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John Hancock
Friday, April 20th

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Yeah. This is John Hancock. But our startup program you're Rivera in the world. Matalin and. Maryland and from my cheek. Quite frankly a mug figure about calling in sick. It too late. Dave Thompson realism and and up Boris and Frederick TO there it is so Erica now ballooned delivery device. And and so now all the presidency. Is just me enough. Tangerine orange zinger. That's Friday that help save their hi there ho there -- ours Friday as we can be nice day outside dough should be a fairly decent weekend so we'll look given us from rain clouds and all kind of stuff by the time we wander into Sunday but took. Not tomorrow should be sun shiny high about 71 can't do much better than that can you. Sunday more clouds than sun that's your weekend highs upper sixties closed lower fifties and then now we'll starts his brain Roland and I think for the most part Monday Tuesday or Wednesday mixup. Raymond clubs and stuff and earlier we can should be at least. One point five good dish. So whether it's a good thing Mike Pence is do Intel and any time. As host yeah about 3 o'clock you're forced to should be landing in then no low make way to be part Expos sent her and aero. They're basically said two. Expect road closures to the city obviously don't specify which roads will be closed. From a security standpoint and I don't know how long he's down there he's say he's good he's here to tout the admit trump administration's tax cuts. You have to do that. You gonna talk about how much it adds to the national deficit over ten years old we duo be touting that. He'll also be it touting mr. Pitt and your. On which they say is is almost tell like just that kind of a coincidences that injures are the same time but it took him on it injures been pretty loyal load. My trump guys so oil. And that and that's a fairly interesting mayor race it's taking place there are so anyway the vice president in town today and media decided to do or just in time for rush hour traffic. So congratulations on no those of you who will be sitting off to the side of the road for a little bit to. As the vice president to visit Charlotte. It just affect the life from the content on the system that's what happens hopefully it won't be too bad what kind of keep you posted on all that. Outlaw mayfield has apologized. She didn't exclusively I guess to WC NC. She. Since she's sorry for a controversial FaceBook post earlier this week that has gotten a lot of mileage. Are linking to an article supporting a 9/11 conspiracy theories saying I apologize for the hurt the pain that was created. Her apology was just a little bit short the four page explanation as she had denied before lasted into the and I don't believe that she brought race into the apology. But maybe I'm maybe I haven't seen all of the apology yet federal no she's such taping an interview with NBC's. Charlotte for flash point. And as she says like knowledge meet typing the word alleged. That is a piece that are hurt people at a level that was never my intention. Accepted responsibility for the post said Daschle think twice about posting controversial content on no social media in the future. Said I take full responsibility for sending out to post it was half it was half written post it was so partially a thought out post in but I sent it out. And she has no intention of resigning. Expression into it resign unless the people of her own district if there was a petition that had 12100 people specifically from her. District. Lyndon maybe or she would have to do a little exploratory. But it had just a petition from 12100 people she should resign. I mean they did there. They should have done a person representing member debate. Ever presenting them no matter. Good veteran different. Or. You can't cast aspersions on the voter you can't. I assume that they don't know what they're doing and that's the represented. That's the way they wish to be represented. So. Anyway I she apologized and and those who say it is a big man to apologize had a lifers say George. Takes a big council person has CNN out and I'm not I don't mean to did imply anything here are made it takes an honorable. Well it's better than big enough. So trigger their pro Panthers do is a schedule came out yesterday we start off with the Dallas Cowboys. At home. Ron Rivera probably checked the schedule but nine times and no really. Star we got home gay we're starting off the signal at all insignia is season at home we have done that is what 2013. Or. Tony thirteen somewhat down. Happy forge Swanee. Void where prohibited by law. Mr. Schumer. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer said that. He's going to push a bill that will decriminalize. Marijuana at the federal level. Talk about that a couple seconds. There were some school walkouts today my I was wrong yesterday I said that I thought yesterday was the anniversary of the year column by and shooting it wasn't it was today. I cannot put it all into one of the same category worth to branch Davidian compound in Waco and the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. But today. Is nineteen years since the massacre that took column by men at Colorado. And so they. That there's been. Well first of all there are some finesse the move some of the campus students from Florida. Went to Colorado. And participated in a rally. The park on students participating in a rally with some of the Columbine survivors. You have park on students that are. A month. Five weeks I guess it would be now passed their tragedy. Who are. Rallying with Columbine survivors who have now had nineteen years to figure out how to. Get past all this you don't get tested but. Not to move on from all of this and so the collaboration between the two Obama I think is pretty unique. To love. To kind of sift through all this stuff and so one is able to benefit to have from the council of the other so we'll talk about done a couple of segments as well. There have been high school walkouts all day long across the country. On the Columbine anniversary is there have been walking out there was a shooting down in Florida. My high school in Florida Ocala. Forest high school. Non threatening injuries suspected due shooter identified as a male who is not a student at the school in is in custody. But to have students and more than 2500 schools across the United States taking part which are grew out of this petition. Two you know to not let this movement died. And so this a national school walkout a test of the staying power of this new wave of activism. Student leaders of vowing that they won't let just fading headlines stop that movement. And then a local story here I'd kind of heard that does some of the students at Butler high school had. Participated in this up around Matthews. And then just before I started to come on the air I see an article breaking news and the Charlotte Observer. Myers park high students say that they were suspended for a walk out over gun violence. Say they were suspended Friday five of them believe. For walking out of class as part of a nationwide protest against gun violence. We now. That can be part of it can happen. Nobody ever said that your right to protest might not have consequences. So if you're not in compliance with the school or the school's not in lockstep with you know. And you're just actually defying school order. Then they have a right to suspend you. Those are the consequences that you. When you stand up for your rights when you stand up for your First Amendment when you stand up. Our there's a chance that. He'd there may be consequences pay for that. First Amendment is a great example of that. You you can now yes you can say what you want. Then manager free of consequences from whatever it is that you say. Lol wanna. So anyway we'll talk about that meant all five students appeared to have been suspended by school administration. The Myers park senior by the name of Nicholas hicks. Said he was one of the suspended students these school principal and Naia school spokesperson no that couldn't be immediately reached for comment that's disappointing. Students from hundreds of schools across the country expected to walk out of classes today. Several Charlotte area schools plan to do just that. But it Myers park high school before they actually left the school. Com a few students are trying to make their way to the quad. Sister principal took about five students such in the school office and they were told to call their parents to pick them up but they had told them on the way out of the building. That down into its if they. They did they put administrators at the exit doors told students at they would face disciplinary action if they left. They left. Disciplinary action. Quite frankly I died where that is a badge of honor. Six from right now will be hanging out in the Belmont hometown to worry about kicks off her 2018 season to know my