JD Hayworth Fills In For Hancock

John Hancock
Friday, June 8th
JD Hayworth fills in for Hancock. discussion includes illegal aliens, will there be a Blue Wave, new voter ID laws, and marijuana laws.

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Josh David shared a ride home from school that we lighter turnout was illegally in the country should not have been here he. Beat Josh in the head of the closet rod he strangled him over and over he arm. Kicked him so hard in the stomach that his spleen sliced into. And then after death he tied him up and sediment filled and so this body on fire. I'm glad. So. Who's the right thing here yeah. So horrible experience so we'll Levy by the name of the moral will person. She is now known as an Angel mom but caused her son Josh. Was killed by an illegal. Alien. And that is the correct Herm. I know it's Friday. And we will loosen it up. And in just a short amount of time you'll find out. What George truly would simplify it as a gin you wine taste a shark. Shortage of fun stuff we got to deal with tough stuff to do. It's the recovering congressman nine point native JD Hayworth yen for the historical John Hancock new store at eleven Jan in 993. WBT. I believe this occurred back in 2010. And you heard more Wilkinson save that her son Josh. Eighteen I guess a high school senior. Gave another kid he was going to school with the right home. Josh never made it home. Now to the temples since. Our murder so cruel so depraved. That the illegal alien. Set the remains of Joshua. Wilkerson and ablaze. And left his body his charred body in a field. In Berlin to Texas. Why why begin our. With this kind of story well what observation. Are not a gambling man but I bet you dimes to donuts. You'll never read. Any of involve more well persons expert you ever hear them or see them on the alphabet networks. And I got a sneaking suspicion you'll never read about Laura Wilkerson then what happened to her son. On the pages of these Charlotte Observer. Whereas we call it from time to time when we disagree. Could this still looper. With our site only for the left here's what prompted you. Mean beginning with that sobering. Audio. Today. It's because of my headline. In the observer. Did this headline. He sat on your revenge. Leaving 130. Homeless. Prison. Is only part of his punishment the bottom line belongs to mark price. Mark I got a bone to pick what do you for the lead senate spot understand. It's the stylesheet McClatchy and Dudley the political viewpoint McClatchy and does the new Associated Press style book. Where politics gets in the way of what is the truth listen to this CNN ties to sue. It's. A twenty year old undocumented. Immigrant. Has pleaded guilty in Charlotte took 32. Counts of first degree arson. In connection with a massive fire he sent as revenge against his ex girlfriend last year. We number one the guy is not an undocked you are undocumented immigrant. And immigrant is someone who comes to this country. Who illegally. When you come to this country without permission you have broken the law you are illegal. Andy if you were not from this nation and you come illegally. Any even if you come legally. Technically you are an alien. And I'm not talking Star Trek and Mr. Spock. In fact when I was a kid. On Sundays and in fact if you're a mean if you're baca a boomer. You're right might remember on Saturday mornings part of the CBS TV lineup after sky team new. They would show a commercial from US immigration. Resident aliens living in the United States must register. Their independent card to the post important do not mail the card yourself. That's the way it used to be. When we were honest about trying to work maintained the sanctity of the sovereignty of the United States. And do you raid the illegal alien. Or as cheerleaders were open borders would describe him the undocumented immigrant. His name as his those low pants. He's go spend the next 46 years in prison. According to the Mecklenburg County DA's violent crimes team. But this must be. Where the editorial evaluation comes in. In the item in the headlines. Prison is only part of his punishment. Was released he'll be arrested again and deported back to Mexico. According to US immigration and customs in. Force. Well I wanted to hold sold. But beyond the headline in the discover says. Prison is only part of his punishment going back home. To Mexico. In the mindset of the McClatchy run at Charlotte disturb or is is punish. How about the law abiding Americans who lost their homes in the apartment blaze last year. It may take a backseat. To this guy go into the slammer. Which he admitted the crime he committed arson. It's somehow. Somehow it's. Only it's just. It's just. The real punishment does this guy having to return to Mexico. Coming up. I'm going to cite for you and earlier example two things one from the editorial page and another article which is kind of like I know that a lot. In and Spanish and did you watch Mexican TV address called a soap opera but it worked for all purposes a small novel. Written ostensibly is news earlier this week. In the Charlotte Observer. Boy rather selective vision. Old leaning to the left all in support of open borders. Ending the political correctness and is not. For John Hancock gets JD Hayworth a you can line up on the phones. If you wanna agreeing with me your tell me I'm dead wrong. In Charlotte and vicinity here as we used to call it back in the day metro wind a 7045711. Jen dole free from any place. It's 1809281110. We're just in started. I'll be here this six. Shady for John Hayworth for Hancock whose dog 1110993. WDT. Ask 37045711. Jen told free from any place. 1809281110. Men. So the observer. Has a headline kind of cryptic he set fire for revenge. Leading 130. Homeless. Prison is only part of his punishment. Yeah and then you read the third paragraph the other part of his punishment the illegal alien goes back to Mexico. He's illegally. Any committed arson. But to the disturb or he's he's quote an undocumented. In the first up on the phone lines Joseph and has a couple of comments from Charlotte John welcome to WBT. It might stay here earlier and also nice to listen to this afternoon. John. Well you started your little mama all I'm saying and apologizing bargain and it's so hard. Why not but then we'll get to some nicer topic a little later but I want at this very site you throw in some facts out there. Very very adroitly very carefully. And it's good to hear you're you're the only person other than rush on that in Paris station they can open a second look like yet. And deliver some loose the way it should be O. It. Blush you win if I were still running for office. I would try to transported to my congressional district but that was then this is now so let me simply thank you for leading a soft this afternoon on WET. Our third grade opening police don't like the police don't apologize for anything that was outstanding. No I understand brother and just wouldn't get to some weekend fund like taste in Charlotte other stuff a bit later. But we do have to talk about this news as unpleasant. And as disturbing and dad censored and suppressed as it is in the pages of the Charlotte Observer John I appreciate all. They bet you they get the next step will be undocumented citizen. Talk radio I get ready amnesty courtesy and outgoing speaker Paul Ryan. Is being is about to be served up while we're paying attention to G-7. And dead next week at the president's summit with Lil Kim for North Korea. Keep your eye on congress K street is trying to run wild all told more about that the second John I appreciate the call when we get to this. Very quickly wanted to talk more about this. You know as always we welcome your Coles. Here's the thing. The the discover. It's all if you wanna know how the left thinks and how the open borders crowd thinks Ali got to do is read the observe. This was what a week ago. Last Friday or Saturday in the headline in the editorial reads mostly. Donald Trump isn't the first president to harshly treat undocumented immigrants. He is the cruelest. And any at least say hate presence of both parties have been double the border truck. Noted recent life