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John Hancock
Thursday, May 18th

John talks to old callers, reminisces on Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell, and is hungry for a good burger.


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These these young man. Hey there rather rather reserved Thursday as we can be hot 24 hours from now all BS say hello to you from a Fort Mill. We BC hometown tour heads to afford milk tomorrow all of us both console will be either bright and early tomorrow morning enough FitzGerald nine Noonan. We'll do our show down there tomorrow and Doug garrison will follow up so we're looking forward to what will be at the spratt building on main street downtown Fort Mill and if you'd like to. Stop by and join the conversation we could get over this. See. So I need more information just go to WBT's. And dot com we did this in Matthews now we're doing for bill. Our men and not sure exactly were awarded next. I'm Bono among working on Belmont. Now I don't want because I think may you know I would be reporting inching because Belmont really as and then the other wrist. It's a mile and a half away from my house no Oscars it's about three miles away from miles. So cereal that title goes. Feds. Charged 83 gang members with murder as you just heard today another crimes across the Charlotte. Our region. These would be the bloods. 83 alleged members of the united blood nation. Organized crime group ties to or Charlotte the East Coast know so on and so forth so they do I huge. Crackdown on gang operations in near Charlotte area today. A 162. Page indictment kinetic they connecting. All sorts of crimes. That I guess to us were probably aren't related but now they have. Now they have ties to make them are related. Our Charlotte region goes back at least two territory fifteen. Multiple murders. Narcotics racketeering. Firearms trafficking robbery. Bank fraud and and members tied to at least a seven killings multiple shootings. The indictment also details gang efforts to traffic heroin cocaine narcotics firearms. FBI gets joined this morning by the US state local law enforcement agents and they start picking people up early this morning and by. By 10 AM they had fans filled it. With prisoners arriving at the federal courthouse united blood nation East Coast offshoot of the bloods which is actually a California big give a group. Pretty well known around Charlotte. Are they not the same ones who had does something to do with a deal London steps. I believe they were. So. Maybe all of that all the people that they picked up. And I'm speculating here about eight U you got what seven or eight people that they got charges against. With that the Doug and Debbie London death. Assassination. And apparel I would think that those people are probably sitting in now so that's probably what led to the to the arrest of a lot of these guys today. The new defendants. With gang names raging from hard body. Don't we don't have names like that. I know I would not adopt hard body that you're. Party. Now guiding thought dead very Doug tough days are gone right into them now that he. Little fatty. Old Teddy. Old gray fatty. OG up there we go there's my gang neighborhood yet. A problem. Lady Rudy. Cut throat spelled with a K. Lady guns and spoke with a Z. And we we just we laughed call this imagination and character and erodes I live in. It's a bunch of boring. Now. Walking around used in the names that their parents gave them. Do blogs have a long term and often lethal rivalry with another a dangerous gang to trips so the troops would be celebrating today. Or. Are they just bored out of their minds because they have nobody to screw around with for the next revelers. Who don't know. Car plowed into pedestrians in Times Square aide apparently is a 26 year old ex it did they say navy. Bet. In Boston a couple of times or do you lie. Beyond. Speeds through. It's not terrorism are pretty sure it's not terrorism it's a 26 year old guy from the Bronx. A couple prior arrests for driving while another talks a gated. I he's being questioned and tested for alcohol. The mayor though. The governor. They were all down there on Times Square because at that point you anything happens like that you think terrorism. It was a red Honda. Struck victims at just 43 and seventh right there in midtown Manhattan right there at times score. Driver was seen being hauled into a police car area packed with the Taurus is just now you know the weather organ here saying whether they're getting up in New York. It's lunchtime when this happened you think Ty I mean have you ever been to Times Square at lunch on a nice day even our route so nice day. Packed. So that's what's going on their Roger Ailes dies at the age of 77 we'll talk about that in a second and apparently Sean Spicer stroll. He is going to be diminished. And I'll bring up to date on that one but. How much you think that is that caused by death by sitcom. The thing about this last night. That it ended the the Melissa McCarthy impression of him on Saturday Night Live is not tied. And if the president doesn't like and he doesn't like Saturday an outline of you can't do anything about Alec Baldwin he can't fire himself but he could do to get rid of what are the potential perishable the main characters of everybody. Arm and then the other thing that occurs to me with all the other rhetoric that's going on around. This president and and and everything else that's involved in this whole thing. I watch CBS this morning every morning just because can't watch The Today Show anymore and I've never elected to receive. Com I and I and I and I like Gayle king and all of us special like your Charlie Rose. Side and and I and I and I like Norah O'Donnell although she's a little bit too far left for me by dom bit about it but I'm not like all three of want to show elect feeling like atmosphere elect. But every morning may place one of those bed at least one and usually a series of excerpts. From the late night monologues. And that's kind of been a crawl for me for a long long time because. I think those directly influence. Our politics it they influenced the people's view. If they heard it night and then they air again during the morning and obviously all that stuff is always available on line. And people like comedy. And comedy is sometimes a little bit too close to the truth. And so if people watch comedy and cattle at that. Taint their impression of what's taught in all I'm saying. So now I'm kind of wondered if saw some of the problems we're having right now are because of the late night monologues being. News featured. And I'm kind of wondered if Sean Spicer. Is not getting fired by all I don't know Melissa McCarthy or is it to Donald Trump. All right Chris Cornell died. Suicide there's. This is a big big tune when I was doing morning's down at the end. Can. Garden audio slaves. It's not like a stone was a great audio slave songs looked over the finger of so Jesus was a good daughter you are slaves only. I'm Chris Cornell did the theme to our casino Royale all you know my name. Yeah. Hosts beyond the we always a good song. Reportedly found dead on the bathroom floor in his hotel room the MGM grand. In no Detroit by a friend this was after his wife couldn't get hold of him and called the friend and asked to check on him. The a friend had to force his way into his cell hotel room found him of the band around his neck and so a suspected due suicide don't I think that the and I think they've officially. I turned it but anyway that's that's its alleged suicide and tell you I get. Autopsy. Is so being conducted results Lou they say your should be available later on today. Com. He a video of this final gig or surety mode in a good spirits but to. But you never know more global find out more about. Substances or anything along those lines CEO I ended his final gig go with the performance of in my time of dying. And everybody's so. Reading all sorts of things into this that the other