new hometown Belmont hope you'll come off the know say hi will be our broadcasting all day long from. Ideally be team boarding news with protons and in the morning all the way through Charlotte have six with Martin garrisons at string being right there on main street you know Belmont and meant we can't wait I can't wait to introduce you to Belmont and envision some of the people have talked to the mirror and most of the people who own establishments restaurants and stuff up there wrote as we've come to load of their solo drop by and say hi visit WBT dot com for more details. Hi and then nudges come idea of string being next week next Friday another and say hi to the crew of us and thanks to the mosquito squad professional costs. Yeah. Well we now know exactly where boomer will be for the next few months because the other panthers' schedule has been released so low end of September the ninth you'll be at Bank of America Stadium in the press box on the right. I assume he got that job again odd I don't know. Or it's your way to what do you have to wait for the new owner taught tiger everything has to go through his process you know some were when the supreme should know something by June. I guess it happens every year plus an epic if if the potential new owners listen up. Don't mess with boom that's that's tough luck it's had a boomer and we viewed it does don't they did I'm just telling you right now save yourself the headache the Texas. That might just go ahead and and getting inked up right now another and want to start all this garbage out of the way could you just you don't mess with boomer people love boomer says thanks Jonathan. If people hate the rest of us. But they love boomer so I'm just delegate as is this. Sisters did lose some advice to get off on the right foot. You you can you get rid of cam. But I did did you can't get rid of a loved measure where we're ready willing and able while the other way or another gotten out. Any Sundays away from kickoff I don't mean to imply that boomer humbling quarter crack. Separate them strictly talking about duties up there in the press but don't curse us who have not humans I'm starting lace them up they've been they've got medication for that professor at. I attract traffic the only veto vice president has been this bothered about eight minutes ago flying over rock kill my. So he should be on the ground by now and solo third traffic because snafus begins. Turn things up at Dallas close observer of the night. That will lobby won your traditional 1 o'clock in the afternoon no. Start settle me a 425 game but that should be great iron very good start off the cowboys at home. Don't put a pretty nice way to start the season to me and then do Atlanta. And then back home to Cincinnati. And then after her. For pre season games and three regular season games we get a ball I. And that's aux. Because you've got a guy I mean I'm not a coach of a football team but I assume that your brother have the ball away. Someplace so little bit later than that so that you can America at a catch your breath and and heal some injuries and. So because they knew got a thirteen game stretched in the season and playoffs and everything else if you're having a real successful year so on. Anyway that's what will happen to their will come out of the bye with a home game against the giants and then travel to Washington and Philadelphia and then the ravens are in town on October the 28. Tampa Bay starts off. Had to Bank of America Stadium. For the fourth day of November of and then we go to Pittsburgh and we go to Detroit Pittsburgh will be air Thursday night game in the Detroit and in Seattle comes into town no Russell will salute no come on back to the Carolinas. And then off to Tampa Bay and then off to Cleveland and then Monday Night Football with the New Orleans Saints. Two days before Christmas and Atlanta Ferraro a second game against the falcons. And December the thirtieth at no moral and so we played the saints weeks fourteen and sixteen. In the season. I can't I'm not even and I'm. He had Colleen memos about the F trump conversations. Given to congress obtained by the media. I don't know is this anything. The. Call me wrote about his conversations with a trumpet nearly a month Tony seventeen before the president fired him in that make. And they were given to congress by the Justice Department yesterday and they were also obtained by multiple media outlets. And this is a prime example. Love depending on which web site you go to a which way they alien that's real good good definition of what those. Emails are those memos may or may not know contain remain. Seven conversations. Memorialized. By Komi. Date from early January. Before then no president elect trumpet even taken office until about mid April. Included trump telling Komi he had a serious concerns about the judgment of the then national security advisor Michael Flynn. And asking about the a possibility of a jailing journalists over leaks and as describing Russian president Vladimir Putin know as saying that his country has the best prostitutes. And. This is all detailed by economy discussion cities previously revealed that disturbed him including trump asking for his loyalty. And I guess I guess once your in the room a major president of the United States yet you're kind of expecting people to. If you're the CEO of a large corporation your got expecting year. Department heads to be loyal to the 'cause archived. Now we signed note note that nondisclosure agreements here. If we ever get fired or out quit. We're limited on what we can say about that company after we live. And that doesn't necessarily mean that there's anything wrong but the company it just means that they're covering their tails. They want a simple loyalty they don't want some disgruntled employee you know or turn on him. All right the very end and and and Terrell part. The hard work of all a lot of our really. Good people. I get that. So lob anyway I was I've read what I can read about these things and and and Reid knows some of them last night. And you just think okay. These are all detailed bike homey discussion cities previously revealed that disturb him. He also writes that trump repeated. Duty dander repeatedly. Denied having been involved in an encounter with the Russian prostitutes sit. Moscow hotel. And an allegation in the dossier about trump compiled by the ex British while Christopher steel. I think the best. One of the best explanations I've heard from trouble and that was you're in Delano was ever got this last week who was a that he told is that hey Jared. I'm a journal felt we don't like golden shower thing around me. House Republicans that don't criticize the Justice Department threatened to subpoena the memos that they were turned over their lettered. Three Republican House committee chairman yesterday the assistant attorney general Stephen Boyd have said the Justice Department and concluded that releasing the memos wouldn't. Adversely affect any ongoing investigations that I get a better accuracy where they would. Call me is promoting is a new book. Says an interview yesterday that he's OK with the memos being released and I know I mean to do had just. Is this any thing that's my question is I guess at third read that I did doesn't seem like much to me. Trump. Yesterday late. Tweeted that. The newly released memos written by the former FBI director James told me quote show clearly. No collusion with the Russian Tony sixty no obstruction into the investigation. So are you all of this is the interactions between Komi. And no the president of the house judiciary. Committee chairman Bob good lodging. House oversight committee chairman no trig out he Republican from a South Carolina has not running again too bad. And the House Intelligence Committee chairman Ned DeVon noon said revolvers from California said in a joint statement today economies memos quote. Should the president made. Clear he wanted allegations of collusion coordination and conspiracy between his campaign in Russia fully investigated. And from what I read last night I I would die would agree with that statement. They said that the memos also made clear the cloud president trump wanted lifted was not the Russian interference of the 2016. Election cloud. Rather it was the salacious. Unsubstantiated. Allegations related to personal conduct leveled in the dossier. Compiled by the ex British British nerves start aspire Christopher steel. I I'm sure Imus is biased as Nancy Pelosi is on the other side but she reads this and she says does she tweets. They know she knew how to tweak. She had two weeks that the memos quote are further proof of Trump's contempt for the rule of law. And energy come open back. So anyway the the memos are out. And. Okay. And I am going now what do we do to a bigger story. Is that the Justice Department yesterday inspector general Michael Horowitz yesterday referred to his findings on the former FBI director Andrew MacKay of to the top federal prosecutor