JD Hayworth In For Hancock

John Hancock
Wednesday, May 23rd
Jd Hayworth, former US Congressman from Arizona fills in for Hancock and discusses David Tepper buying th Panthers, the new NFL anthem policy, & millenials.

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Okay okay. So John Hancock is away. That means JD Hayworth has not come back to play. A new store eleven Jenin 993 WDT. You've heard me say this before but it is so true. Behind this Mike talking to you would say it's a homecoming dance all together happy for me even. No good news is not always happy but I used the term play eight. And so we're going to spend our first bit of time together talking about them will. A game that great big men played for lots of money you dead. Results in teams are like the Arab Carolina Panthers. Being sold. For billions. Of dollars. Nobody to talk about the fact that I was one of the biggest why shell which. It wolfpack history recruited his right tackle ended up left out. But man oh man through the mists of my memory. The shrine bowl in Charlotte. On a brisk Saturday afternoon in December. Should I should mention here. It was a long time ago. 1975. So I'm the class of 76 old track. I'm more I'm which go and am baby boomers but I digress. The money. Then David tepper has doled out to buy the Panthers is impressive. And you know I David stepped up to the microphones in Atlanta. At the NFL meetings couple days ago and I I think. He was refreshingly. Candid. And he he instinctively knew that you say good things about Charlotte. Which is old Cole is important. To folks who called Charlotte know. So I tell you what let's listen. To the new Panthers owner. Talk about Charlotte and the future and how he defines. No age or his lack thereof illicit. This is Charlotte is a logical place for stadium on this course a new stadium again. You're asking me too much tonight I cannot cut. The only thing I have a market on right now is not flat can launch a quote stupidity so I guess that's out. Well look a little self deprecating humor. The guy is not stupid. Buddies said look I'll I'll take a shot and myself. All call it stupidity know no no no no. Nobody. Who makes the kind of dole. They did David tepper has accumulated in his lifetime nobody would that kind of dole is done. And then now the new owners said something I'm calling it the learning curve because I believe. In its own way it's a very astute as he is new to the team though he's bought it and becoming more familiar. We Charlotte and the Carolinas and obviously the Carolina Panthers here is David tepper on his learning over. I'm a person who doesn't like to. I like to know what I don't know what I don't I don't wanna see too much they don't know. I know what I don't know. Having the gift of understanding bad. May have just given us a glimpse. Of why mister tepper has been so successful in business. You see people get into trouble. And I know this as they recovering congressman. You know Georgia town hall meeting people ask a question. Any you don't know. Just say you know I don't know all chuckle meant forty but so many. I've been fifth except politics and broadcasting. They're very is eight temptation. To wax all and end all about things. That that he really may not know. Now just understand as I sit behind this microphone today. A native of high point. I'm proud graduate of high point central high school. And north Carolina state university at Raleigh. I know a little bit about why. I can try to explain things but but the great thing about you and I getting together. Is the fact that you can share. You're wisdom with me. And you can do it Ed just 7045701110. Or toll free for many plays 1809281110. You know what's so cool people listen. Just streaming audio at WBT dot com so our listeners are far below mind at metro line. Oh did I mention broadcasters and politician food group core group. Newspaper. Folks. Halt all. The editorial of the Charlotte Observer. Greeting the new printers owner. You are going to get bad a bit of dance narc. He is going to come your way. In real moments. But not as I take a look at things. I believe given the dynamism. Of our free market. It's time for Reid to step aside Beck with your calls back with a snort he editorial and more. It's Hayworth for Hancock JD for July and news talk eleven did in 993. W BT and. I'm a person who doesn't like to. I like to know what I know and you know what I don't I don't wanna see too much but they don't. Yeah I just. I thought that was worth a second listen. New Pepper's owner David tepper meeting the press after making the purchase. The NFL meetings down and heartland and he's saying look. I don't wanna sound off about themes that I really don't know much about looked. And it took. You can see. How the basic wisdom. In bad. And yet to add to the core we TM mine whose that I usually deterred me in quotes the creative mind news. That populates. The editorial board of the Charlotte Observer. Up to relieve what dubbed. What mr. tapper had to say eight. Became the the fodder. For the editorial. Did appear dead this morning. Will come David tepper actually guesses who this was. This was Sunday was no anyway. It may never borrow money I didn't the day's mixed up earlier this week Tuesday this is a guy takes over the team here is the editorial that appeared there. And that I picked up off the Internet because you know I don't like to run out any shackles were the Charlotte Observer at any rate the editorial. Red dead this way will come David tepper. Of bullied these mistakes of previous. Charlotte owners. Welcome to Charlotte David tepper. We're glad you're here. The we admit to a touch of trepidation. We really we don't really know you so we don't know what to expect. Given how much Charlotte TN's love this city and our football and how much we care about our image. We're excited to end their hair and nervous about this marriage. We know we can't have a pre nuptial agreement. But we doom warned to let you know our hopes and expectations. You see in Charlotte too over the years. We've had and aloof owner. Jerry Richardson. And embarrass and owner. George Shinn. And this self absorbed a bottom line only owner Bob Johnson. Though each was hailed as a local hero at one point for bringing major sports to Charlotte. Each indeed did bing Ed Lee. We hope you avoid. Their three. Main respective. Shortcomings. Now 88. You know. The the observer in its editorial board let me just cut through all of this and explained EU let's take the shortcut to what's going on here. The observer is saying to mr. tapper. Mr. tapper you may be a rich guy but you come in and day you kiss our but everything's going to be fine. Never mind the fact that newspapers are area and facing challenges. Because as I do I go to the Internet and I don't want down the dole. To read the disturb you any more. When I have occasion to sample. The quality. Of its editorials. So so the the editorial board has become like. Like the man behind the curtain. In the wizard about. Little attention and all the good will more powerful then you know David tepper. We are the progressives. Were running it then Charlotte Observer her. And gold you have made money mr. tap her. And in fact we reference that money into. What was that guy I think the line here is toward the end of this editorial yes we work with fox. We know you