James Comey, Facebook, and The Eagles

John Hancock
Thursday, April 12th
Hancock discusses the upcoming Comey interview and book, do we have any expectation of privacy, amd a review of the Eagles concert.

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And. This is John Hancock. Good thing the kids don't look at me. A 919 area code. We never get it. Hey there either huh. Other whereas a Thursday as we can being. A lot more awake than I thought I would be. Considering I was out of school last night. Under the Eagles a little bit later on this afternoon. And just tell you this you're gonna and Eagles show and Joseph Walsh hasn't been able to make it. Go home. And that's probably not fair either is great and harmony. So. Glenn tries son. Certainly Euro holds his own enough. And Indians killed. Good vocal tone and but. Joan Walsh made the show there's just no two ways about it. Imagine my surprise. Royal part about that is say it's afternoon on a happier national grilled she is day. Which is take it on hold to our grilled cheese is not just grilled cheese anymore and others you know there's like grinder that restaurant in Cleveland called melt. But there's grilled cheese restaurants are all over the place now many. Then there are no parameters anymore and grilled cheese and do whatever you want as I think you have to have bread and cheese and other than that I think you do. Almost anything. So are. The GOP has launched an aggressive all lion share at lion Komi. Website ahead of the release of the former FBI chief's book he's going to be on. ABC newsman George Stephanopoulos on a Sunday. Which I'm sure will be they are captivating interview. Stephanopoulos. ABC AB hard biting. Follow up questions I'm sure it. Into that I get to the bottom of this. Hardcore. Looking for the truth news organization that they are. So while we'll talk about this new. Lion called me I think it's an old YI and COM. EY. Wondered for a right now. Make sure it's a dot com. But the RNC has put it up there are so love. Hardball big play and hard balls whipped. Is or what they'll be doing a website to highlighted so imaginative and well funded the second. Problem. Charlotte knights of a season opener tonight 704. Zuckerberg is. What do you think you're he's doing today. How far away do you think he has from Washington. He's learned tie. Yeah that's a good point TJ. It could be Hawaii could be any place he wants to be he's got enough money to be wherever he wants to be. And I doubt that he's saying and I was senators allows you still Washington. Trying to do or do damage control or something like that I would think he's probably you know one of the states where it's legal. Kicking back a little bit to feed upon them. Eagles album Mondale stereo. So we will talk about that and pretty wrenching angle about one question illustrates why congress can't fix FaceBook. And there's probably more applied to the senate than it did to the house. But it to. It would it would be a can do love me being grilled on brain surgery. Mean I don't wanna bet that essentially what this article us that is an insinuation is that. Congress can't fix space FaceBook because as the senators proved. They don't even get a variant of standard. Because pretty funny. I reduced availability and in boomer Von Canon traffic and and all that stuff photos so well also are Charlotte as we mentioned against a Scranton Wilkes very tonight I'm sure got some old friends that are probably in town. As part of the broadcast Timo for that. And. And a beautiful stunningly beautiful day outside warm weather has returned so we'll close out to business week front will bring no urged thunderstorms on Sunday but. I think through Saturday were just like golden today ears. Today's like San Diego whether this is exactly what your open for so well. So that's that we'll get to the a lion Komi website and now we'll talk about that just few. Her fifth such Iditarod is a little bit earlier today and I think Jumbo may have it had started this well this morning. And are they all news is all. A Twitter about. James tell me who's got this new memoir coming out called they are higher loyalty truth lies and leadership. Which will be officially released on April the seventeenth. Which is a tax day. This year Tuesday. And you get Monday. You're not news Sunday would be the fifteenth that's actually tax day but not a Sunday. And then it's emancipation day on. The sixty and so are you you get that and so there you have to have failed your taxes filed by midnight on a Tuesday. And the same time by James economies a new book is coming out. He'll be on ABC news would George Stephanopoulos. On Sunday I believe. And you're seeing some stuff in the press because ABC is really some excerpts from the of pre taping interviews. We're combing likens president trump to being a mob boss. So I'm. Radio the book on iTunes. Dot com. States his journey provides an unprecedented. Entry. Into the corridors of power and remarkable lesson in what makes an effective leader. Now keep in mind that iTunes is trying to sell. The book. But the audio version evident. They. Com is GNU address his firing a from the FBI and may have 2017. And some of the controversial issues that. Came up around his his tenure as a director of that bureau. He was there from 12013 to 2017. He was appointed by Barack Obama. The the Clinton Campaign was not all that thrilled though with his or performance either you might recall he previously served as the US attorney for the southern district of New York very powerful. And the US deputy attorney general in the George W Bush Administration. And the it's a. From prosecuting the mafia and Martha Stewart. To helping change the bush administration's policies on torture and electronic surveillance overseeing the Hillary Clinton email investigation as well as ties between the trump campaign. And Russia. Calling has been involved in some of the most consequential. Cases. And policies in recent history it's one of them would what one of the book descriptions streets. So everybody's anticipating this Tuesday are this Sunday broadcast to go on this book. For a book comes out on Tuesday and that's why is on Stephanopoulos show on a Sunday because. Is trying to sell about got to worry also be but I guarantee you he'll be all over the place. Stephanopoulos won't have any exclusive period alone in May have the first one but. Imagine the guys on. CBS this morning and on The Today Show wouldn't. And and Good Morning America and but she's all over the place next week trying to sell this book and he will he'll sell a ton of this book. The Republican National Committee has launched an aggressive campaign to paid him and a little bit different light than what he's trying to paint himself. Com. And actually the RNC I just don't want set up any missed. All liar. And already is going to be around the bush. Insinuate or. Call him untrustworthy you're. Up you're a liar. And so days before this first interview is to be aired on ABC the RNC has borrowed eight term coined by the then candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential primaries for lion Ted Cruz. And opened up fail website called lie and tell me. The new well website is so law IN LYINN. Call me CO NEY dot com. Where the GOP plans to a fact check. Colonies book and use quote on quote rapid response. To highlight any installments. Ers give me any misstatements. Or contradictions in him. And does so that would be a website that somebody Almonte wanna keep your eyes on just in the sense of. Of hearing both sides. I'm sure both of them will be as honest as they possibly can't be mr. Khatami and lie and tell me dot com. Can't imagine that really we're all we're trying to do here is just yet truth. Out there would be no. Ulterior motive on either one tsunami in either sides. This is just about the truth which is just about. The truth. Leadership. James Tommy's public up Obama publicity tour this is a court is say self serving attempt to make money. And rehabilitate his own image that's that's from the CR chairwoman Rota mcdannold she said Konami is a liar and a leaker. That would be an informational thing right now. Wonder where she was going with that. Call me is a liar and a