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Saturday, March 17th

Vernon Jackson from Jamison Realty joins Paul to discuss How To Price Your Home and answers to listener questions.


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Investment advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion has a recommendation for. Many investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. DC you'll be listening to. Who's talking eleven. You teach. Hello and welcome to the show your real estate today welcome welcome on this beautiful chamber of commerce weather days Saturday we're live from the WBT studios and Paul Jamison when Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management Jamison property investments. Your host today here with my good friend fellow agent on the Jamison team. Action Jackson AKA Vernon Jackson. They don't burn that awesome it's a beautiful day it is a beautiful day today we got so much to talk about today but. We're also here for you and your questions this is not an a on going infomercial. This is. The show about real estate and we tried to provide you information. Related to what's going on in Charlotte. What things you can do to prepare to get your home ready to buy or sell or investing in real estate here if you have an issue and it's also an opportunity alive to call us. 704570111070457. Know 1110. So why would you call well. If you have a question about real states. If you have something that's gone on or question that she notion I put this and what do you think about this I've had this issue with my home. I'm thinking about investing I'm thinking about selling them thinking about buying a wanna make an improvement what does that mean. 70457011. Times that's why we're here that's why you call we put you on mother's 'cause if you're thank connect. Guess what. Somebody else's. Probably taken a two runs and I burned yet all the time it's amazing how many calls I get on Monday that the psychotic and wanna go on the care. Right well wishing what are. 70457. And there are so. A couple of weeks ago we started a trend. So we're gonna continue that trend. Jessie here. I'm Jesse's on the phones he answers and be nice to him by the way when he calls he sees things are looking real Irish today. And the red hair the red bearden. I kind of stuff and he might talk and some kind of weird Irish brogue so yeah. IE it comes to lift that tanner tardy. Yeah looking at. A tutorial leprechaun number. All right so so I'm I'm gonna kind of skipper had a little bit on the on the outlined today and we're gonna start. In the middle. Oh good we're gonna talk about pricing your home first pricing your home. And don't we use zillow for that hand. Going to shame me into convulsions with it kid and Vernon a fifth. So so I hit there was and there was a there was a got a cult. Cash a bit on the air for ten years now there was a got to come alive I wish I could remember an hour ago what's when he said. You know all. Zillow says my home is worth blank. And I'm like that's correct I said do you mind if I ask you couple questions about that he said. We don't. Sunoco a so it's our. When's the last time. Zillow sat down at your table. And talk to you about your house for. Walk through and looked at the for worse for cabinets the upgrades your neighbor the car up on Jackson extort. The H await the schools. Zillow is an algorithm. And that told that is. Is that what are we got that David's honor okay get give us a minute David we'll get right to you. But zillow. Is there. But. He came here. If you're gonna get my trademark that burn you can't okay TM. Protect so. It's an algorithm. And I don't know how how many times do you have sellers and uses Hiroshi burn. More than 50% of the time okay. And is usually higher than what the real cost is a low. But it depends on the neighborhood had a really does yeah you know I've found them to be. Slightly higher. In. More than 50% of the cases but. Now it is what it is it's it's nothing but an algorithm to get a true representation. Superhero Alter. They're not appraisers. The day are not licensed appraisers but. They do have good night's sleep slept for paying can give you some guidance system were pressured hospital. That's. And so that. Nice. It. So are is David ready okay alright David we're gonna jump right in what you or you lost him do it what do you Dolan David. Carl back. The leprechaun just. Which in that. Three slip of the finger but yeah. And that is phone numbers just in case we got to start 7045701110. Dead sorry ma'am OK there were remove all of them actually. Pricing your home so remember doing it for a number two take into account condition. When you're looking or come bearable properties. Why would you think I would pray now all the pictures and houses that were comparing it to. Mona why why would you think you are. So you can see what the condition those of other houses that are sold just now here. Like so if you look at the condition. Are a couple of sold zen. Your house still has the original Formica counter tops and original floors and original carper and in the house were comparing it to has granite new cabinets upgraded bathrooms. It's gonna factor revenge. For sure can. Am so looking at those pictures and sitting down with a client and sand. There is a difference between this house in this house but couldn't but I will give. A lot of credence to a seller that has local knowledge to. It's able to say well I also know this sold this way because. They got transferred or. It was an estate property or other things that they may know that we may not now. That's correct if so I mean that's. So we have William what happened to. Know Dave I guess he's working and I'll tell him to