JD Hayworth in For Hancock

John Hancock
Friday, July 6th
JG Hayworth fills in for Hancock. Discussion includes City Councilmn Braxton Winstons comments on the Republican Convention, the role of women, and comments by President Trump.

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Hello everybody I'm Charlotte City Council member of large wrecks in Quincy and I'm making this video tonight let's talk to about. The possibility of Charlotte Apple's new 20/20 Republican national. Prevention with a party nominee. Is next Kennedy president of the United States of America. Here's a great economic impact that comes along holding an event of this match. We felt it in 2012 would millions of dollars. We're investing in our community. Thank you just heard the soul food dinner pride more melodious tones. I'm Charlotte at large councilman Braxton Williams Eddie put the question forward at. Can't Charlotte afford it. Two was host the 20/20. GOP convention. If you feel kinda like Yogi Berra saying this is deja Vu all over again you would be correct not only the issue. But does the gentleman behind the Mike and I used this term loosely and self description of the gentleman behind the Mike. Describing it because as soon as you hear this one shoe go wait a minute. That's not John Hancock and you would be right sir. It's the recovering congressman. High point native. NC state grad JD Hayworth here on new store 1110 and 993. WBT. It's Friday. But were you like meet this week were Tuesday's seemed like Friday. Because the fourth of July Cummins smack dab in the middle of the work week. So it's almost as if we have to Friday dole speaking. All of July the fourth in the weight week perceived. Independence Day. A former Charlotte city councilman and a couple things to say in the newspaper. And about the only thing Billy Matalin I gonna agree on is the wolf pack since we're both NC state grads but other mad. Our opinions divergent I won't get to that later this afternoon but to the topic at hand. Braxton Williams. Educated at the prestigious. Phillips Academy and then at Davidson College. Where he earned his degree in anthropology. Brett student. Who of course was in the streets is a protestor but then had the backing of Hugh McColl. And got got the gig on the City Council. Braxton just pointed out the economic. Opportunity for Charlotte kind of a tip of the rhetorical GAAP. Do the prominent former banker bud then there. But then. Councilman Braxton Winston offers up big BUT. Listen. Do we are also many reasons. That I've been hearing from my constituents why we should not have. This is being in this city. Maybe my constituents that are contact Peter believed that the values of his party do not represent the spoken parties. Of this city. But the spoke priorities of this city. Braxton horrible written priorities because not too long ago. On today in early may you and I had occasion to be together here on WBT. And I always reciting beyond. The curious. Anti Republican editorial. From the Charlotte Observer or as we all call it the disturb. RNC's 20/20. Though risks aren't militant. Or short. Band it has nuggets likeness. So Charlotte showed eagerly pursuing Republican Convention nominating Mitt Romney or Nikki Haley or John case should or really anymore line. Other than trump. Again referring to the 45 president closing out. This disturb her editorial. If he were the Republican nominee we'd be all you. But we won't know bad before a site decisions made this summer. So Las Vegas savage didn't think it is a sign is how far we've come home. That we don't need to grovel for this vitriolic affair. Source try so nominees. It in in the minds of the disturb her editorial board it somehow harmful to Charlotte. And sits up a tough question. Braxton Winston because. You know we hit the street cred I mean there was a big article in political. Backed Christmas Day. A 2017. Day as Christmas gifts as political being a left leaning publication is want to do. An article from Michael gore left that's grabbed GR AFF not graft. As in graft and corruption it's talking about Q Cole has made an investment. Enough. In Braxton Winston but the course. Investment is not is not the per Jordan if they are. And I'm sure it's not meant as quid pro quo it's just his name and his prominence in Braxton is gonna do a great job so. There is councilman Winston and he's got a plate like yeah. So we don't is this video would look idea and as a recovering congressman I understand it. What Braxton is trying to achieve so after he sees things out here is the clincher in his baby hole. We showed up in the electronic version of the disturb her today once again councilman Winston. I was elected to represent the will. You know over 800000 Charlotte's feet Texas and within about. Over the next couple weeks. Before we as a council will make this decision whether or not. The host this event I hope we have a robust and organize a public discussion please let me know what you think. Should we take part in this economic investment. Garcia. Or do we want to show them. Political discourse conversations. That comes with the event like this really is up to me you do you. I hope. I was here for many voices. From all around Charlotte. Hey Braxton I councilman Winston you're going to hear. Voices this afternoon. Including this one not only Charlotte resident. Not even Jose native Charlotte teeth and visit guys. Who grew up abide flub up or how point. Who absolutely. Globes. Charlotte. And I have such great memories playing in the shrine bowl. Coming down for speech and debate tournaments. And died he you know Charlotte. Is just a great place. So I understand the but the councilman is doing here he's trying to make like him let's say and I'm on more and handed out money. On the other hand. Beware though it is the Republican Party. So what do you think about the convention. Councilman Winston has offered the question. I would put it do you. The few or interesting comments from Obama. The council menu and their really what's going on behind the scenes. The bottom line is. We need to help councilman understand why it would be a good idea for the Republican Party to gather. In Charlotte in 20/20. Even though the Charlotte disturb her loves all things Democrat needs just about everything from the GOP. Moral bad pleasure Coles at 70457001110. Toll free trump any played 19811. Jan. Or across metro liner. 70457. Know 1110 Hayworth for Hancock. Recovering congressman JD in for a hall of fame broadcaster John. On new store 112 and 993 WBD. So Charlotte and large city councilman Braxton Winston. Has a large dilemma at hand. Enjoying the support dove Hugh McColl and the progression I am but I can lose and economic forces. Braxton says cheat the GOP convention in two when he twenty means economic opportunity. But councilman Winston who has taken part in protests. Doesn't want to lose his street correct. So he'd put together a video sent on one hand it's money on the other hand man that is the Republican Party. What do you guys think. Here's what Jack in Matthews has to think hijacked. I gave me. Just saying yeah. Response to this were a blip in the Charlotte area for. Forty years. Since seeing a lot of girls. And a world assault saying the community. Are so be sure. Little literally buried luck. He and I do not saying that Charlotte deserves. To have the Republicans. Are convention here. You know interesting Jack let's think about that because I mean by by those standards taking a a pledge of both even to be hospitable to Republicans. You know you could argue that bad back when I was in congress in 2000. Philadelphia. Is a Democrat. Union runs city in 1980 at the convention that nominated Reagan meant was done in Detroit eight. And at least mayor Coleman Young had the political sense to come welcome. Are Republicans to Detroit eight so I can hear ya it's it did in May media. What isn't there what does the video disturb her said in its may editorial checked it was something like this. Many people wrongly assumed that because Charlotte is a southern city it must be less than progressive and welcoming me so much balance to our brand would we get for most in what could be one of the most toxic inventions are our lifetimes that we know the disturb her doesn't think much of the GOP. But is it really dad does a city really need to get a good conduct medal to host the convention Jerry. Now I don't think they need to get a good conduct my at all but. In the late today the way they behave sometimes it wouldn't surprise me this sort of Lola this would. Would participate. In demonstrating. Even government at central participant and demonstrate an instant PLC. All you raise a very interesting point Jack thank you for the coal. Because that's when you really get due to it it's almost as if Jack instinctively. Understands that Braxton Winston may be doing this kind Hamlet routine. Eighty pausing to think and under all of this but in reality. He's got to satisfy two constituencies. And when in doubt go with the folks that sure helped the guys in the street. I