John Hancock honors legacy of late father with 24th annual Father's Day broadcast

John Hancock
Thursday, March 15th

Three hours of compelling, heartwarming radio as callers call into John Hancock's show and talk about their fathers for his 24th annual Father's Day broadcast. 


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Tell us of the 24 here that we've done Father's Day. Which is. Lot of news talk radio station I don't know of too many program directors who do you allow it. But we kind of grandfathered in 24 years ago today I lost my dad and today were inviting you to call. 704571110. And tell us about yours. Anniversary. Okay. People. Okay. Whole message of the show it seems FC 24 years have gone on is to love. Is to make the fault phone call or write the letter to your dad. Since we've been doing is since that first one in 1994 when my dad passed away. And I got called up 3 o'clock in the morning and I waited called Jason Lewis who would have filled inform you that day. And about 6 o'clock and anybody who's lost. As head out death thorough has lost a parent her. They're dead there's there's a period of time there where you don't take the full brunt of the news and so about 6 o'clock in the morning when I would've called Jason has said hey you need to work permit today. It was digger myself you know I'm I'm I'm doing pretty well. So I decided to do my own show and I had shared with my nine to noon audience there are that my dad and had a brain and tourism ten days before and and it kind of kept him posted on what the situation was I gone back Colorado for a few days and I come back here because. It could have been in a coma furcal would annul. So lomb. On the morning of voted march the sixteenth I got a phone call from mom and when your phone rings at 3 o'clock in the morning in your. You're dead in a coma you've got to know what that phone calls all of them. And so I came in that morning and no I really didn't talk to anybody and I got on the air incentives you all know have been kind of preoccupied with my dad one that you can't only go you worse. And luckily all did because I don't know what what I would have done for the whole two and half for three hours if you hadn't. It turned out to be what I would call my signature broadcast it turned out to be the most compelling. Honest radio. I think you could possibly do. And for 24 years into stations when I went on timeout to the end. We did this down there with those 1834 year old so and they called in and talked about their dads to America mr. surprised me. But that's what we do today I know we've collected some songs along the ways of a place in songs for you and they won't wipe you out. And we'll take some phone calls so today and I'm sure there will be more than a couple that that will get to you as well. But down gotta love these shows and and that's what we're doing today it's Father's Day we'll take our first phone call next. It's Father's Day Billy VT first phone calls coming up if you call them 704571110. Be patient because it takes is a while to get to the is that we'll tell you got a couple open lines right now also if you would like to give him. 704571110. We'll take calls all the way up until 6 o'clock go people Conan and not talking about their dads and place over the signature music that we've added over the years. Someone not called me yesterday your emailed me yesterday. About a Chris Stapleton song and no we may play that one note today. Drew a new. New entry into our into our library. But we call this Father's Day and it's a day for people to call in and talk about their dads and were looking for the stories about the good guys the guys that didn't take the easy way out because it to. That the good dance that's that's what we're doing on the anniversary of my fathers just 24 years ago and first in this morning or this afternoon is a Stephen WB TA's chief. Hey John enjoy your show every day always a great way to Cuba certainly and doing it yeah thank you very much. But I don't talk a bit about my dad's fluent. When I was grownup you know it it didn't matter. You have only wrench go further you know football basketball baseball whatever. You know he was always just in the crowd you know and and no wind here. Yeah at 121617. Years old Angel thank you think about it you know you LL you know go and Sarah K our group and you don't well. You know when I wanted to last started having kids shouldn't we know about that how could one day and he says. You know you're gonna start or about saying you must sit yeah. Yeah they kind of sparked the common side slopes. Oh you only player who want to come and pay very simply says. Because that's what I'm supposed to do. And you know we talked about it. And you know I proceeded to thank him and he said you don't have to thank me just pray it forward. I was I was never the greatest jock. But I remember going out for football one year and they finally put me on the field and and and dad was up in the stands. And I ran across the outfield and made a tackle which was not necessarily my halo. And out of all the noise in the stands and out all the stuff that was going on the fields funny how you can isolate a voice that you're familiar with but I heard my dad say way to go to Dave wait ago. Now and its failure of Salinas told your story I hire merely thought about that one of those moments in time that he wouldn't have any idea that are remembered but that you remember and they didn't and and you do that too funny how sports and kids and fathers kind of revolve around each other most of the genre. And then I'll take steps forward because I've got three kids and they've all played baseball basketball football and in fact my daughters and college now playing college basketball. Yeah you know if she it is within. You know four hours away we're going to be there yeah professes to bottom line and you know. And I'm I'm sure they've all they've been able appreciate fact without their true. Yeah now they well they probably RD did they just haven't brought it up sometimes you appreciate stuff like that you don't know how to mention it. But let's turn now let's turn around for AS Steve thank you forget we started today appreciate it very much. Like you don't solve the state 7045711. Did Giacomo is up on WB TM and very sorry today I'm great thank you very much are you. Oh wonderful wonderful. Say what they don't like seeing your quick apology he might look Carolina they can't put my people aren't enough to make a lot of people crawling around here tonight. We're about out there. Some of us are already crying I had. Very lost the Oklahoma game in my bracket so first using it to shoot yeah and and good Rhode Island lost to Oklahoma today I had Rhode Island. Gonna be water under acute and sure yeah probably not Oklahoma and Oklahoma lost to Rhode Island so telly that's dad. Well I can tell ya wanna that is uncomfortable with particular black community where I didn't know what they're. And says because. You look at their high school graduation or college when a bottle and Marine Corps wanna go down a storm. But. My dad dealt a complete key democratic seemed to meet him finally. And an extraordinary story because all that you like beer market won't do for a living that you can. Look you want an easy at all sort of built in reality TV show called the week with my ball around you might get eventually leading. And asking about the loss and you know Libya that way at least important to get to reconnect at. And so like because when we had a luckily eight years yet before he died in 2016 and I've got unlucky with not the monster. Everybody made about a day. And Osama bin Laden didn't see my and it. Yeah semi pro boxer if you go on Croat