Improvements and Changes To The Brag System

Kandas and Larry discuss improvements that they have made going in to 2018.


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It's time to brag be rich and generous. Greg radio is hosted by best selling real estate investing author Larry Jones and co host Candace. For the next hour they'll show you proven and effective way you can be successful in real estate. From the WBZ studios in new year. Dutiful uptown Charlotte the flagship station of the brag radio network. Here are your host the rock stars of real estate Larry and Kansas. They. It's sad I you Dolan. What is known is that New Year's Day New Year's Day. That drive that's right at me when he team. Right eighteen can you believe that no I'm likely stand in for the first month anyway now. You'll start being funny eighteen greens or around February. So Ted just said city could figure out the significance of this and I'm like the Q2 I was trying to tell you. It's you two. And this time probably needs to watch what I needed him at the earth a bit ago and now. Ed edits all Leon that. That's hilarious but I didn't know that. In the years saying yeah. Does that from the Joshua Tree problem it is now it's what the problem. Obama it's it's from all the one before that. At that but. It's also on the basis of the that's funny that's all right slow. Brand new year. Our first show of the year right campus as frank and last week we talked about goals that. I we talked about goals that we talked about. All the different things you need to do. To set goals and different types of goals like spiritual. Family physical. Financial. And in the business. That's or so we talked about all that and so as the very first show in a brand new year. And what we want to do this week is to about some of the things that we're doing this year. That are different because we've been working really really hard week after that we grow in business and personally. We've let things go home this year. I am really really excited about how much. Yemeni air. Seubert and but is going to be a lot of work is not going to be. It's not going to be just planning easy and I felt that starts a happen everything that we put in place. For this year started. Some modest start a month ago. And some of it though would just be getting kicked out at the begin in the year but some of it has been in play in in production and now to start to be released between theme. That's truth that's truth we've got a lot of lot of stuff going on our come up with that I have a lot of great ideas the third rate that is not let the band. And it ain't Larry but here's what happens. You know when we have these meetings about how to get all the stuff done you know you're all about the logistics how we gonna handle this how we're gonna do it does that we have to do that. It was just last month and we were having a meaning and down nearly coalition take them honest shouldn't take them on the daily news it's in line ten days. China and then you heard Aaron. Signing gig you know like really granular stuff and Alan onboard with at it and you're like but that's not just best to granular enough to green and had to remind you that that's where. I have to live is on the granular level through many things have been in this things forward. Because it it's not just gonna take like teasing unit in days. Now as a visionary I forget about that stuff right and so somebody told me simple common. And I never say this to anybody but sometimes it just pops in my head it's like the ultimate about the labor pains just show me debate you. That. Head out of your mouth to me all the. It's an island with that. I'm sorry. Even with the. For something you can attach stop doing and back into. The pot a. That's funny yeah so. So yeah we have a lot Dora with their education business and with several state business. With our rules state business we are busy recruiting training and motivating and managing we're rebuilding that team. We've had team a team in the past than some of them on Ronald their own Simone didn't make it we've changed directions in some ways were doing things. And we're rebuilding our team and we've got some really good people aboard right now and we're steadily growing. Our business steadily growing our team. The fact if you if you go to investors rehab dot com you look up in the top right corner of our web site that's the website where we sell all of our properties. And that's stores rehab dot com. And you look up to the top right corner and there's a link it says join our team. Right right so you can click ultimately concede what we're looking for in the openings we have in our office to actually join our team and work directly with the us. In our office buying and selling three two in 1520 houses in my right. Right that's right. Up to them. That's right we really wanna get back into our property flow that we had going on a few years ago that there's strength. And people right now. We're on the show that it wouldn't give up the phone number 88 that was certainly the commercials play in duke is they've been happening all day today. Is angry at. But also that is so overly excited about 2008. Teams and you know we'll we'll shares opened just popped in the mine I remember him and somebody went. Say. That even years and years from yours or yours. Well it's. Listen it's what you make. It's what you didn't infused thing odd numbered years or your bad years guess what's gonna happen. It's in there and you're back here right. They're going to be your bad years. So you've got to get out of that mindset you know I can do is reduce this group works well