in Washington DC to determine whether or not to charge McCabe with a crime. People familiar with does the matter said that the debts of a possibility the inspector general found a McCabe repeatedly misled investigators looking into. Decision to. To break with FBI policy in 2016 Intel generalist about his inquiry into the Clinton. Foundation. So by the attorney general Jeff Sessions fired McCabe last month 26 hours before he can return on a full page pension which was seen as kind of a a low blow but the memorial learn about McCabe. Then you start to kind of wonder if they're mad fact there was a piece in the Wall Street Journal called McCabe. And a lower loyalty. And I'd talks say it's as apparently Jim colonies FBI had its leadership. In its leadership an official. Even more self serving them the director. This is the Wall Street Journal he said his name is Andrew McCain. And a report released Friday from the Justice Department's inspector general confirms that mr. McCabe was fired for leaking doing Wall Street Journal reporter to advance his personal reputation at the expense of department leadership. And then lying about it. So the IG report. Makes clear that mr. McCabe was fired for good reason because he leaked information to the press. And then he denied to investigators. New inspector general concludes that he was guilty of lack of candor multiple times. Sometimes. With a lawyer present. And at least three times under oath. And no we would later change his story he did so only when he knew that the inspector general was closing in on the truth so the IG says that McCabe even lied to. And about mr. Carney who was the FBI director. And they concluded that the IG report is thorough and but it does raise questions says the Wall Street Journal about mr. combing. And the kind of FBI that he was running. When mr. McCabe was sacked last month following the FBI's own recommendations. Call me tweeted that his former deputy had stood tall. Against those trying to tear down an institution we all depend on. And so the Wall Street Journal concludes in their final paragraph of this op Ed piece or this editorial so in light of this new. IG report. Maybe colony would like to review revise that statement and meanwhile. The investigator general continues to work on how justice in the FBI handled the various Clinton and rush investigations. That mr. McCabe. Presided over. They had written about James told me in regard to Scooter Libby. Justice for Scooter Libby as well. And they concluded an editorial on Matt. In not really flattering terms to mr. Colby either so. That this is the greatest soap opera mom in the land right now. I and and and unfortunately it moves about as quick as the soap opera. But I can't wait to see the conclusion. I and I don't necessarily. It's you know conclude the way that everybody thought it was when they started all this to try to get rid of this elected president. And gaga Billy VT got gum. Stop hitting on our children's speaking out. We as adults have failed our children congress has been on any of vacation a long time congress protects the gun lobby. EBay if I had actually. Said something out I didn't say anything like that I'm all for kids protesting a mall for our kids because their voice seller come from the generation of people that. I'm just saying that that give her exercising your first amendment rights have consequences. It's a school administrator on the way out of the school tells you that your view could be in trouble if you go up participated you don't participate and you get into trouble. Oh well. I ended by saying I where there's a badge of courage as a badge of honor. Ahmed but dead that's not speaking out that's not the day there is heating on your children. Sterling body really yeah you really ought to get your got to work on your comprehension skills. You know if you're really ought to be able to understand English language a little bit better than what apparently you do. There's a mom mom all for the protests. Are not all I I don't like their message. But I am all for the action a mall for the I look real reverence near reverence. And you. Hit that my generation didn't. But you also have to understand that there's consequences for them. So school administrator he's the guy that's in charge of the school. And if they're standing there at the door as you're getting ready to go out and participate even and they national walk out. And he says deal. If you do this. In if you're going to be in trouble. And you do what. And then you're surprised that you got into trouble more than did did you have comprehension problems as well. But that's fine. And then a big scope of things. The big the students that are gonna get. Suspended from school for what well an army days it is 23. Read her for doing what they did then and now then they won't. A bitch they don't. I bet you every industry turns into a slap of the hand deal and I and they resolve this and a different way they they make them stay after and home room and they're right to declaration of independence down ten dimes or some. But. They're developing life stories. I think it's the other kids that didn't get suspended today that are going to be at the ones that are all act off. They don't want to got suspended today. Thirty years from now they're going to be other little radio shows other podcast someplace and they're going to be talking about the timing has suspended from school for participating in the protest. Oh win. No guns and school shootings were the top of the news they'll have the story details. Just like all the stories I have to tell about all the times I got a neutral. And as long as it's not huge trouble as long as it's not. Prison. In trouble. Or it's dot well life or death or are hurting somebody else trouble. I'm all for trouble. You'll learn a lot from trouble. Are you learn public relations sometimes noted troubling you learn all marketing by being in trouble. You'll learn proper etiquette sometimes by being in trouble sometimes you learn how to. Wind your way out of trouble. Which didn't help you later on in life when you're at work and you. Get in trouble. At that. So sterling I'm not eight and under kids on support your kids I'm just saying if you participated in this and been told that if you did. You might get suspended or you might be in trouble. I'm not to be surprised if you get suspended earlier in trouble. Though I may I tip my hat to be a five students that Myers park high school who low and admitted anyway. And and I'll hear from the other side of the value can't you can't condone that line all you're at a camp. But I understand that more likely would have been Needham. So not the end of the world on either side. That's the way and that's the way it as. Friday. April the twentieth. 48 feet. I would talk there expand burned who. He's Mary's they say he's never drove. I get into trouble when we talked there expand Bergen we'll see if we can't make that happen next. As WPP. Why oh why are. I tell you right now or the vice president motorcade went window Wilkinson boulevard because we're seeing a lot of traffic coming off the subtle which goes behind our window here and fill in Julie and prized place. And no morehead street is a Jack down with the traffic so that's were all Leo barricades were our that's where they were stopping traffic so. They left the airport came down Wilkinson boulevard to took that got on. Who 77 to 277 independents and took him to say is evidence independent studio park expo center. And we can tell by the traffic jam it's going on now over there by a needle park. We call a needle in part because that's what you student. Why had park. Which is available part. But anyway so we know that way that the vice president and that means that the vice president was more than 500 yards of us didn't stop Biden saying hello didn't bring me a lemon for my team didn't bring me you know and sought thank you. They get messed up traffic. Bring me some lemon. Drop by one Julian price place sailor old Johnny. You think of that. No. Vice president of people. Stand Merck it gave no have been on the vice president wanted to television he'd have been in studio. And that's perfect that's up the pieces in the with the effect reported note there. But if I pentagon about traffic I am. At office here at the end NASCAR plaza you know Ed give up now. And police are just now starting Q let traffic check your brood so. I guess the vice president either side just on a mobile. About the bee movie so there you gather your traffic updates. So you're seeing 277. Yeah yeah. So that's what he did he came down Wilkens and then took the little did he do little to get onto 77 and I assume major debt up to independents. And on it's the same route they take to go from bell want to Matthews do see my granddaughter. So say it but you don't get that same escort I don't always beat down on on I don't cause as much problems in there I just try to do mind my own business and no no siren and go home and none nobody