mean after all they had big political. Profile talked about how young mr. Winston before he was councilman Winston. Was a was a protestor in the streets. So while the councilman ghost of FaceBook after that kind of Hamlet thing on pretty old the other night. Any posts bring us earlier this week. Bringing the Republican National Convention to Charlotte is slash should be more than an economic dip and decision. We would be asking the people of Charlotte to host a celebration for a brand of politics. That has been highly. Divisive. Were you might pronounce it division. I say to me who you say to my room. I say divisive perhaps Braxton says defensive. Rent resuming the quotes. Open it up here again we would be asking the people of Charlotte to host a celebration for brand of politics. That has been hardly divisive. And so would save dangerous to our community. Which prompts this question. Given the the veiled reference that Jerry made moments ago. Why they're there might even be government official rules. How are pro testing the Republicans. Closed circuit Dick councilman Winston. Braxton. If the Republican convict aren't sorry councilman. Even though was good if he called he could call me JD I don't stand on titles. Nevermind six terms in congress he done that only congress. But I will be I will stay with political councilman would you assure thoughts. That if the Republicans couldn't do Charlotte to re nominate Donald Trump. To have him remain for a second term as the 45 president of the United States. Would you not lead the protests. Right now the pro testing is going on behind closed doors. I did did this very interesting. Because mirror Larry Holmes YYR olds may be announcement in February did Charlotte would bid. On the Republican National Convention. And the distilled helpfully reminds us. That win Charlotte was awarded the 2012 Democratic Convention. Mayor Anthony Foxx and a council members were holding their annual budget retreat at Johnson C Smith. Real celebrated the news then called a special meeting and voted unanimously. To accept the commission. Now the Charlotte City Council is nine to two Democrat. But as I've pointed out before. I mention Coleman Young in Detroit 1980. I mentioned Philadelphia and 2000 in fact I even winked. To the of the Democrat members of the Philadelphia congressional delegation. And I said here's a great way to get publicity. You guys come down the first day either Republican Convention is in Philly you guys become Republicans for a day. Will bring you get 88 because we're out of session it doesn't affect. The partisan balance in congress you guys come do that in the spirit of bipartisanship. And the spirit of nonpartisanship. You guys do there to. And it'll show out bipartisan new York and Philadelphia. The city of brotherly love we may be on opposite sides of the aisle but certainly it. Send a person's brother to brother we can get along right. Should Charlotte. Try to get the good and should or shouldn't listen to the Charlotte this fervor and say not only nobody HE double hockey sticks now. Your vehicle 704571110. Dole free from any place or 1890. Weighed eleven did. It's JD for John he worked for Hancock new store dilemma did in 993. WBT. I was elected to represent the will. You know over 800000 Charlotte beat Texas and within about. Over the next couple weeks. Before we as a council will make this decision whether or not to host this event. I hope we have a robust and organized public discussion please let me know what you think. Should be taking part in this economic investment. In Park City or do we want to show them. Political discourse conversations. That comes with the event like this really is up to me you do you. I hope. I was here for many voices. Hold around Charlotte. Orange City councilman Braxton wouldn't stay in a video hole the question to you Charlotte T ends. Big deal the economic bonanza that undoubtedly. Comes. Whoever gets that 20/20. Republican National Convention. What was that Braxton sue them now. Shunning it at the politics and and all the value loaded stuff in other words you don't Republicans because the the lefties at the Charlotte disturb her. And the Democrats who run the city they'd like damn the need but they don't want Republicans he. A question not only for Charlotte at 704571110. But told free for any place at 18092811. DNA and yet we go right into the city of Charlotte. The Korean city from a common some Joan Joan welcome to WBT. Good afternoon nice to speak with you this Joan and I've lived in Charlotte a little over thirty years I'm originally from Michigan. I'm old enough to remember the Democratic Convention in 1968. I was Iraq and so she year. In South Bend, Indiana. Are they don't like my team too much around here I won't mention its. Idea that DP but it's here or there. Tell us what you hear it this. We don't see anybody protesting rotary east. We don't see anyone protesting any other groups we have freedom of speech in this country. We are trying to get a convention because. It is the commissioner Annette the median all of these guys. To build our cities economics it entered their heart to make a political statement about who and what we are. Now if it hit a group of rebel routers on the street want to make complete actors of himself excuse me make complete idiots of themselves and do something like they did in Chicago what it was Democrat being. Well I don't know I wasn't there Americans say who would demonstrate. That. On the convention should be treated the same rotary or maybe it's a clown there may be the girl scouts of America or maybe it's more leverage is. It is the convention is an economic boon to this city. And these people that have a political agenda to just shut their traps and let it happen now you want to lead a bond to revel rout it to go up there. And in the slogan it and get people all energized and breaking car window opened and stuff like that on here. Well now let's let you know I am I'm a little old skeptical of Braxton Winston's political deliberations here. I just got Italian having having. You know as a recovering congressman I've seen a lot of different job. A lot of different ways issues are handled Joan and you rightly point out that when you read the Charlotte do star harbor. Bill ready to make the RNC convention in 20/20. Shouldn't come to Charlotte. They're they're trying to suggest although they haven't mentioned it specifically that it would end up like Chicago in 1968. And we do remember what happened in Chicago. And anyway ironically it was the right articles against against mayor Daley's. Bunch. And that's when you have dead the the strife. In the streets. But but I do think it would be helpful. Four and I and I understand I was watching the video above. Congressman Winston. When he came on and identified himself then spent the last twenty seconds we have by the way this is. I can also enlarge Braxton Winston doing doing name ID you and I understand the because he wants people to identify him in the role cause he wants to keep his gig. But perhaps given his experience in the streets before. Perhaps she ought to stand for the freedom of groups to assemble edit convention. Rather than rabble Rouse Jersey in the streets. Vegetable when you're making right Joseph. Indeed. And I think you for the call. A lot of you have a lot to say on this. And I wanna make sure that you have the chance to say now 01 of the goals. Are coming from what we used to call metro well in. No within the specific city limits. On sharp. And I'm not gonna restrict the conversation. Because everybody has free speech. Jerome. Was bring a bad memories of Chicago. I remember that. I was ten at the time. And boy what happened in Chicago. Really is the way arsenal. Played into the hands of of the Nixon law and order campaign the Republicans were running and still all. Hubert Humphrey almost pulled that thing off. With George Wallace. Running as a strong southern independent permanent the American independent thought I think that was a name on it. Andy is his running mate was Curtis you may. And Miller was concerned then Wallace would win in fact you know what happened the North Carolina. If you don't think the electoral votes matter. Nixon Cary, North Carolina in 1968. But an electoral border. I believe the guy was from Iraqi milk. Even though he was pledged admit Sunni. You can end and voted for George Wallace. Now I guess in a sense it was like remember what went on not about politics but about the millennium. And what might happen to computers in the Internet know that. It was a concern that was to put it mildly unwarranted. But if more people had done what bad one North Carolina elector or did in 1968. If other Republicans would say I'm I'm just Kidman in states like Virginia. Etc. And and South Carolina within the things might have been different. As it was Nixon won a close election. And I appreciate what Joseph had to say about hatred the Republicans like they are wrote Kerry and she really had convention comes to doubt we welcome. The economic. Windfall. And here at some of you have questions. Some of you are questioning even if there is an economic wind pool. I've got a few things on social media. JD Hayworth on FaceBook. HE YWORTH. Or of course again the foods. America's original interactive. Medium is talk radio 704571110. For total from any place 1800. 