Yugoslav protein called the local weekly I've gotten more and cool debts or at least. Some. What does he say about your. Time estranged from each other. Well we don't you wanna know there are still exist. When Molly more than how we got divorced back in Chile far. Did that lead now in the future be looking out you know which are to 81. So we thought we'd drop multiply that pretty much in Sutton didn't. Tell me they completely lost touch she didn't even know or you're even if he had wanted to get hold of you need to know where you work. Not a bit immediate apology and he'll look there was not much has changed for you and your support not knowing it just. Didn't you got to lead America longer. None of my business but what and how much of your. Impression of him before you met him was based on what your mother had told you about him. You know it all negative. Mirror a lot of things about family story. That will never reached my ears at least loans and wonder and all over the law. Some. But in the movie ticket record we're most lenient for everything that went wrong in my life. Even when people look at my life right now we know when he answered with Cuba could have done their commitment professional ballplayer that masks. Who openly at this stage that. I've got to forgive him because. That market mechanic from you played her that was with a little a little bit. I wanted to blame might get what you didn't do for me. But when you're not holed up found that it is stronger. Didn't you can be important life lesson that she needed. To become a man and now. You know you're talking to a guy who has a son mountain Colorado that hasn't played hardly any role in his life at all me well. And and I can't. It's totally justify or explain all of that he and I have a relationship and we love each other and we talk and and I'm is close to him as I can be but. But I'd say about that today or in my real son my biological son should never called this show on Father's Day. Because because I don't know that I necessarily do do justice to him so he kind of turned out to BA held a dead doe of his own. All by himself I'm pretty proud of him for better so bad Giacomo thank you Carl matter appreciation. Here. Mother's Day. Done this for 24 years people call in and talk about their deaths were off to I've talked to lead to need on WBJ did need our MI pronouncing that right. Yes you're right this India I didn't see how are you. I bet thank you. So. This is actually a story about my good or bad born in com Greenville, South Carolina. True very young parent they were only sixteen. So actually laughed off their parents decided to take me ENN and rape Maine my grade B eighty at the cameras in his late forties my grandmother and her early. Can't these. But they raped me and air it check out. In my drink eight he would get the current state what I would see as the perfect spot is that you know anything up to the theory get. Attitude. He can dig it scared me he drilled me to school every morning my friend and I an elementary school. He. But I think that the growth historic that he would do the grocery shopping things that he knew that satellite at BP that and daily that he without special things at me. Can you break. Kicker COLT Stanley week stated Churchill he'd make sure that we knew and we knew how to pray and you had to stay in church in a different school. Think it taught me everything bad and he was built olds who then how old school rule. That we teach and I learned a lot. From him I went to rip the universe people now with the school. In every year he would hear in his we're being that you were out of work and and even load here. And take me to. School drop me out in game when it was time to go to become Beck will be in in Dayton home. And he taught me things I had a right. He took me to my first does that McDonnell in Greenfield nature and the manager and I urged it is a bit staying in. I'm probably some very big that they do not probably the round but not really my outlook actually given ensure that the term he wasn't around as much. That my grandfather really step in into big big cheer me and he died in 1993 after I graduated cum from Winthrop in ninety to have moved back home. And I wrote him I found a moment letter thanking him would be an eight day added that the incomplete to me. And what you were a lot we did get the hang out you know doing a lot and he did. I'm in steal from their diet they need but I did. Read the letter parliament and camp will be into keeping it to me. And about six months later he was honestly how old are in Hanna met the target today in saying he pulled over to the fact that the news. Some body hit it hit when it is what we're habit that you take that. We actually ended up. Pet away. In his name and and a couple of months later my eye candy at our installation permutations album letter. And I had lead to him he was riding around that it. In his work Ing him. But I don't want it to can't they have never called in have the Peugeot resilient but it's not first I'm actually colony to actually. I'll be thankful for a blessing that I can without lifting with a great. A wonderful grandfather I spot. I love the letter story obviously. What was his name deleted. I'm JTJ. Pittman bit out of their BJP his name is some JT Pittman and I'm in bringing the Capcom on any bad economy to JP. And you said he a gave your love of peanut butter and jelly sandwich is so I have to ask smoother crunchy. Who are quite a point you know like you know the mood about it you know while you and I are on different camps on that I don't have only been smooth for. A hey listen I your sweetheart I appreciate you colonize the net say it's nice to be introduced your grandfather thank you very much. Thank you have a UT off she goes your comes Kimberly on WBT 704571110. Talking about dads today Kimberly. John I need to integrate U com. I haven't appreciated the opportunity. My dad unfortunate Hathaway around the sophomore in college and back eight. After a lot of other people and get out my product but at the same time I really hate the new addition. It's solid hard I think leaving her father Leahy used. Think most armor or not. Luckily I am I would preclude my father like my parents were divorced and that we always talk now has a week in 2000. My favorite thing in the ULE donated. Clean and deep conversation like anybody if they get them off my personnel hype them up people that I work with now let's take a lot of sense. Somebody relatively distant deep into the vacuum behind the name might negated but just keep in the back him armed and healing. Incursion me and made me feel like I can do it probably want to put the working and they would not and I can take. He never tarmac it would be easy they always like if you want it. You go get it he can have you believes and I believed it and one of the biggest burden that I ever Taliban in my data are proud of me. But you know he died. Tough might be the beginning of software your college you know he was supposed to see me graduate he's paid don't at some point what I did may have walked me down in Seattle and he did. And I won't ever happen but. And I don't back home to Berrian liking they have to get back home and do all preparations and 'cause Al gripping the small town east of Raleigh and I had stopped at the general store to carry and you know every small town delicate spot what has little or they're writing about that. And my data on how they're what's awhile and I went in there and to get to drink and come back out one of the older guys feed me. He was open only kidding he's still there and he'd like I heard about today atom appliance like we have pretty much black. Feel like we are not too many days free pass the way