John Hancock: Break And Milk Expert

John Hancock
Friday, December 8th

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This is John Hancock. There are other there it says. Wintry mix as we give me. Just this game in sixteen gallons of milk. 44 loaves of bread. Videotape till six. Newsroom they've got nothing. Jack cookies left over from yesterday and and no bull water. Well we don't know Michael Buick does for the entire firm enough. General and so enough I've even been into the traffic senator yet but some tells me boomers probably got. Coffee and naturally only news doesn't. The Nintendo and all of them more than that winter storm warning in effect until noon eastern standard time on Saturday for just about every area that I could hear my voice. Although. Accumulations will love. Will vary. Depending on where you are and depending on. What the storm exactly does. The winter storm warning is actually in effect for. Mountains of upstate South Carolina and the mountains foothills so then northwest Piedmont of North Carolina. Ended today is expected to stay that way until about noon tomorrow. And it's getting cold tonight there's just no two ways about that. Periods of rain and snow. Some must sleet may mix in received some of that here in nine and are almost what Charlotte studios. Nearly steady into the upper thirties today a little more us note to the west and northwest of the Charlotte area uptown area. Winds are about five to ten miles per hour not a big deal chance of precipitous here 100%. Now I'd say they nailed that one. Tonight rain. Then that mixes with snow overnight we're seeing a low tonight of about 32 degrees. You'll wake up tomorrow the snow will start to taper off. If you're in the high country you could do or Hickory your areas like that you could season accumulation here. What they're called primarily for less than an inch. But I don't think it's gonna create a I travel hazard or anything like that around here. As of partial one of those Carolinians are just freaks out if it's not exactly 74 degrees and I'm so why the snow tapers off to tomorrow morning and then you'll end of love and noon till like out. Well we'll stay cloudy throughout the afternoon tomorrow with a high of about 41 and then tomorrow night you ready. Low of about 22. Degrees. And then for Sunday abundant sunshine it'll lower in the forties so. If you're north or north what if you're western northwestern appear. There what I just said. Now. If you are westar. Did you park see heavier amounts of us know that what we will see here but we may see some and we've had not seen no Belmont this morning you could see some sleet coming down you could. Is that a it was very visible rain couldn't quite tell. So I welcome the winner. Chapter one. And now we'll try to get you through this and baggage on her way home and do all that kind of stuff like Korea normally do it no matter what the weather conditions are. We saw the air conditioning on here in the studio. But that's only because the rest of the building is being run by. Southerners. On old people. And knows what he fears on the hall. He sees herself like that. So I worry about or new world warmer here than we normally are where we're probably. Sixties hit it's bad at that. You know we we were toasted up from a normal 65. So oil. But ganguly did it were a little worried Doug that we can have funnel clouds because when you open up to studio door in the hot air against the cold there it's it did tends to kind of but get our own wintering mix right here in the halls one Julian price placed before it's also and on what who want to it's just a little excites an experiment to where Elektra. We like to do here. Do you suppose there's a meter someplace that shows that there's still an air conditioner running someplace in the building because I was just over in the newsroom TV newsroom. Where my wife says and they got it over there they've got it to. Disease knows hardening hot. So I hazardous weather outlook in effect for our Charlotte today. Rain turned to snow or early afternoon in a mad mex is expected to continue into tomorrow morning and are loaded and I'll be about 34. I ended Saturday the rain in the snow likely before 11 AM. And then you still have a chance of rain through mid afternoon tomorrow. High tomorrow of about forty. And then boy the low Saturday night someplace between 22 and 27 degrees but most definitely below freezing so it's going to be. It's a it's going to be it is gonna be cold. Tomorrow night now I'm looking ahead at our big bike drive which comes couple weeks from tonight at south Mecklenburg high school. And I'm and that they they don't know what's gonna happen to seven days from now but they're they're thinking like oh highs in the fifties. For a week from today. Which Ford for that particular event blow we've seen some cold votes. Two years ago I don't know rural Motorola's two years ago but it was wasn't in the teens or low twenties or Obama god it was cold. And and I Don got impervious to because I'm brown run around and no I don't really think about the weather so much is because I'm busy talking to people mean people want to by Alex Roland and I you know I'm just staying busy people are having conversations Meehan trying to find me you know pulling me here pull on me there and so literally have time to be called. But I do remember that two years ago we were all crowded around a Jimmy Nick's barbecue pit. And not just eat I mean enormous crowds of people out they're just trying to stay warm so I think the bike tries gonna probably be a pretty decent without partly sunny to sunny day. I don't know collectors can be precipitation a week from today either no law obviously things could change but two of the way it looks right now. A week from lug nut not we got to next Thursday is who we do the auction but that doesn't matter because it's inside 3 to 6 o'clock we'll do that on air. The auction pages up to you go to WBT dot com you can go up browse some of the items that are there'll bring you up to date on some of the things that have happened in that regard. I'm here today we're gonna talk to our Karen Corzine who was so wanna be. Principles behind a rock and kids first concert that took place last weekend they raised almost 5000 bucks. Mom and now I rhyming just finally ask her who are you. There's really they came out of the woodwork or just sort concert this is really aimed at all lot lower demographic than what we represented. And oh we consume more happy to have them but they were the ones that had to Tom Petty guitar that was up for auction and no we bought it. And it'll be an hour auction. So Bob I'm gonna get a little bit of a back story on the Tom Petty editor guitar so we're gonna talk to her in about 220 minutes herself. And talking or expand bird which is our custom made till 4 o'clock about tell what's new India business journal a little bit about the new mayor and a City Council overall sworn in on Monday. And I kind of recap on not college game day in the ACC championship that took place so last weekend and how people are feeling about Charlotte is the ACC championship city and and prospects for the future and economic benefits. Promo last weekend and and also some of the things civil talked Erica spam burger about. Will keep you up to date on bread milk updates. Because. In the south. For those of you may just be traveling through from Maine or Pennsylvania or New York State first place don't tell us how to do things we don't like that. And us second place so when it snows down here people like to make French toast to within budget figures that to our bread and milk they just got to efforts to oust. So you would think there'd be a run unknown how are sure. Naval sura you know some account but but it barely there's no. I got that had that Dell what else big weekend at 5 o'clock were playing the demo version of my tong that he's big weekend this week. I had heard that on the Tom Petty channel a couple of times and Randy from our traffic department basically unfounded for me on YouTube business and it to me so we've still on the audio all of that so we'll play slightly different version of our. 5 o'clock theme song and and talk about some of the things that's going on in the weekend I read the news at 430 and boomer Vaughn can't and traffic and. The option pages out and if you go to WB OT dot com he'll find it you can go all wander through there are no sees some of the items that we have posted there's more to come to pollute deeply autographed Jersey in the window box case. Is they are and we got the quickly Jersey from mum. For the Panthers and then no new wave acrylic brought us via a Jersey the acrylic your Jersey box so low was put to them together