JD Hayworth In For Hancock

John Hancock
Wednesday, June 6th
JD Hayworth fills in for Hancock Topics include movie production in Charlotte & North Carolina, Patriotism, Charter Schools and Dwight Clark.

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How can tell you manner mountains are you telling me the first thing melanoma and it. This could be something dangerous. And very exciting. Yeah I. Now in addition to this theme what you heard after the contest. Well up over the water. For what's called the tree and there's not like I mobile's home that is like a bad for a motion picture. The name of the film is American animals the reason I chose their two day is behind him and John Hancock is out. And every time these staff and management of WBT made the decision. To put yours truly behind the Mike well it. And I hope for you it's exciting it certainly is for me because. You have the recovering congressman. High point native. The NC state grad recruited as right tackle ended up left out. The old television sportscaster who would win out west and only in America. And a guy from high point end up in Scottsdale Arizona elected to the congress of the United States. And then after I'm finishing second in the mid tour back in ought six. But again broadcasting and back. Pack again on a noose dog eleven did in 993. W BT now in addition. To the the word play good dialogue from that particular film. Fitting the circumstance that brings me in today for the historical. John Hancock. I just I'm. I just was struck. And I guess that's the purpose of headlined. From Charlotte Observer they headline reads Charlotte stars didn't summer's most groundbreaking food. Recognize. Any of the locations. The name of the film is. An American. Animals. And it's not about wildlife it's about some industrious. College students who want to pull off. And art heist. And I hope I pronounced the reporter's name correctly. The bottom line in the observer belongs to pay Oden change news. Well no thank goodness. There are skilled professionals. Panel within earshot and whispered to be played so if they didn't I'm sorry. You know it's like when I was in high school. Well I'll get a nevermind I'm let me get to this story. Before I start reminiscing and saying where's my oatmeal anyway. Patent James writes the poetic rules as well it's. Just over twelve minutes into writer director sparked Lieberman's astonishingly. Come early new crime drama. American Hamels. There's a beautiful shot of what's supposed to be Lexington. Kentucky's. Sky line it very well Bob and more and eat a second. Isn't that the crown shaped spire of Bank of America corporate center and most pay grade only deal I can. It looks a lot by the Duke Energy center. What's going well here. Or what's going on here to use. Middle America. Will the deal Liz. The maker resolve this breakthrough. Heist film. American animals which is being critically acclaimed. They made a whole bunch of this movie in what we used to call back in the day metro one. Or what we'd Cole the Charlotte. Charlotte and vicinity. To get a straight a lot of filming. And Davidson College in fact Davidson apparently the key. Because one of the buildings at Davidson. Looks. Looks a lot like the Frances kerik Thomas library. And Transylvania. University in Lexington Kentucky and you thought. What she did Kentucky only had. UK the University of Kentucky I don't. Thank god Transylvania. You as well and that is where this legendary heist was supposed to take place may go to the columns. In front of the chambers building a Davidson well good it'll work. And so they make some changes inside the building. There at Davidson the chambers building. But they use they use other scenes in Charlotte the litany reads like a spot and these guys who have. Well I'm not gonna go through it because it sounds like you know something at the end of the game show where they would list the promotional fees. So I gonna do that are you gonna point out. Tennis scene late in the film was shot at fifth and truly not. Right there Abdel sharp. But this is really something. Trial on street. Standing in for Manhattan's Rockefeller plaza. They day they even now I've do more than. It's supposed to be a scene where it's raining. But through movie magic. They shouldn't in the sun might have Abdullah umbrellas out and then made digitally. And the rain as a special effect. So he might be listening going now wait a minute JD. You're recovering member of congress. What are you doing told him about moviemaking and Charlotte I'm glad you're asking that question. Just had three hours in my now L rush. And he was basically do and the political parade from left to right and of course both. According to the left from his perspective on the right as I am want to do. But there's a method to my bad this is afternoon. Richie is. I'm also holding in my hand an article talking about how. People are tired. Other news. Now maybe it's just certain streams in the news. They love hearing the voice of Mike Doyle we we love the fact. Your true dear to WBT but there are other topics. Instead so instead of who's gonna pick on the president today in what scored on the Justice Department. Those are important topics to be sure. But we're gonna. Kind of take a break back we will get to some industrial strength snuffed. In fact don't get to that whole survey and will talk about new news fatigue later but right now I wanna talk about. Charlotte and show business. And motion pictures. This new flick is out. Charlotte seems to be playing virtually every municipality. But itself. If you were making a movie I tell you what. When we come back money my favorite. Charlotte themed flick. Can't it ain't bad old. But it uses some crazy. Geography. In the meantime worked real hired as an extra for this pick or did they import everybody and for American air it's a love that name. Big to fit the congress. You're thoughts on Charlotte and showbiz. In Charlotte 704571110. Or told free from any place. 1809281110. We're ready for your close up or at least talk about. Because you know this is radio. And there are some limitations. It's a guy with a face for radio the recovering congressman JD Hayworth. For the historic John Hancock are new start eleven Jenin 993. WBT. Charlotte motor speedway. I think the money. Lose it and thing about blowing up or you'll find folks who Joseph Blanton. Sure. Words play in the Diallo. Throw them last year's big shortly centric picture. We'll get lucky and he had the last guy dog in West Virginia mayor. It was Daniel Craig the blonde bond at the British guy as Joseph blame. Guard Mike still blow look easy in cooler shooter arranged it. Now even even Logan lucky. They had they have different locations you know able we were talking earlier. If you're just joining us talking about the fact Ed the flick American animals this year sensation. Was later in Charlotte and vicinity but Charlotte was not playing itself. Well even when Charlotte is playing itself war of the general area. Like Charlotte motor speedway. As we heard. In that little clip from Logan lucky. Turns out there in the production of the film. They had to have be have a little motor speedway impersonating. The Charlotte motor speedway. No wait times that is for convenience. What could there will be more to. It's your comments and settle for 5701110. By leading off with Larry in Roy dale hired Larry. I hear out. I worked on that move the American around almost sand now. Yeah to arrange saying you mentioned earlier was actually a physical grind effect now Seiji. Oh really they don't DO the old days they'd they'd have like a camera needed faded into would be. Pored over somewhere else what do they what was the movie movie magic involved in this when Larry. Wait physically did it would have rained powers