It's Been One Year Since the Riots in Charlotte; Reflecting Back on Then and Now

Scott Fitzgerald
Wednesday, September 20th

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Natural disasters all over the world. Last week it was last week had a premonition of the earthquake in the that indeed that happened that was off the coast of Mexico oil from the residence. And go ahead a couple of purchased a couple of earthquakes yesterday one in the southeastern. In Percy mile Moyer threw on the Missouri line these new members fault. There was one in California small and three point six and then all of a sudden the big one hit two in Russia the big news the other seven point symptom or two other. In Mexico in Mexico City and surrounding areas devastated and Alex don't. I'm driving through Mexico right now what do you see Alex are better things. Well good morning we're just outside of Mexico City elegant look at a Guadalajara where we were all over Ike and the numbers right now are continuing to rise 217. People. After the are known to have been killed that number likely to continue growing among them 21 students or teachers who were inside of a primary school. Still there are more children who read it you are told are missing inside that school. They had not been found yet so many buildings that just crumbled in the earthquake powerful seven point one it would. Standards southeast of Mexico City that much of the damage it did in Mexico City that's where a majority of the deaths have been as well. Alex on again would they be seen in Mexico the the modern buildings and other ones in downtown Mexico City. Those have all been shored up those are all built with you know to withstand earthquakes. It's generally in the poorer areas of town where things get level does that seem to be the case this time. Well so what they're there are some at least what we've seen from social media that concede it Erstad that. So more modern buildings that I also sustained a lot of damage and bad Boehner. Are yet he would still be the brick buildings that just app built in bit and so they get hit by something this strong. They just gave way and and they crumble and it'd be only. And saving grace under sole thing if there is on me a bit. But it did beat epicenter was 32 miles below the circus that'd be very deep quake yet left and a lot of shaking but it's still extremely. Mounted the damage it's done it's still. I mean incredible but. You bet they've been 32 miles closer to the circus it would have been much much worse. OK there's an early warning system in Mexico that they have enacted. Up how well did that work I understand that there there was at least a bit of a heads up. Any regret that's a bit of one but he eight didn't necessarily doesn't work the same way we think an early warning system set up it. California not quite as technologically advanced but. That the war in what could spell whole Lotta time we understand it seven point one to admit you're not an area where you're at it. Be able to it to get protection and seven point one just a tiny bit of warning that's that's Jerry area well our whole Lotta good for many people that just couldn't get out of date action on the aftershocks feeling inning. We went and yet as we're just now coming into Trout but dead they're they're always are shocked that the wake up this side sometimes are very small. There's always a small chance about it 5% chance that there will be eight baker. Quake at a seven point one sometime in the next couple days but. It's got a relatively small chance at a smaller just say and that the concerned now it's really aftershocks start to. Bruce and buildings that are already weekend and then you could have more buildings collapsing. Absolutely Alex gone in Mexico. Earthquake seven point one the president has said that aid will be on the way we're thinking about. A year ago today. He's four months got by a police officer here and surely. And over the conversation we're gonna continue today. What sort of revolution. Maybe not but somebody wanted to try it. Braxton Winston. Previous City Council member Ernie joins us coming up next step was good morning to you when you're goes 54 months gunshot. Police officer video got to do not have a gun yesterday via an in determining that there's. Officer notre. Club and all hell broke loose right afterwards absolutely all hell broke loose about a. Good people immediately on the scene between the 350 floor. When the shooting happened and 5 o'clock. 100 protesters arrived at the site. Braxton Winston joins us now one of the other folks that was right there in the middle in the thick of battle you weren't there when it all went down that you were driving. Should someone in the area there on your way to up to Providence of I understand correctly and all of our. Let our guard leaving our court yet and and then you through social media heard about what was going on and and headed down their what was your reaction now once you get on site. I'll well like Derek and it got and his coaching up golf ball game up in Concord and I've learned about. What was going on to a group chat. And it was on my way home. Cromwell is that where I live in a note. An event like this had never happened so close in proximity or tying. I'm sort decided to go and observe and bear witness to what was going off or an engaged in my community. And when I got down there they were still in police investigation going on I was probably about. From 6:37 o'clock. And you know would there Europe with. Family members people that live in the college towns apartment complex I could go back couldn't get into their homes. So they were asking a lot of questions. The police and the government bowed out they were pretty legitimate questions. That they were asking. And Jess Sanchez Braxton. And why did this happen. Do we prevent this from happening again. On Wednesday as he only option. This man who literally would sit there every day. From the community news from the community Newton disappeared and courageous children up everything there was a school bus on its way to drop off. Middle schoolers in elementary school looks. It has not taken into consideration. How could I wonder where they going to be able to enter their homes. Mean. Plano when did you actually have been an opportunity to speak to members. Of the LaMont you know they'll keep Vermont Scott's family. Well. The unspoken word there was one particular time I didn't speak to it directly. But I was. They get about getting out of there on all our Kuroda had to work that. And there was a voice that came over my shoulder and it was keeper must gust daughter. And they were taken his. SUV out on the on the flat bed and she just what is the short and smooth things she's screaming and running through the crowd that's my daddy's car larger cure my father. Well why Jack Killen we'd interpret died. And it. That voice just resonated with me apple out of my own daughter up so much time and what does he was in this position one day when a solid in this position Monday what I Wal-Mart community due. From my daughter what I wanted to ban that say just going to Europe. Room and cried your pillow and get over it. Or what I wanted to facilitate these conversations. Are spoken to Keats Brothers and modern art in India in New Year's senate passing. Honestly they're struggling. There are struggling. You are right there in the thick of it media outlets across the country. It was a photograph of the U we're back to the camera would your arm raised a pioneer in front of the police and with the protesters there. What was going through your mind at that moment in time and then we're the conversations go with the people on the streets. Well I'm a better picture of this snapshot of a moment in time. Fargo this team. It was the first part cops that showed up we kind of currency. Because I knew many of them. From my neighborhood from our community from work our work and entertainment production so there's always. Police around. And I was with the protesters. Are loose. Point from our gripes. Two big government which are forward legitimate gripes. And I stood there arrested bears using my my my body my employees. To do so. Tried to do it in a way turner are very chaotic and violent time. That. Allowed me to express myself. But also allow media keeps saying and those around me say. A source that like their four hours. Com. And that picture has. Encourage. Conversation. Since. We have more people. Talking. Someone special a token of folk and other signs of Charlotte yeah and that's the goal. Braxton will Winston has witnessed here today candidates city councilor at large and a world money your go to Vicky LaMont cut shot by. CN PD officer. There were different groups of people that were involved in the protests could you describe. Some that you felt like. Had the right motivations. And may be right to isn't the correct work and those who were there for a different reason altogether because at that seemed to be the characterization. Well my experience with that we were all out pure and good kid and everybody out was where. But without bail legitimately. Ports in their discontent. But violence Kevin was violence necessary. Well again all I can speak of it my experience and in my experience. Violence occurred in response the violence that was being put on the people we have lived again legitimate question is when your government action in your face. What may commit violence view the cool yeah what would you supposed to do. Are you spoke to run away or you're exposed to quell that violence out. I chose to use my body in my voice. It's sort of voice my gripes here and I was shot by police. I was pepper sprayed over and over again. It and I did not commit any violence to deserve that I feel that over and over again. Well some of the folks 11 of the women with a with Charlotte uprising. Not necessarily echo what you said but you should she said violence was what happened to keep LaMont Scott into other other people within the community. That breaking windows Shanda and causing violence against property in uptown. That was in violence at all and I have to I've been challenged that assertion there that that was necessary or that was the right course of action. Well aware of group brought back to that picture one of the reasons why I've not stood up there and book or put my crisp opening I would use in my report. A lot always yelling hours. I was so they're talking loudly. Robert Bentley or using chemical weapons against such. And I quickly learn how what kind of effect those chemical weapon how to get their only. And apart continue to stay up for our continued to to talk and and and have. Rushes of adrenaline there was a certain. You know neurological affects those weapons were happily used substitute being irrational you start to do things. Out of character. So I knew that just they call boy I'm I'm I'm an athlete than him and I you know you learn how to kind of they control your critical and environmental. Around him tense situations. I knew that the best thing I can do. So that I think compromise myself what does standstill. And because those weapons. People