James Comey Shares Thoughts On Trump In Advance of Book Release

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, April 16th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing it AC fans into focus still lands so liberty the citizens of this Coakley radio program. Good Monday morning good to be back with you. Hope you had a great weekends we're able to relax unwind. In the midst of the crazy things going on in the news we have over the weekend call me Syria. Those with a big ones and we will delve into those during the course of the broadcast today. I have to acknowledge to you. First off that I. Have not watched the Komi interview norm frankly I'm not an interest in and his who cares. This guys has been. Former FBI director he's gone he's history have zero interest in reading his book zero. I won't share a little bit of audio ends give the opportunity to talk about this. Because you know all of this is pretty much predictable. Very predictable. And what are the things I've also caution about for quite some time because I think we've reached a point in our. Had discourse I would put that in quotes. Where I'm very concerned I'm gonna give you a couple of examples warm this call me end. Trumpet matter but also. Regarding Syria. I'm very concerns. It's not just liberals they're not good at using. Let's just say a using their judgment. We like to be able to look at the liberals and hard about how illogical and howl. How they just don't think. I'm concerned many of us are not thinking ether. Just because. Just because James call me is a person who is. I guess you could say largely suspect in conservative Republican circles. Does not mean that that some of these she communicates. Might be completely right. I said this abouts the election. As I'm concerned we've reached a point in our American history. Where we're pursuing the lesser of evils. And truth of the matter is this sources aren't good and all they really arched. And sometimes the correct answer is none of the above. So it's one of my frustrations as I watch all of the spit balls going back and forth between comedy and trump. Frankly I find an old juvenile. Idiots. I think the most presidential thing the president can do is just ignored James Komi. You can put out one statement say you know. Bless his heart. You know bless his heart. He's got a brand new book out it's good for him. Move on. Talk about things that matter. Speaking out. This entire matter regarding Russia and we've talked about this plenty of times in this program. At this point all indications are this is going to amount to nothing absolutely zero. A little bit later in the broadcast though we have at least one person. One former US attorney who's concerned. About another investigation which he believes is a greater threat. To this president. We will delve into that during the course of the broadcast. I want to start off. With one of the things communicated by mr. coma yesterday evening and I'm just giving you the opportunity you sound off on this stuff. As I said I think at the end of this day and into the day we're gonna find. This whole episode will just be a whole lot of white noise it really will be because there won't be any consequence. For any of this for anybody. For James calmly. He just fades out of the sand said enjoys his broad DO whatever other deals he gets with the media. And the limelight just fifteen minutes of fame. For Donald Trump. He's able to continue his pattern of loving to have four whales enemies that he can oppose. People who at least in his mind look worse than he Dennis. It works well for the current play. But we look at the big picture. Ants are focused on liberty for all Americans. And the constitutional values that's. We supposedly embrace. This will all prove to be inconsequential. Because nothing will happen nobody will do anything about anything of significance. Related to these matters. I know their people out there have any reboot Hillary. I don't care I really don't. Now if there's some investigation. That is. Rekindled. And this woman is prosecuted as I agree she should be then great. But the same time. To somehow. Keep going to this default position and talk about Hillary in what's called me and what the FBI should have done folks it's a loser. It goes nowhere it's a waste of our time and energy. I wanna share first this piece of audio. Abouts. The president's fitness for office this is one of the crash questions it was posed. To mr. comedy from that great journalist George Stephanopoulos brought a joke. You know I've said before this guy every time we see him I think weasel. Clinic this guy's about his slimy as they get. And has some real softball questions at least some of the questions I've seen. And read about it media it's it it doesn't surprise me at all but any case here is that exchanges it took place yesterday evening. To. You write the president trying to decide unethical. Untethered to the truth. Is Donald Trump unfit to be president. Yes but not in the way I often hear people talk about it I don't buy the stuff about him being. Mentally incompetent early stages of dementia and he strikes me as a person above average intelligence. Was tracking conversations and knows what's going on I don't think she's. Medically unfit to be president on these morally unfit to be president. Person can see them. It's insurance through. The talks about and treats women like their pieces of meat who lives. Constantly about matters big and small and insist the American people. That person's not fit to be president of the United States on moral grounds our president. Must embody respect and adhere to the values are the core of this country the most important being truth. This president is not able to do that he's morally unfit to be president if you are right what is the remedy should Donald Trump impeached the impeachment is that is a question of law and key factor in politics in your citizen you have a judgment camp Monta I give you strange answer I hope not. Because I think impeaching and removing don't trust from office. We'll let the American people off the hook and have something happening directly but I believe their duty bound to do directly. People in this country need to stand up and go to the voting Booth and vote their values and so. Impeachment in a way wood short circuit test. James thome. Who again this is what's so unfortunate. Is this guy is. Not a person who has a lot of credibility. I mean you could certainly put out reams of documents on this man's problems with judgment in moral character. And so there are a lot of people who would judge him to be unfit for the office that he once held. I would be in that category. Not to get your thoughts if you watch this interview what your. Perceptions were also coming up we're gonna delve into Syria. Not just what happened over the past few days but we're also going to read visits revisits. So the communications from Donald Trump before he was president on the subject of Syria. Yes it's only for the Braves. If you have the courage. To pay attention to it. We'll address that much more as we continue. Our Monday broadcast. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. James Crowley coming outs referring to the president is being morally unfit for the office what are your thoughts your reaction goes you've watched or heard clips from this. It's got to Jai and good morning welcome sir. Very you know and we'll see. I'll I'll watch interview and bush remarks you talked about probably about. But would rather have Palin Hammond action then that moral Hillary Clinton I'm coming call them. Now it's here here's my question John and this is this is the heart of what I'm concerned about. Can we do can you honestly I'm just asking you do you honestly believe that mr. trump is no way morally upstanding person. Yeah. Napolitano recently they obviously feel that he's got saved them. Probably pick up from the preacher pro law. Ballots and as she changed the slides and Boris accepted Christ probably that's. Now here's here's Michael one of my questions about this John if that's true. Why have we not heard that from him. Well he did come out and play at all. It is and I know a lot of people saying that they just thought felt like age but he did come out and decide that on the Easter. We might recycle about pacer. That we that we should accept Christ except that it would try to help these last saw him with. Do you go back and jacket. But the long walk we got don't know and I'm well it certainly take an Arab country a lot of prestige got a lot to learn. But how this has not that you would torture saying that yet established. All the situation that happened about the all the things that Syria should do you look at history and not want to dictator actually expected. Although I respect just force. Actually may have played well apple got out a land that. You actually read about the fact such our memories are really really short cheer when we even use the end game here what. What is it we're we're going to accomplish in Syria or what what we've already done what is the purpose. Well the proper so there's this just send a message not only do mr. Sapa Paul wall if you start isn't. Yeah. Gas old people. What a MacKey and not think that is the message has not that there election in Lowell police say that you get rid of isolation. Can't completely eradicated from I thought we get lamb. And now we stood up to the cavaliers for years. And other Christian right who brought to alert coordinator what they used to they should. That you got to look at the big future we don't always look at the big picture that would now look we don't need a little. Two huge hit on the road like the Chinese they look twenty years down the red. You got and that's what I'll thank you know maybe I'm wrong with the. I understand where you're coming from and and again I would saved I appreciate your service thinks lockyer called John. Over on the Tex lines and the other for spectators that have come in on this. Starting with this when Vince what I was current or anyone would have done. This matter regarding McCabe in all of this the rest of them done as far as leaking information. They would have been tried convicted and hung for treason. Let's borrow about a Spartanburg. Vince told me is his sanctimonious heard. All the highlights in the Stephanopoulos interview were soft balls. Mobbed by little George. It's a cinco we know they're supposed to be a crime to impeach would crime is trump accused of when Carl Lee mentioned someone treating women like meat is he talking about trump or Bubba Clinton. Steve this is why would you pose a question like this. Can you demonstrate to me how these guys are any different. I don't see them as being morally different at all well and all wire week. Cursing these words. And going into these comparisons why do you think these these families these couples were friends in the first place. You've heard the expression birds of a feather there's a reason why. They were howling around each other. And I said this before and I don't hesitate to say it again I don't think there's very much difference in character between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. I I'd love for somebody to make that case to meet. And the thing you can say for an in here's what she really crazy about it. No we all know that this marriage is a joke. At least Bill Clinton only has one wife. We've been married to the entire time. There's something to be said for that. Even though it may be a fraud. Now if you wanna argue the merits of this in you one of common challenge that. Let's have that conversation. Now what typically happens is people wanna call and they wanna well you're just anger you create Donald Trump. In a hope. C'mon. I'm just encourage you bring your eight game. And you've got to bring your A game because if we keep doing this. Moral comparison stuff just because somebody's on our side we give people pass. Four huge moral lapses. Then we can we Mays would just shut the whole thing down because we don't have a leg to stand on and you know who's gonna Seawright tourist our children. You know. They know they any good morning welcome. Good morning how are you are each year. I'll let him ask all the way he was in exactly light. You know it become a in I have five dorms. And cook and you know Al stride despite a film. There are trot perspective. The gals our armor a motor America. Voter or Republican out vote Democrat out well so depressed person for the job. Hello yes you're an answer oh yeah our our uncle or the best person for the job. Talker too great idea. But when you come down to deception. And just ball straight out. Wired. So it took the American people. You know in India and having butch used to be our Republican Party cover up for. You know we did in its its really its really got to the club where. I I cannot believe these group of people that airport tarmac bowed to put it out. Don't know who were you referring to your. Well I'll look forward to a lot of congressmen. It should always be a miracle arms. You know oh who we look at what questions and trying to do so at 1950. Film. They've contracted that they're bad and destroy our country. She did you know in no baggage limits and the pitch until I'll these guys are gone over to actually just see a bit like that popular. So I've got to ask you I mean did you you have suspicions of collusion here. I have I have a suspicion. Of beer in this corruption. But on the part of good. This school are certain brain mind my brain to blow people who are you accusing the brink of who you know could amount to is actual OK without a group we are talking about our our immigration. A case you have suspicions there's something corrupt their. And that will be uncovered at some point. Yes you don't get that many people. You don't fit the