ever have to stop for me. And there was problems. If he'd landed and then they're commercial jet and and learned himself play on day I know what you're renowned. You know this sort of hurt enterprise you guys held. You know perilously toward sit up here. Then gets political on which one user wanted to use it now and you know I don't know you just don't like herds because you know they're gonna do when you get an all that kind of stuff some are helping you know it's petered have a motorcade got a great aren't happy Friday and expand Byrd senior staff writer of for the Charlotte business journal world over there are no one of the nineteen buildings that the American journal loans you're not town much you all celebrating -- wanna. But that's that's that's that's. Had a purity here doesn't this just sense that the U bought you know in especially well worker guilt trip out Colorado a few years ago. I didn't really realize until this year what airport when he Daiwa's the heavens. I never asked can you call yourself an American. I doubt I wish you ain't got it I'm really embarrassed and act as if I had to do all the work what are at every time there's. It's a sad it's a fascinating story never I've got more deep do we cut erode brushed over yesterday. No more detail on it low hit it on our revenues to deal boy which is coming up until 430 minutes government. Aids is one of those little low American culture type things five guys outside a San Francisco would decide to meet every day at 420 so and so statue and then it becomes a national movement it's this kind of uninteresting not a a deal and a man on the cusp of all of that. The Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer. Is soon going to propose legislation nine to push a bill that will decriminalize marijuana at the federal level and I'll betcha that just sales through. Well I'd gotten that fought back ultimately quick meet you go to the Google pushing it went. High quality cryptic remark at fellow reporting on nudge Schumer senator Hubert. Proposed legislation that. Have you checked the date and how I feel OK it does you know the third candidate now I've could have figured out though. Your educating your lit her so that they do not end up like me helplessly. Fumbling through Google for relic going off yeah. Well also some copies of the emails I get number of that of that education dear pot head. Who sat back and look at the fact that the food with them. Here dark matter and ended you know I've been dead technically it's 420 void where prohibited by law because you know the board of celebrate that here in North Carolina and I at least not legally. But right but the whole West Coast I guess has got to and as stated Colorado known in a few East Coast states more northeast have been known for mirror in the south will be absolutely the last place to celebrate for two point. I think you're probably right about that now. Infiniti is in and has a big deal today going on today but are you know what they they sell pictures of pot you know but I. We don't have any pot but if we did this is what it looks like not not politically it's a little bit different. I'm no new rumors are floating around about the next owner of the Carolina Panthers or what he things in the news schedule. All right guys I thought scandal obviously very interstate Ella I get K if your first question out of murmurs it still expecting that to happen relatively shortly. On the ownership front the that that certainly. Backed up with back so much this gift. Hunter I'll bet on on the matter of the schedule I think anytime you start with the Dallas Cowboys no matter what state they may DN they're still at Lambert came in to have them in the Al Roker. Obviously a big deal. And I think that that game on a Thursday night in Atlanta November if you're if underwent I think epic ever really I get off the saints have an uneventful also. I want pepper and I think for the fans. And three new deal last night the talks about the travel that they don't have to do this year they their franchise record low for miles traveled. Approximately 4000. Miles total. Because if you look at the geography. Of the teams that they play. They don't have to travel long distance for hardly any problem. Yeah I'm trying to figure out hey I don't have it partly to do I have any West Coast games here I don't want me. Atlanta Cincinnati New York Washington Philadelphia Baltimore Tampa Bay Pittsburgh Detroit Seattle Tampa Bay Cleveland New Orleans Atlanta. Is so add them to say and now I know. They're they're the all northeast in note in south stands. I think I did see that Sergio person the the observer beat. Writer for the Panthers really put up you know quarter up at power forward he was lucky you Cleveland in December so. I accept that there are a couple little worse than there might not be delightful that's really makes a big money. That's right that's right but you know what team doesn't wanna go to Cleveland based on what they've got question yourself. There's a. I doubt although. But all the players that they've and I'm not predicting they're going to the Super Bowl by any means it takes a while to build and and change the mentality but that's not going to be the same Cleveland's in the you're right there have been we've been used to build a new New Year's best. Although they will have a rookie quarterback a I'm pretty sure about that. Com anything on North Carolina politicians and and I guess you write about politicians say we you know they wanna help keep the NFL under Charlotte which I think it's premature but you also have to anticipate. No what are what they horizon is going to bring we don't know who the new owner will be and we don't know what they request might be but you kinda have to. I have to be prepared to for. You multimillion dollar contribution. Depending on what the requested us. Yeah I think it minimum certainly city government note they're going to have to EU something. Maybe it is just I used to record job lately maybe it is just something. Like what's been done the last five years which was 75 billion dollars from public. Taxpayers from public money going in Q renovations I think that would be a low end in fact that would probably be a deal that make you jump up and down to pure. In politics in city government right now. The interesting thing John and as we talked about not only this city but the state as well. Is everybody of course is saying that they want you to being here surely do but nobody union into specifics finish you know the typical park starts where it. You have. That's big request that part of you that you have to figure out how to. Natured or whatever your plight of our terms and Peter liberties intact and keeping them the same not spending. On think that some may consider frivolous and risking. Fell off of a franchise I doubled nicotine going anywhere but you know when you get into rhetoric in threat than maneuvering it gets complicated Mary. You make a point existing terrorism taxes used to make improvements. For a bank of of America stadium before. And could probably come up with another 87 million or something like that that would buy you another what five. Six years of a tethered to that stadium which would then give you. A time to build a new wonder if that's what they request is. The last time. That then you talk about the city but what about the state the last time we lobbied that bridge to lobbied the state. They kind of said no Rivera big the governor McCrory in and and the and the house speaker and everybody else kind of said no we're not primarily instant draw a lot of money that your. And that's the part that make me think this will be a difficult conversation. Yes when it gets that point that. City government. Whether there requests come now or five years from now. Simply did not have the money to fund a billion dollar stadium or whatever the price tag is. At that point and barring a major shift in the make up of the legislature. Which is controlled it had been controlled by the Republican Party she felt we can. I don't see a great appetite Q. Honda or help fund an NFL stadium and remember John for all the talk of a democratic wave what's there may or may not be this fall. Most of those districts are pretty well you're better where you're not going to see Eric. Can't have them shipped parties in let something really unusual happened so that's a long way at least saying. I think it's still a longshot it yet they Sunday. And if that is the case then you know what you do as a community if you're trying to sort through this. And figure out how to pay per day McCain may not happen at beginning of the new ownership. But you know it's coming. Well and then where does that age old great state of Mecklenburg bias so play and therein it is asking Raleigh to help Charlotte and sometimes that doesn't go over real well. Yeah that that they got it right and I don't think it's Leo. It I don't think it's well Ali it's the is that is that largely rural power base within the