Information Continues to Surface on the NYC Terrorist, Charlotte Mayoral Race Heating Up

Scott Fitzgerald
Thursday, November 2nd

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So lay up mosque goers. Not a person from Moscow I don't mean that somebody who went to the same mosque is the New York terrorist. That's a missing things to say the president had some interesting things to say. We'll try to have some interesting things and Libby conversation here to the others lamenting another 93 WB two he'll be doing all right by the Scott FitzGerald. And but whatever the weather I remember earlier this week man you were saying it was going to be gorgeous all week long and on the weekend was going to be awesome to and then. We could to bring this morning. And ring when you guys were I had dinner and and then no get more may be coming in the night more for the weekend but I'm not blaming you it's not your fault they understand blaming on race did you go and say hey yeah it was right I see AGF. He got out his. His whether magic eight ball and apparently didn't put his glasses on right because in thinking had to change the forecast. So yesterday the president was very very busy. Speaking and talking and I'm very happy. Not very happy at all and I don't I certainly don't blame him. Did he go too far with some of his comments. Talk about the diversity diversity lottery and then what we need to do to punish the sky. Our report from yesterday yeah. Consider that acquittal whitehouse calling the terror suspect in enemy combatant. President trump said today he's open to sending him to the military prison at Guantanamo Bay a move seemingly backed by some on Capitol Hill if you act like a terrorist. And you say your terrorist that's enough for making. We are to treat you as a terrorist because he's an enemy combatant and held Americans. Mr. trump. Also called on congress to dismantle the diversity visa lottery program which allowed besides hello side pod into the United States. From Uzbekistan in 2010 can. Diversity. Modern sounds nice it's not nice it's not good news we have to get much less. Politically correct. Death penalty entries going port. That's a pretty powerful thing for the president to say you should get the death penalty. No item and I completely agree and managed to fry it and and we can probably brainstorm some fun ways to send this guy to be great beyond so we can have his virgins and and wherever the hell they go. Britain do you think that's gonna cause legal issue when it all comes down to how in the World League Nabil find an impartial jury. To try to discuss. There was is I was thinking about that as I was looking at his tweets. Why we even need to put this guy through via the legal process I understand you know this is America at a rays got rights in some cases too many rights. But if you see a guy. And you see him first hand mow people down and kill them in a truck. Injure people as well. Then what's what's the question to ask. Guilty may aid and what you'll get him on two accounts you wanna get him on eight counts you argued among attempted this and attempted that I understand you know we gotta question the guy. Find out who he knows what he knows how much he knows. And and get as much possible intelligence is we can't from the sky. Good I'd say let's let's just fry c'mon let's just do it let's find. Somebody unplug their drier and a 240 volts yelling go that route right. So we are worshippers who knew this guy and attended the same mosque says and I quote. He totally gets what he did it. Which which brings me back to the conversation that we had yesterday. About. About you know radical jihadist and the the mosques that they attend. And whether or not the needs to be some culpability. So this guy Abu Mohammed. He. They interviewed him he was leaving the afternoon prayer service there at the same mosque this guy went to city saw the suspect the most but two months ago. So did know him by name but I'd see him there every two to three months. He sent to hit a beautiful smile. For a great. We. So he went to the dentist. He was a nice guy and someone who never coerced he called me brother in addition back to him. He says I totally get what he did. This is something I open perhaps. He said it's in response to Muslims dying every day as a result of this ongoing conflict why doesn't the media coverage that. The US needs to get out and let us run our own affairs but as long as they meddle and interfere these terrorist attacks will continue. To happen. I would think if we pulled out they would stop. I don't think at all. And the interesting thing is this guy is a a supporter president trump and his immigration policies. Interest and I totally understand. Why did. That's why we have a problem with radical islamists I think. Pat writes is the guy who did that a citizen or just you're on a visa does that make a difference in our laws apply. No I don't believe it does when you were here in the United States. Unfortunately. The news I think we all due process. Who are due process so they are a break and at 910 is the time and we're not. Every series all day long today that's that's not going to be the situation or just because you know I'm so tired. Prayers talking to some guys yesterday that if you beat up because you're just so much news it's like 000 my god not again. Not again. Two argues a road rage. Something is given as road bridge here in Charlotte we'll talk about it when we come back how we get an hour's sleep this weekend. It seems like. Upon Israel started. And welcome and I love it. So you don't mind to get darker not a load off your way tonight if I hate what with the daylight savings time thing comes along. For about a week and a half two weeks may be I have to do that sleep math. You know where is it okay it's 10 o'clock which really means it's the Lana Clarkson about and then you wake up in the morning as it knows it's time that you would leave at 4 o'clock. Intimate messrs. me for a woman gay your body and jacks up your body clock at studios that gets money and in affects my brain more than my body yet elegant physically tired as much as my brains 100. Wouldn't you know that kind of thing. Which is not unusual for me if you've been listening to this program quite often you wonder how often it's wait a minute this can't happen to stroke here what's gone on with. But Ted near the researchers are saying you know maybe it's time traditional way. Because. We we get cranky. Researchers found that in the number of assaults. Go up by nearly 3% right after dale daylight savings time ends. And then we set our clock in the back an hour. They added that the assaults actually went down by 3% when daylight savings time starts in March and we lose an hour's sleep. So. We give a little when we take a well. They're cash prize to refer to sell it. They say it's easier to explain the drop in violent crime after losing an hour in March. Put moving the clocks back. Uptick in violence then and that one's kind of strange I can you get an extra hour to go tax somebody Zelnick sub country we got to work. More time to plan your no Harry McChrystal. Oh that's so than anything right tick tock tick tock on my way to a nefarious incident. So given the reported negative impacts both events. Observed a couple of states debating an end you know try to put an end to this. Maine Massachusetts they've already been arguing to abolish the clock changing tradition. Listings Michigan. Introduce bills to permanently just couldn't and it permanent bit disturbed but in some places don't even partake do another places around the country ignore it. Yeah Indiana somewhere in their Gloria you have men I grew up with the without being a problem because Indiana. The majority of Indiana except for I believe three parts of the state. Never change they were always on mode and there was no assumption that time but I grip in Cincinnati the Cincinnati area of India. So my county. Was on what they call fast. As we fast time and slow time. So school was on a slow time. So football game starts at 7 o'clock slow time which means 8 o'clock press time. Oh yeah it was confusing so well your parents for women women fast and slow time and they'd have to post everything would both of the different times just in case you know somebody wasn't really paying attention. I think they did the same thing and global because Kentucky was on fast time. And then up on the Chicago region. They would go that way and I think we'll go to the Chicago said the Illinois time as opposed to a the Indiana today it looked every is as an excuse for being laid off on it was fast time. Slowed you have probably a timer to with the parents they always used it as an excuse for screwing things up with us. So. Uptick in violence just what we need since we've been dealing with. I guess a rash. Of off road to road rage incidents here recently. And T reported on that free road race. I was driving just like I am trying to merge onto Elaine when someone came from behind and flashing his lights. Aimed a gun and pulled the trigger. I. It's a terrifying case of gross breach I just didn't over the right the next and I know ICC this guy come home. Right behind me Joey you asked just not to show his face on camera says he was driving home from work on ice Sydney said it near green mountain road. Around 7 o'clock Tuesday night when he emerged into the Marlene at this same time as a driver behind it. Joey says that driver flashed his lights pulled out in front of him took out a gun and opened fire when I get over the last. He does is make sure don't you can see where the bullet hit the passenger's side of Julie's car I was nervous I was and had the engine or something to. This is the third such case we've reported in just the last two weeks. Earlier this week someone shot into a car on I 85 in gassing county. Me seeing an eighteen month old bike in sheets and it just last week an enraged driver pointed a gun at a woman on independence boulevard on her way to work. So far no one has been arrested in any of these Casey's. Joey thinks cameras on busy roads keep making it easier for. Police to track suspects down but it's the interstate. Like cameras we have to see he got off there then you could look just a street cameras and see if he could get. Some have a license later someplace that. Have my own via human gave me doses or come up with a solution but the but it is scary though I'm I have to admit I am one of those guys. It's not as bad as it used to be asked my kids fifteen years ago holy Molly him I'm getting a man again oh look at it I. And she would jump my mean she would just jump mangle your beat these kids can do it yourself kills and he's need to calm down. So. It's usually. Helps that. They were crazy and that's when your one hour 22 point three like I was then governor on the money Carla do in the stupidest stuff. But then you have a failing you have kids something inside your brain normally won't click. As a growing like L I got to ease up a little bit. Why don't do asefi used to do I think the other key phrase that you just said there John was that something normally well click the. Are we talking to jet off to your dog into Africa. That. No I didn't play. But I did kind of wind it back but I'm the kind