It Starts With Your Vision

Kandas and Larry discuss how you need a vision to be successful and give some examples of visions that their students have used.


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Almost two years ago Larry in Kansas launched brag radio. A show teaching people about being rich in generous through real estate or as Larry likes to say yeah Jim occasion. Today February 17 and 28 scene marks the 100 episode of the show. Over that time listeners have learned countless valuable tips from best selling real estate investing up and Larry going to and co host Candice and heard from dozens of their successful students. All the way from their offices of Lake Wylie South Carolina for the flagship station of the brag radio network WBZ in beautiful uptown Charlotte. Please welcome for the 100 episode of brag radio the rock stars of real estate Larry and. And it. Doesn't have a love I love it you wrote that might have felt that I did. That is later. And you I was right in this over the top and on paper anything and witness is different is it not. That's not normal. Love it love and it's great you already employs. And adorable. But a that is calls them welcome to the 100. Episode. Of brag you know men and got a little thing on your phone like you need to know. Meaning that your client that little sound effect yeah I'm sure that I package I functional than maybe like an explosion of them. A well and that guy. Hour and an explosion that's about that the company. That's funny that's for no other shall. Where is the. I. Welcome to brag radio in the world to be rich and us. Ten years and hundred at him believed him them. Atlantic effort that we. Telling on. The notre. All of that cinemanow holding iron I got the news we began its competitor detect a clear at the that we possibly kid so. This being the hundredth episode we have worked really really really hard to plan a special episode just. For this show running 100 episode right. And hopefully if I candor and I've spent the last three she spent the last. Six days. Away from home and and I spent the last three days away from home. And in a small mastermind group. Almost creating visions. And and we're wanna go personally and business wise or three days canvas with a was with her husband. They case Superman. And I was supposed to be there too but I wasn't it would make it with my wife. So. So flew in three days later and then we spent a few days masterminding. Some other. Top notch people from around the country it was a great arm is was and am. I love those got an anger Elaine there's armed. When missed a few of our members. This time but the group as a whole loan does so much for the real estate community in their and their own way. All of us have well some honesty kind of the same thing that some of those are burning units with different I types in an areas are real estate that are covered and everybody so passionate about what they do and their students. And all of us are they're just trying to get better from each other. To help more people that's exudes great. That is exactly right and in a lot a lot of that group of people and everybody in a mastermind guys that you don't understand what a mastermind is here is how mastermind works right. Frank is it. You have a small group of like minded people okay that are similar in. Where you are in your business. Right. You have a small group polite about it people that are similar. It's places in business. And then it's a small group like maybe twelve or fifteen or something but each person takes a little bit of time each person it to turn. You know about thirty minutes to an hour fish and you chemical around the room. He went to thirty minutes and hours we took like two and a power. Wouldn't look at three to it and it was just you know we were the first one didn't we have lunch right after a short. Yen nine no 1130 will that the we have quality issues at 930 to 1130 enough so we do have a lot of issues but it's only the calls where we really. Once we really want to hone in on areas where we can improve I think sometimes. On we may create a little bit more I know that I do trailer that more than once they're on the surface right. Just so we can try to streamline so we can try to increase efficiency. Increase productivity. I'm decrease some of the just dizziness that surround right. So that that does take timing and sometimes you do have to dive really deep. To get this stuff and out. That's absolutely right that's absolutely right and so. So I am really excited about what we did we spent a lot of time because we we have a lot of issues that. You know one of the things that that people people get involved in real state. To be able to have freedom right Candice. That's what we hear a lot we sterling airlines we hear a lot of people they wanna get involved general state because they want the freedom the rules state milestone today. And we scenic give a ton of people I totally different lifestyle we've watched it create an armed generational legacy wealth. What a lot of families we've been part of that and I'm very proud. Of our of the students that we've gotten where we've been able to to not only influence there has been no. Though what they've done and is gonna increase future generations for them. Absolutely absolutely I mean. Most of the guys there. Most of the jazz there were at a place where. It's not about the money anymore. It's about the lifestyle I write and you. You create a business like some people with real state some people want lifestyle business some people want an enterprise business okay. Lifestyle businesses. I wanna have virtual system terrible team members run in the business. And I wanna do it I wanna