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John Hancock
Wednesday, November 15th

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This is John Hancock. Heather out there oh there we are and swings today as we can. Bronson down denied. JC is in town tomorrow. Early we are the place to be I think it's the new logo with the crowd and a in the Charlotte they've been big. A world record. Como bubble about. It's actually do. The new logo because it's simple. They toward 5000 bucks for simple. But may be set to go to Texas somebody who knows better than a dollar all OpenId and just stood to state the case. A problem Samuels out for the season. Cavaliers in the hornets are on ESPN tonight. 8 o'clock. Davidson beat didn't beat him there routed him hundred may to 81 near you C UNC Wilmington last nine. Duke. Beat the number two a Michigan State Spartans last nine. Kansas beat Kentucky last night. That I say something about I didn't know how good Kansas was this year maybe I don't know how. But may not good can this Kentucky good this year as Kentucky's supposed to be. Top ten dame again this year. They've got to be. Cal Perry just re plug spending. So I North Carolina plays tonight show 8 o'clock so that would be pregame at 7 o'clock. Charlotte as six with Marc Gerson follows a sudden. I'm. And the is the saints. Panther game. Has been flexed to four to 45. On December the third so we were kind of thinking that that would probably happen. The next game up for the Panthers is the jets after the bye week. And then they have traveled a New Orleans on December the third for what was gonna be a 1 o'clock game on fox is now going to be a 430 game on now fox and that should be just a heck of a game. And especially if they can can somehow or another hold on to what they got. That they showed up against. Now Miami just the other night so trigger their Papa John has apologized for his son. Well. Papa Johns has apologized for the founders. John Shatner CNET owners. Not NFL remarks schori called he you can kind of blend in a felony. And the protests system driving down ratings which was so accosted him pizza sales and now they come out and said we believe everybody has the right to. But I protests inequality and we support players movement to create a new platform for change and we also believe together as Americans we should all should author on our anthem. And there's a way to do both. We will work with the players in the league do find a positive way for open to ideas from all except neo Nazis and then they put a middle finger remote GO their. And down. That's CBS. And he says so it'll be uninteresting to see whether or not these semi apology boost sales and if not. He says they can always try to make a better pizza. Without inquire better ingredients. You have better ingredients and better ingredients. And are now inquiring minds want to know. New poll out for the NFL a couple of days ago National Anthem protests have led the did the NFL being to become one of the most divisive brands in sports. I don't know if this poll holds any more weight and some of the other polls that have been kind of discounted this to whether or not this is released. Affecting fans are not are we have run into an awful lot of people at least round here that are said no and I'll watch in the NFL anymore. At least I see an awful lot of people claiming that on FaceBook. Ratings continue to falter fans are boycotting the league knew what polls suggest the boycotts could continue. Almost 13 of all adults are less likely to watch the NFL because of the National Anthem protests. Unless your teams on. Don't like when now when the Panthers were on last Sunday. Now we weren't ran errands and to stop like that. I figured I catch up on the scores and so and so forth above I had nothing to with the protests and had to do with the fact that it does point I don't live and die with football anymore except I do. Like to be there when the kickoff for the Panthers takes place. Some days I'd like to stick around for the whole game man someday desire. I do stick around for the whole game but I don't necessarily like it so. How much show well polls like this influence the way the league handles those taking a knee during the National Anthem nobody in. Uranium. Shepard Smith breaks ranks last night on fox he said that deals not really that big a deal. So we'll throw that out that you're in now just a second there's a website in town called Charlotte five. There's a few that are kind of floating around I get to the emails on from time to time I dealt and I'm their target demo. Pretty sure I'm not their target demo. Pretty sure that we are creative lo thing doesn't even like me anymore and and and they used to forty years ago. But down. 51 of the biggest turn offs for young single women in Charlotte according to DR Charlotte five dot com. These would be young millennial that are moving here to down probably for jobs morning thing else but. Auto and cumin and lot of rumors single lot of armor and all. Hoping for mr. wonderful. So they polled all these women and asked him what's the biggest turn also McCalebb was 51 album. And powerful old men not even on the list. And that's dominating the headlines right now. John McCain wants answers to a story that was in the USA today the other day that we never got to yesterday on waivers for recruits with issues on middle health. In other words. They're lowering the standards. Because they have high expectations on recruitment numbers that just passed a new defense budget yesterday we'll talk about that. Today as well. And if you are paying. Cable Internet TVs or and so forth. The bulk of your costs. Comes from sports. So how would you feel about a sports free Internet TV bundled. Sports furry. For sixteen bucks a month. For those of you that are boycotting the NFL. And don't really care about the NBA. It was Olsen and Calvert today on satellite radio announced. And they were talking about two of the NBA. And now after about a mile and a half Cruz no noticeable word I got to thinking to myself. I don't care about the NBA. So that I went over to Tom Petty. Manning comics forever love ball with the Jeff Sessions last night. Remember who was Kimmel. I don't I don't go watch it because I get tired of but the bios. And themselves that I don't stay up that later heard a I'm not since the Euro 530 treadmill sessions begin. But. But I see the highlights that are featured an eye and quite frankly I'm. I don't know soil like the fact that they do that either but it seems like most of the morning shows if not all don't watch all of them but. They all seem to highlight what was said late night TV the night before. Which to me it means that the comics. And the joke writers. Have undue influence in people's opinion in American politics. Because they're not forced to be accurate and is forced