Illegal Immigraton, Sanctuary Cities and Politics in America Today

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, March 8th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many young some street Louis who was 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says that the world. Well we're gonna negotiated better deal that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. All my goodness. What can broadcast good to be back with you. Like get this. I averaged just under siege you're talking with John abouts what's going out of the cable news channels Fox News tail. They're talking about the possibility of the apartment another special counsel we talked about the ships today. Nothing particularly new wars spectacular. And the other story we're going to address a little bit later on trump very unhappy. With press secretary's response to porn star. He can't make this stuff up you really can't. You can probably guess which network is doing importance to our story that is CNN. They're loving us so. And it. Can help us by the way had a great conversation yesterday at some point I'm gonna spend more time on this. For a variety of reasons abouts. Relationship and reconciliation. Front runner in the world's is have to do with what's going on but. If boy has a lot today it will score you hunt. And there's a friend I am not torture you in probably two years. We had some interesting exchanges will disprove that way over social media. Probably a couple of years ago and it just kind of created this awkward atmosphere and we haven't talked in that long out of the blue this relied called me last night had a great conversation pretty much picked up. Where we left off. And it's a lot of were discussing us what's going on in the current. Environment the current political environment. And he's a younger person very concerned about the future and for good Greece. Very good reason. Which we won't go into a little bit later on about some of those concerns and issues that we were talking about I wanna start. By talking about this issue of accountability and the reason I bring this up and it's an intriguing effect prayer is my phone third base just today. They're very early this morning I a got a text from a friend of mine who's quite intrigued by something I said yesterday. On this program. This is what he communicated. And those you list yesterday know exactly where he's talking about strong words on the drunk driver homicide peace. Well. What this is about was my contention that we got a hold political people responsible. For the actions of illegal immigrants when they facilitate their presence in this country. In other words. You want to. Not cooperate with federal authorities. Would ice wants to pick someone up you wanna provide a Sanctuary City. You've set this up in your city you're the mayor you're the City Council you're the policeman whatever it is. You ought to be held criminally responsible for that person's behavior. As far as I'm concerned you're just as guilty as strong language I know. It's kind of like supplying the car. For bank robber well I didn't pick the bunny out why it is I gave the guy ride weld jock. Your complicit. Finish strongly believe this. So this theme of accountability. Definitely plays into this next story reported by Fox News. You hear about this FBI staffer in new warnings about Nicholas crews were related but they closed the case. They closed it. This has come about this information has come out from testimony to congress over a series of mistakes and missed opportunities to intervene before gunman killed seventeen people and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida. Including revelations staffers knew two warnings about suspect Nicholas cruise related. To close the case. The FBI deputy director. David bout which made the comets and a closed briefing with members of the house judiciary in oversight committees. This summer released. Yesterday to Fox News. He cited two tips the FBI received about cruise September 2017. January 2018 that were miss handled. Tony seventeen tip alerted the FBI to a threatening you to come in May by user Nicklaus cruise. Which stated I'm going to be a professional school shooter hello I'm a jihadist you remember that years ago. With the Fort Hood shooter that's pretty much what he was doing for several years. We did the authorities do nothing. To his sheer pattern here you see what I'm talking abouts. Has anybody ever been held responsible for a fact. Of course not. And now here we are again. According to the summary. And FBI call taker did not ask any standard investigative. Probing questions. About the 2018 tip. No questions. What in the world assist person doing answering the phone. If they're not asking questions. I know. It's ADHD and it's in steroids today. Did you see this story as well maybe we'll deal with this another time about united I think it's United Airlines. Gonna teach people how to be kind. Hello. During customer service and you have to teach people how to be human. So now the FBI. We have to teach people how to have investigative minds and ask questions. And I'm missing something here. Oh my goodness. This just just blows my mind. These Tony eighteen call taker was able to connect cruised to their earlier call about the YouTube comment but. After discussing with the supervisor. Or boy since been already. They decided not to pursue the matter in the case was closed. I know this sounds cruel. Fire both of these people fire at them today. If they're not already gone I don't wanna hear that they've been reassigned. They need to be fired. Bob good let's Greer heard from yesterday speaking about. The need for an independent counsel investigates. Other FBI issues. Said that despite multiple opportunities the FBI did not share information with state and local authorities about Nicklaus Kurdish. The FBI is reviewing its handling of the case and world report findings to congress are you retired this crap I am. I told you before I don't wanna see any more stupid hearings. I wanna hear about any more hearings if they're not going to do something. Definitive. To address the issues. Remember I told you about Fort Hood. This is a pattern and it really hasn't changed has it. Just restored accountability you work for the federal government you can be a screw up. That's really the message that's been sent out here you work for the federal government do whatever the heck you want you can't get fired anyway. We watched all the shenanigans at the I arrests. Anybody get fired there. Of course not there's no accountability. Now and. We've got what I've referred to is a runaway government. Runaway government. So I'm you know I'm gonna sit back and gonna wait. For the FBI to report its findings boy I can't wait yeah. Carl my goodness and we have a couple other stories I'm. I've got to give you a heads up did they're gonna drive you up for wall they really are especially the next. Remember there are a lot of people asking the question about any plan or strategy going into the white people's. Eight outside well. Some didn't and very in trouble we'll talk about that coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock on the instrument really your program and I am I crazy here it's for calling for accountability. People to be held responsible for their actions. Finally. Finally I mean we have to Obey the law do we don't we have parameters within weeks which we have to operates. Don't ship jobs that you go to you're expected to do your job and if you don't. What do they do they will bounce your rear Randolph gets big gap any other people outside the door. We're waiting to come in and do your job probably for less. You know how this game works. But in governments not necessary. And I said this before. I remember a year and ride that all the time. Back during his generation. Talking about how so many people. Could've left working for the government to meet a lot more money. Working in private industry not so anymore. Government is the place to be not only can you make a lot of money. You know I mean accountability either do whatever the heck you want sit around loaf I don't know watch porn I don't know. I'm just there because we know it goes on and and all too often. Doesn't matter. Really good morning welcome Cirque. The moment that morning. I military. Get the record here wanna go back of that new allowance should actually true colors then. Don't know why it's true colors. Oh. Because yes let me let me get my award in the you can counsel in the truck you're out that there are back to call people. Imminent or direct interest station mile island the crater they should. Scandal not yours and not in go by the air whatever boom and bust isn't on the turtle bit too long. What kind of a person even though they have different political views and you guys get what they did it feel proud that the spectacle. People they generally come here to work hard working people. And among those. They're also on that play a little and do whatever they do they need to be sent out of the country the feeling out that there are banking. Spent a couple of cycle also knew that you book I want. And I want to know that we are going to find their bag. And don't respect nobody was really yes now when I was seven hours we're gonna try to build back up there for him to call anybody. I interstate I can't go also my survey that they don't really know who can finally get the same human front runner today. No we're not the only really the red Ole Willie. Bauer. Take a breath man please take your breath. First off I ordered where I just wanna center. Allowing him to communicate that was not an endorsement of his position you if you were listening I made the comment I thought it was very extreme for him to you characterized things as he did. I was not embracing the whole lot of second you're gonna say there are willing. If you don't hang on and take your breath man I'm gonna have to tell you might but he hears what concerns me. What I'm hearing is. The same kind of thing you're complaining about calling the guy dirt bag do you disagree with that you don't like what he has to say. But we're not gonna get anywhere by this back and forth name calling and that sort of thing you can appeal to the guy and say you know what. I would appreciate if you wouldn't. Characterize it quite that way. You don't understand. And you really do you release saying. I think I appeal to that it apparent that express themselves that what he's gonna change his music this is that same behavior. That was exposed to the I was when it in the Indy 300 the Chinese and every other immigrant that. Had put in this nation. Don't go to war because not gonna do the political views have not been well somewhat analogous but. Mailing it really is evident in my Brothers say it. I'll tell you why don't we do this because and I'm not here to defend Ian. I'm not here to you embrace or endorsing the heads say. Right we do this. I click here for yet. And when we have a conversation on the year or can we facilitate that Charles. Really why don't you stand hold and Charles will get your information. And he and if you haven't be listening. I want you to call in. And we'll get your information will have you guys talked together. I think that's a fair play. This is the we've got to start somewhere because I because this is where I am I. As they're there's a paradox here on one hand I'm not in the censorship business nom I managed and people coming on and saying. You don't come snow completely inflammatory things. Or slanderous things. Sometimes people get a kid carried away there are times people talk about. You know possibly overthrowing the government most of the time it's on the text line rather than calling into radio show that's not an endorsement when IE share that stuff. But I'm ready you know that there are people out there who have some pretty strong views on these things and I guess it. You know the starting place is let's talk about it. And if you're offended by it say an excellent point does this come in to exactly what I'm talking about. I am in conflict reaching out to an author I'm reading a book right now called the beat of Satan. This is about offense. Dealing with offenses. It is a dynamite book one of the best books I ever read in my entire life. And it definitely applies here part of what we've got to do is we've got to begin having conversations would be each other recognized when we are fined it. Deal with the offense rather than strike back. We have a political system to support what I was discussing my friend Josh last night we have a political system right now that is operating on offense. And vengeance and revenge. Church that's driving a good part of what's happening from day today. I'm not here to facilitate that. When I'd like to see. This is an atmosphere of peace that increases as a result of people stepping in and saying you know what. We may disagree on something but I refused to get caught into this vortex. Of us in dim and being nasty. It's not necessary. Let's try to less good morning and welcome. I don't critically last year. I assume that could swallow make a statement about the Democrats. Ahead. Paul called this a wobbly liable for the Democratic Party has become part of the United States. Should they all need to let people all of office because if you don't they're going to destroy this country and that's what surged on the move. All of this but okay. Carefully look at what we have to go yeah you're gonna regret this what are we lose. We lose this country the way it is Turkoglu if we don't let these people of all. Well I I've got to add something less if you elect Republicans. Republicans. Who have liberty scores as bad as some of the ones that I continue to see from data de. It's not gonna make much of a difference less. I mean now that there Alicia I wish we can start weeding out the bad loans and industrial owe the Democrats. Well I IE I disagree with you less I think we got to start with the Republicans we've got to clean out our own house. Before we start should trying to take out the quote other side does affect the matter is. The the other side has infiltrated our camp. If you're not only are there protests what do two. Let us but I appreciate your call. I'm serious about this in and I take a lot of heat I got people that when he key seat then the bed. He can barely make it because I did. Yeah. Did I get tired of hearing it what good is it to you if you get some worthless Republican with 832. Liberty score. They're voting just as bad as the Democrats are. So what do I accomplished. Bible putting one of these worthless Republicans in office. What am I accomplished. And his wife said to you there's a big difference between beer conservative and being anti liberal those are two different things. If you need me to explain it to you I'll be glad to do it. Coming up we will talk more. About these developments in the Florida case one related to gun control the other people trying to respond to a problem and deal with it. God forbid that somebody do that feel empowered. To act on their own and use their training and we don't want people to do that. They need to listen to this central office because we have all the answers and screw that. This is just Coakley radio program. 