I77 Toll Road, and Back To School

John Hancock
Wednesday, August 15th
Hancock discusses the latest on the I77 Toll Road, and Back To School is very different this year.

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This is John. And other other RS Wednesday as we can. Payday for many everywhere. Composed that area. We do our find out what the F fate of 77 to all lanes may be that presentation to the chamber of commerce. Is either going on as we speak or. All we had just ended so low we'll look keep argues and open another listened to Mike Doyle's newscast I don't know what's going on on math. It's getting more fervor above Los Villa on euros or Alex Jones. I think Alex jones' pretty much equal at least over if you if you take all of it from the last say week ten days. Getting booted off FaceBook and get booted off this and did not Batman Twitter should know is good now in a Twitter just suspended him for a week and so we'll get into all of that whatever happened. Frank. We didn't trader with a lot of respects and maybe Franca. Checked out on this bill Cosby's worried about his reputation. Could possibly be wrong. Bizarre reading papers and stuff this morning and read an article about back to school. And I are read an article about school violence back to school. Then I read the article about back to school. One of the hot commodities this season is bulletproof backpacks. Figure while you know. Back to school articles of taken on all hold different hue and alleged that. Warren Buffett's gonna buy more apple. Households are borrowing at higher levels than Democrats prefer socialism to capitalism so we'll look through Richard. And there's a new biography that is coming out soon about madam clawed. Her madam Claude. Madam Claude was from France. And G. Or she was a madam. And she had done pretty high standards for her girls. And those high standards got a pretty good reputation. Allegedly from people like John F. Kennedy and Frank Sinatra I'm. Marlon Brando. So why she died a few years ago but before she did she. Told her story. And a biographies coming out on that. Sex drugs rock and roll and politics. Fascinating. Probably more pertinent then Amoroso. So below you'll got a brief yup on that one and I don't read the news available like yesterday we told you uttering I read the news today oh boy that if you think you're hot you're probably are. And today we'll tell you why I married men think that they are more attractive. Than they actually are. Two other young. Arm a wreath up still with us. In fact apparently and some of her big close friends and and people like Stevie Wonder are wandered into our house two or she's in a hospice but she's at home. And apparently she is. At least alert enough enough of the time that she's able to converse with family and and so on and so forth I think she still considered to be at death's doorstep but geez. It's understated. She TJ boasted merely resident Steve you underwent a sincere. Not a surprise that. To visit. So there was interesting article on non CBS news about how Aretha turned respect. In one of the most powerful theme female anthems of all time. You know who wrote respect. Otis Redding wrote respect. Otis Redding used to stay at rock and Reagan ratings house. When he came to town. Back in the day the Moroccan ray a little over a year ago and under the WBT hall of fame. The job. Redding wrote that song. And it hit the airwaves in 1964. It was a masculine appeal. From a working man to a housewife. That as CBS reports just feels shared massage and as Dick right now in today's lends. Hey little girl yourselves sweet little money and I am. About to give you all all my money. And all unmask and pay a little respect when I come home. Now that's not the feeling that you get from the song at all because there are Ripa recorded it. An upbeat version. And kind of took away from the theme of man works all day man comes home for dinner demands respect from his wife. The queen of soul grabs hold of it. She records respected New York City on Valentine's Day in 1967. She keeps the track original tempo. And most of ratings most of ratings original lyrics. But she adds to that song. That now iconic bridge. And and the call and response. And uses are sisters as backup singers. And completely transformed the meaning of the song. Respect suddenly becomes the anthem for the women's empowerment movement. And the confidence of Franklin's locals became a musical force behind it the women's movement. And is used today was it Al powerful assertion that women and in particular women of color. Deserve respect. And it became a female rallying cry which was the exact opposite of what the original intent. Was when it was written by Otis Redding. So today. Franklin's respect is as relevant as ever. It's been in over thirty feature films and all sorts of small screen television episodes. And. We might just be playing it for you. In a couple of seconds. Aretha Franklin still with us. But that's not very resort your player music now and I think all of us are gonna. Going back in her catalog and I was listening and do a bridge over troubled waters today. Which you think Simon and Garfunkel. Reason does a pretty good version of that as well anyway respect brighter on the corner the only talk about respect let's. Give you a little respect. Reap the Franklin and Levy case. It is. Everybody focused on a wreath still with us still at home still considered under hospice care. But receiving visitors are not talking to a family and and so on and so forth and we just talked about this the history that song which was originally written by Otis Redding. And rethink how and hijacked it from him in fact there's a concert somewhere were Otis opens up Santa's little girl took the song way for me. So are we just gave you the whole story about all of that why Otis Redding and why it's a little misogynist Dick in this day and age because it essentially talks about a a man coming home from work for a dinner demanding respect from his wife. And a little bit different than the respect. Better reef that cut that became a a mainstay for the women's movement. Well what did notice ratings versions sound like. Actually go hey look earlier so sway it all on me and I'm about to give you all my money and all I'm asking is hey just a little respect when I get all of you don't hear that when I get home from Ripa. And that changed the whole. The whole meeting and solve. So Iran says can inching there's your little load talk radio music lesson. But trying to keep our eyes on the Aretha Franklin watch should know thought later we do have. Played one yesterday I think yesterday. I played respected day and now. I wouldn't be surprised. We. Would have been again tomorrow. So they go there. The article in near Charlotte Observer website about the Charlotte restaurants and venues that are dumping plastic straws it's been a big story about the last ten days two weeks. It all comes out of us some kid that did some sort of study and gave up with some kind of mathematical. Equation that may or may not be accurate as to. But nonetheless. It's it's a great example of how media. Canned. And it's the best response was sometimes you'll responsibly but how media can. Alter your brain. Color your viewpoint. So is it an hour and a restaurant over the weekend. And we were sitting at the bar. Not to drink but. We like to sit at the Barney terror threats. And sitting right next to me. Was a big container filled with plastic straws. And I immediately looked adamant and and and thought. Kubiak could. Boot plastic straws evil. And it just it's because everything that you bread you know Starbucks basically came out and said that they were doing do I get rid of thereof. Thus draws the switch to recyclable lives and and there was some backlash because people with disabilities and drives need does straws do. And I helped them drink and there's been several Charlotte restaurants that are very shunned straws there. The Bank of America said stadiums as they have no plans to was shunned straws BB and he ballpark says they're evaluating and so that hospitals use thousands of straws given to patients multiple straws a day as some cases. Straws are kind of in the cross hairs of American society because of they're made of plastic and plastic lasts forever and. Pillow in the planet the but it just finishing the way all that negative press has now made you