to be funny. And sometimes they do and sometimes they do they don't but. Did to highlight every single day I got I can understand if if Conan or somebody you. Fallon or somebody has a lie and that just. You know make sure moral way your pants but. To highlight them every day they're not always that great. And just because they say something against the power that be you admit the of the mainstream media seemingly. Won't support. A you know that that's. How does that make it you. A viable news organization I don't quite get that that's sad. Today I think it was camel. Said something about any played excerpts of obsessions yesterday. Saying. I don't recall or something to that effect 27 times yesterday at this. Well at this hearing. And at some point one of the congressman pointed out to him. Mr. sessions you've. Apparently said you don't recalled 27 times here does that sound accurate to your he said I don't know. And it was it was pretty funny by dumb. He IRA he did he would do it through the whole arm I don't recall thing but then he gets to the one point worry doesn't recall the meeting with pop and topple us. After he had video after eight confirmed. And the senate confirmation committee had in January. He said he was not aware of any contacts between Trump's campaign in the Russians and also may bring up the pop and topple this thing and you said that is memory was. You know he interpersonal is that I will not accept ray and I reject accusations that I ever lied under oath that is they alive headline in the newspaper today says he always told the truth on no Russian contacts. And many you know and into the I don't recall thing now he also talks about being a member of the campaign refer to the trump campaign and he said he got to understand. And a lot of stuff going on back in those days though I don't recall I kind of stuff. I would do. Health benefits of meeting today because our benefits are changing because the company that owns us and are comes merging with CBS radio enough Friday. And no so are benefits are all changing bit. Apparel for the better. Com I don't recall have a what I heard there and I was an hour and a half ago Sawyer where I'd go. But it one point he talks about how he did recall I didn't recall it and recall did recall and then all of a sudden. Some eighty talking about the Bobbitt topple this meeting were popping up listed told he and trumpeter meeting meant to you know he can probably. Get in touch with the Russians or get some Russian information or something of the best and he said Dem. Well do the best to my recollection I believe that I wanted to make you were cleared him that he was not authorized represented the campaign with the Russian government. Or any other foreign government for that matter. Why would you right why do you remember that part of the original remembering the other parts of it. And already got over Colorado recall I don't recall on or call all the Brussels sprouts were good about I don't regard while Latvia and why do you remember the Brussels sprouts. He also appeared to suggested there was not enough basis to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. Tom this was a day after the Department of Justice confirmed that the attorney general had authorized senior prosecutors to evaluate an inquiry into the Clinton foundation. And I was watching fox last night. And Shepard Smith basically. Got a walked out good news kind of stepped down on. He said the scandal involving Hillary Clinton and uranium one nearly in March 1 at all. I'll tell you his reasoning when we come back. But I've noticed a couple of things at fox recently though a big guy that's on in the mornings is to be with Shannon before she moved the night show. He's asked some pretty avoided questions and and and questions and answers that you think would fox would just let slide. So I don't know. You don't suppose that any of the news wrecks are actually trying to become more. Now correct credible now beaten him. So sessions. Guess it did this back and forth yesterday. The end. With the Republican Jim Jordan. In Jordan and the other her rep bug gates. Were the two guys that had. Said earlier. Jim Jordan and Matt gates. Had called on sessions to name a special counsel to investigate con mis handling of the election and if he wouldn't do what they said he should they resign. And so what that came up yesterday. And Jordan and and sessions go back and forth over the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. And and in sessions related. This kind of walked around it and said you know will use the proper standards and that's the only thing I can tell you mr. Jordan and got a little heated. So. And he appeared to suggest that there wasn't enough. Not enough basis. I think what's. Quote it used to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. But this was the day after the Justice Department had confirmed that the attorney general had authorized senior prosecutors to evaluate an inquiry into their Clinton foundation. So Juan. Hey he's got a real careful about how he phrases and what he talks and so on and so forth Department of Justice can never be used as a retaliatory. Like you know against opponents are and I can't. Eight can't be necessarily guided by the president. Com and so he's you know he's old he's walking on Cairo are too or serves to some extent. I Jordan master what it would take to appoint a special counsel. To investigate allegations against Clinton and sessions said will use the proper standards and that's only thing I can tell you. And he says you can have your idea but sometimes we have to study what the facts are and to evaluate whether it meets the standards it requires. And Jordan keeps on no pounded him alleging misconduct by Clinton and citing additional reports that her. Campaign of the Democratic National Committee had funded the fusion GPS dossier. In do our Trump's ties with Russia. And and then Ed Jordan maintain that it quarter and quote looks like there was enough evidence to warrant. Naming a second special counsel. And sessions shoots back get him I would say looks like is not enough. Basis to appoint a special counsel. Well anyway this is one of the big news stories last night and nick came up on fox. I and the uranium one deal came up obviously the same time 'cause that's what this is all about. Are at least partially about. And so. We know that trump sees this as they Watergate leveled type scandal involving Hillary Clinton. And then there's the other side people who disagree with that. And no one of the people who disagreed with that was Shepard Smith. On fox last night. And he thinks that trumpet the Republicans are distorting. The facts. So this came up. Win now sessions was inferred GOP lawmakers yesterday. And they questioned him on it. And and sessions. You know I answered back. Factual basis is