JD Hayworth Fills In For Hancock

John Hancock
Monday, June 18th
JD Hayworth, former congressman from Arizona fills in for Hancock and discusses the current immigration crisis.

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Okay. News at the appointed hour. Usually you and Ecclestone. The microphone you here. That whole frame. The man with the name bad greens through history. John. But two days you've got to recovering congressman. High point native. And former wolfpack washout recruited his right tackle ended up left out yep JD Hayworth in for John Hancock. Bad news talk 1110 in 993. WDT. Well. L rush bowl spent a good portion of the day talking about it and you NI. We'll get the local perspective. These. Are ethnic. Religious trooper. Or I'm sorry the the Charlotte Observer. Never fails to disappoint. Or distort. And and boy I was just variations on something I heard as a kid. Russia. Head the iron curtain China head the bamboo curtain. And surely has the observer. How else to understand it and look it's it's not a conspiracy. But it is coordination. And gave up I guess we could use that bug sprays of the new cycle for the better part of the last eighteen months collusion. Idea. The editorial board Ed. The observer. Looking to maximize Democrat votes remember the Charlotte Observer is the largest in kind donor. To the the Democrat party of North Carolina and probably South Carolina to pick it maybe to the DNC but there's some other. National outlets beyond. The editorial. Two days the headline reads. Trump's border policy is rule. Republicans in congress can't stop it now. But before we get to the predictable. Absurdities. Crawford did. I as opinion. By the editorialists at the disturb her here's another bit of coordination going on. Because. I am not kidding you chances are you may not watch MSNBC. So skilled professionals like yours truly have to have to watch for you sometimes. And don't believe it or not. How we Villa she a couple of days ago hole. Was holding AM. A Bible study. On MSNBC. With predictable results. So you know. Their job. That things are getting really desperate. To see the collusion. Between the left in this so called right but the open borders people. Who are part of the establishment you and I have talked about it before. The left wants cheap votes. The rights. I don't think you call these people conservatives and more the greedy. In corporate America. They want cheap labor. And what is being cheapened. Is what it means to be an American citizen what is being cheapened the and jeopardized. As our national security. Or to use the term in vogue since there's a cabinet level department. In the same name Homeland Security. And now what is being cheapened and pro famed in my opinion. Is similar session with the old Mikey. Now wolf we'll get to the Al Lee bell she. MSNBC. Bible study. And a little while. But again let's let's keep it local to start. The let's keep it in Charlotte. And done again and I heard the editorial board did. Published what is called a prayer. To gay. A prayer for the government workers who separate children from parents. Let me start. And and this is not a movie and I don't have to rule this out I'm gonna cut to the chase right now we will get into it this afternoon. But you realize of course they had in many cases. Of the quote children coming up for North America they were with the older. Children. And some adults who wore out their parents. Just so you wonder stand there. And I don't even go read the man's name because. You know why I have not had a chance to one. To try and track him down to see the guy is and where he's coming from. And so I'm not going to ambush him by name on the here. I'm just gonna read part of this quote premier. In court. Today I'm praying for the immigration and customs enforcement. And health and human services agents. Whose job it is to separate the children of immigrants from your parents. I cannot imagine how we do is to forcibly take children from their parents. The reports of lies being told about being separated so that photos can be taken or children will be bathed only to find out later they're being taken to separate detention centers. Understandable. Try to make the separation easier in the moment didn't deal with the heart breaking reality leader. As a father I hear the screams and cries of the children who may or may not understand what is happening and tears feel my irons. As the agents of the government you're obliged to do your job however monstrous. It may be. And I'll just I'll spare you. The rest of the exaggeration. Finally. I pray that you will forgive us. For putting you in this extraordinary painful position. May god no the hearts of all our readers who. Who have created this situation and give us the wisdom and the words to persuade them to change this outrageous and unkind policy. Payment. Well. People can have disagreements. But this quote career. Builds upon. A premise that is suspect. At best. If not out NL force. We're late gifts to be. Kinda tough to handle. And so you've got the clearer in the distilled her to do. Eight Kenyan born Muslim group. By the name of Al Lee build sheet on MSNBC. We eating a Bible study. To tell all practicing Christians if they believe in border securities they are well. I'm gonna get to that in just seconds. Are suffice it to say there is a lot going on but. We need you to. The number to call 7045711. To add or told free from any place. 18092811. Tin cup and back with the MSNBC. Bible study. And more symptoms of disinformation. Just remember who is cold the father of line news. Hint it ain't me. JD Hayworth for John Hancock. Are new stock 1110 and 993. W BT we. Actually did dig through the Bible to find passengers that lent themselves to the cart mortar practice of separating migrant children from their parents and wanna begin. With Matthew chapter nineteen verse fourteen. But Jesus said suffer little children and forbid them not to come on to meet four of such is the kingdom. I'll have a. What do you just through this. As hard as it may seem to believe this. A simple of lower tone this. MSNBC. How Linville she you. Who we are told studied religion. During his days in college I'll leave no she born in Kenya. Of the Muslim faith. Reading scripture to was and he began with that passage. From Antigua. Always a favorite of the left suffer the little children and let them come and to me. But Christ was talking about the kingdom of god the Cuban kingdom of heaven he was not talking about an earthly. Dominion. No I I suppose we could be indulgent and say hey even though zealots. Who followed him. They want to see a political king they wanted to see the overthrow. Of the Romans. During the days of jesus' earthly ministry but there. Was not. When he came for still I I'm sure there are those who. Who think that it's blue auditory bad. That SN BC. Would Joseph would offer some passages from what. When I believe is the word of gone. And it would be if it were not for nefarious. Purpose. Well let's just get another sampling. To show you that Ali though she can can go into the old testament. Hillary is window mobile apparently Isaiah. Was not talking. To any errant throw lights are children of god he he was thinking about Republicans in here again it is Eileen bell she. From mud from MSNBC the other day quoting it as the first two vs. Ian. Isaiah. Woe unto them that decree on righteousness decrees and that bright green business which may have prescribed to turn aside the needy from judgment and to take away the right from the poor my people that widows may be their prey and that they may. Rob the fatherless. Well you and you know a leader there a couple of ways to to look at the father was. How many bread winners. Have been killed by illegals. And many parents have been web childless. Or at least missing what their children. Courtesy. Of a murder by illegals I know this is all Killinger. To the stories featured in the Charlotte disturb her and from your basic alphabet networks. No I strictly about the acronyms. CBS. Stands for conservatives. This merged and so lead. ABC stands for always beat up conservatives. Then BC stands for never believe conservatives and and it's cable cousin. MSNBC. Stands for got stuff would never believe conservatives. And this case it's not so