Jobless Claims Drop 9,000 to 221,000, Remains Near 45-year Low

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, February 8th

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Hey just the putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism. As progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous thing it's got to solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. And it is not be author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC multiple slicing each of people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Poor service leaders who want to return power of the people into the communities. This is much you could this is my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dammit my country. Up and fight for it take gather pace he's on his weekly radio program yeah. Good Thursday morning welcome to the broadcast good to be back with you and Q let me start off with some good news yet again across. Although the news media is preoccupied with stories of scandal. You're one of the big things now they're talking about this this scandal would this administration official with his ex wives. Do you care I would really dealt. I mean this may surprise you you mean there's a trump scandal. Pitcher not excited about each. I just tried to pick ahead of the trolls here. I really don't care and I don't care when John Kelly knew about this I really don't. Let's talk about jobless claims. Now what a 45. Year low. The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week. Lowest level in nearly 45. Years. The labor markets tightened to even further. Enders anticipation of faster wage growth this year. Isn't it about time. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits decreased 9000. To me seasonably seasonally adjusted 22. Actually two under 21000 for the week ending February 3. Claims fell to 2161000. In mid January. That was the lowest level since 1973 short we're in this trend setting new records. This is good stuff. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast claims rising to 232000. The latest week. Last week marked the 153. Straight week they claims remain below the 300000. Threshold. Which is associated with a strong labor market. Longest such stretch since nine teen seventy. When America was much smaller. So right now we've got a market it's near full employment jobless rate seventeen year low four point 1%. And guess what happens when you have a tighter labor market. It exerts upward pressure on wage growth which means more money for workers. And I go back again to what I said to you at the beginning of this administration. Get rid of the regulations. Stop the war on businesses. Is taking place under there Barack Obama administration. The economy will work cover itself. We are not a managed to come Maine's economy one that's. Driven out of Washington DC. We're an economy. It operates with the invisible hand. The government gets out of the way. Americans do what they do best truly that simple. Labor Department reporting effect last week the average hourly earnings jumped two point 9% year on year. The largest gain since June of 2009. So this is good. Very good stuff and hopeful hopefully we'll see continuation of these trends. There's another interesting story also done by Reuters. About the tax cuts. And I noticed something very intriguing to him to share with you in this story because they interviewed people and I think it's fair and appropriate to talk with people and get their opinions. And show the bad and the good the people who are cheerleaders for the tax cuts in their excited about it and the people were not excited. Can I let your manager's role something I've always said about tax cuts. Anybody lets see how well. Even mighty people here listened to and I've had so what if I always said about tax cuts. They're good. And what if I don't get what. I opposite of anchor you. Know what I said wise even if I don't get one. I will celebrate somebody else keeping more of their own money. I've always believed that. So this year to use some perspective cheer this is a good story this is good journalism from Reuters. About the one point five trillion dollar tax overhaul. It's tax relief for individuals and corporations. Not either or it's both. You've got workers getting bigger paychecks getting bonuses. Tax bills getting slashed. More than 200 companies including home. In AT&T gave bush and bonuses to at least three million US workers. That's pretty significant in and of itself. So Reuters decided to go out and interview people around the country other benefits they've received so far. While they welcome the additional income the cuts have largely not changed individuals longstanding views on trump for the two major political parties. They first talk but they Tim Smith in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Works two jobs to make ends meet 61 years old. He was happy to get that 400 dollar bonus as a part time worker at Home Depot. But his dislike for trumpet. In his political. Policies remains. What can I do with that and I just stop you for a moment. You'd just got 400. Dollars. Pete thanks full. This is one of the things and I'm I'm not gonna. Believe me I'm not gonna go totally theological on you but I'm gonna go theological one you. Read the book of Romans what is that number one problem what sets Ian. Process. Leads a generation. Our human beings in the book of Romans. The first thing is they refuse to be thankful. One recent time. I'm talking about this now I'm been reminding about a reminder about these things in my life my whole life. That is the first step you've got to be thankful if you don't wanna think a human being at first. In the very least you ought to be able to look up. And give thanks to god. For anything that you receive. Be thankful to him even if you don't like the people from who's he ended comes from. Recognize it ultimately is a gift from god that 400 dollars mr. Smith. It's a gift from god. Can you celebrate that at least before going on up political rants. Yeah 400 dollars she didn't have. He goes on what can I do with that not a lot buy some groceries may be pill Payer bill or two above the way. If you don't want that 400 dollars I can think a lot of people there will be glad to take it packed here is my address it's. I'm just kidding. You get the idea folks I'm gonna share more from this article because. There's a lot that's instructive here. About no matter what our political perspective tonight we'll tell you import Obama got at. Tax cut passed back during his administration. And the word money that was put in my pocket as a result I celebrate that even if I think. Barack Obama as a comic which I do think. Much more straight ahead on the Vince Coakley radio program 809 to 1110 text line 713 your seventh. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. But texting here's says I know a lot of people who couldn't stand Obama but buddy they sure took his hand outs like the Obama quote or Obama care but are up. I'd love it. And we have another text your year changing the radio channel again today and I said woods since your running to your safe space today. And I got a reply already. Sued issue start out sounding negative it's just too much or my goodness that I just. Sound negative what are you listening to. I don't know maybe we need to give out apprised of Q tips I don't know. I'm not sure. So we were talking about. This Reuters story which is very interesting because it would not interviewed people about these tax cuts. And how this is affecting them Tim Smith. It was pretty much. Not impressed by the 400 dollars. To take you know maybe buy some groceries pay a bill or two. As he deposit mature as for recycling at home deeper worry works in figure that after taxes the bonus netted him. About 280 dollars which is 280 dollars she didn't have before. He said they did benefit yes but I believe in seven years anything we get is going to disappear. So now I'm gonna worry about what's gonna happened seven years from now I can't celebrate today. How much goodness really. And you know where this is going next he believed the tax plan was a rip off. That would help the wealthy and add one trillion dollars to the national debts oh my goodness. This blows my mind it really does. There's more. There are other people here. That by the way he adds he thinks the middle class will eventually pay for the tax breaks in cuts to programs such as Medicaid Medicare and Social Security. Are an excuse me Tim did you every think. That may do we need adjustments in those programs. Do you ever think about that's. Read it in you paying your hard earned money for this. But no. Just close my mind. He's a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a degree in history political science no wonder. Gosh this is what we're turning out in schools folks. There are people have more. Rosie perspectives won't get to those as well first up let's figure coal here firm Joseph in Charlotte good morning and welcome. Good morning Ben thank you bill it's. All right our car door you look at the beginning of DePaul game you're talking about regulations. And a couple of lows being in. And I heard the statement at home pop out how we need to loosen regulations. And IE when I hear. That they made just put out in abroad since. I think about the industry assault took care. And someone saying you know what we just need to move the MB. Regulations don't who can be and be who can. BO ultimate parent into the anybody due to the blue NATO. And when we think about our community inquire we diet regulations in the beginning. Every company that has a mission statement. Bill and always looked up to day basis statement Kindle community to think about it though movie Erin Brockovich. And no family that sculpture where what they had to go through. And people read a read the book therefore reboot. But it's cool with behind controlling. The regulation that is a problem. More pain in the industry regulations daughter apartment or regulations that. Betty did excel. Okay bill debate yet with a baton. Now let me ask you this question Joseph because it has here's the only player make it about regulations. My concern is that the regulations. First off they're out of control there are too many. The second thing is I believe there should be legal process for those regulations. Where congress. Actually passes legislation. Rather than empowering bureaucrats. Suggestion just churn out regulations. Without any oversight whatsoever that's what I'm concerned about those two area. Well well that the problem more open and regulation. Crying to a grant and environmental concerns woke him. Also hope that type of concern it picked up currently embedded in regulating. If the people will put in place people don't they thought I would agree if you if you're doing if you're doing your due diligence. And you ought caring for the environment. In a responsible way and for the people of the community that you don't have that mother that person hey are you wondering why are there were falling out. Ours you know that is a third child and our community that has. I can't prove that I was going wrong you know that you know that our regulators who have been here and we wanna we want to floral. Are you the metropolitan bay and to deal with here at the new story up dumping trash. Yes and ended a pretty big companies back there and I'm not completely and I'm not completely against regulations Joseph mad at you need to understand that I'm not completely against the let me give you this example. The waters of the United States were you familiar with that piece of regulation. Where they want to even regulates what. When you talk about the way Graham could do it because they're ready believes yes now the federal you'd think that makes any sense whatsoever GO not not met with barely and that's why don't what he just made it here in. I have an illegal standard to put certain being simply need to be there how I'm all for the I'm all for a bit but what do they give in when we all been popular abroad but it sold deployed now. No and and that's everything needs to be done with wisdom Joseph I do appreciate your call and written the point here is. They can't beat out of control like the word during the Obama administration. There was just no way out of control. So yes you what the points you've made here is the people in charge of the news agencies. That's a significant part of it. Because you've got people who want to control more and more of your life every day. That's called progressive as some. That's what needs to be plucked up by the roots. Mark cash in Iraq kill good morning. Good morning grandpa. I would calling to ask your question worthy or had an opportunity. Property apparently. Parody. Opportunity to. Listen to. Listen to. Local religious broadcasting. And hear about doctor came to these higher who passed away. I mean went to swimming went to the media president of the other we orgy of Christ. On Tuesday evening offer the news that you the first next door. And establish another line talk. I'm not familiar with him. Okay. Just put that I have the opportunity to hear dark desire in person. Publicly in an auditorium the media center of the universe here received mine up masters degree from. In the U near the geographic center about data Minnesota's problem but I beat up on campus possibly