required. Now that uranium one thing and this is the mining company headquartered in Canada and down. And one of the world's biggest for they were one of the world's biggest producers are uranium and they owned a ma no room minding rights in the United States. So in 2010 the Russian state nuclear agency. Russo Odom. Bought a controlling interest in that company and at the time that involved. An estimated 20% of US uranium. Although I think that's been downplayed by the Christian Science Monitor that's to be believed and so I think they're now should more closer to a 10% or something wrong rules laws. So trump and Clinton's critics say that the key players in that deal. Gave a 145. Million dollars to the Clinton foundation. And that she did and approved the purchase of the Canadian company as secretary of state. And trumpets call that the biggest story that fake news doesn't wanna follow. And Sean Hannity has been pushing it hard on Fox News off for just about as longer period of time. So it was kind of surprising to see Shepard Smith. On knob on fox last night. Canada apart from the message of the network. And he says he thinks trumps accusations are inaccurate. For one thing the sale was approved by the heads of nine departments he points out state being one of them. And he says it's not even clear whether or not Clinton played any role in that. Quote the Clinton State Department has no power to veto or approve that transaction this was Smith said last night. So Bob. I was surprised to see he just sees somebody on fog. It's kind of come out and disagree with with the other guy on fox. On and not kind of saying the company line and I I don't know Shepard Smith is now one of my Fave is but I just thought it was cutting edge and to see him break ranks last night. So. Is gonna take notice of that. The guy that's on in the mornings I have no idea what is may miss. I switch over to law Fox News or go over at a news channels about 9 o'clock. Just to see kind of what the dialogue yes that's going and they got the young guy and I'm again I don't know include where a guy's name is. On fox. There was so teamed with Shannon Bream before Shannon that's kind of aren't up I haven't gone over to a fox because we knew Shannon when she worked her don't we BTV. So and I've I think she's as one of the bill brightest. The newscast we've ever run into and she just good people. So mom she's been moved to our own show or many evenings now. But the guidance on in the morning he's had several people conservatives on recently where he's asked some pretty interesting pointed questions and academician think wow. They're actually not just covering the news in their fashion. They're actually covering the news or ASCII actually asking some pretty pointed questions so. Thank you mind fox and see approach. But I know CNN's not going do all the sudden. We Sydor and a studio. And now we've got on no one television would LX five TV's on here in the studio. And Juan is always tuned to fox that water once tuned to CNN and no one son on doppler weather and ones on channel three years and the other one know right now. It is on. MSNBC. In our regular obesity. That would change is alive because. Sometimes if there's a World Series gave her some like federal and announced that the TV or change but by and large. So you lawyers have the captions on fox since. He had managed just dancing in any given day to look up the TV when you know what the big story of the day is and see what CNN is covering NC what Fox's coverage. And believe me. Is idiotic do that if you can get to Davies together and go do that someday and tell me that there's not just total bio says to whatever is Jersey basically your. They just figured you know you're you're you're. Prone to be wearing homer away. Preemption. I'm senate Republicans are up planning do include they are repeal of the affordable care act's individual mandate. Requiring Americans have health insurance and and now pay a fine and there are a tax reform legislation that would raise some money that would help pay for the thing over ten years. The kind of a surprise move coming as a as a way to help pay for the tax cuts in the and the measure. Com. So that's that's been kind of interesting yesterday there was an article about. Trump who was a back from Asia yet. That won't help appease the critics. Constant pressure in the GOP lawmakers to include eliminating the individual mandate in the attacks legislation so world Woolsey were all of that has to go. Aren't crazy people are personal stories yesterday four people killed ten injured in rural North Carolina or north. 43 year old guy guns down two neighbors indeed been feuding with and then goes on they're shooting Rampage. That apparently just was random locations one of them being an elementary school. He's finally was shot and killed by police. Until as such are clear way to end it all that we don't have to go through all the trial and all that experience and stuff it is. So it via school quickly went on lockdown. Shots were heard nearby. They say that probably saved lives the surveillance video showed the shooter unsuccessfully trying to get in to the law school. So we are shot into the elementary school for about six minutes before he drove off but to continue we shooting elsewhere. Picture of him and via news accounts. Kind of showed a wild eyed guy almost like one of those crazy shots you would take Jeremy ware you'd try to you don't open your mouth as far as you can get it does try to look like your big acting goofy. One student injured non fatal at that school yesterday he was this guy I was facing charges of assaulting one of his neighbors in January. And he was out on bail. And the neighbor had a restraining order against him. These shooters mom told the Associated Press that her son who was a marijuana grower. Was a long running dispute with his neighbors because he believed they were cooking meth. And she told the Associated Press that says she'd spoken doing Monday and he told her mommy it's all over now I have done everything I could do it and I'm mouth fighting against everyone who lives in this area. Set all of the fighting was against everyone who lives in the area off all of the sudden now I'm on a cliff and there's no word ago. No matter where I go for help. And nobody will help me. All they are doing is. Trying to execute me here is is what this guy told his mom yesterday murderer reseller earlier this week. He is the shooters sister and brother had struggled with mental illness throughout their life. And neighbors have complained about him firing off hundreds of rounds of ammunition and that he'd been the subject of a domestic violence called the a day before the attack. So long I don't know what kind of gun used who's either two handguns or a semi automatic rifle but I don't know that's been clerk finally