How To Sell Your House If It Needs Updates

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Saturday, May 12th
Sandy Dickinson of Summit Funding joins Paul to discuss if buying points for your loan is a good idea, and how to sell your home if it needs updates.

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The following is a sponsor program on WBT. And advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion has a recommendation for. Many investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. This is your realistic today it was all eleven to. You PG. Hello and welcome to the show heroes like today here on hall Jamieson. Well around and Moroccan. The I think they got some new equipment or something hearsay you know we might we might get some hiccups every now and again but we got. Are we got a little bit of a flashback we got George back in the studio with us again he is the man miss him and Morton liked having him around. The show you real estate today if you're just tuning in I'm Paul Jamison your host. Here with the one the only missing any Dickinson the summit funding he's sending a loud. Just freshly ten left to catch that on the next in this that's right adorned some edgy McKay. Who fled some didn't didn't sharpening the saw in Thailand on that that that's also. Well this show is about real estate anything having to do with your home anything having to do with selling a home buying a home. Fixing it taking care of it. Mortgages what should you do how should you if you're looking at investment property managing your investment property rental property. How do you finance those things. We've got a lot of things to talk about today because. The subject stick canning give you that teaser for what we're gonna talk about this and I'm gonna spend some time with sandy. Talking a little bit about the Internet alliance. We're gonna talk about what you find on the Internet we're gonna talk a little bit about the builders. And then we're gonna we're gonna make a point about points. To act upon that's now scanned her car. And one of the things that I would like to share review along with sandy is we're gonna talk some about if you're getting ready to sell your home and it needs updates. And you really don't want to or you cannot afford to make the updates when it needs. What are some things that you can do. That don't cost a lot of money to help the sale of a house phone and Internet template and then we're gonna talk about doing the same thing for rentals. So if you're an investor out there and you've got a piece of property that you can't rent or if you wanna reevaluate your piece of property or you wanna do some nice retirement. Here are few suggest to trip that took. Thanks all right so let's work backwards sandy let's make a point about the points RA okay because I think that is a miss understood that. Scenario you gave me a great stat about a payback on appoint what was that. So if you come if you pay appoint at closing which typically by Cher rate down about a quarter of a percent. Because it takes about five years to breakeven artery cover that point through the lower payment. So I don't typically recommend buying points. And unless some of the difference in rate only cost maybe a quarter percent in the quarter Planar small amount. That's negligible I think fair tax deductible on the positive about that anymore I think they are. However. I don't think he'd be your money's worth unless you really stay in the house long time and keep the same mortgage. For along time most people don't keep their mortgages more than five and seven years even if they stay in the house. I say that's a misnomer to me I did not know that points to the payback on points that's of interest and so. And by the way if you wanna call sorry I forgot to tell you 704. 5701110. Arrives 7045701110. You can call in with questions. And will be happy to take those Sandy's here I'm here are so. Soon feel free to call you call in George picks up the phone he's running back and forth from the board will pick up the phone. He will get your number in case we get disconnected he'll push you on the air list. And don't be shy about calling if you got a question you might be helping somebody else that has the same ones who assess what we like about. When people call in Zambia and everybody gets yeah it's my knowledge they all call me on Monday today got a question now Karl now. 70457011. To protect. You you said Sandia point. Equates to about what in your payment. About com well add to that a quarter percent in great. I was doing some calculations before it came over and I'll just looking at a 250000. Are alone the difference between a foreign seven eights in a five rate. And is lessened funny but so. A quarter would be less than forty bucks. Palm says he'd take it SAL. One point is 2500 dollars. And you divide that by the forty dollars in difference and payment. You reckon that 62 months. That's not worth it now. It's not thought about that a good deal we have. You know unless you're Seles payment. You know it's cattle like that expression you know were for people that drive from. Matthews. Always South Carolina to save ten cent idea right. Goodness gotta like run and over dollars to pick up dungeon arms and it's really interest thing because. If you look at that difference in payment. And most people like you say are only going to be in the house for about five to seven years boom the way things are going. In the market changes up and down about every five to seven years so even if here in the house you can have refinanced at fifteen you ain't gonna take some cash now your gonna. You know wanna do something different with that with the mortgage. You know forty bucks a month you know that's that's a decent Christmas song I'm signed up you know. That's right now slums and help me help you get your