Hurricane Harvey, "Wild Words ONes' , and More

John Hancock
Friday, August 25th

Hancok is joined by Erik Spanberg, of The Charlotte Business Journal to discuss MLS, College Football, and Charlotte Mayoral Race.


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Yeah. This is John Hancock. Stay out. Broke Republica. Report. Couple years ago here and go a little over a year ago. That talked about how unprepared they were for a hurricane. And guess what's get credited Texas. This could be a this can be a pretty big story where it's also done with it'll be a big story just based on our rain. But add to that. Some other little side angles. Like trump hasn't filled. The the spot into. A dog or ago or the two politically appointed depositions that FEMA. Three roles that are currently being staffed by Obama hold overs. Which is how will probably be fine but. This could be. That that think we can be all and prepare well this could be Katrina. Now from a standpoint of maybe not responding go to the both say you know this they don't mess with taxes. And apparently Harvey is gonna mess with Texas. I category two right now expected to be category three by the time it hits Orlando which should be seventy miles plus seven miles north of Corpus Christi. Late Friday or early tomorrow. It. AccuWeather meteorologist says it. May be nothing short of a flooding disaster for Texas. Because not only will it spawn tornadoes. But. It could hit Texas twice they say. And it's it's trapped between two areas of high pressure so that means it'll just stall. Tor three to five days over the top and Texas and they say 35 inches of rain in parts of the state. Possible storms surged twelve feet high winds up to 125 miles per hour National Weather Service director. But I told the Associated Press it does have the ingredients that it needs to intensify and we're seeing that intensification occur quite rapidly. So while. Keep your eyes on Texas a note Corpus Christi and Houston and and the warnings actually go all the way over to the Louisiana coast. So it'll be the first storm of the size to hit the US since so Wilma hit in a 2005. And apparently interstate 37 yesterday northbound lanes coming out of Corpus Christi work as you would expect. All parking lot. So world. Texas will probably be the story over the weekend by good neither Idaho there were some Friday as we can beat up we've got to. We were run cannon traffic through afternoon Eric saucepan burden alone lateral join us until 4 o'clock we'll do our revenues are just worth thirty okay got a big weekend at five to salt pretty standard stuff. The Macgregor Mayweather fight is tomorrow night. Anybody subscribing to that how much is it to be looked. I had no insurance price prohibitive is sixty. Which is fine if you get ten people in the house. But I don't want ten people in my house on a Saturday night. Consider at some point you have to ask him to go home. And in people that generally show up for stuff like fights they linger. Like linger worse. So why UN that's tomorrow night the other part about that is I don't care if it was six bucks or probably wouldn't pay to see it he. 1980 bucks which decided to get. Fifteen people in your house. Ninety bucks on. I'll. What's the guaranteed payoff 300 bill. Nobody nobody thinks McGregor Scott art chance a chance. Just one lucky sucker punch in the first round I would be pretty extreme and it. And apparently the rookies and no Las Vegas would all just pretty much don't put a shingle out Torre were closed and and and seek. What Chapter Eleven bankruptcy. Not because of that I guess the betting line has raised it to some extent but for awhile there it if McGregor won the fight. It would have been devastating. So anyway that's tomorrow Campbell last night was. Was it was good fit at once serious. But people are you viewfinder optimism retail and so that was that was good to see you. And Derek Anderson. I was bad. And so now there's apparently. Possibly. Well Joseph person writes highlights low lights leave Carolina roster in flocks and one of the things he points out is that Derek Anderson's losing his grip on the number two quarterback job. So who would pay if that word it that we're I can't imagine that'll happen given his success in the past but if it did if that intact for to happen or what. Well. And then there's been all little linger there was a article in the paper with Thomas Davis say no life at all. There's there's been a lot of controversy about Colin peppard nick about today you know and the end and NAACP. Meeting with the NFL now saying c'mon guys get no. No pun intended blacklisted. And so you don't have been. Thomas Davis again always go I'd Wu I'd welcome it and I think that was just hypothetical but. How would you feel about that of all the sudden college cavern or where your backup quarterback Cam Newton. Did you begin pretty reasonable these days. I I don't know that that's even a bit of a famous possibility just got to vote. The thing that floated through my mind. And neck camera cavern artist pain cap looked good last time. Second game in a row that he's looked good and you don't look good last night was the it was X Sanchez the quarterback that everybody just kind of assumed that you know the vitriol that we got last year just everybody assumed he was going to be be gone. And he looked good last night. If he was if he was over four feet tall be helpful but. But anyway so was I was that occurs Samuel first time we're really had a chance to see him and you can see the flash there enough. Christian McCaffery. Yeah wait to see him into the game rarity NC now they're gonna use these guys give me a game plan once the season starts and there was season will start. Two weeks Sunday. As we have our last pre season game next Thursday that'll be another one of those pregame for thirty deals with Pittsburgh here. Bank of America Stadium and so so two weeks Sunday the season starts as we travel up to separate Cisco. And that would be a stinger for a tempered their career backup quarterback and your adaptive San Francisco. But not that interest and one of the top editors of the Wall Street Journal. Made some comments about his reporters the other day. We never got to this yesterday. Because we have pretty much spent the whole hour and a half that we were on before the panther pregame show talking about Jay Thomas. Who are passed away at the age of a 69 and no my thanks to Larry sprinkle a lurch Farber too good trends good good friends it is. Larry farmer girl and a friend of his that the family called him and said you better get out here and he's a woman told us yesterday that he made arrangements. Got in touch. Ease one of those senior principals sent to the East Coast entertainment. He also is the guy who are brought music with friends to Charlotte which is. Subscriber deal where you pay a certain amount of money up front menu I think pay an annual fee after that but you get three. This is the Augusta I assume this is still be guidelines or not. That you get three private concerts down its spirit scorer and then they got he's brought in. Fagan and rationing and surrender to all be wrong but I mean big names he won't he won't settle for. The disease he tops community clearance Clearwater is certainly has been an Isa. I'm not so sure Aretha hasn't been a part of that and he brings. So bad it's for the select group. Bill deal on some other people you know that I no oral or are part of them. So I Ehlers earliest a guy I had no idea that he was that tight with Jay Thomas. But. He made arrangements. Or got word to David Letterman and Paul Schaeffer us people that. That that Jay was moon was dying. And down. Those of us who booed brown ended. And so he calls and he gets I guess it would have been a week ago last Wednesday. Letterman calls Jay Thomas. I don't know if you know of Letterman's reputation but it's not necessarily warm and