glamour girl. You know know that many people traveling in uncertain start cold unless there itself then there and you don't get out negative backlash. You know many collective debt secured some cruel their victory ever so. That's what we do hear about who now we are government are walls we are people that are back took oh all. About nation in the minute we start attacking and I'll mention we attack out we don't. We attacked everything their political web based dollar but also with the governments around tutorials Saipaia. What a while but there are the law for the special few. Give us a way it works all too often a appreciate your call their Danny and it will be interesting to see all of this unfold by the way and I remind you. So far there's no evidence of any collusion at all coming up we will talk about the real danger. The real danger to this administration and has nothing to do it all. We have what's going on would the special counsel investigation. Will address that much more as we continue to broadcast. This is Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program started off talking about gene told me still to come will discuss Syria if time permits. I'm hopeful good today but at some point. And our Sunday morning broadcast we actually talked about Libya. I'm match driver ever addressed this before on this program. But I want to make you aware something I've posted in fact it's available. It will be available on one a 63 W or. WBT. FaceBook page. About the real recent. This country intervened in Libya and if you do not know you need to read this story. Because I think kids goes to the heart of my concerns about our intervention ism. Aunts defected it's it should not continue for a variety of reasons. Let's go out to rose joining us this morning. Good morning. Good lord they end up lip and I'm not to get a true born again Christian in the plot how they followed that up I'll. The appeal wrapped and not true he. And our constitution. We can't be okay. Living it Beltre had two mile walk and I'll I'll tell you walked. Snapped up not delete key issue if you'll all want this outlet got. You're legally can Mac get married again but. Point you've got to do it. Actually can laugh out. I think. Actually they. Believe they are looking there at ten to. We ought be a bit banged Britney up maybe it had you are not stand still they married didn't bring you watt. I am back oust delete the. Here's here's the thing rose. No what do you do if and I'm just given a hypothetical let's say I become born again after the after the second divorce. Does that mean I need to get rid of my third wife. Why are you aren't in trouble but naw I'm just raising this question if you were counseling somebody who's born again. Structure. If we need a mop the only thing you're married. So what if you married to lose it does that mean you need to restore your relationship with both your former lives. Now I may look at it you'll it he'll back at the cops don't eat your leg he can illegally MacKey and but if he got there you. You may actually open and I wouldn't spill but I definitely like my colleagues looked at apple. It killed all of my response to my. Big you are legally married that they had you can marry again but yet they you've got 300 not particularly haven't had that is about not apple T chips. Well I I hear recovered from Eros. Hadn't. I think. I'm not understand him not to and all belittling your your perspective here I understand the concern you've presented here. Always great to talk Greek heroes. I'm I think this is one of those where this trains left the station I just put it that way David out of Greenville good morning sir. I bet I nuclear I would do you have. Hey always great stock review David. I one help Obama hope that our Bolivia. And talk about the real called the Obama directly. Meant little round. No less older what was that David what do you think that was. Well there are no one it's strictly up prop it up and protected. By the US dollar. Dubai. In US dollars and they don't like about this event. Every country that we met where the doubly but I and I Iraq are mobile pocket I'll be able Libya and now. Far in Syria every a lot of milk has one of the big couple. From the US dollar when they follow in Bali and in another currency besides the dollar what happened there is a cult. We've we've got this agreement with the saudis Kissinger says it up way back and semi careers so well particularly. Vol. We protect the saudis militarily. And they protect us much materially and financially. By American everybody pay the full bodies. Basically in the US dollar what happened to help other sources the whole show about included in the you have got enough to be edited. Are dependent so we could to keep dropping bombs on people. Just to prop up the dollar put children at school ANW Ron Paul quick comment and remark slide only that we can just walk right allow you requested is. We're gonna market I don't know why we got a lot Martel like the old USSR. Totally bankrupt what we have to come home I hope is not the latter so basically we need to do is take advantage of Berkeley. Did all of our oil and really opened up and we might be able to really strengthen our dollar. Wrote the way we should rather than the way we've been doing it. Yeah I'm I'm with you David. Cede this to me I don't wanna talk about James comic I don't give a crap about James coming Donald Trump should give a crap about James told me. Why doesn't the president talk about this shoring up our own currency. Making it worthwhile. And she's getting rid of our debts. And getting decoupling from the Federal Reserve. And the the IMF. And all these other organizations. David if you wants to leave that conversation I'll be a 100% behind him. I would do it through there but the last president they even got close. John FitzGerald Kennedy was murdered. Well by our own government no. Let me just say this David. If you don't have the courage to do it you shouldn't be in the office. Looked a bit ugly which have. It's here is there any hope. Do you think he has any clue about the stuff. I act if it can go to red epic records which are from just allowing. We talked about the federal alert system out payment of they had invite you attack has been put on the American people. That's like pink dark paint and continue to be put off that the expense. Well Kabul big named bikers mania that don't even live in this country he had to read that book really have a place to go understand have a short answer your question is now. You know eight EU gave me an idea David now I would I want Q2. You know let's follow up on this because. I wanna try to get a copy of this book in his hands. From someone who is close to him and see if he were read it. Battle bigger why not start with 100 cheered when it within the law to somebody like that I certainly wouldn't go through the wideout. She Don Kelly although both I think there's a