and songs that he didn't zone and so forth David Brothers it's gotten itself. And got to be pretty good friends with Chris Cornell and in fact issued a statement. They performed a vanity with him on note late night with Jimmy Fallon Bakken Tony thirteen awestruck and remember or I had seen number of four. And they. He said don't we have lost a dear friend. And the world has lost one of its greatest voices. Chris Cornell as one of the kindest funniest in the hardest working people who have ever had the honor oh and we've ever had the honor to know. I'm to make music with will miss him terribly our deepest our our love and deepest sympathy to the family Scott must set they've which. So. So anyway. That's idea that's. He's he he's had his senator sheriff challenges through the years. I think it's a surprise in that. We were kind of led to believe that he had overcome some of those demons. And I guess we'll just have to wait for the coroner's report to a find out but. And orders a big influence on Scott. And I assume that's true for a 0% as well but Chris Cornell fifty or losing 52. Pretty young. I'm so they're that's that's a that's what you are got they are. Roger Ailes the former Fox News chief he's dead at the age of 77. And at that may have stemmed from an accident that he had within the last few days but they'll tell you what. Stay with eap is saying about the Fox News founder fascinating guy he had a pretty. Pretty. Bar and distance to fall when he. Almost forced out of box but if you look at his career all the way back to Nixon and his influence on TV in this that the other he's you say is fascinating guy in that regard but. Anyway we'll get to that in just a second and death by sitcom. We may be seeing a little bit less of Sean Spicer and while we talked about late yesterday the of the rumors coast. I guess Kim ghoul foil all of from fox and said she's speaking with them. There are apparently that may happen. And guided alleviate TV icon John first David brother concert I saw was tickets I want from your show was their first show at the old coliseum projectiles that. During that show Scott mentioned this building has a lot of history. And then he said his first concert that he went to. Was there. And it was sound garden. So I knew there was big inflows I didn't know that story thank you Chris appreciate I didn't restaurant to ask you about that and Thomas in which will be pretty soon. Com Roger Ailes. Dodd. And do you may have saw it coming today. 77 years old. Kind of fell from his pedestal. Sexual harassment claims and and so on and so forth. His wife today issued a statement I am profoundly sad and heartbroken report that my husband Roger feels passed away this morning. Roger was loving husband to me. To his son Zachary a loyal friend to many close quote. Founder Fox News. Was a Republican political operative from long long time all the way back to work. Untethered to the Nixon years. He resigned a kind of a fall from grace kinda. When no aggression Carlson. Initially. And filed sexual harassment suits on him they. He denied it but they've they've forced him to resign in the wake of those lawsuits and and Karlsson got twenty million dollar settlement. With 21 century Paul fox which is the which is the parent company. Arm and then you had Andrea attend Karros. And she had stepped forward as well and I think there's a number of phone. But that's hey that's all water under the bridge there I read one story. That said do this could make the his death might make it harder for off Fox News to fight. Some of the lawsuits that their sterile. And and then there's room per others are report that that Ailes had had an accident days before his death. Well we don't know the official cause of death yet. Army buddy we know he's dead at the age of 77 and it happened apparently there was an accident sometime last week at his Florida home eight days ago or something along those be a Palm Beach police say he fell on the bathroom and hit his head. And I was rushed to the hospital with heavy bleeding and there's an excerpt from his biography that was run by Vanity Fair. Where he talked about being diagnosed with hemophilia is the child. And said he used to think quote about the fact that any accident could be dangerous or even fatal. So our our that'll play into the story ultimately but that's a report that's out today he help Richard Nixon get elected by making in my giving a better TV presence. Which if you remember the first time Richard Nixon was on TV was at Tropicana. You debate or you had all the make up on a note in just one of the most ridiculous periods of a political history that you'll receive your life. Armed he helped HW bush get elected dealt with what business insider calls one of the most infamous political ads of all time and that was the one that showed a revolving door. Letting men in and out of prison. While accusing the democratic presidential candidate that HW bush was running against Michael Dukakis of being soft on crime pretty effective spot. So why anyway that's the latest on mount on Roger Ailes fox I mean and he was already gone from talks but. Talk about a fall from grace and that it hasn't happened really I mean I don't I don't every reason to believe that the numbers are and the toilet or any thing. But fox. I mean all of did the cornerstones. That they had it. Our it guy you know Roger Ailes is gone and and all Riley is gone I mean those were two of the originals. Why else I absolutely one of his first hires was a Bill O'Reilly. Who was news anchor in Scranton Pennsylvania I think at the time. Who would've thought that those guys would go on to the heights that they went on to. So our Chris Cornell bit of the age of 52 and a Roger hale said at the age of 77. We get a third one before the afternoon is over don't they usually fallen on threes I have no idea Scots up under when you reach he has got. Scott. Scott may be on another radio station. He does this is that he gave this is who I think it is. Scott. Against this moment. It is is Scott from Massachusetts he mask also there or news stations we've had a month for years we don't loses it alone time with telephone with a it's got hello how are you ma'am are real I'm great. Uptight lawyer calling. Trumpet you know. Were you on the line with another radio station what were you on the line more than other radios to. Not at all no I was glad that he talked to someone not a radio station I only like to take my time talking to you mr. Hancock. Are. You don't normally get a whole lot of time talking to me because we kind of think your ridiculous. Well that's never very nice of you. I take the time to call you when you just say I'm ridiculous. I admit you dig you take the time to call me and several other radio stations throughout the country your Scott for Massachusetts we've talked to your for years I I can guarantee you that what you're about to do is blame the Jews for something. Well trump is trump is going to be railroaded from office bill impeachment it's it's not wet if it's when. It's coming very soon I can read the writing on the wall. All right are you gonna get that passed in less Ryan a and McConnell. Lose favor with trump are leery 88 you're not gonna get an impeachment passed those two guys and a Republican dominated congress. We know this is what's going on in the American people are stupid mr. Hancock who are so stupid they don't know what's going on. Look Charles Schumer. Out of ship. Dianne Feinstein. Bernie Sanders Michael Bloomberg and especially George Soros. He is the ringleader. Behind all of this he is an international Jewish banker at a Jewish Communist. Miguel and. So Troy trump presidency now. Not let up but it got to find out the hot night. About what's going on night I hate this guy always always a pleasure talking to you it's gonna become a Communist nation now. Well we're practically grown up now. I don't I I don't know. And by the way your gone. I guess I can only take so much. Well it's good to hear from Scott. Deuce 11109893. WB's. All right let's go to boomer and neither Charlotte brought to you via hunter's bill for my 77 exit 430 you give you the traffic report but he won't blame it on the Jews aren't monitored even if you had a drought triggered notes that her both serve all loan plowed down well I don't necessarily -- Jessica in his. Surely it's. You go over surely any times it out for shorter yeah very red. Hi the Prez says the president is I guess due to hold a news conference. And could happen anytime we may or eavesdrop on that when that happens over grown into 4 o'clock. News and a few like five minutes so well we'll see what happens there. 