for me if that's your mindset. Just forget about your muscles in bit pull the covers. Right. Just don't even try distorted and try. Forget about that. You know this is going to be great years can be fabulously. I believe this you'd talk today. If it should stick with the work great it's going to be a great year. Right. We do have a log or no we're growing our real estate business were continuously hiring recruiting training and motivating and managing where movement of the state. Were buying houses we wholesale. We do the model. Real state date training we buy it sell at the same day used in the right now we're financial houses in three different state north to South Carolina and Georgia. Soon to be in a few of the state that we have done deals in twelve differs right from all pleasantly quietly. Steadily. Consistently. Right now we're buying in north. And self. And George seemed to be some states were always looking to grow our team. Add more people to attain the things like where haven't by news desk in computers all the time right. We are well we've got a few computers but the death you know we're having because we had switched out last year to the needs sound ethical. The only stuff yet you read about you because when we pulled all the evidence now. You've sold them. That is so I have to about these new style table this thing that we've got. We sold some we also gave some we aren't a bridge that that we can. We don't normally do we did we did it we get somewhere like torture shrank and Big 12 Conference table we viewed that way torturer Xia. And yes oh but but it was time it was time to paint and carpet and get you destined. Fresh look and new year if things go round so I'm really really excited about that. Alec and I mean everything's got to really get Phil Taylor. It could be defeated an. Argument that you. You are given day. But he did beat you this. Though. So yeah we're grown our rules that business were wholesale and mainly that rules state they trading. You can get a copy of that book Americans. That's right 877 Larry go looking into a copy of the full investors kid it's got both of the books and then. Hud book in the real today trading book. That's right that's right. And of your government to the name of the book he said both of the books. Yep so. And we're working on some war courses some more training. But on our real stateside we're mainly. We're mainly day trading house as a guy that's what we're mainly doing but we also do some lease option to sell or find his stuff in retirement accounts. Right and so we can teach guys how to do as well impacting your investors yet there's some information about my insulin rules state. In your retirement account right you can you can do it and yes say education savings account. You can do it in a just say helped savings account. You can also do it and are right. Horry stole a 41 Kennedy who regular 41 okay. Safe harbor forward okay or a simple savings incentive match plan for employees that's when you have a small business with a very few. Employees so give Candice a call. 877. Liter ago you can get the investor's kit which includes the rules they they dream book. The Hud homes half off book some dvds and CDs so books or self directed retirement accounts and a whole bunch of other stuff we joke and it's absolutely Valery. That threat is say it's 77 laying galleries can. She me an email to info at Bragg radio dot com and that's easier story if you have any questions or visit us at Bragg radio dot com we'll clear that. I'm a Mac to brag radio this is Candice it was Larry Dolan fluff. National author speaker educator. Real estate investing. Well for them either of them about in front of you look at the I have to say it out Donald evolved hypocritical and you know again it's you don't hear me but. That. Then that's what Mary Alice. You forgot one. Rock star of real estate. Blow away that you lines and the news. The radio voice. And it. The orders of commercial and a year and an already pulled out there radio voyage that love the love I love him or. That's great. So we've got to log world it's a brand new year we've got a lot of things to help you guys. Our students. Fellow investors. That's sort of thing we we we were changed a lot of stuff and her organization we're growing our rules state wholesaling business. Our lease option business arsenal found its business. And were always looking for good people to join our team. Go to investors rehab dot com click on the link in the top right corner top right corner. And this is join our team if you're local and Charlotte it's full time now and the filed commission only. That's rules they right yet. Yet you eat what you kill right. That's for somebody to renovate and the realtor there and that's you know. It's it's like being an agent and I cab in the lingo down on do other eat what you kill right. So. So yeah it will work with to help you with that now. Our education business right our education business is. We've changed we changed along the first our three day events right we've got a three day of it coming up right here in Charlotte, North Carolina and. Anywhere area we shared their. Yes skin on call the office two or calling 877 Larry go. Or calling office. 