much a creation as it is playing fast and loose. With scriptural. Interpretation. I give and I'll leave el Sheikh. A practicing Muslim. Golds would gospel of men if you listen. And the king shall answer and say unto them very early I say unto you. Game as much as he have done it unto one of the least of my brother in ye have done it unto me. Hey hey Ali. What about. Those who. Have suffered. The violence. At the hands of illegals. Doesn't work both ways I know the implication does not appear in your world. All of the the elder clincher. Ali bill she Ed it's that MSNBC doesn't regularly old Bible studies. But many brings on a leftist jesuit priest and I just Portugal listen to the assessment of this priest. I do here is the way. I'll leave bill she explains it all on MSNBC. And then sets up a loaded observation. For the jesuit priest father James Martin. This I don't do a lot of biblical readings. I don't do a lot of vs studied verse but I have I don't do that but. The administration has forced this discussion upon us because. They have said it's the biblical thing to do I don't think there is a Christian they must slim. Or a Jew in this country who can find me in their holy book. References that suggested that is appropriate. Yeah I think you're right and I think they're doing as it's called proof texting which is you take vs the gospels or they'll tell us none of context and just sort of throw it people almost weaponized in the gospels and and the Bible. Hopeful poll and a great father Jamie is. What do you think. Well what do you think I'll leave bill she was doing in his monologue he was proof texting. He was sticking biblical verses out of context and trying to bin and shaped them. To his prejudice. Which is the border should be open so that go left can't believe this country they can't give out the vote. With legal citizens anymore so they have. Ahead amnesty and they have Willie selfish greedy stooges in corporate America. Willing to go along with the present Coulter wrote the other day you've got guys in corporations who can't see past. The next quarter. They know changer right do they can't see past the next quarter. But they're happy. To see the future to the left a lack orally. Where the left brain in new voters. But it was just beautiful what should not. Vote left practicing. What they say the world is doing proof texting. Well the proof. Is in your phone calls coming up we're gonna get to your comments on all of this. I know Steve is standing by and get Estonia and you can call in to troll free for many place 1809 to eleven Jen. Four electoral minus 7045701110. Hayworth for Hancock JD for John new start eleven Tim in 1993. WPT's. 1809. To 1110. And from Charlotte this 770457. Know 1110 and the recovering congressman JD Hayworth had him for this story. John Hancock. Prime minister on 1110993. WBT. Will we did something before the break in the business. It's called bill boarding I told I was gonna bring a coal laurel and and we got ready to bring him on in. I guess he had to do something else bud there we're welcome there we welcome your cold side the aforementioned numbers. I'm really curious to see what's happening idea began the program to do you sighting he threw where. Dare to the editorial board of the Charlotte Observer allowed a certain Charlotte TN to make. Gonna mention the guy's name I couldn't catch up with the men get ahold of him and but it was a prayer for the government workers who separate children from parents and of course it was all about the border. And this is all about Al. Rolling conservatives and those who believe in the rule of law rolling them portraying them as scroll. And of course MS and it hit wedge. The the and adherence to Islam who studied religion in college I guess in Canada. Well and I'll leave Joshi on MSNBC. To. To give a little Bible study and to proof text. To take biblical quotes aloe bub. Out of context and yet try to make the case that anybody who wants to support the rule of law. Is he veil. Speaking of those who for whatever reason may dabble in Ned dissing each. Hillary Clinton is gone to Twitter. Those who selectively use the Bible to justify this cruelty. Are ignoring a cent a central Tenet of christianity. Jesus did not say let the little children suffer. I know my friend David Blaine points out that well but as far she goes Hillary is right about that. The trends liberation from the Greek aid to English is let. Let the little children and do not forbid them from coming to me but but here is the irony. For the last three quarters of a century. The courts and secular realists and know increasingly the Democrat party have done exactly their act. Using a Bible verse to make a point completely out of context is one of two things one. Stupid or too. Deceitful. You choose. Since the Bible was removed from public education by secularist. Since 1963. Americans have become generally. Biblically illiterate. And therefore urge. People like Hillary Clinton. And practicing Muslim. Ali bill she can. Basically get away have their way. How did you would direct. Quote from from David Lean years I've been paraphrasing the email I received from him. MSNBC anchors or pretenders like Hillary. Could joining scripture and border security as the means of obtaining political advantage. Is sleazy and vulgar. The priority of ethics. Over grandstanding. But wait there's more. The whole notion. That and this is the other thing the left one who loves to practice. When conservatives talk about faith based initiatives they scream. Something that is a this application from history they scurry about separation of church and state yet when they want to try and hijack. The word of god for their own selfish motives that's fallen. And did the other day I guess this was yesterday as a matter of fact. One CNN. And a bottle. I believe one of the The Who used to be made a cell Floridian Republican bug but a bushy Republican and an open borders Republican. Yesterday I guess this was on. State in the union they have a chandelier and dub. And Rick Santorum suggested that hate. When it comes to this question every woman wants open borders every one wants these people again. The quote new commerce often misidentified. As immigrants their illegal aliens when they come here with no verification. But I ought to give these people fill home addresses and they ought to be willing to support to inflict you know. If we just follow existing war and everybody. Had a sponsor. There that would really be cool but when when Rick Santorum. Suggested. Then all the open borders or food GS two enthusiasts who outnumbered him on the CNN panel fort why do. So Bob and take it personal role all man you should have seen the looks on their faces and so. Such was the consternation. Mad stirred up that were gonna have to try and pick through this because everybody's talking at once but and now bottle roll. Boy she's she'll let us know if conservatives. Dare use scripture why they are hypocrites much of this for me yesterday on CNN. Yeah I know. If paparazzi know that is no Barack Obama basically took quote we met on that same scripture that was put it to justify slavery they're. Justify that let's hang on in any situation. Shaking him. How did you point out is Jeff Sessions dead. What the apostle Paul wrote in all. To be obedient to governments. And Whitney get back to it when when you think about that times. Dead in his earthly ministry Jesus was challenged. Press the greatest example is when. They came to him. Trying to give it trying to get him on the whole thing about overthrowing the Romans. And yet it will rabbi halo award should we give to roll my. What would you do he says take a look at the cornea. And spaces. There dancer Caesar in famously crisis as rendered a Caesar what is caesar's but to guard. What is God's. Further pointing out the error of the way in the wishful thinking. Of the zealots of bed time thought Jesus had come to be a political team. But to porn news. That both Jesus Christ in the apostle Paul spoke over the realities of government. And adherence to the law. In fact it is the. Not so much an irony. But for those of us who are believers in the fullness of time. And even even a secularist. Like Al Lee bill Xia peace studied christianity. In his Canadian higher education. Before