I-77 Toll Lanes, North Korean Threat and Gym Bans Cops

Scott Fitzgerald
Friday, August 11th

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So well as last everything about Juan. A long time for most. Those who are most concerned about Guam and are concerned about the bombing and would like to. Com North Korea one don't know or call mayors and two could identify North Korea. On the map. Trying to be anything geographical situation. So by the president yesterday have won his first press conferences and a long long time and have quite a few wonderful quotes came out of that and I woke. Well up play some of those for you this morning because a lot of them are obviously very timely as to what's going on in the world mr. McConnell. North Korea the OP you Lloyd send and so much more so we will get to that in just a moment your blunders 1110993. WBT so what is Guam doing. To make their preparations. Well it is home to thousands of Americans plus CI AUS military base with very very strong presence there and that is the place that North Korea. Has in their sights and it's not necessarily directly in their site. Because they're saying that most likely these missiles they're gonna shoot their way it will. And Atlantic somewhere close and if it comes within the insides of the international water boundaries than we could have a real problem robber dissipated with ABC now. Mom is that where you are right now. I am in Guam yet on these are you are you nervous at all resisters to area another routine day doing the news. I would probably say my mom has more merit than I am I feel pretty confident as much. Many of the people here I'm on this island 170000. You let it then. CL we felt pretty confident there's issued military base cities that is met and and I believe you know pretty protective at least I hope so. K so your mom is the most nervous servitude as a lot of people who have moms and very nervous about the situation might yeah might take from friends who I have relatives and wanted to marry two people from brought. Is that it's a fairly laid back place so it takes quite a bit attention. Two to get the folks rattled so you are you still seemed kind of a laid back attitude lane dynamics or is it a noticeable change. Yeah I haven't been going about their day you know the governor the other three being a few hours ago. And sort of you know said the weakens upon that everyone go to the beach enjoyed themselves. I would doubt that sort earlier today are innocent folk. And it's seen. It's the adult is C parents or grandparents who scene that have been there done that have spurred North Korean threat. For decades. And bay and they don't seem to be bothered by not one bit they're one going about their you know their daily bed net is the children of the teenagers. Who are quite used to or wondering what do what we view. If there's a missile comes tore that are moved Rivera bunker and you know no one quite note. I was just gonna ask is there much activity. As far as hey this is what we do in preparation I here's where we would go here the public places that that would seem to be the most safe that sort of thing. Yeah I think I think a lot of people particularly the media have been asking those questions and they did hold a briefing and they laid out. I plan and their plan is. And and has been for many years then and and that's shelter in place. There aren't any bunkers here on the islanders not really anywhere to go quickly. You would have to go I claim if you wanted to get off the island and that when it would be too late and so they say they Bailey out a plan online that people should have. Plan of action with their family members. I'll way to go way to meet but in the event that there is the missile that's launched at wall there to fifteen alarm. This down a lot around its surrounding the island battle marble gold often people will know that they need to shelter in place. So here's a question and I haven't heard anybody asked this when you're here obviously arms and middle of the ocean there and there's a lot of folks it. Used boats to what to travel hither and yon and is there any sort of warning for those who are seem bound and as far as where they should be or not be surrounded me element of Guam over the next couple days. But it really great question and I'm job you had out there and he stayed out because. But I mean I I would imagine if I were out at sea that would be a question the question that I would you know where to like bell hop in the event. Of a missile attack. I would I would assume maybe they don't have any options then. You know brattle lock. I'll bring some sun screen and a some binoculars and a than at Tony Romo and a vote to put your head down between your butt cheeks and Cecile later right up our our. Well look forward to it to hearing you asked that question some other folks is that we make it through the day it was an ABC reports Robertson thanks for your time. Thank you so much direct a dollar that's all I want every time we ask that just a dollar got a Aaron well nobody else from ABC does and I haven't talked ulyetza wanna make sure you you're good for your word okay. They're Ramirez I thought it thank you aren't Zola modernize your time here at news 111019 and three WB TS you heard. Others to some conflicting and from. About exactly how long the folks in Guam would have once a a missile gets a send off some folks say about fifty minutes of the shoot twelve CNN right now since fourteen minutes. Korea North Korean missile to reach one. Then there's also via an immediacy eighth minute warning time once these guys agent knows where that is the missile was going and then Americans on the warnings now. Ain't life grand we'll see if we can dig up some good news or is that may. The morning you under is 1110993. WBT Chris stand by your neck toward achievement it was not a show might have continued your time today. Look like it to be a pretty beautiful day earlier. An operative start but there's very little profit on your hearts me off it's a schizophrenic situation when it comes to the weather we will what puts her right. Most most golf aficionados. And do and those fancy umbrellas of noise would kind of jokes furloughs. And I've always had this kind of this sickening urgent sodomy to follow golf kind of person into policy of the Ruby Tuesday. And then they'd lean those umbrellas up against the other front while there you know when they walk on inside they're so big they arsenic is sold the and they just walking away with a few. I I don't know why and I'm not the thief by heart but for whatever reason is. There's this attraction to did the did this idea of stealing umbrella slept yeah I know. I can help I don't know what it is about the umbrellas and never thought about. Like a little rubber slip on things those don't appeal to me at all. My father used to Wear a monthly usage he could combat but those Ambrose may not tell you what they are there common. My name most likely because all I ever uses a little teeny like low ET umbrellas essentially end never worked very very well. And on eighteen as your time's gone to a Christian and Chris we're gonna be wrapping up country music week as far as songs. A declaration of love for me and and I. Colombian art press. I think this is my best effort yet. That's pretty confident statement there I think you'll agree it probably growing up would that be BP listener I think it encapsulates the Arab. This song encapsulates all of the station. And present company included what can you do this to be you'll WB TO jingle. No none and look at that and they can't. Kenny Rogers who can you do roosters chicken jingle their theory there are all right has there been got you worsen. Okay. Our law on summer's day. On the station down somewhere. There we're the PGA. Head and saying that I had grid. He glanced about the double. Grave about Obama. As a crude ban certain this. This is what I he said you guys know who wins so else. No way am disturbed. Let me know where the sandwiches. No wind upon you network. Church sponsors. Lawyers do the car we're going to be the Calhoun. When the column is that and her the second. Our second verse verse same as the first. He get John more in the control room stroke Jake and me a lot to do clip there where four of the traffic. And apple are friends. Limbaugh are able to glory. Boats out sooner than Mahon and Scott FitzGerald the side and the doubt the end. You've got no wind blow them. Don't go and screw. No granted it's (%expletive) it's here you know win the firm you never count your sponsors. For your good stead to probably that we he count then. I guess this all. And he did outdo yourself. How long does it generally takes you Crist who put these little low little storms together us. I work for senator Kay from examiner to be at the inspirational music it's you're like well let's see I tell you have anything that would emulator on our playback again. Except I make as my ringtone. And then I'll never answer the phone to zoning and mold himself around so work Chris you just ruined my life. Senator thank you nights when when is your time had their good morning to you when I'm Scott FitzGerald at 1015 sewer and Howard is about an hour from now. We're going to be talking to some folks from Atlanta who that created quite a controversy. When it comes to their athletic institution. No cops pull out. The TV AV Pargo club. That's also holding a no military policy that didn't owner Jim chambers saying his client typically belong to minority groups. This feeling comfortable in the presence of law enforcement that's what he's saying. One response to the anti cop policy coming from a local police officer. He's a challenging in the gym owner to a boxing match say it's time to find alternative ways to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community. Jenny and now Atlantic relent have to talk. Coming up ever gonna see you sir. Thanks drive me I'm going to be here so why did you decide to challenge the gym owner took boxing match what do you think that what you hope that's will accomplish. Well. The way I see it is. Myself mr. chambers are very different people. And I don't think there's much good to having us sit down have a debate. This a man their first police officers as modern day slave catches your first to us and is. That's the henchmen of the empire and an occupying force and history to have those opinions. My my thing is it's it's it's a bird it's a very provocative story and it's provocative for a lot of negative reason. Just kind of provocative provocative story we're going to be talking to the owner of a jump. But as I mentioned to 1015 what would you ask him. What would you ask this guy first voting in a what's what do you think of what's on your mind where did the idea for this come from. What sort of fear what sort of house were sort of incident perhaps motivated you. To decide that a police officers were not not welcome. In Europe in your draw the little above their your business there in Atlanta. Armed police officers. I'd like to note have you felt discriminate and what sort of discrimination and have you had to deal with in your line of work. I sort of understand what the the owners saying there that not some of the folks to go there are not comfortable around police officers. And in my I've general and in initial reaction to that was well then chances are years somebody who's had some dealings with police officers. In