Interest Rates Are Rising What Should You Do?

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, August 11th
Amazon is on the rise, interest rates being raised by the feds, people aren’t sure what to do. The Online Trading Academy is here to help you protect your capital.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy and a great day weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and as pumped up and excited to be here. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets 401K is higher res independent cash accounts. Understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to self director and portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 888. 7508723. As always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy. Amid Jeremiah different lies to your coach Steve champ what's going on Jim yeah it's the weekend mail got a lot to talk about luck or on the markets as we get Amazon moving higher we get. Elon Musk from Tesla thing is gonna pile his shares back interesting times in the market. Markets go up markets go down. Lot of people not sure what to do we got interest rates being raised by the Fed. So it's an interesting time at him and hopefully we can help the list is with a a couple of key attributes of how to most importantly prop from the time but. How to protect he has lost the matter what happens in the markets exactly champ that's why it's important that individuals actually manage their own money. You know we talk about a lot here Bulls and Bears a lot of individuals out there give their money to somebody else that money managers their financial planners. She'll let's tight let's take a moment let's talk about what does that mean for someone actually to self directed manage their own funds and how can that help the long term. Well we've seen people effectively manage their own. 41 k.s and their higher res or there retirement accounts we call the wealth buckets in the online treat academy where we see people manage their own nest egg in 610 dollars a month. And the great thing about is that direction doesn't matter. Today can profit regardless with a Marcos Harlow in the problem with a lot of managed accounts in a certified financial planners have risen miss advisors. And there are always banging the drums saying come in for portfolio analysis or come in for a risk assessment or or target meetings that we get healthy your retirement goals. And the reality is is that they always put you in of the position where they spit out a pie chart for you. The knicks say all the things that you need to buy all the security that you dividing get this diversification that they speak of and on the nose to many people there's a lot of fees associated with buying that and lo and behold that registered investment advisor that certified financial planner. Has that right in there inventory to sell the so be careful. Because a lot of the products that they sell you the securities that they sell you an insurance people and and I understand the difference between. Perception or reality of the market's perception is of somebody's license that somebody has a series sixers 63 year seven or 65. That era professional in the markets. They passed the test folks and I'm not saying there's no validity to that test but that's a compliance test that's the test on what they can't I can't say in the selling process yet to test on. What they can't I can't sell you. And so you got to realize that when somebody's license that's at eight gives them pay a license to sell essentially. And whether or not they're good money manager practitioner of a good systematic approach to profiting regards the direction the market. That's not that's not the issue now it's a matter of I'm licensed well we find in our world and I've seen it all my chicken messy professional money managers commit Arquette and you have no idea what to do. When the market goes sideways and mark susser collapsed in the class of 2008 to a flock in our academy these of people that are licensed to sell you product and manage your money. And they were coming in like euros to Mark Kennedy because they couldn't execute in a straight down market they didn't know what to do with their clients they couldn't manage risk is the mark was freefall. And so you die. The general public have the ability to self direct we can make those decisions in our own nest day in our own wealth bucket. Not pay those fees and I will tell you something else sometimes buying something is not the answer. Seat whenever you sit one of those certified financial planner portfolio meetings it's always something that they wanna sell you the of the body this by this security. What they're selling it to you. Understand something the only way you make money in a financial markets when you sell something. And low key thing is is this if you never sell anything until you die then the market if it goes down you're gonna give back returns because you're not able to profit. You know long term environment when you have these turns up and down he swings in price and so. All those fees are churning in eating up your long term account as well they're taking away from those month with a market's going down or stand sideways you're still paying those fees. So you better understand what it really means to have your money under management. And what many people do an adamant flocking. Into learning the skills of self directed how to like get better returns. Be able to profit regardless of direction. Not always be a virus and has been selling to profit and most importantly. Hit my long term financial goals without some high in the sky vision and I love that about our my chain academy a sponsor that they teach you body that. And I love that bubbles a bit because we're realists on you need to do that. And you know what you have a lot of people out