coming to share his son. His leftist thought to all of us on MSNBC. In case study of christianity apart from. Those of us who were believers in the fullness of time what happened. The apostle Paul formerly soul of tourists. Who had been. An exterminator. Of questions. Who had a life changing experience on the road to Damascus and suddenly was set upon. By fellow Jews because she changed in defending christianity and became a Christian. What. Remember what happened. Poll was a man of accomplishment. Studying at the feet of Goodmail deal. Paul was also know. In Roman citizen. He demanded. Did. To be taken to roll he'd demanded his rights as a citizen. And in the role and republics slash empire citizenship was not just granted birth. Non Romans good dot com or Roman citizens. By. Eddie hearing and take. Noble goal and it was precisely book cause of the law. And don't big bowl walk and polls insistence that role and we'll all be old baby daddy was taken Jerome. And christianity spread. From the holy land to roll I know are getting heavy. We're just trying to give you some understanding. Of this question coming up. These migrants have direction from the people in South America Mexico on how to get into America easier. Kidnapping kidnappings are up in South America and Mexico. They know that if they have a child when there right at the border. I'm even if they cross swear words is not a port of entry they feel that they're gonna be some more leniency because of these children. People need to start looking into what the fate of these children. What have been had they been left for the people that they cross the border west because I think are very large percentages. They are not the biological children of these adults were coming over our border. So the facilities at their end. And the care that's being taken after they've been dry across the desert across Mexico for how many days of miles and maybe not having enough water food and whatever. It's not inhumane treatment. And it. What would it not a homeless American child are homeless veteran didn't. To have those kind of facilities and three square meals these other people and and is dead. Americans and our politicians are forgetting about me. Six minutes in front and work. New stalker doesn't Jan 993 WBZ Hayworth for him caught cheating for China. On this Monday to your goals are invited at 704571110. Across metro rider told free for any place. 18092811. To end the lady just heard. I used to be one of my constituents. In Mesa, Arizona. When I was serving in congress. They're I believe she was saying at one point in time. Because even the district lines changed after his senses but Marianne Mendoza. Is her name her son mesa police sergeant. Brandon and goes so was. Killed in a head on crash. With an illegal illegal alien who was driving draw. And what Marianne Mendoza said this morning on FOX & Friends is important. And let me take you back no rush both touched on this earlier today idol then did not not as a member of congress. But as a broadcaster during my days are dead newsman XTV. I think in 2014 and fifteen we were chronicling. How the Obama administration. Was using that refuge he status. Huge just bring as many central Americans in the country. As they could. And a whole lot of these central Americans were quote unaccompanied minors. Some of them but word toward the tail end of their minor dome. They were 181920. Years older 1718. If you wanna say eighteen is the age I think about 21 for Arab. Didn't fire water gold backed. But you had teens many of them affiliated with gains many of them being manipulated it. By the cartels. But you gotta hand ago called the almost sinister ingenuity of the Obama administration. Reaching out to faith based groups would. With a hole should tax money. And these people are earned are not stupid gaming the system claiming refugee status and. Others who work not parents of those little children. Clinton they were the parents. And that continues to this day. Whether from Central America South America or Mexico now. The Droid isn't coyotes are saying he's Bebo and make sure he had a kid until. And yes there are some legitimate cases of parents. And children. But a lot of cases there are older kids or adults with children who are not terrorists. In fact next hour week we're going to give again. To all of this deliberate. Distortion. It is say it is disinformation. Misinformation. And a full court press. By the uninformed or those who have the design of wanting open borders to put the bums rush. On granting amnesty. And it's also going on in Washington tell you we're really do a couple of things. I have a in my role as a recovering congressman I can explain do you. What is going on within the House Republican Conference I can explain to you. They're they're different factors pushing and bullying and on now on members of congress when it comes to this issue and what is coming up this week on the floor when you rely less got together I well yeah. Did this stuff what happened right after the end of the North Korean summit that Paul Ryan had planned to rush this thing up. And try to get it through. And believe it or not. These open borders types aren't just content. Ed rolling fell a fellow Republicans in the congress that they're out to roll the commander in chief. Your own. Exactly going on but for now to bring it back home locally. Arizona Marianne Mendoza an Angel mum talks about what's been going on in North Carolina illicit. There's a rape epidemic going in net on a North Carolina. Young young children. By illegal aliens and I haven't heard one politician's stand up for American children who are being raped and tortured. But he is illegal. Criminals who cross our border. How will who will lead Charlotte Observer on bet. We we'd give the whole deal. With the it will with with the notion when the discover has an article about. A young person graduating from high school can hardly wait to become an American citizen and run for public office when they're quote a dreamer. But but what about the steamers and vault to win week comeback Washington behind closed orders. How way you lie generates so all sorts of action. And what can be done about it. And the truth win out on this. Recovering congressman JD Hayworth in for all of savers and they historic figure who is John Hancock. Find new start eleventh did in 1993. Double move being. There's a rape epidemic going in net on a North Carolina I'd young young children by illegal aliens and I haven't heard one politician stand up for American children who are being raped and tortured. But he is illegal. Criminals who cross our borders. Wow that we were all. Hours and hours five minutes past due. You talk 1110993. Double. North Carolina native and dead. Former Arizona representative J. D. Drew who refuse for the historic John Hancock. The woman you heard it again to start this. Mary and min Dole's. Of Mesa, Arizona a cold came in the caller could not hang on and apparently they wasn't as. Who warns that shed in those cool and knew there was a fair yet did communicate. Apparently the Colbert didn't understand that Mary and Mendoza. Is an American citizen are Hispanic descent. That her son Matt Britton admin goes on. A guy ace sergeant with the mesa police department was killed by an illegal in a head on crash. We if the with the illegal. Being a drunk driver. But it raises a good point to this no homers to misconceptions. About this entire debate. First of all what I politically called the myth of the monolith. And it's a widespread assumption that if somebody has a Hispanic last name they instantly want to open borders. Nothing could be further from the truth. And and the other point that needs to beat me. Is that. I guess in the old days they will use your IE usury Spanish. In the body oh in the neighborhood. A lot of law abiding citizens who happen to be of Hispanic descent have seen their neighborhoods go to HE double hockey sticks. With the the rapidly there's no Richard the invasion of illegals. And no you're not immigrants and no they're not undocumented. Because we have documents galore there from Mexico chances are they have about three fuel console while her. Which is a card from the Mexican consulate. A lot of people as we know we've been dealing with identity