Republican Party that runs rally. And where you can rally the synonym for capital I think that's really what you're talking about talking about that earlier oral divide that we've talked. Saw that about and it'll last you you're telling America what it's better father but that is real sticking points or how do you convince. A couple of the moment senator Cooper are the senate struck occupant Johnny. How do you convince him that it is crucial. Vote to find state money for the NFL. Win there are other things that he and if Alec wants to do that it will be tricky. Well and so that's something I have in common with the urban or rural areas of North Carolina because I can't quite justify a wider use enough. But I taxi at the money your taxpayer money to load to build sale billionaire a stadium either so long. Yeah and and John I wanna be clear that you and I have talked about. This type of subject many many times. If it isn't backing from many people. Across. Both parties. Don't talk about voters here that. Billionaires. Are able to leverage. Public dollars to help them pay for stadium generated I think that Eric writes a lot of people and you get into that question. Are you willing to go to the table and say I'm going to take a chance fittingly it and maybe your heart's just a lot of cities have felt that going to do that sign in recent history. I'm in the words of Bruce hornsby and that's just the way radios. I will come back to our two mr. Stenberg and got to second the checkers are in nail playoff boost and they may even got a visit from the apparent K and so one of these days we'll find out what that's all about next. I've back to Eric van virtual business journal. As they are regular guest of ours on Fridays at 4 o'clock when the new vision comes out Charlotte checkers are back in the playoffs again Wilkes-Barre Scranton as the opposition that's also up. Medea Charlotte knights started their season against a feel like a mob back in Wilkes-Barre Scranton we're gonna WA RM again this is. Like gold old home week. But Turk I packet. Hale Pennsylvania though they have their first few playoff game vote at home. I think night and Saturday night and of course when you talk about eight or franchise. Playoffs are good not just for. Affection for banned that because you're also bring you know or rather do it to check for yourself. Chipping away at operate deficit but there are get a little closer to break even says a lot of optimism but there are now. An interesting they go smaller with Bo Zhang golf course they did a really nice remodel on that thing so I mean it's a custom made for a motor mimic. They go out of the great Paulus you know the big spectrum senator and no go back to bode jingles but by taking the less they really are making more. Yet that's exactly right any of the first thing is they cut costs substantially because this. Cheaper to operate that building also beggar the anchor tenant. So they're not sharing with an NBA franchise. And not have to worry about not only in BA games but. Major concerts crowding them out so that gives them better date or home games although things have helped and also I think John you'll hear. A lot of fan. Say that they really liked the intimacy of that. All order drug angle pal in about 8000 feet so you feel like you're much more on top of the action as compared to when they were and 90000 seat arena uptown so I think it's worked out for everyone pretty well all the rebels ordered to operate the building uptown and they want spring Ian has many of those big band concerts as they can't because. That helped the building and generate more revenue overall. I don't know about better dates or Kabeer receive no some of these hockey players wives they I thought they do they get the fashion models they get the cover girls had patents have assets. We I think I'd hit you date right away say how did I misunderstand. I don't know I stopped within myself years ago I don't now. I don't know they do pretty well for guys that tees here are split up okay John Hancock report. Parent parents. Parent company coming to town knows McCain's come and endure Charlotte that would be goal. Yeah I think it would be cool I've asked this question a lot over the years I've just been curious about why they haven't done that yet they didn't care our hurricanes. Having new owner has January day that I ate a lot of trouble. On the night android brand in Raleigh called a bit but the play out without your cell I thought this team president this week. And he was very much open to the idea. Scheduling an exhibition. With the checkers and of course you know one of the unique thing. In this relationship is there aren't. Many I don't know if there're any other places where the triple A affiliate of the NHL team is in the same state so that if there's a hockey fan out there that record real quickly got up secured but that is a unique aspect the checkered and hurt it. I got about a minute and a half left huge news international soccer tournaments returning viewer Charlotte this summer you can read about that in near Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal dot com with they are really go with a couple articles actually go by or expand bird. And the Wells Fargo two weeks or mom about right now were Indian Wells Fargo championship tiger hasn't committed yet bowed to a most of the big names including. The masters champ. I have. Thumb and do we not expect an answer from Wells Fargo as do their long term commitment or a longer commitment sometime soon. We do here on him like he endured this summer will be when we should know whether there will be. An extension for the parliament beyond 2019 and a current agreement runs out this thing hit gun sideways up down you're not talked about a lot over the years but what you're out. You know look like maybe some help with command and what I heard this week from both German organizers of the bank is both sides. Theme party and hand and eager to you keep your relationship going to Woolsey if that also up for negotiation. And a billion dollar fine to Wells Fargo probably want to affect that many Ray Schafer who regard. No but one thing of a pitcher can have a bet you bet they ever got the other about a lot of soccer if you get broadcast anti. It was delicately put TV that rebuilding truck with the F saying that the advertising. But during this year's tournament so I think gay and unavoidable topic no matter what aspect of well Margaret that you're talking. Absolutely unavoidable it's been a marketing nightmare for their protest could twelve months so they know they very definitely elbows so most of public relations are good to turn around there's no it is always about that. Hey I enjoy the weekend should be pretty nice one and all talking to try to. Gephardt John I hear from Vermont a boomer Avandia and air expand Burke Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal dot com cheers what's happening. Charlotte culprits. In Georgia we begin ortho Carolina supporting the first home game of the Charlotte cobras football. Me April 28 and it will be a north Mecklenburg high school Charlotte homers or a semi professional football team and they are comprised a local police fire and medical professionals there every game goes to us support injured or disabled first responders and our community tickets tin box children twelve and under are free you get details at Charlotte cobras football dot org. Part 21810. Days didn't do what 48 team to. 155. Days ago. Nineteen years. So it's been nineteen years since I quit Vijay. That was nineteen years ago today that Columbine happened. Thirteen people. Killed. Torre for others injured. And no I had quit WBT about three days before that. Because all when Imus just retired recently day us and we know what will you miss and he said. Almost on haven't been a dozen. People to tell stuff too like avert a good album or read a good book or something like that is it until my wife but. Should care. And I am I can relate to that because I can remember sitting at home mom and I had done numb. Some assemblies that they're column by and high schools back when I was working in Colorado. And so all the sudden I didn't have the mouthpiece anymore I didn't have the 50000 watts I was so looking for a gig but forward to being around. And. And that was also when no Michael Graham committed WBT career suicide to. Bad day at nineteen years since a column like. The one that China has said that definition for I mean that's their word there were amassed their worst school shootings before column on. But that was the one that got our attention that was the one that took thirteen people and met injured 24 others that was that was the headliner. New survey finds that 42% of Americans will retire broke. And Illinois nurse arrested for paying off under our 101000 dollars all lined up higher and organization to kill the wife of the doctor that she was having an affair with. The other company scammed her that's she got top form an idol I used to 9/11 