club. Enacted into prison camp because they propriety university Christian fellowship and a few. Few more. As well as such friction in the community for over ninety minutes. Late April in no. In the late eighties. What was what was his main contribution. This contribution is broke and can't be an apologist as well as a professor. And math. Just topic for the evening I heard him speak now or further McClain in the new age. Mean let's that was interstate. Yes emitted very he made it very. Accessible engaging with a question and answer time. The feedback form through that work collected by the by the Arctic club who have. Very nice very. Active. Would fulltime. Pope full time people would. Maine with a branded. Some arm. Interdenominational. Campus ministries I mentioned that two parents they're definitely actively caddie this person's. Ali had a staffer yeah. What would sounds like this guy made quite a contribution their forces we're against a hard break here and there's always a place for apologetic so out there especially when it's done. Very effectively. Much more straight ahead Stevens took the radio program 29 minutes after ten. This is so is Coakley radio program. You can. Did anybody into that torture yesterday Nancy Pelosi speaking for eight hours what are the world can that woman possibly screech. For eight hours. What could this. Absolutely. Dreadful. A hundred text slide. We're talking about this issue of the economy and the good news we've been receiving and I've made the point you're no matter where it comes from. Who you wanted to attributed to the good things. Can be thankful for. On the text line. One person attributing the negative perspective peer into the world Christian mindset yeah up boy we can have we could to hold show and that's. You know the Ascot to logical perspectives. That can lead to. A pretty dark perspective. Venture of illustrate my belief no matter how good the economy is that gets overshadowed by Trump's unlikable personality. The good economy isn't enough to make everyone love trump. Very true. Another texture responding to previous Dexter who said he was turning the program off. I must be crazy I think this is the most positive I've heard you sound. And we have this Vinci bad boy stop triggering those snowflakes and there micro aggression that's a without a pop ups since I got some more money on my check. And first I think god been praised the president to be thankful in all things good for you. It was 10 o'clock AM it's time to tune in to Vince Coakley show. I don't agree with everything you say but for the most part you're honest and fair on the money. Keep on melting snowflakes John out of opens. People getting to keep more of their money doesn't add to the deficit. Out of control politicians spending is the cause of the deficit amen. So Tim thinks an extra 400 dollars is bad. He's weeping and applauding the old wind bag she exclaimed dreamers thank you for breaking the law. Liberal liberalism really is a mental disorder. Can he. Also. Rare in eldest Jia the Joseph live. That's a very good question. Well I don't read the rest parred the rest of this it's in poor taste here. Joakim we certainly see. That we're not able to distinguish between having regulations and actually enforcing them appropriately. We have several examples of Foster care North Carolina which supervises in the system or abusing the system. Hanging the other person say that fellow that just called you his homer Simpson's neighbor. Which one would that be do you think guys. This is oppression referring to there. Okay. That's I recently listened to a video and human trafficking. They listed the most vulnerable groups of men women and children the one most surprising to me Foster care are well. That is pretty sobering. Fincher crawlers been brainwashed by movies portraying big companies is evil without big government regulations they will poison the air in the water. This is a classic Democrat narrative India's. Someone else saying got what I hear the word apology an ex I immediately think apologize. I understand defending and explaining the gospel but I will not apologize for the truth if this offends people. Maybe they need offending. Maybe sell. Since I've been looking into Rainwater collection options I was shocked to find out some states claim the rain as property of the state. Talk about out of control regulations. That's Paula five forks isn't an insane and this is what I'm talking about even if you don't. It if you don't control politicians and bureaucrats they will be way out of control. They're texting you're saying about Pelosi she has a face for radio and a voice for silent movies. He hit it. So what else would like to note can we do waive the term dreamers. And and Gerald says watching Nancy Pelosi was a reminder of the exorcist movie. You segment head spinning around that it's probably yet. By the way. Nancy Pelosi is all they marathon. Just got this story from Charles. It set a record is the longest continuous speech since at least 1909. And Charles added this line the last time she did this. Pop up. That is straight Charles I love it. I love it. We gotta tell you about the positive person there are other people interviewed for the story. But I wanna share this one misses the positive perspective. On the tax cuts we already told you about Tim whose Kevin your person here. We need to tell you about will Ortega from San Antonio San Antonio. Rose 32 years old he's happy to see trickle down economics and action when he got a bigger paycheck duty of the tax cuts. The supervisor and infrastructure safety company which controls traffic during highway renovation projects. Or take us take home pay bimonthly. The paycheck went up by fifty dollars. He knew exactly what to do with that. Much money he said. Teachers somebody who has a positive perspective. Didn't sit there. Yeah absolutely sure in the yeah. Yeah. And. No. I get fifty dollars that's lunch money he says. I was real health careful with how I spent my money on food now it's like. I wanna go on needs an extra day or not wake up early to make lunch. I don't have to worry about it there's a great attitude isn't it. Ortega is checking up on sorry living with his girlfriend and their one year old daughter. He makes about 50000 dollars a year. I'm a firm believer in the trickle down economics of it I'm real happy my boss got a tax break. Given he's not a fortune 500 CEO. I'm did you hear that folks. His boss is not a fortune 500 CEO. Small businessperson probably. Ortega said his boss was investing back into the company which benefited all the workers. He's making more money and in turn we just picked up two brand new trucks. So it's a lot more