How To Profit In Any Market

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Saturday, September 8th
The markets are sitting near records highs, learn how to make money regardless of the market from The Online Trading Academy.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk Amy can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel did not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed adamant Cisco's sit back and relax and enjoy and a great day weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on up there in the financial markets so many things happen here in the Carolinas and has pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is higher res independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to self director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 8887508723. As always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy Steve champ was going on chip he has the weekend man. Lots of talk about a lot of great movement in the market this week Jimmy were sitting near their record high level. And some of the major indices we got some great concern for the market pull him back but more importantly. More talk about me it's a money in a market like five point profit from. The daily movement in the weekly move because it's great opportunities so good to be here good to see JD was well always a pleasure to be here pulls the bears that is always good to be back and don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is said Bulls and Bears radios seasonal behind the scenes clips. So analyze stuff that goes out and an opportunity to learn a little bit more about unites it yet has some great stuff on there we really were watching our whole social media up process which is really gonna be interesting so kind of get caught up with the times you know get the millennial still understand that they need to learn about their money as well so it's just kind of entry into that. Whole new arena for us exactly knows that's a that you specialize in I specialize in but it is something that a lot of people use and this is one more vehicle really get the word out that people should be managing their money absolutely and as we bang the governor Bulls and Bears will be doing that on FaceBook needs to Graham has so many resources available. That we're utilizing to get the message do you that you are Smart enough to handing your own money. And that I doubt markets not a bad market has a lot of people don't understand that not at all I do need to address the jacket because they wanna see some the special that Jack well they go to FaceBook. Extending a rocket of preview Ali Al portables the bears and a year where the jacket but. Jeb you know talking about a variety of different things and you know you talk about making money in one of the big components than you and I talked about this for years as multiple streams of income you know the average household. Has been a life they have less than two streams because not everybody's spouse works and you know what people need to understand that this is a country that allows us to go out there and work generate as many street exiting come and obviously the market can do that let's talk about trading for income what does that look like. Well you'll see the Super Bowl you'll see the masters golf tournament you'll see these commercials where. E*Trade and Schwab and fidelity c'mon they talk about trading. And it appeals to a lot of people because the sexiness. Of sitting at home hitting a button and get paid based on speculation of price movements. That's the you know that that's a great process if you can master here's the problem. Most people get lured in by the sexiness of the industry trading for income I can go to the leave my house and I can get paid. But many of them don't have a good processed on our good system or understand how the price moves in the market. So when you start to understand what the opportunity is an and you realize that behind the sexiness of the opportunity it is a skill set that you need to build. You need to understand the game a little bit. Once you start to go through that process ability that's still set it can really open up the markets are paying you consistently we've seen it. Historically. And I light trading academy we see it without a sponsor we've seen it with individuals that we know and for anybody listening the great thing about the markets is it has nothing to do with here. Knowledge level right now or your skill set the market right now most people are novices. When they enter the arena and if they learned that Steele early. Mean and the markets and pay them for the lifetime it's amazing to watch. Well you know what champ and that's the unique thing about it a lot of people under out there don't understand that the market camp providing come on a daily weekly monthly basis. Yeah to get a plan in place you gotta have some consistency. Chimp talks the talk to analysts are out there that's you know there's people out there that are intimidated about the market because they don't feel they have enough capital. Or they didn't go to school for traditionally so they feel that they can never get into it what does that look like for somebody gets started well first of all that's the Lyle Wall Street but we bang the drum here talking about the fact that Wall Street that you convinced. But you're not Smart enough to handle your own money. That is just a casino that if you put your money in the market is gonna be sucked away and that couldn't be further from the truth. The process is built around understanding this deal in other words if I was gonna go to a casino malicious uses