How To Set Goals and Plans For 2018

Kandas and Larry discuss how to set your plans and goals for 2018.


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Welcome to rank radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your own standards and best selling author Larry go and we'll show you how to be rich and generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the rank radio network from the flagship station WPP and beautiful uptown Charlotte. Here are your host the rock stars of real estate Kansas am Larry. Charlotte. And the world ought to happen in high you don't and the founder Marian. I am doing excellent excellent excellent arm up over Saturday afternoon. Radiating tutored. What what does muscles. Personal Jesus oh that's why did you Johnny Cash did that phone. Johnny Cash yeah also yeah yeah. And you know he did he really yet why now. That's amazing that is amazing and such a good tune yesterday that is why couldn't remember the the government than me at all. I love love chatted very intentional with his music election. That is. I used to remember the name of the band that like Depeche Mode that perished vote. One of the eighties but wait that's right but also. All right so Candace yes the end of the year and now that you came here put this is like the second year we've been doing brag radio. Leading the world to be rich and generous we want to invest and rules state we teach you we showed you how to do that and we coach we mentor students we have. Inner circle mentor students right here in Charlotte Carolinas and around the world actually and and then we urge you to go out and beat generous. With your blessings of time and money right now and urged. Yeah it's mandatory. I'm not really but we do encourage you to do that and you know not too long ago we just got back from a three day we have a three day training in Orlando right. Probably area. And Arlen since they have packed with McCain. Back for that we've done this month alone we wheat impact on the island of it. We were part of John McCain acts ideally being an inner circle at the op that they had an answer a student at top of him and we've had our Christmas punch with their eyes and isn't out there and been super busy. I was programs it. Is it that you wanted. Well it's hard and a because I don't really want anything listener Matt you know is really hard for anybody but as I don't I don't request I don't. There's not mean being an out if people list now I don't know you'll now. Matthew on the other hand over it yet you create a Matthews who wish list in our Amazon account. The stuff so everybody had blue pants they did exactly what it is that you month. The measure include the university won't indeed he had a that this stuff that was on the list that I didn't think he would back her himself right is what I. It is the other little that he can pick that up at whenever he wanted that's good and then we got him a few surprises that on the yes good for him yet this week that the four yeah I think you girls operatic additive. It's easy for me that it is now. Really ever ask for anything. Ain't that a Pratt and do. You know go well will cry that I'm an option but as. Would you like for Christmas time to complete the chat to wrap them our. Like an interview in the bathroom and just immediately that you only do whatever you world. And click add to cart with. Either with the project outlook Haditha Pratt I. Anyway. Some some surprises. As she tees that surprised. Or three. So we have very very busy man. And now and the year including gardening this year is only eighteen I mean crazier. And right and grown our rules state business week that it's a more people we've got acquisition managers we've got to salesperson. You know we admit that closing person. Two hour. To our team and a man. So anyway rules state has been very very busy. We're grow and we're branch and now in the more states flipping houses we students that would teach them how to do that and they're buying selling. Virtually right well. So you know we had a great three day event. We did we had a really good three day event and people are off and we end in Orlando and in several years so it was good to get back to the city. It's always awesome post there that they knew was really great. But the people at this event they had a ton of great questions everybody was brilliant. Your jokes were funny and everybody. Most every bank except for you you've heard of her home many times. I rolled my the couple but this isn't about it online and that's important. But it it. I love the hotel it was guys it was literally in the airport okay it was we've really got off the plane we went through the food court. We got to go home only escalator we went out. When you get off the escalator yeah literally looking at the registration desk I loved no no number no lift no taxi. No not in Atlanta I'm just talent afterwards you just go to in the food court. The biggest problem was waiting in line with them travelers. Right. So oh but it was fun it was a lot of a lot. And it was great and you know what this three day event that we just did. It it's probably out. I have done more to prepare for. And added more and changed it up more for right now in today's market in what we're doing how we're doing than any of that we've done in the last 45 years. I've changed catalog slides. Hand over 600 PowerPoint slides the three day event. I had people literally coming up to me it's. Been another coaching mentor program un Indian this much in coaching your mentor in this register free. Three days of. An amendment imminent imminent or Rupert. I can't millionaire at such. It is ripping scene that's the difference between you know it education and instruction okay. Now at the three