of guy where if you are on my blocked I mean like right behind me unofficial close enough that I can't see your tail lights. That's when I tap the brakes brakes and and then I'll give them you know the chance to back up. And then and this is horrible. But I have. And his technique goof to foot the slam the brakes to get real fast. And and you see a market up again and I know its interest. And I know you enemy over here account that we might even as the distributor or you're gonna go to. I usually do in a car you really don't care about the back end of yeah and I had Tony five year old truck it don't matter who writes come on it he but I I like my cars shall I try not to do that the dollar and 85 when day and I'm trying to use by Salzburg against. I did that to you jacked up pickup truck. You know. It does kind of drug where it didn't matter how close he was like it's still see his son headlights because that's not homeless. In and I did the other tab tab Marcum up thing and and then he got right in my blood and Denny's you don't Schwerner and add me and give in front Meehan and he slam and on his brakes and try slowed way way way down. And and he'd slow way way down and then then I sped up there and in my car's pretty fast and can you go and I'm thinking okay. Because I tap my breaks and get a speeding ticket because of this this Yahoo! behind me is globally. So that was one one recent incident of road rage the only other one and I had a gun pulled on me was a situation kind of like we're talking about the news reports. Where. I was merging on to you a portion of highway in Cincinnati. And I looked over and there's nobody there and then all of a sudden out of nowhere this dude is right there. And I score low over. And he flips me off that I flip him back off because hate. You know I mean it's like also be would you like this in church you know your number one he's been worthy and also with a look it. Up. And next thing I know he's right next to me and he's he's got the the gun sticking and no towards me. Sideways and how they earlier in his rap videos are right there were turned Hernandez sideways can like the other bowl began way of doing things. And and I think I dribbled a little bit. He's had a pretty good control and they're writing I dribbled a little bit and and I slammed on the brakes and and and turned off to a fast and an exit that was their not one that I wanted to go to. But. I didn't wanna be a a highway partner would disguise any longer. Sort of stand on the road racing you're 70457011. Tennis this is something is or something you witnessed. Or is it something more that you have initiated. We're not proud of the things that I had gone along those lines you sound like you know those are some of the fondest memories I've ever hand. Certainly not the kind of situation at all and I am learning better okay deep breathing. But. Then. It was funny because the last time they did that tap. If there really is a rage that builds up and you and I could feel my face tightening you don't just real quick and then it was gone. It was a little slow I know I can understand. I'm just. Not gonna go way way over the top and we're gonna want some yeah that doesn't seem a very Smart way to go that could be the beginning of a real bad day. And the long run I don't know what. Much damage or would you if there's others like them I don't know. I don't know it and it's get his dangers and unfortunately. Seems to be building problem here hopefully will not be and even worse problem like is that after daylight savings time goes away so. A break him back into when we come back and talk to our let's sign she's got an update on the White House and how the president is handling what's going on. We'll be in York city terrorists we get taxes talk about two. That's all on the links are usually what is your dog get you on the other side too if you wanna talk about immigration inventing sustained where this year this is news 1110993. WBT. I was just jokes and good morning to you road raged on but that the last time. He writes it. Constant come under your voice calls to assist you just gave an excellent dissertation. As to why we will never legislative way mass murders in terrorism. It is borne from that little voice inside of all humans since the beginning of time. He says you know there was road rage when king's men were writing dinosaurs I'm sure the future brought a source too close to my brother source AM behind. But with a with a road rage be your rage when the dinosaurs being the ones who get on to. Doesn't know. So the other national security debate is or is continuing still the other main story that the of the news is covering. The president says the United States will immediately begin implementing extreme betting. And it looks like the other diversity. Immigration plan is probably gonna go by the wayside completely and fully. They want to walk. I don't I've been out there will be an executive order how the law underpinning happened that that's certainly gonna go by bus. We'll be joined by our. Well it's signs with a ABC just a moment here I think she probably standing by and we'll get to have been to bill. You've got to comment about about this in the extreme betting. Yeah terror leader Yasser I'm here yeah it am. Literally Whitaker itself I have been all over the place and their oil countries and outlive their own nabbed three cot back. My mother back in 1981. Match to act thank. We can make couple spent a teachable. And Cheatham mitnick in front of them and they start debate now and I was in the ring court detached and and how would and it looked things over everything's good so called red didn't let it. We're two or three years after that they decided to be mayor. Toshiba will bring into the states. What you have to go to a lot of processes are in these usenet sort of step yeah we are in Mexico hole. Have they acquired it in the end. Go through military. And he'd ever be at. What it is mobbed by board and their work two or three other bank that can't remember what you wore. I gave the military takes cap because I was in servers but that my point being is what they needed big huge ball. Guys out. And then in the nineties I was living in South America. I'm at a little gap invaded Kuwait and I brought her back on fiance Kris. And she got so many sleeper. Because that country as in keep records. They've got a background check waiver fingerprint labor. Our club is flex start doesn't know rank and had. And and what we we finally eat Gator visa approved. Latin people like maybe eastern people have a lot of different names not necessarily aliases. All they keep the mother's maiden name talk about the lack people gathered reported for reasons why they have several different makes you real quick get your point. Okay all the hard all earnings wouldn't. On the beat up application. So yeah Oscars you sit parents teach you what they would give practical by the United States. And what the Portland trying to make curious most of the country don't keep records and it's impossible. To properly. People. No I agree with you a 100%. And it's so easy and most of these countries too if you've already got documentation of some sort. He didn't like you should take somebody and you can get a little changed so you have a brand new. Our identity in a sense scope of the White House and our let's signs joins us now here diversity lottery sounds nice it's not nice the latest from the president. President trump yesterday at that they he want to go ahead and scrap the diversity visa lottery program that telling congress that they. You need to act that the the probe. Program again without about 50000 beat that to people from countries that have a low rates. The immigration and an air opium delete I had to pick people up out of the lottery the people that have to undergo a background check and then they can come into this country the president. The China hi that the Democrats captured eight specifically pointing to Chuck Schumer calling the permit Chuck Schumer beauty because. The pennant our support that back in the early nineties with the president of the mansion without George H. W. Bush or Republican president. I didn't collide Chuck Schumer with actually working it's just a few years ago to go ahead and scrapped that program and the plate with a merit based. Right not get that now what's the the latest on enemy combat defer fears declare its iPod has declared an enemy combatant. He could face. Altered interrogation. Different prosecution know that the process will be completely different orders that stand. I tried that the White House yesterday said that he should be considered an enemy combatant the president had to and signaled any differently this morning though he did say yesterday that you would consider sending him to one timeout. Now the president of the morning between a while he'd love to send. IPod to Guantanamo he's. Admitting that the prophet who actually take much longer if they were sent him that Harris a breakdown they are rather than going through the federal system. Here the president also tweet it. That there's something appropriate about keeping him in the home of the horrible crimes he committed. IPod is facing federal charges any New York district court and those terrorism charges could pay it. I could carry a death penalty sentence without but the court decides to pursue and president trump is advocating for the death penalty flags. Got to show it this is going to be federal court. I guess there were reserves state charges if they need to or may be running concurrently. That they could potentially running concurrently about the right now that they are pursuing federal charges that and then we'll see what else emerges. In this case. Good enough. Did their meeting today via the GOP. On this tax plan and the unveiling maybe you will happen today. They were store to get all this done by the end of the year we'll see whether that actually turns out to be the case. So what you're time is coming up on 940. Well we'll talk to David you'll be first out of the chute about judges who let these folks and turn the country. Should we start spreading culpability to other places to the voters perhaps. They don't do their job to keep us safe then it's the reliability on their part. So it's 940 now here it is 1110 about a 93 from B team. Taco over the next half hour here. Well if you've gone to college. Sometimes you when your roommate to get a little sideways with each other and I think we've all done. And on the little movies and nasty things to them. Some. It's here than others will not believe what this warmed one woman did to her roommate. I mean it's just you gotta be here. We'll talk about it coming up at 1005. PM the wife of the the use Becky national who's accused of murdering these are approaching Manhattan denied any knowledge of her husband's. Planned Rampage. She says I'm shocked and horrified and I'm scared and I'm sad the FBI grew older. As of right now she's an I don't know enough that I don't Obama not that. We've heard that a story before it went there's not a typical of the first and elections. Don't know enough about it. So we'll see that we're that because they are looking for another person who is suspected of being involved David good