don't know how to act within those weapons and when you do some test people for hours and you start shooting people. It's cool wow how do you expect them to react. To just fall in line. Well there was a certain. I don't know of the fired up miss two to say the least that that people came into that situation and certainly understandable. Hmmm let's move on to what happened next and over the next couple of days what was the conversation like. We view on the street where there was with protesters. What conversations started and I and one of the police say when it's conversations with a. What was this we want more than being database new night after night when we were out on the streets was the diversity of the groups of people. I'm really you know there's a perception that the streets which are so with young angry black. Talks and that wasn't the case with some nice there were more there are just as many why increases. I hit it in parts of the crowd and they were black and brown. You had conversations on the street that people were able to draw. Parallels to the inequities that led up to the depth of key from Moscow mayor life we sort disabled people out on the street talk about. There interaction with police and how they have. Being treated poorly and situations. Due to their disability. We've seen. Conversations about the Belgian beat teach you rights and how. The system treats them differently. We mean. We we sold. All different types of folks cry me. Asking questions convert it to import cover saving have a conversation with one another praying. Or just trying to figure it out. And that's what I experience all on the street. So that's what brought this brought out frustrations. All across the board all across the spectrum of different different humans and and what had been bothering them. Hmmm I gotta go Braxton Winston you're not to get. Geared up Berea city councilor at large seats and we also find you online are more about you vote Braxton dot com is that correct. That's correct quote our vote Braxton dot com I appreciate you being with a issues. Today. Insight where were you what you think you. Did you think all hell was gonna continue to keep breaking loose. Very happy today. Or are there going to be protests a lot of these one year anniversary. The president. To destroy North Korea we'll talk about it next. 930 four's time. Want to thank freshman Winston for joining us here today to talk about what happened one year ago and how he felt what he did. The changes that have come across to us and come through here in Charlotte Patrick good morning. I appreciate your stand on hold they're called several 45701110. Good morning and welcome to WBT. Thank you got our act in order to make a quick point. Earlier though flawed or there are cheap but eight. It's been paying any grief that we expect. A higher in the they look very carefully for what you say. I can't get the border and Elaine and our. We're all down hopefully our error. Giving anyone. A AM. Whether it is law not for a curtain that back from it at all but where a lot -- They why where bat but yet. Think both so much better for a white people are not aware. He immediately apply with that yeah but that our error down. Not that would happen if you look at the bat majority you look at what that play it short it back. A court days ago. That it all worked yeah. Oh I'm Brock but not because he forbidding it Brett Mack Matt not ala. That individual ought it's quite well. But I I'll put all the merger opener write a book are what more are a lot off. It's cried as they imminent threat. Yeah you're dealing with but throughout the bet you there. They burned down and grab the deadly force in Iraq it. But we don't perhaps remember off the bet they are not react that we should people are dipping below yeah. Individuals who go farther yeah no chance that they are both ordered. And because they are not in the carpet in the grip there. At the plate but it's been app you build or buy into that. People need under. That it there you Obama. It comes down to consequences. If you don't listen you always have an opportunity to work things out. Afterwards. Assuming. You're still alive is gonna care drivers with ABC New York City yesterday via the president kind of shook up the world a little bit. Threatening to destroy North Korea if they decide to misbehave yet again reaction from out from world leaders and what was your reaction. Yeah I did this is a very aggressive combative speech from president trump but it was also familiar tone for anybody that's been paying attention for the past couple of years as a candidate and as president. The message was strong I mean he says flat out we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. But it's a mess that we actually heard from the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley she said the same phrase just on Sunday but it is different when it's president trump giving that same statement. At the UN in that tore him far more significant in some way. And and North Korea was the only country mentioned Venezuela. Iran there was conversations about a run there was actually applause. Around the of the Iran discussions describe the wrong question is. Interesting and something we're really paying close attention to you know over the next couple of days and weeks. The administration has until October 15 to recertify. The Iran nuclear deal that the Obama administration agreed to you essentially your ninety days through these windows two recertified that they are doing what they're supposed to be doing. Drug administration has already done that twice but we're told somewhat begrudgingly and now the president is talking much more. A public and and strong statements questioning whether or not Iran is living up to its poster you here's the thing now how say. They're violating some elements of that they're violating the spirit of it but they haven't given. This specific of what exactly are they doing wrong that would mean you might pull out of this agreement so October 15 as the big day. We're paying close attention to what he says over the coming days to signal what he might do. Not care and I've also heard over the past couple days maybe the past week that that made do we need to approach North Korea. With an agreement like the Iran agreement where is that coming from India that seems to be a bit of a disconnect to me. Yes and you know. It deaths in interest sting you know just from reading through the analysis yesterday analysis some from critics of the drug administration but. Saying you know if you're about to pull out of this one deal that talks so many years to negotiate to try and rein in Iran's nuclear ambitions. How are you going to get North Korea to the negotiating table if it senses while he could deploy that deal up to you so you know it's it's a complicated. Balance there the administration assailants two very different issues obviously the North Korea thing is incredibly urgent right now rob wasn't. Just critics of the president was actually the folks from around who said that who would ask the United States is right. Different animal altogether details that might be critics yes you were hit slightly I would I would imagine here Trevor today ABC. In New York City. Discussing via president of the United States the UN general assembly addressed yesterday we'll get to some that later on as we move through today Scott and David. One year ago today he's LaMont sky. Dead ahead of police officers the police officers no charges whatsoever. But problems certainly did and sue and the repercussions and reverberations are still felt today I wanna hear about you and the ripples you feel next. Joseph Gillespie from the news but it's gonna join us here momentarily here a news Levinson met and I three government doing to you saw some other things to mention the Mecca of Mexico earthquake seven point one. Well over 200 people dead at this point in time Maria bag and a 145 mile an hour winds and hammers Puerto Rico will look partisan folks are Richard and rolling as a matter felt. From the weather channel to see what's going to be happening next when you're ago. Keep LaMont Scott shot by a police officer in in here in Charlotte and then all hell broke loose afterwards. How has Charlotte changed out view changed as a result of all this 704571110. If you want to join in the conversation your bike to keep this a wake is much as possible from. Just saying hey if you if you listen to the police this won't happen again but but certainly. Folks in law enforcement does have some opinions and some beliefs about what went down and where we've gone Scott you're in law enforcement. In light may have been here. Yes or just the kind of pay you back a little bit off close what mr. were. Checks checks awards went and has served. Listen to those interview and one of the things that is sure it was. Is that he was on seeing what the what the sponsor of the people were wanting answers and stuff like that and and wind those answers are very understandable. Well look who wanting it to realize there's there's my scene of the crime. On the investigations still going on. That is not the time to be. Wanting answers I was working that day that it happened I was not there when it happened but I was working and the county when it happened and one of the big things. There have been startled this was one number mr. Scott's. Sister was on the on FaceBook blog posts and videos and that he was holding a Bible. Which we know when it was found out to be false you know. And that that is just. Lot of people look at wall unfortunate thing that we're we're decide here to try to. Most people Alter do stuff like that 199. Point 9% of law enforcement officers do this job salute and support their family. And then they don't want to do anything to jeopardize their career. We just wanna go to work when wanna come home and and then Matt says haven't I. Really. No I agree with the 100% MB they the social media there reports that were circulating on social media. All it did was fanned flames and may even been what lit the fire. And unnecessary and edited only comes from people I think Cuba already got axe to grind and wanna create more problems then I heard of that are then even that are already there David what he got force a year ago your recollections. Do you go to the police went out to an apartment complex to issue a war ended great pass as well. They noticed he had illegal drugs and he flashed a gun battle that these undercover detectives. So they circled back around. And that's when they approached them. I you're you're talking about a guy doing illegal drugs at a school bus stop. And flashing guns to people going by that is these kind of person I want the police to shoot. My kids ride a bus. And so that that happened you have to forgive all of that to make everything right with the riots. Next the police shoot the guy after person leading what am over and over and over again to drop the weapon and then the people on the scene. And I'll I'll be fine they were black folks they've lied about Symbian and armed. The pollution eating an innocent guy and don't Wear