culpable for the guys to work him. Were also able to hire more guys in take some of the workload off of us. When it comes to drop Ortega said he would vote for me again despite his dislike. Of Trump's social media presence. She's able to make a distinction here. As a celebrity on social media I think he's. Worthless and I can't stand him as for the policies he's put into effect in the progress he's making I couldn't be happier. I love this guy. He's able to dessert. In terms of policy he's celebrating this guy is doing some great things. At the same time. This guy's kind of vote. Crazy guy he say. Nothing wrong with that that's not schizophrenic. He's recognizing who this man is but he at least is able to praise and recognize. Good things when they happened I don't need to go and more of these stories if you wanna read this. Reuters trump tax cuts Terkel across America bringing Cooley and skepticism. Great story by Reuters. But he gives you a picture. I love. Really people who if you look at the truth of the matter is of all of these people they're benefiting in some way. But you know what makes the difference what is their perspective. I think think full party celebrating. At least what they do receive. Already complaining about it's other people that they're getting more. Typical political garbage. Coming up. We're talking about Nancy Pelosi in this drivel that she delivered just today for eight hours. Well apparently it's not necessarily going over well. We'll tell you about the backlash. That's coming up. 809 to 1110. Takes like 71 preachers have. 1049. On the Vince Coakley radio program on the text line hey Vince not all the house dims were sleeping through princess Nancy speech. Some of them were playing Hindi crash. Sony out of tickets who. A a embeds in regards to dreamers every time the Mega Millions the tar ball gets up to hundreds of millions of dollars I dream. Of what life would be like if I were to win. All the land I can buy houses the cars. Not having to worry about money in anyway. Trying to get special benefits because I'm a dreamer. It's cute and Mike in Virginia Vince there's enough pioneered Pelosi to go for 24 hours or more seven days. Didn't put a dent in that wind backed. It. Let's see here Nancy Pelosi messing with her dentures reminding me of mr. Ed Markey on the TV show. While. Stopping in solely mr. Ed. And up for those are the upstate listeners 400 dollars equals the amount that Bobby Mack. As to the kid of the golf club over a period of forty years. There whole wow. That's pretty regular here 4400 dollars. Over fifty hit it. You're listening to that Bobby medic. Another person would like to know whether Strom Thurmond spoke longer than Nancy Pelosi apparently not to mention new record that's been said here Vince said talking about Nancy we need to be two arguments something more important. Like other Tar Heels. Are going to be up duke tonight. Will no doubt. Oh it's limerick time from Alabama Spartanburg. To re little head here and make sure that this is son Saif. Limerick learn what amazing oratorical powers fueled only by a big bags of showers. Nancy's hand written speech had just one word impeach. But she had lived for hours and hours. That's pretty good. I voted for trump my issues I'm still waiting for our tax increase can better not happen. Oh my goodness. This one a better skip let's go out to a call for mud Gerald in cabins good morning. They've bet hope it'll not sure but I'm not being a little bit longer than usual. Well. I'm sure you talk about the lady toolkit that it's CommVault a couple of little power were buried its sexual predators. This has broken and it worked out all heard about that it's okay airport or a stroke excuse you think you'll. Sloppy and wonder how much pain and agony if people have to go through coach you know I sure hope they'll risk it. It hurt will protect it way over the issue state how well the powerful book your ticket record. There aren't you won't it won't anymore and it will all force. We're cargo spaceship and Cuba so that space. Oh the pulpit crisis is. Yeah I've Brady did some very good question the pro is here and men I cannot imagine since I saw that story it's when this story should you just. Ages since chills Danish prime appreciate your call they Gerald. IE. How many of us in this kind of situation. How many of us. Would be able to exercise self control. I mean I just to. May have. Something that is unimaginable. Kevin good morning welcome. I'm doing what they're RH here. Well worn to a child who of their. On your period bitter about should be here to their church. I look at that little fact in one of the things that. Before Lou that for those who grew tree note. They're really concurred with that tax cut but grown cult every American about who's number we know the year. Now. Ellis stopped for a moment Kevin Kevin can you stop just for because I won't ask you question. What causes deficits. I'm a little bit. You know you've been Republican you have your. No it's not a matter no it's not a matter there's no Republican or Democrat answer Kevin. What causes deficits. They culled the deficit. Women too much on the military columns there. And went for Clinton put a couple of. Can we just say spending periods. Kevin. That's the problem. That. Goes three and marble portal two or Dutch or use you talk about them pulled. A little bit win. Follow Obama Lil quote full board felt that they ended the year on patrol this full blown war now that you. Lol about a brother not that big a deal. And I you think your listeners who really really nice and you because you really just don't feel also of dark. Yeah we don't you don't you don't till. The whole crew covering the stock market on the on the Obama increased 400 bit per share. Transferred you start percent below 10% and that goes down to 20%. Well do you view that there's no that. I'm sure they do Kevin gar I'm sure they don't. And I are you so sure. Why are you so sure of that it's. They are I haven't held up the other other continued. And I know you only. Feel warned. Riordan but you don't build what you know do good good good that was done so far and in their new overweight would. Well let me ask you this uproar led to Wright's good. Name one good thing that Barack Obama did. Well remember when he took office that deal although Billy industry would give greater goal but smoke in this country gee save billable. Really oh my goodness she really believe that Kevin are really believe so he took taxpayer dollars and basically threw investors under the bus. And get the government involves. In a place really it should not have been involved. Actually Eric who can we make money. I'll put that deal that