I'd take a look at the straw and immediately have a reaction to it. I'm Panthers better client who will now prior to this season that this would be his final year. His assessment of how they offered to why they should be up on navigating through injuries is coming up next on germs okay with a Pampers update after this. Ford summer sales event here. 0% APR financing for 72 months what's 1000 dollars or critical as cash and a great lineup of Ford suvs. And claimed essentially it's telling yourself. Umpires home. This will be Ryan both twelfth and final season as a Carolina panther five times in his career he's been rewarded with selections please scroll ball which ties a franchise record. First plane that long means having to deal with the injuries including last year when a neck injury limited to those six starts. This training camp has seen two starters Gerald Williams that I mean he told to go out for the office of line for an extended time with injuries will now they've been able to handle the changes on the O line I think. Anytime you can get game time experience it's it's huge and then building. A player. Com but obviously we do we want some of those guys that we have been there can stay in there so. You know boost the surge offensive line play is is. It takes a lot of time to develop them and the senior players go down. My barrel like I mean it's it's a big ball but at the same time your point you get an opportunity to see some young guys step up. Fill those roles anything did gain some experience and and it really helps build the death because. As long as I've in the league from my first year to this hornets and guys go down it just happens and you have to have a next man up mentality. Taylor mode named Greg Ben Rhodes started last week pre season game at right tackle and left guard respectively. Just so you do talk 1110993. W me. Quite provider mid Atlantic boat show. So ever sailed back on. To be this weekend at the air Charlotte convention center. So why in check out the boats and the coming from top dealers get rigged and ready for the water and that's the first sign this fall then that's. HJ Thompson and the mid Atlantic boat Joseph commercials. So what you need more information tickets for you and your family all that details and stuff to skirted WBT dot com slash. Contest. For the mid Atlantic Ocean. We played those commercials. I haven't heard one yet. I was supposed to believe that this is really. Reality if I haven't heard AJ Townshend and talking about it. We're talking about reach a couple seconds ago Tim's gone in WBT HM. Take on our trial ordered that I don't call it record a long time ago in early ninety's and I don't often. Greek port on the year I don't try to get an article. That the. I'd then like a bit. And you always all of you know I thought it. Under the red and then he'd he'd jump on stake in the pop when he. Sank deep and spotlight. What I'm getting. What you and I. I thought oh my I'm I'm just fine let them and they are all like that I absolutely a couple of. It's met and that would you like about a bit of that. Thank you I don't know that I. Chilly in in a moment here but I'm OK yeah apparently. I didn't I didn't know how much she brought a lot of weight I mean at quiet. You can see actually didn't look like they're Aretha Franklin met some people remember that she got on stay there and it was a and when I change what's out there yet. And OIO. Eight market Bellwether and cheat and reformer are. Actually still want to work but there aren't there I think. Eat out so proud that that like that you keep Archie and I aren't you the I mean we chuckle a little bit wouldn't let it pretty much like. Most people chatting got pregnant together into oracle. Now I'm glad to hear that because is she she could be as a stickler she wanted to be no she. I think they invented the a word diva for Aretha. But but I but I love stories like that when we will win when nobody's looking know what kind of people are they and I'm sorry she didn't they catch your sandwich or she get a police chair shared virtually with you. At the art bought it and I sure who argued that in fact that aren't implement. Veggies that I will take part I'm a homer in a little thing. Yeah but I bet that there have been maybe she's still hasn't. I don't rule out that that. Bad Tim that your daughter appreciated. You want to believe she still hasn't. You know I have met Sammy Davis junior in San Francisco once it was play in the news and a movie called the double made me do it and figure was with Jack Klugman. And we drove past the lobby goes with my parents and no we drove past the lobby and I saw Sammy Davis and there and I walked in and a walk past right past Klugman. Two I Kevin who it was but it is well it's. And now walked right up to Sammy Davis. And there may have been a bodyguard there that stop me for half second but about a broad essentially while trying to tournament. Got a chance to medium and had him sign a business card of mine. I was run in the little advertising agency out of via cholera Iraqis of the time I called the sage ramblings. And no commitment. But anyway he's signed his card for us to have a Zamora of laminated as Simpson has to have some players have no idea where it is. But he said don't worry from and I said Estes Park Colorado and he said I've bin there. And I said oh you have not he said no I am I stated this daily hotel. Why don't think the Stanley Hotel knows that. So why anyway so why is the next time my year in town call and you can stick for us and I was kidding. And he's we'll give me your name and your phone number. So I wrote my name and phone number on the back of the business card and other business garden give it to him I'm always wanted to believe that he had. I was always taught to believe that maybe maybe. He'd call someday and say today. The upcoming desk is part. With as Jamal what's bidder for a board to order to for dinner and never heard from in weren't putting. I knew it when you meet somebody like that you'll open Novi human. Around such Chris Troy about or Aretha. They are great story and me Wall Street Journal today about. Warren Buffett. And his Berkshire Hathaway company is loading up on technology giant apple the Orioles a ton of it. He increased his holdings and Apple's stock by twelve point four million shares in the year quarter. And so that means he's got a 46 point six billion dollar piece of apple. And down. Yeah and he'd end up throw a lot of money into the tech sector but he has with apple and I guess the only reason they're really I don't release. A follow what these guys to our purse say. Because I don't invest in that. In that way shape right on world day of some of the stuff like. Pretty much went from my investment. But down. It still surprises me because sometimes you look at. You know he he puts money at apple because the devices that they produce he says he can give us. But there's so quite a bit behind on the Smart speaker. The best candidate. Made me question as to whether or not apple is still is cutting edge should do what they've done other than the apple than the iPhone and improvements in services. What have they invented recently since Steve Jobs died. And you know I guess until we Warren Buffett may have a bedroom viewpoint of these things tonight. A high off the presses and William. And it's it to becomes available. The North Carolina secretary of transportation Jim shrugged and met with the chamber of commerce when Norman chamber of commerce today in a highly anticipated. A meeting on the fate of the I 77 tolled lanes. And he apparently said that dropping the 77 told lanes is not. An option that's not gonna make a lot of people happy. But he says he wants big changes. He did not recommend the state buy out. The private developer's contract immediately to convert some of them to a free alliance. He said that DOT well instead start work immediately on negotiations. To improve the existing plan. Such as placing a cap on told freeze a fee is. And opening our shoulders. To traffic during peak periods. He armed. He said he's heard loud and clear from local residents. Who while want that contract was center of the Spanish company bought out. And but he didn't he didn't really have give anybody much hope on that. Eventually the state might be able to convert one told lane to a general purpose free lane between hunter's bill and Cornelius. And add one