didn't become a billionaire. Eleven times over. By going easy at the negotiating. Table. And they there's no reason to read the other stuff because it's lost amidst the Slorc. The ball on line is these guys are being as Smart he is possible. To try and help. The new owner had poor deer or a billionaire eleven times over. Understanding. That clearly are really important. And the rest of the world can go pound soon. So just understand this was to settle scores. With Jerry Richardson George Shinn and Bob Johnson under the guise of welcoming mr. tepper detailed. But it's just. So much. Take your pick. Who we Holcomb. Poor oh with apologies to our friends open bungled Kelly. Just so much bulk. Knew the story of that right I forget the guy's name. But he got elected to congress so I'm up around Nashville would he go to Washington. And what a great amount necks in Leeds say whale back home and boom income county and that's where. His political opponents and others decided when the story was less than truthful it was bulk. And for this family program that's about the best I can do. Inciting the Slorc. Brought in a heavy dose. By the editorial board of the Charlotte Observer. Two new Panthers owner Phil who yes oh yes mister tepper you'd just recognize her smarts. And everything will be peachy keen huge Justin and junior fled in the general bill Legg direction of McClatchy newspaper government. And all it's leftist thinking in there and you'll be just fine. So you had the observer. Offer its snore he advice. That I deep coated for you. Having. You know I just didn't fall off the turnip truck and I'm. I've dealt with my share of leftist editorial writers through the years. So so the observer has had something to say. But I wanted to give you a chance. To have something to say because. The quality of you listening to this program to begin with is a not chebaa. Obviously. Intellectually. Motivated area died well spoken. And with the ability to think and reason and articulate you're. Going to review I'm figuring you got some advice. Forward the new owner and you're not gonna be snorting. Like the editorial board. Over at the disturb her so. Here's my little challenge do you. What advice. Do you have for David tepper. As he assumes the ownership. Of the Carolina Panthers. 7045701110. The number in Charlotte and its environs. And beyond the area that we used to call metro line. Back in the days of leisure suits where we're your 18092811. Did and hole. There's something else we're gonna talk about. A decision made without mr. tapper but boy that was unanimous. Involving NFL owners. And decision about what happens during the National Anthem. There are strict. Hayworth for Hancock but it's JD for Joba. New start 1110993. WBT. 70 poor. 570111001809281110. The number to call. Hayworth for Hancock. JD Hayworth of recovering congressman. Jim for the historic. Shine. Hancock. And this so we Tuesday afternoon and got my question to you. For the new break was simply this we had the Charlotte Observer. Our rich rather slow our key welcome to the new Panthers owner David tapper. In a recent editorial. And so I didn't show still wanted to open it up to you too will find out if you had any advice. For the new Panthers owner and standing guy. Right now to offer his advice. To the man who led the observer. Described. As a billionaire. Eleven times over here comes the valuable advice of Larry Larry welcome to WBT. Hey DJ IU don't want to answer. There's got an invite I would get to mr. tapper. Number one these people do not know we'll move they are dealing with. Mr. tapper you know it is yes sir he's the billionaire eleven times over the billionaires can make their money in many different way. This is the bill mr. tapper is brilliant. Even more brilliant than any owner they've ever had in this city forever well. I happened to go to school called Karni tack up in Pittsburgh which later became Carnegie Mellon. And mister tepper is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon. And trust me people don't get in the Carnegie Mellon unless they're pretty bright. I don't it improves supported Larry because you'll call Lleyton as a DelHomme. Of what we now call Carnegie Mellon. And you're pointing helped. The intellectual aptitude required to be successful coming from med school. Doing a little boosting of the institution which I don't blame you for and also a little load them criticism toward the end. The editorial board of the disturb her. But what is it that gets in the minds of newspaper editorialists. Larry would may presume. To Wofford their smell our key advice. Well first of all I said they don't know who they're dealing with my daughter happened to graduate. On the trap for school of business it's CMU. And she wound up as say a vice president of Bank of America. However my advice that mr. tapper good speed it's totally ignore. The observer I think the last good for our writer they had retired years ago. And quite frankly. I ignore them totally. And I get my information elsewhere regarding the rappers or the other but all day. And of course Cuba right here on WBT which is great hey I appreciate the call Larry blessings to you and thank you for that sound and solid advice and you know. Larry spot on because there's we discussed earlier. What really concerns the guys at the observer. Is that mister tepper is gone ignored them. That's bottom line on that you're thoughts 1809281110. Total free for many plays or in Charlotte in vicinity. 70457011. Jen now. Mr. tapper after Clinton down the dole and the deal becoming official in the vote taking place. I believe mr. tapper may have been in the room today but the vote is not yet his however. NFL owners. Stand united A vote passes unanimously. The National Football League adopting a policy. That would funny let Claude if teammates and league personnel did not quote. Stand and show respect for the flag and Leandro. So the National Football League actually going to a actually going to in force. What was written into rule book but they allowed the the social justice warriors to take you need. I'm a little variation on this now own the apparently. They're gonna make it so players if they if they have such and such a disturbing new. I'd notion of the end but they don't have to come out for the anthem is played. They can come out following. The playing of the National Anthem but if you're on the field we're gonna stand and show respect. Speaking of respect. Is it tell you is it mutual. Is the new owner of the panther is she going to respect everybody or does he already have. Certain points of view politically dead dead. Might be hostile move. To some currently in power. That's so what Juli wants to talk about she joins us from Charlotte hi Julie. They Julie. Yes I will go welcome you what it takes you. But I just grabbed and then as some off. I don't know or or the little letters that they observer today. About the thank thank that they get that you were talking. Number one you do not this is not Pittsburgh. This is a very very southern close knit family cult hero. And Mike being looked big on the map but it's not. Get the aired the beloved city. And mr. pepper. And made a huge mistake I would theory at the other day when I thought that he called our president a scumbag. I'm Mike Love Donald Trump. But I do like the opposite the president of the united