so that all works out. In fact a new wave acrylic brought us a big Penn just gives couple autograph footballs to. And window he brought us acrylic cases from those so that's all very cool and then we have found. At Patrick chatter rough photography. Who has been with this for gosh I don't even know how many years redeeming giving Kurdish pastor Schneider. Photography or. But he always comes up which is the most amazing shots and a lot of former panther shots and some of former city shots and we've got a bunch of his work cut this year. So. And in fact I think the first one you'll see when you get to the auction page you know when you BT dot com is cams on fire. But there's no wonder all through their because he's there says so much Charlotte's skyline shots that are just a beautiful. The locate Lee autographed Jersey by the way is panther blew an autograph too just for your for your information. And how we got garage doors from a garage or doctorate and and all sorts of stuff for going on of some new stuff that has been added or that I've learned about in the last a couple of days. Southern graced just Hillary's are you familiar with them at all now pleasant Norway in North Carolina. They are a distillery. That is located in the former two barest county jails. And it's the coolest thing ya ever somebody. Our romantic worm foil or war record. Sent me an email a few weeks ago and no told me about this and their owner. And a Leanne Howell. And they're donating a tour package for four to come visit distillery. In the the only distillery in the United States and a former prison. And they're given us a whole bunch other stuff as well and I don't have that in hand yet but I will soon. And there this is right down their Alley in fact she writes share Leanne Howell right Sheridan says Semitic remember when we first opened our distillery to make a contribution to a charity for every bottle we sell and so this that's our mission well. And in fact if you go look at what it is they do. Conviction small batch suburban. And no part of the proceeds of that benefit to Carolina farm stewardship. Association and and they solo. A brand called sun dog 130 and it benefits local animal shelters and sun dog pink lemonade. And in benefits breast cancer research and sun dog apple Dublin net benefit habitat for humanity in every brand they sell. Has a charity attached to it. But they're gonna come in and not help us and I got a gift certificate. That'll let you wonder on up there and and no partake in and see what they're all about and I think we'll have a some of their own. Some of their stuff to. To auction off us so well. And we do that. Heard from the idle while the fire department again now today hello Lisa Paxson and Mike Conger or knows of folks up there. They've been no unbelievable for the last a number of years and other collecting toys bikes in toys for our kids first in the Carolinas again this year. Source Europe there are around idle wild road in no Matthews near. Martyr Wallace road they're 10241. Final wild road and that can be a toy drop off spot and in fact on Saturday tomorrow. And pour 64. In no amid hill that's on Matthews Smith hill road. Next to the charm bar and know the subway you know where that is of their. And their owners have their Tony and Sarah Brock Carol allowing. Lisa Paxson and Mike to go wander in and they're just hang out. And collect money and bikes and toys for kids first of the Carolinas so you folks up there in the mid hill area. In all final wild road and lawyers wrote in that area and through their. I've gone out and have a beer too and know bring in a donation because so Lisa Paxson and my condor from mother volunteer idle while volunteer fire department will be there and they'll bring it on down to a Cynthia. And divide drive a week from tonight at south Mecklenburg high school. Heard today from. Michelle Pezzullo. Who is an instructor at decree McClover. School district. And she said is there's still time to donate items to the auction I have to toys. LOL surprised Dole's. Anybody. Well apparently it's one of the hottest toys of the season and if you go to target you can't find in my head to go to. Amazon and toys are off to find out what it is. And their little tiny dolls. And then and then I mean I think that's exactly what they are they come around in a glitter ball or other glitter balls are there. I'm assuming if you've got kids that are like. There's twelve different Dole's possible. Two of which are considered ultra rare. And and older you have kids love these things and you can't find him anywhere bull she's given us too good to donate I think they cost like ten bucks retail. Comment but we'll sue all we can get forum but thank you for thinking about a sigh I appreciate that no end. Buck Baker seat time racing school is adding to market Harris County basket. 379 dollar value with a ten lap and driving in video package per Charlotte motor speedway that'll happen in no march. Where you can pick another date. And the checkers have stored up all bunch of stuff cruise he's in Manhattan a cow bell and best tickets available vouchers and know this that the other so. That's some of the new stuff that'll be in the auction that takes place next Thursday on air here. And news 1110993. WBT from three to 6 PM. I com. Last weekend we told you that this. There was they. It was a concert. Called Iraq and kids first concert and auction this when took place said two of the rabbit hole 1801 commonwealth avenue. And the Corzine's have been doing this now for a let me go to Karen Corzine because she's the woman gonna grow on this because I don't know that I've ever really known a story about. Where these people came from a Karen how are you. I knew I don't know I think I can't hear you call them up without a typical you had a great you you have you have more meat. I had a different person but now I've got loose there at the thing that seems like crippling thing that probably don't have a. Deanna I couldn't read that was not only don't get into the details but to and I didn't lose too long for food poisoning in too short for the flu. So like I don't know what that is heard of that there must feel unload goods and I haven't gotten the flu yet celestial of that to look forward to hopefully it won't happen a week from tonight. Armed UN what your husband started bills. Well right rightly doing started it actually it Paula has brought a year ago. And say oh wait for the kids that are in the school. You have something to do they were they actually are hired if you look at Christmas charity show. And Baltic to the but the night theater and the whole thing got canceled at the last minute they had been rehearsing and I get there are about ready to go and we you know we want it won't give them an opportunity is to perform so. The color preference. Who managed the Oakland who that the time at the factory. And does that make that we have a Saturday afternoon and continue at a put on a little charity show. You know with our kids so much view and then it into other other fans. Well he had sure and we'll do it got out there I said the part of. Well okay yeah we if you don't show. We we looked around wrecked a. A park where you're hurt and you're welcome you're very poor poor so thought back about all kids are out there are. In a new ball foul play and show. And. Senator I had I that's I was always wondered where the connection came from because you obviously cater to a lot blow lower demographic and probably I do. Yeah yeah we wait till I'm an amateur show the first year was. Troops are good and young are standing. Not only are the only new Ohio so like best about but are full ones that work and a little experience or. Rehearsed multiple console we can you know and whatnot and eight. You know and professional poppy queen edition but not. Our national physician. I'm and then about Iraq for the current stark terror you had banned and so forth and just some people in your around the community who work. Better than average but young talent. Oh lead when that said that apple pursche gear you were built back and I'll work. Yet. Then you know I go back into the Atlantic in two weeks we got a stack or trolling. And I think we met about 500 dollars which you know we are planning a lot of bad bad at all. And as you well know 500 bucks us is. 500 bucks is 500 bucks will will take that 500 bucks and turn it Windows 7 150 bucks. Yeah exactly. Exactly so it was much other to settle editor at it would be answered next year we jumped them. At first until nature for all the Chop Shop well that's already prefer that the pool only. All very happy that I am afraid the corporate ethics and each and they are that we. Or whether they cooperate with us