'm not from the south. A from the very glad I try to help people a simple example there is if you live next to a southerner. And not your dog. You know. Relieves himself in the other. In these governor's yard. A southern cultural Daria that's OK it's good for the graft and bush are. A midwestern guy a turnaround at secret do what it meant about a week later you'll have a explaining that could you do on your front yard. Eight. Eighty. New England earned or new Yorker looked I alarms shoot the dogs and then what you come over to complain about it but look at you like what the problem. You have an issue at the exit you didn't let go have a better. But I took Arabic now and again I understand why they're angry. Kristol one thing about the southern analogy that the desert guard. As southerners have been taking northern nursery years when northerners just thought they were just some dummy heck and while they were assuming that the guy was a dumb as a lamp post he was. And essentially swindle and a deal that they didn't quite understand it taken place in Delhi got back to their sweet New York. Yeah there's not there's a level of country dom that's quite charming yeah I think they've got I think they've got the upper. I do until I did tell they'll let you if you wanna believe I must stupid you just go ahead and do that enough you can figure out later. Yeah I again I get them without a lot about where I. That not there's not much that he did it back nor the debate Dixon got doubt bill yesterday. All right thanks appreciate it Tom. Sam number. This is guided taller than it is today extra paid. Now says he'll likely cooperate with Mueller yesterday he was just bizarre and defiant and. Any made this media tour. I he left Trump's campaign. I have a long time ago August 2015 or something like that he's the one who would just samarra posted some racist social media postings are they surfaced her son and along those lines or not. And does so he never worked in the White House. He said yesterday that. He his longtime mentor. Where's the trump advise are Roger Stone. Roger Stone has been quoted today as saying SM number doesn't speak for me. When your mentor basically. That disassociate. Himself from you maybe you didn't. Now maybe it wasn't meant to be. And he's a friend ST ban and. He. He's that you'll likely know cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller did you think. Had to face. I mean yesterday was just bizarre and defiant and he goes on CNN goes on MSNBC goes on half a dozen no media outlets. Says that he would ignore a subpoena from Mueller that he. And if you just watch the guy yesterday and some of those interviews. You just think to yourself what I've. Spain's number it is what I know I'm not flood what a moron. And then you do kind of wonder if he was under the influence of some things that just got really weird yesterday in addition to a repeating million complaining about the subpoena. Well even at times asking the news anchors he was talking to if he if he you know if you should do or what he should do or. He lashes out at the trump campaign. And Trump's campaign and he said in one interview that he thinks Mueller may already have incriminating evidence against against strong. But Greg Craig this guy would know. Well this guy did today I proved exactly what he is yesterday's two moron. He said he further believes that it trump knew about the 2016 trump tower meeting between his son top campaign staff and a group of Russians. Which should trump has denied he told CNN you know I'll trump knew about it. He was talking about it a week before. I don't know why he went to around trying to hide it. While woody know he wasn't in the White House a week before they did that did the number guy he was out in August of 2015 years and know what it and on Jack. Number also blame pro pro for the our Russian investigation. Saying that he was quote responsible for this investigation because he was so stupid. Well who looks stupid now mr. Nuremberg. After little deal yesterday. Where. Erin Burnett asked him point blank on CNN last night if he'd been drinking said I I think I smell alcohol on your breath. Even on MSNBC yesterday he said did Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians as the biggest joke to ever think Donald trip colluded with the Russians. So he would say one thing and anyway insinuate another. And so critics today are wondering whether or not to all these news organizations just exploited a vulnerable guest. At embed but I mean he was he without their say in. He will have their say and anti trump stuff. He was Colin Sarah Huckabee Sanders say up that blog or something like that. Well they may have exploited him but. God he was he was custom made for the press yesterday. And besides that what else was going on yesterday. You have potentially. Under the influence. More on ready to talk. What else we got. Is every state South Carolina no other not play OK I'll bring him. And. Stock market they Dow. Up nine point 36. Closes Tony for 808412. NASDAQ up 41 point 30 closes 737201. In the S&P up seven point 18. Closes two 2728. So 02. So world that's for your tree go on net. Maybe I can do. Yeah out. Point 04% up on the Dow. Point 56% up on the NASDAQ point 26%. Upon the on the us impeached issue of folic I think. We're talking about. Sam Nunn Byrd who are made around cable shows yesterday to complain about to Robert Mueller subpoena of him and end at the end of the day basically send our well probably going wouldn't. Or find a way to cooperate I imagine you probably will Charlie gas read all of