general purpose lane between Cornelius in Morrisville. But he said that that will require finding the money to fund those improvements and payments in May told lanes. Owner Andy I 77 project would have to compete for funding against other road projects in the state. And it could be years before that happens now yesterday. Go back to yesterday's article because yesterday they had Jeff tart. And addressed that and said that oh several major bridges and access points for the told lanes still under construction. Tarts Jeff tar leading state. It. Speculating that delaying the wouldn't open. Intel next summer rather than the end of the year. And tarts quote the paper yesterday said that based on what I know there is no reason funds aren't. Available to shift the cat cat that contract. Tart said I don't think it's a money issue at all I'm confident there's four or five sources that can fund this. But the the North Carolina secretary of transportation. Ahead Jim drug and arms said that. The funding of buying out pet project. And projected cost for that option would run anywhere from 550 million to 800 million dollars according to truck in today. And given the fact that they have to figure out where that money comes he said that could be years before that happened. So among the elements of a plan that he laid out to improve and expand the existing project is frequent user told discounts. And the ability for medium sized trucks to use express lanes. Any said Department of Transportation will also work to expand the freeways and non told capacities such as designing dogs Hillary lanes for local drivers traveling short distances. But those if they were to do that that would require negotiations with centro. And and drug and said he expects to start that process. Immediately. So I imagine that there were an awful lot of people walking out of that meeting today that were not happy and I don't have all of the details here but I am. This is this is all I've vogue room received so far. I don't think that's what people were anticipating there we're gonna hear today on this 26 mile project. Betty is currently scheduled add to tolled lanes in each direction from uptown to exit 28. That would be Cornelius. And then one new tall lane in each direction from exit 28 to exit 36. And they would use dynamic. Pricing which is the wave of the future Everett number of articles recently about dynamic pricing are being used you're there and everywhere meeting that it would give more expensive to use the lanes. As traffic worsened. And then less expensive as congestion eased but when you get into real peak hours and anybody that travels 77 up to the lake in the morning early afternoon. I you know our parking lot that pills daily. So I 77 mobility partners is the centrist subsidiary. And they're building this 650 million dollar project and putting most of the bill. And then they have a fifty year. Claim on the tolls. So well have to wait and see I I would imagine that the that the reaction to this is not going to be positive it's certainly is not going to be positive from off. An awful lot of people that we talked about when we were in Davidson for our hometown tour. And and I imagine this is not exactly what people were anticipating never gonna hear today when they. When they went to this meeting at the lake Norman. Chamber of commerce. Dropping the 77 told lanes not an option. Caddies and essence what the North Carolina secretary of transportation Jim shrugged and said today. I am an action anticipated address. So there you go I'm sure more of that troubled sector as we head towards the newsroom and no Mike Doyle alliance for pocket news talk eleven BMW BP 993 have been. Registered Mark Garrison now with the Mike Doyle in the news in the word out of. Lake Norman chamber of commerce North Carolina secretary of transportation Jim drugged and saying dropping the I 77 told lanes and not an option. And sort of garrison on the line who was sad enough. The meeting that this didn't go exactly the way people were openly admitted. No effect several members of the I Kennedy's senate transportation they're ready let's you're saying well are very thoughtful. Burger here today. Because essentially. What cart them with DOT US secretary says there's. Yet filed. Guadalupe with a number of polling and add some formula means. But it's been bad we've got to go through holding open process what general assembly and its and they are a bad. It would take about seven years to get construction start. So. Essentially. The polls are coming back into that you're giving you lower the level. You they can't really do any thing. Like you know who I add lanes are doing anything like that without centrist permission right. Well I would have to negotiate with central. That's exactly right and they are of course if you are trying a couple of short term negotiation with centrum you're going to see your face can bad talk them into the debt cap. On hold another word if you drive trolling a lot and years' time only pay so much. And they are also going to look at another possible short term solution which would be to use some of these shoulder. Of the road as bill lane desert controlling that you could use your real time of the day about vehicle that. But again that's not what your real fast process either. Yeah well they probably ought to do that officially before everybody decides to do better on their own. Because as I've seen that bad happened another frustration level premiere of the lake is is such that if it's it's kind of like driving a cab in New York if you see an open all people are gonna start taken it. One of the things he said was that eventually the state might be able to convert one to all lane to a general purpose lane. But there would be there would be a funding deal that would require finding money to a fund those improvements in those payments to the told lanes owner in he said you know that could be years before that happened to find the funding Brit yesterday. Senator Jeff tart. Heads said. Based on what he knew there's no reason that funds aren't available to shift. On this contract that this isn't a money issue and all he's confident that there are 45 sources. That kid de fund this. What whitworth the middle ground on that. Well I don't know because. Are in the security secretary was adamant there they have this complicated process. You come up with borrowed money in the general sent every object gets a score. And there are conference said today that it appears. To add free Elaine cents a track tolling would have to go through the scoring process. And that they're here in the legislature would have to approve the score board approved the money based on the score now you know art may know what he's talking about hearing bank are. If trochmann certainly didn't sound optimistic that this could be a fast process. But he did say he would present says to the legislature next year and and I try to get a higher score. As possible for the guy he had to get some funding got it but in a way we're talking about a very slow parts are at our patio watching that was really bizarre. So all in the into the meeting of the secretary says so it would be Clinton Clinton. Before any construction could be done to put Freel ain't bad so I had a chance to act here trochmann about that I heard sort of sorts for severed ear people of dedicate used to paying poll. And he said where did you come up with seventeen years and I said well you'd said that warning 25. You just look at. So. Move bizarre. Well that's good that people don't like reporters who do math. Yeah that's knocked this math off this is there's no place for math and a press conference. Tom. Did you get a chance to talk to Jim pocket or other people about their reactions to this because this is not at all what they were kinda think and they were gonna hear today. Denied that in fact coaching those who have sought to look Jim Puckett also have a chance to sell to a couple other said the commissioners here are so I'll. A local officials were not well more happy they say you know we're glad that you're DOT and the governor are open to considering your idea for your own. But they want this thing. You beat somehow put on a fast track in the legislature. And find it quickly rather than they're just waiting around for years to sing your. It money can be groups are yet to area. And this is kind of like yes we can absolutely