sit at Starbucks on my laptop running. And and management business and an enterprise business which is what we have would be an office with employees. You know accounting department. Sales department you know acquisitions department that sort of thing. And you know so you've got a staff and have people right. And and different people have different goals in mind and and that's okay that's okay you know we have chosen to create. Create and enterprise business in but even having said that there comes a time when you want to be able to have enough people in charge where you can back away. From the business and let other people. Do a lot of the management. Of the businesses that make cents. Right I mean to me it totally doesn't play it does to a terror readiness listening as well. That's exactly and that's exactly right and then there's some people that that they just have money and they warn him that that's that's not really a business. That's just using rules stated it and that's not right right as a vehicle. Right and then there's there's some people that. You know that they have the money into investor wanna invest in some people that it will replace jobs. Right maybe there I mean there was there was one guy at the mastermind he was talking about. The guy who was a dentist right crichton and he went to school I mean he's lumps. Music he loved rock and roll he played in the panhandle when he met his wife which is now his wife. You know him he was young kid when he met when he met. His future wife. You know their whole family was professionals. Like that his follow rules that dentist and his mom wasn't that dismissal let's turn so. You know he had to get the professional. You know. Korea he asked for her hand and her dad and the concede he told and with Ambien and you know being in an abandon. Planned whatever interim chairman instrument he played that. Whenever Israel sees it there's no career and then you've got a built to support my daughter and told him no and then he went to dent school. Who love this girl. And and you know he. He did it many many years right. And it. I remember I remember the gospels tell in this. He says he was talking to the dentist to us you know this question unit which are doing on October. The seventeen and on Thursday. On 2021. He's that's like two years one what do you mean I have no way you know he should not do I'm going to be doing rook at. Could that do root canal every Thursday and I am event. I hate it. I'm tired of and I'm sick and tired of Ottawa do it anymore so he came with the with the realization eventually. He can access to people's lives and now he's what we come back from the break. We're gonna talk about how you mean your own vision and love what you're doing. No matter. Yes thanks Brad BR eighteen to 803897606. They're reading a copy of the investors get the digital kit you can also call 877 merry go. The welcome back. In the Stanford record radio. Invest serials they could be risks and benefits in this. So so excited I am well exhaust. I'm sorry Ryan I and those fifth in the last week I know you are two you're. You can go away from home for six day and I can't wait three people know I can't say. That's golf and the color. It I cannot play poker. You can elevate rationally and yes I believe believe yes with the kids pol column from means you Alan everybody in the bed. That's also a film so we were talking before the break about most of his story about one of the guys in our master mind. That there was a dentist he news that the guy heated with the idea being in the right. Because he knew what he was doing every Thursday. For the rest of his life you know I'm doing root canals and hate root canals. But you know he started looking at his vision he started looking at what he really wanted to do right and what he really wanted to do. Was to build relationships with frank connect with people dopey connect with people get to know people right. And he did feel like he can do that I guess with his hands and their man or whatever and right. That sounds bad it. Does that and it. Had nothing to do that as a dentist because people won't be there for root canal. That much better. It. Slow. So anyway. He started he started. Just take in the one day he just started taking the time and when he would when a patient would come in he was sent there for fifteen minutes. Or someone who does get to know. You know find out what that is. And before that endlessly but there. And that they're now at the right to look at. Yeah but before sticking needles and slow. He he got to the point where. He said I'm I'm just gonna on this computer relationship for an and where I am I'm here so that's where he started doing. And then now he loves it every patient that comes in you have might take him a little bit longer the time frame to get through each patient. But he laughs. And he spent time with these people and he's talking tool in the east feed into the he's investing your last caused this and it's hard to meet somebody that doesn't have some kind of problem goals. And I shared in his room he's he's not really counseling them but he's able to give him words of encouragement right. In his it would help them and that was his ultimate goal he wanted to be out be able to encourage people and I got to tell you guys that make any difference what you do for a living. Where you are right now. Like famous Amos Eustace start from where you are right now right start from where you are right now. And do what it is to wanna do now. Part of what part of what we did. Was going through and creative vision right. You especially I was supposed to be there to do some of that but or to participate in that part those three days but I wasn't able to do that. So. So Candace titles a little bit about. About creating a vision and some of the things that you need to do to create your own personal vision because the good start when business does. No I'm not kennel where we've had to back up Mikey and I have had to come back up and Paul spur a little bit and say okay we have a business that we have by you know lots of standards are very successful business. Now you and I see things a bit differently being in the middle of it every day. And it's not as successful as we want to be it's not. In. The realm of where we even though likely should be after. The history of the company I only on an exit you know you're always do more always do better grow through. But so what we've had to stop and think about though is that we've got a business. Actually. 