430 or read the news today oh boy you know 5 o'clock 505 petting. Tomorrow whirled around and not four mil little star bright and early in the morning with photons and another it's kind of sushi oh and I amend their 3 to 6 o'clock to spread building on our main street in downtown Fort Mill. Your arsenal do or Charlotte it's six when that before no six. So why anyway were spread building all day along tomorrow and it'll give us a chance to learn more about Fort Mill I think we've already got picked up a couple of things that no one of them would be growth in the other would be they gotten. Really good schools and for bill which is probably. Well one of the reasons that are so popular. So a few new details on her appearance down there tomorrow WBT. Dot com to match on WBT hey Matt. A load jotted sold tricky Dick Nixon calling back again return by users have been informed me that it would be in my best interest. To apologize for my behavior on my last appearance on her program I'd like to make it abundantly clear. That we probably will still have John Hancock to keep stick around. And all stroll on a related subject of where not a to have the president tried to keep sticking around. I've got some pretty tactical speechwriters that could given the Donald Sean simple ways to tell the American public to. Get soft as they say in England at that as he makes his farewell address should not unlike my own. But are you are Eric are you predicting is a farewell address mr. Nixon. Well. I'm I'm not at liberty to save John. Most money you can you can say whatever you want to you're dead mr. Hancock if you at all certain duke may want other favor. Police tell Bloomberg that his indiscretions are very reshape what an act and they support competition up I'll make sure Jerry given on the whole presidential pardon. It's slower Arlen and the. Aware of his indiscretions and and then I mean this and all of friendliness but you really need to work on your Richard Nixon. Tempers image. I like that thought alike the idea. Like the it back to you in person it. 7045. So relevant in May were legendary you know we could fight you can do it and we can guess who it is. Although we don't really know a whole lot. Hell like yet pick up. It takes me five senses to figure out of Scott from Massachusetts so up I'm going to be the best one to do that all they're saying that their shots. I serves were all public role is going to be scaled back. After a trump returns from Mon has her short trip as president. And Politico is saying that trump has come to quote unquote dread it. Spicer is daily press briefings. Which sometimes got combative. And has told aides that he no longer wants Spicer to be the only. Good to be the one quote publicly defending and explaining close quote his message. And there apparently is no moral plan in place yet and and up early trump hazard. Made up his mind yet. But he's considering downsizing Spicer is a role in the you know public eye and may any may also well. My bed day there I think and he may shake up his entire communications team but wasn't it just a week ago that they were predicting that he was sooner shake up all sorts of other stuff and and I never. Spicer. They say well all likely no longer do the daily on camera press briefing and to which I thought to myself. Then what is he gonna do. Twice was hired. You go higher head mechanic in the new take him off of the NASCAR team it is that he's he's no longer gonna be working on cars or we're keeping him on the staff. Well what. Senior White House official says political tells Politico that the deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. All right is likely to be a scene behind the podium more often she filled in last week or week before that and I did a fine job and. And then Spicer will hold on two way senior administration role. Antilles fired. That and that's me. And then now what the story that we told you yesterday that Kim. Cool foil as I have no idea you pronouncing she's the Brunette on clocks. Okay now are but it goes to a doctor about. And she had said yesterday that she was in talks with the White House. To replace Sean Spicer. Which I thought well you really don't announce that you know. My meeting with. WR FX today it took 2 o'clock work really well but I I I think I'm probably staying here Billy features. Who wants to see me and what office. So I anyway and she said she was probably taken over for slice or that they were in talks but to politicos are sources should shoot down those rumors as well so. And I that makes no sense why wouldn't they use a Sarah Huckabee Sanders. So there you go I think spice or and to some extent I think it's death by sitcom. I'm not so sure that that the Saturday Night Live thing hasn't been taken away from his credibility. Even if this cycle and assault. All right big news today. Is the Justice Department announcing that the former FBI director Robert Mueller had. Been appointed dead. Special counsel believed an investigation into whatever ties so they can not figure out between nerve here Russian interference and and the presidential election and I kid in the trump campaign and on and all that stuff. But you also have the authority to prosecute if he uncovers any of the crimes. He was named by the attorney general Ron Ron and rose insane who announced that. A special counsel have been employed and that it would do be though other wily respected don't former FBI director Robert Mueller. With the White House Counsel's Office and our president trump reportedly only told after the order was signed. A Rosenstiel said that it was quote necessary in order for the American people I have full confidence in the outcome close quote trump said in a statement thorough investigation won't confirm what we already know. There was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity close quote. Tom Muller's. Appointment. I came after the took it you know on the same week are well actually the week after. Than the president just thought of all fired an FBI director James cone. So who had been overseeing the agency's investigation into the to the Russian matter so. It also comes after it was reported earlier this week at trump and ask Komi in February. And I disagree with the phraseology here to drop the investigation of this former national security. An advisor. I think if you are going doing politics if you're gonna mince words. And they always still depends on what is it is. Then I'm not so sure that I road believe that. The trump actually asked. Comma to drop the investigation. He said I ate at a onerous exact quote at this point but he said devoted to and to the extent that you know I hope you'll. Well I hope you'll is different then. You will. So I anyway that did I I think that's where the arguments gonna come down and am but it won't make a difference now they'll be a former FBI director Robert Mueller will load a do this I don't think he's so. Not too many people question his integrity two to the degree so we'll see we're all I just I you don't quite frankly here's what I'm open. I'm already has find nothing. The murder we ago. What will go on to something else because that's what we do and that's. It's it's like the guy who wrote me yesterday and said. And I are gonna say does email because I liked his phraseology so much. The press onslaught against trump will not relent. Ever. Perpetual