9281110. Okay. I. You know. 22 mile worked in the. The your comments now told three really police 1809281110. Or across what we used to call back in the seventies mid Carolina Haiti. Put on the leisure suit 704 or five Seminole 1110 to rob kill and Robert I'm Robert. I love this period are thought. Did everybody get wandered the conventions do apply for the several years in advance. It has been that way so what this time around with the GOP. Apparently is a little different story they a lot of folks and guardian on this thing. And of course let's remember the convention this is. Technically a couple of years away. So three to four years people start planning and talking and churn out three years or almost three years before the convention. Two and a half years so these bid. And then they'll they'd the Republican National Committee. Meets down in Austin, Texas. Later this month they'll determine what city gets. The convention so technically it is a few years away I mean we're talking about it like it's next week but. It's not like you have to you know you're trying to get the Olympics twenty years out it's usually a two to three year window Robert. No I understand that. You know not act and it seems pretty stupid if they did or why somebody would try to do away with it. Well because the disturbed said don't bring it here. And and you got a 92 Democrat counsel Andy is going to be interesting to watch the rift within the council because mayor Lyles said. Bring in the Republicans. And died now you've got to councilman. I've. Braxton Winston saying that Obama. We got to make sure it is going to be interesting to watch the disagreement among the Democrats over this. Blood dead then the whole notion. That the Charlotte disturb her. Thanks it was when you pull that Democrats came in 2012. Any convention where. Critical I think we played the audio where they were booing god we're taking strong exception to a two a resolution in favor of Israel. Did that apparently didn't reflect on Charlotte but haven't the Republicans somehow would be harmful. I'd to me it sounds like a little bit of partisanship. From the newspaper always says can't we get along as long as the left wins and we cite Republicans who lose votes in the kinda Republicans. The editorial board at the disturb her likes. Robert I think you for the call should know 45701110. Took lingle. In the shadows of South America and the arm renovations and apparently need to go on their nephew is on the line Matthew welcome to WBT. I don't think X. I'm Bill Clinton was talking to people on his own circle or that book called the auditions and a lot of people Charlotte. I think is well established that local Democrats have a proclivity of not spending their own money. When an English they have. Their bad that the UK okay they're Balkans and here and I think the people on industrial seat importance. Real it's interesting you mention that Matthew in fact. All I know social media. Just moments ago. Carol Kane Webber checked in she said wait I didn't. Do we lose money speaking of Charlotte do we lose money in 2012 web site I don't know about there. But I do know that Republicans. The cold the grand old party for nothing. And ostensibly again I've never been into the formulation of the convention it's my only ain't. One presidential politics who's back in 2004 when I was in congress and the final presidential debate. Was brought to buy Arizona district. Because they'd read drawn had been given meet Tim be the home of Arizona State University. Or as I was fond of saying in later years while we've seen before when your second place finish ASU is USA spelled backwards. Anyway. In 2004. Arguably the find any big event before Election Day was right in my backyard and it was great. Bad bad debate. In my congressional district so I think in general any time you get a chance to bring in a national convention. It is a good idea. And no old. Charlotte is not going to turn into Chicago unless. Holmes who seek street Koran didn't. Decide to take to the streets. And two ignored the the argument. Of economic vitality. You know I had a chance to visit with the reverend Jesse Jackson. Of course his son triple. Listen up the river for some unfortunate things but anyway. Jesse senior comes into my congressional district and he's doing a shake doc I mean he's doing a tour. Of of a computer business. And I said real deal I don't agree on too much but what I appreciated from the days of pollution and receive I didn't do my Jesse. He said job. The color of prosperity. Is not what eight edu and a blank it is not red yellow or brown and a but cola a rough red tape is bullying you. And you know. On that particular subject. The reverend Jackson was absolutely right. The color of economic empowerment. Is not pigmentation. It's the color of the great American greenback. And it's not coincidental that day when you get to Washington. Pull all. Worth house office building. Across the street from the capital on the side bear off I guess this would be what we did called the self. East front of the capitol across there you god like cannon house office building. They inferred. Joe Cannon at the end of the longworth house office building. Name first big speaker Nicholas longworth of Cincinnati who married. TR is eldest daughter Alice Leigh Roosevelt. And then you've got the newer building bow river building named for mr. Singh. Sam Rayburn of Texas. Lyndon Johnson's. Now back in the day. At any rate the longworth building. The first floor you walk in on. The floor is green it's a world. And the reason why my old committee meets their the Ways and Means Committee the committee with control alone it. The tax call. And emerald of course is green. So you had the gambling floors there. The city on this one. But maybe a point of nonpartisanship. Or bipartisanship. Again closed circuit du councilman Winston. I remember what reverend Jesse Jackson had to save. The color of economic empowerment. Is green. NA can be Democrats dollars. And Rory can be rope hopeful again. My main. But it can flew into Charlotte with the convention. In 20/20. And when the Charlotte Observer tells you know. That's when you should say yes coming up next hour. A battle over congress. Involving a congregations. So to speak JD for John news dog 1110993. Double BT. The lord brings the councils of the nations. Had nothing. He makes the plans of the peoples. Of no effect. The council of the lord. Stands forever. The plans of his heart. To all generations. Blessed is the nation. Whose god. Is the lord. Cartoon Hayworth for Hancock could recover in congressmen. And high point hated JD Hayworth infra red historic. Hall of famers John Hancock on news talk. 1110 and 993 WBT you just heard reverend Mark Harris. Promise her menu. I guess we get roughly call it this week here I didn't roughly adds it's contagious. This week. Three years ago. July 5 two when he fifteen. And Charlotte's first Baptist Church. Reverend Harris was quoting. Sold 331032. Well. It'll be interesting. Given the fact that. Mr. Harris is now politician Harris. And wants to move from speaking to a congregation at Charlotte first Baptist to representing a congressional district. Given the way things are going. Up. Just get ready because. It seems that opposition research consists. Of taking a look. And reverend Harris and his sermons. As eight master. And somehow Ole calling just about anything he says in do question. Or criticizing yet. Because apparently. The Democrats have decided if it is said from the pulpit. It is political dynamite. Why don't Mark Harris was talking about in that sermon. On July 5 three years ago was said. Was the mistaken impression. There has been propagated. About our nation's founders in fact. Let's listen to that reverend Harris. Tell us what concern demand why he took on the topic this time. Bet. The Seattle burden this morning because when you watch much of the so called historical programming. When you read many of the recent biographies or if you listen to lectures on most of our college and university campuses. And even in many of our high schools today you'll be confronted with claim after claim. That the founding fathers of this nation. We're simply wealthy slave owning sexually promiscuous alcoholics. Who got their ideas from the European enlightenment. You'll retold and master of those locations. That these men simply use religious jargon that was common among the people. And that these founders really didn't share their faith and if they did. Have a religious inclination. It best it was toward being years of that's what we're being control. You know what the pastor has a point. We have gotten such radical revisionism. Of American history and our founders and the kind of people they were. Net debt it's as if really you know what what is the fundamental sin of man. Trying to remake guide. In Lindsay image rather understanding where made in God's image. And so. Pastor Harris. Takes exception to the revisionist history they're. But wait now they lease candidate Mark Geragos nobody is the Republican nominee in the ninth congressional district where. The Democrat linked super pac American bridge. Diddle opposition research. I first reported Thursday by ABC news and the Charlotte disturb her god in on it. Yesterday. And dealt what what they decided to do what the Democrats in by the way. Just let me. Election on something here when opposition research. Is handed to newspaper reporters. Really to any journalist radio television newspapers. A complete package cubs that's why sometimes when you see these these TV Promos about. Larry deadline investigative reporter cutting through the beginning when it comes to politics. Larry deadline any kind of drew nothing he's being handed a packages stuff. 