started the accounts that I have seen no. Before I walked in the studio today. And he was legally although no firearms under the terms of his bail also. And then it appears that Tampa area as they have serial killer on their own hands. And I don't know how many of you go back to battery remember when was it has named Henry Wallace. I would have been back in the ninety's we had a serial killer here wants. And and that's kind of weird because it starts and and all the sudden one goes down into goes. This was all those single women this is we're good deeds Sumner. Someone's some Sumpter. Started. Momo. Moms against murdered offspring. Our mothers of murdered all spurs we had her on the show several times so. Man is believed to be the fourth victim of suspected serial killer in in the last month gunned down in no Tampa yesterday six year old guy. Shot from behind is across the street about a 5 AM. That death comes after a 22 year old man. Killed on October the ninth and 32 year old woman two days later and a twenty year old guy on October the nineteenth and all the previous victims are either getting on our office city bus. And were at a bus stop when they were shot. Unclear. If this guys that were shot yesterday was at a bus stop but. Witness to yesterday's killing described the shooter as say a tall black male with a thin build a light complexion. Had a large pistol and was dressed all in black. All right well let's check on me had dirt bag go patrol no see who's in trouble for sexual harassment today shelling. Actually nobody everybody's just kind of national round know what's going on me house is going to have mandatory sex harassment training. The sitting congress members. Alleged to be. That harasser is came up yesterday. By democratic represented by the name of a Jackie Speier. And a Republican rep by the name of Barbara Comstock. So while Paul Ryan said yesterday that the house will begin requiring anti sexual harassment and anti discrimination training for all lawmakers and their staffs. Pretty savage. Did you have to explain it. The or citizen quality to Washington early. The American builder don't ever question the American voters these people we know lower doing. Mean yeah house move came my a couple of days after the senate approved this measure requiring that all senators staff and interns being trained on preventing sexual harassment. The video of the first courses. How to operate a zipper. It also I came hours after the two representatives said during a hearing that there are a sitting members of our congress who were guilty of sexual harassment. Including exposing themselves to women. Neither named the alleged harasser is but. The representative. The Republican rep Barbara Comstock and admitted his vocal one and and Jackie supplier of the Democrats spoke of two. So. They're gone now and the now this is not necessarily related but. Another groping claim against the ex president George H. W. Bush. This is almost sad. And so I think we're does that make now. Six. Woman telling time magazine interview published. Yesterday. No two days ago. Net he then 79 year old bush squeezed her buttocks and not 2003 were she was sixteen. Mattered you know owned or his father on now on. But apparently he's got a little bit of history of. Openness and the smaller your back and a drop in the end. So. That's true that you sent. That's a war hero that's a minister said. So I did and and may be at this point the one of alleged is so I'd you know that that this is where you run into problems with this kind of thing sending what Roy Moore. There certainly seems to be some credibility with the women who come forward but on the other hand why is coming forward now when you've got a special election two days away it's been coming up now for what the last week ten days. In really crucial election. On that represents a really crucial vote for the senate because they've margin of error there is so thin as it is as driven as we speak. And and in this kind of allegation. Can certainly. Do you re all even if they're whether there's truth to it or not can certainly derail. Temporarily or permanently. And it's an allegation that's pretty it's a he says she said. So it's an allegation that. The timing seems questionable to me but then on the other hand. They history of our Roy Moore and the shopping mall story that day it came out and assaults on board just kind of kind of seems. Fishy that this isn't related at all but there is say website in town called the Charlotte five dot com. And I get their email updates from time to time what Charlotte agendas another one. Nominee I did listen whether they're geared more towards the young people they are to me but. They had her own they got some good stuff in there. And now I know that started that not to. It's too soon see what two artery treatable thing and stuff like that I data or bigger tool to. Two quick. So they they they talk about how new people we're talking about this the other day a new people moving to Charlotte. 2016 Charlotte grew more quickly than all but ten cities in the United States we added almost 151656. Residents. And the greatest concentration of the people that are coming to Charlotte right now are Malloy and ails people that are eighteen to 34 years old. And that's good. I've lived in communities before when IL left or boulder or no winter program mud WA RM in Wilkes-Barre Scranton Pennsylvania. One of the problems and I assume this problem look they still. Have. In no Wilkes-Barre Scranton is getting young people when they graduate college or high school to stay. It's it says Scranton especially has always been kind of economically depressed to the mining days are over and the winters are harsh and that I I I happen like it up there myself access to New York City and Philadelphia and Washington in the Poconos and I'm in night and I volatile lot of favorable things up there but. Then had trouble getting young people to stay. So Charlotte's got the exact opposite we've got young people coming in they're coming in for jobs are coming in for climate they're coming in because were up. A big city were were. What were they a destination that people find. I don't know if we got that edgy vibe that we talked about yesterday that. Was supposed to be part of the presentation to Amazon but. We've got a lot of young people coming into town and plus amid would would be an example of that and no doubt would be an example of where there showing up and a south and would be an example or they're showing up and actually those areas are kind of energy. While the men would certainly news. So this. Charlotte. Five dot com. She pulled a single women ages 21 to 35 years old. About the biggest turn offs they encountered during their search for significant others. And now dirty old men know and even on the list. Which seems to be on everybody's