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Friday, July 20th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing alliance. Saturation there aren't too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battles. Loony left and when Donald Trump says that the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rather find the real pill. I answer your question because. Opening statement which is how horrible it is. The Donald Trump no talk none of the hustle and I'm I'm I'm yeah. Yeah let me you know you try I'll hit it initially Intel. I can't be here any apple murdering the children of Americans are you know what's hot what's my car when the president well united Sanctuary. City you'll. Took piano I have a lot of people out. We we'd but I didn't. The Vince Coakley show on this Friday width the abrupt inundating you. I'm a segment yesterday from AB CTV's. The view or. Judge Janine Piero who has written a new book what. What is the title as they weeks liars who liberals. I would have a friendly amendment for judge Eugene rather than liberals I think a leftists. Works because they classically. Liberal. Point of view is one. That embraces freedom including freedom of speech and discussion but anyway oh by the way you hear this voice. And you say well what it meant that's not advance Knoll. For you this voice could be hauntingly familiar. Because from time to time by get damn this radio homecoming. Not only on WBT Charlotte but also WORD. In the upstate of South Carolina. And I have this middle image on my pals in Greenville Spartanburg. And its environs. Saying wait a bit Ameritech guy used to sports' own channel four. General for him. Filled your quota fed ugly guys they gave him again. Well yes that was longer go but not so for a way. It is the recovering congressman JD Hayworth in for Vince Coakley on this Friday a and the the view yesterday he served as the catalyst for what I wanna talk about but first if you couldn't tell. With the with the give and take. Judge Janine had taken strong exception to Whoopi Goldberg and do what these in my opinion. Demonization. Of Donald Trump as president of the United States now what you might not have heard toward the end. Is when will resist thank you I don't mind. And so there was an abrupt end to judge Jimmy in the and her appearance on the view she later elaborated. On a nationally syndicated radio program. Here is what judge Janine. Said that what we said to her. Off the. Or else they are are and I said something like won't be I bought for victims Bible why edge she came back. They is I would think. She said at you it might based literally. Yet they eat and you get the amp odd that this bill for an actor Kirk Kirk her arm got. That that widespread that they are on at their milk or a quick group get the eight. I walked out of the building like a go walker was fair or not. I'm sorry don't laugh. But I was trying to think that for this family show embracing family values. As we do. We and I judge Janine says Whoopi was using the F word. How can I state this word. Another word that begins within families. Well let me say this way she was using a term they it was not the four letter word fine now. OK. And I believe that they are you can use your imagination no reason for me to grow more provocative he. But but has been going on a lot lately this. The fancy way to say this lamps in two home premium. The more colloquial way to save people talk and birdied it each other and cuss at each other out there is just got to be nuts. And what prompted this in addition to yesterday's dust up on the view. Far from the roar of the grease paint the smell of the crowd. You are not so humble guest house. Was engaged in in social. Message. And who popped up but someone I had no holy in broadcasting the long a goal and for a way. How long to go well from bad to my college days in first gay dude in Raleigh. Okay. And I got this note and I thought it would be a pleasant remembered sketching out on this broadcast her and her family. Instead what she started by saying you know. JD. We don't agree on things. But I knew you went to congress I knew you served in congress and an par was nice. But then she takes off on a screen against president trump. You know I know this happens in conversation we just heard it on the view but as she was typing I could tell she was growing more and more agitated. And by the end of the time I rotor back and I'm not gonna mention her name because some. Ironically I'll I'll give this away she she is a newscaster. I am radio newscaster back in the day and I just said well blinked. This might sound crazy coming from an old politician but. Everything has to be about politics. And apparently bad major even more angry because she'd just. She said sorry. And never going to be friends and went well okay. And done I. I guess the term would be I was non plus two. To grow our word power on this little confounded by that knowledge said the just kind of don't found. At the reaction. Now just show you bad judge Janine is in good company I wanna take you back a couple years ago. Back when I was still on news Max TV I was asked to come on shortly and reads a week did show. On MSNBC make up stuff never believe conservatives. I did I tell you what the no warmer color begins to bring let me set this up for. What I find to be the case. Call it cheat these helpful hints for conservatives. Are appearing on hostile cable networks. And and here is my thought. Always have an answer. And to the greatest degree possible. Remain unfailingly. Polite to. No it doesn't always happen this way and I have been behind this microphone and I've had some heated conversations that I understand that. As human beings from time to time we. We get that way. But don't following the break also all up. Joy and Reid who we sense of discovered as soon soon discovered go back in the day posting things hostile. To some members of the progressive community but MSNBC. Standing by here. Allowing her to continue her work here. And of course I joke that. MSNBC as I said a second goal of the acronym stands were make up stuff they've never believed conservatives. So when we come back you're not so humbled gas stoves. Experiencing the same fate as judge Joseph being in but for me it was on MSNBC. And go me. Little bit different and all and your calls coming up. Hopefully many police 1809281110. Or in Charlotte subtle were 5711 did. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. The interlude. Picker. By its side G eighty prevents. That shorthand. Other recovering congressman JD Hayworth. For the esteemed Vince Coakley. On this Friday and then we welcome your cools. Ed 1809. To 1110. Or settled for 5701110. Than what we called back in the day. Metro line. That would be Charlotte. And vicinity now OR I was sitting up before the break in it's been the buzz around it kinda does stop. Maybe dust up is too mild a term for what went oil and with. With Whoopi Goldberg and judge Geneen hero yesterday on the view. They brought to mind a kind of how stole. Social media contact I had with an old friend. For my college in early word days inn in Raleigh and it was not a conversation per say it was kind of texting back and worth. And this lady the more she started texting startup polite and I was even talking politics. And then by the end she's she's. Quoting chapter and verse of this imaginary Russian collusion thing. Admission closes we could be prince ball INI and offered the advice you know not everything has to be about politics. No not everything has to be about politics but. When you're not so humble guest host was was invited. All enjoy it reads our program old Joseph. A couple of years of dole on MSNBC. Actually I guess it was in February of 2070. I it was a crazy time. And I really angered a day because you know the dynamic he is. The MSNBC equation is bring in three leftists. And a sacrificial. Conservative. And I don't know if they did what states but but I do not go gently into that. Situation always polite but I always had an answer. And joy you read Enders side kicks and they did not like my answers. Edged sword question came up then let me see mom got this right I know that Rosie Perez as you remember her the and another Hispanic broadcaster. A lady was on. And does the conversation came up dead. Some Latino members of congress were claiming they were denied access to a meeting. Well first of all. The story was a bit specious to begin. And so I coal bed into question. And then I was trying to make a point how the left always. Tries to play victim hood. And usually it's about race and or ethnicity. So joy or read says to me you know congressman. Doesn't trouble you. I mean you're old colleague Luis Gutierrez said that this happened. Here is the way I answered and the ensuing news. Action if you will. This is Rome February 18 2017. And you're not so humble guest host. On joy it reads MSNBC. Scurried around I mean show this. I don't believe that narrative is exactly the case I think there's probably an important it was and I understand how well tell you won't take it out but we'll take it out of the ethnicity. Although that's tough when you take a look at the stunt that Elizabeth Warren pooled and we know that eluded authorities claim that any American Indian Wells. Boy into chino and running order in any year setup but there are class learning who you talk about your. No wrong min. But twice now you've answered questions with non supporters that have some sort of an ethnic speaks to them now you've gone after Elizabeth Lawrence native American Heritage is a complete nonsense that's why I think we're done with the champ is not because if you you literally can answer most everything incredibly offensive things. I'm a liberal didn't read part of mysterious Santa remain here and with no you know god bless you all what are. So when an odd exchange. It was not joy because you didn't want me to answer the question. And done all held dear conservative point out via. I'm sorry to say this week the gimmick of ethnicity. The notion that plays the ethnic card now. Because we can we complete victim I I should point out. That the third leftist but Rihanna and also. Said earlier in the show she accused me of of being a benefactor were a white privilege which is why. I made the crack about oh that's right I'm nothing but a a guy. Who is a ain't privileged white man or whatever it is I said their but but the deal was. I try to be. Polite to. I even similar. You might tick me off maybe dead god bless you sorry you can't have a discussion. And rather than being the shell to escape it made them even angrier. So the question becomes if if this particular media what some would argue the first interactive social medium. Talk radio if if we can't. Agreed to disagree. If we're now moving into a phase where every one and is shouted down. I. Worst the discussion I mean isn't always going to be now. We're conservative comes out and the left stands up and shouts to silent the conservative. Or worse. They start claiming new crimes have been committed. When the charges or edit or a bad bad. Scurrilous term the T word treason has no basis in fact or more importantly in Lowell. Now wait back when Jimmy Carter was president of the United States. He had a media advisor. By the name of general reaction on that. And though this did not begin anew with mr. Rashtchy who made it. It's something bad I'm cool coal via. Rationed food rule. And it is simply this. Perception. Out way these reality. And die at the time. It was as if Washington had never heard that terror but look at it is a staple of politics and I guess we just give rationed the credit he says senate. As part of the Carter thing and I guess that's why Jimmy Carter went for being a blue Jean wearing me. Southern conservative. Governor to 88 president. Who was regarded as one knew was well. Mela draw light in the job I'm I'm trying to be civil he. But my question for you this morning is yes. We can all get passionate about things we get a low blow a gasket from time to time. What are you now prepared to reclaim. The complete death of civility TE. And meaningful conversation. And debate. And if so why. Is there anyone to blame or just as we have seen now what was the germ defining deviancy down. Just as we have heard two words. And this is not political in nature but more cultural. Words that used to be uttered in the locker room or rare occasion and are now part and parcel of lower standard conversations. So what happens if any is there an answer. 1809281110%. Low 45711. To. JD for Vince. On the events complete program. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. My age. Civil discussion and it doesn't mean. Can't be bashed it doesn't mean. That we have to agree. But after that dust up on the view yesterday. And then I took you back in them. In time to beat the day I was thrown off shortly and leads MSNBC show. It just kind of has me wondering. Are we just now split into camps where we'll do stalled mad about the other guys and not really debate questions. Civility. Is desirable and even civility can become a tactic. Who rhetorically to bludgeon your opposite number. Are your thoughts on Matt coming your way in Charlotte vicinity 704571110. But let's begin the toll free line 1809281110. Will go to green ball that's where Jean is standing by hi Jean. Yes this morning honorable JD Hayworth horrible idea which unfortunately Republican Party did due out in Arizona who earlier this. Well cheated so OK you know here I am back on the radio away at home in the Carolinas and I'm. Happy new year for you. Well look in my womb so that I don't like you know that we should America lost a good man. Anyway that's besides the point. You know hey you wanna bring out this this matter of of civility I mean I'm I know your mental block I'm going to demand the booked a number of us talked. This is a reality one week we're reaching act. Don't hold viable legal test this new testament which we we interpret ST I think Judeo Christian moral ethics. What do you expect to happen I mean. If you yeah we achieve this and Communist countries and I knew even know Europe. Very socialized countries. Where where they crush very with the following your outlook for troop following Jesus Christ has been rejected the Bible was rejected. Then you end up I think society direct question is who we are. I'm an individual who we are human race we go about me angry and. All right so I thought the rise of secularism. And departing from what you and I believed to be the eternal truths of holy scripture. Ever led Davis. Yes and by the way on the follower of Christ probably 22 year or so what do we surcharge which for many many years. I never really believed in evolution like dog you know to make sure you hi I hypotheses we can all. We geologic we've followed the holy book how much more efficient what our economy be you know I. Well it's also just a guide for practical like gene you know when when you're mentioning this I was in I was playing bad cuts for Mya. Ma ia by expulsion from the MSNBC show. I was thinking about the the passage where you know we fewer opponents see if you remain polite. It in that way in any even tipper it's a paraphrase of scripture in that way it's as if you're. Piling burning coals upon their head. And war that was what was going. Well won't shake it kick got a panel. Gee I hope you'll call hope we'll get a chance to told again thanks for the call from Greenville. 109281110. Or in relied on what what we used called Charlotte back in the leisure suit to. Errant. Shots 0457011. Jenin fact what it comes to Charlotte. That is the point. I'll headquarters I guess we'd say for the next caller Jeff welcome to Vince Coakley show you've got this JD Hayworth is the guest host today. I didn't warn. You know doing not it would just all along that reminds me if then cannot allow them if you're not their ranks this vaccine than my grass grow more you don't want to chance of that happening there's not American does not controlling her. You know that this decorum in and it's peaceful civil discussion essentially the same concept not gonna happen. He's not gonna happen it's not gonna happen you know and we won't sit your life work. In some kind of little book club with decorum while the other you know party looking in the my body and techniques have been non. And it is kind of like Jeff and how to prepare your character you have playing in Syria and if you're going to be in the paint ball game. It that this is not go to war and you know you talked about what about your concerns about going on MSNBC in my life I can better won't go broke. Well you know it was a situation where. I knew what I was getting into and to tell you the truth I kind of in a weird way in joy that. Are on the occasion now they called back subsequently your producer and pity the poor producer I said ma'am well. Joy he threw me all for show. A few months ago so you guys must be desperate for gas I did not return. And I hear exactly what your saying because the the techniques and the tactics change. But throwing seems to be a double standard as well apparently those on the left. Canned canned say dirty words in public because it is reflexive of their quote passion. And I don't raise seeding goes beyond that Jeff I can be it's even a style in terms of broadcast. This this what happened like go win win I'd have a race out in Arizona for congress unfailingly. The the announcers on public reading who'd read in a monitor tuned to trying and induce. Narcolepsy. Would say of my opponents. Such and such. They liberal point. Quiet fourth full band. Is rooting against hard core conservative. And bomb bass state it basically saying I'm a little bit. I like to think I'm a colorful guy. And I'd like to get fined my point of view. But when a conservative won't back down. There it is the consultative. Who is billed. With with all sorts of names. The leftist of course. Is just allowed to do that because why they're passionate. Of course they could not control their top. Of course they have to resort to cursing it's the only way they know to. To see these things but to just larger point. And this is why dubbed. But really. Kind of confounded me. So Billy doesn't mean backing down. You continue to state your points and you understand the kind of verbal fight you worry. With a another view on what happened yesterday on the view Joseph Louis checking in from Charlotte and I Joseph. A oh. Hello how are you don't. Should. Grade I've just solve the CBO and salt they're built up as it is stated. And then hurt you or. Hope you'll go local connections who Kyle you who book deal will. How do you see people having a difference of opinion. And I just I just looked again that Matthew 1815. And seventeen. You feel brother sins against you or you have are you try and how will you broke and I think we've discussed with politically. Do you wing your from a political standpoint but. I think how you're trying to make the air from close to him in and out of scripture Burke. Well if you use it as a model for a living and let me just state I think you may make it a valid point Joseph I am not saying. That that you spill Republican. Who with the letters broad and representing Jesus JS your best that's not the case I'm saying. In a since they should transcend politics. The thing to do is to try to use that as a mob but you're quite right. Nobody's got a corner on the lord when it comes to politics Joseph I appreciate the call. That's what gore JD for their stay would. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. She. We answer your question did you get my. Did you play do you and I don't opening statement which is how horrible it is the Donald Trump no talk on Basilan island on Monday night. I'm then I took. Yeah let me you know yeah I call it it would Nicklaus Intel. Okay three year ended up murdering the children of Americans are you know what's hot what's my car when the president of the united Sanctuary. City we'll. Took me out I had a lot of people now. What well there was on the view yesterday. Whoopi Goldberg. With her last public comments say goodbye and then some of OJ I'm done with her. I adoring media audience members against a judge Janine herald the outspoken conservative. I know are outspoken conservative behind the Mike here it's been recovering congressman. JD Hayworth in forward Vince Coakley on this Friday. Taking your calls from 1809 to 112 or in Charlotte the vicinity. 70457011. TN in Charlotte Rick is on the line right now hi Rick. And AJ Larry Dillon Morton. They're very good god I can't that according to lift the brand and inject you need rewrote I'm Eric explain what happened and our debt off Mike. I'm that you take a lot of that that show. And he kind of talked about how yield on the outlook eBay Heatley all that ground that can be done to date yeah they met and it under the age. I saw her fellow Brit we we have and I tell you will play had not wanna get your reaction to it here's the way. Judge Janine recounted yesterday afternoon on the syndicated radio show pat do. Oh look now they area. Our and I said something like won't be I'd bought for victims Bible why age she came back he is I was keeping. You bet you it might face literally. Yep they eat and you get the odd that this bill and I Kirk Kirk her arm got. That that widespread that they act on it they're real or a quick green at eight. I walked out of the building like a go walk with her or not. So isolation set on the radio what was your response to I'd do what judge Janine had to say about that. Colorful or off the year and counter. Don't don't wait didn't the surprised me and how long this candidate article the media because Mike the Mike are long friends on the left don't really want help on that court at that point. But I didn't surprise me. They were at a point right now dating on a late in a war adding that what I would call not a war Amanda did basically not Mildred they get it basically herbal. I think there are people out there that are riding dip into and what they want to be an inevitable end Wiki is out in week. Rewrite the cockpit Asian basically did. This is the end disrupt our society to that point again. Yeah I think they're trying to stir up anger anger where they wanted to go angered and worried it'll create thereby admit that and create that back in that dried damn door they wanna they. And I think there's people like you need that are here caught the regional that we believe in our country and more weight and more and it people on the other side that are completely contrary to that. And airport she honestly or any war that old driver the bar and reconstruct our country. Though it didn't surprise me in and frankly I'm curious as to how many people are waking up to the reality that we are now. And Rick as is if you are clearer poignant you mentioned what is happened with social media. Little put our next hour we're going to hear part of yesterday's congressional hearing me. When no one of the FaceBook a lady's was up testifying to committees and she was asked to read into the record with with a few omissions were obscenities. One particular FaceBook page. And its call for violence. By you know Rick I I hear exactly what your saying and I think it's true but. As a student of history I don't mean to soft pedal it. But it seems like it's ever been thus you know I'm I'm a born at the height of the baby boom. I were coal. The riots of the sixties. They can't post protests. Though the weatherman. Up there and not the guys who were delivering the weathered six and eleven on TV. The radicals who were bombing. Out of the country. And at least in our lifetimes it's been a sad fact. Is in a weird way is that the new war or are you expecting this now to get exponentially worse. I think you're gonna get I think to get a divorce court get better I'm Al Al how are your audience early cutting get into all of that up but it. You know Eric all yell I'm the Pentagon deputy mate back into big beat Reid called I collegiate. Now more exposed eat steak. And you surely there activity after it. I'm I think that that each day is really stirred up to a point where it eight feet aren't really taking control and probably getting our country back. And I hear our president I've beer that what might happen I think they'll. But I think that's why so much negativity so much K not happy right now is that. We are getting closer to where he needed it he didn't do that he picked up at that time. I don't delegate Norton or get better. Well it is so. It is a prospect that is sobering to say the least and Rick I I do appreciate your call this morning. My experience it was cut kinda wild. In Washington free nine elevenths. I guess my first tour this would have been 19951996. The first Republican majority in forty years. And done I can were cold. You know the folks who work in the capital are supposed to keep their political opinions to themselves. And there's a little subway that runs from the house office buildings over to the capital we have boats. And I guess it was jury ended the contract with a America. And there was an old guy he was obviously a short timer. And since Washington. Is a company town in this case the company being government. And people look to government for jobs. This. Guy is saying to me you better enjoy your time here it's gonna be your only term I says why don't. I said you know what sir I'm gonna give you the dignity I couldn't afford dad yeah I'm gonna do that. You're an American even though there there's a code of conduct for employees here you stated your opinion god bush. I'll would you state your opinion coming back with the FaceBook. Dilemma. That congressional hearing yesterday JD prevent state do. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the daisy fans into focus the lens so the liberty. This is no fits Coakley radio program. Carson is supposed milk shakes against the Republican Party. It has a picture and it says parents in the waiting area for today's school shooting in Florida. And then it says you remember the shooting had to Republican baseball game one of those should happen every week until all those NRA. And then there unpleasant words. I'm and then there's I am not sure if this is another post needs that are not yet that's the second closely your debt that has known on Edwards. And says dear craze shooters the GOP has frequent baseball practice you really want to be remembered that's how you do it. Signed Americans part of our politicians fading in the blood of the innocent for a few million dollars. From a terrorist organization that aren't. To these posts. Violating your terms of service. I eight call for violence violates our terms of service so why is no tricks against the Republican Party. I still alive page on your platform. I can't speak out and review this page I can't speak to lining pages app or not up. Well. Since you were for FaceBook and you were invited to that congressional hearing and you knew that testimony or you knew the subject matter. Should your testimony reflect that Monica bicker to. While FaceBook. At eight congressional hearing yesterday. Congressman met gates. The Republican from Florida I believe he represents Pensacola and its environs. Paying any money your head sin in the blade of subsequent events bud dubbed when I would to congress this particular district of I'm not mistaken. Was represented by. Joseph Scarborough. But it was twenty years of a couple of wives or go for Joseph so we kind of changed his outlook Maryland MSNBC in the morning. This is the Vince Coakley radio program our second hour for a Friday eight. And I know Vince is number one in your hearts since this program is named for him I would just ask you to. Let me have that can to ultimate spot that. Number two position. I it's. The guest host. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth PS without pay us. Both in both Carolinas. Honored to be behind the microphone not only for WBT Charlotte but for WORD. Greenville Spartanburg in the upstate of South Carolina. Now the reason we set the stage with then audio. Was similar last hour it's almost as if Rick. Was clairvoyant he started talking about what's happening to society. In terms of social media. And the calls to violence. In social media. And the new intolerance and look social media does have a part to play unit and the fact that FaceBook. Sensors. Conservative blogs and posts for being quote fade new lose. And leaves up violent. Web sites or violent pages on FaceBook while ago. Milk shakes against the Republican Party. That's the name of the page but it ain't nothing like and conventional milk shake. These are the title of the page ought to be Molotov cocktails against the Republican Party because you heard that FaceBook executive. Read it. The cold violence. By the people running red preach. You've got social media. And social media as we have CNN news as prompted people to. Right team news but in essence say things and do things that. Don't really I'd need to be seen in public. And yet that's what's happened with the immediacy of information and dare I call it the intimacy. Or the the feigned intimacy of this kind of exchange. But there's something more and work. Then just social media. Schooling or should I call it the lack thereof. I recently on Fox News a guy who has achieved some level of bone. Notoriety and fame courtesy of the Internet. And blogs. And dumb. Videos and podcasts. Dave Rubin of the Ruben report. A libertarian slash conservative. Went up to speak at the University of New Hampshire. And the other night in the Fox News Channel width Tucker Carlson Steve Rubin. Recounted. One of the hostile folks in the crowd not dared to do big eight. But basically they're to Hackl and disrupt take a listen. One of the protesters there there was a trans woman in the back who is yelling and telling me to go left myself and a bunch of other stuff it turns out she's a gender studies professor at. At the university. So you literally have to university professors from gender studies which we wanna put it that it's a real eye discipline or not we literally have them showing up to silence speakers on college campuses and that's. Actually OK he's seen them. That is the problem. You know what I was going to school and I'm an old guy now but back when I started going to school there was the quote new math. And a new math I'm sorry bud maybe that's why scored pretty high on the verbal section of the SATs. So well on the mathematical section. Because to me that new method we must teach the principles behind know how hey hey look. Just slowly learn the multiplication tables just let me learn simple addition and subtraction OK I should be OK I don't really need a new way of learning it. Realization will be fine. And the funny thing was by the third grade. We were backed it kind of learning by wrote the so called new math and it's time and then it moved on here here's what the new discourse years. Forget that tub. For dead dead dead pop psychology book of the seventies I'm okay you're okay. No on campuses. I'm okay. Any if you disagree with me you're not. A specially if you have a point of view. Which could be characterized as conservative. You just heard a bear from. Dave Ruben Ruben report in the offers an almost tongue in cheek. Eight professor at UNH. Is there are heckling. Shouting obscenities. Shutting down debate. This dumb culture and heritage and I went to school. And then see stay. In there it in I was a double major speech in political science. And we would debate. With the faculty. We wouldn't debate with class members we would have different opinions. But now this thing is changed. Discourse. Is considered uncomfortable or if you have a point of view that differs. From the dogmatic left no I don't call these people liberal because they're not liberal in the classic tradition. A free thought. And free expression and debate. GR I wonder. Gosh the irony of the quote radicals in the early sixties in the free speech movement in Berkeley. Now I would argue it's in sleeved speech. Leftist dogma. Dead. Is it influencing Berkeley. And Chapel Hill ahead probably even Ames Iowa and your calls are invited there. It's JD for Vincent that we got a border calls we're gonna come back in dog do you. What 809 to eleven dinner settle for five showed no eleven dead still. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Warning. Told you from any place 1809. To wait eleven G and a our Charlotte Denver's 770457011104. Vince Coakley. The recovering congressman. North Carolina native one time South Carolina sportscaster JD Hayworth and all America. Only in America. Can a guy dole from TV sports to the congress of the United States. And it really happy I we've been talking this morning about. Having differences of opinion. And done earlier Nicole came in dead and one of our listeners is concerned that he's calls it right Nellie quote soft war. Any doesn't mean just a battle of idea it's. To embellish his martial Betty it sounds as if he was saying we're like got a powder keg wage. For big John violets. All week. Would you agree that assessment. But the phones we goal waiting patiently and Charlotte really I'm Willie. God bless you. I feel for you. I cannot believe you had a sixty airs at MSNBC right date mistreating you and they sent basically censorship right. They try to go to hell are no words. Well they just said things are appearing we're gonna move all with the discussion without you yet but they they don't know was going to HE double instead of you know. This does saint treatments are a bit Larry's show on this very station. By none other than UConn by dread. Convince and he is not in my heart anymore isn't my black list and I feel BU let me ask you earlier you were talking about. Still free speech and debate. There's somebody hangs up thank you because you disagree well Jakarta JD but it. Well I would call that a premature at this almost sounds like something from the space program used bureaucrat speak on it a premature termination. Brian Day Saturday night here they beat Brenda Bartel were all so. You know he doesn't like TC if you agree with this man. Gil had not by nearly a minute what he's done that to me if you don't so god bless you I hope they use stale and on here now are are potentially get ready and they keep. Hours later did Vince and I are old buddies and board get we go back years let me let me and I don't have a dog in the fight but let me explain. One of the challenges Willie about being behind the microphone. Ed time news. There are added time really turns out to be a four letter word. The constraints for example I was having a great time talking to a gentlemen earlier and then you might have heard the background what I call the traveling music. I'd wrap of the call would get to the break. And I got to talk to the guy who no longer had I not had to go to a break. And a lot of this is predicated not on occasionally. People lose their temper and ended bad happens to a soul. But a lot of it. Take my word for it is predicated. On time. Just not having the time. To really spend Tolkien and did you talk to some programmers. And we'll tell you with a caller okay give a point and and if they start to wonder you know rabbit out Dem. I don't know why try to find a happy medium. We can exchange ideas. And. Maybe have lived a full blown conversation but off time this he is the dilemma of time. That term that gets in the way. Just to make sure on the same wave length but Willie I think you for the Cole and I encouraged to call him. Whether I'm behind the Mike her brother Vince is back in his customary cheer here. Settle for five so little eleven dinner toll free 1809281110. Displaying all sorts of patients. Check him from Fort Mill it's John John welcome to our program. I'm doing given your voice has changed. Yes you out for JT play in the part of this told you all the soap opera is when guys would get sick. And they put another actor in you know they they got you have to. What you do and in any work of fiction is a willing suspension of disbelief they'd say oh yeah. Playing the part of Mortimer stirs murdered will be Charlie McCarthy club perhaps the most infamous example. Was when Joan Crawford's daughter had a gig on a soap opera and she couldn't appear and Joseph Crawford muscled into place apart. What do you know an army and a little age difference. Her daughter of course was playing a major appropriate young housewife Raja who or whatever. Joan Crawford played the boards it. Hopefully it's it's not too much of that much of a departure for you John dad a mile and data for brother events. Are not gay youth yeah yeah excellent yeah I like it yet we're one point and is the media seemed so upset that down. The trial you know he's meeting with proven and the the end of and the disabled list. These this is the enemy that hate America and my question is in Russia would. There's such an enemy why did mark give them 20% of our uranium under threat of Barack Obama administration. How well they're there is there is not only met very genuine question. Which quite frankly if you take a look at a Ben I've had other corners. Point out to be bad. What you know it's not only bill and Hillary in the Obama administration. Guys like these then FBI director Mueller. And his then number two James coached in other words you want to talk about collusion. A case can be made that all these folks have you know we talk about sticky fingers or your fingerprints. Suffice to say will use a new term apropos uranium they are all radioactive. When it comes to some sort of involvement or willing to suppress that and you're right. Would you take a look at 20% of American uranium reserves. They ended up in good control. Over Russia. So it's something to remember in fact what really this is so good it's great year for me John I appreciate all thanks very much. John has raised the subject. Why now all the whole Russian. Thing. Where where the alphabet networks. And the leftist trade Donald Trump. As of Vladimir Putin's best friend. No really the uranium thing but there there are a lot of things that happened in terms of what I guess we could coal. Style points. Then is to say. What goes back to when I was mentioning last hour well Cole the wrath she knew the rule. Where perception. Becomes reality. Any any you may have heard this in discussions. Talking points. A word in