45 non. That we are serving right where serving a business in this may be worse I mean that's our two you've built this thing you've built this machine. And you are serving a business and you don't have a life visions so. The only way that we're not the only way but the best way that we seen now. That we can kind of move forward. Is to have life first. And you know that that takes a rare ranging net takes some prioritizing. And it takes them boundaries. And those are really things that we have done or put a lot of commenting. So we're having a back up and create a lie vision Matt and I needed to create one human hand need to create warrant. Now we were given instruction on how to tango about list. And told is not going to be perfect up front rank don't expect cute don't expect Tina to lock out. And it be crystal clear and perfect the calls as you reflect on things that happened over the last couple days for us. Come in as you think about some of the questions a little bit more in that even if you're just riding in the car thing about it. You're gonna get a different perspective. On a different banks to slip Creighton universe is in the Bible they're gonna means something on the different banks right so we're told it's kind of job those things down and see how much jibe with our original vision and about a week. And down you know kind of work some things out and then put real emotion. To those facts. And build. Off of the facts that you stated you know for what you want and right. And as adults we kind of screw things up I mean he doesn't know that on we get in our own way a lot we. We put people in places that they shouldn't be. As far as on pedestals or in in certain places in our minds for what they we think they have a we think they do. Went ultimately they may not. Right and arm and kind of taken a little bit it's time to realize that stuff. Is really really beneficial. And it was really hard for me. And though you and I talked about that I've talked about a lot with math. Aren't. But it's an ultimately you know it's not I really really mad the first and a lot of anger. But. Ultimately it was like you know and that soft still voice in. Your head or your harder solar. Wherever it comes from a notes god but. Wherever it is inside you and it does like is not their fault in any got to let that go right and build for yourself. So. And I think that I think the whole key of the whole purpose about this is. You know there was some guys in the room when I was there that they've built various successful businesses just like our team but. They were working a lot right marginalized they were very busy and and and you know me I mean I love the hustle and bustle of being in an office and having people around me and stuff like that right so what do the rival that enhance. However. You know you need to also build a business right he need to build a business. Where are your business is going to serve viewed you don't sort of publicity and Edmonton earlier right. Rank right and that that it can get so big so quick sometimes you diner relapses happen and then all of a sudden Monday. You know you're missing your kids' games and practices and you can't be there for you know pick them up from school where it's taken a school and it just happens so fast and you. And you really you feel like you're doing what you're supposed to do I feel like you're providing right you feel like here's supplying what their needs are. But Aaron. Those needs sometimes can mean misconstrued. Sometimes they're really just wants. When you break down actual you know human needs vs wants and there's nothing wrong. With morning. On a comfortable lifestyle at all we both know one right right for ourselves. But I don't wanna do that and I don't warrant a stint teaching you made to do that at the expense of their family. Or the expense of their health you know or the expense of some other things that can come and apply. Absolutely that's so true I mean so many people out there they're built in this business and in the business controls them their sleep to their business right right and the whole purposes. To be able to eventually. Have passive income. Where you don't have to show up you'll have to worry about this in the kid's game shall have to worry about traveling and being away from home or whenever right. And that doesn't mean descend on the Caspian easy either them. You know and not know it's on the hit it's not an hour nap a note to its own nothing to sign and we got to take a breaking in just the second but. And current that you know as one of their questions it's you ask me ray initially you know well what eases people medicine around all day and noticed none. None about that is but you know when you grow up you lose a lot of that child interest that you patent things normally come back. Get into a little bit more of that on. You has Mary Kate colonies and