Fuzzy. Arm but he called. Who he had does stab wished her relationship with over the years. With a throw enough football to meet ball on top of the Christmas tree but even more so the story about the Lone Ranger. Which is just scream every time you hear it and we all heard it and number of times. I and so not only did a David Letterman call him but to assorted Paul Shaffer. And apparently. I think it was Larry sprinkle that told us that sort of Howard Stern. Now there was a time when a Jay Thomas wasn't all that crazy about Howard Stern because stern had. Take unit to a whole different level but one of the uh oh inspirations for JAR. Scares me one of the inspirations for Howard Stern with Jay Thomas. After he left Charlotte. Went to New York. And stern used to listen to him. There's a story about him sit in another side of the road news Carlos and and a arm and was it. So log but anyway. I'm done I I I I don't know a friend of Adam was not a friend James Estes that guided bumped into in the halls are redundant. But do you have. What do what a cool thing. To have submitted of people of that stature. Not call you. Irish ago school singer and I just tell people that you respect. Reaching out to say hey you. You made a difference you had an impact her lifeless. Your life was worth so while anyway so and so that that's got to. What we did yesterday was so wait I never got to this story on the Wall Street Journal I think this is fascinating. The top editor at the Wall Street Journal apparently thinks that his reporters are too biased against president trump. And there are many in the journalism community. Who are who who think that the newspaper has become way too deferential to the White House. And this issue flared after staffers leaked an email from a senator Gerald baker. In which he criticized an early draft of the paper's coverage of the Phoenix rally. And he says in this leaked email. Quote sorry. This is commentary. Dressed up as news reporting. This is an editor what the Wall Street Journal a top editor. Now he's in bed that's that's exactly what we've been complaining about what the press. And and and they don't take that is constructive criticism they immediately got their defenses up. But this is commentary. Dressed up as news reporting that's what they're all doing. Now people like CNN and no Fox News and MSNBC. And I don't think any more so than a radio talk show host are they under the responsibility. Of a journalist who what where why and when dealing with facts. But journalists are supposed to do just that they're supposed to report the story they're exposed to restore the facts they're commentary should not leak in to their work. But it does and we've accepted it now. So that everybody can now report. So that. We accept the fact that the majority of the media is going to lean left we accept the fact that there are now publications out there debt. Call themselves news organizations. But. They don't you know that they write to the right. Com so now it's that we pick our journalism. Depending on which side it. They're on. Whether or not they're on our side or not. So this comment sorry this is this is commentary dressed up as news reporting close quote. In this email that got leaked. I he then said could we please just stick to reporting and what he said under rather than packaging yet. Exit Jesus. In other words interpretation. And selective criticism. Talk more about this in the second. Up Corpus Christi and none north of there users storm beer. I guess they I have the storm is about 75 miles offshore vermin you look at. The rotation and stuff it's already been the coast are pretty good and that's going to be the story and then it's gonna get in their between two high pressure systems and it's just gonna sit. All right on top of Texas. And just drop. Huge amounts of rain and spawned tornadoes and no. So horrible comprise a net not only today but to us throughout the weekend. I retired about this Wall Street Journal somebody leaked top editors email. And and frivolity is considered. There are a lot of people that have criticized the Wall Street Journal for being too deferential to the White House. It's still one of the publications I agreed. The us some staffers leaked this email from the editor Gerald bakery in which he criticized an early draft of the paper's coverage of what happened in Phoenix the other night and he said quote sorry this is a commentary based out. Dressed up as news reporting. Many wrote could we please just stick to reporting. What he said. Rather than packaging it in exit Jesus. And selective criticism. Why the lookup exit Jesus by the way if. But it in and in essence it's it means interpretation. So lie as they did the times then examine today. All of a later editorial of the story and found that phrases had been deleted. Including one saying that trump had. And off script returned to campaign form. And another that riveted away from remarks a day earlier in which he solemnly called for unity. Bum. So in response the journal says that it maintains quote a clear separation between news and opinion and strives to avoid having. Our opinions seeping into news coverage. And that's almost impossible these days. But a finally an editor speaks up to his staff and says. Have you all law have you all forgotten the basic tenets of journalism. Now I understand that CNN and fox and and and and networks and talk show hosts and we were not necessarily strapped with the same responsibility. Com. It has its journalists are. In and thus we refer to ourselves as journalists and I don't. But. That that's kind of what bill when people thought I was standing up for trump all week ago. All I was more standing up against. The way the story was reported. I think this editor is exactly right I'll love that commentary I'm sorry but this is commentary dressed up this news reporting that's what they're all do one. That's absolutely what CNN and nine and the networks who have the cable networks are doing. But you expect a higher standard from people whose reputation says they are. Supposed to have a higher standard the New York Times the Washington Post. So calm. That the journal's getting a reputation of being too soft it here because. It's owned by Rupert Murdoch. Who has become a close advisor to trump. And I don't know maybe that's true and maybe that's not true by the way that they at that point was pointed out by Dylan byers who is scenario. Into TC NN. But maybe this charming and just not true but didn't today the editor's comments. To the people reporting the story. In the Wall Street Journal has publication that he's an editor of is exactly right this is commentary dressed up as news report. Now the other side David Axelrod who was a senior advisor who Obama. He's roaring about talk of impeaching president trump. And we got into a conversation about this couple days ago to. And a lot of people are talking about in. Numbers from a guy the other day yesterday. About impeachment said he heard several callers talking about and he said. Please schooled them. At the federal level article two of the US constitution states that section in section four of that quote the president vice president and all civil officers of the United States. Shall be removed from office or impeachment for. And conviction of treason bribery. Or other high crimes and misdemeanors. You can't just impeach somebody because you don't like film. Or because you don't like their style. I wonder I always wondered today what are impeachment have come out and all in in this conversation if we hadn't had an impeachment. Bill Clinton. So. You you can't just say all man this guy scares the BGBs had a mean. Let's impeach him. Then work that way. Axle rod is a senior political commentator for CNN now set on the network I think we have to be very very careful we have these discussions because we have a system. A constitutional system