John Hancock: Bobble Head

John Hancock
Friday, August 18th

John talks about his bobble head night at Kngiht's Stadium and that when throwing the First Pitch...he threw a sinker.


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This is John Hancock. The net mr. Your president your week's been. What's the. Michael used to sit and there. So do other things. I who was whoever the actuality wasn't saying this is the bigger setback for. Really. Dan and Lavin is a big. I have a hard about that and or Mitt Romney has so spoken up and Bob or terrorists Korver is so spoken up and there's a Missouri State lawmaker by the name of Maria Chappelle Nadal who is suggested that. The she'd like to see. Beer president assassinated that always brings. It frivolity. And Secret Service. Eyes on Durham. We'll continue to watch that. They had 200 counter protesters show up earlier in the day on rumors that the KK was planning to march. But. Chapters of the kkk and social media and so on and so forth don't necessarily go back that up. But it if you were gonna happen it was. Then the second rumor mills said 4 PM this afternoon. So there you don't categorize on that we're not expecting anything to happen there we think when you what's happened there is already happened there. But we'll certainly keep our eyes on that in case so that's not the soaring. Will tell you and I read the news available way after we talked to or expand murdered 4 o'clock why you should do it skipped using hair conditioner is there's a nuke strike. Now. Yep yep yep bring all that trio. And yes Virginia. My first pitch. Did make it to the catcher. The video that is up fund the FaceBook page barely go on the TV stations covered it last night. Those are channel three. I Iran ended delayed all walking in the building and day he said nice pitch. And down and somebody of a day Scott all of Marshall partner said he saw it on the news last night but I had no authority your local TV cameras there. But I'd love to see that footage as toy nor fear confided to email it to me. You think that maybe Alan had an end with my wife who works there are. But anyway the judge my essays and shouted from from the upper level note so you can. Now we have data on FaceBook. But instead shot from some on such a distance I don't really think you can see those the speed in the velocity. That I through and I'm pretty sure that we were clocked in about 95 miles an hour it was a mid ninety's at that you made an 895. But I am sure it was over ninety. And of course that being so far her being so far away with. But their iPhone. You don't really hear the crack of the ball hit the Mitt. But. If you look really carefully you'll see the catcher shaking his hand. At yeah. I'm certain they're relieved just gives. I lined up in front of the period. Pitcher's mound because they had it all groomed and everything like that I couldn't imagine they wanted me get note Derek you know kick in the turnaround. And then I noticed that when I threw the pitch AS step forward so that knocked another to feed off that thing and and and if you don't really do look closely you'll see that the catcher helped me out by leaning forward but it was. But it didn't bounce to him I got to him. It was like a sinker. Com and and then after I watched the fourth and fifth innings I was thinking will they be allowed to go and. Because that very guy hit a Grand Slam and and I made a five nothing and then it just kind of went downhill from there and over the weekend they turn ended the Charlotte caveat growth caballero is. Because there are it's the weekend this weekend only where they changed their name. And like Latin American night tomorrow night another got far worse and stuff tonight enough so while we'll talk about that don't we get to what you're not a big weekend it to 5 o'clock. Barrett thanks very much to the to the Charlotte nine nights in the whole organization remembers a super nice to me last night. And took care of us. And I was thought. It was a it was a. All of the catcher whose name I didn't catch. Vietnam had been best. Kidding came near mid season from Louisville. Anyway. That the intro. They they walked me out to the mound in the they did though the PA announcer does an intro. And I couldn't really hear. You know I can hear the talking I can hear my name said several times but he just went on and on and on for ever. And that that is a guy reading my biography. And then when he was twelve remote desert laws. But anyway I mean they're really very went all out and and into the Caribbean and all that kind of stuff and so when I went back and a stand and outside the dug out of the players for a get ready to go on the field and earned targeted Dan rascals get Raquel skier bode. The CEO GM guard. Now the honcho. And I've spent a good god help us with kids first every year. The catcher walked up to me and stuck his hand out and said hey congratulations on the hall of fame. And and I said you know that he's a good we were now back in the hallway or listened. Would rate to come on. There I thought that was pretty nice amendment to our. To do that so. Putted better and and got the Bobble heads and and so it's over now right. We can put attention on something else. And never been so happy to see an eclipse in my entire life. And I'm not opposed to attention but I've gotten way too much attention this year. It's I mean it's it's it's already essay about this last night. They did that golden Mike thing at the Christmas party. And then we April did they and he made the hall. Which is this the biggest on Ramallah. And then we wait till June to actually do that ceremony in the David Brothers play. Which I'll never be able to thank them enough for being good enough forensic Canada. And then those that'd be. The Bobble head. And the last night's the Bobble head night. Oh yeah right in the middle of that and ER visit and my hometown of Estes Park and diabetes type two diagnosis. And been kind of a busy year or use skeptics. Charles writes it's a sinker. I call that gravity. You are obviously sit too far away from the thing because the thing was right waist high and then at the last second. Nolan Ryan couldn't have thrown a pitch like a low low. OK okay. Ryan Nolan couldn't have thrown a pitch like that. Well let me throw a pitch for cantina 5011. But why make the big box. Well. There's big events it's it's not only an amount it's they pay me in these big. Monopoly dollars. Opens on to. Public community notes. Gonna commissioner Matthew right now are. Delivered. His own son in his own driveway this morning about 130 I guess such is dead I've heard from money. I don't know that for a fact but I tour heard from was marred right now are. So congratulations to commissioner right now are and and his wife. Abby. And there are. And their new son. 1:30 AM this morning. Hey you never know what's happened and what your saw logs. I don't weird dream last night that they had dead they that we all been fired. But it wasn't this building and it wasn't my office and it wasn't it you know under there was nothing. But anyway I Reza where I was in an elevator with the whole bunch other people people that I knew people that I work with here. On and we were all carry our boxes out. And they were all crying and I was not. I you know I then I don't remember dreams but I am preservers and other rebel rebel and all the long. And the thing that I remember about it was. I'd been fired from her job at a building that unnerved as far as I know Letterman and we have an elevator here but this one was coming down from like the twelfth floor so like that. So it's probably is something in my sub conscious about being fired by I heard or something that the yeah. So there regular. All right the other one's a little bit more of sale solemn note David and Scott Brooks are the guys who run and no own Brooke sandwich shop we talked about it for years it has to bar none none best hamburger in town a