the past they were less than positive or perhaps you've got something to worry about and you don't want any police officers around June because one they may know you. They may know your enemy and special warrant out for your arrest. Or you're doing something bad that you shouldn't be doing. And you're afraid that you know it's going to begin at the beginning of a and interaction that's gonna go downhill fairly fairly quickly. So if you got a question that you would like to ask you this guy. Couple of ways that we can do that she can either shoot me an email Scott at WBT dot com. Scott act WB two dot com. Or you can to stand by you can call one to fifteen. Rolls around. As if we don't need more in this world to be afraid of with the ugly looming threat of nuclear war just out now war. We've North Korea. The federal government agencies are preparing. For the possibility of widespread power outages across the United States. As a result of what Alex jones' calling in black sky event. Now apparently this is a and on this is a planned to drill but they do from time to time. But they they work on what they would do to handle a situation at an event. That would bring society to its knees FEMA does this and FEMA has certainly done. The target in the focus in the focal point of many conspiracy theories in the past you talked heard about those. FEMA will will they call those concentration camps Shura emergency camps or something like that. These stockpiling the body bags that sort of thing so on August 23. Earth X 27 team. Is gonna be a combination war game with FEMA and the US Department of Energy. And what they're gonna do this war game responses to contest catastrophes such as a mega earthquake. Cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic. Pulse attacks. Which would be one of those attacks that would essentially is knockout. Pretty much our entire electrical grid and the other exercise will simulate a sub currents subcontinent scale. Long duration power outage. He black sky event. So imagine with abbey like. No we've been hearing more about preparers. In Japan and in particular right now because of their concern it was going to be helping with North Korea and we certainly have had that as a movement here in the United States for. Coming on how long it's been going on the only has been on time you think so yeah maybe ten or fifteen years Luka has really want to. It's sort of happened to when there was that. Really call that sovereign nation movement wing of the in the hey I'm never gonna pay taxes kind of situation. The you know at the Bundy folks with a BL MR would shift. Irwin usually of those as a yes pay taxes yeah and then who was you do Montana that got shot. There's a group of Randy Weaver yeah yeah that whole group. Get rid not that I follow that I noticed this estimate what you get tattooed on your ankle or something there are seeking get. Have access to those names the fairly quickly. So the government is saying. It's not an if situation. But no win situation. Betty a black sky event would occur. So like I said something for us to look at shaken and our boots Lou hi there your WB two got a question he would like to ask via the owner of the gym that doesn't allow the police officers and. Well you know got my question is actually for the police officer that he played in Mack quit they're predominantly on don't like. I don't why beat policy one bit but how I do wonder. What the cops think he would salting by saying big bat I'm never gonna get along without talking to a sellout beat him up in Tibet had a bad day and a better message. Good community. There at the gym owner is trying to Kirk. What do what kind of message you think it's cents. Little bit it's been the message bad I don't think your work my arm and it the only way to get good do you. Do it perfectly you're wrapped around a little bit that's all well you people want. Why will why even set up the boxing that's why does he just sit in the back Alley in between the door and this guy's car. And wait Foreman sucker puncher and if that's the message that he wants to send you wanna hang on little can get to you more Revere. It's a very eye opening comments so when we come back. A lot of Zach is with the ABC she's following the White House and the Red Line skating renders the doctor coming up on news 1110993. Of the BT. Thank you John very much either before it's your time for the break talking aloof. Question for the owner of the gym that has decided that cops are not and I welcome. And we talked to the gym owner coming up at 1015. Enough final thoughts before we get to alarm Issac from ABC Luke. Well you know I'd get I think that one of the bank that it's cop beat in bigger kids in an environment. Where you have the president of the United States telling you police blocked the field read a beat people up. Challenge you think that you did agree with two of boxing match pretty much on the call bad. To beat you I'd rather be hit it would might not stick with bit today at botched Gordon we are much more stepped away. Debate is challenging you to a I think there are a lot of good that they're. And not think beard is Brooke cops that were indie spirit all the good enough at all. Commit to Salt Lake in Ehrlich tainted I think that bit top urban exterior but then I don't agree with you what's odd about. I don't agree with the let's find about it distant sort of be. How a lot of folks are taken at this point in time. The army Matt thanks so Lipton Scott how are you shortly into Jill. Every day did you predict two sides of every story and I think bit that the that the need to be talked about record just probably not be you know I don't they get all of it right. Just what I don't like when notably bakeries and bake cakes Kirk for gay couple I don't like excluding anybody. But I think that the other side overreacting just like with those pick up the other set overreacting a bit did not need to be where. Well maybe maybe the gym owners wanna be that the gay couples I don't know I mean there's a there's of the transferred to seems to be gone on here. I don't know that I necessarily agree with you that but I don't agree with you that cops want to beat up crooks. But I guess there is sort of a dove tail there's the Tom Watson will be up these folks are being at the gym owner there. He's basically saying I disagree with the U let's get down to fisticuffs so we appreciate your call 936 is your time. But what does that joins us now from from the white house with ABC. And the Red Line with North Korea seems to be getting writer who's got the Koran and a who's doing the tolerant. Another good way of putting it Scott have a Friday Kyodo news where. No but recently this morning we heard president trump tweeting quote. Military solutions are now fully in place locked and loaded to North Korea act unwisely hopefully contend then we'll find another path so certainly. That is consistent with what we have heard from the president and I am starting with the anger and fury his first remarks towards the end north Koreans. Than him doubling down thing that perhaps fired jury was not strong enough announced saying we are locked and loaded so certainly. President trump is indicating to North Korea that. A military option is certainly. On the table and and even go so far as to say in place should it become necessary but. Before we get to to freak down about the possibility of world war three it's worth saying. That China has recently weighed in on a state run paper. Saying that what ever signed strikes first is going to find themselves on the wrong side of China and now there are a major player in this conflict. I'm they told North Korea that in this in the same article that if North Korea is strikes against. US soil that they will not be defended by China if the US retaliates. And then they also tell the United States that. If we launch a preemptive first strike against North Korea and that we will find ourselves at war with China which certainly ups the ante. About the military conflict not an all of that. Might pour a little bit of cool honor. On these very hot temperature and. Saying I don't let you worry Fulbright Korea scholar graduate of Harvard Kennedy school of government would be a masters. In an international security and political economy this whole deal with North Korea and the United States is is a song that we've heard before is it. Your counsel Willie Wright's god and end of check in with friends over and in South Korea to see how are they feeling. There's still going about their daily lives on and there. Doing when they hadn't planned on doing this weekend and so life continues just. Did you just steps from the North Korean border really and that's always a good gauge of how concerned they are about the situation with they also say though. Well they're used to these threats coming from North Korea and they're used to North Korea's pursuit of their military capabilities. The bigger. The bigger unknown for them is really the United States and how. President trump will choose to respond to these North Korean threats and that that is blah. The big question now about which. Military leader is going to take which provocative actions so. I'll continue to watch that in and see. While threaten the president has been very strong in his words towards North Korea we've also heard from. The secretary of defense Jim Mattis saying that war with North Korea would be catastrophic. And we've heard from secretary of state Rex Tillerson who says all diplomatic channels are open so perhaps behind the scenes. There is and there are negotiated. Solutions that are being picked and candid about. Want to see whether or not they're willing to sit down and talk again and you mentioned the president being unpredictable and I think that's one of the wild cards in the situation that has everybody scratching their head gone. What will he do and statements from China I think. Have opened quite a few ice that's for sure Chris you've called us here 704571110. Real quick what's your take on the other mocks a dude. I think it's a great idea. I hope that people who are left column I'd challenge until box imagine about it the end of that will be bodies. It is helping Obama like I I'm not a I. Get a little bit at all in all boxing as a kid but doubling dot. A boxer and I'm not registered by Punjab all of the go to jail a valid or anything like that but. There's something when I grew Robert two Brothers about the same age and we had a prayer by the log of what they've got bad enough my doubts Lego box an hour. And that it works better at committed sound crazy but there's ability human condition and when you go out there and you put the illegality out there and your exert yourself and you. And if they added that your humble. There and you can actually have a discussion that wouldn't take place. Before that. That motto a mind all. You know stand off side there's there's something to edit the humor I'm not a psychologist but there's still think through these things. Then god they are I am curious if there's there's there's gym owner would be okay where they. Jim nice to have that there's no minorities all right all. Yet have been interesting turn of events what it cops only. But it right next door and Chris I agree with you once once that energy has been expelled you look at each other and go what we do next. O'Dowd get a beer. I love you man that. Thanks Jim pocket he's obviously been angry with a nice 77 and what's coming our way when it comes to tolls and all that we'll talk to him about that. Try to relieve some pressure from him would do next. So president says that we are locked and loaded if North Korea North Korea decides to pull the trigger then now we're ready to roll. So that sells one aspect of little China says you know what if by the United States unilaterally decides to go ahead mr. dropped its bombs. Then we will be at war with them. I think that changed the landscape of things but if. North Korea ends up front pull the trigger first they will remain neutral doesn't mean no help us they just won't stand in our way sewage to come all the updates on what's happening with North Korea. Of course will stay on top of that we all morning all day. All night. All day all night Marianne. So again bullet he pew up to date on what's happening with the big big story. Not just from the day of the past week so the NC DOT and consultants working with them said the tough opposition to the size 77 hole in project. Surprise surprise. Is so intense that it might be a potential justification for canceling the project entirely. It's good to Celtic mr. Jim Puckett who was Bennett an avid fan of this whole project to since day one so let me feel some love for me today Jim. I'm payroll elope or the fact that they're beginning to hear we've been fighting and it almost literally daily. 