80383128. Out eighth here registered and that we're that dates of that you know it's February 20 that's. That's the view master mind about those dates FMR and I think it's every 161718. It is a really worried 1617 and nineteen. Write your story yet that's the Charlotte third and it dates earlier charm 1617 and eighteen. Going to be. That's good. So so that's a three day event and and my three day event I have worked very very very hard. To update this entire three day training I had some people tell me leery. You give us more to three day seminar the most people give us old coaching inventory that we paid tens of thousands of dollars for. So but remember is still similar type environment. I can't give you instructions. At that and read it yet but I'm going to be absolutely as much information and content and data. That I can't in a similar type of environment strain though and we usually have a mean the is the sellout we I remember in a lot of times all our. On our. What you call our. Website. We have to save sold out you know put your name down here for the next one right right so that they do sellout and actually selling out. Mean it's not gonna cost them anything but I mean seven dollar seat reservation I. Right will sell out pretty much means that the seats that I've got set up pretty event aren't aren't Rangel yet because we'd we kept it a hundred we have no more room right politically cap a hundred that's the size range and I contract months in advance. So by the time you know there's people over a hundred you know. Bodies on the come. Then I audience warm bodies soul slid everywhere on the island come. I can increased the -- us really hardy you know fabulous stats. Espy Ali cap plus we'd like to have an environment where. There are enough people there to network but not where anybody feels like she'd just been herded around. Right we like it we like kind of on an intimate environment where people can get to know each other than at any time a top content network with each other. And things like that and we don't we don't want to stop her kind of walking around the inland everywhere. A herd mentality can I don't think any students an element people. Kurdish people art and in a room at the canals. This this thing. This is going to be denied the ninth our profound effect for Tony eighteen that's funny today are gonna Cal-Maine who. Operating on. That. You don't hit it in my surgeon for those little things that. There. And meaningfully and I'm. Carol Brooke though if you're a toy all right our puzzle is on the right let's talk about some of the things we can do to help the people listening right now okay. We have changed our three day event. Sign up for the three day of I don't care what you come from we've had people come. From out of the country and our last event we have somebody from Brazil started an Jane Wells it's easy to fly in and out of that's exactly right it's Charlotte as a hub for American Ireland's record. So it's very easy it's almost one stop from any major city. And we airport itself McCain ticket out accurate gently we book at airport itself so it panic and run as a what does that not a comedy double it and that convenient to our proceeds can accommodate what. I'll remember that. Put the well. Convenient and we kind of don't we become available for you. Won't the league each use the revenue. Of. So at the three day event with the committees on line comparability. After ability cat cat and her. They ganged up on an issue how comfortable. Are people still love me. Of course that people who I was they do I get picked on here. So. At our three day event you can learn everything. About the different levels of will stay yes rules state has levels right. The what's the easiest barrier to entry in rules stay in the how to work your way up to the different levels of rules state that's one of the things we goes through him we also goes through marketing. Every single possible way. To find a deal well first of all you'll find deals deals creative writing in October while I'm that I Amy you know they stately and where did you find that deal. Our standard answer is hey when we found that it wasn't a deal right right. So every possible conceivable way to find a property that you make an offer only get a deal okay. We're gonna go through that wanted to show you how to analyze deals. I don't care if it's wholesale deal was to fix it flip if it's a slow or finance a rental or lease option. We're gonna show you exactly how to analyze that deal wouldn't go over negotiating. Right every single waited negotiated deep deep. Deep discount or property we're gonna go through due diligence all the different ways to do your due diligence. Whether it is getting pictures of house. Inspecting the property you know find in the comps the ring comps the just anything you need to know about due diligence to make sure. That you're not getting stuck in a property goes were the biggest things people say is they're scared of this can get stuck in a property right. It's it's it's a big fear that people fear of getting stuck in a property or losing money or something like that. So you have to worry about that we are going to work with cute show you would teach you. What to do we're gonna show you how to automate your business we're gonna show you how we automated our business when somebody calls all four of our marketing goes for our web site. How that all automatically go in to a database. And then it creates a task for either you. Or your virtual assistant. Or you were sell or a nice cellar but your employee or whatever for them to pick up the phone is gonna create a task right. And and that's another thing we're groceries do how to do how to recruit train motivate and manage virtual systems we're sure you have a cellular properties fast. How to market sell a blast we're gonna show you everything you need to know about hide how to Baja houses at 504030%. Of list priced. We're gonna show you all about eight trading will stay how to console how's the same day. We're gonna show you