that may go where while we're on here a cancer on. But if you will call 877 Larry go and you can leave me a message. And I'll get the investor kit out to you that did you kids here email or you can come on the opposite pick up the physical kit and we can talk more in depth about everything that we've got going on. On May be up you get some of the stuff in line. With with your vision we can definitely help with stuff like that you can also takes brag BR HGT 838976063. Were very that. Welcome back. To brag radiant. What can happen and how you know it is Leah. Trying to liven you up a little bit it's not an art. Mountain Dew I mean. Dunkin' Donuts every area of the month kids I'm you don't and it goes before the day. Are really doesn't. Both the present but I yet. That's really cool I love it but a lot of you win. Saying you and faults of the pluses of the cool. So. Candace was talking about creating a vision and the reason for a vision. So Candace would you would you get into a little detail about. Some of the things date of the total little detail about it you don't what are some of the things that these Amy man. But what I'd do also do you know a little bit. 'cause I know I was the brunt of that that. It's not you took the brunt of that man and I apologize and act. But I do think. That the app and in the car for the dominant figure at an airport. All right slow. Tell us a little bit about some of the things that you can go to Peru to really realize. You know how much you've grant. Any. So you can realize. What are some of the steps that you would go through. To realize this man and I need a personal vision or maybe I need to make some changes in my life what are some of the things just so. Florida currently one of the first things that we had to do. That really can't. You know started making me fell like a loser was to create an arm or ride up your eulogy. Right so while people say about your right now what would your family say. What and what would your your co workers saying. What would the people of influence that you admire and you know went right at any at any to say anything. So that. Really really hurt me when I read mine really yet it's super short. Well our. Even even the part where you know she loved her husband and children but often can't afford elements and activities with them for work. But. I do believe they would. And it lives island and maybe sometimes I'm my own. Worst enemy maybe some come on man biggest critic. It's very mean. This little pair crap for a year Angeles started remaining and it's started to be like you know you're not doing. Anything that you today's united you're not showing your kids that things that you want them to learn their they're gonna they're gonna follow you. Based on what you do based on like each other not about what you talent right they're gonna remember. What you showed them that things you do with them not what you tell them right in. So then. You you go from not one. To what you would want urged them Adidas and you what you would want for your family to say and Dan. You know and that gets a little emotional. Look at you real. You could realize maybe hear a lot closer from you know where you are to what you wanna be and I am. And and that's OK some evil maybe further apart down. But this is bad enough from me. Damning sense right like when you. When you're going through it and then. You get CU. What you want he will let's say in how you want to be remembered and you look at everything you're doing now and you realize that you're not doing anything it's an Indian and a you're not doing anything to T Indian at a rally is pretty sobering. I'm sure you guys to kind of have that realization. I'm sure it is absolutely. And it's it's also kind of scary. Yes one of that one of the sciences and we'll that they make when a statement that they make is you need a life vision not a distorted journey. Right the American dream. Is not the dream for everybody and a brain right so you have to kind of go through an aside what it is that you are not your life. And it might be you know the Mercedes or the jaguar are might be an accurate. It doesn't matter it's weird dream right. So might be a car that's paid for as long as long as Iran and union on. In the shop every two weeks and it's safe for you and your kids I mean sometimes that's are people really want. Right and that's all it that they need. Left. The eulogy what did you do on and that was pretty tough for. Yeah the next thing to do what seven next thing is all just depressed thing so the next thing is like what would you do if you had three months Philip. Three months is honest twelve weeks. Will ever twelve weeks right ninety days. 2160. Hours. That's it. CNN's Ali had hip. You know we we've talked about that one of arms at one time. And one guy raised his hand these that I know exactly what I do for at three most of us it was if it a move it when my mother in law be the longest three months. Well that. Doesn't want to add up. And some people have been a low moment in on him. And then you do in the. Then you go through that you know so you Carty told people. What you want him to say now they get ninety day isn't. You have the same. So now it's like. Him in a way. The go through and it's like yeah I 21 and sixty hours that you've got to live and map map first team. Where. My birthday. It was it would take a week to write down although log in passwords and good. Her office. Leave it there. It. Typically you know morally act kid leave you know who wrote that. Do you leave your ride in outlying pass the wedding you live for the Hobbits. It would take another week to write down on Hussein and for home had no idea. Where meaning you. And so