44 year. I was told by our former government oriented you know there was gonna happen in your reward for your time. That's a lot of what they'll former human health all the well according. Bart. It is absolutely no matter who. People begin to understand the system really bad idea and it's not and and what's happening here but anxious people out of the business and upper north Mecklenburg not a account yeah. I've been secretary of transportation and and hopefully they'll record books. Are beginning to realize that there really warranted and the anger is not against people think oh did you say horrible bill I'm. No just him trying to order and not think that's what that's what it hurts yet this may need to be canceled because that is an economic development disaster. Anything doesn't include thanks for any. Hello how are the different chamber of commerce is reacting to all of this system question that I haven't have a master even looked into. Are they got thumbs up on this a thumbs down. Yes Charlotte chamber there's a big fan of Paul road because they're going to be only people that benefits of this mature biblical lineman develop. So that you can yet. First rapid transit or Bart catch buses. A guaranteed. I'm sure more Mecklenburg it's in downtown Charlotte so you have worked for the people in Tampa controller you're able. Bob Taft all the congestion. The lake Norman chamber Richard over thought all the members are not an insignificant chamber that was good. Multi on the chamber of mirror a couple of years ago. Adamantly opposed to the and had been five years through the mail with that for me most searcher Bob made. Probably the pulpit dorms didn't know ruffled program for the liberal Chamber's been there with you become pregnant style when bill goes along and play. No it doesn't move was killing us and we're we're born we're only going to be about one to people or or or leaving the not short but. Connect lump. Another Ted that counties can put together some money from time to time you were being asked to to pony up some dollars for a stadium for example. Gassed and Kelly all these every count hired a county and compares county you there's going to be cameras that are going to be. Affected by this whole road is there's some sort of way that the counties could pull together. And say well gee if we do this and I had this sort of tax in this sort of free here's how much money we could come up with two to go to the cause. The state pick up the rest of the tea. Well they could have been really shouldn't you got to understand that the finger and I have been enough focus on number buffer well the one of the more. We think we have a dedicated. Gasoline tax that build our way. The people in north Mecklenburg have been paying those sanctions or burden almost forty years in anticipation of them finally using the capacity they need. So that played and out hated to build roads all across all smoked Obama. Finally ran out to a non did you pony up an additional fact that your road. Just says its player of the truth you know. No it wouldn't help all them in the neighborhood of maybe 300 million dollars just above the project well that's got a penalty that's just the Babbitt road that. Then bill that would also that much part of the building anyway. And then the State's right to. And almost no Republican legislature. Is starting you won't know him pretty substantial profits would let her run up to blow 30400. Governor million dollars. More than anticipated it savings. Plus there are hundreds of millions and and spend and spend money for roads. The royal candidates. Then you'd call that we won't lose. And newer built South Carolina is just it gave no rear. When it comes to the manufacturing and then no they don't although we're borrowing a BMW. So if folks are going to show up and go to the no the Charlotte north area and the triangle of control it. Ash all the Winston-Salem. After a bit but it's a third black hole and sort transportation logistics. And that's where things stand or transportation and other news would know. Folks from the from that drug development for our own state. The brilliant rollout to Jen have a logjam. Oh not 77 in salt truck in those unfamiliar part not potential doom your ball over the next few years on this late kids in your program that I undecided and we're starting to resentment toward talking about didn't inevitability. But the problem was caused an economist trucking. You can't do that 77 if you have a private company owned an asset for the next year as the world's oak grove eleven incident. So probably tore part of that spokesman bill eliminates so that's the next best friends with. I'm conservative than that that's what we'll play quite well and everything and more warmth. And they can inflict a drug and clearly understand that sector transportation. You're already doing for blue and her work around Raleigh with such a slow slow. This was just always a bad idea from day one always a bad idea is suspected for years for us the there's not enough people and hit the spotlight from Obama in terms of people out of office and I'm hoping that the current secretary of what her rubber. But a bit error and then just say we just have to get out of there are some member states just project you've got sent back to do the best we can't. All right Kelly commissioner Jim target with a street today I simply sort of the anger continues to grow. How different do you think this situation would be if instead of that whole road that was pissing off folks in Charlotte. It was a told road that was pissing folks off. In Raleigh do you think they would look at things differently and perhaps snapped to just a bit more. Absolutely I'll be honestly believe they can different given the whole world to people ensure all. We're not happy with that this loophole rode the people in vulnerable Canadians aged remorseful. Or pet will. But that's a that's that's Orion that's starting to roar and people are now begin to figure out there about a 150000. People. Opened up what used to be we do part of the state. And Obama wife of water Republicans up there and they're very political lack of right now we turn now they're two different town boards. Chose yeah why didn't didn't we would not have to have a fight we've had. But we have had a really good ones we will continue to have an and a number reminded every time out what would move over the governor's staff. If you don't think Republicans going Republican governor out of office walk around employed democratic. You'll love Obama put. I didn't. Yet Nokia today potentially anchors build not it's is that has even really been a slow burn it's been more like a medium burned here when all's said and done and let's hope. That we can put the kibosh on this whatever the cost and it's gonna it's gonna cost us. Couple maybe 300 million dollars will be worth it should be mills got a WBT dot com be your your thoughts on that. So a break and match when we come back Eric deters ski with ABC's going to be joining us here we're going to be discussing. So some of the other things that are in the world of news because guess what there is quite a bit of stuff has gone on with Korea still. Right there front and center comes you will do for next. Terrible or is your time the president yesterday for Frisco for a long long time and a lot of things that he was talking about. I was asked about was via the raid on Paul metaphor as the the Russian investigation takes another turn for. Inappropriate the FBI actually follow me. Predawn and I thought it was a very very. Stronger. They say no one ever I know mr. metaphor has spoken over the long time but I know. He was with the campaign as you know for a very short period of time relatively short period of time but I've always done very good man I thought it was a very. You know. They do that they're very seldom so I was surprised to see. I was very very aggressive synergies that we haven't really ever got his name he's going to get behind her her daughter and I have now I have done but. Can do that early in the morning. Whether or not it was appropriate you'd have to ask them but I've always helpful and important a very decent man. And he's like a lot of other people probably makes consultant she's from all over the place who knows I don't know. But I thought that was a very. It's pretty tough stuff. Mr. President you wake him up perhaps his family spent I think that's pretty tough stuff. Pretty tough stuff I guess my guess my question will be what do you expect when the element of surprise. Needs to be there generally when somebody is. On the Mexican search warrant they don't call at a time and safe more going to be there about a half hour from now would you like us to stop and pick up some doughnuts are. A couple coffee or something like that as we are prepared to sit down with the U. Most like enough. Most likely not Bloomberg News is reporting that the motors team has issued subpoenas. In recent weeks for different sorts of things including bank statements and bank records from poem in four. And the investigation team is a few orders from a Washington grand jury. To work to global banks. So this is just not a stateside stuff global banks are gonna become involved bank of Cyprus keep denial that. That will be a bank that the name of that when it comes up. Should come up on a regular basis particularly if you look at some of the players that have been involved in the bank Cyprus including various chair people. And also their relationship to the trump administration and in different ambassadorships. And that sort of thing. They're seeking relevant transaction records and other banking information that do involve mr. Mann of port. As well as some of his companies and his former business partner. Again and Rick gates and that's not the only investigation that to me. Be peaking people's curiosity as far as who might be asked some questions. They're gonna be asking some questions. Of somebody very very very close to president trumpet has been for a long long time. Within the