as an example. And I wanna play blackjack this certain things that I know that I need to do at certain times in the ought to be successful same thing with trading and investing. And so when you think about a casino it's amazing is out that my. Health club last week in somebody walked up to me a sort of Bulls and Bears shirt nice it's Yasser about the markets and her husband came over to sit up urge on the radio. And she said gosh just a casino she said that to me from and I looked impressive what he believes that it is it a casino to the Bellagio it is they're gambling. But they understand the rules better and the reason that they're successful is because even though they can. Potentially lose they understand how to lose the right way more poorly they understand that. If they follow a certain set of rules they can have long term success and the problem many to people who visit the Bellagio. They don't understand that and they go their emotional decisions and so we talk about treating for income or use in the market for nourishing income. If you learn the skill set of understanding how to properly navigate risk and more importantly how to make good decisions what is a good decision when I by Illinois Elena why. Mean that's a game changer and we've seen people that are high school drop awesome people that really haven't had great success and other areas of life. Learn the skills of the markets and taken their life the next level financially it's available you know degrading and it Adam is doesn't matter how much money have men as if you wanna learn the skill exact. Investors unique is a lot of individuals when they feel that they're about to get in the market whatever my amount of money to have data while I don't think it's enough for maybe if I can just another. You know I can get this count double then I'll then I'll get into it. And Jim you know and I know what I've met people us are trading with a 1002000 dollars and over a period of time I consistency with a small account. And then either added money later on or just grew that account to work to be that steady stream income that we see all the time people get introduced in the currency market trading for X or the futures market heck even options we can study utilized less capital. So you don't have to have a big power money to get some consistency. I mean when I Sar is a traitor. I had very low capital I mean I'd lost everything house and a real tough season alive. And the only way I could play the Serena was to find a leveraged products like options and utilized them basically walking control more than I actually had because it was a very limited amount of resources and so. What's great about the financial markets when you start to look at the markets to create an income you don't have to have a ton of money you have to have a little bit of time yet to have a skill set that's built over some time in repetition and practice. And that's the heat and ultimately it can be making change because now you can control lot with a little. And if you really good at controlling that little bit like you said he can stop the compound and a bigger return and ultimately you can make that your main source income we've seen it happen. So the markets are great place to utilized for multiple fuming come it really is a game change when people understand how to properly. Exactly and that's our sponsor online trading academy that teach classes are multiple streams of income trading for income. This allows an individual who either brand new the marketers that are in the market for years and just hasn't had the consistency. An opportunity to realize that they eat students are doing this for regular income. And that's what Emma class specifically on trading for income does a 500 dollar value that teacher right at their campus. You do not want to miss out on this of your brand to the market if you want that consistency in the marketplace. And you're looking to generate trade for income this is the opportunity for you as a 500 dollar value we're gonna take callers are now ten to twenty pick up the phone and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class and trading for income from our sponsor online trading academy at 84451872338445187033. For callers ten to twenty B a 500 dollar class and trading for income from our sponsor online trading academy once again you do don't wanna miss out on this have you brand new or you need that consistency. 84451. Trade does that mean champ fumbles and banners and. Welcome back the bulls the bears. And this. It's not an excuse for the tell. Sampras. Absolutely chip you don't we get questions all the time about every is that what that has to do with the market what has to do bulls there's nothing that's half a and that's the best part yes that is the best parts is something that were dear did or are he was a buyer or seller of salvaged goods it jumped in so you know what he knew a good deal he always seemed to make money and a certain financial tells us about exactly don't forget that had over FaceBook alike assembles a Bear's radio. He's on the -- see some of the funny stuff it's the last is let's break we had some good stuff -- -- -- if you're seeing us get out of negate years you know all the fun stuff you don't ever get to hear a zebra you can see it on FaceBook absolutely champion of one of the key things in the financial markets you know -- is up the market is down everybody out there knows that that average person someone listen in this and a 401K and IRA they know how to make money when the market goes up however we know the market goes up and down let's take a moment and talk about the opportunity. When