theft. And does the fact that the treasury won't even check your. The citizenship status if you apply for ITI isn't it an individual taxpayer ID number. And believe me that's not to pay taxes. There is such a racket going on you may have been surprised that Marianne Mendoza calling Arizona home was calling out North Carolina. And an epidemic of already. In North Carolina taking place. By illegals. But of course what you get from the Charlotte disturb brewers like the article what we could go. Highlighting a graduate of South America another dimension the young lady's name but of course the writing. Was two thirds Null hole. It may be 13 fact. So low brought here illegally. And she's she's gonna run for public office one day if you give any doubts about where amnesty is gonna take us. You shouldn't. And that dead is being played out right now hole in the old place right used to work the congress of the United States. Two moral. President trump is gonna gonna go visit. With the House Republican Conference a couple of do rules that speaker pull Ryan. One that brought to the floor. If you wonder why Paul Ryan head that grit and there. How can I say this delicately on the family program. That sewage eating grin on his they don't know maybe I should say grinning like a Cheshire cat. I'm sure there's been the jury will strike that first comment I am not remember. But that big grin on his face like he was really pleased with himself. Understand that Paul Ryan is one of the biggest advocates of amnesty. Who Celtics can also understand that about a third of the Republican majority your so it seems on some major committees. Our. They're dirt get ready to take it. And wears a fairly easy place to go to work in Washington if you Rhode if you've been out legislate don't. YEK street in government relations. So a lot of folks are looking at how canal may not future employee is a little more law. I'm more happy to see me or will they consider me for a job and so that's why let these guys are just. Maybe there's a way we can thread the needle on this week and call it bipartisan. But the irony of what is happening. There was not escaped our old friend and culture here is what she said last night. On the Fox News Channel. There is no better example under slump than the fact I think. We signature issue that this. Historic candidate ran on. The Republicans in the house are doing the exact opposite trying to push through an amnesty. Nobody and it is an amnesty to go to try to tell you is not an amnesty Betty is exactly. What they're trying to get done. And and let me tell you how it works and will go through this more. Step by step in in just a second. But but what is happening. Is that with the election coming up a whole lot of people are getting nervous. And I think they were nervous last week. We when they pick up their paper. Especially if they live in metro line and they pick of their paper may see where there. For the government workers in separate children from parents. And they see an editorial. In the Charlotte disturb her trumps border policy is scroll Republicans in congress can stop it now. Suddenly they get who really nervous. I told you about the guys get ready we do need to find new jobs and they wanna do it outside government many of them. And so they're looking at government relations. They're looking this is a problem just just to get off to point. I'll explain that a little more but it seems to me. That there is something more elemental we should understand. When American citizens breaks for wall won't. When they break the law and are convicted by a jury of their peers and a sentence. Is up renounced. Sending them to. A correctional facilities. If they your parents. What happens when. Here. Parents are separated from your children. Now notwithstanding the fact that it's demonstrable that a whole lot has gone on the past three years where. Adults who were the parents of these children were brilliant people across and by the way we'll get to some. Some tweets that the guys secretary of Homeland Security put doubt in their last night or this morning trying to speak truth. Tomb of the runaway. Disinformation not being very diplomatic. The the falsehoods. That are being propagated. By the alphabet networks and publications like the Charlotte just harbor. To try and get its intrusiveness. But does this sad and sorry fact. Is that somehow we we can we conveniently forget that. Families don't have to be torn apart even if you want even just for the sake of argument will accept the notion that a parent. Is separated from or is he or she separated from their children. There's an easy way to reunite the family. Reunite. The family in the country of origin. Not of the country they saw hitter illegally. Experts who really easy way to handle it. But again this is what you need to think about. Why would we create. At once. An under class but an underclass. With certain quote advantageous. An underclass that can break the law but not have families disrupted. For those who break the law and are convicted and go to the slammer they're separated from their kids. Why an indulgence for non citizens twice special rights for non citizens continue explained meant to me I'd love for you to try. Charlotte vicinity of 7045701110. Told free from any place. 18092801110. When we come back. The secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. He makes an effort. But via Twitter. To issue the facts. But our fax gonna take the backseat. On feelings. Speaking of feelings I'm. I'm darn happy to be here once again. The recovering congress of nine point native JD Hayworth in for the historic gold John Hancock. New stock 1110993. WDT. Here. He tweeted this miss reporting by that members pressed an advocacy groups must stop. It's irresponsible and unproductive she goes on to say we do not have a policy of separating families at the border. Here yet. For those Seeking Asylum at ports of and truly we have continued the policy. From previous administrations well when will only separate if the children is in danger. There is no custodial relationship between family members are the adults has broken a Lhasa she's dress up a break the record straight here. I'll loosen. There is so confident shooters. Fox News to. It lives up reading you two weeks. Well my Homeland Security secretary. Kristin we'll see. More of it what we're not throwing out families. If there are people bearer who are not parents. We got to separate them. But there is so much disinformation. On all of this. And it's a preclude day heat is being turned up by the open borders folks. Whether the Republicans or Democrats. Just scared the HE double hockey sticks out of house members and did over the past something. And they're gonna try to roll. The commander in chief who was gone on record saying but hard. Few minorities did where did the dreamers talked. I just hope the president won't be deceived on this but to you'll reactions to all that is going on were happy to take now via telephone. At 7045701110. Or tool free for many please 1890. Weighed eleven dead. Let's kick it off in Concord with the Jason Jason welcome to WBT. They're dead Adelman. Thinks. I America our question of all the mass under the border. He many years ago follows Democrat. And buried them all sorts of ball probably any longer to go at all. Conservative Republican or because so that's my chart here I want to see the article more toward I don't care about America he. Voters they care about more illegal than anything else but my question is the that's. That's what they tell immigrant and separated at the border and stop and that all army. Amnesty bill to try on the boat if congress now the Russian spy hypothetically. It doesn't get partner Gloria doesn't act or what not then then more you know bark for many years now they've been living here. Rabbis don't take them out Lubbock they're respect they have amnesty where Albion. Granted amnesty if you are trying to say here I'm just on our longest consecutive masters. Want to break into an NB here's what we flip over the cards for him and I appreciate the call by the way. I knew the true compromise is is something that tab that Rick Santorum said to his fellow panelist who were all open borders. And at some point I would. If there's any kind of concession