Jackson Withdraws as VA Secretary Nominee, Caravan Reaches Mexican-US Border

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, April 26th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. And this is no big Stokely radio program. The Thursday morning welcome to our broadcast could be back with you hope all is doing well. And we start off with a little bit of good news. Relating to our economy and what's happening in the unemployment realm especially. No reason they see a little bit of good news this is balanced out by some disturbing science. Let's start with the good part first. Some data showing. The economy remains on a strong footing. Know what should just. Take this and breathe this in just for a moment. The number of Americans filing unemployment benefits. Dropped to the lowest level. In more than 48. Years last week. 48. Years. I think about that. So we're talking forty years we're going back to what 1970. That's pretty good don't you think. And again I remind you this is. About the economy. The American free market system being able to do what it does best. When Americans are just Americans and we're doing. What we need to do to take care of our families. And to provide resources provide. Our products whatever it is our economy just. Zips right along. The challenge when the government interferes. But there are some things that are not necessarily good in this economic report I wanted to start the good part first. New orders for key US made capital goods unexpectedly fell. Weighed down by the biggest drop in demand for machinery in nearly two years also declining shipments. Suggesting business spending on equipment slowed in the first quarter. Commerce Department said orders for non defense capital goods excluding aircraft the closely watched proxy for business spending plans to. It actually dropped slightly. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast core capital goods orders racing a little bit last month. And those in priest actually you thirty year by about 6% which is good that's a good thing. But overall. I think it's safe to say. That it's our economy still going on the right track. One of my frustrations. Continues to be this idea that somehow you know presidents. Were. Congress. We're some sort of panel of experts are going to figure this all out and they're going to manage our economy I don't want threat to just get out of the way. And let America be America. I think that's going to be our continued strength going fort. So we'll see how all of this all of this plays out during the course this year by now I'm sure you've heard the breaking news developing story this morning. We've been talking the past several days about the troubled nomination of rear admiral Ronnie Jackson. He was the nominee to leave the Department of Veterans Affairs. And now he's officially out he's withdrawn his name I mean why wouldn't you withdrawing her name you pretty much have the president who nominated you. Say well if this were me I'd probably have second thoughts about this. Could well. That's exactly what's happened here. We had a flurry of allegations about Jackson's professional conduct or lack thereof. In a statement announcing his withdrawal Jackson slammed allegations of improper behavior leveled against him as completely false. And fabricated. He says if they had merit. I would not have been selected promoted and in trusted servants such sensitive and important role as physicians. 23. Presidents. Over the past twelve years. That's a big deal. Going to this process. I expected tough questions about how to best care for our veterans but. I didn't expect to have to dignify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity. I'm not piling on here I'd you raised questions though. If these are unsubstantiated. If these are baseless. Allegations. Why not fight this thing. Just a question. Jackson went on to say he was motivated to withdraw from consideration because the allegations against him become a distraction for trump and his agenda. Unfortunately because of how Washington works these false allegations become a distraction from this president and the more important issues. We must be addressing how we give the best care to our nation's here's why will forever be grateful for the trust and confidence prison trump its place to me by giving me this opportunity. I'm regretfully withdraw my nomination be secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Speaker and FOX & Friends this morning. President Donald Trump said Jackson's withdrawal was not unexpected really. I can totally day or two ago I saw where this was going. As what the president had to say. Wednesday morning we have the release of a two page document by democratic staff on the senate veterans affairs committee. Including a list of allegations from the committee's conversations and nearly two dozen projections former and current colleagues. This may just Jackson's chances of survival. More uncertain. According the summer release by senate Democrats contents of which remain under investigation by lawmakers. And if not yet been substantiated. Jackson was allegedly abusive to his colleagues. Loosely handle prescription pain medication and was periodically. Intoxicated. That would be drunk for those of you who can't comprehend this. Just being silly. And there's even a nag allegations that he wants wrecked our government vehicle while drunk. I think you this if you're the White House physician how do you get away with all the stuff for so long. I don't know I really don't. It may be there's something to these allegations and that's the reason he's withdrawn his name. But again I ask why not fight this thing. In any case. Jackson's not respond to the allegations in their totality told reporters Wednesday he did not. Wreck the government car. And an educated at the time he planned to continue in the nominating process. There were concerns raised this week about allegations involving Jackson White House position. And it's. You know they've started to review these allegations an effort to determine. When they were sufficient to pull the plug on this nomination. The goal was to him appearing Capitol Hill yesterday for confirmation hearing that was postponed indefinitely. Members were trying to assess these allegations. Abouts. This nominee. Whistle blowers who spoke to battle described any toxic work environment under Jackson's leadership. And questionable behavior including. Excessive drinking. I wish you put these allegations. Became public the White House mounted a robust defensive Jackson. But the white house Press Secretary Sara Sanders telling reporters he had an impeccable record. Thanks Anderson just to Jackson's current position as the White House position meant. He had been more thoroughly vetted then other cabinet nominees. One point. Trump race prospect of going into the briefing room self to stick up for Jackson to say he's a good guy. And that he had his support several senior administration officials. Well they advised against that. And here we are. Another one bites the dust and rear admiral. Rod ejection withdrawn. The question is who steps of the plate next. To through this very important position coming up. Words of the freeze for Randy Jackson and from boom. Well none other than. The former president of the United States. Will talk about this is our broadcast continues to fifteen content. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. Coming up we haven't updates. On this horrible situation involving Alfie Evans. Temporary interest in related stories on here. Folks this isn't just about the right to life there are other. We think about it it's cute kind of follows if there's no respect for life. Other constitutional. Privilege shoes that we enjoy here in the United States of America certainly are under danger as well. You rule. Yeah absolutely disgusted and may be a little bit alarmed when you hear with the brits are doing. In regard to support for Alfie Evans. We still alive. At last report. I want to I'd jump into something else. Before we talk about this situation is that that's gonna take a little bit of time here. One big issues the president ran on related to immigration. Controlling our borders especially. You see in this high profile caravan that is making its way to the US border. We're talking about a 130 central Americans mostly women and children they've now arrived. At the US border with Mexico. In a caravan of asylum seeking immigrants. Donald Trump. Not pleased to this and all these busloads two of them they arrived. Late Tuesday the next Mexican border city of Tijuana head to migrant shelters just steps away. For one of the most fortified stretches of border separating the US Mexico. They joined another fifty or so arrived in Tijuana over the last week or two. For more kill motives for more busloads. 200 central Americans mostly women and children including some men expected to arrive in Tijuana. And the lawyers. Are working on clinics. To deal with US asylum logs tell the immigrants what to expect to win they seek asylum first groups plan to try to enter the US. On Sunday. At San Diego's border crossing. So it's not like this is a surprise who have been following this for quite some time. We will see. What transpires she when they tried to cross into the United States of America. Mr. trump and his senior aides have portrayed these caravans these silent seekers is evidence of dis functional border in this serious threats. Fact prison tweet this week. He's issued orders not to let these large caravans of people into our country it is a disgrace. These Germans. Have been using these as a common tactic for years. So we get these advocacy groups to bring attention to central American citizens Seeking Asylum in the US. To escape political persecution or criminal threats from king's. So we will see how the administration will deal with tennis. This is clearly a provocation. Ends they don't. All the parties involved in pushing this agenda. That the world is watching. The question is Kim. Our leaders do the right thing rather than the expedient thing. We'd love to get your thoughts. On how this situation is approached what is the best thing to do. There are approaching the border. There are two point they have the decision to make are they going to continue. To crush. Are they willing to accept the potential consequences. And we need to be asked the question what should the consequence SP. How we make sure this is not a problem this is not an issue. We have to continue to do. Kind of in piecemeal fashion because we don't have a coherent and effective strategy to secure our borders. That's what needs to be worked out now. 24 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock. We may spend some more time on this later. But I also think it's very important for us to. Especially because we're talking about American here I am an American here. It is important for us to be reminded again of our freedoms and what we have in this country. And very often we take for granite. CBS news reporting on this. This pastor. Who has been held in Turkey for quite some time. His famous. And drew Brunson. He's in prison in that country in Turkey. And she. My question is how to give this guy out. How do we get this guy out. Bringing attention to this on the senate floor was. North Carolina's own senator Tom Telus. Who's back from Turkey more upset than ever that American pastor. Andrew Brentson still remains in prison in the country. He expressed a concern that this is a risk to every single American. So the past few weeks Telesis quickly found over sixty senators in counting sent a letter to the Turkish administration Carla for Brunson release. So I wanna sit very clear message ready educating the members of the senate we have the votes necessary move forward things I prefer not to do. We'll take other steps. If that's what's necessary. To give the attention the Turkish administration. And president airs run to do the right thing. Senator tell us actually traveled to Turkey last week to sit in the courtroom during Branson's hearing. Along with US investor for religious freedom Sam Brownback. He characterized this as an experience it was appalling the injustice he witnessed he wants every Americans at risk to be arrested if they choose to travel to Turkey. Can I give you a hint. Don't travel to Turkey. This is becoming an increasingly radicalized. Government. I think ever expressed this concern about what's happening with the tilt. The shift toward. Let's just say more totalitarian. Expressions of Islam. That is of course this country is currently following. Mr. Telus says I'm giving everyone a stern warning if you're traveling this country I can't guarantee your safety based on the facts as they exist today. Trying to get everybody outs get somebody out who's only guilty of actually be a Christian missionary. Christian missionary who served in Turkey for twenty years. That's Ellis noted during the trial Turkish government used conversation between Branson and his daughter about a meal they enjoy together as evidence he's a terrorist. Turkish government claims. Its food its enjoyed by the Kurds. And therefore Branson was involved. In the PKK which is to Kurdistan Workers Party it's plot to overthrow the Turkish government. They don't have any specific charge year. So the question race. What do we do what sort