own Condo worse and now. Chad to rode out there and done the way down to now the range signs. Man so they they just had a big old fancy it was you could have the effect where they like colds is you would use or light down. I think we have our roadrunner to our rang they would send them late give them whatever. Raindrops Claiborne outlet. Oh how about I thought it was Dave see you said he streaked and I'm glad you did Larry now are you a grizzled veteran of motion picture and TV work. Why allow gore to round charred area for about Tony I'll Beers for us. I had put the United States yup. You gotta be on the road to do the different gigs. And I heard it now this is this is going back. In May be some folks remember this is our buddy open Shelby wasn't it Earl O would be right. All in speed that's or most of those screw around here got their start. So Earl kind usher people win and then now metro liner and vicinity. This and it didn't Dino deal could do Laurent Rizzo would know Melissa Francis Ford Coppola Wright who who built a studio or the sound stage down in Wilmington. I'm not sure that I can't really answer that. Or what again now. Charlotte has a great film bay. My weight loss stone and then have sanction and then. And where gang get back somewhat but their battering bail has scaled a lot of production out and. Elliott's just DOE figured that texting that's right what Hollywood and the left and everything you know cheat. That's too bad Larry bud I'm glad you found work dead doing American parents. Yeah out oil it's. Slighted commercial basis scale war compared to get around the area. But as far as any theories we used to work on Homeland Security. And alma and there are. Everybody was merely for years. And then our tax incentive and our buys may have into Atlanta. Or New Orleans. So man of Georgia has. And we're standing there and the dark in our. So I guess. You hate to engage in bathroom to all but done I hear you Larry and I I appreciate your call. So despite the ongoing debate. If not are we just get to a situation with with the bathroom bill was good to be like the first grade would you had one bathroom in the quest began stopping go we just gonna. Like big bathrooms like little laboratory condominiums. Then everybody can use rather than mass Bev I know it's gonna had cause to construction. But will it bring people back in and I don't mean to turn this discussion scandal logical let me turn it geographical. The one thing about won't get lucky they played fast and loose with geography. And done a memorable. Television series one of the classic sitcoms. Play dead fast and loose with the North Carolina. And geography I bet you can guess what that is. We'll come back and talk about that have more your goals at 7045711. Did. Or 1819. Wave eleven did for John Hancock JD Hayworth installed eleven did not know. You know. Aren't you angry glitter and the running hard and Francisco the daily news and loose. You know I'll never get the chance to be an announcer that I still. I bucket list and by the way tonight what you want this so in my pocket. Sitting behind this microphone. After posting new. A program in this case the program belonging to be historic John Hancock. On WBT it's the recovering congressmen and high point native. JD Hayworth and and we're gonna give in to the we'll wade. Geography changes. This is all borne out we did early hour talking about American animals. Those are filthy animals came down and made a movie in Charlotte but Charlotte was Lexington Kentucky a New York City and everything but Charlotte. And there have been talking about two of my favorite flick last year. Logan lucky. And it was just grade but you'd think West Virginia is next door to shark. But maybe all roads are leading to Charlotte. The moral man let's get back to the phones and dog do you 704571110. Or toll free from any place. 18092801110. Smack dab in Charlotte DEA has been waiting patiently DA here with JD on WBT. AJ PDA here pleasure to speak with the inspector and now. I guess your question earlier Argentina dealer has built the studios doubt it will mean what. It Dino dealer Regis yeah Dan. And dad liked to play a will lean war. Will they would let that's what we call you've got Hollywood. On the West Coast you get a little he would on the East Coast didn't go out Bollywood in India are there an actor or writer director producer since 2005. So. And in analog productions that were not near Charlotte and so many things a bit down here so many movies. QTV series were filled in around Charlotte homeland being the most famous no entry. But there's a lot of stuff going on here and Charlotte quite often. Plays a lot of other places as you pointed out here Talladega nights lost out here Charlotte all the racetracks. Like my favorite bid for bad Donald they shot an open Concord or what the start of the flick career day for young Ricky Bobby. And we'll and one of the dads is is like assistant manager at the Waffle House. Am just just spoke to me was the eloquence of growing up in Piedmont North Carolina. Court for the source goes on here North Carolina isn't very diversified state and to partner say so about the only thing that we don't have here is desert. Glad we have so much more in California offers because. They shot so let's stop and California over the years that I mean Florida has mountains and it says sidewalk and affording you can tell insure county California. So a lot of stuff is moving here. Because the topography is more. All American and next door. Lester you know even the desert I just got a little note on that you can actually take Gary is a book. Come on now from Raleigh down now over its wonder why you hadn't down toward Columbia. Through Pinehurst in that area argue believe there rcn duels. In north and South Carolina so he could fake a little bit the desert I can. Oh. And there are some quake hit the sand pits around here to have a lot of air to kind of complete pass supper badlands are supposed. The system also play a mean I don't I don't go anywhere I mean I did at Atlanta for a couple seasons are played out cops shut down Atlanta which was a long day goes a long commute there in back of the plate are they what I had to do that. But everything else so Dunn has then. In and around Charlotte music videos. That's why that's excellent so you're you're you're not a starving actor you're finding work in Charlotte. Yeah I haven't been doing for the past couple years I've been busy doing other things well yeah I looked and I am deeply I got to trying to be credit. I loose. Actually able to do much better my ailment having an agent because we used to have. Media on the Internet called silent casting call. And it will perform for actors and there was war on the air and you did not need an agent if you were good what got you name established. You can just go on there and people would know yet there's any. Cardinals say hey we we need that youthful however don't you DA ban on German DA usually an absolute limbo. Come on earlier whatever yeah you know I don't. All the that the local actors around here all know me it's marketed outlet marker or so and casting call also and they are Luzon. PSE yep it's Arctic. Start key provided to start and the 411 DA thinks her check it and appreciate the call now. Mercies so least find good work but acting is kinda like you you're gonna have some other stuff to do. And then come to think. By. No I get a Q why why this or some of the reality show rules that are North Carolina theme. And the greatest when not very far for more where I went to school lizard lick towing. Of those guys. Are well. Why talk reality TV we will will we can talk about you know all the other cool stuff that goes on the the big belief. In now in TV and radio are bad to Charlotte for another cold Georgia