about William wouldn't tell you about a inner circle programs there. You can sign up for our short program there you hear all about him there and detailed. And and announced we talk about it a three days I handing anything in Canada mention. There's a tremendous asset protection introduced into how many you have now. I have. About 623. Slides believe it is which is up. Ballet. A hundred and some 100 this ship right so. Totally updated its brand new for right now 2018. Today's market. Call campus. And ask her about slow enough for a three day training event 877. Larry go right. Yeah 877 Mary go and we can doubling get that squared away Torre gay son up for one of the upcoming three day events Arty about it mentoring opportunities. It be investors get outs do you via email or even come out the office and pick it up take a tour and yet that's scheduled for you to check out all the pastel archives. And everything like that on brag radio dot com send me an email to info at Bragg radio. Or give me a call 877 Larry yeah thanks. End. Angry at what happened live investing in ATP. And and it's a brand new year 2018. Were really excited I hope you're so excited about the year. We've got a lot going on an organization that were always try to be better we're always push ourselves push it to the limit. To grow as the rules state and bastard about more and more I'm more and sell more houses. To be able to be better educators and help more people to become successful rules that investors cause alone in the testimonials and do you mean I do it in people's lives we really we really really are in fact we've done our whole we've got one room in our office. And and it's huge through OK and it's probably. Being this room is like. When the if I don't eat more minority only pain and I'm now right. We started higher now after that caused you and your girls and me and Noah we painted it. One weekend and again never again the release candidate of our. Over Christmas break last year right not many and in England. Tony fix but we literally finally put a lot of our testimonials together. And we refrain gnome and we've got like three walls land with not them but testimonials about you you guys help me close one to deal was made 40000 dollars as me 20000. Labor equipment job. All that stuff. Fortis for Wallace for a laugh Adam and that's also sells a lot a lot. That's all we have so many testimonials some and is successful students. And you know I'm just really excited because. You know yes it helps us that's our business were in we get paid for educating people we are changing people's lives. It's amazing NC there really is it's it's great to be able have a job have a career. Weird you get paid to help the people be successful. A lot of it at that right. I love show on how today's settlement then I also watch and start to give and pay it forward and give back is brag that the author of brag. What we learn so many ways evidence last year since we ever well the last two years really. Year and a half but Aaron. We've learned so many different way so many different charities so many does different outlets that people have to give you know most of these existed. Like the widows and Russia that type things vehemently via computers to a school you know out of I really wouldn't have thought about that I don't think. Mean. Our build schools in Kenya yeah and places like that we've got students that are involved in. All all different I will cherish for areas you know. Pretty. Wheelchairs for kids and if you were artists on Haiti. It's and they we have a lot of people doing a lot of amazing things and so product and it's really cool to be able to be a part of that it is. It's one of the things that we have changed. This year that I am so excited about is we we've we've had mentoring programs. For. For many years now for like I don't know since probably fourteen years now something like that since around 2004. But. We have recently. Updated and upgraded and changed and totally added more things to it and and it's gonna require a lot of work on my part right rational work but. I know I know it's gonna help students become that much more successful than shorter period of time and the great news is. We have revamped everything and changed it to change the name and everything. And this is the first and only agreement if since it since well and and probably at least seven great years. It over the names the what with the names yet we've we've we've never changed the name but we'd like at at some things to. But now it just it blows me what else completely different. Greatest part about this is. There's a level for everybody okay yeah and we've added a mastermind. Now we've had a lot of students okay that in the past. They would say and I'm already doing business so Marty a full time real estate investor what can you teach me that I don't already know. But don't give a wrong I believe I can teach you things that you may not have heard about. Obstacles. You know people tell me all the time one hole area been doing this fifteen years in nobody ever shared that with the united know this existed or that existed. So you know I believe there is a lot of things can share with you but one of the things we've done is he's creative mastermind. And I am so excited about that and it's already half full. Right it's already half filled out but we just started it and just told a few people about it people in our last event last month. And and and and it's already half full. But what a mastermind is that it's a small group of a dozen investors that you got to be a full time investor to participate in this guy. But. If your full