operator who hung up on thousands of callers. Sentenced to jail. I read the news today oh boy several members of the Tennessee National Guard of been punished after an officer was allowed to take her re enlistment oath. Oval Office while wearing a hand puppet. And Tyne Daly has joined a reboot of mercy brown. Norway. It was written about this yesterday as an annual post graduation period it. And it's called rust. RU SS. Any last weeks. And it involves party and and drinking heavily. And tends to challenge public morals. Annual post graduation period in Norway. And while it's listed in list of rituals involved in the rush celebrations vary from one school the next. They almost invariably involve alcohol. Nudity. And sex. So easy. Kids are the same the world over. The guy who runs Norway's public roads administration. Released a statement this week titled. No to sex on the round abouts. In the statement ahead of the NB RA encourages graduates to refrain from from a celebrating by a I'm having sex on roadway around abouts. We do what are you doing just go around in circles. So it Stevie Wonder sung well will go around in circles was that Billy Preston that was deliberate. Anyway apparently this is so good gives in Norway do he's also discouraging or grads from running make it across bridges. I I wouldn't. We're encouraged that that I have the sex in the round of bounces. And I don't want I don't want anybody emulating missile that roundabout to between. Belmont in the lake while because I use our enough. We can't be distracted driver rideau. They have torch one day we'll get you into the origin of forge one you just. First we want Toronto broke travelers that are developing type people. Wonder over the trap consider he's been around dozens of cigarette let me give you another story of a bullet joy no Agassi say either doable link Corey Stewart moto frenzy it's going to be one of the two. In less he's freelancing ninety's so workers for the fox or some and like down on the side I don't think that's a necessarily the case. Apparently there's a growing Chandra Milla among a millennial. So we're getting a vote just feel as free. Solvers to PS traffic generally don't rush to buy hundreds of Fordyce seventies in the next 43 and the guy hissing and other station behind her back we just got him mare had a little wrap on Canada and bags judges like crazy yesterday though for sure fully air traffic report back up and get your work there you go kimono. Quick out. I college I think it was I was burned out of our conversation their spam burger of the Charlotte business journal a journal literally over the phones we go to silhouetted Julian WBT hey Julie. Oh Ron how are ya I'm good are you don't. Have oil at all. Well good keep it that way. Or whether the topic is what are now well. I'll hit it abetted didn't talk to get chilly by the weekend or just under. Sunday's most of sucked but Ruben day did you barely got it. Basically you can get right no I'm an alternate Friday all they loan. You know I'm I'm curious because ever thought about the billion dollar fine are well I go. And that they hate a billion dollar I've got millions without this the end by government to the consumer financial protection are actually bear out. But the yeah and though is where does that million dollars bottom might go because. But what I've seen or read it as that say save over 300 million dollars worth of damage that was sent people that their cars were confiscated. Well ordered her out front all all this power offices above are. So we get that at a 700 million all witnessed it. They obviously. Week by the banks when it came to them failing. And I had a bet that helped get paid back the people who were hurt by. And I don't know that I have they. I'm all make up and answer because I don't really know it's early would seem that that's where should go because those are the people this is that this find was punishment for their actions on its mortgage and auto loan business. And so did they Putin did the have been that big in the conduct of what they said was the conduct caused and was likely to cause substantial injury to consumers. So I would assume that money has to end up at least but I've been a good deal of it has to end up with those consumers because those are the people were injured by it. When you think that you want to talk about that bottom line and then we ought to talk about you know the benefit middle and that looks to me like it was the penalty paid debt from. They're higher and people actually think Lou the bonuses that they were getting it I agree with all of that. In the meantime I think that they should go in a little Mikey L because the big lump but thought the surface that. The billion dollar fine. And the outlook. And then and let me see what I could find out and I think that's a good point they essentially a charge there are consumers too much over mortgage interest rate. I'll lock extensions. And and and they also Iran Iran a mandatory insurance program that probably didn't need to be added. Two insurance costs sick in bed and auto loans as to abandoned to seas into our borrowers auto loans as well also a lot of you're right those through the people who were hurt by this. And it wasn't just monetary early. And today you're right in assuming that it's too it's its credit records and all sorts of things so long there's a lot of things that need to be rectified. Although I'd say and they also are forcing people a bit and get our insurance that Ari how our insurance. So you know they were going over that and then some of those people flocked there vehicles. Even though they are probably insurance -- polls are additional island transit center. Thank you would think it they would if they send more bad about it I just think it's a very Arafat's right now. And that a billion dollars isn't all that much and come fit big bank. Are known and it our but the people and especially when you kind of figure that the lawyers probably get there's first. Isn't that are now hey I appreciate the hybrid version of question and policy if I can uncover some effects reentry. More old city all right you two off goes Julian we will do the same come back on the other side in a kick into you're a big weekend. And it is a big weekend bond Joseph reason town know this weekend. Erica beer and rocky mare in town none tonight are believed. And Adam Sandler. Is in town on Sunday did you know that he shoot a special. That's gonna be on Netflix. Where. All tell you a minute it's. Radio program. He'll draw this gives us via visual like tomorrow night as well also a good weekend for via visual like theater this view 88 BI SQL YT. 97 tonight's southern culture on the skids. Tomorrow old friends of fire fall or play an up and Shelby the Don Gibson theater that'll be at 8 o'clock tonight so look. Momo sorry I can't do go up to that one back in the day hanging out and know boulder working at KB CEO job partly in the mark candies to come by and enjoy and it's on a bigger fairly regular basis especially jock. So it would be nice to see them market these last time I saw him was so played bass guitar for heart. There around. In some very bad. And fire fall tonight and shelving. I'm there you go. The shot blocker. All. Apple is a test hole and walk is going on tomorrow. If Wilson's involved in this in some way shape or form Wilson and I know worthy reception for our producer or TJ you know last two Saturday. George was there we ought to big time. There's an open bar. It could have been anybody we've had a good time. I've gone on tomorrow you mind the humane society is holding their annual pet polluters of festival and walk up for the animals event that'll be an independent sparked. And hopefully thousands of pet lovers will show up for the day. There's a vendor fair there's an adoption area there's music there's picnic pavilion their student beer trucks have a whole lot of activities going on enough for a people and pets like. The a dog and yoga. Agility ring no starts at 9:30 tomorrow morning in the Mayo just get all sorts of the stuff the walk for the animals is an 11 o'clock. End pet pull losing ends about 3 o'clock tomorrow independence markets were all that will take place. Very cool event. Well and one tomorrow wanna take advantage of the NASCAR boys are in Richmond this weekend 6:30 PM on a Saturday night so your first Saturday night to race. On no fox. And enjoyed O'Donnell won that race so last year or so are Betsy monster energy NASCAR cup series Toyota owners 400 starts at 630 tomorrow on fox and of course you got NBA playoffs. And the extended the race is tonight at 7 o'clock on fox sports one. Major League Baseball Stanley Cup Playoffs NBA playoffs lot of stuff going on sports going on over the weekend. And the Charlotte checkers are in town for their playoff game 7 o'clock tonight against wilkes-barre 6 o'clock. Tomorrow. So that's that's what's so going on know their hand and Anderson east. Is it the underground at the avid music exchange tomorrow night at 8 o'clock and you can go to fill more in C dot com slash B. Underground to get to a more information on six over the trap or should we go start your what I seventy you have brought you by her support I 77 X 43. And overruns candidate thanks Chanda is -- reported a high 85 near the gassing Cali like this report has caused by Alder hey this is southbound 85 as you approach exit thirty RU 485. People I have for police and medical responding to this 85 south of addiction thirty also on the other side of interstate north down 85 at exit 36 commercial boulevard. Our traffic is also we're seeing some heavy traffic around a town with a collision more history this Caldwell street and its in the just reported Sharon wrote a queen's road. For the north on north try our thick or roads discover an active person and as a retirement within an amenity filled 231 acre campus that voters gate on line that voters gave CC RC dot com. WBQ weather channel forecast clear tonight it was a moral fortitude. Saturday sunshine seventy watch. 