has been waiting patiently George. Yet how our hero asks yet but mr. and I did not start the year had been an update as DA. We all know each other pretty much. But after the adore and kit built this studio he was there. In early days doing a movie Stephen King TV caught fire starter. And a young drew Barry Moore and David Keaton senate seat. And then carolco astute years ago works and then eventually EUD screen jam that which of the division of Sony tech over. And so yeah it's been quiet around here that are there are couple years. You send them to the big deal and. The ambassador bill what does that start of it but people forget that it was started by our former mayor Jennifer Roberts. Who got all that mess started and all the political ploy to actually used. Q how great their vision and of course it worked. And so and so John it was not a word to our no longer mayor or what's gonna happen is she gonna end up. In a gig if there's an Andy Griffith revival. Might we well know I guess we're gonna use the former mayor she would be more. This Jane Hathaway of they're gonna remade the Beverly Hillbillies. They're not that the lady we're gonna hear from next day I really really appreciate the call one to figure for check it and George. And by George that's that's the real scene and George offers a little different perspective not only the bathroom do. But more. Posing a bit of a challenge. I've. Tell you why. I guess we did hear from misleading you right now taking a look at my broadcast clocked. And then my mind trying to they'll hear what we gotta have our continent we gonna have our entertainment. Tell you what I want you to hear from a lady. Who made the ultimate commute in retirement. Hearing the name of a North Carolina municipality bandied about as dialogue. On on the F four loosened to theme from the Andy Griffith Show. Francis body. Actually moved to Siler city. And the late great bill Ballard said download the late great Frances Bob BA for Carolina camera for WB TV I guess this was. What the early seventies take a list. I had had played it be for ten years and it's very very difficult for America's directive to create a role and be so identified. Did you as a person. No longer in existence all the recognition you get this book profits created on the screen. The people here in Summers didn't expect you to act and react the way and they would. Yes I think so I think that disappointed. The five destroy the image. Brit since Bob VA. We're gonna talk about Francis brought the case it's a WBT. If true Hollywood story for at least once you've got to Siler city and all sorts of stuff to a floating around about that late great actress. I then had played it be for ten years and it's very very difficult for her actions directed to create a role and be so identified. Did you as a person. No longer exists that all the recognition you get this book profits created on the screen. The people appearance I was didn't expect you to act and react the way and they would. Yes I think so when I think that disappointed. The five destroy the image. Of the children are injured in a while sure who that hole and kind of re enactment of the titles and I was told it now and bucket list earlier. And we see just how many words from. Six words. This is just one thing just a broadcaster would like to do. In much the same way that this is part of my bucket list being your own new stalled 112 and 993 WBT. In for the historic. John Hancock. Recovering congressman JD Hayworth I would just love to get too cold to go out to the West Coast in just utter I think it's six words. Actually five boom boom boom. From television city in Hollywood just those spot. Barack and I I just CBS's selling off. Television city. Hindi grip of the show I think was filmed on some backlogs and some property Paramount. Owned. On the West Coast and Francis obviate heard all this talk about Soccer City and you think about. Somebody ought to tried to draw. I'm in North Carolina men according to the Indy Grimm should. Male dairy it is widely believed to. Was cited was played by Melanie areas of course in the curb its own town that became mayberry although folks in many don't say enough. Andy was down near door and a the loss colony is sir Walter Raleigh so it's really medio but OK you've got the fictional mayberry. Vinnie here talk about Raleigh and Siler city and that is where Francis but BA moved. I'd be the audio you heard courtesy of Carolina camera. Head grade featured back in the day from the late great bill Ballard bill so long it goes on film. So you talk and way easily forty. 45 years ago. Princess by BA retires from show business moves to Siler city. And she reflected on it with them. Bill Ballard on Carolina camera but you don't put the theme was. Everybody started inviting. France's bond VA to. Everything in North Carolina. She moved to Siler city to retarded and suddenly she's got a schedule. Bed not even. The royal family could keep Bob with. Certainly more ambitious than any governor. I can remember. It is sorry bad. Yeah I mean it was an active schedule OK so. The thing that happened. Is that France's bond VA just got burned out. And her final days now maybe a Siler citizen no Siler city person can set me straight. But apparently. Ms. Bob BA but came and ripped Luke's. What caused the theme. Was it was just too much the the celebrity. That ostensibly. She sought to escape. Buyer retiring decide your city. Was about ten full. Hey you know I think of NBA and I think they'll vote. As I was saying both. Or the break you what she's different cable channels the Francis Bobby a pre trade may Tripoli and be. On the Andy Griffith Show. But on this set I mean they talked about practice. Part of Hollywood war. Was that. Sheehan and the allegedly didn't get along board really got her. You know a guy who played Ernest T bass and a father figure Howard Boris. That guy was so talented he had done Your Show of Shows with Sid Caesar and Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. Howard numerous directed a lot of episodes. Of the U Andy Griffin show. And he said on one occasion this Bobby hey you stand here ensures by the. Storage so it is so furniture and. The troops. And so bad any don't. Combined with the whole story about. And beam but coming a recluse. Has followed Jeff Francis Bobby Mehta the grief. And speaking of her grave very it is in the cemetery in Siler city. And inscribed on the air in addition to our name in the vital statistics. Two words. Can't. Be. There's wants to talk about next hour including this or you are you just. Sickened tired. I don't mean for my iron poor blood Obama tried to sell you buy parts. I'm talking about the fact. That there is what is being cold new lose twenty. If that term fake news baited into our vocabulary. Is there a palpable news fatigue. Or are you just tired of certain stories. How bad is it like working without a net. I mean especially given the fact that you and I are spending time together on new stalled eleven Jenin 993 WBT. You might think it's either or foolhardy. Or in a weird way courageous to bring up the topic. I wanted to talk about. New this fatigue. Isn't real well was it caused by fake news hyper politicized. Blues forward Justin and I have. A lynch of information in the information age and speaking of liberation. By Doyle's got bad and I'll leave us. JD for John Hayworth for Hancock whose dog eleven did in 990 yeah W BT and. Yeah. Sarah you are an. Last 5 minutes fast forward eastern daylight time. And you probably wondering where you have blue Jay John Hancock fellow world. Poland until you know lower. I think this kind of interesting you know the minutes of kind of pseudo summer schedule. Ended day the historic John Hancock into moral and then. It's a yours truly again on fri day I believe