32 of course constructive story anyway he chooses to. And American bridge the Democrat opposition research bunch. There's going back to a sermon made in 2013. At Charlotte first Baptist by Mark Harris. And the way he could just store were offered the headline. And see congressional candidate. Suggested. Woman's career. Can interfere with the biblical. Rules. And Doug you know I've I couldn't find it on video I checked YouTube I couldn't find it. But then again being a former Republican member of congress it's not like the Democrat op research guys are gonna send it to me. So little sermon. I guess it was for Mother's Day in 2013. Pastor Harris talks about God's plan for biblical woman a woman who. And some barriers that have come in the modern world. Now the quotes pulled in the disturb verb. Have booked a few lips sees. A means to say a few things are left out. So uncool quote the ellipse sees as dot Doug Dodson you know there's a break in the fall it is clear. Going through either the disturb or or more likely the American bridge Democrat opposition hit job guys. Quoting now the first one dot dot dot is that we've had in our own culture a new supreme pursuit. There's a new supreme pursued from the traditional pursuit of being a wife a mother. In our culture today girls are taught from grade school dot dot dot. That what is most vulnerable in life is a career and her ultimate goal in life is simply to be able to grow up and be independent of anyone or any thing. But nobody has seemed asked the question mark thinks critically important to ask. Is that a healthy pursuit force society. Is that the healthiest pursued forward homes dot dot dot. Is there the healthiest pursuit for the sexes and our generation. Now this sets the stage. For the Charlotte disturb her to to go to the Democrat. Law already. The disturb or has decided come straight out of central casting he's just good to good to be true. He's a Democrat being served in the worrying news. A gun owning a Democrat he's so. We gotta get this guy in the congress. As a Democrat. And so Democrat bill McCrary. Dunbar. American breed age. Says that. The sermon reflects a one quote out of step. Quote as a Christian I believe that we're all created in God's image. That means men and women are equally valuable will be equally capable and should be treated as such in their homes careers and in society. Mr. Harris's comments. Suggest. Otherwise. Mr. McCready. I guess we expect this in the campaign but sir. In the vernacular of believers. In my opinion. You are burying a false witness. And when we come back. I'll explain why. I thought well. Citadel poor find Simoneau 112. Wives submit your cell Sunday your own consequences under the all the now there's a great misunderstanding. About that word submit. I've tried to do a little research on and ask my wife do a little bit what does that word submit mean it does not mean tool bag. It doesn't mean that the way this absolute the husband say yes sir every time he speaks this. Not a military turn. Nicole. It means just back. And my husband is the head on the home. Just as Jesus is the head of the church. 704570. Eleven dinners tool for many plays 18981110. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth in poor John Hancock. On new start eleven did in 993 WBT. The words from a sermon of the late doctor Billy Graham. And your call a couple of months ago we didn't make any difference your political party. It didn't make any difference you're cultural standing me. Every one mourned the passing me I'm Charlotte native Billy Graham. And of course they're all on Billy Graham's tombstone. Just one word under his name. Preach. Nell. Phil Graham. But what he was running for president didn't in. 1996. And again it was pretty interesting for me. Having been elected in 1994. To congress and coming through a spirited primary. It was kind of cool to see these guys who were senators. And governors. Are fighting the same way for the lead the Republican presidential nomination two years later. And so. Most of us from Arizona. We're all in for Phil Gramm and boy has so Bob Dole and he was fired up. I said should go if you win the nomination I'll be worth. But man scooter dole was not happy anyway. The reason I raise this is because Phil Gramm said I'm rooted for president. No ought to be a pastor. And yet within. The Republican rinks. There are those who have been Christian clergy. Who have gone on to be successful candidates. We think of Mike Huckabee longtime governor of Arkansas or even though he was not. Successful in his pursuit of the presidency. And closer to only North Carolina the road around the Greensboro. It's more walker. And now of course Mark Harris wants to get elected is the Republican nominee in the ninth circuit. But the Democrat hit job is that why he questioned the role of the on Mother's Day sermon. Pageant 23 team. Now as we wouldn't do the news break I talked about Democrat damn the creek. And tell his statement after the the Democrat. Oppo research guys do their job. On reverend Harris. Now if it's not only calling into question the theology but but again bin is pretty crafty it's. We give it a whole statements at least the part that was quoted by the Charlotte this server. Democrat did McCready. Horrible sorrow than anger with just a bit of scorn. Says our reverend Harris quote. As a Christian. I believe we're all created in God's image. That means men and women are equal to leave equally valuable would equally capable and should be treated as such in their homes careers and in society. Mr. Harris comments suggest otherwise. This is just another example go out of step mr. Harris is not just win this district. But we have this jury. Pool or poll. Will there you have it. IAA and I'm sure Democrat gimmickry would say if his Republican counter opponent and and and wounded but I'm not. Questioning his sincerity or his theology. I'm just wondering if it's meant for these modern times. In other words. Reverend Mark Harris may have been part of the clergy but really he's a crawl bad nine. He's dead beyond Neanderthal. He's out of step with the times. Lakota known as Christian Frieden. Just he's he's done that today. Will work fed Mother's Day sermon. More terrorists. Was dug. It's as if they knew that they were gonna be folks who are gonna take issue of what he had to say. According to Matt sermon there's no doubt I'm going to be misquoted. No doubt that I'm gonna be taken out of context no dealt bad people are going to twist what I sent. But I want to make this clear I'm not talking about what this means. I'm not talking about that this means. You are to be barefoot and pregnant this doesn't mean that you can't be a woman going to the office can't be a woman carrying a briefcase can't be a woman. Or doesn't mean you can't be a woman sitting at an executive board table. What it does mean. Is that you must understand you're core cooling. A sermon. And Charlotte's first Baptist Church backed up for Mother's Day or 2013. So my question to you. It just go to work I mean we always hear. From the Charlotte disturb or how quote regressive surely it is. And so this line of attack. Because. Mark Harris is a Christian conservative. Politically. We're gonna deal was so paleontology. We're word go back and say he may be a clergyman that rarely he's a cave man. And just ignore her. Christian teachings. For me Linehan is and it claim to Charlotte TN as the late great Billy Graham. Who are offered then observance from a who offered. His interpretation of what was said in Paul's letter to be Fijians about the role of men and women and marriage. Never mind the fact that Billy Graham qualified all of that. Didn't say it was like a president. Being a drill sergeant my paraphrase of the term. But but bad. Any Christian marriage the man is the head of the home as Christ his head in the church. CI now maybe I'm wrong and you can let me know office. But it seems to me. That if the Democrats. They're trying to have it both weights they're trying to lampoon. The Republican nominee reverend