you talk about him I really wanted to say it. And he told me how my bad this if I didn't and I'd say you like Tim ball becomes something I'm so proud heard she's got to go to school it. To become somebody is watching it. And to back at you that right there is something that nobody will ever be able to take away from me that not only just like my dad was proud to be told me he told other people. They got back any of the unknown that is true and I think yes that. That's also the beauty of a small town Kim as somebody who came from out of a small town there are disadvantages. To everybody knowing everybody in town and everybody known everybody's business of but there is there are real advantages. Two everybody know what everybody's business and no one everybody in town that's a small town story I love that part Allah. Yes and you know as our enforcement adamant about the lake and then that. You know that's that is divided by the good thing about small town very adamant about giving everybody in your business but that is 11. Get fame that. About it cushion. Now hey I thank you for calling I appreciate you thank Don appreciate it all right while she goes there he goes there's something about a small town that. I don't know that I can quite explain it but there's something about a small town and I probably well let me try Bob hey Bobby on WB take. Wait are you noted I'm great text elevated dad. Well. We have Logan column I got my call at 3:30 in the morning all marked the sixteenth 2008. And nine it was Sunday Sunday morning and I would have been here in my family throughout ball. And my dad passed away in my book about common it was certain and I can relate to it please situation and then what you went through your neck problem middle of the night. Karzai guy kind of new mine was comment I didn't know when it was coming but I had a feel and it was I mean he would. He'd been in a coma for ten days so we were kind of wait for it although yeah it's still it's always a surprise us suppose. Close up of the deteriorating better I didn't sing him a couple weeks before. And an editor and that got a cult to about some bank now trying to get him to do they'll love the use. Do grew up in demand and changes in an apple today you know you're sitting there years also. When I'm sitting there you go along and do what I want to that you don't do what you need to do and initially in the bear that in it was just two weeks later when that happened. But long story short. I gave my apology they caller the last spot that quoted a game I just kind of Brian Malone. Some things there that I learned from him and think he invited not known in that got that call a bit. I think your other bit of problem de LA we'll go on good stuff or get the caller in particular had a built up today in Sonoma. Mirror in my bedroom and I want sure a couple of those lines not then not long from him. Mean Obama. Hello yeah you're good I was out I was like I was way ideal. Okay. What the port city that is do you write the first car. That our network and you don't do up and there but first I don't ask all the religion and leave if you want somewhere. Leave him down in particular car. If you warn about air or. Go to work every day. Becoming value calculator that kind of the judge told ever come out little slump in the reward is something new knowledge you're the cat litter out try to decide will look at the poor and more serious when saying those. The video early this model parent put it back when you got it. Tell you bill on time he yet in the bank. And he he says he's got to be something new and then not to have privacy group thank Vietnam that. Let all of that caused that you know that you are a lot of let you do don't realize that you love until after Nadal and you get older. But that none of them would go out outlined in animal that he goes we were replacement bowler but we kept not bad pass away. In my mind and I have done that so would be a little bit more secure my mom and about sales and we'll meet a true. There. I knew I'd sing in the basement. But I had no idea where it was that had and you know how this. We bite and it is so cluttered and so full of everything from forty poppy you're living here. I'll all down there in the basement now live warned them they cannot sit there. Am I mean there's still that I'm looking forward I'm. I'm not the exaggeration senator Lautenberg went below while downstairs the first kinda follow. Well what and that button that true that I needed. And I've been on the right thing and then. You know him and he's probably wouldn't he'll help me out now I'll do them. Did you must now that it went into. Empirical Obama appreciates columnist thank you very much rent. Thank you Paul. Thank you vocals and killed. One of our most for Sox for our Father's Day in this is our 44 annual comes from John Smith and that's my desk okay. Didn't vote. And a bowl. Cold. Just creating a phone call. Burden. But. Overall. We go and just dad. I'll handle the name. Most. Now my day. Normally. Mommy or this. My dad bill. Glad you know all. Winning 'cause. You know she. Now mind day and. Okay. Okay. We're seeing. Only here. It's okay. Learn all this. Mark your phone calls coming up our 44 annual Father's Day 70457. All of intended to get here and stay patient. Holes tells her dad and John Hancock news talk 1110993. W green team. No my game. The. Old man. The new world. Smile and. Old. Just wave. Hold me. I. Ship them. This is what we call Father's Day at their WV GA it is that 24 years ago that my dad passed away we do to show that day and invited people to call in and no talk about their dads and it into the show lawyer announced that mine had passed him. We've done that show now for 44 years and so that's essentially what it is we've collected some musical along the way as well low place some of that for you was Rigoberto primarily its view. Are calling and telling us about your dad 704571110. Lower we're not involved in politics today were involved in most of the much more important. That's relationships. Jerry's up on WBT hey Jerry. How do you start good thank you. Not do it it is a program and I have well what are. No John Smith that's my dad anybody that everyone's vision with their dad has all of that's on. Yes sir that was our. Bob. But not cable bill call Albemarle and all the I don't end. I bet. And it's my grandmother I'd buy into Jordan hare Arctic fox Eric argue it was a blog ritual like members. But you're in the Korean conflict and I keep it. And so when I got over he jumped back I don't see him graduate wake up opt in to see you there Greg yeah. First of all he would say buried I'm Kristi and that he had gotten up hurt in that big your you know. And not. We put clothes are old and it was close a lot of families that up close like like that you if they get out. And not by how well the amount lol I'm also believe very in my life that go. I think somewhere out our ultimate you know it back yeah I'll have the number are you out that while we're all eat Robert doll you know. The Doug or color earlier called up the assets of about her dad or granddad was old school and now I am unity yet if that's a good thing that bad so we we we could use some old school more old school today ethic. Buddy you are sure where you're short right there. And let down what they ebitda and also program. I'm out and people are now I appreciate challenger hundred. Thank you very much Rick Perry you have Grady Larry goes now got another jury on the law and so what to juries for your convenience in Nigeria welcome to WB take. I don't I can not follow through purchase. I'm 62 years old Mohawk smuggler had about fifteen years ago. And I miss him greatly. Only under the and finished it