is the plan but of course that's. Although I'm sorry share reasonable well there we go I get that extra. I wanted a share sort of moral I'll be back for OK. I got it straight. But Joseph while Johns away. Real baby brother Hancock is taken a break and I mean really. Unplugging from the news because if if he is doing so he is not alone. Russian soul this if you haven't I'm bringing it to your attention. Moos fatigued now affects 68%. Of Americans. Are particularly. This story from the Washington time this. The byline belongs to Jennifer harper. Our new survey released Tuesday finds that 68% of the public feel. Worn out bite though Foleo mobile news they are exposed to. On a regular basis. Now stop and think about this were second. We live in wet when I was a kid. We talked about the space say each. The space age has given way to the information. They each. Really if you think about the Internet if you think about social media if you think about what we're doing with personal computers. It is tied to some sort of information. And you had to lead a high elite politicize. Used. Version of via a journalism which has been the permutations. Would there are those of us. We've been around for a long time even those of us. Made a career in broadcasting I can tell you as a kid. Even as I aspired to do this kind of work. The conservative in me would go. A conservative viewpoint. Single coolest wounds we've been publicly owned firings under. Which apparently is being brought a bag now in my. Distant cousin Margaret Hoover. Apparently is gonna have bad gig. She won't be quite as serious challenges William F Buckley and but. You know we've got we've got to the alphabet networks. And MSNBC and CNN and for good measure. I guess you can throw in ESPN. Now he. I don't know if you were with the Memorial Day. ESPN now stands for instead of eight in the old days it was the entertainment. And sports programming network. Yes that was what it was supposed to be. Back when it's signed Dolan. I believe it was 1970 Lou. With John Forsythe the first guy on me or to explain what ESPN is gonna be all about. And no it but it showed its own kind of cable dynasty. It wasn't a bachelor father if you have to television trivia and John force. Are so ESPN began as the entertainment and sports programming network today you could call it. Entitled. Spoiled political real fights. And now they've hired continued Vicki believe 300 Keith Olbermann for the sixth. Time. So there are a couple of things going on here. In my estimation. And I want to see if you agree. Know the wine in the information age there is so much dead and Iran. So much available to watch us. That we are hit with information fast paced. Unrelenting. It is a kid if you are a news consumer at times. It is akin to trying to. Take a sip of water from a fire holes there is a deluge of information. They've got it on your phone and on your laptop and on your head and all your Levy and of course. Right here on the radio. And so you've got that aspect working on you. But but then you also him. We. Fact that. Ideology. Has trumped objectivity. And Noelle despite the leads in New York Washington and elsewhere is saying it's those. Those. I'll do you guys that was the end of bulls won't told the radio resemble blood flow that. Mary Byrd drove a north terror related to a good about it Arizona. That Hayworth fellow. No but I goalie Erin North Carolina. Oh spare us. No no it's it's not the fact. Bed conservatives. Found a new issue a home or greedy. In different networks like the fox and to a lesser degree news Max for purpose of full disclosure I spent the past four years and Newsom had Stevie. To me what really happened the real story of 2006. Partly to 2060. The story of 2006 as I finish second in the mid tour. And that's why I'm back in broadcasting but I digress. The the story of 2016. Was that the the fourth estate. Journalism or if you wanna add the fifth the state. Telecommunications. And the Internet. There were. People who decided that Donald Trump would be such a threat. To our society. That he must be stopped at all costs. And so you saw it even even be going through the emotions of objectivity. You saw that completely erased. The alphabet networks. And two of the three major. New whose cable news networks decided it was bear collective mission. To stop Donald Trump now maybe you could argue. It has ever been months. Our column I guess last week George knew Meyer. The American spectator chronicled what happened in 1964. And I can tell you was my privilege to know Barry Goldwater deal and have him contribute to my first campaign for congress. I mean sit down and write out a check and then we get warmer. We didn't wanna cash that check but we have to we had to be content with a Xerox copy framed and on the office rule. If people don't remember this. But did annual sure why remembered meeting he came to speak at NC state. Did you sure did a story for the CBS evening news will Walter Cronkite. Claiming that Goldwater was going to go to Bulgaria had to open his campaign. Obviously to suggest. Some sort of Nazi overtime. And the Boy George no wire was making in his column was this whole fake news in this attitude about conservatives has always been a real bullet. Now all. The health habits don't even try to hunt it. And so you have a highly politicized. Environment. So my question is simple does that add to fatigue or frustration. You see because in my mind. There is a difference. You can be frustrated. No Tony junior Josh. So I gotta gotta set the record straight I got a call JD and say amen over I disagree. So I I don't think the frustration necessarily is fatigue. But whether it is for T get over saturation of information or frustration. I'm interested in your take. On so called news fatigue. What does it do yet. 704571110. Or told free for many place 1809. To wait eleven to end. Quarter past four mercy of the time has won and by. It's JD for John Hayworth for Hancock. On news talk eleven Jan 993. WBT. So I think you know would I guess it was sort of watershed moment her. She doesn't have any usefulness now she will machinery can't trust the president and her colleagues. Or she can't tell the truth. I she's got to remember she doesn't work for it just for the president Schwartz for all of us sort of you know I think she's got to figure out. That it's time to go. Only reason I'm. Hey you yeah I chuckled to what you find out who that won't lose. I'm feeling on CNN's new day with the John Berman and Alison Kim arrive. Then was former presidential Press Secretary. Joseph Lockhart. And show lone car. Used to work for. Maybe you should have thrown from Ballard who Arkansas William Jefferson Clinton you made your serve early correct growing had a bad day you. So there's Joseph Lockhart. Showing up yesterday on CNN I think this is an object lesson this is a sample. Oh what is being. Called news. Why you might be getting a bit fatigued why do you I'd be getting a bit frustrated. So they have been there rhetorical sites. Sarah Huckabee Sanders the Press Secretary. To president trump and end the object of beer I you're. Is because apparently. Something that had been said earlier from the administration I guess it had to do with. Russia gave each. And the Russian lawyer who shows up at trump tower. And visits with trump junior there's something about the circumstances. Old you mean after the fact candidate trump found out from his son. But we were under the impression it was something different you did nothing to stop dead end. When Sarah Huckabee Sanders was explaining was awaiting him there's a wall that exists. Between the president's attorneys and this particular job. And so you get Joseph Lockhart. Of all people know let me go through. My experience would Joseph Lockhart. What was