if you have teenagers that's like that compares a gym shoes or something and a couple trips to Starbucks. Oh. All right so this is a complete sidebar we'll. Well that has nothing to do with a real states so I tease my wife all the time and happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there tomorrow you two sing and I thank you thank. That. At Starbucks. Yeah it's there it's a dollar fifty a word. But so like let's say you get a cafe latte three bucks a kickoff for a latte mocha for fifty. Who profit latte mocha skinny. You know and so every word you say at Starbucks is about fifty try it sometime that's so you know. 44. But isn't it I asked. You are not announced a five word coffee. I had to try it sometime I think that's what I think I've figured out their secret. Yeah 7045701110. If you wanna talk to us so after the break. Sandy and I are gonna go back and forth a little bit on my magical list if you had a house. And you do not have a large budget to renovate and do you and you have a limited amount of phones but you wanna do something. We're gonna talk a little bit about what those things might be. To improve how else to get buried. As good of a prices you can't. Know obviously it's better to fix it but. If you can't. That's how reduced. All right you're listening to the show your real estate today Paul Jamison here Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management sandy Dickens and some of funding on new solar debt. And I thirty. WBT lahood who is that George. Oh okay. Kind of sounded like gave it could've gone into the Partridge Family or something right after that I laughed at us and I just saw that. Psychedelic boastful enough coasters. And you have to be old to remember that merit. The show hero stage today thanks for tuning in we're live from the WB two studios poll Jamison here Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management and of course your coast here were your friend. And mine's sandy Dickinson with some of funding to mortgage lender. Extraordinaire. And around good moment so start. Sandy we have got to help some folks they're gonna sell to figure out a way. To get some things done without spend a lot of money and I get so. Here are some high lines and then we'll break it down. The very first thing and I love this about. They don't want I've got today and what I've camera brought what I wrote to me. Well I wrote a is that. You need to understand first of all before you do anything. Right Hoosier buyer. Right I mean what if you don't know who your buyer is. How do you know what you do. Is correct that's right you know his every generation has a different. The different spot yeah you know. I really think about. The move up generation which is. Either coming out of an apartment getting into their first time or moving from a very small store home into their secondary home. And I think about the stuff that they like. My time and so I work with us staging with come with my wife Carrie and who can. One of the things we always talk about it is the pottery barn throw up. So it's kind of like. That age loves pottery barn English fan. Murray any kind of aero Mexico gets so it's kind of like if you go in and throw up pottery barn. You can take an old house and make it look like the coolest thing ever gonna as China so. I kind of lost my. Train of thought their back to my back to my purpose something like Donald Trump on going off the script here but I do that and I'm gonna keep you can't. Are so. What about your carpool what they like what's important to them are you and your kid friendly area are you an area more tuned to seniors are you an area for move up buyers first time buyers. What are they like rap what isn't there I'm like what is the make up of the house. And that gives you some extra thoughts okay. Okay so we're going through the common sense set upright so don't roll your eyes please. Current. Clean up the front yard. Work on the yard work on that first impression what is the first impression. It is. The mailbox. The yard. And as you drive up because the grass cut in the rough is just walk swept them. Does it looked me it doesn't look cared for doesn't look up. You know I always used to say because. A stink at gardening. There's probably a stronger word but I really bad at it. I like crab brown grass cause it was always green. Diseases can hold their problem is is it cannot. Target cut having an effect but you know if you're yards at least this cut and meet. Even if it's got you know. Again sidebar you know the stuff that when your salad comes now the bruising your front yard remembered NBA iceberg lettuce and now it's the stuff from your yard and Cooper that they put in a solid thanks so much a grass that's right go ahead and cut the stuff you can eat light okay. We're gonna talk about some of the obvious but right now. Let's talk about you know that front door that front walk make sure the area around the door is neat clean. Painted. Hillary painted on. Retaining it blue gray because you get 18150. Dollars more for a blue gray door. Some of my cast my next millennium of loans that come into every 130 mile as has pain and. Everything click hey look I'm telling you and good agreeable gray paint from Sherwin-Williams. Rock star paying I'm telling him where they're made a fortune. By Sherwin-Williams stocks however I'm not discovered they start to brush or please consult your stock advisor for more information contact your market. Part. Educate yourself on renovation months. If you want to borrow money to get your house back because there's a lot of renovation and you can do that are certainly more than a dollar to dollar return. So if you have some equity in your home may be a lot of credit Sam apps lately that I would recommend that because they're cheap yeah. And their short term you can you can control the amount