the market falls how can someone capitalize you know what I know it's called shorting let's talk about it the second -- Wall Street we talk about the first lie that no one Smart enough to handle their own money in the first session now you to address the second -- the big lie that down his bat when the market goes down that's a bad day and that's a law. I it's a myth Wall Street profits from it. The most successful traders and investors prop from a in the masses do not because they don't understand it they think that down as badly programmed to believe in the market goes now on the S&P of the Dow the Russell or some currency pair some futures contract loses value goes down a price. They think that's a bad day that's knots. It's just today is just price change and the opportunity to make money in the market happens when prices change. Doesn't matter which direction they move in and that's the real mr. Adam is that a lot of people think that doubt is that because they've been programmed to believe that you know society tells you. When the market goes down that's a bad day what's the NBC news some night when Lester holt comes on the Dow's down 400 points you know come on say good evening it was a tough day on Wall Street today. You'll hear that it was a tough day it's a tough day for the masses for the uneducated non sophisticated investors but here's the thing. You can learn the steal property regardless of direction in other words if you can make money in the market goes down and when it goes up what do you wanna learn the skill at doing that. And that's what shorting is a short selling and it's not new and is not different is not difficult. What it is is this a bit that people don't understand because they've never been exposed to it. In your Bulls and Bears were banging the drum tell you that down is good. When the market goes down on a stock closed ballot individual acid of any kind of commodity loses value there's opportunity there if you understand how to profit from it. And that involves short in the short selling. And it's a game changer of people sought to understand and put into their. Every day trading and investing where you know it's similar things we always say is not difficult it's different I haven't the idea that you can make money in a downward move the market a lot of people don't realize. That he can do that they don't realize that the average person can do it you just gotta learn the skill set that we talk about having you know skill building process when it comes trading investing. Simply learning how to take it downward move in the market is not difficult is gonna take Cutler. Well and it's amazing because when people start to realize that what you think about the collapse of 2008 when the S&P fell almost 50% and people were walking in online trading academy senators all over the globe sand on down about 50% because their 401K positions there. IRAs they're managed money positions. Are directly linked to the performance of the market traditional and so in the S&P falls. They fall and their counsel. And so they came in here and they also and I lost money at las money. The reality is not lost at just what's somewhere else but it went to somebody's account who understood how to profit when the market fell somebody who was short the market. And his tremendous opportunities if you understand how to short to take money consistently. And the problem is that image you know is that a lot of people get confused because shorting involves. Selling something that you don't home. And that's what people get kind of confused I don't understand how can Schwartz something how can I sell some I don't know well let me even example. A sick accompanied Ford Motor Co. I mean Ford's been around forever and a base and missed again. Great great saw company had some tough times recently. And gone through the real ring true price wise the stock but here's the thing about four is you know that there's a lot of money did he knows a lot of stability around the company. Ford's stock if you got looked at it in early June of this year was right around twelve balls and fifty cent this year. Now right now it's around nine dollars and fifty cents this year which trees here we are 75 days later that stocks fall on three to also share. Do you realize that you could a profit on that move down see a lot of people don't get that they say how could I have made money on the stock fell. Well let's just say back in early junior decided used autos gonna fall price those at 1250. You'd think it's gonna fall as you say you set a projected of 950 where it got to just recently. So here we are in early June you believe it's gonna fall three goals this year you'll own it. Your broker allowed you to sell their shares in other words what's great about the financial markets is that my broke will allow me to use their shares before. There inventory if you will to sell into the market. At twelve dollars and fifty cents a share. So I can sell this year is right out of my account. But what happens is the minute I hit the sell button the shares go out of my broker's account into the market but the money comes into my grandmother was I just sold shares of Ford at twelve all the hippies at the share. And all the money that we used to purchase those shares came in in my account now understand something I can't use that mind this mound my account to go by. GM's stock I can't because I'm short force stop which means. I sold my broke was inventory into the market at 1250 to enter into this position. I need to buy this year is back to close the position now my goal is to buy back at 950. T by but back at 950 was just recently