day event I'll tell people at the beginning you know I'm gonna give you actually as much as I can Emma three day event that I can give you an seminar type environment. I can't give you instructions. Right because I don't know each and every person in oboe but the ones that signed up for inner circle programs. Which are brand new programs the ones who signed up for those. They basically. You know they're giving instruction you know we'll find out seat on the firm believer guys. And prescription without diagnosis is malpractice that does not only apply. Two rules or two to the medical field. But it's in real state as well you know people to go out and do this go on do this to do this well you don't really know. What to do unless you know with a person's coming from what they have to work with their lights there dislikes stretched their weaknesses their assets or liabilities. Where they are now would they wanna be. And the and we create them they have to get there in the shortest possible time you know we have an in a short holes to not too long ago we said you know me. The main thing that actually it sure has given me. Is clear. Given me clear. That's huge clarity is is so huge especially when you get bogged down in prime database stuff and life takes over. And then you're just trying to rushing around trying to fit the pieces together and things like that it's always good to take a Kleber of course we take clarity breaks for the eleventh. Right entrepreneurial operating system based on the book traction that's where we run our business. Right. There are. And you know him unplugged might end up the EU proposal brokered agreement. I was under the the mice that had cycle is and the world right now. With this feeling in the year. And knowing how to how he says people honor and I'm being illnesses why are how you spun into this lion's. What's gonna what's gonna reset for 20181 goals are people gonna have patties fickle and things like that that lower gonna get into yeah you don't create a luckily it. This elect to do some diversity of some people's it's a waste of time setting goals he never do it you know it's not a waste of time setting goals. It is a waste of time sitting New Year's resolutions. OK yeah because they don't ever happened right what's the busiest month of the year. For a GM. And chart. Would it and yeah even about the church like this vote and January. January January and then half of February sometimes I'll bet in the in his starts to down right. So we will talk to you about goals. And goals and plans and setting them up in being able to accomplish them I don't care about what kind of goal this wasn't financially one of the rules state investor. You wanna start making money and rules that whatever it is. You know we're gonna help you coming right up. And we have some free for. That's right give 877 Larry go call 877 Larry go we can get the investors get out say you are you're close enough city office going back and pick it up. The gimme a call 877 Larry go lacking ideology tells us that we're check out brag radio dot com. We're back to listen to brag radio this is in this era and Larry areas are. I never know if you're gonna come in an entity you've suffered you're not paying attention plant here who are. In this way he would be able to tell. And it's entertainment analysts of me. If your actions Nvidia. So welcome Brad to brag radio all about being returned generous which each other invest in real state in the nick go out and be generous with your blessings and help others. All about the money guys right now not all about the money you know we want to be able to help others and you don't want. I've realized. When you help others and actually. You know it it helps them make him feel really good and they're ecstatic but it does more for use the accidents from. You know what I like about it is done when I'm able to give time into. Services and into people we you know what I remember pass it to you about the year to go I'm tired of just writing checks. Adding it was like a year ago on the show to might have been a part of just write checks will be on what you physically involved that help people do things right. That's what we did the bite drafting for WBT. And we did it we did other things this year to better and that's without him out within. And things like that so it's it has been really get that's true this past year do you wanna ramp it up for 28 teen soap. That's kind of one of my goals as far as. Personally and for the company because it fills me even if where work and through the company. And doing things and like a team building atmosphere when it on. With an organization are of volunteer day or something like that. But found it's still fills me individually. In addition to the phone company purchased our valiant credit for that that type of physical service. That is great some guys at the end of the year this is the last show of the year right the last show of the year. So we want to Libya headstart on next year only getting your goals set. And everybody I don't care if you're five or you're a 105 everyone should have goals right. You know you gotta have a vision you gotta have the goal is another term provision right without a vision. The people parish right. Cold do you think goals are and visionary thing goals are. Steps. Current. Milestone to get to your Altman. Well what you're basically talking about his plan to reach the vision. Right that's kind of what Julia distinguishing the difference. How it ain't I think gulf near a little bit smaller than an Asian. Well may be slow and answer totals at the plan but it's Kyra it's all and then again and again a bullet now saying exactly who. Which got to have a vision the panel planned. And gold will