and if people get a sense that there is some extraordinary measure that's going to be taken into effect that. Oh what they would like to view us up a bloodless coup he said remember a third of the country supports this president. And that's a very dangerous road to go down and if you ever did go down that road you're opening a pandora's box that will never end close quote. So he issued his karma is caution in response to the comments that have been made the day before by the national the former national open. Escude the former Director of National Intelligence James clapper. Who questioned trumps fitness for office and asked how much longer does this country have to to borrow a phrase endure this nightmare. While now. Probably at least three years. Three and a half here someone. Tom there was I read an article yesterday in an owner what the source was. But it was a long lengthy. Article and it was talking of it and and they had gathered a whole bunch of psychiatrists together. And they were analyzing the mental stability. Of Donald Trump. And I thought to myself really. All but just psychiatrists. I and then they talked about how dangerous that is these guys have never had a session with a never sat down with him they don't have they don't if they don't have a clue but they're willing to. It took two to kind of gosh that's just. I should stunning to me. So I don't know how strange days indeed but they're congratulations to Gerald big for the Wall Street Journal for actually asking fail well known. Respected. How publication like the Wall Street Journal and and the editors about the New York Times in the Washington Post ought to be doing the same thing in and point out. Pump in the stories word applies. This is commentary dressed up as news reporting rumors and a little room of the whole bunch TV screens. I'm right there this there gathered up at this Brothers and Ben and everything else there and well and Anna and I and a great big. 27 gallon. Container of I'm diluted coffee coffee yes partnership that's that's what America right there there's no cubs because he just has the ideal lines to get right and is on. Bad thought about the everyday that would work on our door on this kick over you're gonna save the planet so we don't we don't have cups over here we just let you got to cut your hands are you got to take it by ideas have babies face not think. Get the death tax and you've got a job. A month or month and a half ago I got an envelope here because most don't know pictures. Like Jim in the studio there's a great big government on balls that are and I had no motive in her and open it up and it's Leo quite. Teacher. From my old forge Pennsylvania. Which I've talked about more than half a dozen times because old forge pizza rebel lows and a number of places there are just killer does best pizza I've ever edited say it's actually pretty simple it's not a better anyway northeastern Pennsylvania Wilkes-Barre Scranton where where I'd spent some time. Well we're committed WAR elm an old forge pizza was some that I discovered out there and I've been back once cents an ounce of first place I went and got myself up. A Yang Ling and a slice around I believe in them. So torture is a well it came from a guy refers to himself as mayor Jim and guess who's online wanted to news so 111010 to 93 WBT hello mayor Jim. Hey mister John Yang got Kato and I'm good man you. Insurer health care why you know I came down per boat being cancer in a prompt some over charted style Garrick bright bright. But that they're up on milk so I would like you mentioned cancer so part it was they you know. Now you've been it is it's your cat I've grown as spent splitting time between now northeastern Pennsylvania and here early she were last time I heard from a. Al yeah you guys you guys that come down here now and I ate my wife so there were working not a president that you're really you know like. Is enthusiastically at the flat isn't a piece of pizza ups. Yeah that we're working on get it can't downfield toppled couple prayed lets you share. We can share what you're terrible fellow worker. I'm Assurant. It's not that that's you know I would share problem what's the number one place and all forges a Revell lows are payroll now. I'm. There's a couple I mean there's a for bellows was packed and it generally is when I get in there as you go under and you have lunch and dinner. Indeed do you remember the name of the old pizza place that was in downtown avoca. It was a bar and a pizza place and when I had gotten up there and 88 or 89 they had just lost one of their young daughters to a traffic accident or she was hit by a car some. I don't tolerate so you know maybe that was it right right in the center in downtown avoca. Brad Garrett Eric yeah. That they did a pretty mean by two. And people energized if they if they ever got. Potato or pages they've never go back out all the current. He can't help you know you can't give you can't describe it first places square second place. They crossed if you didn't put sauce and cheese on it across to I think we're just float away but. It's so flavorful it's got more garlic and under it's got more sometime and it but but it's actually pay it's pretty simple it duty you know it's not. That they put the really bizarre ingredients or anything like that it they don't but very they put up. A special sauce on their and the cheese that they use and then the crust and I just mean it's it's just sensational. An uptick recipes you know it and I don't doubt it how well they shouldn't they think you know they shouldn't well this is not a pure health gets better. Thank god don't like him and I'll talk to you and I talked to you okay that prior. They care so just SA and I finally got the statement on my little trip to the emergency room and Estes Park. We've kept on weight we've gotten so little preliminary bills but it was so you know it was like eight or 900 bucks and it's not my cost that. And we just knew that a trip to the emergency room and any KG and and IV and all that other stuff that I was only there for three hours. Anyway I got the statement today is between twelve and thirteen thousand dollars it's just asinine. Mike kernel be probably close to program. Which you know we'll figure would do. Didn't need to doesn't muted leave it didn't. Glad to but but we're fine. That thirteen thousand dollars codified a cult an ambulance. Inventory said. I and I understand medical expenses and I understand equipment that's needed them and staffing and all of that stuff but three hours thirteen thousand dollars you'd think maybe the medical industry is just a little bit out of control. Says WB BMY. Tires are. Our custom on Fridays when possible we are jagr was very expand her senior staff writer Charlotte business journal the new addition comes out on Friday new addition is out today and here he is and although there's a living Gloria. These superstar of local print medium. Caught a record and we read that Vijay. But says he shows up at their press conferences and he's like he's like the star. A Vietnamese did it said nothing there's only one left this. Hope I think it means that Tommy Tomlinson left town it's that smoothness and whether that's right there with them all hey look. And who let's shift for me I don't think that we had a chance huge run down the experience of the ball out of all that. Check out. It went fine now and I actually made got the ball to the catcher and the rest was all downhill from there that was the only thing I was concerned about was it was sort of thrown out the first pitch. And I think they clocked in about 95 miles an hour. Art army are upset or maybe it was 59 miles an hour but it was I don't remember as one of the two. I apologize he did significant I remember cal is that you were the same as Nolan Ryan yes OK okay now I'm back with yeah but it. Now are now it all worked out fine I and