taught me about life. And no I enjoy him immensely. And now. I remember one time non lawyers about well over certain. Right that there are a curiosity stage. And not shared their acquired a couple girly book. We got here in the very back who blew the call and underneath and figured nobody there were armed. Hello my mother here and so I never heard in front. Our sneaking in. Yeah after about a year Baird and should they cannot do both and Alia. Well mobbed. Was very religious. He wrote the Bible scriptures right across every one of those pictures. I guess maybe he didn't want to confront me with something. Over the birds and the bees at that time. And it was somewhat hard for him to lose. And I would think that the good lord gave him an answer to a prayer how to solve the problem never got the confronted. That's separate that that it you know that's a brilliant testing. Philosophy on all of that that's a really interesting philosophy on all of that. We're worked for an it was I mean technically it was wrong. In his eyes what you're doing is wrong but he also understood there was human nature part of that too. You have now are our overburdened and no I think it is brilliant I wonder if anybody you'll steal the idea now that we broadcasted over the 50000 watts it's up. Sure hope so yeah although I've been the most are people get that off the uttered at now as opposed to a magazine stuck behind us some glows in the closet so angered her arena here. What a story. Jerry I appreciate all men thank you very much right here that's that's pretty genius. Plus dead. Did you did you go through the pattern hold I must have been thirteen. Fourteen. I couldn't have been older. When dad finally decided one night that we were gonna have the talk. And I got it was just most uncomfortable. Five minutes of our entire lives. And I think he handled it pretty well but it just became. Not that I have all the answers. But I yeah I think about two minutes into any kind of figured out that. Maybe I could come along a little farther than put it but he real it's. But it's the thought that counts Dave's up on WBT hey Dave. Jar I don't I'm great thank you very much for calling. State banks like my call I've got a ya know what I think the political story about my dead. And I had to reflect back on it you know see. He inadvertently content saying strict. You know but he probably didn't think he was going to time. When I was about ten or eleven my parents got divorced. And honestly it was pretty hard to me at that time. Are. Booked you put them I like old time. And down after that then it won't until I realized. Lot of wild later bad. You know he taught me. Pretty much how all. Our marriage should work. The bomb and I kinda choked that bottle yeah and got married when I was 28. And doubt too are not Jews that they need to have the husband that my tape bought it. At the end of the day now marry 29 years and it's it's a pretty cool thing. Did you did you write because I you know I that I know that I got to draw a lesson from my dad out of it but I kind of told my citing a very technically tossed 42 but I remember telling myself conscientiously I'm only gonna do this wants. Absolutely absolutely and that's what I Don and Connor are because. I am pop I got force that would be and so. You know the reality of it is my dad Joseph Matt around he wrecked compared they've done it well you know even fired hit and so. With that in mind when I got married I was 28 I actually hurt and food at Ford are. And happy to open long when I was 28 years old. And it's it's been a beautiful thing could be the other point I was gonna make which really aren't sure and Bob. Blood job. He cannot 1986. Under who pure show. And my father still lives in Fayetteville Arkansas he was all cracked 27 year. Actually in doubt we were we will close we were on the phone we give. You know I'll be. I don't know why can't believe maybe ever three or or on. Call. Dan. It was all good in any you know each time we call called we comic caught up. But John. I took the situation in 1998. Not 1988. Two to call him on par. And I'll never forget it. So in the war. Talking and just catching up talking not felt so good about it. And talk about 45 minute you know wouldn't. She enjoyed it enjoyed the conversation I enjoyed the conversation you almost like. Policy across the table from the EU just great don't own and have a great feeling you know that would have been and see. What against Jewish. Something like that. Well. You'll be old. She died com July 2 that year. And on the other heart attack massive heart attack early. Against duke the widow maker I call it died about 42 on the couch in the living room. And I'll never forget you ever forget. Just the joy I have in my heart. The 45 minutes or hour and Artest shot the wrong or an apartment Charlotte. Actually had not yet you know just chill and talk to Hillary just like old times. And I think back had I not take medication that call. You know we would've been the last stop I talked to many anti anti that kind of opera. And you said earlier Nero and your tones about this that yeah he obviously enjoyed just the conversation Jim you've got that sense. Oh absolutely well I will tell you that you armed. If you look. And he looked very. Very cool. Dad and by that you you take cool quiet however you want to describe it but I looked tired and I was a product of seventies and early eighties. Guys so. Been around and he would certainly been around him we even got the opportunity at one point. Back when this that are common and the goal of each other. Anyone. Do you look at that particular award cold and at what our court. That's a word we use a lot of back then. Com. Well there was a it was a very cold front turnaround just kind of almost like that's gonna need that afternoon the actual and yes so anyhow. We your light your last phone call is a lot like what we urge people to do and that's write that letter or area or if you can say that that's fine but even good relationship sometimes you can't say what you wanna say and so the letter is. But did but the whole that the whole emphasis of that is so that when you think back. You don't have any kind of a guilt feeling or guilt trip you said what needed to be said in your last conversation with your dad leave you with lots of peace in your life. Without a doubt and I argue unless you look chapel program here but obviously I live here upper twenties or they're so I know you unless you. All the time and he. To my point. I urge you say that multiple times about your relationship we cured that. And I think I just listened YouTube could you there are a lot alike in and probably a lot of ways and dumb. We just as we both know you tool. Well yeah and how else got back could very well but he does yeah I heard you say about you know tragedy yell at. A lucky time to do that but you know touch base back weeks you know as you grow up be any any you don't have any regrets based on back. Now and then if I ever dead I think a 124 years to do and they show he would be stunned and that he was the motivation for me you know do our Father's Day deal. Offer as much time as we've done because I don't think he ever would have expected to. I don't really do this as an honor to him necessarily but I think in some ways it probably. BA amateur psychologist here to say it. Think you know in some small way is it's probably you know my inner me a little bit screaming out to my dad and and say unnerve a lot on her you wanna. I want you to know how much you really did mean to me even though I was a jackass most of the time. You get him on brother but it's a long line now. OK one last very real quick a lot of when he took everybody time. One thing that he