Hurricane Irma Downgraded, Remebering 9-11, Bannon's First Interview

Scott Fitzgerald
Monday, September 11th

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Erma. There's a lot of New York reporters to say farmer. Noticed that the hurricane armor. Or a moment. Did you already famous I'm watching the coverage over the weekend a Jews amazing to me happens every time some sort of disaster going on where people just. Absolutely become experts. Head was gone I can tell sports ball turn over here and wish him the storm surge won't be Newsom do of course you know you got to keep the horses love it live at the minute he's going to be just fine. And a people ms. brewer. OV eight and and limit your mic in my eyes glaze over. And I I have to imagine that when your reporter on a story like this. After a certain amount of time it's a slow really manner we had to continue to cover this but don't be nice of the school and just passed along Alex don't with the ABC or even cover in this sense since when when did you start. Alexei observe it he very got negative on Wednesday Wednesday but now we got it down but you know the people who live around here it is Vegas one of this thing to be already felt like they've been dealing with this forever it was like the never ending storm because they had been warned about it for so long. As soon as it without me Atlantic and then as it was making it stirred over the then the islands of Intel and outbid finally it's over with that now they can move on from there is hoping that they don't need to get again this season but now they know they're going to add potential. Here in the Tampa area at it doesn't look like damages all that bad people are already out about driving around. Curfew has been lifted people are gotta get now opted to see what's left behind. So low Tampa initially they said it was going to be back up to a four hours three and then things dropped way way down. What was away and actually came through where you're. Yeah we get to when it finally got through here it'd been over land for so long because they went back I'll mine near Naples. And then came up the coast but on the land side the other thing is it. It's the I did not go right over Tampa as was expected even last night it went two big east between Tampa and Orlando which meant. Tampa actually got the light side of the storm and Orlando got the dirty side. Said that upper right hand side of it that is that the highest wind the highest rain so even though the category two and a pretty weak to. Orlando got battered Reno this morning there are some rescues had there have been under way to get people out of a flooded neighborhoods. A lot of trees down a lot of power lines down in Orange County where Orlando is. Then the other areas that stadium got the Florida Keys still lot of questions about conditions there are they don't know in some cases. Exactly what his gun on their Miami had some superficial. Damage mainly flooding in the streets that they can drain out everything will be five Jacksonville has some storm surge or flooding they've been dealing with. Today you think that's how big this thing was that it affected. The West Coast and it's not also been affecting storm surge on the east because this was a massive spill. Answer it was Alex though they received a won't go both directions with this question what was the most disturbing thing that you witnessed a Willis. Boy disturbing. You know I did and we really didn't see anything all that disturbing you know people were. And I don't mean that to let you down but dead people were helping each other good and I'll probably the most shocking thing would be watching Tampa Bay empty out. There is no water in it last night because of the force of the hurricane coming into the water got pushed or pulled out. And people were walking on the floor of the bay taking pictures on it boats were sitting flat on the debate the bottom with no water and it. But he was all part of the phenomenon now what goes on before us as storm surge comes again. Luckily it didn't come rushing in and didn't flood anything but you know before being told get out of there Adobe taking sell these in America. Because that politics is a change in the wind and water condemn rush in and you're standing in the bay. Yeah I'm gonna really get out long gradual every down on the downside of things what was the most uplifting thing that you had a chance to see. Well you know there there are a bunch of other people helping one another as there is one guy here who owns a business career a lot of plywood it was impossible bind plywood day in much of Florida to. I cover your windows there really were sold out. He had. Bowel. And have to go back he gave way I think 30000. Sheets sells well at while. Again and now they were massive number. Bit that he had in this huge warehouse needed gave it all away that's him a lot of money because they were the best thing he could have ever done. Wise to feel good I know Palestine and you had a hard out here it's 910 I appreciate your inside against a stay safe as Florida begins the clean. Some amazing stories though that truly became on of the god it was a Carolina one of the other big big box stores with a generator. Saw a woman behind him was on oxygen and needed to have things recharging with a reduced turnaround gave her a hug and gave it to those beautiful. And then the other night it was picking up dogs and put them in his pickup truck that was amazing to work and go to Tampa next. Guy used to work with a new world of radio they hunkered down all weekend we'll find out if the pizza delivery is backed up and going that was one of his big complaints over the weekend thank you much and we got a bit the bullet in your storm watch forecast what you've been mr. stark here no Malarkey electrician. So yes some. So wind today so you may wanna go ahead move that don't want for anything else with a determined to project just to be a be on the safe side is you know. It's better to be saves and solvents are my father used to always say that her dad you just kind of crude but it. It is indeed the case let's go to Tampa right now general manager of WM NF radio. Which is our public radio there in that in Tampa we go to one of the former news of Brothers from WEB innocence that a Craig Kopp the morning Greg aria. I am signs there are a lot of high end high end. Ready to go home and mostly not on an air mattress. Yet look at those that they're nice. To have big old fairly quickly though. Lauren this is your first hurricane what was the L owes the lead up like I have to imagine the apprehension is kind of area bundle of Philip of intensity and frequency and and and nervousness. I had not been it's been over a week. That we blocked hurricane Irma approached the Florida so it's the anticipation. Is just mind numbing to a certain point. Well not I will add something to what your father used to say down here get prepare for the worst. Pray for the best and so talk about you know. No in my instance common every piece of furniture off the 019. All the potted plant out of the garden and backs storing at all in the garage on one good final round. When you're not bear arms and that what's been going on a piece some people board up down here are some people don't. About just all bad in this they all that in this could then of course. At 2 o'clock in the morning I'm listening in real life. Storm went way he's got all of us probably saw on 2530 miles an. So all of the different because you wanna be on the left side of hurricane not the right side you wanna be on. PO west not the north and east that's for all hope that when all the bad storms are so that when Elkhart lake wind which is kind of in the middle of the state. I'm a little bit south and west of Orlando they took the carpet but by that time because it's that took that path. That was down to raise a weak category two. Which is imminently. Are survivable so what we've got here is so a lot of trees down a lot of wires down. I'll a lot of those who so the gas station pumps. Blown off and lying in the parking lots that sort of thing that that continue to worsen that did not get the kind of storm surge. I don't know if he's any pictures but Tampa Bay literally camped out for hundreds of yards in anticipation of hurricane. These are the winds were blowing milk. They water out into the bay in everybody's expecting you prospect in order and that they're both so it won't be there before that's. Greg it's amazing how the the places they thought it was going to be horrible. It wasn't so much in the places they thought well you know I didn't get hit very kind of got 10 well. I'm sitting here in that city is the hurricane is coming up pretty much on the west side of this statement you got to remember this is a very big storm. Florida is about a 125 miles wide. This norm was bigger than that so all of Florida was going to be impacted by this. But because the north east is the worst part of our hurricane yeah. Miami got our horse than we did MF hurricane got our closer too much. Yeah but it was also reduced in size and intent. And guys because it got slowed this really because of bump into Cuba. And then headed up across and then because it travel Overland quell a place like Naples. And that they took a pretty bad storm surge and a lot of win. There's a lot of stuff under water down there and they they took the biggest hit on the west side. Or could not last question Craig cop coming out of Tampa WM NF radio the water and the way the rain and the wind did you step outside into it and and what was it like as bad as they say. If my first one so of course I winner fast of course I kept. It is just don't understand it you don't understand Florida weather anyway if you don't live down your job. The rain here agreeing to never seemed or it comes in buckets concede reigning mile away because it's so quiet here but last night. The wind. Pick a direction it was coming from all look around and whipping things around all the rain was literally going sideways. So you looked up at a lighter something it'll quite there was all passing by how it's out of an intensity and variety and unpredictability. But it really. I'm. Knicks coach would cut with the concept of a force of nature and edit what are emerging as yeah its luster there. I've been to one other tropical storm at the same feeling but in general weather down here because. First on the West Coast there and you'll by the gulf water when it praying they're quite well but it's like somebody just pour a bucket. It does not crystal fear of what I've seen the seven inch of rain in an hour in this area and that's not hurt. I know it's a cow piano on a flat rock is what it is Craig Kopp general manager WM and F radio in Tampa. If