leaker. And his misconduct led both of Republicans and Democrats to call for his firing if Kobe wants to us spotlight once the spotlight back on him. Will make sure the American people understand why. He has no one but himself to blame for his complete lack of credibility. So the website. Highlights colonies claims during his testimony on Capitol Hill last year that he had never leaked. To the media. But of course we now know that he dead. New GOP gives the truth. And states that Komi instead asked a friend of his to share the contents of one of his memos. From a meeting with president trump to the New York Times. And it's it did to me it's bad information. If nothing else. That makes his firing to me understandable. If you the FBI director. And you are using a second source or third source or however you want a phrase that. To leak information to the media. About a conversation you had with the president why wouldn't the president fire you. I have a little closet my Contra security intercom that says that won't divulge company secrets. We have any. But. Surely they've got somewhat of the same. Criteria. Would probably legally written into. Positions like FBI director don't think. Surely you would be under some sort of a leaking conversations leaking information. To be a media. About your conversations with your boss. Anyway I bet that's I mean that's that's one of the reasons he was a fired. So Juan. Total sewer all of that ghost. The the video website again never had chance to go in and see what it is yet so maybe you can go do that in no reported accordingly a lion LY I am not lie eating but lie and call me see ON EY. Dot com. And that'll be kind of are running commentary. On comments that he makes. Like with his George Stephanopoulos interview on Sunday morning. And now I'm sure they've they've probably already have something in there because ABC's sorry released an excerpt of the a pre taped interview work Romeo likens president trump to being a quote and quote mob boss. So. Hard ball in replace most serious hardball. Syria. No resolve once. Area. Talking to a vote Dobson and and Vince Coakley RO weekly podcast which we recorded earlier today. And there was some speculation as to whether one. My two influence the other in other words which you take action in Syria or to us somewhat overshadowed the I'm publicity of Komi. But I am not so sure you have to do that and quite frankly Syria is not something that's not an issue that has been drummed up. Two. Camouflage something else Syria is a real deal. The umps is Syria is big gas in their own people. And so that's a that's a real deal or no we were told originally by the president. About. 48 hours ago that something would happen the next morning you don't toward Florida 48 hours so I assume that something on that could happen on any any moment now. Barnes nobles who were all that goes. Now there and I Zimmerman excuse me Zuckerberg. As a left Washington as far as I know buddy had a chance to spend some time with the senate and house and mullah talk about a few things there and well why they just don't think that tell lawmakers so will be able to affix FaceBook. So us so we all go on through a TV void today. You know Pellicano and the Olympics is over and also you don't have the Olympics to watch anymore you can go home and sit there and stir along a home hollering and you know. Football season ends no more football he's gonna. Serrano sending along a Rory and I don't know any. Basketball decision not to worry about because it and video player also start what tomorrow. And and Noah built the public crown a champion of the NBA. What 2019. Some of about. So. And then no no Zuckerberg on TV today Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before house lawmakers yesterday was in front of the senate. The day before that. Boom lawmakers of both parties. On the house energy and not commerce committee yesterday suggesting that they're regulation might be necessary and and Zuckerberg is kind of big knowledge. That's a regulation of social media companies is quote inevitable but to what degree and and how. He was fairly careful over the last two days with the senate as well took. Say that. Yes regulation is one thing but don't write regulation. A would be they'd they'd be key. There Rory out a few details that no agreement on what that regulation would be the house members questioning was actually a little bit tougher than the senators have been yesterday because I think that house. At least appeared to understand. The issues of social media. And FaceBook. And have a little bit better grasp on technologies. Under in the senate did. With all due respect. Some of these seventy and eighty year old. Senators questioning Zuckerberg about today's technology was. I can demean them. Describing me. But I don't know Lil thing goes around in the middle drives admin that stood took the wheels no wheels go. Did you need anything else. So the house members a tougher than they then moved the senators as well on the questions that they asked. And. And then there was a few people that just like did just wanted to interrupt you want to ask him a question and you get up for words and wanted to record and wanna be enroute to amend the you have. The orange and an answer they were more interest and and their performance. To which argues I think the people in the gallery should then holed up numbers. You know like a six or. I know what no that wouldn't be rating the person is being grilled RB rating the question. And then why would you even watch any of this stuff now that there's no Al Franken around anymore. You know. But Zuckerberg stuck to the script with the apology that he had gone in with then now promised to do better and Wall Street's consensus is that they actually held up pretty well because if you look at the FaceBook shares. They were up more than 1% after rising four point 5%. The day earlier. Another interesting point to me. In the two days of testimony. Is that one clear theme. Emerged. And members of congress particularly senators in their seventies and eighties seemed elect a fundamental understanding of how the company works in the first place. And so and they proved what they're questioning. And they proved it was Europe follow up question and that's not a cent into its own right. But it was pretty evident that. Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post writes that should give everybody serious pause of they think the federal legislation is going to solve the serious and growing issues of technology run amok. Legislatures don't seem to understand it well enough to even asked the right questions must let's fix the problem. She said and a Charlotte Ted can of CES CNET. She was put a quick to point out 21 question in particular by 84 year old Orrin hatch is a prime example. And he asked the elf meeting a version of FaceBook will always be free because they got in that kind of questioning with those are Herbert. Elf a version of FaceBook will always be free how do you sustain a business model in which users don't pay for your service. That was the question that was asked by hatch. Well that's what this is all about. The free version of FaceBook. And the business model which keeps you from not have to pay for the service that's why Zuckerberg is in front of them in the first place. And that's what Zuckerberg said he answered the senators questioned in four words. Senator. We run ads. And. Oh. So led to a future as a love Victor tank Herman. Writes that it's clear that. Many congressmen and congresswomen. I have some studying to do any suggests that voters so start keeping that in mind he said we need to a value digital literacy. In the people that we elect that is if we if we don't want to have another Cambridge analytic on our hands. No I don't suspected that's gonna come into the mid terms. But but maybe. May be one of the prerequisites for filing for office would be to have to take a computer social media literacy test. That you would have that you have to. Won what 6710 questions something like that just have broad view you just have good debate panel like a citizen suggest. You know most of them properties Herbalife has role or be if you an area that that might