did just Betty did she teach beyond the legitimately on the front side was. Well an art school I was very course duty and basically hated school and all I wanted to do it and apply what sort give it to my mother she's the only one really want. But that didn't set up on October it's gotta gotta be that way and not. You know being urged the school. Once you get out school. You better learn a trade. And down because once you get out score that's when the real world starts and I did take into -- imagine. Turn eighteen learn how to cut eight. And now. I've been in the gutter and eat any any management reach our management now for forty years. But I did take that art that you know certainly don't that are gonna be a bomb. The you know so let's go on the ballot show called mood and keep our truck. All right thanks Dave Persian gulf. My dad dad was a million things. The good swimmer I understand back in today. As long before for my time. He was a great artist I have. Sketch oil painting that he did 19 my mom used to give mandated because it to 5 o'clock queued for a Scotch and water and a lot of times we always in the basement of our house. Usually an unfinished basement. Whenever he has set a drums loudly drums diligence symbols syllable we always had a set of drums and house because he was pretty good drummer played. Played drums with. How hurt could not figure his name's Sam brought before I'll hurt became a well known. I'm dead play drums were of him throw up. And so we o's have a set of drums down and have been in the basement and my dad would oil pay in and he'd do attend it took discussion water or twelve on no occasion and go down there and paint mom was right news but one time about. His drinking and he went downstairs. Drew a painting of Carrie nation with my mom's face on it. Stand and at a bar holding off. Glass of Scotch yourself they Webster got there must edited this day but we are citizen the drums and one of the things that my dad gave to me was my love for music. In his case it was jazz but just so I just love music. Gonna come out of the next hour and get back some of your phone calls with the damned told Bloomberg. Who wrote a song about his dead. And who instilled in him the love of music and wanna point out that at the end of the song when the song fades out. Stay there because it ends with a marching band which is an actual piece of capable marching gay abandon his dad was it. Mean. Boulevard rotisserie is dead. Right about his dad being Mother's Day at WBJ my dad was a musician and listen to the very end when it fades out a marching band fades in and that's fogel Burke's staff and more. Leader of the band Mother's Day and W reaching. Only attack. Oh my dad. I mean maybe is sun. In his hands and manned. Friends work then this there was no I don't know. New now this non. It's. All it's anyway. I'm Diane do you need this. Hi and I again in game. I want to smack them and seen him do not saying this in my day. And trying to be. We saw two runs but his music prudently. Me. Hearing news. It's none huh. Jen. He's now things those who took me years to run this man. All. It is okay. And his son. Didn't mess. I need. Rim that's. Okay easy error. Wrote this guy is. No they. I didn't com. One man do his Chicago. And the you didn't see. And all. 98. Then I'm not some motel. I'm just. Zone when. Thank you saw me. Hindus. He's boom. It's. Ninety. When it came my time to go boom. And I thank you Don gang name is in the dying. And I'm. And I'm not. I think. I love you need you didn't. Yeah. Either go out and all. I is okay. And this hour. And then I saw home. Okay. We and I dead. We need now. Okay. And and. Little excerpt right there at the end of the song which nobody ever listens says around long enough to listen is actually Dan fogel birds stand playing with a marching band. All right and one of the all lyrics and relevant I relate to so much in the air because my dad gave me in my local music with the drums in the house and everything and the jazz always come and out of the base and I thank you for the music and your stories of the road. My dad was pretty well traveled so when I would go to a place like New Orleans or one I would go to a different part of the country yourself like that. He always had advice and I remember when I drove a van down too low home run race and Louisiana. Cajun country. And and he warned me ahead retired you won't understand a word they say. But he told me what food to eat enough and I took his advice but a lot like the most is I thank you for the freedom when it came my time ago. I don't know if he was giving me the freedom Marie just couldn't wait for me go to back QA how watched. It a little bit of both. It's Father's Day are 24 annual we are surrounded with music and that's also from people who are talking about their dads were back to the phones seminal 45711. Did and we sale loaded Jason on WBT hey Jason. Welcome. An editor and also like gosh well it solid it's been honored dark period in your ears worn out because you've been on hold for so long you're trying to get your bearings archer and. Very live there live and John that's totally okay man it's well worth it. Then hopefully I can get a copy of this. Oh my dead because this is basically going to be those other states you have. You sent is a semi you send me an email and tell me how to do that in all levels since you a digital clip over the dude dude dude you know I'll get TJ is senator. Import import. Okay solo homer to try to get through this as quickly as possible mom OK so. All of born at all since 78 but okay my mom. Has been an addict her entire life. And my father. Got custody of me he went out about two years old. Okay and crude. My mother would disappear. For days at a time. And my dad would literally have to my dad my dad only twenty years older than me my mom nineteen years old the main. My dad only 59 and 39 and so I'm sure what to do a pretty US. My dad would have to drop me off in the mornings at my grandmother's house my mom's mom. So she could look over me to keep you go to school and then go to his job afterschool. None. And it you know. As the years went on. He ended up getting full custody of me. We ended up moving to Tampa Florida which itself like I think when your previous callers was. From what was spent some time in Tampa. Oh and and also real quick John I just what I think your other first services to our country. You've absolutely okay so. World about thirteen. Our first noticed that you know my dad and I really didn't look too much alike. Me and end you know not to toot my own horn Bubba those close pretty observers at that time. So I ask them straight up market bed do you do you think picture my real bear. Because not only did we not look alike collect fine do my mother's. Promiscuity is that the right word yes that's good security February from any says you know like Jason it doesn't matter. On your dad. First there okay. So you know he lose the I was a rambunctious kids. He was up to the school probably as much as I was bailing me out increased in double get me out of trouble and so. Molly. My mother calls me up one day. Wells 21 years old. And and before this I'd there would be years I'd never thought I would hear from are you were combing number day's work for dismissed. Every now and then and cannot tell your right now junk they're there three years where I didn't know she was there a lot. And she calls me up almost 41 I'll never forget it. And she says Jason I have to place the message you're about to tell me my dad when my dad archer. He says how did you not percent mom. I know. And no one else told me I just knew it I just I just knew she says well and the reason she told me this. It's because. Apparently