but air won't do it. The year after that we ended up hitting the or which say it's public or. And got a note perfect it was the right side anymore at all in the war in the focal fully tell us all we took our got off well. We have picked the chilling man outside when him upload them straight talk and then and then we turned embattled started doing auctions. And in like the rock and locally markets Asia Karl that would typically blame for the mechanical but stopped it or not. Emerging format popular up to buffalo in multiple call. Well you you guys have an affiliation has some are still with the Carolina rebellion no of people because you always get autographed guitars from therein that always brings some big names in men I assume brings you some pretty good box. Yes yeah it does it does lead up. A story. There is a kind of up and guitar made up by I don't actually put them calling him incur other we say it. Far from an infant taken cheated. They're on a rebellion and and shown off in the immediate area and let the fans from circuit and their lead again you know Lotta of interviews so forth. We have a little while clapper or all the guitar and explains what it. Oracle which is also they are all all of the oval gracious about bombing also we got some big name on it you're. Bob pump up the mega mega jetliners but I'll never come in and made it chancellor and I know quite a look good or bug. We hear that got the island from sensible pilot died he got his autograph on it. Any four days before our auction so that you're back to Turkey for world. Now you're saying I'll I don't wanna save perfect but at the. The roar I've now run out. It does itself. I don't like down the same lines this year you had a Tom Petty autographed guitar Tom Petty and our breakers in and and they're all on their Mike Campbell and Ron Blair and RA and Scott Thurston and Steve Roni enough. They're much tension there they're all signed their along with Tom Petty. And I do listen timing is everything if you're gonna have I don't think or whatever be a bad time to have a Tom Petty guitar bit obviously a lot of us are missed and Tom Petty insult. You're timing on this was so what was it was excellent. Yeah weapon and we had actually knowing that the demographic that we were probably going this year. With the type of band currently healthy adult band that we had fresh air. Sample up on the we would be really you know honestly anything from. Americana rock all the way to keep him happy. Rock creek and like nonsense that it helped people don't like Bob ball well you know really much a no brainer and we offer our bass guitar. Or equal I think it was July former preserved it then and then you know after I after September October 1 ever close each the. The company. Call our set okay now without warrants that we still want more will follow court squeak into a bank event. You bought it from lay from go on I'll call it an auction house or lack of a better name. That's what didn't happen and then do that they could memorabilia company and well we're fortunate because both both of us are. All in and around the job I have an old man I'd vote for. The U outdoor amphitheater type is almost. On the spot here or. So we get our hands on or lot of sound all that great or. Armed so then I don't like Tom Petty. Song from a boat or the craft from or article out all the change something like that does incompetent at auction in health and now. It is a great conversation piece of bone and now people like you're you're looking forward to a look inept that so so that's been pretty cool to. Supplement but up that we were warned that we that we all accept it. Well and this was beautiful I mean it really is say you can see pictures of it would show up in Talladega you have till yesterday that's all I have seen was pictures are all hell yeah when you actually hold it in your hand when you actually see it and see the color of it and and I mean it's. It's a stunning piece. Butterscotch cholera or they call all of the the really silent but I get my fortune to China. Yeah it definitely is well it's our auction now so it's gonna get double auction they got auctioned it to yours for 2200 bucks enough. And not exactly sure who the moron wants it paid debt for a but. Student election I'm hearing that badly against someone else you don't go well yeah but but the but the. I think he figured that maybe he can do and take it over to weigh his audience and and add on to that total slower that's what we're hoping to do and that'll be a part of our auction. Our next Thursday from a 3 to 6 o'clock here on WBT. Listen first of all thank your husband for being a long time listener. You never went away when we talk about kids first you never know. It's like to school girl named L. Who. Somehow or another became a cure for for aware of kids first denied and then ended distressed deal that she's done this year you never really know who you're talking to or who you're getting to work. Who you're affecting her who's gonna walk in your hand your check or anything along those lines. Com and Allen out of me talking about kids first your husband becomes aware of it and then when he needs a charity to put some money towards he said Lee Ellis do kids first and now this has grown into an annual event seven years running. And it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger and bigger and you said Amos was the perfect place but I understand the rabbit hole was was pretty perfect as well. Yeah. So I think we're struggle will put their shared got a really late start because rabbit hole was full truth about my everybody thought we got fun event here. And rob our extant. We made arrangements to check the people that work but at my age. Lou. And then agree to it so he had taken a graciously Alison they're at a or felt wonderful well. Know the Nixon but what I know rob knicks united no that was you're gonna. I didn't didn't or their sense that the rabbit hole and Jack or Jack. He had Jack loves Jack gloves as were I know him from so well I had no idea he had the rabbit whole too will tell rob I sit alone. And and tell your husband I said thank you and thank you. Well you're welcome it's a pleasure we enjoy it I yet you know we've gotten to know all you know all the players now with its first believe we get involved in. You know the week next weekend will be around all weekend series so we went up a bit too it's become. You know a blast we get like I didn't say you're probably would feel like he does the game close. What we need it now you know it's so we helped out scale around him in this place better you know funny inside. As you well know once sharing gets you in our grasp you'll never get out. Our tax credit and it's all done from passionate so and India's once so once you get in another day and see who your health and and see in the people you're helping other people will fit just did does it becomes kind of area. A big fan when you can't wait for Christmas strolled around I don't really see many of these people except once a year but in when no December rolls around I can't wait to see him again it's like a fan Lorie union every year it's perfect. So hey Karen thank you appreciate it. You're welcome thank you are all right off she goes and off we go over to the a beautiful traffic sinner responded with a missile mistletoe hanging in over the business and it's very very nice touch front you buy a hunter's bill Ford I 77 exit 23. And here's our little oil boomer Montana I don't know why we have the mistletoe though I have no idea what that's here. I don't either because you're in fear and Freddie aren't even here this guy please. In my dorm are not gonna get a and then from those that you're traveling through John Freddie is a female has decided then nine and neither one of a marvelous nevermind what tells the traffic. All right take them now. Talk to a higher standard and a couple of minutes from the Charlotte business journal. The new addition is out today media. Looks back on night ESPN ACC championship game and although the game turned out to be a blowout it to turned out to be a really good day for Charlotte in regards of exposure. Game day coming to town Isiah is a good thing. Nick Saban walking into Rome where bearden Parker one point is kind of things you don't aggressor XP expect on rare Saturday Dan Mullen from a Florida. Walking into Romero burden part because something you don't necessarily expect on air Saturday they had to Christmas village going on which is still going understand it's closed for the rest today because the weather. But there should be back open again tomorrow at 11 o'clock. But they had Christmas village had no idea that they would be competing when they first set that thing up for