lot of things they're keeping away from the president shoot the polar bear forest fire that happened all of us. What went by late while Michael bland was taken out he was the first target of the big state because he did not have that neo conservative attitude is far. Well warmonger and dropping. Police facts and all over the world he knew exactly what was going on exactly what the plan was. Now. That's why they had to get rid of and he was no blow with a bullet and they want. Well why it's going to be interest and see how this plays out David always great to talk with you and I will be sharing. What happened in Libya situation a little bit later on I'll pull Blakely I believe he got a little less than a minute here we have force. They've grown a lot supported such not a whole idea morality and talking points adopted people share a conservative liberal alike. I argue a lot up FaceBook I am an avid FaceBook aren't. You're one of snow who's not. Only college not to be but it just happened now let me get anger at what period. I'm curious about the whole situation. And that wind you have equal that are just mimicking what they see it here on CB radio. I need to have that people say they have made it. But they're all mimicking an idea that they don't even understand and it absolutely killed it. Gosh don't get me started sprinkling and you'll probably relate to this. What you said here a little while when I share some my social media first from the weekend. Man I opened up the gates of hell you know I didn't. I've posted a tweet from Donald Trump from 2013. I'm gonna share some of the reactions. Mind blowing you can. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley read your program just to set up for discussion about Syria. The chemical weapons inspectors. They've been delayed getting into the side of the suspected gas attack. There are accusations going back and forth between western powers and Russia. In the aftermath of that's retaliatory US led missile strike. And smell. No question is. I think going to find. What will be their conclusions this and one of the things that some critics of this series of strikes. You know have suggested. Why do they wait for an investigation here first. By this group. Who knows. Who knows we will delve into this also will talk about would present has previously said about intervention in Syria. And also going to share a few the reaction they got just by posting re posting one of Donald Trump's tweets. It sound quite instructive just few minutes away as well the real threat to Donald Trump's presidency has nothing to do. Nothing to do with the special counsel investigation. Moved element that is well coming up the next hour Jeannie and Indian trail good morning. We want a yes man yes I am sorry I'm. Forward almost forgot why can't the robot got sidetracked into it is about. Why won't this flight from them to lag if a man I. Com. I would like to ask her which Federer Nadal took command. They didn't quite did not god for my bottled fan he can be forgiven inning and and she should go back and good story of the woman that the whale and I'll leave it at that. But. The real hot topic you act like you're almost. All Donald Trump will be any different then they'll crack in the wall when he. Man I didn't want to respond to that big column. On May not only. But what Bill Clinton borrowed. A lot of what happened after the home present. A lot on what I have a lot about the different. I don't wanna talk supporters say he is good behavior. You won't have won fourteen grand about it pretty much none and are there have been. Well I'm really doesn't demand he batted countless don't worry about what he did twelve years ago or three years but that's. Not. Important but different. Okay okay that's fair enough. Can you describing the Q the difference here between what happened before the presidency in effect it's too great a president who literally soiled the Oval Office. And and that's. Some of an important distinction there Joseph good morning welcome to the broadcast. The evidence but were good luck I'll. What I got I pretty much. In La reports he says only the fact is there's that there's compare Clinton with her opposite ridiculous he says Clinton. Actually broke the law blatantly broke the law allowed under our while he was an off. I had an. Or from a legal standpoint Jo-Jo Jo-Jo Harlow. From a legal standpoint. I hit the question was about moral character is clearly a difference in her okay. Getting that data OK after I had ami got leaked out put character and their grant well under. Good hit of the day while he's been held aloft while. Where he got yeah it's in the air or the fact that he lied under our own. While he was an office he got a unit for the fact with character that the man is commonly used seeing many more are a politician and yeah. Understand that people like it's not phony car when Catholic problem very transparent you hear what you think. He's prepared earlier in your god inning corporate. And in and I am Indy and I wouldn't including some are here they're not EA got great character in a world. But the compare him with Clinton ever come Corey. And edge him know our. You can't even compare the I think he believed in what he Goran it's hard again it goes. Can't unnamed Clinton and then there was it was complete carte politicians. These are some clean up her report council politic. Not competent definitely an up or a different camp about return. They're not if there's gonna compare our character you're the most fair and other then you know why are. No that's not going to show good bye dear good bye Joseph adios. Why we have to get in this part you don't like it needs to do with liking or disliking him. Just talking about the merits. Which she did so there you go Gerald out of dolphins. Are very pitch the commentator good morning sir. Good lord church they've made some pretty sure that Lindsay Graham don't have any children polls. You can't get a low ball pretty well. Your roll out what you should be shaved yourself. Why are all. You know it would com complete conflict she looked finished. Pushed Gil a lot of people pick it up to get less than a conflict. Google. Earth and I'm just mortar and not pay their pockets pop out about this group very. I have no I did Gerald. Okay that you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Jai and rescuers here in this sub title meta before the break out of Reich killed good morning John. A lower your their Jun. Bruce Cohen John and come in. Going once yes sir. Going twice. I think we need to try again let's go quickly to Dick Tim Simpson billion got less than a minute your serve. They're very plain aren't I great singer. Well I don't I'm not gonna compare our truck. Glenn but I well I would like to know about it's okay early senator your courage that distrustful and but our money paced sport to pay Alter or off. Our. It is not okay we're for a mr. trump and bill why I can still offer and are allowed it to keep it below but all of us senators and congressmen have response under that there are off. Just our tax dollars. It nearly everything about this to it that story go. They're talking about it it just disappeared to admit I mean what it's like we had a a couple of headlines about it a couple of big stories revelations about it. We just went away coming up next hour we're gonna talk about the real threats to would be Donald Trump presidency and Syria as well as Libya. Stay what is. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. That's what they do like fix things what the straight day. I cannot. Power mention self governance and strong. Character you. Break here in America. This is the you radio program. President trump now has real legal payroll. Potential jeopardy stems from the investigation came to light. When the FBI conducted raids on the offices and residences of his lawyer and self professed fixer Michael Cohen. I never thought collusion with Russia opposed jeopardy. There have been anything crumble to that story line the politicized in tight from factions the intelligence and law enforcement agencies would have leaked it. That is the perspective. Of someone who is very concerned about what's going on but this investigation fact Michael Cohen is set to appear in court two today. On this very day to address this issue. Are of whatever it is he's been doing with these deals these fixes to. Then he's been working on what is been exposed here what's the real liability. For the president of the United States well to get some perspective on that's. We have former US attorney Andrew McCarthy's back on the broadcast welcome back sir. We do it. You're saying here and as you've been saying all along this entire matter regarding compiled collusion is a joke it's a waste of time and energy. Prosecutorial. Overreach. Something that I probably never should have been pursued by a special counsel. But you're very concerned about this investigation involving Michael Cohen why is that. Well these Mike O'Connell an investigation. Is clearly a criminal investigation. See tomorrow our investigation has always been. First and foremost I counterintelligence investigation. Which means for all the hullabaloo. About. Whether there was strong campaign collusion. And whether. Something the president has done in connection with the investigation announced obstruction. The principal part of it has always been. And counterintelligence investigation about Russia Russia is interference with the 2016 election how we prevent Russia from doing that in the future. It's Federer. And it's clearly caught up in the politics and twelve and fifteen. Presidential election what's going on in New York by contrast. Seems very clearly. State federal criminal investigation. By the premium are. Federal prosecutor's office in the United States. Under circumstances. Where obviously a lot of thought was given the war. These search warrants last week or. Executed on the I owned the hotel residence in the office the law that's. Among all the officers go to the bathroom that's up from Michael Collins. And then they would not have done that of what state. First consulted with the trump Justice Department which is required by a US attorney's regulations. And they would not have got a warrant to watch the federal judge found probable cause that there were evident that there was evidence of crimes. In those locations. So that is clearly a criminal investigation and I think it would be a matter of great concern to anyone who could be connected to it. What is the president's potential exposure here. He's very hard to know Vince without knowing exactly what it is that they are investigating. Which they're not required to tell us right now we know. From some reporting about what was. On the face of the warrant and let my money just. Back up for a second and explain to people that won the federal government when the FBI for example. Execute a search warrant they have to leave behind. At a place where they've done searched a copy of the warrant. Not the copy I got a copy of the underlying. Explanation probable cause that the court yet but they have to give the person. A copy of the of the war which generally says what they are investigating what they were entitled to look for so we now have some information about what was in the warrant we don't know where that. Came from by the way I don't know what that means who leaked by the government dole would like somebody close to Colin. But what we know is that they are. Looking for communications. Between. Trump and call and we know that they are looking. That the reporting is correct. At this. At these transactions which involved. And he pornographic actress moments stormy Daniels of the Playboy model blown themselves. Less than that McDougal her first name escapes me at the moment. So they're clearly looking. At those. And for all we know they may very well be looking at other. Activity that involves only Cullen and maybe that that the president trump doesn't have anything to do it. I should point out the people that the only thing privileged. In a lawyer's office in terms of being protected safeguarded from. Our government snooping. Is. Communications. Between an attorney and a client. Federal along the lines of conveying legal advice and any work product that flows from those communications. So for example if a lawyer has other kinds of our physical or documentary evidence a crime but the lawyer is involved in in his office. I he doesn't get any. Privilege or installation. By virtue of the fact that he's a lawyer from being investigated by the government to make a crude example. If a lawyer at the pilot heroin on the table. In his office student that. But the government can see that they've treated like it would treat such a seizure in any other case. We're talking to Andrew McCarthy and I'm one of the things I think a lot of people were kind of intrigued by here and end it there have been hints about this that this can relate to some of the deals that been worked out. With some of these if in these relationships past relationships. Where would any potential criminality take place there. That's a that's a great question because there are these two things have been inflated it's important that we separate them out there's no crime. In signing an agreement not to disclose information and arms length transaction. Where one side agrees not to disclose information the other guy as the other side agreed to pay them not to disclose it. There is nothing criminal about that you can think that it unsavory. And unseemly and all that stuff but it's not a violation of law. Where it can potentially. Can involve a violation of law. Is it that these non disclosure agreement thought contracts. If there is fraud in the inducement of the contract. Or someone is extorted into signing a contract. You could have