saying he was voted in by the people and nobody. Nobody. Should be calling the United States. President on some dial. But the big thing here for some guy maybe he's better got a theory. And all right Julie. I appreciate the cold so mister tepper he might wanna take Julie's advice. From Fort Mill insurers on the line junior year on WBT. We all why are the very first answer that one game and September. And they protect in Barnes and create its parent or dark but I. No doubt that I want to make sure I get this straight. To sit in that signed it cost a 102 when he box is that per game. Oh. They're bonded by my the other big thing. But here here here in the air and your and the sign. A big bigger auto either get the other from buried. He would they'll market. Well you know what may have happened since all the talking is in. And apparently in the league everybody wants a brand new stadium nevermind the fact the stage the are glad that I'm a quarter century old if that. You know the whole thing is delegate I am a new stadium got to have something. So maybe they can figure out some sort of technology to throw little change your way but then again junior somebody is paying their ticket price and if you sit mayor. Damn I don't I don't know there's a problem and I appreciate the colon I'm sure that that something the new owner might consider. One more caller from Charlotte it's George are you George. JJD are so privileged that I feel I've I love it when you're not think you anyway. You're advice to new owner is a much father taught. Ignore the Charlotte this Thurber. They don't want it there bill when it. I mean they're down they weren't quite aggressive. And they all have. I don't know what. What they have yet but it isn't good and they're no longer Gypsies is Smart inside thinking years. He will totally ignored them and Romney is seen. He's gonna keep. Certain traditions alive. He may make some minor changes but I don't see him make inning ending major change gears and I hope we at this stage mid day. All right well we got that camera Dave for Steve Smith. Things will be just fine I think you for spending part of your day with me George it is great to be here. We do our. We. Did six minutes in front of forward. News talk 1110 and 993 WBT. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth in forward the historic. John Hancock and they you've been offering advice. To elude predators owner David tepper we were all we were prompted to do theirs. By the snow are fast that was the editorial in the Charlotte Observer. Basically saying hey. You come to say a new home. Accenture lives too large dairy air at the editorial board and things will be fine it was basically what the disturb her. Brain trust if you wanna call it that was saying now I Jolie checked in earlier and she was. Upset over a something bad debt mister tepper allegedly said about president trump. Haven't heard it haven't seen it try to keep up with stuff but what I am seeing that is what has happened to JD and good news out of the NFL team meetings today he. Is that. The league is gonna get tough. All I know people don't meet Lleyton during the National Anthem. And the state but unanimously. Approved. By all the legal ownership but I thought it was kind interest. The rain it was set up here. And they start. With the owners comparative surrender to the Durham social justice warriors but all the dough they were gonna put in. And and I and I don't need all of the boy was going to boys and girls clubs or something like that cool. But it's gonna give an end up becoming part of the street theater. That is a real mob. Which I'm trying to conserve what happened I'm not so happy with anywhere let me just read to you what's going on here now. The 32 member clubs of the National Football League have reaffirmed their strong. Commitment. To work alongside our players to strengthen our communities and advance social justice that's terribly explain. Given those millions of dollars. To folks who. I'm afraid you're involved in rent a mobs situations at any rate. Here's the new wave the policy has stayed the whole team Ed league personnel on the field shall stand and show respect for the flag. And the income. Big game operations manual will be revised. To remove the requirement that all clears beyond the field for the anthem personnel who choose not to stand for the anthem. May stay in the locker room or in a similar location off the field until the end the has been performed. Then the then the clincher on this thing. Our club will be fine by the league of its personnel are on the field and do not stand there and show hole. We respect for the flag and wind up. So. They got that goal a couple of I didn't down each club meeting would develop its own work rules consistent with the above principles regarding its personnel who do not stand and show respect for the flag in the end the what does that mean. The commissioner will impose appropriate discipline league personnel who do not stay in the show respect for the flag in the air. So. Maybe now an issue we just go ahead and call it what it is. It's the it's that Donald. Trump. Wu president trump reason HE double hockey sticks in one of his. One of his. Speeches. Which I think prior to the Alabama senate primary. And boy did that set off a Trimmer. In the National Football League but I would never. Packwood mr. trump. Wasn't Timor. In senators wish. Good angle to the thing. You're really there or not not the NFL. But US FA now. Remember. The US illegally. And an exhibition game the New Jersey generals. Adverse news. The Memphis was a Memphis ten dogs at that point pepper Rodgers was coach and a team. They they played where we played the shrine bowl it was cold and it was muddy. It was the first time I think I've met Donald Trump. And you know lord excluding interest and he may not only an NFL team but he's president of these United States. And a lot of humor won't be me he prompted a change in the rules. We are talking big money goes and David tepper billionaire eleven times over. But the Charlotte all stars I paid CEOs we'll talk about that and more on the other side as we head to the top of the hour. It's JD for giant Hayworth for Hancock. Whose daughter eleven Jen 993. WDT. Yeah I. And it is our number two rule. I'll. This radio program in Hyannis usual listened to avoid she'll win that's not. That's not John Hancock no indeed it is not it is time at the recovering con. Grossman I point native state grad. And hand. A guy EU can't make this op. A guy who leads the Carolinas is up in Arizona. And gets elected to congress. Where I was honored to served six terms. It almost sounds like jingle timed. They'll really it was it was great. And so I am in bed this afternoon for our friend John Hancock. They do start 1110993. WBT. Learning eat. Is committed dominating what's going on in my mind did they not only with David tepper who. These Charlotte Observer. I'm absolutely. In a recent editorial he's a billionaire eleven times over. Watercolors last hour was. Was fired up. Truly from Charlotte called and she was fired up and down our crack staff. Pointed out the the reasons why. What mr. tapper head to work had to say. About job. President trump. On CNBC's. Mister tepper said quote trump masquerades as an Angel of light. But he is the father of lies swollen. Her emotional slight get overtones