I'm paraphrasing. But here it is. Belt midway through the second paragraph of the senatorial. But this month attorney general Jeff Sessions announced a new policy provisions not a law. That whole people crossing the border illegally would be subject to criminal prosecution and bad that because children can't be held an adult jails. Families would be split up. The publishing has prompted heart wrenching stories of terrified children being forced police separated from a horrible I parents. Don't soulful scenes and the swell of criticism that's full load. Apparently was enough for trump to wrongly point the finger elsewhere. But others in his administration or un repentant. Quote if you don't want your child separated then don't bring them across the ball is legally. Attorney general sessions said. Just point this. Because we're hearing all this wailing and gnashing of teeth. From the elites who want open borders and apparently don't understand the national security is border security. And Bo site in in the minds of the disturb those quote. Responsible. Republicans and those. Always partisan Democrats who want to build boulder. The voter base of Democrat party in the old days it was get out the vote for the left today it's something new called bring in the ball. And what John is concerned about is a Ford I'm gonna talk about that later but right now let me point this out. If you're American citizen. Robs a bank and is caught and convicted by a. Your peers one of the slammer. And if you got kids tough you're gonna be separated from. Now want isn't we're gonna carve out a special policy this is the this is a huge paradox. Are bringing in illegal legally it's not only does it completely pervert eagle wolf full system of immigration. By telling the people who want to come here and apply and follow the rules peso occurred to ban. The left need jury votes and all of those guys want cheap labor so we'll following the loss that. Too bad for you. The reason they got this all Gordon. Is because they want a permanent under class. So we can continue to give entitlements is the old bowl system system. Where somehow you measure compassion. But I cutting wages or better let you worry about a job just come get on the dole. There's one fact about Finley unification. You know what your family split up don't cross illegally. Or if you have. Here's an overall idea did your family and go back home. Coming back on the other side of news. Another example. The good noble written an article form in the disturb this ahead J. D. Drew Jones and it's Hayworth for Hancock. Who's talking eleven did in 99 worry W beat Jay. It's simpler for more news talk 11101993. WBT's. Recovering congressman JD Hayworth and toward John Hancock on this Friday so we establish. That the Charlotte disturb her it is all in for open borders and guys they Coleman the UN document. Oh sure we begin this afternoon. After hearing. The real life horror story of Laura Wilkerson and a Texas mom. Who's eighteen year old gamer I don't know kitty was going to school wit and the kid did the ride was an illegal. Who killed her son Josh. In a brutal manner with a beating that was horrific and then. To top it off set. The body of Joshua will person on fire. But we hear that somehow enforcing our laws is cool. So says the editorial I guess about a week ago. In the Charlotte Observer. Donald Trump isn't the first president to harshly treat undocumented immigrants he is the cruelest. They discover guys you're a fellow by the name of Dwight David Eisenhower. Yeah that's right the national hero. The guy who marched down the throat of Hitler's Third Reich. A bad guy. Who after being our supreme allied commander in Europe became commander in chief as president of the United States. And during his two term sometime in bear. He forcibly. Sent to. Authorities. To give ports. Illegals who had come to the United States. But some now Donald trumps the cruelest but wait there's more. A couple of days a goal in the observer. And I do I tell you I know you I just got a call from John and John says you tell it like it is. I'm a bit torn over this because there's a story of a young lady. Why don't believe is auditioning to play the part of David Hall guy I don't think she's trying to be obnoxious. Now the way the article is written an item I just ask the indulgence of the reporter. I may miss pronounced the reporter's name. Leah as the last ash. And layup I miss pronounce your last name I'm sorry. Billy creative writing lay down. News Charlotte grin came to the US has in fact. She has plans to change our world. Any grade. The young lady didn't know she was undocumented. She was just a teenager who wanted to go on a school trip to Spain. We're parents said no she persisted all her classmates said the language academy she attended we're going. And the teachers were hyping it up leaving helping me even helping her find ways to make it a little less expensive. Still her parents refused. Which is really upset because I was like we're doing fundraising you don't instead I'll find the money she said. Then her parents sent her down. Wasn't about the money they said. You can't travel you can't do certain things. Four years later this young lady is graduating from south Mecklenburg high school. Perjure and graduation hasn't been easing. Her mother brought her to the US from Mexico when she was a toddler her father was already in the country at the time. She has two siblings a sister in fifth grader brother in kindergarten both of whom were born here well they no problem for those two kids. We've got to mistaken interpretation of what birthright citizenship bill so they. Got to citizens and home right now. Here comes if there weren't bad enough the young lady couldn't go on the trip to Spain because she discovered she was quote undocumented. In the in the eighth grade listen to this social outrage as she put down by the novelist. Reporter. On day without immigrants last year this young lady said white student shelled slurs at some of her classmates would walled well. South Mecklenburg principal marine first said she didn't hear the language. Both ships are only young lady said that day displayed the clear tensions within himself Mac. More issues are more solid hole. Like a substitute teacher who once told an ES an old student. That would be I guess English is a secondary language to stop speaking Spanish. This young lady says she's been lucky a fringe father was sent to a detention center in Georgia after getting a speeding ticket. He was the only person in the family who worked. Took the children to school. Now her friend is in danger of failing out of school because she has no way to get there. Really. We're don't school bus. These are the issues and young lady who I'm not gonna name. Wants to speak out about jury her freshman year she got involved with urban promise. A faith based education and literacy center that offers DSL classes afterschool programs and summer camps around surely it. Primarily serving people. Of color. That's how she met her render a first grade teacher who has no ambition on lead you through. More than a year. She says she's inspired by this young lady everyday your work and perseverance. Even when the odds are stacked against her. Now here's the kicker. This young lady speaks. At various panels and forums about immigration issues. Including this year is Charlotte women's march. Where she addressed to emigration policy. In the fold she planned. Stewart two to attend Mercer University. She wants to be a teacher. Bought her into goal is to run for political office. And work toward improving educational in court. Equality and Charlotte. Well million haven't. From the mouth of high school seniors who'll remain unnamed. Goalless draw little political office. What does that tell you. This and I I don't like the term dreamer because it's it's it's. It is it is allowing the open borders crowd to control the language does that's why you see it everywhere. This young lady is certain she's going and a business should listen. And as I told John. Earlier this hour. Get ready. Because while all the attention is spoken to a focused on trumpet G-7. And then when he sits