of action should we take to secure the release of this American and that's important to emphasize. I remember conversations. My dad saying this over and over again growing up as certainly she's watched with great disappointment. What's happened to our country the way we're treated around the world. And he would very often say. You know there's a time. There's a time United States history you knew not to screw with Americans. Notes it was a dangerous for hard thing to do now we've reached a point they can do whatever they want. These other countries these rogue nations. They can do whatever they want. And why would be in any way have the sense. There were gonna do anything about it why would do based on what we've seen especially during the Obama administration. A lot of ranting raving. But ultimately no action. We'll get to your calls also have an updates. On what is happening in this tragic situation with healthy Evans. And implications about some other freedoms that we enjoy in this country. Not so much in the United Kingdom that much more as we continue our broadcast. 49 minutes after ten. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock in the Vince Coakley ran your program by the way going on right now Scott Pruitt in the hot seat. Before a senate committee. And this is a man whose serve facing a lot of allegations under fire. Really in two directions one of them. A few scandals regarding spending for example. I was just raise this question why does this guy need a soundproof. Area in his office. I mean I don't get talent I'd love to hear the explanation for that. And it's the other party is political. Because this is a guy who obviously is not drinking the the so called scientific cool laid with the idea that the earth is fragile were all going to die in the EPA has to save us. He does not subscribe to the idea of so called climate science. So that's really the primary reason they're going after him. Although this guy's really mean it way too easy become a target. So keep you posted on how all of this goes. Scrub who call from Shannon in Shelby good morning. Go to or. Call. The public but yeah. I would note the order. Then made the wall and that number Molly shouldn't had to because we're too yeah didn't buy cabinets anybody commander order and now. What were able when we're tight for error where. Global. The drug cartel money and money coming back old crop reporter all viable power PepsiCo was very megabits or marriage ceremony here. So how old should. That's a joke form not a root out this year because they can't. Verdict and then they. Blamed him. Do they don't really attorneys thirtieth black man who I just a primary and the left out to play all America all. I look at our. Tackle Alan. I understand where you're coming from appreciate your call there Shannon. This it's pretty tricky it is pretty tricky is it not. Knowing the fact that we do not have a secure border. There it's just open to exploitation it's been open to exploitation for quite some time and why wouldn't you come if there's a chance there's an opportunity for you to be able to get your foot on American soil. And then avail yourself to the American legal system. They you can use against America. But for your own benefit. Wonderful little way to approach this maybe Tim has some insight on how to approach this morning Tim. Our Internet net but I had an idea on this this guy that there's. Missionary it's in Turkey. All right strokes are good man. In my opinion. I mean sometimes. What you get is cumulative John. We got three people over there that are being held hostage. You get this American citizen in Turkey it's just missionaries being held hostage. And it's. And we Utah should be done that in this series is deal yesterday to ordinary and some of them they're not American citizens. Some of the TD. Are pretty. I'm your best top hurry my people my under my group my family American citizens once I am secured its first. The federal differences. Like LCI AA big ticket to get these get all or. Yes I'm in this census take care. Your own. You know it it kind of fascinates me as well and you you've got to touched on this Tim without hurting giving out this administration at all on this Alfie haven't situation. I mean Ned is do you think do you think America's voice would really make a difference year. Or write ill or hurt. It might be sure our troops I can't document. Refer it time and time again. Tropic Thunder Bay. It didn't in bars poured out his wallet it take care people that couldn't secure himself with medical issues or. People sit square in dire straits and needs dot net. This right here. We demand what we re elected. Are. You know this debate is saying it outlook for its demand shows compassion and as a heart kinda like the lord in your area. I'm looking at that show he gets your passion surely get a -- sure you're worried about your spare me. Mean United States citizen under this big umbrella. There are one nation under god. I think that would go a lot further and Gordon in and drop bombs interior. I hear recovered from this just goes back to the idea I've communicated before about the importance of moral leadership Tim and you've hit it on the head describing. Some what needs to take place year Dexter out of Morrisville good morning. And then. Yes I'd like dark about. That there are boredom. In a 200 million there and inferred going to bother. Little long. Our vote third mode god or there or not I'm saying well ordered them well in 2008. When there were open market down they went. I. And all of you if you well you don't fit double them if you utterly illegal. Yeah yeah they report the other day. But it. And that money it even born. While they won't be here no doubt you've heard him order saying we bought him for being here. Or they are much. Are you encouraged by some of the things you're hearing because it looks like ice is doing some pretty significant crackdowns. Our workplaces recently went to the point where in some places they've had to shut down because they don't have enough workers anymore. Are you pleased with that direction or does that concern you. Well. You know I'm not work it out or art or you can go look up and you. Say your armor and then they're not got a problem and work we know they'll be. But when I dumped them and you are hurt you are newly all your dugout though for our. I'm saying stop and remember that he thought the employer saying you're gonna pay out the boat. Yet we find it horrible for sport. Yep my and shoot this no nonsense approach is something though certainly cause people take notice I do appreciate your called Dextre. And it is said it is unfortunate people find themselves in the situation. But