it's not you glad to have that that you were safe I appreciate that update and and stay safe. As you get ready to prepare for the cleanup the hurricane arm must go now to other weather channel and a Jeff morrow. And in Jeff the majority of what happened with Florida. Well it says it's putting it is getting out to the point where it's going to be in the rear view mirror here very soon let's talk about what's next as it plows through Georgia. And continues between north and northwest. Yeah all right now Armas Billy tropical storm and still capable producing some very heavy rain and also some strong wind gusts. And all the strongest winds and heaviest rain across south Georgia coastal portions of Georgia. Bounce today and I just to the north of the Jacksonville area they're getting hit hard and it's gonna be out sometime before the system clears the area entirely and that's why we have to worry about some tropical storm force winds here locally. As we head through this afternoon into tonight and thank you improve tomorrow into the afternoon hours. And at less than they ever had. This kind of warning coming their way no they have not had a tropical storm warning before now they're worse a big impact from hurricane noble back in 1995 with a wind gust close to eighty miles per hour. I can't a lot of by downed trees and power around especially in the north toward the mound. The other two the first that we tropical storm warning has been issued for the metro Atlanta area. Schools are closed residents can be prepared to face some gusty winds and heavy rain so little and guess maybe get about fifty miles per hour. And we combine a little heavy rain that's gonna bring down some trees probably got some scattered power outage. Absolutely and I know millions of people without power in the state of Florida when this is all set and don's gonna make it through Georgia parts of South Carolina. What are some of the other areas of the country that are things that are going to get some impact that they knew this democratic us. Yeah I'd kind of weakened force they become a depression the more promise that they've got to spend Overland that's gonna happen as a dress up toward portions of the northern and eastern Alabama and I'll eventually. If she had in its weakened state drift over to western portions of Tennessee. As an oppression and the early portion of Wednesday inning get picked up and moved more toward the Ohio valley in the mid Atlantic region later this week. So they will get some rain from it as well that's certainly the strongest winds and heaviest rain for northern portions of Florida. I got through Georgia and into portions of the Carolinas the tornado threat. As I think mainly to be confined to coastal portions of the Carolinas and Georgia Brown's domain a down towards up portions of saint Simons island but. We can't rule out a few isolated tornadoes even here close to home as we had been the. This afternoon and evening parody with appreciate the update just morrow with the weather channel. Yeah my dad called me yesterday it's a Dag gone this thing might even curl around and hit us in southeastern Indiana just outside of Cincinnati has a dead by kite. But today it carry your bowling ball Williams we want allusion. We'll break him back some news on the whale doctor Karen Travers about the president's response to Burma it's on the way. Thank you John good morning to you Irma. The aftermath of Burma the aftermath this Florida Georgia still get that South Carolina is on the way. And then as we heard from the weather channel while it goes it's great through Tennessee. And then curve around kind of weird curves of folks that are in in Kentucky. They have never experienced. This kind of storm we're gonna get it and then even up into Indiana and Ohio. Of course will stay on top of that for we as we make it through today some of the weird stuff that came out of a church actually had to tell people. In in Pasco County do not shoot your weapons at Irma. You won't make it turn around and we'll have very dangerous side effects. Don't shoot. What you gonna scare the American way right now that's an that's absolutely the that the Smart thing to do the spent. Kind of forget that there's something Moscow announced today that kind of gets pushed into the background for a lot of folks at least. But not if you don't live in Florida and that would be 9/11. I'll never forget that day holy Moly. Never forget that they let that was a life changer for so many people. The president is getting ready to speak they the president the first lady of arrived at the Pentagon memorial in there are going to be. Addressing the American people here now in short order. A 943. So coming up in the the next couple minutes that's the time. That American Airlines flight 77. From Washington. Crashed into the Pentagon. We have already gone by media. The suspension of all flights acumen nine foreigners can be estimate of the 94930. That's when President Bush. Announcement Florida for the country suffered an apparent terrorist attack. Prior to that 903. That was the second plane crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center. And it all started 845. American Airlines flight eleven from Boston crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. I was working radio in Dayton Ohio. And we have the television on and then all of a sudden hey you need to go look at this smoke coming out of the buildings they thought it was a helicopter and small plane. And then of course world riveted to watching it. And then the next and payment and that was Syria a stomach churning. Freely talk more about 9/11 to make it through the day Karen Travers with ABC where were you for not eleven by the weekend. I was as ABC news Nightline and thirty AD BP at that point and woods lurking here and that just ended up becoming haven't played incredible. Weeks months longer story for us anywhere near that morning and had to not get after the 3:30 in the morning because remember it's basically a work until Sunday. And to promote her you can see people even though they were doing their job and reporting there was certain numbness that you consume in people's faces. Absolutely they think for a lot of Latino in this business she kind of just going to build over the near covering historian about getting related tax getting information finding people that actually looks. And our moment to pop he'd go to or call. Two weeks later it got kind of hit everybody when he finally had a moment to take a breath of positive take at all enrich. Really difficult for people who had been working around the clock who also were impacted me we live indeed he would exceed smoke from the Pentagon. My sister was in college you can see it from her apartment rooftops then they would. It beat up anybody that would living in aid to cities impacted obviously as a whole country. It was a moment that could be so close everything here it was just incredible talent that he needs somebody infected person. When your keyed up for that long and I have to imagine that. Like you said after a couple of weeks when you can sort of brought down the physical exhaustion kicks it endure the emotional exhaustion kicks him. So I think a lot of people it gave a veto in this business litigator renewed sense of purpose I mean maybe still be working around and look at Ted Koppel at that I didn't have to you know bid which. Seeing and meeting television legends of professionals do their jobs that pay heed to farms so much and everybody wanted to live up to that's. Yes truly. A world changer on 9/11 sixteen years ago. So they up president today addressing us as a matter for the industry in the podium right now at least it didn't close to. His second hurricane. A different approach this time. Yeah and pretty yeah I think notable here right to me to tell corners very different. From what we heard anything to the lead up to barricade Harvey. And we talked a lot about that did that week before where. It was very much at cheerleader you know hyping up the federal government's readiness center and mile boosting the first responders before they were going in which. This time around it was a touch more sober tone from the president we didn't see quite the same. Tweet that we did before Harvey. This kind of president very much focused on urging people in the area within the state local officials if they get out. Get out pitch count the talking about the coordination once again between the federal government and state and local officials. I think one thing right now we know we're seeing is that. They're just now starting to get them for the damage he actually it was just destroy all that coming in all day. Can you see a lot of video roll and hearing the sound of rain and wind but it Gilmore touch. Emergency team got killed most of those counties down there that were impacted pulled their crews often roads. It was just too dangerous. And now today senate coming up as part of Florida ordered effective defense. How prepared everything was and what he immediate priorities will be full recovery and relief operations. Absolutely and Karen Travers would babysit thank you for your inside both in 2911. As we look back sixteen years ago. As well as the other opponent of president what's going on with us with a Irma and soon to be the cleanup. They're having a moment of silence at the Pentagon the president is getting ready to speak. We'll dip into that momentarily here and funders who haven't had nodded at freedom BT. Appreciated ready and so much coverage all throughout the day. I brought you by mister Sparky your no Malarkey electrician. America remembers. Nine elevenths. I wrote a piece after. Those that they're that they have to. But it was it was about fear and how America for the first time reeling. Knew would fear was about police served for our generations. Chris it was fear on our soil. Because up until that point you know scary things that happened but they were all across the country some original across the world someplace else. So please also altogether. So we look back the president's going to be yet taken a microphone you know in just a moment Defense Secretary Mattis is a mic in some remarks the Pentagon. I'm jars of gonna try grace again she's going to react quieter place. To give us an update. And this is my my daughter grace who. Jimmy was going to be a big deal being in Tampa as the hurricane came and because at the time it looked like it was going to be going on the the eastern side of the of the state of Florida and instead. Big change. So really cool stories that did come out there can't two roommates who were riding out the storm. I decided to bring their horses. Inside. To protect them against the other storm. Teton in Georgia those