time investor and you're doing deals okay when you become a member of our mastermind. It's not just me extend and update teaching coaching training or whatever it. No it's not like that and in you know push you and Aaron and three master mind as well. But what a mastermind is it's a group polite brand of people we get together three times a year I. And then we also get together once a month over the phone but we get together three times a year. And you prepare a presentation. Was too powerful a slot or whatever. Prepare presentation to give a share OK you've got to be at the level where you can share when you have something India where you can help other people okay. And then you share that. And then after you either we go around the room each person it's their time you go around the room and then you share what you. Want to help others with you know like here's an idea here's things I'm doing here's some of them worked with here's a form that I used when a seller calls or here's. You know how another way I'm automating my business or another way I'm getting leads not many people thought about seat of a share. And then you say okay here's what I'm having trouble here's what I'm having problems. It might be real state but it might even be rules state one of the things I learned about masterminds. Is when you get that the level of a mastermind. What's happening is. It's it's not all about just trying to do business that right it's not all about that it's about you know well. I've accomplished all this I've met a lot of my goals. Financially shatter financially stable. But my problem is is I'm not spent enough time Wilma fan Leo my problem is you know I need to grow spiritually or my problem is. Is I don't have any friends or anybody confide in anybody that talked to you know it's it's more than just. Teaching coaching rule states it's more a mastermind is more of we're doing life too yeah right. Via its development on a different level. But it's personal and business development but on a different level went up first started gone with you Alice Alice so incredibly surprised. And I mean pleasantly surprised and shocked. That it wasn't like anything on experience before and people are so vulnerable. And win and you can eat yet when you can beat out open. In a group of individuals with that that caliber. It's the transformation. Possibilities are incredible. For anything that you could think of. And and and you also were able to hold each other accountable yes right yes. And so. You know call can dispute if you if you're already a full time rules that investor. And you will learn more about being a part of masterminds of very small group would meet a few times a year. But in addition the mastermind and I know we're about out of time but in addition to the mastermind. We have multiple levels. Of our inner circle program right multiple levels so of our. Inner circle programs and we've even changed the name in Chattanooga love this because all of our inner circle. Programs now have a rock and roll thing it's nice we have a we have opening act. You know that's like pretty think that the newbie that's the new B I that the getting started right and then we have headliner. Right. And then after that OK we have a whole another level that's one step up. Where they actually come to our office for three days to get all of our tools regular Syrians are web site to get everything in those are allegedly levels. And we those levels are via. Backstage pass and all access but it. So all accesses the Mac daddy the right so the goal is whatever level you are just work your way out in your goal is to be in the mastermind Brian actually that's right. And you can work your way up in the delicate part is whenever you'd commit one level whatever level you you're in a position to that you feel comfortable with. We will give you credit. To go up to the next level because each level has more more and it's more in depth and and. Right set to an estimate yet but the levels are all they all increased selling tethering is a credit toward the next level up except when he it's not tomorrow model. But even give me a call 877 Larry go we can talk more in detail about all of that stuff the mastermind in inner circle levels for. Actually eighteen and beyond that we're seeing right now. So 877 Larry go brag radio dot com or info at Bragg radio dot com. Welcome back frank radio. Things in us. And we are all of Lanier and I didn't look at that in your lean enough that night. So I'm bound for the fourth segment. And we have a brighter with us today. My Korean air. Yes there are areas. What's happening already had you there you. I. That's also more of our inner circle students and grads relations. You know man the legend that admit that. And so Michael being on. It's been going on with you and your growth and that ain't the tuna. So I didn't background and credit one that stayed around in circles. Really helped me. That's cool that that's 8%. Like that would put you on it sounds good to me. We look into that round 2002. Co owned by telling contracts. And definitely was a private lender and restart the re Randall vote on our property. Our videos are content. But did an important. Seven guys. And that and I'm never. Really really started but I and learning at camp China you know staying duties in terms. Cut on my local. There was status association. And and it was true bad ones when they're exposed and I want them. And I was in his book about bill the bridge. But it took it. An. Immediate. Future. Was out sixteen. So as in China where I was stroke on properties in and say that we and called office Wednesday. He