stifle. But but give them a low score don't don't make him get 90%. The question now is so whether or not Washington will create regulations that address the concerns about digital privacy and and how many new constraints would do him. Would would change the video business of places like go FaceBook and and all of them both Google and Twitter and instead Graham which is also owned by FaceBook and. The Zuckerberg. And yesterday's testimony kind of signaled that a repeatedly that he had learned his lesson. And. And when the discussion turned to how the industrywide rules might help to protect user data. And he said he had a willingness to embrace new rules but they also had warnings about to whether or not regulations. Would lead to unintended consequences. So that the other Internet companies. They're not endorsing Zuckerberg its support for a regulation a new and expect tended to Michael back from and is the president of Internet association. That's a trade group he said in a statement. That the industry's leading companies pledged to continue to work with the lawmakers to protect consumers. But they're not volunteering for anything you and expect him to. Any added however that the Internet industry already complies with a host of laws and regulations in the United States. And around the world. So Zuckerberg for two days representing the balancing act in which he had do. Sit there were. And in which he sought to deflect politicians tapping into. All the public ire over the all the recent scandals. I'm pretty tough guy a couple of days. It'll take some time to work through all the changes we need to make but I'm committed to getting it right. I think he said that before both committees and ultimately Zuckerberg offered to our change little about the health FaceBook makes money. By selling ad slots are offering targeted ad products although you are starting to see. Not only through the media but also through FaceBook themselves but it has become more obvious on how to actually checked. Who's grabbing your information what apps are grabbing your information and so on and so forth so pretty action days couple of days. For mr. Zuckerberg as the year goes to Washington. Magic cell phone call 704571110. News talk eleven tonight at 93 W BT and Terry is up on WBT hey Terry. John loved the show man. Couple points. I'm I'm sure you heard it already but I mean I remember back Obama crowd and did the same bankrupted but the data mining and the local news media and things like that. You know that that was the smartest move ever and then the secondly. Remember what Google and FaceBook were better to go Obama. So they were out too well. Data mine you know and nobody else what I remember trap open that up to you know. Everybody else. So make it equal or even for everybody else so. Well why you have that you have the mass media after this guy anyways so everybody I think everybody knows that but the other part of that that I think probably. Makes this optimum is that you had FaceBook as a participant in neo Russian scheme. And the Russians had manipulated don't FaceBook and ads and so on until force on the heels of that. That this is ripe to be news because they already had had kind of headlined story. Wait until you first somebody from Google come up with I don't like the information linked into Russia. It's like trickle Al away whoever you know the kinda keep us steady flow to keep it relevant in the news all the way until election time. And I keep waiting for something maybe that you have come down from. Lot of these other places like coop or whatever just trying to keep can go to our condemning the track campaign and things like that it just seemed like you thought it convenient. And then Lee. Well that's us I mean it did indeed you did there's a steady stream. Gosh since before he was a sworn in there's been a steady stream. If you radio if you follow the New York Times Washington Post Rivera CNN especially Gary there's a there's a steady stream I call it death by a thousand paper cuts. And you don't have to have you'd names anymore all you have to do is claim sources that's today's journalism so there's been a steady stream of had certainly enough to sway anybody's mind it's not really paying attention to just basically reads the headlines assume so what the truth is an unknown goes on from there. Right and it seemed like that's Lugo walked through different Zuckerberg. And I will they let out a list and have a better shot out you know FaceBook. For their privacy policy about having too much legal speak and parent too fast for example when we depended on about bill that there and act agreed that bank before whether. Ready to be asked. Well and looked out. And nobody can. And nobody did including the president because if you go into that and find out what the president didn't get what the Democrats did get you can don't firsthand that nobody read it. Absolutely. Just but they've been debate I try to stay relevant about that but that's exactly how they go about that it is at all. Now I did in fact bag lunch I appreciate all come I think go one of the things it Peters gonna point out my notes are correct here. Is senators have staff but they probably rely on that staff. Wait too much for the information. That they're voting on we've seen that before we saw that with the Patriot Act along time ago oil of people admitted they never read the damn thing they designed to. Peter you're on WB TI. We understand. The first time caller little nervous but I expect you're watching most signing a little bit. Then experience. I can tell you this march. All of these guys. Get hurt the people view of the sit down and it ain't much open it because they allowed themselves looks bill. Well I had. I think that's one of the reasons and I think one of the reasons they did look just stupid is because of they have staff doing everything for them than they don't have hands on experience when it. Thought they also knew that he was coming or the white he dropped by and there are a little and they didn't have time compared himself. The information that was coming. The other point hours. Brad May be able what's after you've asked the initial question a follow up question you're on your own and what you've got somebody talking interiors so it's not necessarily the first question to make you look and informed. It's the follow up question. What are quite if you follow up question don't look pretty pathetic. Billion point elegant or not we trigger would say it. Well and they're did you really think about it. Any kind he started to get. And it squirming where he'd want to talk it batted in Big Bang what or expect you after and it won't get any information duke. Well you know what a whole world is watching mad you gonna come into play your business model you don't know which affect the information you collect. I mean how stupid do you think we really are. Well at least just Barrett. But I think that means he has a staff behind him and said that they think. That's and in some cases they'd say that would be left up to the senators who got that for an answer to follow back around and no force Zuckerberg Shandon make him produce the information. That he said he'd come back around enough produced. So. At this point that's their job to go back to him and say hey you promise me during the hearings and then his job to comply. During not related to Mike girls opening story a few moments ago about your jury duty of phone scam but if you loan a if you are get a phone call from yourself. Don't answer it. This story as saw earlier this morning if you won't know if your own phone number is calling you. I don't answered it's a scam I don't know about you I don't attorneys he wore. And just I absolutely positive you know if I see it says my mom's name on that on Mollie answer. But. I see so many numbers from and I get them all over the place. Joseph don't wandered TJ you have ten days during what was that Afghanistan. Or something like that. All. Uncle Earl. I get in from all over the place I had no idea who they are they never leave a message. Al rude. Why would I answer a phone call from a rude person. I mean other than here. So have you on a phone and and your own phone number is calling