are their names who posted videos on FaceBook showing their horses Goosen Dixie booming right into their house in Okeechobee Florida. And think clay now you have got got room forum put a bunch of sawdust and hail on the inside. And then they hunkered down in the sit and listen phasing them whatsoever. They should be they decided to stay because there's too hectic to get out of Florida and they wanted to be able to help others that needed help in the area. So what an amazing stories we're gonna become another source another video relational. That to have your dog lover may edit it. Break your wide open sky was driving down the road and a little he was picking up dogs and putting him in the back of his pickup truck and his party. I don't know 8910 dogs in the back of the pickup truck. And that's because a lot of smoke homeowners want a pet owners. Lest their dogs in the era and the cats and her animals behind so while it's gonna out of Leo word of life Bible college and and grace my daughter sweetheart how Loria. Daddy doing it to tell me what this was like you had how many people hunkered down in where. Or rather read about what are people aren't I have sent between GAAP and in. Coming for school next week at Carolina and Atlanta hundreds and had our partner in our performing arts and acts on overnight. Are performing arts and irons irons and I can't category 513. No we are very fortunate to have power all night long well AT and might. I'm pregnant and you but he can't he and they are looking around and different area very fact that Amber's house says I can't thank. Our our power and there are a lot of water damaged. And we are you ready at that storm that is yet celebrate our net it did oh and tell me what the noise was like wouldn't it sound like. There are a lot of her in because that backup of both our very best here. And garage door pick and Eric delivery truck and for equipment and things like act said that all of door forget her rat in a way you. They're people out and I do my part dog in the burning and are they being any. Commentary that the heat it up guys that could not get in the content you it erratic crazy mom and that it it'll and I. They're expected to have power still and look up that in any extra for Rex thanks. Have you have you been outside yet yet I am I eight and they let it go. Chile I walked back to my building and deeper way beyond. It. I'm cutting land and yeah they're. Three on the ground and our promptly stepped on it'll have played and I'm thinking in their bikes like our thanks. I looked like like our Mac and I let her know mark. Yeah no kidding and I'm glad that that you're safe obviously I was worried about you and I can texting yeah on Saturday. Saying what's going on what's going on in his leg. How many people are bothering you deceased were okay. But you're not okay your mother was a driving you nuts. Her attitude doesn't make crazy Zambrano blamed she drove you crazy to. But don't tell me about a friend of viewers know one of the things that that after the disaster like this that's that's concerning is obviously people take advantage. Of stores not being manned or homes being and do you tell me just to match your friend. I want my eye and got a message from our neighbors are from her. I have neighbors humid its captain on alert but at that content and opened that door Q a group of our church can. Do what you put her favorably were electric and tech electric bella Robert thank you cannot how. No well and while they were in the house. And Amtrak and and the Indy in these people were in the house when the rot they let the robbers in and then and then they took stuff. I guess so I don't kinda got a rough story summit but world yet and we'll be taking it and as. I'm looking like act fellow by the words like companion kind of your house but not that could be there and you don't yell at you don't have been an act and the command Taliban and. Rihanna kid that sir it's always good advice now I know that you that you guys are active in helping the community do you guys have any plans as of yet to go around see what you can do to help folks there in the Tampa area. I am not sure yet prepare planning team out of it and the next couple of days I notes due. I'm in public act and I know yesterday. And you know like ally and I don't think they have great read what he thought they should get on top ranking I got that you don't water and a I'm content stuck here. And people who didn't have shelter. I didn't they prayed with them which is really really encourage your really expect be kind of data entry jobs you can eat like that. Yeah and Elkhart can't that he marked the work life balance you eat dark. Are they are coming down here to help us. Clean up I can't thank EI I'm I'm not sure they're gonna help you here like not let it definitely they're going to be freaking out here back in the area. Okay we'll grace obviously I'm so glad that you're safe and day and thanks for targeted to make good luck with the cleanup phase and I love you sweetheart. Are you can't think precautionary if you take a gimmick here is my daughter grace in Florida. I made it through the storm the president remembers 9/11 we'll see what he has to assess your pain. Or bring back those. You lost. We can honor their sacrifice by pledging our resolve to do what ever we must. To keep. Our people safe. One bad day not only did the world change. But we all changed. Our eyes were opened. To the depths. Of the evils we face. But in that hour of doctors we also came together. With renewed. Purpose. Our differences never looked so small. Our common bonds never felt so strong. To sacrifice grounds. On which we stand today. Sorry monument to our national unity and to our strength. For more than seven decades the Pentagon has stood as a global symbol of American might. Not only because of the great power contained. Within these walls. But because of the incredible character of the people who sell them. They secure our freedom. They defend our flag. And they support our courageous troops all around the world among the 184. Brave Americans. Who perished on these grounds. We're young enlisted service members. Dedicated civil servants. Who had worked here for decades and veterans who served our nation in Korea. In Vietnam. And in the Middle East. All of them to love this country and pledged their very lives to protect. That September morning. Each of those brave Americans died. As they had to lift as heroes. Doing their duty. And protecting us and our country. We mourn them. We honor them. And we pledge to never. Answer for get them. Can't tell the president really never. Great speech and really it's great speech. Let's just if we can dig up some of that and we can play back more of it. As we make it through the morning here's the as the country looks back on 9/11 sixteen years ago where were you. Change your world. You ought to be changed my. The storm has changed a lot of people's world. There's going to be a lot of folks who remembered 9/11 and girls are gonna remember that we can of nine elevenths being the one. Where hurricane Herman came men and roughed him up just a bit. Sort of the next half hour of talk a little Panthers forward more updates on on what's happening with Sherman plus hunters don't believe or not. This tragedy right here in our backyard all the way on news look at tend not you have three WV three. John Moyer and I legacy it's not at all no way man lied to too chicken saw the old not only ruin that. Image in my mind the old girl come medical mood in the past year and a piloted there was a there was a picture. That there was a screening for yet and it gets. Was shown to an entire. Auditorium of clouds. Trying to to be be fascinating I'm a little scared of it then I'm not a big grounded. Not a good karma I think maybe I told the story that. I drove to Cincinnati from Indiana University when now they told me that there was any a clown college audition. When the circus was coming in to tough it. And I'm going to be real would be tells the story but I got there to just kind of really freaked me out. And you walk in and and the first thing. The first sort of sense sensory reaction. Is Dan there's a lot of elephant who appeared a few putts because you walk in through the back in the I think of the timing and the offense they had horses I think they still had tigers and and reliance on my via. Winds into the Renault bears. So don't go down that. But doing it was a it was car and experience and actually got accepted into clown college. And decided not to go I didn't think that was going to be a future for me. Although. Based on some of the emails that I get there's some folks who think that don't perhaps clown college I would have been a better place. For me to go Soviet president really give a moving speech. To remember. Nine elevenths. And it's sort of gonna get to less attention this year then it has in the past. We'll see how long actually CNN and fox and of staying within before they go back to the nonstop coverage. Of hurricane arm. I VI I I couldn't handle all the coverage of it over the weekend it was. Who was just too much. And then it got into the cycle where things are repeated but still kind of watched it to see you what was gonna happen next to them there was going to be any sort of you know new. Developments. Here are the cranes falling that there were some fascinating videos watching though the crohn's actually come down in Miami. That was the only thing that was going on over the weekend. It was not. It was. Bruce Borland they had a a little get together where is. The anti five. And those are just not nice people if you've ever given you know given them a little credit or you given them a break is somebody you were a group that is trying to. A lot of don't make positive changes in the world. Such is not the case. Seven arrests. I mentioned in a police officer. Withers there's a dude with a bullhorn. Standing there yelling into it about. What ten interest and so for me fix. And some very foul mouth young ladies. Very nice very nice young ladies I don't know why in the world which you bring your children to a. Two a rally. To a riot where things can get out of hand. That's about Durham I don't care how mature into a cause. Bring your kids. Just ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Over the weekend. Sixty minutes is Rosie a very anticipated interview with Steve bandit former chief strategist for the White House. He had some very biting words from the Bush Administration. That completely attacked the GOP. Basically called on the scum of the earth. And had some non interest emerged to say about how the president handled former FBI director James Karl. We'll dig in of that giving latest update on what's gone on with Herman that's coming your way. You're free next year and who's 1110993. WB team. Fund boards behind it to Monday strapping on the brand new workweek Imus got killed. 