fatigue appears to be the tool of choice for deal legitimizing this administration. Death by a thousand cuts so to speak. And and if all the sudden. Robert Mueller wolves have to wait and see but I mean if he uncovers nothing. If he can't. He can't walk the trump. Campaign or trump himself into a have been. I do appreciate development. But they know that no lead that is that is what the press on the left are gonna do and it just gonna keep on nine digging and digging in day and and quite frankly. Com the fact that maybe they've stepped it up a notch but it's really no different than what's been going on Republicans and give Obama too much leeway either. Well they blocked two more they could. Armed and they had dismissed him where they could. They've put press reports are not as easy. To go after a democratic president you don't have the entire. A mainstream media on your side. But still armed this is this is a time period were. We're we're we're really the game has more to stop the other side that is to achieve. On your own. There's a conservative group Al liberal blogger. That have teamed up to file a federal lawsuit that this day before yesterday. They're challenging a 2016. Ohio law. That bans Internet harassment good luck on nappy portage county Tea Party and the you know blog at plunder her. But and it. Charged that the laws too broad and infringes on First Amendment to our free speech rights. The law says which can't post text. Audio or images online quote. For the purpose of abusing threatening our harassing another person close quote. So the plaintiffs claim that the language. Of the measure. Is too broad a net of bans critical I'm speech showed up public officials. Now both the Tea Party group and a blog published opinions that are kind of critical of our public officials and they say that they they aren't. Covered by an exception in the law for media outlets. And they are challenging the part of the law that bans posting threatening statements are statements on line. What they acknowledges that they sometimes use quote invective ridicule and strong language intended to mock lampoon or call into question. The actions motives and public policy positions. On various figures close quote. But contended that is protected speech so where that goes I don't know but I just kind of thought it was kind of interesting that they had done. I'm that they had done filed them the other kind of story that it's kind of lingering underneath the the sports world. Is. Giselle bunch and his appearance. On CBS this morning. Day before yesterday. Bush talked about Tom Brady's confessions. And those were reported by the perhaps. And so I'm sure that inquiring minds probably wanted to don't know I think they'll do is blow her off as being a fashion model who wouldn't know a concussion. I'm from a concession. And and and just say she's not a doctor for assault for her to say that they're confessions. That does not say he didn't get yet. Not to say they didn't take some shots to the head but. And ended she's probably right he'd probably did have incursions and they probably didn't Denver or report them but. She gets on a TV I was talking out blow enough FitzGerald and hard to big error our weekly podcast that we recorded. And they wanted to know they gave you mean to tell me that there she goes on national television. And they haven't already had this conversation she and Tom. And I contend not necessarily. I don't talk a whole lot about my radio stuff to Susan. Susan works at WB TV she doesn't talk to me about what's going on over and TV at all. We do dad already read in one reason I don't want anybody in TV you'd ever think that does Susan talks about what's going on. Behind the scenes and the other part of that is I took care. So love but I mean it had to do the extent that when I go home I know I don't talk about today did you hear about one dollar to Judas or did you bad or you know we've we've we've we've. We we ever both mantras we do this and in our own times are gonna water the plants it's Mario it's much more. So Bob I don't know that the conversation necessarily. Automatically had taken place. But Gisele gets lower on a CBS this morning. And talks at the air New England Patriots quarterback played through a confession last season. And if that's true then that's an injury that wasn't reported. As required. By the patriots. In it's so unlike them to ever bend a rule or any thing made you're they generally are solved in lockstep with. Well with along with the rules. But. They did win the Super Bowl last year which would be Brady's fifth title. She was asked if she wanted Brady to retire and she expressed concern about him continuing to play said he had a concussion last year he. He has confessions pretty much every dot dot dot in other words she didn't had a trails off. Com and the she's as I mean we don't talk about it. But he does have confessions and orally I think it's a healthy thing for anybody you'll go through close quote. Brady's he forty yet. Before you by the time the season starts if he's not he's he's 39. And Teddy wants to keep play and enjoys in his mid forties or or even beyond that if possible. Could lower lows to say camp. But did she said yesterday that that kind of aggression all the time that that cannot be healthy for you. Up early she's the one that got him eating well. So I had the good. When it all comes down to it Tom Brady whipped. I go to Steve first of all love maybe I'd check in on the the president who's homeowner press conference essentially you saw so far has pretty much sense does that the prosecutor the special prosecutor requirement so we're joined. And meant he needs to get back to. On doing the work of the country and assaults over although it's he throws out some of his own. When diversions so little ceremonies Ariza featuring Maria Colombia president right now who is a tall White House today on sort of broad. The curator of entry know your brother your Steve Steve's opened only BTK state. I Don Mario I'm gut thanks. And if there's a disagree with the L one point. Yeah I don't live there who don't know why at this special prosecutor finds nothing. I don't the Democrats also be reduced and take other competent ministries soon. They'll be some phony memo months that look like he. Yeah I know you're right and I ran and to some extent we said yeah I mean you're dead that this investigation would be over but then they're going to. They're there will be plenty other things. Alleged. In the next four years they'll never run out of material. Yes Terry just keep going now or they'll find a neutrino lax on this. Yeah the email I got yesterday I had dollars in aid to the point that I saved a death by a thousand cuts I yeah that's what they're gonna do to this guy. Yeah he had a guru a group 900 little thing for ray camp unabated burning out why analysts say do find a big thing and and read Jay's case so we got all sorts just do stuff to talk about. Most say I hope we are now on now I guess I do to secretly because they're quite frankly I would like to see the country I turn around and and now. Mine and and get rid of us some of the regulations and I mean he's capable of good doing some really good stuff I feel this could be in his own worst enemy Sunday's. That's what they're afraid they don't want them to turn it around they're trying to prevent him from doing out community turned the country around and get it running really good they're going to be expose who they are. Now one dog and I fully understand that but they also. They're not gonna give any leeway to the Republicans because LeBron but Republicans didn't give them any leeway when Obama was president so low what goes around comes around sold it to some extent. The politics of today. Have been defined over the last fifteen or twenty years and it's say it's not to get things done it's to make sure the other side doesn't B succeed in any thing. That's partially true that they're both though is Obama had. He announced truckloads