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If you listen to this program with any regularity. Ants. I'm sharing this as a goal and I'm not always going to succeed at this but. I progressively wanna spend less of my time. Talking about the mess that is. And talking abouts how we can rebuild. Rebuild foundations. Work on something that has some redemptive value. Increasingly I've concluded the Republican Party is not that vehicle. Now I'm not convert yet. But my next guest is someone you has already taken the I think very visionary step. Of co founding a new political party called a Federalist party. And joining me now to talk about it is JD record good morning welcome back men. It's thanks haven't even I hope I can convert you to their. All right well. Go ahead and give your pitch what it is let's talk first before you talk about the party itself. Once brought you to displace. Sending brought so many Americans this place and just. Frustration. And this being disenfranchised with the current two party system and not just Republicans but Democrats have. Are having took part right now Republicans. Democrats are straight swift ailing policies. Yelling decisions in the Republicans wouldn't say well you know we're we were so bad because Leah. These key in the were pushing for conservatives but keep getting Ryan has an Iraq. The last I would say we Dick maybe three decades. We've been shipped in the shipped is continuous. She can hold that hey you know we're gonna focus aren't that smaller government we're gonna focus on. And freedoms we're going to be able to repeal Obama care unit just just get into darkness in the promises invariably get broken. And so that Oprah meet this plates and was brought a lot of Americans to to consider other options and that's where the Arctic and then. Now I'm not sure if I've shared this in our conversations off air but I came to the conclusion that in terms of promoting liberty and the ideas of liberty I think its interest in this party started off. In. Promoting an end to slavery. And I don't think the less significant thing the Republican Party has ever done. Was to advance civil rights legislation I think that's the point where they have ceased to be. Effective. In re even three Harding the progressive agenda how would you respond to that. I wholeheartedly agree that we were. What are the whole idea is behind. The original or. Was too close to push forward. An agenda that had a centralized government the windows. Very limited. One where the real she'd Paulus with states. And individuals you know hope and men the concept is that general after ghost. Followed each other to create what we shouldn't be essentially it's close to perfect darkness yet. You know I'm not saying there weren't there are laws are in need to be changed in the constitution. And the subsequent amendments that. Politics compared to what everybody else has now it is pretty dark arts and Gary. Very visionary or something where if you are looking future wells. Created in the media. All those 240 years goes so. Now must be obsolete it's not the most action and some anyway. And you're actually right near the Republican Party hats that except this is not really. In the can in the very long time and actions that. Because part of that is almost a parody of itself. And then that's what brings us to where we are day in Chatham a matter of trying to use centralized rule and much that they. They external party at the same goal. Balance each chickened out between state and federal government didn't do that day the federal government has most of the power much all the wrong to rain event. It's what article about. We're talking with Judy wrecker about the Federalist party in a party that he has helped to coal found. I wanna talk about the principles. Behind the Federalist party. Personal someone who's interested in getting involved. What are the foundational beliefs. And very some programs we we believe that you can address. The essentially every issue in America. He's focused on the tree or street foundation you put it. Limiting government and in particular program but also some extent you know other governments. The goal. Defending our freedom we're seeing this pop up every day in the switching. Out First Amendment under attack. Literally I just yesterday in Berkeley in a live report Berkeley. We're seeing Second Amendment. Getting tax weaponry we're seeing. Tenth amendment being ignored. How we're seeing a pardon and and attacks on Fourth Amendment. It is. Freedoms are deteriorating to the the or art is something that we can differentiate us from a lot of the partisan and as we need to plan on protecting life. Right it's something that. I think it's become plank for a lot of parties for us it is core issue this is this is a foundational. Well he's a principle we're going to be utilizing pushing to the top urgent and so between two women government. The setting screens and protect English. All of that is the foundation upon which we can build this national party. That was the strategy going forward because. There are a lot of people who are they're determined they think that you know. Where her destined to have this two party system if we're going to save any thing we're gonna have to use the vehicle the Republican Party. How would you respond to that. Person brought so what would take him back the last laps you were looking at every option that was wanna be that opt. While some Wheaton to them very close look at can we stick cubicle. There and the actors now. Architectural and as you put it then the party wouldn't have been able to get ample Kim would have been able to essentially. Wouldn't you take over blue beat the process of taking over verses being in stated that. Would have more conservatism small government people in the office in the Republican part he's gotten too strong it has been three years there were certain. Certain anomalies as a at all Reagan who who win them and and was able titans out from which we work another Reagan or another and Reagan's in the Arctic GOP suspect and a slew of the park it is. Which out of those are part is that they they lack of strategy they don't have that we would undercut a port we have a very clear and trick or not there's this golden but he would think strategy to be able to grow longer look Putin's own or are lecture. Don't happy to have lightened it's embarrassing to say this because I'm not embarrassing trust between their secret and that there's parties after the have been around work. Over quarter century and still to knock. Have a desire to rely on technology for example that they don't really pushed out the right message your focus on. Doing fundraisers at laundromat. It's ridiculous. And so. To directly answer your question of people saying what more can we execute important. Because it heading in the other direction. Pushing towards bigger government. We have a she'll today that it actually zero excuses. Not they have the house the senate. Presidency most state there's no reason why. And should still be on obamacare should have been repealed the crimes of seven years. I actually form the shape you know greater shouldn't have been six out there right now formulating some kind of and it seemed like actual formal religious state progressive. Shift in the way the taxes are collected this should be a matter cut cut cut cut bureaucracy