economic. All we really need a law in your. Home. I. They're iron again to right there. Not sick bed too weak government well I got in Atlanta. Now what you all of the never heard of that time you'll be sleeping. He. Putts brutal. That's. Helping to put. You know remain for some. The other things around. Just slowdown you still have to watch this time come up. I only look at the beach you celeb that just to slowdown and do a little bit more of that and I would want to. But 'cause I was gonna miss my kids are really young because I was gonna miss important things in their life like turning sixteen turning 21 and getting married having a baby. You know those types of things and one our record some than for them. For those special times wrote her some money you know to be only give them that way it would still be like obvious now and so be with them in spirit that. They would have some words from me for those times this who has ruled depressing that had. I'm not there are hundreds so yeah. Might the military. Actually break dollar crack down you've built up in your head and impact the simplicity before you can. Really calm though grateful. For lights there and then kind of start new. And aunts and adults groupings and you get unrealistic expectations. Now it's supposed to be and it's not. One. The big things I know you set about creating your vision. Was you wanna think like a child right now though a big part can't even think about business she can't even think about career. What you have to do is think like a child OK and be childlike in in all of your thinking. And then all of your answers to your money can't come and play or anything right. That's right well it does that later on later on a Ian. Com but initially yes and we only come back from the break out through some manages the lines. That you know that up balances on there is no judgment they'll come out meal later than anything you people in radio land. El Nino mean. And they want anybody and the like that is not your millions and I didn't. Everybody. Everybody have their own and it you know it they're all built in a different way but it is it is it childlike. I'll faint. And at childlike and the simplicity everything so it is so we can back arrogance and a little bit. Give me a call 877 Larry go August that it investors get out your email or schedule an office or feed come back. However our upcoming three day events where accuracy and somehow do some analysts does give us a call 877 Larry again. Protects the 838 and 76 years experience. Welcome back felony asthma sob stories green vision today if nothing against them. Let's get a little bit more like hard liner notes so you're not a BM Italian mob boys. Because Manning often talk about who was season but then if we're only just three months to live like this is supposed to be a show about rules they write. Well real estate is a vehicle. That allows you. To do what you want and you have like a full field your personal vision right right. Real state is the vehicle that will allow you to do what you wanna do to fulfill your personal vision presenting supposed to think about business. Or career or anything when your creating this right. Not right now no nothing nothing businesses like when I did Matt through Selena actually Rama that is urged but the first one about the alliance think that I did think about office that that. And it does not about about their first thing. But. I. It is what it is great Coca avatar to bury. So on but yeah an and for me real estate is not something I ever wanna leave. A lot of people may be trying to build a vision to get out of their job I love what I do I love what we'd do I love all the Platt. I love all the platforms that we have available to connect with people come in to help people and things like that so it's not lie. If I achieve everything in my personal vision in my entire personal vision comes to lie in the next twelve to tooling for a month. That I'm gonna be you know not at work not at the office because I'll I'll sincerely. In genuinely love what we do enough Billick I am living in not passion. With that in in it for me for asking me for me real estate is what allows. Run all of this take place right. And we can show you guys this too. We didn't we can show you how real seeking help you do some of the things that you your want to do and I'm not able to be right now. But what we don't want to do we don't want to teach you how to create a business. That's gonna get you on a treadmill doesn't exactly right we do not want to do we we want to I mean everybody you know everybody's different. Some people like as a mr. before an approach business were you have an office and all that some people like lifestyle business. But either one you want to be able to get yourself in a position. Where you don't have to show up everyday futile to you don't have to miss the kids games you don't have to worry about. Getting up this succeed you know more work until midnight or whatever does that right as a rages trying to beat a vehicle to allow you to do the other things that you want to foreclose their social. Sold anymore big things. Other than money right via the so many things I mean you gotta you gotta look at it this way. How much is enough you have to be like Rockefeller or somebody else Rockefeller how much is enough one time he said just a little bit more. Right now you don't like that you don't have to do that you what you have to do is you have to create your vision. In the determine how much is it gonna take to fulfill this vision in the new work backwards. Is that right in the strength yet it is EU and break it down to the simplistic. And and and it works at feel even on completely sponsoring