How Secure Is the Power Grid in America, McMaster May Be leaving White House

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, March 16th

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Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. Herman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing the east of people. To reclaim our republic if you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. We're service leaders who want to return power to the people into the communities. Eight this is my future this is my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dammit my country. And now but the fight score together. Is this radio program. 1006. As restart after broadcast here one of the things we do is cover breaking news. And so there's some developing right now. The bridge collapse you've probably noticed this story yesterday got a lot of attention yesterday. In Florida we have some news on this I am just now trying to follow by the just getting information from one I'm seeing on screen. There is set now recovery effort underway. That. Just horrendous what has happened here. And the words that jumped out to me from the screen just a few minutes ago just a couple of minutes ago. Homicide investigation. Those were words who actually used. Although the authorities say you know don't gets. Jump to any crazy conclusions. About this we're gonna continue to follow the story. Ends as we're look to dissect the new information that's come out on this we won't pass that along to you. Welcome to broadcast day and I do hope to as well get some faith focus. Friday ideas that I intended to share what you were in previous. Broadcast we will make a report to get to news to day because I believe that is high a priority. I wanna start off talking about some of the ongoing. Let's just say situations developing wind. It looks like the folks of attention on the next person to leave the island HR McMaster we talked about this little bit yesterday. He's been in the job for about a year. Now it appears. In another she denial from the truck administration. There is really only one thing that's holding up. The transition outs. And that is a transition plan. Lot of lot of rumors been floating out there badly master for quite some time. He would leave within weeks or within a month or so. But it's likely to happen. Information about his desire to replace McMaster is in the president's been solidified by the sort by sources despite the denial from. White house Press Secretary serie Sara Sanders. She tweeted Thursday night she had just broken trop and McMaster and that contrary to reports. They have a good working relationship and there are no changes. At the NSC. All right. So supposedly everything is just fine. Trumpets publicly said he respects HR McMaster but the relationship has not been an easy one. There was some policy differences HR favored an enduring commitment in Afghanistan. He served there. Actually wanted more troops sent over there others in the White House disagreed. Danced their perspective. One today. As for any possible rift. Personal rift between the president McMaster. People we army say he is all trans Mitt. Is there would put in he likes to lecture. That rubs a lot of people wrong way since is it rubs trump the wrong way. Some of the masters friends also reportedly advised him not to work for the new president. Imagine that. Any case the attention now seems to be on HR McMaster. As the possible next person to leave the administration we will continue to follow that also. Really delve into the story about Russia a couple of big stories on this front I think the most important story. Is actually about the grids. Which we will delve into that a bitch but I would make sure we're able to put time into this without interruption. Because there's a pretty. Serious allegation that has been leveled against the Russians in regard to our grid if you listen this program for any length of time. You know vets I have called for for quite some time. A priority on this issue of shoring up our grid. It just blows my mind some of the stupid things so the stupid projects. This federal government engages and then prioritizes. And yet this one area which we've been warned about for decades. Needs to be shored up. And sir I don't see a consensus of care. Out of government leadership. But I will re it's more about that later on. The other big Russian story. He involves. The investigation be Russia probe Robert Mueller. Has subpoenaed the trump organization. For business documents. This subpoena included documents related to Russia. This the first publicly known time mowers demanded documents related to president Donald Trump's businesses. Now if you listen to the president few months ago. He declared this would be a red line. So I'm kinda curious. Now the we've reached this red line what does that mean. There are some who speculated for quite some time. That the president may ports process in motion by. Firing some people to ultimately put people in place. Who bring an end to this investigation by firing the special counsel. That is not happened yet. So early indications are. This investigation still picking up steam. The president has insisted no collusion no coordination between his associates and Russia. He's denied any wrongdoing. He said he would view any investigation of his or his family's personal finances. That did not involve Russia as a violation by Muller the crosses our red line. Some kinda curious here tonight especially wanna hear for many view trump supporters. What is the recourse for the president. What does he do in this situation if you fuels like a red line has been crossed what does that really mean. The back in January the company voluntarily provided documents on arranger events conversations and meetings. From Trump's real estate business those were provided to Mueller. And congressional investigators. This source said the subpoenas intention was to clean up and to ensure all related documents are handed over to the special counsel. At this points on this particular aspect of the investigation going into the trump business. These special counsel. For the White House Ty Cobb no comment whatsoever. It's an attorney for the Trump Organization said in a statement. Thursday's reports are old news and our assistance and cooperation of the various investigations. Remains the same today. White house Press Secretary series Sara Sanders declined to comment on the subpoena. Reiterating the administration position and no collusion between the trump campaign and Russia. And referring further questions over to the Trump Organization. So for British Cisco does this mean anything significant and we've seen this kind of pattern before it. And this is one of the reasons why a lot of people do not like special counsel investigations. They can turn into him seem like fishing expeditions. And some. Where do they stop what are the boundaries. They are in many cases it seems like there are night. I love to get your thoughts as we continue our Friday broadcast fourteen minutes after ten. This is fiscal clean radio program. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley ready program. From time to time there are books I would highly recommends. If you've not read the book you need to. This one called 12. After. It's written by William fortune who I've interviewed on this program some time ago. In fact I understand he's written a sequel to this book. I want to strongly encourage you read this book here's why. He dramatizes what happens if there's an EMP attack. Those not familiar if he stands for electromagnetic. Pulse. This come about it's as result of solar activity. Or can come about as a result of nuclear activity. By someone who just decides you know I'm not going to up Obama there's cities. What we'll do is we'll just. Brought a nuclear weapon into the atmosphere. And it will send a Paulson basically wipe up all the wipe out all the electronic communications. In a vast area of the country. And the numbers. Boy they're actually staggering millions of people dead in a matter of months. You would have people die out well. Just think of all the things you depend on. One of the things we talked about in regard to this is the supply chain. It depends on. You and I getting supplies. And getting resupply it in a matter of three or four days if you're not able to do that. People are gonna start to die is just that simple I'm not trying to scare this is not a scare tactic. I keep emphasizing this. Because it's only takes. One rogue country. Or maybe one rogue individual. To do something like this. They were all sent back to the stone age. Or worse. But apparently it's not a big priority. Putting brought pour into. Legislation like. These continuing resolutions. Omnibus crime the bus when everyone called these things. And and I said before don't you find it odd nobody is thought it would be a brilliant idea. To put funding. To reinforce our grid. Into one of these last minute bills. That's not a crisis. Putting something in. Some legislators district to get him to vote for this that's much more important. So why am I talking about this now. I'm talking about this now because we have a timely warning. About the fact that there are people working right now. Right now. To penetrate our grid. Here is what has happened in fact the United States is responding to this. Drug administration blamed the Russian government for campaign of cyber attacks. He's been going on for two years two years they've been targeting US power grid isn't that a loan concern you. Why would they do this. Why would they do this. Well. You first started by a clue here and the Russians are not our friends. And for the first time the United States is actually publicly accused Moscow. Of hacking. Into America's energy infrastructure. Here's what's happened. Beginning in March 2016 or possibly earlier. Russian government hackers sought to penetrate multiple. US official infrastructure. Sectors including energy nuclear commercial facilities water aviation and manufacturing. Can I just interject here. If they're trying to hack into these systems. And and I'm not trying to for those especially tour piece fixed I'm not trying to do any Saber Bradley gear. Are these not acts of war. Why else would you try to tap into. These particular systems is very peaceful reason why you would do this. He's a pretty hostile acts don't you think. Unless I'm missing something here. Have you ever a different view I welcome you were contrary view. By the way the Ingles advantage talk claim number 809 to 1110. Cummins since retirement planning Tex lines if 71307. So here we have this scenario. Where we've been aware the Russians have been doing this for quite some time. The department of homeland security and the FBI said in the alerts. And multi staged intrusion campaign by Russian government cyber actors had targeted the network. A small commercial facilities. Where they staged malware. Conducted spear fishing and gain remote access into energy sector networks. Do you understand what's going on here. You're actually able. Two hacked into these networks and systems. Which means if they've figured this out. They would ultimately have the ability to hack into those systems and shut them down. Does this concern you it ought to. This is a form of warfare folks. It's warfare. And what's sad is. We don't have an aggressive effort. To protect these systems. These direct condemnation of Moscow represents an escalation. And drug administration attempts to tried to. Deter this aggression in cyberspace. Senior US intelligence officials say the recent weeks the Kremlin believes they can launch packing operations against the west. With impunity. Well why not they've been doing it. By coincidence. Treasury Department impose sanctions on nineteen Russian people and five groups. Including Moscow's intelligence services for medley. In the 2016 US presidential election and other malicious cyber attacks. What are these acts and acts of war that's my question. And more important that reacting and responding to what is our solution here. To protect ourselves. Bob out of Charlotte good morning. And good morning that this stuff goes back at least five years or more. Very that type of transport station called the reactor station. And what they doing they step up full conservative travel long distance. Somebody shot one out one time and the FBI went out there and feel it is nuclear energy commission and they weren't the field and find out this way to stop it. In these transformers are reacting take 810 months to manufacture their custom items. And the only produce a warm place South Korea. Brilliance and almost all of these reactor stations and yes we will identify the democratic regular transformer yards. But these things will actually take out entire regions of the country. And I completed in the our goalie the FBI guy says while getting to take out ten lead at one time. The entire country would be without electricity. This is pretty sober. Why do you think would I pay attention to this. Who knows what. You know if there was suddenly played I think. You're probably rights and should get the implications of this so far reaching Bob I do appreciate your call. They are far reaching for sure we're gonna talk some more about this because. We need to. Bring about some sort of ground swell. Of activity and emphasis on this issue. This folks this is for all the cards I mean seriously. You pull off as successful attack like this for all practical purposes the countries over. I'm I'm not being overly dramatic here. But I wanted to put that out there for your consideration. Are you concerned much. Billions. What do you expect. Our leaders to do about this. And at the top of the list should be the president. We need advocates on this. And if knots on the federal level the states are going to have to act. Someone needs to act and do it now. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036 on the Vince Coakley radio program and some breaking news to tell you about a member of congress has passed away. Democratic congresswoman Louise Slaughter. She's represented the Rochester area in congress since 1987. 88 years old three sources confirmed the death. Her office later released a statement confirming her passing her office revealed earlier sweet she had suffered a head injury after a fall. And had been hospitalized with a concussion. Slaughter was the oldest member of the House of Representatives at 88 again she is passed away. 37 minutes after 10 o'clock few minutes ago we were talking abouts the electric grid and the concerns we have. There have been. Basically been reminded of this threat because of what the Russians have been trying to do for quite some time and I told you. For quite some time as well the politicians. Don't seem to care about this issue at least to the level they should this is a very basic concern. Joining us on the line to talk about this subject. From the organization protect our power. The executive director his name is Jim Cunningham welcome to the broadcaster. Thank you will put purple ribbon beer on it. Why did start off by. Just getting your reaction to the revelations we've learned in the last point four hours. About the Russians in their repeated. Efforts to hacked into our systems and should be able to exert control. Well. Unfortunately it's it's it's not a surprise cylinders. There. If you look at the national academy kind of court they. So this this has been around since. The administration and Herbert walker bush. The likelihood of this cyber attack on our great likelihood. What is new is that what the FBI and Homeland Security sent. Yesterday is that it appears. That there have been successful attempts and then in fact that the Russians may be. And are great as we speak in front I don't know I'm not saying they are. I'm just relying on the information from FBI and and Homeland Security. You know what's bad thing about this to me and and you're in a place of advocating on this subject and trying to bring about action on this. And yet it's it seems to fall on deaf ears for so many politicians. What is it that they are so why the causes some to be so wild and seemingly deaf on this issue. I think that one thing about our group is we try not to be critical. Oh folks that are central to us being successful in getting something done. So I wouldn't say they're out but what I would say is that we need. They're results. Put meaningful results. Soon. And we've been saying this for a while our group was formed to be. The catalyst in. Producing results. By bringing the various stakeholders together. And without ropes are reaching some agreement on day he had. This central approach to addressing this threat. And that starts American lip. Unified effort to within a five best practices that. Some utilities around the country are currently using. As well those who identified the emerging technologies. That could be helpful in repelling a preventing such as cyber attack. The so so it in my opinion it starts of with. I think she can sail full. Examination of what we have and and then how do we apply those things. We found that this that you noticed it's very expensive. 22 words do this so a national basis so where's the money gonna come from. And it that we can't drag defects. Well over a number of years but we certainly can drag the financing out of that car shows and the must be done now. You are we talking about Jim Cunningham. Well hey you know that back. This doesn't sound I don't really isn't but it's I'd say I'd say it's. Tens of billions if not into 400. Billion dollar range really you know along those lines of also say that you know we're spending some time now talking about a national infrastructure bill and we're talking about improving bridges and roads and all that's extremely important. But the but section of the electorate grade. That's probably the most important part of our infrastructure. Our quality of life not in any way diminishing importance. Well improving existing infrastructure and make in the center but if you don't address the electricity vulnerability. You don't have cars on the road because they can't get gasoline. So we need we need to look at this. But from what our eyes wide open and seriously burning fixing and improving the resiliency of the electorate great to have the top of that people. Know what disagreement on this point at all and it it's hard for me to understand how there be any controversy on this. It's more of an issue a priority. And you're talking about a whole lot of money here there's no question about that what is some of these specific things that have to be done. To put us in a place of being prepared. Well let part of the reason why we wanna have this technical conference. To identify those short term. That's pictures. I. Some of which are being implemented as we speak by utilities. What might I want to emphasize that electric utilities are cross country. And varying degrees. Are working on this issue and I would say that you let them. Eight. Pull together a group with utilities in the national much number one mention this would certainly be in the top three of you the truth and cronies are concerned about. So they are. And I think saying during the brief working on it at and regulators are as well but what we have who would bring an altogether have a concerted unified. Coordinated effort to. To begin to produce some. Meaningful results needs to do that Jim. Well I I would say either. Federal energy regulatory commission for the deal Lee and the deal we've recently shut up an office. Poorest cyber security. And the federal government gave them I think it was 95 million dollar and began to run that office. And that sounds like a lot of money people when you consider the size of a task it's not. It's probably an important start. I certainly am providing funding to do the work you do to begin duty oratory and organizing work. But I would say it starts at the federal level and require the cooperation. Of all the stay cool. In the interim we only have about a minute left here Jim Cunningham can you tell us but you know what you short of the federal government getting involved here. What can state and local governments and state and local odd companies for that matter can they do something. Yes and and and they are. That this state commissions would regulate utilities. Again in varying degrees are engaged in the second guy that goes straight in the curtain. This one of the states is so cutting edge you in terms of being aggressive and trying to get. Things in place. May look the national association utility regulators. Which is the fifty states are all members of netbook. They have this that I have a committee called the your portrait committees are working on the and the all working directly with utilities. So it's a matter does the number of players and it's a matter it is all those fires and resources organized properly. Funny you say get something done now we just can't keep talking about it. We've got to show meaningful was sort smell. I'm with you Jim Jim Cunningham. Thanks so much for joining us on the broadcast executive director protect our power check out the website protect. 