list the last two and two weeks or so. But according to the polls single women in Charlotte don't want the date someone who'll. Is self centered. Conceded. Lacks confidence. Is pompous or overly confident. Smokes. Smoking not good. Doesn't like games like board games. Chicks like board games. Twister. Doesn't like holidays chicks don't like guys that don't like holidays. Is this says hey and the dollar sign with a star and an whole what does that mean. And how do you classify that. Is our definition of what that actually. They don't like guys that can't get sarcasm. I'm not crazy about people don't get it either. Has bad teeth has food stuck in their teeth. Wears tank tops. Flakes out on plans as ignorant slash closed minded comes on to strongly alive shows or character has a potty mouth. Is lazy has poor hygiene. Wears flip flops paired with jeans. Sat on. It fashioned. Taboo. Young Czech still like guys who were arrogant dishonest pessimistic immature. Plays credit card relay on the first day. And you know what that means does that mean did some art of the you get her to pay for. Libya all gosh I forgot my wallet is that there's I was a darn. It. Oh man I thought I had solved gosh I'd feel terrible. And love my wallet at work. At Ruth's Chris Steak House. I would be young chicks don't like guys with a bad manners. Yes sir no sir. Yes ma'am no ma'am. They don't like chicken though they don't like guys who lack of beard. Beards are big these days. Won't stop talking about themselves brags. Displays phone and evacuation. Is road where's Gerri shares doesn't like dogs uses anything tobacco related acts nervous is a bad tipper. That's always been assigned Jackson looked at is how you treat waitresses and how you treat to. Wait staff and stuff like that. I don't refer to my favor. I dated them. Is a stock and alive that they don't like or are passionate about lacks ambition is selfish. Young girls checks don't like they're people who were disloyal. Runs late. My mother was a fanatic about being on time. I mean you would drive her crazy if she was gonna be late someplace and this was before the cell phone when you can actually call and say hey I'm really sorry I'm going to be. And so on the same one. Job interview. Sit in your parking lot 45 minutes before it starts. These no young women that were appalled. About. The things they don't like about guys that there look at don't find has a tendency to take a genome sell these. Where's cargo shorts with white sunglasses. Alone or combined. Acts like a bully is negative has no sense of humor aims for dinner after 9 PM. Hans. But I did said earlier bid that people don't like dogs so you gotta be for animals. Lacks empathy. And finally. These women. Single women polled by Charlotte five. 21 to 35 years old don't wanna date somebody who is. Short. Dan Gargan LE BT dot com checks don't like guys and call them checks. The event I was kind of make myself less appealing for us it's. Kind of a chick magnet here. Well OK over to the traffic center we go rescue workers know for a 77 X 23 another chick magnet if you think. Boomer I can't and that's a pet. Is that why we just got to beat a off with a stick go way up over this could take awful small stick. My wife doesn't even like me going out in public gets there gets so bad that it would be ridiculous which will be make it. I just the other day ladies chase me down and Wal-Mart had been for that locker otter should probably cannot believe that they aren't you are a can you give him John Mayer do the man. That's and big awful smoltz did there you ago. I beckoned his second for the rest of the news today hope will play a battle leads up to 5 o'clock revival five didian in the ride home on until 6 o'clock when mullah join Mark Garrison in Charlotte have six. North Carolina tar heel basketball tonight starts at seven. Payday for many fifteenth of the month. 319. Days into the year there are 46. Days ago. Richard Petty drove his father all auto race at least 35 year career on this date in 1992. A long time. 1939. Washington DC FDR laid the cornerstone for the Jefferson Memorial and Dave Thomas opened up the first win these in Columbus, Ohio on this date in 1969 then that's her. 88 today the aforementioned Allison loves got a birthday today. You've got 88. And my grandson out in Colorado CJ and fifteen years old today so I happy birthday and all of a special UC Jim. He I'll Lord of the Rings is coming to television as a serious I read the news today oh boy an isolated hotel and could not Canada's looking for a new bartender who's comfortable working in the haunted establishment. The opera singer of Audrey Luna. Hit it know all performing at their New York's metropolitan opera that had never been song. In the 137. Year history of the met she had an aid overall high C. Have no idea what that means. That's up there. Digging deep to go high. That was present. Did you get do we get the Earnhardt video up did you see did you get there for me. I do not get the stuff that I should you from YouTube. I'll there's good. Are they all love we'll find it. There's AI YouTube video. You check your junk mail. There's a YouTube video. Of Budweiser. And led to their good Biden Dale Junior. It's like three and a half minutes long it is really really cool. Earnhardt said back in April that he was going to or retire at the end of the season he's got one race left home homestead down in Florida. There have been a few incredible tributes to a Dale Junior but perhaps no and we'll turn you into loyal puddle faster than this one from Budweiser and Morgan and upon Hancock original and I'll play out. When that happens. Grandparents are bad for children's health. Now I can't wait to be bad. Since I've got a new granddaughter. Indulgent grandparents may be having an adverse impact on their grandchildren's health these studies suggest that grandparents are offered inclined to treat and over feed children. In terms of both diet and wait the report concluded the grandparents behavior had an adverse effect they are inclined to feed grandchildren higher sugar and high fat foods. Steady revealed that parents felt unable to interfere because they were reliant on grandparents helping them out. While the odds on all day all just wait till Emilia turns four or five years old and all to standardize your. It is a diabetes type two dire. We'll always have Collard greens and where she loved governor Grandpa's house. Even vegetables. Hundreds still short version traffic has 77 hours and 43 and speaking of vegetables here's guru on Canada absolutely and totally yes sir that's. This may and sometimes being good stimulus and vegetable or his earlier answer especially on the weekends right well our steam when traffic so backed up and 85 Soviets used are getting the blame absolutely that you're. That that is all Christine Greg. Can't say begs job pays a bit slow these down independence within minutes and then we have this report sponsored by a miracle we here he's found independence as you approach Harris boulevard. Initially in this general ably they've moved that to the shoulder now to steal some delays you may want to go with the Monroe road as an alternate. Also duties on outbound none other while wrote a conference drive east John Street and here I 480 private Matthews to the southwestern house boulevard to pioneer avenue. And an uptown Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard near Caldwell street if you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves or you can listen to your favorite music do what John did go to miracle we hear. 22 Covina locations. Miracle that she feared that Charlotte dot com. WBT weather channel forecast partly cloudy tonight with a low 39 tomorrow sunshine warming up. To 67. 