a a problem along the lines of the federal fraud and extortion statutes so big and the agreement itself on the state would not be illegal. But the activity that induced the person to enter the agreement could cross the line into criminality. I we have less than thirty seconds cheer read what timetable leaving core operating on four what how the a clear sense of where this is going. I think we'll have a clearer sense. There at the end of today. Because. The government will have to be probably feel more forthright about what they're investigating and Colin can I have to be more forthright about. What he claims is privileged in his office so I think we'll probably know little more the end of today than we did did we do right this minute. A right to be watching very closely Andrew McCarthy thinks slot for coming on broadcast again. Pregnant. And we'll see whether any new revelations about swear prosecutors are going with the state and any potential threat this could pose. To the president himself coming up we'll talk about Syria and stood back and discuss Libya as well. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock. It's complete review program. But George we would be talking about Syria and its. Messages communicated by this president's several years ago and before we delve into it. We'll take a call here from Jason let him steal my thunder here on. Taking away certain. Jason are you there. You don't hear John this year okay own your own jaw right answer. Yes I am I looked view on Sunday I wanna make it clear that I don't approve of the president tweeting. As a civilian if you want the three that's one thing however yesterday in your morning program you were comparing week. That problem. We did in 2013. As the civilian. Just like you and I might slow action he takes in 2018. I don't think it's fair. Didn't judge him on what he's said he was due in 2013. About what he does in 2018. And you clearly. Were critical. Well what what I guess you would call a flip flop on its position in regard Syria. What eight and 2013. Came from. He knew as much as I hear you yet have a PS I was nervous I am. International affairs but I don't think it was. Legitimately. Do that comparison. And why is that can you explain it to me. Well in 2013. You and I are civilians you only so much about Syria at present the United States. It privy to information we don't have. And your actions today or yesterday or whatever the fate of four. It was based on updated information to about an eighteen what he said to about thirteen. And that civilians what was then it was five years ago things change. Vote in the country outside the country. I don't wanna get into golf club international monetary. Malek has so that you also touched upon but just. The basis of his criticism. Of it tweeting them vs those actions that day because I don't think we created in 2013 is relative. To what he knew and what he did today. Okay here and look let's delve into some of these Kazaa I wanna just going to d.s with you on the line. Get your perspective on how things have changed. Up here is June 13 sixteen Tony thirteen we should stay the hell out of Syria the rebels are just as bad as the current regime. What will we get for our lives and billions. Zero. There's also this remember all these freedom fighters in Syria want to fly planes into our buildings. Right we keep broadcasting where we're going to attack Syria. Why can't we just be quiet and if we attack it all catch them by surprise. This last one for instance Joan can you explain to be here's the president who single several days ago we were warned to take action against Syria. Why was it a dumb thing to do. Back in toy thirteen but it was OK for him to say OK now we can signal an advance this is what we're gonna do very soon. Yeah I agree review of that part Jack he eat he had a very fluid on and need to act as cute little help control. And I. And I I can't argue at all I would and I heard the. Yeah yeah I think a lot of people were kind of disappointed with this. It's. But I still I mean. But I still don't think it's really a flip flop from what he was saying there in 2013 verses what he says today. Because besides the fact that things have changed. But there is no a lot of senses changed. Here's one of the things that that there is a little humor here I got a kick out of this one. If Syria was forced to use Obama cared they would self destruct without a shot being fired Obama should sell them that idea I go out and. I heard that and I'm going like. The other the time to see that lies that the time can be on Sunday morning news release period. And he doesn't seem to be able. You know when the curtain is open for humor when the curtain can be close or. Serious presidential consideration. I need to eat that discipline and political affairs or anything like that but we did not elect. A military genius. We elected a businessman. Who got loose tongue be here's the thing that I I think Leahy he truly need somebody to put up bridle on this. Good luck trying to find that person here's the one that really grabs my attention the most. What we get for bombing Syria decides more debt a possible long term conflict. Obama needs congressional approval in fact there's another tweet. For some reason it's not in this collection of tweets to re saying I did see you know that that it would be unconstitutional. To take that sort of action. Without congress and I think there are a number of people not just. Democrats they're Republicans. Who really believe that's that he should have gone the congress and got not transition for this well how do you feel about that. Prior presidents have made preemptive strike where I looked at congressional. Approval. And I think I do not know the thin line that you cross and doing math. I'd I think the major problem with him that he's been writing. They they've been holding them through it knows who hire on. If things keep that in 2013 and then he goes up and out there. But he's critical of other presidents have done things that he shouldn't have to Muster who could keep that trump card in there and I don't we used some kind hi this Idenix. It you know in your pocket I mean you can't have any peer kind of poll. We're back on things. Other presidents do what you can legally do yourself. You're trying here on him if he guerrilla group formed a lot I think he needs to read this short abbreviated book on how to be presidential. And what we can do and what went to shut up he had been done that and I mean I'm not real. Trumped your eye like a lot of stuff he's done. I wouldn't cross the street to shake his hand necessarily. I will say there's no definitive idea my age I hit Eisenhower's in what he Obama campaign stop. Really I do remember that I remember it was raining I don't know he was on a cold sober friend I know it somewhere near Detroit. And that's about it and all I can remember could not say exactly how old