down next week when Lil Kim. For the US North Korean summit. Hold Rooney and. In about 25 Republicans are willing and of course Paul now he's he's not know what before technically gore would have the Democrats remember. Paul Ryan's the guy who visited the district. I'm Louise then yes. Number Luis the idea about Puerto Rican descent who. Represents say Chicago area congressional district the guy I used to always mix it up was back in the day on meet the depressed and face the nation without borders. Yeah yeah. Speaker Ryan went to the district of Louise they're a lot of great big it is how they share common goals. But no word gets me. Is the fact that. In the Charlotte Observer. Again. All of these delicate kids why they're hardworking industrious. Why they'd never be an end to end the disturbed would never write an article about Loral will person. And her son Josh who was killed by an illegal. Or about the illegal previously deported MS thirteen gang member who entered the US as an unaccompanied minor. GI want to put the creative writers would do those jobs when we get back. The plot they're hatching poor amnesty. I believe if I don't want you to know the numbers because you know they don't want you to know how many people are here that are illegal and are criminals. You know this clogs up the court with everything from identity theft to fraud to. You know taxpayer funded attorneys and in the ultimate loss of life like my son's Johnson's. Eight minutes in front of war and news talk 1110 and 993 WPT. The recovering congressman nine point native JD Hayworth in four they historic. John Hancock on this Friday you once again heard from war Wilkerson and repair this morning on the Fox News Channel she was reacting to the following numbers. Released yesterday by the Department of Homeland Security. It is now June of 28 team. In the span of time between today and June 1. Of 2011. In the state of Texas over a quarter million a quarter million. Criminal illegal aliens but I repeat myself have been jailed. Over a quarter 1251000. No they were put in the slammer for violating immigration law. At least not originally. But when it comes to calculating the crimes committed by those criminal aliens. Well very industrious when it comes to committing crime. An average of three crimes roughly pork per. Illegal in the pokey. 663. Fouls and crimes and it's just a mobile lone star state of Texas. No let me cut to the chase as a recovering member of congress I can pull the curtain back. And tell you what's going on. Know a lot of folks in congress won't do the right thing. Yeah yeah everybody kinda gets nervous and and here's. What's really happening. Some of the traditional Republican donors. Have made it clear to outgoing speaker Ryan in the House Republican Conference. If you stand up to enforce immigration more if you don't oh well good cheap flip the cheap labor to continue to flood our country. Well guess what. We're gonna withhold campaign donations. And you take a look at the left. And listen the left. It's Sherrod go from K street but also from pacs for labor unions and for the trial lawyers and from Hollywood did. And oh yeah the government. Government job. Workers who are parts of unions. They give generously to the left. And the other things not even calculate. And that is the committee on political education early AFL CIO. Then as people doing real things and go now and Election Day and put up signs and all the quote in kind. Contributions but really. If Jordan though the largest in kind contribution. The Democrat party whether it's Democrat party. The Democratic National Committee or the democratic party of North Carolina are you name the state the largest in kind donation. Comes from the press. And I'm gonna tell you right now we've Republicans polled on this thing and right now what what they're doing is. They're going about this and you can understand part of that because elections coming up but here's the fundamental problem we have and since I went to congress and since I started fighting this thing. And yes since I was returned home. Now appear in Arizona. Got a whole bunch of people. Who viewed this as a political problem to be managed. Instead of looking at what it really is. Our national security threat bed needs to be stopped. Because for every illegal use biggest coming from Mexico or. Central America. There are others who have come here. From Middle Eastern nations there are others who have come here from China and Russia and you name it. We focus on Mexico are usually if you don't have the bogus. Just on our nearest neighbor to the south there are people coming into our country and we do not know who they are who they are. If you want a prescription for disaster. You just keep that going in here is the tragedy. Of the post 9/11 world. It has been over a decade now. Since that day. I was serving in congress and we were under attack. We never moved to secure our borders. Yesterday in the house republic. In conference. Spirit is bigger Ryan just we don't need details we're just gonna language about dog. Border security. Let me tell you the scam here they have technology and other means they don't list they'll like building a wall or anything and let me tell you why. For members of both parties who are and forgive the candid language let me just say it like it is. For the open border camps in both parties. The guys. Looking for cheap labor. On allegedly on the right in the guys looking for cheap votes on the left. But they all say is the pulled tested line which rates 95%. We must secure the border they sing yet. A lot of them don't mean. And now they're pushing a bill. There was a bill floated by Bob good let the retiring chairman of the judiciary hitting graded it gives like a million now be able. Amnesty. But it's better than what the renegade braved the 25 open border temper Republicans were willing to sign a petition to basically tour. Or the Florida Democrats. I guess there's even a worse alternative and what always happens is. You go to he's gonna keep your powder dry don't come what was so that they will come up with a deal which will screw the American people. And does the rank and file be told it's the best we can do. And then. We'll see for president trump veto it. Next hour. Shouldn't you be who you are when you register to vote when you go to folks look. Not according to an editorial and I saw. And guess what paper we'll talk about that JD for John Hayworth for Hancock. New struggle Levin did in 993. WDT. This is good news for Republicans they've looked like they got in these districts of the Democrats hope to win there's not a blob of blue wave that sank an omen effective Republican enthusiasm. Is it is as good or higher than the Democrats in 06 of the seven districts. Oh mercy. Five minutes past four. New start 11109940. Is W BT and this news. First hi Wayne native NC state grad. JD Hayworth. Again having a chance to complete dead I I get to mark this down several times. One of my aspirations. Is a key. Was to sit behind the microphone and broadcast on WBD. And justice Thai boy did Mike divers hidden down while bobbled so far we have them now. All those guys I listened to you. Now all war but dubbed the way this happened of course is our friend John Hancock his way eight. And that's the guy you heard today just after the contest. Is so one of the open borders Republicans. Karl Rove and he was a waxing rhapsodic. About what failed to happen in California. The other night you see all the George Soros dole and all the money was in there and they've changed deadly the powers that be and California. But leftist legislate John. And their leftist governor. Jerry Brown they thought they had this thing skewed. With what is called a jumble primary. We're the top two finishers regardless of party affiliation go on to the general election. And you heard Doug Carl talk about me and the Republicans came out and then six or seven districts they had their turnout was great. The Republicans are going to be fine such as it is in California. Front is a relative term so coal bill go to Carolina ruled. And the establishment open borders crowd. You ought to see a blue wave. In November. You