the Christmas season because game day wasn't a scheduled to come in by that time. So while all the sudden you had 15100 people including my son holding up banners net made it on TV by the way. Some some about. Herb street doesn't like peaches or something I have no idea where it was. So while. Anyway we'll we'll talk to about that but Charlotte shines in the ESPN. ACC championship. And some of the early numbers that show some of the gains for the ACC in Charlotte. They weren't here the year before I don't recall because of the HP to. Arab governments that are on Monday when we. A swore in our first amid African American female mayor although. We know via Lyles I'm not a Democrat. Obviously. But after nearly thirty years in city government in this stints as a budget director and assistant city manager. She certainly knows the subject matter in the territory and none of the players in the people of the community so well. We'll talk tour a little bit about that and what they're calling the new millennial council they were sworn in on Monday as well so Eric's bad birth Charlotte business journals just next. NN WVD. Why oh why are. Well holy city my fireplace from time was he. He did so little brother or Nintendo makes him real big didn't. Enjoying the sights and sounds of this season's. Over half a credit that three are right just so laid back. Yeah. I think it is very well you're not actually lead to begin to recover or you bought. About. Few. Picked up or my children for basketball Burke itself. It's probably watching me sleep come down. It is sleep too it's the way it's there's really nothing beautiful about it have been has the prospect of future beautiful. Yeah that's right that's right it cup half full right. Yeah on price be. Told slushy and almost frozen by the time we get to the into the night solo but that's a supply in fact tomorrow night they're calling for Lowe's anywhere twenty to 27 degrees on the like death so. So while there are quick yeah yeah I think this is a pretty good do we can do good to figure out of the fireplace and still works or not. Are you are well you survived the college game day weekend. Yes send let me be blunt it is going to pan am thankful that we had last weekend's weather last week you had Ford had it so we were outside a lot. I think they had a pretty good we hit until the games started the game was a clunker but there's not much you can do about that but otherwise because then they came out pretty well is so gross so who overall pick or. It should be pretty happy did you go to the game idea. Do was it pride to predominately. Clones and crowd. Yet it would however there are heavily Clinton crowd they're good or by any people then I would have expected. I'm yet seen in this is just that gas at least in the 7030 dropped more points and probably more than. I was figured probably about two thirds you vitro seal on TV and I couldn't really tell. The end game day was inching my kid was one of those down there are in fact he works or graphic arts companies so Roy you made up but. I big ol' sly and that says herb street doesn't like peaches are so tis the seasons on the life Bettany guy he got on TV. Fought so why he was he was happy about that but it's you know it's got it seemed all the sudden CN Nick Saban walks through a Romero bearden park on a Saturday you don't. Normally see that during football season. While I'm hearing that they ran as a fertile over the course but still it's so I think that's why he's there most. They're Criss cross village have you talked to anybody at the Christmas village Tuesday they must I mean you did they thought they had that park for the season pretty much to themselves and all the sudden end up. 4 o'clock in the morning no weird people stereo where young people start showing up with us science. Death while former curator here refer to collect or not. Literal walk. Oh up from eighty per person or you would come armored Pique our defense let the decade date set. Everyone seems to get along pretty well it. I don't think this really has much to do with. Game day gain in Charlotte but it's still a nice full notes. That ended up being the most watched. Burden gain data is being looked under one point five billion people probably reflection that it feet championships Saturday but if you're with the Charlotte chamber of commerce. You probably you'd have to bogey run. Well and and and then your article does not only deals with the economic benefits obviously and Mayo vision no event visible Minnesota bush Charlotte again none none nationalist agent national TV. But also talks about. Charlotte becoming a bigger player on the college football circa obviously. Big game day being here and not at the Big Ten which bell Ohio State Wisconsin was a big game not being at the SEC. But picking on this particular game two to to bring the team do. Does speak well for the ACC championship and you you talk about good thing it wasn't this weekend and it was last weekend. Good thing it was this year not last year. Yeah that's true too. Four people who may have forgotten last year the ATP championship or was one of those reserve moved because of how they'll tell you and it will poor little girl with only about coupons noticed and it was he. Lowest attended the ACC championship and the games started in 2005 about if you want felt so bad so. Yes that was the very group having. That you get the best matchup in the history be ATP championship. Goodyear they cut back to Charlotte of course you're the other thing that was really important last week weren't our agriculture job offer. Telling their B and other reporters that it it's just this question of where the not if they extend their. Partnership that Bank of America Stadium past the current expiration date or in Korea but you know that that the big thing for the tour executives for sure sports foundation keeping the ATP here now especially in BAT's see all of sudden it's a pretty good football. Well you write a touch your angle on this was for uninteresting up until now it's been about Alabama and this up and comer Clemson. But now you've got a real possibility and never you know don't don't don't count your chickens before but you've got a real possibility that Clemson could be 82 time national champion. Our mind and I and all the sudden and aids it's Alabama and Clemson and it's not up and comer it's Alabama and Clemson. Yeah NN that they mean that solves that so many problems. You know we talk about this ticket sales when you talk about getting ESPN game day week architect getting the spotlight here. You know the past there has certainly been times when. You had a match up with lower tier schools aren't either way that they keep PG AB chip it almost felt like it would have been cool even though we're dominate BC look at such talks. The college football world it was or different last week he had a net but things that they're hoping to keep going obviously. Actual numbers hotel occupancy numbers. Yeah other than they were very happy via opt for. He had whether the percentage are really infused with about eighty first thing as obviously that's the way up from when he picked seeing it every game but it's even. A few percentage points for 25 in the last summer it was in Charlotte and then also what to tell us that they get really jumped out at John is that the ready for those fruit. Up 27%. For around 2015 there were not prepared against the every year according sixty worker verbeek in the last time it would ensure that the ATP championship. That's a pretty healthy number so and I would wrote this little skeptical I think a lot of these economic effect numbers are uploaded. An exaggerated side. It's hard to deny it that a weekend with an eighty PG AB chip part of the world but Al doesn't make it different for hotels the restaurants. Well I'm an increase in rates to that degree. Even if you just sold as many rouge did it last year that's a bad Rex that's a net game. Com talk about a couple of side issues that would regard the ACC one would be the Labor Day games that we're trying to kick off the season with two which have been. Somewhat lackluster and any other steel belts pull a mother not built growth continues to be via the sponsor of all of that I don't know but. Honestly one who what are you hearing enough from mother principles and be about to of the prospects of Wake Forest in Texas a and M. Aura that the cardinals are trying to put the best bet on us they camp it was fake that you get it. Really a typical games just fell look if it ever since the college football playoff. Became a reality. Almost every ball game has struggled anyway the belt poll is bill. A lower the second tier bowl it did you brought up other Wake Forest which just