1036 and Vince Coakley radio program. Scruggs took off from Jawad in Charlotte good morning. Yeah I really enjoy your sol thank you. You're welcome. I don't know why that occurred and he may be. Losing Billy Graham and I don't know how about anyway. I'm wondering if there had ever then eight. Career he has higher. The administration. Then you're you mean officially. You. Know that's a very good question. I do not know. Here are saying yea I'll say god bless America. They all talk about where they don't talk about. Christine and me some of them start going to church when they become president of an eight under renting an. I'm just wondering anchor entered into a prayer team sort our country and our administration. And part of the administration. Yeah I'm not sure this will be done formally because I'm sure especially in recent decades. There be people will be screaming separation of church and state. Yeah our only all war you know how they do that stuff but it did doesn't keep. People like you and I've from praying no very faithfully for people they administration. And coming together and encouraging other people who do the same. So why then I think that's just as effective as having some sort of official thing I will tell you. I mean I am very skeptical about official them anyway because I'm not sure the kind of people they would appoint. By the kind of people they need prayers from if you know what I mean you know and I'm saying. Recommending yet I am just saying I'm just wondering if you anchor. Being Pakistan. Yet and everybody's aware of that I would love to hear any account of that appreciate your call their joy out of his. That is something that is desperately needed I keep coming back this conversation with a friend of mine last night because. There is a great deal pessimism has this friend in my I was looking ahead he's thirty years old. And very concerned about the future that's pretty much as I've described in this broadcast. The fundamentals in terms of our debt some of these other issues we're not addressing. And it's funny to hear some of the same things they say in this program coming out of the other into the flowed like well. Definitely still on the same page. And it's concerning about you know his concern about the fundamentals the foundations. That's what needs to be sure up the foundations. And so our prayers certainly a good place to start we need to cut up on the text line as well it's 71307. Including this. In reference to criminals. Especially to our facilitated by politicians. It's harboring fugitives in Sanctuary Cities I agree with you Vince on this. Also this a 100% Vince I can't harbor criminal without being an accessory after the fact. It's like I can't told police officer all I didn't have intention to drive twenty miles per hour over the speed limit yes see how that works for you it's. Please don't lead the FBI customer service as a former worker in this field. The group takes the most abuse from any other working group out there are all I'm not surprised. Not surprised at all. Vince the more of this nonsense I hear the more I listen to the sun god and guns by Leonard Skinner to its from Gerald out of cal prince. There's a Leonard standard fan. Runaway government. Pins which are describing is a socialist government. That is true there are two sets of rules those in governments NS regular citizens these so called investigators are worthless. No one will be held accountable for anything the so called investigation uncovers it's all window dressing. Look at all the evidence against the Democrats it's swept under the rug. And I fear that will never change starting out of Greer. Justin and Charlotte has this quote from Billy Graham when wealth is lost nothing is lost when hope is lost something is lost when characters lost. All is lost. Who. I'd like that would conceive that what year thank you for sending now and in. Also out Willy. Who is very passionate upsets with eons call to actresses appreciate this guy just made up about two thirds of what he's complaining about. I heard that call. Okay. And yes. You have heard something different than what he seems to have heard in perceived. But he's offended by it nonetheless so. Let's address to. Also I and the text line here name calling except the fundamentals the issue people Ian described came here legally let's stop complaining. Complaining and actually comparing that to our country's history of legal immigrants. One person is encouraging Willie to try decaf. Vince government entities and for our jedi could not have possibly field more than they did from the school system the county state and federal governments. Yeah. Do you bureaucracies. 100% failure of government protect those people the calls for more government the former regulations. Restrictions. Outright bans applied to law abiding citizens and the very once you field and Florida are are out there reporting their fingers. At an organization they know event nothing about the NRA. Some five million responsible law abiding safety promoting constitution loving citizens. Alan I'm Spartanburg you are absolutely correct that's what's going on here. Absolutely correct. Since we really want to fix government employees we should not allow public employee unions to donate to any political party or campaign where else do employees pay their bosses to protect them. Yet it is chemist kind of screw you snitch. I'm the tech slide this what I love it Luntz will appreciate this today and history. Millard Fillmore. River that's one of runs his favorite answers when he does know the answer you'll Laura Miller for more that's sets get. What else do we have here Vince I have the book the beta Satan right beside me on the table I read this book by gender of your many years ago got a backed out last week. To refresh myself thanks for being open this teaching mets' John F Tompkins also. Also. Really one of the best I have read in quite some time at the struts humility in Columbia. Broke up. Although I thank you actually am in the car on the white blonde in the arm I don't want to talk about it. Barrett that he did earlier about the Republicans being in our hotel. Where