1049 out of Minsk group the reading your program getting your thoughts and the threat of any MP attack one of the chief concern cheered the hacking as well. Is a big concern I mean. It's kind of crazy thinking this is that you've got someone in another country they just hack into the system and shut it down just like that. Christian hunters feel good morning. Chris are you heard Gary you are. Hey good morning on the celluloid come up with the most the greatest topics to talk about. On this that are really personal topic for me and the type one diabetic and now being dependent life and death. I'm a little bottle of employment at the state refrigerated. So I mean that the thought my thought about the past than I really have to recommend a book 12 after which is based in North Carolina. The setup in my country much mountain area it's about exactly that topic of the bridge down scenario. There's a foreword written that book from Newt Gingrich who is not my favorite politician but. It's he's got a if you got up only guy I've been in politics that's really been pushing that this year. Yep by your recovered from it you've been really driving home in which you're saying here Chris because. These supply chain how much of that can you actually keep on hand that many medication can you keep and runs out. Yeah yeah absolutely I mean he insurance bully Somalia to a three bottled at a time but yeah I'm given that's been taken this scenario as well as other not thought about I've. You know I've been buying them out of my own money to do and you know you can get a brick and name may or may last as at the most two years expiration date. But that's assuming you have a marble refrigerated. Yes I know myself and several other diabetic I know that a like minded have either root cellars or other places they'll stay cool. Bomb on their own. Yeah wow it really gives you something to think about does that Chris. Yeah and and they like you say the food it's like not being talked about it the main thing we can find. Over ten billion dollars for Obama phones but we can't find billions to pick our power grid. Yes my third and and you think about it the bigger the money we have flown in Iraq and Afghanistan. No just think of that money if we've had that money used a fraction of that money to take care of her own electric grid. Well I think here are your guest really put it in perspective in terms of priorities where we're setting up the infrastructure bill and all the other stuff. This really is a higher priority than our roads. You know like you said you wouldn't have any gas to drive on the road so. So if people think about it I know they don't they take it for granted that you look this looks like I'm bond. Not guaranteed is it Chris it's not guaranteed to draw thanks laughter called man and so appreciate the very important perspective view are brought to the discussions drug to Roberts in Iraq killed good morning. Yes sir it's all year. Oh. Yeah I. I don't rely on the government ever want to rent it and don't trust them. I what a surprise. My bet but. Two years back I got up Moldova saying it was called a par which the generator. Writes in and now because six grams at that time. But. I'm paid toward. And I've tried it several times. And it won't run my whole home. But it it'll run the refrigerator. To well pump. They don't run that eating. Yahoo! what what what actually the is the power source for that. And so over Ole us. Absolutely awesome. It's got two World Cup solar panels can just. Setup that things and pull my plug command. And its rating Iran. Wow that is cool. That is cool that's an important investment. Yeah well I did go I just got to keep them the other day that but it's called little pocket par X. And it got a polymer battery and it surprised me. You can start give vehicle orders thing and it is it OK in your pocket. And I think I wish 335. Dollars. K. These are you don't you're talking about some solutions sheer personal solutions. Which. You know or certainly important to employee when you've got a government the stunning gauged on this Robert I do appreciate your call. And very Smart of you to make these investments because of there's just no telling when you might need these items. No telling at all it's got to Jeanie Greene drove good morning. He'll let you talk about the prophetic. View of this. Doug that many you Pentecostal evangelical pastor who has written about her for over 2030 years but just weren't her response to a Robert who called him. You know assuming we have EMP attack did shouldn't that that the physical world that we live in for example be yet. The movement dubbed it's already sector are going to be what we're aware of I'm not so sure of that. Like this big actually. Gosh started I know what you are terrible that there were GOP attack of some sort of something that causes. Shapiro anomalies in media atmosphere. The I'm a large deal has did you think that the B electromagnetic. Just. A system that we have now actually physically we would be operational structure that we can do we can employ huge techniques. Reprints of the council of blood be the nuclear bomb Hiroshima doctor Shockey. If you apply my guess is flowing throughout the area. All distorted picture. Except try as he got. So what he's got caught and also until slot. More reflective you a great deal of of of beloved. Oh localize your energy changes that god or not normal while we don't experience normally in this world itself. A lot to think about yeah actually do we have a lot to think about them going back to those pastor of they've talked about a year or how Russia and red. Would be colluding to thank you so work. So to come against Israel or America and Jordan had used one of these people tonight I write these books are tantamount to other people integration and just kind of laughed it off. Essentially you know I a total collapse and soft because these people are