9/11. We're remembrance of nine elevenths the president spoke earlier today very nice this speech the part that we had a chance to listen to. We'll dig up some more of it and play back some of the later on for you too because it was her remove it. Very moving Roy would be interesting to see how much coverage. Some months. Some new updates about nine elevenths. Have been revealed. Now listen this is something that this particular portion of the nine elevenths story. Has been bandied about and there has been no conspiracy theories about it. And it looks like. It's coming true. 'cause this is the sixtieth anniversary. There's a lawsuit. Is some fresh evidence. Any major 9/11 lawsuit there's room floor against. The Saudi Arabian government. You're about things. The Saudi Arabian government reveals that its embassy in Washington may have funded. In dry run the test. So to here's the stories of two years before via the attacks on 9/11. Million US Saudi embassy paid for to Saudi nationals. Living under cover in the united states of students to fly from Phoenix to Washington. In a dry run for the 9/11 attacks. Apparently a date we're asking a lot of questions. Know about processes. And how the plane were denied when asked to go to the restroom. Where the restroom was innocent or going to the back of the plane went up to the cockpit. And started to try to open the cockpit door. And the pilots are locked down. And obviously there was a bit of a question and these two folks were were detained. This is an amended complaint on behalf of her before 200 victims who died in the terrorist attacks the court filing now shows. Deet tails that a pattern of both financial and operational support for the conspiracy. From official Saudi sources. It's amazing. They had talked about this for a while and now looks like maybe maybe it's true. While the Saudi arabians they say and the lawyers there filed a motion to dismiss the suit which may have finally be headed toward trial. Now big change congress has cleared diplomatic immunity hurdles so therefore. They can be taken to task. Stay on top of that one for you because there's a lot of folks who still don't believe the quote official story. What happened when nine elevenths. And if that's you then these are some details that you may wanna pay attention to so Steve van and CBS yesterday sixty minutes. Tell you what I you know you still like Charlie Rose and how we handle interviews but. I think he screwed the pooch on this one I really do. Not very hard hitting. It was I was kind of wimpy as far as that goes so Steve Bannon had to mention things interesting things to say. Who listen to this will talk about it. In the end trump went around the room and asked him with a percentages he thought of of still winning. And what the recommendation right start off from rice said you have you have two choices in the dropout right now for you lose by the biggest landslide. And American poker history can trump. Consumer business a great way customer who has starter start conversation we went around the room. And you could tell I can tell from the incoming of politicians I can tell from some of politicians lose there where there is that the natural inclination of politicians. Our guard to be so overwhelmingly. Stunned and shocked by how the media comes on you the trump wasn't that and I told is aware and I was Alaska mistake and I said it's a 100%. We have a 100% probability of one. And that's the first time though. You seem to have done that and every point campaign when he was in trouble asking him to double down on his rhetoric double downed plane in terms of appealing to his base. To try to appeal to the American people onto the working class people this country absolutely you know why because it was a winner. That's like Tom hello down double down and he did obviously. So a 100%. It's pretty strong belief that that was going to be happening not. Men worked out. And so it was pretty good prognosticator. 1401 person who what a bad on the president's team. It's kind of surprising on the story came down here and there were a lot of folks are no women went and what happened. To a New Jersey Jersey governor Chris Christie what they type aren't they close wasn't going to be part of the cap. Actually bush Saturday to make this a litmus test. It's a litmus tests. And I said it the other day the general Kelley during the show also things afterwards and says it's O line I remember. From the movie the wild bunch William Holden user right before they changed gunfight at the end. When you side with demand side with the okay the good and the bad. You can criticizing behind him you side with him you have to side with him and that's what Billy bush we can show me Billy bush Saturday showed me who really had doll comes back. To play it was better angels all you had to do and what he did. Was go out and continued talking American people people didn't care they knew Donald Trump was just a locker room talk with a guy. And they dismissive they had no lasting impact on the campaign yet. Did you see the mainstream media that day. It was literally he was falling into Dante's inferno we took names on the bush sounded and you I did. I gotta I gotta you know Marshall got to get my black book and I got to. Christie. Because of Billy bush show we can ten was was or not looked as for cabinet position. He wasn't therefore we will Millie bush we can so therefore he doesn't get a cabinet position. I told him the plane leaves 11 o'clock in the morning to draw on the plane or on the team. Can make upon. Bison on the beach you. In this full fat in school board member of the picture totally close the beaches closed to Christie maybe you don't wanna be on the team. Maybe you are excellent some are very strong words. For the GOP from Steve Bennett. He says he Republican establishment establishment including senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. And house speaker Paul Ryan are trying to nullify. The Tony sixteen election. They do not want Donald Trump's populous. Economic nationalist agenda to be implemented. She's is very obvious. He said ERV and then he added McConnell says I can't hiring Smart people he got to back off that drain the swamp thing can't do it. I'm sure that hasn't happened. And Banesto trying to work his magic from the outside. Of the White House. And I I think it's pretty good strategy. I think it's gonna work. Com ago that was Obama they didn't need. Only talk about inside the White House James Cummings was fired. Correct. Just remember your serve. Were you in favor of him being fun. It's been reported in the media I was adamantly opposed that I don't talk about private conversations whether the media report that was adamantly opposed to two and in this case immediate right. I was in the news reporting is right if I am a big believer. In this city. That it's a city of institutions not individuals. And I think you have to look at it as those institutions the FBI is an institution. Did this speaker of the house is an institution. Does the majority leader as an institution. Okay the Justice Department and institution had an institutional logic of how they perceive what they're gonna do you can't get caught up in individuals. But have you non person as you see that Steve. You have a note that you wanna go to war against Mitch McConnell. The leader of sent him. When I go to war within this and you just said he represents an institution the center of the United States is a majority leader must drive institution. You know the rest of going to do the other side and news. I I found it to be absolutely fascinating was one of the one of the deepest most moving portions of the Steve band and CBS sixty minutes interview from yesterday so stay with us on the west. What else has come anyway here and there's 1110993. WBT will continue to update you on Irma nine elevenths and yes indeed 9/11 today was today. Sixteen years ago holy Moly it's hard to believe that that has been that long. But we're on water under the bridge continue to update you on that plus a shooting and hunter's bill. And we'll give you an update on some good things that are happening in the government because there's some weird things that are kind of slip in under the radar. We want what you miss is on the way on news of a 10993 WB two. Nine elevenths kept. Today is just a look back on that sixteen years ago today Richard is called. 704571110. And Richard got a question about tower number seven. Richard hi there. Bookmark a good morning. I one of the though we knew anything about that power that it fell 5 morning we have been you know not eleven not even about that. When you say do I know anything about that do you mean have I rating and any other stories about about some of the conspiracies. Well what did know what you're saying what could it into certain there're a lot of information out there. No doubt. Isn't this how this got spread word we 47. Stories call 608. Pancake collapse. Portland or Biden airplane. And you know it did it would America our daughter. Death no I mean I've heard a lot of stories about it based upon what was supposedly inside the building was sort of offices were in their it's sort of information may have been kept there what was underneath it there was a story that there was gold underneath that there are a lot of stories that Richard but. What do I believe. I don't know. I was raised in the family and I didn't have much time to it to dig into the conspiracies but now that my oldest is eighteen almost nineteen. May be able to get back here and it's gonna Jim Ryan with ABC and that you weathered the storm. In Miami and I talked to a couple folks earlier today about what was the what was the most disturbing portion of going to destroy this time Jim. Well I think they're howling wind it just isn't there order for rim more not relent you're my arm or. 101214. Hours here here here along with the rain that it was starting wonders prepared very intense storm spurt wouldn't let up until finally late last night seems thinking because we built somewhat. Are you brought with it shouldn't. Storm surge flooding also of Biscayne Bay pushing water up into some iconic street here how do you embarrass South Beach as well. A cold evidence that took place at so many people look so well with the classic art Deco hotels on it it's it was washed up with water well so. Yeah that's that was the view from here we have seven PG incredible scenes of thought halt construction powers to move the ball knocked on construction crane another weapon at Fort Lauderdale. Then it but do