at trump tower air deter ski tell me about the us secretary of presidential. Well Rhode graft has been president comes to personal secretary out of some thirty years and has really been using his gatekeeper. And remains a point of contact for the sprawling universe of trump associates and politicians and reporters that are seeking. It is time and attention even while he's in the White House. And she was mentioned. In. In the email exchange between the president's eldest son bella trump junior and the British publicist to arrange the meeting in trump tower last June. Good involving the Russian attorney would been promising damaging information about Hillary Clinton. And she hasn't been accused of any wrongdoing but just that her name came up as a possible conduit the president. I think makes her and unsurprisingly. Targets for congressional and that's. Yeah after imaginative and a lot of phone calls going in and out that that she has been privy to. At least the the registry of folks who who have been making contact. I read in an end you know rule anybody who needed access to new they had to go through her to get to him. And so I think one question specifically. Is. Did did anyone. Reach out. Through you to the president or then you know then president electoral or whatever. To the distance loved regarding this meeting in other words did duty at a heads up about what this meeting really was. Even though the trump campaign has said. Now offer you know a couple of a couple of weeks or program or whatever the months since it came to light that. That the president did not know about the meeting she would be in a position to know whether people here are reached out and discussed with him directly. Connection. How will the president Rea activist because once again they're different lines should will this be crossing a line or this to be something that he just looks at those. I guess there was just another in the morning to do. Yeah and and it did so far this is congressional investigators try not sure whether most of a lot of talk through wouldn't be surprised if he did considering that her name is there. But. Gotcha. So Rona graph that's the name that we need to keep an eye on Mets. One judge in you know my goodness win him throw for a long time and in fact has been known to. You get you know email communications up for some ordered a community Mellon taxi he won't he would hand right to. Responses to email inquiries and and then she would type them up and send them on his behalf. Yup chances are you going to be in the cross here's characters you would ABC and are you got a hard deadline gonna get up here by ten tents on the should I do that and I appreciate you joining us here today. On WP chase Soviet landed gem that has a band police officers Jim chambers as the got his behind off. If you got questions that you would like to ask this guy we're going to be talking to us. When we come back here and he's 1110993. WBZ. Here's Evan tanner Dodd got three WB two behind. After Joe's my name glad you're with us here today. 70457011. Tennessee a telephone number fuel to join in the conversation because that's what this program is all about to target about what's gone on the world. And and just have a conversation about John Chambers joins us now here. And Atlanta at GM owner may be heard the story urea put up a sign outside the has rules do whatever the hell you want correctly. Except cross fit cult ism. And no blank and cops and Jim glad you don't see you on the program before we get to the police think what is cross fit Coulter is a first of all the. Our members that would that would morbid joke look at who we have we've had a lot of signs like this I mean but know couple to them. Explicitly put on signs for over a year and then usually there's a picture of Germans are so we're gonna like jumping across hitters we have a couple people that do picked. I work out across that given The Commodores system that's really all that was. Those people they sacrifice. Chickens in the middle and you watch out for them. They they are bad little governor Ernie you know it fitted with a true veteran. So neon green car that's right so so Jim the the reaction to this it has been pretty phenomenal here. Mike Mike my first question is. How did this idea come up at what point in time. Did you or the members of your gym sit down and talk to each other and go you know what this this this is something we we don't want these folks here how did that come about. Well. That they know I hope he operated. Especially on the political level. And spaces where we're Kokomo local well you know we at the beginning that we. Even social movements of you know we've we've. If you look at the quarrel with and their records speak for myself anyway I believe a police have which are home I believe that. Police say in America as we know it is they're really anywhere did not exist until early clip controls. Well. And there's this union busting in the north was sort of the Genesis of a better phone. What we have prior to and what we have them a lot of places around the world opens that the community feel that we've seen that protects itself. I'll not. Be outsourced cup. Coming from whatever neighborhood their coverage of given a mandated by the state to protect property approaching broad. I think that it's better for those reasons. We used to create spaces where we're cops are not welcome because rather than it was packed moved to a prefer to ignore them. And create it is helping creating that. So it's been communities where they're not needed repair obsolete. And connect problem if it's a portrait of purple purple gem and it's a political statement based upon what you're saying. Just to start their particular statement about but slave send and and you know bringing back slaves back to the south of runaway slaves as well as the protection of property owners. Then would the band ever be considered to be extended to property owners because those are the ones that benefit the most from the police right. Sure I mean I can pick up a little circular you know I'm the objecting to. You know that the private property. In the sense that. That we now have it is there's really really distorted the Korean people are in the commercial mortgage. Problem that the issue is. The issue is. Aren't we protecting. Property amendment beyond property specifically profit from it it's a bit of is there is threatening to profit. But that's what the cops come and become an heavier I spent. Three months of the winners of our club with a lot of work to your custom we were we have rebel boats tossed out of an airplane flyover had a much of we're going. That was done because. Folks have money invested in that pipeline. I think that's kind of what we're talking. Do I believe in the abolition of private property and we now understand that. Yeah but that's another discussion. Yeah and that it is only given up I thought an interesting you know based upon what you were just talking about here and what has been reported. In the newspapers that the initial response or what they're reporting on. Is that you don't want the police there because members on. Where don't I don't like being in around the police are uncomfortable with police here. Shall which one which once started is that the uncomfortable or is that the political statement which is a bigger or more important broad. We can put there's kind of a symbiosis between those two reality. Why is what we get the point where we even think about the good work we've accomplished or think about alternative support you know dishing him the past. The prior to policing. Being created order or even afterwards and we look at. Can you do the color printers. People get to that point because they are culpable we lol why why is that acquire a little about person maybe not. So equipment you know who approached or the rim with that bomb. I took issue that could have been used the word emerge who tried to use and I also don't really wanna speak for our individual fields. Along but you know outside the result but we do nova statistically people of certain demographics are more risks. Went directly on top of it as we know that. The so. As that would really put it in the in the first interview I did which through which worked well. You know editorializing and thereafter on. That was well let's. And you know that's a bike it's one of the symptoms of the problem but who or what are the symptoms that and it's become most. Hazardous some favorable prohibited people's awareness as well as remove it and have a different faces. Again John Chambers as witnessed here today AM owner of the EAV bar bill club in Atlanta. And this is the place to those lump gotten some attention and simplicity dude is publish any. Due to a sign into a policy decision at the police officers. The military members of the military not allowed to be their arm position extension as well or is this because of what well how would you characterizes colonialism or what is it that to us. Sure it is that it it's it's an anti war statement you know we expect it to go approached him a few players who now. You know the in essence of who we don't want to make anybody's stronger or better condition so that they can feel the bleacher children. Or North Korean defending their sovereignty is that it's close. In that we we disagree with. What the US military does. So we don't want to help them get better what they did. And the Obama cultural level yeah I mean we hear that you treat our home we we are anti war unequivocally it goes so. It it kicked up I have met a soldier who built. You know amp up their enthusiastic about that in perspective of small space womb which community you know this is not a big Globo gym business tripled and TVs everywhere and I we have virtual park or or you thirty members and you know we don't advertise we don't make money and we don't care you know prepare and that the club. So what does what does the response been I have to imagine that there's been a huge backlash against you on one hand and and it's probably been another group of people who were just saying guess what Jim go go go right. Yeah pretty much yes you know I think day one we had a way of sort of it right or you know conservative corporate bought the first they won't. Pretty waited in the in the backlash direction from. And then. The pin and so firm. There are certainly we're getting in say or should more prepared we have six new members during the trip since yesterday ordered. Well oral kind of broke which is a part of what we've heard but through such as well. The rip through people leave not because of ideological. Different Israel and it was just from like the will be able to both Miller is. Don't we know little little yes Doug I know there's any under Atlanta police officer. That's that is challenge you to a boxing per share and your reaction to that is what. Aren't the Serbs. That to begin with you but never. Throwing the single they have boxing idol I don't know the sport so you know I've played I've talked approach would you like play at mile cookie. Well can you does he know how to skate well. You know and and with it beyond that just feels like. Is that there's so many layers to what they're both absurd you know talking a police police brutality. And he's saying let's build a bridge site. Beating Marley died fighting well maybe hey maybe Jimmy go halfway with the as far as this boxing match because if he's willing to box you on skates then that might even if you know the playing field a little bit of a I'm Rick if you can if you knew that suggestion just just giving credit toward a good. Yeah plus that we that built with the you know what. Maybe all parts of the people other than that be torture them without any boxing rules said that I win but the proceeds from the pinnacle of fundraising. We'll go to the north tree and we would continue its cult. To. She. It is a very equipped and I think it's I think there's somebody get a tweet from president trumpet that were beating case but you wouldn't would chime in on the coastal beauty USA weightlifting to better our membership yesterday did they really. Corretja you know it's good to know from Prague summit but FaceBook group home. So it about a group I've been tongue in cheek there are no where do we go PP RK if it means a subtle show of support. We and you gotta watch out one of your your local senators are probably say that that's treason John Chambers once again he AV bar bill club. Appreciate join us here today you certainly you've certainly started a discussion that is for sure Jerry let me get your call on the other side you wanted to join in seven before. 