we are actually making money alone in the automobile. Why did we try to we just leave it alone Kevin and let private enterprise secure that that would paper much more to do better and they have a great investment. Nothing much you often played in and also through some people under the bus Kevin. So what would if you would if you worried what if you were a bond holder in that situation when did you get. What a little over an important in this situation what could argue that I got my job. Well I'm glad she you would be in that situation it's great man Kevin great to talk with yes they we do. Hello both sides here which is why you've got to speak part of it too straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Observing a new era of that's really do like fix things what the straight day. I got a good. Power meant self governance and strong more. Character you've. You radio program. Rivers and rip classics coming up moves. They can I. Oh my goodness folks some things you think your peer. For some reason everybody wanted to talk about Kevin now beginning with GM got about a minute here gee you know I take it away. It's kept its. Cabinet lament that that the this success is not undergo will not go all seem while Obama puts. It'll probably social and political philosophies were not allowed such economic success. Do say misunderstanding about what we've seen the stock market the stock market and recycling under Obama. The stock values we all were inflated because she can I yell and built the stock market upward. We devalued dollar and now there's a recital about please all the stock values to proper value more realistic values. Another thing with respect to bitch when there is real act when you're real important to current churn or the stock based on actual slip for a while. So that the local economy can take will take up some of that money that has gone into the pockets. But employed individual. And I've seen this over the years starting with Reagan whenever whenever companies would it would begin massive climate. Somehow this stock value would down. What no other companies will lay people off the stock values went out and it certainly staying up content to watch. It certainly is so appreciate your call their gene out Ryan and rob kill. They've been a big Michael. So so this he did give an idea to put this thing in terms that are like your credit people understand. Whenever you have a huge company and it CEO pay a terrible terrible terrible decision that card that company. To go under or can be trouble. Well of course Barack Obama and the federal government took money that you are to your. It's a security. Mortgage unit garden Medicare and Medicaid and the battery tech quote the public but if they didn't that money should be confident no predicting that depicted. Yeah he was very quite simply if you think Patrick Hogan Hogan whomever backs this guy took our money and compete with people. For wide. You story perfectly good machine keep broadening a court so we'll keep it can be carton can go to this school picking up. A big gain more power to do that probably. Is that these people. I hit it big it's warship called the propel it to the bare back. Don't matter lot in recent. Number they don't matter although no matter is that people how they know about it got. Bill Clinton would do I think our incompetent or evil or that it wobbled my much. Yeah you know something else about that Brian you've done you proud of this this car business. Lending sit I've learned several years ago because I was looking for a used car. And one of the things I learned from the car dealer. Is that that whole cars program cart you know what was that cash for clunkers. It destroyed the used car markets are absolutely destroyed its. Which is not a good thing. The end of both be a good singer according to everyone I mean it's it's absolutely ridiculous and. People need to wake up and electric can't know they're minor events and black protect it reminds me of people who are law. Giving direction. You bought it you don't you can come to correct and I love it Brian Bass club for your call. Let's go up further south to Colombia and Denise good morning. Good morning I get a lot of direction from loft people. I. I wanted to do that call I knew I liked you for a lot of good reasons but your memory how I'm gonna congratulate you on properly remembering. The auto bail out and the reason we ended up winning in the end on that deal as taxpayers if you back out all the other things that went along with that. Is that it stood bankruptcy law on its head here in thick pecking order when you invest in the bond. You understand in the case that bankruptcy what the pecking order payout is. And the bond holder is right there at the top but not enough Kate Snow in this case. Barack Obama in order to. The whole Lotta things one of which was to cave to date to the union. Was to turn bankrupt they were all on its head. And you completely destroy the value of the bond holder so you know as when you get right down to it when you. Just five bankrupt they lol and you do it because of the power you have in the hands of the very few. And and you destroy investor ballad you. There is something basically fundamentally. Wrong about that OS in the end though. And one other thing. I don't know what you thought they have to go on immigration I know people Nancy Pelosi giving an interview where he talked about her grandson at a birthday part at his birthday party. And her grandson has this built brand. And Hispanic plot Mala believes he said. Antonio and Antonio at the end of so beautifully around content organizer so beautifully browned. That her little grandson I assume he's got the wrong color may be white and blue eyes anyway he made his birthday wish dimension that what did you wish for he said. That that I would look like Antonio oh my god I'm here to go down on the road I hope this whole thing that I just I don't. Thank god for Tucker Carlson that exposes that nonsense every night I watch you religiously now. Denise I do appreciate your car issue that is so sad end and we see this of anybody you should be able to. Rejoice in your own identity your own race your own color. Not in feet or I wish I would like this person. I mean this is sad this is really sick and demented is what it is. You know it it's really a form of mental illness and to praise and encouraged that. That's that's just ridiculous. Over arm the text line. The texture here says. Lowe's has found a way to keep the thousand dollar federal tax cut for most employees slows came with a formula lets them keep most of the money. Schimago lows and and it was a little less than five years my part is a hundred