are. While that's pretty amazing that is pretty amazed age I eventually enjoyed talking with you and I appreciate your ability to engage in discourse which is. What we're trying to do here folks it's it's really that it's that simple. I wanna go at something and expand my own I guess I can start this anyway. I really opened up a firestorm on social media I posted something on social media yesterday. And the they hate him there's there's really no other way to put it to the gates of hell were literally opened up. By people who were absolutely furious that I dared to boost this. Here's what the president president said. On August 30 2013 on Twitter the president must get congressional approval before attacking Syria big mistake if he does not. I posted this note commentary by myself. Whatsoever. I just posted this. Let me just share which you. Some of the reactions those were the words of a civilian. This person time says when the cult is confront it with conflicting input it will automatically default to the most recent imports. We have this. This is something trump said about Obama the thing is Obama has a large hand in what is happening in Syria today. Okay. Vince how about tried to get behind our president. Really. I did is I posted what he said. Vince you need to stand up for our president and countrymen I appreciate your views are a lot but you need to grow some. Some strength on this issue my friend. Seriously. Where they hell were you during or bombers administration waiting for an answer it's funny here because a friend of mine answered and said. Are you suggesting offense wasn't challenging Obama you must be new here. And then there's other stuff and here's some of bitch I cannot repeat. But there's actually somebody who suggested this was a fake tweets yeah sure sure. It's it's just mind boggling folks it's just on the fact that he said it. That simple. This is still is Coakley radio program. Love 36 on image took a really your program. Getting your thoughts on Syria and saw the tweet he put out 2013 saying hey. Obama should not go into Syria without getting congressional approval for doing anything. Let's got a call from buddy in Iraq kill good morning. But the are you care. Going once. Going twice let's go out to Tim good morning. It's well. Ha we get the calls reversed a year good morning Russert at 6 o'clock o'clock o'clock that was good that was good. Hey Bert some artifacts you. Because. With Obama you didn't always defend Obama. You partially actually needed so whatever that they would say. You got your back and I think well thank you Tim year equal opportunity. Whoever needs it's going to get it. Net I respect history earth from the so we're try your that would trump here. His perspective. Is not pro. I top top power in the world he's treated. Now we sit in the White House so we're people. You know. Salem all the time and didn't. Publicly. How what they can't make. Take care of watching kids and then sometimes he wanted to kid. I mean it's ridiculous it I want it for. This Robert is mad because we didn't ask my preparation that quality is. So you can't call rescue where he wanted to do it we're. I'd do it did it. You didn't do it. They're near side like I am saying is perspective is completely different right now he's not in the world he treated heat in the world that we all live. Yep it's it's a very different worlds in and what it requires here's some some humility doesn't attempt. You're really aging and number anchor arm he is so far way from. It's a business. We play Q this where I run a business I think people start it and they'll receive our copy. Aura that I am on what the heck. But then we sit down at your dog here they sit in your understanding it's only their story what Goran what happened their read what corner light. You hear compassion completely completely changes right Ari. Are you can't ABC maybe next week or next month. And I think they're trying to help. He's the weight gain and pictures from Syria with the kids. Yeah it. It gives itself but it happens all the sudden it's sick a little bit nonlinear hurt that it is related time overtime. This softened it up again. Not that kind of word comes. I hear you Tim it's hard to an end so there are those who suggested Veronica was one of the primary motivate yours behind this thanks a lot for your call. And indeed is the emotional hug and let's get real here folks there's no question about that the emotional Tug. It's pretty strong when you see these images you want to do something they imprison the United States should be able to step in and do something to protect people. I'd get it I get the sentiment. Harper good morning. The morning band Perry Darren writes. One to make a comment you know are not about necessarily that he had a critical mass that. Think something are doing something like not getting congressional purple yet tweeting that you should Wear another record an opposite of that balance. They're. Is there something inherent in as president after do things differently than they say sometimes I'm not a percent to I think it's well. But I wonder if a lot of people once they get an offer realized. This same problem that a lot of the federalists and anti federalists saw. Which is state vs federal government who has power that we have states. They're too many people making a decision and it takes too long to make an effective response. I wonder if Strom similar to other presidents realize hey I would love congressional approval. Well like we haven't had a budget passed and how long the good people can't agree. That we practically responded effectively respond to this here situation. Did I hear you that's a youth group raised a great point here because it when your businessman especially when you're at the top of the heap. You make a decision and everybody jumps when your present the United States doesn't work that way anymore does it. No end and I just wonder who are edited probably philosophical. Are corn crop politics. What is best for the country that stepped back congregate to make that decision even if it takes time to give her convict him an effective. Or Tibet or. Executive branch about power in the field may now that we've been quickly and effectively despite the step by Albert out about this a somewhat have to think about but yeah. I hear you had two great conversation thanks a lot for your call harper when we take the opportunity to you venture down that I 85. Inch. Bring in our good friend monsoon talk about the well no two days ago was a pretty interesting date in history as role delve into both of those. Good morning sir how aria. I'm excited and looking forward to the bonus question so well OK okay let's start with today April 16 Tony eighteen and this person. Return to Russia after a decade in reconcile in Switzerland. 