now. I feel better about the direction that man iron going and it was honestly a relief to know that we work. Pretty close together on the things that we wanted. Out of out of our life together out of our future well we wanted to be able to do for other people write this kind of scary going into it has you know. EU. You live this slack with some money. But they need as he has his job you know I have my job we have all of the girl stuff and so you wonder sometimes you know are grown apart within. I learn things about him this past weekend that in but I do know that Tom we've got a lot of the same. Interest which we always have had. Time and we're we're a lot closer so it just solidified our bond a little bit more that we know that we you're on the same direction. That's true also that the English though lines that I was telling you about like some allow lawns are minimal. There it is there's just minimal but. The whole concept is you know act like a kid at Christmas right superfast. Don't think. Don't don't worry about current circumstances don't worry about. Current on money obligations. In it's just anything and everything that you can think as fast as you can that's gritty right so like. Silly stuff you know that's our mind on how to act here right now but I had to give that Michaela and you know enough to drive so I want the same car. And in Alamo car. And yes output but a little down on the on the next version. The nicer when well we luxury when the bigger one night we did a small one for her on purpose to own a bunch of teenagers pollen per Carlin from. So. I want to I want them honest. For that that they like I have on here cow. You right now Alec out. Allen enough land had a cow. Only a few goats. How long lines. As are loosening. There must be a reason behind that because people at the offers are always telling you don't have a child. And Monica and. Ayman Al and that is thick well. Not yet I got. Like I have. You know apparently be in the teen mom out of luck in 19 am on. And I was pretty good. Down and a time. Eight years. Spontaneous trip but your mom and Saturdays not just for me in my mum nominee. You know things. The plane's instrument. To travel and some of them in it are you not that are and I'll learn like like. Listen I got. One time I outline for no free lessons. And then universal. And I don't know what. I have. This thing in my head where I can pick it up and play. Like that worked amazingly. And Italy and in my hand. An idiot and I think that you know like that piano. Man. So just you know and see if they're trying that's well okay that's not take as long as you can solidified in your head on matters and just like that pat printed stuff prank you break it down and you got buckets of he seized aren't trying to get a little bit lines and on. Spiritual family. For ions. And we've ended line but it Bentley no regrets at ballots that leave the start tomorrow I would regret not. What would you regret not doing. And today and and even a simple like my effort and under that category as walking outside air that. We bear that out as kids. And in Europe and Alec forty peers issues now that your. And I Wear them all the time for the you know does speed their that a little bit market those just simplicity. Charitable what would you do with be in charitable. Well. Personal gratification on personal gratification. Things that would just instantly kind of gratified me is being able to cook for my family more. You know sleeping in. Helping people given surprise gifts Allah surprise and people that allowed to be surprised. Alan it's surprises. So it is great this that down to the ridiculous. And in. And then you just. You focus on three. Of the most important buckets. Maybe even more as a little aura that pockets run through record spiritual family personal gratification now charitable obvious friends and on. So colossal that. In orgasm we haven't talked any at all about rules state this'll show. But I got to tell you rules state is just the vehicle right it could be rules state that could be a trade stocks it can be crypto. They can be whatever cricket elect bitcoin it could be. Anything. But we can help you with that guy yeah. We can help you put this together we can help you make rules state that vehicle. You know we could even help you to a certain extent. Two to help create your own vision. But what you need to do is cut again and ideas to what you wanna do what you would like to look like and we can help you create that the real state this state is the deal and that's. And that is running now. But since I know Larry knows everything even try to place them flaring in arrogance. So if you only get more information about how to be a successful real estate investor whether it. Doing fix and flips or hospital stay date trading or buying houses for pennies on the dollar. Or whether it is is being passive investor and earning double digit returns we can't help you we have an investors Kia. It includes a lot of different things a couple of my books some dvds and CDs to become by the office not Wilson links to videos. But you can reach out to campus and campus will be all that information. Right yet a straight 877 Larry that's it's an indigenous kids here email or I mean somebody Apple's big at the physical kid. And even even takes bragging journeyman have to coliseum on a TARP to me I don't know why you do that but. You didn't XP RED to 803897606. Very. That is gonna wrap up today's French radio leading the world to be rich and generous make sure to tune in every Saturday. As Larry and Candace will show you how to invest in real estate in many ways a realistic creates the ideal investment. Here on news talk 1110993. WBZ.