prepare our basements. What do you think about basements and how do they affect the pricing. They add to the price but they don't get talent for the same dollar per square foot if you're trying to do a dollar and cents figure. Yeah so. If I've got a 2000 square foot. House above grade or above the earth. And I have another thousand square feet below the earth IE basement. Then as he did finished square footage. What do you typically the as a rule from say that they below grade basement finished square footage is worse. While talking to a few months Fraser friends we've come up the number that it's about 50% of whatever the above grade so for right so. So if you take that heated square footage cost of the 2000. How am and then you'd moan and then for the basement square footage you just cut it by 50%. That would work yeah that's a good benchmark. For being able to figure that that whole whole thing out. So real that Israel terse though again I think were cleared we got enough time to get to weigh in before the break okay. Hey William jump ball whether some maybe read this time won't hang up on a. That's OK and what's going on our. Two great sir no you are how can I help me. We've got a house in Fort Mill in Carolina he answered it's pretty. It's always bet on or ask. We we bought it well three years ago. And and my wife and I would like to use. Either sell outs and move or using equity. And by beach Condo. Two. Put the issue is as we love our neighborhood we love our area. We love the schools. Everything's great as far as the area. Then everybody else's values have gone up to. You know I mean it like it just moved sideways. You know I was saying now for the same price so bought or three years ago. I would do an effective. Yeah but that that's not reality. Yeah unfortunately that's. That's a challenging gonna faces you you can't replace what you have where you have it right. Yeah and a lot of people do that so I think that decision becomes it's the beach house is the priority and you've got some equity there. The way to do that. At least prior to aware when raid rates jumped would be to capture or some of that equity and use it as a down payment on the each place but I think you know. All the ramifications of that right. Traditional line. Have credit and and you're in an area that's gonna continue to girl haven't you seen it to burn in that for Miller is just honored a far Kirk. It's not slowing down intention yeah. So you're right. William that they've if you don't wanna leave the only way to take what you got his to do some kind of a home equity or do a little bit of a cash Arif. Okay thank you care so much I appreciate it yeah meant well and you've picked well if you're in Fort Mill that's for venture greater. All right take care have a good day have a good senator and thank you. 7045. Set I don't know 1110704. Or five set don't know 1110. And one of the thing I would add to that comment and you would know this to Vernon is. Beach property right now is day. And especially condos and a and so. If you're looking at doing. An embarrassment on the coast. Not a bad time to do it. While rates are where they are and ten values York where the York. Just can't be great and so. I would think that if you're gonna do that you're kind of borrowing from a top. To purchase at a bottom. So. I don't know I mean so I just described a bikini but yeah. I had a good. So I look at it he's thinking out loud folks yeah I EI where's the pause button. Anyway. Critical of music. That's mean that means he wants me to be quiet and and so they can do is that they can go to the commercials and praise for this play. 7045701110. Vernon Jackson Paul Jamison sit here in the studio for your calls and floor. The opportunity to serve you here on news 1110993. WB do you stay with us order. Welcome back to the show you real estate today I'm Paul Jamison Jamison realty with Carol Williams Jamison property management and Jamison property investments so glad that you're here. I'm glad that you are sharing your Saturday whether this is a show about real estate if you just popping on. I'm here with Vernon Jackson otherwise known as AJ. With the Jamison team were here talking through pricing your home and getting ready personal lines are open if you have a real estate question of any kind. Earned 704. 57011107045%. Don't know 1110. And just he promises not to hang up on anybody else. And like you did with poor David when he got so dark so anyway. Pricing your home we established Vernon and I added zillow. Is there but it ain't here. Condition. When you're working now that print out all your compare balls basement square footage is worth about 50% of above ground square footage. Oh and by the way before I forget. You just want a do or shout out Kevin. And got a house that or Kevin and I'll be working on together Ron van dyke so I think Kevin populists and and today. And also tomorrow from one to three tomorrow. One to 3 PM. Well which is rare big conducting an open house. Tony 76 Beulah church 2876. Buick church. In Matthews. Tied Union County nephews which is kind of really running didn't. I'm on like Providence. So come home by and say hello one to three tomorrow that could. My my. As gracious family is out passing out flyers right now in and surrounding neighborhoods for that are open house so thanks to them from doing that. For me today. And so wave at him if you see him put stuff in your newspaper. Box incurred. Realtors don't set the market they interpret it square footage vs heated square footage so burn it. Another clarity. And were only doing clarity right now for pricing your home square footage vs heated square foot picture how would you answer that question. Well if you look at the