that should not being quote amnesty. These people. Should never ever be granted citizenship in the united states of they have come unlawfully. But. If there are those people who Freel so this old way. About this. Including super wealthy and grew businessman. Who give a lot of money politically. Maybe they ought to take that money and become. Personal financial sponsors. Of those who have come here illegally. And maybe the way they can be satisfied but no way no one all should these people become citizens now you mention. That they that they hang around. You mentioned you're concerned about what happens if if nothing is ever done. Here's my real concern whatever is done and the courts. Playing politics will go back and say. Room it was capricious and cruel not to make these people citizens. And I am really worried dad and activist court system. They political court system and you know their play in politics. In a lot of these federal courts including me. The US Supreme Court. Change personnel Afghan people who were inclined for open borders and they'll retroactively claim it's unconstitutional. Not to give these people citizenship that's what concerns me cold there's no basis in law for it but what is in all bin. Really. Observed when it comes to crass politics. Well let me let me give you something that talks with the mirror to. Bills being brought force. As far as I'm concerned both of them are amnesty bill so they're trying to tell you that Bob good let's bill from Virginia co sponsored by the the chairman of the homeland security committee Mike McCall of Texas to try to tell you that's that's the moderate bill. Let let me give you the this command of what goes on in conference. Girl told hey AT keep your powder dry eighth. And they are told after their role they're told this just the best we could do. I will explain in detail I'd like you hear of the thinking. From some of these guys win when we come back also. We're you're thinking told freeware many police 1809 to eleven Jan. Or in Charlotte Denver 770457011. To. For a V historic hall of Famer John Hancock. It's JD Hayworth to recovering congressman. News talk eleven did in 993. WDT. Green is double. Joining core it's still far. I'm recovering congressman nine point eight JD Hayworth in for that historic roll hall of Famer. John Hancock and time to get on the phone with you you've been waiting patiently. At 7045711. Jenner told free for many police 1809281110. Jesse thank you for your patience calling today from Charlotte welcome to WBT. I think forever may. Get more commented that I do a lot of international travel or work. And I've noticed that a lot of the Kyrgyz and I've been going to. Ironically are left this country. And their being their requirements and ruled just couldn't get in a work. Our. I'll expect anything United States at all. Right I mean they want you know why give me your blood type and if you change your underwear and go. They're there to clean wonderful sport but maybe not quite dead dead but I can't exactly what you are saying it. They thought it difficult. When you come in as a boy. Four port of intrigue and deal with your visa you know. Yeah even in Australia that no one of the top ten questions asked in English. What are your main primary languages do you speak out early and if you don't they won't let you rent. And could tell the Australians and and the kiwis the Australians and New Zealanders. When you go in their men they spray it down there what are you don't have any critters. And I was even mayor on a congressional trip. And so they're typically when you're going as read as a constitutional officer of the United States there are certain things that you're not going to go through tough. Let me tell you those guys came out like they were the down under ghost busters and they were spray end Alley aircraft to give and also with the Jeff. I mean they they they are very serious. You know and the things that Beck I'm. Quite ironic is yeah all these people who allow all is illegal and undocumented. Aliens become head and walked into work. I don't think any of them have ever had to go overseas in a park birdied that actually work. Well you know there is a system where you where you apply for a work visa we have those programs. We have them right now for agricultural workers. And we've tried to put in place. The good drive for open borders basically it's this here's what it comes down do Jesse. Those who deliberately. Want to distort what what's going on they want to think this is all about separating parents and children. And it ain't bad at all this is about completely. Trying to lead to lower the defense's here's the irony for my perspective I work this issue and congress at a bill. Dead ahead President Bush god behind it we got it passed we might be a very different situation now of actually enforcing the law. But we've chosen not to do that so that's why we're in the mess grid and that's why you're seeing some of the theatrics out there. You're right about what happens here but also would you go to Europe remember the problem within what we used to call. The common market now that you European Union. You can go from country to country with no passport no visa would know checked and it's creating lots of problems rebel. Friends so we wanna look at the same kind of problem. 'cause we may be stared into the face frigid cold Jesse are all world travelers Jesse they're checking him for sure it's. Nineteen minutes in front of fire. Uninstalled 11101993. WDT. I sold. To moral. The president is gonna get a big motorcade and go to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. Up on Capitol Hill and talk to the House Republican Conference. And here's my real concern. President trump. But I am larger. This is this is no brag just fact he embraced many of the initiatives I had as a member of congress. When he decided to run for president. And the American people more hungry for. But the concern many of us have who want to see the borders enforced and want to see the rule of law observed and did forced. Is that some now. The commander in chief is gonna get rule. I don't know if that's gonna happen. But I have my suspicions. And give some insight on how bad happens. You get I get this idea. They head so buzz some members of congress. And so coming up we're going to hear. The chairman of the Department of Homeland Security. Explain what he wants to walk. What he thinks the president will be doing to moral. And then what he believes is a foot what his goal is. As a legislator. And I think it'll give you insight into how a lot of members of congress think. And ward and creates some real problems. Dodges a dozen historic opportunity. To advance concise conservative agenda that they've we've been trying to do for the last 45 years to structurally changed. The way we do immigration and make it more merit based rather than random and also did that borders secure because marina threats. There's like every by the secretary in the eyes director. A potential terrorist and drug cartels and all the other stuff Israel. There is safe. Homeland security. Committee chairman Michael Cole of Texas. No I. Like my. So why. This is not a strike personally and my but I just got to tell you this since I'm behind this Mike. As a recovering congressman JD Hayworth. The high point native NC state grad and only in America. Former United States congressman for Arizona. Peer behind the microphone forward John Hancock. On WBT. Whenever you hear historic. Opportunity. You better stop and go OK wait wait just a minute. This is a little. Too glowing a picture of what can happen. Two to bring a conservative. Majority know. See the irony of what's gonna happen in the house. Is whatever they pass it's gonna get worse. And ultimately the question becomes. What is the president really going to advise now you call last week. He went total White House ball and when Steve deuce he was very all the other press. All over him as he was trying to get from the Oval Office now to the Awad were Doocy once. And the president said no. Medals bills are garb I'm not supporting any of them but this group spokesman said oh yes he will all. Was cold yes she waits to see what happens. Might look Cole is the co sponsor of the good like bill. It's supposed to be the quote good