even my language needs to be corrected here. They are not finding themselves in the situation they have created the circumstances. By coming to the country illegally. And then attempting to circumvent the laws of this country. To take advantage. And so this provides an advantage over American workers and these companies know that. Cause a lot of these cases they're paying these people under the table. They don't have to provide the benefits afforded to other employees. And so it. Really an artificial way. Can hold down wages. And this is the point I've made in regard to some loose jobs the allegedly. Americans won't do how many times you heard that stupid excuse well they're doing jobs Americans won't do well if you would re used to. The amount that you pay people to provide them generous benefits. And perhaps you'll be able to hire those people. And I don't work for nothing. As opposed to people who are hiding in this country. And don't wanna be recognized and are willing to roll the dice and take the chance they get paid under the table and discreetly gym train to keep working for quite some time. And the bonuses. They can syndicate part of this money back to Mexico. Happens way too often. Much more as we continue to broadcast. 44 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes at 2 o'clock. We took you were following story of how feet evans'. Little boy issue. Has basically been given up for dead by the states. By the governments by the medical system and you need to understand all seem. Just another reason another reminder to us why we do not ever want a marriage of all of those things together. Dangerous. Profoundly dangerous. You've got a personal updates. Regarding what's going on with this little boy and his family. But there are some related stories year. Then I think we'll curl your here. It's a reminder to us about the importance of eternal vigilance. And a group when it's. In reference to our freedoms. Let's start here. With this story. In the past couple of hours the father. About the yemen's. Said he plans to be doctors to discuss since taking asunder home from a British hospital. Source 23 months old has known cure incurable degenerative neurological condition but doctors say should be allowed to dies parents. Wanna take him to a hospital and Italy that would be ideal thing. Where you would be kept on life's a porch. My support was withdrawn on Monday after series of court rulings remember this kid was supposed to die right away he's still alive. And Fred several court proceeding since then. Unfortunately of all sided with the doctors. Blocking further medical treatment. On Wednesday the court of appeal. Rejected a new bid by the parents to take Alfie to Rome. Thomas Evans who is the boy's father said the boy it showed no deterioration. Three days after being taken off a ventilator. So the family plan to be doctors. And Alder hey hospital to discuss whether Alfie can go home. Doctors say it's hard to estimate how long Alfie will live without life support bright. They believe there's no chance he's going to get better. Parents said if you are not allowed to take Alfie home he resumed his fight in court. This been going on for months. Months. Emotions been read our high over this with a band of supporters known as Al fees army protesting regularly outside the hospital. At times tried to storm the entrance. Now again to unite here and I'm not saying. But let me tell you this. The people in that community in London. They got albeit to a hospital right now. The whole country out of converge and that hospital. I've expressed this concern before we're at the point where the passivity. Not just in the United Kingdom this is a problem in America to we've got so much past city and we resign ourselves. To accepting. What is profoundly unacceptable. And it will lead to other abuses. Which we're now hearing about it. This one. Is one that just sent chills down my spine when I came across this story. And we need to pay serious attention to this. Because this is so dangerous. As reported by life news. Here's the headline. British police will monitor and prosecute malicious communications. Supporting Alfie Evans. They have a picture here on their web site. Of a woman. With tape across her mouth. That's essentially with the British government is doing shut up. Don't talk about this. The life news stories saying it's bad enough the British government's essentially send a CRP Evans to death now British police announced. They were monitored prosecute anyone who posts on social media. Any malicious communication and supporting Alfie Evans or complaining about the hospital and courts. I remind you they don't have any such thing. As freedom of speech in the United Kingdom. Doesn't exist. Connect you don't have a right to bear arms. They can borrow whatever freedom they want it they can tell you and dictate to you what your freedoms are we'll tell you what you can do what you're allowed to do. So you do we tell you to do and shut up. Tom works. Never mind that the elder hate. Children's hospitals apparently misleading the court about Alfie you can anyone post anything negative about the hospital. Sports officials and their treatment of Alfie apparently will be monitored potentially prosecute by local police and wanted. The good news for life news in many people around the world to support Alfie. They don't live in London proper however at the thousands of people who are supporting Alfie and experience in London. Including members are off peace army who are prolific on social media they need to be very concerned. After the announcement essentially the announcement tells people that not only would government kill Alfie Evans. We will kill any attempt to complain about it. We've issued a statement this evening make people aware social media pros which are being posted in relation to. Alder hey and the Alfie Evans situation of being monitored and maybe acted upon. We've issued the following statement following reports of social media pros being made in relation to Alder hey hospital. And the ongoing situation chief inspector Chris Gibson said. Mercy side police have been made aware of a number of social media pros which have been made. With a reference to Alder hey hospital the ongoing situation. Right to puke make people aware these protests are being monitored. And reminds social media users any offenses including malicious communications and threatening behavior will be investigated. And where necessary will be acted upon. The response this year quite interesting won't give you a few with the use. Why are you protecting the hospital where they got to hide. Just hit the child over to the parents let them take Kim to Italy he's probably going to die anyway so wide the big cover up. And this person Billick says bullying tactics I see. And think I used to feel sorry for the police to admire the work. Not anymore. The suspect this is really dangerous. What happened to freedom of speech this country is a police state let's face it. So naturally they wanna kill this child. They're killing freedom of speech as well. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today can gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. And good morning welcome to our number two of the broadcast. Some of these texts are quite. In Tuesday. Let's start here and referring to be failed nomination. This is some really good stuff here. Let's start with this one big difference too in an alcoholic and a drug is the alcoholic has to attend all those meetings. It's junk on I left outfits. My goodness at the current rate only liberals would no conscience can ever get nominated and confirmed this country tennis that is net and that's one. Jim had obviously a wonder how many of these congress critters accusing the admiral drinking on the job have booze in their congressional offices. We know be interesting to do an inspection. We should we should do citizens inspection this. Love. Offices of members of congress and the senate Toby agreed idea. Let's see what happens here. Vince it's easy for you to say one that you find it she would have been Steve garrison Keeler met Lowery said true or not even brought to trial. How much more congressional hearing. Specially trump nominated him. It's no matter who is nominated anonymous accusation should always be discounted if you don't have the guts to put your name to an accusation. That you make. Then. You should basically. Your obligation should be ignored. Prince if trump nominates Jesus Christ the Democrats would say was a lousy governor didn't germ the nomination. Have a great spring day thank you very much. Let's assume all these allegations against Jackson are true. Who is responsible for overseeing his position. Shouldn't they be held accountable in question in front of the committee why not maybe this is for the establishment good old boy swap system. That we've come to know. You do what you want to your names are for job. That I want don't want you to have that all exposure when something whether it's true or not. Already. Also. On Turkey since the last time I checked Turkey is an ally. Since president there shrug yes it is they're supposed to be an ally. And I told you the direction they're going which is very disturbing the peace advocacy groups their nudges advocating they are supplying in regard to. The potential illegals who could be coming across our border by eight Sunday. They're actually purposely breaking US law and policy subverting US law and policy of their citizens. They should be tried for subversion if they're not citizens. They should be deported. All right. Also. Since I remember watching footage of prison surge runs. Bodyguards beating people Turkish born US citizens down during his visit to Washington DC a couple of years ago as DC police. Can only watch. Yeah I remember that controversy. Caravan immigrants will be detained processed for deportation and given a two year court date to appear. Then released. They'll never short for court. A why did they not apply apply for refugee status for Mexico. The land of milk and honey are honey don't. It's I'm sure Pruitt drank the green Kool Aid most of these scandals involving taxpayer money would be overlooked. Not making excuses for Pruitt but the progressives. Would have found something eventually I'd like that thank you for that line green Kuwait we got a got to use that when. We were cooped that would. Prince of the government will stop the welfare handouts and all the freebies the illegals would stop its Mike at a Virginia this is part of why not come. All so. All we need to do is ditch political correctness and begin to enforce the laws we already have. This and I agree area. That has become a gray area our forefathers fought for freedom for future generations. Great prices were paid for. It's time for people these other countries to stand up for them themselves I'm 57 when I was a child going trick or treating. My mom used to give me a UNICEF box to collect money for starving children now fifty plus years later. I'm still being guilt and still having money taken from me it's no longer a volunteer basis. I do not like. I do like compassion but this is all wrong. If I understand what you're saying here the Alfie evans' story it's gone way too far to horrible story. I would not wish to us this on anybody. But you're guilty an entire country over one child guilty no I am trying to appeal to people's consciences. Yes. There's a difference between guilt. And stirring people's consciences. That's a very different thing. So what else is suggesting here. If princess Kate were to make a statement in favor this baby's parents that would greatly affect public opinion. Especially when all the publicity. She was afforded to delivering her new baby. PM that would be interesting wouldn't it. Vince where United States citizens not subjects of the United Kingdom we can send all the malicious posts we want. Put a a couple of yeah. Didn't president trump rescind a cause in obamacare the dictates a board that would lead to medical decisions like our fees. I don't know could questions. The other texture says you give us your guns and we will take care view isn't that wonderful. We cannot save everybody it's time to move on their over eight billion people on the planet now. How many others have died since you've been talking about this I've lost several loved ones to cancer. They could have possibly been cured. To different hospitals that care currently I'm trying to help collect money for child born with heart condition. Has over three million dollars in bills happens to be in Henderson county. Not the other side of the ocean move on. Also the United States has been silence. We should be involved for Alfie as well as our British people for basic rights. What you see in the UK now. To what led our forefathers to war for freedom this is exactly what liberals want to hear. This will restart the war for freedom. Int he also takes this position venture passionately Alfie topping is so well run well founded this is straight out of a futuristic scifi movie. And this when Michael Savage played the song there's New England now when he was banned from Britain considering the current circumstances. Seems like that song should be played again. Just a sampling. Some of the things have come across here and Joseph was also said this. No such thing as guilt guilt only