hit. I'm buying it back for 950 I sold for 1250 guess what that three dollars a share. Stays in my account so here's what I just did. I hit the cell but in my count the shares went out of my broke his inventory into the market at 1250. Now here it is 75 days later I've by the shares back at 950 the moment I buy a mechanized fifty the inventory goes right back in my brokers warehouse. I keep the three bucks a share so I sort of a wealth of debt bottom back in ninety deck covered my short that's what we call buying the shares back covering the short. And I just made three dollar share at a hundred Shuster in a box on a thousand shares three grand. On a stock I'd never own that went down the last and in five days think about that think about how that could change. Opportunities in the market for anybody. And what I love about shorting out image you will now. Anybody can learn a skill is not a difficult process is just learning it through repetition and staying net down isn't bad down as good if you not a problem from down. Became really taken that next level financially well that's exactly what a lot of people want date they were don't want to be concerned about market direction they don't want to be worried about. If something happens out there in the country that all this on the market drops they would they wanna be in a situation where up is good down as good. And learning the skills that can do that we'll let me give it a quick example of what's gonna happen or potentially what could happen. Well let me give you a quick example what should be happening soon. What does the market collapse with the S&P fell 203040%. Like it did in 2008 and you knew how to profit from that move down. Think about what that could do long term t.'s success C that's where it gets really interesting you start to understand that you can take advantage of large macro moves in the broad market when they moved down. And not only protect against lost a profit from these major moves that are anticipated well on the way common well in the and that's exactly what it's about an online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they know people out there want to learn the idea of short sell and they want to understand how to make money in a down market. That's why they have a classic teaches class right at the campus is a 500 dollar value. And this class allows an individual who's either been in the market. Or is new to the market the idea that they can capitalize and a downward move called shorting the market that's on them a class on short selling is a 500 dollar value we're gonna take callers right now. Fifteen to 245 pick up the phone right now we call 84451. Trade that's 844. 51 trade for caller fifteen to 25 to get a 500 dollar class. I'm shorting the market has called short selling from online trading academy that date for 4518. Seve to 33. 844518. Seve to 33. It is 500. 25 to get this 84451. Trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears seven gets out and it's a blast over to to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio talk about a variety of things. Talking about the do's and don'ts of the market champ one of the things we need to focus on. A lot of people out there whether they're trying to trade just for you know long term wealth or short term income whatever it may be. The biggest thing is that people wanted and needed and they need to take control of their money. You know a lot of people blindly and money to 41 K and money to an advisor and ultimately denied getting what they wants. And however they need to really managed themselves let's take a moment was a look like if someone was to manage their money we call a self directed. Well many people sudden realize that. They really don't have an alternative because they're looking at the results that they've gotten even in a straight up market I mean we've had a straight up market for nine years. Here's the S and p.'s near record highs NASDAQ in the we've literally gone and unprecedented areas are way above the highs of 2007. The people haven't made half of what the return of the markets in other words. When looking at managed money for one k.s or managed in dire rays will we see is a lot of times they tracked the performance of the S&P. And so when we get the results of the S&P and their 3% growth and people's accounts for half of that. What we sought to understand is that the fees and all the things that happened when the markets is flat for those periods of time because we had nine years up in a market but you know this season the time of the market runs flat for awhile. And when the markets run a flat just catch up and sideways those FISA getting churning and churning and churning on that account. And she's still the problem is is that you can only money one direction up. When the market going sideways or up slightly or down you're losing money because of the FISA you pay. If so then you hear these registered investment advises these certified financial planners they come on the radio they do their talk shows. They talk about creating a financial blueprints and come on hand and will do a portfolio analysis of you and they'll spit out some pie chart. And they'll have some bond holdings at the stock holdings in the might be. They might recommended a nude before you which is really great way for them no generated income for the firm because what they're doing is they're selling wood to a product that you can groups. They're selling you a two product that you decreed yourself. Without all the upfront fees in the commission's note and the loads and in all their early redemption fees they tie up your money it's really