help you get there now the first they won't talk about what goals. It is you need to have goals in different areas of your life. It's not just you know only 100000 year. You know hurt so many people corrupt me instantly you know I just want to make I just want a 100000 year. Well the very first thing Wesley is how much is animal. It's about 101000. Now and wrong. Got a thousand. It's 8333. Among. Right and meet specific yeah exactly exactly or they say they only 200000 you know how much is animal. Obama when those animals know it's 6667. Right you've got to know that you've got to reduce it to the ridiculous Greenland you gotta agree that he got it you gotta be specific with this stuff. And that's really hired with visionary sometimes. Town and I speak from experience with that but sometimes visionaries it's hard for the new drilled down. But when it comes to goals while Wilson Larry is very very good about defining. Goals along the way to kind of help us get there even if they're not as green near our own any logistical level that I have to get him but he is really good about that. Thank you can lose it. In the air and I'm down. Here. For the next to all of you for the next year. So the first type a golden should step okay and I'm I'm gonna get appear preached to okay. But you should have some kind of spiritual oh okay. And some type of spiritual. Goal all right so whether it's reading the Bible like I'm trying to get through the whole Bible and listen. I do audible dot com there's harmful like listen to like one SP two times the and I'm from the harm in that takes a one to do that. I mean the Bible is not a book its mini mini mini. And then the other week yes and then how the language and it is so different even appear levers and your reading. I looked into yesterday yes so but even with that similar verbiage is still really. Not what's your ears accustomed to hearing so you have to write. Some and some parts of it too is tough you know like was the father of this partisan the father of this part of the problem distortion. Married person and exactly exactly so whatever it is you need to if you write this down right now and you need to have some spiritual goals okay. Whether it's reading the Bible or going to church route one mission trips or whatever it is right. You know in me to be looking for charities to support as a family. You know that's or Thursday that makes sense yeah. Even if it's just you know or read about thirty minutes. I do you edit your order underneath that ninety team and I'm literary. A look at a writer and and travel have a highlight these were for Switzerland. I'm. Well we're going to go through all that. It. I. Predict that. It seen all this stuff is easier to talk about that it is to do LB 1 Italian and I am not perfect okay. Do have my goals written down. And I have. Ever. Attempt called Eagles right. And a you know Eagles spears to have a list read the Bible birdman today. Let's let let's do this then let's go through all the areas and you have your goals for lower 27 Ingles right. Our next show will be the first point in the new year. May we talk about what we're setting maybe virtually eighteen maybe aren't so spiritual goals what else would Akron but what are the next areas. The next one would be. Family bills okay. Like some of the things that. You know it and listen you might be single. You might have a significant other humans have a spouse. You know you might lose prepared to leave kids or what whatever. But you need to have some sort of family go okay like some of the firmly over I have is. I've actually put down here. Worked from home part of the week. Right and all. And I do want to do that currently seventeen I territories that normally a right right right and I've got. Pray with my family daily print with him and night of gut. Date night to come tomorrow and I'm failing miserably at that we. Talk about your read it ain't seen violence in LA and it losers here. Are two family vacations. Gould working cruises. Area that you're not done well for our. Eleven and giving I've hired scoreless minutes on the shelves at work life balance maybe should be one. And it's happening in it would you make and of that yet is write that down. That you can manage it more and right now on. Yes yeah. So where that is when that can you know. I'll. Yeah and and it could be Doug doing things together with your family you know spending time with their kids quality. The longer remember the you know I can remember that you spent the you know. I mean my kids can still talk about. Let my son to immediately set the most fun I ever had was when you and made those Bismack crystals to yet he has disdain for school. And he said. Peace. We've yet to do this project make crystals out of business and it's kind of or mental whatever taxes radio active mismanaged. Her. You melted down you melted down an analyst and currently called Cameron whenever it cools. It it makes crystals and he'd love that. So he told me that while back. More episode goes so we got some news for Christmas I really am all love you love this market way to do that. Again so. Dispute on and spiritual and family and there's actually several more. So what do we come back we go to each one of those go into detail animal to start and set your goals and make sure that it's not. Going to be in New Year's resolution that you can actually follow through course number one at all cause telephone through moment that I am gonna do better I need someone to hold me accountable would you do that. Apparently. The call him up Larry at number date night with me. A good job with them on the line and right. Anyway if you does our job and please don't try to writing in these down we're gonna come right back but he