happens. When someone is doing something wrong and they know they're doing it. And it's. Kind of a problem is coming up got to finish sharing some of the social media post in response to this coffee evans' story and also. I neglected to tell you earlier but an intriguing part of this story for the nominee for. To lead the Veterans Affairs Department. Some. Ringing endorsements. Including a former president we're gonna delve into that much more as we continue our broadcast its 15 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock got the Vince Coakley ran your program while some passion it's. Passionate text and again on this I'll be given story. The little boy who still hanging on by the way. There were some who suggested dear me this just one kid this is a planet with billions of people let's just move on. We have this perspective. Vince move on really move on. These textures are idiots. Do they not understand this is much bigger than precious Alfie this is socialism. Death panels exactly with a left once did you hear wake up. That's from Paul. Also this we wanna look with a progressives are. And well entrenched we need to look no further in the some of our mainstream church denominations. Point. You really middling going there. Shocking have to see liberal posts on Twitter in even more so when you read who posted it. Is your pastor deacon or bishops. We are through the grass. How bright. And pretty serious and this we're not trying to save everybody. We're trying to let the friendly choose to save their child instead that the pigeon holed by their government. Ends the tipster made the point. The broader question is and this support progressive his is it's like a cancer it's spreads. And what is happening now on the United Kingdom I guarantee you it will make its way here. If we do not take this seriously now. Because they want to strip you of your rights. Every one of them. They want government health care. They want ultimately the state to make decisions like this instead of view not just about your child but about you you. Yes I'm talking to you. In if they find enough festivities. In the political and social environment they will exploit that. Let's go to a call for him Gerald out of Calgary news' good morning Gerald. They get mortar Brooke hey bear the primary date they shut battle. Initiated an issue veteran. They call our. It's so big if you choose bill hospital nor Alter the British chore. Visit village back that it got. That's pretty simple they urban people suggesting this for a long time Gerald end. Why do you think this has not happened for all the talk. Well all brick the bishop Leo the politic beer you know what could be it for. Yes I do you a word we don't want to say on the air that slot for your call this morning I want to quickly go back to this runny Jackson nomination story. Because when the eight neglected to tell a year earlier. Was who was actually in supports. A variety Jackson. Some glowing words from a former president will delve into that the bits day and first in Charlotte good morning. Yes good morning thanks up. You know on the same day that they are in critical border country celebrating up bird I think that's just saying they've they've pulled the plug on baby LP which. It just atrocious I hope they completely. Contradictions and hypocrisy there. How do you think he missed that day and. I I have no idea it defies logic to me. Jeff -- understand where you're where you're coming from appreciate your call and we made this four point before I mean how do you think this situation be dealt with. If this were any child that was a member of the royal family. Do you think they would address this differently. You think the national health system. Would make a decision and basically tell the parents screw you guys. We're not going to listen to your input and you know ultimately you don't have custody this is our choice not yours. I'm sure the queen would go right along with that. Let's talk about its. Ronnie Jackson and again I don't know this guy and I don't know anything about these accusations that have been coming his way. About its unprofessional conduct are really dealt. Accused of drinking on the job improperly prescribing prescription drugs like Ambien to White House staffers on foreign trips. Misses and tale I've got her before this one is one of the new allegations that come out and US overall I think is is a situation where. As one of the techsters indicated earlier you ought to be able to face your accuser. It ought to be. A situation where there's a hearing. Apparently and I am I see in what does what people conclude but the fact he's withdrawn his nomination there may be more fire there. They just smoke. Otherwise he would not just step aside. Nonetheless. It can be said that Jackson's the most trusted man in Washington DC after all he's been responsible for the health of the present the United States. For nearly two decades. The definition of bipartisan. He's received praise from Republican and Democrat presidents. George W. Bush Barack Obama and Donald Trump fours working character in fact. President Obama signed off on Jackson's fitness for duty. Year after year. During his time in the Oval Office. Personally signed off. Further he suggested he be promoted. Early. This is what precedent set. Ronnie does a great job genuine enthusiasm poised under pressure incredible work ethic and follow through. Ronnie continues to inspire confidence with the care he provides to me my family and my team continue to promote ahead of peers. This was written by Barack Obama in 2016. Now something changed significantly since Tony sixteen. And and I'm also stirring up the possibility all of these things that Barack Obama said are true. In May be some of these allegations are true as well. We also read this. Absolutely the best this is in all caps promotes two flag immediately. Obama wrote Tony fifteen. Ronnie is positive impact cannot be overstated he's a tremendous asset to the entire warehouse team already level performance of responsibility. Been exceeds his current rank. Promotes her rear admiral now. Team. 2014. Exceptional physician and naval officer. A key member of my staff since my first day in office. Ronnie. Is one of my administration's. Most trusted advisors. I consider this consummate professional. A national asset. Again this is Barack Obama. So. What to do. Jon Tester top Democrat and senate veterans affairs committee. Says the FBI graphic background investigation into Ronnie Jackson is clean and there are no issues of concern in the background check. Panelists inquired about other complaints deceived they can be cooperated. So I don't know. I really do not know. Aliens