57 up eleven Ted this is Angela and 10993 WBT's. Just thirty voice your time either famous got to show about the to a dispute that is we strap on a weekend Obama. Seems like it's been a long time to make window when there's real intense news all week long. It seems to make it two as we get dragged out appears like it's just been a much longer week than another and just inscribed based. Of course North Korea still be remain the topic of discussion for for the news folks. And we'll stay on top of that if fluid the situation changes. In a bad way you better believe we will go wall to wall to make sure that you are informed as to. What is going on several comments. About the other conversation there. We've Jim chambers the other night would be that no cops rule for his gym. One guy writes in Q what would you do next time we are in trouble. My son was on the scene deputy for ten and a half years he heard this kind of thing all the time. Up from citizens that they were protecting then the cops would say are the response was OK next time when you're troubled local nine when mud. Some situations cannot be handled by yourself. Chambers as a flake looking to fulfill the old adage no publicity is bad publicity. Her. I guess yeah. No publicity is bad publicity especially when what you're trying to publicize essentially what it says to me like it's either Communist or socialist or an ist of some sort. Not assist. I would that would be. Make an assumption that he's a boil some sort but I don't I don't think that's the case Jerry you got a comment under what have we began to Jim that right. When you him on camera on the he Cleveland. I'm one of the Democrat and you talked about you know than Barack Obama and they'll that the black males who want and didn't look don't know how will. Well look you know prepared better way to look pretty good background in the car. I got a great man I'm a new look awful almost twenty years. What my job. I'm all about whether he record yeah I'm I'm Bobby and had you know if there's little warriors knew from the get me yards that stopped it's better start. Almost beat me you are major there's Stockton bullet train and the Likud marketing effort throughout net today and maybe you have a negative. I mean don't give him a movie people talking to Grammy were there. Heard that there cannot be beginner who threw for the most part people are empowered by. Follow Luke on YouTube and all of the very way you know that we hear. It is hard to navigate that speculators. You know connected math I'll meet you. Fielder or I'm here and I'll start walking boot to do revisit. Did wall. Jerry I don't biggest Gerri this is not a this is not a statement that is coming out of the black community at all. You know if there is no no no no no not if you if you listen to the real reason behind it all. The the no cop deal. Is sort of what the the media picked up on and that was the initial reporting on things OK but if you listen to what he had to say is bigger than that. He's going back to me he's going always practicing and that the police were created to it to bring a bring Brecht bring back. Runaway slaves and he doesn't like the idea of policing as a whole. It's a political statement in the same thing he's anti war you know so it's a political statement that's a reason he doesn't want. Not soldiers to come in so yeah. So it's not it has nothing to do with a black community I don't think when broken down there and. Then deploy anti copying down and Barbara are you Bobby met quite a few double black light male and female heart you whomever threw that they're living room. We're just people that I'm apart I got a loan do you love it. But do people you seemed angry at them but look what do our. You know that's OK what about all the money you're doing it. Aren't happy want to do what you tackle the picnic you think. In order that people and you know they're not who they are far and I know they're backed prop up their I didn't look at it you're the guy. Carter I understand nodding his a Sanders supporter most likely he's like I said he's either Communist or socialist shortest of some sort. I mean if you just listen to the currency was making about. The reaction from my guess was that the US weightlifting. Organizations said something about them you know being mean or bad dudes. And and then he would wanted to say well then don't do a fund raiser in the raise money for the North Korean weightlifting team. I mean. These he's out there his way way out there and and to listen to him speak I mean obviously he's very sincere in his beliefs. But he is looking at my my guess is he's the kind of person that would look back through history and anybody who was on. The losing end of an argument. Was I was mistreated. You know I mean you could go back to a book like cowards in people's history of America the people's history of America and that a particular book. Looks that the United States through the eyes of you know. Indians in other native Americans or or blacks and slaves or poor whites or union members. But those who who lost the fight is is it was essentially this guy's your point of view on things and that sounds to me like this guy's Bible. You know how how his world view has been created. Is that that those that are in power those that have money. They're the ones that write the rules and they write the rules for themselves and the losers are us little guys down in the trenches right. Shall have so that's what I took away from that kind of a bunch of emails about a some of them I can't even read the. Well I could read I mean I know how to read and I get the words. But. No idea idea it is to win Billick you do that would Kaka but. One guy writes in as a as a person with a record. Chambers has identified. The non altruistic. Human nature of people especially cops. Cops as prosecutors are paid to arrest and convict period. Cops are there to a to enforce the law. Prosecutors are there to prosecute those who they believed to have broken the law and I get that and I. I do they understand the protect and serve things. But when it's all said and done the actual reason to be is that protection it's to us to enforce the laws and those generally. But he the interactions. On and apparently until somebody is are you done that so. Would be nice if we could get in front of that there was actually some more protection going on here with. As long as people are going to be bad as their they're generally a little quicker on the take than we are to say for so. A break him back and would you be interest at it and supportive of postponing the elections if we find out that there's actually some voter fraud. We'll pick that we come back and is 11109893. WB. Things haven't yet that it 93 WVG Heidi. So mr. chambers with all due respect this is an email. To mr. chambers she reminds me Schwarzenegger whom abuse steroids gateway 5000 calories today hump women's daily and pounded thousands of pounds a buyer and then he's a climate change edit it later in life. But but. Melted right Steve hi there here on out WB TA gonna bring a Judaism. Couldn't yes I am I do want them to Goodmail is evidence. Good yeah up on the big about you recently is that guy reminds me a picture here. Jeffrey look well easy yet I wonder I wonder if he's a bowler. I don't know ROs expect him to give him the say so but without forward well outlook the inner. And yet either that or beer pong one of the other bird are FF. Steve I appreciate you got that very often that we get somebody calling and with the big look vows ski reference. Few and far between it is not a bad as often as somebody references closest product by one of those Greek playwright so what will leave to attempt. On Monday August when he first we get to set solar eclipse coming. And if you can believe it or not do you South Carolina emergency management division recently posted a tweet where they are worried about lizard man. Coming out. The the SE EMD cannot confidently confirm there will be a lizard man's sighting of there's always the possibility. Could be a hoax could be sure like bigfoot. But over the weekend this says this past weekend you're there was a report will be large by a total of covering here sauce clutch big foot whatever it is that you like to call them. And and I found it fascinating that data McDowell town leaders where this is all happening that there's a a group called a big foot 911. John Brunner is with bad group in media reported the event on their FaceBook page and a John close encounter with a big foot telly about it. Well wait until the next additional prodding. One of our researcher areas we did it. We've been doing it since 2014. Ever seeing that are have been doing it for a 41 years well. Friday that we were about two hours in their expedition. And I witnessed say you and awarded the scenes looks with me that we witnessed a so instead into parks service route where we understand that. We Tomas hit layup. It was a huge. Huge. And creature. By people and it it just walked across the road and wind back into the woods on the other side. And I went to work went into the woods that I entered the woods probably sixty yards. And I stopped to listen to see if I conceded it lurk here at wal generated thank. And up and with my flashlight and about thirty feet tomorrow list it was standing next to retreat. They said it was huge John how. How huge weight or what are we talking here. Well after we after it was ever will live back in there on the measurements and we estimate. From from Graham the top and hit an eight foot two inch. Wow. We're talking basketball bunker there and meanest designation by people does that mean it has to. What's veggies or is bi pedal would it be presenting to two feet right up on two feet. It all a little sleep now by people like it confused that's were cells awful similar to. Besides that I even doing this for forty plus years what what piqued your curiosity or intrigued you to begin this as a as a lifelong search. When I was a child out watch the tee program six million dollar layers you duke and they had these they have the state and it just kind of piqued my interest in that I've just started reading everything Arctic reads. About the preacher in the end. You