particular. That has been used. Ironically. Why a guy who as a younger man. Voted. Absolutely. For Moscow owes choice for president of the United States. John. Brennan. The former CIA director under Barack Obama. In 1976. Proudly cast his vote for Gus hole. The Communist Party candidate for president of the United States. And it shows what a what a free society we have bet Gus hole is a well for president. But Gus back in the day he real step for a month for Moscow over this direction. For his instructions and we find out today eight. From the daily colder. They had one about the masterminds of the Bernie Sanders campaign. Prior to meg campaign kicking off for 2016. Dead guy. Was told it to the Russians and lest we forget little congressional coolly birdied. Bernie and his wife shoulder commitment to progress or losing honeymoon. In Moscow. And they basically let me go to it still. And troll is supposed to be in the pocket of the Russians we will come back. Where per cent shin. Always reality or at least people try to make it so we're just tell you the truth. JD prevents. Lots more ahead stay tuned. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Do you have any fear knowing now the president traveled met behind closed doors. We've Blatter put and there are it was only. One other American witnesses and interpreter. And fear that president trump might have even inadvertently shared some of that flood happened. Well yes. There's no telling what. May have been close either. Yeah and also if you order or borrowing your father's. No mercy bad so little audio from CNN. Allison Camarillo about. Being somewhat judicious in the way she asked the question. What do you boiled it down she's asking James clapper. The former Director of National Intelligence are you worried dead Donald Trump. Basically gave away the store. When he's sitting there privately. With Vladimir Putin and and just your interpreter is are there. And job. How long for a disclaimer now I know we've been talking about civility and good. Just given the whole demeanor. Of Klemperer. His facial expressions the way he speaks as if he's just out of it. I was gonna say he he reminds me of a homeless guy. Who said too much Boone's farm but that would be disrespecting the homeless guy. Pay clapper. Yeah well the only guy worse is John Brennan. Britain and there's no doubt he's a Communist. If his. Card carrying I don't know about nobody voted for Gus hole and he's the guy. Using their key word. That so many on the left have picked up. Yeah yeah Donald Trump's committed treason dad is idiocy. In addition to being inaccurate. Doesn't even begin to approach. The not only does it offend the sensibilities it of fins reality and yet. If you get a cat calls started if you label someone remember the ramp shoe rule where. Perception. How ways reality. But just as done. John was offering a couple of fought so unknown. Or Russia. And uranium. This is almost like the did the days of school when you have an essay question compare and contrast. Compare and contrast. This topic of discussion as if Donald Trump. Does what the Russians won't. All this talk from the media today about president troop. Win I'm alive Mike. Captured this very candid exchange. From then President Obama. With big Russian President Dmitry. Medvedev let me set it up. If memory serves loses 2012. At eight conference on disarmament. In Seoul South Korea. I've Obama doesn't know the Mike is on. And maybe they gave doesn't need to his interpreter. They're sitting their face to face slapping each other on the arm almost like a masculine version of holding hands. And doubted Obama. Ties the upcoming presidential election what he terms his last election. Two weird kind of assurance. To the Russians bad days gonna have more quote flexibility. Take a listen. Well let's let's. Much like okay. I understand says Medvedev I will transmit. To Vladimir. Meaning we'll know who had the whole thing wired to come back as president after a few years off. To end up in the tabloids and bring a whole new meaning to the term I'm glad that the M Taylor owner. And so. Then actually happened to have a president of the United States. Heading back hand to the Russian leaders say would you just can I get through this election I'm more flexibility. And the guy didn't wait for adrenaline understand how transmit to Vladimir. So. I think a fair question to ask. If the term treason is going to be bandied about. By Communist voting John Brennan. And others acting with irresponsibility. I'll just put it to you you you heard it. You heard. Barack Obama when he thought the microphone was not on. And what he said in 2012. What comes closer to. The T word. Total free for any place 18092. Grade eleven Jen. Or in Charlotte and surrounding areas 70457. No eleven to. And since this is Friday. And you and I at least in this. Time slot they have not had a chance to visit about this and I've not had a chance to visit with my friends in the upstate of South Carolina. About this subject in a long time because I haven't had the chance of doing prevents. I am just I love the fact. Did the Charlotte Observer. Which are none and none too. Affectionately call the Charlotte disturb or. Editorialized. Opined. I against. The Republican National Convention. Kicking Charlotte as its host city in 20/20. And basically when you read the editorial in the disturb her it was all because Donald Trump is president of the United States. It's really funny. Any Greenville you know I I don't have a bone to pick with the Greenville news I mean when I was very channel four babies because I wasn't in politics. But but the Greenville news under are gonna give it a big name like to Greenville new juror anything. Because. I always thought that paper was pretty fair. But surely it wants to put on at the disturb her these quote progressive Ayers. There is that the guys in the editorial room. Must of most of love the lead sentence in the New York Times on this subject to earlier this week. Headlined Charlotte reluctantly says it's willing to host Republican National Convention. Alan Blinder. Had his leftist blinders on when he wrote this leads cents. Through our own so public did they did a razor close council vote on Monday. Charlotte, North Carolina a city that prides itself on being a beacon of progress in the south. Grappled with how to live up to its values. Should be on the safe haven first free