we may not ever find out the truth here. Jim good morning welcome to the broadcast get about a minute. Yeah Baird. But thinks they're an idea about the GA card. Let let the BA go apart through our military as military going to worry it will result here look foot during that ball go like jewelry and there's guard. Hey anger Rick ever got my elbow every morning our colonel radio bit from here another story about another. State featured group strike him somewhere in the country. I'll upload page features what the market go higher. But I hope I'm grabbing government. Other unions school teacher unions. Of course more taxpayer money out of your children that you were there as children's perk. Purple more I got a public issue. Yeah it's endless isn't it she you know and in. You are the argument how this works its own for the children. So where are we draw the line you know 100000 dollar salaries and I know nobody's asking for that's. But there's got to be some self control wisdom and fiscal responsibility along the way. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. You know I can just imagine Jeannie of I dream TV dancing to this music. They're just putting it out there as saying. And it groovy seventies feel to it. You get this you should see John right now and us. When entertaining. I knew you don't it's probably best that you don't. Just being honest. I'll probably text on the way. The nice sending normal here. Or maybe not. It could just be when I'm here to rub my headphones for some reason he brings some. Our audio is if there's some sort of short somewhere. Maybe there. Here's what's. Is coming across the text line. The Alfie evans' story still getting a lot of attention here I would've taken my child under the hospital. They would have two of rested us at all. Always wanted to visit the UK but now nevermind this is how Hitler started. And this you've heard this before in some form first they came for the socialists I didn't speak outs because I was out of socialists. And they came for the trade Unionists. I don't speak out I was not a trade unions and they came for the Jews say did not speak out I was not did you then they came for me. There's no one left to speak for me. Right now we see them coming for Alfie in Britain who's going to speak up for him. They've already come for the unborn. How blinder people who say move on. Boring. Something else isn't it. I wanna share a couple of other social media post this for my good friend Steve days just within the last hour. Alfie Evans country all the medical professionals still lives this morning despite the government's attempts to execute him via starvation. The past few years so many of you've asked me how can we tell who's a sellout or not. Well if you're looking for litmus test. Let the plight of Alfie Evans be your guide you can see US stood up for the child then look and see remains so obsessed with so many other click bait side shows. While I love this. They're silent as western civilization crosses the point of no return this issue or sheep and goat judgment. I think Steve really great point here click debate. How much garbage. We've assessed with stupid arguments. And little and I'm. Trained to. Carefully express my words. The little girl and Ed measuring contests between people who cares. Who cares. Another social media pros I came across yesterday evening I love this one. This is from Jesse Kelly. Why do I need an AR fifteen. Because some day the government may tell me I'm not allowed to put my six on on a plane and flying to Italy for treatment. And believe me when I tell you I will be putting him on that plane. Wow. That's pretty strong I know in some it may be too strong for similar view. But how much Tierney are we going to tolerate that's the question. Chris in Charlotte good morning welcome. So do a child. Charles. Charles. Howell are very good a instantly men and their gimmick that they're good record of a book a plateau. I don't really brought my appealing to the desert are cork locally director. I I'd big trump do an at bat to try to keep government out of America's health care. And really concentrating on trying to turn our own swap over here in and I know there are are marketed a degree it would be bad paper and come out and say. How loud was in addition as but Jeremy it's pretty blatantly clear. Birdies you know there is not for government taking over altered big and he's tried tried to decision. Now all the insignia Chris he has actually stated he supported. Some form of single year. No he has said that in the past in some kinda curious I mean it didn't maybe his positions changed on this. Do you think he understands. The implications of this. Are yeah I think that he's one and also Thursday's quite sophisticated enough. And I do think they don't bounce around at times on different topics depending on what exactly lost facet we're talking about a what little. Particular issue I'm on the health care but. Series is trying to open a lot in all on what I what we're here to what I hear you want go create a more free market says don't. We will mobilize and decorate it monopoly only certain insurance companies can can. Right policies and certain parts the country. Although the type of thing that I ate here and saying and that I think he's trying to forward. I would certainly hope this is accomplished somewhere along the way. I am curious if you've you've got my attention you made the comment about being a cooling drinker you you have a great since he humor. How do you know that your an official cruelly drinker. Bartlett broke a get out of here or you're nuts. A obviously you don't take offense to that. Margaret I said obviously you don't take offense to that. No not not not not well every night I'd are you understand my own biases I understand. We know where Michael Robin and that I and all it'd what does I empire is a little bit I can understand that. You know I I like about this Chris you're good sport and I appreciate your sense of humor and your contribution to discussion this morning do call again love to talk to you again let's go out to Joseph in New York good morning. I then thank you very much. What you are talking about it we wanted to name and to assist child or New England. That I think he let that die. Our young people are saying and I'm. I worked with a lot of people in the state chair would let England came to the states became American citizens. And they would tell me and that was right yeah no big deal like this one I bought. He had a brother in England now under socialized medicine there responses that are gonna impact is I. And they operate on him remove the good guy. Goes yeah and and that he was very upset about it. Oh