there want to do that and they don't know where to begin they don't know how to get started to talk to me about how difficult is Jim I mean to the average person do this. Well let me put it this way if you have a price reference point elect when you go to the gas tank and you when you when you put to the gas pump in gases to seventy to eighty. You when your mind think that's a fair value now whether it is or not is irrelevant. You're programmed to believe that that's a fair price now all of a sudden what you pulled up tomorrow in guest was twelve bucks a gale. You'd stop you pause you wanna know why it's price so high. Well in most heirs of our life we have a reference point tells us this is a good price is a good value because we buy it over and over and over again. He is a problem the financial markets if you're not buying something consistently hot he noted the prices honey you know it's not a good value right now. And that's the problem. What's great about the systematic approach to self directing as you can learn a skill set that tells you when's the best kind of I was at wholesale as a poster retail. And once you learn that process and you incorporated into self directing now able to make money across the direction the market even the State's flagging to profit. You not paying those exorbitant fees to somebody else and the beautiful thing is you have full liquidity of your money. In other words you have the ability to use it in any way you want without have enough liquidate some sort of product at some bond holdings or some. Stock holding a some mutual fund it's a really great way for a lot of people hit those financial goals and more importantly. It allows you to potentially get a compounding growth curve on your return which is the key. The long trip success in the markets. It is a lot of people out there they just they have no idea how to get started with that they have no idea how difficult is so we will don't think they have enough time and that's really. It's really unfortunate because I've known and you've met many people chip that can do this. The average person easily as a time every week in every month to do it I see school teachers and stay at home moms and business owners that manage their own nest egg on a monthly basis that we they'll inspire a lot of the do that. And they do a better. And they're getting consistency and and they're not worried about a crash of the market did not order but a class because of profit from it. Or worst case scenario the protect against that they won't take that big ride down like a lot of people do most forward case. He managed money is a need for that there is. But there's a lot of times we you don't need that because you can do better yourself and know what's gonna pay more Tanzania money then use of this is your responsibility folks via money in the market. To take control know what's happening because if you don't you leave it to somebody else and what if they really don't know how to get to it. Absolutely there's a lot of people out there that wanna sell direct wanna take over. Their own money they want to manage their own accounts and think they get them better returns an online trading academy knows that the sponsor Bulls and Bears that's why they teach a class on campus on self directed. Well about this class is what your brain knew the marquis bit in the market for years of your trying for your at that point where you want a manager money yourself and not have someone else to do it. This is all value. It's a 500 dollar value itself directive from our sponsor online trading academy we have a few c.s to give away we're gonna take callers tenets 1:8 PM phone right now call 84451. Trade that they 44. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty. To get a 500 are class a self directed your portfolio from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451878233844518. Sydney 233. For callers tend to Tony get this 500. We get a feel for OK and irate and you wanna take control it now's the time being the phone 844. 51 to trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears and. Welcome back to bulls the bears a little bit as Sanford and Son nothing screams wealth intelligence like a little separates them. Absolutely always have a good time hanging here's studio don't forget to head over to FaceBook like as symbols of Bear's radio. And as he's in the bloopers see some of the live feeds all they gets absolutely all the good stuff that never makes the show winds up on the. FaceBook page so go there and side know what I wanted to give a shout out to the generally just did my roof I had a new roof put on I will say this it was seamless. He he dealt the insurance company I got a pretty good sized south Cape May and and desist a superior job and Matt. From superior copper the ink can reach out to him directly call him 67 eights. 7360561. That's 6787360561. That's Matt superior carpentry ink. Great job and it has to shout out you mad and I really appreciate the work you guys did cleaned it up that was in the those. You would you know overcrowded jails in the doughnut no bailout the battle those perfect self just a quick shout out to bad enough again thanks for you sets us that. That's awesome. Jim you know we're talking about a variety of things here a Bulls and Bears always talking about the markets what you can and can't do one of them. One of our favorite things we like to talk about is how the market goes up to the market is down we all know that. Ways to make money in both markets. A down market capitalize in a downward moves called shorting let's take a marvelous talked to listen about it most people heard that they don't know how to do that the don't know details. Both folks you got to realize that about the financial markets when it goes down as an opportunity. Up is good down as deny realize