know. Heard about the Paterson didn't feel Lynette just in the over the years are just chip Reid didn't chip looked in. Because I do believe there at that North America has that habitat to support. But a large they take. Run that do you ever have like what is go pro cameras like strap next to your. You're Headley an operating. No we we don't have any different were just a small towns seeing you know we didn't have. Cameras out there but we don't have they spent to do curtains and things like. Yeah I don't think I don't know how expensive they yards about who we could do like Kia. In a fundraising campaign to try to hope to give the you know and the tools of the trade that you actually need here so you part of big foot 911. What and other requirements for membership. And you don't even have to believe in big attitude to become a member I have three skeptic so let same level. They're still out with a regularly and have jobs vote saying boldly. Expedition they're just there. He set aside their their own curiosity. But they are currently in certain non believer I like doing what we're do. I think you need to make the skeptics carry the coolers or beer I mean that that should be their punishment. That's one thing that we do don't like how we do not allowing any alcohol. Oh lead expeditions at all. Okay well that that's good and and I know there are other big for groups out there. What kind of relationship do you have with these other groups is that and a kind of a rivalry or do you all get along and share information. I you know every saying that I find is also are placed a page. But I don't buy actively talked being near the other groups in the end I don't let it to contact me. Much if you ever. If you're kicked everybody out of the group and of so winning what sort of infractions or or rules that are inappropriate as would there have to be in order to kick somebody out. Well if there's alcohol involved that's immediate dismissal. In the elite eight saying that would be dangerous to deal more or another team member would be a dismissal also. What's that what's the best time I mean. What's a best time in which the best kind of place to go look at. The best the best terms. That I have failed and and it's kind of weary. It is starts around dusk and goes to maybe 3 in the morning. It's seems to be when we get the most deck cheaper. Now I have an activity during the day when IP date it's. But and most of the time it did not. To the days are called hunts in the nights are expeditions. Well and the days theory what we do is before we do an area we go in and that they tab and and for a couple days and survey it. And it's our political alliance accidentally not trying to learn the lay of the land in the talk. That makes a lot of sense. If somebody's new and and joins a group wants to be a part of it. Do and there are some sort of like the lessons. You know is is are sort of like you know here this steps to learn to be a good bigfoot tracker. We have our own training program for member should come onto the thing. Do it manually to training manual. In America. Is that something that's on the FaceBook page or so Mikey get a hold of coups ma always I always wanna pick a new skills and like you know you can ever Mario. We don't have been older on the page throughout my elbow that that if you like junior Edgar somewhere else. OK well when you when we can only interview you hang on and and I'll pass at that information. You know what you know I I saw the commercials. Where they they have that the beef jerky deal would bigfoot now is that real do they really beat jerk here what do you think bigfoot eat. I think they can be experts have very I think they hit an eight little model where he mushrooms. Play out and play like that and got deep maybe need to eat animals small animals. Think like that. Dutch. Now I know that the other TV folks to finding bigfoot people came. To look to North Carolina. Those are they the real deal or they kind of like closers. Did not to I did not interact and then wouldn't they were here. I will kill you there at seven. The that they are part of the program. We're by overruling historian and were doing there are excluded expedition looked about forty miles from where we get this siding. Spreading out really. Well that that adds quite a bit of credence to to what you do and what they've done. You know that's that's pretty amazing. Are you married. And days your wife also a big footer. If she tolerate your big footed this well. You issued a cut you mean that would be a real issue I would imagine who what have you had ever had anybody in the group get a divorce because their spouse just didn't support their beliefs. Now event and this and never had. This was not like you know the that the trump people and then the Democrat be blessed with a cause a lot of divorces these days because of a difference. In belief. It's that the article says that that you were kind of like in a brief stare down there and your kind of eye to eye and it didn't appear aggressive to. So that's that's good news then I guess rush. Mean what would you do for bigfoot charged you do you have any sort of protocol for that. Well well we Yemen. Just give out of the way yeah and a candidate tried not to be that we. We cannot let people mobile only in the woods and Ali did attain. That makes cents is winning. Joseph what if you found out. That because you generally knowing she bigfoot its by themselves so what if you found out that that these big feet were very very lonely. For a long long time and they were very very fast and they were hoarding is hell mean then what would you do. It would be advocating a bad day that would be about yes it would that's where you Wear overalls and and pray for the best Drake. All right John what is your FaceBook page if somebody wants to learn more about what it is that you do would pick foot 911. Don't want big foot 911. I'm gonna be in touch your hand on on the future I'll give you my address because that would love to get via the manual. And that I would love to sit at the time reckon command an extradition review to have to bring light on drug raid delivering mail bug spray. Well no support for 1040 man this sounds like up an awesome group to be a part of the sort of British writers and guess and without a little cars Johnny hang on a look at some information from you I appreciate your time what's been big foot 911 mayor find themselves. The big hairy beasts of live in the woods and nausea this Manuel and had I think we're gonna put together a WBT. Bigfoot expedition to how cool would that be. Giving Hancock will be afraid. Mark piercing its him who he would have a cage around like the sharks physically so nervous. Ralphie and Gary -- get your calls coming up on the other side you're talking about bigfoot you're more than welcome to 7045701110. I need. Know what that noise makes me got a good. And guerrillas from now for for the rest of the day is when that would call it fair value quality 74570. Elevenths and I want to. Over the head with Jessica I mean that's what I say hey good morning to you go Ali. That would see if it does feels good to you is it does to me so 70457. Elevens and Gary you are on WBT good morning. Current where oil way to wake Jerry hold us. Did you just did you shoot I said the new rule once. The new rule is Gary in UB the first is that when I wanna say hey Gary good morning on WBT you need to go see. I didn't OK so hold on what do let's act like we didn't do this we get closer. But Walsh pulled. Our whole church. I tell what it was 70457. Or 1110 and telescope now to Gary hi Gary good morning you're on WBT. I mean there were no new higher IE. And I mean it's OK okay that's. I got nothing much there to look at my hair works I was working in the works and back match as today. And I felt and Milan Milan. Women women you're lacks and you saw five. Amazon bonds. Blah blah Rehman beautiful tell me about this shatter tell me about it. But I knew they were Amazon they were from. Our days because an animal itself. Some of them so no cell phone no ourselves on how did you run well in addition to no cellphone. I the story about the you know the myth about the Amazon's. Was that they would dubbed cut off their I guess it was the right breast was a net so that they wasn't it. To build a shoot the bow and arrow easier. Between their record Guerrier. Within a bikini you'd be able to tell. I would I would guess. Her so you are educated pictures by the way. And he. Remember. Supplement such a thing. And and you haven't been drinking it is that is that a fair statement here. I don't wreck and got her start now you start now okay willow well I do appreciate you calling give me and I need to say goodbye right. If you need to work on that he does it's not quite the other right key there. So again that would be the rule 70457. Elevenths and the number ralphie good morning on WBT. Yeah yeah there got near you minor hero ralphie was evident. Well you know I tell you what I think bush won and I had taken a lot of thunder showed that. Analysts in the traffic and weather and everything but what against he's had almost more and you've taken the colossal of the south. Turn you pinnacle and and I wish I you know public it worked all marvel award is awaiting news. We'll the. I'm not sure. If you're being sarcastic or not. But anyway Molly has done some reporting on big foot mile an end of the war. Molly grant from Edwards beat Katie and but the bigfoot does like those magna. So you know that's. Who was saying it was a ten the other day they called and was at ten that was not about segments. I thought somebody was saying through is that it's out of and you say in the Mali that's her report as well. We a gap and Taylor in Cleveland county. Said he can't stop within feet of a wet sling type bigfoot character. And that he would let some type of lag mark about what Bannon and the rapper or in the corporate. I'm just a moment when it drug retreat. Did you say whether or not the other rappers were. Totally mangled or were they gently opened this if somebody took great care not to ruin the chocolate goodness. Mangled right angle actually mangled despite the bigfoot you think that big a will be the kind of kind of creature they would Justine do you rapper at all you don't think in the short elected you have I don't know like a shelf to it. Let her you know yeah like yeah because of me I can't imagine that these are. How to well mannered creatures are mean they probably don't have good table manners and the bill looked a little stronger when the Clinton team that sort of thing. But I don't know I mean Rafa you seem to to have a little bit of concern you that there that I was unaware of. What are the leader would would there be between news and stuff like to have follow Mali and everything numbers go on. And that sort of promote perception. Of what basically the media is going to prop and everything cannot normal faults narrative. And everything console. Hopefully I'll probably trample get elected again. And then the media of wolves spontaneously. Come boss. So and I just wanna make shirt that I understand what to say you're saying that the president. Goes out in the middle of the woods and meets the zag men are shot from this flight and nadir got you okay. I get confused sometimes when there's long conversations and and in multiple subjects. So I do appreciate that we do get a rider this is we need to send a big