morning you're on WBT. Good morning I'd like to just play a little bit about hypocrisy with the liberals in the press come. It's first of all of Chuck Schumer was the more support for Republican. Every branch of the mainstream press would be all over him in trying to run him out of his position and in the senate on a whale can bomb I don't know what why and why is that David. Because they beat up on Republicans and they forget when Democrats make mistakes. And where people like Karen Travers who always gotten DA get a little stab in the back for great president like trump. Where she would the judges who are kind of thumb their nose at trump saying that there's travel ban was long. Why why she asked him those judges firing wonders why he and other ones from Washington. They indeed he would. Do you really stand behind your decision now. Oh and went up to one approach that was trying to protect the country. And you're making it less safe by let them bad folks then you feel badly do you think it made a mistake what where all the questions for the judges. What she doesn't talk to judge issues a White House correspondents are that would answer you know why she probably won't be going down that road. I'm not but what about the rest of the process. Well maybe they well maybe you just come up with a an idea that that they should follow up on. They don't think it grill folks they only going to grow Republicans. I don't disagree that it that the GOP gets it gets a rougher ride being bad that is that's for sure but does it does it surprise you anymore doesn't surprise me anymore. No and then you know the fact that you cannot ask a reporter who they voted foreign supported in the last election bet is all a home. Alms do not do that. I don't you can ask their bunch of phone you can ahead as they may not necessarily tell your that let you know. And and I understand David what you're saying about the judges. We're talking about moving forward to keep us safe you know the blue at the horses out of the barn when this guy you know because he was here before. Sure that the present that doesn't prevent them from going to Republicans say it they're Republicans and saying hey you made a bad decision let's talk about that first six weeks. Rather than moving forward and they always beat up Republicans I'm just honored that he. No I I could understand. Well I think that this will be revisited because one of us in if I thought you were listening yesterday one of the state misstatement that really made me angry. About the other travel ban and why they're saying no we can't do that this is that being. Being judgmental. Or or judging these potential immigrants. In is not American it's not the American way. And my contention on this one as well then yes we need to have judgement. Because if we don't have good judgment then. Then were. We're or let ourselves down do you think that. Nujoma the judges David thank you should be any sort of liability or culpability. With the folks that are actually doing this vetting the ones that are there I bought a high dollar asking questions are doing you know whatever it is that they do know if did you peace talks out. Beat and I believe all judges should have some type culpability. If you let a guy who Wear ankle bracelet and cuts it off that judge should be buying 12100 bucks why in doubt he of people getting ankle bracelets. There's no penalty for judges. What why would a judge. Have to pay a fine for somebody to cut off their ankle bracelet because he made a bad choice on put a guy out of jail and put their local bracelet on him. And they look the same guy that will cut up an ankle brace but last time out an ankle bracelet again judges are never penalized for bad decisions. Should should we why should they be mean if they are upholding the law because they should put that guy in jail not putting back out on the street when an ankle bracelet. It is a bad guy keep amid a bad place. But judges are never penalized for pork or so well. If you referring to say a specific ankle bracelet dude. But it could tell you what there are so many folks in Charlotte that cut off ankle bracelets multiple crimes and and and aren't kept in jail Linux timeout let's try another ankle brace. Well David and David hardly anybody has kept in jail. And that that's not too. Took to lessen you in your point at all it's just do you shouldn't be surprised our justice system. Isn't isn't harsh enough. If judges were penalized prepared choices they would make choices are protected more of the people. I don't agree with the one that went. But that I just don't agree with you that when. I can't see how that would change in their decisions. Because then if if if if indeed they were paying the penalized for this. It magnifies who who would be up in arms the most first and and how voracious would baby. The Democrats you have the liberal populated. At the liberal the liberal media would ripped them. A whole series. May be a Baker's dozen. New sinkers. McNamara. Saying it but because they were bummed because there were steps in place that actually looked to protect the American people first. And penalize people who made decisions that put the American people at risk. Are a little upside down and. Yeah well. And again I don't know the ankle bracelets situation we knew dumb guessing there's certain kind of crimes and there's a line. We're you aren't an ankle bracelet to. You know candidate. You know. And they're bad guys right obviously they've gone through the system and the judge thinks that that's you know away to a to a to monitor them. But I'm guessing it's generally not the other violent criminals. Then let kids go back to high school. That have ankle bracelets on which you want your kids in high school with some guy Wear an ankle bracelet. As always envisioned being insured vehicle or a well. Yes that yes they should. But as a juvenile they don't they don't keep kids in jail didn't. I don't know yeah gotta be some kind of bad kid place. How bad can place. Let's open up a franchise and what are what are you say you know they've got to be the candor care they get daycare. Violators and Joseph and I like to talk to today about the bad kid place we've got openings for this weekend. I appreciate it got back. And I appreciate your call me an immigrant day but wouldn't it be Ed kid advertising opportunities as early as I think we can make some money on I. Well I mean in a sense. In a sense the the the prison system. Since this since has been privatized some different place and so I mean essentially it is what we just talked about it's a bad person place and during the Reagan my office. And it always made me angry we're. It's a rigged system it seems to me that the the prison companies will say look we'll give you 500 million dollars. We'll build your prison when manager will run it used need to guarantee us 90% occupancy. So so what does that what does that do to a law and law enforcement and the judicial system and the political pressure it's like we got to go around us up some bad guys. So we can put it on the bad guy place. Buddy money while house by house money a problem buddy help me out here. Art world or there about the President Bush who say they weren't loaded not about immigration because our. Court skirt panel. We're always there from our judicial system built character for clear there were dying there every year. And you won't look up people and journalists are already double off the preferred now by Elliott well. I don't know I can't help but respect what are we get a good they in a war and there's some bad happened there were trying to. You can just keep trying to stop all the problems. Oh way to read that's what politicians do what. Plus my lifelong Spartan not a doubt about what. The American enterprise that we're good out there and that some flat out broke her left I would say this he changes. You know. Well if things are working shouldn't we keep changing things. There are not certain can come out we're both of honorable and workable. No oil plant operator they're reporter number this column. You're as well but I have been you'll adore it. I don't know about if something is nine but if something has Morgan 90% of the time. Then I think they would take the money and run on that and say you know what this plan is as good as we can make you think you're right there's nothing is a 100% infallible. Are there enough in America are you trying to amass bought you know it is he's his players about their regard to what President Bush record. More important people here President Bush sitting around them and about. Yeah with a judicial system would handle 25 million illegal immigrants. Could you imagine the caseload they would be lined up like they were buying tickets to a Rolling Stones concert and make it would be around every corner in town. For breaking back nasty things to your roommates. Some people that just need to get a life it's on the way done and BT and no it's nice when they're your family has moved back. Always a good thing right. Mom dad step in Emporia. And Graham are and how many rescue. 'cause they have rim markets I think. She. Two and a real happy. We've. A girl. The young lady Susan in global pleasure parked pleasure ridge park high school and who exactly that is going to be little for one. So well this woman France's Jewish Bailey. What are they always use all the all the names. You're one I have and I've always wondered there's a specific rule for that is there. Yeah they did because an in journalism you he's all three so that someone it doesn't get mixed up with another Francis Bailey. Otherwise that person could feel like they're characters impugn they might want to seek. Legal you know litigation and the deck is somebody might get the pin and have a say well I was amazed is that all three of them got shipped. Allegedly I'm just guessing you that you allegedly under is guessing I thought I got to come from a place and I understand it. Tired so altered tapes Francis George Bailey so France is really don't get upset because I'm talking about Jupiter. She went in this high school. Earlier this month and and she threw. All over the places. Explicit pictures. In her in the girls' restroom and on the grass near the parking lot and author of the parking lot and these were photos. OK at the school. And ex girlfriend. Of of her son so he grants. And this woman hadn't had recently found an emergency protective order against him. So rug Gramm off election had to take matters in Durham own hands to work together is due back there's give this woman back. She says she had found India. Photos on her son's phone. And a half naked pictures up there it. Spokesperson for the school district said that they were Johnny on the spot. Well what are the images we're. Were yanked a picked up cleaned up after just complements. As soon as the other two of the students so they took the ball down and then went to the administrators. And as. Is the case almost anywhere you walk these days. There were video cameras. And it was all caught on on tape. So. She's been a charged with distribution of obscene matter. Criminal trespass and harassment and she's still in jail. I am and I'm mother and if it was an underage and young relating to whether or not there'll