53 and rock killed the queen city our next update at 450 boomer Montana WVP all day tied saver traffic. There's FaceBook page. And I read about last night called find your. Old v.s hero LV capitals and a steady for Las Vegas. And this is pretty cool. In the aftermath of the round ID one harvest festival. Shootings. People were helping others. Including one woman who created a FaceBook page in hopes of reuniting victims with their heroes ashen desire is her name. And she's launched this FaceBook page called find your LB hero. She did this several days after the October 1 shooting. The about section explains that the page was created to help victims of the Los Vegas massacre find the people who helped to rescue them. As many did not know the identity is of their of their so called heroes on wall that was going on there was a lot of people that. I helped a lot of people. And in the turmoil of at all sometimes you didn't get a chance or you get separated or whatever so this gives people a chance to maybe find who helped them on a daily basis she says. Victims of the attack her posting stories of survival in hopes of finding the person or. People who save them many relationships have already been formed and Cyrus says that the page has helped facilitate more than thirty connections. Based on descriptions of the scene. Physical descriptions and or photos so if you're on FaceBook go to find your LB hero and wander around it's a pretty cool luck. A pretty cool concept. Rarely does it feel Elliott has so withdrawn his appeal and we'll go ahead and served a six game suspension. Why he was gonna miss what three more games before they are next hearing anyways so that would have been for so colonel they just decided to give the other way and and and hopefully get him back to. Crucial part of the end of the season otherwise you run the risk of all the sudden you know having this thing linger on and and not having him available for a playoffs and a sorry way that's the word do it's coming out of your world of sports. Apples are fall stable. What you started eating one. You've got to finish it soon orient starts to brown. So would you eat a of the first non Browning genetically modified apple. Which is genetic bothers people. You'll soon be able to buy apples if not already there won't brown when their skin and it's a new genetically modified. Fruit. It's shipping from the orchards in Washington State it is commonly referred to as the artist apple. It'll be sold as a sliced apple product in ten ounce bags. Oh bail bullet 400 midwest grocery stores early this month the Franken no fruit. Is made up of at least three varieties of apples including granny Smith golden delicious and Sergey. I don't know why would know what are I don't need that many apples like apple apply Kenny that'd be more like apple turnovers that's what got me in trouble videos. The emergency room. But Fuji apples every of Fuji apple. Now they're just killer. And I can eat apples. And just can't government Piet. Which is probably a good thing a register last night no Men's Health Magazine and I got to think it boomer. Is boomer. Has been known to drink coffee. In fact they'll watch him walking down the hall today and had a pot in his hand and there was filled with water so he was taken aback spirit who is news. Non tourist traffic cubicle. Need there in the room with no windows and a thousand monitors. And I a's get ready to brew himself up a pot of coffee which will I think last boomer what twenty minutes. So people who drink coffee in lieu of napping that would be boomer budget but you might all want to consider napping after your next cup of coffee. Coffee naps. Are apparently a real thing and were examined in this 1997. Study that found coffee consumption followed by a brief nap was more effective at keeping drivers awake. And alert then neither coffee or naps alone. Now you say why do you sleep where good copy I can drink coffee all day long and it didn't happen and drew them in a coffee has never kept me up. Doctor for Roma or tore shouldn't. So from my New York City surgical associates says that when you drink coffee is absorbed into your nervous system within thirty minutes or taking a quick nap. After drinking it. He gives it time to kick again and many ads. Many people experience tired this and sleepiness a few hours after launch during the mid afternoon so a brief coffee now. Can improve alertness and help enhance and improve short term memory and mood. Which is fine if there's a place where you work. They you know take a quick math but. There's not that many places that have that. And if they did it. While abuse without plays being. I'm just saying. I mean you could be a work and have my nap room and then like. Love somebody from Hollywood or congressman could walk here. It's 505. These things. Why do what she. Even the. I don't find that it can't wait for the Laura Blair tomorrow. I'll order my favorite patty songs. So we all picture your hero. It'll be good. It's good to be king I guess and wanted to give a big cedar doing. Dunkin' Donuts new holiday flavored donuts. For the holidays frosted sugar. Cookie doughnut. Snowflake sprinkled doughnut. Munchkin is doughnut holes. And wanna I wanna try but I won't gingerbread cookie doughnut. Holiday flavor should be available starting on the twentieth of November. So you've got five more days to wait for the other Duncan donuts holiday flavors to be your released. There SA Netflix email scam. I think it's this has been fairly common knowledge for the last a few days but all telly about it anyway if you're an email or get an email claiming your Netflix account has been suspended don't fall for it. I'm deadline now are reports that Netflix. Subscribers are being targeted with Phishing emails like a those. I'm asking them to update their account information don't do it sketchy email has CO subject line your suspension notification. And there are taken to a fake Netflix. Landing