the Democrat. I think they and I have said this for many here you are that he made the comment. About people voting that jerky and he's a true about that. Why we all party affiliation. And meditation of incumbency. All of the Al if you want about someone you know your name. And what they're they are on the issue. Yeah well the real issues are. Yeah that would actually actually. Do your homework you know what they what they import and what the they're spending electric vehicle at a that you're pulling that they believe. You keep your Melanie gave me an idea. And let me just let me just magnify your idea a little bit further. Why don't we make people write their name and so if you don't know their name you can vote for them. Definitely. Don't you integrating the belly. Putting it on and that would have been bringing jet over. I know I know it's. This there's so many things that are screwed up you'd you know this ability out of we begin to fix it but not yet a big part of the problem is before ignorant they really don't know if these candidates are a good part of the time they're going and they may as well flip a coin. You know heads they vote for this one tales vote for that went. It's 49 in the mr. Oakley radio program. Let's act quickly team call here from Ryan good morning man. Hello yes sir it's all you. Yes sir you're not your columns within a couple of seconds ago and I listen to show it and I just can't believe that you haven't called news. They're calling that you've done are you concerned that show but we don't have people calling into your show you cry and this state of behavior of this president you know I know that big conservative movement or preserved blood to pass the mr. elegant than the style. Of the Obama because it is truly an embarrassment to America if Obama would have had a salacious headline about oh how about those all up porn stole a they're either associated with and those things he would have been impeached so quickly to major Hispanic vote for that deductible how could you know. All know now let me just say this Ryan he would have been impeached. Because those are wimps would have done a darn thing Ryan you know better than that Omar probably would have been impeached now they would not a vintage milk carton well that was years ago these these people about an RI and these people don't have the courage to do a darn thing they really dealt. And and he. Those are do you believe. Yeah if if they adult stable don't handle our Libya and all Barack Obama President Obama they feel they are impeachment proceeding. No they would have had a they would have had of gotten a lot of political points out of there's no question about that Ryan. And and don't get me wrong I'm not defending new issue I am not defending anything from anybody I'll tell you that. I'll I'll be America recruit. No of course not but I don't think it did I don't think America would could over eight years on an apology tour either so I I think we're making. A what what here's what frustrates me Ryan. We keep making bad choices. And we're choosing between the double and peels of Bob. You know we had deals above three years now we switch to you know one of the other legions you know demons. And you know 4 am gonna get really a lot of push back on that but you know what I'm I'm so over it now because this would just going back and forth. And really justify a you know one group's gonna justify the behavior of their person the other group's gonna. Decry that behavior and then we're gonna flip in four years or eight years. What I'd like I would just love to see some consistency here if. Well you can't can't media desperate you know DSP out of this group of president bill -- know here's the thing Ryan. Let me ask you this question. Did you approve of the behavior Bill Clinton. Debacle of the behavior of Bill Clinton. Absolutely not as as far as Monica Lewinsky at the current rights. Actually not as good for you know what congress did meted out while they're impatient. Rights but this particular event as an important day like OK what can we can cover that we can take this out currently is looking so terrible across the world would become the Latin. Well see I don't think people care anymore the ride and I I do I think. We've reached a point where where. You know that does matter it really doesn't matter what doctor although Ryan are all though Ryan. If people wanna use this as a political stunt. Maybe bill this is something to get some traction with hey we need to get rid this guy so vote for Democrats you know that that's a great platform. And time and now boldly Democrat who smoked for a person would show what some epic. Oh what what we've been charity golf and character of America character to vote. I'm all for that Ryan yeah maybe you're not gonna get a disagreement on that for me. But I I I I'm serious still I really think there are a lot of people who don't care anymore that's where I am now. Manuel let let you allowed to make this last point if that's the case. There we're doomed. I you'd think we may be doomed Ryan thanks for your call we're gonna get to this little bit later on by the way because I I've got some very strong perspectives on this. And it's you know let me just say this it and I'm Ryan makes superb point here. If this were Barack Obama and we had some allegation. About somebody you know connected to Barack Obama paying off. Somebody in this same kind of situation. We would be all over and on talk radio there's no question about it if version or Democrats. We've just blown this off. I'm glad he would just blown it off they're more developments on the story by the way I'd be honest with you I tried to ignore this story for days I really haven't ever really talked about it. But it's getting traction now. And what are the reasons to do getting traction at this is what. This kind of cracks me up. We'll just save this other story for the next hour. Donald Trump and I've said this from day one he has his own worst enemy. Eight by his behavior and beat when he opens his fat trap. You know sometimes. When you make a mistake sometimes the best thing you do is just shut up. But now. Donald Trump has complicated his problem. Now he's complaining. Abouts. Of all people Sarah Huckabee Sanders US to go out there and defend the indefensible. Just about every single day. Now he's upset with Kirk. I am with all due respect sir. You know the starting place would be four I'm just gonna say it I'm just gonna come out and say at the starting place is for you to repent. Of your past behavior and come clean home clean before god come clean before the American people just do it. That's the starting place. Because I'm sick of hearing all these people day after day defending and hiding and obfuscating. And I'm sick of it. That's what's sad. Is this man has had people who are facilitated his behavior all of his life or you have to do is just pay people people want to be around power. Oh my goodness who posted this quote today. And I got time for this I think before the break the good friend of mine posted this quote from one of my favorite people. Bacteria in. A Dietrich Bernhard for quote listen to this quote. Christianity stands or falls with its revolutionary protest against violence arbitrariness. And pride of power. And within its three plead for the week. Christians are doing too little to make these points clear rather than too much christendom adjust itself far too easily to the worship of power. Christian should give more offense shock the world far more than they're doing now. Christians should take a stronger stand in favor of the week rather than considering first the possible rights of the strong. Oh my goodness this could have been written right now. This written by Dietrich Von offer one of the few who warned about Adolf Hitler. But nobody listen to nobody cares because everybody wanted to pander to power and we're doing the same today. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Hey that's the putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. And it is not lead author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing we eat the people. To reclaim our republic if you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. We're service leaders who want to return power to the people into the communities. This isn't much you can this is my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country and it my country. Up and fight score together. It's just this weekly radio program. Howard averaged you at 1106. But side quickly got a call from Gerald incompetence. Because this guy's always pithy I will lot given the opportunity to speak again taken away sir. Good morning mr. mr. Vick. And it went all out war on good angle for sure we ordinarily have to worry about. Here it Hillary try it is our rights the Irish people have referred to include egg. Could fall asleep or black supporter. Hope coordinates. And excuse me MO folks let me read. He really did him a comport. So show he revived. A let's listen left from right this is serious business you're doing a radio show. In the Carolinas. There are couple stories. I promised I would get you in this is one of them this is very serious. To swat officers responded to the park and Rampage. They were and invites they've now been punished. This reported by the Miami Herald. So as word spread that an armed attacker were shooting up. A Parkland high school to members of the Miramar police department swat team responded to the scene. This is exactly what you hope for rights swat officers. They had been training in nearby Coral Springs earlier that day and wanted to help isn't. That shooting that claimed seventeen lives but their own commander said he didn't know they were going. In other words he threw them under the bus. Broward Sheriff's Office worried about overcrowding or chaotic scene with law enforcement. Didn't ask for them to show up. After all. The sheriff's department are already had its own swat team in motion. So late days after the tragedy and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school the two Miramar officers. And you should know their names. Detective. Jeffrey Gilbert's. And detective cross luster. They were temporarily suspended from duty with swat team. They're still all of the departments but they've been temporarily suspended from duty. It's amazing. This is what happens. Here's what it says it's from their captain effective immediately you've been suspended from the swat team until further notice. Please make arrangements with the training department attorney in your smarts. Issued rifle. The human urged to aid in the disaster strong brick can also run counter to police training too much response to a mass casualty situation can create confusion in hinder responses. As recent mass shootings are shown. So that's the concern here. One person said this is not there area not their jurisdiction. A consultant. With law enforcement. You don't wanna let this guy solution is something it's chaotic when they might take inappropriate action. It's have that it's prudent to have them stand down unless there is a plan. The memo told you we're in shall assert. They acted without the knowledge or at authorization from your chain of command and created an officer's safety situation. Dude just dispatched not knowing your vocation or activity. Reached on their cell phones. They. Did not reply for comments. So there you ago. I don't know I mean when you think about this do you think this is. Something they should have been suspended for. Guidant. I miss the point where to me. I just see so much in logical behavior. And the very least. What it not be appropriate to say. You know thank you. Thank you. Maybe this wasn't the best thing for you to show up in the situation. But we understand fully. We understand fully. You've been trained. Also. The Florida house is now set the State's first gun control measures in 22 years to Rick's got the governor 67 to fifty votes. This measure also creates a school Marshal program to arm classroom teachers. So. We'll see what happens here read that whether Rick Scott signs this. He also has the option of not signing it letting it become law on its own. I think this is largely a political question for him. What are your thoughts. On these steps being taken by the Florida legislature also. Only swat officers there suspension is this appropriate. Under these circumstances. To suspend these guys the Eagles advantage chocolate number 809 to 1110. Haven't since retirement planning text line is 71 threes are seven scribe to Jim in Charlotte good morning. Entered some boy you could replay that last gentlemen song called one more time. Mock hearing all boys used very and his sounded like such a thing or fire and excitement. In this book but Mecca. Well we're pouring more altering or should now. Are starting with the man initiating and Florida public schools and their third complete lack of government always follow all Lloyd who walked in obesity level. And why wait. Statewide straw like in the state of West Virginia about potent pictures they're demanding proper sure. I have nothing about notebook while moving in the literal picture making as much money they can. In a free open system for their occupation. And now the site of Oklahoma public system copy editing. Bears. Threatening to strike statewide and that are public school system. But then there won't bring you know liberty and freedom in this country until we get through gore education. From the control of government. And it is no longer about educating your individual children bay yes it is about maintaining this should stay. Educational bureaucracy. So that they can continually pop out ideology. And water ever again that they want to talk to the public through the public school system. Yep that's what it's for that's exactly what it's for Jim I do appreciate your call you view which you sit is right on by the way. There's a great sub chapter in a book a book by. Judge Napolitano. From Fox News. He has a chapter in his book it's called Theodore and Woodrow I need to dig that broke up again. He has a whole chapter on public education and it is very revealing. It points out the whole purpose of education was always. Propaganda. The purpose the purpose from the beginning was to get children away from their parents so we can indoctrinate them with the truth. And I would put that in airports but truth. Because you know lest any parents what the heck do we know. We would do well to recognize that was the original intent. So whenever you talk about in terms of education reform. I don't know what the heck your talking about ten I really dealt with because you don't wanna go back to its original purpose. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. You're nineteen other Vince Coakley radio program ends up. Actually yeah from listening to Charles get all fired up during the break. And he's right on the money we've we were just discussing. Just all the screw ups within the FBI. In how they've managed that entire situation leading up to park went. And again to our knowledge nobody's been fired no accountability whatsoever none zero but we're gonna go and try to take people's guns. That's the answer. We we're gonna go to the rigor to the parts that focuses on. Law abiding citizens. Rather than you know at what they love to do is they'd love to point the the huge. Magnifying glass on new. And then they wanna put a microscope on themselves. And why don't see anything. Because its biggest house Unita does seem to that microscope. Richard. Good morning welcome to broadcast. They've been good morning and thank you to take my call and I. I've always agree with you and I'm going to agree and disagree with you on the last statement. Bum about the swat officers that went into the to the high school. A couple of weeks ago S com I'm retired new York city police officer from the or two in the Bronx. Com and this protocol and their source it's I don't wanna compare to the military but the bottom line is. Is you create more chaos. When you do run into a situation where you're not announced to be there. They're there is a lot going on that. You do not know the the public does not now. There's a system that works and yes sir mistakes and the mistakes made we've fixed mistakes so that it doesn't happen the second and a second thought. So when you have. When you have people and and I would honestly tell you I would have a hard time not running into that as well especially when my children there. But at least. Announce yourself to your CO port to a CEO the commanding officer to let them know that you on the property makes sense I personally. I think what I think. You'll YouTube you had a blanket statement there are based on the information given by that. Particular captain I think it was that you said that that wrote that letter or now that would suspensions. I think there's a lot more that the media and then the public don't know and they're probable was conversation. And these guys should know better. They should have known better. Again it's human nature especially if you won that protects the public is still run into the line of fire. It's another thing to make should you follow protocol. Based on your training. And knowledge of the bat. Right in and it sounds to me like Richard this is important as a coordination issue you've got one agency that should be in charge on the scene. And they need to be able to manage the entire situation no matter how many departments. They need to come under one particular head is it part of what you're saying here you know so you're on the same. Can't shoot 9/11. Yes urban got a 9/11 to coordination there was awful. Yet people running in everywhere no radio communication no one knew who who was so. So when you have that you have you have chaos. So you don't want someone who's. Chances are these guys were not on duty in not in uniform and their running erratic and a school campus what a gun they could have been shot. All kinds of risks here where absolutely and and you know and and then you understand this. I think I and many others would respond to this emotionally because. And again this goes back to. Why you have certain policies in place because you're you're supposed to go by your training not by your emotion. Aunts. You know this is this is we're around. Where that is so important that it's that kind of discipline. You walk into a domestic dispute yes he's a separate yourself from this situation is from from from a person. You you understand the situation but you don't take sites. Great Matt that you need to get but the problem is when you throw yourself in there. All of a sudden who is that guy what's cited beyond it's either good guide to beg. And it creates it creates a chaos that just can escalate into. Let's say this guy didn't drop the gun and he's running around campus but now we're chasing not just development. We're chasing three gunman. When this guy. What this person running around they're nine millimeter. That's a fair question your question yes. I want to ask you Richard I'm thinking back to the offense and obviously I know this is a dangerous thing to do when you have. A situation when you were not directly involved. But how would you characterize. How this was dealt with from the very beginning going all the way back to the investigative process with the FBI to the response of the authorities on the scene. Again I I I told Roy always agree with you and I'd and I agree with a lot of your comments that. That the FBI dropped the ball and that's what and when you have when when you have access to the Internet the way it is today. And the comment simple put out there when the fled to put the way they wore. They dropped the ball. And that and to date they did not listen to common sense by the students themselves. Who put it out there. Now how about the response of what you were aware of anyway in terms of the authorities. Who responded to the scenes the first responders and how that was addressed. Based on what you know. Indeed is is does this say response that she would characterize as appropriate. Was it. Was at the right thing for that situation. Ukraine response would be opposite did not they basically stood down and didn't go in. And no I'm not talking about these know though we've already talked about that I'm talking about the local officers. Who responded to the school the ones who were assigned to there. And set refer to number stories about people not going yen. And and I I I have a lot of questions about who was in charge sheer and what was the strategy was there coordinate and plan. Ready ready for this gently as I do I agree with you on us that. We learn from our mistakes there were tons of mistakes may get that may made in that and they need to be addressed and fixed. Arm I don't know about. Putting more offices in the school because campus is like that are so large. It doesn't that happen it's that it is that the problem be something and but he's the way you war you know your your schedule and if you be in the opposite side of the campus. So ironically not as as a retired police officer. I am but the Second Amendment and I believe that may be at this point time. Is they might hacked to discuss talking to some teachers. Who are concealed carry war bird responsible have. A 100%. Corporate track record. Yep. To be armed that you covered different areas and do strategically. Your best