be considered good distribution of child pornography bow. Possible. Have to look at pictures. How many naked pictures do you have on Europe and here on your fraudulent at least seventy. I ever AD and didn't. Well you'd a lot of your life boat and and and none zero not think not only. Do you have any I'm not known it. I was distracted I was answering casually I have nothing like that much for you you may think thou doth protest too much I'm afraid he was an old phone in my killer man my heart attack or something. I don't I don't have four or I don't have any I have never had naked pictures of my election just usually know. I that's pretty wise not to since it is you know that's that's like those pictures they got distributed they clean them all up I guarantee there's some floating around brochure with the idea. Somebody's got you know a fuel and pulled up in their geography book like it in their bag is there an easy this. So were. When that gets up the firmament asked him how many naked pictures of he has on his phone. How would you have. 7045701110. Within days of the important questions right. Mean we know the guy New York's we get the death penalty which is going to be a matter matter of time here so listen let's tackle the real issues Doug good morning. Hey I don't I'm living large man leave it all behind me are so I would get next for breakfast. Was that. Actually at all aren't cut back now as John Moore I did some didn't and he doesn't leave that you can use it kind of sticks around through it's just yet not. Where that clarify something under question regarding child pornography yes. Simply being exposed is not pornography. To be child pornography it has to be as sexually explicit position. Or having her legs spread simply taking a picture of and make trial perhaps nick Charles would not child porn so until it's gone back on that. Really yeah. And now we're about if you've got if if if there's a a fifty year old guy. And he has naked pictures of a seventeen year old women on his phone. There's got to be a law against that. No it's Laporte. And that's why there's such a big issue on the Internet right now with all these Russian news sites. There are trying to say that's a way to get around. Federal code. US code eighteen at separate into the life thank. But that's where they're trying to legislation now to get around. Because just simply cutting picture of a naked kid is not a legal eagle on Flickr people post photos of their naked kids all the time unfortunately this port is not illegal. Well you tell it like cut Nikki Kay is like you know teeny tiny kids in the bathtub. Well that preteens teens. It's DD age does not matter. As far as simply taking nonchalant photo of them they must be doing something sexually explicit such as posing provocatively. Or having their legs spread. Donors is Doug your real name. You know the fifth cut cut a path in coach on how do you notice what does. Maybe your your your your spouting off the statute and everything is slight ligament what dose we're what's your research based upon why did you go down this road. Well because I'm one of those people what street surged along all sorts of things guns are your personal freedoms. And that sort of thing for carpet I'm doing research articles come out. I don't articles it's not just I articles. I'm up. For kilogram and look at these blue wind in my break in the long year and additional researchers. But I guess good art and I'm having a hard time without me guys because you know better question what do you think differently. Should you Lola got a fixed. And pictures are underage girls. Google pictures underage girls how much trouble plan. 70457011. Coming naked pictures you have when you play. Just curious. What I'm assistant to the camera to a normal. So up a break and back in that we can talk about that and then you have the girl he roommate and what she did. The drive me crazy but backfired that's on the way there's a lot of 10993000. GTC. So bacteria story grandma. And meticulous. She was charged with the distribution of obscene matters. Well but judge judges said that. Well. This child porn and obscenity or are completely different animals although England you could argue obviously that are the child pornography is at saint. But not everything that isn't seen to be considered to be child pornography. And Doug was saying you know what. Can you naked pictures should borrow this child porn can bust or prevent the Travis. You stork will be a Department of Justice is that right. Your girls would be our global relief from your former justice and also or am. A couple years undercover operations for ice whose college or they followed the Croatian units so. Who faces child exploitation. I remember how we got a guy who they transport cost. It's gotcha yeah we've chairman got a growing problem without here's show us so based volatile we're just talking about here what what is the truth what's the the real men to. It is a little bottle with mortars. His description. Well a lot of it's gonna be graceful and we'll assist you might say police interpretation. Of what the material is like he's Serb. All of a sexual act that explicit. Or are also aware of the problem but there are natural act. All. Is depicted him in the images are very Miller brewing usually double. Bogeyed eight orange. We are just because towards the cricket and also the group or what part of the case also the local fox who passed through or not so. Prosecute of actually seeing through that congress will make them. File format the state level was one year deal with digital arms oh Internet related off. Well were called who what when you've got a different mex is well across state art that's what it comes. Colonel general yeah let's all it wasn't that run around distributed the pictures that could be manufacture and distribution if she changed it. I wonder dual format to a mobile are sort of dole looked but digital hundred dollar computer to start equipment yeah that's that's our goal with the ball being mayor whose sole. So that's why they got her for distribution of obscene matter yes sir then I think it's not walk Obama actually wrestle the statute across your spirit that I do. But his spirit. Actually document property cases but I think it's eighteen USC point and this to problem statement. Those that's Anderson there's in my lottery numbers from yesterday for the so well let's say that that somebody. Is is picked up for. For child molestation. And they find you know a hundred pictures. Of naked young children on this guys computer on this guys phone. I'm may be there isn't a separate charge for those images but would that be something nor would potentially used to the pace. It would vote. Upon the prosecutors would have caused you actually had to have good digital spills forth instills. Forewarned video would would constitute one tortoise single torch. But government they'd have to be like you said. Not a natural in a sexual act or or or something along those let's not just if they're if they're naked. That's great because you couldn't. There is above board of the case we're recording you'll understand art all the ghosts also. If you've got to essentially what was your look at via. I youngster and a little it's. He had a good idea that it was a good work that's a different animal. So we'll. Moon means. You have interest in world yet really news. That's almost double the work them out or do for a short par and it's good you stop and right well we'll also we had these. Bob good piece prosecution task force. Next to loss. And because our lab we had bureau recover and warrants and whatnot they won't come over and start doing their work in when they hear that we would we would get up and leave the troops focus off the third endorsing him in my. There it all the videos and bury you if you can figure out what the medical community of these reality although. The other weirdness of go out there they they feel that soul in just who actually has her own division it's called FiOS. Child exploitation and obscenity section. Then the possibilities prosecution task force was actually different format so. How long that they do that stopped well. Charlie is leaving you mentioned it was tough how long do most folks who work in those kind of department slash before the discussion I just can't do this anymore. Well for real about two years the device so I set up some operations where. We would. And a bill that networks and how old bill. But through it dealt a box that would engage people talk to warm. What he'll go through it was a file servers they would who are these applications. It's torture word that lets you outlook for a specific directory over machine know what I act. Then I broke these spots stood. Well manipulate all the spoke in our work with both the national sort of missile next or children and we have. We have our Opel where would I eat at the barn you. But what we're recorded actors with digital crashes and but folly of no. Child victims. You know vote goes to victims and I've been probably we identify these underage your school. Then I would court like this stop what were there other agencies now go out and it's find to distribute in this book. We do that makes it easier to deal which. Lower case it. Do you do you think get all that there's any PT SD in your system. They don't mean. Yeah some quote. And I'm a foot quite a quite a bit of time as a patrol officer while he let. Yeah why wouldn't I wouldn't doubt about it frustrated with not yet but from that policy Morton got abducted I did good years. Then beyond the end of my first dropped open didn't really upset they'll know why should we got to cut apartment in the area. War now don't blame me that little Lola thank you for your service there. Mom went last question what about. If you have pictures obviously you just abuse made the point it to that you can't get popped for that. Hum but what about if somebody is just taking pictures would have somebody sets up a camera in many and I'm gonna girls restroom or something like that. Is that different. It's the material material they did the Google about this material is young ladies or young men and our side. I don't know ideal because there's a difference doesn't think trap prosecutor or so ago America's way and what I'm looking at their Travis is the difference between having the actual picture and then you being the one that is taking. Them well I go to manufacture okay and yeah that's but that's that's you're reporting that the torque. This crazy world we live in and day and you get the witness a lot of it. Unfortunately yes or Bosnia you we also got to save some kids so let's yeah that's awesome so low to the folks who were still doing that we wish you godspeed good luck in day and thanks for all the Jews do. But they're actually trying them are very young woman Warner served our guys are bitter women who that is awesome. Yeah that's that's really great way our. Do and yes that is phenomenal well we'll try to lighten things up here I mean I I really appreciate the insight into into the underbelly of the world there. The world will lighten it up you can always count on me to try to went to turn things upside down older drivers so I appreciate you listen man this for everybody I didn't