if you'd like one just to our wrap fifty dollar bill around your requested no and let me know. And although why it's become a bit chip although it's it is as would be a monopoly bill right. There will look or color them close the blue and you know that's assumed. No matter what ball are not actually growing your right very good very good do not pass go do not collect but rather go up. Com you I talked to Marcus Smith is so weak. He he said hey you know. We're going to be sorry if we if this bid fails and then they didn't say that and threatening way. He just said you know this is a great opportunity for us and if we somehow or another. Now meander our way out of it though we'll day you know I think will be sorry about it. Yes I think the other point you trying to make is that. His belief is obviously defeat MLS it is growing and that the fight that issue molecule up a bit. There will be a limited number of these franchises and so if Charlotte itself. Here in December or perhaps in the next round if it goes that far. Then there will be regrets a better. It was not assembled the thing that I can't tell here is how forward he's willing to go this how much of his own money if he willing to put into the stadium given what the local government groups have done or have not found. And that he was noncommittal on whether he would think about bidding for a team if this first round in December putt and now. Com. Well I can't tip his hand I mean he's say he's still he's still hoping somehow or another that does this ends up being a public private partnership. I have all the sudden decision on if we don't get it targets will foot the bill ourselves and the I mean you can't do that. Outright lie I completely understand I'm the for giving you the flavor of what we discussed in yeah thank you John we've talked about this all summer this idea of the public funding. For part of the construction of the stadium and now of course there is no stadium site so the next. 346 weeks something like yet we'll have to be devoted few determining whether there is a viable alternative site. I have Major League soccer this week if they would accept. A different site from the one that they had been given him a bit and I still haven't got answered they say their research so. Although they did they have an they have said do you in bed and they won't go to Eastlund. They have said that. They have said that they do not like he's on they won't be closer to downtown that that's something that the mayor. Had mentioned to meet. There a week or so ago after that committee meeting to discuss soccer she said well. If the city began to look at other sites how the Major League soccer declined near downtown that very question and I don't think anybody got fears. They they'd they had twelve sites that had been privately considered by Smith and city and county leaders and we certainly know what to all the morrow one was so memorial stadium and one was Eastlund but do we know what the other ten or the other yet the other ten or. We we know one other one which is how Marshall building on north Tryon street owned by Mecklenburg County. Give value of that building and it's been bandied about its development for several things over the years. And the fact that you would have to close I believe it's college street that the city and county don't like that one as an option so we know those three we don't know the other nine I ask county city various people that week I haven't gotten any answer other than we'll get back fuel we don't know so my hunch is that we're not going to get that list until September 14 Wendy. Economic development committee were turned yet again to talk about soccer ball lodged. And as you point out in my when he articles today how Marshall is not only valuable property that could generate revenue through it was sold to a private developer but but whatever property. Armed MLS. Four Charlotte ended up with as a possible stadium site of the stadium was built there that they're unlikely to be paying a property cost. Right exactly because you can imagine here regularly so I'm certain LS or Charlotte saying. That they can't foot the bill for the construction or the entire bill for construction they certainly are born to turn around say they're going to pay for the land on top and so. What that leaves in terms of possibility I'm not sure although like yes he could look at some scenarios where you have some private developers. You know building a Jacob. Attractions that would offset laying cult possibly felt that that maybe thought you look and well. The flash point here is very familiar whether taxpayer money should be used for sports stadiums and Arenas. And as you have pointed out in conversations that you and I have had and I'm curious is have whether you fellows that could be thrown this towards Marcus as well. Com. When Jennifer everybody else. Yeah I handed. That's the answer that you get in part from Marcus Smith it's not maybe that block but he didn't put it that way but I mean no I did it right. It's couched in the language. It may be a public private partnership that's sort Major League soccer expects. And that they like get by inference sitting county government at the sign that. And to the community torn to get out support the team went. They come here that's all along war is saying what you just said which is if you look around major exports. Yet it quite ringer for eighteen cute face the entire call of the stadium Maria. All right let me ask you this there's no possible way no way no how that independence. That memorial stadium comes back around. And the reason I asked that. I'm assuming the answer to that is no but this is an election year so let's get past November does that is there any chance the climate changes drastically. Well breed and I don't think that memorial stadium it's coming back from the Major League soccer first fact this is that this had an election year forced City Council not for the county commissioners and Mecklenburg County so they have no. Worry or concern about. This year because they're not up for election and he would pay it accurately target the let where job but there are some rumblings that. Maybe you Mecklenburg County will turn around trying to nurture the Charlotte independence they yet they can read that the idea. Renovating memorial stadium rather than knocking it down. Course they wouldn't do that and tell MLS soccer was officially dead wouldn't. Correct and the other problem they would have their guys remembered that the earlier article was that the city and the county will put an eight million dollars each for that memorial stadium integration with independent. My guess is the city not going to be willing to coordinate million dollars if they feel like the counties just computer IBM I'll let you off. All right speaking of elections the Charlotte mayoral candidates all got together for a debate that'll low error I think on Sunday. It's already been recorded. But we've already kind of got to listen snippets about what to came out of that Tuesday afternoon where you and attendance for them I want an attendance and yeah and and I'm Jennifer Roberts is in the eye of the storm I am I mean everybody's kennel point nine per judge Joseph Ford was pretty young. I was pretty direct no vile Lyles is not. Quite as direct but. Lack of leadership is essentially what there are accusing the current mayor of. Yes there Internet fame and few other Democrats. Considered longer shot. I'm from Johnson. And the guilt pocket both said they would give the buyer a great up and ask for her. Handling of the protests and riots last year or so. They're worth say it's pretty loud chorus. Against the way to mayors carry out her job now remember she'd make some associates to target and she taught back in said that if you look at the increases in the side police force and some of the port or housing funding increases in the