the people bit lit the fuse. Leader every one album changed pushed Dorian told the truth. But that's when the fuse was lit because people said. This is outrageous we need to protest. A bad shooting. It wasn't a bad shooting and the people that were pro testing more protesting under false pretense of being bullied don't lie. I but I agree with you 100% question asked what have we learned how to we handle this differently not necessarily just the shooting. But how do we handle when a crowd gathers and they decide that they wanna try to take matters into their own hands. And day and resort to violence Joseph Gillespie would be a news department here and who's 11109 event three WB two this was they had this a couple of days for you about a year ago what. Or laws everybody in the Booth in the news business and it was a very. Now if it was a very community engaging time. How did you feel what would lower the emotions that we're going through your. Through your chest wasn't through your mind between your chest and through your gut as as you followed this story and continue to report on it. Well. I first got involved on the what would be the second night. There night after the shooting when there was individual rally held down uptown here at park. And I came down to cover that and it was mostly. Just concerned people I would say there were there was clergy there were families. There were some people praying that it was just. People trying to express their their feelings when their compassion. But there was another group of people that were a little louder and had a little bit more urgency. Took to their message. Then I was there for an awkward minutes an hour. And it was all very peaceful and play you know I our home. And I sent out pour a glass wind in my phone exploded. And oh into the station a Marc Gerson and came back uptown we had several nights of disturbances. I despise those kinds of stories. America with some riots years ago in college campuses are really discuss despise him as a reporter. That the year you're really not watered when you're the report Chris is still court no one really want you to be there and you're sort of in between. And that you just have to focus on this story and try to tell it would moderation which I think we did have embarked on an excellent job. Not it's not bad fueled the fire. So we you were talking about the other groups there were there the peaceful groups fear you know that the ministers and that sort of people that just. You don't want to be there would divisional. How large in your estimation was the group that was really they're just across problems. Initially. They're course several people would come in and out of conversations are all our speed got I couldn't but really really put a number on it. Also I would simply had just a half seconds there's a phenomenon that that that the bad that I saw for the first time during this bet that you now see. When something when there's an officer involved shooting or something what some of these folks that role. There're people there that are recording this are they smoking a block him. Which is a whole different element to what used to be. Used to be whatever the people were involved a one room laws and in the media was there covering the other there's other group. Doing live commentary. And FaceBook alive. These events. What concerns. Me which restraint you've been around awhile I mean the joys. Almost like that that echo chamber that we hear so much about when somebody watches CNN they get what they want because there on the liberal side when somebody watch fox again what they want because there on the conservative side if somebody's watching these FaceBook lives from these particular individuals. There are already they're already in that camp and they're getting what they want and it fires them up even more. Absolutely sure that yes and I was covering. One of these events in the fellow who the commentary were saying things about chief from all this but. So I. You know. Obviously a lot of people got engaged after this in the community a lot of serious. People that wanna make things better whatever that means. Got engaged. How much progress has been working on that area. I don't have any idea that this housing them a big issue that they're trying to address which is very different culture is low income housing. And it and in unemployment employment and things. A lot of issues while a lot of people have at least got into the conversation. Certainly has that the U drop a rock into the water. The ripples go far and wide and encompasses so many more people Joseph Gillespie once again within news department final thoughts your general. Well. We're we're on this anniversary and there's lots of events scheduled today is live there and I hopefully. Move. There's no ugliness it's just invent some people the chance to express themselves and talk. And reflect on missile. You yet and if it stays quiet in the stays reflective then maybe that's a demonstration that things have changed your Gillespie once again with a news department here. On these 111098 and three WBT. Gail mrs. Scott line started the riots here I don't know that there's a two mania folks who would disagree that she was certainly. Somebody who got things rolling thunder which what are your comments. I don't understand why she was not targeting and with it in Iraq to be questioned say. And you. And so. I think she will block all or they need. Damage that was done and in the end of the cat. One quarter of cargo including ones have a or CNN. You can sort of done what was left open I've I did feel like you know people feel full authority for her. And I am sorry that her husband was. Killed but. She didn't do herself any favors us is what. Do the bottom line is that Bob we got about 35 seconds if you can't do it in that and I respect that holds the other side can you do it in that amount of time. Yes go ahead Bob thank you really know caustic things won't really never change actually up they don't get worse with the way the Internet isn't. I look at all that suck not suggest this change the world if it used to use some. Somebody about something better than the pacers that what this stuff on the person obviously unnecessary Communists. It's not going to change and and everybody knows best. Deadly force. Creates some problems it's save some lives particularly for men and women and blue. But I I agree with the I think there needs to be something that's in between the taser in the gun whoever comes up and that one's gonna be a millionaire or break him back. Maria wreaking Havoc. Total menace in the in the gulps down there or the other Caribbean. We'll look to get an update from Richmond will Llewellyn when we come back you're close to here on WB here and I deluxe. So far as your time nominee Scott FitzGerald. Todd Clare Fallon. Certainly just helps number. The whales since joining us from the protest and 35. To look back a year ago in particular her taken her reaction to help the city handled things. And from my understanding is there was some folks who was a little on the upset side how things were done it right. Mark Garrison from the news department joins us it to around 10451050. He was down in the streets down in the thick of things and we'll continue our coverage on that Tim moment it's your call momentarily you can join in 7045701110. What. What is your take from what happened a year ago to now have things changed at all. I was gonna Richard Llewellyn with a weather channel here and category four Maria slamming into Puerto Rico. It's a pretty big hitter yours and it. Yeah a brave pretty much is in fact we just saw. On 95 mile per hour wind guests just come in from San Juan's airport. So they're still dealing with some pretty strong winds there on the on northern side of Puerto Rico right now looks like at the center circulation. Getting ready to roll off shore somewhere between heiress Tebow and does Sam want at this time. And del Corso will be watching it continue to roll on out of the Atlantic is the move onto the next couple days. Okay and has a right now the models are saying what's. Well the models at this point. Aren't pretty good consensus on exactly where what's gonna happen. From beyond. Beyond from this point on what we're going to see is. Maybe a glancing blow toward the southeastern Bahamas and in more returned to the north that is gonna follow win on that weakness where Jose winds. And of course is still sitting south of Cape Cod and Nantucket this morning that's gonna continue to go on toward the north. And it's gonna basically help to steer it on up toward the north. Right now the US I would say is in pretty good shape at this point. In regards to where the storm goes beyond though Puerto Rico. And there may be some concerns further up the coast. Especially toward the mid Atlantic and the northeast. Middle part of next week but no basically be what some high surf and which some beach erosion but I think the system's gonna say part of offshore. But in actually east coaster going to be minimal. Mess got to we did see some shifts so last time around with a Irma so. It's not out of the remote possibility but percentage wise likelihood what would you give it. I'd probably give it about a 90% chance most of the models are in. Pretty good agreement on does that actually following him on the weakness so I think everybody just especially from the the North Carolina South Carolina border southward down do ourself Fortis and pretty good shape. The end North Carolina coast and further north. That's going to be something that we'll have to watch as we move onto the next few days but it's otherwise it's just basically what we're going to be dealing with the as we move onto the next few days. Richard dwelling with a weather Chad appreciate the update. On the a category four hurricane slamming Puerto Rico right now Dominican Republic next in the sights of hurricane Maria. So one year ago today. I wasn't here in Charlotte I was living in Raleigh and I remember when the story broke. And what's not that long after the Oklahoma shooting and that doesn't have people all fired up. Tune when it for embezzling from the current role. This could be interest and and and got interest and then it's stayed interesting an interesting is certainly an understatement how things changed. What is your perception of what it was like then because now we're looking back through the lens. Of tied 70457111010. Good morning on the BB 28. Who might take this thing is. First of all. She FaceBook can live this. This situation. Energy pretty out afterwards. You would be anti investigation. Break from from the get go in citing a right quite nicely which he had done to secure part that is. What's going curious woman had just its debts lifestyle or my child or family member. The last thing I'm thinking at that moment it's our needs are based so quiet this. Tiny chip that it is targeted Peter in defender Alpert. Be it their side. It's the last thing you're gonna thank you I don't understand. Quarter. Concept was who wish you approach it but I think she was impeding the investigation. And knows police. Earnest