of money don't know by Iraq they're not sick in the IRS some people and only gonna want to they never named a special prosecutor. Yeah well they did there ever gets to be a lull in all of this stuff. Maybe they take the Justice Department and go back cannot take a look at Hillary again. Group. The Dow would be interesting. We got going here aren't there one down I gotta run I've got to think separation edit the ethnic and those little in the colon blow me off. What knowledge they had their heads are right and they do it so much nicer. I mean you know if that'd been Scott for Massachusetts is the so good will let him blow me off Wendy. Program. Do you. Do you like your significant other's friends. Susan my wife. Well good between the two of us we don't have any difference. It's just smacks sold less. Complicated now we got each other. And no family. And none of the above and beyond that it really. So they say that your friends might affect your marriage more than you think is big story that was a run in last night new study from the journalists are social and personal relationships there's a journal for that. Social no personal relationships. I'll finds not liking friends that come along with one's spouse. Can have a negative but I impact on marriages were Jose article are registered they were they said in the old days. You met people through conventional U betterment worker you Menem or in social settings or this that the other but now more and more people are. Why you have they're they're meeting each other online and so on and so forth so. It used to be you would hear somebody and say well idea audio I met him on line and you think all my gotti's Ortiz a potential stalker. But now that's become men there's all sorts Christian mingle you know I mean all that stuff so a lot of people are Jonah beltway and in fact. I'm mild what a mile producers a long time ago Darren. I'm met his significant other online match dot com or something like that and he proposed tour in the Studio One night. And and they're still married. So but when you just a way away when you meet somebody online venue for a relationship with them you might not meet their friends and initially. And so the scientists looked at 355. Heterosexual couples who were interviewed after they wed in 1986. And they found 70% of birdie white couples were married sixteen years later. When no men said their early on in the marriage they liked their wives friends but barely 50%. When they didn't. And women's feelings about their husbands friends didn't seem good to impact our marriage survival as much as the other husbands not liking the wives friends. Com so there you go divorce could be in the cards when men don't like wives friends. So that's good. All of Susan's wives friends are living in Ohio. Perfect 800 miles. I may eighteenth. 138. Days into the year and there are 227. Days ago. Just the date. May eighteenth 1980. That mount saint helens erupted in no Washington. Killing 57 people and causing three billion dollars in damage I 41 of them. I have. Flown in to Seattle a couple of times. Before 1980. When I was doing rock tourism market knows stuff like. And so I knew all those mounds around or near all that stuff and I knew melts and tell us. And nowhere if you ever go to had taken a right way and Seattle and that's where most of their workers or do matter and it's stunning it's beautiful. And mount saint helens was out their wallet and after 1980 I had a job interview in Wenatchee Washington. Had to fly in to Seattle. And this was probably 1984. Or fly over something like that. And saw I saw amount had so sick about a mount saint helens again after. Erupted. And it's cut it to sushi the power of nature of senator have you seen video and there's a lot of video hang around today go there was several sites on our watch today. There's one timeline that shows you wanna laws in the Georgia the whole thing blowing up an outside of it coming off on the I mean it's. I've it is unbelievable. And I don't remember we talked about this before so somebody will call and until but there was a lot of old man to lived on the mountain and he was not going from hell or high water and in any died. There's no two ways about it he was right down though I'm in bride down the hill but he won Lavin. I'm just always remembered him although accurate risen. Tom Dwayne Hickman is 83 today there's nobody in this room except me who knows it that is. And there's no any of you who don't know who that is either. But if I said Dobie Gillis and so you would probably an all join Hickman 83 years old. Brooks Robinson eighty years old is gonna third baseman I think as I've ever seen and Reggie Jackson. Mr. October is a 71 another plaque I saw the other day with Derek Jeter. Had him listed as mr. November. New study that finds that marriage is more likely to end in divorce of the husband doesn't like the wives girlfriends we just talked about them. Apparent teenagers illegally climbed the golden gate bridge and videotaped themselves doing back flips have you seen that. Early no fear of heights. And turn back the clocks because they the musical acts that are on tour this spring. The names that I saw on this list last night queen. Foreigner. Boston Aerosmith kiss Alice Cooper village jolt Rod Stewart. You're all my of artists. Our artists. In fact those guys are almost too old because you weren't even playing those fans Annan the oldies station. But you do on the seventies that drives up Florida via traffic's literally got hundreds till Florida I 77 exit 43 brings you. Boomer on Canon can you get excited about mail us at a tour by queen foreigner Boston Aerosmith kiss Alice Cooper Billy Joseph Rod Stewart. Who according to Yahoo!'s lead singer of the Paul Rodgers thank pol Roger bad company BI I think he's the reaching reform now him. He's great vocalist. That's so you know that's a switch him may have to pick a hypocrite and picked that's like Todd we'll look at. It's true horse of the lagoons that are. You might be jail time do I change your passwords again. All of them. We close to some sort of technology that is full proof for you don't have to rely on passwords anymore. I do this ideological regimented in how it's come down now is try to stay consistent which they tell you ought to do. But I don't feeble minded so a autumn. So if you don't do that that you write a ball down somewhere right by kind of defeats the whole purpose of summer breaks in your house and find your. Or Renault down list filled the bill never find mind famous Lester realized words but. So. They say change your passwords all of them especially if there are any passwords that you have been using for more than twelve months. Because a huge database. 0560. Million no login credentials has been found on line of waiting to be discovered by hackers and I don't know what board middles schoolers. Bear have a bin several major data breaches in her recent years all of which are resulted in millions of email addresses and passwords becoming. Available to anyone who has the know how to go find him. So what that you know that that's how a database containing hundreds of millions of old passwords as have been leaked online and so on. Why problem as is that. I think I've used every one that I could possibly use that would make any sense to me that I would have any chance of remembering. And the one that I used to use on everything. I guess is so weak. I mean it was all lower case and it was all letters there was no anything in there so I mean it up when I might as well just keep all. I'm hearing could use a wanted to they tell you don't you know 123456. Iron at the most used owed. But anyway Tom. We know we get to the and I do I want this or not. Better be careful what you wish for you might just get a door want to iris. Recognition thing or the Fo the thumbprint or the index finger Romo does some that I read at home would be great. If you could just put your thumb on everything in all though would be. But then they're gonna find out