all at all. In Miami I don't. We didn't get until March. He had that it had been anticipated but luckily people evacuated anymore and I think they heard it turns out for pretty good recent yet did so did you see one of the other cranes actually fall. I didn't hear it I saw it after it's all it was there was the rain the blanket of rain was so our intention sort everything you you really couldn't see much of anything about it store. Well. Knows well I'm glad that you you dodged the bullet there. Amanda looks like it's moving on me and the cleanup is going to be beginning and you'll be covered not just like you did when when when Harvey blew through its amazing how nobody you Harvey's not on anybody's radar. But outside of Texas at this moment in time but I am. Yet another website and in terms of FEMA recovery and have church I ArQule sort of people who lost their homes that are uninsured people in. You know Rockport Texas certainly focuses you should be completely away from Harvey in that hurricane and there are two completely different part of the country. Yet come take me back to attend nine elevenths and that was today that I'm having any reporter palm or any person in the country. Will ever forget what where were you windows and when this all went down. Well I wouldn't taxes and they're got a call it something happened to the World Trade Center and they sit there when you shoot up to new York and so. But by the time we that I get to the airport. The flights already have been shut out across the country via WS there were no flights going out you know. We still ahead. The plane in the air at least one plant near the concern was that. Then he played in America nears speech could've been a potential bombs so everything shut down for pay after their armor for the very first flight that finally impact and taxes. Well I think what the first like anywhere in the country Lebanon if W that's yes that sort of thing you've used so they're more the images on TV and get stuck couldn't believe it. Did you have to be part of the coverage of that what do what do they had to do with the ABC well as much as you know there was so. Yeah by every business I think Tim in doubt for work was closed down at that time. Mall shopping mall people were concerned about. That the target that a large group of people on the mall might provide them publicity was there was just finished this sense that any place could be a potential target. And people were feeling very concerned about. About their own safety and so I think that was my that that's what I was assigned to cover than was kind of the view from beyond New York. Gotcha yeah Karen Travers talked about it and the fatigue that set and after a couple of weeks of nonstop. On eleven coverage and when you finally sort of take a breather. They're fatigued and emotional achievement selection. Still so that affects us to this day. Vice president appearances speaking at the united flight 93 crash site we heard the president himself I was speaking earlier from the Pentagon. Continue to update you are mad as matter casual talk to your church becoming the level of pride he's been quite a bit of coverage. On 9/11 in the memorial Joseph Gillespie from WBT was down in an uptown. Where they have sort of a memorial with. Hundreds or maybe even hundreds of plants. Neat stuff it's on the way under is 11109 got freedom UBT. Much coverage but to buy a mistress Clark do you know Malarkey electrician. Yesterday. As a lot going on has its people were. Watching won't allow Irma coverage but it was nice to have something to break away to distract us for a little while and that would be football. Football football football and and it may add football yet and we will you know what I thought maybe a let down when those football at. So world to tell me about your your take on the Panthers you because I know that to you were tweet now actively throughout the game some people seem to be up frustrating you more than others. And the odds litigate the frustrating now you know magic for now people say a step away don't ask don't they get needs. They'll they gauge the angry people now like go towards the electorate as you do it now my job magnet like a Moscow went towards life. This guy's notes Argo sort out a few that are agriculture until Bogle slide viewer that are angry not ought to we'll start tweaking things to make people I'm glad now knock this guy now that we knew that. Campbell only a couple of steps in the pre season has a work with McCaffery margin little rusty coming up the surgery to it's not a shock that the offense. Would struggle. We've predicted that are all leading up to this football game. But offense struggled and they still dominated the football native the defense was incredible the guys up fraught work. We're monsters key glee in Davis for making plays that defensive performance yesterday was absolutely. Unbelievable now. Dexia the whole grain of salt okay because. The niners are pretty back the other and we thought they might be slightly better yesterday but there are still based in niners but I can't take away from what the panthers' defense did to make him look at all. So that was. Mean they've been highly highly touted the mean they should be in the top three defense is error in the NFL shouldn't have three to five and based off of yesterday anyway you might you be higher than that the way they will kiwis back and healthy. Thomas Davis is like Benjamin button aging backwards. It appears a young guys and the secondary are are coming along so. We knew the offense would be a little behind it got better as the game went along so. You just hope that the defense he cared for awhile. And then as the season goes along eventually they figure things out right the new players and by mid season. The defense is as good as we think it's going to be. McCaffrey's roll along camps healthy. And you've got you've got a team poised for a deep playoff for a good boy I mean I was blown your Twitter stuff and I couldn't believe people were down phenomenon macabre dearly. Let's just work it's his first game and ideas of it is some research today. Barry Sanders three of his first six games we have like fifty yards of offense sixty. Fifty. In the right toward our finally Emmitt Smith had won 100 yard. Game in his first eleven games. You're just basically being an apologist you interviewed drummer and I got onto the set then give it around at eighty yards in his first game of let's say McCaffrey's gonna be those guys now but the state he's not going to be war somebody based on one game right when we say those guys were nothing after one game now we've. They became great players are in Africa become a great player in his own world war via that those guys but give him some time the other essentially give him some time wasn't it is right on the topic pointedly after you're done you can view your debt. What is the tell me a little bit of do you know anything about this this this device. That to prevent concussions that. Obviously Nicky please learn tea that I know that I Jordan lottery did an article about it I know it's something revolutionary and it's good to see because we always focus on the helmet aspect of that was because Lewis is. This is they are a different thing here so it's will be interesting as a. Our lead they came up with the idea for this device based upon woodpeckers. Parrot that I heard it yesterday yeah I mean. Judd Moore how many times did you bang your head against a tree before you just give up the ghost. Probably about thirty. Charles we know that you you wouldn't bang your head against a tree your deal with a concussion yourself so. Well we're gonna get you a moment okay to zero out of negotiate he does yeah we need to why would a team deal one that's why put beyond a Shelley losses powerful corporate and accessibility. You pick your team get to the helmet but apparently means what Packers get banged her head a couple thousand times a day no began during a holes in the Houston and they get in they don't have any brain damage that we're aware of what is the what is appointed and do an. They're gonna build on both. If there but the other I'd possibly outside contractors. And accessory port what that is but it apparently has something to do with their tongues and their jugular yep. Which makes absolute no no sense to me I mean it sounds like something you'd see in a movie that I don't want the kids to see. That if he. There was two earlier that on how about how about Houston. And the money that was raised for for victims and taxes tumbled what was that number up to with a JJ. I keeps going up the last I saw was what 27. Season the enemy is a huge 127 million is goalless. Couple 100000 dollars he gets 27 million dollars that is that you blew them away. It looks a little bit yeah I don't know my math is not your strong suit I well I do have family down there enough you know what I did see that on the attitudes were worthy. I have my sister's in Orlando because if she lost her mailbox. Which I guess in the scheme of team of I don't like to be running down their help or. But our mailbox they JJ watts can funnel money for police mailbox and your letter at least I do have family in Sarasota Bradenton okay Hillary evacuated from their home so I have not. Checked on that yet today because I'll talk and can't there's. If that's why don't we don't build our about it I assume that if something happened today about a part about a by now so I'm checking them today they'd had a little high school. Because our whole shelter yep because our home was off. What they want to get a make it but I don't know. I don't know what the latest is on that damaged chances are the the dogs play and pull painting got knocked off yes. Switchers in my sister's mailbox and we hate to see it happen the having nets want to tragedy that whose lips who tragedy. Are the rest to the NFL I mean we get to some there's some other teams that we're going to be playing here so what do. What would you say these are the ones we need to be a senior to other display and touch well Green Bay had a big win over Seattle yeah I was surprised that. He had that was I was a kind of a grinder game seventeen to nine was the final. I'll win it did not look good yesterday barely beat the bears but it's hard just to make. Great assumptions awful week warned I mean this is such a long year injuries really. Dictate who still alive at the end a lot of times Tampa Bay we don't know about yet but it won't place tonight so that's over the odd divisional. Our foes of the Panthers Cowell other surprises yesterday. Trying to think the jets are terrible. That's a surprise anyone in the world now are they did they do flight data for the bills. Who Carolina plays next week or what