budget. That she and the city arguing things can take these steps you rectify these problems in the force the next step this September 12 when the voters go out for the primary decide that they like. There was not only one Republican out of the three that are essentially running for the office than Terry showed up for the debate. Kimberly Page Barnett was the lone Republican who participated Tuesday. A bomb which is good for her because that's the first time I've ever heard her name. So loved good name recognition helps were were was Kenny Smith Moore was done and work through earlier well why were they not in attendance well. Interesting can that headset early on that yet scheduling conflict. You have some head yet that it is really bought the maybe work. Him risking any kind of political capital or missteps since he is a heavy favorite on the Republican. Primary side Gary Dunn was scheduled to attend an inflated. Yep 215 cute way to prevent search your thirty. Everyone's still thought he was going to show up and am working that he was not so that let the lone Republican as you mentioned and that she had signatures and comments. All of HBQ and also on the idea of earth. Public protests saying that if you corrupt or heard they would. People. Who oppose any saying. Whether it was the the events last September. What do it on line and it's it's protesters are scaring people now I'd venture obviously some not. Rather controversial. An unusual remark in regard queue up public and civic discourse but that's what she won't. He I had not your publication but the observer came out and endorse vial Lyles and endorsed Kenny Smith. And at the end of their rather pointed. Editorial. And they they talked a little bit about Kennedy Smith. You can't really read too much into it but is there any chance stayed indoors Kenny Smith over bought over a democratic candidate. I think you're circling your chance. Now aren't you know I have no insight into what says server editorial orders its thinking about what you're I think there's certainly a chance it is nonunion hole. The mayor's race beat because we have so many has strong candidates usually it's it's harder to people you know pretty quickly. Yes looks like it's going to be a very competitive right of course the other thing it's different counties even when you look at what happened with that former mayor chants. Some of the other grants. This particular two year term eat I think it's stormy it any period in the last 4845 year to ensure. Now I YouTube. And and and could be as soon as soon as next month that you're already you're gonna have a new mayor of furtive for Jennifer Roberts doesn't make it through the primaries which. She's judgeship and is she has the funding and she she's she's an unbelievable campaign or I'm told. So I doubt we're real long shot I guess to some extent but I also think it's been a long time since we've had a mayor under this much fire. Yet that's exactly right and that's what makes this so hard to predict and SL interstate four people who follow. Politics closely. As you and I and others here so I try trying to get figure out exactly right look for it Gordon goes yep well be up and we should mention got to force. If sides in the last someone reaches the 40% threshold that they would go to great second. Runoff which happened in 2015 wins Roberts beat they're part. Now they're good point one that I've forgotten so. All right hang on we'll talk about college football and how Charlotte wants a bigger piece of that apply when we come back talking there expand virtual business journal. All right John you're going along in his first segment there's got some time in the second segment. College football Atlanta's got all pretty impressive lineup with a bowl games and national win nose and conference championships and jaunt over some read all that but then again. Well gosh we got a lot of we got most of that too so. Logo we want more. Yeah allies in Charlotte certainly don't want more ethnic wondered saying that it is being looked at closely is now the charts beginning to get in that rotation at every game most years if not every year on Labor Day weekend the start he's been getting higher profile matchups and now obviously Atlanta is that they're very with large say in Alabama gets you up retained. I that's not going to happen every year and it's certainly not going to happen everywhere but I think that's audit saying that organizers have in mind that also hurts the people mentioned the possibility of nearly two games in a week yet from debit card at Atlanta is doing this year so what the other hand out the first or negative view is that boost its and it's not a bit for. The Labor Day can't. Do you really think that Alabama Florida State's bigger than North Carolina State South Carolina or apps to eighties Carolina. Oh heavens no I didn't mean to you imply that that I. Well now I that just does is double check in with united sort of perceived you're running a fever something like that up. I it would be I mean always it would be a fun although like you you lose some other cities not just Atlanta and other cities that are out. And Denver. And Orlando and Houston area it's very competitive Barbara. You know let's not stop there it what's happening here next here you have West Virginia Tennessee therapy farewell and thank. North Carolina South Carolina that's that's a night's matchup or this part of the country so. I think dep what making steps the big thing they have to do is get more than 50000 people stadium as they had two years ago are still. And and the other games that you Melissa for other cities Indianapolis Louisville Purdue I mean you know our matchups are are comparable to that Denver's got Colorado State Colorado that's that's big if you live in Colorado but nobody gives a damn outside of that. Hmmm yeah so low anyway where were holding our own but they just like to make the may get a little bit bigger piece of the pie can't blame for them. Hey I'll have a great weekend and all all I'll wait to Augusta that fifty dollar ability to Syria convicted of be it ever at a quarter got a quick yeah yeah all right good does it come with a little top hat. Absolutely and it saying don't give very good thanks they're expand Burgos senior staff writer Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal that come. All right has been 237 days of the year it's hard to believe 128. Days to go. And by date. It's four months doctors. 1960 National Park Service established within the department of interior. I'm a national park kids so through over half a mile from rocky mountain national modes Obama a big national park proponent. 1975. Born to run Springsteen released. Marty hall is 95 today some sources say 96 and Sean Connery. Bond. James ball. Is 87. Probably not doing his own sense anymore. I newly really. Is testimony about Judge Judy shows that she refuses to negotiate with CBS about anything this is fascinating. I'm thinking about picking this up myself I don't know overworked as well for me is that as her she says she's just simply hands and executive an envelope containing her salary request. And other demands and the network knows better than to do anything but immediately comply. In his assure wield that kind of power. Course it depends on how reasonable you war. New study finds that when it comes to exercise men are definitely stronger and faster. But women have far more stamina. I read the news today oh boy another Russian ambassador's been found dead make that four in nine months. As this is like working for the clintons hero and all the people or dine around they the parameters are good enough you went through all that stuff. I and the latest study finds that are being popular and high school doesn't guarantee happiness later on in life. But you remember how pot how important it was then. I mean other than those of us who had no shot. At it. A