until proven guilty just visit that minutes but if there Amanda sang it but stop where kids are picking up his kids. Possible eight in that they're having it illegal substance out of they carry a weapon which you are sort speak kicking anyway right is a felony. That I mean if I would off father. And apple are we got lucky guy's article we really move beyond tracking my children this bridge here. It's thanks so all we went down but. Look at sure that woman's eyes how can you just sit there element recourse my fault it's Alec to a just surveillance camera species had 42 issue ordered out. She actually had a hole this sink in recorded a net FaceBook live. A sudden you're right Mac thing. Month. People are in this is certainly not an apology for what she did. But people do handle situations like this differently some people there and immediate emotional response would be. Grief and disbelief some people and in this particular case would there with a wife a look like what she went to. Was anger and almost immediate revenge. Tim appreciate your call 70457. Or eleven times. Have we changed at all the penalties committees and all these studies. Any action that makes you think you know what maybe we've opened their eyes at that time not so sure. I'm our attitudes changed. Dean. You think so. The real far away though. You while one your go to they keep Hamas got shot via. Police officer. She's black man officer black man those charges for the police officers citizens review board. Behind closed doors they came up with the you know their recommendations are so many things that they do and we have no idea what they're just not talking about through the you know through the heavy smoke in the background there with the stars are firing up when I talked to Kenny Smith about his take on things we spoke to him yesterday you on the program. And some wrenching things came out of that that I would want to follow up on how that first Brad you called 704571110. Glad you did good morning welcome to WB to me. Geiger morning I can hear me are I Pamela blew through it but yeah. Companies in front according to Bloomberg would you have a look at come up with something but scoring unit leader and anger at legal not legal port or. Seems to me like we've all you know already. Gone that route and not legal board with a debater yes it does not always effective. People differently but. I thought it'd always need to be. And charger or portrait there needs to news wrong. Conform or make adjustments or society. Should we not. Just be all and ordered all out or coming simple compliant. Lenovo made a whole lot of these things completely avoidable yeah. It would be one thing if you and I are old street and maybe you had some drugs or something and what would also the other one well they wanted to guard bigger authority my do we have a all right bend city. Be aggressive toward the other one you know but. When there is an authority figure there's been a bit earlier writer roll comply. Figured out at your day in court. But. I don't think any to be anything between. What we have now August oil plant greater. Legal force well. And I understand your point bread and we did that one of the questions. That you posed was why can't. People just you know comply. That's making a big assumption and a big hope about humanity that I don't know who's gonna ever be completely the truth. So there's yes there's worked it would need to be done on that side. May be there would be more compliance. If both sides Wear to work together. Where the police would say you know what there is this other opportunity here if we. The cameras caught cause a situation where it's not what the guy with a knife the other day. Imminent threat. I don't know I don't wanna make that judgment. You know I've heard stories about how deadly somebody with a knife can be no matter how far away they are but. Taser. Tie with that if there's something in between. I'd be all for it just because. We know. Human nature within a certain portion of the community is they're just not gonna listen you know it's like a three year old to tell you you told not to go get the cookies it. Or you can try. You know but only certain kinds of discipline will work. And in some cases no even fears of certain repercussions or consequences you're gonna work you know. And I can I probably bigger you may very valid point there you know. I did. This certainly I would supportive of something more was developed that will end between them lose their. Not legal but I do our pursuit and made compliant you know. That much more easily but. Is our wish there was more. Understanding. And and respect for a partner here. I agree but your brain works a certain way that not everybody's does. And and I and I I'm like you there are times where I try to project what I think is right and then wonder why somebody else can't see the same thing. And it's not hey let's welcome around each other shoes that kind of things just people are different they grew up in different circumstances and they have different league different beliefs. And different emotions that drive of those beliefs. So there's a Rodgers there's a long road to hoe here and I don't know that things are ever gonna change. We can only perhaps hope that things won't get a little bit better. Kenny Smith is joining us here mayoral candidate for the GOP side of things you're for Charlotte and last year when this happened you well on the council and you happen to go outside at one point in time to get in front of protesters and the police. Share with me a little bit what that initial experience was like Kenny. Got close the money you're referring to go to culminated it he and the week a protest than angered ain't been in the community we have our. Normal business meeting scheduled. It City Hall. We have opportunities. For our constituents. And other folks to come down and speak. When there are highly volatile situation in the community. We we make now opted to allow more people to speak so that we can make sure that. We we are hearing in Lipman their constituents that night it was a night. Intent anger. To say the least there were. A lot there are some profanity. There were a lot. Accusations shouted at the body. Their work them Brett I earned maybe it. Mean our family and projecting that people war knew where we lived there were some dark current that is very unsettling. Couple three hour. In the end of it. And kidnapped Erica oh lord brought out her name on pretty earlier Allard brought. The credit it be another. The mayor there are looking negative quote meeting. And have helpful sort of active in other felt like I had listened patiently and quietly bird. Several hours I wanted to have my opportunity. Could they could crowd and I could I didn't realize to what not a 72 delay on public element Vanessa and I felt so our vernacular that. But I think wait let. You you don't let me you might have missed you might have missed judge me and I'm may have missed judges used let's start over. And let let's talk about all that we need to have that she more to have nobody comes and how my wife and children have nothing to do their. I'm but if you wanna come over America generally not much. I'm went out and speaking I've got up. Wall around the diet out into the crowd bookmark our Internet introduced myself to people. I'm a human being you're hearing me and let's start have a comfort they may not that it yesterday well check out our. I got to pick up from from I think we're not coming here how they end up Saturn and started to have to have dialogue to bridge the divide. Big hit in our community. Mayweather there's gonna be different people who have different divides and to be some folks who take you cart give your dog to be other folks who would grab your card there with roared right back in your face throughout K one of the things I want to address on this. There there there has always been in most cities in my experience there is a divide into an honest worse as time mentality between. The city inner city and the suburbs. Did the suburbs really care I mean did South Park or south Charlotte to work for Myers park. Matthew Ballantine. You know. Final that they really care about what was going on downtown. And. Hey here's what I would they be answered that a yes. I would say that while via bit what's happening. There was some anger other part of the community. There. Good behavior uptown that was born on store front and included a weapon violence we did have a very tragic sudden death in the crowd. People felt like the police were being mistreated so I think how he got into what express. What's frustrating to folks may be in the suburbs but I do think though it could genuine understanding. Of the fact bit Charlotte sort Pollyanna days whoever we always thought this couldn't happen not that happens in places like. Target and where not pick and roll call it iPhone Burton without their remote events somewhat different Saint Louis. Baltimore. We never thought it can happen here. We thought we'd always done things the right way but it did happen here and I think after it happened in app we got over the initial shot. What happened uphill I think people that would affect your. We do have some issues. We do have an economic mobility issues an into your previous caller. We have some issues were lack of respect for Arctic yes we do have a we have a and we've all of those ads. Can have a community. That we can all be proud we can all live and and then report. Yeah well there's so many different varieties of human beings that live in Charlotte. Their definition of a community that we can be proud of yes ten different people are gonna get probably. Ten different answers cloudy with a tempers and look we was somebody else just because they're tired of us and everybody else in the ground. Follow along Kenney appreciate your time and are we up to have you back on again to discuss a mayoral issues. We had that conversation yesterday byline else. And mayor protests could be joining us on Tuesday of the week coming up. Two to have her time in the spotlight your take on think 7045711101. Year ago today. The shooting of Keith Lamond scuffed. As Charlotte change. Thank you much at thirty push your time their talents of the council members going to be a joint session momentarily. How to build you have called 7045701110. Glad that you have appreciate you hold on here have we changed the Charlotte changed at all. Or is there really any hope that things are going to be better and were police officers so you were going were certainly Europe certainly right in the thick of it. Well. I will patrol and ulcers or have the Booth to structure a lot more work. Or share surged. And and the fourteen years of the law forced. Exchanged and that's what I don't know estranged from the got to try to be they're considerably. But you always hear whenever something happens or Ellis or the news of police beat portrait was that more Arctic air and Marco we spoke you know off the year. US police officers are the most highly trained all force in the world ever. We are constantly going for updated training the walls are always changing our