lot of the underdogs are damn good two and one of the reasons for that is this chilly. That they have perfected over the years and I say that they have perfected over the years of our remember the story right their dad is the one who spent. Years and years and years and years developing this chilly that they use which is just renowned. So why. Saw yesterday that said David and Scott had to have posted that they're dead had. Been put in hospice. And he passed earlier today ninety years old Kelvin teal Brooks. So my condolences to David and Scott Brooks and and and the rest of the family in and end Vernon friends of mr. Brooks. And our personal with you and you know and order it's like a loser dad. The fact that you got in for nine years is a pretty good deal amount. But I you know to some philosophical with. But anyway I just took David and Scott Brooks know that been thinking about amended to. They probably have more people in this community thinking about on Monday ever would have imagined they've been in business over there for 4245. Years something like now. So. Anyway peace to you and and no laws and I'll see you soon. I'll be the one. Albie been diabetic two guys can actually break my diet soy can have a Brooks amber. In time. Steve man U and controversial they do what trump has left the White House staff. I don't know that this is necessarily a surprise. I guess there's some speculation as to what happens now won nine out quietly does ago and and actually even the latest. Account that I have which has actually from the Wall Street Journal. Says that there's a million an animated as of early this morning they were still having discussions as to. How this was all gonna unfold soul. But at trump street chief strategist. Been with him a year. It was a year ago just about I think August the fourteenth of our remember reading that correctly that he joined the campaign. And he is rightly or wrongly. Credited with shepherding. Trump to victory last year he made Gardner trump was a trailing in the polls. By double digits when no abandoned abandoned. Joined them. Annie put an end news conferences and me have pushed for more rallies and neo focused more on closing the border and renegotiating international trade deals and and terror Hillary shreds. And that's kind of what now I think Kellyanne Conway had a lot to do with that too. But anyway doctors say you are rightly or wrongly abandoned us. Is credited with by many with having no led the president to the not to the presidency. His departure. Is now the fourth senior White House official to leave the administration in the past five weeks. Which he Wall Street Journal and others want to remind you still. Has yet to see a major legislative victory. Despite a Republican controlled congress. Now you can design a cipher that way no way you want is that they are at fault of the president or is that the fault or vote weak kneed Republican congress. With an entire House of Representatives that. Is up for reelection next year. But ban and is out his departure. Based think may be and and I would sure I would think that hardcore conservatives are probably concerned about this. That that departure might mean no more moderate voices in his administration. But he's already got some fairly moderate voices in his administration Rex Tillerson I think would fall under that the secretary of state. And Wall Street Journal points out National Economic Council director Gary Cohen would both fallen to that. The Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement to today White House chief of staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon a mutually agreed that this would be Steve's last day. We are grateful for his service and wish him the best. Kind of sounds like when somebody gets fired and radio and may wish them all the best and their future what's the word guys. Endeavour's. There's talk after game tomorrow just a reminder his previous start here about noon. I Jim soaking in company so looking forward to that could be another fire engine hot days so are you just Symbian watching a football game anywhere right. I don't know how much Cam Newton plays if all. But anxious to thanks C a second pre season game of the season so will probes you'll do more of the veterans that know we did the first time around. Are we talked about Steve Bannon now controversy Elaine do Donald Trump was leaving the White House staff. That has been the big buzz all day long other big buzz kind of regionally has been at 200 counter protesters showed up. In endure Romo over rumors that there was going to be a kkk march. And that didn't happen around noon and so than they thought well now that maybe now it's happening at 4 o'clock. But. I don't know that there's been me. Any further information and it doesn't really look like for Clark's gonna happen either. But we continue to monitor that situation and now. And see if there's any signs of well life they're they've kind of monitored local chapters of the kkk and white supremacy and so on and so forth and I've been really see any activity are going on in and around all that so our. Law enforcement monitoring the area have not confirmed reports of activity. No group has obtained a permit to march in Durham. So. Were kind of keep your eye open for that but I don't know that our expectations are for anything to a bust loose there. Mitt Romney today urged enjoyed a long list of people urging trump to apologize for I is I Charlottesville reaction. He. Urged the president to take quote remedial action in the extreme. Close quote following trumps response to a video violence the white nationalist rally in. Charlottesville last weekend. Send regardless of whether you intended as his. Words caused a racist to rejoice minorities to weep and a vast part of America to mourn. And he said Romney did he should address the American people acknowledged that he was wrong and apologize. He also Roche. State forcefully and unequivocally that racist or 100% to blame for the murder and violence in Charlottesville. Testify that there is no conceivable comparison or moral equivalency between the Nazis. Andy counter protesters who were outraged to see fools for. Eating the nasty flag Nazi arm band and Nazi salute. John McCain came out this week. Tennis at the same thing the bush is came out yesterday George W and HW with joint statement condemning our racism. Romney's whole state and I can rated to your buddy you just kind of got the essence of an it's available out there if if indeed you wanna won't go find it. The headline that we had this morning before Romney made his way into the news before Steve ban ends. Leaving the White House staff mated into the news was. Bob court heard the senator from Tennessee chairman of the foreign relations committee. And yesterday trump blasted. Lindsey Graham and and Jeff flake. Offer their comments and then later yesterday Bob carper of Tennessee a senator. Said does that trump quote has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that needs to diamonds that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. And many I went on to say that the president quote recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation. Helping inspired divisions in the country because it generates support for your political power base. Is not a formula for causing our nation to advance. Our nation to overcome the many issues that we have to deal with right now. And then probably most ludicrous of all comments that were made yesterday and are pretty volatile week of back and forth. Was a Missouri State lawmaker who posted a comment on FaceBook. And just how stupid do you have to be. Kathy Griffin stupid. Secret Service is investigating. Because anytime you say anything. I asked him any time you used the word president and assassination in the same sentence. Like I just did. The FBI has been a Secret Service is probably gonna wanna. So this Missouri State lawmaker post