1917. Who do you think it was so. We're going back to Russia at a very critical time. Stalin how old man I mean she went and yes you know as one of these guys who doesn't. Yes they are you mature you had the right idea. It was Vladimir Lenin who returned after excel. 1922. This person hits 100 clay targets in a row and that's a record. I wasn't 1922. She did this. As a pinch. 100 clean targets in a row. Would you have gotten minutes I would not have what did you want in that room have gotten anybody in this room. Annie Oakley. Great job job and got without losing any Oakley it to our current currency higher I would never gotten Allan so any. 1972. This is what country was this a gift from two President Nixon and two giant pandas arrived in the US China. You are correct. And 2007 a tragic day in history. We had its 32 people died after a 23 year old student went on a Rampage. At a particular university. I'm not university but to. Where was this. For Jews yes it was Virginia Tech. You believe that's been eleven years ago eleven years. Oh let's go to quick bonus questions here. April 14. Disastrous events on April 14. And this one involves some people who winds from Springfield Illinois out to California. On any. Someone to be mission out there and spleen ended up resorting to cannibalism. Anybody in here when I venture to guess. The Donner party. Yeah there there's much that's been done on this little Ronald Williams used that in his act all the time and I never knew what the heck he was confident out until now czar. This person assassinated at Ford's theater 1865. Abraham Lincoln. And this. So this particular vessel. Sunk. On its maiden voyage. In 1912. Titanic. Amazing all of these events. Occurred in April 14. In your car around. That's pretty good too because you don't win uncomfortable. You're crazy thank you we've run out of time it is time for breaks. Epithets and we'll let that. 49 minutes after looking like gunman turned the radio program some perspectives here net. What has happened with Syria in the past few days by the way. Responding to run so IE now kit which you referring to you. My personal goal line and they were. Urge you under Jeanty inch as we were going to break the U Celine Dion song from Titanic. I never knew those were touring there are just that song was played so many times. It's one of the son teaches one of you're crazy. If you ever purity candidates like please don't play anymore because they laid it to death. Any case. There are number of people who have been very concerned about our intervention in Syria I wanna share just a few of those starting with Austin Peterson. Libertarian the war pair powers actor we grants produced priority use military attacks if our national securities under threat this is unconstitutional. Act full stop. Mike cleese senator my clean my thoughts and prayers are with the American servicemen and women in harm's way. I look forward to hearing from the president about a strategy for Syria whether he plans to seek authorization from congress for any further use of force Justin a much. These offensive strikes against Syria are unconstitutional. Illegal and reckless. The next speaker of the house must reclaim congressional war powers. As prescribed in article one of constitution. Speaker Ryan is completely abdicated. Well listen one of his most important responsibilities. Punishment Thomas Massie frequent guest in this program I haven't read France's or Britain's constitution but I radars. And nowhere in it is presidential authority to strike Syria. We also have this as the rank and file. Donald Trump supporter. This was personal and social media by Patrick I'll defend president trump to the very end on anything having to do with his. Insane Moeller witch hunt is moral philandering. Is anti PC zealotry is trade policies in his throwing massive shade on bad actors in the federal bureaucracy media and corporate America. Bruney takes military action against Syria. Or doesn't stand up to congress on implementing the issues he ran on you're on your own Joseph. Doug Stafford. Who works for Rand Paul congratulations to the trump administration for adopting the same failed foreign policy and ignoring the constitution. As the last two administrations. And then we have. Michael Savage we lost the war machine bomb Syria no evidence aside did it. Said war mongers hijacking our nation. And then you have a reaction that's a little more unhinged. I saw this on social media the other day and I'd I seriously I just fell out laughing. Now just for those of you who. May be very sensitive to language. We are censored is censored fist but I have to tell you of the language in this in its you'll hear it. It was just so over the top I just I couldn't stop laughter. Security is here is the reaction from. Someone in alternative media is that the Brady characterize this. This is a real winner folks. He. I don't know well Hollister introduced this but I also wanna think. John for doing editing on this you'll understand why because it needed a lot here's Alex Jones. The current. World. You know I'm pets right now Syria thought al-Qaeda Clark as they fly at all. And now you've gotten match and all these people all over us. Liberal fascist since Arenas everywhere in the last two days we will emerge she's a six hour broadcast. Congress stop this league world war three and you. Liberal he is not. Foot. Or. So more just. Here you. I. Are. Every major analysts see action donor. Every analyst agrees that this could trigger world war three on my it and artistry and the rough is really good guys battling houses and all I. Those of files I've ever been to Russia but I saw the geopolitics pay all of the White Sox. And our military bloggers who have joined the Russians to block Obama here is ready to do the right thing you did the right thing and now. Max. And Max looks like. For apology. Here. Knows who. Now Qaeda and ice is staged also. Tax. And now they're why don't. Bother. Actually the only right now split up. Don't have a lot. This certain point passionate all you liberals and when you're watching Charlie. You're not Americans. Was thought. Okay should we shut PCs don't delete those and I'm trying to control muscle. You do your show host these owners aren't there we're. Yeah. Have you ever heard anything like that. Unique Alex Jones was upset about. Intervention in Syria. I shouldn't be on the air right now. Is that a good thing he was not on a regular radio. Oh can you imagine define that would have been racked up. A puff up how many times do we have the F bomb in there are clues like. Again. I mean I've really got to hand to John and the editing job in this thing that was quite a job. Boy just relax folks in one of the posts I really appreciated. That there's a guy that I mean. Who. Posted something this is not world war three don't panic. Someone here is also asking the question. Who said Sam Kennison from back to school. In this. Mean incredible folks. All right folks have so degree day god bless you relax breathe. It appealed today.