66 rock hero and the queen city for next update at 520 boomer I'm Kenneth WBP traffic. US national Whitewater sitters talk fast. Today through Sunday free outdoor concerts every. Every day and idle longer got demos and clinics and sporting equipment and they do and paddling down therein obstacle races and biking and canoeing and a scavenger hunts great way to look at the initiation LC with the US national Whitewater senator. Why is all about the event is free to watch. Participants can pre register in the US sporting competitions online or on site beginning at 7 o'clock could tomorrow morning cost is like 35 bucks for adults 25 bucks for children. On nine and under. There will be more than a hundred female owned local vendors businesses and gatherers. To our share in the second I think is the sec here that they don't need girl tried to pop up. And there you'll find clothing in a jewelry and paper goods and gifts and beauty products and you can take and a fitness seminar or do it yourself workshop or learn Colin Murphy or. Enjoy craft cocktails now organ down to business food trucks live music. 25 dollar preview from 6 to 9 o'clock tonight. Freed tomorrow from noon to five. And us Sunday and they got a ten dollar VIP in early entry into a 10 AM tomorrow. Hawkins street designed sinner is where the girl tribe pop up as soon taken place Hawkins street designed Sydor. That's it twenty to sixteen. Hawkins street. Front page of the gas in his that this morning features they are kings not a native backing is about native by the name of Scott Sanders. Who's get ready to graduate from gassed in college. But also as a musician of note and he's planned with the Michael Tracey band. Well we got to know Michael Tracey a couple of years ago and number I stayed in touch with him sporadically over the years but don't Michaels had a pretty nice run and no gets bigger and bigger and should. Works hard good musician he's opening for Bon Jovi on Saturday it's a Specter and senator tomorrow night mica a Trace his band has. And no Scott Sanders is a part of that so that's what they were writing about in the up. India business are in the gas and gazette today was. The fact that he's again don't. Open up for Bon Jovi and stand in front of 171000 people or whatever it is a pretty big deal he's. He's open to us so much shows before some pretty big game mere musicians. But I think that's very cool and I think it's really cool that Mike Tracy I Tracy's band has opened up for Bon Jovi before if I'm not mistaken and now they've opened up for some pretty notable PeopleSoft. Maybe Tracy is the next guy who make it out of Charlotte with they've done tourism LA and I think they've done Sunday may have been I know you're open. We had imam I I was trying to remember when I first met him because we had him come down now. And we read BB NT stadium so it may have been the opening of the ballpark. And I don't remember how we got hooked up with a but anyway we got down there and he was due to join us at like 530 years something like down. So there's this nice looking blond guy. I'm sitting over the side of the stadium. And and it is there for most of the broadcast. And I noticed him only got there have been I didn't really know who was no I'm a die die underdog just figured he was taken at all then. And then it came time forest interview Mike Tracy and he stood up walked over and it was Mike Tracy so while. I'm in I have exchange emails. From time to time buzz saw among those are you guys have a good time tomorrow night that's that's a big deal and our congratulations to king's married native us got a Sanders who. I guess to fulfill a dream. One that many of us may have had no lifetime best to stand in front of 171000 people in mountain in and and play music. Pretty good stuff tomorrow. Is a record store day international celebration of all things vinyl this is the nationwide then buy lunch box records and our buddy Jimmy over it or repo records are you know full. Accordance with all this lunch box and repo will love be bringing in plenty of limited edition and rare vinyl releases you can snag Arcade Fire seven tractor debut EP on. Transparent a blue vinyl there's all sorts of stuff out there. My get a chance to grab they had David Boyd welcome to the black out to go live London 1978. Let's dance demo and are rarer are pro law album Bowie now. Which will be available on no vital for the very first time all this is limited edition stuff. Are they get records from back DeMarco and run for the jewels Pink Floyd some of the other exclusive releases for a record store day. So all ahead on over and I told Jimmy over repo that we censure would you be stunned. I think read their opening it to 9 AM tomorrow. In some cases record store day they are run lines and open up in the wee hours of the morning but I think lunch box and a repo both their road commitment and about 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon to lunch box records has a free show with the mount joy at 2 PM indie rock band little low perform a ninety minute set at lunch box. Before they join Anderson needs to add to music factory later on in the evening we told you about that a little bit earlier. And lunch box records is located at 8:45 central avenue. And the new location every phone records is Newell and his latest addition. 'cause he was on central for years and years when I first moved here in 1990 repo records once the deal. And he was on central avenue Easter rundown there all the time are repo records is now located at 3325. Commonwealth. Avenue. So it's record store day tomorrow. And I do a lunch box and a repo records could self involved to roll up a vinyl is a pretty big thing a couple of things coming up volatility about that the second. Next Wednesday by the way at the comedy zone. Andrew Dice Clay one night only I don't know if there's tickets available for that are not but you can now probably go to their website and I'll find out and Special Olympics on Monday I'll give some more on that just feel. Couple other events Fella you're a big weekend via lake Norman highland games celebrating their 25 anniversary of the historic rural hill and hunters still love that place. Just a weekend full of competitions from a battle ax. Kilt and races. They'll be cooking and shepherding demonstrations and whiskey seminars and not historical re enactments and live a traditional music and Celtic rock performances Scottish food vendors a whole bunch more 8 o'clock tomorrow morning they get started. And Iran all the way until 4 o'clock on no Sunday. So luggage so far rural hills to replace to have better and then on Sunday. Adam Sandler is in town. Little guy has done basically everything. And he's doing stand up. At the Charlotte metro credit union ample theater which is down there or add to and avid music exchange. For a performance that'll be filmed for a Netflix in his frequent costar our Rob Schneider is opening up 8 o'clock on Sunday night. And if they're still tickets available they'll run you anywhere from 3952. Or 21750. Bridge you can go will be a part of us. Netflix TV show and I don't know that there's so many people that I was in a widely publicized and Adam Sandler was in Don what the Rob Schneider open and our forums so way don't. And so there you go that's part of your big weekend as well and not party big weekend but going up on Monday is the 28 teams Special Olympics Mecklenburg County spring games. I assume mrs. Obama bowler and company. Larry sprinkles gonna mediums seed down there are from NBC Charlotte good friend of ours just in the studio with us with Jack Daniel recently. And a lot of special guests in the parade of athletes and the lighting of the Special Olympics torch and DJ Michael be down there are no of course the athletes themselves. And it's just great event I don't know if you ever been or not it'll be a boat jingles the coliseum. On 92700 east independents and starts at 10 o'clock in the morning 28 teams Special