tax records and they show you total square footage that's what's under reform which will include your garage. Well you don't live in your Irish Ricard us so appraisers don't like to count that square footage when trying to figure out a value for your house. So it doesn't have to. Free hand and aired just heat. Anything else to make you qualified. Well if it's in the living areas of the house in other words you walk around and carpet let's finish the way the rest of the house deet is our technical word right it. Doesn't have to have their condition. So if you have a man cave all you got David back home. Rush are well. Who we're gonna morgue and you know I can disconnecting mr. Cameron apparently he's given them no sign he snapped and I can reaching for so. So if if from it does not have to have heating and honor and just has to be finished. Square footage weakened condition inspect. Heated. Yes he took heated as the kid he did institute concluded that parents. Candidates square footage with the does not have to have a broker. All right and then of course a lot of people make their man cave into a living area. And that they have insulated garage door on the outside. And they put a window unit him. It's our age it's no so you know. Okay that's man cave square footage that's a different classification. I'm starting to try and pride David but simply to make this work. David are you there. Are aired here today. Welcome. That Jesse was a little shaken he swept in over there. Our and he hung up on your I looked out the board now went oh geez. So anyway you have our complete attention how can I serve your friend. Well are you talk about how to diablo elation that I almost forty years old enough my coaches my first home okay all. They're not drink this we're going to be. Maybe we could not go OK I'll come open body of a farmer a got enough courage. And I'm not gonna procrastinate. Okay I'll so I have no clue how in the postal. Can fall on I'm not sure about credit score much about first our home buyers. What the percentages. Quoting barrel or if there's anything that is equipped though or the down payment goes. Our partners are so our courts are not out. So here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna give you a brief synopsis right now of a couple of simple steps I'm kind. And then I'm gonna applaud you for calling I'm I'm really pleased that you call OK so the first thing that'll happen since since we had your number is Vernon will call you. On his way to rock kill. And at least broker chat with you privately because there's some things I don't wanna talk about on the on the air that are more personal related to some things. That are directly. The second would be. And that in in folks that are working in your position. The very first thing we tell them to do is talk to any land. The Lander will give you a couple things Warren. It will give you the ability to say. My credit. My a ratios of how much I know vs how much I make. My ability to spend is acts. So it doesn't mean you spend that much obviously but what it does is it gives you a framework. To do that and let's just say like. You say you know what if I do these two or three things. And then. I can make a change to my credit or my ability to buy and it looks even better so you have a plan and with someone. In order to do. Exactly what you wanna do which is. Find and that there and then and then jointly kind of the real took steps him. Word you body what is important to you. How can you how can your life being improved by the purchase of home what is the best tight you know blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. That he's also begins to take shape would you agree Vernon the pets that that initially. The easiest steps to stark who. Right that it makes it easy if you start making a plan. For. What you have to do to be prepared. What do you have to save what you have to change in your finances to make it easy for you purchase a house. And then you be shocked how easy it is from their first. To go upstart looking. Structure via an L so I do Dave and I command I commend the fact that you called I think you'll be. Relieved by the process. In a lot of cases that sounds a lot more complicated than it really is the most complicated part of the process. In my view. Is gathering the paper. Felt that when you're getting ready to actually go out you know getting your tax return juror bank statements and the things that the lenders gonna need to put all their checks on their boxes. Restive properties. We got so we will we will help you in that process will help you take a good first step and I'm excited to get to meet you. Absorb what what what we were within their David thank you so much for calling for an appreciate your sort everyday you have great secrecy and. Triumph. I commend the fact that he called because. There's nothing. We know our our work with people that have been fifteen years old and never own house before. Our workers people much older than I have never own house before so you know that really has nothing to do with anything I think it's a thing that you do when you're ready to do. Right I agree you know turn charming don't you think Vernon and it is. You know from the outside looking in it's a process. It's like anything so it's like speaking a foreign language never done it before it's gonna take a little while to figure out what the right step yes that's exactly right whether whether you wanna. Get food CDs or the. We've put a new federal into the full Immersion in Puerto OK so. 704571110704570. Lemmon turned all right so. Here's a question for your phone. Does a third force base and he's cheated. Count like the first and second quarters. I would say yes. Yes it