speech and diverse ideas. Or Jacob. Stand against a strain of politics. That many residents bitterly oh polls. Well it's an interest in question. Closed circuit to Alan Blinder. What a wonderful name. Alan Blinder of the New York Times. You could've written a single lead senate's. Back in 2012 or in the year prior to 2012. When Charlotte voted the City Council voted. To bring the convention. The Democratic Convention to Charlotte and GI don't recall it being a razor thin vote. As I would call it everybody was do you call it bipartisan. You call it non partisan. What are you want to call it I just love the fact the Charlotte disturb her is disturbed that the Republican Party showing up in short. No reaction and and other subjects we've talked about world go to the phones for anything 1809281110. Is still toll free number and. From Charlotte 70457011. To stay tuned. All right pat down the homestretch. Pitcher ready for Russian open phones Friday to open up the phone installed about whatever you wanna talk about in our final ten minutes together. It's JD Hayworth recovering congressman and for Vince Coakley on the Vince Coakley radio program. Charlotte and vicinity call us at 704571110. Told three. From the upstate of South Carolina 1809 to eleven dinner really for many place. I've given my old. Congressional district out and Arizona but right now. We go to the eggs are what are my favorite spots because my great aunt and great uncle used to call it home. This bill that's where bush is on the line butch. They are injured detector take my call you. I got a couple of questions about the much expound on them. First of all on Obama gave the Iranians one point seven billion dollars that they found out actually was. More like 33 billion dollars quietly that aiding and abetting in giving comfort to your enemies who wanna destroy you and Israel. And my second question is would all raise destroy the military adversary. And not the first seniors word Obama gets up money to send overseas do you have any ideas there. Well I've got a sneak in suspicion. When we let me say this butch. There's a whole live there year. Then a guts up. Attorney general. And enormous Department of Justice. Might want to examine. May even investigate. But let me just say this given that Barack Obama is. Distinction in American history. I think that he fully believes and he's probably got a reason to bed. He will never face any consequence of any action. And of course the left and simply try to say. A it's a political disagreement or beat. You don't like him just cause he's black so that that's that's the holds in the extent of it you're if you if you don't. Overlook these things that. Should be examined if you don't overlook them in your doing it simply because you're reactionary racist. And given the confusion dead general sessions attorney general Jeff Sessions as. And I've explained before just didn't really wanna be politician Jeff wanted to be. A federal judge and somehow he's confused his job as attorney general with being a federal judge. Go to Jeff you way to judge you're the attorney general. But he stepped away and let these guys move forward with what they've moved forward with it may. Paid played fast and loose with the American national security. And literally. With money. That can go to worthwhile endeavors such as paying. Our men and women in uniform. And dead dealing with the promises made to America's seniors so butch you have made a valid point and I thank you for the call. Did so maligned in Charlotte aren't David. Take it after an idea. It's. Still that a former relied a quick story you're mentioning the Charlotte Observer earlier. Back in the spring and there was sort democrats' fund raising property. And Charlotte to raise money for the Democrat candidate for congress. God power bat or whatever I'm just edit further piper wrote a glowing review of the party which he apparently attended. Including how better to third to mention a column about humor at all and how you look all that placed the candidate that was. Spoke out for people open their wallets and give money for the impact. She. Wrote a letter to botnet. Trying. Mania there's a bunch of rich people. Trapped in. A seat in congress. What are the piper ran an article about this crazy California billionaire striker. Are you may have missed. Fire starter I think it is not a. This proves that he's gonna give money all around the country to Democrat candidates. Took more Democrat states and congress. So I look at the idea about that art. That who wrote me back in saying that yeah he was a little disturbed by the and he's very concerned about the influx of money into politics. Hey he's concerned about the influence of conservative dollars going to conservative candidates let me check out the Charlotte to Herbert. It's a golden opportunity that mr. spot and could have mentioned in those terms. Liked the article about his concerns about money and politics. Nope it's only when the money is on the right. Well you have a look this is the whole thing I've learned to David I thank you for the cool. Let me just. What's a derogatory term now man's blaming this Disney man's blaming this this is congressmen explaining okay. For my days in Washington. And I think I may have shared this you may recall this from previous visits. Whenever you hear that term bipartisan. Nine times out of ten. The translation news Republicans and conservatives you roll over and do what the leftists. In the Democrat party and in the nation's media and in the Washington media what you do do. It's why when. My au prince seriously this is not just a slice of obligatory rhetoric and I'm absolutely serious about this. Keep John McCain in your prayers with with a brain cancer he's going through. Because it transcends politics. John and I are friends we became political opponents. And one of the things that crystallized it for me was the so called campaign finance reform bill that John championed. Fortunes of bad thrown out. Because there were unconstitutional but the dimmer. Chris reload no job no no no can't do anything about union money it's a poison bill. So they can have a poison pill and Republicans had to give up I don't agree with that. Bennett didn't agree would reboot will get together and talk about it next on Orbitz Coke. JD Hayworth saying this debris. Stay free stay tuned. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.