Fox Business Network tweeted the news and murder. Now plans to fully cooperate now at these cutters little media day out of the way. There are some are critics that are low wondering whether or not to all these TV shows exploit to be vulnerable guest. And even he is saying today that he plans to get treatment. But that's got to open our and so what does that mean he was drunk. Or he was on drugs stories that he was on anti depressants. But so what was that very alcohol drug fueled. Pure. I don't know. Media writer brought in a step. Alert. Stealth or excuse me of CNN writes that an ethical debate is raging in journalism circles. As a result of that circus yesterday he said if your source seems drunk or drugged. Or just plain out of his mind what is your responsibility. Skelter road notes that several interviewers gave noon burger ample opportunity to tone things down and seemed concerned about his personal welfare. One journalist who has known the guy for awhile is McKay competence of the Atlantic who spoke to a number of god himself on Monday. And said I won't venture a guess as to which theory best explains his actions but does anyone who knows this guy. For awhile can attest to his behavior Monday doesn't necessarily require special explanation. He's been pulling stunts like this for years this is just the first time he's gotten a kind audience cities always crave. No Lundberg stance as I well I'm not having a meltdown resorting told Yahoo! News last night. In fact I'm the first person ever standing up for themselves. And then towards the end of that interview he exulted in eight and one aspect of the day he said number one on Twitter. Johnny was he was just out there trying to get a whole bunch of attention yesterday. Which is I guess fine if you want the rest of the world to think your fault. Because that essentially what everybody decided yesterday Roger Stone connection there and Blake of the Washington Post front there's some of the series of his own noting that none birdie is a close ally of Robert Starr Roger Stone. And who's known for antics of his own. And Erin Blake the post writes indeed numbered did little to suggest Monday that this wasn't some stone orchestrated scene he reportedly talked about how we felt Mueller was targeting stone. For alleged collusion with WikiLeaks that are reported are they argued that stone. Was innocent despite plenty of inconsistencies in his appearances that was the one point that he kept on coming back to. Tuesday march the sixth. Meantime this video of this old and a half. Tim has been the cause is my birthday of six months till my version. We're doing much too fast these girls. 1899. March the sixth 65 day of the year 300 days ago. 1899. Bayer registered asked for his trademark. 1981 after nineteen years presenting the CBS evening news Walter Cronkite signed off for the last. Mary Wilson of this braves. General a lot of if she's alive she's ever be forwarded it. They should ask you before we got to divert those. Actor director an activist Rob Reiner mean head. 71 years old Archie bunkers a son in law 71 years old. Shaquille O'Neal. 46. Middle schoolteacher in Florida has been no removed from the classroom and is now under investigation after officials learned that she hosts her own white nationalist podcast. We can possibly be the problem a they've was arrested for trying to steal Frances McDormand the Academy Award these industries a work. Walking around flash it around Baghran. Fairly on his web cider is FaceBook page or somebody's got pictures with all sorts of celebrities beyoncé and also are. Is visa working as a wannabe. There's now a robot out cooking hamburgers and a fast food restaurant in nutshell murder enough pass a Dina. Wave of the future and the emote you movie received the award for the worst movie of the year. What does. Apple employees are we talked about this couple weeks ago. Who fear they've built the place had a glass and out of apple employees are walking and a glass walls. They're new five billion dollars spaceship campus in California houses thirteen thousand employee is it's a thing of beauty. And apparently a danger. Sources say employees are walking into the transparent glass walls and getting injured twice in one day employees had called 911 because people were injured when they walked into the glass. One victim had serious bleeding from his bed. Glass walls what could possibly be the problem. Just ask any spare than ever try to go into a living room throws for a sliding glass door. Apple addressing the problem by installing small white markers on the glass walls and indoors to make the more visible and to avert further employee injuries gal frost the apple logo on all these four walls the he's you know what's. The problem here. Earlier president the Swedish prime minister of CI and I New Year's terrible thing they'll want their press conference feels fairly they were an odds each other room with over the out so that would that that. You know that the F trousers gonna meet with the video game industry leaders on now march the eighth Thursday. We'll back and forth appears the White House meeting with the video game industry is on. We'll take place on Thursday. You know at a recent televised meeting trump put part of the blame on the mass shootings on video games and movies and TV shows so videogame industry spokesperson. Has reminded the White House again and while many video games are disturbing no worldwide no other nation has a fraction of the gun violence that is sound of the United States and there are also many studies that have shown