get a new roof on your house it'll be seven years well what do we do about the leaks in the first an expert and you ask the court essential question and that is. In other words people are gonna have to go through the system the way it is currently set up which they're absolutely opposed to for seven years. Before you get to. Bob May be a solution that there's still not happy with. That's exactly right and the other quote that came out of this today is he says that the governor he is clearly committed to the idea of the states eventually owning. Every bit not a completely. And getting away from the Spanish prime. Companies centro but when he was Vasco Carol how are we gonna make that happen where we get the money to buy out Centralia or so we've got the life the that would be years bill. And that's Torre came up in that or he came up with the official the figure of someplace between 550000000. And 800 million dollars. Yeah yeah I mean there were so the numbers thrown around. From what we're brilliant to 800 million to our change parts of the project and an it was not clear. What. All of that was based on site. I understand people want to live at the lake and and believe me anytime I go up to Davidson Ernie plays I go to the north harbor cafe up their exit 28 or any time they are went off for undermined just recently. Up in Morrisville actually was more exit 31. Mom and his family just bought a house exit 31 and now I gotta say why would you do that. Because well is gonna be a nightmare commute if you work in Charlotte are you need to access Charlotte you are just basically volunteering. Toward gridlock. And frustration. And high dollar hole and in fact Jim Parker made that point against they had they don't eat that or are we got businesses who are not. Going to locate here because they don't want perhaps allied seventies South Asia that you thought urgent situation that has to be addressed. You didn't get any kind of response promote it to your p.'s secretary that but he said clearly. A lot of businesses are not going to locate here especially in manufacturing. We can develop their clocks stuck in traffic problem. Now. Interesting guy not at all what do people were expecting today I really think people are waking up this morning thank you know OK your probably gonna end up with a 12 whole lane nine and one free Elaine and that was kind of we all kind of said that idea yesterday. Because that's what we were being fed and so people woke up optimistic and they'll go to bed tonight and say well would kill when we we've made no progress at all. Essentially that's right. Repeal a short term fix again distraught that offer what he'll try to negotiate the board told. Was sent Trevor central hold all the cards barely get a laugh it off to say. You know stop it will charge what we want which the contract says they can't just wise you may never have been some of the highest cold and America. Why am I think you old phrase when pigs fly maybe that's a and be where maybe that's form of transportation we haven't checked out yet Mark Garrison the WBT Newsom thank you Matt appreciate it on short notice. Here I'll go. Sauce and North Carolina secretary of our transportation. Guide Jim drugged and no spoke to the L lake Norman chamber of commerce today and said that Theo told lanes the 77 toll lanes north of Charlotte could be made more driver friendly but. Anita and recommend that the state buy out the developer's contract. Odd convert them to freelance which is what a lot of people were were were hoping Jon Stewart to writes me and reminds me that it probably was the guy that was in charge of negotiating the contract in the first place before he went to work for them and then not Cooper hires him to oversee that so a lot. Some people aren't necessarily your. I was stunned by the the announcement today we just talked to Omar garrison who was a deal meeting and now we'll continue to us see what took. What rules on all of that but dropping the I 77 tolled lanes not an. Option and I would assume that there's a lot of unhappy people from a water know to figure better exit 23 on up. Or maybe even Laura Ingraham. So a lot of dog what was what was hoped Ford today. Some. Smattering of compromise. Really didn't come to be at all. And that's where we'll sit on that. How we tackle it earlier about. Who's got the most free publicity in the last oh week pretenders Alex Jones are all morals. Are roses got a book to sell. Alex Jones has fail web site to sell. And Twitter suspended Alex Jones yesterday for one week for violating the their rule against inciting violence or get to that in a second. But just to recap the last week or ten days FaceBook apple YouTube Spotify ban. Alex Jones. And there was a big conversation about whether or not that was the right thing to do. And FaceBook yesterday on August the sixth took down no four pages that belonged to him including tool or from his info wars show. Charge that he violated its hate speech and bullying promises policies. And then apple and YouTube and Spotify removed his contents. Are in the days that followed. And he's you settle lot of controversy old stuff. And then apple. Clarify their position on non Alex Jones and said that the info wars mobile app could stayed in the App Store. And I think they did death so they probably wouldn't get sued on free speech First Amendment principles. And that followed the removal of the info war podcast from iTunes. And apple said that the mobile app can stay because it hasn't violated a vote violated the big guidelines. And apple says that the content of the app was. More Ferrell and the podcasts. That were taken down because episodes were always searchable. And then that Tom. Through all that controversy. Proving that there's no such thing as bad publicity. The info wars an up. Just went crazy and popularity. Tell people they can't have something. And they'll go out and buy it masses of it. And so even though most every show show slow social media platform and removed Alex Jones from their. Any show and forced from their platforms the app was still available for download and people are downloading and have been. In Ford's official an apple and app that let's. Of viewers stream Jones shows and read the news of the day. Ranked third among trending apps Indy Google play store last week. In the news category on Apple's App Store info wars was just behind free apps for Twitter and news break. A local and breaking news service. Meaning that there are a ton of downloads that are happening for the info worse app. So that's what transpired out of all the negative comp Debra bubbles via FaceBook apple and YouTube and Spotify banning him from mother web sites no such thing as bad publicity. And then. Today. Twitter suspended Alex Jones for one week for violating their rule against inciting violence. They ask suspended his own personal account of far right conspiracy. Theories. And the info wars show or was it affected. But this was imposed the suspension was imposed after Jones tweeted a link to a video calling for supporters to get their quote. Battle rifles. Ready to go against the media and others. The Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said last week he defended the company's decision not to banned Jones and info wars and some other tech companies include like other companies like FaceBook and apple and you Toobin Spotify did. I Jones among other things promotes debunked conspiracy theories and sandy hook is say is one of the ones a claims that the sandy hook elementary school massacre was fake. And that these survivors of the Parkland Florida high school shooting were actors. He's piece of work. Brent. He's got followers. We know because we've heard them. Here. So the a Twitter Alex Jones saga continues. We enforce our rules. If Jones breaks them Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey promised last week amid backlash. That that's why the conspiracy theorist accused of hate speech is still afforded platform. On a Dorsey side and and appears twittering has followed through. I'd Jones tweeting privileges have been temporarily suspended for breaking the rules under inciting violence because he posted this video. Which was seen on media matters by the way on our Twitter owned periscope. In which he railed against. Antitrust. And those that he says are trying to shut down first amendment rights and he noted that citizens need do act on the enemy. And have their battle rifles and everything ready at their bedside. So the suspension means that Jones can still view his account. And scroll scroll through the tweets but he can't tweet or re tweet or like other posts for seven days. So I'll go back to the original question. Who's gotten more free publicity in the last week or ten days and are rows who's pushing a book. Horror and Alex Jones yeah. Prove it is certainly known to. People who follow politics. And an extreme right wingers but probably has now publicized. It's points of view more in the last ten days than any other single thing he could have done or bought. All right August 15 and these payday for many. 227. Days into the year there are 138. Days to go. 1911 Procter & Gamble unveiled Crisco. Panama Canal opened on this day 1914. Million you'll probably have a cruise ship has gone through their. 