say. That's fascinating that was an estimated. The so much stuff that goes on that I look we're not aware of and then we we hear about the bad stuff. Did you hear about what the good guys are doing about it that's pretty cool thank goodness for guys like yeah no kidding. Absolutely no kidding Brad Garrett with the ABC's going to be joining us in the next half hour here. Autos being used for terror is our and we can do about it break that down plus still gonna get to the other woman that's nasty with her roommates toothbrush. Plush and swimming pool kid on top of a car look at possibly go wrong. Floyd Syria via houses to make unveil their tax bill today we weren't sure whether there was actually going to be the case but does what it looks like it US attorney general Jeff Sessions. An opportunity to speak to folks and all lawful tools to be huge advance share. Linda and Eric thirsty they were first hand on that what do we learn from the attorney general. Well the attorney general came here two to do a couple of things one. And we could say this was a speech to law enforcement officials. Plan and apparently the authority be being attacked but that he ended up. Reference during the attacks here in calling for an end of the diversity visa lottery program which is I'll say look sidewalk and that the country in quantity and president trump has also. Called good to do away with that program and blood to paper of a more merit based system. Other critics say that would unduly penalized developing countries and make these immigrant population most of our. There's a big outcry against that diversity. At this point time and hazard look very large groundswell to say you know what this diversity does it need to be the issue when it comes to bring in folks and it is whether or not they can you know conform to our society and be a benefit to. Our society. And it certainly right and that's what the you know what the attorney general was actually echo in the and it really points to frustration. On the part of law enforcement they don't know what is policy radicalization. Because syphilis like proper example came here in 2010. And the thinking is he did not. Have intention at that time to do what he did earlier this week here in New York you would have been sleeping just a sleeper cell about indicates. Instead at some point and the authorities don't know what that point is he ended up becoming radicalized. And they know he started watching a bunch of bikes this video but he not India the market's own. Probably don't know is is what is flight deck him on the and and why. At that point city turn crisis and and not something that could have been a little more effective in in helping him deal with whatever you this feeling that. Right turn of incentives turning into a negative and and communal and essentially taken himself down. Turn around and try to make this something positive out of out of will go through calendar. You know it's it's it's that radicalization. Ploy that has frustrated law enforcement officials here in this country since 911 you know what caused someone who wants to do this it's not. The psychological question that seems to be. More unknowable yeah beyond that they have learned a lot of outside bought himself because he's talking effectively can best thing. Through 22 through what we did. Expressing a degree of pride we're told in in the attack in the same if you wanted to kill this many people as possible. So many that he was prepared after the west side highway had he not she bonus so bust to move on around the southern tip of Manhattan and no back up onto the Brooklyn Bridge. While there was serious. From. As far as radicalization goes there was Syria a fellow worshippers at the mosque that he went to Ghana and Abu Mohammed who says. I I totally get what he did it's in response to Muslims dying every day as a result of this ongoing conflict in the Middle East. And the US just need to get out let us run our own affairs. I've I've heard it. I heard that similar story before it doesn't seem like to me like a covers all the bases though. Yeah I had heard I had heard that hadn't been over to the mosque. But you know we there is a a common. Refrain that we here. That that Muslims are are frustrated body body you know US foreign policy here or. Military action overseas of course. I think. You can be frustrated by a policy in and also not. Act out to kill people so you know but. I did it who knows what that letter that was it is. Ted specific or whether he had some other. Triggered it just makes you want to do this. Yep and it's such a divide within the Muslim community and on and some hands people support. Groups like nicest and announce a man's there'd justice terrified of them as we are. Oh no no question and and because that the vast majority of that the victims of a crisis have not been in this country they've been. Didn't in majority Muslim countries I'm a little bit bit but it but it. Attorney general and beyond calling for an end to the diversity pieced a lottery program. Well also. Expressed support for the president's travel ban which is now and going to fight to federal judges. He expressed a degree of frustration about that. But the travel ban. Did not include news Pakistan right side off came from. And where nine others came for I'm look being convicted in this country if terror offenses in the last five years. So clearly there's still more or work to do not regard as well. Yes well I think that just means that Dylan to Oprah. Extending the list of countries in that that would be my guess as far as the next step Aaron hey I appreciate you working is back in and you get busy with with the attorney general there so thanks so much. Thank you are at an immigrant Eric deters you actually. So the diversity lot lottery program looks like an instrument of gone away 50000 randomly. Selected sort look at possibly go wrong with that right. Hey we don't know who you are but. Come on AM did you sharpen your knife. Coming others got laments you're taught to read here with the ABC is a former FBI guy. How do we stop is it even possible to do we just give up when it comes to terrorists using vehicles. Against us. That's coming your way it would do for next on the BP. Look DSL gonna get together for about the remains and spreading the love and I'm. Other parts of their body why you have just. I'm just imagining this idea that you won't have to imagine for too much longer look at this and then in the next half hour. Moms and kids and cars you put those three together and dads and kids in cars to. You can come up some interest in combinations of things that you go oh my god I can't believe that they deserve it. So we'll you were we get to you go oh my god give it just haven't. So stay loose for that Greg there's gonna join us here momentarily if you've ever ever in your mind. Wondered whether or not politics. Is just theater. This one. This whole story here might convince you that chances are there's a lot of there's a woman in result. Who said she was tired of men looking. At her as a sex object. So. The next dude that dared to look at her cleavage. Com. She heard screaming at the do it. And she claimed that he was butter and then load it hold. She strips off her shirt. Pins into the ground slaps him several times and then. Motor boats him. Limit do you motor voter today motor boat. And I mean it's a mutual thing that I gotta get that but. Speed took my. Band and any pitcher to stop. Saying look I'm shopping but my wife well and I did nothing to you so to get off of me. And that she's yelling at this guy time to relax and I'm fed up being treated like a sex object. Is it breast she want. Blue blue bubble again. And other people clapping and you know some people were were kind of upset they thought it was disgusting. Anyway it was a real. Turns out it was a theater group that staged the whole thing. To show off what they considered to be social injustice and and sexist attitudes. Oh politics. Not forget that all politics is theater so all plastering. And today it is fascinating features did you know I'm tired of watching movies. Have been put it all comes down to it. OK they will look. Can't they just. Move on but those are just not the case. So upstate about a a red deer with ABC and easier than your crime and terrorism analyst and and I'm glad that you witnessed here today. I will I guess. I mean I don't like it because when you and I talk which we're always talking because something bad just happened breath. And unfortunately that's that's my nickname and the FBI was doctor death so that would not get help you any sense yet you feel about that. Well you know it just will have to have a job. Yes no kidding. I was talking to a guy earlier today who is here's what the Justice Department was with the online criminal division that dealt with the abducted children that were sexually exploited. And he said that there was some folks the world that were within the division that don't we've even harsher stuff. The big on the last two years in the position to just do it just it was just too much for their brains to handle does that happen within the FBI. Well this year prickly anybody that can't handles. Finger involved children now also legal protections that you after rebuke her epic that in their step consistently talked. Yeah yeah they're clearly it it needs to be a high level and that our folks who do that. Then and then therapy or something that could help them deal with the shock of it they're. I don't know maybe that little flashy thing they had men in black and just get rid of all those images but. So what were were really talking about again an individual. Terror group related wants to kill as many people as possible uses a motor vehicle there they're unstoppable. Are they or is there is there a way. Now they're they're they are unstoppable. Because virtually got through the world as soft targets. Everyplace you probably go in any given day it copied a launched at dinner the night to movies to concerts. They're all also levels all soft targets when you can't Build-A-Bear literature trial why. I don't I don't get out from under the bad brat I just don't announcements that in you're nearly got pretty good reception this morning. But still the point Scott has the following that I hear. The law enforcement does not have a crystal ball. They don't they don't know what somebody is about to go operational yup they may have history or somebody. They may have analyzed them they may have solved that than weeks or months. Four years past. They never developed into an operational plan to harm anybody they talked a lot of that thing yeah I never did anything they loo law. There's not against the law this country is safe bet that. You get a lot of actual that they are people. So you know that's that's the one that you get so opting you in New York Connecticut bigger example. The guy that came over here a lot of diversity visa program apparently all things being hateful. Mainstream most of the LA college educated adage about there. Was trying to guess for a period of Taiwan this year than he what side lights. Serbs are the key here aren't that long without it wants to do it all started everything. Very dark in very good price you conversations about