somebody's gonna learn how to take some friends and and and implement wax or something like that and so I don't know. But the password thing surely we've come far enough along technology utilized that we don't have to use the password thing anymore. And don't it don't be calling me and tell me about these things that. Or to register all your passwords and it did I know about those. Doesn't help me. I am one of the great things about going out to the Super Bowl in California. When they are Panthers were all planned out there. Was in and out murders. Which I had never had one before. I've read. About in N out burgers for ever. And anytime I just got California or something I just never got a chance to and in and day as he plays I've worked I don't go as far west are ours Far East as Denver and all you know so I just never I never that won't work. So what I got out there are not all it'd you guys help me with all the language of ordering because there secret ways to order a nose owns over. But then once I got out their I had one Micah two miles from the hotel I was so motel I was standing on. And so I've got eight or three or four times the became an here and handed out to aficionado. Good stuff. No longer America's favorite burger chain. So who taught us all last night in and out lost its title as America's favorite burger chain. So all the new favorite burger chain is available here. Oh. They're all over the place. They're not all over the place like McDonald's but that are. Five guys. Pretty good burger. Apparently they have trumped over in and out. The it's funny KG you want what you can't have so I can have all five guys I can't have ended now saw motto and I'm thinking to myself. Well given my best experience of having you there are three times I think in and out but. And I need to go back to five guys is I'm not a role five guys regular. Because of a meter burger I'm probably going to Brooks. Chain received the top spot in the burger category in the annual Harris poll surveyed. This is the first time that five guys has been crowned the burger champion. In and out ahead the top spot for the last two years and this year they came in second. While McDonald's earned top marks for familiarity. They ranked seventh. Behind brands like shake shack which we don't have here doing. We Indies. And coal verse. Now if we don't have in and out and we don't have shake shack and we don't have co offers. I think were being deprived of our Berger writes. The first five guys opened its stores in 1986. Just up the road in Arlington Virginia and they it's a chain that's known for its burgers that are grilled right there in front of you. And not topped with limitless toppings. On and Fries cooked in peanut oil. And about 15100. Locations worldwide but according to the new poll. In and out is now the second. And and five guys is now the best martyrs so now I wanna go to five guys siege. Anything get near Burton. As you know that I've talked about it. I just wanna birther. I've even taken a did you try the big magnate do they still have the three different kinds of big Macs. There's the Mack junior. Actually cut alike except I thought they put too much sauce on. It's like enough sauce for the double you know the regular big Mac but enough. They go. All right there's a mayoral candidate who has pitched high speed gondolas. To fix traffic not here. Can tell you about him in just a second Jimmy Kimmel returned to host the Oscars David Letterman is about to get a JFK senator uprise. And celebrities. And the wealthy are now separated from the masses that they are new LA airport we'll try to get to all of that and more. But first 505 Teddy is next it's fine move five. The. I. Good to know. German name that is got a border. I. Here's an idea that's been and discussed in Seattle and and I think our Charlotte is to jump on this. Before they waste money doing anything else anywhere. For our transportation. And be on the cutting edge of the new. Luxury. Transportation. Soon to be adopted by cities everywhere. As you know and they're good or. We're we're we're road we're just sign a losing battle on traffic. Ask anybody that doesn't collect. So gondola. When Seattle's underdog mayoral candidates. Since exe can ease the traffic issues in Seattle with large high collared. Skis style slow. Gondolas. Besides. The way in which shows city leaders are approaching almost certain that ballclub while Leo Lieber says that's a discuss famous. Says it's important to look for solutions to a traffic congestion and that includes commuting through the air and he said in a radio interviewer you have to go around the world. And look at what ideas they are using to solve the air traffic problems and and and there is eight believe it or not. High speed gondola system and a lot of cities that are using male bypassed. Or use our that are using to bypass sale a lot of traffic on the ground and if you look at it. We have voted talking about Seattle seven hills here oh we could use a high speed gondola system that is so one. Twentieth the price. A street cars. We don't have any hills or doing. That I never. I don't of the trap considering don't Rajiv by hunters shall forward my 77 X 33 in Vermont candid boomer I have an update queen. You do OK. When America funded. Paul Rodgers no longer tumors with queen okay I think I should have known this. Adam Lambert the American Idol finalist is now touring with queen has for the last several years you know Maria's. Yes had a flamboyant yes yes that's yeah and he would make more sense being lead singer of queen and Paul Rodgers would yeah you know I won't go admitted brother. OK so how's traffic or traffic is is just beautiful it's just a beautiful thing it I think it's it is and there's lots that did that right if you like you feel like cars and seeing stacks of cars and then Carson sitting on the interstate is the beautiful thing. It is terrible traffic Thursday for sure John. All right Miguel a couple of phone calls or at least wanted to know all those who were all this goes Andrews up on WBT hey Andrew. Always. Yeah our guys that all of this week that apple. It I have had a solution currently an answer as to why they wore a reporter Barbara Jones we don't have. Have been in the top thirty or at least one from the competition now and probably it got to either Russia I mean they've fixed election. You know I hadn't even thought of that plus they wouldn't like to burger because it's an American entity. Yeah yeah I mean we could have army and that it but I don't think you like fired right. Now. IA you know they ought to just subpoenaed him burglary and I'll find out what else going on that's what I think. Yeah yeah I didn't think about that now you know. Make I'll let it he's still working Margaret now at number one that's exactly right well that's why I make too big money is because. To me that the they may or may be I should amend that Lorie here on WBT hi. How are you hungry. You and I am doing wonderful I declined alleging that argument and we're deprived of Kohlberg. We're not actually deprived of Covert cold this one got a cure wind. Yeah I've had I'm a dimension of prayer our guys started figured phone calls and there is no one domino Carol Owens are we got this letter burger with is have you eaten there. Oh yes is it good at the very very good there I just had an agreement about or. Let's let's see ice cream place I'm not. I just happened do amount be going endo for bill tomorrow maybe all drop me by Alec homers and see what they're all about. Absolutely recommend the butter burgers the bomb was gonna tell you this much like them the thing about you mentioned that the thumbprint. Now. But husband and several years ago had to get. Government security clearance are contacting joppy was billing. And that security breach that happened a couple of years ago we actually got a letter saying his fingerprint had been hacked. Yeah they doubted that there were written apology to use them they wanted to let us know that whoever did