Harris. As being quote out of step. It. But by doing man. They run the risk of saying what do you do not criticizing reverend Harris. You're you're jumping ugly on his faith. And is that dangerous ground for the Democrats remember what happened. Hey dad who Democratic Convention in Charlotte. That a resolution about Israel and the bullying started. Leading some critics to save it Democrats are booing dog. 7045701121809211. Jen your thoughts coming up Hayworth for Hancock's Cheney for children. Whose dog 1110993. WBT's. So Paul is speaking to presume it's sticking to the rest of the world. He's talking about Christian marriage. And the Bible Barnes and if you don't Marion the ball if you have the wrong husband of the wrong why. And then not believe us when you marry them you may know making a mistake. There are. Derek in the dump those cheating for John. Hayworth for Hancock new stores eleven did in 993 WBT before we ended great guitar riff. You heard the late great reverend doctor Billy Graham. Again. With. Some thoughts. Based on Paul's letter to the church at her post at closest. Easy for you Hussein. But we call the free Asians. And the notion of being as it may mean in Christian terms equally yoke. Billy Graham was making the point that polls later dealt with Christians marrying Christians not told about the rest of the world. And I think it's kind of interesting because obviously doctor Graham never ran for political office he offered. Council too many presidents regardless of political party. And we remembered that. And held it dare I say Ian references we celebrated doctor Graham's earthly life which ended just couple months ago. Name's Charlotte TN a man who made a difference in the world. But of course he never ran for political office now. Reverend Mark Harris is running he is the Republican nominee. In the ninth congressional district. And so the Democrats are going back through to look at his sermons and trying to say. Well they're just trying to be careful. Trying to save me. Well this this is really about belief. It's about dome. Having them. Having a sense of the time it's. You know wasn't so long to build that the debate used to be Pardo blob of advertising. The Democrats are hitting march Arizona sermon he gave I believe Mother's Day when he thirteen. About the role of women. The the pastor specifically said look I'm gonna be misquoted on this I'm not talking about women staying barefoot pregnant. It's trying to be a woman carrying a briefcase it's fine to be a woman sitting at a board room but. What about as good pastor turned did. Your core cooling. Used to be it was fairly much accepted the goal of many. Women. Just his men hoped to be husband and folders. Women hope to be wives and mothers not everybody. But to suggest otherwise I think his. Is king about her bid to well I guess she got to find win every candidate campaign mess with the Democrats are trying to do to Mark Harris. But doctor Graham going back to what he had to say in. About the role of men and women. And marriage and family and all of that when he was talking about people being equally you know he was pointing out to Christians. You may have trouble. If you marry someone who's not a believer. You may have trouble if you marry someone of a different place now there were no headlines saying. Billy Graham opposes that are facing marriage. But Eddie ever run for office I guess you would have seen those headlines here's the curious. And I think the Arab. One of the great things about the United States. It is enshrined in the constitution. If memory serves I believe it is article six. There shall be no religious test. For the holding of a public officer a public trust. In the United States. See our founders really fought for freedom. On religion freedom of faith. What that did not mean. As the same reverend Mark Harris pointed out in his sermon. Did gain after Independence Day three years ago it did not mean. That these founders spurned their own faith. It did not mean that somehow all. We would take 821. Century. Revisionist. Approach. To the founders. And claim well most of armor DS and most of a more promiscuous and about a jump aboard drunks. Out. Mark Harris who's making the point. There any free society. Believers helped fashion this free society even as the constitution and 1787. Made it clear. That there would be the ultimate religious freedom you're free to believe what you choose to believe according to the dictates of your own conscience. Even if you choose not to worship god at all. Our founders said bear shall be no religious test so it sets up. A curious situation here. Are the Democrats saying. Because Mark Harris was a clergyman. He should be a congressman bad bed because. He speaks on Christian matters and did so shepherding the leading a church a major church like first Baptist of Charlotte. Somehow that should dead should disqualify him from office again. They're being very clever with this whole thing. Any and you might remember when the Democrats had their convention and the booms started. Let's be 00 asks. No I'd be doubled OZ. The they can't Coles the boom started when bad when bad. Proposition resolution was brought forward about support of Israel. Here came Democrat. Ted Strickland downed the microphone. Porsche Megyn Biggs is an ordained pastor is former member of congress as Jennifer governor I stand behind this you don't always trying to set up. The credentials of faith. And he got the same thing in Dan McCready statement attacking. Mark Harris. As a Christian I believe world created in God's image. So I I guess the question becomes are the Democrats gonna be able to have it both ways we know on the pages. I'm the Charlotte disturb or bad is the case. But in the campaign where it counts when people are gonna go in and vote the first Tuesday following the first Monday. In November of this year in the mid term election. Is this going to be something medal ex Democrat Dan recruiting. Are the people below the ninth congressional district which goes far BR in Charlotte on down east. Where my most people came brought. Now nearby cedar creek in Fayetteville all those areas. I got to say hole a cotton picking minute we don't we don't need this kind of rejection of faith. Your thoughts on merit are welcome. Dole free from any place 809281110. Or in Charlotte and vicinity Seminole. Or 57. Hole 1110 and coming up a former Charlotte city councilman. And yours truly well we might agree on the wolfpack and that's about your approach to July 4. It's Cheney for John Hayworth for handgun a new start eleven did in 993 WBD. Tony can read from anywhere from 1809281110. Or in Charlotte and vicinity it's 7045701110. So the topic at hand. We have. People from different walks of life who run for public office. But it appears that the tech line for the Democrats against reverend Mark Harris is going to be the fact. Many he's a pastor. Who offered sermons they can be taken out of context. And it leads to a discussion of marriage and family in the role of different people. In society. And the criticism is not so much stated to. Well he's the Democrats are stepping carefully. It's not it. Her parents is a conservative Christian and it said he's conservative he's out of step of the times. Is go to war. Let's go to guess guess story. Where Steve is standing by Steve welcome to WBT. Like the tiger McCollum wall really formal comment on what. You cited Gillibrand said about irons. But when they do read our current effort that Barbara ornate supper. Really no great you have Merck and standard. Addition. And the nightmare about merit and that hole let the real where are he you can turn the ball or Berkeley or senator Murray are. I think something good Murray. Okay we'll continue to you quoted to us why it was a silly. They're they're it's you travel wise. Keeper. You you don't have a warrant so early walk. But you really have the results after the work that. Sure because they anyway and then the valid point of this Steven in new in addition to encouraging their soul. To a study the word of god the lead the other valuable point in his. Then you have to consider all of scripture and let people can disagree about the different interpretations. You spoke of the particular. Translation that you think is most effective in conveying the message. This question I'm hitting at this afternoon is real quoting a pastor's sermons out of context. You old political gold. For those who criticized the the pastor turned candidate. Do you think gets going. Most certainly they call it but mandatory that the more or not. Fear a mammoth. And what ever papal buying. That value oral. Are there any sign it or not. All right Steve I'm grateful for the cold. And the scriptural citations. Anyway we know the world is going to change. I mean you see even though even though I guess it's Solomon bright and queasy ask you who points out there's really nothing new. Under the sun. Arguments end. And sentiments and the proclivities of mania. Never really change say they run in cycles. So to that degree they're sick