that when I'm at my financial mentor of the first got it ever taught me about the markets I met him in 2000. The market was collapsing. And we had a dot com bubble in the mark was falling was a freefall mark in the market fell 50% in eighteen months. And I met this guy he said you should be a traitor and I said well I don't wanna enter an arena where everybody's getting slaughtered I mean people are just losing their assured this market. And yes that question it changed my life sit champ. He say when someone loses money in a Mario wears ago. And I didn't know the answer. He says it goes to someone else many point of subsidy that around him. And he was making money in a street down market. And you got to realize folks is that the masses think that down as bad and that's a lie of Wall Street here Bulls and Bears our job is to get you to realize that. Wall Street's that you convinced that your not Smart enough to make money in the markets without their help without the managing your money in some way. And secondly. When the mark goes down that's a bad day but they profit on those days why should you those months of those years and is great up at two in the market falls most you'll understand it. Shorting or short selling. Is one of the key ways to do that and once people start to understand Adam. It's a game changer for them because it allows and make money regardless what direction the market goes well let's tee it allows you not to worry about market direction there's somebody listen right now that. Every single night right now you go to bed and you're concerned about the mark you wake up and you watch the market the last thing you want is a 30%. Correction of the downside because you don't know how to capitalize and if you did. You'd sleep easier you and capitalize. To be gay teenager financially for his wealth while we look at the market for the year mean it's up slightly for the year but. For a lot of issues we kind of shock and sideways and really get these moves up these moves on these moves up these moves down. And if you understand how to profit in those movements. You can really double up and make more money and more importantly you can study get that compound in growth curve that you look at forceful we talk about shorting when short selling. It's really not a complex process but. The average person especially the people that don't have a deep knowledge of the markets they have their hard time grasping to get their head around shortage because. What you do if you're selling something you don't own you selling something advance. Of falling in price your anticipated is gonna fall. You wanna make money when it falls and you're selling something an advancement falling now. The problem that a lot of people have an understanding shorting was short selling is how to sell it if I don't own it. In other words let's use Ford motor corporation for an example over the last six to eight weeks Fortis dropped about two golf this year. Early in June might write on meet June it was at twelve bucks a share now if you believe that it was gonna go from twelve to ten. You could a profit on that two dollar moved down on as many shares as you could. And so for a lot of people as to how can I profit on it if I don't own in other words hoist sell so I don't know. While a beautiful thing about shorting is you're able to sell your broker's inventories so if somebody wanted to take advantage of that two dollar moved down in fort. And they believed it was gonna go from twelve to ten they could go to their brokerage account they could short sell the stock now they don't own the shares their brokered us. And their broke who'll sell the shares on their behalf into the market at twelve bucks a share. So that sockets sold into the market twelve bucks a share this some person on the other side paid for we don't really care. Who bought the stock which is selling it to the market a market price twelve bucks. Now the brokers allowing us to use their inventory since we don't only shares they allow us to use their shares. And so the minute we hit that sell but that short sell but on our platform lets you say 200 shares you sold into the market twelve bucks a share. Now what's great about that is that we sold into the trade so we utilized the brokers inventory to sell to someone else. With the focus on the goal of we have to buy the shares back because of the broker has to get their inventory back. But our goal is to buy a deck at ten. Because we by Beckett ten what do we do is do well we stole it twelve the broker's shares. We then bought back attend the moment we bought back attend the shares go right back in our brokers inventory. And we keep the two bucks a share though don't over think this folks that's as simple as it gets. We're selling their inventory because they're allowing us to you know people say why would they allow us to use their stock. Because the charges a commission to execute the traded transaction we bias so they get paid on the execution is no way around that it's a cost of doing business for us. But we're selling it at twelfth. On behalf of us were using their inventory. When it gets its and we buy back the more we buyback goes right back in their inventory so there may hole with their stock. And we keep the difference at two bucks a share on a hundred shares us toward a box on a thousand years that's two grand on a two dollar moved out of the stock. That we never owned that's shorting and that's a classic example last six weeks or you get a problem of the company like Ford. GM similar track you can be making money on the stocks they fall. And that's about as American as you can get making money on the Big Three when they fall in price how great that welcome to America folks absolutely jam but you know what do you get any sockets falling and that's what's nice about