of interest you paid by the amount of money use it and I liked that too. Her current. Highlight the amazing features the home already had us now here's what I mean by that. She was funny today I was showing property this morning in the house had a really cool fireplace and even how old in Charlotte you might use that fireplace what like twice. And let's imagine another winner yeah yeah yeah that. It was a great opportunity. For an action piece. So there are a lot of architectural features tram areas. Things you can do to accentuate your door way your patio your porch whatever the case whatever that item is accentuated. The benefit from and then. Make sure you talk about it. So that people understand hey by the way. You know. If you wanna sit out on the front porch with a rocker and a glass of lemonade make sure that porch is nice to meet or maybe you got a couple of chairs a little table and a fake glass of lemonade out there I'm. And so what Penner character. Who. Kind of course. Make sure you you person right now again on the high level pace. I was with her client this morning and we were talking about. That's free I don't like it and I mean that's key out do you cluttering. And she was saying you know she would imagine statistically if you walk into the average home that you get rid itself. That particularly. Shoot fifty to 60% of the stuff could probably be taken out that's in the house plot stuff. Well depends on how much stuff and trite but but the to the average pack rat person. I mean me and Georgia's Gordon and himself you're not pack primaries and he you know keeps of the yeah okay see where all tennis authority and a I don't want to. I'm. Go ahead and get it out of their for the showings and I made the comment. Some houses. Actually showed better empty. Really haven't had that OK so let me exploring. As much as I love. Two to rearrange and set up homes to optimize them. If you can afford. Staging pottery barn throw up depending on your market. Sometimes. The furniture that you have. That. It it just doesn't match the buyer that is going to come to look from her. And if you can't on its own clutter it to the place where it just still look connection like you have a year and anti Glover. You know when you have a lot of antics I love antiques there's nothing wrong when that but if you go into a house that's firm millennium. And it's full of antiques what are they gonna say. Tosses out a date for and it's gonna and its famous scream louder right right. So sometimes it's better to just and keep this thing. And then people can paint their own vision. Of what it looks like but if you end the it. My recommendation is always pain. Yes I'm thin and some recently open houses that have a couple of the room's done and a couple of rooms empty. When we stage typically we stage the main rooms. Living room and true way master bedroom master bath. Kitchen area around the rest of it doesn't matter if we haven't. Connected with you buy them we're not gonna OK but if there's a special feature about something or some are certain rooms. You wanna focus on that issue unlimited budget you can do that too. Sometimes. There's even the staging a like for example we have an empty house over in your short creek. Kerry went over. She's station bathrooms fresh towel steinem some greenery in the living rooms and family room some things on the kitchen counter cookbooks. And things to you know just kind of give it a little bit of comfort on hand you know. And not make it look. Echo echo echo the we did get rid of these pictures of the family and the dogs playing poker and stuff. Seven our floor had George has one of those. 7045701110704. 5701110. You wanna talks are rural state you wanna talk about any thing we can do that you want to about mortgage. You wanna talk about the rental property. So so are really thinking about the paint. That is the cheapest easiest way to do however I was in a home today. And I was told that the pain Turk was 82 years old and it took him like a month. To paint the inside of the house. Sometimes. You should let somebody else do so. And I thought that myself. You know it is the trim had pain all over it and some walls had gone back to banks so. You know there was glaring that. He was not the steadiness of hand I admire the effort of cleaning house at the age of 82 that's pretty awesome. But many happy to paint the closets. Sometimes yes can master closet. In particular arrest of army you can get away with that can't. I'm seeing a lot of yellow I guess this is kind of a trend that had been their ten years ago was the I don't know what they called that yellow if you know up there let me know when it's like. She is most well not quite it's it's kind of like. Yeah like in Tunisia on. It. And so anyway all right when we come back we're gonna talk about Internet loans that we're gonna talk about making your rental. Appealing so stay with us a poll Jamison here with sandy Dickinson. But this seems to show you real estate today on news 11109 and thirty WBT. Come back to the show your real estate today. Hall Jamieson your host has finishing up call and I will. Have to finish out later. With a first woman told ride home with Paul Paul looks. I'm is that whole framers knew yes the national commissions checked into a all kinds of stuff popping out there George. Yeah it looks a little haggard and those. OK so. One of the things we wanna talk about is Internet loans that's been a big. That's been a big. I guess back and forth conversation that we've had for a long time you know somebody's got their phone there sandy you quote him rate. Then they go all wall my phone says. My phone says it's less room. Well. It might be that it might not be that I mean there's a lot of there's a lot that go and to credit greats and sent to do it without. Then knowing your credit score your loan