had they welcomed they get whipped and Ukrainian taxes they have much doubt about that a little. Well John I really don't think they're gonna do much better than forty felt like I think forty doubt people would would probably be a pretty good day for them. Oh. He's the belt full it is still continuing to struggle in the Balkans in general are because. All the emphasis now is on those few oil gained. And in this championship a week later and I asked sports marketing nap professor at Washington university in Saint Louis. He was really saying is that fact in order should be ATP championship Labor Day kickoff game and Belk bowl. How do your third birdie LA as a community in terms its gain they're able to generate. Tourism money and interest in which you in the spotlight. Because of the way college football as gondola. Fierce and you just kind of acceptable game is it is what it is type. Proposition. Yeah I think so it luckily I think you know obviously for the hotels the restaurants there they're happy to hit that business and it's time we hear when there's not a lot of as travelers coming through cannot remember the teams coming usually stay a week's show. It's certainly has some benefits but. I don't know how they're going to even hit their goal of fifty to open things which is where we'll where sports foundation. Ain't for a minute Damon hit that in the past five years so I just felt so. How viable. This field older one will say is that when I spoke with felt that spokesman there says that they are. At least in pursuit in considering the possibility of continuing past the end date at 2019 Connecticut pot or keep it on. It innkeeper don't. Roma beat the right phrase because television buddy is what's keeping a lot of games like if felt all afloat remember even though it's not a high stakes game whatever day or night it is during the holidays typically bowl game ex warriors C is going to get one of your higher rating that it forget it for a group of football. How real quick the old ex Labor Day game is West Virginia Tennessee Tennessee you'll be coming in with a new coach West Virginia. Issa is always a decent team but. Is at a better prospect than none North Carolina State South Carolina. You know it meg video and I certainly want to present to you before I saw the you're supporting crowd it Labor Day you know yet again people are are yet a third of the seats empty out West Virginia is one of those schools their fans are very has ever travelers following their people around so. That should help in this city I'm not sure what to make. That's score right now obviously they have bungled their coaching search. Multiple times they are very athletic director and even though that. Under belt and they have dubbed rocky top I don't know how excited they're going to be going into next season so I think differently get a coach obviously recent days and maybe they will travel. It's really hard Elwood at leopard they gave me feel like or don't think John. There should have been more successful than it has been for the first game maybe this will be the one that gets them going in the right direction toward. You know Cabrera you're you're regret you earlier this week or the city. Now mostly all I ever got to a new mayor are not new City Council doctor expand her from the Charlotte visitors journal about that next. Newest addition of the Charlotte business journalist out every Friday and we tried to talking Eric's memory every Friday it took 4 o'clock go when no possible got a Mon now we are just talking about their Charlotte game day in the ACC championship. ESPN and everybody coming to town last weekend. Com Monday we got ourselves they had a new mayor and we got ourselves say pretty young City Council I assume you were there as well. I was. And you are probably there at the government that are so a lot of people excited. Family members said that supporters. But particularly you talk about those that if you first time elected council members all under the age of forty. Do you think really stood out the first he has you. Mayor file while I kept it short and sweet about a seven speech emphasizing the actions over planning terrorist state so that's one thing to watch and the second thing is. Well I think it you have may have discussed already is how ambitious the new council member members aren't or the veterans as Drake. Cautioned them if you you know I'd take a look around the plate in and get their feet set before they immediately got into trying few. Pat you meet saying change you really think you can bet that'll be one of the thanks for watching here is that tension between the eager newcomer Ben. You're out the usual grinding here at government that you probably want a picture of both but that's a lot of pressure and a lot of expectations on eight you council members. They seem to realize that a release they have up until this point they had talked about a lot of Reading to do auto homered to do a lot of things to learn they seem to understand to some extent that there was a learning curve here and unpaid debt. I have to I'm kind of you know get into the flow of things. Not necessarily jump on the bike before they learned how to ride it. Do you did you see that changing. No I think you're right John I think will be one of the things that they're. Going to have to deal with particular summer like for are the ones that you've got beat. Disallow this eight vote that you get the perception the other night at the turn and is that Beatty managing the expectations so supporters Q. You know watch your campaign and it happens a lot. You hear a lot of lofty rhetoric eager a lot of ambition. But it's always part you. Move it fast larger office felt if they can break air supporter along with them or recognize that that limitation all all we're trying cute. You know changed things improved things then I think it will go over well with. From what I've read he had the quote of the night because he's well known for standing up and part of the police with his fist up in the air during the upper rising I don't know so it's gone right. Comment but he said did Dick council the other night if we can come together as a fist. We can break through these walls of an equity I thought that was a pretty good quote for a guy that. Where he is getting downgraded by people online they're basically tell any mug to you know they're gonna take your first out of the air and put your pants up. Yeah I think you're right I think there's he has so far. Show it's already. Incredible knack for balance Spain did see shake up the system whip. Working within the fifth and recognizing. That he has a lot of work that very fine line to walk. So far I think he's that struck the right tone and so we'll see really in January when they get going on the budget that he partied with those kind of things. If he and the rest of his things Alex I think you'd figure that. Next up will be vile Lyles and now committee assignments. That'll be interesting to watch I've got about thirty seconds to say dregs get Dei is a committee back. I think Hedrick will be back about economic development committee and he he would always be in very astute judge give these various proposals because that you Franco he was adult sex Wall Street. It workers so he vetoed the idea that the NFL I think I'll I'll or. Got that now she just. All right I don't think I'm the only one that I I kind of bristle when you're referred to as the first African American female mayor only because I think she offers a lot more than just that. Yeah and brag on not a lot of people tell me that she might be about qualified and experienced player we've ever had so I think you're right if you view it that way yet does that say it ain't nice. Aspect of this but that much more important part is that she knows little government it's not else. You know that's not the story itself hey I have a great weekend stay warm and all the talk to next Friday. Felt great stereo Zurich status member senior staff writer Charlotte business journal. Several of the eight. 1988. Monday Night Football. Howard Cosell. 