the term he used. He. Was working for Bill Clinton and forget all the stuff about Monica and all that. Jolo cart decided to take out. After the Southern Baptist Convention. And so yours truly and done. My old pal JC watts. I'm good that time was serving in congress from Oklahoma we have to be southern Baptist we won't know wait a minute. What is this you're saying about the southern Baptist. Mention. And I hate do you Jewish Paramount shelves spell it out. I guess we started reason HE double hockey sticks in god and apology. Out of Jolo car. I would suggest do you the Jolo card. Should apologize. To Sara Sanders because here's the deal when your Press Secretary. And this as well this has been the case for free body. Republicans Democrats. I tell you what will take will take the guy who blew cause of the tragedy in Dallas. Is thought of today is a guy could do no wrong. John FitzGerald Kennedy. Who had his his Press Secretary Pierre Salinger. Especially during the Cuban missile crisis there were things Pierre Salinger. Did know. Did Salinger lying not knowingly eat but there's a difference between not having the information and hello again there's also a difference between making a factual error. And lying. More that's been going on about this whole NFL thing you and the Eagles who did not visit the White House. We'll talk about that takes your calls duke it 70457011. Jan. It's cheating for Joseph and Hayworth grin got news talk eleven did in 99 story. WBT. Seminal. 570011. Jan virtual free from. Any place 1809 to wait eleven to end the recovering congressman JD Hayworth. Import these historic. John Hancock. New store 1110994. EW BT. See how to. Explain this how the title. This sudden this little example. I guess we would call late. Uncle Luke legalism. Criticize missed we're used in hyper critical fashion. So you're told and what your kids in Green Bay by I don't know a sense of like. I shows you wore blue dress yesterday. I really think. Are no shows he wore yellow dress I lied to. We know in the context they're they're too quick to say lying when what they meant was. It was incorrect. And and that can happen. Now for some reason. When facts are left out her for what ever reason. The 45 president of the United States and Donald John trump. Always says his motives Malone rained and all the way news. From eight partisan press corps. Is viewed as a cool idea. When perhaps the point is being made bad dude could be incorrect. Let's try to unpack since Charlotte is an NFL city. And one game. Ought to sing the birds and visiting 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue. A Super Bowl champs if you decide to keep watching. The National Football League bud. This argument this hyper partisan argument that even extends over in two are leisure or recreation. Is going to be too much. The other day. The Eagles are supposed to show up the Super Bowl champion Eagles are supposed to show up at the White House. We hear from the White House made eighty. Members of the Eagles organization were invited. Word comes back to the White House that only three players. And the mascot will show up. Other couple courses of action. I can remember when Ronald Reagan was president. And gosh the first year I was the only channel four in green ball would you know that was the first year Clemson. Won the national championship. The entire tiger team bowed to White House know. There's call there are two guys to student athletes. The quarterback. Homer Jordan and the defensive back and we was Jerry Kelly art. Those two guys represented the team. Or then on my beloved wolfpack. Won the national championship and 83 if memory serves. The DC three. Derek Witten berg Sidney Lowe and thorough Bailey. Visited Reagan in the Oval Office not the entirety. Now things changed. I remember when the Diamondbacks. Sherlock constituents. Won the World Series in 20010. George WO George WB. Baseball junkies to run two to shrink church. And so the entire team was invited and everybody showed up in what I would just this society. For my recollections of Washington. Remember this is right after 9/11 this is December of 2001. And our commander in chief on that day was dealing. We I don't know. What it was not a good day. There was something going on and yet he went through the ceremony having the world champs. So we come back I'm gonna tell you how people have it wrong and held a mirror Philadelphia. Absolutely has it wrong. Nineteen minutes in front. While I. So 45701110. For Charlotte didn't vicinity told free for many plays 1809281110. Sports teams have been invited to the White House it used to be represented in the teams as I pointed out my recollections of Reagan. And then for my real life experiences United States congressman from Arizona when the world champion Diamondbacks were invited. Former British. OJQ are cheaper JU George W. Bush. Was in the Oval Office and I just gotta tell you again when he returned to this part of the story. Bush loves baseball. Is the bush 41. And bush 41 was a pretty good first baseman a deal. And bush 43 was the one time executive with the Texas Rangers. But that day. When the Diamondbacks showed up. It it was not a good day. Something was going on with the war. And I don't mean to be melodramatic but I have to give you insight stimulus. It was something to see the commander in chief. Come into the room and do the ceremonial part of the job try to engage in the repartee but you could tell. It's something was up. And no there's no punch line I can't say and I bedtime something was it was just he was dealing with something in the early days. Post nine elevenths. That obviously was causing him. Great concern oh put it that way. The rest of that store. Is coming up and stay would have. And it's just broke a 5704571110. The number of calls in Charlotte. It was seventy told free from any place 1809 to 112 and JD Hayworth and John Hancock. You're a new start eleven til him 993 double DBT. Sports teams visiting the White House. A unique perspective when the world champion Arizona Diamondbacks went to visit. After winning the October classic in 2000 wine yeah. Right after 9/11. It was Christmas time the White House was decorated. Our youngest was little second grader. He had made a decoration. For president mrs. bush to go on one of the Christmas trees I delivered it when we were there with the Diamondbacks the president. Was gracious to the team he was gracious. To me personally but so then was on his mind. He didn't share. And it's not one of these things were we found out subsequently some something going on with with the war but it job it was a day. What things were tough. And I've certainly had my disagreements with George W. Bush. May be one day I'll share the story of the and the words we had on Air Force One and rude to Yuma Arizona but on this occasion. You concede. The burden. Fast forward a bit. Couple days later big letter arrives. Noting that folded its in the big Manila envelope. For our youngest stood child for John Mica the second grader. And it's a personal note from the president loses bush. Whatever disagreements I had nice certainly had a lot don't we both had ours beside our game that was a point of graciousness. Despite. Inner turmoil would the burdens of leadership. The world remains a dangerous place and perhaps it is his persona but nobody. Seems to wanna cut slack for Donald John trump 45 president. Maybe it's because she's a counter puncher maybe it's because. He just brings a new York state of mind to all of this. But the whole deal with the Eagles. We and eighty people from the organization are invited only three are gonna show up and it's not good. Well we've had to load to the Democrat mayor. Of Philly. Jim Kinney. Is the guy's name. Jim Kenney the guy will make a million excuses for. Sanctuary Cities. Now even though what is been chronicled that no member of the Eagles. Took a knee during the National Anthem in their Super Bowl season. Philly mayor Jim Kinney on CNN. So it's all a whole rationale for doing so and it's an evaluation. That only O leftist could well listen to list. It. I don't internationally it a couple of my heart because I'm a privileged white male. And I have a I have a reason to stand there are people in this country who have not experienced the same level well. Well the fairness and facing level of issues that I had and they have a right to show their displeasure. That's what the First Amendment so look out into the Kyoto and accept the first and then that are other amendments that's that's that's on him. Here's what the mirror. Philly said I scanned for the National Anthem. And put my hand over my hard because I'm in tired. 