build. It ain't. I'm sorry but there's an even worse dale. And do you rate right now let's listen to chairman McColl. Talk about word he expects the president to be doing. When the president comes to Capitol Hill tomorrow to meet with house Republicans. I anticipate on Tuesday but he's got to be in the later years and we're getting did. We're gonna get something passed out of the house. Okay now why the old song fish gotta swim. Birds gotta fly. Legislators. Got a legislate. Can I tell you what's going through the minds of these guys earlier you and I told about the fact. Dead I'm a huge number of Republicans are retiring. Looking for new Dick's. A lot of those guys end up in government relations. Lobbying. Good guys who were still there and this is the fundamental problem this is why. I have such a huge problem with what is been going on. Since I was serving in congress. So why put together the enforcement First Act of 20061. Wrote the book whatever it takes that same year. In the post 9/11 world and it's it's fairly curious you heard a couple of minutes ago you were coming out of the break. Chairman Mike McCall talking about the dangers on our borders. If you accept the fact that border security and national security are synonymous. That border security is national security how on earth as it worked out that. More than fifteen years have passed. Post nine elevenths and we've never secured the borders and we've never tightened down visa requirements and we still have chain migration now it's right. Mike McCall is telling us oh we're gonna get rid of chain migration all we're gonna we're gonna do border enforcement. It may be chairman McCall's intent to. But here is the fundamental problem Marcy. It's that too many people in Washington I don't care the Republicans Democrats independents libertarians vegetarians. Too many people in Washington who are serving in office. Do you this. As a political problem to be managed. To somehow be taken off the table. Eight political headache they view it as a barrier to their popularity. Instead of viewing yet. The way so many the first few. As a national security threat that must be stopped. Now earlier dear lady called a not gonna mention her name. Says she knows my parents says that. You know she could stay a voyage could come earlier but she won't be to know that paid these kids these quote. Dreamer supported fault they shouldn't be held. They they shouldn't suffer. For the sins of their parents. Got a couple reactions to that. No one. The kids of those currently in core. Serrated. Are suffering to some degree. For the crimes of do your parents. Your parents or behind Boris. They face an uncertain uncertain future they are separated. From family but the second point is news. The way the regulations were set up under President Obama who's been there I was playing fast and loose with. The entire immigration system in the quotas or bring in everybody and the fundamental problems. So many of the so called dreamers are steamers. They were not born here Bonnie do your parents. As a little children. Many of them or comparative. Johnny come lately peace. Maybe I should use that English idiom. But by it. My collegiate Spanish fails me. Many of these people despite the best efforts of those who. The creative writing you're. By the creative writers and would be novelists. At the Charlotte Observer AKA disturb her despite the best efforts. To portray so many of these people as. Model citizens who of course are not citizens but they're either. Would be brain surgeons and valedictorian is that's not the case. Finally the government's been checking figures on the so called dreamers. 13%. Of them. Have been convicted of crimes I'll check a check. The exact statistics. Jury in this break. But when we come back the truth the event. And the hype and they hysteria. From people who should take the time to know better. And why that makes members of congress. Even more nervous these amnesty mess and what did your tips and close over the weekend. An anniversary for president. For patrol pardon me. Oprah for president troll that is fairly ironic. We'll get to all that did a couple of south Carolinians in the news we did talk about. It's been North Carolina native and whoever recovering congressman JD Hayworth. For John Hancock. Our threes there at all means talk eleven Tim. The answer isn't amnesty let's just flood the market brings some more people went. Or bring our allow people to stay that a broke we'll talk to begin west. There's a process that needs to be observed the respected athlete at a build the wall secure the borders and everybody needs to take their turn and get in line. That's I'm very frustrate with people blaming the president saying he's mean spirited getting upset about children being separated. Don't break the law. Don't bring your family over illegally and then Blaine mask when you have total disregard for the laws we have on the bus. To what is going dog what is topped the agenda this week in terms of news. You just heard Kimberly Guilfoyle Fox News. The former first lady of San Francisco yeah she was married to Gavin Newsom. Now the Democrat lieutenant governor of California and he hopes to be the next California governor. And of course he is all in all an amnesty Bud Day trip early. Has any different take. Your simple as she pointed out. You don't family separated. Don't come here illegally. Now Kimberly Guilfoyle own may be the former first lady of San Francisco but. Right there during a news we heard the baloney or trump. And Michelle Obama. And Laura Bush and surprise surprise Hillary Clinton why they are all up in arms. About children being separated from their parents. We've all due respect I'm gonna ask the same question I asked last hour. Are they is upset. About Americans and break the law. Being separated from their children who wind. Those American citizens are convicted of crimes and incarcerated. No. Why loot. Ole. This has little to do with the fact it has everything to do with perception. We heard earlier than a lot of the. Stuff started. During the Obama administration. We talked about the fact that this notion of taking the the refuge G label. And applying it to central Americans. Brought what it in 2014 I believe it was like 76000. Quote refuge geez from Central America. And they are such a big gore. And so many capable first of all a lot of the quote unaccompanied minors. Were barely miners they were seventeen about to turn eighteen they a lot of them came right I didn't win in two games. Still others brought smaller children with him. And a whole bunch of folks brought kids who were not they're kids into the country. But somehow that doesn't make a dime's worth of difference not only to the First Lady years. Who have been who have been Ned mentioned in stories today. Although as in most situations I've that there is a little bit of difference in the tone and the tenor and the intent. Of the statements say especially. Mrs. trump as opposed to mrs. Obama. And what it comes to move the former Laura Welch bush. Who personally has always been very gracious to me I'm just. I'm just kind of wondering. Why wasn't this an issue. Mr. Obama was present. Well and I know hold it mrs. bush I know your husband. Was trying hope against hope to pass amnesty I'm pleased to say I stopped it. With the help of others. But the question becomes now are we going to end up we have an amnesty win. People buying into the fiction. And that somehow. The the notion is that they GOP wants to be mean to kids. And of course leading the way the McClatchy owned Charlotte Observer. Really more the disturb her two days editorial trumps border policy is cruel Republicans in congress can stop it now there was a headline. I saw the Internet version of the Arab. Our VR huh. Paper. I I just can't sacrifice anybody shekels to buy it. What they don't say let's complete the headline disturb or editorialists. And first of all trucks border policy is not cool. Yeah Republicans in congress can't stop it now and let's let's get to the change switches. Providing Democrats with a permanent majority. Do you think the editorialists at the Charlotte disturb. Would would be. Cleaning euphoric. This kind of change in border security and talking about it's for the children to support the