you don't answer Better Business Bureau says that that this is one of the biggest schemes. I'm going around out now and and then they're trying to get your personal information scammer is most likely already have your name and your phone number and they might call pretending to be your phone company. And try to get account information or euros Social Security numbers on the along those lines of the SEC. Urging you are to a file an official complaint if you get a call like that. But above anything else just don't answer. And yes you do and if you don't know what it calls from. Then. There's a lot of golf. And. It's it's somebody who needs to get hold of you then they can leave your message. Then you know find out that all why did know that would have crippled gaullist room. I don't wanna talk to him but I don't know I don't know put up which occurs in laws. So they're gonna. While we're talking replacement couple seconds ago. An Indy test of spying on Capitol Hill Mark Zuckerberg and all that stuff he. He denied. Secretly listening to users through microphones for ad targeting. But the company is able to quietly collect quite a bit a data from a single uploaded photographs. Wall Street Journal published an article called how pizza night can cost you more and data than dollars. So in at this Wall Street Journal piece examines subtle ways that you could be handing over personal data to FaceBook and other high tech companies. During. Whatever routine stuff quite evenly at all. And one of those ways. Shooting and uploading a photograph using your Smartphone. So what do you think FaceBook now knows about me and now there's nobody yesterday's is they post today picture of the Eagles on stage last night. They know the common Joseph Walsh that I thought rather than Joan Walsh a dog bad gods or was pretty average. Apparently Theo James and I don't the same view I do one bad it was that way and I'll we'll we'll talk about it linked after awhile which with a 5 o'clock audience again here but. As a great concert. Was good concert. Joseph Walsh waited great concert. Harmonies and all I canister often. As I close and under an Eagles greatest hits album. But as for any kind of ruled. Excitement or. They weren't mailed it in I'm not insinuating that but it was just another show and along liner shows that they're. Been doing since March and will continue to do through July I believe. Anyway based on Facebook's privacy and data collection policies FaceBook first received your photo and caption. And tagged people. And the phone can be analyzed to see what they contain and and due to Facebook's massive trove of user data. Did you know that they can identify people who are strangers. To you would in the photos that you shoot out to the public. I assume that's because of their database of faces. But that's the first layer of data that's collected there's also a huge amount of meta data. That FaceBook gets his hands on as well in less you've taken steps to block certain details. FaceBook and also collect your location for remote geotag data of the date. The phone model you have. The exact device idea of your phone your cellular Internet service provider nearly. Nearby Wi-Fi be consult hours. Which can be used to triangulation locations. And even things like battery level and sell strength signal strength. And what this means is that FaceBook could have the power to track your movements if you appear in other people's private photos. There were shot in public. Now how long is it going to be before. Some crime is solved. Because. A picture was produced. And you happen to be standing at stiff sixteenth and Glen arm in downtown Denver waiting for the car to go by. On and so they basically are able to say well you were in Denver on August the fourteenth. Tony seventy you know. Your expectation of privacy these days is zero. Ferdinand and not just because a FaceBook and Google and all that stuff but. It just is David I'm and we routinely now hear about our credit reports. Equifax. And medical reports which the medical part of it used to be absolutely. Hands off nobody. And and those things are compromised now all the time. And Social Security number. We've gotten to the point where we give those out readily to just about anybody who answers asks. And I don't know how revealing it is but. What what how revealing are the last and I don't know the answer this question but how revealing are the last four digits you Social Security number. Because you're asked that on a number of different places web sites in the life. And in some places like it Viagra Agassi where they've asked you for your last six digits. Of your Social Security number. And that may be a financial accounts that you already have ever some real liberals want but you're expectation to our privacy news. Is is getting no. He is getting pretty slim but I wondered told Turco will say it's Phil and Steve on W Ricci case chief. Hey get this job. I'd argue that cult all the time I get them from all of the country all kinds that the not an out of the country. Quiet out there that fueled dialed that number back. It will just your dead or it will pay no such number bottom sort. I hit 70 port numbers come in and the caller from California. New York wherever. How to outnumber the computer who pulled number of them somebody that it is so. If you can answer. Find out who these people really are and shot it down and then at eight and he wants to know all these booklet called the number does birds. Since being captain Mike. None of that one of the reasons I don't answer is because if you answer than you've just taught did then you've just said OK it's a working phone number of you said sometimes you column back and I think I've done that too but I'm a little leery of doing that as well because. If you use your number to call them back you also has said yes this is a working number. Well and sometimes call the number back it is actually somebody trying to get ahold of you for something not competitive efforts I endorse a euphoric trip somewhere. Bob alone yacht and not the end and I don't even bother with and so. Attempted. In this day and age if you call me and I don't answer you leave me a message because I'm not going back a blind number just say who is this. Not an army you have intervene meet you pal extra never got called muted the answer opt out of a job at the big. I just checked and on yeah how you do want uncommonly get a second yeah and really Paula claimed only. But the other thing you are talking about the FaceBook and being able solve our. I think that is dead on TV show called went to the crowd worked guy. Computer wiz put the unsolved his daughter's murder solved that any posts all these crimes of photos all black and Oliver body felt on the site aren't people. And maybe had done to Sean familiar with that guy needed may be and you certainly. I mean your phone you we give permission for location and all that stuff all the time so I mean. I know there have been crimes that have been solved because of tracking your phone and its whereabouts and GPS and all that stoked. Not yeah why are in your car. But it did that this thing says that you could be. If you can have your picture taken with in a crowd with some other so with other through must somebody else's song that you don't have any you don't even know you're in. Denver Colorado you're walking on the sixteenth street mall somebody takes a picture of the DNF tower you just happened to be walking down the street at the same time. FaceBook. If you're a FaceBook member could possibly I did a 58. Doubt you'd be surprised I mean did you remember the show called person of interest and NB AI control of everything. And it lit. Chipped it diesel I think it detachable parts. You know me and it did at that out of Republican eight I didn't controller and am at the top. Happened that streak camera at them all you wouldn't. Everything I did it it did that's for sure what the circle watching it that they thought that possible. Well and then that's and then this is when they re all first get our first computers 20/20 five years ago with in the last 45 years. I built on route one but yeah but but I mean so think about it this is where we've come in a couple