not a good system for most people. And so what we're seeing is and with the only ones out here bang in the draft which is what differentiates us is that what telling you not to have somebody manager money. Not to go have them tell you what your financial blueprint looks like because they're gonna salient as some security that they had in their inventory. That's the game folks in here Bulls and Bears whit telling you learn the skills. To self directed other words take control that money yourself as you're gonna watch it better. And the beautiful thing is that when you start to function as a hedge fund would function let's talk about hedge funds for second. The reason more people aren't and hedge funds is because they can't afford to be you know. Because most hedge funds require a million dollars Julian dolls liquid capital for you even get into the fund. The beautiful thing about a hedge fund is the fun man you can make money by directional in other words up is good down as good he doesn't need the market to go up there to profit. And so that gives them that flexibility have been able take movement of the market regardless of direction of profit. Imagine if you could do that yourself. In UK and as a listener Bulls and Bears where Tony you can do that. You can manage your own money just like a hedge fund manager would and when I talk a million adult talk about your level meanest what are your immediate fifty grand maybe it's a hundred and it was a quarter million. But you could make the same decision that hedge fund manager makes and sells direct and I've seen people do it in ten hours a month. They take over that bucket of money. And they improper regardless of direction they can hedge against loss they can utilized things like futures and options in. ETS exchange traded funds in combination and learn a skill set. That allows him to grow regardless of direction and grow exponentially and compound in growth because direction that doesn't matter anymore and guess what. The fee structures minimal because you're only paying costs of execution not some leader. Sit and watch your count because. Most certified financial planners that out washing your account they put you into something that hopefully will grow for you over time. And wanting set to go against you when you complain they tell you this stick the course this long term. That is not the methodology it Bulls and Bears we believe you're Smart enough you can learn a skill and you can do better by learning about self directing more people start to understand why. And the math is the math it's pretty obvious like most people. We know and that's the key managed your own money we say it all the time nobody cares more about your money than you. And that's why you need to sell direct. Our sponsor online trading academy Bulls and Bears they teach a class specifically on self directed a lot of people out there want to a lot of people are trying to do that not having the results I don't know how to begin that's what M class. The 500 dollar value on cell tricky your own portfolio whether to 41 K and IRA and some cash in the side you do not want to miss out on this. Where you were in military callers ten that's when he does a 500 dollar class pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade for scholars tend to twenty to get this 500 dollar class and self directing. From our sponsor online trading academy. That's 8445187233844518. Sydney 233 for callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class specifically I'd sell directing from our sponsor online trading academy if your concern. United the results this is the opportunity for you. Callers ten to 284451. Trade is adamant champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears a growth data but it still have a good time angle of the fellas here is studio. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like SF bulls or bears radio see some of the bloopers that clip some of the lines sessions. All the good stuff. It's amazing because once we go social media than a lot of the younger people that typically don't listen to radio old I'll be exposed to the truth. Because that's what do banging the drum for the treatment absolutely absolutely and you know right now wanna take a moment wanna check what our sponsor of Bulls and Bears. Online trading academy get education coach. Chris to resolve on the phone Chris what's going on. And Adam there's a lot happening there always is and as a matter of fact. Now the school of entering its 22 year we're celebrating this multiple a lot of things on the campus. Fact of the matter if you get an orientation that's coming up this weekend with a lot of folks coming here to look at the market for the first time. They're trying to figure out how to make out details of the Adam story people shall appear. Don't have a whole lot of active treaty experience. I'm but the fact of the matter is when they do it here. If they they walk into an actual brick and mortar location where it was hands on trading and live experience in the markets and it did people that editing need to do better overall. Hey Chris its share piercing Nikko tonight good to talk with the F. What I loved one of the things that aspects that I love most about the academy and you'd see this data day right there on the campuses that. There RC treating real money with a real executioner really counts them in his workstation set up we always speak of it's a steel building process the steal of managing and investing and trading. Just takes time and repetition. If so how often do you see people come through that in and more importantly what kinda who got a success you start