the attack had possession of his thumbprint. Which means that the bad guys are always a half a step ahead of you know we'll always have some sort of a dilemma and I appreciate all the password thing does get to be a hassle but. Yeah you know as soon as you come up with something somebody's gonna figure a way to override it. Mean people suck what those those are what are they don't print those bumper starters anymore. All right graduation is gone it's CP CC. Aaron has been started at 4 o'clock so we're not quite sure us through with a release date on now but that'll flow of mass of independence in that area around and there are. To approach angles. So be aware that admit they know boomer may have just a cover part of them. Com. Yes there's been a lot of college graduation it's. Last week UNC CU NC ME you know they're all there all happen and right now so here's my question in the next half hour. How many of you have kids coming back from college. And if college grad is moving back home. What are the rules. They're going through that Scott has your recent grad kind of sort of what couple years three years two years. You move back home. Now they're more of their rules. Now. Eight I mean that the standards of you know and don't. Don't come home. Completely trashed and but I mean they kind of let you go under the heading to be our asserting my dad Jeff to take out trash out period all. That pay part of a grocery bill part of anything like that mow the lawn. Hello. Joy worse so there were chores involved. If a college grad is moving back home one of the rule 704571110. Know we'll see if we get a via. In bright sun that in the next half hour. Are your old IKEA furniture could be worth a fortune. Brochure now they tell me that I got rid of all when total Q curvature last year when we moved. If you have as a mold. Now IKEA furniture in storage. Don't throw it out collectors are paying as much as. 64400. Dollars for a rare vantage IKEA pieces at auction houses around the world. Must many of the most sought after items are the ones that are flopped when they were first released. While others are a result they say have collaborations between IKEA and some well known designers. Sofas and armchairs from the mid 1950s are worth ten times more than they were. And it at the time when meg when you bottom. While a flat pick shelving. Units from the 1970s. Recently sold a for about 3800. Dollars. No I don't think I know what a flat packed shelving unit is. I had all white bookshelf. About seven feet tall. In that kind of white lemon at whatever it is that they. But we trash that last year and I mean literally dumped it. Just my luck that was my shield. And commander went to a landfill most very expensive example of of the IKEA. The mushroom the clam share which was released just a year after the store was founded in 1943. It is appeared in numerous fine art and not design auctions around the world. Queried fetched at one place 64428. Bucks is like a bean bag and it. The co-founder Barnaby is search engine that track sales up from auction houses says quote. Our record showed that there is a huge demand greater than ever before. For vintage IKEA furniture and there has been a big boom within the last year that has been felt in markets all over the world close quote. Translation. Some people have way too much money. Palm Beach County medical Examiner's office say that Roger Ailes Dido vote bleeding on the brain caused by a fallen home there was had been they. Story that it reported early. Or that he had just suffered an injury within the last eight days and and hemophilia I guess is very is this there's news of what Europe had this kid and so love anyway cause of death Roger Ailes did at the age of 77. I'm bleeding on the brain so if you're wondered about the cause that's that's where gust. All right Tom if you care to participate knocks about 70457. All of in Kenya got a college grad moving back home. CPC's graduating today UNC UNC CMA don't know although big schools are at graduation. Some of you have college students coming back. Or if you don't. Now. You will soon. Well they always I mean I went back. And and my son one of my sons came back one of them didn't London. It but it no no big deal a couple of months. Vermont silica. Mom. And actually by the time they've gone to college and all that stuff it's kick in the butt to have back of the house can for a limited time. There is. There is there should be no guilt by the way if you find the lead in becoming a few mr. empty Nester. A part of that comes with confidence that you've set the foundation for that person child kid to flourish. Eventually. But then they don't move home. And know when I moved back home there were. There were agreements that had to be made before my father would don't openly you know it would open welcome me anyway good. Competition is a moral responsibility of so if a college grad moves back home one of the rules you gotta be 704571110. I don't think they ever got me on ours I think at that point they don't. You know I don't have to be home at 1030. They probably would prefer that I not coming and that it took 415. Snorting drunk. But I would do that a dude dude would do that anyway. It would go omen to this it's this. So so anyway if there's rules for a college red moon back home blogdigger what they are 7045 so in all of intent there was a study are you know we have this. All the older generations Hussein but their when I was kid they're you know they're older generations we're talking about or worthless group we are now we're at think we're entitled and stuff and Mullen heels often hear a common message from the media and probably their own parents still. You think the world owes you a favor ever that's got. New study reveals baby boomers are actually far more entitled than mullah schools. Not the data. That's because we've always gotten Norway. We have. All world Khader dual us baby boomers. First place we were in numbers we were astronomical numbers. And and and then the second place. We put our stamp on bitter I mean you know Lloyd. We re protested against Vietnam we we changed fashion we changed SA week. The summer alone was 1967. I think graduate high tools of the 1971. I escalate to the party. But I was late to the party in Boulder, Colorado which was kind of an hippie on bourbon. The data is from Bankrate dot com and they reveal that millennial say that people should be able to pay for their own housing at 22 years of age. Pay for their own car at 28 and a half. And be responsible for their own cell phone plan. At eighteen and half years of age. So the they own that they'd be you're your own housing. At twenty chill I kind of goes to the question we just asked if you're over college gradual moves back on one of the rules. There about what 2122. Missile like that probably gonna be temporary but. But were a pay for their own housing at 22. Do you remember your first place. And efficiency apartment and an old building in downtown Denver Capitol Hill in Denver right next to the big. State Capitol building that you CEO with the gold dome in Denver. Half a block away from there. Had a Murphy bed. That. You walked into this living room and and at a couch. And at that kitchen Oregon senate had a bad. And then there were two these two French doors and you'll open up the French doors and there was a Murphy bed and there you would pull the bad out but the bed was a double. So in order to get that bad out yet had to push the couch over towards the bathroom which blocked the door. To get the bad out. And then at twelve said you wanted to go from the kitchen. To the bad off you had for all over the top of the bed. And then go over that putt so fun to get into the bath. And just heaven how bad that Jeff to pull out of the wall. If for any reason that you led. Are roomy. And that night. If you didn't really leave a whole lot to don't worry your vote were your mind was. Plus it was inconvenience having to watcher date jump over the couch to get into the bath. That