1939. MGM musical The Wizard of Oz premiered at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in no Hollywood. In 1969. Woods duck. Opened in upstate New York. Young girls at a convenience store in Michigan threw hot coffee and a man who was trying to abduct one of them. Pretty effective. In Connecticut a bear wandered into a liquor store. Stars like sounds like a beginning at just the greatest joke Everton and dog bear locks that go liquor store. Another after the joke. Email me your ideas. They primarily white. Rural Alabama high school is voluntarily ending its tradition of celebrating their touchdowns by playing. Dixie. To school lunch room lady is in Connecticut. Have been charged with stealing nearly 500000. Dollars and lunch money. Over the water well lunch ladies driving election. Well I hate to bring this up see September 2 August to September. Did you ever know October or October and November November to December. For months ten days. You need to start budgeting for the holidays now. Quick visit to start going into the stores. October the bigger. What are we to do that cheap Toys 'R' Us this year. About. Mean I feel like you've. Here your battle in ninety degree days out there and here's what sort of thing about Christmas. Gifts flights. Festive foods and the other thing I hate about this time a year is that right around the corner from. Pumpkin spice. Everything. National Retail Federation estimates that the average American spends 700 in 96 books on Thanksgiving and Christmas expenses. 476. Taking gifts for family and friends and naturally if you need do I travel for one or both of those holidays that's gonna cost even more. According to USA today 77%. Of people who set a holiday budget exceeded. Don't usually by no more than a hundred bucks. But my first thought on that was you set a budget. Did you know the other thing that's no better about the holidays. Now is your run into so much stuff that you want. We'll sell your client supplement Apple Store for your. Son mark who. What are great opportunity to get a new iPad. So what's your exceeding your budget and go to the an awful lot of people exceed their budget because they by themselves stuff. You're in buying mode already anyway psychologically your brain is saying yes I can purchase. Glad. Holidays. Your card you deserve that I bet. Anyway start budgeting for the holidays and now they say. So why you look at her new job and you're worried about your tattoo. Don't. Unless you're one of those guys that you know has some. Swastika on your forehead better you know if you full facial. Might not be your best option if you're trying to get him dual banking position. But they say contrary to popular belief I read the news today oh boy tattoos don't have an effect on job prospects are salaried. They would have 1015 years ago they don't anymore. I look at some of the guys and restaurants and no I'm not diners drive ins and dives and is that the other. 120 years ago it's those guys have been serving you food you would giving it. And now you see a guy covered in tattoos do you think that's probably one television Jeff. The result guarding the University of Miami Carter's earlier research indicating that tattoos make potential employee is less appealing. Berry research says that the study is more accurate than those in the past. Past studies relied on small groups and director interviews where. Researchers would ask hiring managers are customers their attitudes toward tattoos. The new research uses a fairly large sample like about over 2000 people. Representing all fifty states and one thing that the new study didn't take into account. Is specific industries. So it's possible that white collar jobs sites are probably less tattoo friendly than maybe blue collar ones. But tattoos have become less taboo overtime. And the amount of households with at least one tattooed person has grown from 21% in 1999. To 40%. More recently. And much to my surprise. I've seen some knockout look at women that have this way of. This guy does sexy and it's owns. Weird sort of way. So I don't know I guess I'm coming around to. I was raised by World War II military and basically tattoos were always have ruined my house got to kind of but we can achieve. Puts a hole. I'll always have and I've told the story before but I remember roll around they kill in boulder would you be unclear when I was with my dad I was probably a junior or senior in high school and I was from the united had a long argument about you know grown my hair long and storage was a big deal from our house. And I remember I was dry wearer dry until then he was looking around at all these people and they had long hair they were aware bell bottoms and Hyundai assurance in this the other guys the other thing that gets me is I just wonder what's next. How bizarre is next going to be. And so when I drive around now and I see people with the you know pierced noses and ears and eyebrows in pink hair and tattoo isn't just joystick to myself yeah go ahead. It's. Dad's next. Flyers think plane should have sections for new fur babies or children. Airfare watchdog dot com has the pole. And asked should airlines have a section of the plane reserved for parents. With babies and smaller children in 58% of respondents. Answered yes. 47%. Said yes but it'll never work in 50% said no. I can't think I'm sure I've got some stories out there but I can't think we're really nightmare. Experience that I've ever had like on an airplane with a scream and did what my bad here and screaming kid is like fingernails on a blackboard for me. Well I either I've been very lucky or this isn't us. I've been as a restaurant situations that I thought mom should get that get out of the restaurant but I don't know that I've ever been on an airplane. Save our stories on the. Did have a kid kicking my seat all the way from. So what did. And finally turned around and ask him if he would. And try to be really nice brother you can do that and his mom told me to turn around and find my own bills. I did. And that we had a conversation ever got. The airport. Just don't do well with a flying below seventy. So I've ever taken a piece of spaghetti and try to bust it. Brigade and a half. It didn't work as a it always breaks in at least three pieces players that. Inquiring minds want to know. Apparently what happens if you take a whole bunch of them together. Some Daschle take you know Orioles did try to bust him and half of free throw to Leo Apollo waters so that it. I think it. Shrapnel still. So. What we need are some scientists working on this. That's why they went to college its web ago that depth. Student loans. To look try to figure out. How to make spaghetti do what it rarely does. So scientists at MIT. Because apparently they don't have anything better to do. Have just completed and excellent hostage. Pasta parlor trick. They figured out how to snapped pieces of spaghetti in two. And you can test the original problem for yourself. Go to the kitchen. Pull out a piece of dry spaghetti. Go ahead try to break it into two pieces when no holding ended sinden has. As good as opposed to to MIT news explains. It's all but impossible not impossible you might got a lucky break but. The pasta snaps in the three or four. Or more pieces every single time. This phenomena and has previously been explained as a result of bending way it was combined with the snap back effect. But the MIT researchers investigated whether it's possible to overcome all of that and the answer is. Yes. But there's