guys just continue what does the speaker. And the leadership. And the and the open borders cheap labor crowd claiming to be conservatives. You just continued to to dance to that too. And the seats are gonna evaporate because here's what's going on literally just break this down for. Even though I was a double major state in speech and political science many would term bad second discipline the ultimate oxymoron. Political science here's what it comes down to at least in terms of electioneering. Identify your voters. And get them to the polls in greater numbers than your opponent can't. And for all the talking you've heard the talk in Washington he murdered talk on the alphabet net words. All. People hate trump and all the Republicans. They're dead they're headed they're headed for gloom and doom in November. Here is what is save them thus far. Then being Mel I used to be one. Remember in my House Republican Conference Republican member of congress from Arizona in 1995. To 2007. Was what was cool. When I was elected at age 36. I was elected as part of the first Republican majority. In forty ears. The first Republican majority in my lifetime. Why did a lot of good people were there with me including. She might sue Ellen she's great shout out to former mayor former congresswoman sue mark. Pro mercy but de Beers spare us. And this fiction. Was embraced really you don't believe you start back and eighty cent. Ronald Reagan signed Simpson goes solely. Which granted amnesty ostensibly to three million people who are here illegally. It also had strong enforcement components. What is it eighteen months after he signs the bill Ronald Reagan becomes former President Reagan. George Herbert Walker Bush becomes the 41 president of the United States and all the give up provisions are forgotten about. In fact according to what I heard from Border Patrol agents if anybody came across the border in those days shouting let me go let me go they are allowed yeah. And for bush 41. Through William Jefferson Clinton. And bush 43 and through Obama who became more and more in your face about. Ushering in illegals. You haven't had a serious border policy not even in the wake of 9/11. I just think. But due to waste killer Republican majority the first way is. You take away the intensity of Republican voters. And bellowed my former colleagues in the House Republican Conference including the speaker who has been he's got to grin on his face a reminds me of Eddie Haskell. Because he knows what he's pulling here. You lose in November. You just you just follow the bidding of the open borders crowd. And a whole lot of Republicans are gonna stay home. I wish it were otherwise or if you're stupid enough to pass is because the senate won't rubber stamp and amnesty. We'll see. It will be the great test. 1445 president of the United States will he veto. We're already hearing talk. Bet on this budget battle if there's no money for the wall. If all that stops me continue just to see these glittering generalities or worse an amnesty bill. The president school was seeing the government shut down. That is as it should be. Can I tell you what concerns me. Well my former colleagues in the congress now the vice president of the United States Mike Pence. Who like the president I think has a June birthday I've been getting these email anyway. You know I had a bill in 2006 we enforcement First Act. Simply said hey we got laws on the books in force them. It also was to clarify that and they had mistaken notion that if you're born here but both your parents are not citizens while Locke yeah birthright citizenship. I can go to all the wise and where affords a wide that's not true. Panetta bill out they're just so let's enforce the law of course bush 43 wanted no part of it. In my opponent didn't do that zig here he wrote the book is embedded. And given as we know mid terms are really a reflection of how people feel about the incumbent. And so I was sent packing OK fair enough. But president trump is wrong this year is my problem kids. During those days back in 2006 he wanted like attend a provision. Hey if you could rear illegal Ager just old Brad Coleman alleged to head up and Bloomberg. I got a real problem with that here's the way we soon we should solve the problem are you ready. If you want some sort of grand compromise serious follow existing law. When people ill gored here that is come to our country legally. They had us answers. To in essence our financial more good news or financial guardians. For these newcomers. To make sure the people aren't economically derelict. You could do it do what the right way. Two elements of a number one if you preview of coming here illegally you will never be a citizen. But if you Lori here you need to find a sponsor. And for all the people I see in the in the disturb her sixty decision makers they'll bunch those guys are open borders. Including all those who are now aren't followed as philanthropists. But have been some of the most cutthroat bottom line business guys you'd ever won a seat. I see those guys who were paraded around in the press to press is now having a hard. I see him have a real heart and let sponsor people the come to the country not mr. and mrs. John and Jane Q public. Not Bob a bubble lean six pack. And not just the regular taxpayers. Paying for entitlements for people who are supposed to be in the first place you won't hear painful. But here's my concern. Vice president Vince and some of the lobbying crowd the congressional liaison people. If they're not open borders people they sure are wound go to form an accommodation. You do that according to the curtain figures let's just take the so called dreamers. What the press column dreamers who we should call the left steamers. You get those folks register to vote. Like the young lady I was talking about last hour. And may end up voting no five states Dolan. I don't. How many congressional districts and that's not even taking into account the Republicans will stay home in his mid term. Now still to come. An outrageous but the most surprising editorial. For May show newspaper. That offers more than a disturbance in the force it offers permanent pathway to. National. Irrelevancy. And that is coming up but right now she would you look at the timing is giving away from us it is eight quarter past four. Maybe a little more for its JD for Joseph and Hayworth for your garden news dog 1110993. WBT. 22 minutes past 4 eastern daylight time. Got a big weekend planned. You'll take out big taste in Charlotte this weekend. I got a taste of what's on your mind via social media. At JD Hayworth on FaceBook to Earl keen Webber Wright's meet. Why don't we extradite the illegal criminals back to Mexico and let them spend their jail time mayor. Why do you keep them here and spend our money on housing that makes no sense to me oh Carol I would agree I just don't know bed while Mexico has arrived. Edition for tough. Prisons if the crime was committed here and worse. If you seen the policy of the Mexican government which is this any two guys go north. Because you concede your money back Coleman remittances and that's the biggest money we make in Mexico. Of course with the exception of Pemex the the state run oil company but even now these remittances from the US senator. Exceeding our right here now what what we may Pemex so. Don't north's special if you pour Y exported to the United States we're gonna explore our poverty so that's the problem Carol. And there's a little matter of if the crime wasn't committed in Mexico but committed on American soil. There's got to be some sort of way to deal with it but I hear you and I understand. And I'm waiting to hear from you as well. In Charlotte did vicinity of 704571110. Tool free from any place because this Internet thing you. You might be listening live on WBT dot com so told free. 1809281110. Got it got to just share with you I've been building this up. For the disappointment that is as predictable. As the swallows going back to San Capistrano or the buzzards returning being glee Ohio. The headlines in the editorial in the Charlotte does stir over. Voter ID. Is back in North Carolina. And the justifications. Are