it should have a job. Another game seek to get right against buffalo while they buffaloes were going to be very good at all. Yeah the attempted to be. First of all let me say I suffer from depression for the majority of my adult life OK okay. Combine that with the fact that them. Some of the Bengals fan who is this going to be a long rough season for me Mina got their butts handed to him by other raven did it appears that way they lost. Want nothing to Baltimore route via Cincinnati so be better team involved now at Baltimore received beast is that to get some points. You're not shocked but to have all those offensive weapons. In not score points yesterday it's kind of crazy to have a bunch of weapons on Malta opt out Cincinnati yeah. Are you you wonder if this is just the beginning of the end of Marvin Lewis. Then there for a long time have been whatever salaries appears to me and just so you wonder of this idea for him and the quarterback. And then Osama highly sought after backup quarterback AJ McCarron yeah so you wonder if any dolls opened up points of the Bangladesh tag four times yesterday yes so I I just wonder there's going to be some changes Erica be a really want near OK so you are you have the ravens Bengals scored memorize or a couple other ones that you did to. How many Ambien memorized. Here's just come was Steelers browns scored 2118 okay raiders titans now was was that 26 sixteenths. Eagles Redskins. Was that. There was not it was. 1972. Point 617 3070. I can't close probably not right that Kansas forty niners you should know this when Tony three for America you know cowboys giants. Cowboys giants was solemn. It was ugly yeah I was only nineteen to 319 a for trying to get trying to give you some things it's pretty good comment I'm Majorly impressed the jets lost Holliday was when he won its wealth. I have to find them on the unit this big long list here here in the NFL. Still could that if you look at ice goes or I guess you're right Tony went off. All right that they got lawyers you've here's all we put this little known fact about sports yesterday yes they yankees scored sixteen yesterday the jets and giants. Scored fifty. Parliament is I'm glad he's you can recognize numbers and if women who was at that that's on the big streak is a Cleveland when eighteen obviously it is a boy in Wadi teetered I think they are getting these are his pretty close to a record and it. I think the records when he some polls Tony Tony want to when he is America honorees sports guy in baseball since. We'll talk psychology. You know it's. Rather effective on thanks as always make you you lighten things up here. Is making and I got regular much would have had a request get good at team on WFANV. File off the watch yesterday somebody to try to get doesn't mean you need to get a laugh at Arlington on WS fancy. Don't rate his tweets when you're drinking a beverage. OK unless you like to beverage to go through your nose and out series when it comes to the you both thanks so much from to be offensive morning show with a Mack attack you he helps me out. Make you feel much better about myself. And give another update on enough. 9/11 Eric deters he had some amazing coverage this morning about the memorial. Club will bring you up to date on that plus. Whether what's it gonna do here. Herman's gonna spit on us as opposed to another word that starts would. And Ryan's whether it's. Every day everywhere. Franken back. So one of the biggest indicators that tell us things are. Getting back to normal. After a storm. There's window Waffle House it's governor when you know when they're shut down. In big trouble and that's what's even those with the apparently they're you know of course are being famous. Coming over on the plummeted with the weather here is and a female actually does use the closure of Waffle House restaurants as an indicator of how quickly eight. Big community is likely to get back up and running they have yet color code crane says full menu electricity good. No means limited menu. May be running on generator red means a lot less is closed and that's bad news. That is good news I'm sure they'll all be up and running as they're generators can get so while liberal forest your time sixteen years ago today. The the attacks on our soil. Happens and and changed the world not necessarily for the better at all for almost everybody on this planet Mercury too risky. Where were you when when the planes struck the World Trade Center. He's in Texas now watching like everybody else and today at the ceremony is still underway at my ground zero what used to be called ground zero in lower Manhattan now on the 9/11 memorial plaza are the long recitation of names Serb they've reached the end and it and it really gives you a sense of the magnets. It of of the devastation when so many lives have been lost so quickly. And still clothes supplies are are being lost sixteen years later in the form of illnesses that were contracted on or about 9/11 from the war cola toxic pile of debris and ash and rubble. It's thirty loud fire fighters were killed. That and had worked on 9/11 just this year another couple of police officers were killed so it's still taking its lasting poll. There's still look keeping an eye on some kids that that came in contact with some of the dust and the other toxicity there and there. Do we know anything about them I mean they were little then now they're almost adults most likely you're sixteen years ago so. There's there's a lot of deep far reaching impact. They did it be the impact is never stopped and then I've been talking about our fresh for the city and he's not sure whatever is going to stop because so many people got sick. True we are working on that. That's toxic pile and and we the people of Norman and we're told by the government that the air was safe to breathe and it clearly was not. So they did they get they are still monitoring and health effects. Because they've been monitoring the psychological effects billions paid if it is impossible to overstate them the magnitude of what. Have they got. Any relief at all. He's you know these these first responders because I've been may be a man mistaken things but I remembered that they weren't trying to help them all that much. Well there was say it was a fight in congress to pass what's known as the as the drug act head and that was builder. Cover the medical expenses. Of the first responders and that's worked hard for the most part there are some gaps there. But you know that this state government has stepped into trying to fill those gaps and and and that happened just this year. We're trying to get some additional police officers some some unlimited sick. Sickly to deal with with what they need to deal with. I played it it it hasn't been easy but that by and large you know they have the government has come through. Pay did you end up going to New York after that you were Houston news or when it happened in June of going to new York and if so what. How did that impact you when you not to. Well you can't help but but be overcome but you know by the sheer complexity of the task and the you know maybe enormity of what had gone on in the that it did pick the impact to to to people who live close to attend to and you know who's whose lives were up kind of like everybody else. There's Karen Travers earlier today how it impacted her she was in DC at the time. And she says it was just running on adrenaline cover cover cover for about two weeks and finally you take a break and and catch your breath for just a second and then. That exhaustion kicks yen is at. There's a pretty accurate description of what you might run through. Oh yeah sure the breathing you know but it. You know if you we've listed did different being and another. City kind of away from what happens. So has it you wouldn't he did do was busy but you know so what. Good about it but I think you know who narrowness of the commemoration has become kind of up a permanent. Custom turf for the nation and as it stops and even as its seat of coping with these natural disasters and in Texas and Louisiana. Florida. A different kind of devastation hell yeah to us was the first time that there was a real distraction from the other 9/11. Memorial caricatures can appreciate your update fantastic job which are anchored coverage today. What was happening in New York City as well as the places across the country including Pennsylvania. And DC. The vice president of Entercom Charlotte to be joining us your momentarily Matthew Hamlet and personal insight into 9/11 that's on the way under is 111099. Freedom you beat me. So much. But mr. sparking here no Malarkey electrician. I would talk to Matthew Hamlin who's the vice president and general manager better cup shirt momentarily for Sony give you. A little deeper dive into the other weather forecast now where more with with the weather channel joins us now here. Let's focus on Charlotte and the surrounding area her how much window we gonna get and any fear of any tornadoes at all. They do more shot well so far the good news for us is that tell looks like god -- continues to weaken substantially is the senator circulation moves up the south Georgia. We measure how much wind shear is in the atmosphere typically we see a lot of wind shear in the northeastern in the east side of these land falling. Systems and that's exactly what we're seeing with Irma. Which places the majority of the shear over the Georgia coast this far north as Charleston. Right now Mo shear that we're seeing in the atmosphere extends southeast of a line from Macon. Over two the state line of our South Carolina and over to Charleston, South Carolina and points south down to Brunswick in northeastern Florida. So we think the greatest tornadic threat will be coastal South Carolina mainly coastal Georgia. And portions of in one South Carolina and east central Georgia. For this afternoon which keeps all that will sell the Charlotte so that's good news that is good news we kind of when gusty think we're gonna get here. Right now we're seeing some gusto Toronto 45 miles per hour and I think we could does steadily see some 25 to thirty mile per hour wind gusts here. But I don't think we're gonna chief tropical storm force gusts here Charles. That's good news that is good news we we dodged a bit of a bullet here unfortunately for other folks not some Schuyler Moore with a weather should appreciate your love to hear 845. On 9/11. 845 where were you. I'm 9/11 and 45 that's when American Airlines flight eleven from Boston crashed him to the north tower of the World Trade Center. Matthew Taylor vice president general manager gonna come Charlotte including WB two UW offense you know link is winners here today 45911. 