to see over time when people start hit that button. Using real money was real execution real platforms what's that learning curve would normally look like it when you start to see that breakthrough for a lot of people. Well chant anything about a like this where do you go to actively learn how to navigate the market effectively mean there are so many people that show up at the school and their experiences in YouTube. And they've learned a bunch of bad habits they've got a bunch of baggage. But when you come and on Wal-Mart training academy campus you're walking into an actual brick and mortar location with a classroom environment with instructors with students support with coaches. People that can walk you through a problem actually pressing that button and swamping the students Slava. You know it's not just political and and learn environment to listen learn and do we can actually reinforced the content that's being covered in class. Actual participation in the market they can pressed the button timing and time again they can get the experience needed to replicate those results at home. Now when when you talk about someone. Doing this on the Rona store to make strides to improve their so financially you know there's a learning curve and it varies from one person to the next what we do know for a fact. Is that the ability to go live into a market and actually pressed the button and trade whether we're talking about long or short trades propping up or down in the market. We have that hands on experience to become so crucial for many students in the environments wanting they love about the online trading academy. The campus itself the that they can walk in and actually do what we're talking about it not just listen to. And as you well know as a coach down there at the academy. That emotion of hitting the button when it's not their monies they kind of don't have to deal with that emotional reaction because one of the biggest hurdles that people have when they first. Learn the skills of trading and investing is hot I'm making good decision without fear or greed the emotions of that decision overriding a good decision you know it's how to wife. Get those emotions in check and be able to make the decision just on the data that I can see and make a good decision based on probability. And lower my risk is lowest possible. What do you see more importantly for people when they go through that learning curve today Tenet then defaults that process. All right if they don't what's the plan frolic JK if somebody doesn't defaults being on emotional what's the plan what's plan B then. What a great question and in fact of the matter is when somebody comes in here. A lot of plan they have no experience in the market you know their experience is limited it's a lot of things that you talk about like 41 and 40 threes and employee sponsored retirement accounts. But when they come into this environment. One of things they start to realize is that what they're willing to admit it or not here in fact does play a role in the decision making process. And what this school striving to do was eliminate that emotional response to having real money at work in the way that we can do that is bring people into environment they can trade with a real money without having to worry about winning and losing they can actually get the experience needed actively trade in any market so it doesn't matter what we're talking about your stock futures Forex options. They can take a rules based system and put it to work. Now one of beautiful things about having a coach in this environment. It's because people obviously do straight sometimes being away or off the path and having someone there to help hold them accountable for mine in the what they're doing and how they need to be doing it going Ford really keeps people in check long term. That's awesome and what's what's great about is the consistency showed over the 22 years or more importantly. I mean I I've heard recently a statistic from headquarters at ninety some percent of the students have gone to experience the education. Have rated top notch so really unique because what it does that allows people to. Get into the markets without a skill set without any knowledge and you have hand holding through that process the learning so. Great great information Chris we appreciate it check it in this week with us obviously and they'll talk to you next week. Yeah men it's a lot of fun I'm glad you guys have me on. Awesome yeah Chris is this a great story was student are much kitty cat and I remember when he was. In a tough season financially in the war so it was time restraints for him his family time constraints. And so we kind of got him into the process and he just skis are picture of strategy and really really started dated as a student have success and ultimately. Was able to move in his role as coach. What's great about the academy is Adam is that it's all about the supported hand holding and more importantly it's about taking that brand new person who has no knowledge of trading and investing. And cutting their chief in Sharm the past where they can start to make better decisions financially exactly thank you Chris we appreciate your time Chris from online trading academy. Jim you know one of the things a lot of people just struggle with is you know the whole idea of getting into it. He goes branding a lot of you'll struggle with the idea of starting up you know trading account they're scared they're nervous all those things where to go who look at. That's ally and trading academy is sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on the introduction to trading now what I love about this class is for the person is brand new you have meets in my people is it like I get ready learned this. Well this is a great opportunity for the brand new person the person is never trade invested before. There's a 500 dollar value classes start right at the campus we got a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten. To 25 pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers tent at 45 to get a 500 art class and introduction of trading from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 8445187233. 