it and a lot of people let you know that are in the financial markets you know and made money in 2008 the crash. And that really is what separates those who know vs those who don't know. Jim long term what can that do for somebody well it is said it I mean if you were short the collapse of 2008 I mean you can short the S&P you can shoot the Dow. Any major index amid I can shoot the dollar is so if five believes of this they'll lose value opposite derided down on its eternal winner in true loser. Because I made money is that one up and now I have to ride it down and people say off cash out the top well first law high you know the top is the second of all which currency going to be in. Because what appear to Paris that's collapsing as well and so this of ways for us to profit on move it regardless of direction shorting is a Paramount play for us. Long term note to have success it's what separates the most successful traders investors from everybody else and we talk about separate the wheat from the chaff. That's shorting and when she learned that skill man you don't care about direction he can do it in the broad market the S&P but he noted individual stock like Ford either way. You can profit regards the direction that really opens a lot of people's eyes up to hit that goal they set themselves in the family absolutely. Online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they Anderson a lot of people out there wanna short so they understand. People think it's difficult it's not it's just different. They understand that people have no desire to actually lose money in a down market they want to capitalize it just don't know how to do it and that's what have a class specifically on shorting the markets a 500 dollar value taught right on the campus. Is a great class for somebody doesn't understand how make money in a downward move this is huge opportunity it's a 500 dollar value of we're gonna take the first fifteen callers pick of the phone right now call 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade for the first fifteen callers get a 500 art class and shorting. From our sponsor online trading academy that's 844518. Seve to 33844518. Seve to 33. For the first fifteen callers wanting an 84451. Trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. I. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears I've instead of it this guy have at the lab take with the fellows always get to hundred studios. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio see some of the behind the scenes from the live sessions all the good stuff you know yet if FaceBook lives just a couple weeks. I wouldn't be having another one coming up it's gonna be really powerful sold tune in at that. And yeah we're really make it a social media impact now we've got his degree of account gets started so. We'll update the list is all handled I had salute that are available to follow us on social media because we're brand new to this we are it's amazing you know I don't know how to do idiot yeah I had no handle annals of Mike. Over the dough right opening handle this though apparently it's a big server the social media world. Exactly champ you know what one of the things we always talk about your Bulls and Bears understand how to preserve capital. There's people out there you know they have capital in the market the up 41 k's got higher rays beat him all the time right now they're excited because their counselor up. Jeff a lot of you'll understand how to preserve capital more importantly they don't even know where to begin to protected. How Paramount is capital preservation of the market at a time like this. Both essential and I mean if you think about you have homeowners insurance you auto bill churns many of life insurance. But you've got your money at full market risk if you're in a forward K and hire a man as dire a you have mutual fund holdings you've got a hundred service to those positions. The federal agencies will require us to say that you have a heart percent risk. Because even though you my nose on a percent if things fall bad enough in the economy gets bad enough you'll probably have to deplete the rest of that bucket to live on and that's why we have to always say. Everything's at risk now what if you could protect against loss would have to get hedge against receive the most successful traders and investors understand the call a hedging techniques which means. I can still make the upside return at the market's gonna give me. Up or down depending on how I'm structured but I can also protect against loss of farm wrong to take a small pre defined risk. And that's capital preservation and if you think about it many people got hurt really badly in the class of 2008 the market fell 50%. Mean for it was a record hide it collapsed and literally just then resets it 2009. The lows of 2009 and went up again for nine years but. That loss that 50% draw down a lot of people still haven't recovered from that it if they have there where they were financially but the ten years older. So that doesn't work either so capital preservation are learning how to put insurance on your portfolio is key. And it's not that difficult and a lot of people don't realize it's even available there's so many things we can use to protect against lost. In anticipation of a move down and I will say this the market will correct. Were over if I were near record highs. Everything is it pointing to the fact that when they raise interest rates and things start to loosen up a little bit we're gonna probably have moved down the market. And you can't afford to give that back you can't turn that wood or two loser and capital preservation is one of the main reasons why. If you understand how to protect capital against dollar moves you potentially get you to financial goals because you don't take the big draw