children if they were gonna vote for Republicans. I don't think so your calls are coming out. So. Mercy here we are open past five tell you what let's get to the phones. It's so little 457011. Dinner tool free from any place 1809281110. Amnesty. Is the is the congress don't pass it. And bill are you gonna stand for it or do you think the president would veto some bills or we are we gonna see. Aaron changes then at least from my perspective we don't wanna see. Jim Hill where jobless on the phone John welcome to WB to. Specialist Eric thank you so much at Foleo representing. I sit in the congress and also. It'll Sami or comments. I was reading some articles. The idea. About serve and serve had them may killing of Robert Kennedy. And that it's mentioned. That he had to have recruited. As a member of the world of sports youth group in California. And it also. All the lab at brought up that let the law has been. Given that Lennon crouch for peace. And 1915 that would choose to Russian Communists who wore were being made major supporter. And leader for communism. In America. And a lot of this stuff that's going on today. Particularly and to be used. And burning there and just like Charl this during the riots and everything. It's singular gore back into those Beige Book at the same thing was being sponsored. I'm a Communist Party USA you know military planners are government. Not looking into that leadership. It's rare symbol IQ a I tell you why John I can tell you why because it's not only quote Communists and socialists. It's corporate terrorists. And some food called themselves capitalist. Is upset or radios when they said look you'll hang herself most valuable role. And that's what's going on this cheap labor include at least from my boy didn't mourn your calls coming up but right now. Let us call on. All across metro. Why did you are warming it all the way you're conversation with yours truly. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth in for John Hancock new sold 1110993. WBT. 7045701110. Standing by in Charlotte. It's June and hunt again. Jeanne I. I did find it say that I am a mother do wonderful boy. I love them now and wouldn't wanna be separated from them. But I also love that little they were in my where. I think wonder why there's such an outcry. Over. Children being taken from their parents or someone who is here illegally. And prepared for war we and we don't eat don't care enough. Should take care of the child but there are players who I think that there is saying yet says there's that's an outcry hot. But the children when the children are being killed in the millions to abortion. I just think it's science. And Jan I would agree with you and I thank you for the phone call from the point transmit any jam is making and look cute you'll probably it worked. If you if you've been able to spend three hours with pleaded day. Blue issue when I hope you'll make it a habit those days when I'm in for my friend brother Hancock but but the point is this week to give the program. Which with like a Bible study on MSNBC. And in this. Absurd. I'm sorry I just have called it the way I see it. From the editorial board there was a special I'm not gonna read the guy's name you can check the paper Google web site. A prayer for the government workers who separate children from parents. This whole theme is being played Tryon role. The Republican congress and did the president of the United States. And these folks in the irony was on MSNBC. The other day how we Joshi. Who was born in Kenya who is Muslim now he may have studied at the world's great quote religions. In college but boy militant about two. About being fearful leak and wonderfully may even. No so home singing the praises of him being no older. You know to pare phrase written in my mother's womb but boy when it comes to this notion and of course what the left uses is a megaphone is. Well no conservatives only care about kids and a low. Know who the absurdity is. It's a weird kind of club. Kind of evaluation bet that you claim to only. Care about children. What's if they if they may get. If they naked to viability and are Borg did the left cares about. And then you get this trite. In the disturb her editorializing. I ridge in the title trumps border policy is cruel Republicans in congress can stop it now. Let me just Regis some of the strike ended is trying to. While it's true both parties can be blamed for our muddled immigration system. And missed golden opportunities to make it saner. Win bay wielded congressional power. This policy is not about the law for there is no law that mandates this know matter how many time trump lies to the American people about what's happening and who's at fault. This is not being done out of necessity. George W. Bush should Barack Obama each had to contend with the spikes in immigrant crossings. That stretched and stressed the system. None either of them resorted to this kind of cruelty. And can I can I use the term that is beyond. Sell defective the wrong answer from a game show but this or any game show it's real life. The observer. Is mistaken. Or should we say it in the year in the wave that just. Sober just put in the editorial saying the president realized no you guys on the editorial board are lying. Because it's been document. That the Obama administration. Had these kids. Walled off let these kids you know holding areas where they didn't begin to have the creature comforts they do now. And this notion that Joan. That there's a senior approached fueled the same approach would be enforced the laws on the books if we had been doing bad. We wouldn't be in this mess. And with all the talk of amnesty. And believe me whatever the house passes the senate is going to be worse. The question becomes will the president sign. Any bill. That comes to him. I guarantee. He had the senate bill. Will be amnesties. That's why it regardless of what the house passes in this notion that old a good way Abdul there's more moderate more responsible lord who book. It's garbage designed. To keep open borders and amnesties. And filled the voter rolls with leftist Democrats that's the truth the Charlotte Observer were disturbed weather. Doesn't want you to know. They are mistaken. Or could they be put this new. Yeah moody. And tell you what will do will come back in the John. An anniversary that occurred over the weekend a three year anniversary bad is important. In the course of human events. JD for a joke Hayworth brand god knew stored eleven Jan 1993. W. I am officially running for president. There are no word how can you even have a straight face right now there are no words. To describe. What just happened. Ed Rendell you have any doubt that this is anything more than a kind of a show. And you watch us speech today we all laugh about it and I'm sitting here laughing out loud you know yeah. You know for for the entire uniform for the sugar for talking about it I mean it was a ramble lane and. They bring ambling mass of a speech that said it was very entertaining I was howling. Howling. 24 minutes and voted six. Sampling. The speech. Bed then can't get Donald Trump. He declaring his candidacy. For the presidency it include a three years ago Saturday this past Saturday and Minnie you heard all the predictable. No overeat CNN and Andrea good show of MSNBC and NBC. And former McCain 2008 campaign manager Steve sure yet. And then as seek help again who was. On the floor how holy. How whole league. And yet Donald Trump. Emerged from the field. What sixteen other Republicans. Won the nomination. And then an election that was supposed to be a mere formality. Are coronation of former First Lady. Slash former US senator from New York. Slash secretary of state. Basically on the take in my opinion. Hillary Clinton that was supposed be a foregone conclusion. Yet John didn't turn out that way. Donald Trump. Carried the states. To receive. The number oh boy electoral votes necessary to become the 45 president of the United States. And the left. Can't get over it. Nor can certain conservatives and certainly not the unholy alliance. All of leftists looking for new voters. And corporate tests. Looking for a cheap labor. Now the question I have for you is a simple. I hope will speak awry and be able to rule old. President trump all this thing. Will be open borders lobby within the Republican Party. Giveaway its majority in the process doom. President Trump's chances. Will he say no this thing about the dreamers is a nightmare. Most of its most of it is scheming and I'm just curious what you think. 