they're sick with Cole is the term. And yet Christian believers. So right. The observation. From the new testament Jesus Christ. The same yesterday today. And forever. And Steve says look give it a pastors using the word of god well the world is gonna come up against him and. Now earlier I told you that in his race for president Phil Graham said I'm running for president not for pastor. Didn't work foreign. Pick on film. When he was trying to war I'm. Not spurn people of faith but decoy but to say look. I'd bet it's not my central mission. Okay next hour the the current commander in chief who enjoys a great deal of support. For Christian conservatives. Has a so what it reverent approach. To public policy in general. And don't we will have. We will take Dan up you know it's fascinating and next hour we're gonna hear the president. Is from last night's rally your technically given the time difference yesterday's. Afternoon. Rally in Montana but right now more on this topic. To Charlotte ears to race on WBT. I get after paying to recent. A bit stop but it got there about what about separation of church and thank. Blatantly did. Nat Edgar negotiator pastor are irrelevant. Well thank you and you mean because he's a pastor for forget about what he does they shouldn't be attacking him over God's word or what. Yeah I tapping it irrelevant because what if we look at what they talk about a what they believe and what they are on their FaceBook page. When it comes into. Republican National Convention. You know two point sure they dared to you know there are. There are discussions I can happen apart from someone's spiritual beliefs but it seems like they're trying to damage both ways which shouldn't surprise us. In politics Teresa you raise a whole notion of separation of church and state it's important to point out. Because some people may be surprised about this nowhere does that phrase appear in the constitution. It appears no litter. That Thomas Jefferson has spurred as the third prison the United States wrote the Danbury baptists. This even back then word does the suspicions were about. President Jefferson that he was. Data so afraid the government was gonna come in and get their bibles. Because they were concerned about mr. Jefferson. That they actually bury. It hit religious artifacts and that's even before television or radio or the Internet. So the Danbury baptists sent a letter to Thomas Jefferson. And he sought to leave your fears and he talked about separation of church and state. We did not see that phrase again and utilized in American history till if memory serves I believe it was 1948. We injustice Hugo black. Was dealing with a question about. About via a bus line somewhere her. And a parochial school using it and there were questions. When mr. justice black. Being a from Alabama I believe there are questions on segregation so anyway that's win suddenly. There was a new reading of quote separation of church and state which has been re interpreted it. Starting in the last half of the twentieth century right on through today by the secularist is saying all you can't discuss your faith. Poll there there's no place in the marketplace. To the point where. Organized prayer has been thrown out of public schools. Just some to think about. When we come back horror reverend commander in chief who's been pretty successful and I'll finally get to my point of disagreement. With a former Charlotte City Council route. Who at least is a fellow wolfpack. It's JD for John Hayworth for Hancock new start 1110993. WBT. That is they always want me to apologize for saying it let's say I'm debating Pocahontas right. I promise I'll do this. I will take you know those little kids they solid television for two dollars and which. We all take that out chip and say what we have to do it gently. Because we're in the meet two generations went to be very gentle. Well very gently take that gift and we will slowly toss it hoping it does. Hitter and injured her arm. Is the final hour. Why they're coming up on five minutes past five. Lifetime. And Nolan is obviously is now. They historical hall of Famer John Hancock is still recovering congressman tonight we native JD Hayworth. So happy to be back with you on news talk 1110 and 993. W BT now earlier. In the WBT newsroom of course Deborah Tobin fill this in all of the president preparing to make his trip. I'd to the United Kingdom. And then following bad it's a little sit down with. But where the president seems to enjoy himself the most. Is going to these relics. And since the mid terms are upon us the president is going out to I had to campaign in states. Where they are are Democrats up for reelection but. He'd president trump Kerry substantially. You know 2016. And Jason Boyd big sky country Montana. And so the president was Bayern. Are weighing in against Democrat incumbent Jon Tester. I was kind of curious what what won the seat protester. I guess his first go round was 2006. If memory serves so this is. I guess his second reelect he and it makes interest when he Tino and in 2006. When Jon Tester was taken on my old pal the late great Conrad burdens. Via a broadcaster and former radio station owners memory serves. Connie as we called him Connie ended up losing that Greece because of same day registration. In Montana. As I heard my pals who work in a campaign. There were huge beer busts that is to say beer parties. At the University of Montana Montana state and oh yeah. There was also instant registrations so get the college kids out. GeMS some liquid sunshine and then sign it would devote. And that's what folks told me happened back window Jon Tester won the seat so far is to say tester has problems this stuff. Because president trump. Carried Montana by what sub like forty points. And Jon Tester has taken some votes that they haven't worked out but really what he had just heard. Was Donald Trump going after. Massachusetts senator. Elizabeth Warren. Hammond a whole lot of fun with that. And don't rush always talking about this this afternoon if you heard him earlier today your WBT. Panels so many pun debts of the leftist persuasion. We're taking great umbrage. And Howell president troop. In coal in. Senator Warren Pocahontas was was trying to bully her was trying to be sexist. And rush obeyed the altogether reasonable point no there wasn't. He was having fun with identity politics. Because don't forget. It was Liz Warren. Who talked about her high cheekbones and talked about how she heard it then her family had native American Heritage how she used to it. Earlier in her career. Four iron for helping gaining as good a job as a law school faculty member I believe this even happened. At Harvard. And so the president has a little four. And the the interesting thing years. Yet now they have a prompter setup for president trot. And it's not so much the prepared text it's it's win he believes the text. To go on her breath. And that's what he was doing told him about politics into when he eighteen. The election Betty olds Jon Tester losers. In 2018. And the presidential election. That Donald John trump wants to win in twenty toy. So bad day he can remain in office as he told the crowd Montana for seven more years for two terms. And the president thinks I don't blame it's pretty good chance they lose with Warren will be his opponent. Any sense of that crowd last night look I don't or give way to play bug but a La OK I'm gonna just to hear him say. We'll get there. Will do that test. Bed DNA test and see if there's if there's any. Any strands of DNA need to save them Elizabeth Warren is a native America. But Donald tried. This is the thing that's fascinating about who would you gotta. Stated as a recovering congressman as a guy who has a conservative Republican who's a fairly big guy and I know it's hard to believe somewhat outspoken. The number of consultants who would say oh no now. You have to do when it's my own. And be very very comb. In fact be he's hearing hearing me. The cost if you didn't people who didn't call you bullied and guess what they did anyway. And eventually. And lead the the Arizona. Idea of a major newspaper. The Arizona Republic which I did name the Arizona repugnant. Came after me calling me a bully in 2006. I was a bully and I lost to Seton Cox all according to script. And that's another story for another day but but what I find. I gotta tell you refreshing and I'm a little envious. I get a kick out of the way president trump. Tears up the script ignores the advice of the consultants and just says what's on his mom. And the the very interesting thing about bad news. And when he initially got the campaign I thought well it must be incredibly free need to be a billionaire. But you know there there were poorer economic. Affects. Horrible economic effects to. Mr. Trump's businesses when he first started running it was so outspoken. Any given Charlotte native someone who used to often guest with me back in my previous broadcast. Incarnation that did news next TV Charlotte's own DC McAllister who initially was a Ted Cruz supporter if memory serves. DC was on Newsnight Stevie was we want spotted diamond should sit right here here's the thing about trump. He's like the. The computer hacker. Who comes over to the good side. Who turns to work for the good guys instead of hacking computers for the bad guys. He's had the experience. But now he's gonna put it to work for good things and met in no regulates. DC McAllister told me that's really. Donald troops plays on death hit his old deal is. They get used to give money all the politicians Republicans and Democrats and he was a big businessman and billionaire. But where he won favor with the voters he said look I'm tired of that so where you it's time for something different. And so far something different. Is working pretty well. My question for you was a simple one. Can he keep it up. Don't free from any place 1809281110. Before in Charlotte then vicinity. 