a comment on FaceBook yesterday morning and said that she hopes president trump gets assassinated. Why is that not inciting to riot. Oddly democratic state senator is named Maria Chappelle Nadal. She has since deleted the comment. Which read I hope trump is assassinated. She has apologized she told the local television station up there in Missouri KM OV. No I don't want to see anyone assassinated but he should not be president he should be impeached. Someone wrote a statement on my FaceBook and I responded with something that shouldn't have been put up their. State lawmakers including. Claire McCaskill America aired heightens the nose sort of software called Hurd resigned street at last night I am not resigning. When people of color POC. Are respected by this WH another by this White House and they are willing to do real work all sit down with them people. Are traumatized. So whether you go there the back and forth fill ups and downs into and out so well what's going on in the world of politics and around the trump presidency on what has been. An indescribable week. I and is quick talk show hosts and they position of being totally misunderstood. That. Which if it doesn't surprise me a necessarily but it does make me uncomfortable that there are some of the emails I've gotten that I think government trump apologist I can't even begin to. Did you know. Now I'm just does seeker of truth. So you know I didn't vote for him. But I've. I'm not categorically against everything he's doing either. But I do wish you'd have been a little bit more forceful in his job. But I also believe that he's been misinterpreted. In some way. Who finished number one in the cable ratings for the first time. My this week. MSNBC. Boy that lives in now over Meyer really killed them and it. There's name. Olbermann. Controversy we can no DC. Has led to bragging rights for MSNBC the network finished with the highest ratings on the cable network universe. First time they've done that. Think Rachel madcow show head finished number one or something like that at one point or Marie met a few months ago. They averaged one point 52 million viewers for the total sales day meaning 6 AM until 2 PM. And they have squeaked by Fox News who had one point five million just barely but nonetheless. Nickelodeon. Meanwhile edged out CNN. For third place. I if there is a consolation to that I have for CNN it finished number one for the day in day in the key demo and this is a key sales Devoe. People ages 25 to 54. To key aged demo for radio as key gauge dual for a television. But overall. MSNBC. Who used to be so far behind it wasn't even funny. They've got a reputation as the resistance network to the trumpet era and now so that must be aiding them. Rachel made out Matt Dowd did oh lead the way her 9 PM show drew three in a quarter million viewers so that was the top ranking and that time slot. Central Riley left it's been cut open. And Lawrence O'Donnell show at 10 o'clock brought in 2.5. Four million. So that lands them among via a top ten shows and you know who's bound to be fit to be tied about all of that is John Hannity. As he probably thought it was gonna be the heir apparent to. So anyway there you go let's look that was kind of interest into the phones ago when Thames up on WBT hate him. I did or you enjoy your shared thank you. Close losses are there yes certainly slate. Records are well armed operations memorandum ramble but don't you know what klux Klan tactic. However know a lot from going any where the car where practicable ask. So Blackberry or tortured Al Sharpton who are coming out now even more so to reparations. Okay well that doesn't like saying let's go certain that a lot of black people you know are you now don't really exciting bit. That I was slowly and then I'll bite you. No you're not you're not around when slavery was corona in America. I want reparations were born why aren't people afraid they'll present in the price did not then there's hoopla over over a hundred years urine. Haven't I haven't heard anybody talk and maybe I'm just not paying attention here you are all right yeah I'm sorry Tim I thought I was in the middle of a sentence you'll excuse me while I talk for second. I haven't heard anybody talk Kolb over reparations this week. And I have an anybody hurting anybody. Anybody. Say they were a slave they may have come from slavery and their roots but I haven't heard anybody say day you were a slave. Aero technical leader there creator what can happen when you're. Clinton aren't. You can watch it all day long cam but if you misconstrue the words that are really doesn't make any difference. Now who are. They're listings. You have not heard anybody claim that they. Are a slave. And that's what you just said you have not heard anybody on this we are claiming that they themselves are a slave. Prior art. Well. Then you know what network you watch and there's apparently I don't get it. Okay what little part of your own image and re saying you know if there. Australian and Hillsboro Ohio local. Well I'm sorry Tim you lose luster credibility with me because if you can keep it. Your definition. Of what you heard is wrong. I'm sorry but it is. Your definition of what you heard is wrong. All you know I I don't I can't go forth with the me there's no reason for me to go any farther with that. We've all due respect appreciate you like in the show appreciate Colin. I have not heard one of black person on TV this week or in the last five years or more say I. Bed WB eighteen Y. All right overdue Ares van Bergen new additions to Charlotte business journal is our children and journal not come two I'd say hello mr. Stenberg. Harriet cammarata role I think it has two or three weeks Perot I mean that's salary and press it's too don't get too excited yet are connect aren't brave they had a veritable cal Ripken's streak wouldn't relic the F for us and actually it is as it just two weeks in a row you're writers kind of a it's almost get repetitious and that yeah. Some might see all vacation yeah well I I I can volunteer that can indeed if Peter. Well I view you've. You've recovered from your sunburn on the week out third quail Lawler. I have you know overall I think they had they have pretty good week there are you know couple hiccups here and there but overall it looked like most people went home happy and did. Became pretty evident as the week went on that did the PGA of America will be coming back we just don't know win. Although the TV ratings were down which is kind of interesting. And and and as Charlottesville may have had something to do with that because that was all brake and on a Saturday and Sunday. Yet that was one of the factors cited I think that certainly. Affected the ratings but also when you look at the golf major championships this year. Both the open championship assume better known as the British Open. And the US open I had the identical numbers for final round coverage as the PGA championship so. I think golf is you know having some struggles some of that would probably also be attributed to you Tiger Woods not. Beating out there and firm also remember golf is traditionally not a huge ratings forever. All this is even off from past golf. I I highlighted that line in your story about the mix TV ratings senator says golf majors have struggled on GB and 27 team. Arm I and I am I going yeah I would put that Tiger Woods thing in there but on the other hand. Cash I think golf has recovered unbelievably. Well from my Tiger Woods because Rory McIlroy because of Jordan speeds because of all these young players one of the neatest things that happened last Sunday was. Speed than and Rickie Fowler stand and they are waiting for the winner do it to come up these guys root for each other when it's not Belmont that's walking down the eighteenth with a possibility for a title. Yeah that's absolutely right and there is I think a lot of potential for growth with this crop of