of scriptural. Comparisons. SI dot com pointed out dead Ted tempered didn't rule and recently. From another inflammatory comment he made about trouble for the election when he called him quote a demented. Narcissistic scumbag close quote. He brought up those comments in the speech last month SI said. Oh the economy is really good right now despite different things tepper told a first year business school. Students class at Carnegie Mellon University. Again this is from SI dot com SI of course Sports Illustrated dot com quote. Whether I'd like a person or died I'm not going to get into that. Although I did call him a limited narcissistic scumbag and if you look up demanded narcissistic scumbag. You'll see my name calling trump bat just Gulu those three words of you wanna go go it go to it. For David tepper. Guess it's a free country I and I think Juli was right about there. But the reason I get back to temper actually is the bridge to the next object. And you know I I've been speaking on the observer today in some would say justifiably so but but I'm who handed to our friends said Tim Kerner. That McClatchy owned. Quote progressive. Publication. Date they tend to pick up some themes that they'd give us something grist for the old talk show middle. And so I offer my gratitude whether I'm criticizing or simply sorry did you. What we fine day in the observer. Something else to talk about today now. What could make the case. That win the observers said of mr. Trevor you're billionaire eleven times over. Was it being descriptive wasn't being derogatory. Because there. Especially. In this kind of curious. That so many progressives are heard our business guy news. My guess think the left to give them a special carve out on what they want as opposed to the rest office. Donald Trump's genius no matter what the new owner of the Panthers has called him in days past. President trumps genius. Is flaming away as a billionaire to. Sound like a common man and two. To basically run a campaign that is populist. Dead is based on folks who wake up in the morning. And go to work for a living. Charlotte's own DC McAllister used to a show with me in a previous incarnation on Newsom and Stevie and hitting into the election. DC pointed out that this is between sixteen election. She said that the electorate was willing to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt because he is. They his rhetorical rule. Orange. Where he came from was akin to. To you know the computer hackers. Who suddenly go to work for the government to be good guys to trek bailed other hackers. DC McCallister on the election said that it was basically what Donald Trump was doing and that's why got a pass from people. And why he won the election was he showed up in blue collar states. Heard about the Reagan Democrats well they're RV. Now good Donald Democrats. And try as the leftist dominated. Alphabet networks and major. Daily newspapers might try. There's still a connection. Between this president. And dare we call it the common man. Now oil for all of that is a backdrop. Don't appear billionaires David tepper. President trump. Ever criticizes president trump. Not exactly music to my ears but he's got a First Amendment right to do so I don't know who to win him a lot of credit welded to the guys at the observer ought to be loving him anyway just for that alone right anyway. Are fringe is the observer and of course now in this multi media age with different media out platforms. Did you notice the observers go on to video. Which is kinda like dubbed. Become like us sitting down to write articles rather than visiting and the conversational style. For example on the Charlotte observers website there was a video war. I keeping score on big bucks. Big Charlotte's big bosses. Charlotte's top paid. Charlotte's five top paid CEO who's. The next we sure we here is a observer reporter Eli port 80 on a video on the newspaper's website business. The top eight CEO by far was. Receives 59 point six million dollars despite enormous one time grant stock options. America's you know Bryant went into the second. 121 point three million dollar. Half inch finger and CEO of Duke Energy came in number 321. Point one million dollars John cereal and a steel maker. Core game twelve point one million dollars for the fourth spot. You know most CEO Robert Niblock who's announced plans to retire and can't exist at eleven point two million dollars. OK so the low moves CEO old crap that was going man and that reading. Eleven point two million dollars he has a weighty from duke energy and yet other people in there. I don't know Lending Tree CEO with a stock options are a whole lot of money that much simple question is this. Are you wanna lose people who big grudge use our big salary. To CEOs. She I come from the viewpoint if if somebody's willing to pay it. Somebody thinks you're worth it. And there are different way these two major ones worth but if that's the bottom line is when you get away from all the other. Micro and macro economic implications. If people are willing to pay US salary in the millions. They then those with a power I've decided you're worth it. It was one of the things that grates on you or is there Terry is that something. You understand both intellectually. And exponentially. Big bucks to the big weeks. Your thoughts a little 45701110. Until free from any place 1809281110. It's Hayworth for Hancock whose dog eleven duke in 993 WBT. I. All of my hand. That's my kind of music right here and you start 11109893. WDT. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth. In for the historic. John Hancock. Your calls come again. Total free for any place 1809 to eleven to handle or in Charlotte and the senate these 704571110. How much is too much or is there any such thing. After talking about the new clippers owner. Mr. tapper whom the observer editorialists. Pointed out is a billionaire eleven times over. Having the 45 president of the United States to has made billions of dollars. I and the observer also doing a little reading of the highest. The five highest paid CEO who's in the area we used to call metro line is it dad big a deal. What people make or is there is there a limit. Is there any is is there are some figure that is too much. To the phones we go from Andrew Jackson country waksal. Passworder kits where are you sick aren't chick is on the line Isaak welcome to WBT. What budget sir are you don't know the boat tour thinks. Are you got my comment is that honor guard. Bridge people have there excessive amount of money and all that well. The point moot if became moot this. So we went. So global economy. Just like a football team are they want to take the football team from one that is another what you gonna do. It's same thing as far as he won't Murray gave the AB tutored attacker. Because from the United States I don't know what are at 50%. And in the case of the actual or ball bark back and we got some that might factors are perfect federation. Are there other people. Need to come to grips whether you can't just split the country and overturn. True capitalism. First socialism. And bring that goal work. Yeah. We're just went through major headache what the problem here there's still resolves. Tell tell me about it I mean there. No all it did was it decided there we're gonna set up. Obamacare brought us socialized