cut power as much as you can in DC two days opportunity. What are we seeing in this GOP. Not sure. We're seeing in action. When they do act it's too late that ceilings will which we can expect to happen very soon to to expand budgets. There have there been somewhere and to they've been some bureaucratic cut actual. The Coca compared to continued expansion so what are people saying why don't I believe the GOP or has to say check. The new C what's happening today. We're going to be able to do something they would have done and are. Whom he actually promote them now. It should be establishment just too powerful court people like say that the Mitch McConnell and lower into the quote write those you know Republican in name only. I disagree. I wrote in the constitutional small government conservative. Republicans in the opposite there the Ryan knows they're the ones who are. There Republicans the turn your agenda is not on the table it is TV. Leftist that the more liberal big government agenda. That strategy of being able to drive a GOP in the future. You are saying they are the ones this that's the new identity of the party and and I think you'd probably agree with my assessment. I refer to the two parties as progressive Ballou and progressive red. That's really what got right now a JD we're up against a heartbreak can you hold onto the break. Is that like any further. As we continue our conversation with co-founder of the Federalist party JD Rucker wanna get your thoughts as well do you like this idea coming up we're to talk about. What does what does this look like there are thirty Federalist candidates how soon we you have the opportunity to vote Federalist. And does this mean somebody has to abandoned the Republican Party right now will delve into this as we continue Vince Coakley radio program. We're talking with JD Rucker who is the co-founder of the Federalist party. And it's I don't immediate questions which come to your mind for good reason. So how to we join this party ends where are the candidates win do we see someone running for. For mayor or City Council or wherever whatever the elections are and especially with our federal government for congress roots and it. Where the candidates mr. Rucker. They are potentially everywhere so. Our biggest. Our biggest. Challenge right now is being able to slow things. This pardon this this effort has exploded. Far beyond our expectations in this morning to you too. To really start building out state organizations. Meet that goal of getting two races from twenty perhaps and function. What happened that. Aged it has exploded now people are saying hey ray. What Iran is better almost you know hopes and yet I got that I want to build this party or what a Arlen build this opt out and do that you know hey you got. Low couldn't guard them trapped or who wanna run party. My job is essentially sickle on our look at myself more secure secret stage you know there's going to be. Smarter better people that will well so when when time comes together to launch something stupid in that stretch where I mean my. My friends and everybody else brawl corporate history so. So yes we are. Wanting to accelerate. The proper speed. So. You that you need the city channel very very important school boards memberships these are reasons that we're talking to many people across the country and we do plan. To get people lodged in tweaking. The question is whether or not. You know when you look at look logistics individually in each individual race to determine. In the one hour limit on a run any. Rate Scalia outlet that silly at. Mistake number one director Arne you know he not a president. Who will be a they need neglect writing work. Worse school board or. You know cat and dog catcher like that they illustrate the power and everybody I'm in money that we're going to bypass a national focus on. Local elections but there are ample. National elections yet you're looking at any action actual districts in the Missouri were looking at another. Potential. IE. I didn't power name. In Florida and and let the states where people coming up we have to determine treating the lung. Is there any other words. You know bit unique is just a little pain prudent to tracks number two gentlemen wind we have the right. In the room and we strong armed them without proper infrastructure actually read the money. You get a little getting to the street dutchman in Greece and this particular commercial district of that particular. Rush for example the number three. Do we have the mandate in other words. You know in fact if we're. Targeting the IndyCar is that a starter was two stroke center. You will look at who were supportive but the is Mike we really began we want to go up yesterday we wanna see how. You know. Other people on the of more. More dangerous speech to say Republican delicate topic and so do it likely is actually being in the book about her was to assess those strict and so that long or short your questions. Chin by. Will what have I have news that popped out all the time and people and see what tapping their local area we can expect journalists to 53 or or are. Our rights that some important information to note here one of things that you and I were talking about this on the phone the other day. The the possibility of having Republican candidates raw and that would also give an endorsement from the Federalist party's decorate. Support and endure written very clear we're party. As a party whooped we will only in the worst federalists. We won't support generals minded Republicans will support generals might an independent I admit that Missouri wrote. Mr. we're not going to be able to get on the ballot at the Charles pardon between HE. But the press was speaking to you is talking to us about running as an independent. Declaring shot up. So that something we can endorse. Obama is there's 88 Republican when we spoke to you. Numerous are again I don't get into specifics because they are Republicans who talk to people about the possibility of I watch you run as a Republican. And you win your primary what whirlwind year elections are Republican Dan. Come across in the in the futures. Help us to get more sitting politicians. To declare a McDonald's can present and journalism is not something. We're not out there to build the park where we're up there to build small government. Small government. Cohesive organization with in the in the realm of government and heal the party is meaningless. So that again belonging to the short answer your question is yes. We will help out the right people to get into office as long as they are better course. Very important information I have here and in closing for those people might be interest in Fannie or more you gave some information you give it text. That people Wear bullet get more information you wanna give that again or any other web sites for information. Yeah he's laid his YouTube. To the American policy on Twitter arm and just district for girls party. Give me intact chatter was 25345. And receive occasional and right now we're auctioning off to a tree in my. We don't expect that we get to more than which sweeps even limping around ramping up. Terrific we'll JD it's been awesome heavy on the broadcast today's talk about what you're a Q. And we hope to hear from you again soon find out how this is coming along. Captain and I appreciated thank you.