young players. At the same time no win tiger was out there and and if he ever is able to return even furloughed while. He drives that casual factor to view an unprecedented degree at least by golf standards so. While I think that the changed over tiger's absence is not nearly as high that once what I still think it has a little bit of a lingering effect. And the other thing is. I think that you know wouldn't. With many things. Then the ratings are more difficult just because there are more choices now I don't use that as an excuse for. For everything but I would say that is also a factor. So you think that you think NASCAR's kicking their butt so we're told me. Have to cut the crap but the bad bad bad bad. And we'll do what we're built NASCAR problems all the different they were. It's it's got an existing and docking about Tiger Woods or does it just sick kind of hit and in my head and kind of a weird sort of way I think some people may have turned on golf tournaments. I like to see were tiger was doing and that basically dictate whether or not they arranged it and watching anymore not a lot like. The old days in NASCAR or I would turn on the TV NC were the number three car was a nun depending on know what the answer to that question was would depend on how much of the race or. Or whether or not are watched at all. Yeah that's absolutely right hey you know John for that not just golf and ask cover for all sports. It's all about stars it's all about this story lines at 38 yards receiving help if you know the characters if you care about the characters. If there are issues I think you that you're gonna pay more attention that you're going to be more consistent name and when those things flag then at these sports league in these events. Start to have problems you remember their set point after Michael Jordan left for the NBA was really struggling trying to find its footing and then all of a sudden you start to get into. LeBron and Seth Curry. And all these. Players to have really brought the NBA ready to back up so it's cyclical and a lot of cases but right now I think I think golf is is on the cost for coverage from tiger would be the best way to put it. It just seemed to me that Kobe didn't pick up that slack purse say I think he and Jack certainly. To fill the void. But not sing your early did either one of them filled the O Michael Jordan void although low in retrospect Kobe is getting a lot more respect now than he actually did when he was play him. Yeah and if you did you know I don't wanna completely overshadow him because he did. Drive a lot of interest objected as a Laker teams that won which you ever bright before that group of players he had. And the NBA would want to a lot of problems off the core he had Sean campaign just hit a lot of things were going a lot of negative story line Dana Ward nearly. Is many rivalries. That there were just a lot of things going on and of course that cuts two ways sometimes you want. The route or you always want to robberies but she you'll hear people say well so and so too dominant that's hurting. Brady's I don't think that's certainly true I think when the bolt won six championships a lot of people watching I think when Dale Earnhardt. We're winning championships or Tiger Woods I think did that make people pay more attention because you have. You know focal point where a lot of people love that person or team and a lot of people don't like that. Personally I think again I grew up in a narrower every year was the Yankees. Are. Absolutely and still John if the Yankees and Red Sox are good. Major League Baseball is much better off. Yeah now that to bed that's true story and I think the Dodgers would fall into that same category as well not a big population market. Let's go back to quell all for a second. The tournament ends last Sunday and then the job of dismantling we spent nine years. On setting it up but now it comes down to the physical dismantling of it have you been out there this week and although take a look at that. I win the day after the tournament so would that have been this Monday yes I guess it was it's it's been a long week yes and so they were starting. They were talking about a 45 day period do you get everything. Cleared away and put things back in a word the way they were so yeah it's a very long process and now I'm I can remember John if you got out there but I'm sure you and I at least talked about. How much larger the scale of building of everything out there was compared to a world charter championships so that's why it's going to take so long. Now I did not get out there about having lived in that area for such a long long time and I know and as you just stated deter you it's bigger bigger bigger this time around. But I know what it took code terror down the Wells Fargo and that lot across from the main entrance was filled with our. A temporary stands and rebar men. And satellites and nine and all sorts of stuff for a well weeks after after the event concluded. Yeah and so you just multiply that times this open inside this time and you know exactly what they're facing now as always I would. I guess I'd say that these are good problems to have great. I don't know kidding where you back Monday for the half price merchandise tent. You know it's funny is when I was there when I would help here they were doing that and I poked my head in the merchandise term I was government I interviewed the head of merchandising for the PGA of America. And it was amazing how things had been not almost. Entirely picked clean and there were people in their shopping but. You know entire road that department so to speak were almost AT&T'S so. And they had a year really really good week guess some ordinary course even tell me they get somewhere in the range of two million dollars in sales on Saturday alone. And the merchandising director told me that there was a record setting filled weeks so they got all they wanted him more. And do we have any idea how much they did merchandise through the for the holder for the duration of the tournament. No they don't release see if they years much like they don't release attendance here what we know so far is it more than 200000 fans attended what we don't have a specific number although the club does. So yes can you get those numbers for Rick and I'd like to have them. I'm sure I'm sure I am sure if you don't have access to an item I I would probably have access to it. I will talk about MLS soccer just a couple of seconds sooner when I got to go more second but judge or real quick. A lot of talk on the ice 77 told lanes and it's this or marketer advisors. Consultant to report that came out and they were pretty favorable to may be ending the contract to ness and you know they should all listen to the people. Both forehand and a is dirty kind of a timetable on what time when a decision what might ever be made on no 177 to all lanes. It now and I suspect he won't be until sometime next year it could even extend. You know around the time that the whole project is scheduled to open. Late next year with the of the consultants said is that still would not be too late to make changes or adjustments so we'll just have to pay minimum price Gionta. 