twisting involved. The trick is to twist each piece. All of the it bring you each end of the pace hard as in 370 degrees and then bend it slowly. But what does thing doesn't tell me is whether you have to do that one piece at a time. In which case they just do what I always do. Grabbed. A handful. Put a towel over the top of it. Break it let it break and as many pieces as you want to posited boiling water. Little things that you this is like comedian material that stuff that. Did you burglary that you've seen all your life which you never really thought about. In a good comedian takes something that you see all the time I'm in accentuates that it makes it funny. To the point did anybody with a good sense of humor and a lot of cases won't say that I wish I'd thought of that white and I think event that's so obvious. And the same things so here's this here's scientists and MIT. And somebody comes up with that. Ever wonder. Why can't break a piece of spaghetti and like to equal pieces. Other scientists. They have the wherewithal to go figured out. I'm if you wanna keep other women away from your mail and ladies. Do it with a purse. And tell you tell other women to stay away from your husband without saying a word. Kerry are really expensive. Purse they say. They did a steady university of Minnesota. Because there's scientists at MIT were busy with the spaghetti. And they discovered that carrying luxury items sends a signal to other women that you or in a committed relationship with your husband or boyfriend. How so well the theory goes like this wearing expensive brands means to the other women at least. The you have a more devoted husband and so other women are less likely to flirt with them. Makes no sense to me at all. I would think exactly the opposite I would think that if you're all. You know where'd yet a designer purse that cost what 300 some odd verses that label attending and ending your. You got all sorts of other stuff than I would think to themselves all that guy a I'm going after bad guy. He can afford to divorce. And my standard of living. They also discovered that women desire more expensive items when they feel their relationship is in jeopardy. So. My mom while my wife must feel pretty comfortable because issues about the the least. Com expensive. Item she not a shoot free she got a clothes horse she's says she just doesn't did you know. I've been try to buyer or new car for the last two year like my car it's paid for. Now they'll pay. All right obvious I read the news today oh boy beer goggles. Are the real deal is there anybody who didn't already know this. Do you stiff drinks really does make other people at your appear more attractive. According to researchers who say that the alcohol makes us think about sex. And test on drunk university students. As scientifically proven what was common bar knowledge and that is the drinking improves the appearance of those around you. But I it's been awhile since I lived video borrow lifestyle but. But do. So Margaret Cole. My first word the next day creating. Yeah. Researchers at the University of Bristol conducted a controlled experiment on 84 young men and women getting half of them Gypsy on drinks and asking them do. Rate the attractiveness of people in photographs. Both strong men and drunk women rated the faces as more attractive. Then did those who worse over. A day ago. They didn't included here was some of these men went home with the mannequins. Thought Sweeney because you deal with the bad. All right well life toward the end newsroom 5 o'clock come back on the other side and was read the paper this morning everything you know back to school article over no we. Three different than they used to be. In the paper this morning read several papers. This morning. And I am thickened you know the. Hold back to school articles are just not what they used to being. On parents back to school shopping list bulletproof. Backpacks. North Dakota city wants to buy a. No easy answers school violence skyrocket. Across the United States according to a new report. Pull the world out there. We talked to yesterday are about to schools that a lot of kids will be going back to schools that have. All new security measures in place. On that approach transpired since this since I got out in June going back in August. More armed guards and more. More or less ways to get in and out of the school from a standpoint of doors that you can actually use and alarm systems indoors that automatically block. Parents new item landing on the list of back to school supplies bulletproof. Backpacks. Sales of these bags are rising following high profile shootings last year Parkland Florida. Demand surged. After the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school massacre. Joke juror in this with a company called bullet blocker. These backpacks on no bullet blockers site retail for between a 10500. Dollars they're made with the same material as police body armor. They're designed to protect users from handgun and shotgun bullets. The Curran said that the industry standard recommends replacing the equipment every five years. Another option would be to buy a bulletproof panel. Which. Is sold by our company by day at the name of safe life defense. Which can now be transferred from one bag do another. Those backpacks and knows so panels can withstand shots from handguns and shotguns but not rifles like BAR fifteen. Com sometimes gun shops will stock some of these things. A major retailers like target Dick's Sporting Goods and stuff like that do not. Now I North Dakota. There's a school district error there wants to buy AR fifteen rifles for its school resource officers. And as I saw that headline today I really thought of what I've heard here are several times and that is. Nobody needs and they are 58. But in North Dakota they wanna buy a ar fifteens for their school resource officers. Some of them. So on. Resource officers can respond more quickly in the event of an active shooter. So police have asked for almost 26000. Dollars. In their 2019 budget. This is in Bismarck, North Dakota. To request to by the rifles at some heavy body armor and bleeding control kits for the city's nine high schools. And middle schools. The money would also be used to buy a a safe. And each school to keep the equipment away from students teachers and staff. Right now school resource officer is would be the only ones who would have access to the equipment. I and they cost would be split with the school system. And they say that hopefully we never find ourselves in the situation of an active shooter better if we do we really want to make sure that our. School resource officers are equipped with the tools that they need to do their job effectively. Bismarck school resource officers or police officers. And they are trained to respond immediately. To a stop and active shooter. So was that for school resource officer at Parkland Florida what me. Whatever they have to do to stop that threat that's all we expect our officers to do assistant chief of police down there now they keep they ar fifteens and other emergency equipment in their vehicles. But they say that they want to love. Then I'll I wanna purchase that but they wanna get those saves to put me in the schools. Because they say that's not as useful if there's an active shooter outside did there's something happens then you don't really have time to go running out to your car. So the chief of police down there says all we're trying to do is make it more accessible so they can get it do it more quickly. Eight. And the chief of police there are says that they have the bleeding control kits which they've also had just extra for for purchase. Which has tourniquet and gauze and other supplies for treating gunshot wounds. Which could be the most important part of the whole plan. So the city votes on a budget next month and the chief of police thinks it's gonna pass and if the money is approved then they'll get the equipment sometime in January. And as we said the other day when we talked about all the schools that would be our returning. No with new road more resource officers and automatically locking doors and all sorts of. That the thing that occurred to me as I read all of these is. All of these kids. Nationwide. All of those schools thousands of them. Going back to school. Different schools taken different measures of precaution and. When his next. And