greater. Our radio people and the right tools plus. We are considered more watchable. They have been if they pull this off for it takes is. One time the dog takes. A lot of great text on this which we will share coming up and also in the next hour faith focus Friday and some. The ACL you concerned about how some students have been treated Greenville county South Carolina we'll talk about this much more straight ahead. And this is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Nice exaggeration. There are too many guns on the street. We lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for guys like OJ Simpson's things don't go out and find the real. 1106. Harder to run Vince Coakley radio program lots of responses from you on the texts like at 71 preachers seventh on the EMP threats. This is subjective really really. Stirs people up front for good reason. This texture says what oppression says an MP. The MP strike which starts the battle. Of may god those who now familiar I think this is in Ezekiel 3839. This texture citizen you people unstoppable leaving the bureau. The done from Philly. Also this. Some people just have a sense humor about everything take a look at pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki today that dean of the world. Now look at truce of Detroit. Some people would not know the difference. If something happened. I think a week or two off the grid with no phone or cameras would leave the lefties defenseless. And we other Reich could fix 75% of America's problems. That's freak out of courier hey don't just think this is going to be a problem for lefties. There are a lot of people period. That would just how all kinds of problems coping. Very basic other very basic level. When my fridge quit I discovered. I've been paying twelve dollars a month to make it work I know by fresh items is needed. Eggs last 41 days without refrigeration. Let's get to know. Vince the TV show revolution now gone from the airwaves. Talking about the power grid gone bye bye. Crucial I watched it funny how TV may come true. You're marine vet Lister it's interesting you mention that I loved that show. But as usual it's always good shows get canceled I think that guts out two years or so before they pulled the plug on that thing. It was rates and boy that really gave your perspective on what life can be like and what's interesting. I'm not giving too much away here but. Eight it's intriguing that. The country for whatever reason broke down. Into a bunch of different republics. And you had these warring factions around the country and intriguingly enough I have suggested this. From a news story several years ago that did you know the Russians had a story there was a Russian professor I believe who predicted the United States of America. Is going to collapse. Dance break up into several different republics. So I think it was rare and very interesting. That Hollywood kind of picks up on this demon runs with it. Because I don't think it's out of there are more possibilities do you rate this country's going. I don't out of one moment looking at the division that we have here. Personally I think the best thing to do this texture says just know how to get along without electricity the power grid went out I use electricity for plenty. But also make sure most of what I do I know how to do without power cords. Good for you. Which reminds me I wanna spend more time on the subject IE. Have done so a number of times on this broadcast we've talked about. Prepping on some level because I do think every single person you're have to be one of these crazy preparers. But I think on some level we all should engage. In some former preparation. Then CNBC reported utility company employees open Russian emails disguised as job applicants. Since emails are one of the most used methods of tracking system. Why not separate that function from critical systems operations. Will tough. Sometimes it's pretty scary isn't some of the things that are done you wonder. When is the wisdom behind this and you find there isn't any income part of the time. Ralph good morning welcome sir. Water we bought advanced solid this as you know this paddock pass into the Second Amendment you're. They've mayhem what occurred due to this power grid failure. Yeah you don't need. After a walk up people are your best. And everything about I have a little gal on manager. Can. And walk out but you have to put up Ottawa and in that camp to protect battery yeah. I don't remember how all of that works I would have to allude to an expert on that subject but I know there's certain things that do provide protection. And yeah. So what do you guys stay tuned Ralph had some port or further discussion about this and talk with some experts on the subject. Let's go that next out to Kim and Lincoln's and good morning. Yeah a birdie and there's concern about an air burst through the nuclear weapon. Oh credit union if you look uses circuits on all computers. Their car won't start if you got a lower our own industry early castration their culture controlled electronically. Your telephone or audiovisual work. It'll draw us back into meaningful times. You can have to sort out. There's enough people attend tomorrow you're going to be dead in computer boot. Got you in under an independent actuary and an upward club. I don't know saying to people and all have all been there cannot take from you let portion will lead. There's a trade. Well a lot of Arab surnames are actually pregnant Cooper's been barrels. Structures but the bettors on Eros. Portraits this does not require electricity. Power. Making huge hurting me to get by the oil we didn't need middle agers I think they're sending it wouldn't show you can get because I can't take away from coaching your mind. How it's excellent Kim brilliant brilliant point thanks a lot for your call. This is really good stuff in fact one of the things I ivory adopted this might view on this whole preference thing. I think what separates. Craziness. From. Healthy. Is the word community that makes all the difference in the world. And I've talked with people who are making preparations for the future ants. You know either here's example of exactly what he's talking about if you do this the right way you know I just preparing for yourself you're preparing for your whole neighborhood. So you find people with certain skills. You know people with medical skills for instance they were gonna look to you if something happens you're gonna help us in this area. People have as they are familiar with certain trade hey you're gonna be the expert in this area. And you bring the skills together what guess what this is the kind of thing we need to be doing the first place don't think. David out of Bennett bills South Carolina good morning. David are you