page and asked to all log in with your personal information. So. If in doubt. Don't. Stay vigilant out there are a lot scams going on since what we're get a pretty much a new one every day. For a few new ones every day 10 after 5 o'clock over the traffic Sydor we go were boomer on Canon has traffic brought to you by voters still Fordyce 77 exit 23 compromise on those donuts you're talking about man oh man all of the gingerbread cookie dough and local four what have reached several want to win that's all you guys trial the other I may have to at least a gigabyte of that gingerbread bottom low gingerbread pool. Move that is it was awesome my grandmother used to do a gingerbread cake or some little yes and that it had a lot of the hot lemon sauce that they put over the top of it okay and I get to witness. All my cardinals tickets. Plus it was my grandmother there you ago so maybe the Monday reserve plunder the national Thursday they do that makes it right right there that's their right there man wow. Memories that gingerbread. We have done. Guys were picking on millennial so we've lawyers talked about. Just some of the young people to come and in this building. Which is got an AM. 2 AM stations and FM and a TV station. And now you just went to. Think we're dead people that are inclined to world. Again into the communications business might have some ability to communicate. But some of them if you walk from Bassam and all say hey how you doing and they're just like stocks at certain it. Pour social those skills could be harmful to your health they say everybody is awkward sometimes new data shows that. And hero usually is struggling to socially it can be bad news for your health. University of Arizona researchers surveyed 775. People they were asked questions designed to measure their social skills. And stress and loneliness and mental and physical health all that stuff and they found that those who lack social skills reported more stress. More loneliness. And poorer overall middle and physical health good news you can improve goes for social skills. With therapy counseling and training and fortunately those with four social skills don't often realize that. As you can actually. You can improve those so local those social skills and it's somebody passages and also all of says. I do and have an answer ready like. Good. Flying. And you. Well I don't think they're intimidated by just now they got that all they're not because there they know well I am. And I don't mean that the way that that's sounds either I've I've just saying that the video visited 22 year old does get a job at WB TV. They don't know who the people are Billy beating him there as one young twenty something guy and in the building. They've been the past year that never makes eye contact with me. Drives me crazy. All I met a woman yesterday that did the same thing. Now. Had been that's an idea that drives me crazy till I think everything got my fault is that sometimes I stare people in the eyes. Because I was gonna talk to look good look verses pretty. So I don't know habitat crazy left side it makes us nervous shooting as he gets it. It's no longer left side and independents ducking your teeth yeah. It's. Speaking of which arugula lettuce I don't mind before I go here you are coming barriers and so my friend that you understood people get uneasy to not let your hair real and well that says that that that that gives you go from saying five under good or something like actors and they literally what they're thinking is the EU. Any idea about this when I was in my teens twenties and thirties. No and even bolder. Glad to have. Attractive women always just intimidated the heck out of me. But then you read stories like this a result of her time I read these stories but the latest is beauty offers many people's social perks and live it also could make life more difficult for some. There's a psychologist by the name of doctor Marty militiaman. Who says that discriminating against attractive women is a common practice. And she explains. Attractive women can also become lonely as so friends can sometimes get jealous or potential friends may get too intimidated. Fitness model and author Jane occur now is now 51 years old says her good looks impaired her social life. This was especially apparent after she got divorced and received more attention. From men in their thirties. Understood pausing you're what do all. We've. But did you read itself like that before where bid to reduce the good looking women can't get dates because nobody ever nobody is you have risen friend asked him. And then every now and then you see some knock out with some. Back and you think how did he. And it may just be as simple as the other gets to go up and say a they like to dance. Gonna have dinner. When I mean my dog. Don't give one prominent. It's a good line if you're a civilian apart if you're a part dogs used to be a great deal lays have a Saint Bernard. When I was a very good when we're living in Estes Park I guess I just got out of high school and it just a gorgeous Saint Bernard. And I'd put her revelation take her down to downtown Estes Park first draft under the Peco says tourist season and I don't always end up talking to go look at jerks. Did tell me anybody. This savored. Art have lots of big soon. Up to 67. Tomorrow should be a lot of sunshine tomorrow so that's a good thing. Time and kind of hang in that pattern low sixties. Upper thirties furloughs. Friday when we open up our holiday on ice down at the I you're welcome to come down and know join us will be doing a big grand opening thing between 7 and 9 o'clock would love to have you all the infancy guys will be down there and all the link people be down there and all BT people be down there. So hash it seems earlier do it where if ice skating rinks open and out we're must be close to Christmas. But anyway Friday are mostly sunny highs in the low sixties. Lows in the a low forties so low artists that put temperatures are tour once the sun goes down fifties. You can keep you can maintain ice on that now we've seen that ice rink go we've had days when it's been like eighty degrees outside of the humidity and it's. Yeah and we don't gives gays so we give flippers. But there we should have though is should be good don't know I should begin on Friday looking forward to them. Where turtle bit earlier about. The F coffee now and talk about it can't. Working in Napa work. Some of you may have nap rooms but I think of well here's a deal I found on a Daily Mail. People confessed to random items they've stolen from work. Now I'm telling you right now if you could undermine all dragged under my desk. I belie. Everything I use. Higher lighters pins. Scotch tape. I don't take company anything. You fire me it's gonna have to be of her really good reason but we've had people fired here first