300 million dollars to get out of the contract you'll see which direction they go without. And if all the sudden century gets done with all of that that that total construction project drug that I would bet 300 million price go up. And that's what day it consultant says need to be studied additionally because I think what you're trying to do then if it's finished is to buy your way out of the fifty year. Term of the contract where cantor would be would have been running. You know in the tolling and so. That's what they have to assess and there are other things they can do to maybe bring the cost down and get some relief such as making only one lane a top paid blamed an end. Items like that but that's what they're going to have to look at further. All right we will talk Jim Ellis talk for just second find out of that's absolutely dead or not given the events of the City Council low this week or talking there expand birth Charlotte business journal new addition out. As is our custom run up possible for talk on Fridays river's bend over from the Charlotte business journal join us to talk about the notion of there's justice in the addition there was comes out on Friday Charlotte business journal dot com. I'm gonna back up for just a second on the 77 toll as we have somebody call and good question that 300000350. Million and it might take to buy out. Where would that money come from. That is a great question and that's part of the conversation government state. Am. One of this sticking point here. Even going back to win are going back when that accord was governor is. If this state. What's willing to do that how would that affect. Other road projects would that. Take away money from other Charlotte here where projects or others in this state or would it come from somewhere else no one has really come to a conclusion on that. And this model. This being used for 77. I mean there are other tolled roads that are planned but this model is exclusive to 77 correct correct and a threat to. Tom so we don't over the money would come but it would come from the state somehow or another and and how that would affect other things that's one of the unanswered questions as well. I City Council. Pretty much judge told the county. And you. Receivers but the yeah that memorial stay inside is complicated reality you want and I don't wanna I wanna you take it no well clearly after you. You and I talked about then we were gonna die was cutter daydreaming but I mean that so I ate some day could be much coveted for. You know ten years from now on Major League Baseball stadium more with the skyline behind it and it's uptown location and so I you know I I guy that I I don't know British that they is that the death of Major League soccer. How well eight I think it'd is likely the death of Major League soccer in the initial round of expansion now law I should say that Marcus Smith group put out a statement yesterday after that meeting said that they. Are still working hard to make. This happened that that than to win an expansion club they needed strong public private partnerships so on and so fort. That but they're really doesn't seem to be much public well what's going to happen next month is that the city. And it its economic development committee is going to start to take the lead on this end especially say to the county we don't need you anymore or what we're at least going to be in charge of this if you want to participate go ahead. So would the head of the committee told me yesterday that that would really. Pushed them into the second round of expansion we don't know when that's going to be the remember Major League soccer's bill ward team came within this year and then they'll add two more. Sometimes soon after that and that would be around that the city might be looking at now. MLS soccer doesn't want it and I don't think the Smiths group wants and either but I mean does say alternative site ever come into the conversation. Well yes I should say needed next month when in this city revisit this they're going to look at the twelfth site that today. Were originally considering before. Memorial stadium became the the choice now we don't really know what those twelve sites are other than that. Each one was believed to be one of them. And and there are probably other sites in and around uptown and so. You know this is going to get back into the conversation to have Major League soccer likes to be either downtown or close to downtown so what does that mean for Charlotte specifically I guess we're going to search engine that question next month. Charm or it's new for us a schedule came out to this week they seem happy they're getting no Lotta weekend. Friday Saturday dates. Yeah it's no mystery particularly in a smaller NBA market like this when the more we can dates you have the better you tend to do so. They think that combined with some of the off season roster changes we have Dwight Howard in the lake month. What will keep people coming out remember the hornets have been improved there attendance and failed pretty substantially in the last five years. And they're no longer than nights they're no longer the pit masters for the next three days. Your AAA baseball team that had John Hancock Bobble head night last night are the Charlotte caballero hosts. You see I mean did they hit such high tech review yesterday they couldn't even use the same name they had to make Eric's they lost nine slower. All but everybody want with a Bobble head didn't name I'm not sure I was a true inspiration is to be out on the but this is the outreach effort driven by mentally basis upon them Minor League Baseball should say and Charlotte wanna forecast markets really pursuing. There are Hispanic and Latino market and one of the things they like about charred beyond the popularity of demonic baseball team here is of course this is one of the fastest growing. Areas for. Hispanics so we'll see how they do this weekend and they plan to make this an annual Venice amiga twelve. Can there be a nicer person in the world of sports no genachowski. I don't think so he's he's pretty solid and yeah I know I really is pretty solid just treat me like gold last night in and they always does and they always step forward and help us with the kids first and all their people low when I walked through the gate they were just all the way to inform me on is aside I just appreciated no way and a note. And a bubble that night was Jessica and I throughout the first pitch and I actually made it dugout and all the way to the catcher which means an added on out of the pressure was off on an uproar about it that no doubt regret now while the catcher may have hated me just a little bit by leaning forward a foot and a half but. But nonetheless and unfortunately. You couldn't hear the ball snapped into the Mitt. Because it didn't say a royal I have no doubt it would Nolan Ryan like it was 9395. Miles per hour pretty sure I'm I'm I'm no right now at all. Yeah it's he's still alive. Tom have a great weekend I appreciate it I think here. All right eighteen days in August 230. Days into the year and 135. Days to go the year is flying by. Woodstock included on this date in 1969. With the mid morning set by Jimi Hendrix. Star spangled banner. Robert Redford 81 years old today. A man is suing Kellogg's because he said the company deceived him about how much sugar is its breakfast cereals. Bunches. Bob Virginia woman was sentenced to prison for reading so open window next to her co walker or co worker's coffee. You know obviously about those Renault story Esther today. That would be a way to Greg did. The coffee supplied any office. Would it would be a way to pretty much effective building pretty quickly and it. Course in her case they were feeling bad but their teeth look twice at. This would mean. Our newest government report questions the value of financing the military is various musical bands. Like the military is musical brilliance. But. They do have a point about the. Could change at all. A sad stories family tragedy compounded this week in Michigan. When the body of a 59 year old man sound a day after he fell out of a boat while scattering his father's ashes on Lake Superior. Yeah I don't know. Now Robert Louis father died two weeks ago after a battle with alzheimer's so Sunday. Robert and 600 so others were on a vote on a Lake Superior to scatter his self father's ashes so unclear exactly know what happened out there on the water but also the note board fell and by the time help arrived upon tune voted pulled six people from the water and they were being treated for hypothermia robber was so nowhere to be found body was discovered 24 hours later. And