no no link between violent video games and real life of violent behavior. So I actually go see where all of that goes. I don't blame our video games but I certainly think they can deal. All part of the problem little this little that little this little of that these synthesized to life and death than. And then everything else that do we fall short on know with the ethics and morals and sort of so forth today but it still the people. And not necessarily the weapon. ACC terminal little bit earlier today Boston College we do a Georgia Tech by ten points Notre Dame just finished up on Pittsburgh eleven to spice 161 point but only beat Pittsburgh by three but to a Boston College in Notre Dame. I'll move on and tonight Wake Forest that Syracuse. Philadelphia 76ers RA and now a town for a game against the hornets tonight. A matter fact the next three games are home games for the hornets 76ers tonight. I'm Brooklyn nets on not Thursday and the Phoenix Suns in town on a Saturday if you wander around downed maybe they'll. I'm 76ers couldn't have teach that the hornets a thing about tanking. 'cause they're they're rattling off of four and five wins at a time right now so. In fact last time I looked it's been awhile but lust in my look they were within what five or six games are being a 500. So they were. Procedures in town tonight for game at the spectrum. So if you ever owned a cat. And and you put a box in the middle of the floor they go jump in the box. And what it is about it but that Maggette and hated it happens 90% of the time that cap for a long long time. But I remember that aspect of it well apparently if you have a cat and you still haven't created 88 box on your floor. Good for you but go ahead and tried anyway I saw video of this last night is stupid thing I ever saw Muller. Over a year after fur showed up on social media cat owners are still creating squares on their floors using masking tape and for some reason. Caps didn't get it in the squares and set. This is edges nuts. I whenever started reading it last night there was thinking this is like a virtual capped Boxee no better fuel. If he does martyrdom to go in one certain place analysis than. But out but I've watched this video last night and this guy puts down this. Masking tape box. Four pieces that tape makes an indoor box on the floor and also in the gaggle there there should step in the middle of it looks that he. Yeah I dog big can I borrow somebody's camp I don't wanna try this myself. I think that's just his career. You can now all watch Netflix play games or listen to your fair radio station on your tablet or phone lawyer in the shower. Did you find that limiting you wanna listen to Minnesota bridge our radios to the instead make shower radios anymore. So one's admitted a shower curtain mrs. genius that holds your devices and keeps them safe for water to see through shower curtain has various pockets on the outside. Don't hold your devices. And did different height levels. Four everyone from all adults to children you've faced the screen now bureau gadget. Into the air show hours so you can touch and swipe at all your us open down in. So it's a shower curtain with pockets. You slighted on the outside and then added that it didn't get any water on it because from the inside. Genius. In what you've got a glass door. Latest idiot craze sweeping the interwebs. It's what one person affectionately called the hot coil challenge have you heard about this at all. Now what was the what was the last one that just happened not the bucket over the head butt though wounded. Blood. Yeah well as the tie was that if the tide broad thing. Anyway this was real simple. You turn up and electric range stove until the coils are nice glowing red and then you put your arm on a long enough to brand yourself. You have got to be kidding. First place. That would be paying like you've never even experienced before and second place. He wouldn't be a pattern when it. Just Bernard. Crap out of your arm. And get it editors say you're gonna do that I've been nevermind I'm not giving you suggestions. He. People. Miriam Webster added to a whole bunch of new words well let's talk about seven next our dumpster fire is now in the dictionary. And added to be a Miriam Webster dictionary. Media book of words describes dumpster fire as an utterly calamitous or mismanaged situation or current disaster. They have like 850 new additions to the online dictionary announced Monday won't give you only 150 but we'll come back in the talk about it a few of them. And at Amazon Alexa devices are now laughing spontaneously. Which is kind of creepy. And do you shop. With your with Alexis. Because sales they say could hit forty billion dollars and we'll talk about that coming up to. My name is not a way to the coast about a night. And then cooler weather citizen because we got a cold front coming in no right behind that so low we'll head on down to about 39 Ford tonight. And up to about 56 for tomorrow. And then back to the freezing mark for tomorrow night 32 degrees. And then low 50s50s areas for a Thursday enough Friday so are more clouds than sun on Saturday. Cloudy periods of rain on Sunday. So we got out just last weekend. Because it was like five weeks since we had a really decent two days stretch of weekend. You gotta just last weekend and and now our head back into. I'm just pretty chilly temperatures and and in periods of rain which is probably good. Overall but. The people candidates spring fever with a weakened last week and it was an ice. I would even heroes in Savannah about the we were having the same weather in Savannah of that you guys for a I haven't here so. It was fun to cut. Was a couple of articles I was a read note today. 