as lame as ever. I. The editorial board. And to disturb upper. North Carolina house speaker two more announced on Thursday his planned to put a photo voter identification requirement in the state constitution. The idea is as craven political misleading and ineffective as it was a federal court ruled in 2016. They didn't see photo ID provision another voting restrictions targeted black voters with quote almost surgical. Precision. Mourners backers made that clear themselves Thursday or bring the same lame justifications that have been exposed as. Flimsy before. First a lame justification. Preventing fraud. Just stop right there. Because you see were the disturb or is going if you want inside eight. In the the goals and priorities. Of the North Carolina Democrat party and the Democratic National Committee just three dead nine out of ten editorials in the disturb or. And that'll tell yeah what their thinking. Here's the problem. Let me just go back it does anybody I was talking earlier about 9/11 that occurred in 2001. Do you remember what went on in the election of 2000. You remember the big problem down enough. Down in Florida. With the voting and we got nobody hanging chads is a matter of fact there was a sneak preview. Just up I 85 back in the year nineteen this was 1988. Powell but in the late great John Harry noble Howard Coble a North Carolina. It won that seat. Back in 84 of the Reagan landslide. And I think in a rematch well I know when he got a rematch and 86 with a guy beat Robin Brett. So I don't know there's 868788. But anyway. Appeared the sixth district. They were checked and. Bore the folks did in Florida. In a bipartisan fashion after the contested election of 2000 was great. But somehow now that single. The big people show. Debt they are who they claim to be through photo ID. When I come back I'm gonna tell you why it is especially hypocritical. For the Charlotte Observer to say it's wrong to have photo ID. Kids. It has to do with what bill reporters and other reporters had to do on the floor of the Democratic Convention in Charlotte in 2012. I'll tell you more about there are coming up JD for John Hayworth. We're Hancock. Whose dog eleven did in 993. WB's to. Yeah what these three minutes in front of bond. Ford thirty symphony. Here in Charlotte and done all throughout the eastern time zone. I'm Bud Day if you're listening to WBT dot com I've. Checked out local clocks. For the time in your area tell you next hour since this Friday. And looks stunning was in for L rush go to David well but we will open up the phones anything you wanna talk about I don't get too maudlin but. Well this letter today from Charles Krauthammer he has been gifted duke as a wordsmith. And we'll hear what in essence is the lead the farewell letter from doctor K from Charles Krauthammer next hour. Also a few other thoughts about what people are dealing with but we continue this hour. Whiff eight. Then the whole notion of should you be who you say you wore when you go to vote. Indeed given our our social. Corresponded. JD Hayworth had FaceBook Terrell PaineWebber gay rights what's to stop a person who lives in two states from voting absentee and once state. And voting in person in the other exactly that's what happened to. Ironically. In 2012 get a situation where you had those those students. Aren't they amorphous quote students. That is to say paid political hacks for New York State registering in Ohio. I get the woman and Hamilton County Ohio and as a guy who. Used to work in Cincinnati. In television ended to a certain degree in radio. I would judge David and I don't read with interest there's a lady who voted I don't know what's 78910. Times. But of course that that doesn't happen in North Carolina or according to the editorial board at the Charlotte disturb her they said they only failed to warned boats. So you're there should be no folder YD. Double file its first of to my friends at the disturb. Let's not be disingenuous. Think back to the Democratic National Convention 2012. Payload amount queen city. To get more access. It and certain credentials. Included bear was one any photo ID here is the irony of that convention. You see the same party wine. I spelled led by the I'd just Herbert today eight. That you heard from the podium even though where everybody on the floor from the delegates to reporters covering additional on the floor. To have credentials you had to have a full no I eat. Hypocrisy. Much. Here's the other thing Tutu and two words to do ensure appear. Boulder boulder. I'll refresh your memory on that coming up. Mercy. Trying to give you all want a Friday's. GD for John Hayworth for Hancock who struggle and Kim. And three WVT. Call us in Charlotte in the 774571110. Told free from any place. 1890 weighed eleven dead if you're listening on WBT. Dot com. Had no we're in the disturb her editorial. Further to works. Motor voter. You see before I got to the congress and in the first ten years or William Jefferson Clinton. That Blair stood Democrat majority until 2006 through 2010 pass something called motor voter. And since North Carolina governor easily. And others made it. Mated for illegals to come into the state easily if and since people are good driver's license motor voter bill we get a driver's license then congratulations. We don't register you to vote. Now traditionally a balloon leery when I talk about bipartisanship. Because in Washington. As I've told you before bipartisan means. Conservatives and Republicans rolling over caving in doing what the left and your cheerleaders in the media wanna see done. It's called bipartisan but actually in the wake of 2000 and all the difficulties in Florida. There really was something bipartisan. In terms of eight election reform or what was recommended. It was so on the Republican side James A baker who had been chief of staff. To President Reagan who would also been secretary of state. James a baker for the Republicans. And a fellow from Bill Lynn plains Georgia. James Earl Jimmy coda. Was the ranking Democrat on the committee they both of. Read. A full life these it vilification. Of people. And yet. Not only the North Carolina Democrats who have left these over the northwest. When a threatened government. Well that's just part of the news I heard today. This is my dad. And and this is the recovering congressman. And high borrowing need is fan pro. JD Hayworth CNN amanpour. The historic school. Really figure the hall of Famer John Hancock. Who's talking 1110993. WBT. Next hour we open up the phone anything you wanna talk about I will not. To get maudlin but. Charles Krauthammer wrote a beautiful letter one of his fox colleagues. Read it will have a portion of the next hour. And I know earlier this week we were talking about one of my contemporaries. Who now is a legend. The late great Dwight Clark. There's another guy who cold. What I still called metro line on home. Our Concord debt a guy who spent his youth in Concord. And got into this radio business and I he has pesto and I just have to tell you about him. And talk about why it's so much fun. To do this. Now some of us are just attracted to broadcasting in the reasons why we will remember. A guy I've known as uncle Ricky that's that's next hour old you were Coles. A dinner hour. Social corresponded. FaceBook go the page JD Hayworth it's Carol Kane Webber this whole notion of ballot integrity. You're right Tucson can't we'd tie as Social Security number the voter registration. And once you vote with that Social Security number you are done. Caroline perfect world that would be cool here's the problem. They're the folks who Charlotte disturb her likes to coal. Undocumented. Immigrants. Are well that's that's false to begin with. The cause of bear for Mexico those quote undocumented immigrants have eight but curricula console harder. In many cases that's a card from the Mexican counsel and and that's what they used to use and a lot of them. Common they get they may not have a Social Security number but they get an IT YN and individual. Tax Payer ID number. And then. A Social Security numbers. One of the largest segments of Social Security. Number fraud comes from how you