downs which really eat at the years it takes to recover. Exactly and nobody wants to give way bunny chip I mean nobody just wants the you know giving away a lot of people don't think they have enough time a lot of people think they don't they're not Smart enough to preserve their capital they don't understand how to do such thing. How difficult is it really for somebody death you know truly preserve their capital knobs go to Cashman have troop protection on the money. It means being able still have the upside return on your money. But protecting us Lawson is a lot of ways that we can do that is with things and he knew the options I mean options were created as insurance. That is inverse exchange traded fund which allow us to hedge against lost heck even if you get a 41 K can you could protect. In another bucket of money you could set up a subsequent higher rate to your 401K. And put a hedge position itself the market collapse. And lost 50% the S&P you could virtually take 88 negligible risk because you've been bought insurance protection in a different account there's lots of things you can do. Inside and outside of forward Qaeda protect against lost. It is not complicated process C Wall Street wants you to think that your not Smart enough and sophisticated enough to learn how to protect against loss. You are C they know that if you learn how to but it appears lost they can't take your money anymore because a lot of times there on the other side of those losing trades you have those losing investors. There are profiting. So when you learn the skill of capital preservation Mueller and all the different techniques and asset classes that are available to use. It really doesn't come together and has learned skill like anything else but if you don't learn the skill you might take a 50% lost new forward Kagan and the question is continue for and a a lot of you can't afford champ a lot of people. Don't want to afford it and no more importantly why would you do it. Just simply has been ignorant I mean I don't think that's the reason chip I think a lot illness don't know how well and if you think about if you took a major loss in 2008 that collapse and some people look back at 2000 they lost their fourteenth 2000. They've made it back they lost it again 2008 here we are organized again you really lose it again a many of you have a donating different. Capital preservation is Paramount tears long term success and you need to put some in a place and he can otherwise. Gonna give it back again exactly and the average person out there wants to protect their money they don't know how to begin they don't know where you started this thing just because they got a full time job and family don't have enough time and all that's not true. You have salute preserve your capital online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on capital preservation. There's a 500 dollar value got a few c.s to give away right now feel before one K your diary you do not want to miss out on this. Via the phone because ten to twenty pick the phone call 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class on capital preservation. From our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451872338445187233. For callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class. And capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy. Again if you look forward K Nyerere concerned about the mart correcting this is time to learn to make sure you understand how to protect their capital 844. Five want to trade does that mean champ Bob Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears and I was adamant Cisco have a good time have a nine hanging out the fellas always have fun here Bulls and Bears. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like assembles a Bear's radio see some of the behind the scenes. Some of the goofy and the bloopers chip yes some really funny stuff on there at some really you know good information about the markets and really chaotic is that. We'll picture behind the scenes how we record the show what it's really a lot of fun for us well absolutely right now Durham Bulls and Bears who wanna check in with our sponsor online trading academy. We had education coach Chris shells on the line Chris let's. On on. Everybody how are you man I'm do we get yourself. I'm doing really great and it's always a great Henri party chatter in the effort senior coach speech at the save many many times before. No better time like the president absolutely what's going on at the campus are things down there. Manage it could blood and they already did especially in order to nowhere or actually about celebrate our 22 year. In this industry you teach people how to make better decisions. And right now we've actually got a you know currency collapse and what a great thing about Orix marketed it gives people. Yup regular opportunity sometime to show up and you know I don't have a hole and they need to get a decent return of the small amount of money. And the currency market go all the individual little turn because each and you can use that leverage and you can get a decent return about it a whole bunch of money invested. But a great time and not enough folks here. Learning our core strategy talk and it's just about how to how to make decisions in the market and increased probability be creatures spent only something going on here. Yeah it is I mean under the campuses over seven days a week over there. It's it's it's it's seven days a week out a library you know who we open and we help everybody and we leave when the last one done. Hey Chris is Steve you have a good it's I would admit it's amazing because as CD coach all other campuses around the world. It is true that way it's a community we of people that are wanna just be in the culture of understand in the trading and investing