then there's a story that's not quite as tragic. But still. The story of the constipated guerrilla. As you ought to be around a constipated guerrilla thinking. Now recovering after surgery I hear you gotta go you can't can be painful luckily 849 year old lowland gorilla and a two peca Kansas. Feeling better today after having surgery. The animals named Tiffany. And I she had a procedure on Wednesday in which a significant. Amount of stuff was found that are Colin and they flushed it out and so there open shall belts back and oppose the issue occurs again and that they'll load the review all that determined none of them trader constipation I've never really thought of a cost baby gorilla before. Hey Larry go giver than a month. I know certain. That's my job description. Not even close. It's. Okay. All right. If there is a nuke strike. Don't use air conditioner. Odd bit true might be the strange device imaginable for survivors Avaya a nuclear attack. But don't use hair conditioner this is out of live the science. This matter came up a win Guam. Under the threat of an attack by North Korea recently issued safety guidelines to the public and among all of the guidelines that they had listed. The usual he'll seek shelter stuff and was a warning that people should use some open water to rid themselves of toxic dust but avoid it. Hair conditioner. Because of how the stuff works. And the upshot of that is that it could actually cause radioactive particles to bind to your hair. Pear shaped like almost like scales. Which can open up and and come of apart during the day and conditioner uses compounds like silicone and catatonic polymers. To pull these scales back down into smooth that. And conditioner is also oily and any oily products like lotions or cosmetics are likely to encourage fallout to stick around as well so there you have it wash was so open Champloo. But might your hair for his out if you're under a nuclear attack you know I'm not really sure split in your worst yeah. Yours are bigger problem. In BR also took a look at those a safety guidelines and highlights one that would come in handy should you. Beecher doomsday and that is if you see a flash. Getting inside anywhere as fast as you can reduce your exposure to the fallout and remove your hour layover of clothing. I know. Believe me it sounds better than it probably it's. All right if you're at Hawaii's. Well now that still sounds very you know what I'm probably actually goes off to the newsroom ignoring the judge tackler in the background is Mike Doyle. And these guys todays big story there that does sound like co-founder Tony ripping off their clothes in the US nuclear power cut depends on where you are you know if your way assisted care home maybe not so much fun fun fun about it. OK OK okay. I don't know about like historic because for my wife's hometown of Dayton. More legislative funny. But the fact that there has but to date night now I've got to wonder if it's that the. Yeah at a funeral home that I may have been through their. You usually effect of funerals are said. Have you designed to veto it. Rather quiet affairs. Not the case for a seventy year old John Finley's general in Dayton Ohio on Monday afternoon. The trouble was that Finley is mistress Nicole Colbert. Signed showed up. And Finley's widow Jacqueline Finley. Or would that be finally. Asked for Corbett to be removed. And the two women argued in court refused to leave in the argument escalated into a brawl that'd with the Finley pepper spray and Corbett. So you got this right. John Finley dies and the widow and his mistress brawl and it ends up with pepper spray. No one's been arrested and it's unclear if any charges will be filed. Dayton Ohio. Armed. Speaking of marriages are more women than men have marriage regrets. I'm just canola does that -- also those of you driving it by ourselves in your cars right now are maybe sitting next to your significant other can just think to yourself. And don't ignored. According to a new survey almost twice as many women as men wish that they had married somebody else. You know why it's not equal or why it's not or men and women because mineral. Seek. I don't wanna do. Is now files to you we're gonna. Dating going back to. Problem. More than one in five married women 22%. Say they if they could go back in time. They would change their husband. And I think that means actually change who he is. Because many have tried to change their husband and that doesn't generally work are well either. Don't ever change okay. Just 12% of married men however admitted picking the wrong life. Also in the study people over the age of 35 or asked to named their biggest regrets. And three in ten told researchers said they would like to have chosen a different career. Well over a third 37%. Wished that they had saved more money. And I think my generation is going to get into the sixties and seventies and wish that latter and ought to do you read about the people that are ready for retirement. Haven't saved enough. And lived over there means the recession proved that how many people relive it over there means. I think there's going to be a whole generation of people out there that wish they save more money back I got deference or an awful lot of on the retired at 62. And there were schoolteachers and and I had just wonder how they're gonna make ends meet I guess you just to figure out a way to a pay off your house and live also security I guess. Biggest regrets centered on travel 53% wishing that they had done more globe trotting before they settle down. But more men and women no wish to think it mirrored somebody else but if you think about it. If you had married somebody else then you would be wishing that you had married somebody else. Right. So. Maybe your with a guy that if you were with another guy wishing you had married somebody else this would be the guy that would be ideal for you. So there. Shut up. What's for dinner is my laundry doesn't do you make of the bad. It. Now. In my going to be sleeping on the couch tonight. Think that's a possibility. Especially after I had done doctored out of love Dayton Ohio. There may be sleeping and an American Beasley but on your couch tonight TJ. Going to be a lot of my house to get bombed and August in case you didn't know August is the worst month Mercer month of the year. Turned up a lot of people get bummed. Out India last full month of summer. It's and it's say it's not seasonal affective disorder that would be sad. They are much. It's less serious than that that day usually revolves around a person dreading the end of summer time. Or eagerly awaiting the start of fall noted that the seasons that we generally like the most all of spring. So wait why would you be. Certainly don't ruin your fall and go worrying about the winner. Bushel in Minnesota. Typical reasons of people may get upset the reason there the season's feel rushed his advertisements for pumpkin spice things are already around everywhere. It's the time a year that school starts and if you're no longer in school it can be just said just returning to work. You may how worried that you didn't get the most out of your summer. And of course if you don't love for all the Euro over the summer heat and humidity and you're ready for cooler temperatures. You give so I you don't but anyway apparel a lot of people get bummed out in August. I don't think that happens here because really there's no temperature there was between August and September is there. I just looked up at the TV in our heat index is about a 103. At and for 45. And football starts tonight high school football starts tonight. And the heat index for games starting at 7730. Is gonna be you know the temperature we've beats. Radio for your basic earth wind and fire Charlotte caballero us Carolina panther we give me. Well one thing it's up this weekend we have and have a long long time as high school football. So I happy to see a high school