amount you'd down payment. The type alone. I mean it it's there's so many variables that. Probably once you click in and someone caused you it's good to be a little bit different are a lot different. Yeah and and that's the thing it's like you know bit if it is some of the rates a lot of people don't know if they've got points. Yeah a lot of them are with points on some of them are dated because our rates sometimes change to win three times today I know they're not updating them that off and com I suspect. We're the minute so so if somebody calls and has a rate. The man and they have an on line and let's just say it's four and a half percent mom right. Send this is at 9 o'clock so then at 12 o'clock that ray can change but on the Internet they may not be updated. That's right. And numb here's here's some day we all get our rates from the same place. And I come to rate stork the rates store outlet Wall Street OK and it's you know it's and I follow that ten year bond. So on if people are drug money into bonds and economy's not that great and they're scared. Our rates go down. When when the economy strong and getting stronger like it is now people are happy and they've done their money into the stock market vs the bond market. Then rates tend to go up so we're expecting another rate hike in G and com. And and says when the Monica's volatile will get two or three changes a day sometimes we only get one. But the bottom line is that because we all get him from the same place they're not going to be that much difference he may see it eighth or quarter. Com from buddy you're not gonna see a significant amount of difference in the rates from one to another so. If you have a complicated situation you're probably gonna want a person with a lot of mortgage experiencing probably gonna want somebody locally you can sit down and talked with. Yeah I mean the benefit of course it's it's easy right Sammy and then we'll get to you or did you just 12. Who's DG username and get our hang on did you Rivera went all right so. The phone is easy. Right right. I mean you just kind of look at it you go play commute here's my rate right and then they point that you would go why is your way different then than this yet again about the time. And and there are so many variables but the interest and one as the point peace over there may be in those rates there may be points or. Fees or a write things that you know. I'm telling you you quoted a statistic you said something about 60%. And Internet loans. Well I had it was a statistic a little while back but. But it was 60% of the people that on goes through the Internet lenders and don't end up getting what they thought they were getting. That's huge. 7045701110704571110. If you have a question or you want talks real estate that's why we're here. All right TJ how are you. Well above Elliott says I'm great how can I help you find. I don't know account for about 37 years they left started. Time so real estate. And and then out of it too long list. I think that may have some product is fail food. Keeps saying these are real estate created those TV. Well they I heard of these people not an offer sheets and hello Lily you know it kind of steps towards what that would do real estate then. Well you know our I wanna tell you some them. That. You and are are probably cut from the same call. And what I mean by that is. There is. The real estate business that I know and that I live in which is you get up every day you put a suit on you go to work you work hard. You help people. You do the right thing and what you tell them is always the trees right. They are and then there's another side of the real estate business kind of like this Internet on pace we were talking about. That you provide information to people. I'm not saying it's bad it's different. Where in some cases. It it it is it there may be folks out there that don't want to or appreciate the kind of ways what sandy and I approach the business. They they feel like they wanna do it on the around they don't need expert advice. And then. There are other folks out there. That say hey if we don't if we don't sell it for you we'll give you forty cents on the dollar and by. And you know that's just not the kind of real estate I do. And I would I would never do that. If I'm on there was somebody if I can't sell at her if I think it's unrealistic or motel room so. And you're you know you're right did you do with the business has changed. The Internet provides a lot of information but you know what I say friend. I say when is the last time the Internet sat down at your table and walked through Europe's. Era. And that's the thing. They don't know anything about any thing other than a bunch algorithms they don't know what you've done to the house what the schools are what's happening around the neighborhood. They don't know anything about any thing isn't a good source of information sure. But when you're selling something and that's the biggest asset or your borrowing money. For the biggest asset your life do you really want a point and click. Six the year I. They've got just 20 I'm pace this year though that I am I. But still have an interest in the way things go move from politics toned down its yeah and then the real estate. It was a little different pilots. Work and then really states. And I was that had been under control or an accounting and it's different states do try and what I was saying don't vote there is word. And I don't you go lady there that. There's there's a lot of it is in the business now can you say it's and they cannot introduce. Him best say it is. We're sure it has come and there are tremendous amount of fantastic realtors out there. But you know the difference between. Some of us is and I always go back to this technology is a tool. Just like in your business as a CPA. A computer is a tool. When