Meehan in Nelson in your email ever seen me in Bradbury and dot com app and you. It's an answer we'll have them up on the web site Gregory dot com. And give me a call 877 only go about the investigate it out about mentoring programs are three day event. The books that included Libyan message is CDs out that it's 877 Larry goat Brad gradient dot com we'll be right back. Thanks to ask the appreciate barrel in there. Racked radio you're listening to youth we've been talking this all week about goals. And setting setting goals series. What Larry is here with us lassie thing misses is Tony seventeen ending a quiet is planned. But Indian able to accomplish stuff but. Our wouldn't be in the last week of the year and really January about the pass through it's gonna talk about how and then different areas that we can sick goaltending granular with them. And Aaron and then focus on everything persuade you. And that's true but don't remember goals are also fluid. They nation and change and a change in Ireland and I have I did not update these on my phone. Throughout the year right so we did have different goals change and on that some of those and some of those I didn't and financial that the known total failure. And innings of a hypocrite. Knotted up that part or commit them. But I know with like our own development we have single engine and the EU on air we're gonna get into some areas note that he. That should get better for. Well let's hope. Because our spiritual. And families of the next is physically. See you doing on there came back. Just recently they get back in the Indian. After. Surgery for money. He and I got so the new resolution goes him unit that. Right. Thing now and unable to do with physical for me. It's kind of exciting right now the calls haven't been able to do it in being so that that. I don't know what that is is not a drive it's almost like packing dues it's now I'd like Al Hakim and punishment to this. Ian in the gym with maggots and I didn't and brown. Select and it things legally. And pipes things. Without any. It's crazy naked it's it's better than you know I'll. Keep an in. Person. Anyway it's been nine down there. And get back in that man. Is Kerry in the importance that an and a what are what are your physical growth there. Well yeah after family and after spiritual and family comes comes physical right bracket that kind of physical. And I was just trying to pull appear Romo little Mikey app available Mejia. Ran. In such a big news in my Nike gap of around 210 miles. Now have a run in a few months but I ran 210 miles. And it is in and yet. You're a this. Infineon on that there aren't any evidence that a seven runs. You know is that this year for now most of it is this year. Yeah yeah most of most of it is and bilateral and a few months but you know again back to do you feel better when you run you'd I think I'd feel better every once in Cuba when they exercise. And Medina durning to Angelina and but. After a few days after a few weeks there's. That's exactly right so with with your physical goals you should have some sort of physical goal whether it's eating right. Or whether it is. You know like exercise and thirty minutes today the help the daily take vitamins. The drink water in those snacks in the morning snacks in the afternoon. To get a physical pain allying analyst. These are all on my list I did get a physical. How often you take vitamin. Every day name and you don't want my because my wife puts them in this little thing. You know lose the little like return the thing cancer it being a little long thing that got hundreds hundreds of them. Does know. I mean how has only you know Cecil flipping Tampa tomorrow in the you know organized sports spayed and she puts a bit and we we have Michael months' worth that. All of those flip it up into what drives her crazy when you leave the cabinet now and open up the wrong day. And Amy do that the government you know in order. It doesn't matter girl and it has seen for a everyday at this point open in hopman commitment and then. It doesn't matter what is your own thing you're gonna ballot leaflet it. Kinney an open ear biting container in an orderly academy beat these Thursday. Instance two goals on the wrong day. At. The letter. A load. Of money. That's so that is. So so yeah you should have spiritual he should have family and you should also have physical. Goals OK so my thing and what's next after physical yeah it is personal development of current personal enough. You know it's. Jim grown used to say in general was my favorite off union and yet you and I'll love that he doubted 2009. And and and Jim Rome is to say work as hard on yourself. As you do your job right work is hard for yourself as you do wandered up right. And and and General Counsel read books out there treasury of quotes. Does many other books if you'd chance to listen to general and read some his books because he he's he is known as. The father. Of philosophy right he had a very inspirational motivational speaker. An and like that he passed away in 2000 and but he's got some great stories of great things in this a love listen to stuff right. And and so. I try to listen to one to two books a week. If you count the Bible as a whole book it's like taken me two months to get through that book right. But I try to listen to one to two books a week Rory and and I try to listen to books like business. Real state. Tax planning in retirement. You know personal development motivation gold sending. Just anything and everything I know. I do not listen to toothpicks and I don't do I listen any fiction stuff. But I will listen to liked. I keeps they have listened desperate calls. Would like Q I don't read books what I do is listen to a moral bottom via