18. May. Mr. mayor. You are some kind of sick. Americans. Red white black brown. Yellow are Americans not how it related Americans stand for the national lab book cause global Contra. It has nothing to do within titled. It has everything to do with them dormant. The First Amendment you claim to champion. Which you claim mr. mayor always howls. On my house some sort of protest. Of the national. I'd tell you why. For the sake of argument here is a huge concession. Mr. mayor let's say you're right no doubt about the white privilege garbage but about this being a legitimate form of protest. Can Americans utilize that yes they can but let me cite. A real. Defender of the First Amendment. Fred Friendly. Edward. CBS news Fred Friendly who resigned. Because the network would not into erupts. Reruns of Iowa bluesy during daytime. June to have hearing to show they hearings on our involvement in southeast Asia. Fred Friendly said. Just. Because you have the right to do something. Doesn't make it right. Someone who has a different point of view about current president is on the phone from Charlotte here's Brian Ryan welcome to WBG. Hello Ryan. Ryan can nearly. Kinky here eight used to going. OK you know if the president was about five I'm draft starter if the president didn't call football players also peace. And it the president didn't tell them if you don't. So stand up to you should leave the country than maybe more athletes will be apps become. And you something about me but it wallet that that's obedient and also I wouldn't count on in the can go. All right let's just let's just let's let's go right so let me Osama conversation Ryan first of all let me just simply say this studio you have exercised her first amendment rights. Called the commander in chief for draft dodger you've also called him and SOB. That is your right. Let me just ask you this. Was FDR. And SOB to my knowledge FDR while he served as undersecretary of the navy to Josie has Daniels. I was the editor and publisher of the Raleigh news and observer in the Wilson administration. FDR never wore the uniform of this country. Was our commander in chief of World War II. Unworthy. Because he failed to Wear the uniform of the country. You cannot even begin to compare. Just answer. Just days yes I can because if you were setting up a litmus test. Oh William Jefferson could even call him. Because we know that he went to great links. To stay out of the conflict in southeast Asia or is it excused in your mind Ryan. Bill Clinton didn't call. Other. Bill Clinton didn't okay. Bill Clinton had a whole problem treating the women and well we've got a whole news. And I don't on treating women correctly. Any shortly after an NBC reporter but hey that's OK I Donna Ryan nine nor your comment from. Love to hear from those lefties. Our next hour is ahead we will give us something that Ryan and maybe you'll love. House bill 514. Is it racist and fortune people actually disagree without calling their opponents names like certain letters. Give away from a three letter Durbin just two letters JD. JD for June 3 pink box. Whose dog eleven did in 993. Double BT. Okay okay. Minutes past five home. Enjoy your way home room one. A really interesting conversation. You've been here in the news today you read about it in the Charlotte Observer this morning it has only bad. Publication. And I headline and air go try to define an issue here is the way. The story was foray Uga. In the Charlotte Observer or at least on their website I. Guess I'm kind of a cheap skate I just go to the web site. Segregation. And 2018. Resistance builds as in C ten own a charter school bill. Who labeled. Racist. The ball Eli and belongs to and does films of the observer calling out controversial charter school bill. The latest battleground in Charlotte Mecklenburg long war against school segregation. For African American former school board shares Tuesday urged north Carolinians to quote. Standup and fight institutional racism close quote. H bill fly fourteen introduced by representative bill brawl you would allow for a majority white suburban towns outside Charlotte. To create their own charter schools. Giving preference to town residents four seats. Then bill cleared the house on Monday and you just heard here on WBT news did. It went back to the house and Adam. Was approved again with whatever changes the senate may. Here's my point dumb. Your article quotes Arthur Griffin. Who's a current chairman of the local black political caucus. He called this bill quote morally. Reprehensible close quote. The only reporter and Doss Helms gives a sudden a thumbnail biography. If you will of mr. Griffin urban attended schools segregated by Jim Crow walked. Saw Charlotte Mecklenburg schools emerge as a leader in court ordered desegregation in 1970s. Then led a losing legal battle to preserve race based assignment in the late 1990s. Are putting let me focus on what I have real life experience with. It meant was the desegregation in the 1970s. And yes. Federal judges were basically. Set up to become philosopher king X. Whether it was in the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system or variety of other school systems around the country. Federal district judges basically became folks who decided okay. These are where the buses are gonna arrive and here's going to be busts. From point eight point big. It's ironic that mr. Griffin raises. This concern here's the reason why. In high point in mineral was known as the high point city schools. With all of this going more in the high point school board took it upon themselves. Without. A court order. To make changes. I got on the bus every morning and went to what had been a historically. And prior to read here and exclusively black. Junior high school Alfred. Was truly an educational experience. Seventh grade was kinda rough and may may be in I'm just talking politics in her race or anything but just. The way the schools used to be setup or at least in the high point and your. One through six I guess K through six in elementary school video and you're seven through nine. And junior high and then 101112 and high school. That was why I was always kind of interest in ninth graders are junior high wouldn't call themselves ninth graders may and they were fresh. Think it had a high school. But here's the point I wanted to make. As tough as the seventh grade can be and I mean it's it's a transition. It certainly was for me. But I learned so much should Griffin junior high school about getting along with people. And our sports teams. You it was an incredibly valuable experience. So want coming at this from that direction but I've got a few more things to say and I won't get there. Is rare moment. I know. California I remember those days it. 1110 WB ET you're the guys in the seventies everybody had a smile in your sports. I don't they had done that song was out that's when I was scheduled bus over to Alfred. And as I was telling you before boomer broadens the traffic. It was in light. It was invigorating it was absolutely rewarding to the point where. The house where we were living was sold and I had to go to another junior high school. One that had been historically. White majority white I really didn't wanna go. Because I I I love does seventh and eighth grade Griffin junior Ron. And then had been predominantly black. But it did just the approach this is not to indict the folks at the other junior I'd. Just one thing I notice they would call us children. At Griffin is the administration that we were students. Know little things like that when you're. You know twelve and thirteen. I mean a lot. But my life has been shaped. Growing up. Learning from. Going to school with people who are not like me other than the fact that we group in the same doom. And it's not to say there are not differences yes there are political. You know otherwise. But if you ever think less of a free society. And because it views. That way. I just wonder we have disagreements are being instantly racist this true it is not fair. Isn't that you're. 70457011100. 