medicine and basically state sponsored tree Josh. Which is a nice way to say they would what's a new specially the hospital list. They've basically handicapped your chances were survival. I'm sorry but that's true. And you know I I've I know people who were going through all sorts it torture. Just trying to get health care that they're they Marty paid for. But seasons they pay your bills. You're not a part of the aggrieved collapsed. And is an absolute mess. One more quick thing also the comment about. The president did a Marxist. I bet as that followed spokes. Did you have a president in charge. To which most psychologists OK you have to be in our system. We who offered a job the first place. Dialogue with me in to. Trying to do. At least what they say. Well here's a hotel I hope all go one better with DI CK it's more than they added I had a had a dear classmates from my point central call the last time I was on WBT. Talking about Jim Baker was back in the news the other week and she said he was like eight Tor exit I toxic narcissus to repair the watch it and that's one thing Jim Baker is one thing but when it comes to politics. Let me just out. Republican Democrat left or right. Ain't nobody gets in politics who doesn't have. And quote healthy so I healthy self image or yell at their her bit narcissistic. In fact what the shoe was on the other foot Isaak. And mr. Obama was president people would come to meet basic. Chain. Any end. Because it's absolutely the case. Did. Bullet but I appreciate you let me avid viewer only aired. Yeah a good thing again. I basic we appreciate the perspective there from what Saul. Greatly you know you know the story on wax although it that was where the young Andrew Jackson. Pledge and added the young Andrew Jackson stood up. To a British. Soldier who demanded. And indeed checks in. China his boots. Or something like dead debris boy of the wax dollars. Andrew Jackson was called now crying baby I need to visit the museum. Because I don't know if that's steeped in the war. For what it's worth in terms of presidential trivia and political marketing. The first guy I know log cabin he wasn't Abraham Lincoln. William Henry Harrison. Was president for thirty days he gave the longest inaugural address but it was in the driving rainstorm. Caught pneumonia and died and that made John Tyler president of the United States your little bit of history right here. It's JD for Jihad Hayworth for Hancock news talk 1110 in 1993 WPT. And. 23 minutes in front of five new stores 1110 and 993 WBT. Recovering congressman JD Hayworth in for this historic. John Hancock. No the great thing about talk radio would be arguably our first interactive electronic. Medium. Hey it's not a monologue to dialogue. And sometimes will be talking about one subject another comes up. And you have comments to whip in and the other thing is your your busy and you're trying to get places. But someone called us from Cleveland county. Proud home of who was that north turn it over Max Gardner right. Shelby was the play and I and a lot of my wolfpack teammates are brought in Shelby. If somebody was calling to talk about that new specialty in medicine. The home starts. And I was told and Isaak. Out of whack saw about about region is it knowledge goes on and now some people wanna say all that's too much money and I'd look if people are willing to pay you something for what you do when it happens to be the millions of dollars. Will. That's what the market. That's what the market bearish. But but I am a little concerned as I've seen different things. How India the congress. Well I won't get into the mode of the one guy from Arizona since I used to represent Arizona near don't want to hear that. Since I ran against a guy in a primary back in 2010 but. The thing that concerns me. Is that essentially what obamacare. We've set up government sponsored we hawkish. In other and this happens in the national health care system in the United Kingdom. The socialized medicine new year. Where they sit you're a certain age or have a certain condition where help. We're gonna spend our money on somebody outs. Could not here to demonize. Hospital lists purse day. All I can pass along is the advice. Other surgeon. Given unofficially. Saying if you have a loved one in the hospital who may be a little bit of advanced stage. Make sure you put a picture up of that loved one. For brains when their loved one may have been younger earth. And perhaps more vital. And vibrant in condition and he had made maybe just put upon. Put up a clipping a new you know that did this person. Ed Nixon is something about the person. Because it's kind of scary when you get mad warehouse. You got comments so that we can talk about it the right now all. 704 or 5701110. And number Nicole. In Charlotte's and its environs or toll free from any place 1809281110. JD Hayworth in for John Hancock. They do start 1110993. WBT. And dead. Ha. That's the thing that concerns me about what we've seen with so called Obama care. Ain't no cater well bit that Kara had changed. It cost you more. If you're garden play by the rules should pay him more. I know people who pay their insurance. And did go through a bureaucratic rigmarole. To the point where it hit you you wonder where we're headed. And I just keep coming back to the Iron Lady. Margaret Thatcher. The daughter of a chemist that would be a a pharmacist here in the United States. But the lady Thatcher. Who I had the the high privilege of meeting. And conversing with once upon a time as a young candidate for congress. When she came out to Phoenix say in the spoke of the Goldwater institute. And I remember her observation. Well. The problem with socialism news you will eventually run out of other people's money. And minutes have been going on with obamacare. And the problem is people who've been paid enough that money. What else. They had to pay more and more and more for what seems to be US can lists and lists and it may not see the intense. Of those medical professionals but that seems to be the result. Okay. Eight minutes in front of five use talk 1110. United three W beat T. Recovering congressman JD Hayworth in form John Hancock. And what boomer I'd say about traffic. But. You know we intend. Who we we take for granted. Driving. And there's a part of us they'd go oh yeah you know which it can be dangerous. But for some reason why we get on board an air play. We really a lot of folks become white knuckle flyers. Below those white knuckle flyers are a pedal to the metal drivers. And I mention that because of the Arab. The inherent danger owner roadways is something that. Please just just pay attention what's going on I'm glad you're listening. Don't get me wrong about that blood. There is a story. That is absolutely heartbreaking. Anything vols won via. One of the troopers. For North Carolina Highway Patrol. You may have heard about it Monday night. The crash on interstate 77 there was a chase. Going on. Apparently BMW fled a police checkpoint a real dead too until eleven. Monday night really was he was. Greeted really ended up being Tuesday morning but the particular. Org Tuesday morning when they picked up. The person who decided to take off at the police checkpoint. Any young man by the name. Of Samuel knew Bullard. A relatively newly minted in North Carolina highway patrolman. Who was assigned