of decades where are we going in the next few. And you know obviously I don't wanna get all close and mentally philosophical but I mean I look at my granddaughter six months old. And I wonder what world is she living in when she's my age. It will be out here are held that that the portrait job McDaniel. This is the least and Star Trek. Yeah or they're already have we've walked in and say why is it the first flight. Told people earlier partly dealt with an era that for a while now yeah it's government. Now I would look forward to the day when I can go back to Colorado and about fifteen seconds well now what can look important dating time travel. It's a barrier younger self but the people completely yeah. And that's a sure wanted to do this. I think it sounds great job I'd say yeah I don't know maybe maybe that's an oxymoron just going back to when you were younger is gonna stupid. Okay. Okay. About your expectation of privacy what FaceBook can do what they single photo audio and all that stuff I've only got about a minute and I'll give the minute to re on WBT today. China where you go and they looked like you were talking about. What technologies gonna be electing ten years and what it was like ten years ago. Richie got a real parts of their technology that's going to be coming out ten years it's already here they they probably have little shell. Waiting to trickle out of the second. Make money here ever. Over a certain period of time so that technology. That we're going to be seeing them opting years that's probably RT era they're working on something that is. Far away your vote or or or think about are now. Well that was a broader question not just a specific time but. You know I know how fast I got to the age I'm at now and like I say I'm kind of in retrospect. About the mood these days because I've got a six month old granddaughter and so. You know or what is the world that she lives in when she's my age are what is the world that she'll be living in when she graduates from high school and and I'd and I died I don't disagree with you and if they haven't invented the technology that will be dealing with were 1015 years there working on it hard so I'll be. Military. Gives that person nerves are. What they're going to will be seen in ten years they're they're putting on a shelf for a Maryland FaceBook is already. Approaching. The problem that they'll be facing in our ears and their work connote or amateur partner. There could be some. Our speakers. They know Jack about him two years ago. And now there are an integral part of an awful lot of people's houses. I've got three of them in my house bill got one of the garage. So it must have been WBT when I'm out there in the mornings on the treadmill. Smart speaker Alexa played WBT until the end Aegon does say that to an inanimate object and the next thing you know. There's boat Johnson. Well there April. 2 days tests are 96 birthday. Over 96 plus do. So much. 101 days into the year 264. Days to go Apollo thirteen launched on this date in 1970 and Ronald Reagan returned to the White House from the hospital in the state 198112. Days after he was wounded into the assassination attempt. Over expanding service to include car rentals bikes buses and trains. How exactly vehicle for very. And that they had to my house and don't want. Team of neuroscientist sales quirk in the human mind that did determines how we perceive that things we see may be preventing us from recognizing. Alien life forms. That we may have already encountered. I'm more of them to feel the emotions we feel. May shape what we see. Do do do do do can. A whale that washed ashore in Spain had 64 pounds of junk. In its stomach. Kennedy tried McDonald's new garlic white cheddar burger. Apparently it is really loaded and garlic. Air travel fairly getting better air travel isn't known as people of pleasing industry. Made obvious that if you think the US airline industry improved overall last year. According to a study that was released this week bumping fewer passengers losing less baggage. Rate of involuntary denied boarding as an improved to point 34 per 101000 passengers and 2 morning seventeen from point six teach do. For 101000 passengers and Tony sixteen and we haven't heard recently about anybody being hauled off of the jet. No now they're just losing your dog. Study airline quality rating report from the researchers at Wichita State and Embry-Riddle aeronautical university's though also showed fewer passengers complaining about. Mishandled or lost luggage through a luggage at baggage. Luggage would be like. Luggage in baggage and but you really don't. But down do what 2.4 six per 1000 passengers in notorious seventeen from 2.4 six per 1000 passengers in. Tories haven't paid. It's the same number. We category airlines did not improve it nor was on time arrivals. Which is always thrown off because of weather. So I don't know how you necessarily. I deal with that if you have an unusually harsh winter. Look at all Leo snowstorms video nor'easter that hit the East Coast or Boston or New York can run bad foreign. I'll read I have four weeks right. We get doesn't have an effect on air travel so I don't know that's gone out of their. Have a zero sphere of influence the availability of our wind conceiving a boy or girl tell you how to do that in just stay awhile my business is 200. You all have a pictorial is on the tired of mixing Mayo and catch up together. You do that. Summer barbecues I guess blending a man is in ketchup also known as fry sauce in some parts of the country. Signature blend of all Heinz Ketchup mixed with the other new behind the real man is present greet. You can't do that kind of manage down in this part of the country can there. Is not a law may not go after our drug truck you'll have a guest in county that you can't there's blood there's elements and Duke's etc. and and you can be and and miracle whip I think they can actually. Drive you down across the state lines and in case you're out of that area. Well anyway up for those of you that are tired of mixing your Mayo and catch up together. This may be the new condiment of 2018. And Hines is the one who's doing it in order to see Mayo chop. On your table at least 500000. Condiment lovers so we'll have to to vote on no Heinz website to make of reality. And if I don't even know that I've heard of that certainly tell you the truth. I if you wanna have some say and the gender of your baby. Italian researchers say the best month to conceive a boy day is October. And if you want a girl. April. It's the best month to conceive. Just try to help. So if you want a boy. As Barney is to stay zip it up but. The visibility Barney it's. Somewhat. Television and I'm really Ricci John Hancock. We told you in the early part of our revenues that a team a neuroscientist. Say a quirk of the human mind. That determines how we perceive that things we see. May be preventing us from recognizing alien life forms that have all ruled that we've though already encountered. What is Michael Jackson brother immediately come to my mind. Let's talk I saw a picture of him the other day our video of a motive generally opposed the story was but it just read it just. You forget all the plastic surgery and all of this that the other just what a freak show he had become. It gained as I remember thinking to myself. Nobody ever sought nobody ever really says anything about that nobody ever really talked about that it was kind of like we're not supposed to. Anyway this is a little bit different DM. Oceans we feel may shape what we see. Emotions are powerful things new study shows our emotional state may influence what we see University of California. Million dollar the singers are based on solid. Researchers used a technique called continuous flash suppression. To show participants photos of pixelated images. And neutral faces. Without their knowledge. At the same time a low contrast image of a smiling scowling. Or neutral face was presented to the person's none that dominant I. At the end of the trial is set of five that faces appeared and participants pick the one. That best to matched the face they saw during the trial. They were more likely to select faces that were smiling as the best