dollars. The show and I'm glad to have it most fortune 500 companies gave all employees to same amount to. Interest in. A few years ago. Rand Paul filibustered more than thirteen hours which I believe is the second longest filibuster behind Strom Thurmond. Who do this for like 22 were 23 hours mean I can imagine being up there that long. This I read that Nancy Pelosi and her husband are worth over 200 million dollars I'm sure glad she is representing us poor people dead and does it blow your mind. The arrogance of these people. Not only that it it's so disingenuous pick up somebody like. You very John Edwards who kept talking about the the two Americans and guess which one he lives in. The irony of this is is mind Buckley. They know so much. Know so much they two policies marathon address should be taken seriously in one regard although it was meaningless and rhetoric. In me accomplice. Accomplish. What's. She's pushing for. The never ending immigration. Quagmire. Of gosh. We're helping us. Strom Thurmond's record by the way was in the senate 24. Hours eighteen minutes. 24. Hours eighteen. Coming up we will talk about this backlash. Apparently this speech was not all roses for her with her Democrat friends. We'll delve into that and take with them day in history. Miss it. You talk about a good perspective. There's this texture and fifths. And each one of forward caretaker of her family member. I've not seen an increase since we. Survive from the generous help a family I don't get a tax cuts. Because I don't have an income. Of events I am blessed with the greatest income of all I'm allowed to share in the thoughts and prayers. And stories and memories and sincere guy mints the generation. This come to understand. Come to understanding before us I have more wealth in my life. And all of the under then he overpaid. Under intelligent elites on the TV. And I think god every day from my circumstance. Our own my goodness I'd love this. This qualifies as text of the day. It's all in her attitude folks. Obama destroy the car industry he nationalized GM eliminating two brands cash for clunkers costs taxpayers billions put over a 100000. Independent dealers out of business by removing one million vehicles firm. Remaining inventory due to destruction of vehicles policy. Obama was a disaster. For this country and everything he did. And. Another techsters says about the auto industry taxpayers lost nine point 26 billion dollars. On the US government's automotive industry rescue program according to a final tally. Released by the US treasury. Hank he adds Google we sure friend who I've got a but a my goodness. Vince cash for clunkers it takes twenty times the energy to make a new car. That she will. Consume from driving a gas guzzler for the next forty years. Mainly visually interesting. It is now 21 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock and let's take a look at the dating history. This is actually the eighth day of February I think I accidentally said yesterday was the eighth day of February. Opinions thanks stand corrected. So this is not Groundhog Day we're not living the same day over again. We're just correcting some morons mistake yesterday you know that's a good thing you're not surrounded by people who might have caught how mistaken helped too that. Who. Wow was it a little push shot across the bow their minds illness and all of us and I include myself then OK let that's fair enough. Fair enough we can never be the host Paul okay good I'd like that our chief. Let's go back to 1587. In. Made queen of Scots. Must. Something on this particular day for every fifteen. 1587. What did she lose. Whom her head and you're absolutely right. That was very impressive let's go to 1915. This premiered in Los Angeles by DW Griffith. DW Griffith it was a movie I believe. On the first moving picture. Actually it's birth of the nation's. Birth of a nation. Yeah I have not heard just I need to check that went up two quick around needs to go into the list. Let's see the worst from hearings that took place in congress and they related to radio and they included. Testimony from Dick Clark. What was the testimony about us. Any word that is used in some documents we have to sign every single year. In the radio business. Man. Is something we're not supposed to do. No no I know you're not supposed to take money you know Africa when it's called gag on it. Well if management is listening I signed a document. Summaries of new word just this keeps the room anybody in here or else well there week ago I guess I sold it before they didn't like I. There credit for that one why not. And last but not legally it is platinum group boom doing such things for the word as to so far from my head that makes sense that clears it up. And I'm not surprised at all. And our last question 1980 this president announced the big news he was bringing back the draft seven years after it was canceled following the into the Vietnam War. Which president did this in 1980. I think political questions will be alive then you can come with a paid. I'm gonna see Carter yes. A lot of people associate the eighties with Ronald Reagan curse she took office in 1981 and Jimmy Carter is an office in 1980. See you outcome that we correct here and just most filmmakers I remember Reagan when hung vaguely remember. Carter. Yes and so for that one song that you always come around to look up speaking out saw things. So all this mean. What is that money Q4 this time around here. C'mon John. You're probably wondering what the heck are they doing other broadcast this morning. Well here's the deal. I did this to judge we have a little bit of fun with this. This. Actually debuted. The way back. In 1992. Who is it six months ago will crisscross they say their name like the icon of the you know I'm a busy right now trying to pull my pants on backwards look at the and I. I am jump in. Let's give this. Yes it definitely brings back memories doesn't not. Only can this heavy rotation on MTV. Back during the day you know you can't. And dismiss that one cents. Did you Wear clothes backwards note never want to never did it you do think about it never considered it. Not a chance. Not a chance did you know anybody who did yes I did unfortunately. Mutant. In fact I don't associate with any of those people I'm just kidding that was a joke parades. Our guidelines so herself agreed Damon greats talk radio you can see. I told you that Nancy Pelosi in her stunt. Didn't really go over completely well even with her own tribe. To look at this. Virtually every one trying to win seats outside of California feels she has hurt their chances. It's another question. If you're a Democrat we can you wanna