there. Apparently did it cannot hear us. We will try to get him back here in bits. Fuel free call back but I love talking about the subject especially when we bring in the community aspects of this because. It is so cold find out how certain areas people already have these conversations. Ants they wanna be ready. In case something happens no matter what idiots are so many things sick after. This texture is set mentioning the book I brought up earlier 12 after yes I have read the book it is based. In the Black Mountain area. So rob and has a connection. Two of the Carolinas which is really good one texture has answered the question someone raised earlier about protecting electronics. Charity bags protect electronics from Ian. Some people are so crazy. Which republic we'll have the cheapest the year really. What am I gonna do with you people. Another one toilet paper would be like gold if the grid wind down boy isn't that the truth and for. 14 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince can we really your for them. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Not surprisingly this. I guess you call a proper subject is. Surfaced as a result of our discussion about the possibility of attacks on the electric grid. On the line now Doug good morning welcome certain. The morning that's right beyond rights. The simple whatsoever here salaam not quite dangerous. Yeah I was so and to guard near the screener or lose the technical consultant on season one of doomsday preparers. I've given lectures on preparing survival communities. Actually have while the location has little people know where it needs should. Something happened and I was just here to offer some advice and also to answer the question about that so called it earlier about having galvanized metal container. Prosperity cage. Must be insulated and the outside must be grounded otherwise you'll go to charge shall pass through and it looks so far everything inside. That is well. It's just unit mentioned something before so called possibly about having gotten the call about having knowledge of trades. That's one thing their acquire for everyone as a part of my survival community. They must either have military experience. Or hand on trays. Such as a mechanic. Carpenter or anything along those lines they must have some sort of ace skill they have lives they must need to they'll have to so. Or to be able to do something along those. While mood now some people say that sexist dog. Pat I don't care what works. And everyone must have a minimum of 1000 rounds per weapon that they don't. Are you serious sort of food. 1000. Rounds. Yes it's not very much I realized that it that's where they they must have at least that much. Preferably at least ten but most are 1000 they must have years' worth of food with some initial lot. Wow. That's pretty extreme now how many people do you know who were in this classification. Tent. A lot more than you realize. And just talking people. All the time even right. My chiropractor at one point. It's even discuss that and see the chiropractor and a good veterinary surgeon are better than having a medical doctor because of medical doctor pretty much. Prescribed medications. Whereas a veterinary surgeons already familiar with the anatomy they can work on music and work on your animals because you have any courses here and working models. They're chiropractor knows how the body works and how to actually expects. Very interesting breath away at do you have to know Scott hunt. You do not okay. Scott was another person who consulted on the television series that you mentioned. I wouldn't give him credit for a need to go to Lyon DB and had my my name to what I had actually applied to be on the show. And because that's the perfect situation and so upbeat couldn't find anything wrong with it because I actually actually. Designed to be negative toward preparers that they opted not to bring beyond what they took old suggestions I hadn't made. And put them into the core hours at the bottom one of those both fishy to me if you ever seen show. What about using a block of silver four door stop that was painted black because they'll be wherever skillet or stop. And another one with about the purple paper that you need a guy keeps five years twelve paper on and Michael. Five years. Yes. Prep restrict the stock surged against. And a lot of people think it's going over the top but every time your stance he just. A little more. Apart just a little more yes and rice is a very good thing rice and beans because they don't go bat. And what I do is gonna get I know it's fans there are no jokes respectable. So are washed and sanitized and virility and all my rice and might beings go into those no children are all labeled. When they're packaged up and preparation instructions. Pretty interesting stuff for sure Doug I do appreciate your call and I'm sure we will talk review again some time. Mitch out of Lancaster I'd like to chime in on the same subject good morning. It mourned in. Like. Good out there today that he despite its they'll tell us. The match toll format you're need to sit big Mac into a full forty stated. He dealt with Newton and how to go eat out what I'm now. And I have many new Yorker you're headquartered in re put it back be the word hot food and rations. You know here in America we don't neglected and help your compound. It if people would understand it's even more and Turks. We're open you're you're not pumped up. Is it the fuel do art. I think about 44. You sit at this is that Serb who were not returned. Off on him all you want do what you get from that content here is how oh. You know outlook. Our rates way I appreciate your brother Mitch. There's are not interesting. Feedback today on this. Unfortunately we don't have dealt with just asked this question this text really know what it's dubbed find the time and space to do all of this prepping. And it's a very good question. People they keep old fashioned photos of loved ones who may go missing you'll be able to print them after an EMP a good family photo could be used to establish a claim. Other legitimate family relationship with your children at a refugee center. Mahan who would think of that. But seriously how else are you gonna verify anything like that. There's really no way to do it all the records everything an eight year you talked about so much now that stored electronically. Well. Burris released usual lot of things to consider here will take one more call on this ride and good mornings her. Favorite target that John well. Certain guys are flooding into your cause there cast their backing it up as you well know a lot to the military took up. I went Q and each equal than pure about okay McCormick told me all about how these are. Now the way and YouTube be