that's just the scariest day of prospect of all. Because the answer is well hopefully no one. But that's not the answer because there will be. This year. Somebody out there right now is probably planning something. Somewhere. Somehow. Who what why where and when. Via a violent incidents has schools increase a 113%. During the past school year according to the study. School sought 279. Violent incidents during the 1718. School Europe for 131 the previous year. Most frequent violent incident. Finding a gun on campus followed by shootings and the reported attacks. The study also found. Compared to last year. The uptick. Can't be traced back to a single cause according to Amy clinger the director of programs at the educators school safety network. She said we're waiting until things are so bad that we have a purpose trader with a gun before we do anything if they meaning teachers do have training. It's an active shooting response it's not violence prevention. Threat assessment. Or being able to identify or intervene with individuals of concern. So when march jewelry. Called the house passed this stop school stop violent act. To give over a billion dollars to schools and local governments over the next decade for violence prevention. But a doctor there says a child forensic a psychiatrist to know Cincinnati did trading futures on warning signs in students. Is critical to keep. Students safe. So I don't think teachers know offhand what the look for right now. So I have a new answer to the question. If I won the lottery. What would I buy. I would buy this new street legal tank like car that could withstand bullets. Now because I think I need a car that can withstand bullets. It's like 300000. Dollars. Which were some people is not. We prevail linked to this up on the Hancock bridge Billy BT dot com it Kyle looks well like a a souped up Toyota. And you know what those models are called. Yeah that's the big ones Kenneth square. They street legal SUV that is built to withstand bullets and will emit a smokescreen. To momentarily blind people that are tailing the vehicle. Go on sale worldwide cost you about 300000 dollars made to order. Legally allowed on the roads. I always wanted ever since I saw gold finger and hold I was there and probably twelve or so ago. With that one lever that he had that dropped all the oil out on the highway that duo made the guy behind you go spin around in circles. Always want a better option. Why there would be three people on Wilkinson boulevard to it would just be stunned. Tale me. I've this vehicle has thermal night vision systems built into. Via wind screen it takes approximately fourteen to 24 weeks to build and can be reserved. For just 2000 dollars deposit. It's the latest in May levels seven ballistic armor capable of us stopping high caliber weapons and assault rifles. It has external speakers and a microphone allowing the driver to communicate threats without the need to open the door. Or windows of the vehicle. Which boasts a six point four liter 500 horsepower V8 engine although there you can get an upgrade on that. It's the military addition has been created by a California company called risen Vonnie. Has run flat tires. Front and rear blinding lights. As well as third all night vision system. Every tank military addition vehicle includes a survival kit with military grade gas masks hypothermia can hit. First aid kit as well as sirens. And a full intercom system. The military addition is a gas hungry six point four liter 500 horsepower Chevy V8. But you can upgrade that if you wish. And if you're spending 300000 dollars why not go ahead and get the Max. To us six point two leaders 707. Horsepower V8. From my dodged hell cat. Capable of propelling the tank for the call this thing. Over any terrain particularly when you combine it with an available adjustable suspension system. For increased awful road capacity capability. Military addition comes with the tag line. Designed for defense. Built for the road to the toughest extreme utility vehicle. On earth. The exterior has a matte finish. And the color is what they call US army desert sand. The radiator the battery and the fuel tanker all wrapped in a heat resistant and strong synthetic bulletproof. Kevlar fiber. The underside is protected against explosive devices. It also has strobe lights front and back to help drivers deal with unwanted pursuers. Magnetic dead bolts. Electrified door handles which provides maximum security against unauthorized access. I like the electrified door to door handle idea. And it it's a sharp looking vehicle. Got a big tires on it my whole. And the whole nine yards it's 83 inches tall which is six point nine feet. It's sixteen feet long. And about seven feet wide. Weighs 4300. Pounds. The original Reza Vonnie tank was a Jeep. Wrangler unlimited rubicon. With a new engine exterior may have a pair of coach style doors on each side this one. 300000 dollars just somebody. Cigarette to Brock. I mean this would have been noted that in our our rapper. Who's making more money that it knows what to do it and lives a dangerous lifestyle. 300000 bucks. A strategy though what what do they deliver a car like they do for the president when the vice president travels. If you had a transportation company. And you had the means to provide. Just about any kind of well when you have one of the is a New York. So that if somebody who needs that kind of protection were coming to town whatever and availability for that kind of thing. And then I just think about some people who go I mean some people money 300000 bucks is nothing. Yeah I'd like up. Part this one of the apartment complex. I like the idea of the just smoke and stuff they can come out of the bag do they're. Well there's all sorts of things like if you're calling for. No new. And allows these. Great that the predator label over his reputation. Is actual is bigger concern is about as our grandkids. His defense lawyers say it would also hurt to has so relationship was grandkids saw it seems to be that. So he's. He's been labeled lays sexually. Violent predator. And they filed a motion yesterday. A day before yesterday. His lawyers. They say the label recommended by the Pennsylvania sexual offenders assessment board which comes with a lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender if confirmed by area a judge. Is by any measure excessive when applied to an 81 year old blind man. And would quote punish shame and control. Close quote the comedian and fly out his constitutional. Rights. His legal team argues the label. Legally defined as someone with a middle age a with a mental abnormality. Or personality disorder that makes the person likely to engage in predatory sexually violent offenses. Would hurt car Ras Cosby's reputation. Like he's got you know instead he's got anyway it reputation anymore. And his relationship and his grandkids. Because as unsupervised contact with the miners wouldn't be allowed it. His lawyers say that's unfair considering no no misconduct regarding children has ever been alleged. So we don't know whether judge will decide on the label or it raised a facing up to thirty years for a rape. And his so sentencing is a September the 24. That's just the most bizarre story. Ever well no it's not bizarre ever. It would have been bizarre if we hadn't under the new meat to. Think. If we hadn't seen a so much so many big names. Falling. But Helm. For anybody in my generation. Bill Cosby. First time you ever heard of Bill Cosby was an album called Noah. And and and then all of a sudden with Robert Culp in I spy. I was working on radio station in Dallas Texas back in the seventies and I open numbers did I did doubt entered two moments at Six Flags over Texas. I. Mac. Baby baby don't get hooked on me. Can't think of his name or say Max Owens but it wasn't Owens. Anyway I announced his concert and I announced bill Cosby's concert. And no 'cause we just as nice as he can be. Davis. I'm very young Bill Cosby case still budding Bill Cosby I'm not even sure he was doing I spy yet I may be Wallace. The conservatives can't stand up comedy. And then years and years and years later my wife who works it to channel three. Had do supervise a interview. I don't know if it was Steve Crump who did the interview or not. I doubt that the Belk theater. And we went down there 1 Saturday morning. Is another one of those deals where I'm in a room just