21 minutes past by MG peat for John Hayworth for hand garden store at 11101993. WPT. People can disagree. Sport what's cool about criminal. The radio and taking your calls I've. 70457011. Jenin Charlotte then Doug told free for many blaze at 180921110. But we disagreed. Do we need to bandy about charges of racism. More we've always had said earlier man and two different context. SOB of the letters and apparently not standing for sweet old boy. Are the folks we go from China grove Andrew was standing by Andrew welcome to WBT. Hey JD. You know I want to start up but the definition. Great Chisholm. The prejudice didn't discrimination or antagonism directed against some want another different race based on the belief that one Andre. Is that here. What that being so that being said how is it bad because an area like Matt he's. And get the opportunity to build charters school. And it just so happened that area might be predominantly white. How is that the construction of that school gracious. A list of supported precisely. Bill out how kids are doing. He noted that this is the other thing more or did do it you raise a good point I'm gonna take another step I appreciate the call Andrew. I as we know it is a point of pride. As as it developed in our history for some tough reasons back under the notion of separate but equal. There was the establishment of what we now called historically black institutions of higher learning. And then when I was when I was student body president at state. Back window you didn't have as standalone Department of Education that we had little golf health education and welfare. Hello guy by the name of Joseph Califano who had been a lawyer for LBJ. President Carter installed. Mr. Califano is as secretary of better health education and welfare. And health education and welfare decided they were gone micro managed. They racial composition of campuses within the constituent institutions big and of the University of North Carolina. And I as a as a young budding politician I was student body president at the time it was just. I actually had a bureaucrat. I'll never forget the guy's name James K we'd go. One of the lawyers said Ed. Health education and welfare send me a letter. Saying. Students you don't need to be concerned about the students don't have anything they have no reason to offer their input at all. How much disk auto would do a press guide for mold you little. I mean we were poles apart politically. But. Edit these is the volume of the story I give her call the bully comes over from channel five the state campus and we start reason raucous in fact we even had meetings in Washington the association. Our student body presidents. I would we have HEW may try to wait us down with a bunch of paper and baffle us all but here's the reason I bring up that jaunt down memory lane. We don't make an effort we stopped an effort to basically dismantle. The historically black institutions. Who have every right to be proud of their history going through what what they went through collectively. Weighing. Those campuses may be historically black I remember. And the school shall remain unnamed it was pointed out to me. As a student athlete I joke about being in her young guy recruited as right tackle ending up left out. Had I chosen to go to a historically black institution. In addition to an athletic grant made I could've actually gotten federal money. As a minority student. No I just mentioned that is one of the curious occurrences. Of trying to get past. The breach we have seen in our society. But Andrew makes a good point about Matthews in the other suburbs look. In this day and age it's not white flight the problem is when you take in what we hear about. The Charlotte Mecklenburg schools what was that I've been told him no mart garrison over the past couple weeks about our friends over itself neck. And apparently some trouble with the plumbing. EPA's shows up because of quote toxic fumes. No they were organic. Minnesota speak. But we talk about the problems of infrastructure. In the Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. And so people seek. To try and find some solutions now there is something. Despite the big headlines screaming racism there's something else at work here. In men is the notes that the notion I guess I'm gonna call it. Big in debt. Big education. Government education. It's the notion that. You know what it. You're charter school it's either fisherman found that it doesn't necessarily fit and under what we've done with. Public schooling therefore it is to be a poll boost. As so organizers in education tell you about tuition tax credits they're all left. Here's my point I do not believe. They had this bill nor the charter schools are racist. And I don't believe the charter schools are bad thing. Nor are tuition tax credits to enlarge opportunity for everybody. But then again that's just me. Remembering one of the greats he was a contemporary now he's alleged. That's coming up it's Cheney for John Hayworth for Hancock he's told 1110993. W BT. And. Yeah at 23 minutes in front of six and installed eleven and then 993 WB teeth so once the 411. Line in the house bill 514. The biz a million asks. You. Ask marriage should be seen and heard. Are just some folks it's a chance they're charter schools and deal with infrastructure problems to others. It is racist. Two trillion David said were gonna find out what he thinks right now Troy welcome to WBT. I thank spent. They give the previous dark colored it a great job talking about the definition the creek. Outback they are about the other where we go look at the definition in the history of this segregation. So I mean how do you know in the very beginning early days battle pays or some school in the south that was forced segregation. But just like now most of the speculation is just a natural make up. The area that the school work. But then when they came to separate app of course he segregation. There were ballot argument portrait of the money came from the state and the federal government. Other work that disparity in equality of education to think that. We got spread below and like you I didn't like. How the people we're just not anointed the government destroyed there's. And now we come back the local school or back to. If you want to call it that natural segregation but if that's the definition of a minority are always gonna be less of a minority in an area for the majority. But the argument goes away your pork course. Desegregation because it's only that indeed. Taxes that are being spent on the school there's no state or federal money going to be charters school so I don't even know how you could. Make an argument per course desegregation. In the church. 