delivered United States is our high eight. Altitude detonation of a ceremony later. So all you have to do is get one to blow up. Over well over the United States and that the resulting BNP and that you when he didn't feel like you couldn't hearing. But he Ian he would hit every portion of the United States. Armed and and it's even it's extremely difficult to be able block from them if you're talking about. You know ballistic device usually you get the Obama way up with Nick Faldo from border really fast apartment knock well. While we would have even less time because the device would have to go from you know wherever export import in March. We would have intercepted before it blew up where are all over the United States. And non. I want to mention one other thing big about this real quick how quickly. Other yellow pages will become valuable air time like how the Internet or go work go regulated when you bet you're looking at the moment you've been that it's very very. Gave some maps would be helpful at that point to. Absolutely DiPietro who completely where first. Yet figured out are a lot of trade on a locksmith so yeah what are probably be pretty busy. No question about that Ryan a great document. Lots of interest in elements of this there's so many different directions you can go with this conversation. On the text line no this texture seeing hard copies of birth certificates property deeds speak said dropped. Another person saying hey do your callers by aluminum foil in balk when they go to Sam's. On the question of what is Doug find the time. The strictest texture says I guarantee the person could ask that question how does he have the time spins over twenty hours a week watching TV. But at a yes it's our question of how we use our time is it not. Another person you're saying I'm more worried about a solar flare. Then a nuclear device for that's another consideration here and those happened those happened just naturally over. Just intervals of time. So that's a very important consideration still to come to the broadcast will take a look at the date in history. And also. Faith focus Friday just sharing some of the elements are things that. I ever wanted to share with you for quite some time so. Stay with us. Much more straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I'm 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program on that Tex lines. 71 preachers haven't I have a theory recent Kim Jones grew and keeps detonating its missiles. In the atmosphere he's perfecting his ability to dead aid in Indian peace. Over the US Japan and South Korea. I don't believe even he is crazy enough to detonate a bike in his own neighborhood. Nobody wants you receive our response should he miss. Yeah you better not miss. Several years ago the Iranians said they will be testing their nukes via air burst right outside our East Coast territorial waters. Killing up to half the grid. Boy wouldn't that be a problem. Why wouldn't GPS work anymore any MP wouldn't take up the satellites at least not all of them well it's great to have satellite working. Pearl miss. If your devices don't work. And charge them. And you'd also have the same problem. If you're. Talking about. Your phones to. Real problem here who has an electric electronic lock on their guns safe. How you gonna get it's after an EMP. Attack. He needs converted over to a dial block. Vineyard re interest in these things are so many directions you can go as I mentioned. It's hard you restored all these out but I'm sure plenty of people half to 38 minutes after 11 o'clock close time to go down to our upstate studio. In Greenville. And what is this is mystique terrico. Debt that was that is or check it. Oh my goodness for this sends chills down my spine thinking of something against detector or none at all not a problem. Oh my goodness love music you know get Joker is wild blue Jones said you'll find it's I. Just a matter of time about let's make a deal there I get that went to. And they brought that she'll back. Really interesting stuff march 16 2018. Is our date. And we have three items for you and I'll warn your cup police are kind of tricky 1850 is the first one. A novel by Hawthorne. Was published. Which one was it. Hawthorne. I give you hints of the need of life. I'm probably don't use. Did something and that would be Ritson. Something that would be written. The will. The scarlet letter a so today and kind of it was a moon goes a lame because you hinted of named anyone whose home he. How and why it's a home you know. Whole. Talking about a garden. And going to be observant of promiscuous individuals. On a host of federated say it's a good thing you said individual because there are those who would immediately identified sexism. 1926. Led C. Professor Robert got hurt. Earned his title the father of modern rocketry. What'd he do lunch. What's he do that was so significant in this rocket process. And give you a hint if you need life. That's his own. I don't understand the question. Exactly well Robert Goddard launched something right yes so what that he invents. That made this so. So rocket fuel man you're a genius you've got a right. He's the one who actually mind stayed liquid fueled rockets. Brilliant just brilliant this one is hard to come up with. Terry Anderson what is he known for 1985. Terry Anderson was in the news a lot. In next year and beyond for a number of years. I'm guessing he wasn't a member of Monty Python is very true he was a journalist by the way journalist Terry Anderson. Any guesses in here anybody remember. The news back during that era. Actually. Captured abducted in the middle east of the that's very good you're right team is kidnapped in bay roots. He was held 2454. Days. Can you imagine being in captivity that long. That's a long time Pratt a long time. A couple of days ago mr. Alonso we were talking about this issue of this poor dog. You Merman the poor dog that was. Since a way to wouldn't now have an alternative destination you spurs to go somewhere in the US enough power bill from may be correct post that was actually yesterday I militant. Are you serious and just. Yes excuse me second. Okay I'm back it was a very heartfelt we've heard. Media oh that is not possible. Not possible and all we actually haven't updates. On this particular story you know the dog was sent to Japan by accident. Whose names or go right yes. Yes you remembered not remember. How do you remember it was yesterday public goodness all right just keep it up here this guy is give me a rough time here. The abuse I take we can tell you as of this morning. Ergo is back home this beautiful German shepherd back home with his family. He was since. You're supposed to get to Kansas City. Accidentally got mixed up with the another dog I mean imagine this here