I would imagine I'd be had said soon. But I. I talked some other people ahead from England is very nice people. And not a follower told that they if I'm kind of the skin disease that. You are cured so you can let him go and die. And and then since it except they're like you know this the way to. Win it yeah I look at Spain and I couldn't believe that. That passively just drive you crazy doesn't it Joseph when you hear that's. Yeah here in America you already are eager to restart he starred in her check in my GK tried it and it's like. They say they are doing here. It's a totally different mindset Joseph would choose how and why we are who we yard here in America they saw a few college try to slip in one very quick call here from Denise. Yet about 3045 seconds Sudanese. Well I really kind of have a question and a and it's really kind of for you. And that is whether you. I think we should be as Americans and tax payers and we do have a government health care what do we think we do not obviously it is because a lot of tax dollars go to it. Let whether we are differentiating by aids. And I stage. A disease. So are advocating for everyone to get all the health care they want with the possibility and probability in many cases that other. We'll have their labor taken from them in order to pay for all the health care the mom wants. Or are you distinguishing between end of life vs newborn life. Played so complex bump somebody levels but. Be assured the government already and it with our tax. Oh my goodness you're absolutely right teenage niece were really far down this road are we. Com and this is discussion we need to have you I wanna I wanna talk more about how we can make this process based on freedom. 1149 final stretch Vince Coakley radio program on this there is a day. On the text line. Quite an emotional level. Welfare communism socialism they make sense like single Payer health care in the real world they don't work. The need for power greed laziness. And the law of unintended consequences prevents it you were absolutely ranked. Any news time for us to venture down I 35. Contains from where is my head hits I 85. If I think you sleep deprivation in custody. If you were venturing down 995 crude to be had but. I have no idea. She used to live up in that area like in Delaware in federal court or. Baltimore Washington. You know. But here we are taking you look town so excited Delgado and win the film's. Delaware's about eggs exciting as side having a pet rock because that's. Let's take a look at some of the events that have taken place on this day. The 26 day I believe it is. They troll the final. Days of April. He's an amazing how time is flying by. I had a pet rock on knowing who's an elephant man friend. Oh OK that's very nice. We have a total of let's see five questions here. 1954. A vaccine for this trials begin for this. In 1954. What was the treatment for a vaccine for. Only you know yes your career. This assassin. Died in 1865. Now Luke Luke you're correct. 1986. We had a nuclear explosion. Weird did it happen. 1986. But do you were incident in what country you are correct it wise. Terrible yes. I didn't want to make sure that was not confused with somewhere else 1986 a celebrity wedding. Maria Shriver got married to prove it she married. Arnold. Our roles is correct. And this one goes back I don't know if you're familiar with these days monsoon 1977. The opening of this Disco. Famous Disco. I know the guys who you know that is especially Charles. If he doesn't know this and run steal the people you've got its. I knew I had to sing good times crunchy in my head you get to where I. That's pretty good. And last but not least. We lost a country music star. In 2013 let's see if I can do a song. He's still look being heard. To do new. Conway Twitty call. Hold no. Oh yeah well what do you say George Jones you are correct he needs. His countrymen you know upon the miss one question I'm doing that yeah I feel yeah. And and just curious torture. Contrary effect that it's it's torture in this country yes IE. You have to those who you are not familiar I used to play country music spasm Ronnie Millsap beer I can play it. Now now OK okay. I'll convince will sing along and then want to listen to the velvet tones and we'll take you somewhere where we could. And we're going to be a beautiful thing. We'll start let's something's happened in our culture our by the way before we go. This a story Charles de handed to me before the show. Boy pulled great off before getting lug here's a late start. In a resort pool distraught bureau boy was stuck underwater in a pool for over nine minutes. And resource last month. And apparently he removed the section minds greats with his friends help. This is so sad it's just. Been anything to charles' point here it also on the boy's leg was caught in the great. And the child and companion if he is dislodged new alliance greet. This is sent three foot by three foot great covering a six inch section line had been removed from the lazy river. And it's Charles your point about this is. What in the world has happened to. Children obeying their parents and getting guidance and supervision from their parents wasn't that the board your raising year. Oh. Yes first being told by their parents. What has happened here yes it now. Yes. You know what it does so things Charles I mean it's not something you think of all by the way don't pull that off of there I mean it's not so then I had two kids I never thought about that. Rights images are naturally. Very they're curious and they wanna explore things. And yet at some points all my goodness and it's not just what happened to this one kid but it's would certainly could've happened to somebody else. Totally unsuspecting person who would get into the sleazy river either one of these sleep you're guys have written those lazy river and things. Doesn't really cool but we were at a resort. I think that was one of our favorite vacations you know we spent hours in that thing. And you use we see older people and villains who room on this. Hole. So what are you saying here no I don't I'm. Older people. People love the energy to actually slam or serve burn anything like are we losing this connection. I came here anything's all of the sudden. Mean in the line just went dead between here in green I don't know what happened I don't know whether we'll ever get it back. Just kidding minds though. Going to be calling people. Do you site take. Had a great day man great to talk with the and some good stuff with you thanks for. Having us along for part of your day in the meantime. Have a great women got bush should take care. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.