language if you will. As just such a unique environment such a great social aspect as well as being part of that community but. You know what's amazing is that. A lot of size we look pretty cutting edge information or things that maybe you've run across as a coach that is affecting the markets right or affecting your students in the market. Any information any data you've come across through that may be a listens to glean and take advantage of. Well actually I heard they I'm no I heard the district just yesterday it was kind of staggering. I'm and it was really focused on an age group post 65 and above and apparently just the last three years the last four years. I'm told that age group that big basically noticed that. Bankruptcy debt and filed at triple the rate in years past and the minority type of an exploration of why that what we're able to algae champ. Would attention are generally gone so security not enough and people don't have enough money say. So people ultimately have waited too long to learn their money or or learn how to use the mark to supplement the rain coming out fortunately. You know that's whether it's increased by three all three trying to meet people or not filing bankruptcy in that age group. Mean I can't imagine working your whole life put all your money away building a nest they are both perceive nest day. Recent days 65 and and run out of money and it's. It's a real problem what I love about the academy and you know this is good as anybody is that his ways and things that could've been done to protect that from happening how to manage risk had a also creating come from the markets so when you meet somebody who's in that scenario maybe there's 65 mile they're nearing retirement and they don't have enough money. You know what traditionally would you say to some like dead and what ultimately would it be advice that you give due listener whose net situation. You don't actually had a conversation with a group of students just recently about the old three legged retirement shall. You know what you won't want to clear and how it's gone now pension being gone until security just going to bankrupt or not cut not a not a whole. I and the folks trying to turn the market generates an incumbent. Again like each early the next currency market for example the great place for people play to get started to cut the key to. So I like to tell folks back of the matter is you know we're never shoulda learned how to handle our money you know you're always gonna have to do to debate which you go home and meet your maker you're gonna have to handle money. And like I said the kind of start the session off I mean there's no time like the president to be party chat I mean you've got things that are going on this school. For all age demographic extra people and Allstate delight from young to old from a lot of money to have no hardly enough to get by so a lot of things that we can do to help the body. That's awesome so you say it is you've given everybody a chance. Everybody had a chance medical again we ought to learn our money. Data you're not gonna have to handle. Absolutely well we appreciate it Chris and obviously thank you for taking a timeout that we can check you with yet what's amazing Adam is that. You know we see that again and again especially at the categories that people committed there in this fifties and sixties and then word of our run out of money. And so they don't even have a basic understanding how to get started so. We always kind of put him on a basic introduction of trading and impressively. Lead him into OK let's look at how we can make some basic good decisions in the market and then teach you some of the nuances in the steals to. Grow wealth regardless of the market direction and preserve what we spoke about earlier so that you don't take those big losses and you can't have enough to make it through retirement and maybe even have some left over when you died at. Leads to the next generation which is a nice legacy building process as well so. It really makes a big difference from people have an introduction of the markets and I love the sponsor because they're ticket you have no knowledge no education no experience. In leading into that path because it is a daunting experience a lot of people who don't have somebody holding hands or to hold and it's up to see the simplicity of the process. You really helps a lot of people you know on that path. Exactly you know Tim a lot of people out there they they don't even know where to begin MB and they go online they try to figure something out they'd they have no direction they had no guidance. And you know what that's what a lot of people want is they were they need a path they need a place to start well and the academy's known for just taken anybody and put him into a situation where they have a plan to stock to follow. And once they start on that plan is just a matter of now. Repeating the process and sticking to the rules and it's amazing when you start to see those results are exactly an online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand there's plenty of people out there that want to start in the financial markets they don't know where to begin. That's on M a class specifically on the introduction a trading and investing. This class is a 500 dollar value and every time someone comes as class of their brain to the market even if they do in the market just for a little bit a time and they're not having consistency it opens up their eyes. There's a 500 dollar values talk right of the campus if you've always wanted to get in the market this is the opportunity for you. We got a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers right now fifteen to thirty pick up the phone and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers fifteen to thirty to get a 500 our class. An