throw this. Woman under the bus. I mean this she'll look like the attractive face for a party of the future. Let me think about it. So house democratic lawmakers there enraged. They are enraged at her decision to give this in our speech. They're saying she may hurt many of her democratic colleagues are running this year. She vowed to stand and speak and tell Republicans given her demands to protect illegal aliens who were brought to the US by their parents as miners. However. Her speech appears to have deepened the fracture the Democratic Party over the issue of immigration. Politico actually interviewed almost a dozen house Democrats several of whom only spoke on condition of anonymity you know why. I think she will there'll be hell to pay she knows who they are. This was so they can get honest responses about their opinion of Pelosi stunt many agreed she was trying to shore up support with a progressive base. But it's. They're not impressed at all in fact the truth of matter is these folks would just love for her to go away. Well there's something we can actually agree up. Because I met wonderful. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 Vince Coakley radio program co write great CN says this since folks are sharing tax cuts stories. We have six employees here in Charlotte small business everyone got a 15% raise while it's a nice race. Thanks to trump economy and tax cuts yes. This megalomaniac gets my vote again. Good stuff here also the text line. Here Nancy Pelosi result Twitter about her grandsons friend. Oh she loves brown skin this woman who spent over a 100000 dollars on liquor for her airplane. Prince just visualized Nancy slandered in sunblock. Cock crash or just to do that before have lunch and lounging around the pool and watching the beautiful brown skinned pool cleaning boy I shatter. Own my goodness. That is really super creepy. Vince lets consider. Why the Democrats want Pelosi to shut her trap on immigration the truth is Democrats don't want illegal immigration solved. They have to pretend that you perhaps then. Any Democrat angst with Pelosi is more rooted her speech being viewed as a step closer toward the issue coming to an end. You know this is a way they've always worked a good part of the time. They really don't want solutions they want the issue. They want the issue. Straight for campaigns. Need to give you a heads up about eight terror threats from crisis reported by UK Daily Mail. Parents now described as the capital of degenerate seat by jihadist in a chilling new video. Ice is fanatics are warning of a CJ and a surprise raid lunch firm ground tunnels. Effective film shows an attack in the Eiffel Tower in the landmark. Falling to the ground. This is pretty scary stuff. And god forbid bid this happens. But if they were capable of pulling this off. Don't you think they would. And I'm sure authorities are taking this very seriously. By the way we do not want to forget today is. Supposed to be of votes on spending bill that is before congress in fact. The senate and the house are expected to vote on this bill that would prevent the federal government from shutting down at midnight tonight. The votes in the senate will take place at 1 PM. The house butch will take place sometime after that. We don't have an assessment of the time is all depends on how much the old folk he's in the senate run off their routes. So that is something to consider. Can I also give you a heads up I mean we were talking about how disgusting was to think of Nancy Pelosi at the pool and sun block. But. In all seriousness but in our we give you a heads up about the story the nature of the story I'm about ready to share. Because it is it's. You know it's. Very creepy in some of you may. We don't find this disturbing. But I think it's important to share because it's something real. News going on by the way. Aren't on the day in history. We might well have added another story to this story that is much closer to home the Orangeburg massacre. That was the shooting of protesters by the South Carolina Highway Patrol officers. To seven in Orangeburg. On the South Carolina State University campus February 8 1968. 200 protesters demonstrated against racial segregation no local bowling Alley three the protesters. All black men were killed 27 other protesters injured. This was actually before Kent State. When the National Guard was called out. The Orangeburg massacre. The states in 1968. I wanna go into. This particular story about what is taking place in this country and I think. This is the kind of thing a lot of people wouldn't. Be very shocked to know is occurring but hideous. Reuters reporting on this July 20. They Hong Kong flagged cargo ship left Charleston. Charleston, South Carolina. You probably didn't know about this. What did Kerry. Well it's kind of creepy. Carried thousands of containers. One of them held a lucrative commodity. Body parts from dozens of dead Americans. According to manifest the shipments bound for Europe included about 6000 pounds of human remains. Valued at 67204. Dollars. To keep this from spoiling containers temperature is set five degrees Fahrenheit. Body parts came from a Portland business called meant securing our operated a so called. Body broker. Read your profits by dissecting the bodies of altruistic donors in sending the parts to medical training and research companies. This one really. Bad and when you hear this phrase see what stands out to you. Mid mid tier cells. Or leases. About 101000 body parts from US dollars annually. Shipping about 20% of them overseas. In addition to bulk cargo shipments to the Netherlands where mid cure operates a distribution hub the organ company is exported body parts. To at least point to other countries by plane or truck. I'm not like in this remote parts. Pelvis legs. Going to Malaysia feet to medical device companies in Brazil and Turkey. And heads. To hospitals in Slovenia. In the United Arab Emirates. Demand for body parts from America torsos knees and heads. It's time country's religious traditions or laws prohibit the dice section of the dead. Unlike many developed nations the United States largely does not regulate the sale of donated body parts allowing entrepreneur new worse. Such as med cure to expand exports rapidly during the last decade. No other nation has an industry that can provide as convenient reliable supply. A body parts. I mean how many of you knew this was going on. This is a business and in I've heard of people many times you hear people talk about you know giving my body to science. And it it kind of reminds me when we had discussion I think some weeks ago about giving blood you know if we're not sell it. You know somebody's making money off. With this and here we are. He's human remains are being contributed donated. And there are some people making some money out of this is 6000 pounds of human remains. For 67204. Dollars. That comes out to about ten dollars apart. If I'm seeing this correctly. This is just weird. I just thought she would find this intriguing as I did. Well just never know what you're gonna learn the state studio. You can never tell coming up we've got another bizarre story. And she is something that happened right here in the Carolinas. I'm not sure we have a complete answer as to the wise and where force yet but this one. I think you ought to brace for his well we'll delve into it. And get your thoughts. As always if you like to join the conversation the Eagles had vanished toppling number 8931110. Common sense retirement planning text line. It's 7130744. Minutes after 11 o'clock. 