01. And there's a 1994. Gun. And free schools act. Says the schools are required to report to state and federal authorities want every student is caught with a gun. You would assume. I would assume. That if a student comes on campus with a gun they would get reported. But it doesn't. One day after the Florida. Teenager walked into his former high school. And carried out one of the deadliest school shootings in US history. The next day. At least seven other teenagers across the country. Walked into a school. With a gun. At least seven other teenagers. Walked her pinned to a school with a gun that day after the shooter. Went crazy in Florida. First time you've heard evident that charged airliner over. The firearms were seized without Harmon Arizona Florida Maryland Missouri and Texas. And according to local news reports some of those incidents fueled in the widespread fear that students often bring guns to school. But there's no way to tell if that's troll because there's no good data on that. Now you have to know that there are guns on school campuses that don't get detected either rent cars or. Because generally it kind of happens and missile explain this in the second but it generally happens because a student gets wind and another student has a gun and somebody tell somebody and somebody and then the word gets out. Said because of lax reporting by schools and lax oversight by state and federal authorities and despite that federal law that we told you about that 1994. Guns free school lacked. Which requires schools to report to state and federal authorities whenever a student is caught with a gun. Despite that they say it's nearly impossible to say just how many students get caught taking firearms into public schools each year. When a student is caught with a gun. It's school. That law. Requires schools to report that incident to a school district which is supposed to then pass that information along to state education officials. Who are then supposed to send it. To the US department of education and maybe that's the problem maybe there's too many steps. And the idea behind the reporting requirement is to make it possible to detect trends and inform policy makers. As they seek to address the problem. But if nobody's. Utilizing the system the way that it set to work then it doesn't work. In the past couple of years schools and state officials had not properly track deadly school shootings in Arizona and Colorado. And fire are related school incidents in Maine. State education officials say that while there is they've collected statistics they don't enforce the reporting requirement. These data is incomplete. Federal numbers are lower than the numbers recorded by at least five states Iowa New Jersey Maine Maryland Washington in recent years. In Iowa fifteen of firearm incidents were recorded in the 1201516. Year. Only one shows up in the federal database. So. Those are just the fifteen those are just the fifteen firearms that they. That they found that they got. But even knows didn't get it into words the federal database and information were supposed to big. In Washington State. The federal better shows a decline from 162. Firearm incidents in 2009. To thirteen in the Tori 1516. Year but the state count shows a 128. Incidents. In 201516. Which is about the same as 20910. When there were a 130 incidents state education officials could confirm the state data is accurate. So federal and state data is grossly underestimating. The threats to the schools because. People are. Reporting the way they're supposed to report the best effort to track guns and they schools they say council the local level. But some school administrators are reluctant to report to the next higher authority school administrators may try to keep firearm incidents under wraps. According to president trump. He said if their school comes in with numbers higher than a school on the other side of town than those administrators may seem to be better at keeping this school safe. When in reality they may have a less safe school. Thumb and they're just not honestly reporting well that's that's trying to cover your job and had the potential risk for your students admit. So I thought that was an eye opener Department of Education no use to publish a lot of the data and I'll give you more just a couple of seconds but nobody knows how many kids actually get caught with guns in schools and those are. Some of the reasons why. Department of Education is to publish most much of the DJ all around in their annual reports including how many times students were powered guns. I and the related punishment and the rate at which the school system and each state recorded the information but the agency's most recent comprehensive report. It discovers this six 0607. Years so that kind of quit doing that high school students clearly are bringing guns to schools. At a much higher rate that is characterized by the data the federal data or otherwise according to a national survey about 4% of high school students. Say they brought a good weapon to school at least once in the past month 4%. Many times school resource officer sworn officers who work in schools. Are the first tee here about its guns on school grounds. Students here about rumors and and social media posts in the may report that to the officers. And so many times students duo will bring a gun to school if they're being bullied they say to appear. Tougher. To their torment