gave the some held. What we were. The process because. We believe are rated and that you take that there really believed in his. I insisting that you know help and it dale. Had that answer. Meeting going on okay now and that came out put two and a half for community. And it was something where it students did he hit a couple of key things happen to me 11. You. And let them learn. Just we eating until things perfect ticket stars. And said that he put it. All. The ones that train that was a gut check. One of them want the people there that whole the wooden train. What in you know he selected areas in order out major metropolitan area I'm from Philadelphia area so about two hours north devices that area cola Scranton and Wilkes sparrows too small city north of us. And and I at least two wanted to listing there now. To the real Trout into an intriguing and and a following out there that we did he seem registered DD a it's right I would. So instead of 13. We did activists are in close ones. What a lot of money but it out in looking at the check in Hawaii is generating cash by. Just two and just follow in uniform. That was exciting well. I looked at it as it is not much it was it was we. You tweeted that one tomorrow and hopefully change now I. That would. You know so so we got more properties and then one we actually closed and checked it was it was low. And we actually had well some buyers citing it as I'm paying clue what we do have buyers would grow lineup and I got. Coal oil one year. The Monday calls ask the question about the shield property that the NC it is different real and her. To help children property in I don't follow which that we got older one was trying to work this time of kings close. I'll want to get the contract with the buyer that to potential buyers what it. And I'm just excited because I'm looking at this. And what I transplant was my whole plane and gotten in a circle and that's what you did I was emailing you. And you would answer back in an email questions to answer that. So I would say anybody out there you the real deal because. I've been involved there. Real estate trying things of that nature. But what I liked I liked. I like his spear like you reach out and help people and I'd like. The way I struck posted just work with me and I'm just I'm just loving life right now. That is lost and that is also well congratulations to you and your wife and she's excited as well. What. Do you. And there's that that occur that often. Did you gotta go it's much easier to sell the move whenever you move an upright. See your wife is just the opposite he would my wife. You know like she don't wanna go anywhere if we're movement we got we got to move up. Right. You don't have that problem regards election the a love it and I love it so tell us a little bit about what you're doing to be generous okay. I. Is it could. The ministry that I Wear what you want. Minister of the water. And one minister says the core of the and now there's. National ones on the or. All of an alternative. He it priest aware of what he they have fittingly. Schools of each. Local churches how about schools to try to provide some. Then warship in schools run and the idea of Tibet amnesty. Another one O local one neighbor that crusade it was started by a police of former police officer. Doesn't mean you agree that he's. And look at mid frequency it may be appreciated or is this site. I'm that was spider by now what he's a former police officer. And not to eat less. Forced him. Christie Wear. And an and and in the incident because the saga in order. Was. Group for an among white and anywhere high school but he knew. It network got interested in order. I. Alum and then it is one that we should accordance. Arugula Angel tree. Now did prison fellowship work. We. We. We helped to be done and national beginning and also. Supported him marchers they actually used it gives. And then there's another local one chosen 300. Where this gentlemen start he had the prayer meeting to bring multiple denominations do it and there. And then they just went off from the in his knee deep heating in the war and things of that nature and columns so chosen under. Astor the so I have to description would. To go against enemy so that's where he is different and in another one nationalist cause CDT. Right to a lot ceding them to pour as well city and a war and you. And so we it is so complete a I just acted as though. I can do more by open the organization's. He would pay you act couldn't do all of that update do my self. So at the way. More when we knew when science and saw you pray. A lot yes a moment then that this is right the way. I also think yeah. I love them and that is great that is great we really really appreciate you taking the time to Bil today. Thank you so much for doing that thank you so much for your business I'm so proud used so excited for you and thank you so much for what you're given. Out there and help put others with their time money and we are going to make sure we put those links on our page for the show notes as well so thank you very much. Okay thank you and beat Utah. That is gonna wrap up today's bragged radio leading the world to be rich and generous. More information about what Larry and Candice talked about on today show or to get a free investors get. Call 877 Larry gulf that's 8775277946. You can also go to brag radio dot com. Make sure to tune in every Saturday for ranked radio leading the world to be rich and generous. Larry and Candice what are you how to invest in real estate. And in many ways realistically it's the ideal investment. Your views 1110993. W beach cities.