inaudible I love audible. And you know for like a monthly subscription thing is like fifteen dollars from personal market remember you know that you credits and you know whatever books you won't with the Kravitz. But it's really really good. I love it and you can do well on. You know you can do Purcell development and do business whatever it is you'll. And listen to over over and if you pick it up on your phone and listen to it in the in the go to your computer it will save your location where you left off. And you can pick right up on another device yet. Who a law that I absolutely love that so I've done actually pretty good. With a personal development part of that I have I mean keep Alina where unitarian. Yeah recommends that you all the time. The only way to Manhattan and Staten the only way is the calls for the last little wow he's been in the Bible. So while he's in that. I'm doing Ali's other. Amateur books I'm trying to sort of York caught. That pin. I'm gonna have to do the Bible that numbing agents that are on again here's here's the secret. He listens to double speed you listen to four times beat I can't patent. Until I'm out listen to on at. One and a half effort it comes SP one and a half from complacent and the speed right so I do listen to them bastard. A lot of the times he's still listens to them after an act and and I do like Turkey like that and that this year average three times. Never. But the difference that's of great ally that quiet FBI hostage negotiator so I got back and reread the forum and on the violence here. That's a rule in mind if an excellent the part about well all the better that way. I'll like it I really do like it even their three day events we have idea. Recommended reading list Richard game we do yet and you know they can right analyst at the entire power points to its yes so personal development. You are not phone on opposite Brad collars that where if we are on a year I can't take you're obviously and now I think. My opponent blowing up that's that's. The reason we can't keep looking at it. Were a political. Program. Spiritual and family. Physical. Personal hurt them in the next you have. Sadness but we've got to take a break here and that it yet so we'll talk about that only come back. On you can give me a call like you're already doing but I'm not in the odds are you're right it is very accurate leave me a message armed. But it it's not right ethnic it. A flip build answer the phone 877 Larry go talk about the investors Hitler thought about getting out to a three day event mentoring programs. With the investor's kit Larry's books his CDs and some things like that. It's scheduled for an office toward a come pick that up racquet in night out he would give me call 877 lingo. A brag radio dot com we'll hear it. Welcome back to brag radio. On an apple has in this. The leaders and very you know that's what happens now I don't say it when I'm not ready to say that you're not hear a lot was ready. If you're looking you're just wait you're right way. When and you look at each strengthened not oppose what an air guitar. He certainly is especially when there's a minute or so ago literally and we've done we've gone through spiritual handling physical. On the mound on down on. Spiritual payment physical part. Yeah I mean. Why do you feed on there. A lot of encouragement and a case that we talk. We talked about goals that make automatic we Toma goals that not news it's not that. Yeah so we've got spiritual and we've got family. We've got physical. Personal development. And now it's business what you'll do what business you may not even have your own business yet. But maybe you'll start a business in rules state you wanna get started so goal might be. Two you know in my business up and run into in my LLC started start getting some education. Education. And you know start making offers on properties give my first deal in the first quarter you know so polite that. But I edu our engineering. And you have a goal of trying to your needing to get an integrator maybe you are an integrator. In need of a visionary and says this is the year that you're gonna put that into play they may not understand that. And they may not than they need to come to a three day event where we can tell them all about you know last. Traction in rocket fuel. That's true that's true and and in our inner circle student we can we have them. Using and were key US because it's a great way to keep track your goals plans or vision payment of 103 year ten year yet you gotta have metrics which is which are keeping guys step. Key performance indicators to let you know you know it's similar goal setting right. It's basically bill saying for business. Yeah it is it's exactly. Also in the business and it doc currencies together you can have different goals for your business you can add different goals for your life but it. They're gonna panic coming off sometimes in an air client. And affect each other. If you're not mean your goals are homeless gonna put stress on inched up a work especially at work as the calls I mean I mean your goals home. That's true that's true goals. Goals have to be realistic right right there have to be attainable right you can't set a goal. Only spend more time in my family and I want and I wanna travel and this is twice he should I iron. The issue of saying they've got to be. Measurable measurable. Right that can measure that I say that. You said realistic attainable measurable. Immeasurable yeah right evident from the have to be quantifiable did you realize it really did win. Years yeah. And published over here Anthony you can't in his face the agency taken you know he's looking at YouTube. How. Many Stanton happening in the earmark. But at the it's on. It