342. Days into the year 47 change 23. Days to go. And this was the date that we were all watch and Monday Night Football the evening of 1980 John Lennon murdered by Mark David Chapman that's how most of us heard about it in New York City. I don't go wrong if you vote have been by the Dakota building but I've done tested several times back got a really interesting guard probably three years after the shooting happened. And I was in a new York and I went to if you go to component to see where it happened something about going into the sea the primary motive. And the stand there on the sidewalk and and guard came out of the Shaq and that I do us a mom fun non. You said you want the story there thank the broad and asked a million times. Today yeah I'm kind of curious so he showed me ever there were the over the cabin pulled up and no we're limited originally signed the album and where women got shot and I don't know it's all pretty fascinating to me. I'm great all men would have been seventy years old today Kim Bay's injury is 64 today and the Eagles released the album hotel California on this date December the eighth 1976. They're coming to town. That was announced yesterday tomorrow Heisman Trophy award. All the other awards seem to be given. So my Heisman all of we'll go out to tomorrow. I've been revealed that a massive hack of over last year were the company was extorted for a 100000 dollars was executed by a mere. Twenty year old living at home with his mother. Until dale if you get your computer to work. All the fourteen year old next door. Secret supplier of that 450 million dollar to Bengie caning has been unmasked his Saudi Arabian friends. Which is interesting that he spent 450 million dollars on a picture of Jesus because Muslims respect Jesus is a great profit but under Muslim law it's blasphemous to create an image of him. I think it's my understanding sodas you buy that to destroy it I don't know what this. Amanda and not England made up they Tony made up a phony restaurant and then he used fake reviews. And he somehow or another made at the number one restaurant in England posted by trip advisor. The place even received hundreds of requests for reservations. And our brand new study finds that when you stare into a baby's eyes. Your brain waves become synchronized. And that must be what happens with a million me in my new granddaughter. I put a picture up on the website. I don't know three weeks ago or something where she's just intently staring at me. And I I like to think that she's probably thinking herself. Mired gun. I came out for this. Well. But anyway a new study finds that when you stare into a baby's size your brain waves because synchronized I cannot wait to get synchronized with her when you. Well there's one thing our your knee is. Knees aching. Because they have they are they say holiday shopping could be the culprit according to a survey the most common physical complained of shoppers. His knee pain. Some of you today. Hours of walking. You log in heavy packages. You standing in lines. You're knee is feel sore instead of holiday shopping bad for the knee is. I'm not know fiduciary fight dubbed. If you're dating somebody here by about Christmas present this weekend you might wanna wait Monday as the biggest break of day of the year all explain it to your just. Just yards trying to held up a bit. You know. I'll play this song can. When did you play. Rule where smile this. Why is. And since we have no place. School ended soon minutes. Man it does the show's time. And now. Cool. It's a new movie download. No moon. When it. This song. All the way hold out there long. I artist who. Okay. Long did to me. Let it snow let it snow and song. Okay. When it finally. This long. Rap mix. All live moon moon. It's. And might do. Finances on the news out here. Do you think the Red Hat would have done very sexual harassment lawsuit thing we're doing these days. Yeah I don't think that would have been well I don't know pretty well at all you think guys JFK what fairness Willis. Donald Trump. I don't know it tell you put it all in context time. Sinatra used to sing about brides all the you know. The not so sure that we haven't crossed that. Under the bridge as well. But it's a good Christmas music you know it's me it's still all the stuff that a good many of us who grew up with a no it's still what's falling from the sky and an awful lot of areas. To our north to northwestern mere you'll see higher accumulations but I keep on renewed the meteorologists are us saying. And we may get a little bit more snow than what we thought we're gonna get so. When you get into Saturday night into Sunday it's gonna get down in the twenties so it's going to be your really really cold I think our overnight low right now estrogen to be about 3433. Degree is. But to. So this particular bull system that sentiment or we'll just have to see what happens but the high country and Hickory in places like that can get does some pretty good accumulation and we've been calling for less than an inch and a point six point seven learned something like babble we may see more than that want to keep her eye on the weather forecast. Yep and tis the season to be dumped. Monday. December the eleventh is the date that couples are most likely to break up. Digital statisticians. Looked at data from our FaceBook analyzing thousands of messages looking for a signs of breakup and from their investigation they do doctored or deduced. Bad down. The complete break up periods around the holidays fault two weeks before Christmas Day that would be Monday. The reasons for the break out very for some the idea of spending the festive period with someone that they're having doubts about brings a wave of bread. For a new couples many decide that they don't wanna bring their new data home to meet their parents and they don't want to our meet yours but the thing. And for the thrifty some realize that they're new partner are really just. Does not spend money on. So I anyway. Have a nice weekend and and good luck everybody on now Monday. We're gonna play a different version of Tom patties big weekend the song that we played at 5 o'clock on Fridays as we lead and as some of the things will be going on this weekend activities big weekend by Tom Petty. Sex it's. Radio program. Basic Belmont Christmas village is going on right now panther vikings fan pages and doubtful. We. Million. If you want American Idol but she lives here and tell you. Compared to a business guys here. And I hadn't heard of diversity you know for a long long time but she's in ovens auditorium tonight got an album out called the Christmas after midnight and so she's a brilliant that you are detail and 8 o'clock tonight ticketmaster's free get tickets and and welcome back to the stage. In your own hometown. Fantasia. Tom Petty tribute going on this weekend as well and does some pretty good activity going on down there at the spectrum we'll tell you about it. Florida. So where. Little bit different version there's a version of a big weekend Tom that he heard at all his. Or radio show. Serious eczema but Dell would do them. There is bad Tom Petty tribute going on you never adjust and Jeter he's been in the studio before of new familiar so those were the best thing that's where we met him. Those are two good bands that are both be good together still. Another visit me in my business. But anyway a big article about him I think it's in creating bluffing but he's a petty fan. So at 8 o'clock tonight at the neighborhood theater they're gonna water the rock legend though with a fund raiser for the Levine Children's Hospital. And he's got Jason Schiavone down there and ancient cities is gonna play and coral pilot and the beliefs and Sammy is and vermilion and Ross Adams and the businesspeople. And an all star jam led by the new familiar as to a cap off the show and that sounds like the place to be as far as I'm concerned tonight. No offense and to Asia. Well just depend on what your musical taste too would be. Or rescheduled Pentair OK so you can all go to the neighborhood theater Rand fantasia has been rescheduled for. Around December that I did does that whether deal. You don't know. December the nineteenth could be Tuesday so fantasia has been rescheduled for Tuesday. I'm assuming that there are still low going down to the neighborhood theater tonight but. I hope so way out Tom Petty tribute. By some really good musicians. To benefit the Levine's Children's Hospital 8 o'clock tonight as far as I know neighborhood theater dot com. And if there's a minute cancellation there iris and the website would tell you so. Neighborhood theater dot com. It's sorry I didn't know about until this morning does that sound like Richar to go to. Advantageous thing is there weather related deal she will be played Tuesday December the nineteenth. Fine as far as we know the F petty tribute is a still on for tonight 8 o'clock at the neighborhood theater somebody knows different gives to also know 4571110. And no will look. Spread the news they're vikings are in town on Sunday. And then a week from Sunday the Packers are in town and then two weeks from Sunday the Buccaneers are in town and then we wrap up the season on the road against Atlanta. And if you don't go at least two into yours your playoff. Hopes are dead. You probably were rather go three and one Atlanta beat nor loans