does that's exactly right because it's about great. So again it's an odd thing because I've seen some basements I won't have to tell you I have seen some basements that are nicer looking than this stuff that's about. Great oh god yes you know. But for some reason. In their wisdom. Appraisers. Didn't. The Greek. So to show your real estate today 7045701110. Vernon Jackson hall Jamieson here. From Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management Jamison property investment. Saturday alive. One. I'm laughing because Jesse's ever hear rock and we'll be right back stay with our height. I'm thinking where the lead and then you can always tell. Didn't Jesse were gonna work go to come in with a bank and no question about it he's over her go to Charleston. He did serve Tillman and poston. So you all involved you know don't see what we can probably probably for the best yeah. To show you real estate today and AKA the Charleston dancer and the producing board 7045708. 1110 if you have a real state question 7045701110. Yes were alive. You are not calling my office you're calling the studio 704571110. Okay we're here in the Jamison realty studio inside of WBT. Com. Wanna make sure. Do you he has a great question. But. Wanna make sure you all know that. Pricing your home. Really and I said this earlier is an art. And appraisers do an excellent job of appraise your home however they have a copy of the contract on the clipboard. And when we come in to appraise your home I will tell you if we can't. Come up with a value that we feel confident about. Don't think we're not gonna say to column appraiser 'cause we will. No question about it. So in any case hey jump on over to do you are you take a cot okay not great hey Dee how are you. Do you let us. Yeah I gotcha fine turn your rate down if it's not turned down. How can we help you. I outlined our home equity line of credit Andy really matter how pretty it can only got it great old Mac. It was midday art and it statement on the rare footage and the 888. Got it all Europe and people that permanently people who think he should walk out. So I liked it it that correct debris bill could obviously. It brought out these guys are called in when that sport was left stop where. Yes OK let me ask you a couple of questions man. Short stroke on number one. Did the appraisal reach and objectives of the home equity line you wanted. Well it was a two step process we're trying to remove yeah lie and all the we and by the low yet but it's you know I was in the meeting and it didn't meet the objectives for the PM hi. The second thing I want to ask you is what's it from your current lender or from an outside country. It's our current lender because we negotiate that open the PMI ensure. Okay. So we saw your Jesse had tire war you're. What's your question was so we were talking about before we picked up the phone when you. So. And what you. I should have I said Vernon and I kind of had a preliminary discussion about your question cause I continued on screen. And you have this so. So. My question TU is. He is the is the opportunity also for you to do a complete refinance or you just do in this to remove the PMI and are you looking for additional money beyond that. They've got a pretty refinance its for the key ally and some additional finance its orbit. Okay well. I'm going to tell you what I would recommend that you do Tokai because that's a fact could be a pretty significant amount of money. And it would be. You go back to your loan officer. And ask them to rise to revise the appraisal. Who wore. To prom asked them to an end to turn give you a form to dispute differs. We did I do it call for that killed late that it takes at least seven days to get the four and 45 days to appeal which it's quite frustrating considering that significant difference from square for. Well. I think you need to go back to your loan officer. So right gentlemen and it took a typical athletic trainers do that. Typically know however. Refi appraisals are almost always lower. Because there are looking for an amount of money that you request. And we have found them to be lower than a market price. Thought how would you agree run. Yes yeah. Yeah I thought it odd that it would not finished it. Yeah and that I find that odd tipped up especially isn't heated and cooled down there. And it's got a bathroom and our car. All right so one other thing. 63663. And I asked him and asked Tim when you call to give me give you my email. You can send me a copy cannot be happy to take a look at free. Sure glad to do and one more question before you hang up. To make sure. What I'm a better not make it a question tomorrow when you say the answer. So I'll just say this one more time. Make sure when you go in and you talk to the mortgage officer. Instead of saying many guys have. I think he's seen need to say you will. Get this fixed. It's a big difference because right now that's what I'm kind of a little frustrated about the fact that that wasn't included that's pretty significant and that's always an error. So bill should make you be penalized for that coming here. Yeah we're looking at. Thirteen hundred square foot different. Yeah. I'm. Well again I think sometimes semantics and language means a lot would you the verses you will. That doesn't have a little semantic difference because that's that's just not cool. Correct and if they are and and if they say we can't then you say Carl Paul and you call me and I'll hook you up with somebody that won't do it right. It felt good thought thank you be round. I'm ready but us. You know Vernon have you ever in New York 25 years of real estate experience. Had an appraisal that was blatantly wrong we've gone sidetracked here summer's