feet and Muslims. To North Korea and then they wouldn't stand a chance. There's a movement afoot actually it's via a poll that's out there that may end up turning into a movement. And that is if we find widespread voter fraud from last time around. That maybe it's a good idea to postpone the twentieth twenty election. Uneven and information and I want to get your insight come and wonderful about 10993. WB two. Taylor's regular material Scott FitzGerald this is there's 1110993. Of the BT. So well in the eclipse comes to folks there in South Carolina. Including a seventeen year old Christopher Davis while there may discovery Lake County. Of these lizard man South Carolina. And very there's even some I don't know. Video and it's proof of an incredible blurry video was your math. But apparently he's been appearing sporadically since 1988 you eat and I'm assuming it's releasing blizzard man. I don't know how they know for sure that it was a lizard man if they didn't get that close to be able to observe unrest. For whatever reason is just incredibly obvious. On the fifth as the I don't know how I don't up. So so bigfoot was the topic of discussion awhile ago and like I always in intrigued and excited at the possibility of somebody may have actually had some from contact would be foot. Or any sort of paranormal activity it does fascinate me and we go now to two Lewis called sooner or 45701110. Good morning Phil you're on WBT. I didn't have very good idea not gonna make sure the people understand here that that I eat he's. And it's it's it's an expression of joy not to be confused with a similar sound that came from the film launched. We go to Korea. It. It's a different got a squeal together. Distill it to make to make no perfectly clear so I'm sorry thought immunity and are after trying to think and hopefully didn't to really too much. I don't know I wanna be associated with this that people these. I think you put me down a trail here that don't wanna go down I don't blame me it's a dark and dirty trail. And you listen you what talking to those folks from though that leader folks such it's safe from the the big foot 911 crowd all women white elitist. These guys. They're off the rockets got. You know there there hasn't been a big foot side and a legitimate bigfoot sighting here in North Carolina and in years. And and part of that is because of me and and I think what belt he can find information about them at bigfoot belts dot net play it. Saving your. You're you're you're responsible for no bigfoot sightings. Look I have developed. A unique tool to keep big foot away and at bay. And and that's why we have big put belts. That's what they do date that that's the reason why there haven't been no big foot sightings in North Carolina because my my big foot belts have been doing pretty well on people are using them and that's a big foot don't want to be anywhere near the. What's at what is a bigfoot built. Well it's it's actually pretty neat Scott have that they do want to. But that they've got three things done them and they help propel a big foot. There is. It it's like a siren almost I had to admit so allowed piecing noise that they could still like. There's also a compartment for fought for those. Paper it was a perfect sound they're not like. The corn snacks freak posts and and they did dream catcher on there as well. Shrieking get your yes that's or doesn't really keep the people away it's more professions that this. You know it it looks a little bit better when you get too big book belt. I mean everyone likes to drink tkachuk those are always in style that that's more fashioned utility their but the other two do keep a big foot away so the siren and then the helps for free tones yet assigned and it is the height pitch. Almost like that note that. Mariah Carrey is let the confidant the yeah I get about that I and that's the range that they don't like the. So now it does does your bigfoot dot com with free Doe's. Yes it it does it comes with what the freedom in there and you just you sprinkle it around there like the premise few. Steffi how iffy on the with the comet trail just you know leave a little trailer the free throws and if a if you know you're not an account big foot but they won't they won't go near that sense they don't like that sent. She's two. Oh in its gotta be the original ones don't. Don't put some of the plane and I want to the barbecue want them there hills and a and they they really like the chili cheese. Want stashed at all actually work against you only use the original scoot thank you guys this belt. Is it a casual belt the mean is something that I could Wear with the a three piece suit door with a kill yet had a dream catcher I mean you can compare with anything. An image for for men and women or is this just a mailed deal. Well I mean a big footed the big foot I and they don't discriminate. Who they want a surprise so again as it can be won by a detective. Let's call this to the cost. You know they retail for 7985. Holy Molly and yeah yeah that's the fight is is still coming on the construction right now but we we should have it up back against tsunami. You noted that what what's the price they elect what's got I think 7995. That there is pretty much a bargain. If it does keep big for the way than than perhaps. You might be right failure at all about safety debate what if ever let me think what if you had like ten or fifteen people. Wearing these belts that like formed a line in the woods and and they sort of all marched in one direction as if they were hurting the big foot away from them could this possibly be used. To not just keep a big foot wave to actually corral one and I and catch one sort of like Kerviel wagon trains you know. I think you and I should probably have a discussion Altria. Maybe about TV show idea. And I think you may beyond the top. That might work. What may be what would really really work is we could actually get a hold of some both like bigfoot carcasses. And you could make your belts out of big foot leather. At a may clashed with the green ketchup amount it's a very good point I've no idea what that leather might look like you're with the texture might be. Okay will well when you get you to website up and running would you would you do me a favor and let me know because I think I might like to get one. Or is historically. You know in the fund go fund me phase. Oh no no we we have not in the and the from the state yet I will I will definitely send you. Yeah I'd like to send your belt. And and maybe if you do go out on a trip you could Wear it and and you capacity that we can do like a little testimonials there. Okay well I think would you try to get me to do is where it is built and then sort of like product placement with famous people I would I would never do such a prank got. You would take advantage of me that never knew you wouldn't you wouldn't. I'd say that would before IE just. OK take there will fill I appreciate it. Always out to make a buck and and I and if it if it does just take a portion of the proceeds and and and and give it to some of the various. Bigfoot search organizations. Throughout North Carolina if you wouldn't mind. Not yet everyone except the those deleted that the big foot big foot 911. You know stacked in the sense from the. Two other they're pretty nice guys to Teva fell. Thank you for what you do and for the community you're given a safe from bigfoot sort of like garlic you know given where the members and some normal ones. Big foot safety first. Well well. On the wild gray girl right in that keep up the quirky guests. And especially like when you take these people seriously. Well I mean how in the world would you not take somebody like that seriously John I would get about thirty seconds can you picture a bigfoot com NN if not we can continue to the other side. Yeah I can there was a little concerned with the idea of splitting ball. It was a treat those rights yes so if you leave a little trailer freed those who might you know ward off the big foot or escorts. But you better watch out for the grizzly bears are gonna follow. Well it's a very good point. Trade off one potential bad things for another. Exactly they'll they'll find your dream get your throat. John now all of cinnamon a quandary I don't know which direction ago maybe understand that a lot of it was altogether 1127 is your time to break him back. How we strap on a week and on his 1110993. WBT. Thank you Jeff have a level of 34 still about a half hour away. All the phone products Rush Limbaugh and so my favorite day of the week when it comes to rush like that months. Because Monday's there's. Generally so much that has happened over the weekend that he's Lebanese. We'll see your curiosity. Can rights and I need to get some doomsday preparers on the show. Especially due to be North Korea saga. I would agree with this so if you are a proper. Shoe mean in just got to WBT dot com I'd love to hear from you we can to join the program and a maybe you can learn us. How to get ready. But Nancy you about colts 7045701110. Glad you have good morning your WBT. Got caught on Nancy has Nancy hold on a second I'm sorry I'm from you and you may have missed the the rule for the 11 o'clock hour today and that is when I say hey good morning here on WBT. You need to go. I see. Okay. I'm saying look you know auto start over again Paula okay. Irate Nancy called 704571110. And you're on WB to good morning. I eighty. Yeah. And thank you fit but but but we're practice it it did and it makes me feel all warm and Fuzzy on the inside so thank you for doing what it's all about me want to get good it is very much obvious. The. I do I need what did you say and now I got legend got all can't thank you need to contact Leo bigfoot I want U I don't sat score watch. Or at least a Neanderthal man whose who I am certainly qualify as somebody if it's back at that fear it. You can. He dug by the dude in Atlanta that won't allow the police and as Jim. Yes sir that they. Atlanta they. Don't want one who never go out without that capital an elite police that's what it's gonna be really funny. It'll be interesting to see how they respond. But but but now they say the police there have gone on record to say that that if something happens and they have a problem they will respond but to. One of course I would because that's the kind of people aren't exactly an as far as all the military that it makes me furious it was immoral torture it. And and that is what he gave up all the people that generation that generation give that to be in the military. And that it that that man in jail and copy may you always do it protect property. Did you make any profit. Yeah that's yeah I was saying to the very same thing so you bring up a really good point. I saw that it got real. I'll strap a late result and I couldn't colonize it got you know I got so aide Marsha and I couldn't to try and I want. That's that's that's what depends on what kind of heated is Nancy right up. I thought I would go back and. Yeah you do it has been that long Nancy. Thought. You. Yeah it's like you kidding me Connie many more sites like there's. Our I thank you so much I appreciate very much enjoy your weekend nears thank you for calling. Coming new man I can't even be the new man anymore they called me dike is I think that guess they questions earlier. Perhaps a little bit of maybe you resolved at the really quick I did and resulted solved. Get your