football back again. The number one team in the area and maybe even the status supposed fear Iraqi hill south point. Not myself point but lose the Southport red raiders are playing tonight as well so all of that's good and Dutch fork. Is play and independence tonight at 7 o'clock and that means Tommy not discovered back to play the team that he made the legendary event should be a pretty good game. Padraig hill Weddington Christian Catholic. South point. Myself point my red raiders play crest tonight at pressed. Northwestern itself played South Carolina that's a great game. Shot on him. Golf. I keep saying myself pointed out myself going to deserves to be the school is closest to my new house so we've become red raider fans they. No wonder stateless should've moved to may this year. Which means they're in the same division to Shelby if that's a pretty strong opposition there are press should be a good game tonight terror is so well for Obama for both teams. Vance plays west met tonight. That it did did did did or my go and. It was a highlight a couple of games that are on going on. Including New Year's. The a team that I look across from earlier in years and years for my kids graduated south Mecklenburg is said to Marvin reg tonight that could be a pretty good game. Dale brown at hopewell. East Mecca Providence. Concord at Hickory ridge. Shelby at freedom. Hunter Haas. At Patton. Lincoln did at Stewart Cramer Stewart tremors and other Belmont Kramer to school. Olympic at Providence day Charlotte country day Ed tell Myers park tonight. So tough games on a slave good to have high school football back again. Earth wind and fire tonight add to. So that should be a good dinner concert and armor slight obviously since he passed a notorious sixteen but Philip Bailey still travel new nose so his brother for. Damon so is our percussionist Ralph Johnson and as the article in the creative blow things said today. Though not as energetic as in their prime. The band sometimes psychedelic guys says Latin. Nuys to mix of funk pop and soul just theatrical. Earth wind and fire and the people that surround them. Should be killer. And the spectrum will be a great place to Alessio so that should be great concert tonight if Europe had enough there she can open and avert torn and our party of big weekend. Your Charlotte knights our guy in town all week long and that's worth the price of admission on retirement last night Friday their love Lehigh Valley iron pigs are in town started tonight. I will be on Saturday both of those are 7051. Pitch and Sunday is the 505. Game. Billy Graham much tribute day actually on Sunday kids run the bases all that twelve and under so game starts at 505 mystery ball Knight two is tomorrow night benefiting our hospitality house of Charlotte received an autograph baseball. Oh with a donation vs Lehigh. And again the inserts a 705 and fireworks tonight. Following the game and again first fish is a 705 if you all want some ticket information go to Charlotte knights. Dot com. The just that this is the one week of NASCAR that I could probably actually get excited about watching it's the night race at Bristol. And so that you had to food city 300 tonight that'll be Dixon the series so that's night racing at Bristol as well but the big bonus tomorrow night when the when the monster energy guys take off and that is the bass pro shops in our eight night rates that are Bristol. And what do we have three races before we finally get to the so if you're not into the chase yeah that your you better you better win mr. Earnhardt junior. Told him that I happen. Armed Minnesota Seattle for National Football League action tonight and then now the and to 8 PM scares me at 3 PM the pregame starts here at news 1110993. WBT at twelve noon when Jim's Oki. Tomorrow night Indianapolis and Dallas and so sicker bells already packages oil. And maybe I will all be home by myself. And Denver San Francisco wrote tomorrow night in your Sunday games Atlanta at Pittsburg for 4 PM game and. And a New Orleans at the Los Angeles chargers and a golf I don't even know what sheriff. Mean after you've followed the fog off the final. Major of the year. At the Wyndham championship for some like that this week is a Greensboro also they just wrote up the road the road. Your brother and I should've mentioned it Greensboro the week you're familiar terms of the professional golfers. Coming up movies today lucky Logan which is it was a shot up at CMS. Charles motor speedway. Mom had two Brothers attempt to pull off fail hi stirring up NASCAR race. This is a Stephen Soderbergh movie and it's like ocean and he's a guy who did oceans everything. And so it's kind of got the same theme but Channing Tatum and Adam driver and Daniel Craig gets unbelievable reviews. Like we're seeing him for the first time said one critic on another one called him a genius in Logan lucky. So I don't know may be worth your time. It's written by a Rebecca blunt. Katie Holmes is in and Hilary Swank is and it Katherine Waterston is in it. It got pretty good cast I'm anxious to see it I guess just because it's kind of got that. The NASCAR thing going. They say not a lot of it was shot Josephson and about Thompson on a Billy BT mourning news and his movie gasses not a lot of it was shot in Charlotte except tendency amassed. Arsenal were shot a national silica if you know CMS like the back here handler probably going to be some scenes that you recognize but other than that took. Don't be able to for a whole Lotta Charlotte but. Just the concept of the movie being around the Coca-Cola 600 sounds like endorsing a thing to me. Premier wrestling experience that's where the current WW Ian TNA stars. Like senator Alexander and Caleb Conley got their starts PWX. Returns of the Gembara Serena in Concord two on Sunday. For its eye of the beholder paper view with 3 PM Nobel timeout there. Also on Sunday. Match boxed warning in the Counting Crows team up for a second summer in a row. They did inventories sixteen apparently was then I think it was the crows and and Rob Thomas. But anyway Sunday night PNC music pavilion show starts at 645. Blue Bryant is in town net tonight. Add to. PNC music pavilion. Now Brody Eldridge opens Craig Campbell. Supports. 7 o'clock for that show loop Bryant hunt institution and love and every day tour. Yee haw yeah booty. So there you go on that party your. Party you're a big weekend Daniel Constance exhibit down merit does spears square continues with those photographs from miss. What is it 22 years of us shooting a music joy in this town he's kind of the photographer record and if you haven't been down 21 night gallery its spirit square. Itself down there he's got an exhibit of photos down. He's the guy AA comes in here and shoot stuff from time to time me you know when we did up. All the fame induction is or are they announcements and April. He does listen and on the radio on his way home and came and got past the receptionist fixing a new news in the studio issued June June June photos of all. So well. It's good guy. The food drug people my my friend Karen sticks and goes ice cream. They are gonna be at prosperity village tomorrow night located in the old Milo parking lot they'll be there from 4 to 9 o'clock and have some of the a better road Charlotte through drugs in a brand new one as well also bring the kids in the dog in the chairs in the and the neighbors in your appetite. This is prosperity village. Fashion streets and eat dumplings girls. 