steel and stuff. Yeah I mean. High caliber professional. That. That you think really. Anyway here you go people from around the world have been. Confessing on missile anonymous at whisper about some of the random and weird items they've been stolen from work somebody stole a fake person mystery from work. Was up before or after Christmas. Conference room chair. My wife has say old conference room share there was thrown the trash here. We had recovered and sturdy as Iraq she she nets and a nice little small. People have been there are still untold paperwork. Not even back in your broke days when you had to decide whether or not to you were gonna buy our broad toilet paper have voted noodles Robin her. Prepaid envelope. Special teas that are ordered from around the world they've got a little tease selection back there India oriented and won't cult theory that we have. They also have pods. Somebody here got stuck got caught stealing cases of pods one time. There's cameras in the ceilings open down the orbited the halls here. Duff. It's a television station. Breads scoring nights from subway somebody stole. I've here looked a little knives and all men I'd look at the long night that they go look at that that's that have worked so well don't take it. What could jeered and Darnell when was injured revealed the ultimate. Well over to the traffic sooner we go low hundreds still short I seven to seven X Adori three and owners who rely on Gannon play doesn't steel coffee RD consumes most of yes absolutely well on the premises no that's yeah that's it yesterday in front of everyone. Certain there are stealing no sir. So he may be found guilty of over consumption no yes but he didn't steal yes there you go that's where it is right there they'll feel Russia regards collision took. Your stolen anything from work. Not not going think American not a lot of why would I could I have nothing I've wanted to but it didn't put up but not now that I think governments are no room I've just who say I got them to our look around the room here and they're gonna myself I'd like to have that WBZ signed that caromed that does that silver along bit when I'm getting bigger than. Finally TJ take that one yet did TJ when I go when I Google they did get rid of meat. He'll have time to be written to. People on the anonymous staff whispered talking about stuff they've stolen from work. Family size or egos. And industrial gloom. Packs of men me is. A can of tuna. By these people don't think bigger although they. Snickers. A label maker to give the birthday present a memory card lightbulbs. Broads. But CIA I read that I really sort of thing about this kind of a workplace and I'm think him. Well how do you do that is. But this zero UB Dave Camp promoted bras. But a war AM in FAO. Frequencies of both radio station. Career that I did that. All right overdue the OW BT newsroom ago world Mike Doyle who is wearing one of those promotional bras as we speak as today's big story of the say don't ever taken from workers your lunch from the refrigerator. I wonder what happened how I my tuna salmon it's very healthy you know. About Deb people's concessions on an app called whisper about stuff they've stolen from work. Now runs the gamut nothing no real big ears a few things in their I think I have stolen Toyota favorable for. Way back in the day and that read more probably to do with convenience and anything else and wanted to stop at the store sort of ripple roll to road. Which is thinking about that all the things on the list Renee is upon a WBT have her name. Tell me how are eating this evening I'm very dour. I'll go anger and a half com one of the biggest thing that I have narrowed it four hour worked is. That. The stealing. If somebody wants. Out of their refrigerator. It is net. It's how it and they know it's not fair and even if this half eaten and they want it the next day the employee. Everybody else will come in and take it. Has it Bruce prepackaged jagr and understand it but I had I don't know I would have a problem with I made steal somebody's sandwich or some good runner who made it. Or world's made. Actual. I ignore actually great eat beef prior art. Yeah now I do actually I probably wouldn't be all that surprised. I know one thing in this it necessarily stealing but you can take almost anything. That either is edible oral was once venerable and if you put it TV here are radio newsroom. It's somehow another will disappear and it doesn't go in the trash. You might find the styrofoam container that tell you put in there but you'll never find the actual. I had never found at a news guy passes away because of food poisoning and you say okay well I've been so he's the one who wait gunners jays it was in the refrigerator for work I have months. Not that will mark Harrison you know do we do that Charlotte have six who's gonna run over run. Close off an American girl to all mop and bucket where index. Dairy. Some of the things that to people confessed to steal it now we talked about this time last week about. Thanksgiving food. And the stuff that people look forward to in Turkey was the number one answer and that was followed by stuffing or dressing pumpkin pie mashed potatoes were on and on and on. What about the stuff people don't like. Some of the most hated Thanksgiving Day dishes number one on this list says jello salad. Is that the stuff with the mayonnaise and then that. I'm mammy had to know this place on Thanksgiving to me but I know I don't hate that stuff. Canned cranberry sauce. The Candace is best on the sandwiches I understand the make any others to open the canned stuff which makes that little man is also although white me lol Leo baby. There's a there's that one byte where everything meld together which is just pretty close to utopia you know. Boiled. Brussels sprouts or boiled anything apparently not hot. Green bean casserole Thanksgiving classic Lotta people hated oyster stuffing. Oysters for some people know corn putting. Sweet potato casserole what Matt with marshmallows standard in my house. But chefs say when all that's put the Swede on Swede. Macaroni and cheese the beloved comfort food but many people think it's too heavy for Thanksgiving special and everything else. Ambrose just salad was a big stable my grandmother. Hannity know if people make that'd be more. Canned fruit mixed with marriage you don't cherries and no whip cream and all I can stuff. Creamed pearl onions the early not necessarily like for everybody salad. Nobody really wants to eat a salad at Thanksgiving. And Turkey surprised many people assay they actually skipped the Turkey and just deep side dishes so there you go some of the most hated Thanksgiving Day dishes. One of the most loved it. WBT news guys. Mark McGwire are McGwire and Martin garrison is coming up next and he'll be followed by tar heel basketball 7 o'clock.