my biological father through my biological father I didn't have native American. Benefits. And she warned she wanted to. You know cat ended those benefits. And so you wanna meet meet this guy you know like you know that there's no way you've got to be kidding me right now. But anyways so. You know my dad found out I told my dad what was going on and you know we we talked about for couple days just let it that. But he was a kid with a kid. And he was ultimately to law school. Where it when I came around and beat down. And as the years went on as I got older son he would. He started to open up to me a little bit and deep down king knew. He eat he knew that I wasn't is biologically how Weber. If that didn't matter to him. Irresponsibility. Had no you had nobody else it was going to be respond there was going to be responsible for your he had a responsibility in his mind he had a responsibility. You're absolutely right John and on and we joke about it and understand now. You know he's like well crap I gotta grow up being you know Kirkuk. So. You know he raised me on his own I'm an only child you raised the bar himself. My mother has never been in the picture. I don't know I could even tell you push you illustrate how mom and we I just got married. On March 3. A week ago. Saturday very cool that's Saturday congratulations. Wolf thank you very much over in downtown in a row I think I think those behind you one day. But anyway the market have mentioned your vehicle but. You know. He needs everybody no doubt knows that if it said on air you were beyond me one day that's picked up best fit your turn on him B Rhode upper Providence. They worries. So. You know. He has been. One of the you know I've moved out so many times and he's always taken me and and and if it is you know. I had to run so source John I'd write some notes down because this is talk a bit this is something that's so important to me. And and I and I'm I'm review my notes here nobody anyways. So. You know for years. It's it's been kind of an up and down scenario. But he has been my biggest inspiration. You know let kids haven't a kid knowing that he's not yours but not single word. But raising him and being there for him. And says that's a pretty good men and I'm curious have you ever met your biological father I have not marry you do now. Yeah because I get the part about your mom wanting the benefits monetary. I'm sorry I set I get the part about your mom wanting the benefits us is that that that's typical of an addict. DL yep we have. Diane you know it's only monetary reasons and it's it's superficial reason there and there's just I would never ever in a million years do that tomorrow. Followed him there I got and there's no way. What is your what your dad's name the guys that did the visited the middle man considered to be your dad. And Bart well written more bark well now very cool. Yeah very call he's. Did you lucked out in the day in the game of chance because that's that included yep that's a man's man right there. I really did. And you know it John. I'm I was a big on the big rush fan. And and I'm so glad that you come on right after him because. I didn't know much about it until about a year and a half ago and I listened to you every day trip. So. I have I don't respect for you man and I'm so thankful they used a telephone call. And calm and I would love to be able to share this with my color. They have now sit at those as they send me an email and hand target WBT dot com should probably get it to me or you can go onslaught on sale website and and does send me an email and willow woke up this part out and and knows that you Yeltsin to back to you by email you'll have. And for. Felt good job thank you so much that Humana appreciate phone call we'll get back to more phone calls all love forgo a song coming out of the top of the hour so we can get to us over your calls that of the people have been on for a long long time market you've been all that forever and Niger Shonn. Jewish judge Shawn Jay Sean. I know you've been on for a long time as well also will look at you guys PDQ. We got this Father's Day were better for 44 years of the passing of my father back in 1994 people call and tells about their dad's good guys primarily. And we got frozen tunes in around the edges. And that gives you a chance to kind of maybe spend some time with your dad. Daughters which virgin daughters today we've heard from sons today we've heard. On. Step fathers and our grandfathers and while others. And and they don't have to have passed. It's just to show about fathers. That's of people lined for a good long while and go over here until remarked on WV GA market. Daryn how are you I'm great man thank you Colin thanks for being patient. I didn't well thanks for allowing me the opportunity be patient it's an incredible honor just to listen you say we're on hold. If you're listening on your phone that's not all the all the an honor it was only stories. Com. Both side it's gonna. I'd say it may take an imminent but hey it's a the last story would certainly had zero underlying Cormier at. You look and so many places street euros today in and you certainly had a eurocard that in. It's certainly not a long time I think to realize that. That I do is well. And it's now. Not my first memory in my dad's going out Larry first it worked two jobs to feed a family of eight dark. And I extremely friendly dedicated man and at first memory however it was a an argument that he had with my mom and and he. She end up crying in and they nearly got. Pretty heated argument and last words I remember where I'm out of here I'm leaving. And I remember going upstairs kind of my Brothers that absolutely can. And he came up then. And I picked me up and brought me down. Clothing on a chair in and said don't you learn not going anywhere. And American soul. Tom I sure that I those words. And yet over the years. They had an extremely tumultuous marriages there are many arguments many heated arguments many times when you cook walked out the door. And neither one did. And it was that if it then Stanley values brother he instilled enough that. You know you got one trampling you need to watch out he Brothers and sisters then and all the were very very close over the years because of that. Com. Am I wanna move away to college. He couldn't even talk to me because it is so sad and the fact that I was move now but it was. Time committee go explore the world nah. I couldn't figure out why you felt that was such a happy time meat but. It's all come more could more clear over the years. But. I would probably in my eight late twenties when we. We were at an event and we were asked to declare who they hero was my life and and my father without the event with me. And I remember thinking I really should. Say my bad my hero to these here. But the fact is I'm feeling like my older Brothers my era because he pulled a fight together such great fashion app that so much turmoil like that I love going to let. I ended up sharing how my brother was my hero and I remember feeling that. I love my dad down by not declaring he was my hero but. But it just can't live from me at that time. I remember learning experiences with that Kemper and and that subsequently I'm not going to be M I'm gonna be patient man and I worked very hard is that. But from. The years went by in and my mom got sick down in Florida about seven years ago and we moved him into outs left. And armed. Couple years later she went into a nursing home. And he gets. To get past the south past February and Greg send. Him. It'll be a little hard but. Man stepped on my here today because after. He would go into that nursing home five days a week and hold her hand and be let