to it to do give chase. To via the driver who took off and IB MW. What happened it was that he is his patrol car and Tuberville would soon patrol caller. Struck a bridge supported and the car just went up in flames. So another trooper. Moss site of Bullock's vehicle discovered the crash after circling back to try and find him. I tried to get trooper Bullard out of the car bud. Briefly news. Just too much. I should trooper Bullard was relatively. The new well he had been there three years. Crooked Wilkes county and that's that's where they call it. Suspect in this case. Who I was arrested at 3:30 AM Wednesday. Dakota keep with aged twenty to the charges. Against the suspect murder felony fleeing to elude arrest. And driving with a revoked license. So trooper Samuel. Newton Bullard who loses his life. And the clincher. All of this is if but a loss of life. He's not tragic in and of itself. This young man was gonna get married in August. He'd been fitted for his talks. The wedding cake ordered his beyoncé and and has the dress. But instead of a wedding in August. It's a funeral rule. On Friday. We we understand. Intellectually the danger and automobile. We also understand intellectually. The danger facing those in law enforcement. It is not always gun play although there as her bend those incidents. And those killings of cups. But it is an inherently dangerous profession are remembers a young broadcaster who would come up through the exploring program. Joseph and I talked about last time we get together coed career oriented. And there was an explosion in the growth of law enforcement explorer posts. Young men and women who wanted to go into law enforcement. And I remember right after I got to Arizona I was asked condemn and speak it Maricopa County eight counties square mileage about the size of the state of Connecticut. Hey Kelly now with I guess about who were four and a half million people the Phoenix metropolitan area. This was long ago I disaster coming in and speak to them a group of law enforcement explorers and I said. But the difference for those who are willing. To truly serve not in public office but to BA public servant in law enforcement. They put on a unit for. They are involved in law enforcement and their four. The dangers horrors. Inherently greater. And family in Wilkes Berle will hold. Deal with that. 1 o'clock Friday afternoon. As trooper Samuel Newton Bullard used to be laid to rest at that point in time. Trevor Bullard only 24. Quite a man who we will miss and we hope he rest in peace. Coming back after news to talk about 830 year old in upstate New York who would leave his parents' home. Got so bad the parents went to court that's coming up. Okay. So. Is our panel powered together. A five minutes. New store for 1110993. WBT. This shamelessly Hancock. Or ged for John noteworthy recovering congressman. For the host with they historical mania one cool thing. About serving in congress is I did for six terms that would be twelve years. I was the fact that job right after getting elected and being sworn into office you know ours is a commuter congress so. You're in DC is doing their job and you grab an airplane and some people have. Longer flights that another roots. For example when I was serving in congress my friend and former Charlotte mirrors some moderate. Who was there as well ensues flight to Charlotte was not exactly like my flight way back out to Phoenix. Butch. You get home in the pain is the kind of schedule we rural and during our days in commerce. We would dare you would have you believe your district Friday. Saturday Sunday. Monday and then Tuesday. He needed to be back in in DC most weeks when they were standard work weeks. I didn't he would start working Tuesday night and you just work. Try to for the calendar with committee hearings and debate on the floor votes. And they need to get out late Thursday night or Friday morning and then go back home and see. People back home so. I'm new to the congress. Are two younger kids are really young at that point in time. And go one through the line at Ted at at the grocery store. And I guess we charge Geist I signed my name to the bill you know like you do when you use a charge card. And the young lady who was the clerks had. JD you're if you're on my history test last week. So just mentioning the name John Hancock prompted me. To go that proctor that memory. And that uncontrollable. Riff. Our age you are heading home today please be careful. Being considerate to the other drivers and did everything will be fine. Just take your time getting where you need to go. Another memory of an era at about that time. I mentioned early in my days in congress. 8 AM. A hotel chain why it was holiday here. They started doing commercials about a kid who was living back in hole. And the kid was I guess in his late twenties. Any would sleep blade and he would come downstairs. And be belly Aiken about what the year was Steve and of course. The pay off was. What do you think this is a holiday yeah. That was that was the tagline of the ad because. Like it like any good advertisement. What do they were they word. It he's using that. To make a point. And maybe you've written in this may get really close to home for you. You may be in this situation. Especially if you had kids who got out of school. Over the last decade. Because only now is our economy coming back to life in many many areas. The Japanese talked of a laugh a lost decade I am afraid that the eight years of President Obama gave us. Almost a Lost Generation economically but it is not in Tyre lea economic theory is. They're there there's a kind of cultural thing. I gotta confess when I heard there a move was on to keep. Kids on their parents' insurance to aged 46 I laughed download. And I do that as a as a veteran of the Ways and Means Committee with jurisdiction over health care. And any health insurance I said no wait. Parents are gonna go for that and yet that was one of the most popular foods. So I'll tell you what I'm going to of this in the saga of a thirty year old who had to be ordered out of his parents' house by a corked. My supreme court judge in New York. But right now a man who would we would never order out of any place they said putting right behind the troops. They're getting right behind the Mike it. Yeah. This almost sounds like a joke. But I assure you it is it is a very real best. In New York State. State Supreme Court justice donning green wood ruled Tuesday. That Michael Gross ton dole must leave his parents' home. Where a total gold said he planned to appeal. Calling the judge's decision outrageous. No I just want you to hear from this thirty year old. After the verdict is the verdict is rendered it. He's sick content coming a little slack I got to give him credit he sounds more like a warrior. And a free loader and that there might be a lawyer joke in there somewhere Americans say well listen to thirty year old Michael wrote tons. No. It's it seems we should be provided you don't like thirty days or so is generally didn't get thirty days after your sound. You know you have to they keep supremacists aren't expecting. Something like that but realistically. Listen lets not the case I don't know why. But but being a child of the millennium. Did this guy understands the media. That's why he wanted the press out more work well Michael you