match of the image. That was presented outside their awareness showing a person who was smiling as opposed to neutral or scowling. The study coauthor. Erica Segal explains. We do not passively detect information in the world and then react to it we construct perceptions of the world. As the architects of our own experience. Our effectiveness feelings. Are a crucial determinant. Of the experience we create. I what exactly did I just say you're not as bright as you think you are probably that's over a descent. Anyway there you go play our team under a sight to see a quirk in the human mind. That determines the size the methodology of these studies that is our reading the stuff I must say again to myself really. You determined that from that. Or did you determine what you want to determine and then came up with the study Bellevue justify what you were determined before the study was ever. That tells you that really. So. I can be working. Here it WBT. With alien life forms but since my mind doesn't necessarily want to conjure them then. I don't see them. Or. I've seen all of them and believe me there have been a few. I've been here a long time I've seen a lot of people commando. Yup I'm picking names right now. So maybe it's just a matter of I I sealed my distorted to it's like a UFO gear reported or not. If you reported and everybody thinks. Boy here right. There you know. Then there you go there are samarra where retirement airlines a little bit earlier neo satisfaction rating hasn't gone up. There are some airlines that are shrinking the size of carryon luggage because. The movie or out of control. So what some have you. Wouldn't check a bag if you had to I don't care Julian for two weeks. Anyway if you've been dodging baggage fees by fitting all your stuff in your carry on you might want to a start saving your for your next trip because. There are some airlines they say that have started shrinking the size of carry ons allowed in the cabin. As of June 4 for instance Alaska Airlines will require carry ons measuring 22 by fourteen by nine inches including. The wheels and handles that's a drop from the current size. Of 24 by seventeen by ten inches. The change will also extend to Alaska Airlines partner carriers horizon and southwest now the good news is travelers will still be able. Allowed one personal wildly in order purse or briefcase throughout. Laptop beggars and in addition to a carry on. But unfortunately the change in luggage sides thing. I isn't exactly new in the wake of the international air transport association's updated 2015 guidelines American delta jetBlue. United. All rolled out maximum carries sizes 22 by fourteen by nine inches. So while. I'm sure the bag that I used to think like you give him is probably not so wanted to get news anymore. But I I check them anyway because. Which is who else do you fly. Charlotte. So Larry I'll. 5 o'clock we'll talk about Beatles concert in just a second and ten years ago an entrepreneur magazine predicted businesses that would be out of expel out of would face extinction and more. Thus the other fair ten years later. So are those of you are lucky to have do head on out to the spectrum last night and see the Eagles. Good show. In an admin for a Joseph Walsh it would have just been a good show my opinion. The Oden James writes in the observer. And said dad don't think the Eagles the Eagles without Glenn fry think again. Wide synergy Eagles a couple of times and Glenn fry I missed him that wasn't necessarily because. Of the quality of any thing I thought they're Glenn fry as a son deacon tried does a great job is 24 years old the handles himself well his character a good vocal Leo as far as Oregon going to play guitar. They get all play the guitar Vince Gill or early song I can't remember whether it was so take it to the limit her. Tequila sunrise which was among the first songs that they did last night to. They have featured him on a lead at one point I think it was just for that reason to approve two people that day this guy complacent in my guitars well you if you're if you didn't know or if you had wondered. And Gil has climbed on number locals and and so on and so forth but. Native but it England. They of one point while his son has was was finishing up on and I don't remember exactly you know where that was that they did data may have been peaceful easy feeling. They superimposed a picture of Glenn fry with kind of a smile on his face on the backs Korean. And this is pretty cool. And I think a lot of people notice that my have my my my thoughts on the counter or I sat there for the first hour and twenty minutes or so enough thought to myself means. Good show I didn't think there was a whole lot of passion and it the sounded fine though huh the harmonies were grid is magicians reply yeah I mean it was his it was kind of like us and enjoy. Eagles' greatest hits album. And the songs were all done to perfection. But it just didn't seem to be buzz or. I kind of felt the same thing about the last time I saw Jackson Browne come through town me they eat they played thirty songs that you are new many left. At one point at about. Threes just the ways through the concert. They handed a song off. Two. And I and it may be it was walk away. But at some wondered whether they. They featured Joseph Walsh. And. And I think it was actually earlier than that I had that was before he actually got into the James gang stuff but one of the I think it was one of the Eagles songs that they featured. I him on and and he's so infuse some energy into the spectrum. That when the song ended the crowd. Visibly gave their lattice cheer of the night. And ended ending knowledge that. So so far guys. That's the highlight of the show. And now Joseph Walsh's. It has makes the strangest looks on his face when he plays guitar and he's the he's he's just he's as an on dude who's now seventy years old you would never know that. And but damn connect guy play guitar. And he's just got some you just got his own personality is kind of quirky and love Joseph Walsh big time. So. At that point they go back into some more Eagles songs and then they they let. Vince killed due. A song that was. On his last album Merkel and expects that have been next big thing it was fine. AM in meadow was bad but it just add the whole concert. At least the first two thirds of the concert to me were just kind of pedestrian kind of okay yeah that's great that's the Eagles. And then all the sudden they get towards the four fifths mark. And they are going to walk away. All James gang song. And then song after a heartache tonight by Vince Gill a lead vocal they go into life's been good. And Joseph Walsh talks at the trial a little bit now has everybody scream below me and he said I'm gonna have you do this and they are middle of the song and knows or everybody practices scream and Bologna and any starts Lendl life throws been good which took just one of the greatest Liverpool's. Offer rock and roll star ever. And. Walsh editor explained earlier that when we get to certain point everybody screamed baloney and you said do what you know here's what I away when the concerts over under on her way home. You'll feel you'll be able to save yourself. I made a real difference today. And so that was that was cool but boy that's were Walsh started to shy of life's been good and phone 49 and then they went in the life in the fast lane. And so you had. You had him in this guy named Stewart Smith's. With the dueling guitar thing on life in the fast legs. Then they come out and do an encore of our hotel California and then they leave again and half the crowd decides of the concerts over in their leaving no but everybody should know that stood desperado is or is the last along. And then they come back and they do rocky mountain wave by judge Joseph Walsh which makes me home sick it was tears in my is so my wife's thinking I'll have a stroke for some of them. And then they do desperado and then apparently they jump into a motorcade four minutes after they finished desperado headed down called wood street was they are police escort black but black suvs. Didn't for the airport. So that was the Eagles concerts. It was here he was a good concert. But we Joan