her. Bombed he would say probably I'm going to visit my bride and seven years. And I got to celebrate the seventieth anniversary together and Nam. And the last stage she would let us. He held her hand. That test so do you that commitment he had. In who brought. You talked about. How said he was when you Wear it when you were on your way out to start your life. Armed. Would when I took this gig here. I had gone back to Colorado and had moved back in my mom and dad because I had been fired in Jacksonville and I had stayed there for about three and a half weeks or something like that in got the call on Monday that I passed my drug test and I could come towards the Charlotte north Carolina's take this job WB chief. And as I walked down the hall. And I already loaded the car and and the cat the cat carrier she was out there are no sauce get ready to leave and as I walked down the hall my dad was ten and earned his lip was quivering. And and and I don't think it was necessarily sad because I was late in the house. I always. And he and I talked about this years later but I was going off on a new adventure. Arm and he had moved around a lot in his life and had taken this job and and taken that job and had to had worked his way up the ladder and assault on several occasions and so on and so forth and I think. I think his lip was quivering because in some ways he was kind of a little envious that I was off on a new adventure I had butterflies in my stomach he wasn't gonna have butterflies in his stomach anymore. And his adventures were over. And there were gonna be any next steps are there Morgan immunity new job interviews or possibilities or anything along those lines of the non. And there was all love believe me but but I always watched his I've always thought about that enough thought to myself he was even slightly envious because he wanted butterflies in the stomach he wanted to challenge in front of him he wanted to some he might either. Pass or fail because that's that's a term that's essentially what it's all about so when you said that about. Said did you relieving. Who knows what his role emotions were he may have been envious on the fact that you were all fun and adventure that did he wasn't gonna have many more ventures. Absolutely and run things could certainly on an emotional debate club Vietnam. He's he's he's got a great sense of humor he needs and it's all like we all do that but there's no cult thing has gone. That commitment that and his sense of humor and his will to keep living yeah. You know there is extremely hard watching him anguish over the past and others said. Quite a mother's seven years but it's seemed to line you know you talk about the serve and read it appeared that the search the provided. The Lankan acute psychotic going today it is that the more I'm not going anywhere are like because I'm going to be the last surviving World War II vet. Very very. He got a great art. Very cool up great story Marcum budget got through thank you so much for girl and I appreciated thank you not or not it's not like. Coffee goes. For fathers did all the right there the hand holding Tenet tumultuous marriage after seven years that's pretty cool stuff. Next up our fathers they broadcast. 24 addition is a Josh and on WBT hey Josh and you don't. They are you doing it I'm good I'm pronouncing your name right is that Josh and I say I'm Jay Sean and okay program recruitment I'd my but are you good man. Good good if I got biggie Lil well you know led the recruited and kill that good they're great opportunity to really the you can't until March you know you're dog all of them know where it. Guess that kind of glue on him a little bit you know yeah coach doc. It is so. Yeah I just didn't fit great he's. Either retired chief master sergeant. And he did forty years and a wounds about. Two years ago. And he's always such a hard worker and according to patent game never sit around two longer to loan because now he's one that. In the main manager position as the airport. With this double but it. Is so there's so we've just such a cool. It's a really good guy and you've always kept me. Until and I know window hardest terms or you know well where everybody were. Warned that September 11. Time period. And buying your career has gone. Back in October 2001. And so when it's. It's surely got beat bit number of when he had to be on call. To our rent or ran. And he had to be since bill like Ford about mark says Tom. And I know it was hit it hard because you know it was just like. How can the I know who you look cool actor would that he would he would have to leave this Bambi in the situation. Where is their rarity you know when it comes to my health has. Tension is a guy who works who are doesn't work for us a nurse and works in our production department and no worse through our sales to people know so on and so forth and and it says so tell your story a little magician gives you very you've been through yourself you mentioned you had a brain you had a year and a resume back in 2001. And it really altered. Your life and your functionality and it's been it's been a battle for UR percent since so. Not to some mistake you're talking about a dad who and incessant had to kind of drop everything. And and and make sure that you can get you help you get you back on your feet again. Is that the Internet and just that they just like. She no rules. It could be yet to do I mean I'm so glad they see no way I think about it now. I'm I'm I'm glad that he. It's like key go over there and served for three or four months to come back home in a month later. They call back again we've gone to Germany for four months to come back again didn't gaggle bent to. Afghanistan or orient itself it was very it was a very. Challenger and upward and you know. But I think that 200. It. If you media puppets I gave me a chance to actually. You know have this fear and meet my mom have to kind of idea well. So much so because there he. Let you go for I mean. She will take. You don't sure all the Beckham and he always liked he always been very very. Concerned about other people letter proposing other people will be. Just very clear the support of the very very. You know and even though he's the man man you know but if you variable denoting varying peace straight since fear you know. And he did plead you get Leo arm. My cell of people inside when the omit the most story it's kind of funny to pepper recently. Were involved there at all. I got a call and it gave word he would wander residents. Lender forgives mistakes and got a chance to go on the queen city honor flight. In two torn between seventy. And so there was it's so what have sold to keep it secret from them. And B and to see how he policy fight if you but he got back from it with a trip to DC. Vietnam. And you know they go around tore her down so honored to DC area and in. Beyond got a chance to get in your view. About his service about his thumb this period that served as. And how world tour that time period where you know and is there may be apparent. You know having to go like to Germany Indian blanket you know so it cut a little bit about this but the point being is well when he came back. I've never seen him beam. Like a little cute isn't it that cools how cool is that those cool I mean disk mr. cool you know Cooley and video just. No and it's either like a little kid you know the great into with the other pitchers. Hey I'm not and I'm glad you got through I'm glad you called it's it's an honor to have you on the program because I know you've you fought the good fight to and thanks to tell us about your dad of the gets very cool. All right thank you so much and I'll see you tomorrow all right yes sir you will yeah. Yeah. Ed