7045701110. Is that true love. Op approach but her main invoke will continue to be successful we'll talk about bad. Forty minutes fastball. Recovery comes. TV viewers view for John Hancock NeuStar 1110993. WBT. So the president in Montana. I yesterday. Afternoon and mountain time. For a big throw down a big rally. I'm for the upcoming midterm campaign and he talked about. Elizabeth Warren and the whole Pocahontas thing. And what I neglected to mention earlier. And he did here in the audio we played earlier this hour the president. In addition in his two saying hey you know senator Warren taken DNA test. If I'm wrong and you're right senator a million bucks out of my pocket. Parents are being a billionaire that's kind of the fleeing the liberating. Aspects have a whole lot of money. Caucus. The president didn't get make those kind of tailored you know that you lose you go endured and a look at I'm wrong and you're right here's a million bucks. So. Those those unscripted groups. Are what makes the and those rallies so entertaining and a final hour on Friday you know just. So good to talk about. That there I think. Offers a very interesting insight into the popularity of the 45 president. He has been a disrupt. He is not a guy who comes in as a poet he is not a guy who tries to deal with those sweeping new. Rhetorical flourish. He's like. Like a guy go one out. To a construction site in Queens. And that's okay. The American people wore a day. It didn't hurt the fact that he. Was the story of the princess. And it would close to a decade and a half of top tin. Readings. For every year that showed it kinda helped you duke people saw that civil here's a guy who understands business and hold people accountable. So the president is disruptive. I think in a good way. But to the Washington establishment. To those who are used to soaring rhetoric. This this just does not compute. And it's something that the American people in the viewer of the elitist should not have to put up now what are we elder. Subjects the president brought up. In his stump speech slash. Riff. Was was the trip he's taken to hear. Not so much going to the United Kingdom but later sitting down with Vladimir Putin. Any says poll years from the pundits although president would not be prepared all we will be will not be. In a situation where he can do the job. Should forget about I'm going to be plenty prepared he said folks. I've been preparing for this my entire life. And that particular admonition had me thinking Barack. To studying some of the political history of Donald Trump searches of the news. And one of his big early boosters was Richard M Nixon. Nixon saw trump I don't know who was Oprah or so but he just said man you're great and there's correspondence that exist. From the time obviously. And President Nixon is going on as has his wife who preceded him in death but the I was telling pat about this and she's only had thought it was dynamite were still an effect and it's interesting to think about other. Presidential. Gosh I guess I should say the the kind of benefactors. For example for LBJ FDR was her due explain. You know all our young Slobodan boy like a Lyndon goodwill and debris president. And it turned out. Of course it came about sadly through an assassin's bullet. Aimed at John F. Kennedy and yet the Lyndon Johnson did become president. Other FTR a very curious thing went on Grover Cleveland. Saw FDR as a young boy and went up to women. Put his hand on his head the story goes and says young man I am very peculiar wish for you. And why put Q your wishes that you'd never become president of the United States. Oh sure there were never troopers and their open here. And sure Brandon noble people Barack Obama CIA director was on MSNBC yesterday. Decrying what he calls. Donald Trump's lack of sophistication listen to this. But I must tell you the Russians who feigned sincerity better than anyone I've ever dealt with in my life. And so that be very careful about being swept in and I think. Mr. trump is is not sophisticated enough unfortunately to deal with these foreign leaders in a manner that is going to protect US can't security interest I think he's not even musicians. He's not even knows issues John Brennan. You're the guy who voted for the Communist Gus hole for president in 1976. And you're telling us a Donald Trump does not sophisticated and. The Russians can feigned sincerity well you supported a guy who has lost goes candidate for crying out well. Did sell a radical and out of touch you are John Brennan. But you know it's interesting because given the criticism of president trump for his lack of sophistication. And given the fact that John Brennan worked for President Obama. I'll take you back to a moment in 2012. In new American Russian relationship since President Obama. Held going Russian president bed good. Indian river Mississippi you think this is sophisticated. The last election yeah best of my life. So so they're supposed to general bonuses as my last election after this year until Vladimir all have bought all have more. It I'll be easier to deal with him as I have more. Wiggle room if you will that sophisticated. And. That's sophisticated hey I don't need that kind of sophistication. OJ Donald Trump any day. Your thoughts on the disruptive. Commander in chief and his split the sophistication as opposed to his sophisticated predecessor. Period goal dole Freeman anyplace 1809281110. Poor little old goalie Charlotte facility 7045701110. Coming up and feel is on July 4 no this past eyes the nose is straight ahead JD for John Hayworth for Hancock. New start eleven game in 1990. PT. This summer. You're talking about a 10993. WVG JV for John Hayworth for Hancock. Taking your calls talking about the disrupt during cheap. The 45 president Donald Trump who heads overseas. Next week. And you head. A former CIA direct guru as a younger voter voted for my Communist. This poll for president in 1976. Telling the crowd watching MSNBC that president drew bends and lack of sophistication. 70457011. Jim let's start in Charlotte Ramo welcome to WBT. Thanks for taking my call you haven't got comment far and then got trampled became a billionaire. And he lacked sophistication. And look at brand and he need to be in this glamour. What does making comedy some MM MM that's been the ham as and BC. And can make one more comment should. While the other big news venue of the the majority party ever gonna stand up or anybody. There all of it hiding and they don't minority party has taken older whenever they say rules. I'm content of these the majority party I mean these bugs. I'm not doing any. Yeah I'm O Rama I'll say as they recovering member of congress who was a Republican. One of my colleagues told my wife when I was no longer there they said man it's horrible but I am JD here cause he doesn't fight nobody's they're fighting. For what we believe in what happens is Republicans get there and they get beat up. And they don't want the grief and so they just tried to slink back in the other thing his. Well if you're gonna step up help this president there's another sober kid sadly for Republicans. Given to the parties years a go the stupid party. And I can't believe there is anything more stupid. Then pull ride and trying to double cross Donald Trump or an amnesty he did it and Ryan should resign as speaker right now. Rub on thanks for the call. Now to Dallas North Carolina that is that's where bodies on the line Bobby. I NN dot who work at lobbying him Obama and his apologetic toward. All I went to and would get an eight billion they would outlawed. Which has even more Granger. You know our knowledge and then Russia every part of happened. Yeah I was told deal with payroll and remember how crazy that was. Gonna nuclear weapons but remember there was like there was like neon. One of those pellets she had been warehoused and it was filled with a whole different forms of currency. Took pay off story running in regime. That's supposed to be sophisticated. Yeah. No I I'll but it would the Russians and he. I've been a path that Tinto climbing here in the hot Mike and all the other. Apologetic or he did an Arab country. A