teacher pay is in the north side. And like he should be is an outside. Knowing that we covered now different areas. And then these people are trying. And then constantly discussed from a psychological standpoint. How they're doing because he Ching it is a very stressful job. I'm there with you I love that plan and if you've had this on the head. You know if it is not rocket science to understand that if if I'm going into a school with the idea of doing harm. If I noted fans there's resource officer and where that resource officer is just go that officer isn't. But if I have a plan where you have certain. Areas of the school and somebody's assigned and I would add the word discreet to what you said earlier Richard so they don't know. So they do not know that's important isn't it. The element of surprise and what is the airlines still. There's an air Marshal on a plane en us oak who it is when you bear what CDs setting up. Mean who I love it absolutely love it. Thank you pay Richards I appreciate your call your insight thanks for serving as well. And like what are you take care itself beat it out there had so it hold on the line if you can because I loved you get some information from you as well. And this the kind of insight and expertise that I. The cast to be passed on. And I wonder whether. The folks who. Have been in these situations are doing some self examination during this season high hopes. Much more calm and we will delve into this. Dare I say scandal involving the president's. Straight ahead stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I'm 36. Vince Coakley radio program. Enjoy it goes insights from the form police officer Richard called in just a few minutes ago. Tried to marked in Iraq killed good morning. Good morning grants. In. You Roger respond to. Responded cannot. In his political where they had quite confidence. Remember Bob Packwood Republican. Oh yes I remember. Yet the these sexual abuse and assault front and women chiefly former staffers and lobbyists. He reassigned to before the senate could act and the back in the day. And then Monica trot along this scene. Therapy years later. Is alleged. That Wikipedia that Monica Lewinsky at nineteen. Carried on a five year affair whether former high school instructor. Woods did take Q to have their fair. All that. That's true. That is very true mark. Well thanks very much for your call. I had 37 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock let's take a look at the date in history. This is the who's today's stick by the way this is the eighth day of march. Really who knows what he does he have to. They have just checking here wanna make sure don't give wrong information. Their problem with that not apologize for runnerup in the homes please don't hurt me now. Trying to to reach three down there and do something Tia. Tells the day starting off. Awesome day awesome show is always great to be a part of the well could answer the check is in the mail. But the problem is I don't have any questions for you and so I think we'll just have to skip today I'm just kidding and I'd like. Hang up the phone like the last kind of took a left hook up yeah. Yeah comment about that later march 8 Tony AT we've got four questions for you. Beginning in 1917. This country experienced their February revolution the one that led to the removal of these czars. Which country was it. 1917. February revolution. Now woman's name or Russia and that is chance. 1948. Supreme Court ruled that this. In schools was illegal but what was it 1948. Turner. You know I'm gonna give you this when it's actually. Just instruction. So can you had a pretty much she can out 19481950. And you've got a hint with this earlier but this country told the world we've got an atomic bomb to. Who wasn't well I guess more we go to Russia again. Well it is technically True Religion that would Soviet Union yes. USSR. Is are brilliant country though whom. The union of Soviet socialist republics was the official title something minutes a country in included Russia yes that's an. So but the combination of content and sure fraught. And interestingly enough it was 1983. When that particular in Stew was referred to you as riots by Ronald Reagan would be called them. Something new evil. Yes well let's you have that would through the evil empire. I stay with this because he UB intrigued by something that's going on. And this may be part of a broader movement that seems to be. Gaining steam. Florida lawmakers. They get tired of the whole fallback in spring forward to rigmarole. So they ever approved a bill to keep daylight saving time going throughout the year in their states. It took the state senate less than a minute to pass the sunshine protection act literally two dissenters. The house passed this 103 to eleven back on February 14. Now the screws to the desk every step along with the gun control bill. Even if the governor proves to change like this. Will literally take an act of congress. But if it is approved Floridians. When they set their clocks ahead one hour this Sunday going to be the last time they'll have to full of hands on the clock again. They won't have to do ever ever ever so Florida would join Hawaii most of Arizona. The two places that are exempt from the uniform time act of 1966. And interestingly enough I came across this item. A lawmaker by the name of Harvey peeler from Cherokee county South Carolina. He has proposed to build a puts a comedian charged looking at the pros and cons of the time change the bill now goes to the house. He also one of those people who. Is pushing for the idea of getting rid of this time change altogether. So you just have one time throughout the year we begin this and so. I think it's a great idea on know a lot of people or already wine and about to change right now it doesn't affect me that much it did when I did a morning shows for like fifteen years. Because the study giving up a 40 is technically in the periphery. And it does make a difference. But right now I wish it would change to where when I go home at night I'm not driving directly into the sun. South. That's fair enough in new what does this was originally done fur like farmers will limit. I think that was the original purpose behind this in fact this other story talks about seriously question as to whether this is ace C policy. Where time has passed. You know and the idea one of the arguments made is it helps to save energy until Lotus at 2008 US Department of Energy study. Reported that daylight saving time reduces annual energy use by you wanna know what the percentages. And so. They tell us the moral and yes it's zero it's point 03%. And they've even found another study found it might even increase energy consumption. As there's another study that fell on the clock changes. Can raise the risk of accidents by sleep deprived motorists. So. Every interest and see if this gets further traction and maybe the whole country just dumps this all to do what my question for you would you rather win. Spring forward and stay that way or fall but can stay now one. Now I'm confused I don't know we should keep Syrian troublemaker friends all our regular folders. Like in this. Time no help at all. But it's worth thinking about anyway so now we can consider this. Prefer we have to do something about it Bledsoe always great to talk with the man thank you. Have eight good days still to come we will delving into this dare I say it scandal. And why the president is now. Too happy with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Were addressed this also take your calls you like to join the conversation. We always welcome that's during this broadcast. Singles advantage talk whenever 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning takes line 713 you're seven. 