2001 where were you and good morning scat and thanks thanks for having me on and congratulations on. On the shows that just sounds great really think you really glad to you bring in wonderful topics to. To the city Charlotte and to the people know the metro Charlotte and I think just doing a terrific job so thank you thank you appreciate the opportunity. I mean they the united New York. New Yorker. I'm by. You know who grew up there and so did twenty years in Manhattan. And down 9/11 I was in midtown assortment for AOL Time Warner we just merged. When you know we'll. For business wise so wouldn't that gentleman just call that tornadic yes yes there was a first timer for that expression but that I think a business deal with AOL Time Warner was tornadic. And any Hal yes on 38 street new was one of the most you know the prettiest days of the year. And somebody said today you know AM I was in a meeting a sales meeting. And somebody sent India a plane hit the tower and like everybody else we thought it was. You know sort of propped up that a Smart idea here which which would be ludicrous. By the way. On a day like that it would thing you know that ink incomprehensible. Why we all thought that rates as high as it was gorgeous it's just that we never thought before that moment. About something called al-Qaeda the Middle East never entered a war world our news was. Loose political and religious strife in the Middle East to northern Iowa under that's what our news was who's always. There's always. About tragedy outsourced around the world we'd never endured here outside of you know. Pearl Harbor solar regret and fear was there an affair wasn't here. And so that was probably the biggest change and took it wouldn't you know it'll read like a light switch Scott you know people who read about it like oh that's the date changed it was an eight day. You know we're human decision longer in the Brazilian every year sixteen. In any mean people have forgotten about it already. You know most people Ivan not a lot of kids that are grown up to their active they have no clue at all what we went through how much you personally go on it I'm I'm sure you have been obviously you're working New York City got a lot of friends and throughout the seizure or did you lose an inference but ADM. My twin brother was in tower one he was coming up out of the path train and that's the tree was in the tower he's in this area. So he was coming out of the path train which and goes into the peace and of the tower one and the path train runs from New Jersey under the Hudson River to New York City. And dad than Iran's uptown as tickets to the World Trade Center runs of 23 street. And so in the Richmond brother was just coming up the escalator. And there there were police with guns drawn and at carding people to one specific. Door he only could see was debris just flying all over the place just. It was raining from the sky the greening. Debris you know objects. And so he went outside any city followed everybody noticed everybody across the street was looking up. Packet at this tower at building. Anyone can join them and look deputy said it would look like he was that oh hole in the building the size of a football field. Yeah yen and so you know pandemonium in the Lichen and you know a lot of detail with all the phones went down. All of communications were cut off but instant messaging stayed on and I actually stayed on with him instant messaging and we have the talent. That tell. It PM descriptive that from that day round and save that EMI AM my sister lives. So it's me talking to him saying he can get out you know there's tower came down played the second tower was just hit. You know where are you you know in a month 38. And we're near the Empire State Building which was rumored to be hit next. And so everybody's running from there and again it weird in beautiful day. You can see smoke in the southern tip of Manhattan. But you know your your kind of in denial surreal you know we really escape into doing something you know. And we take awhile I mean you know people forget. You know after that it was. It please you know people were getting poison in the know and death threats yeah and I was at rock senator. At that time. Working in this Time Warner building and we were evacuated four times. Later on yet between 9/11 and end ten elevenths we were evacuated four times. What do you Matthew Hanna and vice president general manager intercom Charlotte was is what is you to ditch we we know a lot of the stories of the of the responders and and how sick many of them have gotten. The the morning by the family members but there's some stories that have been kind of bubbling underneath the surface that really haven't been don't tend to. And that's some of the psychological trauma that so many people went through an enemy and you know about this stuff sure only because I had so many friends down almost three. You know and and we did very people that we know. My twin brother and I bench from high school. Friend of mine from college. And I mean next door neighbor I lived in Montclair New Jersey you know we could see. Did that the dust to dust rained on our home. Well yes and so. My brother Randy was the subject of a then I'm CNBC. Specially followed him back from his house in Montclair to. To his job on Wall Street there were tanks on the street. Chavez followed him back. And and he he was stuffed up he got covered in the white stuff and so through for them for months he was coughing up. You know he sounded different you know he sounded like an editor's our team Australia. And then and then and ultimately you know he he needed help. Without question you know and you know. And PT EST wouldn't you know well a lot of people went through a lot of things that they just didn't expect in life than 50% of the guys on Wall Street wound up in rehab or divorced and you know. Apart or or both right and it is to know how to process. Yes self medication and right got to get somebody to talk to about you know I mean it was it's a high wire act anyway. Well. The the biggest takeaways. For you from that day in the days that followed after that besides the realization that we can be afraid here. It was a pretty. By far and away the silver lining of New Yorkers coming together. And respecting each other as a result of being on the wrong end of a common problem. And whereas. You walk up eighth avenue and bump people after that you've got out of their way you helped people across the street. You were nice to people. Things changed and I wish our country would not forget where we were fans. Now. Too many people don't know which is why we can never let people forget which is why we have memorials. On days like today so that this never never seeps into two part of history not too far in that rearview mirror it becomes. Vital. You're very lifeblood as America. As we continue. Breaking bad news is on the way this is news 1110993. WBT valujet left before Heidi Scott Fitzgerald's my name I'm glad you witnessed here today and who's 1110 Friday night three of you beechy. So are Irma has been suck in the air out of the world when it comes to news. Paying attention to it obviously it was a the most important story about eleven also look at Corbett. Attention today going to that wants right 9/11. But other things going on today via the US says it's gonna call a meeting. At the United Nations asking me Security Council to impose more sanctions. On North Korea further missile and nuclear programs wouldn't be I would be too surprising to see North Korea launch another one here in the not too distant future. Just because they like to rubber face and apparently what we would like to see happen is impose an oil embargo on North Korea. Ban North Korea's textile. Exports. Prohibit the hiring of North Korean laborers outside of the country. I know that that quite a few and China. And much of central and South Korea or not I would imagine that might be a bit of the sticky situation. They also want to prohibit Kim Jung on from traveling and as much as possible to freeze his assets. Gonna get nine votes to pass this revolution and no vetoes by any of the permanent members shall Britain France rusher China's in Alibaba knob and it's not gonna happen. Well we're also a permanent member but obviously we are not going to. Vito and our own resolution so that's something else is going on and there's certainly some amazingly wonderful stories that come out. Another disaster like Erma. But than there's always going to be those those people who could really merger in a minute ago. Not just me the looters timlin taken advantage of folks sort of you know to abandon their homes. In South Florida and even in through Central Florida. The authorities there may pursue felony charges. Against people who abandon their animals. I have a hard time imagining. Him a two dogs not true and chewy. Storm coming our way let's just chain into a tree and hit it had forgotten the hills so we couldn't do it. Absolutely couldn't do it. And. First of all if I ever decided you know if if that was a situation that is nice and we have maybe that is. But I'd get to veto the only permanent member of the security council for the dogs and my family is my wife and a of course she would. She would say no we we got to admit I wouldn't go down that road but you gotta be heartless and absolutely are really heartless. No excuse. For doing that. They mean it it blows me away that they actually had to to tweet the Florida department helps us. Don't leave your dogs tied upper chain when evacuating. Who like you need to be reminded of that. I'm guessing that. That the people who needed to to read that. With some of the same bone heads that were told not to shoot in America. You know. They're going to pursue felony charges animal cruelty if they're able to gathered at the evidence and then find and identify a pet's owner. So I was going to be difficult to do. So the shelters took in as many as a 150 dogs. It's crazy. Where there average was three or four day kudos to the guy with the truck death order ambition not yet you Google the you may exhibit on the lips I deserve a dude that was driver on the road this truck. And it's fascinating that video too because you'd see a military helicopter landing on the road just up the street from them. But today he picked up a dog and then you saw him walk overs pickup truck and there were probably ten or so maybe a dozen dogs in the bag his pickup truck. There was just you know at the time to bring a smile to your face. Although Bobby Ross he when he when I saw him walking over the pickup truck to bring that dog put it in there mighty. My immediate concern was what if I dog doesn't get along with the other analysts. You know from from my