guested. Be illegal aliens. Or is the disturb her cause them. He's. Your document. Know they got documents galore and a lot of them have. A Social Security numbers they shouldn't have a Mets that's the fly in the ointment about that kind of voter ID look it's real simple. To ensure ballot integrity. To prove people are who base. They are you should have the same thing you need to have when you're gonna give him an airplane. Or if you're going guide to aid to a grocery store or department store bigger pay and mature. A photo ID. But of course aren't adds a bad idea. According to the disturb heard all of a you know it just strike you. As more than passing curious. Bet the folks who make fun of this exhibit some sort of nefarious enterprise are the very people. Warm welcome men and scores of illegals big blue Eagles Liggett vote Democrat. Which is given out there on the table are senator earlier but you know what's true. From the so called rights. And the definite left you've got you've got this real. How this real kind of sick. Frosty and bargain. Compaq. That is. In my book just bad news the so called folks on the right say Guinness. Cheap labor. And the folks on the left say give us cheap votes and the only thing being cheapened. Is what it means to be an American citizen and what it means in terms of the protections we should have. In a country which is a constitutional republic. Don't buy almost over the word democracy no we're not we're eight constitutional republic. How does a republic differ from a democracy go back to civics 101 government 101. Erode public is where the law is preeminent. Not. A majority vote you can say we are a small. But just is there is a right to vote it is a franchise. And where a lot of this stuff goes wrong. Certain states has joined the union later yeah yeah now west Orange Bowl Montana where they get to the big guy with the crew cut. If they were casting Leave It to Beaver they would take this guy Jon Tester. He's not as Smart as sharp as the late great frank bank who actually played lumpy Rutherford. But our modern US senate version of lumpy Rutherford. Jon Tester of Montae. And you only got elected. Same day registration. The Montana Democrat told a beer bash. And Montana and Montana state they sign up all the kids devote bingo they go down and vote for John tester now. That's wolf we'll win Montana. But let me get back to the state that actually found bi partisanship in the wake of 2000 Florida. This broadcasting life of mine makes me somewhat I don't know met. Growing up in high point going to stayed and did take a look from bare to Greenville Spartanburg in South Carolina Cincinnati Ohio. The big stop in Phoenix ought now to San Diego. Then and then. Florida with news next DV. In some social for the 2014 and being stored what are you sixteen election I was a Florida resident and voter knew what I saw. I saw strict adherence to making sure. You are who knew so you want our. Showing up with. Phone YD. And an analysis of your signature. But now somehow we're told. Dad dad had tied it I'd be business might be an effort why this might be a ballot test and why this might be a literacy test. What's it. It's the simple most fundamental notion to maintain the integrity of any election system. Made sure the voters are who they claim to me. Edsall. There's nothing discriminatory about. And unless of course you want to discriminate against voter fraud. It already there's a scam go in with provisional ballots. Let me just tell you. We face real problems. And to ensure the integrity of the process. It begins. With the identification. Of voters in the verification that you are. Or who you claim debate. And for the Charlotte disturb her and other leftist publications to save that is somehow immoral and nefarious. Couldn't be further from the truth. Coming up our final hour will get reflective. But also have a little fun with phased in Charlotte coming up in your phone calls as we open the phones to anything you wanna talk about. It's GD for John they were for Danica. New store 1110 million to turn three W been. From recent tests have revealed that the cancer has returned. There is no sign of it as recently as a month ago which means it is aggressive and spreading rapidly. My doctors tell me their best estimate is that I have only a few weeks left to live this is the final verdict my fight is over. I wish to thank my doctors and caregivers whose efforts have been magnificent. My dear friends who have given me a lifetime of memories and whose support has sustained me through these difficult months. And all my partners at the Washington Post Fox News and crown publishing. Lastly I thank my colleagues my readers and my viewers. Could name my career possible and giving consequence to my life's work. I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument has a noble undertaking. I'm grateful to have played a small role in the conversations that have helped guide this extraordinary nation's destiny. And you leave the game. Our on this flight day with the final. Communication. Public believe the final commitment Prada the farewell letter. The doctor Charles Krauthammer. Read their bystander Smith who Fox News earlier today on the Fox News Channel apportion. All of that letter. And it is not my intent this final now oral on Friday to get more into. And yet I have to react to what's going on in the news and what is it's partly. Personal. Hello. This is a time where. You hear about doctor Krauthammer and you hear in his letter. An attitude of gratitude for those who read his books say his weekly column watched him as a pundit on Fox News. And he talked about having a small part. In this extraordinary nation's destiny you. Probably know the story of doctor Charles Krauthammer education don't. Don't life changing event forward. Doctor. Diving into the shallow end of a pool. Breaking his naked sustaining an injury that left him paralyzed. Left him a quadriplegic. When I was serving in congress for a couple of terms I was chairman of the Conservative Opportunity Society. That was started by a boy knew Dick Gretchen Bob Walker and others. They thought the term Conservative Opportunity Society was neat. Exact opposite of what LBJ had bid had built with a leftist welfare state. So the dims had their built a leftist welfare state we were aspiring to a conservative. Opportunity society and we would invite. Different Washington luminaries from the press. To come visit us. Among those who stop by. Gosh we had done. We had Brit Hume. On one occasion we had. The late great Bob Novak used to combine. We invited doctor Krauthammer but basically the word came back to us he he has to do so much. Physically. To get ready to go to work then he can't get there early hour and he just he just can't do. But what ever his physical limitations there was no limit to his mind and the power of ideas. Didn't agree with them all. In fact one day this will be on the trivia question do you know the first major political. Can't go to the major political figure for whom. Doctor Krauthammer toiled both forty became the Washington Post columnist. The answer may subprime issue. One former vice will occur in the guy was vice president of the time Walter Fritz Mondale. A Minnesota. Yeah. Charles Krauthammer who worked. For fruits morning. But as events transpire and other ideas too cold they were. Decidedly most non Monday Dalian. And Krauthammer emerged as a boom as a leading conservative voice. Had this week has been one. Not only professionally was big names but personally it's been kinda tough for the Hayworth household. I out in Arizona we just lost a dear friend to cancer down in Florida another. We just got the word dead there her diagnosis is very similar to that of Charles Krauthammer. Earlier this week we talked about. Dwight Smith. The news has been all about Anthony boardgames suicide today and earlier this week Kate Spade when I come back so a guy who grew up in Concord. Who just passed away why we should celebrate his life. You know given that just the second. Food. Well it's best. Thanks boomer for the traffic report. So you you own chances are you knew the name Anthony ordained you knew the name