1149. President truck pulling a cabinet meeting right now of the seven just few minutes go let's listen in on the eat this it's coming in now. Out there in the school they love their students. It's concealed. And I think it brings great safety you're on the site you don't have to call him it doesn't take fifteen or twenty minutes to get there. And you know exactly what's going on so. They they pass that. And did say a lot of people were surprised I wasn't so surprised and I think it did a great job in many respects but the best a lot of very. Good legislation. Last night. We're working to Harden our schools and to make them less vulnerable to attack. We're working to strengthen our early warning system so that when there are red flags as we had in the case of Florida that were 39 red flags. Which is a disgrace. So many red flags it was they were crying out for somebody to go and have that guy. Authorities will take action quickly. And decisively. And we're working on common sense measures to protect the rights of law abiding gun owners well keeping guns out of the hands of those. Who pose a violent threat or even a threat. Background checks are moving along in congress. And I think moving along pretty well. You know you've been covering congress for a long time. And some things like even background checks making them tougher. It's never that easy but it's moving along and a lot of great things are being done. We'll make it much tougher. But a lot of things are are happening right now as we speak I will also say that at the state level lot of states are doing things that. Go along with the federal government a lot of this can be done by states as was the case over the last few days was Florida. And really some tremendous legislation is happening with the states and having to do with school safety and safety. What is not enough to secure only our schools. We must secure the communities. Where our kids are growing and where ever they go we have to secure and wherever anybody does. Not just the kids. And that's why we're committed to reducing violent crime like I think no other. Administration. We're fighting the deadly gangs and MS thirteen of the gangs. They're vicious horrible. And there's just no excuse for allowing them to flourish as they work. We've taken thousands of them out of circulation. Got them out we've got him out of the country for there in jail. And when tackling this deadly school or issue like. Nobody's ever tackled this before. Listening to Donald Trump who had a cabinet mile but earlier in this is a feed that is being sent to us right now to send an opportunity to listen to some of it by the way some of your comments about daylight saving time. Dexter says here this is actually for factory workers during World War I not farmers. Who actually were opposed to it. Even. Though the person saying fallback and stay on God's time. A quarter that is God's time. Eastern standard time forever says another spring Ford thirty minutes or fallback thirty minutes split the difference. Call of the day OK definitely spring forward. Get more daylight for us working people that the person agreeing with front or driving into the sun twice as often is a pain I'm glad I'm retired. Change it affects my kids sleeping I would love an extra hour of daylight especially when on the lake or at the beach they wouldn't we all. You know a lot of businesses change their hours based on the season or the date even some of different hours for Saturday or Sunday for instance. I don't think we need to government regulating this for us. Another person let's cured of the time change it is a joke. We're gonna save all this stuff about this. Scandal I'm putting this in quotes gonna wait and save this for tomorrow let's Scruggs took off from Luke in Indian land good morning. They've been close them out on the spot that miracle after the called earlier. I know I was on the on the Dublin. But I'll mine went down in the protocol came to me that we have to calm mind the first pillow on the scene engages the sure. You do loan that would struggle our report the truth about killing innocent unarmed people and have employer if you remove. You can't development picked him and you indigenous are quite a club option to let you know that on the radio. Now I think had a protocol my diploma and I'll be out the negative retired. It automatically go into the backup driver until. Love love alive I would just take my real eloquently and them going in but OM and we talk about it later. But does the boot of waiting at staging YouTube suicide could give you can't do that it will have begun have to go to mitigate future. Yet that was one of the questions I was trying to get through earlier with the conversation with Richard because you know in it was frustrating any to many people who heard details of officers who actually standing there. Waiting ends Iraqi rescue what in the world you waiting for. We put backup will be held up the bouquet of yellow card that situation when nobody's dying Oreo. Well bill is subject if you go up blood stuff going up in every job we did that killed. She and they called like about one thing you don't date you don't look upon where you go and do engage in appropriate period. And safety harbor. Yeah I had the problem is what demo about the duplicate that we've been cured department and in public overt political. And and definitely New York City. Yeah a lot of real bad influences and I'm pleased and the city again real quickly work because you always politically treasurer bill chill elected by the people. The pretty independent security department and the more growth of when it comes with a kind of thing up I think we are a bit and you're up on the we don't have a back problem after we've got these automatic weapons from about weapons of making hundred. And I grew up in the fifties oh you are go with that is that who we they are cooked in the ring out of we didn't have any shootings in school we have a political problem country's civil a good group of young people. And felt entitled people that do not respect the countries throughout the authorities and you know I would expect. I was human beings and ethical problem we've got to get all the. I'm with you Luke man I absolutely appreciate Carl what do what a great way to end broadcast. Let's work on those things how old we get those things are backing. And I would suggest we start by following are neat and asking for divine help. That's a good start. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.