last year Fraser. Policy change because of you know what the Supreme Court so they'll use of force elegant user. So war properly being trying to retrain all Altman malls and divorce haven't ebitda order everything I've come up built a policy that goes along with app all of a lot of trouble are refuted. The Bristol what taser the hot pink. Everything is regulated to a point where it's hard keeping all straight and we don't need more training for the police the police already Ali tray. Society he trying to. So citing people are how to behave how to act right paddle into authority had to respect themselves all her body else. That's that's system to strive to push Iraq up the hill that is say. You know at the end of the day the rock falls back down again you got to start over somebody and Iraq are smaller some day the rock is bigger sum basis offenses stronger than on other days. But I think that's a monumental task there's going to be ongoing here will we ever see an end of it I think is a real long train. Clear Fallon City Council member for the time being joins us here on WBT clear how you live in the day I Rory is doing good miss talking to you here. So a year ago this went down in my guess is as a council person. There was things that you could say out a lot of things that you couldn't say out loud I always say what I think you know then yeah okay well are all right the nuts and I stand corrected here. What what has changed I know that they were you know they're of committees and ruled you know behind closed doors will talk about this and would promise you this. There's anything really changed your restaurant. Payment changes police. Reaching out to the communities my problem with that is you're reaching out to people who are willing to people we after reach we don't reach. They don't want to be reached they don't want to be there are afraid to be reached. Do does does the city does the Connie do though the powers that be. Really deep down I care about this window is the council really driven to fix this. Don't know about the rest of them I know that I know. Then if we don't we're going to have a big men and we have what have I absolute chaos could you can feel right away. Linda. Can you explain that to it and we're gonna have worse chaos you can see right away would what does that mean what does it look like. I look at the new council you've got what five new members who have never been involved physically really. For being appointed to anything and don't have if he runs an act of god the faintest idea. Of the kind of work and how much time it takes and the responsibility. You have. No I I agree where there's this youth movement here. Is going to leave it. Over everything there on the school board now. And then coming into the county outpatient and it's going to be doesn't matter about experience journey think it's just we want knew when we're gonna run it. And they are running into the ground if he wanted to know the truth. And the learning curve is very very Stevens and. Mary. And I had done it for two years before as a planning commissioner. And it was still so much to learn to tell me it is is the city still run by a bunch of rich rich white guys that only really concerns developers Oman. Yes they used to be an old boy network this still is the business community. You know like that I would never gonna run again I was through the business community came to me in it for me to stay right at least for one more term. They are confirmed. Absolutely okay. If you had an opportunity to sit down with some of these these groups whether or Charlotte uprising or black lives matter. Well look a lot of what would you say. I'm old kid then experience that it mattered this smarter than the rest of that you know that when you have children now. This smarter than you are up. And that used to say that make. You will never learn what I forgot. So what is it you would like to forget Claire back. But what I like to forget. K I mean I like to see people work together. I'd like to see people without and agenda except what was good for this city. You did see some good come out of the store I know that you mentioned some individuals who as a result of all this. Decided to make changes in their world. Yes and and it'll come it's just that. He can try and I know when I was young I felt the same way you want everything do you think he can do better than gonna find that your company do any better. Now. You can't you can't and reinvent the wheel and the wheels are pretty damn good thing he's got to figure out how to ride that we'll whether it's a bicycle or two years cycle or cart Claire. Always a pleasure I appreciate your candor that's very characteristic of shares of clear valance of the council for the time being your. On WB two Mark Garrison gonna join us next he was down and he was right down there the middle little. Fantastic report. Absolutely fantastic reporting. And he's gonna join us next David them to get tickled to first on the other side 70457. Up eleven that is enough we got 1047 time mark chairs of the news wherever joins us here and mark when you blow through a couple of phone calls for no quick and then I guess some questions and I would like to ask you Tom. Settle for 57011101. Year ago what sticks out. Tom doctor mr. yes it yes sir thank you very much I would like it and bring up something that it's changed and wider more looting and and this disruption. Many many years to go out there rule it at any major city. That noting alluding would go out there will be shot they will not get what they were doing they were each shot. Bobby shouldn't Kennedy changed their role is certain our properties not its important human life. And it's been downhill ever since generally order debt of late princess stopped for. You don't stop with you should stop or I will you. Andy sheets. And get what in a city of a million people. Almost no one ever got shot or. And there was our whole street who are they get half our whole the whole city was under. Our fire threat because he's so I'll get of people out. And one loader which shot in the leg. A measure that that I like the idea of going back to if you're alluding. You're gonna get shot because I do place human life above. Above property. Call me crazy if you like but are there as well disagree with the top David hi you're on WBT one year ago ten years ago. Join on it. I looked ten years ago that you bring up the good thing that I'd just ten that to our police officers were gunned down. Just show them shall call. And now you know I I think. I have got that. I bet I'm personally did we did not actually. What happened one year ago today and I think it was a point where. Do you. Yeah its protest explosions alliance and win this Civil Disobedience Scott if it happens that would come. You know okay. To prop it. For looting and killing and you know the criminal justice it is. Now in Charlotte dictated by the feeling a bit. Yet but it Scott Drew blockage justice. Roque. That. Did they get not we're gonna go out and just destroy and lewd and damage but. You know and you brought up one thing that I have got to address Scott perhaps he says it is through these little ball which Y cash. And a little lower little lower than that because we have Anthony talks we have Patrick and then I lose. Go ahead act and we need. Well that just you know being a criminal and you can go to the numbers from minority to own the City Council. The upper lip a black chief of police have gotten bit county commissioners and school board. It's pretty much people so it's not ruled by the white client and the more we haven't. Rhetoric like that it just explain to people that we. We. You know we have the patient back. Good girl redneck why. Ignorant. People that are going up. Always always. It is detriment to society. And on the other hand and a visit but there's a degree racism goes both the way I could be like this against a black person. A black person can be a racist against me but I feel afraid that the most of the people in the affinity to this country. And the state are not licensed whether they're black or why. It's a cute redneck ignorant white people there won't apply that confederate flag. And we do all that. On the same it's through people trapped on the minority that would black African Americans that they were all crackers they were all responsible for. So we've got to say hey yeah I'll. North Korea and the whole world is trying to do blow us up. If we don't come together. Then we don't have to have a war with this government. Nordic Dave or are imploding as it is OK I gadget and you're right crackers yeah you're right. Certain blacks yeah it's a small amount to very teeny tiny tail it's almost like it's a cropped tail on a Rottweiler. That seems to be wagging the dog Mike garrison you were down of the thick of it last year I'm sure you viewed. But different kinds of people that were involved in not not necessarily Civil Disobedience is David said the certainly much worse than that. Yeah the first two nights were the roughest night and that's when you had people who are particularly the second night a lot of paid agitators Cayman. I was Saturday rally and and marsh and for mayor bearden part before everything went down that evening where people were encouraged break windows and do what they needed to do. I watched looters on the streets and and the cops were out outmanned and I mean they just love a lot of it go on because they didn't have enough help. And then the third night it is a fact that you have a lot of people who were not looters and cop haters come out because they a lot of questions about what happened. And they were upset that the the body cam tapes were not being released it worked families out at third night. So there is a real contrast between the first two nights when they were. Looting and they were just criminal elements out and then on the third night when you had a lot of just ordinary folks do we know who who were the ones are contacted via the paid agitators to come on into town you think they were. We're told from afar to come to Charlotte you know even I don't have a direct answer to get my suspicion and talking to some of them is that they spotted the opportunity and came in because they were looking for opportunities I remember one guy especially from that. Communist revolutionary party who is trying to stir up the crowd he came from new York and he came because he had read about two of the shooting here and so he immediately flew. Communist revolutionary party yet you escorted a lot to do with the our issues here insurance. While so. We you're right in the middle of attend I mean there was mayhem gonna you just mentioned that looters and I were you ever afraid. Yes. It gave there was one time waiver is it just after midnight. And I was I hid a left an area where the cops were and I went down a small side street. And they were these guys who who vandalizing a van smashing all the windows on it. And I suddenly realized it was just me and those guys are dark streak got and a guy came along and helped me and offered to walk me in my car is a great big black guide this I'm still trying