take on this a situation here you know I. I'm not a Charlotte TN. Yet again how long do you need be here and ordered via Charlotte Tia I mean I live here my driver's license chip says Charlotte now. I've Anderson January 16 so is coming up on what seven months a year any gasoline. All right so what I've been here here the night that I can know we have the ins and outs of everything that has to do with the queen city. And and from what I understand Ric Flair. Has has been I don't know proponent of chartered through the years right he's an icon he's an icon elicited this. Listen to us is cut number one okay good. Mores the floor. A lot that we have him do that why did he make that announcement when he turned his back on us who handled the a number years ago when he was. He picked the forty niners there was too as of the about the 49ers during the play as when he should Obama the Panthers because of his Carolina connection right all's forgiven. These type in the golf now we definitely say it's all forgiven I don't know that that everybody else believes that sort. If you have not forgiven Rick flair for that 704 or five I don't know 1110 and a vote Thompson has not forgiven him. That he usually has a Kenny good morning you called 7045701110. Good morning here on WBT. Are you didn't cut and educating appreciate. The tournament. Wolf I'm will put their big goods books court and moon illusion to be as. Center rare it's very simple you don't need to and he's saying you don't do in the bank. I have a crew. Track record. I have to property Rangel is that all verbal. Terror and toward eradicating keeping more is better. Have a slow walk doesn't sort of alligator. Our recently Atlantans to ask what they put it. We lived this day I have not had he sightings of bigfoot corpse first quarter Meyer knows we're with error following rarely. So no need to bail you know waved goodbye and thank you utilize the security. Field. You have a do kind of liked that idea that dream catcher in the adult so that was pretty cool. Come here on out there are pretty cool wouldn't be Kuwait. You know you don't need to I need. You know not a wall okay it would hold on sync yet bear dogs what do you have two of those what kind of thing and yet. Probably friendly to cocker spaniel that you trying to be bear dogs and they and they keep them the bears who right. And it and youngest in the Denver for what they've done a pretty good job right yeah yeah Brooke good to uproot cracker Cronkite present a bears have been around. Yeah around I have no what we're hoping to be more okay now they need to Lola you started out as he was an alligator Doug to begin with. You know we'll put him toward an alligator thing insecurity all pure and I would say the okay brag wait until Walsh. And mom. And include target people who wait alligator but wonder if they could ask what things came out. Error you know helping your gut I'd always mean he took a little traditional duties ended yesterday. When you. Do you do you view the org Greenberg comparable you know working too hard multitasking them like ten. We are. Another guy just don't even Burton and very capable a UN North Carolina or South Carolina Motorola a little girl got you okay. If you do have to cross a line over into. South Carolina you might need to train up one of them dogs. May be acie can pick up another animal. And that would be to keep away the lizard man because of course that's a very real possibility that certain manner of orwellian nano. It's a scary world we live and we need to. We need something to keep people away all these sorts of bad creatures. Hurricane we're pouring through the situation I will. And then maybe need to get a boa constrictor or perhaps a rattlesnake. And train that when people way the Democrats Kenny and then you beyond the something managed to tell you could sell most its huge self imposed at the flea market Mandy to make a fortune. A break him back into the we'll wrap things up for this week is we strap on a weekend revenues 1110993. WBT. I'm. An unbelievable. Firewire and it down for us. This kid. Hillary plays Elena get to hear this from the kind of blew me away. People can choose. To be angry at something if they want you to generally it is a it is a choice. Sometimes it's a visceral reaction you can't really open all the you know somebody does something and in Butte just. Your instinctive reaction is on my god I'm pissed off. But. This one kind of botched. It here because I don't get it I don't understand it. It seems like it's C a publicity ploy. And in this particular case the new Vogue Magazine. Which. Is right there on the top my list of magazines and no kick arm on the front of it is Jennifer Lawrence. Which might be reason enough to have to check yourself. She's like a close second behind us Scarlett Johansson I think at this point in time. Anyway. The the picture on the front of it. Has her. With the statue of liberty in the background. This article pictures very pretty picture vogue general it is pretty good job of the photographers and that generally very nice. And John Carney. Who is one of the editors. Of bright part. Is angry witness. And one of the tweets city has put out his we're going to have to create a full make America great again shadow cultural industry. Because the opposition media can't even do fashion without attacking us. He's thinking that it is having his picture we've Jennifer Lawrence in front of the statue of liberty is an attack on on armed. On bright part of the right. Does that does that ring does that resonate with you at all does that seem like that might be the case note. I don't understand it. Now. I guess the timing on it you know it there's kind of a you know a stimulus and a stimulus response perhaps that is you know been the results of what happened. After a White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller. Was arguing against is was a Jim Acosta. That the Emma Lazarus poem at the foot statue of liberty was added later did not reflect American values but immigration. And all the sudden the a statue of liberty was who was right there forefront of the news. But to say that. This magazine putting Jennifer Lawrence in front of it taken a picture whether it's a liberal magazine or she's a liberal or not. Saying that this is an attack on the right. And I think is a bit of stretch. Actually thought even a bit of a stretch to say it's a big giant stretch and I would say that perhaps this guy has been gone I don't know. Sorkin none none on big that we are some that. Which president it probably is a brand that we called bigfoot as in the so anyway his comments. I got two people scratching their heads. A Carney says once again if you want the statue of liberty to be a nonpartisan. Symbol of America. Don't make her central. To your case against immigration reform. And again I think that he's grasping at straws here could be. The vogue director of Kim communications. Said. The magazine. The shoot forward. Was the photography have been in June. So it's again it was a kind of like a situation where they're looking for something to be honked off about. And I think they found it. The statue of liberty is now a symbol. Of other liberals. I have to keep chewing on that because that would doesn't work for me. There's no where it's like if you get into. Argument with someone and you're overly sensitive about whatever the topic is that you were just arguing about and you I see him again they mention it in passing and it's something about the subject. And you get your dander up yet the site and don't really did mean it that way yes it is like yet to get in into a fight and I don't know says history splendid back for a bit L yeah and then all of a sudden Bert and Ernie become a trigger for this could commit and they'll cut back. Now the case. And if you are angry and and seriously angry on a regular basis said then here's something you might wanna give some consideration to we have reached out to the proprietors. Of some of these fine institutions but does so far they have yet to to get back to us. And what I'm referring to our anger rumors. Guilt and anger room is as you ever heard of that it's. It's drilling new phenomenon I would they'll have been in the airport over there with the bands and stuff. Who will look rooms over there I don't know what you talk about are they were gonna put these little small rooms and how much bigger closet. Colonialism rest rooms net restaurant not restaurant just fine at the white race would say that you wanna fall asleep in a restaurant. And you don't wanna do your restroom activities in one of those restaurants that would. Via bad bed dressed not in Ankara know it's not and remain as well as you can go into one of those he Nabil pissed off if you want if that's what. The makes you feel good but to noise and anger room is where you go into one of these rooms here and then you break stuff and smash things. And for the wrecking club which is in New York. 15100. People. Have shown up there to outbreak pottery and played its electronics. And furniture that sort of thing. 15100. People there's a market for everything isn't there if you come up with a an idea and then you just market it right. You can get some dorks to do just about anything. Some big maybe we need to get a franchise of this year. The wrecking room sometimes this is like a date night thing. How romantic. Honey would you like to go play putt putt golf perhaps would you like to go see the new romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Maybe we can scrutinize candlelight dinner. Maybe we can just stay home and play hoddle will naked twister. Or we can go to the wrecking Roman smash stuff what what floats your boat David off seven bucks is what it cost for the F couples. You know the little couples get together. Because apparently they have a lot of angry couples. I guess in some ways it's a good idea because if it keeps couples from beaten holy hell out of each other. Then it is a service to it to marriages and families all across the country. I would think. Clients show up. On a regular basis. By the hundreds. To do this and I guess the first one started. A long time it doesn't matter for 2008. Back then they. They were beating up effigies of various political figures. And the last election cycle three trump mannequins. And to Clinton mannequins. Utterly destroyed. As we are a result of a folks coming in saying that what we're gonna serve beaten some stuff up. So us seventy bucks for the be date package to electronic devices you get. Twenty items of crock three including things like lawn gnomes and a ceramic vases. And oh. Who would want to break up Alando. I do I think there's deserved a law on the books against president. To be a crime curriculum on no threats of violence in really truly is just as discussed. And thank you says an affront to open up one of these things if they got out licenses for the parade drum in Budapest Singapore Australia and Britain. You know they have you know like there's an end up view attached to you know. We'll continue fried chicken. Maybe you can get one of these raids rooms and attach it to another business of some sort. Perhaps like a pottery barn or some sort of violent and I have a mother to her. This makes me back a little bit happy I'll give a great we Cabell C on Monday got Willem the creek don't rise in North Korea don't bump until then I wish you blue skies and green lights take care.