last night no I'm not so sure would've. Not just to sincere and oral speed Atlanta and kind of keep them at bay but. But you gotta play the games because that's that's what gets into the playoffs tonight at the spectrum Chicago Bulls or jump. Extinct tonight the bulls are in town tomorrow. The lakers are in town. If he if you could if you could pick the all time. Favorite bulls team in your all time favorite lakers team. And put those teams in down. Tonight and tomorrow night you'd have one heck of a big basketball weekend. The bulls are quite Michael Jordan's bulls are male lakers aren't bright quite Kobe Bryant's pull our lakers but. But nonetheless. Who knows maybe Lavar ball will be in town. If you see him I'd tell in my Sinaloa and please shut up. Clark got that snow line that the meteorologists are all drawing. Don't worry there between eight traced to a match. Or up to two inches of snow I'm emerges right there in the middle of that zone solo what happens we don't we will have to wait it's a oh what we've got now always what we've had for a while but it won't get considerably colder as the evening goes on little more snow whoa west and northwest of us ms. primarily the forecast. Winds northeast due five to ten miles per hour. I'd tonight. All of that. What we think is primarily a rain now will mix with snow we could be down to about 32 degrees. Tomorrow with the snow will taper off but we just don't know what you accumulation would be like a state north to northwest of us it's gonna get to. It's gonna get hit harder than we are. But don't we may get hard hit harder than what we were originally thinking. To the degree that you could see an interest and along those lines I don't think it's necessarily gonna cause you're an underdog bully you're gonna have to have before real drive to get through this. And then it'll taper off 11:12 o'clock good tomorrow morning noble CI hi tomorrow 41 and then get ready for cold because tomorrow night. In to us Sunday morning a low near 22. Degrees is the forecast right now. Definitely in the twenties Sunday abundant sunshine high and the low forties noble start to warm up again and if you look at the future. Forecast. Friday a week from today it looks like we should be mid fifties. So for our big bike drive it south Mecklenburg high school for a kids first that would be almost. Seasonal. That there would do I mean we've we've spent some gold knights out there collect and bikes I don't think this will be the coldest one we've ever done so long month. All I'm happy to report that I hope you'll have put your. Planning to come must support is so week from tonight. Will be ahead none out to a south Mecklenburg high school from six to 9 PM following their show low blow and know Mark Garrison and soaking in those guys they'll all be are already out there. And in fact I think garrisons do I know I'm. Charlotte at six from my out there that will be new this year Ramallah to form of that does don't you take care of their own bed part of the broadcast to was my understanding enough. Both Thomson closed on the whole three hours last a few years willow picked up the tail end India. And and and all the big news I can't wait to see what the guys from mom. For him warehouse bring in this year. 200 and somewhat bikes last year I don't know what they brought in last year I should be better than apple we got 700 bikes last year and about three hours. So next Thursday is on on air auction you can go to WBT dot com the auction pages up saying glance through what we've got there. There's Luke key equally Jersey. That new wave acrylic brought us an acrylic case for so you've you you get all of its already had a case if you wanna beltway. But it sale blue extra large Luke weekly autographed Jersey Carolina blew it sharp is very cool. Brush toward doctorates got a couple carries shell doors I think it's two singles or doubles depending on know what you're what your needs are. We got to Tom Petty in the heart breakers autographed guitar. That we bought from another auction no put on hours. Bill a lot of good stuff up there we got the Patrick Schneider photography that we've had now for years and years and years unbelievably great city view shots of Charlotte if you're looking for really sharp shot of the city to putter officer but Europe. Place of work whatever the case may be that would be complacent and he's always he's always been just excellent. Add to sports. Shot to cam shots Stuart just these days an unbelievable photographer so he's back with us again this year. One of my forgetting. Who's got a bunch of stuff up there immigrant and got to go to. Billy BT dot com and not find the auction page die hard to find. And no wander around in there because the auction is coming up next Thursday three to 6 PM on air. And then the amazing by Victorian drive toy drive itself smacked a week from tonight six to 9 PM food trucks and a whole lot of fun. And Doug ton of people can't wait. And then Saturday's our volunteer day where people bring their kids and numbering their time and help us prepare for the party for 400 plus homeless or near homeless kids. I and then we'll take care of another 400 do a 400 and a 600 kids the week before Christmas so a thousand kids total. But Saturday is the volunteer day were we need people to show up at south Mecklenburg high school from 1 o'clock in the afternoon until. Late in the evening wrapping presents and set up the south next students that are in cafeteria. Com to get it ready for those 400 kids who will join us the next day kids first to the Carolinas also tell you have a store location. Have been mulling pre market this year. It's right over there by the dollar store so if you need to make a drop off that's a good place to do with this weekend and you can not call kids first at 704995. 5679. In. Well I got bad news native Charlotte GM's you agency's earlier well known landmarks disappear from the from the streets gave fan mail park. Terrorists stadium movie theater Parker choppy sooner apparently is the next one below disappear will close their doors according to the Charlotte Observer on December the seventeenth. They've been around for half a century they opened a time capsule you Mira called their reckon that 2006. Because they open in 1956. Or 64 werewolves. And. They've been now showing independent foreign films. Second oldest movie theater in Charlotte after the a manner on our Providence Rhode. Here it is Parker it's terrorists opened in 1964. They did do renovations on that in 1996. But two million dollars worth. And apparently the theater will officially closed on December the seventeenth that would be a week from Sunday. It's unclear what will become good. And park road to a senator Charles first open air retail center opened in 1956. But it would appear that two. The park terrorists stadium movie theater. Has about ten more days to go and announced that so it's hard I have watched it happen in my own hometown. Doesn't last forever. Belmont Christmas village going on as we speak big time open no Belmont Belmont it's free. Downtown Belmont will be transformed into whale winter wonderland I AM till it is right now to do carriage rides and no pictures with Santa under assault on chocolate this Morrison's. Stuff like that the dual parade on eighth avenue another light up the now Kramer ten Centennial sinner. So all the so going on downtown now Belmont so love. My hometown is celebrating Christmas we mentioned the vikings are in town on Sunday. The bulls are in town to play the hornets tonight. And tomorrow night the lakers are in town and that's Star Wars snide and that's what they're doing the frank Kaminsky a Bobble head giveaway to the first 7500. Fans. So why that's what's on store for you in that regard. Our Charlotte ballet begins the two week run of net cracker tonight fund raiser in a sneak preview is tonight at the I'm. Night at the united grew nutcracker and then full performances begin tomorrow two and 7 PM. Total of sixteen performances through December the 23 at the Belk theater 25 to a 125 dollars is what it'll cost you. The comedy sketch comedy troupe are Robert Johnson robot Johnson skews main. Are celebrating ten years they're bringing back all some of their best bits it's almost a best of type deal. They've been no all over the place but there at the rabbit hole tonight 9 PM add to twelve bucks to get you in the door to 75 minute show. Each member of the group has selected their favorite sketch and then they come under some improbable afterward should be a good time tonight 63 annual singing Christmas tree. Knight theater tomorrow night. Features not only be a main stage choir but Carolina Keller in the gray seal puppets and Miller street dance academy in the 100 voice our friendship missionary Baptist Church choir and the torrents creek elementary. And it's fifteen to forty bucks for the year at 3 o'clock in the 730 show on tomorrow and 4 PM show on a Sunday. And completely kid friendly I will also tell you that they do a singing Christmas tree for kids which is they slightly shorter version short attention spans that span theater. Same place Knight theater. 