Walsh it was a great concerts. So have you ever go to an eagle show. Joseph Walsh's sick that night. Well that'll be okay show it's it's Joseph Walsh is there. You believe they can you just saw a great show. Bulger Walsh. That's my good. I don't think tonight's get a much better weather wise than do I have their home opener tonight. Tomorrow we should hit a high of eighty degree is thus a that'll be great Saturday we're looking for highs in the low eighties and so that'll be great. Hi and then Sunday could bring shower. Some thunderstorms so that may not be so great but boy the first three days of the homestand against feel Wilkes-Barre Scranton. A Yankee affiliate should be great yankees affiliate has some great potential major league baseball players. And the night's White Sox affiliate. They got some pretty good players still in fact they got some killers down there and a double made it will probably see before the year is over sort itself out to be viewed T ballpark Carolina do our Dan gronkowski you know. In the holes earlier today and wished him the best forests. For his own home opener tonight should be a great night at the ballpark on no grilled cheese steak. Well I tried that slaw dog that what brisket and orange soda slaw that but when I was there for the White Sox game. Yeah yeah I give them a thumbs up. With something like. But just stuff on a bond. Does it take to thank you marries up she went to the show last night Eagles show last night George meg Merrick. That accurate share your flashlight edit what online and I would. I love it you're at it at least and whether or your it was a great show that I didn't feel out. I'll be your good record got a but I think we're a more looked out the good portrayal of July could be the monster. He has. And and if you vote kind of followed him along when he. He moved to Colorado in 1972 to go are recorded to Jim gear CEOs caribou ranch which is. Guillen never one Colorado which is right down where I'm from and Estes Park ensor renowned and now. Walsh would make an appearance at a place called the rocky and and Estes just screwing around or make an appearance at one of the little. Cubby hole bars and but in Netherlands or you'd see him at a club down in boulder called to lobby and so we kind of got to know him before he became famous. I'm just see him now I mean they gave you know you're watching you look at everything god the guys just ballooned but he is any is committees controlled Leunen nick I connect I play guitar. Yes he really can't let that are trying to I saw him with that type at a special. Appeared to Ellen that was still on and he was talking about that his. And I am so pure and very important. It's been hampered Mike Gunn is not. Are sponsored great round that was. Let potential accident any help from that it Artie got it alienating the art. This inkling Wallace. Cheney how are out I love watching and land locked into that sound and yeah it is weakening. What continuity not entryway light and get it up and scream mentioned the speaker of where this yeah everybody knows that I'm too great it is. Great song has version from Moroccan roller of the lyrics. I ask my wife last night on the way home message you know the lyrics to my life's been good and she said no not necessarily a national gotta I gotta get under your control rock and roll star to be singing those lyrics are perfect. All yet but I think everybody gets and it like that luncheon at any idea for CNET dot aero. I think that we all embrace that as just a personal aliens. I like it. Older and out their government is that there are another thing along and I thought last night that you aren't miners streaming yet and found that their purse you know the interest in things like that they re not a lot of common view that night. Which was chill watch were amazing character like that yeah. And I now and I don't mean to imply I thought the Eagles. Mailed it and I goes I don't I think everything they did was quality ensor so far but there wasn't a buzzer wasn't. And excitement to are they noted that in what they were doing and every time. They are featured Walsh he brought an energy that the rest of the band just didn't have. It achieved all lectures I didn't eat eat yet that she did group. Well and a hotel California came out when. Ben Wallace added a are the band that wasn't there. War now you know what you like important that the war but they were kind of spoke V you know America I wouldn't blue column now. I bet that they word they were at they were a little pop your hand. At this ad stated as ethnic. They have come out Iran's to have stable to the innocence and country rock with a tried to make it back in those days so upload or go or no and bands like that though were. And then they Eagles rose to the topic and I thought about that last night to let you go I appreciate all thought about that last night to. To some extent you do kind of forget that the Eagles do a lot of mid paced ballot each type of so do expect them to come out and and have the energy of you know Led Zeppelin or the like that is a naive. It was a good show and let it was a great show because of Joseph Walsh. Let's get the feeling a walk away with the Michael AdAware and ill in my bed waiting king's kitchen before hand yes. Seared scallops are not too shabby. Whites and ten years ago. 2008. Entrepreneur or magazine predicted that these businesses would face extinction in note ten years. So here we are ten years later. And now here's the report card records stores. Close. But then there was. This recent re resurgence and vinyl. And so are there's actually some stores that are doing pretty well right now and Charlotte. I mean I don't know anybody's books but everywhere got re pro got manifest we got lunch box. Who else I mean that's three just for the Charlotte area. Repo came back. They were like they they used her record store and of itself of of note for a long long long long time and then left and then came back. His name Jimmy. Our camera film on manufacturing. Yep. Predicted entrepreneur they're pretty good they'd be they physics engine in ten years pretty close. I you can still buy and have a camera film developed but finding a brick and mortar developer is so it kind of tough I assume bigs does that. But I tell film fans often know develop their own or own mail off their roles. Newspapers not quite that many are gone many are struggling. Some are doing well. Pay phones. Pay phones are still around. There are harder to find but there are. There's still around are still about a 100000 of them in the United States. Where is that. Well I was airports was my first thought too. All I can remember back in the days before dead birds are one story I told about it one of my great life's lessons. Program director of radio station in boulder. And blog before cellphones but had a cellphone photo. Saw IR hire this kid and his first day is like Saturday morning. And I get up on Saturday and armor around boulder a dry run errands and stuff like them. And I turn on TV CEO and a very and to do your Brothers are playing. And all the sudden the song fades. And then there's dead air. Men and other Doobie Brothers song comes on. And I'm taken out there won't you give the kid a break you know its first emir. On some. Second do we wrote a song place. Fades out did air third Doobie Brothers song comes on. At that point I'm thinking what the heck is going on. So I start looking for a pay phone. If you're a unit cellphone spectrum. Confined to cell phone device finally remember were one was at a taco John runs off of arapahoe and no boulders on drive and over there to that to the sofa that I know. And in that time. A third Doobie Brothers song fades out. And another Doobie Brothers song comes on. And at this point I'm get a blister this kids but when I get him on the phone and I got all line numbers or he'll answer. I mean I'm. I am hot and I it's like I'm screaming into the parking lot. And I'm pretty sure or stop the car before I opened the door but I'm not exactly sure I was steamed. SIA and start dirt go out of the car in one motion and turned the car off all of the key out of the ignition. I hear the cassette pop out of the player. He would have been doing fine