Joel Ford talks about Election Day with Bo Thompson


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They know. And they'd say I'm votes Johnson its primary Election Day in Charlotte in Charlotte. I county election today as Michael Dickerson. The a board of elections director reminded us about thirty minutes ago this is a Charlotte only city election today and course the most high profile race to watch is the one that will determine who will run on the democratic side for mayor of Charlotte and three. High profile candidate says state senator jolt forward also. Mayor pro tem by Lyles and Mayer Jennifer Roberts you've already talked to. The mayor and the mayor pro tem and on the line right now is a state senator Joseph Ford good morning sir. Good morning appreciate you being here how are you feeling on this primary day. I am outstanding group and how so let's on the you've did you vote early are you voting today. Are voted early. This past Saturday and so now I'm out check the integrity voters is like a multiple. And so I talked year two main competitors earlier in the show. Jennifer Roberts says that she welcomes the competition now likes the fact that there is a competition that feels confident. By allows says that their needs to be new leadership for the city of Charlotte obviously you I had this opportunity here like they did a one last chance to talk to that. That people listening to the 50000 Watson making their way in this morning what would you say to a potential voters today. Well it's more than just new leadership that the future of each change and I ever present that change coming Rahm. It's small business background and I'm the one candidate that premier. Or a democratic or there has helped the relationship with the cardinals and so all those folks who are going to be in traffic this morning. And in the days and weeks the com we need to think about our future and that future rests with they help the relationship with the state and federal. So you're feeling good about things this morning have you given much thought to a bloody Agile Ford vs Kenny Smith campaign might look like four. The general election. I have not given that you thought that my first and foremost party is this morning is make sure like you couple that day. You become the democratic nominee for mayor of the city. And so why you come at this from a bit different direction than the other two as you mentioned in. As that we've talked about the fact that you have that background in the state senate. And I you know as as you run for this office of the last several months. What have you learned about what the office would entail that you may not have realized just suck to start with. One we are very big and dynamic city to the challenges that the city cultural basis. But public safety standpoint from economic development standpoint Traficant a structure. They are bad and they go under reported and under represented so. I'm running for mayor of the city Charlotte to help recruit the all feel like all trophies. And help create a future where we are able to 31 spot to be right now we're playing catch. And I as we watched the most recent debate the final on the other night on a WB TV. One of the things that struck me as struck other political pundits and reactors that I've. Encountered is the fact that you got rather combative between you and the incumbent Ted that night. Well you'd make described as being combative outlook data has been in the future and so we have real leadership in major Roberts. We need change and she needed to be called out on her record she needed to be called out on her leadership style. And the fact that it has not server now that he Charlotte well if you're not serve our region whale and so it is our change. And I want to make true that the voters in the listeners have an opportunity feet. A different visions different leadership style in a poignant on how I will move the signature 00. So the polls open until 730 tonight does that concern you at all the weather today may keep some people away. Absolutely not I'm sitting out here mail has not been raining aren't people you have not vote yeah please go ahead and vote it is not anymore I am sure. Jill Florida one of the three main candidates running today we've now heard from all three so. Hopefully helping our listeners and make their decisions thanks for joining us I appreciate it.