he gets down to we operate the two patients we're not that to her. And and experience. And time. And and school hard knocks and all those things DG make the difference between. Moving somebody and helping somebody even though we're not perfect. Moving something and helping something and being there. To work with somebody mentioned makes all the difference don't you agree sandy. I did yes I am I think you get more technical knowledge. Come face to face then. Then the people that wanna work its Internet and and and don't really want and do the face facing. Hey DJ can I ask your question they're there. When you're grown up and even now. If you show commands hand what did that mean. That man hit a petticoat. It is friends with Pam and I was going to be honest with him into and that's that's that's that that's the way it is a I have one question years I don't want to tell you can be sure related to the prop yeah. I have got a couple prop is I think it's 18 contracts. It up ball room who won't have much so let it fail let me like forty years ago. Voted hurt. I was just very little pride. And then inherited in those 28 crew did and it's been like. Point five years ago and and I've. You know that was given to me but I have a friend of mine yeah within those states. And then there's a lot of money but did belonged and I haven't inherited the money and it says. But the way they calculate how much profit they made it good. They have taken it intact if it. Yeah because of his base distract. Yes and and that's evident question. What is the base if if if if there's something there's we will see. Well it depends on how it comes to you. There are multiple ways through in a state that they can come to Vienna. So let me give you the disclaimer I'm not an attorney please consult an attorney for more information on certainly not a CPA like Q so please consult a CPA for more information but I did have a good night's sleep last night. Yeah they're really depends on how that gets. Brought through you and how the estate is set up as to what the basis is at the time he gets transferred. So that difference as you know for me in an accounting. Between what she seller for and what that basis is is what the government's gonna look to take. Percentage up from you. And you know I think it's a case by case basis but I think you make a good point that you. It's always need to know what your basis is DG thanks for calling were hard break. This is Paul Jamison the show you're real estate today it was said Dickinson some of funding. Stay with us there's much mourners 1110993. That is. Welcome back to share your real estate today I'm here Paul Jamison your host. With Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management the show you real estate today appeared just popping on I'm here with my good friend sandy Dickinson with some of funding. We've been talking about Internet lounge and we had a great call from a gentleman by the name of GGU. And got us on a good track of kind of if I can I think I think he kind of pulled my soapbox out of me a little bit because. Com I'm really passionate about the way I do business and I'm not saying it's only way to do business that's how I do it and I gotta be careful because I mean. Well a lot of that is negotiating and especially after inspections and stuff it's hard to do that within Internet Internet the other sellers don't grilled her her yeah. You know they don't care I mean and and the lending process has a lot of moving parts and it's not always because of how your process works it's how the government's process works. You talked a minute ago about two equal loans. And but each one. One almost for more money than the other but the rates for different and it all comes from the great story but Wall Street the CIA based on how things yourself. And numb and Dodd-Frank that regulates a lot of what we do is have people think they have negotiation that. Ability with rates and the fact of the matter is that the law says if I get to people coming in my office with the same scenario. I have to give them the same rate that takes away your negotiation capability and is otherwise mom not being fair. That's right and it's all about being fair mama you know and I tell you what though the Internet doesn't give the same level of service she didn't hear talking to people on Saturday or Sunday. He really you know up and all the time I called sand. With clients moon that's pretty stinking amazing I'd say. I appreciate any welcome to correct. Are so we talked about 60% approximately. Stat that you heard word those Internet loans don't go through. The communication. You know the inconsistency is a big piece of that too right not having the same person some good times right Carl and Hearst. That usually an item they're not all the same. And I've never been through one but I've heard someone takes your loan application. Passes it to a centralized processing area. Which is probably not local. And and then I don't know who you deal with whether it's a process there whether it's a clerk. Mom they could you know and and then and then if there's difficulties. You don't have anybody there they can restructure. Into research that guidelines and try to get you know sometimes we get it they're grain we get a random. Com were pretty good at that that's summits com. Yeah I you have to know your business. You have to know what you can do much can't do and you're not reading from notebook. And I working with a person sometimes he can cut some underwriting in this and stuff at home exactly. 