stand in their beer supervisor. And and 'cause rescission or you. That of the guys stand over your corner waiting for you to finish this interview so my wife and I go spend a good news. It off on our weekend but anyway age he was he had jackass qualities that day hurricane that ended the interview and then got up. So up. The fall of Bill Cosby is just and they had a American's dead. That television show I mean c'mon. So anyway Dallas. And then you look at all the other stuff that's gone on in the world who has written a story today about the Pennsylvania priest who molested more than a thousand children. And that's just another chapter two they are Catholic story that's been going on for such a long long time. And the senior church officials including the current archbishop of Washington DC cardinal Donald Donald world. Seemingly systematically covered all of this up. And this report to just came out further said that the number of abused children could actually be much higher into the thousands. Since some secret church records were lost. And victims were afraid to come forward. The attorney general Josh Shapiro up there said at a news conference yesterday priests were reaping little boys and girls and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing may hit it. And this is old news at this point I mean we've known this is gone on for a long long time but now it's been boarded up in Pennsylvania. They had more than a hundred the priests that have died or many others that are retired and I guess if you believe in what they were preaching. You would have to think that the ones that have died have already met their fate. And I guess there's kind of evil. Gene and me that's hopes so. The stat that says status of below limitations as says that run out on. Most all of these cases. Cardinal were always the bishop of Pittsburgh from 88 to 2006. He obviously disputes the allegations. In this grand jury also found that there were cases in which police or prosecutors learned of some clergy sex abuse allegations didn't investigate. Out of deference to church officials. This is another one of those things first you got 'cause be America's dad. And you find out what I've dirt bag pervert he is behind the scenes and then you've got Catholic priests. Who U haul we will you hold in some kind of unbelievable highest steam. And and then you find out that not just isolated incidents but hundreds and thousands. Worldwide. Said cents a absolutely sent. There's a I'm a completely different subject bully me objectively to reserve. There's a guy by the name William. I think it's installed stadium. ST eight DI EEM. And he's getting ready to come out with a biography. On a lady by the name of madam Claude. Her secret world of pleasure. Privilege. And power. And I'll tell you about that just a second but that's as she is exactly what she sounds like she wasn't madam. In France. Who ran a high caliber Karl girl. Operation. The likes of which apparently. Catered to people like John F. Kennedy. And some guy named Sinatra. Pennsylvania Brando. Biography coming out on the film really would you would you read that before you read all the Rosa. Yeah there was a. Yeah Palin told you that if you think you're hot. You probably don't. And today. Myriad men think they're more attractive. Then they are. You for that to be true. Ginger. If you're much better look at center. Maybe that's it. Maybe you've become more attractive when you're standing next to her. Here's a guy could put that cup down a little bit louder than I really wanted to. Not married men always seem to talk about how they are. Beating women off with sticks. After they tie the knot. Is to be a deal love amber heard this in years that I am of an hanging out we're underdogs in the long enough for. But it'd be a big guys as they were once you get the wedding ring on. You're like a chick magnet. They're didn't quite understand them. I forgot all about that. I guess that since I've never really experienced it. It would be so they easily forgotten. Economists and no book author marina ash dale. Says that married men are more likely you'll overestimate their value in the dating market because they're not on it anymore. These overconfident. Men are also. Often know miss read does social cues from single women unfortunately this can result in cheating divorce and men opening up. There are relationships only to find themselves alone. And not nearly as successful in the dating world is they are thought they were buried. I don't know I gotta tell I mean I've got friends that have been there have been nerds forever. Of friends or marital long time ago divorced. Gaga trades at just about every avenue that you can. And I don't know of anybody. After the age of what. Forty. That wants to get back to the data exiting. Our guys just shoot me. I just don't even wanna I don't wanna have to go through that first dinner. I don't I don't do any of that. Thumb as opposed that one of the detriment so two oh marriage is that you get so comfortable with it you start to take it for granted. And I polio Murray say November holy guilty of bad. But. Got I don't wanna go back to the dating thing. I don't think I'd be good edit a duo and good edit the first time I don't know why they go to get out of this time. If you are if you come from mud generation know where are your nickname must land fill because you got dumped so many times. And then I'm just doesn't assure the bed at this point. Old fat and ugly here is gonna necessarily that big chick magnet did you. Day. There's a candidate. Anyway married men apparently think they're more attractive than they are so keep that in mind guys. And you better be careful what you wish for. It might just get it. Now. None and I think firefighters attempt to rescue potty mouthed parrot. Now how would that parent. Don't buy those qualities. All birds kissing a beautiful songs some of them quite different firefighters in London responded to a neighborhood where one such. Potty mouthed parrot. Had flown into the neighbors so onto the neighbor's roof. The London fire brigades said the crew responded to this a neighborhood where the McCall parrot named Jesse was reported to have a flow in the tube. And spent three days on the neighbor's roof the crew was never able to capture the bird who eventually returned home on her own. On her alone up potty mouth female parent. Just said. Just. And if you're one of those who hit the snooze button every morning. TJ is that you stop that. Stop it now. George. You hit the snooze button anymore it'll mess up your entire day. Expert at these sleep clinic services say hitting snooze make your brain release hormones. Which show would usually send you into a deep sleep. When you've only got a few minutes to Wesley. This ultimately causes sleep inertia. Or that groggy feeling you have. Often. Wind. When you are you know we know initially been on the weekends. New experts note the start of the sleep cycle is not a good time for being jolted awake by your alarm again. The other stupid part of that is generally. Your alarm clock always seems to go off when you're in the middle of I dream. And you try to return to the dream. It wasn't a nightmare. But you try to return to the dream your you're you do yours you're seeing somebody you haven't seen in awhile or you're a situation that is pleasant to you word yet known and no I'm not talking about that. You try to read you try to not fully wake up so that you basically can convince yourself that you're not really fully awake you're just right on the cusp of going back you get right back to bed for him. You can be right back. In France with. Penelope. It's. Then work your way. So other golf Mark Garrison is so fill it and promote Thompson who was off for the next couple days. And mark also was Sunday a big story up with the I 77 total Leon's where the Department of Transportation head honcho Kaman who spoke to via. Chamber of commerce apparently Norman and basically didn't tell people what they wanted to hear. So I'm. You'll hear more about that in just a few seconds we know Chad Bauer comes in and spent the next hour with Hewitt Charlotte the six and I we'll see you tomorrow. The what do you get to the infamous madam story but so the more. I we'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock I appreciate you being here today Jon heck I Charles multiple other than we are sorry your son Hank.