US US countries since. And it got worse and worse to print any at night me. I just Nydia. And you think he's upset. Yeah it's. Some of us binge we have been torched things on Netflix you know he went a different route. If you wanted to correct or further the short answer is. You're not gonna stop guys like you have so what should know about it and you're only gonna know about that the community comes here that says. This guy doctor whales needed to take a look at it. Two questions one is it is about. Being in a card check the other one is in this in this vetting process we got calls yesterday who was that was the military and then he became a private contractor. Of a military or militia type I think I couldn't tell you what it was exactly but in order to get into that. They had to take a a very in depth personality test in them and messed. Remember what are we couldn't care and elderly initials work. But it. Are yes that's the one. That's the 18. Do they do any sting along those lines with the what these folks who are going to be coming into the country and do you think that that would give the many real valuable information. It would give you more insight into the personality. But I'll tell you it's still block and help you. Figure out who's gonna go sideways and you read X number Pearson now that's a probable. Because many of these people won't let you know didn't have these kind of box until they got to a certain stages in life I think in his case. He's gay marriage big ideas they didn't work out here employment problems she became more desperate he has great catch. So there's going to be more pressure. And you know for whatever reason even termed as the dark yeah. And started that being his focus to what could that mean these people are all that. And there is this sort of mad at the world that there are kicker Matt can we pick the world should you know be. Good you know well like daddy should be in charge of the World Bank. It is you know we're just this is ridiculous but the point being that's where they are in. And so they eat you come back in the circle the same place which is. Our relationship are being law enforcement she does relationship with certain ethnic diverse communities. In our unique city anything that you do worse city and you know one neighborhood they require a law enforcement to. You're approaching it in wonder why you make it to that their neighborhood and didn't purchase at differently that you don't like approach to try to develop. Community. Cohesiveness to get some of these are just really tough. Don't forget to alienate you know they don't like the police to pick for each. You know don't take care or other this sort of suspicious that it a lot of work for the police and sometimes be quite frank they don't have time. He understood anything gone that they after reactor in the city there's only so many of them so that's usually not. Pursuing their fault but it it I guess tours or coming from those that's where the information is going to come this stop the next. Next in York knicks knicks New York grammar. Earlier about a minute left here Brad Garret again with a ABC. So if you're in the middle of a car ramming attack you see a car coming what do what is your what is your recommendation. Well the key is to try to at least be aware of her part of what you just there's nothing you can do about it. But if you at any time at all. Be aware of where you are trying not to be in the center of any crap. Try to figure this site try to be that you can go left or right it get out but the way you've got something you have to. So if you with the same people. Well on a regular basis have a plan we are going to meet have a plan about how you're gonna get away with all the attention. There with plans are really important when you go to bigger bear. And that's gonna be the key and there are much irrelevant but I think in your mid those are the primary. I just read here with a ABC. Appreciate your insight. I enjoy talking TO hopefully. We don't have to do to give her life her. Retirement doctor death. Back here and reduce. So a break him back through braces and goofy places and swimming pools on the top of minivan. Love it's. An election coming up. Probably call ahead if you would join in the conversation with questions in my askew is is please vote for use as a right now to let me about it. 5050 toss up here had a margin of error an awful stuff we do it could be little more wonder if and then the other. The very made my area. My. Predictions as far as what people will shake. As far as who are going to be voting for but don't we run for it and and why weren't you the most important issue for you. Coming up next Monday. We're going to have the opportunities available to candidates and things would be another one of those. Everybody come on and get together and try to dig into the real issues there and trying to where they store so that there's a last minute opportunity. For you. Two run to join the conversation and and figure out what it is that that makes these people click. And what clicks review. One of the most important things and who will best represent you as well the mayor of Charlotte. So they the ongoing investigations into what was what was happening on the line. Boy it's is getting bigger and bigger and bigger story is just how much. Do you the trolling. How far deep in wanted to strolling was going out and there are literally troll farms. They they did a raid the news folks to raid on a rush control farm endure it was fascinating. I'm from ABC news in the United States. Where in Saint Petersburg Russia trying to get inside a building known as an troll factor it's always means. Here were told dozens of Internet trolls are hard at work trying to exploit America's division. So whether Phillips security guards push without threatening to call the police. Not far away we need glued mile sat chock a journalist. Who went undercover in 2015. Working in the troll factory for about 700 dollars a month what was your job. When you were working there. What did you have to do all the what I'm glad that so she tells me she would invent a fictional characters and then post under their names with topics carefully selected by her buses. She says she and some of her fellow ex trolls shot d.s undercover videos inside the building. Showing tight security and rows of trolls typing away. This man Allen this guy have told an independent liberal Russian TV station he works in the unit that specifically targeted America. One minute he said. You needed to be a redneck from Kentucky and then later yet to be some kind of white dude from Minnesota and then it's fifteen minutes you need to be from New York writing something in black slang. Tonight lawmakers releasing several of those thousands of ads but by Russian trolls. And just look at this tweet from during the election falsely telling fans of Hillary Clinton they can avoid the line and vote from home. The trolls even using an image of the comedian Aziz ansari. No wonder they didn't wanna let us in. To see their work. Moon appeared via the ones that they released. I don't know that they specifically saw any of these maybe you did if you did it did it ever occur to you is that. That they were coming from someplace else other than. One of the other candidates who want to Kennedy groups. Like there's no one would would Jesus in in a boxing match with Hillary and Hillary is dressed as the double. And it's just click like if you want Jesus to win. So that was created by the Russians. Army of Jesus not that kind of message is certainly gonna apply urged India appeal. To a certain a certain voter right. And it's amazing how it in the research shows this when there are words attached inched a few words attached to. Powerful image. Then it's sinks because right past your your frontal lobe. And goes right into that that that was your part of your brain the part that reacts emotionally. And it becomes much more powerful. I guess we were talking yesterday. And I got a bunch emails about it. But we basically said you know Scott advertisements to mean I think they don't sway anybody's opinion can they don't get you think is certainly an opening. Then I guess my question would be then why. Why does Procter & Gamble. Spend billions of dollars a year. Advertising their products if they don't work. Does sway your opinion. What products to use his or reason that you're golf world's prices post right guard. We were Gillette as opposed to. What's the other big one juror to (%expletive) there you go. There's a reason for it. And what Madison avenue has found is that it's because of what you identify which is they create these images that then. Make you come to believe. Propriety I'm reminding yourself what these products. It says something about you or reminds you of something about yourself. And that's what these ads did and that's what any political ad Dutch right. That's what they'll do. So I guess somebody's answering absolutely absolutely fascinating. And a lot of man to do is immigration. Muslims. NRA. And they even have situations where they they would announce that there was a rally and get together against let's say in Islam. The courthouse and then they would create another one that said there's a rally pro Islam at the courthouse. Us and him both sides to show up. In terms of a twisted. Elizabeth twisted. Carl Lester holt had a chance is today without Tim Cook your FaceBook because there's growing about all of this stuff is still ongoing. We'll get to some of that coming back so we come back for your near the size plus another update on what's gone on with the New York City terrorist investigations stay what is your and the beauty of. Seventy Richard channel 700 no chance is tremendous tradition to lose your tax. Reform bill. Deficit starting to be released about. Lot of stuff that looks like at first glance. We're Buena. I was gonna make some people are. Ridiculous single filers who make between 4000 dollars you would pay no income tax at all. That that went what's up to pay zero. There's there's a certain a group of folks are just go wait a minute everybody needs to to pay something or my knees to join in and an elbow right. Are you make up to 90000. Nubian or 12% bracket. Well above that up to 260025%. Up 2000035%. And then if you're above a million dollars. You'll be in a 39 point 6% bracket which is a current top rate. So simplifies a 'cause I think he should be 77. Different levels. No taxation. In addition to that stiff. You take that standard deduction. It's gonna roughly doubled net which is nice. For middle class families so that would be 24000 dollars for married couples that's up to 121700. Bucks. That's a big change. Senator twelve grant for individuals and that's up from 6500. Today. So there's there's a big benefit there as some big changes they also plan to expand they got the child tax credit. Up an extra 600 bucks from a thousand. And then they'll add a 300 dollar credit for each parent and non child dependent so if you got older family members are you taking care. We have to get a credit for that. And I think that's fantastic because at a packs so many people I can't tell you how many people I know they're they're raising their children. And then also caring for their