but yeah. And yet. All's you have to be measurable there's no question they must also must be writing. This very important. And they must have a goal without a deadline is just a conversation which it talked about this in the first step lasts. But a goal without a deadline is just conversation. And you gotta have it in right. You gotta have it in writing if you don't have in writing just conversation no more the last right. That's exactly. So we've got. We go spiritual family physical. And in we've got personal development and business so maybe we'll start a business. We can help you with that. If you would get out of your data they JOB. Job now I understand you had a spell and you don't it. Call there job JOB I'd just over broke. There. Well that's what some people's I now understand what it is. I understand a lot of people have a career that you love maybe your teacher. Curse. In here maybe your attorney and you love what you do you just wanna do rules that owns. Right to weakens or. You know full park more sprint right. We can help with that we give them pieces of the old puppy yeah but run and and and that's what we do we teach people do yes we charge a fee for it okay that's what we did that. A business now and we have a tremendous amount of success Austin. All over the country even around the world we have students in the US Canada Australia New Zealand Japan and China is the Philippines are actually in Denmark. And anything. You can missile whole war. The air. In the ego. And Bermuda. Bermuda we have inner circle student Bermuda. On houses mostly from Bermuda. Bermuda. So anyway. We can help you with the Disco guy and the last thing it's funny to. Okay the last type of Eagles to assess our financial may be its amount an amount of money that you want to set aside maybe it's for retirement account. Maybe it's X number houses were flipped to to set aside pay off the Eagles maybe you won't review should maybe you were repair after credit cards built cars. Pay off your home you know that don't try to do it all at once calls rules state is not our repeated does not. Get rich quick okay. It's cute it's slow right rank and slowed stay right. And but it doesn't mean. We can't help you to make in 204060000. Dollars from. Right right I mean we've done that for many many people many people and and you literally are this close right here you can close. To being able to accomplish your goals right and put my index finger about a quarter when it's from a poem right. About a quarter of image like that. Right so. You're very close with your financial goals right. It can be I won't contribute X amount to a retirement plan. Retirement account and I don't know if you guys know this from the if you've heard me before if you into our Vince you know you can buy and sell rules state and retirement account. In an irony in the 41 K and support our even HS they helped savings account. And also even in an HSR. Two BES. Educations. Health savings account and an education savings right now. But quite frankly you have a lot of time because it's the last year you can contribute to and he has said. The last few you can do she got to get the money and right now tomorrow today tomorrow. This afternoon. And you gotta get the money not quick parallel and don't go on line and open up. You know go to any in the bank credit union. You know financial institution you can converted to a self corrected in time but this is the last year you can contribute to yesterday. Right you could still continue to work the cal rain right campaign Mormon just can't add to. Or you can open up when you went. So you've got like a day and a half. Right to do it on line right so Korea so. So yeah financial goals would be you know pale video card after cars to help your house. Have X number of dollars in the bank that's sort of thing you know do. Maybe college education out of the way for your kids are Greinke has caused me you know their parents are and be able to do it. You know or whatever so those were all the different types of goals that you consent right. That's a lot of them but just remember gas. Goals must be what Chad. Measurable measurable. They have to be measurable. And they must be in writing. By and they must have a deadline. A goal without a deadline is just a conversation. Right. And and got doubled you to think about New Year's resolution. And or anything like that old to think about goals write them down. Make them specific. Don't do so many of where it's overwhelming okay. Please don't do that in if we can help you with your goals with getting out of debt which is becoming financially independent. We're being a real estate mogul. We can help you do that we've helped me many people do that right Candice that's right. They sure have. 877 Mary again. And we can talk about all that stuff looking at the investor's kit out two year email if you're not close enough to the office to come by and take a physical tour and pick it up. We can talk about men's training and are about three day events you can check out all of our pass those on brag radio dot com Ximian email to info at cracked radio. Or just give me a call 877 lingo. Thank you can't ask for more information about what Larry and Candice discussed on today's brag radio. Leaving the world to be rich in generous got to brag radio dot com you can also calling 877 Larry go for free investors get. To schedule a tour of the office or get more information on upcoming events that's 8775277946. Tune in again next Saturday as best selling real estate investing up to Larry go into and co host Kansas features the latest strategies and techniques the pros use to make money in real estate. It's rag radio leading the world to be rich in generous on news 1110993. WBT.