was my first place I'd love to go back seat to get the building still stands and I and I assume the Murphy beds probably still there as well. Fired up over two other traffic sooner we go hunters shall afford brings it to you why 77 X 23 win over Montana pay thanks John we have delays on I 85 southbound headed into a ghastly count and report collision of local original southbound 85 just before exit 27 Mount Holly Belmont. Right now doesn't appear that you really needed alternative at this point but just keep an eye for Highway Patrol and there's some onlookers away with a police incident which occurred on northbound 77 north of exit 88 go here wrote. That's all three interstate. All travel lanes are open. Just a bit of an onlooker to play with a all the law enforcement personnel on the shoulder 8577. Northbound. I've just north of exit 88 have a collision uptown Westbrook sure Graham street. And south Charlotte on myself cry on it Carol wins boulevard also highway 49 just before the bus devoid bridge evidence of it all horrible road north of quail hollow a model Belo. And east of Davis and NC highway three is closed with a provisional highway three a Davison road may wanna think Alexander road and deal road as your alternate. WBT weather channel forecast chance of a stray showers through tomorrow partly cloud partly cloudy with a overnight 67 and horrified not 85 in rock GO 86 in the quaint city. Next update of 550 boomer by Kenneth WBT. All day trying Saber traffic. Well I mean nailed a couple of phone calls start with the light on WBT they'd like. Hey John how Ariel arm yourself land you very much tea. How about are dealing guilty in my life and I did not have EL when our kids are left. It's great degree here it's liberating. Bidder and then there are what are you gonna do not need to ratchet well it all that bad. Well and turn it bedroom and I met Cameron must all the work that you get very little arcs. And then Ellie roll away and where. Problem on all this came to live live backcourt has about eight months. We had your room or not a dorm room please keep calling up there and did each. Our guests here today. Well she did okay. Where do you think she had a better chance to keep order of the room glee and then he. Net yeah at this dinner dorm parent in my younger all right not a now they're at their trumpet some guys. Yeah well I think I've got a thirty year old son now in his apartment still looks like a dorm room but you know what that's his apartment so whatever he wants satisfied movement. Eric your prayer out that there are no way it does and I keep on telling him that may not be an asset in dating. All right our gears and I shall insist wandered in here no about. Five minutes. And that we'll all be down at Fort Mill tomorrow bright and early with a WBT morning news vote Thompson from Fort Mill and the spratt building on main street in downtown Fort Mill as we continue our. WBT hometown tour. First stop was Matthews. And then four males tomorrow we're looking forward to this. These are fun gives a chance to meet a lot of people luggage is a chance to really zero in on. Well like a place like for mail Lewis had unbelievable growth and one of the reasons that it had such impressive growth is his skull system. But there's other reasons as well I'm sure its location to Iraq Killen TK probably don't hurt I believe mild morning show partner Dave Scott lives in Fort Mill. Although he may tell you he's more of a TUK to have a guy but he when he moved up here or from a Florida. IA did it to be a closer to family who lives in Ballantine but I think he picked that area because of their golf courses. He's big gulf. So while Botox and with Italy BT Mardy ms. bright and early tomorrow morning from Fort Mill followed by Scott FitzGerald nine to noon I'll be doing three to six down there and marketers and we'll follow is tomorrow. From a 6 or 7 o'clock and will be in the spread building all day along shall come by and I'll say hi and if you no other details on Matt. I scares me ignored WBT dot com or go reload sale to a chip retired about if a college red moves back home are there rules what are those rules. Chip some paint chip. Thank you a guy go to our brave man thank you. Alia. Well I mean we don't follow up expecting our first child believe. I'm more perspective that the graduate when I graduated. And scored big electoral moment that we didn't sit down and having written rules out Ernie Davis Cup which you alluded to earlier there were just talent configuration. Rules say you know they've opened their door back up to may even though I'm glad I did but that I got a graduate out the point in adults so to speak. And then they're they're hoping perhaps to me and my mom being in the loving good mother that she was the you know people want under under route he is coming out of sight out of mind she could. In commodities boom we were they're she worried about it what we were out at night and so. Mean how he says. Yeah I think that you had to be Bebop could be coming at 10 o'clock but they won't we Bebop and in at 1:32 in the morning just being considered today and that they're that they are welcoming me back into their home at that point. They are you not been the summer. And as it got past summer starting game in the follow likened that had people come Nortel still didn't summer job I've been doing throughout college. It tablet the other stricken that strain that. You know we're not gonna throw you out but you need a typical car was starting to send in a we operate and that understanding without necessarily have now. Only is he told me it's hard on both sides. I get I'm jealous that I love my parents to death but when I moved back into the house after three or four years. Tom I guy colonel looked adamant thought to myself holy smokes not that I ever co exist with these people for seven generate juniors. Yeah because you do you form your own habits you come over your own independence and so on doors so it's. It's tough I couldn't get out of the house fast enough and I sounds like you I lasted about two or three months. Yeah that's send them thankfully there were very. Understanding and patient with myself and you got together to throw quick I'm I'm your guy that you children into debate in a couple times a warrant when your financial institution not actually just transferred. On the Belmont area back issue always been Shelby are transferred back to show we become a drop time down by the Detroit on the site. I've tried check operated stations turn in New York. I mean if you want most genuine authentic people watch did that I've ever what's in junior treat your fertility dirt they got won't call thank you very much you just made my day I appreciate all your argument Monday every day and it can't appreciate it may take care. Now there goes. Anybody also liked praise me 7045. Would you go would you guys like. Oh mark can you do two minutes on how great I am by Scott. No I don't know that's got now start a new do start would be. About twenty seconds Stalin didn't get into. The rest. Of the story. Remember that last out there we saw Cam Newton and. There's a kick starter program raising money for romper straw men have you seen this picture on no TV here in the last couple letters. All launched up by a company called aced designed to raise money for a line of offers for men called the wrong you know month. One word. The robbers. Somewhere in this two of the big feel on the 28. How the golfers combined eight tailored scholarly shirt with a zipper fly shorts and an adjustable waste comes in pink blue splatter fit friends. And mail special fourth of July designed. The guys behind the campaign who voted go you know all go to business school together explain we were sitting around drinking Beers 1 evening and that's talking about men's clothing options and one thing led to another tactic. Now if you can come up with pajamas with feet for a 64 year old abide by that but. So vote symbol romper two two on. To Amare garrison whose next.