Massachusetts woman claims that record lottery jackpot 53 years old 758. Point seven million. She bush took the lump sum payment that's 480 million after taxes but 336. Just two adult children a daughter and son. She the owner of the saw the store that sold the lone winning powerball tickets gonna donate his 50000 dollar prize to several local charities. So loved he owns the pride it's store chain Bob Bullock. So that's very cool and applied got my story here right. She may be the luckiest woman in America right now but. There with the same cannot be said for her late husband mabus. One Schechter I think concerning Mavis one checked. I tragically lost her husband last year and I hit and run crash while he was waiting at a bus stop William when Jack was his name. Sitting in a bus shelter all last November when a crazed driver lost control of his truck and crashed into the bus stop and him. Officials say that the other driver was speeding in the car's headlights were on. I have not heard that story any place else that makes me suspect Phil whether or not about the streets career number two and tell your otherwise that's. That's that's the story I've gotten so good for her. Although anybody that steps forward that fast for that much money. Scares me. Hey you know I'm really really should go get yourself a financial advisor and a lawyer. The two that don't know each other. And really make sure that you're ready you're good to accept that much money in men and know what you're gonna do with it before the sharks get to you I'm the sharks are right after already so off. New Jersey man a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. 56 years old before his death the promised his friends say a funny message in his obituary. And long time eagle fan. Was a passionate eagle fan owned season tickets are more than thirty years Eagles never won a Super Bowl during his lifetime. Eight friends wearing Eagles jerseys laid regal to rest on Thursday. All his obituary. He asked that. They have eight Philadelphia Eagles as his pallbearers. So they can let him down one more time. I think that's classic. He didn't hit the Philadelphia Eagles but you get all of his friends and Eagles jerseys to carrier men know let him down just one more time. Patrons wearing eagles' journeys jerseys are related to rest on the Thursday. I and he did get to see the Eagles win the last time resolve and that would have been last Thursday's 20s16 pre season victory over the Buffalo Bills pretty funny stuff. A love a guy with the city over especially when he's not geared up. To celebrate what this anymore. Tom. And I can make a really caustic eagle fan joke here but I won't. I don't know lottery winners. News survey career builder reveals that 80% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 78%. Live paycheck to paycheck that's up from about 75% last year 81% of women. Seventy per 5% of men. 9% of workers make in a 100000 dollars or more live paycheck to paycheck. Living beyond your means. Are we talked about the Philadelphia eagle fan who I had requested bid to eight Philadelphia Eagles because Paul bearer so they can let him down one more time. There's say liquor license has been approved for a planned funeral home. I'm somebody thought about this before. One time when you're entitled to drink heavily. Class a wine in my dad's funeral would have been good. Well ahead communion. But I am not so sure that is the circle the same thing a company planning to build a new funeral home in no Burlington Wisconsin. Has. Been approved for a liquor license the owners of the integrity funeral services are planning to build integrity celebrations they. Nearly 6000 square foot building designed for parties. Even funerals. With on site alcohol sales. Integrity owner Cindy Schweitzer. Admits. A beer and liquor license her funeral home not really all that common but the company's sales and events coordinator says that they are developing more social funeral ideas. To go along with the space. For example the family of a football fan might want to world want the food and and the feeling a ball last tailgate. Or do you generally do after a funeral specially for like a raucous for an. You go out mellowed. A couple foreign. I'm Doug Henry Logan went to fall under that all right Tom does deal would not have fallen former WBT personality and Monroe's favorite son. But no we all ended up Brodeur and Tom's favorite restaurant in no Monroe. And I think there was a couple of Beers to may have been served there are. Scientific are proven way to cut in line to be her game you're taught at an early age it's wrong. And it is. But then you flop that rolled by cutting in line where you can if you see somebody that you know. Hey Jimmy and I and then arrived feel self conscious about that. I'm gonna open greeted friends and sorrows over the instilled on the back of law. Arm. Anyway there's a scientifically proven way to cut in line without getting punched in the face and they say the sacred. Is to ask. Researchers found that even if you don't have an excuse a polite ask. To cut gets an okay 60% of the time. That's because 60% of the people are passive enough that they don't want our. That again yes. If that person know the year trying to cut hundreds out ahead of says yes people farther back are likely to object but if you got a good reason. Your flight takes off and an hour or you only have a few items suffer a check out or you. Share that as you're argued they say that your odds get even better but the but the key is to ask. Now I get an RV ever grocery store and you've got like. A. A cart full of stuff. And somebody gets behind you and they've got like two items. Do you ever say okay go ahead. So you know you. Certainly we no longer and all I know generally US courtroom what party is going through. All deal I have two items. Did you vote for trump. Oh well. Sorry. All right. We'll kick off the big weekend coming up next with Tom Petty and talk about some of the stuff that's going on that you could have of pride weekend going out of town Charlotte just so you know it's. Radio program and they've all southern women's show Charlotte Friday high school football weekend. All right the eleven day. Annual animal. Needs caved in EAD. Test days is coming up on Sunday why did they say animal needs. Because as being held that the great harvest bread company 901 south kings drive it's a to new event location for a news here. Played benefits the Charlotte Mecklenburg police animal care and control. Ten dollar donation get Jolo for bread with 100% of your donations supporting the spay neuter efforts in Mecklenburg County. Hi you can go to animals dot CM TV dot org. But it's Sunday at 10 AM to 5 PM at the great harvest bread company 901 south campus. John Locke yeah. Gulf. What in my favor weekend to southern women's show just Booth after Booth after Booth after Booth for Sutherland. I'm Bruce first of partial to video Brunette so wings clipped. Hey it is going is that one out. Why didn't somebody think this earlier. Junior's ability of southern women's show I dot com. You get discounted tickets that Allred. And they'll love you for that women love it when you was discounts are used coupons and still vodka safety Kevin there and saying today if it. It's afternoon I'm Joseph and I got it here on a discount coupon you're like you and units does it. Actually that's not there are quite all of it and they have daily fashion shows they've got Lori Hernandez the Olympic gold medalist is going to be there are tomorrow they're girls' night out to is happen and tonight 47 PM. And a lot of good stuff going on southern women's show shopping food fashion health beauty fun Charlotte convention center. Tickets are twelve bucks at the door ten dollars an advance. Opened this morning at 10 o'clock goes till 7 PM tonight tomorrow 10 AM till seven Sunday 10 AM till 5 PM and again. If you go