to find him because but that was the one time I was a little. Parade collection do you do you think people care. You know I'm I'm trying to request them to really trying to get a handle on. Whether people cared to then you know outside of a certain group of people and whether they really actually care right now there's so many people this has no bearing upon my life. It didn't then and it's not going to be bearing in my life today when I had to lunch. You're right I mean look you know we just came through an election were 92% of the people Charlotte young the didn't care but I am on my guess is that 92% of the people of Charlotte or like OK can you people talk about something else other than the shooting. He was shot it's over investigation done next. Case ripe candidate because there's 92% of the people in the marketplace who. They're not afraid of cops they're probably not gonna have to deal with the police unless they're speeding through a school's owner they got a taillight out. And I have to say. I sat down with the chief let me yesterday afternoon and I thought it was a very interest in depth for all we've been through. And I ask him Monday morning quarterbacking. Do you and is there something that could have been done there that would have saved Keith Scott's life and he was quick to say yeah. He should have dropped the gun right ya the gentlemen of the comments of people making his why can't dot dot why can't they why can't he why couldn't he. Permissions to certain segment of society that that doesn't click we try to project the way our brain works on other people would just do it doesn't doesn't just. China and people you you had been the guy what's using Braxton have. Preston Winston yeah yeah and he's a Charlotte uprising which on where page they think cop should be done away and I don't notice their radical view although there was a piece that you put together and I wish I was absolutely floored. We're. This subject was violence and you know and she didn't think that looting and vandalism was violence the only thing that was violence was violence against other community exactly and women that's we heard that a lot. From those groups and Jason Bay at some point in time there's some power to other she had oxygen cut off her brain. For an extended period of time has passed away she's anxious if it doesn't work from and then it was inappropriate treasure that if plus. So hopefully he'll he'll get better mark appreciate your time Yemen John stay with me and be first on the other side of the break one year ago today you really care. Did you hear that you care now. Or is it move on to the next day. Is it really is time to say now I really don't wanna soccer stadium is that more important break him back this is his eleventh hit I deny freedom to be to thank you much what before. It's got it's your one year ago today one year ago. A woman. Lost her husband. She would Hampton does shoot him he had no way that they. He has no weapon that was alarm does he want it. Not sure I. Does not at did ability then. Rob. That was. Positioning day. There was an interest in dec. Virgo you care. Do you care. Now educator that. They're gonna change. Commit long wrote that to the turn that trend around. Dark as the trends on the track in the jackal goes one direction. John good morning you're on WBT. The more describe. See the culture the call them so that every single self regulated. There might be true but what can't be regulated is is emotion. And well. Mark my. Experience having encountered as in the fourth person in the very well reported town. There's noncompliance. Actually yup subjected Lito ratios on a slow truck and blow for a minor traffic in part from. And another walked around the court but it was a very very. Partisan exposure. Serb except for whatever the cops said the ability. To try arguable emotions several things that were absolutely outrageous. Not understand her rent a mobs and not race hustlers like the guy yeah on the earlier this morning with blue. Monopoly war the second when people bring it. Not comply might trigger a lot of emotions that can't be regulated. But what thanks for sure not compliance doesn't. The meeting would give you that there so much. Fossil what are our brand that you know that it's. That's where I would agree with you if it's a gun and absolutely if somebody is running away from a from a police officer. They're not complying there's no reason in the world to shoot the guy. In my in my opinion. Anew unless maybe. There's a dead body in somebody in and you saw him kill somebody. Then then maybe you know that's a different animal altogether but somebody in a traffic stop and get out of the car and they start running there's no need to shoot down. But if the officer truly. And sincerely believes that he use his wife is in danger then I'm gonna have to side with the police officer on that. Would would you agree Annette. Well who I think I think the city. Think the premise that there as a solution to this just what's called a ball narrative. Humans are humans are well followed the police for her part you know they're they're not they're just altruism there up thirty big picture. Other human just like the criminals are just watch some of the commercial and they're not going to be a solution there's always going to be something subjective about in your police commissioner welcome him. No I agree with you there's always going to be a certain amount of subject and should subjective discussions that go around it Tom but we have. I don't know if it's a generation efforts to generations if it's intergenerational. There's a group of people on this planet as a group of people in the United States. Who have no respect for authority. They have no respect for themselves. They. And it's and it's not just the black community people not keep getting emails here while the black committee doesn't respect themselves and always know. No there's there's a group of of young folks here that are grown up in the end there in affluent homes in white neighborhoods. They could care less about their mother and a father what they say they don't care about the police it's all about damage Mimi may itself please it's how many likes gonna get on mr. Graham. And that that group of folks is gonna run is some real problems to. Well I didn't understand that but this but our core are criminals are not that the huge score we noted these people are they're human debris. And it's. You know you you can't you can't so you can't dispute the the ratio of what you present right now. Well look let's just call them violent criminals whether it's whether it's black or white. I don't know that that necessarily pertain to the discussion is who you are what kind of person are you. And let's turn off the you know turn off which color somebody is if you're a violent criminal. We don't do enough. To keep people behind bars. The ones that cannot be rehabilitated. Because let's just face it you know. I don't think we give up too early on people but after some point in time to me it's too late. Rick yes and it's employing types they're gonna do nothing but cause more problems. And as things ratchet up and things escalate. You know if you did three years and they needed five they needed seven and then your Big Ten and then all of a sudden you're up for something that's gonna put combine for 25 what in the heck do you have a live. What you have to lose is there an answer to this. I think I agree with a huge on its. If it is then it's it's an answer that I asked to come from someplace. That's beyond the human brain for a talk to. The gentleman that that's quite familiar with Leo word of law enforcement and police shootings is name's Lance Russo. Former former top attorney. We'll see if we get some insight from him breaking back you wanna join in 70457. Elevenths having your WBT 1160 as your time when your go today. We had the death of Heath LaMont Scott the hands of a police officer. Media world went crazy assuming I used to go to the confines of the world and college Charlotte riding three days at least. The ramifications are still rippling through us and even up to today. Mean that's. Peace on earth would be nice wouldn't it just has been of the pipe dream at least for the time being we gonna have to deal with the bad guys. We're gonna have to deal with the when violence in the streets were unfortunate to do what protest when people don't like. What happens and we've certainly seen our share of it here recently. Quite a bit of it because of interactions between. Members of the community and police officers where we go from here seems to be based on the discussion that we've had all through this morning here in the conversation that we've had. As you've joined and it's you know the police are doing what they're supposed to be doing they're responding. Accordingly wrestler Russa joins us here now. When cops kill book you wrote in blue news also former law enforcement or percent and and an attorney as well. And your contention is that well there's a perceived threat. Deadly forces what's necessary there is no in between between not doing anything and and shooting to kill is there. I'm you know and that the issue they officiating at not to kill the shooting at the proper threat the problem is that when you shoot someone. You know people talk about treating someone in the leg or treating them any arm. First of all that balances the problem that law enforcement have to protect the public because if you shoot somebody armor like you could met. I'm the reason that they issued Federer map in the chapter in the back whatever is available to them is they're happy reasonably make sure that they can hit their target. The other issue is and that is why it's just not eat we have people making comments about law enforcement. They really have no clue as to the locker deadly force or reality. I beat the force when you shoot someone there's no guarantee you're gonna stop it happens in TV but I can assure you video after video or people or shop our law enforcement. And they do not stop our actions they don't stop on a dime. You can she embodied in the armor lagged it no less lethal if you hit somebody in an artery in their armor leg. And I did even harder to stop complete joke we have a lot of people that are second guessing law enforcement using hindsight which is specifically what the United States Supreme Court has said you should not. Touch. Yeah I I would buy for the argument before shoot him in the election to won't unless you're the Sundance kid and you know you can at a quarter tossed into the year. Then you're right go for the other main body mass because once again. Safety and to protect your life there's a police officer here. No there there are a lot of folks have gotten emails from our from people who say well you know the place just before training. They need to turn off their emotions and have their emotions train. My guess is that you know some people believe that but the police officers themselves perhaps somebody you've talked to. They've got a different idea about what the main problem may be when they have to do with the community and