her. And they say most of the time that gun is not loaded. Or if it's a replica gun and such. Like him. There are soft on or something. But it still creates a dangerous situation. But it's you know systems are only as good as the effectiveness by which there. They're followed. And so if nobody knows how many kids get caught with schools like guns in schools it's hard to analyze the analysis that they did that data. And and no everybody seems to be just ignoring mid nineteen. I before gun free school so there you go. In Charlotte Chicago McDonald's today. You'll notice they've dug converted to fresh beef under quarter pounders. They are companies said the switch is now an effective 3500 restaurants which includes Charlotte and Miami and Orlando and Atlanta and Nashville I think Raleigh might be in there as well. I changes in effect tell most of their 141000 US restaurants will be DR chain's signature crafted birders also are using a fresh beef although big Macs and other birders will continue to use the frozen patties and leaves for awhile. As is all part of McDonald's attempt to shed its junk food reputation into account or some of their competitors like Wendy's. And chick filet. And shake shack. So they're shake shack come into a park or shoppers and. There's well we'll never see. What what we which comes first legalized marijuana or an in and out murder for the state of North Carolina. Yeah it's probably a tie it. Birdies if you think they should come together. They're given and out burger in Colorado if they haven't already here and the whole place was just beside themselves. And when we were up super local leaders god every news now birders saw you'll help me and taught me all the noise inside their language in the whole nine yards and I was out there for four days in the day aided and out. Four times. That. It was great I mean is good. But it's. It's no Brooks Brothers. Bill Brooks there would show up. But it was it was a it was pretty darn good. I'm new words in the Miriam Webster. Dictionary. 850 of them in fact self care and life hack dark chocolate. Judge sneaky. That's big creek whatever that stuff is you Rhode. Souls. Glam bring. Glamorous camping with plumbing. That's not camping. Man's plane in HMM. As a new word written. Sub tweaked well which is our remark expressing resignation or disappointment. Oh birdie lover of words few words heated updates dumpster fire and detonated an update. Crypto currencies and they're now dog breeds like. Sure weenie. You know error that. That's a departure wall off part docs and another new word in big and might sound familiar if you're a Simpson fan though it's perhaps better known through. Ms. marvels power to him big and herself may go bigger and more expansive. Including in Springfield motto a noble spirit M bacon is the smallest man yeah anyway all that stuff new and Miriam Webster. Amazon. This is got a creepy. This promoters of the Amazon echo devices. With the job voice enabled assistant Alexa. Who say they have been creeped out of their minds recently because. People are reporting that the bought sometimes spontaneously. Starts laughing. One person who was on the verge of falling into a peaceful slumber described hearing a very loud and creepy laugh. From his echoed dot. Another. Said Alexa started. Laughing. While he was having an office conversation. And another person. Said that their elects a refused to let them turn the lights off he said they kept turning back on. And then after the third request Alexa stopped responding and instead. Instead did an evil laugh. You do this is some programmer that it's. Put in some sort of by evil. Japanese things. So the laugh was and it elections voice. It sounded like a real person. Now could that be somebody. We never read about anybody being able like you know would buy baby monitors and stuff where they can got to get in there and I. Time. They're moving their toes making news with a Alexa is how were ordering products through Alexa and most of us haven't gotten to that point yet but we probably will and politics when that tree just a couple seconds. I get to the Alexa ordering things in just two seconds I haven't gotten to that point yet I was talking to TJ about it. The retail revolution shifting sales from stores to laptops to Smartphones. Could be on the verge of the next C big seasonal change. And that would be when you start asking. Alexa. And other voice driven speakers to order just about everything. Now already. They go about two billion dollars purchases made through the devices like a Google home and Amazon's echo or projected delete from a about two billion dollars. And they think it'll be as much as forty billion dollars a stuff that we start to order through these devices by the time we get to 20/20 20. Which every time I say a date like 20/20 20 I think to myself. Oh well that's 20/20 two that's. Because it seems way in the future God's warriors. Kind of forget where you are sometimes. More on this in just a second if you don't do this you will I guess that's the best. I wrote anything sir the LX a laughing things the Russians. Solid probably not that far from being wrong. Every now and then as people's Lexus or. Just breaking into laughter eerie kind of creepy laughter. And we started talking about the next revolution. Retail revolution. Is probably going to be. Your Smart speaker your Google home your Amazon echo your. Apple whatever it's called. There really is one of the more perplexing things ever that I I can't believe it because they just came out with theirs to Maine and it's not getting great