elderly parents that that's sandwich generation is just growing and growing and growing. So some good news is coming out of it. One legs and I was concerned about and we can all breathe a sigh of relief the way that it's it's right now. Things no changes to your 401K retirement plans because there was. One what are the other proposals one of the propositions early on was that they would decrease the amount of money you were allowed to put into your 401K. And that would have been a real issue. Because the majority Americans that's still our retirement plan they got. Except for word Social Security right. And the really wealthy don't need for a one case that's not how they make their money and that's not how they say for the future. One of the biggest flash points will be via proposed changes to this mortgage interest deduction. Now. Under under this plan assuming it goes should Wear the in this thick existing homeowners can keep the deduction. But future purchases will be capped at 500000 dollars. Rich. Prize and others that's it's a number that more and more people. Are dealing with as near the press price of houses go up. I can't remember the other latest statistics about the the median home price in Charlotte and was soon. It's grown up there it was definitely gonna I gonna where I live in apex. Mean couldn't you couldn't build a house and that talent in the banks wouldn't enjoy any money unless you're gonna build a home on that was over 350000 dollar. They wouldn't do it may actually would not do. So that's so Aurilia one of the big changes this coming into it and there's going to be corporate changes. The medical expense deduction is gonna probably go away and that's going to be in this can be tough kind of squeeze it Jumbo size doesn't. When it comes to wealth health care is more more expensive and then you can't deduct. Medical expenses. June but that's going to have to put a world heard on. Sure there'll there'll be just a that would probably won't make it through a fight against the folks who are opposed to that particular changeover to mention. Repealing the estate tax will do this eventually. The proposal W state tax exemption. Right out about what five and as finance million dollars. Meaning you don't pay any any taxes. On that and parents up to 500 million dollars. And then they're gonna double that to roughly eleven million dollars. Rich. It doesn't really affect ball that many Americans who you know. Not all that many Americans. Considering. When you take a look at so the statistics. It was all that long ago they were saying that 75%. Roughly 75% of Americans are gonna be able to have enough money to retire. Which tells me that they don't have eleven million dollars. A lot of the other so present is. I don't know it was fairly telegraphed. You know like getting limits to us state and local tax deductions. So. Think property taxes. You can still to deduct them but it's a cap a ten grand. And that's not going to be enough. So there's going to be some folks who are in the GO PI. Tech states you know. Where. You are middle class families won't that's a big deduction force. So that there's probably some push back in new York New Jersey. The Pennsylvania Virginia. Once it represented you know Irish closed Chicago Detroit. Anywhere that this near big city. And the multinationals. They are they're gonna get them they're gonna get a benefit. And I would be global minimum tax 10% which would apply to have a two income American companies and anywhere in the world. And that is aimed to prevent companies from shifting profits abroad. And and Graham and ex and their tax revenue on oh Mike earned income overseas. And that's gonna that's gonna make some changes corporate tax rate 35% currently ranked. Surround a good bit of a break. And as a right now the smiles. The looks on people's faces that I see. From the GOP did they look pretty happy. They would pretty happy. She will she Wear what goes on sure Morgan tells locomotives and make it through the deck. One folk when one guy Kevin McCarthy out of her at a California so that it looks very positive. These people are excited and that is why they came to congress so they're very good news. 1124 is your time I'm coming up the next half hour here I'm would have for the conversation here this is something that took it isn't here yet. But it could be. The very very dangerous disease. And and if you're restored to the Middle Ages. I would be something that that you'll remember. During her well. Would be my guest on you because number four here at the promise that we get to this story. And ten and I find it fascinating until you line just a moment your and it's because of how I grew up on a farm. And growing up on a farm we get some really weird things but maybe not necessarily as weird as what this mother. Amber smoke. So Wisconsin did. Am commercial long 828 year old mother from Fred don't yet. Now charged with second degree recklessly endangering safety after she allegedly strapped her nine year old son to the roof over car. To hold down a cool that they were transporting. Chong told officers that she thought it was OK because her father let her do things like that when she was a little girl and. I can use imagine that so there's a swimming pool. On top of the car. And then nine year old is strapped to the pool used bungee cords at a couple of them well but nowadays. That yet duct tape and sure I'm sure that's that's what that was calm. Which the son needed to hold it down. So I know I've Amitabh decreasing your drive on the road we're. It's usually not a pickup truck it's usually like a four door car will be afforded Kirk we're somebody's got a mattress on the roof of it Alia. And there might be one string holding it in place. And then there's four people in there with their arms up you know held out the window. Hanging out of the mattress yet like like that's gonna hold onto a drug once eczema on a mid ninety's camera yeah. Cut cut. Yeah I think I've seen them both Buick LeSabre. 93 Pontiac Bonneville for 93. So but yeah I mean I remember doing my my parents made a lot of -- stupid stuff to me which stand up in the back of the pickup truck burned on the road you know looking over the top of the adrenaline of the roof of the car you can't even ride in the back of the pickup truck in North Carolina and we against the law we did that all tumbled elitist too and I was taught they have a stake via. All day every day we don't mention her name. Amber smoke yes yes it's an interest as an usual name is news schmoke schmoke Noah yeah. I don't know who. Had seen that I never I don't know another effort shock but never finished number schmuck I have no idea I have no idea on the go piecing my parents every day with us up. And I and I'm sure I think they got the fight about it as a matter fact we had a pickup truck that did not have a tailgate on the didn't have the engine and the back on it and when it would snow. We would shovel a certain portion of the hill behind the barn and which filled the the pick up truck with snow. And we go up the hill with a truck there Woodruff took up the hill we get in it with a slit OK and there's snow inside the bed and then he backed up. Real fast and it stopped. Ha and then we would fly out the back to the got lulled studio would've realized to go downhill. Who needs a push from daddy when you can use your pick up truck throughout the ticket Dennett road. God love Americans. Because without Americans that tell you what you'll be a real boring place with a release folks like them is Smart got to Wisconsin. So there we have got quick update the bottom of the hour here would news and they'll give the latest on the New York City terrorist situation. I have been in the next half hour the black death the black plague. And that's something we want back here in the United States stay where this is on the way here on WB take. Did an hour extra sleep this weekend oppose it has a cool. But for some researchers say maybe not so much fairly. Thanks how are asleep as. Contributes to violence makes people if somebody pointed out to some recent spent the number of assaults. Go up right after daylight saving time ends and we set our clocks back around. It's the other way around. Earlier in the year when we set our clocks full. Traders are gonna ballots out over the course of the year but to just say that. So that you can you deny jail for both yourself and your personal behavior as well as other people that you run and two. After this weekend because they may be a little on the cranky side. And the reason that I bring the sun appears. We already have a rash. Of cranky people here in Charlotte what do you mean by that well we are finding out that people cannot handle. Their tempered. When they're on the road. You're kind of look at you got a number one. I was driving just like I am trying to merge onto Elaine when someone came up from behind him flashing his lights. The aimed a gun and pulled the trigger. I. It's a terrifying case of road rage I just didn't over the right the next and I know ICC this guy come home. Right behind me Joey you Estes not to show his face on camera says he was driving home from work on ice Sydney seven near green mountain road. Around 7 o'clock Tuesday night when he emerged into the Marlene at this same time as a driver behind it. Joey says that driver flashed his lights pulled out in front of him took out a gun and opened fire when I get over the last. He does is make sure don't you can see where the bullet hit the passenger's side of Julie's car I was nervous I was and had the engine or something to. This is the third such case we've reported in just the last two weeks. And earlier this week someone shot into a car on I 85 in gassing county. Miss seeing an eighteen month old bike in sheets and it just last week an enraged driver pointed a gun at a woman on independence boulevard on her way to work. So far no one has been arrested in any of these Casey's. Joey thinks cameras on busy roads keep making it easier for. Police to track suspects down and it's the interstate. Like cameras we have to see he got off there then you can look just a street cameras and see if he could get. Some to have a license later someplace. I'm you don't think they pleas were sort of thought of Osama bin. But it is yeah it has been that there. Ben and I and I've explained this in the in the past. Not as bad as they used to be they be used to be. And like I get all taught and and they have been and I'm ashamed said it would accuse in the car. So years ago. Bale while the divorce was going on any and after the divorced. Then there's the I only got to be the other Wendy Wednesday in the weekend adding you know and I was driving back and fortunate to get the kids. Then and very billion. After one of his presidency would. Drop the kids on the baby and mom and dad they can. Take you ready US a threat that they did there was a certain period of time where that was there. I was almost on an Olympic sport for them at at one time. But I've I've kind of relaxed a little bit although I still I will lament that I'm still one of those. Back off me with the brakes coming guys so the cars are behind me and I and I can't see their headlights that tells me. Try a little too close right