I deal with those problems were they consider those to be. Yet and you know let his people that are part at the opposite turning up their emotions kind of entertaining in that went out Carolina bureaucracy have been involved in shooting doctors have been shot a lot of eighty. These are people. They're people behind a uniform that you know in these Croat these protests that you're seeing Saint Louis at the end of the night these crops are going common can't there it is they have urine at peace he probably uniforms. We are talking about the problem law enforcement basic we have battled law enforcement. With handling problems that have nothing to do with blonde or for example. I'm mental health hospitals have closed the idea confining people. And if who are dangerous to themselves or others is only rarely instituted where it used to be instituted more that. I'm in addition we have law enforcement officers dealing with a abject poverty in areas. Trying to he family together by working domestic disputes trying to keep kids in school. You know one jurisdiction that I know was trying to solve burglaries in the neighborhood and they realize his high school were perpetrating them they started following the buses to school and watching the kids get off and making sure that when they got up about they went into the archer. We saddled them with so much to do. And then when they can't solve all of society's problems we tell them it's their fault and need better training and there and I challenge the people say they need better training. None of them seem to be able to tell me what that training here. It can it seems to me you know I agree with you it's like they're they're supposed to be social workers now they're supposed to be mom they're supposed to be dead that sort of thing and then when they run into a situation where the result. Is somebody dying. Hey it's almost as if the person is already jumped off the cliff and there really is no other alternative at that point. Yeah a lot of parent when officers and I've I've brought that debris at the back of art that prop it up and several interviews usually when a law enforcement officer get routine I've done. You know involuntary commitment tropical systems where eight is psychologist says that this person needs to be committed. Physically committed four up at six month. So I know what these families go through I've seen the struggle on their faces when they're testifying you do about it I'm a law enforcement officers called to. The family has gone through all of the coping mechanism they they've done everything that psychologists that suggested the person and turkeys and take their medications whatever happened. Debate and when they officers get to the scene. They're already handed the if you will an extremely complicated situation in. In professional parlance in common parlance they're handed a match. And that's why you see these things go off the rails very quickly if the officers show up in their act immediately. For the person hasn't edged weapon and they're threatening a third party. I'm at that point the officers options are so limited and you know it it's really. It is shame that we have people jumping on the bandwagon. With word like be escalation that they just flat do not understand the escalation as a result. Vehicle Lleyton not a tactic. Be escalating can be everything from. Law enforcement officers showing up in an armored vehicles to a known drug out so that dealers inside realize they don't wanna take on the swat team and then they come out. That situation Mindy escalated. But when you have a person who is violent. Or you have a person who's threatening to take of their life or someone else's life. You know the escalation requires the cooperation to two people. The officer and the subject and if there is no communication or they're unable to establish a lot of communication. The officer who really have limited options. Do you feel like do the police as a whole feel like the justice system is letting them down as well because. You know if you're somebody's a violent criminal what are the chances that they're not going to continue to be a violent criminal after several stays behind bars. They are very interesting point the few years ago there was a trooper in. Georgia and in chat LeCroy. We shot a few days after Christmas but somebody had been arrested and sent them nineteen times. You know people talk about the number of officers that have been killed this year I think it took about 36 or 38. But at the end of August over a 182 officers had been shot in the line of BD and many of them ambushed. And when we go back into the background of the people who are committing armed robberies and rapes and murders. And attacking law enforcement. They have multiple crimes under their belt they have multiple brushes with the this system. A lot of them have been deferred they're they've been given a second third fourth and fifth chances and it. We see these situations where. Anyone in their right mind would realize that what we're doing with the car train these people on the matter is not working and there's plenty of examples in a dip in and now. Lakewood. 20094. Officers who were shot and killed in a coffee shop everybody knows that case that man was let out at an Arkansas prison. And went and killed four police officers. Well. But just about out of time here watching him last Lou Russo is with us here today on WB teach we have these people that after there is an officer involved shooting. That began to protest and they bring other folks and whether it's a black lives matter were some sort of Communist organizations. What are they really trying to accomplish here if anything in your estimation. This order content. Then people had nothing to do with say an emotional protest and he paid eight organization that brings disorder. To receive every time they show up. Black black matter and claimed to be founded upon what happened to Michael Brown yet they'll talk about ends up and don't shoot and Michael Brown was not shot back Michael Brown was not shot that ended up surrender. Not according to the video guy. So what we have in the is one reason why rogue blue news in the books are available on Amazon and wet but resembled dot com all the profits go along important charity. But they're wondering I wrote you broke the law enforcement agencies need to be more vocal and talk about the good things they're doing talk about their training when somebody says you don't train your officers well enough. Let them see the training that you're giving and they will be absolutely surprised law enforcement officers be escalate thousands of situations successfully. Every day. Nip the problem is we only hear about the ones that end up being problems land slow Russo appreciate your time once again on Amazon when cops kill. And blue news that's LO RU SS old Lance blow Russo appreciate your insight. Be nice if I suppose would have listened to that. And gleaned a little bit from a so that the next time somewhere in the country that this happens they don't go get an airplane and try to raise holy hell. Break him back and then you John to get you first and the other side on news 1110993. WBT. When cops kill. Most of the time. The dead people deserve. Most the time the good people deserve. Till 4571110. Agree disagree. What you thought you John and elbowing coming up. Lace up my back. If that's case and I did something wrong and you were living like him to not do that. Some folks they just can't help but John good morning you're on WBT one year ago today police shooting your take. Yes armed. I know at one time police force an actress. What we're going to be able. Rubber bullets they do they use those typically in a riot situation. Are horrible or ball. The beam backs those are also typically done and used with a riot situation if I understand correctly. Right Fannie and mr. Alicia like peace got caught all ball particular. Script here shut him and it's just slipping back to knock it down what not. You have it's actually gonna we're calling the senator Hillary. We do we'll listening to the other last chance guest we had Lance low Russo. He was it was a former police officer. An attorney written several books. And even he made very clear to me at least that there's a huge misnomer that just because you shoot somebody. That they end up stopping what it is that they're doing so if they were to shoot somebody with a Bain de such as key to Moscow or with a rubber bullet. It doesn't mean that he wouldn't be able pulled a gun out and shoot right back. I mean we got four off site and there. To pull them back I mean if you needed him in cold rain just been knocking down a knock out. Who would you be willing would John if you were a police officer and there were four of you standing around that car. Would you be willing to take the chance. That. It would work because what if it didn't and you were the one that was closest ally would you think that that was an appropriate policy. How will be admitted charming. Fiance bought development doesn't have been very true off the pistol. People who want it so it knock it down people who don't bad shooting. I mean to ask other options first unrelated thing but killing somebody. I mean I understand the topic is scared understand that. And the ovation I got AB ultra. I I understand where Kevin from earlier today we we asked the question. In between a taser. And a bullet is and there's something in between that that we could create that we could use that would. Minimize and mitigate the number of deaths. And after talking to a Russo. I'm on his side that. They've got to do what they need to do can aim for an arm can aim for late. You can guarantee that that's gonna actually stopped somebody. He said he can demonstrate to you literally hundreds of times where somebody was still shot in the chest and they still kept on common. So at that point in time the safety of those around the safety of the officers I think comes first pilgrim high urine WBT. Yes sir absorbed a comment on that. Some of the opinions whatever I'm I'm not listen to everything that will say I mean either. Africa go ahead. Unconscionable person that's on security on the public security all functions can contend years. I couldn't yeah. And gross individually all I am not so. I think we're more of them returning this this should not come true. Shooting. Or all of the Balco in that period favorite time shouldn't concept that. You can also owns potential for abuse pages in the involved in the amount of use TP in China and crisis prevention and to Richard. Mentioned into the the last result the escalation of sorts if it works they weren't they are. More Lance again last La Russa sent. Do you escalation. Is not a tactic do you escalation. Is the result of using other tactics. So it and I hear what you're sitting enemy in bully me in an ideal world. It would always work and honestly. I think you have to admit. Who knows how many interactions the police have with people. The bad guys good guys on a daily basis I it has to be across the country hundreds of thousands I would imagine. Hundreds of thousands. How