Olympics Mecklenburg County. Spring games with the failure emceed. Larry sprinkle very good start told you Wednesday down and have an exchange music factory Andrew Dice Clay is in town. I assume he's probably still doing this the same acts that he's always done but he's funny he's vial. But he's he's funny ISI are hoping still funny emcee of a long long time he was the oddest do the Lam for about five minutes. So anyway that should be fun down there at the comedies on Andrew Dice Clay is in town on now. On no Wednesday. The job. Today's for Tony. Void where prohibited by law we don't get to participated much in North Carolina but the origins of it I'll give you more facts on that pretty wrenching story behind for Tony Alter it to you next. First we head over to the traffic center brought you by hunters till Florida I 77 X 243 trouble on 85 I can tell that because Susan's not home yet. I CPI. Are monitored tells me that so she's stuck in that traffic on Wilkinson boulevard where you keep sending people actually that's the only option they have right now to energy is taken boomers name any kind of data in vain everytime he says only option as far as revenue for public events obviously 74 east to the beach let's go after my dad's death Baguio. That's good I Wesco use your best option is through Monroe let you read it snowballed out right phobia here we come. I. I'm wondering literally BT newsroom or Marc Gerson from the finishing touches on no Charlotte have six hole which we'll be here right after the US 6 o'clock news hello mr. Beers and hello John. The iWeb lady calls up a little bit earlier and she was talking and you got Mike multi and to talk about feel Wells Fargo a billion dollar fine she was. Asking questions that I thought were pretty uninteresting to about. You know people were affected by that and all sorts of different ways credit ratings so were affected cars or repo and so on and so forth to they get part of that billion dollar all AM. It Chon cavity is being set aside for restitution. Make mall Rainey who's the president's budget director and also runs the consumer. Office of consumer protection it's federal level said that. They are going to make restitution could be up to as many as a million people. And he said he understands why people think the bank is crooked. Well yeah I'm is then this is kind of a long litany of Mo Wells Fargo. Slaps on the hand not that are a bit billion dollars Arianna slap on the hand but. Tom and dusting Mitt we just got finished talking there expand burn about our renewing their sponsorship for the golf tournament. Hey they can use that because they need do is serve you know improve their image but he is does the golf tournament long wells Fargo's name on it I don't think that's coming into the equation but it did you may be should. Admit it it well it's a good question I think the PGA will take anybody go write him a big check well there is that in half and they're not alone in the area are at. I in fact I think we do the same thing stepped. Think you're right about had a feature about that. Thought they had no lockouts that some of the high schools today bowler I was the most prominent of those are mentioned you talked to some of those kids hours over there today it was very fascinating not a big crowd mostly kids stating class but about 200 came out and some of them I got on the phone is starting calling some congressman and those were some. Interesting calls will hear one of them coming up at six point do they and so the office takes the call that anybody gets brutal congressman now they get through twosome aides though and of course you know the angels and we'll just so we'll certainly pass this whole heart defect Varitek. Like her resume in a radio station in Japan codec so much for your interest in our and our operation and I got weird news of the week in the vice president and down enough. That may be affecting your your traffic more than its effect in the last five minutes among men to grow and I had no mom I have a mess on my hands you'll see him well I know I've got a mess on my hands ago I added a seventy sort of Belmont club back on 85 is causing everybody to get on the nose in fact I was looking at my CPI. Not online think as I can tell other not to and it's been known mostly shut off for not know Susan's on hold me up so I'm sure she's a really good mood. So take her out to dinner and well no I will take her out to dinner providing any blazes still open by the time we both get home effect so I see you know feel that in. It's up 42 audio and we've had great fun whether it and the origins of four to money our our time entrusting this would go down and united. States full court history are suppose. That's the numerical code where it's headed by Eric spared bird. Openly admitted that he didn't all laudable for Torre thing everybody knew it before twenty deal was at this point but anyway here's the deer the numerical code for Ford Torrey marijuana as high holidays. Festivities planned worldwide. Culminating with AS synchronized to smoke which happened this afternoon about an hour and a half ago or 4:20 PM. How the marijuana loving world came to mark the occasion is believable is believed traceable. 25 at northern California men who are now in their sixties. And they created a code nearly fifty years ago they were students at a suburban San Francisco high school this was 1971. That's the year I graduated. We didn't have occurred. David red X and four buddies Steve cap or Larry Schwartz. Jeff Knoll and mark grab church. Mores Stoner click who hung out at a particular wall between classes at San Rafael high school they dubbed themselves. The wall those. Termed I've coined by comedian Buddy Hackett to describe odd people. One falls then you ought to load go Google Buddy Hackett many of you to find out who is if you're under the age of forty. One fall afternoon 1971. Anon walled old classmate came to the wall with an intriguing tale and AO crudely drawn map. And the map purported to show the location of a marijuana garden. In a nearby forest which would have been the point Reyes national seashore. So the classmates said that the pod patch belonged to his brother in law on the five excited friends made plans to find that we'd afterschool all. And decided to meet in front of the school at 420. We know two of them finish football practice. And the five laugh now about tumbling out of jail marijuana smoked filled car when they arrived at their destination 45 minutes later. They didn't find the patch that day. But they've vowed to keep searching. And they would pass in the halls and whisper. For twenty Lois. And Ford twenty Lewis. Was. They indication. That they should meet at 4:20 PM. At the schools statue. Of Louis past due or so would be for twenty Louie. I don't believe that's where the song Louie Louie came from a by the way I think about it it was a long before 1971. So the 420 Louie stock as code for let's get high at the statue after school and soon after it was shortened to simply floored when he. And meant let's just get high anywhere and that's where forge what he now has worked its way into our. Our vernacular and now and April the twentieth the mirror our. I'm my understanding is from my friends in Colorado it's almost like a record day is gonna be tomorrow there are a record storage you know that have special issues of this that the other enough. Pot shops opened on the West Coast in Colorado legalize states senate to some consider doing is sending a read an article yesterday don't think I have it handy. But I read your article yesterday yes organ. When it comes to marijuana supply. Organ is growing pot and they're too good at it. In these state dispensaries they have a slashed prices on we do about 45 bucks or Graham which is normally eight to ten bucks just to get it off the shelves. Because the marijuana supply is much higher than the demand in Oregon. And so they got too much. And Willamette week reports that there are just simply too many recreational Canada's growers 963. As of this month. And there are another 900 intent awaiting approval by the York and liquor control commission. And they're just too good at their jobs growing one point one million pounds of Canada's flowers last year three times the amount that Dell was consumed. And noticeable they say that small growers can't cut their losses by a filing for bankruptcy. And there's a federal bail and you know un Don no we'd. So they got a cell and organ they can't sell anywhere else. So why that's the dilemma that I'm sure the south and North Carolina that's wants no part of and some other states are saying. What the problem. So we'll see role that goes so there you go Europe on the origins of forged money. And everything involved in the news regarding forward wanting. And that's associated products have yourself a great weekend we'll see you back here Monday at 3 o'clock I leave you with their Charlotte at six in March garrison and. John Erica throws close love it and we are.