8445187033. For callers to mandatory five 500 dollar class an intraday trading began 8445. One of trade is that a champ on Bulls and Bears and. And then I. And. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears have a the glass that was good time here in studio don't forget to head over to FaceBook like guests. At bulls the bears radio some great stuff coming on FaceBook we got a FaceBook live that I believe we're going to be promoting coming up shortly here so. To some gray can't take great information get out to the masses the lies of Wall Street you are Smart not standing your own money. The market direction shouldn't matter and here's the beautiful thing. You can do this yourself and many people don't understand that what you're trying to bang the drum promote that formed exactly everyone's itself direct everywhere should ms. or money because nobody cares it. Cares about more than themselves not champ one of the big things that we wanna talk about his. A lot of different ways to trade and invest in the markets out there and a lot of people here and you know in the United States hitting stocks adding mutual funds may be ETS. But really what separates those who do overs is those who don't as leverage products you know crypto currencies options futures. The sickened almost talk about what that looks like using leverage. Well even when people haven't tonic capital to work with stocks are oftentimes capital intensive and Ottawa's a prominent buys shares apple or Netflix or cool. Any you know if FaceBook any of the things stocks. It's gonna cost me a substantial amount of money to hold and control stocks for could utilize a leveraged products like futures currencies or even a crypto currency. To take a bigger position or less capital and all leverage does allows us to make more money were less. Now it's a double edged sword it works for you would against you but if you learn the skill of making good decisions and how to manage risk. Let me ask him really ticket to the next level and so was great about it is that when a lot of people get introduced to the financial markets. They might have a tonic out also leverage becomes what they lean into they can start a futures account with. Couple grand they can stutter currency callous couple hundred bucks I mean heck you sought to play on this field for just a couple hundred bucks you can study consists of returns. And get a bigger amount of return with a less couple stupid because of that leverage aspect what leverage allows us to do his. Control more size or position or trade. Would less capital. If file as it online treat academy Dubai here Mumbai or Jakarta Singapore and I've been an all those locations. All the world online trading academy with very really talk about stocks because stocks are not really treated. Globally outside of the US and in the US we lean into them because they're. You're well known and it ennui of illiquid stock market it is the most treated stock market the world the US market. When you start to look at the currency market the futures market in the skull open aside is. And the liquidity. That allow us to make money can Sicily 24 hours a day. Mean it really opens up this opportunity for a lot of people what it does allows people don't have a lot of capital to be able to play on this field and play in the Serena. And most importantly when you learn the skills of how to use leverage properly. And without abusing it he can really take your returns to that next level as well. Well that's a lot of people want they want that next level returns they would don't wanna be Evers a don't wanna be mediocre they want to get to that next level. People aren't able to save as much these days so they take the money they have and get the best return from its. To implement a better spot what I love about the sponsors most of the students that come to watch it academy. They stuck to utilize these leverage assets because it just makes more sense when they start to see apples to apples how compared to using different things like stocks or mutual funds. It's really just the way for them to take advantage of moving him price. With having less capital exposure which allows them to do better and that's really what it's all about is how can I can Sicily make money. In a marketplace that moves a lot. And yet not have to have a lot of capital to do so and leveraged products like currencies in futures and options and even digital currencies like crypto and Pete Cohen a Syrian. These are ways for us to enter that field you know what once people start to understand how to utilize those leverage assets. He really takes that next level. Well that's the game changes that's what separates you from the average person a lot of people don't know how to use leverage. Our sponsor online trading academy that a class on using leverage products talk about options futures encrypt those and that opportunity is huge. This class that they teach on campus it's a 500 dollar value with a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty to give this away right now. 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