many people do we hear about getting shot by the police and can run the place every day. That that build and own history. So therefore. When you take a look at the numbers in the percentages are good. It's just unfortunate when that percentage is somebody you know and at percentages are a 100% then obviously. It's an unpleasant situation John good morning you one year ago Laura so he's right on. Yes sir I'm a former police so sure I got out of that a lot of work Ramallah throughout the sense to have children. Because I want to come home to my kids every night easy and he is 100% right there what you sit just a moment ago it was a 100% right there are many options that are tried. Before it reaches the point of shooting someone. And once you reach that point the question been in that situation you don't know. What you gonna do. No I have a great dislike the guys who will use the main index. That's all that's all well and good until you're in a situation and it doesn't work and then really knew what that we the policy. Obvious seeing guys in training be shot was being banks and not fall down and that's. You know that's a state no not a police officers you know your life's not in danger right. The person can stand here take this shot from the main bags take this shot from the rubber bullets take the race to the place. You have to get pacers and training. You go through all of this so that you know what it feels like to be on the other end. Oh right and it doesn't always work. No no and and if you're dealing with some leaders are cooked up for meth offered. Otherwise messed up things. Then maybe some of those sensors that the body has going to the brain Telemar Hayes something's really wrong here I hurt really badly maybe those are out of whack and break him back. I'll get your calls you wanna join in 704570311101. Year ago. Is anything's changed. That's a great emails us got a W beach you don't come off return all of them has a lot of those. Comments on the Ken mentions such. That's when was Asian beauties waiting for you. Sprinkle. I'm sure there's elements of truth. So one year ago today the issued in the case for months Scott and personal discussions about why can't people just follow the heavy orders of the police. The other people are saying why can't the police can better training why can't they do something besides. Use lethal force Toronto like cancer aren't there Brian hi good morning under the UB team. Very good morning car and do my rights are. Good powerful opponent is that as somebody at a and so carry it. Older and Tony you don't care their weapon I think about one which you ever be justified and easy way of forced. And according to not go on dialogue but from where you're just fighting using legal course when anyone is threatened with for was polite a land. Don't a situation where somebody producer of the lethal weapon and then ignored orders from police about what been down. They've certainly created a situation where there's a threat a lot of our web. And a police officers and that situation there job is due at least. Not necessarily control but at least has some influence on what the alchemist going to be so it as far as. Be escalating the situation goes which your luck color we're talking about. The only way to really properly yeah actually that situation is to terminate the person who escalated the situation. Perhaps may not may not necessarily be the first thing you can do and and in the case a key Vermont Scott. It wasn't the first thing that they do it it was tropical I drop the gun drop the gun drop the gun. Then and you'd think that. That no I don't know that might become common knowledge that drop the gun drop the gun drop the gun is followed. By shots. A reasonable person should know that and when a person doesn't call the police insurgent. And they have a lethal weapon than they do become a threat to everyone around. Exactly I mean. That was that's the other thing that nobody is brought up that when you shouldn't talk about sort of thinking about that such as the police officers that were in danger men are people all over the place people all around. And you have. Keep LaMont struck it is said OK well also taken out of police officer or minister or shouldn't this crowd over here so then who's accountable. You know then word is a liability come then the police what they held on too long. May be their fault that. It's good stuff but I appreciate your Costco to a Larry Caleb your next good morning on WB to eight. Padres got married today I'm given at a time and trying to figure this world on some times I still believe I'm Charlotte's most befuddled. I don't have a bank camera and his second all right good we'll switch if you like. Yeah well I I'm I'm tired site in the world didn't have. The the success and I what are you got pushed today well I've got a lot of our friends and family members of her own different sources around the area. And they're training is immaculate I agree with your last caller and the guests that you have on. Please call or trip to make these decisions and split seconds am my my condolences go out to anyone that has Walsh. I loved one due to there's. But. These lavish. Are important as well. They have families they wanted to go home soon and your left collar probably put it better than I could you know what. We're is that people so yeah. You know compliance we'll get to a long life. I I agree what you. McMahon mode let's let's face it most of the people. That are in a situation where the cops are considering using deadly force. They know that they're kind of up against the wall and there's a couple of choices you want it one way or the other. They're gonna go to court and most likely go to jail for they're gonna die. And at some point time some of these people very they have no. The value in their own lives or anybody else's lives it's not a big surprise you know people the previous caller said you know any reasonable person. Sometimes you know a situation where reason discuss churn out the window and unfortunate that's what happens quite often when a police officer runs upon. Absolutely. I'm a concealed carry. Myself. And you know there's certain route you have to abide by air a lot of amid you know work you comply with what police talked to tell. You Jeter and where they can take you you don't make getting booed until they take you to. But such is not the case comes. Heredia was a great story by a guy name home because they Malcolm. I can remember it was meant. But he did a study that was about drunks and and how much money they caused the community. It comes down to just a handful. Of really bad mentally disabled. Alcoholics. Cost the the majority of the money that that hospitals have to pay to deal with a particular situation same study showed. There when they looked at the Los Angeles police department in violent episodes and episodes of gone over the top. It came down to maybe there were 500 incidents but there were three or four people who drove the bus on net. And that's something that people tend to forget the special things folks who know. Protesting against the police. It's not the all the police officers or might be one or two bad apples there but for the most part you're dealing with people. That you want to be protecting you and that she want to be carrying the guns Caleb good morning I WB two. Explored the material. On old Soviet dead horse here about a sport coming on some of these people come in. No I understand a lot nonlethal means cannot be used. Mean a military veteran. I know we were taught and oversee. Our training for bone both formats they're almost all of these. Oh no that compares them to break air they're related but they're fuel growth. Own you know mobile home. Or deformed her oats and there were nude woman cheers they hope. That bill did drop to the ground and ends in an indisputable Brett detonated in a big lead shot multiple times and still be able to engage you. I'll know what the way it did. End up voting bloc would overturn don't go out there and stop true Marine Corps to the chest or that it hub and that's a career low. In you'd get a word of prayer Tibet so our diplomatic I don't beverage person. They're built but they expressed are the minister of this terrible news and what they are you would relapse in there to pressure on yourself not spend as well they're in won't ever been able. When it gets on the skull may respond. That they don't know if that piece suspects. Into what their own below their own girls are inaudible there's sort of mind isn't. You get adrenaline or won't they are you already not to mention me there if they are using some sort of you know upper. And it produced a much harder to take down an industry norm or. It being beckoned and just not realistic option in the result split second decision and pinball that the military experience but ultimately the bill bonanno work not take well beat we smiled at Taylor little holder dropped to grandma what what the patient. We've had multiple cases. Parliament parliament trapped until they're on your side. I'm up a little bit more portrait Lugo didn't arbitrator's. Order a waiting also and extremists. And you can cute Apollo where an inquiry yet into the solution penetrated but it. There are still able sometime just in the general rule and Iran and or what not to understand is not always the perfect scenario there. Why do you think they're 100 sheet being Benedict. Well a menu Turkish speaking at upper big you don't Bain beggar taser had built an uncompressed they don't and they are formed note you gonna do instructor. Got retirees and Edgar are all around them. More debt it ended and then it law yet and you've lost. Response time because you're gonna drop one to pick up the other. But that like they had to shoot because a taser would work on me I mean the electricity has no impact on me what's who writes it every night is better for pay go home. And I should in the bath tub with the a clock radio. I in India or not just I'm just killing a baby nice to be a superpower that was certainly love to have but. Yet. Hey it's been quite a lesson today and why can't we use something other than lethal force Rome. Because. If it gets to the situation where you've got to stop somebody. Then. You can't take any chances you gotta stop the person piers you're going to be last year on WB 2 good morning. Well audible almost all about. You know the real quick and I and I don't want ugly year he knew well. Quote a clear vote or say well what brought all all all all. Or arm right the end. She had told he would artwork video will fall short hurts till the end who. Right don't do it all don't do it don't do what was what was she telling cannot do order DM pizza. Now she know he was army she was told him not to do anything with a gun. So it appears I'm sorry I had to cut you off we are out of time for today but I do appreciate you joining in the conversation. It was a good work tomorrow it's going to be a year and a day and we get to move on hopefully and Michael become better. Stay with what the conversation again tomorrow at 9 o'clock Scioscia still I wish you blue skies and green lights.