Kate Spade doctor Krauthammer with his final letter. Unless you're a certain age group in Concord you mean I'd. Know the name Richard early. AKA uncle Ricky. Could go Ricky was born in flushing New York. Buddy groping Concord any gun in the radio business. Age fourteen. And does local Ricky. Arbitrage related down at East Carolina University was one of the guys who really got in to computers. Early on. And so here are dead you were for about ten or radio stations and written. Commodore 128 software to schedule music for music radio stations kind of an Al grove of his love of greet deal. In many put together something bad is on the Internet to this day real radio dot com or. EEL. Radio. Dot com. And in this business. And winning your. A way ferrying guest announcer. You have something called a (%expletive) check. And die issue while Mir now when your new and music programs a Jew with the the platter. Pat her. Leading up but you know it's throwing the songs banks selling in getting into breaks and just. In general entertaining people but real radio dot com and now there's a pay wool that made them. Foundation. Which Richard war and her when they gay uncle Ricky put together. The history of WBT is on there. Especially the big change from the days when WBT just basically ran. CBS programming and then transition to that great. Lineup of talent. Including tied. Boy did my drivers and all those guys could talk more about Ricky. In just a minute one of the stories that might not make news but. Why it's important to me. Would you look at here is already 22 minutes past five on a Friday afternoon. Recovering congressman Hyde going native JD Hayworth DN for a big historical. John Hancock news talk to live. 10993. WBT. Anything you wanna talk about that are remaining time I've got a few thoughts wanna continue with a total free across metro line. Sid used to be called at Charlotte and vicinity 704571110. Total free from any place. Then you're listening to us and WBT dot com it's 1809. To wait eleven tip. Yeah we have to say goodbye he just passed away yesterday Richard her way and eight K a oh cool Ricky. And uncle Ricky as the head the coolest website I guess is still up. Real radio or EEL radio dot com there's a pay wall on it I don't know we'll take the pay wall down I don't know what happens to the web site. But some of the greatest radio performances. Including new. The metamorphosis. Of WBT in the seventies. The history that changes the whole story Daryl that website and of course in the golden age of top forty. Their crosstown big Kaplan said the big waits. Remember opening act. In fact people wonder. How I ended up in broadcasting mirror too profound experiences the TV side of it. Came when I was a mere tight. I've never been a tiny guy and a budget to as a as a younger man I guess two and a half. What I would see that flickering mono chromatic box going. I was a dedicated get a what's the test packs. And it was really still brought milk. To the front door. For a while my daddy was selling fertilizer up in Charlottesville Virginia so we left nine point would have to sell hill and we could. She's through the snow over the TV stations in the Richmond Petersburg area. At that point in time. I guess it was sue the Colin is WX CX. At that point on the NBC affiliate so I would get down and they bring cottage cheese in for a long dharma could need because I guess I shoveled. So much in my youthful goal late at age two and app I'd. Grab the cottage cheese all proportion no man brought. Born pitcher in great job get a spoon. Big bed cottage cheese turn on the TV watched the test patterns. Until The Three Stooges. And endeavor today's show. In the end. And then bill Cullen would Coble and with the price is right and bill Cullen would come on when they're gonna show were to get the tickets you have these wind up toys. And I don't I don't know if it was that. Just the notion that while there's bill Cullen he's got a neat little toy what I thought I gotta get into TV. That was initially way back is a toddler then later. Dad continued his sales career we were back in high point and he would. You know we were kids going to school it would be content of deadwood kisses all good buyers who grew older shake our hands a take all freely give back he'd try to get back home Thursday night time for scouts. Well my little brother who sister and me leading the way in the golden age of top four. He would each week. Where every was visiting you would tell us about the radio stations he was listening to. Any go to the record store and buy a a 45. For each office. Every week he was on the road so he would come home and we'd have a record or you know we'd. And then did just got it started for me. So radio at age fourteen like. Richard Irwin. One of our guide free newsletters written by Tom Taylor guy who. Went to school at Carolina but I don't hold that against him being an NC state guy. Tom Taylor disturbed Taylor now newsletter this morning our business talked about the passing of uncle Ricky. The guy who grew up in Concord. And he quotes somebody who knew local Rickie at east Carolina. Quote Richard was one of the most talented and enthusiastic. People about radio that I ever met. In college. Richard Irwin. Lived and breathed reedy. Well and only in college this website real radio dot com. Is some kind of nice. We're coming back to open up the phone is doled out a taste of Charlotte. Thank you might have the munchies of the president goes through this thing about one of the stage one or doing marijuana that's cool it's been rumored romantic happened. Just someone will talk about an hour final half hour to the other 7045711. Jen. Virtual freeze really placed 18092811. J&J. Dave for German. Word for it and got a new store delivered 2993. WCT. Well I don't these numbers. So little poor 57011. Dead in Charlotte and facilities and tool free throw me any place. You're listening to go to WBT dot com it's 1809 to wait eleven Jen. So the president makes news about a lot of. Stuff and apparently he's taken a look at that whole marriage wanna questions and well. Is limited to the states stead I have met federal law and of course Jeff Sessions have been all that marijuana. John I've done radio from coast to coast. First delegate is recovering congressman in Washington DC. In San Francisco and man people have opinions on marijuana. You're damn opinion on where you've got some you wanna talk about it it's opened phones and these final moments and over and rock killed Jon has been incredibly patient John welcome to WBT. Yeah yeah I need our thanks to our Internet brand are well. Did you. In a lot of at all or that it oh are they know what they get ball. There's herta. If you need one if the Trout up at a brilliant bit bigger than the thirty mile all of our Ukraine the Russian. Yeah a lot of planning went to a lot of people and got licked her friend up I let the ball. Well I would tell ya I I I would offer friendly amendment John I would say it's more than the quote left. I would say the Al Washington establishment is afraid that's why they're working overtime. Tried to stuff through an amnesty bill in trying to set all these little trips. For the present. And it's still the CI has I chronicled earlier this program. If if speaker awry in. And the establishment gets its way. I it'll be up to president trump to veto any kind of amnesty bill because I tell yet. They did they had done that's a pathway to real problems in the mid term in my humble opinion. John let me ask you while I got you on the line here this whole thing about marijuana. President saying it maybe we ought to leave it up to the states watcher date. Sure the ball like I stated. Apparently I have never dull little wad in the back that morning hurting. So go about our police that got their own. My record of exporting port. That politicians are trying to sell the American people than they are young people are great because. We work. No purpose built. Under a lot if you watch it and let it. Brother I hate to erupt but you're didn't kind of sketchy on Mir John I'm gonna thank you I heard about that reefer madness when I remember. It was a film they showed us a ninth grade