to southern women's show dot com. Engaged about all the information that you could possibly in need he say god save the queen festival is going on time. 730 neighborhood theater you go into that. That's out of like you're kind of a deal. I'm god save the queen know what they are big big bang up homegrown Charlotte music fest cents a night as its 2011. I and it's it's gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger three days. I'll Friday and Saturday night at the neighborhood theater. Fade Benji Hughes is down there. Shadow graphs is down there anyway at 730 tonight when it all starts a neighborhood theater of the cost of fifteen bucks. And GS. TQC. God save the queen city. GE ST do you see dot. All they need more information on the. You appear. If you're down rock kill way tomorrow we'll be legal remedy brewing. Company is celebrating their. Three years serving. With their second. And it's it makes sense to me. Here Earth. Day party. All stuff going on live music and menus specialties and and new brews and souvenirs and a whole lot of stuff going on. And as a motive at local lot of the emphasis on local mostly local bands. Alter ego is a band ball over all three go on the eyebrows is Banda from Charlotte. Chase Warren in the home workers as a band from rock kill. On an infected fuel go down there are and you're watching chase warrant in the on workers. Throw stuff at the bass player. Beer. If it swings at stuff like that because via the of the bass player all that just happens to be our very own TJ. And arms so anyway chase worn in the home rockers and a TJ beyond that what are time 4 o'clock tomorrow. I belong cain's. At 530. Meego it's 7 o'clock motel Gloria all these events are either rock killed Iraq kill clover I think belong canes are commode Greeneville. Our special beer releases just for that day special food menu. Doors open at noon the music runs until about 10 o'clock tomorrow night beer Earth Day out party Saturday. Legal remedy brewing 1219 Oakland avenue in Iraq yell and if you need more information legal remedy brewing up. Dot com. Mom. Are you big weekend includes the Charlotte pride festival of town. The ev parade is on Sunday from about 1 to 3 o'clock hour north tryout street between ninth and no trade streets. I think PMC stand will be a trade triumph. And that's starting tomorrow the pride festival and the a PNC bank festival's own. Noon to 10 o'clock tomorrow noon to 6 o'clock on Sunday south Tryon street between trade in no Stonewall street that's still called Stonewall and. And entertainment on the Wells Fargo stage it to a self trial on a no stone Wall Street so all weekend long. Headlining entertainment know stuff like that. So I think they've got they are Charlotte pride VIP experience which is somewhat new this year indoor and air conditioned VIP lounge. If you go to Charlotte pride that dot org slash VIP. And you should get the particulars on that. But the praise on Sunday one to three and the F festival goes Saturday and Sunday essentially noon to ten on Saturday noon to six. On. On a Sunday so there you have that the other big deal going on this weekend is Floyd Mayweather and kind of a greater. Saw Connor McGregor two Super Bowl your before last. A message. 9 o'clock tomorrow night showtime the party preliminary fight so there have been an actual let finder and brought restarted nine doesn't that Cyprus are starting lately late. Our coverage of the boxing match between undefeated five. Weight boxer. Floyd meriwether current Altima fighting championship world lightweight champion kind of McGregor starts at 10:9 PM. Actual fight expected to take place closer probably eleven. Showtime is broadcasting it paper view it says here 99. Dollars and 95 cents at a nickel short a five about hundred bucks. US CTV Ultimate Fighting Championship pay per view is streaming and streaming service will live stream the five at the Acosta 9995. As well as the pre and post match show press conferences online for free. Slaying is offering the fight through its paper view us service 9999. So they're four cents higher plus taxes. And we'll make the fight available in both English and Spanish. And viewers will be able to a fast forward rewind and pause the live broadcast Sony PlayStation also is offering live streaming of the match via the PlayStation store on PS four devices. I'm 9995. Last I read it. They figured about seventy million dollars have been wagered. In Nevada for the fight I'm sure it's more than now. Mayweather is undefeated. Connor has had never heard. It done the boxing thing he may have fought five rounds or somebody or somebody but that's. But that's a that's about it. Com. But he's estimated nearly seventy million will be wagered it GM resorts the average bet on McGregor a 112 bucks vs 3700 bucks for a Mayweather. And there was some speculation earlier in the week that so much. Had to have been bit on Connor McGregor everybody you know put a hundred bucks or so like that down hoping to make big money on the bigger upset. That'd McGregor actually want it that. The book he's would be devastated with losses but I think it's gotten I think late money's been covenant on Mayweather. I and that may have even things out just a little bit Mayweather is an eleven to one favorite. Began as 111 favorite is now 51 or even less and some sports books so well. I will not be watching it live. Well I'm sure all find out about sun. Morning exactly what happened. And I have a feeling mr. McGregor is that we do pretty well our very vigilant may weather's gonna. Well there is I think that is because that's what the British told me to think no idea. He's walking into Mayweather is more tape. On boxing ring if these guys were getting and closed. Room you know all no holds barred. And I'd probably think daughter might have a better chance we'll see. We'll see that's why people are paying the big money let's look at 300 million dollar prize is Ellen there. Gary takes 300 million here and take 300 million there for you know you're talking real money. The new lottery winner. Big and all about 336. Million dollars. She didn't have to get hit okay. Hi party bigwigs you're retired by the southern women's show a dark about the Charlotte pride festival drew hill. Twentieth anniversary celebration going on. At the Fillmore. And that is to night. Blumenthal arts are no that would not be our right apparently I don't know if this is do dress code for this 8 o'clock sure tonight at the Fillmore is all white. So these are good the papers is there according to divorce and company says don't drink red one. What goes on their. Goo Goo Dolls on Sunday. Ethier Charlotte metro credit union amphitheater. So and I'll be joined onstage by the American Idol grad Phil Phillips Phillips Phillips. Our live nation dot com tickets cost you. 2950 to about 89 bucks for that Jim Lauderdale country folk singer is in town had a beautiful trotman North Carolina recipient of a lifetime achievement honor of for the American no music awards. I'm into when he sixteen he's worked for that everybody are Ralph Stanley doctor Ralph Stanley and nick Lowe and suns have been recorded death by a Elvis Costello in The Dixie Chicks and Blake Shelton and nine he'll be at the evening news every now and then Boyd just kills me 730. Jim Lauderdale at the evening news wonder what a great night that would break. So and that's Sunday night just oh by the way if you wanna put them on your things I got to do this weekend. Our high school football. Myers park on Brickell and Ashbrook kept east Mecklenburg and Porter ridge. It is at Piedmont Park Ridge won last week Jeff Newton my builder is a big Porter ridge. Supporter. He says watch out for a this year. Well they want last year reached so I can't tell him that he's wrong yet. Com. Rock Hill York. Keep looking here. Calm. Monroe is advance. Where Charlotte that Joseph west Mac. AC Reynolds add to