Nixon and former producer. Mother's Day yeah this what it is for you. Just to hear that day. The world coming to you please look at things. And bills to gain an. I learned a long while also playing mini was strong in Poland and remain as he moved to music. I'm thank you. Then. Like you. Then Justine yeah. Okay. The last sentence. AM governor. Please I'm smiles and the good news comes on the. Okay. I don't know. It's. Really came from. Just beyond the. Like a man. Imagine them. You made. I mean. Hanging in the love. Jack. I'm just cannot live in new and you thank you time. Siemens. But it's still nice talking. Amazon com and on the phone and it caring demeanor you know. Just like clean. Mom thought it was just. It's very JB. Doing now Father's Day and I'd do it as close as we can do the sixteenth of march we got basketball tomorrow we're probably she gets some time after the 5 o'clock to our solo will give way apparent Three Dog Night tickets then. But will be noon Father's Day our 44 annual were off to the phones terminal 4571110. Although I'll probably won't get to the callers that we already have been here's Richard undone. MBTA Richard. They John thanks take my call Ed this is actually a great time to be speaking to you know mourners at a semi good lead then but Harry chipping good actually grew up in Chapin avenue on Long Island. My dad's. Anniversary of the celebration of life will be for the first time this Saturday. You might have actually known you pricing and load vending machines inside the building and two great story. My dad was tough love but there's one story that I have to talking about it actually been documented with WB cases tie it all WB cheap family. Armed did I just did he just passed Richard. He'd he'd be out of the year it'll be years did all year OK I'm sorry you misunderstood the student on a chart so anyway. Bomb. One based several years ago trot Carter was spotting the art and sort of it that our sale. And he went I like being may be like yeah goes when you serve so goes what what to build bridges Serb properties I was out at Norfolk Virginia navy. So John Carter being Newt I decide to do little investigation spoke to is that what turned out that. The mutant Bronx boy. From one out but don't let those New York. And all of a sudden like I ship but I get my parents here in North Carolina take care of and then John Carter is already live here grew up in the in the Charlotte Estonia area. And does is resurgent turn that the my father and and John caught a slaughter it's. We're in the same boot camp in the same boat while they picture. Why how gets it. And then that you do and that's small world that. It's ridiculous that you could do that you know do you think about 191945. In the old decided nearly 2000 in. Let's say 200910. Whatever I can't remember the exact year. You know you're you're John Carter nights speaking. And Jon does is hold special put my father and his father together. At a restaurant heroes over an open university area. Yes we you know dramas that area. And my father was a top five foot 750. Par five pound guy wet. Bronx guys I mean just as tough as nails. And what you electrons are. He broke that it tears. And maybe feel so good at it I was like I dad got Felix. Now that admitted takes a man to try to locker room to room says. Maybe not did the drop of I have yet but to into. Manager Joseph motions it's that's a romance. But CNET how my data like holy crap that's so cool. Is that right it would is that the first time ever are first time leaders seem cry technical know. There are ever so tropic. Europe might hire a life of fifty by now which are most about it he urged watch our. I remember the first time there are many very very the first time are some -- dry and it was one know this priesthood and episcopal church that we went to us during his last service and I was an act polite and so I was carrying the cross out. And my dad was standing in one of the pews and the priest was right behind me and as we passed my dead dinosaurs looked whoever no. And no tears coming out of his diocese of father John no walked past him. It's a first timer or some and then try. You gave your right you never forget that you don't get that quite funny but all the years this been somebody different things but that something about that just. State in my head. Now very cool and small world and and in good for John Carter to take the newsman instincts and a figure that all out. I mean you can now pay extra column and and for a hold of a longer appreciated. You've got our parochial and all the goes I got to probably at least two minutes left Augusta and they're all around a WBT hey Darryl. I'm an you do ill timed and Arnold draw. They're all or. I'm put under on hold us to do is say don't put time Randy here on WBT hi. Well John since I may be the last caller here say it's. I've been a big fan of the John Hancock she since day one. End of this year the pilot stationed there since day you want. I remember hearing it. And I was greatly improved I don't know I forget how many years ago that span that every chance I get I tried it two union. And that day that I hurt your father's the issue though. I later saw you in the airport I was on my way to cover. And America my mom's corporation Ambac saw this guy. In passing with I think I got this right along signature blond hair in the white Reebok. He was asked about the white Reebok's has still kind of got the long hair but it big blonde and you move up at the other not the most comparable issues on the planet. I had a paramedic lab found it to be the most comparable U Blair were out well I think he'll learn new balance now Ahmadinejad still learn nurse Jews every time I buy a new pair looks like a more and her shoes you know. Well I just wanted to say I could go on and on about my father and it's time is short but. I just want to say. Have always been touched by. Our leadership who had the father in station it's something only 280 years you can't do it on television can't do whatever the Internet. Social media. Let's start getting people to talk like this. About their fathers in I'll just wrap up say that I know you'd. That your father and mother. Are extremely proud that you. And much you've achieved and that you've grown in and the father did you ban. And so I congratulate you on that I am happy Father's Day. Yeah I think you would be and I appreciate you say a Metairie or Three Dog Night just fanned by chance Randy. Oh. I'm a blues guys. I bet. Sure you wanna go Aussie on April 5 and ovens auditorium I got a pair tickets ever given away yet because that in our clog up the phone lines but I'd be mourn and do given view. Sold but I'm gonna put you on all the time and Georgia come back and get your information and maybe LC it Evans on April 5 I appreciate each call. I look for the long blond hair well go look look for these somewhat long gray hair. Or the thing I'd loaded them into John Holden to put him on hold and an asset. Time for anything else. Thank you. Thanks we again have the songs I wanted to play. What was the song that. For Stapleton took their wrote me and my dad daddy didn't pray anymore. Because daddy's walk with the lord now is not brave anymore that was the of this vessel for stable from room. You can play that today there's a couple of songs that we just never got around junior day because we're trying to do justice to the phone calls. And the justice of the phone calls always do justice to the went to the show. And listen if you got a dead and he's living. And you've never told him how much she means to you and you can't say it and ride it. But do it because I guarantee you it'll be it almost for selfish reasons you'll always be glad you did an.