check I've read your Doolittle tapped out and and I had an 85 at his big giant jacked up pickup truck it was I was behind me. Well all highways and things like limit world kind of trying to go the same speed there is no way for you to pass is away from me to get over and he is just so far up my rear end it. Mean and he was so jacked up I could see his headlights you know but he was right there so I did tapped. Then he backed off a little bit many came right back on me again it's like I had nowhere to go. But momentum might have been me you know and and and okay now a senior truck and it's not nearly as city's tallest this and a ladder to get into it. So I did the did the did the break slam and then hit the gas real fast and so that two of them here to tell lock them up a little bit and then he was on me. The hand is he redneck friend there and I don't think they threw a beer camp that I couldn't exactly tell what what they were doing. And he wasn't a living will terms. Ever since I got hit by the by the governor in the by the drunk driver. Whenever anybody is too close to especially coming in and you know Europe on the road before 4 AM yeah I easier to get and then hold the whole. Highways open there's nobody there we will one car's gonna come right up behind me. I I invariably hit my forehead flashes I don't touch the breaks I don't touch the cruise control I just at the fourth flashes. And nine at ten times they immediately backed off. There are so many times. During this program. That I get schooled. In the way of being the gentleman. By chart except if bless you think. I wish I would and they years ago. Bob he put on the lakers again. Go to got a real life goes on over area. Tech lovers so. Today. Actually it's going to be one of the big things that we're hearing out of either of those TV channels that have taken a certain position. Looks like you and I might say about 11182 dollars under this tax bill was not a bad thing. But what is a bad thing. In the fourteenth century. 200 million people died why. For the same reason that we might be guides are scary stuff and it's on a couple other pieces of bad news for you. Your beer drinker. Pops is in short supply. Unfortunate Washington Oregon and I don't think they've had a severe drought and that's where the majority of pop's comes for our peer. True that's going to smaller crop and that's gonna mean that usually get more expensive. So I'm sorry guys and certainly it's very beer drinker or do wanna be the bearer of bad news. But I thought she should know so that you could make plans to. I keep an eye on things I. I'm fearful kind of person there are things out there that scare me why you laugh insurance would Newton has clowns you know. But crazy diseases scare me and we we haven't had too many really really wild rampant ones you're me of course been no word about the other West Nile Virus and she can't. Mean I've I have a friend from college whose father died from West Nile Virus so there are certain realities and in Madagascar are no sounds like it's gonna completely on the other side of the world which is because India's. They have a plague going on and the plague is bill plague. Remember the black death or fourteenth century. Two enemy 200 million people dead across the world because of that now obviously that was before we had modern medicine. But the plague is back and then the state of emergency there Madagascar. She's so I it just bottom doesn't come in here. Which at the time scanners using your public affairs officer will be at the CDC the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and graduate this year today. Fumble onerous movement might my palms are sweaty. Should I be because of his played. Oh you know play gives an infectious disease it's caused by bacteria which usually Al. Small mammals and their forties and it can basically a fact somebody in three different ways you can get. Big demonic form that and fix somebody's lungs you can get the septa scenic form. And then you can also get a form that protects the lymph nodes and whatnot and the reason. But the outbreak in Madagascar are absolutely is so concerning its because that's taken all that pneumonic form and that. People can spread just through coughing and sneezing and two others should I play you've been around as you eluded to. Horror many many many years for thousands of years and I have got a number. Pandemic so that's sort of swept through the world before we have modern medicine are killed a lot of people. The World Health Organization is actively investigating and we're assisting oral health organization trying to contain that outbreak at at a gas car. I Quito is identifying cases early and getting event treat. It can be seriously can move fast and someone combat from a relatively. Fast but they're not treated properly with anabolic. Social the getting your mantra tree so the noon demonic. It's in super strain and apparently this one is almost always fatal which that when Kona. Where Arnold almost always fatal don't get treatment however they antibiotics that we used to treat those are very effective and the key is is getting people and per treatment fast and so access to help Carol earns some of these countries in Africa can be a challenge so. Getting people in for treatment early so they can be put on antibiotics is the key because so if somebody is is exposed to this. How long before they are considered to be contagious and then can infect other people. Well we actually had an NCC a put out that as the death travel advisory for people going to that area. Just to. Exercises in increased precautions you know they can you Wear repellent. Make sure they protect themselves from. Pleased to avoid contact with sick or dead animals avoid close contact with. You know seriously hope people people who are who are coughing and whatnot so while. We have not com you know when I prohibiting people from going there we do want people better travel to that part of the world true. Uses increased. Precautions. When it comes to do played. Yeah I would have thought what if somebody who's infected there early lead doesn't even really know work or not feeling good but they don't know what it is and get on airplanes and day fly into Kennedy in the final boarding or they fly into you know Charlotte. And we have broke. Yeah we have a way of here in the United States. Monitoring you know people on flights OK coming into the United States and so if somebody gets sick on an airplane. And they've come from one of these regions to have somebody there on board can be gum and evaluate Delmon. You know make sure that we were able to diagnose. What state what they have and if necessary. We have a way of reaching out to contact on the plane. Tell us to their health as well so on and on a scale of one to 1010 being terrified when being had to worry about it we're should Libya destroyed. Well you know the CBC's job is it's a worry so you know other people don't have to look that's what we're doing here were taken very seriously or a lot who got the World Health Organization. To try to make sure we can do what we can't help prevent on this from you know spreading further via and not enough charge. Job yet Tom appreciate very much time Skinner would be a CDC. I feel a lot better so it's not as bad news is a fraud but that kind of thing kind of you know thanks to a recession something more to be worried about then they're getting the plague. Is. We're not Hopson over the price of beer go up and they talk about something that can drastically affect you day in and day out right. So. It really is kind of neat to see. The change in the TV reporting here. About the the proposed tax bill and how things would change. When they announced a healthcare memory of that in us and health care if it did not look like much of the party right he concede that there was say yeah. A bit of force like it was should who are trying too hard to make it look like everything was going to be hunky dory. And everything's going to be wonderful. This time around. It really it really seems. Authentic. As we watched the in other of the folks in the house no house Ways and Means Committee. Describing all these different things. And worked with the changes are going to be. They were. Visibly. Excited about it and and that's good. Because we didn't have that sort of exuberance behind Google. Then I'd be a little bit more concerned about it or not concerned all because if you if they weren't exuberant about it than they were college and there's no chance. That this is actually going to end up happening. But for runners set the the scramble to put this together seemed to come to an end and as of right now most folks are looking gonna go on this is pretty cool. Until of course we get the giant liberal spin on this. Because you know what's gonna happen. This has been raped them and little client who bloom go to our web always kind of environment. Exchanges founder Mitch Talbot a rich. Mean you can almost into recession watch on that one that's gonna be by him by the 6 o'clock news tonight you know before Lester holt starts. You know Norman his voice up. I. You know there's going to be. The these liberal attempt. To just totally cut the legs out from underneath us. Totally cut the other legs out from us so I don't. Police price cut was a rush has to say about it in Rhode not too far away from Russia's not a reflection about a little over ten minutes from now. You get an opportunity to be heard what his taking is on this Congo if you guys were those some some advice and some things that you really need. To remember to keep in the back of your brain. This is stuff that will welcome potentially keeping from getting getting a high heeled smacked in your plums. And curb hope you. Stay on track to having the long and happy marriage. There's some dude the post and online. He was asking and seeking advice on how home to ask his wife. To lose weight for him. Oh yeah and I was waiting for the grown up well all. How brilliant is that. Dear Abby. I would really like my wife to lose some weight. And she needs just. Won't do it and it. She's getting tuned. What do I do to tell her I don't want our kids and so. Typed the 400 pound man writes yep I'm sure that yes. So be down to the response on social media has just been ridiculous. Absolutely read big ridiculous. Even though Henry in response to via the post series is if you're a bad person for being bothered by it. But I can't bring myself to teller. And there's some of the responses of a man can't love a woman when she's overweight doesn't deserve to love her if she ever decides to lose weight on her thoughts. We just need to another what he just needs to except he's not attracted to her and then move off. And then another one road this is really the truth you let alone with a problem daughter viewers' favorite get out of her life. There is no word as to whether or not. The white softness. At least as of the writing of this story did you did you hundred bucks you see nearby mountains and Tom's. Divorce attorney. I got a suggestion for a notice of what they advertise on this radio station. Appreciate your time ready get done here for today and double C tomorrow and on o'clock until and I wish you blues guys angry like stake here.