11 AM on a Saturday and 1:30 PM on Sunday and so that's going on this weekend. And our friends down there at the Charlotte knights do it homers holiday breakfast with Santa tomorrow morning at eight. Tell us give me 10 AM. The whole world be there Santa Claus will be their parents and their children can come on down to a breakfast buffets inside the diamonds direct L luxury lounge. Decorate cookies in no create holiday crafts and pose for photos and do all of that kind of stuff and all the proceeds will look benefit the supportive housing communities. So that's a good thing as well. An email from Sharon Sanders again first compact car service and a thousand dollars for us. So what's a nice way to end the weekend those are viewed the Atlanta area. That are familiar with mark stay in real thing. Spain I know mark's being. He's a huge real that are out there in fact he might be the most to the top rated so low. Anyway he's he's future. But he whale mark Spain's sinister Torii 500 bucks have a better Atlanta real estate company. Inventories 500 bucks to radio boy in Charlotte. To help with our kids first efforts. Don't forget the kids first store backbone creek market is open from 10 o'clock in the morning til seven both Saturday and Sunday at 7 o'clock tonight as well. And if you wanna drop off a donation or a toy or. Drop by and find out how you can help or a drop off a bicycle they are if you can't make it to our big Friday broadcast from a six to 9 PM next Friday a week from today. Four are amazing by toy and nine dollar drive you can drop off started to make more electric market there on 8332. Ply dual Mathews road. That's fine bill side of I don't Mathews road. There's a chilies out front. Burlington Coat Factory is there there's a Wal-Mart. Kind of a smaller version of Wal-Mart there. I think they're still staples there. I know there's a dollar store there because the kids first location this year Sherron always finds a real estate agent that'll give on an open storefront so that we have a place to have. To work out of it no room to store everything that we accumulate for the 82000 kids it will take care of and this year it's admirable intrigue shopping center and they're over by the dollar store so if you would need to drop anything off. You can not do that and I would also tell you that if you are desperate and you have no idea what you're gonna do for Christmas and they're scared to death about tell your kids not having a Christmas. You can walk in the door and say hey I need help and now and I hope we'll be O provide and that's what we do. We do we won't make droll enough. Time and so use this if you need us kids first of south Carolina's dot com we take care of the people who. Either don't qualify or to stroll through the correct so loved the that's what we do and that's why we're looking for your donation as well ignored the Hancock page WBT dot com for any information you want and a link to where you can make a donation of kids first in the Carolinas. God or just go to the Hancock page at WB OT dot com. First the biggest thing you can do this week in his head on down knew they all hall of fame NASCAR hall of fame plaza and I escaped. We BT's give to the city holiday on ice. Open nine right now as we speak. From. Make sure got the right dates here tend five way open to five we're over till ten broke intended to end tomorrow. We are open. 11 AM till 7 o'clock on Sunday closed Monday and Tuesday and then back to five to 105 to 105 to ten. Wednesday Thursday in a Friday of next week holiday on ice. Charlotte dot com if you need more information. Admission you by admission it's a ten bucks with your own skates fourteen bucks for the skate rental. But it's good for the entire day so if you are down and skated. Like go tomorrow they're open tended to and if you went down and skated tomorrow morning. And then decided you want to go home and helped launch you know do some shopping and so on and so forth and go back down again tomorrow night in skate tomorrow evening. That admission digital luggage in all day long so you can leave and return in this that the other. Our season passes or forty bucks I don't think it's too late for that the Columbia are open for all some on time bring that forty bucks for the your own skates fifty bucks with a renal. And if you wanna make a reservation for group party or something like that just go to our Charlotte. Excuse me holiday on ice Charlotte dot com and they cannot take care of that so what they do birthday parties down their weather bring out the cupcakes in the hot chocolate and balloons and skate rentals and the whole nine yards so while use us as you need and if you got questions 9802970340. The holiday on ice at the NASCAR hall thing implies a perfect location easy parking I'm not happily get in and or out of it. Brought to you by news 1110993. WBT 102560. NWA offends me and 107 point nine the link holiday on ice Charlotte. Dot com so that's something that you absolutely can do. Every weekend this month. The Moscow ballet is great Russian nutcracker. Makes us Sunday appearance at ovens auditorium. This is a ballet that was originally commissioned back in 1891. By the director of the Moscow's imperial theaters and debuted a week before Christmas and 1892. This year's marks the 25 tour of the United States and they'll have shows. Sunday at one end 5 PM. And you ought to put that on your things to do list via singing Christmas tree we talked about a few moments ago homers holiday breakfast. Is that going on at 10 o'clock tomorrow down at tonight's stadium take your kids on down there. Of course you got a cab and bill those lights are raw and you've got Christmas town USA. Me and no make hadn't bill and those lights go on at 530. And stay on until all 930 tonight and tell 11 o'clock on Saturday and Sunday. And I didn't know this but Carol Wentz has a thing called winter fast five million lights going on out there and all sorts of activities. They're opened. The eighth tonight. Through the tenth Sunday. And then again next weekend and then Leo weekend after Christmas 26 through the thirtieth 22 bucks for kids 28 dollars for adults. Be sure to arrive in time for the tree lighting ceremony they do that at 530. Got tech kid friendly rides operating carousel swings scramble or all that stuff skating rink Charlie Brown Christmas tree amazed the North Carolina. Our post office the holiday crash the cookie decorating station and mrs. Claus is kitchen. Costumed performers all over the place sing and and dance and and spreading cheer throughout the deal he closes on December the thirtieth particular ones with their winner fest celebration. And of course open gassed in county you've got to. Did Daniel still botanical gardens. That. Armed event that Doc Holliday at the gardens. So why that might be something you wanna put on your things to do list. DS PGA dot org would be the place to go for that. Christmas is Billy Graham Library goes through December the 23 Billy Graham Library dot org parking is free. Horse drawn carriage rides. Or eight bucks for adults and up for kids under twelve are off four dollars. They're operating tonight until 10 o'clock and tomorrow night until 10 o'clock as so well. And speedway Christmas to Charlotte motor speedway. I opened the day that through December the 31. And I tickets for cars suvs and minivans started about twenty bucks new for this year you can park your car over their by turns three and floor to an overlooked big fusion unbelievable you. Of all the lights just great Angola to I take photos in this that the other a lot of new attractions to. Head to these speedway Christmas at Charlotte motor speedway so there are a ton of things for you to do. This Christmas lot of sporting events as well the vikings are in town on Sunday for game against the Panthers. Chicago Bulls are in town tonight to take on the hornets. The lakers are in town tomorrow at the spectrum to take on the hornets. And I think I'm done. Which is a good thing because I think I'm out of here if you're around wonder what your TV games are on Sunday. Vikings and Panthers CBS or 1 o'clock. Eagles at the rams 4 o'clock on fox and 8:20 they evening game ravens at the Steelers mark guard garrison Charlotte have six is next have a great weekend we. Kids first of the Carolinas dot org.