lot more or the great if record. And you know maybe. I thought. Elk herd. That realignment and appear. Yep that red line got a race pretty quickly and its so called Arab Spring new. Turned out to be a full spring and created a whole lot of problems. We're very dangerous region you and I called the Middle East Bobby. I do appreciate your coal and hope you call again. ID couple other things I wanna get to the data we can talk more about president trump as smooth as the disrupt or in chief. If you wanna do that but I've been promising all day. Because taking a look at the observer. And door disturbed. I saw something written by contributing columnist. Billy mad now Billy like yours truly is an NC state guy and that's probably about the only thing we agree. But Billy wrote a firmly clover. Column. On independence eve if you will on July 3 or 4 July 4 in the disturb or they headline. To order 42 years later America has some unfulfilled. Promises. And really sets it up by saying the declaration of independence is an aspiration old documents and other words. It's it soon itself promises. Okay well I think it was a document asserting our independence. The constitution. Is something that's more the desperation all its operational. And we should follow their bit but let me stick with a theme. I love all of the declaration of independence and let's follow along with some of believe Madeleine is guest column. Are there in the Charlotte disturb recording now. We make all kinds of promises individually and collectively mini we don't keep. We promise to love our spouse until death and always be faithful we promise ourselves we'll lose weight and stay sober. We promise our children that will always be there to protect them. As a nation. We promise each other equal protection under the law in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We promised the world in big bold letters that we are quote. The mother of exiles. Close quote. I read there at the end there. Billy using my research abilities. Gleaned and perfected at North Carolina State our alma mater. I wouldn't checked a couple of things. The expression mother of exiles. Comes from Emma Lazarus and her pull her poor am. That appears. On the base of the statue of liberty almost as an afterthought. Kind of out of the way. Here's the deal. We end the group of liberals mad means people who are not on the left of the political spectrum. But people who embraced. The notion of intellectual. And political freedom the people in Paris. Who got the idea. To send the statue of liberty to the United States. They were looking for a way. To talk about individual rights freedom of -- over expression dare I say. Small or republicanism. According to a bad story with the American history guys. The notion that all of the statue of liberty was it would be a gift from French citizens to the United States representing our friendship. The expansion of liberties in both countries and the whole world peace. But one thing it would not represented. Was immigration. Says Peter scary or political scientist at Boston College quote. The notion of the United States has a refuge or goal for migrants. Wasn't part of what the French liberals had in mind at all. In fact gold to. The speech the dedication speech. Given by prominent. Republican and attorney. Chance seed appeal partly Chauncey do pew. In 1884. Here is what Chauncey to pew would later become a senator from New York had to say. Quote there is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions. And need in our development. But those who come to disturb our peace and just roll all or more rose. Are aliens and families forever. Over three years after the dedication. In the Atlantic monthly. Publication. Now considered leftist. There was a pull him about the statue of liberty in titled quote unguarded gates here is that virtually. While save the poetry for him. Because I didn't hear the views and cuddled up. The poetry. That is decidedly. Not in favor of open borders and was not the letter written by Emma Lazarus and dare I say it was the original intent. Find the statue of Liberty's. That is coming up plus more your goals and 704571110. Or 18092811. Did. It's JD for John Hayworth for Hancock. No man we are headed down the homestretch ten minutes till six. Cheney for Julian and still deliver. 0993 double BT. Talking about strange clues as. Mark Garrison who will talk about it next hour Ed did. A strange opinion below really I just couldn't take issue well I take strong issue. With Billy Madeleine speed so in the two Sternberg. On the eve of Independence Day. I he was writing that. 242 years later America has some unfulfilled promises. And then the real thing that caught my I was he said we promise the world in big bold letters that we are the mother of exiles. Now that old term comes from Emma Lazarus and her pull him. That leftist an open open borders tides quotas if it's ball as good as part of the constitution. Now before the break I was pointing out. That even in the dedication speech are the statue of liberty first of all the French. Stupid thing to US had no notion about this being about bringing in immigrants it was to celebrate small all our republicanism. Where the law prevails. Chauncey debut later became a United States senators said. There is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and even our development. But those who come to disturb our peace and thrown on our laws are aliens and enemies forever. And then I was given wound up but we've heard to pause for headlines. He had learned month. To date considered eighty leftist tollbooth. Had a riddle poor camera three years after the dedication. Of the statue of liberty. Entitled. Under guarded the gates. Only liberty white goddess is a will to leave the gates unguarded. On by breast fold soro's children. She moved the hurts of fate. Lift the downtrodden but whip hand of steal all. Stayed those who to the sacred portals. Whom to waste. The gifts. Of freedom. Now offer such opinions original intent. Of it was not the intent to make the statue of liberty like some sort of billboard. Through immigration and again let's pause to make this point. Wind we speak of immigration. It is eighty wall full. People who come here illegally are not migrants they are not. Undocumented immigrants they are lawbreakers. They all are illegal. Aliens. That may strike a discordant notes. With those who want to use language in such a way. As to influence arguments by deliberately distorting the teams. Prior euphemism. Which brings me back. To the column. By fellow wolfpack her fellow American though. Probably ideological opponent. Billy Maryland. In the Charlotte disturb. Let's see hear him on down toward the end of his column Billy writes. I suspect the Supreme Court drama about to unfold will ultimately reveal. If America is still willing to keep promises. Reproductive. Freedom and marriage equality. Voting rights. And racial and gender equity. Are all stool unfulfilled. Commitments. Time now Billy let's translate reproductive freedom. I means abortion on demand. Marriage equality. That means same sex marriage. Voting rights early voting rights it means. Not having to prove you are who you say you're with a ninety. Racial and gender equity will gender equity. Are dealing was civil rights you're dealing with something entirely different. Equal access to bathrooms metal lock on the door room. I somehow I don't think that was one of the aspiration no promises. In the declaration of Independence Day. I could be wrong. And though since my respectful critique. A fellow wolf packer Billy Marilyn's column for earlier this week in the disturbed before we go. From the fruits and nuts wow. See this. The scare headline in the UK's Daily Mail. But nanos are on the brink of extinction. As devastating tropical disease. Spreads across crops worldwide. It turns out that the banana though we in jewel he is known as the Cavendish but I'm. But apparently in Asia Africa. The Middle East. And Australia. And any impact in Central America. There's a disease is. A fungus that I believe is called. The Panama. Fungus. So the concern is that the bananas we enjoy will be wiped out inter the man again NASCAR bedroom. Which is kinda nasty and has seeds but they think they can cross pollinated. And save the finance. And finally that was. That was the fruits part of the file now for the ducks who. Skirted goes back to that spot why do you think they call it dope. What do you think they call him notes. Simply want to read this do you eating nuts could boost a man's fertility. According to a study. Scientists believe regularly eating notes could significantly improve book won't Williamsburg. And how best. And reproductive. Cells function. Good science. From Newsweek. As Jack Parr said back in the day I kid you not to. You're about royals baseball back to Maine Kansas City brought to you by guys notes. Honestly that was the sponsor. I'm not gonna pursue that topic any further. Ford John Hancock JD Hayworth apparently Friday stayed braves stay free stay tuned for.