gonna go away. Have you ever had a an appraisal that was blatantly wrong and if so how. Not that bad I've had to miss things before but not a whole floor. Yeah it not a whole floor so have any of them gone back and made adjustments. And this band aid since Dodd-Frank. New and I have contested at least two or three of them but the weird thing is then you just go and say all right let's go get another appraisal. And you'll be shocked. And the results now. Yeah you know it it is it is an interest in fact that you could do an appraisal. On the same house. And I would say you can do a competitive market analysis with a house with three different agency you're gonna get. It's going to be variance yeah serious you know. The marketplace tells us what else is work that's right. He truly does you know mark speaking of that if you look up to traditional. Definition. Of market value. That's typically run when a buyer and a seller come together and agree upon. Yeah so. I have always been frustrated with the fact hey if the birds were on the pay it and the social ruined take it raw. The pressure doesn't work for the buyer or seller. Oh pray tell I knew that you were gonna say that so how could they work pull a. You could definitely get a little bit that the. They've Fraser works for the bank. OK so he's protecting. The bank's interest in the home. The net doesn't wanna make a mistake. You know. You know. When we were talking about price and homer earlier you know again I realize. There are multiple variables in doing that. There. You know what and to switch gears 'cause I think everybody gets to point to switch gears. One of the things that I've also put in my summary to talk about related to pricing the home. Okay Vernon let's say. We sell a home and it goes under contracts all the realtors and there was competitions ten off first. Competition. Goes under contract. The weight due diligence works in our market folks is the fact that for any. Reason for a nonrefundable fee on the negotiated amount. Kind of like lay away. They buyer. Can take home off the market and for. Any any any any me any means and me. Reason. During that period of time. To walk away. It can be because. There ear lobe fell often they had to go get it fixed. They can be because. Reds dancing made them decide they wanted to move away. That they can mean any thing they want it too many men. Fun guy that's not the first I'm I've heard that if we could. If you Laura died and we've all heard that it's okay. So I have a new so. You know it can be. For any reason so let's just say. That happens and then at the house goes back out on the market remember him right away if they don't take hitter by any goes back out on the rack right same thing with. Due diligence if they they keep their feet. What about the seller keeps the feet. The Bard goes away and you put it back out on the Iraq again to sell is going to be happy buyer somewhere of those other nine folks that glad that it would back in the market. Probably so but you know what I always find interest in Vernon is when a house goes under contract and comes back out. It has what I call the stinker. And I've gotten several houses that with my bars here so. It's an opportunity. For them expire and sometimes you don't see those multiple offers again sometimes you do sometimes you don't know. Not the same intensity yeah sometimes you don't but. I wonder what stink I really meets a confusion if you're not a doctor or call us and let us know you probably know an effect so good so. If I hit somebody's got to call I'd rather go to guys are gonna probably Google stink. I am what you don't know but it is a real stage show and Tom mistress show. Sir how are. Very likely that one guy told me about. You know much so. Were already out of time for this segment again so 7045. Don't know 1110 if you have a question call us at 704571110. Assure you realistic today. Part of Jackson pulled Jamison. And just seemed that they answer here they have live in the WBD studios they were this will be welcome back. They showed your realistic. I am told Jamison your host of Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management. And this times so much fat. Here where Vernon Jackson also what Jamison. Heavenly good time talking about pricing around him got very far 'cause we did sidetracked. From Houston to do that. 704571110. There we have windy. On the line. When he went. Dario I'm okay talked to me Hartley helped. Oh we are on by the acres we are relatively new home but looking at filling in the near future. We'd never perfect garage and we're going to do with the cash grab her own. Now we're wondering if that would be more terror. Are they managed to make that into a little bit more of a course property looking. Area barn garage company shouldn't. Just trying to see what makes sense to what would be the best bang for our buck right now what section Charlotte unions. Indian land. You know Marvin Marvin in the Atlanta area so a lot of course property rancher high dollar. Yes okay so oh Indian rye and what is at three horses three or four. Just Harrier you don't have any right now but I'll know but I mean zoning to hear that I have what five acres and 200. You have more than that because we're in South Carolina and we got a neighbor look like the compellent horse five acres okay no I believe so I may be wrong of course. My living grandfathered down I don't know. Went home. And I. I have I'm not doubting you there are their laws are little different over there are so there are perhaps worth a phone yeah it's definitely worth a phone call because that makes a difference and up OK so. So I'm gonna talk a little bit then burn and I'm sure we'll move and do what I'm saying