introduction attorney investing from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 844518723384451878233. For callers fifteen to thirty to get this 500 dollar class an introduction to trading investing. Again if your brand new you don't know where to get started. This is the opportunity for you. 84451. That trade does that have a chance fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that I was adamant Cisco have to get timing with the fellas here in studio don't forget to head over FaceBook like assembles a Bear's radio see some of the behind the scenes. Content the Bulls and Bears some the bloopers if you saw the greatest content never makes the final cut I get a tight so if you go there you'll see it and we got. A 40 get a four K video camera and full audio social lot of fun we have a lot of blood gets here caricature hanging up behind us though. Please feel free to see. Feed of the people always say what phone so you guys look like it that you don't want you need to be on the radio it's like Terry thanks allotment so. Again like it sent out bulls or bears radio and over at FaceBook such yet. One of the things a lot of people when it comes of the market and we talked a little bit about this earlier is that the average person. Does not treat the market the wage should be treated the average person trees as a hobby they got ten grand wanna play you they're gambling and while you know have met. Retired menace it like a hundred grand at my fun money. The reality is as a financial markets is a business the best traders and investors you out now and I know they treated as a business. What does that look like what does that mean when somebody treats this or trades as a business what do you think about the American dream is all a business build equity yourself. You know and most people owned businesses that are small businesses that's judicial it. You know as the cornerstone of America businesses employ most people in this country. And so the small business owner is somebody who's a rare breed they are entrepreneurial spirit and they go into the markets of whatever they're focused on building a business in. And they have a plan in place and they try and they have investment capital a lot of times they have a a timeline of how long it's gonna take to grow profitably to a certain point. And you know what that's the dream. Bill some don't. But here's the problem a lot of ties it becomes capital intensive. Cost too much money overhead liability insurance workers' comp payroll. If somebody Lisa building half house inventory. And so for a lot of people that dream become really tough because there's a small business owner most bizarre successful. And it what you could have all the benefits of that small business the equity to go to make money eighty billion write your own check so to speak. They didn't have a lot of judicial headaches you didn't have to do an inventory overhead employees or workers copper any of that. Think about that that's trading. And we do begin to realize that simply a matter of understanding if I have a good business plan in the markets as a trader. I can achieve incredible the success without a lot of judicial headaches at most business owners running into. This somebody driving down the road right now you're a contractor you got ladders on the topping your truck you go from job to job. You're chasing money at employees that are shown up I understand night my pain is with a view. Because I've been through that have been a contractor for years. And I begin to realize that ultimately the ultimate goal of building a business was to have that financial freedom the markets provide debt. And he can do with a lot less capital outlay a lot of lot less headaches that traditional businesses run into. And what people see that what I love about how much it academies we have successful entrepreneurs can mania and they seed the market is a business and it blows them away. They're so excited because they've gone to the traditional processor now they see the picture of the markets as the business and it's a deemed changer for them. And many view this is the answer bricks some of you. You've been looking for that business in the markets can beat yet but she got to follow play and you gotta have a systematic approach a more importantly. You got to take the step to go force. You know champ that you talk about being a business there's a lot of people out there listening and I've always wanted to open up their own business are working for somebody else an employee there work and that. The Monday through Friday gig if they they believe that they can be better for themselves. What's it really take for someone to do this as a business you don't have to have a ton of money. You start with a very long a lot of capital and you gotta have a spear to learn a system and if you have that I believe he can be successful is not that complex. It's a simple process but yet we time is Jean Lee resources and alerting the scale. Exactly and online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears and understand a lot of people out there want to trade as a business they don't know how to begin I don't know how to get started wanna take it to the next level or from a hobby you're gambling. To really see in returners long term form. That's why allied treat him as a class are trading as a business is a 500 dollar value its talk right at the campus. You do not want to miss out on this we had a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten it's 45 pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that the 844. 51 trade for callers tent at 45 to get a 500 our class and trade as a business. From our sponsor online trading academy that's 844518. Seve to 33. 84451878233. Colors tend to 45. He does 500. This is for you 844. 51 to trade is that a champ fumbles in bears.