richt couldn't go to kidding won't go. He's like and a little more real this because. You don't need my case. And horizons. Who own journey and you ignored. Slowly a golf there is similar to this story. Blocked. But before we get there. It's just seems we should be provided you don't look thirty days or so is generally didn't get a thirty days after your sound. You know you have to they didn't promise us aren't expecting. Something like that but realistically. Somehow that's not the case I don't know why. I yup bunch we'll. I could make it. I joke in poor taste about about the guy and his size. I've got this thirty year old Michael rotunda went to his credit he was dressed in a suit. Any we share in court this is after a court hearing. In upstate New York where aid new York State Supreme Court justice by the name of Donald green would rule they in fact. Did this thirty year old. Has to vacate. His parents' home. Now the thirty year old I mentioned he was dressed in the suit and seemed to be. Hygienic. But the crazy thing was he comes out to talk to the press and and you're just hearing the voice you can't see what he's doing if you're of a certain age. Well there were kids that I knew in school and I'd see units are good and well. The guys who would get the wall here they get up to talk to the it will lake it was the situations that we screwed and they they kind of read their hands through their long here. This guy comes out to meet the television cameras. And he's trying to get his hair he's reaching in his pocket. To give out a little. What I had. Did the little hair band playing that. You know so he can can do is your back independent retail. And it's just Bhutto's car. Because you hear it never never mind what the judge rules. This guy is playing storefront lawyer. And you do you each give thirty day news. So then the press which has assembled to watch this case. That pardon upon me hit close to home. For some of us. Aren't these the obvious question comes from one of the reporters any fear idiots. Those kinds of illnesses have been kind of few and I'm wondering how they. Just how it sounded. I'm like the things they pay today. It's not only that two minutes to sort it. The war all. Is a good judge tells him he's done a good. In this guy. Whoa yeah I'll Bubba let's just so ridiculous. I think the guy reveal more about today his mindset. It meant a little exchange that Tim. And I realize not all Melinda heels fall within this category but the notion of being entitled. To the world is you want I have added if you wanna have it means blood go live at home you know Dylan him. 45. Or whatever led mom and dad shouldered the burden or more to the point is I was saying. Before the break in it really shocked me when I heard it the plan was to allow kids to steal their parents' insurance. Jane showed 26. I know that's a sure fire loser no way parents are gonna blow up for that. Endit the world had changed from my days in congress which it did what about a decade ago. People actually want and get the chance to pig. Insurance through their kids' health insurance when kids were 26 now understand why. I don't know you know the economy. Will hold a heavy duty spending we did in new and I know there was no stimulus to it. Starting in 2009. The economy slowed way down. And kids get out of school. Didn't have much of a chance to work anywhere. Now it's a credit to the economy that it seems to be coming back as quickly as it is and yet. I said this before the break as far as I'm concerned the two terms of President Obama. Went beyond the lost decade. They have to Japanese said they experienced economically. I believe we're facing a Lost Generation economically and culturally. If kids went went off to college in the Obama era and only part of it. Is leftist indoctrination on campus the other part of it is quite simply. But jobs vanished. I remember telling my kid I said looking you know government scrolling. Can morning getting gigs and this is not picking this is an honest assessment I had for my college age kids who have a few years back. Because it look like Hillary was gonna become president I said look. Government's in charge. Go take library science and get ready to find a job. At a library. It's good government a joke. Thankfully that didn't happen but you got the spectacle of a thirty year old at home. I got to find out more from you all and all of this are registered in your Colmes. They use ship based radar this. Your kids at home are you cool it took her would you take him to court. It's JD for Joan Hayworth for Hancock. News talk 1110 and 993. WDT. A yeah okay okay okay. From anyplace 1981110. Barred from Charlotte and the soon to be 70457. Know 1110. Hayworth for Hancock. The recovering congressman JD in for the historic. Broadcast. Veteran brother John. And we've been talking about this guy he's thirty his folks wanna get out of their house into an open court. And a new York State Supreme Court told this thirty year old yup you got to leave. It had to go to court. It's part. Cultural. But a big part of this is economic. Or is it to the phones we go from Charlotte here is Mike Mike welcome to WBT. Not good at creating so it can mean having three college kids. Could their role in doctors knew exactly right. The drill on it particle to put a lot of economic report that the lead article about into the locker broke earlier in the third joke. But if you look at the median total work we will let each core. And he got from 47000. Median of 151000 currently fourth quarter up if you look. RT percent. Both guys got eight uncle. There are jobs. Incompatible. And the other thing that's going on with that you know you know it's mean it's interesting you mention that Mike. One of my pals a public health expert. Took a look at obamacare. And he cited what he now calls the dead beat dude it's guys in that age group. Go find work basing all of our I get a healthcare courtesy of Obama. And they're not so he got a new we got a new group of people dead beat dude it's. Normal attire English. You are and there are no good that is absolutely geese. Don't call a record and actually got an article couple you know McCormack B article we will dot. And you know up so well anymore income. Market out there are important got a flat screen but it happened so potent. Good good respect for him over our. If you want to call her career you could go to the original all her. But we do that right you're really quick about it but for whom the motivation to work. Everybody's a little. Whoever you're so we don't we're gonna hurt. Her point 60 grand a year low or go cart girl. In these horrible people who actually. Sort of will work on. And luckily it could be both but the Birmingham Barons. Who. Caught. It before. Yeah they shame is gone and it's a bring shame we canning anymore listen Mike I appreciate call brother. Check in again Mike may get a good point and its. New store for 1110993. WP team. It's JD Hayworth for John Hancock. And judge and you know it did this whole notion you know what what what are free and my candidacy. It has just struck a responsive chord from Rock Hill here is John and I John. I won't get it okay thanks. I have a material that I think they're all all a lot. About double or not. He got this in good ways it is this going back to like when will we do youth sports now everybody gets