49 minutes after eleven. I'm Vince Coakley radio program prescribe to Josh in Matthews good morning. It ought to go a bit sooner. 01 of all like they are really enjoy your show are not nearly as conservative. As you are. But I can definitely you definitely helped quite well I don't know rust colored seatbelt and Judah I like to thank you. Not talking about the body barks big. I am a younger my life and I think you bring up very edge and the way he column what does that mean occurred under does that mean. You're saving lives and that means someone to come in and foreign Al what you don't make make a profit off it. Ice is well I think it's you know I'm not going to be smarter I would hear judge but I'm kind of wondering. Shouldn't you know that. Yeah. Yes absolutely should know what Ed I didn't used to be it governor all of a ball or. You know David people but I think there's a big difference didn't you know what he's done and I guess he got McDonnell won a much cited among our format I don't know. Just saved people who need organs are a sign up. They didn't share my organs and make a profit or to the whole different things so I'll get after didn't investigate that look I appreciate you bringing metal. I'd like T yeah and this is something I like to get some answers on and talk with someone not Charl us if you wouldn't mind looking into this. As to you know when people have this on their licenses. Where and you know what assurance do they have that this is going to end up becoming a donation for someone to save a life for something like that. And and what distinguishes that from the story that I just shares because I'm sure there are a lot of people curious. It is huge it's huge different and and I love the Red Cross I think the red cross and maybe but again your point I agree a 100%. What they're doing with they're they're telling the blood now they do a lot of good things for the community but but. We're getting ourselves that we don't they get the business end and that there's money being made there. It make me consider. Donating the Fella if you got here anymore and that would mean all do a little research when I get back to work at all. I'll be very curious to know you find out there let's go out to mark. You're in Charlotte welcome sir. They've been out more are doing well. Good yeah I think it'll. I actually dated 080. That works for a Doctor Who did liver transplant. For the biggest poker provider in Charlotte. And she told me that he had donated. The donated organs. They. They actually charge the patient. For the organ or even though that the organs donated. It's basically if you were gonna be all technical term get an itemized report he would play at port 50000 dollars that organ. And I I'm guessing here that there's cost associated with that because. There is a cost of actually extracting the organ and many times that has to be transported has to be preserved. So IDQ and I would understand that there's a cost associated with that. But I I think you also would probably suspect there's a profiteers somewhere. Right and an end and I somewhat different you know. PD so be here for years and years their male looks familiar with the other red cross and blood donation from red croc. And within the Charlotte area within. Well the last five years herself the community health bank came on board. And so yeah of the Red Cross that people don't realize that the Red Cross actually felt the blood to the hospital. Because the hospital are inept and corporation. I'm but the Red Cross that you think that those funds to help wit displaced families during an actor. And yeah any kind of emergency. That the Red Cross helped where. The community bank doesn't do anything like back on the community blood but you're donating your blood to them. And they are starting into the hospital and somewhere along line that money being pocketed by some big CEO somewhere. Very interesting stuff for sure I'm mark K appreciate your call. I'm bizarre story if you've not heard this. Brace for this one. A twenty year old South Carolina woman taken to a hospital on Tuesday. After she was discovered holding at least one of her eyeballs outside of the church and Anderson. A witness. Was working outside. Actually inside south main chapel in mercy sinner when somebody yelled at her to call 911. She said it was is across the street Agassi blood like if you're screaming realized something was wrong. 0911. And it turns out. She was holding an eyeball. This is just scary absolutely scary sheriff Terry McBride. Said most of our deputies have never seen anything like this. I would hope not normally airlifted to a hospital. Where she received medical treatment. Reportedly in stable condition. Obviously no crime committed here no charges filed. The church. Held a debriefing to trying to help people who witnessed this incident cope with its. And out you can mention the certainly need. That kind of help after seeing something like this and I wanted to put this out they're not something to our cat. Obviously this this woman really need to prayers. Whatever is going on in her life. Obviously deeply deeply disturbing. And it's just. Part. Just absolutely chilling. On the text line a couple of items here and her story about body parts it all started with a portion that created a huge market for body parts. AKA. Stem cell research supply and demand Jim's love abortions because pharmaceuticals need supplies. Please stop abortions and pray to god. For forgiveness. And another person would like to know can I become an organ donor and put them on eBay before my number comes up. Really. Sometimes you people scare me and Denny case. I'm so it was a great day went crazy note to end up don't you think averaging double issue. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.