experience with the so chewy loves all the dogs in the world macho not so much. Can't put him within your deductions are for chewing. But they all they oldest U they have this look on their face but I know the dog show. I don't know we we tend to have throw more powerful thought we tend to think of them as more human and they really are. I can't remember your opponents a big word and throw from office upon. Cha think commercial off the so we give them human traits but you can almost see the thankful us on their face. And the the relief that they were gonna get the heck out of the other bad news. They're not stupid animals or another and a bit they don't know where you went but they wonder where you'll yeah and that's a good point has it wouldn't want to hear or junior or trigger. So that was so many other good news for the animals. They have to take care of the wild animals. And these weren't I'm not talking about the alligators that are industry a talk about the ones. There were losers. I feel 116. Acre central Florida's youth day there keepers at the exotic birds struggled to catch a stubborn Kara Kara. It was all for the birds own good Schiavo 450 animals zoo director Dino fairies responsible for keeping them safe but the hardest to coax him to there. The monkeys Winans. They're a little more skittish and. Some animals like the rhinos in drafts will be kept in their normal sleeping quarters. And fairy hopes they'll stay putts when an employee most concerned about potentially escaping during hurricane. But I mean probably there are kind of more snow in the big cats down shower heads do Miami's. Diesel the cheetah is safe inside a hurricane troops face Brazil houses more than 3000 animals. Including a flock of pink flamingos who removed to a concrete bunker ahead of the storm. It's a step up from the nineties. When employees were forced or heard the flamingos into bathrooms during hurricanes Andrew George and Floyd not my first time I was in New Orleans during Katrina. What did you learn from Hurricane Katrina. I never want near hurricane in Cary worked at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans when Katrina hit. It's surreal what we learned this operation. We prepare we have crisis management plan. The start of the season if people start looking for an things are to be flying objects it's just preparation is preparation to take care of all the animals yet. Not only gaming needed to build an ark but is good to know that this who took care what they had. Hum national suicide prevention month and prevention week did you hear the program yesterday I'm listening. It's great stuff. Give me some updates on that and and may be surprised who. Goes through depression. May not even think about it. But you'll realize that you know the answer until we come back. Blood drive across North Carolina that was canceled today because of weather concerns so sub might work late Mormon community blood drive it today starts at 2 o'clock. 2 o'clock we need your help my guess it's so many of them have been canceled. C Harris teeter antiquity town's center which is not the job avenue and Cornelius note today. Lake Norman community blood drives hit right on it can't help to folks out because you know folks all across the country who need blood especially. We will make sure we're ready when. Local. Community hopes of folks out. So while it's gonna out of the. Hi daddy doing okay do you tell me what this was like you had how many people hunkered down in where. Rather little about 400 people aren't I'm obsessed between GAAP and in. Common for our it's all next week mark apparently we have roughly a hundred and had RV parked out in our performing arts center on overnight at a are performing arts and there on Q I can't category 513 you know we are very fortunate to have power on my long while AT and might. I'm pregnant thank you but because he and they are looking around and different area very fact that Amber's house says I can't thank. Our our power and there are a lot of water damaged. And we are you ready at that storm surge is yet seller very ports yet you still do on tummy with the noise was like wouldn't it sound like. There are a lot of her in secret that backup at both are very that huge. I go ride or hike saying in Paris delivery truck. It's fair equipment in my backyard that all door forget her rattling with the way you were so. They're people out and I do my part dog in the burning and are they being an. Commentary the big heat it up guys you're could not get the document you would elect crazy love it but it it'll law on the night. Either very for it to have power up and look up that in and hats fervor Rex thanks. Have you have you been outside yet yeah I am I eight and they let it go. Affiliate I walked back to my building and it cheaper way beyond. It. I had a leg or yeah very. Three on the ground and their promptly stepped on it'll have played and I'm think you know by trying to out that. I looked like like are my arm unless throw the market. Yes no kidding and and I'm glad that that you're safe obviously I was worried about Jim and Michael Jackson yeah on Saturday. Zain what's going on what's going on in his leg. How many people are bothering you deceased were okay. And you're not okay you mother was in revenue knots. That's right and he doesn't make crazy Zambrano blamed she drove you crazy to. That's but don't tell me about a friend of viewers know one of the things that that after the disaster like this that's that's concerning is obviously people take advantage. Of stores not being manned or homes being MD you tell me the store at your friend. I want I got a Mac sage from our neighbors are from her. I have neighbors humid its patent on alert but add that on an open that door here a group of our church and do what you put her favorably were electric and capital actor in bella Robert thank you cannot. No way aren't. While they were in the house. And Amtrak and and the Indy in these people worked in the house when the rot they let the robbers in and then and then they took stuff. I guess so I did come about Iraq story summit but world yet and we'll be kicking it and as. I'm looking like that's fellow by the words like companion kind of your house but not there to be there and you don't yell at you don't and they cannot gonna come and Taliban and. Yeah no kidding it's it's always good advice now I know that you that you guys are active in helping the community do you guys have any plans as of yet to go around see what you can do to help folks there in the Tampa area. I am not sure yet prepare aren't you aren't in the next couple of days I notes here. Aren't our public act and I know yesterday. And you know it's like ally and I don't think they had great read what he Barney but it comes up ranking I got that you don't water or not. I'm clothes and stuff here. And people who didn't have shelter. I didn't they prayed with them countries really really be correct here really expect. And it didn't reach out you can eat like that yeah I know are there any work the work life balance you eat dark. They are coming down here to help us. Clean up our campaign he and I'm not sure we're gonna help you hear what not but I'm definitely they're going to be freaking out here back in the area. Okay we'll grace obviously I'm so glad that you're safe and today and thanks retarded to make good luck with the cleanup phase and I love you sweetheart. Hello you can't think precautionary and taking care much here's my daughter grace in Florida maybe to destroy. I was texting or over the weekend John Moore and a texted me back to what would you please tell mom to leave me alone. It really this was so Saturday I went to be on show and hung out with a video folks from American would replace and that's when I was young rich and out pure and trying to help her make accommodations and what kind of stock. Cigarettes out of possible without his that was willing to wait. And she texted me to sit mom has called me and texted me fourteen times already today telling relieved. And I can't tell there was impossible to do. So. Mom got the beta blockers out I think and a better blood pressure to come down just tea. Bill what's happening with schools freer she MS athletic activities. If you thought it was going to be done today you know were maybe gain maybe some practice that sort of thing. They have canceled all high school and middle school athletic activities for the day. Showed it matter if it's into our current and includes indoor and outdoor practices are indoor and outdoor contests. Anaconda was having contests. Mean like playing something happened chest just close gone tennis. You can do it remotely badminton badminton. This and high school sport that I don't know. Debate. Bottom and any scheduled athletic get togethers meetings of any sort. The district encourages student athletes and coaches to stir up the roads and be safe. This afternoon and evening. Afterschool enrichment programs. Will operate on me a normal schedule. Cannot imagine that would include like the only after school YMCA programs things of that nature. Later this week including tomorrow and and probably a couple times through the weekend and throughout the month. Going to just kind of remind you about. I don't really it's kind of a silent epidemic in the and his suicides. Here in the country. Yesterday we had the a program I'm listening. Which could get a chance kitchen and that. It was it was pretty neat because it was interesting listening to people call him. I'm in sharing their stories and in particular the people who knew about suicide. And we're essentially telling the world but there there are plenty of people out there who can help via. But then also telling people look you know you need to pay attention to those folks that you world. Because there are signs or warnings so that's what we're obviously some research talking about killing themselves what's called a suicidal aggregation. He got to pay attention that maybe you might even start you know kind of like nebulous like I wish I wasn't here. What they can be more avert dangerous as time goes on mr. Franken or drug use goes up. Start. Being socially withdrawn from their family and friends just another situation where you're looking for miles so. We'll offer some month some tips and services for you and how you connect it's enough for you know for somebody you love this would make it through tomorrow. Again lake Norman community blood drive today starting at 2 o'clock till 630 Harris teeter antiquity town's center. Sunken tub avenue and Cornelius. Come on give the prize how. You have a fight you're gonna have a glass of wine in the evening has the feel like two of its effort today I wish list guys in green lights here tomorrow.