88 days. It is. Frustrating and perplexing I know for a lot of people bullets even just take the majority minority argument for example in the article appearing in the in the Charlotte Observer about this and Doss Helms notes and I quote. CO mess the Charlotte Mecklenburg schools currently 38%. African American 28% white 24% Hispanic. And 7% Asian now. That would tell me there are April well approve I approve of morality. Story for the inversion of the eight plurality. Of African American students now. If you wanna blame so called quote white flight to private schools. I don't know about that but gosh it seems to me it's a fairly diverse district. But she follows that with but most schools are not bad mixed. So so the question becomes if we're not quote living together. Used which had so entirely sure we're not begin to be fair. And the thought about it that much lately to tell you the truth if you are real living so great and our. Sure does bring back the Washington. Post bigger buses cars. Automobile loans trunks. Following on. We are still new store eleven Jan 993. WBT. Recovering congressman JD Hayworth in for John Hancock tell you what. Switch gear if you if you wanna take up this whole house bill let school. We are on your way home and you know maybe it's the recovering part of having served in congress I'm still checking out the polls. And I'm reading about this news fatigue. And so don't get me wrong I like a robust discussion. As much as the next guy and yet there are times. When we need to have a reverent remembrance. And it's well I think we ought to do before we part company what are the reasons I'm gonna do this is because you and I. Get together somewhat in frequently don't get me wrong I'm happy those occasions when I'd get to. Checked this over again on my so called bucket list and get behind this microphone here at the legendary WBT. But. What do the guys who was. My contemporary. Has now. Moved into the legendary. As his battle with that I had a terrible illness in did. Earlier this week I'm told him about Dwight Clark Charlotte's own Dwight court. And he was a year ahead of me. In high school legacy finished up at Gary injured 75 in my point central 76. But. Charlotte teens be in Charlotte GM Serb. His folks that was my folks at. One of the pre game shrine bowl banquets and it was just very interesting near my dad mom talk about. Dwight Clark's parents and to see the cool. Rear he had. And to remember. What's called the catch. And a lot more about Dwight Clark we're gonna do that before we part company. Yeah eight minutes until six talking about a guy who's been working hard all day why it's. Hard worker mark journalists and people have Charlotte the six hole hardworking Mora to hit and what will be the product of your labors. The hour. We had a big historic decision today from the general assembly giving four towns here in Mecklenburg County. Permission to compete with Charlotte Mecklenburg schools nothing like this we've ever seen before. We'll lectured here's some of the debate before that bill was passed into law today it's big deal. It is a big deal so much so that as we think you market we've promised to listen. To Charlotte that six or her go but bad for the post last word in this program on all of this. Comes from Kevin who is standing by in Charlotte Kevin welcome to WBT. Great thanks for having me. So I'm Leonard Little were actually a kindergarten error and there the soon to be can Gartner and I know so many families who travel to Ira they'll count me in Lincoln County to go to charter schools. Just because you open a charter school doesn't make anybody or anything racist anyone can at ten bit. It's a lot of the lottery pick getting into it. There's nothing racist about opening a school or. And does the point you make and I can take it a bit further on this so Kevin and I appreciate what you have to say. Back when there are we made provisions. Bill Clinton tried to detoured to satisfy the teachers union but in the District of Columbia. We set up a program. For tuition tax credits and for opportunities to gold to. Charter schools guess what. The African American parents weren't lying did tried to give dead protects the charter schools. Not to mention the tuition tax credits. It's not a function of race it's a function of opportunity the key is to equalize the opportunity. And I thank you for the cold Kevin Moore obviously was more garrison. On shore with a six before you and I part company in the few minutes we have left. I would be remiss if I didn't told more. About. A contemporary who is now. Alleged. Dwight Clark. Who graduated the year before I did from high school where at all and two incredible things. In the National Football League maybe you saw Scott Fowler it's column in the observer. On Monday the headline one of Charlotte's greatest pro athletes has died. His signature play you will live for ever let's listen to that play each offering to play by play. The whole fame broadcaster we so often associated with baseball Vin Scully. But he's calling the NFC championship game. In January of 82 for CBS sports. Bed Ted she is known as. The catch. And a couple of years ago Dwight Clark paid a visit I wanna I want to make sure I have the name of the executive club right. In San Francisco the studio executive club. Any talked about the catch not so much about what he did but what was going on would Joseph Montana illicit. My favorite part of their whole catch play is you know that after after Joseph threw that pass he got knocked to the ground. And so he didn't seem to catch then but he heard the roar of the crowd so he do we use score. Stand. Either hard we've partnered to totals one of those guys turns tournaments as you just need America's team. And the San Franciscans get a kick out of that story. As we do we're hearing it. From now hold the weight. Dwight Clark. Another betraying any confidences when I tell you what my folks at with Dwight Clark's folks at that shrine bowl. Pregame banquet. Back in the winner 75 Dwight had started at Clemson things weren't going too well he was contemplating. The transfer maybe he would for a short time to western Carolina he loved playing basketball at leaping ability. Paid off for the catch. They made against quote America's team. And and you think back to his life how he was able to get things together it coincidentally was able to start there how he was able to make. The nine years how he fit in to bill lose the scheme that Bill Walsh added. How he would try to make himself scarce worried as a rookie and training camp bed. The Turks. As they call the guy with the duty of cutting some water we used to or less politically correct page. How somebody would come by C intern in your stuff turning your playbook it never happened to two Dwight court. Then he went on to have leave an incredible career. In the NFL. But is this something to sit here to read the tweets. His wife offered on the news Twitter killed quote I'm heartbroken to tell you. Then today I lost my best friend and husband he passed peacefully. Surrounded by many of the people we love most. I'm thankful for all of two whites friends teammates and 49ers fans who have sent their love. During his battle with EL AS. So mine Chile core. AO less shall we first knew as Lou Gehrig's disease. Don't wanna call it. Dwight courts disease. Wish we could call it something that was long gone. But Dwight Clark passed because of it Monday at age 61. God bless his memories and so many. Prince tomorrow at this time and it'll be Sherri went well ball of Sherry lynch will be here I will be back would you Friday. Jill we're next together. Ford jaw and him got JD Hayworth saying. Stay braves. Stayed three. Stay tuned them.