Shelby. Butler at Mallard creek Catholic itself Mac south Mecca lost last week Catholics are pretty tough team to have to come back for. Hartford Providence Marvin rigid dale brown south point. Belmont south point at Lincoln did. Monroe advance and south point. Rock kill a nation Ford those guys are good this year and no amount violent charter is at Stanley Kramer over there beautiful. Not Kramer and some of the high school games that are going on for high school for boys should be a beautiful night for that. As boomer has made reference to several times temperature wise and otherwise I humidity is down out of her with the temperatures should be a great football Friday night. Your thought on this so weekend is be a Little League World Series. Sat there watched that North Carolina Texas game the other night and North Carolina beat him two to one. And then Texas. One last night beat Connecticut. So they'll do the a Little League go World Series championships the US championship was at 330 tomorrow afternoon on television and ABC and that'll be North Carolina Texas again. It's actually it's southwest Pierce's SE but those are the two Greeneville north Carolinas for your team for from North Carolina those guys because those kids are good. And then the international championship was at 1230 so before the US championship and that's Japan and Mexico. And then Sunday is the is the championship the consolation game. We'll take place at 10 o'clock in the morning on ESPN in the championship game will take place on not ABC. At 3 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon so a coupon rooting for those those kids from North Carolina think that'll be a good college football starts this season or this weekend. Morgan State and Colorado institutional role marquee games Texas southern Florida AN am Chattanooga. To Jacksonville State Portland State BYU but nonetheless Stanford rice. But the colleges started. By next weekend and actually vote coming into Thursday Friday and stuff like Jeff full force. ZoneAlarm. Was good for college football in this year as though we always do. Help reshape himself all weekend long you got the chiefs at CI and Seahawks tonight that'll be another channel three WB TV starts at 8 o'clock. You got to the chargers in the rams on CBS tomorrow at 8 o'clock and three games up on Sunday. No 1 o'clock on fox bears and titans 4 o'clock on fox Bengals and Redskins. And learned that that 8 o'clock on Noah NBC Sunday night 49ers and the vikings. Minnesota believe so. So that's what's going on there be a third gave the third exhibition game of the season that's usually when we're the starters play the longest. I'm an unknown next vehicle totally suck and they know the week you know week secured to a two week Sunday at two seasons starts. Mall for that. Odds final go around for the city of Mount Holly summer concert series is tonight Steve Owens in the summertime banned food and beverage available for purchase. Bring your lawn chairs and and enjoy a good night that I agree season down there. Extraordinary for their last week and Steve Owens in the summertime band is their two night Charlotte Mecklenburg police department will be playing me. Charlotte fire department in a friendly soccer match tomorrow 4 o'clock to support the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department hope foundation. That's going to be at the sports plaques in Matthews switch is a 1505 tank town road. The event is open to the public can know media. So come out and show sport for your first responders after the CM PD CFT game. I you can stay and watch the Charlotte independence and not Toronto game as well the tickets for better for you push to turn fourteen in nineteen dollars. Andy had donation of that will go to the CM PD hope foundation as well tickets can be purchased at Charlotte independence. Dot com and use the promo code CM. PD. But the that the cops the firefighters. Play tomorrow. Bad to what did you say John 4 o'clock. So others accosted two you can that you can support. And next week beginning on Monday the Charlotte knights last homestand economy lost by surprise. You mean we don't still have a few months ago. Seems but anyway I think they're uncomfortable Wallach seven days are terrible Monica. And Monday as they embark in the park night were you can bring your leash to. Our canine. On the 705. To play in Durham. And then Tuesday night is Paul Cameron Bobble head night WB TVs up all camera. In camera you better get it to the plate because of a radio guy can do it she certainly shortly an old sports director can do it. In your besides that your better shape than I am. So no pressure. But if you bounce into the plate will be put the video up on Hancock provisionally be Tito come but like a signal no pressure. Armed and camera be there get featured no it'll be a great night though the ball that goes to the first 2000 fines fans and the 705 pitch on Tuesday for Paul Cameron Bobble head night should be fun. A mom and Margaret I it is it is fun and I'll ball as much fondue and it is I did. Arm. Wednesday night is Queen's University night that they Bibi NT ballpark come celebrate students and alumni from a queens university in the first pitch on that is 705 and then of course Thursday is Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday his. Three dollar domestic draft beer and no bucks Otis. And that game on Thursday we'll start at 1205. PM so matinee and learn about all of this at Charlotte knights. Dot com but the last homestand. Begins on Monday. And and that's kind of surprises me so there you go there are apple. If you're waiting for the release of the iPhone eight. Could be coming soon there's a tech blog called Mac forever predicts the newest iPhone will launch on. September the twelfth. So that would be two weeks Wednesday. No. A week Wednesday is the sixth. I know that because it. Sort of be two weeks Tuesday. So we'll see if that comes to a past via blog came up with the a date by comparing information given by two a major French phone companies like stock guarantees and lead times. The nothing's been officially confirmed by apple. Only daily points out a keynote from apple CEO Tim Cook on now. September the twelfth would actually aligned with the company's previous iPhone launch dates so they're sand. IPhone eight. Tuesday September the twelfth. And we're I think I think we might be interested since I'm still using our iPhone from 1940. Does it this is this is what I have a five vests. It's almost the equivalent of the old brick phones. It compared to today's. Yeah I got a rotary dial audit. And I do got to miss my elbow Motorola flip phone and then just always made me feel like. Star Trek yeah I just there's something about that felt good to have. No that made me feel like I was gonna CO lieutenant or who grew or something like that 2000. Discuss scientists have discovered how long you should Duncan Oreo and milk. Because because somebody was funding this they had to do something I'm sure. Scientists have finally turn out how long Asian Duncan Oreo nutri milk and the answer comes from mother researchers in Utah state university at the splash lab. They study illiquid there'll be a team must. Casually eating milk and cookies when they began arguing about the best dunking time and obviously science stepped in and an experiment was born in Seoul for two weeks to begin dipping all sorts of cookies and milk. Like to see how it absorbs liquid and how long it takes that to get to at full capacity and they found that Orioles absorb 50% of the fluids after just 12. And it took four seconds to get maximum absorption. And after five seconds they get soggy so there you have it so here Oreo o.'s they say four exactly four seconds. You know what I haven't had in a long long long long time is Graham crackers that billion. The gifted milk. She's you do that when your kid ginger snaps now huh.