gym class from like. Circa 1948. One day while Ohio on marijuana on a jury of his friends decided to find a unique way do more open a soft drink boxed and I mean there's that was prehistoric Pepsi bottles. And you're like laugh about the goofy smash them against the concrete then drink and and all the special effects guys drink intensity isn't excludes going to and is pleased with. Maybe this is going your life. Act. It. All of this weird didn't go in here. New store 1110993. WBT JD for John Hayworth and goggle on this Friday afternoon over phones now. At 7045711101809281110. Toll free from any place. NN does it reflect. One of the true stories from Washington. I'd be the pollster Frank Luntz. And when I first met. Frank well over a quarter century ago we were both most more a much younger. And collected Franken has said he looks like somebody I know. And then it hit me. Remember those movies with the ventriloquist dummy Chucky bride of Chucky seed of Chuckie. Well. Woods was the pollster name Shockey. I just been elected to congress should only show you what a focus group don't so I'm in the front seat. And in the back seat is now all our ambassador to the Netherlands. Former congressman Pete Hoekstra of Michigan. And frank that the told turns to what happened a couple years earlier where Clinton. As soon lush woke I did inhale you know and then everybody comes more new and all these guys about. Smoke and dole once or twice. The question came up. And woods was incredulous. That neither. Nurse truly. Nor my congressional colleague at the time Peta poster has never puffed on the wacky week. He just couldn't believe it. He says Sandra Miller said no we're just. I've not been may you know I am an eagle spell but I am not a saint but no the wacky weed was never high on my list of things to do. What I'm told by those who may have partake in that there's a certain hunger. Then over that time decked him attaches itself to. Marijuana use sort talk about some of the queen city delicacies. Got a taste of Charlotte. So away from 6 o'clock. Eight minutes away from Charlotte the six or maybe we're gonna change the name dear Charlotte and check out. It's gonna take to Charlotte going on. The guy who's going to do his best to Iowa State food free during the upcoming hours more garrison mark is that your story what you got going well. And that will we'll start with a a more serious story it's 605 as the experts locally weigh in on a suicide because of Anthony Bordal idea which had terrible story. My son was a particularly big fan of his shows on C Milan on them but then yes it's 620. We're talking and third we will need to feed our way through the uptown a taster sharp but I spent I actually got to be a judge there today. Oh man how about this have you ever had funnel cake covered with a banana putting. Yeah I'm no I haven't analyzed judge your free minute order on that little dust up but it was so who could not a truth huge it was so good having a so good that I can hardly move separate and some guy came up to me and looked at me and said you know diabetes is a real dude. A tennis do you have a tough time talent. Until well OK so you you you should get off the sugar Boettcher I bet you're you're ready to go and we are gonna. We're gonna listened with interest to Charlotte six mark thanks. Mercy so check that out I now back to the phones ahead down the homestretch open phones anything you wanna talk about. I saw president trump says we only marijuana up to the states. Jim is calling from Charlotte with a unique take on just what's been going on what marijuana hi Jim. They didn't expect my call you Google wanted to bring up real quick one. I'm not sure it's widely known I got purple I thought that he investments in the business. It just south of personal research. And you need repair our job. And you know expert doctor dispensary etc. are you not have access to the federal by. That's right now it's very true you're right they don't have access to federal banking Mets right. Are they can't write checks that in exit Visa Mastercard. It's Saturday can do the people your home counts are you hoping he can do except the pain care which make them obviously targets or. Robbery etc. What thing that a lot of people don't know that obviously this result something that collects they'll start. I need more cash. All that's wrong. Are there it was a big thing in Colorado right there was going to be the road to salvation and all the big money coming in to the state of Colorado for education. Google Krueger a lot of the important hundred million adult potentially by all gonna compare the collective intensity security firm transported to. Guess what. The local municipality. County and the pain itself facts in there because they're not allowed them to check where that wire what do you think the county do. Upon receipt of that. They take their caps to their bank its outlook. And there's one or you go but money is fungible one step removed then that's the order yeah. Or no real secret work. Here are typically the higher. And then you reported a real quick our goal recommitment thing. You can Google it try to now our concern the Linkin Park. Yellow journalism. Research are William Randolph Hearst and what you want and that's ever been produced a mask. Because we're automatic that they orchard and the other thing is recruitment. I think if you look in pierce recorded history or your report. Written street. Testimony of people speaking on the floor congress sent order senate backed. These they're you to the drug the plant. Would you call him quote. Indy grown men held the courage to look at a white woman twice. Angela. And to all let me via court quote Mexican Coke per year. And that's where spent. Well I'm gonna take your word Ford it is unique take and die especially appreciate the information on the economics. Be the pseudo so rule racism thing I don't know about but. And it's interesting what what's been interesting to me ahead behind microphones weather in Washington DC or San Francisco or really anywhere. Where the topic comes up one day I had a young. And a guy who was one of the few Republican state senators in Maryland. Come on with me in Washington. And this guy was one of the biggest dudes for medicinal marijuana he explained why would his health conditions. But only other side you got people saying Manchester did make to get it out in public then you have as Jim was talking about all the tax dollars. The thing that concerns me is the the active ingredient the TH C. Apparently they have made hybrids that are really throttled this product up. And you know I we talk about driving under the influence of alcohol. Driving under the influence a dope and day it's gonna be some problems but then as part of the debate now. In terms of I have been told X. I am not experience this but then again you take a look at me I've been a lifelong guy news. Well for the better part of my days on this planet had a case of the munchies. And dealt with with a taste of Charlotte going on and I was telling the boomer earlier that you know if I was gonna do a taster sharp. I would I would make it Charlotte centric. I'd go to Amanda Bennett machine and give me a packet knows. Lance need cut crackers or maybe it's me we should give a French pronunciation. Neat cool. NC KOT. Anyway you wait you don't now worried about. Where on earth. Would that name come for. Well according to the story I've. Mr. lay and she approached the company back wow almost a hundred years ago hole. Known as the token. Companies that token cookie company. Mr. Lan said this notion for this Gallup poll Wafer with peanut butter twitch stand between the sweet rivers. The guys that token. Turn their only idea. So mr. listed the ideal but his own company called the cracker. Nikko. Which is token spelled backwards from. JD spelled backwards is DJ I never use that fur ball on the radio because. In the words of the chief engineer the first Deschanel worked at billboard do then did that was JD the DJ he's bacon Brett. I hope to get back what do you sometime in the not too distant future until we create yeah. Or John Hancock. JD Hayworth saying. Stay worry. Stay free. Stay tuned.