you call your dog and you're expecting a German shepherd and outcomes. This great Dayton. That must have been quite a surprise to see this other dog will this dog actually travel in style. They gave the dog ride in a private plane back home to Kansas City is nick cool. He will travel in style I'm just guessing that the dog wouldn't be able to tell the difference among different. Hey this dog. You know just think she did George even traveled in an airplane Montel. She we have this thing going Alonso does not want travel by air. So route and we you know the stipulation. Eat the stipulation is still there this person Ford takes me up ongoing. Yes we are still trying to reach out hairs and forward to see if he's willing. To provide transportation. We're rose that's there's some Smart Aleck remarks here is Charles to get on that in touch with their support it. Here's the thing you guys don't know this month who we talked about this before on the air here in Greeneville and someone who flies with Hairston Ford called into the show. So it is a possibility we're trying to figure this out still trying to work this ankle so eventually. We hope to run get this done this would be great if we can pull it off by the way. This family know what they said about so it. Transporting the dog if they do it again you know what they say they're gonna use next time. Our boats instead of a plane. So whatever floats their pros and I don't know. And I'm so great to talk with you man I agree we can you as well straight ahead on broadcast. Couple of ideas from faith focus Friday. Stimulus. Can you I'm 49 the final stretch of the troops there your program. On the text Ryan Harris and Ford played Hans solo he is not Hans solo. Would you have someone who plays a heart surgeon on TV perform heart surgery but wait a minute notice. But Harrison Ford does its flights planes. Mr. Baxter says. My goodness we're pretty Disco just end this infirmary a moment ago. Someone had another Smart Alec response about the whole lie Harrison Ford thing. And I mean are there it is strictly from raw doesn't Harrison Ford have a tendency to hit the ground a lot he said a couple of issues. Or a couple of issues. Tony out of deacons on the idea of take you brought several plane. We've never left the plane in the air just say. That's kind of clever ones oh settle for Sully Sullenberger. At least he was a good. He has good instincts when things go bad but there's no question about debt. And one more Katie would like to know under the heading of cutting journalism what happened to the Greek team. That was going to do Japan Europe that's a good question I have looked around during the commercial break by the way. I could not find would have agreed to I shoot by now it would have made its way to Japan I would hope so. But let's say when that was more in dog gone screwed up situation. We'll take a couple of quick Carlos year before we share a couple of items for faith troops Friday first call in Charlotte good morning. About. And into the world at the end of World War II the Germans actually had a plan of putting a magnifying type. Glass in the space. And it went squared like four times for a 1616. Times sixteen and so forth. They could have evaporated Moscow. And they were close to doing it. And it's in our arsenal we didn't have a neutron bomb they killed people and let things alone. I remember it that's what. Our democratic congress. Democratic mind you knew better. The end of World War II Harry Truman didn't know he had an atomic bomb. Curtis LeMay says hey I got a great idea let's Coca. Already. Well it's pretty interesting to really consider some of the discussions have taken place. Over the course for years and the considerations that it's some very important people I've had do you keep in mind in the midst of crisis. And shoot fortunately. Cooler heads have prevailed and we haven't had to. Use any of these things thank god so far. Really good morning welcome. They're in my ability and then a one iron to show what are some of them would love. And change in heart soaring now you're a man and you happily married Yasser. This goes out he lied to mow the bureau and I want our current all the husbands allow. Any. I say it could get a lot of luck out there today I want they're gonna give you that that aren't yet today. And did spoke out seal my brother. The beautiful ladies out there I think you need. The music players. I a little years and you may agree or not. Okay. It's pretty good reading now edu I do you know you can. Control program and they're league. You we're. OK. Okay. Like yeah what you go. You're good you can now we. Can you moved her out. Blue moon and there. And I am now who who would. Okay. Moves. Now who know me I blew a long year and none of Paramount. Both here and we'll work the and yeah the only thing. Men and he. We will know. They already seeing in Iraq we are witnessing here. And to be there and an. And in firstly we have changed is we've got to go Willy I appreciate you sharing. That's pretty impressive musical ability there do we know that Willie had that in him. I've been under that pretty impressive there will appreciate that call. I want to share a thought with you before ago and this was first about different mining Jeff who lives in this area. Parents. Encouraged the heart of what I've communicated plenty of times before you I told you this. Emphasis. That so much of what we discuss hears about freedom and exercising our sovereignty. And part of this I think has to be with an understanding from a spiritual standpoint. We're talking about a clash of kingdom's. Because we if those who favor big government. It means that government test consume everything there's only one thing Iowa one person I want my life to be consumed by. And that's Jesus Christ not the federal government. Is what Jeff posted. Interesting quote during the first few centuries after Christ. The great conflict. Peru's between Roman Christ followers by Roman theory the State's was the war and society that marched in gross. Take up control every interest of its residents religion social political and humanitarian the state was all in all. Think about this such a theory the church as the living kingdom of Christ could not possibly except. Today's church has accepted and mixed. With what the primitive church renounced. No wonder. They turn the world upside down what are we going to do on our watch. We cannot serve two masters. Jesus is lord. I love this post. Because. It shows the real clash. And what we have to do is resist the temptation to mix that you could somehow. The state can in gross everything. And so can guys. Just think about that would be an injury your cells have a great weekend and the same time didn't he got bush folks. This is fiscal clean radio program.