7045701110. If you have a question. Okay. Face to face as a big. And. There advertising costs are certainly higher than yours yes so we don't advertise on TV radio. Well radio well here now that. That advertising costs for like a rocket or the Afghan or I'm trying to think who the other Internet are legion and lenders are is tremendous. So when they're determining their margins to set their rates. They're gonna have that costs are not putting into their people they're putting in their advertising. Com. Face to face lenders put it a little bit more into their people Chad think gives you more value. So what you're looking out one of the Internet lenders I was looking at this morning actually had higher had had a higher rate. And points and I'm sure that's because of advertising cost him. You know and it's funny because we were talking a little bit about builders earlier. And all the incentives. You know. Are are really shield and it sure does feel like because I had a client who had done a builder loan from harm that. All of those incentives. That we got initially for them applying with that lender behind. They've gotten back and then some and they're kind of a one stop shop rite so you know for example. I won't mention the builder poultry. I happened to have a lender and when you deal with no more mention the lender posting mortgage. Poll that was a thought bubble burst I'm sorry. They go to their own rights they don't shop and anywhere it's from their rates in only their rates. Gas so from a lot of builders have started their mortgage companies and title companies and all kinds of things. And numb and they want you there and they want to make money and in not just the bill but also in the mortgage is an and that. In the title. Insurance. I'm not sure that that's a good thing but you know it sounds good on the surface hand give me or 5000 dollars. Merger closing costs if you go with our people. You're gonna pack one way or the other you can oppose. Yet it's gonna be inside the past it could be in the ray amnesia seven awareness you know so. There are some people do it and some people don't and not being armor Oregon and hey. A lot more attention now that I'm learning from sandy about those. You know. And those. Proposed plans with some of these new builders and really dig into what their points costs are what their costs are because you know for nothing worse than. Then getting a 5000 dollar incentive get Malone and having to say you know 3000 and cost them points together I mean just just kind of. So you know I guess some of these counts down payment assistance loans they give you bomb. They give you 3% or 1% to go to points this and says that kinda hand to further and then there's upend the strings attached that I don't really like this lend say. Now they they sound said it sounds like you getting free money bed in the Aniston really free. Yeah. It's no such thing as green orange and moreover mortgage and OK so. I decided to put together just a tiny little list for the rental. Market of new I mean I went and found the list the 75 things you can do you Reynolds to to get more randomly content and happy. For me give you some of their list and I give you some of mine. Change the battery in the smoke alarms. Fit the door stops. Puts a door stops on the internal doors to breakdown on damage. Put new elements and liners have somebody put four year old who puts fool around elements on the stove anymore room in my grandmother didn't. I don't really as his yeah. Hang in your shower curtain that always is kind of a little appealing but just realize you're gonna get it backs gained two and leases over. New toilet seat that's always nice the first told C just kind of cool. Fire extinguisher in the kitchen I liked that. How rock. Furnish a lock for the outdoor sheds and out buildings that's always nice people like that. Provide a plastic bucket mop sponge cloth cleaning products gloves X setter for the tenant when they move in. Now that I tell how swimming in started philosophy is clean. Content like that until you. Paint. The connect with. Automatic lights inside of cupboards. And I don't know about. Have a lawn maintenance included in rent. I don't mind them that's pretty good on. Have a carpet stretched do. Outside lights and some motion lights put in a camera like that I haven't in new doormat in front door mat I like that mom. Many of them have their name on it or. You know you can get someone that says go away stupid or something from you again you know whatever. Pay for an alarming included in the rest and come like that when. We get friendly with the neighbors then I don't know about that okay all right so. It depends cause a lot of renters don't like our neighbors don't like winners so they might wanna be friendly. OK so. Let's talk about some of my things to make something more ran appealing I've got it's less than 662. Song gonna fly through so you can get me ready. Here we go paint cabinets. Always a good way to freshen up the kitchen if you don't have a lot of money. Put down LVP. Even if you have wood floors or get out the carpet LVP luxury vinyl plank. It's strips and boards that are made of vinyl is this stuff is bulletproof it's awesome we use it I put it over fresh hardwood floors. Because you can. You can have a animal that makes a mistake that people can spill a drop and do and it doesn't they don't ruin the good stuff. Offer attacks solution give a ring dot com by the alarm monitoring like the other one said. Those bulbs that interface with the Alexa some neat things you can do. Include Internet. Get my free AC filters subscription new filters come every month and here or there like possibly they couldn't put a man. Haven't cleaned every three months included deep clean. Give my porch swing and I like should mean given a subscription to something cleaning products fruit restaurant gift cards excited. Or just lower the price book. Up. I'm. Sandy had a they get in touch with the U. Sent enough far 770144. And it Jamison 704846. Die and that's 8463663. Happy Mother's Day we're glad you're aware us. This is Paul Jamison will talk to you next week god bless take care.