1809281110. The number Nicole told free from anywhere. 70457011. Did the number of coal in Charlotte and environs. Joseph via social media. Messaging media or ged rid. And the lady named Gerald. Children feed our industrial I don't illegal aliens and imposed as unaccompanied minor children for years. In 20040. Win Massachusetts city official told national review about quote. Gray haired undocumented immigrants entering the ninth grade it's. In their public schools. Yeah sees some of these so called dreamers park steamers. Now you might be scheming and a good way. And luckily able. For sure it. It was dropped eleven did a good idea I employee. WBT. Recovering congressman JD Hayworth here for John Hancock. I'd Joseph has got back to me on line she writes I definitely do not support amnesty for illegals. We've been down this same road before only to end upholding the bag again that. Hoping president trump will not sign such a bill and would caution our house Republicans to step carefully. Along the pathway to November. I chill your being here here's the bottom line. Are you you led house Republicans passed an amnesty now. I don't think there's going to be majority. I in the next congress. I think you're giving away the majority either misreading the American people it's happened before in the shadow of the capital due home. As Washington seems to be cut off from reality. But I would hope that members of my house actually keep up with her district. And I hope that they would not be beat cal older. As it were by yen. By dis information. No there there is it because this is politics and electioneering is kinda like marketing. There's something else afoot to then I will explain in mere moments. What the administration is doing is they're using the grief that Tearrius. The pain of these kids. As mortar to build a wall and it's an effort to extort. Make a bill to their liking in the congress it's it's I think deeply unethical. I know that is no I. I'm a member of the editorial board and the Charlotte disturbed. Like I think they look at it. Member of the House Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff. Adam Schiff. Reid Democrat of California. Claiming that two what you heard all the Bill Joy all the trite but it sounded remarkably like the disturb whose editorial. Calling. Those real Republicans quote deeply unethical. Close quote points here's a guy who's an expert on being unethical in my opinion it is Adam Schiff. Most are Trace Gallagher said yesterday on FOX News Sunday something like. The only. The only thing Adam Schiff has not leaked. Is how Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians and Adam showed what how it totally Munson gold did congressman Schiff. Claim he had he had the proof. That president trump had colluded with the Russians had dubbed bid involved what they are scheming and conniving. She told him like bad boy they'd been Charlotte Charlotte disturbing love to have this guy movies didn't know himself him. Right more of their editorials. A speaking of trade dowdy and this goes back to our to what I wanted to mention. There are people who look at the polls even even today as president trumps popularity. In the evaluation of the fine folks at Gallup. As it is reached a new high eight. There are people who say we'll wait and his disapproval rating is still right here at 50%. Here's the thing begin remember political science. The ultimate oxy moron. When it comes to elections. It's making sure you were voters get out in greater numbers than the other guys. And the mid term it is true mr. troll will not be atop the belt. But it's also true that the economy is flat out moment. It's also true that for the first time in ten years Americans are thinking hey we got a pretty good. No I told you before the break it we'd been told it most of the afternoon about the risk Republicans rule on me. If they enveloped. Go in with some sort of amnesty. And give some Al god forbid president tread would sign that kind of bill. Because by the way the amnesty just ensures that more and more and more illegals and try to come. We learned that in 1987. The Simpsons solely President Reagan signed that bill. His successor George Herbert Walker Bush never implemented. The safeguards they are. As I heard for Border Patrol agents. Active in Villa in the bush 41 administration. The word came down from Washington all illegals had to do was shout loudly gonna let me go and knows that they'll school. They Earl Elliot. But let me tell you what's going on this week. That per firstly may make Republicans more comfortable would do and some sort of border bail. It's the fact that you heard earlier today that that Christopher Wray was testifying I'll talk more about that the second. But let me go to the Al aforementioned trade dowdy. Who loved who explained on FOX News Sunday I yesterday that speaker Ryan. Brought him the DOJ did the FBI and all the included members of all the committees. And basically laid down the wall Friday night did Paul Ryan got tough take a list. Paul made it very clear there's going to be action on the floor of the house this week. If the FBI and DOJ do not comply with our subpoena requests so. Rob rose designed Chris Wright viewer and a meeting you'll understood it just is clearly decided we're going to get compliance for the House of Representatives who's gonna use his full arsenal of constitutional weapons. To gain comply. Why did it take so long to wait till now to gain compliance and OK now they are really mean. And why would Paul Ryan wall guys beat pushing us. Good to beat finally you speaker of the house he wants to exercise. The prerogatives. In titled constitutionally. In a separate branch of government to which the executive branch is supposed to be accountable. There are not really. What Ryan believes he can do is he can still stoked. The intensity of Republican voters we can have it both ways. He can happen open borders amnesty bill for his cronies or get something bad. That. Makes it easier. Forward the idea for the amnesty lovers who claimed to be conservatives and Republicans are withholding donations. And at the same time keep Republican voters in tents but cause of the outrage they feel old. Above the Department of Justice. All on the go on that same. Note to. Trade gelding was asked a new and I really haven't even talked about the inspector general's report how it went through all this different stuff but claimed there was no political bias. Trick out even house oversight committee chair yesterday. On FOX News Sunday. Chills throughout a couple of the questions he'll probably yes tomorrow. Wind the inspector general comes before the critic. So because Jenny. I will try to get that. Another thing about gelding he's retired from the congress embed those who weren't. OK and take a listen Troy dowdy at his prosecutorial finest in my view listen. Well also it is what it will run alleged yes it'd be called a matter of not an investigation while we're Cheryl Mills in the room when the target was being interviewed why did you ride in exonerate should memos six weeks before. She was interviewed why did you start playing your press conference to launch before. The investigation was over. Here's more odd apart from from from Chris Wright problem I don't think it's my job approve the biased impacted the investigation I think his his job to prove that it did not. Exactly. And Chris Ray comes out Friday now we just turning on the hill today. But I gotta tell you in my mind what would Chris Ray had to say about pay then the the bureau it's okay we're gonna set up. Quote sensitivity. Training to deal with bios. What what a bunch of Starbucks. Leftist kind of trite but. Could you imagine. You're back in the day. Gimme a huge break this. I don't know. I don't know the FBI director as long for bad job why I pray that the associate attorney general as soon broad. Speeded up in go on my time is about up. Till we get together again. For John Hancock. JD Hayworth saying it's daybreak you've stayed free. Stay tuned.