'cause those cruising and they are great. Hi your food truck Maryland crab Mel's blt pigeon now toasted at the food drugs how to condition. Sticks and bones they award winning ice cream truck the hog and dog will be there are brand new truck called zero. Prosperity village tomorrow. Reported 9 PM. How long lasting for your big weekend as they Mount Holly is doing their bigs or concert series downtown 6 to 11 o'clock and tonight. It's the extraordinaire Ers. And that should be fun downtown Mount Holly is. Slowly but sure. I think pick up a new restaurant down there called chop house. And they announced that Jack the Eagles is going into downtown Mount Holly it's not open yet. But now I found out that the same guy that owns Jack vehicles in node and no one is going and about holidays also owns may worth's which is in Kramer and which has become a row of our favorite of ours we we we we like me were slot apparently he bought it. Somebody else originated but anyway as little hole in the wall up there are not Kramer and battle's role of trim to amazed at a really great deli there. I and that guys now gone into downtown Belmont and owns little place called lunar Omer which is like a small plates top is Barbara Barr wine and cheese meats and they do a lot of stuff but he's men and that guy is unbelievably good that's our debts are great little place to drop into and have a glass of wine and well and in my mentioned if you get one of the seats in that front window and they've become so popular can't get that seat anymore but. Sit there and just kind of watch the world go by and watch people come in and out of melodies and we we we knew we meant to a gym and Susie David attitude and LA's last. On Friday night just senator and it had a great time so why don't I don't want but Douglas and mount Holly's. Bringing in some are really good stuff. I'm down there and earned almost across the low blow that the river from mother white waters and are not quite but in that general area and none that's good will play so. About the captain county. Listened are no mufflers. And. Even our good food. I solar eclipse obviously is coming up on Monday we have you absolutely covered. Scott FitzGerald live from roper mountain so I consider no Greeneville. Rush Limbaugh is on vacation all next week just owned by the way so were not we're not preempting a rush. The great American a close coverage starts at 1 o'clock with the iron to terse Kia and Sherri Preston and both Thompson and a company. From 2 to 3 o'clock. So and it'll pretty much be over by the time we hit the airwaves that three. But today we got mean dead they did they are increasing traffic reports the got a Freddie hammer and no boomer. I do in traffic reports all through the through the I think Mike don't soon mornings and in. Freddie hammers work an eight to four and boomers were an eleven to seven and a one time they're gonna tag team that wants do in North Carolina wants to in South Carolina because. We don't know what to expect but we do think traffic jams are going to be part of the deal consumer close enough to. Colombia more than we're we're there. 100% of the eclipse that traffic will probably be an option so. There are some warning of messing traffic jams so it does so much as seven million people traveling it to that seventy mile wide stripped from Morgan to South Carolina where the total eclipse will be visible so. How Monday's going to be pretty uninteresting day. There are some us small towns along. Totality like. Why is there Idaho. Population 5500. And they're having to make sure that there's enough food water and Puerto parties for a tens of thousands of in troop weld a close watchers. And wiser thinks that as many as 70000 people could show over the town could only. Acquire seventy Puerto party's oh. So a lot of men maybe we should send us Scott FitzGerald out there and acted. You you're do you do you might forget to watch the eclipsed just. Or maybe there'll be its own type of eclipse going on and in no wise or Idaho human behavior researchers say the day total solar eclipse is worth are braving the crowds to view alongside other people they say it makes the experience more emotional. And provides a way to connect with others. Even if for. A few moments. One thing we can make massive crowds more tolerable. Alcohol. Distillery in Oregon is selling 97 prove eclipse whiskey. And a winery and Illinois area bottled hundred cases of eclipse why and a for the 5000 people that they are expecting. I think you're right now if you put the word eclipse on just about anything. You can somehow or another figure way to market it. Bonnie Tyler. Who hasn't gotten as much attention in thirty years. Will be singing her 1983. Hit total eclipse of the heart during the Royal Caribbean total eclipse cruise. Which will be positioned in the eclipses path just off the East Coast. Hi my understanding is they put a bidding up around it so what people trying to jump ball pork pulled and will not fall into the ocean. I'm my god makers dog. Hey I'll party your big weakened as the eighth annual ortho Carolina ten K classic are presented by performance therapy it is here tomorrow and so grab your shoes. And I had for the area's premier ten K that they the gotten bigger food trucks down there and games and beer samples and a five K run walk and a kid's dash. I anymore details all that just go to WBT dot com. On and they can take in bad metal load we refined Samoa extra details on now. Matthew Ridnour are county commissioner. He and is so wife Abby had a baby this morning. Apparently in the driveway of their home. He delivered it so congratulations commission right now are. And do Abby is well and and I and all's well but there's I think it was his dad did to that emailed me 1:30 this morning. Driveway of the house. Maybe we waited no little too long. There will be no bee headings or the solar eclipse that we know of but in 2134. BC he had them before the common era. Two Chinese astronomers were beheaded by the emperor after failing to our predict the total solar eclipse. Other failure should be suppose forgiven it was nearly 4000 years before astronomers were able to start making us some reliable ground maps of eclipses. And in fact there are some weird superstitions that are around the a solar eclipse the total solar eclipse that takes fear Rhonda place on a Monday. Origins. First of all they say hi juror kids hide your wife further our culture's so where the or this a myth is believed that women and small children are advised to stay indoors during an eclipse because. Lives science ancient peoples sought to explain the eclipse the best way they could in some cultures believe that gods and demons were involved. Others cited dragons. I think that's part of our pro ball in and dragons and that. And so that was dead in India there are some cultures that opt to fast during vehicle ups. Because. It's done because they believe that any food that is cooked during an eclipse is impure. Or even worse poisonous. So is that just for the minute and a half or is that for the whole three hours and by the three hour fast as I want a real sacrifice to me even closer. Italians have long believed that if flowers are planted during an eclipse they will be more colorful when it's their time to bloom. And I read a superstition about just some cultures that believe an eclipse happens because the sun and the moon. Are fighting one another and in order to get the son back people on earth are advised to settle their differences. And make peace. You hear that Mr. President. Hear that all you Republicans. Democrats independents. People large congress house senate. They're close is your opportunity to settle all your differences. And make peace. And I'm sure that's. Run around the corner. I'm frankly Mike and I it and and finally in my our condolences to David Scott Brooks Brooks sandwich shop on my favorite places in town. No two ways about it Chris Bernard town. The father passed away today ninety years old and if I remember correctly he is the man who's responsible for that chilly that's exactly right. So. Our condolences. Nine years old Zale life well lived in nine he leaves behind a pretty good legacy. At least as far as says her concern was my appetite is concerned but should David and Scott I'm thinking about just. And no friend for your family and all look forward to seeing you guys soon.