a trophy. Kind of thing. I don't title and. Packed that it but you're right. There are. I know more about Art Bell well. But out why they all work out and what I want to and I gamble money at all bigger. All of bought a guide I wore. Oh yeah boy you know lock a double real job or but I had to wonder how output double course. And it was well yeah I'll call itself. And I want to work for job I have got four years old summer job you're out there aren't a -- I'll bet friend or they are a bit while winning on aircraft. Man. First you have got hardworking guy John I got a tip my cap to the I hear what your saying I started working aged fourteen to bud. Probably call it working Williams and radio but the but the notion of eminent job. And a job that you do the job that you get paid for her. Is something that is lost upon some people but there's also that whole economic factor John thanks for the call. We thank. He'll start calling him captain Kurt eight minutes away from six. And that means great moments away from Charlotte at six. Mark Johnson what you got going man husband. At busy and interesting Newsday the NFL commissioner commented briefly on the Jerry Richardson probe of a sexual misconduct. The big question still is but if they find there was a problem there what will they do now but he sold the team I mean how do you punishing guys have been on the team in new York and good point. And well this'll make you giggle clogged toilets brain is that Hazmat team to south Mac high school today turns out. We found their buildings have had really low sanitation scores for four years now including nasty bathrooms but today it must smell really bad. Net now we will mark yeah I remembered the day we go we have debate tournaments over Charlotte independence now there was a kid who's a heavyweight wrestler they're 59320. I'll just I'll only use his nickname Kong flu have a hit it and they would they would get a little wrestling Reuben come running around I remember having you know standing outside getting an extemporaneous speech together yeah national with the jets. And I'm just guessing you are dead dead independents back in the days. Trying to get this video differs nature was kinda like. You know a south met today and just aghast at. And no food no government interference. You may be right about having gone how embarrassing is that to call thinking you've got some noxious fumes at the school and it's like oh just the bathroom. Toilet seats natural term. It's organic that's yeah you got to get court there. I all the men we're just we're just will steeped in this is descending into a scandal logical discussion had three perfect junior high story is now well they did that its its custom made for us guys and I can't help but and at. And and then at 645 book tour and Krispy Kreme fund buss who knew they even have one it is really cool. Then I guess it is should give away donuts. Well legends sun. We're up and maybe I can find guys to the heavyweight wrestler and immigrant. Mark Garrison thinks we're gonna check in reviewing their rights for Charlotte at six. Hey let's get back to the phones JD in for John Hayworth for Hancock. I'm new stalk 1110 and 993 WBT. Bobby in Charlotte has been waiting patiently. We've been talking about the thirty year old and upstate New York. His folks had to go to court to give in to leave home. But what's your take on what's been going on. Well now you know working out of its banks protecting my called JD power. You know I'd try to look at things objectively if I can happens and I have to say that. You know a lot of that would enable. You know a lot of all of that the parents who have met guys say they're score that while I mean you're that you want what's best for their kids you know that. I could see were they could probably it probably got tricked out there. Well you know the thing is it's interesting you mention that Bob and I don't know if you call that enabling her the end apparently. Most parents. The kid's name is Margaret Condo is mum and dad Christina and mark. Have been trying to get this kid out at one point they even offer didn't actually go find a place. I mean I understand that still want me. When debate here about 25 or that they do that at twenty nod when they do. Yeah Roland let me ask you this Bob on the on the broader notion. And I mentioned it earlier when when the government decided. That kids could stay on parents' health insurance until age 26. Is that a case of enabling by the government. Absolutely it is but I will say bet in the government so while not a government that's always strike me. Com. You know why my XY. Bernhard share up a dollar special aids. And she had to jump through hoops for about a year to get help from the government. How now it shouldn't go to work and make any more money. She wouldn't vote them up. You know so. I understand. This thirty you'll start or under temperature saying about the 26 year old still on health care. But I also be argued that it is in that. You know. If he doesn't then he loses health care if it's somebody CommVault bat. Then they don't have helped him you know somebody goat. Yeah but I got to tell you that's a comparative bargain if that's what it is you obviously did this stuff. Around the country has just grown exponentially it's out of control the other point that you make a good point Bob. A voucher special needs daughter. And and the thing that needs to happen for people like your daughter is what we did for retirees remember they used to be this little piece. If he got Social Security that you got tax day if you decided to work well at least we have a carve out now. For Social Security recipients were they can do some work. Without being hammered with taxes again. And and certainly that should happen first special needs kids because they've gone through a strict review. In and boy that's one thing you've been in my old colleagues in congress are listening. Got to get this changed recruit kids who are dealing with special needs who have gotten into the working world. They should be penalized in fact we tried something with. SSI called ticket to work for people who who were not completely disabled awarded. To do some things and we tried what was called a ticket to work. I'm open in the case of your daughter's and others like Kurt. We'll have that opportunity. Absolutely we're hoping that she'll be able to work one she's only seventeen achieved pretty severe and you know but the thing here is that what what what makes these so angry that might actually totally capable of making good money. You know that she wrote stare that if you don't. Think she's gonna lose those that are. You know and Annika it shifted double indemnity I've bank where. You know if she goes to work she'd lose the benefits and a key if you go to the word it's it's gonna call like this market because if you go. I I got you you know how do we get back to the notion of it is desirable to work and you shouldn't be penalized for working Bob. You brie brought her some great points or and I do appreciate the call. Hey I appreciate the time that we've got to spend together and more absorbed fewer days as. The things go along Ferrari now thanks to you who. And thanks to mark L John Hancock can give me a chance behind the Mike JD Hayworth saying stay brave. Steve free. Stay tuned center's owner Jerry Richardson will have.