I was listening to The Doobie Brothers. So I just not the always make sure that your facts are straight before you oyster or somebody else is how you. My old. Just about double what I had originally planned tour ended up just many days later yes I have come off medications and take blood pressure medicine I don't take cholesterol medicine anymore. And I'm sleeping better it's my attitude. My wife his nose at my daughter's nurses feel good about it and you can community back you can email back to England. They're a good day for me. Call or go online to book your initial consultation at our dear Charlotte dot com that's our dear Charlotte dot com. Yeah. Before 6 o'clock. News talk eleven denied the united three WBT traffic and weather together -- rehearsal sport I seven to seven exits 43 a former Montana thank you judge delays eyes every seven south of uptown disabled vehicle northbound 77 in the left lane just past exit seven Clapton road near -- collision for 85 gaveled open X 64 highways if you want also to the south are still drive at all pied billed to the west and actually read it Wilkinson boulevard north Charlotte north priority sugar creek and to the east of Paris boulevards that Albemarle road WBQ weather channel forecast clear tonight with a low 53 Fridays sunshine 8075. Rock kill the queen city our next update is six. Boomer Montana WPP's traffic. WT newsroom where mark got garrison is putting the finishing touches on the Charlotte have six which will be in your ears and just about eleven or twelve minutes. Peanut butter and pickles. China Elisa and if you eat you know Heather. RIT I know she passed me in the hall and said would you like AMP you know utter another pickle sandwich and I have the wherewithal mark to say. No thank you what she came in here and I always she said I need you to do something for me on FaceBook live as an okay what she's it eat a peanut butter and pickles and Roy Jones might land you met on the video that's all the rage on the website this afternoon that you are not a big pickle fail and no I don't like and it now I know I don't like pickles so that was conceived this post sort of a biased test. Now only way to fight a perfect let it go ahead you another perfect. So let boatload so what did you CIA I would try shouldn't try to because I understand and you do 20. Sometimes things that sound a good totally opposite of each other actually work rule altogether pineapple and onion for instance works real well together. And it's true on pizza yeah. Well this wasn't half bad I mean I guess if I like pickles more I might actually have liked it because the two flavors did blend a little sweet little tang ye olde salty so he had kind of work. And you guys could do a dirty restaurant to a Thursday coming out we growth. We got more taxes coming up property tax hike around Jim Puckett says there executive. You're going to get CMS all the money they're asking floor grab your wallet because your property taxes will go up. Yeah so they're gonna want money and Charlotte Mecklenburg schools are near paper this morning they're gonna want to know more money you have that's exact current. In. And some mean. The thing you're all I figured it energy drinks yeah this is fascinating and South Carolina there is a bill to ban energy drinks for kids under the age of eighteen after kid died after drinking one too much caffeine in his system. It's an interesting topic we'll look at that a sixth running down very good all right see you back here and. And about six OK all right 'cause he wonders and and and let's not all of this peanut butter and pickle sandwiches and and all of us have you read those that George. And here you have letters have got Elvis Presley thing Menem has been manners sandwich that. My dad used to look on occasion not often but on occasion would take a banana. And split the banana down to send her and put peanut butter and stuff and out. It worked. It worked. I we're talking about this entrepreneur or magazine had predicted that businesses so would deface extension engineers they did this to end at 2008 so women got to run through what they said and what the reality of it is record stores actually go vital. Revival has has left a record stores still available camera film developing for the most part dead. We are you can and then people who do film mud can either mail it off or there's still a few and I think bigs camera down there on kings drive as one of them. Newspapers many are gone many are struggling summer doing well also they're not extinct yet. But they're close pay phones we discuss finished talking about to pay phones harder to find but still about a 100000 of them in the United States I can't remember the last time I saw a pay phone. Used bookstores. There are definitely some used bookstores still around some really great used bookstores but many of them mud dabble a new books as well surprisingly the number of bookstores has increased. Since the recession. There's a couple of bush used bookstores won in boulder. That's got to basement it's an an old brick building. And it's pretty big and they've got a basement and I mean it's just filled it smells like old books but it's a it's sensation once been their for. 8090 years. I can't imagine them ever going out of business. Remember when you were a kid they used to talk about. Banning books and a world without books and all I can stuff and you thought how ridiculous that always. But now with technology and everything else you can almost envision a world where books would be actual physical books would disappear almost like back. Music. Digital downloads. I still like to hold the liner notes in my hand I still like to redo the Ceci musicians are and who Putin who's playing drums and. Piggy banks still around. Not to not used by anyone over the age of five but big bags are still around. I telemarketing. Entrepreneur magazine ten years ago said bill would do probably be extinct well they're going strong. Unfortunately for you and your telephones in a lot of cases. And a coin operated arcades. Now you were a kid teenage energy ever have a pinball machine it's almost certain location that it just happened to be. Your friend. They had no place and Estes Park called the dark horse saloon. Famous torn down many years ago. But in there they had pool tables and no old road merry go round horses that stood they use to bar stools and I've got a great old place. Big dance floor it's were all the old does square dances used to take place and all that stuff but in addition to all the pool tables and stuff they had all sorts of arcade games. And a couple of those were pinball machines I had one in particular that I just. Somehow or another I guess at the one I always use so I got to be pretty good at that particular one did well when good and any others. But coin operated arcades. Outside of theme parks or our our place like Las Vegas it's pretty hard to find a a standalone arcade anymore that but the games the pinball machines and stuff like that. Can still be found at family restaurants and and pizza joints and stuff like that across the country amid private location private. Collectors and and and stuff like them. Businesses. That entrepreneur or magazine predicted would be our face extinction in ten years. And kind of review on which ones are still here and know which ones are not I'd say that entrepreneur magazine's batting average is about just a little above average because nothing that they state. Is completely. Obsolete completely gone. But the pretty close on on some of the ones that are facing. A dilemma so they're go to their all right. Make way for mr. peanut butter pickles I. George says he Ito into one of his favorite things okay. We opened look at via the fact that I'm. Okay and these two have to work together for the next hour. So on so listen to that and not only for the contents of Markel have but there'll probably be things happening in the background that Georgia doing to sabotage the show one of my favorite part we'll broadcast. I'll see you tomorrow will kick off the big weekend at 5 o'clock can now get ready to wander into what via a great weekend and a great night tonight for nice. First. Home run baseball game to be VT ballpark.