but first of all would you not agree Vernon. Porsche people. Are very focused. They like. There they they they'll pay they pay good amount of money for a piece of property. And it the result if it is not easy to find a horse property. Relatively close to amenities. Yes I am re totally socially and all pastor in Princeton right now. Now at its monthly worded I'm Simone to clear to. And I know hardwood timber. It's it's all old crew. We had some other force standing cleared. Now we have neighbors who have poor says but they you know. You know mostly had a very little fracture and then get stopped the row others like 1000002 million dollar properties of course there's been pastors and a green had been. Hall where the bells and whistles remembers the poppy farms where. You know they have one or two of course this. Yeah. Well well I think there's. And and you know hard wanna see the property and were happy to give you call if you'd like a student walk it when you're so that we can see that but I'll give mission general things. 'cause I don't want to just hand you fell off but I don't have a lot of specifics. Where Tom. I wouldn't build a garage just a villager which would you Andrew and I've learned. I don't bill to Drudge if you plan on staying there for several years the start up conversation with you what sells it. Yeah right. Probably within a couple of years he right so that's you don't necessarily get a dollar for dollar return on building detached garage like that yeah. The second thing I would do to Vernon's point is I would call and see how many horses. You actually have the right to have. Okay because that makes a difference I think on the type of structure that you would build or the flexibility for tack. Based on you know garage stall number Pixar brain okay. I would tend to air. And again I have a senior property. I would tend to bear on the side of horses verses knocked. Now if you're surrounded by Porsche people really. But I also. Am fascinated by the timbers situation that you had a room. A lot of people that like to do you know just chicken thing go but that's right mall. You know upbeat sort of firm. Yes yes gentlemen far they simply don't spend as much as horse people did that's right. Pray but. But you know. I I think it goes without saying you sound extremely savvy and sharp you know you know what you have right you're in you're in an area. Surrounded by opportunity. So I wrote the best thing to do. Would be go down to the planning office and ask them what can I do. Our current. And and look beyond even horse. Permanent what is what is possible here is this an area that the town would like to see more dense development. Is this an. And I you know win earned their. Sure they did in the long range plan some type of end infrastructure improvements. Very. What what is that what is the in the long range plan for Indian land what what do they wanna see. Armed and that might answer a question where you go listen I don't wanna do Porsche property I wanna wait until they put XYZ through here do you have sewer by the way. Now. Okay that's another great question to ask them. Users are there any plans to put in sewer or water you probably have water right we have water yeah. You where Herbert well content is there any plans to put sewer through there. Things like that when you think on what else should she asked. That's it you've got it covered because you exists in the range where they're gonna put in density housing it might be much better for you to wait a few years and so to a developer. 'cause 'cause I find that fascinating and again. Were happy to help you know how to get us eight forensics done. But but still an all. In in the short term that war on the phone together I wanna give you some playing sick could trigger answers. And the best thing to do is to go down to the planning office and ask again. How many horses. Ropes planning to come and is soon were on the map for where we live or close to work there. Good point. I didn't I didn't even think about bear her record great. Great connection all right my friend thank you for throwing had a happy Saturday. Do I Wear and I. OK. So. Do you think we can finish these last two things are and we have a minute and a half I don't know two things you wanted to finish okay. You're all over the place. How I am today. Com. Does a home. There's a lot that the home sits on the matter related to press. Sure okay what about upgrades. And school. Some schools are. Right there at location location location right. However we have to tell you when you talk about schools we have to give you the following disclaimer please forward and also know that July July beep you're good at. Beep if we are not able to a percent schools. And they're zoning please do research and make sure they properly fit the lifestyle in which you choose to live deep. In other words were not gonna say a school was good or bad did he get in trouble. So we got there this trading sites on the state website that's where you must go do your own research. So today. Well you know Vernon what the time went by really quick we got like a minute oh how can. How can you get in touch for this I shall tell you. Vernon and I can both be reached 704846. Dunn made for 63663. Carl on the web at my Jamison homes dot com we do buyers sellers investment. Property management. Thanks for coming down doing this would mean they've learned response. Always death there's a good time. They're just internal there was movement. Shock and couldn't figure out about today and you're thinking about real estate we'd love to hear from you we'd love to talk with you if if come visit me tomorrow 2876. Beulah church. From my open house pork Dan Collison they forsake stunt.