reviews. Speaker supposed to be killer. And the response is supposed to be mediocre or some America. Anyway. Purchasing made through devices. Like the echo. Are projected to leave from my two billion dollars to forty billion dollars in the next three or four years is technology improves. And US consumers. Become more comfortable and the speakers become nearly as they say commonplace in homes as a flat screen TV. And you know that's were headed because the technology is it says today is just going to be unbelievably archaic. In the next five or ten years there's no telling what these things will be or are well what they'll be capable over how they'll look her. Leo Smart speaker space. Is. It is one in which many of the tech giants one of auto player right now and Amazon's got the big. Headstart on everybody they counted to find the niche. But Google home and Google assistant or second in popularity and apple has now begun shipping its Syria assisted home pod that's heard it's called. Smart speaker. Started in February. And then Microsoft. Has a road court Kana. And I'm not familiar with that at all. Smart home home products sales are expected to total four point five billion dollars this year up for 34% in Torre seventy and and among US residents who have a Smart speaker 62%. Say they have used it to buy groceries or some other item I have. I am not you I'm not ordered that thing off of Tom. I also had not incorporated a near the home features that you couldn't. You know where you buy the accessories to use for plugs in this that the other guys it's pretty much just an information in music source for me right now. The report predicts that are more than they had that half of US homes will have Smart speakers by 20/20 two. I would think more than that. Because they're affordable. And as the word gets out I think we asked about when was a TJ can I remember asking on the air when they about a cause I didn't have one that was a year and a half or two years ago. Yeah sort of a year ago before Christmas so about a year and a half ago. And now I've cut between Susan. And me. 123. And a dot. Via Amazon echo is used in 10% of US households Google 4%. Microsoft scored ten 2%. Google is up pushing back against Alexa of their linking up when they range of retailers including whole foods. But I thought about it a whole foods that. Amazon just bought. Costco Wal-Mart to zoom Google's trying to hook up with. Whose items are available through their shipping and delivery service Google expressed. There are hurdles they say. A it can be difficult to compare prices when you're ordering via speaker. So if you're if you want you know if you're one of those who likes to compare prices and do and say that eight cents wherever you can say that in itself and does that then there's the matter of trust. And among shoppers who don't make purchases through a Smart speaker less than half 45% says that they would trust the device to recommend the best viewed products. Not even thought about that. I could see say NA Alexa. Order me inkjet printer ink and haven't had sent to me. I guess secular. Understood figure out maybe groceries. Although I like going to the store. And among those who do shop via voice it's 83%. Say they have confidence in the assistance suggestions. Now I'm a skeptic I'm not so sure that I would trust Amazon and Alexa had to give me the best price of the best item at it the best bargain. For it appears that they would have. Be in cahoots with as delegates that are appear that they atop Google is linking up with the whole foods Costco and Wal-Mart. So if targets got a better prize they're not gonna tell me targets got a better price than Wal-Mart are they that's part of their got good. Not a word that should be in the Webster's dictionary too potent very ago. There are officials and some states that legalize marijuana. There are wary of a potential federal crackdown from the attorney general Jeff Sessions and his Justice Department. So they're taking a page from the immigration no battle and they're considering gearing. Sanctuary status to licensed pot businesses. Well you don't know what does Jesse sessions is gonna duty given one time. That would bar local authorities from cooperating with the federal government in enforcing anti marijuana laws and they say even as more states have made recreational pot use you legal. It's still remains illegal under federal law and sessions announced in January the federal prosecutors would be free to crack down on the marijuana businesses at their own discretion. Com although I don't think any head of the that ended at 4013 policy that limited federal enforcement as long as states that have legalized marijuana made sure that it was a kept from children and didn't go outside of the state. That's a little bit easier said than done. Berkeley California which was. The first city. In the country to declare itself as a Sanctuary City on immigration last month did the same for marijuana businesses and lawmakers in Alaska and California and Massachusetts. Are considering doing no the same thing he thought one of the inching parts of the Academy Awards the other night was when Jimmy Kimmel walked out into the crowd and walked up to us Steven Spielberg and today. You got any plot. And then he's had all I do know we're on the air now I was kidding what he's is still cargo known pot smoker. Or do his movies just reflective vivid imagination everything. All right our garrisons up next Charlotte six on Hancock and I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock Charlotte's most beloved out of here.